James Webb Telescope’s Discovery of Ancient Galaxies Disproves The Big Bang?

By | September 7, 2022
James Webb Telescope's Discovery of Ancient Galaxies Disproves The Big Bang?

Remember the famous opening theme 
of the hit show the big bang theory   Our whole universe was in a hot dense state when 
nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started   And that's how probably a lot of people were 
introduced to the big bang hypothesis that our   Universe started from a hot soup and was 
born with a massive bang the universally   Accepted idea proposed in 1927 states that 
our universe took birth from a single point   A single point which inflated and stretched 
over the next 13.8 billion years to become   The ever-expanding cosmos that we know today in 
1996 astronomers scientists and engineers around   The world set out to create a next generation 
telescope with a one billion dollar budget a   Piece of space equipment unlike any scene before 
one that would be a successor to the hubble   25 years 12 billion dollars countless delays 
and setbacks later we got the james webb space   Telescope a high-stakes complex space hardware 
that would rewrite our understanding of the   Universe and in turn our cosmic origins our 
history in the cosmos we had essentially set   Out to build a giant time machine not exactly one 
that would let us physically travel back in time   But one that would show us glimpses of the 
universe from its nascent stage but looking   So far back into the universe there's bound 
to be surprises and not all are pleasant some   Are shocking and the biggest shocker of all times 
has just been dropped by the james webb telescope   And it is driving panic through the hearts of 
astronomers cosmologists and common folk like   You and me with every new discovery james webb 
has been finding loopholes in our understanding   Of the universe james webb's latest discovery 
takes the cake it's the mother of all shocking   Discoveries one that is making cosmologists 
and astronomers question everything they've   Ever known about our universe james webb's recent 
discoveries of some of the earliest galaxies might   Just disprove the big bang there have always been 
doubts regarding the standard cosmological model   But this revelation has left everyone shook 
now science is all about questioning things   But watching such a focal event in the cosmos 
get questioned is terrifying to say the least   If the big bang didn't happen then how did we 
come into being how did all of these galaxies   Nebulae stars planets come into existence 
who is stretching the fabric of the universe   Are we living in a simulation 
created by advanced alien beings   Or are the engineers of our universe 
something beyond our comprehension altogether   I'm sorry to take off on this tangent i don't 
know about you but this new discovery has   Certainly filled me with a constant subtle dread 
and led me to question reality as we know it   So let's take a moment to collect ourselves 
and circle back the big bang never happened   How is webb proving that case one the very first 
results from the james webb space telescope seemed   To indicate ancient massive luminous galaxies that 
had already formed within the first 250 million   Years after the big bang one such galaxy known as 
sears 93316 existed just 235 million years after  

The big bang this galaxy is so remote that their 
light took some 13.5 billion years to reach us   Many other such galaxies appear to be more 
massive than the standard cosmological model   That describes the universe's composition and 
evolution what's worrying is to find smooth   And old galaxies in such a short time 
since the big bang should have occurred   250 million years since the big bang wouldn't 
have been enough for them to fully form into   The galaxies we see today which means they had 
to have started forming before the big bang   But the big bang is the origin of everything in 
our universe hence the question did the big bang   Even happen case two even galaxies with greater 
luminosity and mass than our own milky way galaxy   Appear in these images to be two to three times 
smaller than in similar images observed with the   Hubble and the new galaxies have redshifts which 
are also two to three times greater to drive the   Point home in any expanding universe the optical 
illusion makes objects at high redshift appear   Larger and dimmer so their surface brightness 
the ratio of apparent brightness to apparent area   Declines sharply with redshift but based on 
observations of thousands of galaxies surface   Brightness is completely constant with distance 
as expected in a universe that is not expanding   Also after observations showed that the surface 
brightness dimming did not occur this is not at   All what is expected with an expanding universe 
according to big bang theory the most distant   Galaxies in the jwst images are seen as they 
were only 400 to 500 million years after the   Origin of the universe yet already some of 
the galaxies have shown stellar populations   That are over a billion years old since nothing 
could have originated before the big bang   The existence of these galaxies shows that 
the big bang did not occur at all case three   Big bang theorists counter this by hypothesizing 
that galaxies were much smaller in the distant   Past and have grown greatly hence the surface 
brightness but observations have contradicted   This fix as well showing that there have not been 
enough galaxy mergers for the growth rates needed   In addition the ultra small galaxies hypothesized 
would have to have more mass in stars   Than total mass an obvious impossibility despite 
this and several arguments let's just assume that   The big bang did happen and as such there must 
be no galaxies older than the big bang itself   This means that as webb looks further in space 
and back in time there would be fewer galaxies and   Eventually none but a recent paper which is yet to 
be published in nature demonstrates that galaxies   As massive as the milky way are common even a few 
hundred million years after the hypothesized bang   The authors state that the new images of web 
show that there are at least one hundred thousand   Times as many galaxies as theorists 
predicted at redshift more than 10.   There is no way that so many large galaxies can 
be generated in so little time so again no big   Bang but why is this news not getting as much 
attention or traction as say the latest image   Of jupiter why are major news outlets not 
reporting the collapse of the big bang hypothesis  

Unfortunately funding for cosmology 
comes from a very few government sources   Controlled by a handful of committees that are 
dominated by big bang theorists these theorists   Have spent their lives building the big bang 
theory those who openly question the theory   Simply don't get funded but truth always finds its 
way and as well continues to produce more images   Of the ancient universe it is only a matter of 
time before we start focusing on an actual origin   Story of the universe rather than a convenient one 
that we've been fed for decades but what do i know Orbit beyond the blue