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Holy sunshine Nine seconds into a live stream Nobody’s here yet Nobody’s here yet They’re not lining up to check out Phenomicon let’s say i better announce It I didn’t necessarily announce it I’m gonna announce it folks We are live at phenomicon Okay okay Why is my screen so hard to read Because the sun’s coming in Oh hi hi julia good to see you And welcome everybody I am live coming to you live Hi daryl good to see you thanks for Coming I see you good yeah i was sitting as you Can see the paranormal portal booth here Is bathed in the rays of the sun Sets out Burn buns in please yeah How you guys doing I am just coming to you live from Phenomecon can you hear me okay Are you hearing me okay I got the earbud in I know Our condolences to queen elizabeth Family and uh of course our english Friends over there Can’t stop just wanted to say hi good to See you maggie thank you

Hi diggerdog how you doing Streaming live Yeah We’re live from phenomicon everybody we Are live here in vernal utah at the Phenomicon event as you can see This is the front entrance And lots of vendors and stuff going on Here it’s uh Where am i I’m not sure where you are but i am in Vernal utah from phenomicon Can you hear me can you can you hear me Somebody let me know if you can hear Me tell wes hi yeah i will once mr Hollywood shows up i’ll be sure to say Hi But he is coming He’s on his way i’m sure so You can hear me thank you darryl thank You unknown appreciate it So i’m going to give you guys a little Tour through The thank you thank you clean All right Could be a tad louder i don’t know if i Can do a tad louder oh god did i hit the Volume thing hold on let me see if i can Do this I think i can do it on the earbud Yeah it’s maxed out so you’re getting All of me I think But anyway this is as good as my phone

Can do i got the old school selfie stick Here i’m going oh old school Ladies and gentlemen this is phenomicon And uh it’s been a day full of Presentations Yell really loud I can do this i guess does that help i Can move this closer to my mouth But i just wanted to walk you through The event a little bit and show you What’s going on here but let me switch The camera so you get the other view Instead of looking at me all the time Let you guys look at the event As it’s happening here there we go And we’re walking through bring me a Shirt really If i bought shirts for everybody i’d Have to sell a kidney So But It sounds better okay i sound better With it this way let me just try Something let’s see if i can shift this Just a little bit in my holder it’s good Brand can you just Can hear you just fine okay i think it Was on the volume thing so i’m gonna Do it that way maybe that’ll help But yeah you can see we got all the Vendors here t-shirts for sale some Really cool ones here Doing a nice job sir this is sasquatch Prince or

Sasquatch sorry i’m trying to Read through my viewfinder Where are you guys out of pocatello Pocatello yeah there’s some phenomenal Shirts you got going on here At phenomicon Yeah beautiful Excellent Cocatella yeah ladies and gentlemen this Kind of quality merch You get if you come over to phenomicon It’s still going on Through the entire weekend so Fantastic stuff this is where Sasquatch chronicles will be And uh It’s not here yet But if you’ll notice We left them a little Calling card [Laughter] Because of course we love our good buddy Wes And so This is the convention center Oops i gotta talk a little quieter So i’m probably gonna have to whisper For some of this because there is Presentations going on Yes wes is coming He will be here They even have a place for him to sit Those are the fine people working at the Uinta conference center making sure

Everything goes well This is Inked threads is over here Got some cool Tie dyes and stuff Patterns the Country bears there i don’t know my Glasses on so i’m not reading real good This is Some phenomenal stuff here wow hello are You having a good time Doing good we’re streaming live on Youtube so i’m just showing the youtube Audience what’s going on here at Phenomicon [Laughter] Thank you All right and there’s all kinds of cool Stuff yeah i wish you were here too guys Um and i’ll walk along the side here We’ll go into the conference hall but I’m gonna have to kind of shut up Because there’s a lot of presentation Going on there Um And Lots of things going on Show you some of the some of the desks And Presentations are Not presentations but booths in the in The hall here so i want to be quiet now And walk in here Check out this stuff this stuff is

