ALIEN ABDUCTION ANSWERS (Interview with John Yost)

By | August 30, 2022
ALIEN ABDUCTION ANSWERS (Interview with John Yost)

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this fine and luxurious Evening and it is An absolutely luxurious evening because We’ve got john yost The writer director experiencer Of alien abduction Answers John Welcome to alien addict Oh thank you very much for your time i Really appreciate you thank you It’s it’s great to finally put a face to The film that i’ve Watched well i That’s that’s good that’s good i’m glad You didn’t have enough of my face in the Film You know You are in the film but there’s a lot of Faces in that film You know and that’s a great point too Because this is not my story And and i say this i say this with all Seriousness this is not my story This is our story and i mean the story Of our species really Um I think it’s one of the reasons that’s So successful is because when people Watch it maybe you can confirm this when People watch it they’re actually Watching themselves they see their aunts They see their uncle their da their you

Know whoever They see their boss all of these faces These these are these are real people With Very strong educations uh you know Worldwide uh Global practices i’ve got Role by designers people with master’s Degrees phds And um And And they’re moms and dads too And so when people watch the film they Literally become part of the film Can i ask you before we get kind of into The nuts and bolts of the actual movie Sure um What got you What get you kind of started making Deciding to make films How long have you done films for yeah Yeah i um Well that’s a kind of a bifurcated Answer um let me just say this to you After school i i um I worked Under the jurisprudence of the u.s Treasury department i was a u.s customs Broker i did international logistics and International business for many years And uh it just lost its taste after About 10 years and i’d always been Fascinated with the performing arts as a

Kid And in university And so i said you know i’m going to get Involved and that was difficult a couple Of kids About your age And a mortgage and two cars and a very Pissed off mother-in-law So uh So but i said i’m gonna change my life And that’s what happened and um So i got involved On camera behind camera and then Got involved in producing and directing And writing And For the last 12 years i worked with a Company called rhino pictures And These guys have been around for 38 years I mean it’s a real company you know big Staff and you know all the toys and um We work around the world and we do all Kinds of stuff i mean sports You know true crime all kinds of things And we would do it for Um All the big players esquire hbo whomever And we did commercial work long format Work Done a lot of television and some film And so About Let’s say five or seven years ago i said

To the crew i said listen we really need To start to produce Our own content because that’s really Where it is you know when i was a kid You know there were like three or four Outlets for that sort of thing now There’s tens of thousands around the World And so we started to and we’ve done a Lot of stuff for let’s say the um The food genre like food channel that Sort of thing or history channel esquire John can i just stop for just one second Would you mind your um audio uh where The mic there is i think it’s rubbing on Your shirt a little oh i’m sorry It’s just getting it’s picking up a Massive yeah So you’ll be pissed off at me no problem No no Perfect yeah i just want the audience to Hear you properly Sure thank you sir thank you anyway so i Got involved in that not to believe with The point but um But this is actually a great sequel To why I made this film Now Please recall i mean i’m doing sports I’m doing food i’m doing history this Sort of thing And we were on a job We were actually working for somebody

Else And we were in a place called borrego Springs california And it’s very arid It’s destined like Very flat And We had done a night shoot We come back to this house that we had Rented it was one of these huge ranch Houses one one story homes We had about 15 17 people with us and my Team and i we were downloading all the Footage from that evening because you Know we want redundancy we don’t want to Lose anything in an airport or something Right And um So i and a couple of the guys we walked Out to the pool area which was right Behind the house and i sat down and they Were going to do a Night cap And so i raised my glass And there’s a glint In the glass and your mind you know kind Of raises treasures associated with Things that you know and i thought oh Well that’s the moon It’s the moon And i thought wait a minute that’s not The moon we shot tonight specifically

Because there was no moon it’s a new Moon we wanted to control the light Outside what the hell is that as i drop My glass i see Well i see Something that’s very irregular It was kind of egg shaped but not quite And it was Blue and green and it had its own Luminosity And my mind is racing once again like What what the hell is this thing right And i’m thinking oh it’s a mylar balloon Right like a you know a get well balloon Or a happy birthday balloon metallic And there’s a lot of balloons in ufology A lot of balloons except that this thing Was as big as a volkswagen Right and it was about and it was about It was about 30 feet above the house i Could have hit it With a ball i could have thrown a Baseball i made it And i’m shocked i’m gobsmacked i can’t Believe so i grabbed my camera when my Camera guy scotty right beside me and i Turn him and he looks and he says oh my And just then I mentioned About 15 17. people they were all around The pool they hear and look And you hear people gasping and oh my God and what And what is that and this thing

