Live From Louisiana Haunted Location

By | September 3, 2022
Live From Louisiana Haunted Location

Assistant chief okay And uh he’s telling me he almost was Single last week Hello Hello Hello Hold on What is going on I have horrible signal here i’m trying Guys Give me a minute There i am okay Okay Let me know if i’m lagging or not Because uh we have a really low signal Here Um and keep an eye on that rim pod Behind me on that bed because it just Went off a second ago For the first time and what i had had to Sit there for at least 20 minutes Hey everyone let me pull up the chat Hey there back to the bone how you doing Elisa david hale bluegrass paranormal Um fluffy cat crystal elena Um Hello everyone Let me know how The signal is Oh [Applause] I was i was Cece is here with me

Her and i are in louisiana right now We are having a blast We just went to dinner with the chief of Police and The Sergeant and Um We just had a blast had a good time Oh hell no She just fell and busted her ass are you [ __ ] kidding me She just fell guys Oh my god are you all right It never fails with us i’m telling you Oh my god you’re moving the camera on Her ass She just fell she was trying to sit on This cooler right here And she fell and the water all came out Of the damn cooler Oh my god That is too funny Sorry Hey everyone Now let me know am i lagging or not Because Um I don’t have but like One or two bars the wi-fi is very poor Here Let me know Because i don’t want to continue to keep Continuing talking and everything if you Guys can’t even hear me

So just let me know in the chat please Hi everyone Not lagging at all oh Well that’s good to hear hey there Honda phobia canada brian how are you We just we just got done having dinner With the chief of police and the uh Sergeant in this town and We just had so much fun we’re meeting up Again with them again tomorrow um And um so the location that we are Staying in And i can’t give a giveaway where i’m at But we are in louisiana but the location Where we are staying in is is haunted This whole Property it’s it’s more or less the Property itself is is haunted there’s a Lot of Yeah it’s the land Um the history Uh here Uh there’s a lot of history and uh God it’s a lot To take in that we took in earlier kitty You want to like talk about it a little Bit you can probably remember more than I but i remember About this property what used to be here Um I don’t even know where to start i know I don’t either it’s so much so I’ll try to make long story short yes Okay

Where we’re located is right on the Bayou And It used to be Where the steamboats would come it used To be a dock where the steamboats would Come in and drop off Supplies And they had slaves that lived here on The property and they would be the ones To unload the boats and load them and All that Now They worked them and then they would Sell them The slaves they would sell them The ones that were not sold Got thrown into the alligator pit yeah Very sad So that was kind of disgusting yeah just Hearing that earlier made me want to Just lose my Food i just ate But there was a lot of beatings That went on here Um a lot of people got thrown off um Into Water So there’s a lot of Deaths Um and drownings Right here where we’re at right And a lot of people uh have seen Shadow figures um

Heard voices Um You know had different various different Experiences over the last few years Um and uh there’s another Area on this property that we’re Probably going to get to investigate Tomorrow Which is nice you know and this was a Surprise yeah definitely a big surprise So tomorrow yep So um That that would be a definitely be a Nice bonus and uh we we don’t want to Give out too much information but you Guys will be very pleased with with what You’re you know this location And the other location we’re going to up Here but um You know it’s It’s always interesting coming into Um a place You know that you’ve never been to Because you just don’t know what’s going To happen You don’t know What you’re going to experience what You’re going to hear what you’re going To see what you know we do we just don’t Know We’ve already had some experiences here Since we’ve been here we checked in here Today around 3 00 something like that um Took a little nap for a couple hours at

Least i did Uh she wasn’t able to and i will have Her tell you why Let me get the stuff i wrote down okay She’s gonna get the stuff she wrote down She took notes guys And sorry about my hair it is a wild Mess every time i travel it gets like This because of the different water and I don’t know because my hair is just Used to that florida water Okay so when We go anywhere to do a ghost hunt um i Always do my meditation and open up the Chakras and third eye and all that stuff Um so they can communicate with me since I’ve learned of This happening with me so i did research And i learned how to do that so i’ve Been doing that before We go Okay so I did she went to take a nap I laid down on the couch And i did my whole entire meditation i Did my opening up i did all that took All my glasses all that Rolled over i’ve totally fell asleep on The couch I woke up in a panic Because i saw running water Total vivid I saw running water i don’t know What kind of water the location of the

