Ancient Aliens: What Have Astronauts Seen on the Moon?

By | September 18, 2022
Ancient Aliens: What Have Astronauts Seen on the Moon?

NARRATOR: Reaching the moon
was such an unbelievable feat That even to this
day many people are Convinced the entire
event was actually Staged in a Hollywood studio. But ancient astronaut
theorists suggest not only Did we land on the moon
but what we found there was More incredible than we know. During the 1969 Apollo moon
mission, after the landing, There was a very
strange two-minute Gap in radio transmissions. And what happened
during those two minutes Has been subject to
a lot of controversy. MISSION CONTROL: Neil, this
is Houston radio check, over. Columbia, this is Houston, over. ASTRONAUT: Small white object. NARRATOR: According to
scientists and NASA researcher Otto Bender, various
ham radio operators Were able to intercept
secret communications With mission control that
were not made public. The astronauts
apparently talked About seeing extraterrestrial
objects on the moon, Including flying saucers
parked along the edge Of a crater within their view. Now the truth of it is is
that each of the astronauts Had a separate medical channel. That channel was not public, and
it could have been very easily Used to communicate
information that you Didn't want to be heard over the
general public transmissions. What's really interesting about
that story, though, is the fact That within 30 minutes of
the landing on the moon, That story was
circulating around NASA That, hey, guess what? They saw something on
the rim of a crater? They were all upset.

They didn't know what to do. They didn't know if
they should go out. It is interesting when
you watch the feed of when They came back from the moon. They're not sitting there
jumping up and down for joy And saying I had
the most incredible Experience in my life. I was on the moon. They're not saying that. They look very sullen,
very depressed. They're looking down. They almost look like
they want to vomit. That's how disturbed they look. Could they have
seen something there That they didn't want
to tell the public Because of the implications? I believe that what
this country set out to do Was something that was going
to be done sooner or later. We find for the first time
that man has the flexibility Or the option of either
walking this planet Or some other planet. It's a beginning of a new age. NARRATOR: After Apollo 11,
NASA would send six more Manned missions to the moon,
culminating with Apollo 17 In 1972. ALAN BUTLER: One of the
most interesting questions With regard to our
interaction with the moon Is why we have never
gone back there again Since the Apollo missions? And what else is very telling
is that although the USSR At the time was
getting to be quite Able to send its own
astronauts to the moon, It never seems to have done so. Could it be that there
were agencies associated

With the moon, aliens
or other beings, Who had warned humanity to
stay away for some reason?