It moves so Fast In a zigzag Kind of move and it stops Directly above my head And i don’t know if it was there for a Millisecond or if it was there for an Hour i don’t know But something happened to me which i’ll Get into But After it was done Freezing above my head it zigzagged away From me stopped about 20 feet away And then drifted off And as i mentioned The virus are all flat So we watched this thing for about i Want to say a minute half almost two Minutes as it drifted away Well everybody is buzzing about oh my God you know what was that ufo i can’t Believe it what the Inside i was dying Because well i’ll just say this to you So i made some lame joke about being the Old man on the team and i had to go to Bed and they could stay up and drink but Tomorrow was an early day But inside i was shaking so hard i i Don’t know if your audience has ever Been so cold that they can’t stop Their insides from shaking or maybe if You’ve been sick and you’ve you know you

Vomited so hard that you can’t stop that Shaking inside you but that’s what was Happening to me And i made it back to the room that i Had and i’m not proud of this but i um Barricaded that door with the bed And all of my luggage And i sat in a corner And i cried And I wept Uncontrollably Because What had happened Was It brought me back to a time when i was Seven years old This is the beginning of the movie as You know yeah When i was seven It was august it was very hot Very humid And uh my bedroom was on the second Floor of my parents home The windows were open and it was about i Don’t know two or three in the morning And i woke up to hear this kind of Undulating tone And it was it was irritating me and woke Me up and i sat on the corner of the bed And i rubbed my eyes i couldn’t get to Sleep again and i was kind of angry About it you know because it was Irritating and i went to the

Water closet the bathroom and i Got something to drink and let the water Pour for a long time they don’t know why I stood in there for a long time And when I decided to finally come out i opened Up The bathroom door And they’re standing in the doorway To my Complete and utter surprise Was a character i had seen A thousand times on television as a Little boy this character called Ultraman he was from japanese television Now for those who don’t know Ultraman is this gigantic Giant metallic looking Big huge eyes oval head and he fought The bad guys you know that’s exactly What it looks like But again he was a giant on television To me though it was my size i was seven Years old it was a You know Size of a boy So at the time i had no fear When i first saw it We got very very close i’m talking about Nose to nose And um And then something did occur And frightened the hell out of me

I i’ve explained it this way if you’ve Ever stood on a beach and the water Comes up over your ankles And the waves are going back out it Starts to pull the sand from beneath Your heels And you feel yourself dropping That’s the way i felt And i it petrified me i i felt like i Was falling into an abyss and i flailed Like a drowning man right Yes a drumming man does and i literally Laid hands on this Whatever this was In the middle you touched it oh yes oh Yes Oh yes And In the middle of that there was this Brilliant flash of light And i felt movement but i couldn’t tell And i couldn’t really see except there Was this blur of Colors red and blue and green And they were moving so fast it was Almost like being on a carousel but it Was moving way too fast i couldn’t make Out what i was seeing or on a bullet Train And i couldn’t make out the landscape So i’m in the middle of this and when i Kind of come to my senses i’m still in Mid-struggle with this ultraman Character

But What i’ve realized is something Something incredible i am we have Somehow interpolated Our positions this Entity’s back is in the bathroom And my back is in the hallway So i’m in the middle of this struggle And he reached i say he i don’t know But he reaches out And literally touches me On my Left shoulder I feel this tremendous wave like a wave Hitting you in the chest a brilliant Flash of light and i am thrown back And right behind me were the set of um Hard wood stairs that went to the first Floor So i bound back and i’m falling and i’m Falling ugly i mean there’s no it’s not A control fall i’m falling my arms are Banging against the sides of the walls And i am screaming like a banshee Why land in a heap at the bottom of These stairs And i am screaming and crying Oh a lot of pain and shock and total Fear And my parents who had a first floor Bedroom come around the corner You know what the hell hell’s going on You know i i’m trying to make it out of My

