Don’t F with Lue Elizondo

By | September 11, 2022
Don't F with Lue Elizondo

Ufo celebrity review or whatever it is The actor guy That’s a do you even even you is it ufo Celebrity review is that what youtube Channel is called It’s still a weird title What’s the celebrity review thing so he He’s a he’s a actor He’s like he calls himself a z-list Actor so yeah he’s had some bit parts And he’s been in movies and stuff i Think he’s a really nice guy i Like i He seems like a nice guy i mean you know Whatever they’re they’re doing their Thing He’s been on the she’s been on the show Before um yeah you you sent me a link That he had yeah We spoke privately uh before that Show And yeah i mean i’ve got no issues with Lou whatsoever um He um He became There was a whiny show that i did watch Uh Your show the show he was on with you is Whiny He was put but in his defense to be fair There was a lot against him He was in a hostile environment Why Um because everyone on all these shows

Didn’t seem to like him Well i want you to get him and goof on On together you know for a little bit of Drama and why do you do that I don’t know i [ __ ] i i i I feed off it like some sort of leech Yeah it’s like a woman i’ve seen her Wait sometimes She’s you don’t you don’t struggle i try To hide it he manages he manages to try And keep keep like the top of his Shoulder like really stay really still But if it’s all wrists it’s all wrist Part of the shirt this guy he’s he’s Working those fingers back and forth In all honesty in honesty I I don’t know if he heard of the fesler Guy They call him the fister I talked to you guys that’s about it so So anyway i i wanted to get uh lou and Rich talking because i could see this There’s been a lot of like [ __ ] stirring Going to both sides and it’s coming from Other channels as well so i just thought I’ll just get these two guys talking And it’ll be entertaining a bit of drama Yeah goofon’s got some hate out there I’ve seen that yeah Which is unfortunate recently though you Know He’s won a lot of them over Because he just will not give in and

He’ll just say you either take me as i Am oh [ __ ] yeah this is good Yeah there’s no authenticity there um I [ __ ] on everyone [ __ ] you Yeah i like that Enough I am curious how the celebrity review Got lou elizondo and brandon Foogle those are some good gifts Especially brandon fugle i mean he’s got He’s got [ __ ] to be doing like lou Alexander’s job is to be lou alexander That’s what his job is now is to be him Talking he’s suing people now huh Apparently so yeah I i did not i tell you guys [ __ ] would Be happening you didn’t leave him alone Yeah i [ __ ] warned you you understand This is the thing you told me that about A year ago That something was gonna happen I told you i’m i’m one i’m surprised it Took too long too i’m surprised he’s Doing it among legal Um Legal means um And i if i were everyone involved in That and i’m never telling i don’t [ __ ] know any of those people i don’t Care i’m not invested uh they should Take heed like if you’re gonna talk About him Be factual be accurate and don’t go After the guy’s [ __ ] family that’s

Where all this [ __ ] went sideways when They started talking about his wife and His [ __ ] kids and like it Like The fact that it is only legal reprisal At this point He’s a [ __ ] calmer man than i am I’ll give him that he’s a [ __ ] monk You know and when we were in that class Together i wouldn’t guess that You always said though Don’t [ __ ] about with him you can tell Don’t [ __ ] about with him i i know i Don’t know him Allegedly um I know dudes like him And Just Lose a believer he’s a he’s a god and Country kind of guy man like that’s That’s what people don’t get Do i think he knows anything about Ufology [ __ ] no Uh do i think he was the director of a Department yeah I Absolutely abso [ __ ] literally i Believe i believe everything he has said Is factual and accurate and that’s why You said it The problem with lou is lou’s not gonna Tell you a lie That’s what nobody gets He’s gonna tell you the truth and it’s

Truth structured in such a way that it Will get across the correct point And that’s again because most of the People in ufology think they’re so [ __ ] smart and they got this [ __ ] Together and they’ve never taken the Time to go and even talk to someone with A [ __ ] security clearance to make a [ __ ] friend All right you know human intelligence Human one-on-one Go to where the people are Hang out Make a friend let that friend lead you To another friend and just be likable Very few people in ufology are likeable You’re definitely in the non-likable Well just not at all you’re a fan I will reiterate what you just said very Few people in the ufo community very few People