Water i didn’t see surroundings i just Saw running water and it just Okay are we back can you guys see us Give us a thumbs up or a bird or Something i had a feeling this was gonna Happen um Damn it Because the signal is very Very low here Well julie Julie cece was in my live earlier and She saw that i was freezing up so we Thought we would at least try this on Her computer but apparently it’s doing The same [ __ ] Yeah okay so do the best let me try to Finish this real quick before it happens Again okay So i fell back asleep and then i woke up In another panic and i i’m seeing these Visions In my sleep like like i’m looking at it Vividly in a dream i saw a female with One eye so I i don’t know if she was um Injured And and and did that but the you okay so The one eye was a little Lower it was her left eye And it was kind of On a droopy side on this side it kind of Was Like the eyes are uneven Um so i don’t know if it’s an injury

She’s blo i don’t know if she’s blind And i don’t know if she was born with a Deformity but this is a vivid woman Uh With the one eye Lower Than the other one okay I could i couldn’t go back to sleep for A little bit Um they showed me a ladder on the wall Like the ladder that you climb like the A frame ladder Um I fell back asleep Um and i i woke up i felt like i had Been shunned from my family like uh like Someone was ashamed of me and they Disowned me you know how that well y’all Probably don’t know that feeling but That’s the feeling that i felt Like Holy [ __ ] nobody wants anything to do With me like i felt By myself and alone and like everybody Shunned me Um and then i it’s almost like i was Floating and looking straight down and i Saw a person scrubbing the floor i Couldn’t tell if it was a male or a Female i couldn’t tell if they were White black spanish i couldn’t see hair Color all i saw was their back and they Were scrubbing the floor i don’t know if They were

Cleaning it or cleaning blood or what i I can’t tell Um What they were doing as you can see i i Wrote the notes every time i woke up Uh down And the last thing I fell back asleep and i woke up to a Woman screaming a woman was screaming so Loud and i don’t know it was like almost Like she was either giving birth Or being raped Um but it was something of that sort That something bad was happening that She was screaming Um like that So i don’t know i’ve tried to like put This together i don’t know Um I’m thinking maybe water could be the Bayou That we’re on Um and they would get thrown in there or To drown Um I’m thinking Maybe a slave was raped by the owner and Got pregnant and had a deformed child And they were shunned and made leave i i Don’t know I’m trying to put all of these notes Together so you can see it’s just damn Paper towel because i couldn’t find Anything else

So Maybe it’s like feeling alone having no Family maybe not like And again There’s so many different things and Then we find all this stuff out about The slaves at dinner that we didn’t know Um I mean we knew a little bit about this Property only because the last time we Were here the chief of police did tell Us next time you guys come you guys Really should try to try to stay back There because that whole area people are Always climbing they see and hear things Back there and stuff like that so so That’s that’s what we did we did yeah So that was interesting when i woke up From my nap and i said so did you get Any sleep she goes no No let me tell you what i gave up i gave Up after that because i had to we were Trying to Get dressed and shower and go meet for Dinner and then i didn’t have time to Sleep anymore so i drifted off three or Four times i had this crap going on um I don’t flip a note but i’m going to Keep these notes Yeah so if anything comes from it I wrote it yeah And when i was laying there uh Just about to fall asleep i heard what Sounded like a little girl um

Voice And i so i just laid real still as a you Know i was really tired i knew i was Falling asleep soon Um And um so i heard like a little girl’s Voice Almost like she was just like You know like that that’s what it Sounded like yeah she heard the little Girl giggle like a giggly And then almost like she was saying Something after she giggled she was Trying to say something and i knew it Was coming from in the room right there Um and she was out here yeah Did you just hear that it just yeah it’d Be No it went off green that’s why i was Like go live good luck yeah Okay i was trying to get set against Everything to go live and all of a Sudden that started going off and she Said come back Um i have new batteries and everything i Have We just changed everything yeah on this Trip i’m going to be using um a lot of Things i even uh have my um Night vision camera that i’ll be using On one of the locations i’m going to set It up in a room I’ve got a ir light for it

And um I’ve just got a lot of girl is right of Patty behind her oh really Do you know about how old she is I’ve got an age popping in my head I’ve got six popping in my head what do You got Now that’s because i’m right here i’m Not in the chat i’m on the video I’m on a video Right this is an actual live stream i Know a lot of times i premiere a video Live and i’m not actually live but i’m Premiering live A live premiere but it’s a pre-recorded Video but this is an actual real live Stream um it’s probably going to lag it Already did a little bit a little bit Ago hey christian yeah bear with us if It goes out we’re trying our best to get It back on yeah Yeah just hang in there if it comes out Again Um we don’t have the best signal here Um she says about six or seven i’m Trying to watch her that’s what i i was Getting to Um not that i’m claiming i’m any kind of Psychic but i do get things that come to Me you know and Well i haven’t ever had something like This vivid uh one time in st mary’s Georgia i had one vivid About the guy on the bicycle yeah the

