Myrtles Plantation Overnight! {Pt 1} #paranormal #haunted

By | September 10, 2022
Myrtles Plantation Overnight!  {Pt 1}    #paranormal #haunted

So [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] So this is the outside area of the Myrtle plantation It’s a huge piece of property This place was built in 1796. Wow It’s just absolutely gorgeous I know most of you have heard of the Myrtle plantation People have been asking me for a long Time when am i going to come here And uh we are here For the night Look how beautiful the property is look At the trees It’s just so pretty Now there’s a couple of people that are Staying in the room right by us that uh Are also here doing paranormal Investigations they’re not on youtube or Anything But they just do it because they love it And they’ve been here about three or Four times And said that every time they come here They get a lot of activity

So the people told us that The room we’re staying in is famous for Coins getting moved around like if you Lay coins down and leave the room they Will get moved Okay i’m going to leave these coins Sitting up here on the fireplace And we’re going to be Heading out to get something to eat And i’m going to See if they have moved When they get back That is so pretty So this is the back side of the Original home and there’s a bunch of Rooms up there too that you can stay in That is so awesome Wow So That’s the original house right over There Um You can’t Apparently not oh wow Oh there’s a little black kitty cat [Applause] This place is amazing Next time i’d like to stay over here [Applause] I’m gonna have to go back upstairs in a Minute and get my light Didn’t realize it was gonna get dark so Fast This place is massive

All kinds of little uh Rooms back there to stay in too little Villages and stuff This one here is beautiful too This place is so nice [Applause] Looks like freaking christmas out here It does can you imagine what this place Looks like at christmas oh my gosh i Know [Applause] Wow It’s just beautiful [Applause] Built in 1796 In the room that we’re staying in The man that [Applause] Purchased it 14 years later Is the one that Fixed it up the way it is today I guess and uh Hmm So here’s a famous picture they have Circulating on their website and all Around On the internet You can see Someone’s standing right here There’s the picture of the original Pitcher right there And then They have it circled And the spot where they seen it

Was right here Right there hold on walk by okay So right in here Okay Right in here is where she was seen Okay Hi kitty kitty Hello Everywhere we go there’s a kitty kitty Running around Hi kitty kitty Come here Come here kimmy kitty kitty The house cat Okay this is the Uh main house The myrtle’s house right here The main part of the plantation At nighttime Whole different atmosphere I’m hoping that we catch something on Camera here tonight seems like a lot of People do I gotta go upstairs and get my lights Because i don’t have any lights on my Camera right now it got dark quick Okay so this is carrie and We met her um here at the Plantation the myrtles plantation She is in the room right across from us Her and her mother and her son And carrie has been here several times And she’s had several experiences so Carrie would you like to share some of

Your experiences sure So One of the first times i came here We were sitting outside since it was a Beautiful fall evening and we’re sitting Out playing cards outside And Back then they had a Lamp and a tree On the Joining path from the garden rooms and The main passage house And i saw a man The shadow of a man walk To the lamppost But not past the lamppost and he just Disappeared and i could tell that he was Enslaved because he was you can see that He was not wearing shoes and his pants Kind of were cut off at the end oh wow A little bit later in that evening The Where i was still sitting i could see The walkway to the Parking lot I see a woman in period clothing Her shadow walk through the ac unit next To the house and into the downstairs Bedroom So that was the first time i came here We had some great experience on top of The staircase We got a really good um evp of a little Boy very loudly saying what after i told

Him he had to share a ball oh wow Some other times It was a really bad stormy day i came With my husband um Most of the other rooms were canceled Except for one um And there was no one on our side of the House And we were staying in the leak room Which is apparently very known for being Touched And during the night i did get indeed um Rubbed very cur i got my leg got Caressed very gently you know it’s like Like someone’s just rubbing their leg You know And i also felt what like the bottom of A Nightgown brush across my face and it Wasn’t the ac Because my face was Looking towards the ac and it came from This way It felt like the bottom of the skirt Just went right over my face oh wow Um some other times we’ve had Let’s see Most of it is A lot of evps We had one time i heard an enslaved Woman say master james in a very hushed Like almost um In almost a

Scolding way It was like master james Oh wow she said it And james is one of the little boys that Had died So It could be the Nanny chloe yeah Um we did get one that was very baffling To us because there’s never been any Record of anyone being buster Okay and there was a gentleman that we Were talking about the colored balls And There was a gentleman that we got Reported that said We’re talking i can’t remember which we Were talking about ball like if you like This color and they said not if it’s Buster it’s not it’s what he said oh wow And We spoke with several of the employees And no one’s ever heard of buster so My opinion is probably just somebody That was passing through Could be yes so because this is like Your third or fourth time here this will Be my fifth time fifth time oh wow i try And come since the first time i came Here with my friend we try and come at Least once a year okay usually in the Fall um For around my birthday Okay