Amazing Um Amazing i go over there i’m trying to Figure out how i’m going to set up this Little instamatic camera you know and Take a picture claudio bergman ladies And gentlemen Look at those prints here’s my hand Here’s my hand Average size hand i guess but look at The size of that You can actually buy these here I don’t think ryan moorhead’s coming Yes i didn’t think so i don’t think he’s On the list for this one twenty dollars He’s probably got other events going on Look at these incredible things i’m Going into the pyramid for twenty Dollars i don’t know what’s gonna happen But we’re going amazing So we go over there we go through my Foot and when i was there there was a Little rope across much smaller the Entrance and actually you can’t go Through there you go through what’s Called robbers Because the rockers couldn’t get through Granite they had to blast their way Through the limestone So they chip their way through the Limestone so we go through there and we Go up into uh the grand gallery Now you can’t see can you see it yeah You see the stairs down at the bottom

And you’re looking up here Uh and it’s it’s amazing so we’re going To go up and go to the king’s chamber And i’ll start going up there and this Guy’s old And he’s going up behind me i was like What’s up here and he says well it’s a King’s chamber i said well anything else No it’s just king’s chair that’s why you Don’t have to come all the way up here He’s like oh thanks you know so he Stayed down there and i went up by Myself into the king’s chamber this is Not a picture i took my picture has Really faded and it doesn’t go i got That off of the internet But i go in the king’s chamber and uh There is uh yeah there we go uh that’s An incandescent light this is the only Light in that Ryan’s just Barely Barely lit in there and i went in there And i looked in the sarcophagus ladies And gentlemen mr russell Who’s not only an Expedition bigfoot but He’s an author Several books Can get a photo signed oh good okay I’m glad i’m trying to talk quietly i’m Trying to have a metaphysical experience I just sat down and look at those guys Isn’t that awesome and just listen to

The parent And nothing happens In a few minutes We’re just going through the conference Hall here But i gotta and i start walking down There’s another guy down there and he’s Dressed in all white uniform he’s got a Black belt and he’s got a black gun and Stuff like that he’s like are you alone And i was like hey yeah Are you alone i said yes Why are you how did you get in the Pyramid i said uh yeah you know the Pyramid is closed It was just a street person that left me In the pyramid and got twenty dollars For me So i got criminal trespass out of the Pyramid told not to come back so there You go thank you uh try the chicken Cacciatore there I really really wanted to come out of There with a great story That was it Uh but i wanted that experience Uh And i feel like that There are people that can have that Experience especially in a place like That I mean Everything you guys have heard all of That stuff about pyramids

And it’s really incredible event folks There’s lots of great speakers at this Event as you know you’ve been watching The live streams There’s a vip room Guess what We can go in I’m qualified Apparently Yeah i don’t know if i can though i Don’t think i can like stream other People’s presentations though i think That would be Kind of Uh taking advantage of their work But check out these art prints these are Some of the petroglyphs from the area Here that are in prints On the wall it’s really cool So much history here it’s just an Amazing area yeah the flying saucer is Awesome So this is Phenomenal maria mayer dr mary mayer Spoke earlier And uh Yes Chock full of adventure check out these Guys You can buy you can buy big aluminum Aliens Oops excuse me So back To our booth

Where Ladies and gentlemen There’s a grazing longbeard here A grazing longbeard [Laughter] Just want to give you guys this little Look around what’s going on And it’s it’s a this is just day one There’s so much going on here i wish you Guys could be here too I wish all of you guys could have come We’ve met several people that are Listeners And uh it’s been just a phenomenal thing Just talk to some of you guys one on one And And you know just it’s just been really An incredible humbling experience uh You guys are amazing As always And uh i wish all you guys could be here And be a part of this but Um show us your booth yeah okay not much To see we only We didn’t bring in like stuff We just brought in us There’s uh taco’s poster there and Taco’s poster there He made us look better for this event Don who is working on the next podcast Episode as we speak Which will be an interview with our good Friend mr kerry arnold He’s working on it so we can release it

By wednesday that’s the podcast And otherwise it’s just us And and some stuff Lots of people coming and going Throughout the day right on brett love The live stream thank you brother any Canadians here i don’t know Oh hey you’re supposed to be working It appears on my screen when i’m doing This Double dipping All right so i just want to give you a Little walk through what’s going on Of course uh Several days of events still ahead And By the way these are the most amazing Tamales Home-cooked Home-cooked delicious And they’ve been cleaning up they’ve had A lot of traffic here which is good for Us because the more people coming for Food are talking to us [Laughter] So whoops what did i do i double tapped Double tap sorry about that But this is it folks i wanted to bring Into phenomicon we’ll Continue these impromptu streams i don’t Know always when i’m going to be doing This because it’s kind of a situation Whenever there’s opportunity whenever Things slow down a little bit

