Ancient Aliens: Multiple Versions of Humans Beings

By | September 4, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Multiple Versions of Humans Beings

NARRATOR: The hominin or hominid Includes modern
humans, as well as The extinct human predecessors,
such as Neanderthal, Homo Habilis, Homo erectus, and
other early intelligent standing Primates that have
long since vanished. And despite many years
of thinking otherwise, Scientists are now discovering
that many of these species Coexisted. What we're seeing,
really, is something Like out of "The
Lord of the Rings," Where we have all kinds of
different humanoids who are Tall and short, who have
different color skins, Different types of hair. Even their brains are
slightly different. Some are more animals or apes. Others are more refined. NARRATOR: Some
researchers suggest That these recent discoveries
may require a retooling Of Darwin's theory
of evolution, which Was first proposed in 1859. In his work on the
origin of species, Darwin laid out the foundation
for evolutionary theory By proposing that gradual
multigenerational changes Occurring due to
natural selection Would result in the modification
of existing species. If the theory of
evolution is correct, We should see a steady,
slow progression. We're actually not seeing that. We're seeing the
sudden surfacing Of early humans, who are
actually very highly evolved. The scientific
community explains Everything away by nothing
else but natural selection And coincidence. And the intelligent
design camp suggests

Everything was done by God. What if this external
force did, in fact, exist, But it may have been
an extraterrestrial? NARRATOR: Could it be that the
evolution of humans, and even Pre-human hominin, might not be
entirely what Darwin proposed? Might there be an even
more profound explanation For the different species
of intelligent hominid That once existed on Earth? Perhaps clues can be found
by exploring the details Contained within some of
humanity's earliest stories Of our creation. We have this notion that the
people that were the earliest Examples of a civilization
were not the first attempts, That there were failures
that came before. And finally, they would come
up with something better, And that would be the prototype
that became the people. Sumerian texts speak
of deformed humans Created by Enki and the
mother goddess Ninhursag. In the course of their efforts
to fashion a perfect person, In all, six proto-humans
were made before they Came up with what they wanted. In the Mayan text, the "Popol
Vuh," the book of the people, It is said that there were
three attempts to make people. NARRATOR: Could the stories of
gods creating multiple versions Of man, which can be
found in the Mayan "Popol Vuh," the ancient Sumerian
texts, and other writings, Be accounts of what
actually happened On Earth in the distant past? And if so, just who
were these gods? There's a very good chance
that early humans were possibly Genetically manipulated by
advanced extraterrestrials Trying to formulate and create
the ultimate human species. What if, at the heart of it,
is the concept that the planet Itself has been an experimental
lab, an experimental garden,

And that all of these different
models getting to Homo sapien– That there had been
all kinds of models, All for different reasons,
all part of tests, All done by DNA
manipulation by non-humans In the extraterrestrial
category? NARRATOR: Could the widespread
mythologies about the creation Of various human
prototypes be real accounts Of an extraterrestrial
experiment, an experiment That continues to this day?