Out of my Uh mouth i’m screaming and i’m i’m Saying i’m saying Ultraman is upstairs and i’m sure my Father heard intruder you know Somebody’s ups so he he was a big guy he Ran up the stairs and he was going to Find out what was going on and he Opening doors and slamming doors And after some time my mother is Consoling me at the bottom of the stairs And uh my father comes to the top of Stairs and he looks Well to be honest with you he looks Disappointed he looks Kind of disgusted Looks angry that i had awakened him And uh there was nothing up there So my parents take me upstairs and they Do what parents do you know they open up The closet there’s nothing there they’ll Show you underneath the bed There’s nothing There and uh they lay me down in my bed And my mom kisses me on the forehead and I have to tell you i I basically fell into a coma i was Exhausted People asked me how that could be and i Just think it was you know that fight or Flight that had rushed through my system And all that adrenaline pumped and when It was done i was just like a limp rag So the next day

I wake up and remember Can i just just oh please At the time Were you Were you ill or anything like that Oh Can you remember that you When you went to bed that you may have Had a fever or anything No no i was i i actually am very rarely Sick ever Um And You know all this covert and everything Else i did nothing against anybody who Had it but i i kind of Almost mocked it because i i The joke in my family is that i’m Impervious to all this stuff uh but no No i was not an old boy Um look lucky man lucky man thank you Thank you jen for the super chat i Appreciate that and john At seven i wish i was sick so i could Get off school right but i never had Those types of days Um So the following day Following day i you know i get out of Bed and i’m You know i have a little bit of Breakfast and you know this is the 1970s Today you can’t get kids away from their Phones or game cons or their you know

The screen but back in the 70s i mean You ran outside and you were outside all Day you know you played until he got Dark And that’s what i did My mother called me in for dinner and In my mind i knew exactly what happened But it was almost like you know for Anybody who’s been a little boy and been Picked on i’ll say it was like it was Like you got into a fight with a bully And so You remembered everything but it wasn’t Part of your life you’re moving on with Other things And so I came in my mother said you are Disgusting because i’ve been playing Outside all day and she said look you Know you’re going to get a bath before We have dinner and i’m a little boy i Don’t want to take a bath she’s Struggling with me a little bit takes Off the t-shirt And she’s She’s looking at the bruises from the Night before And she gets to my left shoulder And she says honey what What happened here And i look around sheepishly and i say Mom i told you ultraman Was in my room And she said

She said it’ll be okay it’ll be okay and She looked kind of sad And uh so i had dinner that night i Don’t know what the heck it was And i Like it looks now except Well i’ll just say this today And all through my life it’s uh it’s Changed colors And it changes temperature it gets Warmer And it becomes hot sometimes and it uh It’s a different color than my body Most of the time It’s not always flesh colored and it’s This big You know i’m a i’m a tall guy i’m about Six two it’s as big as my thumb yeah so It’s like this bit It looks It actually looks as though it’s a thumb Print it looks like somebody head And it’s raised too it’s It looks like a scar As though i had been Horribly burned Um So i i didn’t think about it a couple of Days later my father’s taking me to the Doctors And as we pull into the uh parking lot Or the car park i guess you guys going Um he says to me listen we go in there I don’t want to hear any [ __ ] about

Ultraman You keep that to yourself And i mean now that i’m an old guy i’m Sure he didn’t want you know him to have The crazy son right so the doctor gives Me a cursory exam he checks me out he’s He’s examining the bruises which are now You know starting to yellow that sort of Thing And he gets to my shoulder and he says Whoa sport he’s what’s this what’s this And i started to just answer like you Know i’m an innocent kid i have no idea The import of what’s going on and i Start to say well you know and i could See my father In the corner And once again you know there’s a time Change here you know this is back in the 70s you know today kids mouth off to the Parents and That’s smart or you know enlightened but Back in the 70s that is not what you did My dad was though i did Yeah my dad was a big man he was a big Big man and he worked in the mills and He had hands like leather You did not cross him so i didn’t cross Him ever i was a good kid and uh but he Gave me the look and i knew what the Look meant So i just I said i i i don’t know i you know i Fell