Only time i’ve ever had any vivid stuff Happen until tonight Yeah I feel like she’s one of those kids that Are like i’m oh [ __ ] I’m seven and two weeks on seven such oh Hmm Okay are you getting anything about any Of the the uh Things i said Her family owned the home um angelina Said her family On the home she thinks Just a feeling she Says um Blonde girl Oh look what he said cece looks like an Angel with that beautiful hair oh What ain’t that sweet thank you No need to kiss butt though You don’t live in my jurisdiction i Can’t write you a ticket oh I’m going to focus on the cards But i won’t read chat okay Oh Okay Anyway so um You know it’s just a very pretty place It isn’t let me show you around a little Bit this place is amazing all right so Price is great as well excuse the mess Because you know we have our stuff kind Of sitting around but check out that Brick wall

I thought that was just so damn cool That brick wall Over there And um you know so it’s got a nice Sitting area and it’s got a Nice little kitchen and yeah it’s only So far we’re going to be able to go with This because it’s connected just tell me Where i’m aiming oh [ __ ] Is it getting up yeah it’s getting okay Our kitchen is so cute yeah it’s a cute Little kitchen with a refrigerator and a Microwave and a little mini coffee maker And stuff like that i can’t see where I’m aiming and then it’s got a nice Sized bathroom here Um with the shower and all that on over Here on this side you can’t see it where I fell and then the bedroom over there And it’s got a nice uh Um Over here on this side let me show you That it’s got a tv in here And it’s got a one bedroom yeah it’s Just a one bedroom cottage and it’s got Um a cute little porch with a table and Chairs out back Like a little sitting area you know We haven’t we were just told all this Stuff at dinner tonight Um we’re gonna meet with the owner of The one place tomorrow Yeah Um no um we were just going on what we

Were told by the chief of police and the Sergeant here and one of the other Officers and then also the um people That work here and we’re gonna be Meeting with the owner tomorrow So we’ll know more tomorrow Um We’ve tried to look it up but You couldn’t find a whole lot Um we did find some history here But we don’t want to share that history Right now that’ll be in a video Because if i share too much history There’s probably some trolls watching Waiting to see where the hell i’m at Which they don’t want to mess with us in This town no they treat us like Celebrities here They escort us around in their control Cars Like these they are wonderful yeah they Really are But um You know i just don’t want to say too Much But i will in the video so you guys once The video comes out which is when i’ll Be back home Um you guys will know everything Everything that i know Oh okay Well that’s where she heard the little Girl laugh in there Yeah

Definitely Hey margarita hey to everybody if i’m Not saying hello to everybody don’t Think i’m ignoring you for one minute I’m not i see all of you and thank you So much for being here i really Appreciate it Um Yeah Uh 119. So Anyway Um just kind of wanted to go live for a Little bit tell you guys what we’re Doing and um Was hoping maybe something would happen While we’re live uh There’s any spirits in here can you go Back there in that bedroom And Get on the bed By that meter and make it go off for us Please show that Water Fish i see santa dirtbag fast rushing Stream oh oh she’s very that’s good Because considering where we’re at Fish Okay Oh wow that makes sense makes perfect Sense Like i said we can’t tell you guys Um

Hey Annie is there any in here She just came in oh she just said Currently feeling choke Oh hey annie love you too yes we love You Oh and they all said to tell you hi amy From the pd yeah Oh thank you Oh what is a grenade what is a hand Grenade i meant to ask you that earlier She’s i think she lived up here Are you from here did you live here Angelina Not a real one no It’s a i think it’s probably a drink It’s kind of him oh it’d just be just be Get closer to it Do you want me to keep information Um yeah I mean not the city or anything just Don’t say the city everybody knows Around louisiana but you are kind of Basically it’s What’s a hand grenade is that a mixed Drink angelina am i right It is a drink oh i’ve never heard of That so I can’t drink liquor Um i can i can drink beer i did have a Beer earlier actually but i can only Usually just drink one maybe two at the Most but go ahead and touch it I can’t drink liquor because it messes