But um this is the Earliest i’ve ever come here oh okay When’s your birthday in november Number seven mine’s the 17th oh nice Another scorpio I knew i liked you for a reason Uh scorpios are just drawn to each other Absolutely Are you clairvoyant or do you have any No no um i mean Since i was a kid i’ve seen Like Every now and then i’ve seen kind of Like or since things but i wouldn’t Really call myself that okay yeah i’m Not i’m not as in tuned Um I do perceive a little more than a lot Of other people but I’m kind of the same way i know what You’re saying i’m the same way And out of all the rooms here that you Stayed in which one do you feel is the Most haunted Now Funny enough Of all the rooms i stayed in I only experience stuff in that room When i’m sleeping in the leak room Okay Um Usually when i’m experienced stuff it’s Like In the

More public areas not in government Themselves like up here where the Staircases is okay downstairs on the Veranda The leak room is the only room where I’ve actually had things happen to me in The room oh okay Wow And that’s the room you were touched in That was a room and that night was Incredibly Interesting It was a really Wonderful it was in december but it was Warm it was like in the 70s it felt Great my husband and i spent most of our Time outside Because it was quiet since there was a Major storm that was supposed to be Coming through as possible tornadoes So What’s in black people cancel there’s Only one other couple in the entire House oh wow okay and they were actually Out at dinner Um And we kept hearing footsteps because You could hear that you know if you’re Sitting on the veranda you can still Hear people moving around upstairs We knew The only people Were that couple but we didn’t realize They were out with dinner and when they

Came walking up My husband really thought someone had Broken into their room He’s not a believer right he doesn’t do He doesn’t okay Wow but we could hear like I i was using the restroom On our side And i could hear Someone walking And this was still while they were at Dinner Wow we were the only other at that Apparently at that time he and i were The only people in the house Like i said we had it was bad weather News And what’s crazy like i said we were Outside almost all night because it was Perfect weather 70s but it was raining The whole time And overnight it dropped down to the 40s Oh my gosh wow so it was like it was Gonna come back me too i love the colder Weather And it was storming so i think that Really amped everything up okay And you said you’ve caught a lot of uh Earlier this evening i was talking to Carrie and she was telling me that she Caught a lot of great evps here So that’s that’s pretty cool Now um Do you mind sharing with us like you

Know a lot of the history about this Place uh this is my first time here and I have read about the history but I’m horrible at telling history because I get it fumbled and mixed up because i Can’t my memory is horrible so if you Don’t mind sharing a little bit of the History Sure you know kind of walk us through a Little bit of the history that you know About so the original owner was general Bradford who was known as whiskey dave Because he Was one of the leaders of the whiskey Rebellion it was after the revolution When the america when the united states First started Um they’re trying to tax The People making whiskey And They didn’t like that so But they lost the rebellion and There was a warrant out for general Radford’s arrest and He fled leaving his family um up in new England states and fled down here and he Got a spanish land grant We bought all this area turned into an Indigo farm the general store was the Original house While he was building his main house for When he was going to bring his family

Down Now I can’t remember the name i think I think sarah was it sarah matilda There’s two sarahs the ones named sarah Matilda and The other one sarah okay I think sarah matilda was the one that It was bradford’s daughter And she married a gentleman named um Clark woodruff okay judge okay And one of these rooms is his room right This is the one i’m staying in the one Is okay that’s what they they call it They call it that yeah Um And He This is where the most famous story Comes in is that he had a um A slave that was also his mistress Named chloe and with chloe What he did was he had her be the nanny For the children and they loved him she Loved the kids the kids loved her He had three children Um i think the oldest one was about 11. Okay i think i can’t remember very well But then there was then that was Cornelia then there was james the middle And then the youngest one was um mary Octavia okay Now The judge had caught chloe eavesdropping

On business um With other gentlemen which so he took Her and chopped off her ear And Sent her to the kitchen she started Wearing a turban to hide her Disfigurement Well she wanted to get back out into the House out of the kitchen because the Kitchens are very hot it’s hard work It’s worse than sometimes being in field Because you’re over fire even in the Summer and back then there was no ac None of that and It’s dark it’s smoky It’s just kind of stifling right It’s much better to be in the house it’s Easier it’s a nicer life So she cocked up a plan to Get back in the good graces of the Family It was one of the children’s birthdays So she was going to break they’ll make Their birthday cake But she was going to lace it to Make them a little sick so she can nurse Them back to health Be like oh thank you come back in the House But she used oleander and olene was Incredibly poisonous even a little bit And She put too much in there and it killed The mother and two of the children mary