Must have been playing i don’t know So the doctor looked at it manipulated a Little bit asked me if it hurt You know there was no bleeding there was Nothing like that And gave me a lollipop and sent me on my Way And i didn’t think anything about it Until my father was taking me home Later And as we pulled into the driveway in Front of my parents home He said to me listen I never ever want to hear you talk about This ultraman character again I don’t want you scaring your mother i Don’t want you scaring your sisters you Shut your mouth about that never talk About it again And again as i say i’m a seven-year-old Boy who adores his father and i’m a good Kid and never sick And so i say sure dad you know i don’t Understand the import of why i need to Keep this to myself so throughout my Life it became kind of this kind of Running joke you know i was involved in Sports and things and so you’d be in the Shower you’d be in the locker room you Take it off somebody would say hey yos What the hell happened i got bit by a Shark i got hit by lightning Uh Somebody speared me somebody shot me you

Know whatever but it was a quick and Easy people laughed about it said you’re An idiot and nobody talked about it Psychologically you wouldn’t uh Well i i i i lied about it my dad told Me to lie about it i lied about it as a Little kid and then it just became It became a habit it’s like you look at You you put that hat on right did you Say to yourself that you set up You know i’m going to take this Particular hat and i’m going to put it On my head and this is the one i’d like To wear to no that’s never happened Oh no it didn’t it did happen that way i Normally wear this hat yeah but no no But what i’m saying is you got up and Said okay i’m going to do the podcast And you put it on yeah that was it It was just a reaction muscle memory so This is what my point is is that For my entire life that’s the way it was You know and also to tell you the truth And i’ve mentioned this to my crew many Times after the film has come out you Know this is not a real resume builder You know Um The head of general electric has not Called me to take over the ceo position Because of my admission You know Um

So anyway anyway I had kept that to myself And shut my mouth For 45 plus years And um You never asked your dad about it ever What No no and um Several years later Uh My parents broke up They had been married for 11 years and They had broken up and And um there were other things you know Survival Uh took over And um my mother was a nervous person And so i never brought it up i was Afraid you know my father told me i Would scare her and so i did you know i Love my mom so i wouldn’t have done that But i never talked to them about it but I I sincerely I sincerely believe that they knew Something had happened Because they were skittish and i You know i i say i say that it might Have been one of the contributing Factors for their split But i don’t know that you know i was a Little kid i don’t know And um

So i never thought about it you know it Was always in my mind you know i could Remember it clearly but it wasn’t Something i talked about and so here i Am i bring you all the way to the Present which was three or four years Ago borrego springs Did you do you mean The and thank you moon lich i appreciate That my friend do you mean the That you think your dad May have knew about this ultraman and Knew exactly what it was I think he knew That something had happened that night I don’t know what his Real thoughts were And how they looked to him But when he heard my story he was He was he was shocked and like i said he Didn’t say anything to me About it until we were alone On that doctor’s visit And he made mention of it twice And very effective you know emphatically And then He never talked about it again And um And it left such a in emotional the way That he had told me he left such an Emotional kind of imprint on me that’s Why i never talked about it ever And um Until

What happened in borrego springs And so there i am just about my business Right with you know we’re working for Somebody else it’s another project i’ve Got a whole team there and then this Thing happens and all of a sudden Everything comes crashing back it wasn’t That i had forgotten about it but the Emotional content of what had happened I had never dealt with as a little boy Ever I had never talked about i have never Worked it out anyway This thing comes crashing down to me i’m In my room In the corner weeping like an idiot And i’m not dealing with it like a 50 Year old man i’m dealing with it like a Seven-year-old boy and i’m so Angry with myself I’m so frustrated because you know if You do what i do for a living You have to be very very anal retentive You have to be in control always always Because you’re spending other people’s Money and there’s no room for error You know people think about show Business and they hear about goofy People and drunk drivers and parties and Everything else the guys who turn the Wrench who actually make this stuff We’re all a real serious bunch Um And so the next day i got up early i’m

I’m there in the desert i’ve got this Crew and i’m bolting out after a hot Shower i’m going to take this you know By the by the horns and I start To [ __ ] up In very obvious ways It’s so obvious that my team starts to Notice And i’d work with them for 12 years And these guys are like there’s Something wrong you know And i’m missing and then Instantaneously too I have now developed a patrifying fear Of big sky Big open sky And a petrifying fear of open water I ca i can’t the night before i’ve been Out by the ball i can’t go out there i’m Supposed to scout new loca i can’t go by Myself i cannot go it’s debilitating and I have to tell you i mean you don’t know Me But if you knew me You would know how enraged i was i was Just And i was angry at myself because i Could not stop this fear I was possessed by it so To make this long story short i i get Through the shoot a couple more days out There right And somehow i get back on a plane and i