Do you mind interviewing what do i do You mind Introducing you and your podcaster show I’m not familiar but we’ll join Yeah we’re the paranormal portal This channel you’re watching is the Paranormal portal and uh we talk about All kinds of incredible stuff Dealing with The paranormal Ufos Bigfoot dogman cryptids of all kinds and Strange phenomena so we try to cover it All on the show and We have a blast doing it we try to The youtube shows are more of a variety Show the podcasts Are more topic Intensive because the podcasts are only 45 minutes to an hour whereas the live Shows are two hours so Um we’d love to have you be a part of it And Thank you so much catherine i hope you Do join Thank you keshu i appreciate it And the chat community on this channel Is Absolutely the best there is We have the most amazing people in our Chat community so hope you’ll stick Around and be a part of it but Just want to extend our love to you all Thank you so much for tuning in

And uh we’ll continue this As time allows and as there’s something To show you i don’t want to just walk You through the same stuff over and over So As there’s things to share we’ll share It but just remember Don anything in closing Don’t watch me Don’t watch don eat It’s it’s not enjoyable No i’m just kidding we enjoyed it thank You well thank you guys for tuning in And uh we’re gonna continue to be here Uh just remember we love you all be good Be kind be nice take care of each other Help each other out find the magic in Every day And remember to laugh as much as you can So i’m gonna stop the stream now thank You guys for tuning in for this Impromptu walkthrough and uh we’ll keep It coming Guys stay tuned stay tuned ring the bell So then you’ll get notified when we do More live streams okay All right guys take care oh now people Are coming in now there’s more people Showing up don what do i do Do i keep going [Laughter] What do i do do i keep going what do i Talk about i’ll tell you that we’ve met Some incredible people a lot of people

Have come up Talked about their experiences and uh It’s been really incredible and and We’re doing a lot of networking for more Shows going into the future we’re going To be talking about Uh Talking to a lot of people that we’ve Met and uh communicated with through the Show here so it’s been an amazing Opportunity for us to Meet and and make connections with a lot Of people we might not otherwise have Had that had the opportunity to so Hi How you doing happy girl good to see you I think that was happy girl Sorry it just kind of flashed by and i Wasn’t quite paying attention hello Church good to see you or lara sorry Lara Yeah Very nice that’s a new name i don’t know I’ve ever seen you before lara but thank You so much for checking out the live Stream And we’re going to keep it coming as Much as we can again There’s there’s only so much i can show You i’d love to sit and put the camera Up so you guys could see the Presentations and stuff but again i Don’t think that’s fair to the Presenters and their material to try to

You know put it on the show unless They’re a guest so i hope you guys Understand i gave you a little glimpse Of the gentleman that was talking And uh yeah phenomenon weapon weapon x5 Good to see you Howdy to you sugar And uh it’s great to see you guys too Again i wish you all could be here i Wish there was an opportunity for all of Us to get together maybe we’ll have to Do a portal con I’m just kidding i wouldn’t know how to Organize that i can hardly organize a Sandwich So What is your discord room um It’s some funky link i’m sorry i just i Don’t know if you just search on discord But look for a paranormal portal if any Of you guys that are currently members Of it could link it in the chat or in The comments that’d be great or if Sheldon I’ll ask sheldon to put a link in the in The comments of this of this uh Video if i can wish you guys were here Too thank you um No he he can’t he doesn’t have he’s he’s Not very discord savvy either Shelton’s really the The brain brains behind that so But uh we do have a discord community if You like you couldn’t find it okay

Colleen if you could email me at Paranormal portal radio i’ll Try to get you a link and uh Send it to you but again paranormal Portal radio i’ll send it to You um I’ll just have to contact sheldon to Send it to me first because i don’t have It on my laptop unfortunately um That’s just how i roll All right guys take care Love y’all have a great uh great evening Sorry uh we’re not able to live stream For the two hour shows but it’s because We’re here we’re doing all this So Guys take care and we’ll talk to you Soon See ya All right moving in moving in towards The kill i’m getting ready i’m getting Ready See you guys Are you sure yeah i think i’m good Thanks youtube