Myrtles Plantation~ Paranormal Investigation PT 2#Paranormal #paranormal #hauntings

By | September 13, 2022
Myrtles Plantation~ Paranormal Investigation PT 2#Paranormal #paranormal #hauntings

Foreign Foreign [Applause] Did this accident happen inside the House Who’s there it’s I really have to just try to pick one There’s definitely Spanish It’s hard to decipher anything between Sam Smith Can you say your names let her know who All’s here Can you do that for me please Try to speak You’re Next Can you say our names Free her Who do you want freed Is it a man You want to free Do you want freedom Would like to Tell her something that she can Understand and something that we need to Hear right now I’ve heard a little girl say hello Oh Hi there Hello is this Cornelia I’m coming what did you do here Topped off Or something like that were you a Gardener I was a gardener I’m trying

Honest so many times I am a family man You can’t Various different spirits I do hear some Spanish Are any of the winters or Sterlings A reference or or woodruffs here End time They’re coming later That’s four that’s four okay four came Through for me So maybe there are four Spirits with us Here They still how many how many humans are In the room This room in just this room Can you see us It wasn’t my problem Is there any children here I dropped her there Where Hi there oh hi there well hi Are there any Confederate soldiers here Are you passing through here Do you like to visit Hi Carrie Hi who is this who am I talking to Did you hear Boom boom Oh I thought it was him was That you I just thought it was him hitting the Table That’s why I didn’t think anything of it Yeah did you keep the table

For somebody Was that you going boom boom to Carrie Sensitive something We Mingle That kind of fits the place You like to scare people Haunted oh no It’s why don’t you show us that it’s on And do something move something roll the Ball pull a chair open that cabinet Again do something show us it’s haunted We’ll wait Who’s Who’s the one that said hello to me Whoa Kaiser and then something about feeling Away some way or something these are Kaiser roll I like so I like the kaiser Roll It’s the only Kaiser thing I would think Of Kaiser so say Um little girl Is this Cornelia Cornelia I know I’m a dork Or is this um I think it’s Mary Kate is the little one Of the time life without Remember me Actually I was thinking of you as a Little girl he’s so Is this Ed Wow There’s a lot coming through but a lot Of it is in Spanish you are getting

Stuff but I’m more clear than we were Because it was just yeah hot chills when You said that well when you it was Little girl my name yeah it said hi Carrie is playing this day is it a male I think so yeah I think it’s hard okay here’s the reason Why I say that My name Little girl remember me Yeah yeah he’s been trying to get in Touch with you I know My first husband not good person he died Two years ago now yeah okay so we’re Gonna turn on the Spirit Box and um so That everybody can hear it now And let’s try to communicate with the Spirit so y’all listen And y’all type in here what you think You’re hearing as well yeah people who Neither silkier would be like um William Winter Sarah Winters Um the children Cornelia James okay Um Chloe the uh slave and okay possibly Another slave named Cleo who’s a good Practitioner go off again wow and nobody Is moving it’s it’s Cleo here Can you touch the um the red device down There on the carpet the little red light The little Rod out can you touch that if That’s Cleo Oh look at that Thank you so much for doing that for us We appreciate it

Oh my gosh you’re fascinated with that Aren’t you we’re all it can you move it Get that thing across the room They might be scared if she’s a slave She might be scared to do something like That oh it’s okay You’re not a slave anymore you can play With it Look at it just going off oh my gosh Balls Look at that going off wow and look at That nobody is moving that guy’s weird No we haven’t moved Can you go down and light the rim pot Off as well Cornelia can you touch the little light With the stick down there Oh wow James If you’re here can you touch the stick Down there Nobody wants to go touch the ground box Can you please go touch it for us It lights up all pretty colors like Purple blue pink Purple’s my favorite color mine too Come on you can do it It may take less energy just to touch The ball well you want to touch the ball Again With the pretty lights shine up Oh my God look at that thank you very Much WoW is this still Cleo Is this Cornelia