Fly back thanks to uh Jameson triple distilled uh irish Whiskey Copious amounts of that But when i get off the plane The family notices something’s wrong it Got so bad that i would go to work early About an hour early and park right next To the door and wait for people to come So i could run in the door with them It got so bad that that if i couldn’t do That I would run like a maniac To my car So look i i am not a good looking man But i am an ugly crier and i am a [ __ ] runner So I am telling you something it is decided To behold But i could not control myself and so it Got so bad that i was angry and i Thought you know i i guess a wiser Person would have looked for some help You know sought out a therapist or Something But i couldn’t do that I was so angry myself and embarrassed Because this was something that i knew Had happened And i had always been fine with it But i started to read and i said listen You know i’m sure that other people have Had experiences and they’ve dealt with

It so I want to find out for myself And then that developed into Interviewing people That developed into me sharing my story With them That developed into me filming them And giving them copies and then that Developed into something that i think That Everybody who’s listened to this is Probably as plain as the nose on their Face but i had never dealt with it i had Never thought about it i know it sounds Ridiculous but that moment In the bathroom when the flash of light Happens and the colors are flying all Over the place and then somehow i switch Places with this Entity I didn’t know i couldn’t tell you what Happened there and i remembered Everything else clearly I remembered all the details all of the Tactile feelings but i could not tell You what happened and so at that point These good people that i had started to Interview pointed me towards this woman In the film her name is deb shakti And um And she said listen john i you know i Can help you with this and i kind of Poo-pooed it i have to tell you Something i was i

I’m not a misogynist Sorry i’m not a misogynist uh but i have To tell you i i thought this little tiny Person i’m about six three and this Little tiny person was never gonna be Able to you know knock me out or Whatever and i i kind of poo-pooed it She said look i’m not going to do Anything All i’m going to do is teach you how to Relax enough To Go down that hallway that you Constructed john to go into that room That you constructed to go to that Filing cabinet that you constructed And open the drawer That you have put this information in And so We had done a couple Sessions Prior to the film To uh to see if i could be hypnotized or Relaxed And we didn’t deal with anything i said Look i just want to be able to relax i Don’t want to talk about any of this and She respected that so the Um the regression That you see in the film Is raw It is not edited It’s actually six and a half hours long But we could only put maybe what i don’t

Know 10 15 minutes in the actual film to Make sense is the whole film though Oh yo absolutely absolutely in fact what Had happened was we had set up all the Cameras And um we didn’t want people there so They all skedaddled they got out And then we had the building to Ourselves and then you know We did the work Um but it was six and a half hours long It’s There’s a lot of information in there But nobody knows But when you watch the film That is actually happening it is not Reenactment And It was extremely hard it was extremely Hard for me afterwards um after the the Session i i i couldn’t look at it I felt some how relieved but almost like Um Like after you sprained your ankle you Felt like a bruise you know It wasn’t hot pain but it was it was ink And i couldn’t look at it Four days But then after that you know three or Four days later i was able to watch it In Bite-size pieces and i was angry at Myself again like you know [ __ ] this is Me

Why can’t i watch this But Watching Myself As a seven-year-old boy reliving this Was extremely difficult for me So At what point What Did you decide after that I need to make this film So Well we were like i said you know i had I have been talking to people and Starting to record some people And i realized here’s the thing that Totally blew me away But there were hundreds of thousands of People There are saying millions of people That have had some sort of contact Maybe Some sort of Maybe it was an abduction maybe it was Something they saw maybe something they That affected them And i realized that if i couldn’t be the Only one who was just quiet and Suffering I realized that somebody Out there might want to know And they never have the guts to ask Those questions so i thought you know What

Maybe Maybe if i could be the scaramooch Ask the stupid questions i’ll look like The fool they can laugh at me And i will Go this path walk this path you know Somebody said something about a you know A tarot you know the cards that i’m the Fool in the tarot And i’m walking along this path and People can walk with me and see me ask Those questions those uncomfortable Things that people don’t want to ask And somehow give them Some sort of solace i i mentioned to you Earlier about making the film has given Me A measure of peace and i i really just Want people to Have some Piece of that This film is supposed to take people From Ignorance and i don’t mean that in a Negative way i just mean ignorance Meaning not knowing you know Ignorance which produces fear Just some sense of understanding i i’ve Taken some guff about the the name of The film alien abduction answers Oh you’re you know an instrument i said Look it’s not the answer right it’s not The answer what it is is they’re they’re They’re landmarks