Octavia did not participate in the Birthday cake Oh my god And so when the other slaves found out This all happened while the judge was Off from business And What they did was they took her because They feared retribution from the judge They took her hung her and threw her Body in the river Wow And The judge was so distraught after what Happened He Took mary and actually Moved and funny enough moved to the Parish that i live in So st tammany he moved to covington Um and then i think eventually moved Down to new orleans at some point too as Well okay He Did a lot of business in the world okay That was where that family ends okay and He sold the property to uh Ruffing sterlings And that’s the room we’re staying in so Cece and i are staying in the roofing Sterling room And he was a scotsman okay and He actually Really made the house what it looks like

Today Um Being the fact that they were Scottish and they’re very religious You’ll see a lot of religious motifs in The building Including the famous The Glass downstairs and the doors Crosses everywhere angels a little bit Noticed stuff like that yeah it was all To Help keep spirits at bay because they Were also very superstitious okay So that’s why you see a lot of religious Stuff but they did all the all the Beautiful moldings and like they really Made the house What it became known as okay um they Added this area right here was the porch Originally where we’re sitting right now Was the originally the porch oh wow That’s why you go downstairs you’ll Actually see It looks like siding almost yeah like The door the doors look like they should Have been You know windows right because right Okay but they he Built all this in and added a whole Extra area okay gotcha um they had lots Of children Oh okay they had a lot of children some

Died just the natural cause you know Yellow fever and things like that yeah a Lot of that was common back then so But They have one little daughter Who died of um who died very young i Think she was only three years old Um Supposedly her portrait is downstairs It’s Right so one of one of her arms is Smaller than the other to show that That’s death and shriveling up and all The other side is full of life so Yeah But Then she’s wearing kind of like that Scottish kind of tartan style okay And let’s see They also Seem to remember Where the winters come in The winter is that’s is that the current Owners or the winters were One of the owners i think it was one of Um One of the sterling’s Daughters married okay i think it was One of her married william winter I might be getting my My facts a little well you’re getting it A lot better than what i would be Getting it right now i can read Something all day long and still not be

Able to talk about it as well as you Just did So So thank you This is this will be happening Act like during and after the civil war Essentially Um he took over the the You know all of the Deals for the land right And And he Made very vocal pro Lincoln comments okay Um during This period of time this is after the War okay And He was Tutoring his son Down one of his sons downstairs in the Men’s parlor When a gentleman on horseback came Riding up asking for a lawyer he was a Lawyer He needed an attorney So he steps out onto the veranda And he gets shotgun That was what you were talking about Earlier see so he says i’m william shot Out front okay that was yeah he says i’m A lawyer like Okay

He gets shot To this day never caught the killer oh Wow Supposedly there might have been some Rumors that they was um Clan related Um Yeah And A lot of cover-up Because they had some people that were Suspects but no one ever wanted no one Ever got right no one ever was charged Okay But that happened right on the front Porch it happened right on the phone Right on the front porch that right out The main Front oh right out here okay yeah okay Yeah i think I know it was on the front porch either The side it like right on the side there But i think it was No it was in the one it wasn’t the Further one away because that’s the Men’s parlor right there oh what’s your Route it was in the front it is it’s Still the front of the house but like More on the side i think that’s what Happened But yeah he died on the porch Um I I personally

Think that Whenever you feel anything on the stacks And hear the heavy footsteps I don’t think it’s him i think it’s His wife Because she would have been spending More of her time upstairs And i think That was his wife okay not making it Down the stairs oh okay and didn’t Somebody fall on these stairs and die Too No that was a rumor apparently It was supposed to be william winters That he supposedly he was crawled up the 17th step and died trying to get to his Wife okay but he but the with the news Reports from that time actually say he Died on the porch oh like he was like he Got instantly killed okay i see what You’re saying So If somebody else did Maybe like i said on my personal belief Is that It was his wife sarah She she just when she heard She just collapsed i think that’s what That stuff is is her collapsing and That emotion is her i’m fairly certain Okay Okay she’s gonna show me some footage From another time that she was here You can see her my friend sitting on the

Stairs there okay the ball just Oh wow it’s just moving all around yeah But watch it we’ll watch barely touching It Oh wow it’s doing circles And so we’re trying to passing it along I’m talking to them saying passing But you notice how it keeps going and Staying in that corner yeah the other One would would actually pass the ball Is it trying to get through that door No because you’ll you’ll hear okay sure You heard that That was the little boy after i said you Can have one while we play with the Others And oh my god see he’s taking a ball Away from me again And then Like see how it goes around and then Just runs down the stairs stopped on the Second set from the bottom oh my god And that was a little boy that i heard Then can you play that part again Absolutely let’s see oh my gosh this is Amazing he’s about right there Awesome whoa So we had a digital recorder right in That corner uh-huh And it caught it really well too Oh my god that’s so awesome so we got it In two We got on the video and in the audio That is noticed we didn’t hear it yeah

It wasn’t until the next morning And i’m like yeah that’s one reason why I started doing the um the headphones But yeah the staircase delivers That’s cool and that is right here and There’s the balls right there she has Them with her again And there’s the staircase right there so Maybe we can try to recreate that Absolutely I was sitting where Cece’s sitting And rolling itself Yeah Oh my gosh You gotta pass it back So i’m sitting there i’m just gonna keep It from going down the steps yeah that’s Fine and I Had this overwhelming sense of sadness And out of nowhere like we were playing Ball and all of a sudden i just started Bawling And as quickly as it happened went away So really And my friend was sitting there used to Be the couch used to be over there And She was like Or or there was a chair over there or Something she was sitting over there And What happened was

She asks Is it William winters and i’m like no it’s her It’s what i said So all i said was a dollar came on my Ass but no it’s her Hmm They’re going to come play with us Is cornelia coming here Let me get my uh Digital recorder out okay We’re all done Oh why don’t we um Go ahead and touch my hand with the set The Sls camera up right here yeah that would Be awesome okay so she has her sls Camera set up right here And you can see cece on it sitting over There by the stairs To us on the stairs You gotta pass the ball You can’t keep them in the corner I’m just watching it turn itself away From going down the steps all right i’m Gonna leave this ball over here Unless you want this ball we’ll take That one Move the ball you want to use We’re gonna continue playing with the Blue women Is there anyone here with us playing Want to play with us Does james want to play

Does cornelia Over here Roll it to me The other way Wow I’m trying to push it towards you it Keeps coming back i know it that’s what I’m saying it changes itself direction On it so i’m gonna keep going past it This way Can you pass back to me thank you Are you gonna bring it to me Okay Wow that is just crazy Right here And this floor is pretty level We gotta pass it I got to keep this game going Bring it to me i’ll push it back to you Now start rolling it this way okay Whoa it stops itself from rolling down With the air wow There you go there you go Good job keep passing it there you go Here i’m going to pass back this way That was loud Is that james in the corner there James would have to keep playing with it Oh [Laughter] That was me making noises that was my Bad i pushed it too hard i think all Right Do it this way

Pass it back to us There you go come on you can do it I’ve never seen the bulge oh it changes I haven’t either not like this this is Just amazing look at that it won’t even Let itself go down the stairs I mean it comes right to the edge of the Stairs too and i’m holding my hands and It just changes wow it’s just amazing Okay we are about to do the estes method And i’m gonna ask cece some questions She’s not gonna hear the questions that I’m asking And um So she’s not going to hear the questions That i’m asking And um I’m going to see what kind of responses She gets from the spirits here At the myrtles She’s telling me when we’re ready got Her cute little piggy mask that is so Cute Um okay uh la la la where’s the spirit Box oh it’s right there i can’t hear you Let me see it that’s right okay oh just I don’t have my glasses i’ll get it Are these yours or mine those are mine Okay But i can’t wear them no yeah Okay so here we go guys oh my god Oh my god What was that

Oh my god you just woke everybody up Here probably A little loud Was it loud Oh My god now The catball’s going crazy over here What was it It’s just wow it was the song tell me About it All right let me just make sure i turn The volume down a little bit okay Here um there’s actually a volume Control on there too i think all right Headphones Wow Sorry i was loud Earlier they were talking about for some Reason in august they catch the screen Of a woman And it’s some reason and It’s only like in here That’s it right there yep Okay Okay i’m gonna ask some questions Okay Now you can’t hear me can you She’s not saying nothing so i guess not Okay So We would like to communicate with Whatever spirits are here can you come Forward and let us know what your name Is

