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We wait Where the hell is the thing oh it’s down Here perfect Day number two ladies and gentlemen Phenomena come Nobody’s there yet but We are now live Streaming From vernal utah Um you can see me and of course next to Me is The long beard how you doing brother You doing good yeah Nine is no more coffee needs more coffee But other than that we’re doing good let Me extend this out a little bit there’s The unknown how you doing brother We are live from finance phenomenon Phenomenon I thought we’re going to the next verse All right What’s the good word phenomenon’s a good Word hi renee good to see you Glad to see you all again thanks for Coming in As these streams go live look at that Washed out look at my camera dude It’s like i’m nuclear You can tell i’m in Let me try to find a better angle No no no i don’t drink i’m not a big Drinker i’m uh Hi who said hi Trying to see who that was oh hi gemini

Good to see you Wow we suck way to root buddy I do wonder whose team he’s on But we are at day number two here at Phenomecon in lovely vernal utah i’m Gonna take you guys on a bit of a Journey again Probably see a lot of the same stuff you Saw in yesterday’s stream but maybe not All the same faces So we’re gonna start By going out front and i’ll show you This beautiful venue i gotta know where The camera is i’m looking you know burn Yourself up first yeah i might burn in The desert sun but My god i’m doing it for entertainment Uh can you guys hear me okay are you Guys hearing all right let me know Please Diggerdog says don Don’s typing Stuff In this game there’s no s in the name But he got extra letters because it’s That cool Okay maggie says he can hear all right I’m gonna go Bring you guys on a bit of a journey Of phenomena card Good okay I can hear you the jinx how you doing Thanks for coming in Uh caught this live yeah you’re here

This is it this is right now This is live entertainment look at that Good morning What project What’s project The unknown okay project Okay so ladies and gentlemen we’re going To be going through phenomecon i’m Switching the camera so you don’t have To just look at me There we go And There’s kamla She’s representing her booth we’re live On youtube Hi Hi Good good just looking at your lovely Wares where are you guys out of denver And lander denver and lander wow are Those wealth in colorado yes i’m pretty Geographically challenged In wyoming oh it is okay damn there’s a Denver texas denver’s in democracy Okay Okay i don’t know Yeah that’s what i need now more of that Thank you it’s not long enough already You might as well play with the host But look at their lovely wares ladies And gentlemen these are all handmade Items these two look at this painting You got to see this painting She finds these paintings and makes

Awesome art on them robots she’s doing One around the corner here she’s working On That is a ship With Oh look at that Ufos Yep she’s making ufos I think that’s so clever look at that One Oh my god it’s great stuff do you guys Have online presents I’m tom le paints at facebook timeless At facebook okay so if you’re all Do you sell through there as well i Don’t i just get messages through there Okay so if you want if you’re interested In any of these items you can reach out To her on her site And get that look at all these beautiful Wears The lovely blinking lights Look at this look at this presentation Look at the paranormal portal What the hell We need to bring more flair obviously But I do absolutely i need i need a lot of Things but that’s a good start Thank you guys thank you bye okay sorry Brent My philippines internet reception is Freaking terrible that’s okay renee take Care we’re with you stick with us as

Long as you can again there’s the the Cool paintings and The aluminum figurines those are awesome Beautiful stuff We’re live on facebook Or on youtube rather hi guys this is Gilsonite It’s uh can you guys tell me what is Gil’s tonight So gilsanite is a natural hydrocarbon a Natural hydrocarbon found only here in The united states oh the whole world Only found here only here okay Wow yes very unique in that you can only Find it here what does it do is it a Decorative thing is it an energetic Thing what does gilts make it’s for us It’s a commercial thing okay that’s true We we sell it all over the world oh Fantastic Asphalt okay paints okay Printing oh fantastic japan Is there a lot of it or is it a finite I mean this is only place Right no we still have a lot of it Quite a ways out into our future but Yeah it’s fine Okay The history of it Is that a man named Oh of course he earned that right yeah He thought it was cold yeah he thought It was cold okay put it in his stove and It