Me up really bad i just don’t do it It’ll light up Okay that sounds good melissa do that Does that work like that i think so I’m wondering if we’re looking for Fluffy here I wonder if we should go ahead and um Are we getting a pretty good signal Right now guys i just don’t want to get A bunch of stuff set up and then have This Whole stream fail I think maybe just the voice box Yeah pull everything out because i’m Exhausted i know i know you are I’m trying to make sure i don’t miss any Of the fluffies The signal is okay okay Okay well that’s good i hope we don’t Lose it again just if we lose it y’all Bear with us and we’ll be back as soon As age of cups reverse his escape and Immaturity Possibly a kid fell in the pond the Slave came home and something about Suffocation possibly oh wow Hmm interesting Pawn you mean well i would have to be The bayou probably yeah Hmm Interesting But see i came A ladder came into my head so i don’t Know maybe maybe the kid fell off a

Ladder Um Oh no we’re not in cassadaga i will Never go back there again no never go I’ll explain why another time i’m never Going back there again Those people are very disrespectful And i think i know why now that’s all We’ll say about that but anyway Um Yeah If you wish i can talk to you more with My personal email patty so i can get it Back Yeah that’s whatever works yeah whatever You want to do i’m just i’m just mainly I’m just curious if these visions i’m Having Yeah is pertaining Was that that was aimed in my direction Excuse me a second Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Watch the bedroom i gotta walk away and Laugh Oh my god I cannot even believe that [Laughter] Oh that’s better And just have those little sidelights on All right and then um all right

I’m scared to breathe over here that was Not me that time by the way I can’t see Sorry uh They said maybe let your wind run free [Laughter] Usually it’s me the one doing that i Know Oh my god Something about arranged marriage that Everyone hates oh shoot hold on a minute Go back Go Oh i see this is a family wealth game But also the forbidden love of different Color Didn’t i say that yes okay so what i Said In one of the things i had come up with That Trying to make sure if i’ve missed Something out okay One of the things that i come up with Was Maybe the husband had an affair with a Slave Um And Maybe she ended up pregnant and had a Baby that was Deformed like with the eye or something And they were shunned Um That’s one of the stories that i popped

Trying to you know it could be so many Different things and that’s one of the Things that i Um I mean anything’s possible Shut My up Farts can be suffocating yeah especially When they’re aimed at you All right so So i mean that that that’s a very i’ve Heard of that before of you know the Husband having an affair with the The female slave or whatever And i got this one here too So i was like this I’ll set all three in here Why not see what happens and i gotta put My food back in the refrigerator poison By some type of bush or flower this is a Woman Who wears red that shannon is talking About shannon who’s shannon She was pregnant when she fell in love With the slit This is the Women who wear red that shannon is Talking about Who the [ __ ] is shannon You mean me Uh Somebody in the chat oh crap It frees up again no it’s just going

Fast she was pregnant when she fell in Love Oh she was already pregnant when she Fell in love with them Okay i got three different things set up In there so is there another is there a Shannon in the chat that i’m missing Oh i’m sorry there there’s a shannon in The chat oh my god look what christy Said i think we just talked about that Not a lot of seeing the Me and her were talking about that not Long ago talking about um i wonder if it Would you know I said i don’t know i need to try that Sometime A cute Yeah let’s wait till we build up a good One though [Laughter] Because we’re pretty good at holding i Bet there’s some people watching I know i’m sorry i realized there was a Shannon in here women don’t fart um so i Apologize for that Anyway um farts and i can Yeah i have a meditation channel and i Also have a podcast channel now so i’m Just doing a little bit everything you Know i’m just you know i’m just having Fun i mean i’m just having fun and You know i Don’t know how big either one of those Channels are going to grow but i’m

Enjoying doing what i’m doing and that’s All that matters you know So I’m doing good angela and i got your Email i just never got a chance to Respond back Thanks for checking on me And uh david i always get your emails Too Um been on the road we left early early In the morning Three in the morning one day or four Three time we leave Well we left the house at 3 30 and then We stopped at the store And we finally ended up getting on the Dang road at five o’clock yeah The latter cc talked About could have most definitely been Used to hang slaves that’s true said Something about supplication That’s true Oh my god rick that’s not good Lady in red got pregnant Before her affair with the slave which Uh the seven-year-old girl Oh then she got pregnant with the slaves Kid while she was oh So while she was pregnant with the Slaves baby now we’re waiting Well she’s getting a full out reading Here that’s awesome Hey international group of researchers How you doing