Talk to this device right here What’s your name Who’s with us Can you come say your name please Standing Where are you standing are you near the Stairs Leave you Leave who Got you i got you which one who do you Have Something down Are you downstairs You got chills around here She’s just Is Are you sad About something Come inside The judge here Is this mr williams There are so many spirits They’re just so i i can’t hardly Cornelia are you here Over there By who 12. Cornelia would have been about i think 11 or 12. okay Or is that 12 spirits Is that how old you are In my room What’s in your room

Been here before Are you talking about us that we’ve been Here before Do you know my name No No Do you remember me Is chloe here Sounds like they’re talking spanish I don’t know spanish This would have been I want more spanish territory at one Point okay you can turn this on earphone People There’s lots of people here tonight i See people Oh nice clarification thank you yes Thank you so you see people do you see Them all the time After work Is chloe here there’s a mosquito it’s a Mosquito Mosquito I’m just here That’s true but the people out there Yeah there’s a mosquito that just landed On her Is mrs winter here Look at me Where Are you at the stairs Why are you still here Jack Is jack visiting

Is he a visitor Injury Where did you get injured Were you murdered Over money You were murdered over money Did you live in a cabin on grounds How many children are here right now Do you like having all these people Coming visit Seven with Excuse me seven women Is there seven women here right now No children parade A raid When did the raid happen I think they said 33 Maybe 1833 or 1933 i don’t know this place has been For over 200 years it’s amazing dread What’s causing dread Back off Are you telling the people downstairs to Back off The ones on the veranda Four There’s are there four down there Are they do are they doing something They’re not supposed to Like me Smoking They’re down there smoking one second I’m gonna go down there because there’s

Four there’s people on the rim i can see You’re right yeah i’m gonna go see if They’re smoking oh my god and see if There’s four Yeah they’re not supposed to smoke on The veranda yes Yes I’ll let you You’ll let me what Come on I don’t know He was smoking earlier he wasn’t Remembering he was outside smoking Earlier but i don’t see anything in his Hands this time be able to something Hmm There were there were people down there Okay um i did see that gentleman smoke Earlier but i didn’t see anything in his Hands this time okay Is cleo here 44 Them over there Who are you talking about Can you say some names They’re talking spanish again Can you try to speak in english for us So we can understand Are you passing through Are you going Going where Painful What’s painful Is it your leg

Not much Oh yep The cat ball down there is going off What year is it Horseback Was someone on horseback Did you fall off a horse The man who killed you was on a Horseback Mr winters if you’re here Do you know who killed you They keep talking spanish Really this was a spanish colony they’re Talking spanish I don’t know spanish i don’t spanish I don’t know what the heck they’re Saying I’m trying to like decipher what these Words mean and i don’t know If i hear something english i spit it Out right yeah that’s okay that’s right They did have A battle you want to understand Francisville A union ship Oh okay and the captain He was a mason yes He um he died and So with that story It doesn’t have so much to do with this Building itself but with saint Francisville in general okay it’s called The day the war stopped okay because it

Was a very fierce battle but because of The um He was at mason his one wish was he Wanted to be buried with masonic Rights oh okay and so when he died the His soldiers sent a message over to the Confederacy and The Leader in the um confederate side was a Mason 2. So he oh wait yes So what he did was he stopped the war At least for here in st francisville Performed um the proper bear you know Gave him all of his rights And um And that day union soldiers and Conventional are staying side by side Honoring this they’re dead Wow so and they actually recreate it Every year here They do they do a reenactment of it and They’ll go down to the cemetery to for The uh because they did eventually go Send him back up to Um Up north where he’s from okay so also Supposedly around that time they had People stay here and they could hear Cannon fire Wow Okay on that day Okay so was i answering any questions um Downstairs and there’s like four i did

See two people down there she walked Down there while you were because oh Okay because i want you because you then You said smoking Because i’m like are they smoking Downstairs on the board they’re not Supposed to but i didn’t [ __ ] i didn’t i Didn’t see them anything in their hands Okay but they may have smoked earlier And they wanted to let know In the patio area oh okay but he didn’t Come on the porch smoke okay and was the Rim pod going off no because the county Had said is that the rim pot here We moved the rem pod that’s I why It in the middle of the floor and then The cat ball kept going on so you know Y’all can see where The rim pod In the cat ball is over there Okay so Now we are going to see if she can hear You so um Try not to speak spanish if you can i Did that i’ve always heard that there’s No language barrier on the other side Of course we don’t know 100 of that but If uh any english speaking people are Available to accidents Accident okay who had an accident Hi Hi know What kind of accident did you have

I got you Who got you What are you talking about Was this accident on grounds Did this accident happen inside the House You

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