Didn’t burn it melts oh Back then there were big Well thanks for letting us know what Gilsonite is you’re very welcome thank You All right Uh i don’t does it is it conductive to Energy No non-conductive okay just had a Question No energetics It’s just Now you know a lot more about ghost Night and here we have some more of These lovely wears vernal souvenir T-shirts Representing at the market on maine Right here in town Fantastic right downtown the little Local indoor farmers market oh nice Oh wow This is just a sampling yeah some Fantastic stuff Very cool thanks these are homemade Caramel apples she does all the caramel Herself she makes your own extract so These are the real deal these are the Real deal wow Phenomenal fantastic thank you thank you Just tour in the phenomicon And again ladies and gentlemen You can go check them out look at this Stuff it’s amazing beautiful stuff

And You can see it on the wall here this is The gentleman spearheading How you doing sir awesome awesome just Wanted to showcase you a show this is Paranormal portal on youtube right now Live Yeah so go to paranormal Portal and you’ll see it live Welcome here Yeah thank you phenomecon [Laughter] It’s a long day i know Hello Ladies and gentlemen It is Sasquatch chronicles is here And Mr chronicles excuse me There’s casey she’s keeping everything Working Look at all this fanta oh did you notice Guys let me reverse the camera Look at all that sexy Look at all that sexy Are you serious Yeah i got a i got a shirt And So Go to sasquatch you can Get some shirts and stuff too Look at that stuff You’re doing great thank you you’re Doing wonderful fantastic

Very cool and all of the amazing people That are here at phenomicon with us Touring the tour in the area Ladies and gentlemen This is mr west grimmer Live on you live on youtube of course Absolutely I am the motivator right thank you i’m Trying to motivate myself most of all But look at this beautiful conference Center The country bear That was mr west germa and the country Bear lots of home style cool stuff All for sale look at those glass balls Those are awesome Many people believe many cultures Believe those will keep out evil spirits Which balls they call them How you Doing oh you’re right in town Wow are these what what iron nuns so It’s called sublimation Sublimation Oh phenomenal do you guys do this online At all as well i’m doing a live stream Right now on my youtube channel Um so we’ve been in business for about Seven months and we’re still working on Our website okay we do um Do you know your website name right yep Um Funny thing we had a website domain and

Then someone stole it from us oh okay What okay Llc ink threads llc ladies and gentlemen Very cool are you on facebook as well Yes okay so look up ink threads ladies And gentlemen yeah you make them to Order Yes we do fantastic there you go Ink threads inked threads yeah that’s Awesome very cool Beautiful stuff Thanks for talking to us And this is This is Sun tropics ladies and gentlemen i’ve Heard about this look at that Apparently you can go sit in that And can you explain this process a Little bit so that this is the centropia Uh new device called the cloud the cloud Emf therapy device okay the next Generation brands thinking you launched Last fall And what it is is you sit on it and it Had you sit on it for about 15 minutes And you can select your program to Target specific systems and you get up Feeling relaxed energized whatever You’re looking for oh fantastic It’s a great alternative uh Healing or medicine right absolutely oh Very cool yeah well thank you and you’re Doing free demonstrations I’ll be by later

[Laughter] Today Yeah you’ll get another one trust me if I if i fall asleep just throw something Heavy at me i’ll be fine Thanks How you doing sir What and you are We’re a local uh how do you pronounce That technically Okay Uh-huh and you’re doing prints and stuff Very cool And other wares Oh custom lighters very cool Fantastic hey did you get those from That guy down there those those aliens Yeah that’s awesome those are cool Are you selling the alien guy yeah how Much is he 250 and we got a fresh one in A box oh That looked good in the studio wouldn’t It folks Oh That’s really cool Pretty big a you went at about four foot Yeah Roughly yeah It’s about up at my nipple so that’s About four feet thick I shouldn’t be interviewing All right thank you so much All right i’d love to i just need Donations first folks