Yeah the trolls will be upset but i Really don’t give a crap about what Anything they can find to be able to Listen if y’all get offended by toots Um that’s on you okay farts are funny i Don’t care who you are it’s a natural Air passing And I mean as long as you’re not aiming them At people [Laughter] Yeah david tell him because we don’t Want anybody Naming where we are And um why does david know where we’re At No no so he was telling somebody wesley Said please do not say where they are if You know No there has been people get mad over The toots because they send her nasty Grams in the emails oh yeah Saying how offensive we are that we are Very offensive And you shouldn’t do that and you lost a Follower okay so she got caught so Somehow got a cut by the bush that Poisoned her i can’t tell how old the Color baby is I’m gonna guess one or two so watch out For baby crying then you’ll see the lady In red I just got chills i did too so could the Could okay fluffy could the one or two

Year old be have a deformity Like are you feeling like These visions are Coming to me for a reason It is it is definitely always windy Let us know if you see anything lighten Up back there because two of the things That i have back there won’t make a Sound when they light up but they’ll Just light up And there’s absolutely nothing in there The next shipping shows are very onto a Black horse Are you plugged in oh [ __ ] are you Plugged in no let me plug my water along Oh she’s gotta get the [ __ ] i mean you Got a couple you got just yeah I just saw the light go down yep All right let me yeah here’s the thing And i’ll stick it in the wall I got this end Oh All right There’s that yeah Got it Then you guys forgetting something I never plugged in my computer Uh please Please We don’t know when did you write that I don’t understand i don’t understand The one eye thing Sorry about that guys i know it cut out Again there for a second

Yeah if we freeze just bear with us for A minute because we’re gonna try to get It back on That’s interesting Somebody with one eye somebody with one I don’t know if it was just a blind eye But it looked to me like it was Yeah A little downward set from the other eye Like a little uneven Actually now i see burn scars oh Oh Dad was being prepared protective of the Odd formed baby Which was the protection caused both of Their lives to be lost So a fire could have done that yeah Could have So that’s what she sees that went on Here on this property I’m getting real Visions here So the visions that you had is what She’s what she’s kind of well we’re kind Of putting it right together because i Wouldn’t know where to A fire could have Done that where it makes your eyes look Uneven hey black ken how are you Are you my new boyfriend oh boy Who said that margarita said it to david Hale oh Are you my new boyfriend that’s funny oh Boy

Oh shoot Hey there raymond Yep the queen and cece We’re here at a haunted location we’re Actually staying here Um At least three nights And um We just decided to try to go live Tonight Even though we don’t have much of a Signal we’ve already cut out a couple of Times Um but we are going to do some filming Here Oh yeah yeah So We’re just we’re just really tired we Are very fast driving 2 30 in the morning and the time i mean It’s only an hour but Yeah we went out to eat dinner with the Chief of police and um the sergeant in This town and um Which was really nice and Um We’re gonna meet up with them again Tomorrow And then we’re filming with them Somewhere tomorrow night that’s gonna be Fun That’s gonna be fun Okay It’s hot enough your skin will literally

Melt i know this better and that was in A fire this because The right side of his face looked like a Multi-key yes Yes that’s what it looked like and it Very very well could be because it felt Like it was almost like a droop Really remember i said it was like it Drew almost like a droopy drip compared To the other one but it was down lower Than the other side You about something um said they are Hearing mom They’re hearing mom melissa said that Oh something they said they’re hearing Mom really Oh yeah i don’t know i just heard that It’s my keys rattling it did sound like He’s rattling i don’t have nothing Hello Would you like to communicate with us Are you trying You’re seeing one little girl here Well it could be the two So it’s the baby It’s the babies that i’m seeing With the with the injury Am i right the baby has the injury I see burn scars on the baby yes Oh wow Oh my god It just kind of makes me feel good when I the [ __ ] that i’m seeing is kind of a Validation of something whether i don’t

Know what it is but it has some sort of A meaning to it because why would i have These I know this is all still a little new to Me but those are big they’re definitely New to me because like i said it only Happened the one time hi tyga’s Hi wesley hi y’all ava everybody hello We writer are you patty’s boyfriend or Cece’s Who are you talking to raymond We don’t have boyfriends we don’t have Boyfriends we don’t want boyfriends Either well i don’t want a boyfriend Don’t worry about We just friends friends We’re sisters Spirits oh okay ava that’s cool The father of the childhood deformity Died of affixiation Hmm Because i when we first got here i Thought that these cottages were there’s A couple a few of them here and I thought they were a lot older than What they were and i realized how nice And how fixed up they’re so they’re just Really nice So they’re only Probably about 25 years old So um hey tess but it’s the property It’s this property it’s yeah it’s the Actual land that the dumplings are yes Everything is underneath us basically