Is this James This Mary Kate You can light it up for yes it’s just Chloe Is this somebody else Are you done with us asking questions That is so awesome I wanted to say is This Bob You guys are lighting that up for us We appreciate you communicating with us Thank you Okay here we go guys here we go y’all Type in what you hear Hello Who’s coming up the stairs Who is lighting it up Okay This is a beautiful place what do you Guys think about what they’ve done with It now How do you feel about this You like having all the visitors There we go That was whispering Does anyone want to play ball in the Room I just heard it in the room That one voice is coming it does the Same voice Mr Williams are you here Foreign

Did you like it when we played music Earlier So how many spirits can you please just Tell us how many spirits are at this Home at all times Okay thank you thank you for answering That and three we know pretty much They love me I just heard they do not be Me You move across the room I have the Camera face oh oh just as I said it Thank you very much thank you Is there any way you can move across the Room all four of you because I might be Able to see you on this camera Like just kind of go go through the room There We’d appreciate it The ball’s still going off That voice again Oh you hear that voice yeah There’s people here How many of us are there in this room Can you tell us That’s awesome that ball is continuing To go off Okay so we’re downstairs now and um as Soon as I set the rim pot up it started Going off now this is interesting there Is a doll here look at this doll Oh

Hello Oh my God I could have sworn her eyes Just moved My eyes are probably playing tricks on Me but it just looked like her eyes Moved Can you make my REM pod go off right Here Look at that piano nice Did you used to play this Foreign Who’s down here with us right now If you talk to us we might be able to Hear you through the uh cameras And Recorders and stuff Are you down here Because you might have those Those things for like yes answers I thought I heard something Yeah I did too Because this map doesn’t need me We have a ball in the middle of the Floor there that you can come play with Down here As well as upstairs someone just played With it up there Can you move it Can you touch it and light it up for us Let us know you’re here Mm-hmm Oh yes I see what you mean Wow so I don’t know

The interesting thing about these so Remember how Chloe has one of her ears Missing yeah People tend to lose one hearing and All around the property These are different single earrings that Have been found my god wow you notice Which one she likes the most you see That for a second Containers the Hoops are the ones that She likes the most Oh wow yes look at that this is all the Earrings that have been found over the Years oh my gosh look at that that is so Amazing So If you wear earrings mm-hmm [Laughter] Wow Thank you To take some pictures down here too Okay This is where um the lady of the house Oh okay Next over will be the next hour the one Up here on this side down there or that Door is asking the dining room the Dining room okay No right here Inside the door yes

Yes is that from I got chills did you Hear that I did hear a rattling out the Door it’s like somebody was right listen No lesson Oh my gosh Is someone trying to open the door Yeah I think you can I think when you Can walk it I think that’s it’s from us Walking maybe from us walking okay so I’m like when he started walking I heard Rattling I think just in certain boards it could Yeah that’s the thing about these old Places you know Little things like that can make Something happen yeah Yeah we’re all Barefoot so we’re not Putting a lot of questions yeah we all Have our shoes off so that we’re not Making too much clunking noise walking Around I thought for sure the doorknob was Moving I got excited for a minute It could have been I mean look at this Old Clock yes This is amazing Where people have caught figures In with the crowd when they’re doing the Talk oh yes that’s what they were saying People put on their experiences and one

Woman said that you’re not supposed to Be filming and she had her camera on her Phone and she had it to the side and she Said a spirit not it out of her hands oh My gosh wow They don’t allow you to film when your Photos Okay you know they want you to Yeah Right So but you can take photos so long as They’re not flash okay gotcha Oh I see okay Sometimes you will have emotion Like you will get waves of sadness oh Wow Huh There’s just something that’s drawing me Down here I don’t know I don’t know That’s where I usually enjoy them to put Miranda okay Are we allowed to walk out there or no No no because Miranda is only when people have the Downstairs okay gotcha Okay Which from me walking It could very well be it’s hard to say It’s right here It’s amazing to me the doors back in Those days how big they made the doors

That’s true you’re right because they Didn’t have AC and all that but then That’s right I didn’t think about that Yeah Mm-hmm Now this place looks beautiful during Christmas time oh I can imagine her and I were just talking about that earlier That we bet it looks beautiful at Christmas time here Wow Do they really Um Wow Right That’s that’s cool I had a feeling that they they probably Would Okay so this is like a Big sitting area here which we had the Camera facing in this direction for a Few minutes so I just kind of want to Show you this room here This is the judge Clark Woodruff room Sweet It’s absolutely beautiful Look at this room Wow And all the rooms have fireplaces in Them It’s like the little sitting area right Here

Hello Hello is anybody here That’s freaking I’m trying not to Make it creep but it’s almost impossible Is anybody in here with me [Applause] Foreign I feel something in here And I did earlier when I walked in here Too when I didn’t have the camera on That’s why I wanted to come Through here real quick before They go to bed so that I could just kind of get a feel for it When I’m alone in here See if I hear or see anything Foreign House that’s for sure Going on Off and then this room is the doll room Look at all the dolls That one looks like her eyes are missing Again In case they didn’t know my name That looks like quite the yes I could tell me stuff in my head I can Hear you Spirits are always strong to me again Usually Oh so she’s using the dowsing rods the Things pointed at me twice really Cleo Dude you practice voodoo

Cleo still He is Chloe here Is one of the children here Is it a female here Is it a male here The doll right here Across them if you’re standing next to Her Cornelius can you please uncross them Can you cross it do you want to play Some more with Zayn Since it moves a little bit it Can be tired To me it almost feels like can you give Her a hug No you’re gonna do the standing up too Yeah Except for the hug Can you give her a hug please the person Holding the rods Oh my god wow yep I got chills all day Oh thank you oh she very much Appreciated wow Cornelius very nice and Sweet yes she is it can be a little Mischievous I mean she wants to be do I Call children can you tug on her dress Thing You can tell her to tug on your dress oh I was standing on it so I could get out Of the way go ahead and straighten them Out green is Thank you for the hug I think I’ll be before nobody been Patient let me ride my bra line on the

Staircase I’m not by The Rock oh no no No I’ve never hugged you before no no oh Yeah but thank you okay Wow go ahead and straighten them out now Yeah I’m gonna reset it Because it was a nice long hug and I Think she’s still doing it We like both yes we like bugs We were here last year And back in November She didn’t like my chick So Yeah she enjoyed playing with Zane that Night Can you straighten this out cornely I Have another question Go ahead and do it Okay Do you like piggies You know piggy babies She didn’t like the little Easter chick I’m not sure why it’s farm animals yeah I mentioned that I said it’s too much Like farm animals and we got a yes out Of it see short nails So you don’t like Piggies what if I Bring up a picture of my Piggy and you Tell me if you like her or not Here’s my Take a picture lollipop all right here’s A picture lollipop Is that cute Do you like lollipop Foreign

Them apart if you like lollipop bring Them close together if you don’t Okay She’s friendly lovable Um Do you like bears I have my little boo bear do you like Teddy bears Spread them apart if you like teddy Bears Stern is trying yeah Or do you like dollies more Spread them apart if you like dollies Would you like me to take my boo bear Out of the box and put him out I’m assuming that’s a yes She’s talking to you yep oh and it kills Again Thank you for the hug I will get my Little bear out and we can set it Between Carrie and CeCe would that be All right The Cornelia are you still here Cornelia if you’re still here can you Make that ball light up next to the Little teddy bear James are you here Sarah Matilda are you here Mrs Winters are you back Think You’re not feeling anything now You want me to write it yeah Okay so she we have coins set up on the Fireplace in our room and they’ve been

There all evening And they have not moved yet but you just Asked them to would you go please Um go play with her coins and move them On the mantle He’s like all right yeah I had the camera off and she asked that Question and it gave her a yes yeah I Will crap myself if I go up there and See this coins moved because I’ve been Checking them all night every time I go Back in the room I look and see and They’re not moved maybe in the morning Maybe yes but the when the curator or Whatever you call it when she walked us Up here that she said that’s one thing She said make sure you put some coins up Here Sim 2 place the coins and they were all Straight the next morning really See I put them in a straight line I put Him in a straight line but I forgot to Let him know the mission to play with Them oh they told him oh yeah we did But I’ve checked when you know we’ve Been here what since this afternoon and Nothing’s yet nothing yet will you play With the coins tonight while they’re Sleeping It’s happy yes or no no I thought I know I mean I thought Yeah It’s no no theirs is across maybe we do Cross like okay yes it was crossing

That’s right yeah I hear it it’s been a While since I’ve used them I told me What my yes was gonna be okay yeah Everybody’s a different I’ve heard can You show Can you show me you know Sure thank you All right can you show yes will you open It as for yes Will you please play with the um the Coins on the I’m getting tired of it Like I told you yes yes I’m sorry it’s a bit slight for us we’re Confused Now you got me got me wanting to go look At the coins I’m gonna I’ll give them a Few minutes let them play I’m curious Would you like to see Mr Dave Young Again Well I’ll tell him that he that they Want they miss you they miss you Do you want me to tell them that Really out Let me reset it So Dave Young is that Um the gentleman that I mentioned that Has more knowledge of the history of This place yeah she’s been doing Investigations here since the 80s wow That was weird I saw a flash in there Did you I got chills in the closet yeah So now the rim pod is going off Look at that Thank you so much can you make it stop

For a minute Something definitely set that off Wow Go ahead and get a little bit closer Yeah You get closer and light it all the way Up Okay so we just came back in the room We’ve been over there filming uh with With the Carrie and her mom And we had this camera rolling The whole time we’ve been gone so I’m Hoping that we caught some stuff on There but we’re gonna check the coins Oh my God Stacy the coins are moved You haven’t touched the coin since we Have the coins are moved I’m not even Kidding you I just got the cold chills They’re they’re moved all around I Didn’t have them like this So they definitely moved I just came In oh my God I can’t even believe what I’m seeing do you see this They’re all like just moved around So they’re right the coins do move Because I moved around yeah Oh my God and she was over there asking Them to come over here and make sure They come over here yeah and they’re Moved Oh my gosh I’m gonna leave them up here

Pay attention to how they are right now And I’m gonna film them again in the Morning Holy smokes Wow wow Okay so it’s probably getting close to About three o’clock in the morning and Um 2 15. oh okay it’s 2 15. and um We’re gonna go ahead and run the spare Box in here but we’ve got to keep it Down really low and we’re gonna set them Caught up we haven’t filmed a whole lot In here when we first got here we were Really tired so we laid down and took a Little bit of a nap and we sat in here For a little while and just nothing we Didn’t feel nothing nothing was Happening in this room but now we see The coin so I’ll obviously Something is in here because not when we Were right not when we were hoping that The other camera picks something up Um but let me get the Spirit Box ready To turn it on and I’m talking soft Because it is late and these walls You can hear right through it you can Hear it There’s a door Right over there that goes to the next To another room and somebody’s in there So we’re gonna try to be as quiet as Possible Okay so I’ve got the camera facing this Way because of the fireplace

Um the coins being moved and uh I’m Gonna turn the spare axle I think I’m Gonna go ahead and sit right over here You can hear The Spirit Box I’m not gonna have it up high but I Think you’ll still be able to hear it Okay ready We’re ready to communicate with whoever Is Whoever moved those coins So somebody moved the coins Um They’re still in here I have a little ball up there that Lights up if you touch it So if you could touch that ball and load It up for us that’d be great also I’m Going to turn this device on and you can Talk to us and tell us your name Tell us who you are Tell us anything you want to tell us Really Come talk to us Hello What’s up My name is Patty what’s yours Foreign What’s your name What’s your favorite part of this whole House

Yeah Here’s your favorite room Foreign That you would have never imagined all Those years ago that Your house would still be standing 200 Years later Over 200 years You guys did a great job building it That should be good I can’t wait to hear That Working That’s gonna be good I can’t wait to Hear that Tell me Your favorite memory here I don’t know Foreign As well Okay Get out of here We did a Ouija board and all the dolls Started floating and I did too it might Have been the shrooms oh good God I think it was the ghost anyway it was Super fun and super fun For sure Okay I’m just gonna go ahead and leave This cave on in here Foreign Thank you

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