Help bring the alien home How you doing sir how’s it going good Thank you good good experience well Phenomenon right Thank you Paranormal portal is my podcast and Youtube show so i’m just doing a live Stream walking people through And showing them what they’re missing Awesome yeah Out of idaho north tip of idaho oh nice Yeah so we drove down and uh had quite a Journey yeah Yeah it’s been a great event you guys Have done marvelous thank you so much Thanks for coming And this is the main hall hauntings Psychical research And of course claudio’s work as an Active these amazing artists show up Here a little bit this time Oh thank you maggie That’s sweet thank you so much I can’t give you the applause but thank You so much This is april slaughter’s Location mr beard Communication Look at that First introduce your personal Experiences She’s speaking now ladies and gentlemen This is her booth april slaughter and She’s now taking the stage so we’ll be

Quiet as we work her way up here how are You guys doing Good thank you christopher duncan all Right Thanks for being How here i am to not only the patrons But came to seniors this is great Beautiful stuff Very fun This is dr rebecca foster Among such great presenters this year um And i just want to let you know that uh I come from i i respect So many people here uh and their their Scientific mind’s just fasting I come from more um that’s busier today Than it was yesterday This is This is adam davis’s desk He’s not right here right now Yeah we’re having fun She’s here and ronnie leblanc is here as Well But he’s not here right now But we’ll have to come back and talk to Maria when we get a chance She’s a little busy Now My To being mom today which i’m sure she is Um [Applause] Take care last night thanks On

Recorders and video and whatnot so that I could prove My experiences to other people That’s not so much my focus anymore so I do have those things i do investigate With various pieces of equipment it’s Phenomicon it’s not just a ufo Convention it’s all different phenomena Represented Bigfoot this is dr meldrum’s desk Here You can see the actual tracks we were Here yesterday as well but uh he must be Using the Doing something People will say well couldn’t an Explanation for what happened to you be Xyz instead of myself I say absolutely There’s no argument there’s so much Going on it could be something and it’s Really incredibly well done from what it Is I think you might find some significance I haven’t seen a booth for just dog man But I haven’t seen all The present you know i don’t pretend to Know everybody that’s here But many of the names are very familiar We had a great discussion with travis Winterton rather of uh skinwalker ranch That was awesome and we’re going to be Talking with jim vera in a little bit

Here And Doing podcast episodes Just phenomenal stuff folks And everybody that’s been here has been Amazing Just amazing she has tormented it with Experiments The drive was 13 and a half hours for us It was a beautiful drive though so it Wasn’t horrible there’s the ufo again After i have divided you can Again As you can Things that see with me And these gentlemen px are here Right Thank you Good how are you Dna was still an evolving so i think This is He is here as well and i hope that at Some point in the future um that will Happen i do not require a scientific Explanation to know that what is Happening i should have my So just because something can be Manufactured say in photoshop photo Editing video whatever just because it Can be manufactured does not mean it Always is And just because It doesn’t it also doesn’t prove

Authenticity to anyone either if you Didn’t experience it you’re never going To be able to convince somebody else With that that’s what i said didn’t i Was something that actually happened So i want to begin With a little history Um i’m gonna try to see if it’s hard i’m Just trying to see if we could talk to Wes But he’s been swamped He’s got a lot of people here happy to See him and stuff I’m trying to be quiet so i don’t i’m Not rude to everybody in here very Scared Scared of everything i mean i was the Most frightened child you would have Ever met I was afraid to drive right in the car i Was afraid to Walk to the store i was afraid to do Everything as my sister russ is always Busy and the bob giving and stuff is Here Bob wasn’t able to make it but i want to Share another quote i promise i’m not Going to just read post it all day but We have already adverted to a deceased So that’s about it folks that’s like Pretty much everything but there’s been Many more people through here today than Yesterday

It’s really been cool Expecting even busier day tomorrow but I won’t continually walk you guys Through this because i don’t want to Keep giving you the same Tours over and over But we got to wrap it up so I just hope you guys have a great day Thanks so much for joining us those of You that did tune in and uh we’ll keep Them coming as we can But love you guys be good be kind be Nice Whoops let me turn the camera Be good becoming nice take care of each Other help each other out find the magic And every day and remember to laugh as Much again Hi All right see you guys take care And cut