There’s there’s probably people buried Here and everything Remember bc where’s bc what’s that British columbia oh okay Nice Well i’m glad you can make it tess We’ve got um the rim pod set up back There on the bed we got a um K2 meter and another little device it’s Kind of like a little mini um Rim pot So yeah we saw you avo we we saw it We’re sorry Sorry we’ve just been yeah Okay that happened yeah the wife seemed To go crazy at some point the father Tried to calm her down she must have Held something like a candle but during This Oh So Yeah let us know what your gifts are Hey there i have never met a medium In person Really ever no i’ve never i’ve never met A medium i’ve never met a psychic never And i do this and this but no i’m just Like online all right are we back guys Can you see us now can you hear us I’m sorry i’m probably not crazy here we Go died from suffocation before he could The wife got injured She Went to

The water nearby Water but look at the lid I don’t know guys it’s maybe it was the Husband that was shunned after the wife It may have been Rain outside i don’t know if the storm’s Oh Okay guys we’re getting some bad weather Outside that’s probably what’s making This worse so we’re gonna go ahead and End this Um And we’re gonna we’ll be filming while We’re here and trying to catch something On camera Um using the spirit box and everything We were gonna do a little bit of that Tonight with you guys with the spirit Box but i don’t think it’s a good idea Because It starts it’s just breaking up it’s Breaking up really really bad i’m down To one bar you want to see you can Always show you look at this You can see the one Look look at look at my signal how weak It is right Look right there You see that That’s my signal oh my god and it keeps Dropping down to nothing It’s probably best that we go ahead and End it i tried i told you guys i would Try um and that’s what we did we tried

At least about to talk to you guys for a Little bit Um which was nice and Um it could have something to do with The spirit activity i don’t know but the Signal is very weak here i don’t think That’s spirit activity i think it’s just A weak signal And now it’s starting to storm out yeah So We’ll let you guys go um We’ll try to go live again uh from Somewhere while we’re up Up here I’m hearing all kinds of [ __ ] but i Think it’s raining so we might be Hearing some stuff on this metal roof Yeah Okay it’s gonna be an interesting night So we’re gonna set up grid lights we got A lot of stuff so we’re going to go Ahead and uh get started on that we’re Going to do a little bit tonight and We’re going to do it throughout the Weekend that we’re you know while we’re Here probably won’t do a lot of it Tonight because we’re really tired we Got a busy day tomorrow Um but thank you guys so much for being Here i appreciate each and every one of You um Much love and uh Just thank you for being here spirit Yeah spirit is amping up

All right guys face and chicken grease Thank you guys so much for being here And i’m sorry we couldn’t go on longer All right bye-bye

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Francisco Pizarro Biography

Francisco Pizarro is one of the famous European explorers who discovered and overthrew the Inca Empire in Peru. His exact date of birth was unknown, but is believed to be sometime in the 1940’s.

Natural Dyes – An Age Old Process Goes Back to Eco-Friendly Roots

Around since ancient times, the process of dyeing textiles has strayed from the natural to environmentally damaging. With the development of high tech fabrics (nylon and polyester) that do not readily absorb the color from dye water baths, came the creation of synthetic dyes using toxic chemical compounds and heavy metals to more readily ‘wash’ the color into the fabric. To avoid environmental damage from toxic waste water runoff and possible health issues steer clear of fabrics using synthetic dyes especially those using azo dyes. Search out color textiles from natural dyes looking for fabrics like organic cotton that use clay dyes or sustainable fabrics like bamboo that use low-impact dyes.

The Profile of 2013’s Free Schools

The UK Government has recently announced that 102 prospective free schools have been given the go-ahead for 2013. It displays an increase in the adoption of this particular government initiative and so it is perhaps an appropriate time to look at what this means for the landscape of the English schools system.

College – Tips For Choosing a Course of Study in College

Choosing a course of study should be carefully measured to avoid wasting four years on academics that will be useless once you graduate. Numerous studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to 60% of graduates working outside their majors. Here are tips for choosing a course of study in college: