James Webb Telescope’s SHOCKING New Discovery Confuses Entire Space Industry!

By | September 13, 2022
James Webb Telescope's SHOCKING New Discovery Confuses Entire Space Industry!

Orbit beyond the blue i have been fascinated 
with stars ever since i can remember   I think that is true for most of humanity 
think about it we're kids reciting nursery   Rhymes about stars who grow up to be young 
adults obsessed with star trek or star wars   I don't believe there's a single human out there 
who doesn't feel happy comforted or even remotely   Something positive looking at a starry night 
full of stars anyway speaking of stars nasa's   Star pupil the james webb telescope has achieved 
wonders since its launch from pictures of the most   Distant galaxies to imaging the atmospheres 
of exoplanets as well as capturing stunning   Images of planets in our own solar system 
but now alongside all the pretty images   Webb is also making steady discoveries that baffle 
puzzle and shock the entire scientific community   Theories that have formed the crux of our 
understanding of the cosmos have been questioned   And this is just the beginning after all this 
is what we had set out to do with james webb   Revolutionize space research and exploration 
and web has been a force to reckon ever since   It was launched in december 2021 webb has 
imaged a lot of stars its first ever test   Image taken post alignment was of 
one boring star also known as hd 84   And i am not calling it boring that's 
just what the astronomers called it   But like any star student web has come a long 
long way since that image was taken in march   From imaging the oldest star ever in the universe 
to capturing an einstein ring to possibly a dyson   Sphere webb has delivered on its promise some 
might even say that it surpassed all expectations   It's me i'm saying that so let's start with 
arendelle the oldest star in the universe   The james webb space telescope 
has caught a glimpse of the most   Distant star known in the universe which had 
been announced by scientists using webb's   Predecessor the hubble space telescope only 
a few months ago the star is named arendelle   Fans of lord of the rings might recognize 
the name a tolkien character of a half elf   Who rose to the skies to become a star and 
we named an actual star after the character   Poignant the star was discovered thanks to 
gravitational lensing in a hubble space telescope   Deep field image the star is very faint because 
its light took 12.9 billion years to reach us   It might be rather challenging to find it 
in the new james webb space telescope image   But keep the hubble image on the other side and 
you can make out its faint outline how beautiful   Isn't it moving on to a mysterious image one that 
set the internet loose with a torrent of comments   And speculation the james webb telescope captured 
an image of a star with mysterious concentric   Rings around it astronomers are still seeking 
for natural phenomena that could explain such an   Image the star is located some 5 600 light years 
away from earth in the constellation cygnus   And the image shows it surrounded by regular 
ripple-like circles that gradually fade away   The circles however are not perfectly round 
but have a somewhat square-like feel to them  

Are they of alien origin the first thing that came 
to my mind when i saw this bizarre structure was   Dyson sphere don't mock me i've always 
said i'm obsessed with aliens and i   Really do believe that the james webb 
is our best shot at finding alien life   The six-pointed blue structure is an artifact 
due to optical diffraction from the bright star   But red curvy yet boxy stuff is legit we're 
seeing a series of shells around wr 140.   Actually in space around a star that's bonkers 
wr 140 is what astronomers call a wolf rayet star   One which has spat much of their hydrogen into 
space these objects are also surrounded by dust   He added which a companion star is sculpting 
into the strange shells astronomers will know   More soon thanks to a scientific paper currently 
under review about this mysterious phenomenon   I'm stoked what about you guys but hold on 
to your horses because we aren't done yet   That's right webb has also snapped something 
beautiful it has captured an almost perfect   Einstein ring whose light has traveled 
roughly 12 billion light years to reach us   And we can't stop staring an einstein 
ring occurs when a distant galaxy has   Been magnified and wrapped into an almost 
perfect ring by a massive galaxy in front of it   Scientists tell us that we wouldn't be 
able to see this galaxy at all if it   Wasn't for the einstein ring yes the presence of 
einstein rings in addition to looking beautiful   Allows us to study these otherwise 
almost impossible to see galaxies   And last but not least webb took a stunning image 
of the 30 daradus also known as the tarantula   Nebula the tarantula nebula is making stars 
unlike any at a rate unlike any ever seen before   This region is home to the hottest most 
brightest stars in the universe in the   Image released by nasa you can peer into a great 
cavity in the nebula where you'll spot the vivid   Massive stars they appear pale blue blistering 
radiation emanating from these hot stars blew   The dust and gas away allowing telescopes 
like webb to more easily peer inside this web   Image is an unprecedented view of the tarantula 
nebula a giant region of swirling gas and dust   This nebula at some 161 000 light years away is 
actually relatively close cosmically speaking   And unlike any star forming regions in our milky 
way galaxy this nebula is making stars at an   Especially furious rate similar to nebulas when 
the universe was in its early stages viewing the   Tarantula nebula then allows astronomers a close 
view of a dynamic star creating process from ian's   Ago but the biggest shocker of all times the star 
discovery yet you can say was dropped by the james   Webb telescope a few weeks ago and it drove panic 
through the hearts of astronomers cosmologists   And common folk like you and me with every new 
discovery james webb has been finding loopholes   In our understanding of the universe but this 
discovery of james webbs took the cake one that   Is making cosmologists and astronomers question 
everything they've ever known about our universe   James webb's recent discoveries of some of the 
earliest galaxies might just disprove the big bang  

Check out our video on the same linked in 
the description below you and i are alive   At a time when we're getting to witness 
history being made right before our eyes   We can aim for the stars now literally 
thanks to the james webb space telescope   He is looking forward to many 
more stunning discoveries Orbit beyond the blue