That people can associate with because Everybody is different they experience Things differently And they can say oh i can relate with This I don’t relate with that and that’s why There are so many other people involved In the film as we mentioned you know They look at the screen they see they’re On they see their dad they see their Uncle These people are us this is not my story This is our story Oh yeah i mean Like it’s from jennifer’s kind super Chat there as you can see everybody has A different story i have many people Tell me stories on this channel I’ve never had anybody see ultraman um Along this journey though making this Film you you got in touch with did you Get in touch with whitley street or did He get in touch with you Yeah that’s uh that’s actually a kind of A funny and pathetic story Um the funny story is this is that i Complete the film And i’m looking at it and i’m Dissatisfied And i say listen we really need Some sort of cogent way To Have synopsis throughout here that kind Of encapsulate what’s happening because

As you’ve seen the film there’s some Very emotional moments And so it was important as a as a viewer To experience that as a catharsis to go Through that with me but i wanted people To understand there’s more levels to Understand this than just through fear There are other levels and i thought who Better Who’s been more prolific in this subject Alien abduction Than whitley strieber nobody on the Planet And so i wanted to Get to him And see if he would participate And um And so Deb shakti who was involved in the film As a therapist um She knew some people who knew him and it Was interesting we could and this is the Pathetic part i i I begged my way to get to him And uh then at that point He interviewed me Um yeah he was Willie strieber I i don’t want to say that we’re friends But we’re very friendly we speak maybe Every five or six weeks but um He is a very careful man There have been a lot of kooks because You know there are a lot of crazy people

In this business Uh there are a lot of people who are Charlatans who are egomaniacs magnum Meanings and he wanted to make sure who I was Going Ufology It’s true it’s true i know you’re a Young man but it’s true Um but so he wanted to and so he put me Kind of through a rigorous sort of thing And then to be just to be completely uh Clear with you and your audience I i read every book at that point i read Every book that he had written On the abduction story and by the way The man is very prolific And i put together a series of questions And i sent them to him This is something that’s very there are Two things that i’d like to say about Whitney’s dreamer Number one I asked some very hard questions He never asked me to change a single Question He never asked me to change one of his Answers He never asked for any cuts i gave him Everything i gave him the raw i gave him Everything and and the second thing i Want to say about that is this i said mr Street i promise her but i will in fact Make you look good you know i’m not

Going to put any kind of goofy rabbit Ears behind you i promise you this is a Serious thing because and he looked at Me he stopped me he stopped me he Grabbed my arm And he said john i don’t I don’t give a damn What i look like He said i just want the truth He said i just want people to hear the Truth And i thought Wow what a man of integrity i And so i like i said i we’re not friends In fact in fact i’ve known him now for a Couple of years i can’t bring myself to Call him whitley everybody else calls me I call him mr strieber and i think he Gets a kick out of that he’s actually a Kind of a sarcastic sort of guy when you Start to talk to him and so he teases me About that And takes the piss out of me a little Bit about that but i call him mr Strieber And as you see so as you go through the Film you’re with me and you’re Experiencing all this and then we kind Of cut to whitley who kind of takes What’s happened And really encapsulates it and shares With the audience look beyond the fear Here’s something to look at here’s a way To process this experience here’s a way

To process this understanding you know We talked about you know ultraman just a Few minutes ago and then we got into Screen memories and how that protects Our psyche and i as a little boy use That My mind automatically used that kind of It’s a blister to protect me from what Was happening And um So Yeah so that’s that’s why uh mr Strieber’s involved and how i begged him And went through a gauntlet to get him In Yeah so Some of the audience are asking asking And jen’s asking about uh getting in Touch with miss mr strieber uh is is That something that’s quite hard to do Uh it was hard for me um it was hard for Me my very best suggestion is he is on Facebook he’s on twitter Uh also he has a website called the Unknown country the unknown The unknown and he has a Contact page And so Feel free to do that but i i would never I could never give out his personal Information oh no no no no no No don’t worry Yeah no but that’s i mean that’s how i Began uh to do it so uh jennifer i hope

I answered your question i don’t mean to Be elusive No the um We said you’re not friends How many times did you meet up Uh I went to california to meet him And um we met And uh we Had a dinner together with the crew and This sort of thing the very next day I sat with him for about an hour and we Chatted To kind of build some sort of rapport And then we did the interview and the Interview lasted all day long And um And since then like i say you know i’ve Had a lot of contact with him especially During the uh the editing portion we Were talking about maybe every other day But now we speak maybe every You know And what what i mean by we’re not Friends Is that i would never like i call him mr Streeper out of respect i would never Claim that now if he said that I would hug the man But but i would never claim that you Know i don’t want anybody to say oh the Oath said that you know he’s a friend no That’s not the case

So What made you pick the um experiences That you used in the film And Did you did you put every single one That you um interviewed in the film Yes everybody that we actually Interviewed Well let me put it this way we went Through uh a sort of um Weeding out process that’s what i was Gonna ask you like a vetting yeah a Vetting um There were And and i have to tell you you know most People think that oh You know so you have to take the people Out with the tinfoil hats and this sort Of thing As you’ve seen the film Some of these conversations are Extraordinary So it wasn’t about that It was about the people It was about them Like i said this is not my story this is Our story our species story but how do You vent them Well first of all first of all we we had Asked throughout you know the people That i was already talking to And people would approach us And they sent us say a small paragraph About what

They they had experienced and then we Had remember was during covent so we had A lot of zoom uh conferences and and One-on-ones with them and asking them About them and um And we did a lot of discovery on the Individuals like they say this is more About the people than about the Experiences because look i could put an Absolute loon on camera do the very best Uh special effects And uh everything would be great and it Would be Shiny These had to be real people these had to Be real experiences these had to be Genuine People who care about what they’re doing And also had something to lose if Somebody wanted money or they wanted Some fame or they want I wasn’t interested in them as we talked A little while ago you know about Charlatans and insane people in this Business You know i i’m always and i say i say to All my friends look if i ever try to be That guy please punch me in the throat Because that’s ridiculous This thing this phenomena These It’s so big It’s so big It’s um i’ve used this example before

You know i don’t know if you’re If you’ve heard the analogy i’m sure Most people have about you know it’s a Completely dark room and you throw three Scientists in there you say what’s in There and somebody yells out well it’s a Spear no no no no it’s a it’s a boulder No no no no it’s a whip And you turn on the lights And it’s an elephant Now each one of these scientists is a Trained observer And they are reporting quote unquote Their truth Right They’re not trying to obviously they’re Not trying to lie But they’re only telling what they can Consume what they can comprehend All of us together Have the answers Not me certainly not me Perhaps me last But um So i i’m always cautious about people Who have the definitive you know you Have these and i’m sure you bump into Everyone is an art journal and they’re Here to eat babies or they’re all Reptilians and they work for this guy Guy You may know some of this But you may not I’ve been trying to get david ike on the

Show for a while also Well said about the reptilians well no No i mean once again once again i’m not And what i said is not to mock anybody In particular what i’m trying to say is The The only answer is elusive and it’s too Big look the universe is gigantic and One of the reasons that we’ve doubted Since the beginning of time that there Was something out there is because it’s Too big there’s no way think about it There are three types of people you’ve Got very religious people who say look Everything is a result of a creator god Right Then you’ve got Intellectuals who sit back around a Campfire and say you know what you know This could be intelligent design but i Think maybe it’s a simulation it’s a you Know some great architect and designing We’re part of code and we’re in a matrix And then you got everybody else who says Listen I think there’s something out there we Don’t understand what’s going on In all these cases in all these cases Even the last ones were like total Deniers maybe They believe in the big bang in each one Of these cases we still have a source We’re still part of something bigger Than us

And this is why I stop myself and say I don’t know when anybody has the answer That’s why my film Continually has open-ended questions for People to continue along their path It’s important for us to question Because the moment that we know Everything is the moment that we cannot Learn anything This film is not yet out in the uk but It’s out in the states Yes if you’re in the uk and you want to Watch it if you have a vpn you can Absolutely get to it But it is in north america canada and The united states it’ll be uh worldwide Later this autumn Well do you do you mind john if we play A trailer for the audience my friend you Your show you’re the boss let’s play a Trailer then let’s bring the trailer up Yes sir Um I i do want to get on to something um in A moment with you though john Which Somebody has asked me which is an Interesting question Um but can i just ask be while i’m Getting this trailer what’s your blood Type My blood type is all positive Right okay

And uh Did you Did you ask about your um the people did The people that you interviewed in the Film did you ask them about blood types No um And and let me say to you i know why You’re asking okay but i know today Remember You are watching a man Scratching in the dirt and in the dark In this film I have plans for two more films that Take People Viewers on the path as i said the first Film is called alien abduction Answers this is taking people from Ignorance and fear to some Some piece of understanding The second film is going to be called Alien abduction awakening This is where we take this information And we start to integrate it right and Then the third film will probably be Annual abduction ascension and i don’t Mean ascension into flying off into the Sky i mean it’s kind of like this you Know his children we laid in the cradle And then we crawled and then we walked And then we stood and then we ran that’s The ascension that i’m talking about Because that’s what we’re keeping you on

A trilogy then At least the trilogy at least a trilogy Because This elephant is too big to eat in one Bite you know people who are very very Experienced who have been in this Business or in this in this world of Paranormal They may find The film I don’t want to say trite but they might Find it remedial But i will say to you this that No matter where you are in life you Haven’t considered every contingency So there’ll be nuggets of truth here but In addition to that For people you you were talking about Earlier before we got on the air about People who who have no belief in this at All have denied it completely this would Be a great film for them as a teaching Tool for them to say look You think that you control everything But you may not Here’s a possibility Well I do think you’ve got your work out Because i think you’re going to need Like a friend’s trilogy uh Sorry a friend’s box set i used it For anybody to understand ufology For anybody to even comprehend it sure Because i think

Yeah i i think it’s huge and i also Think though i think that we confuse it You know um before you play that let me Just say this you know We’re fighting people and i’m talking About every man woman child you know go On twitter and say happy wednesday You’ll have people who will get on there And say what do you have against tuesday And then somebody will come on and say You’re a thursday denier what are you Fighting about People are more They’re more Focused on being right Than being correct And i want to be correct Don’t we are my friend right i’m going To bring the bring the The trailer up in full um And for the audience to get a taste Yes sir If i can work out today there we go Things Began to change in our life That was the beginning of a real descent Almost into madness 144 separate sightings of ufos by the us Military tonight the highly anticipated Report on unexplained aerial phenomena Is here but the answers are not This is not communication It’s

Communion Hundreds of thousands of people Have claimed contact That will change you It changed me This was something that i kept buried For years Strange things would happen I didn’t want anything to do with it Anymore He came at me and i fought for my life Ships started to pop up in the sky and There’s this bizarre disk of light It is moving across the sky very fast The experience is often very terrifying If i felt fear i would crawl under my Covers Hoping that it would go away whatever it Was I know that we were put in that craft i Knew i was going to go to another planet And the being was right next to my face He saw two shadow beings that’s when i Felt like i was gonna die I had a real encounter with something Even if i had to live with the fear is To know the truth Is to know Well there we go people There we go so So john

The oh he’s still playing him here there We go And The The film Itself it’s got it’s got quite a few Experiences in that film Do you still stay in touch with the These guys today Um yes You know there are A couple things i want to say about that Number one i did not know them From adam i met them as we were doing The film And um Secondly not a single person In the film including mr whitley Streeper Was paid a dime Oh wow Was not paid to die And and i relate that back to what mr Strieber had said about i just want It to be real the truth So they all just felt they all just Volunteered there yeah so think about This you know i mean i said to you this Is not a This is not a resume builder you know These people They sacrifice whatever kind of privacy They’ve had For this

And um And so Yes in fact after it what what happens Uh You know during the film as you become Close to the people that you’re working With but in addition to that because We’ve shared that Kind of other experience It was important for us to continue Dialogue throughout the editing process Because there were new things that were Coming up For me I don’t recall anything that happened Between being seven years old And You know when we were working on the Film but i find out i don’t know if you Recall but during my regression i find Out that i had been abducted several Times prior to that But things like today you know There are I i work about an hour and a half from My home Not three hours About four hours An hour and a half So when i show up three hours later There’s something wrong Something going on People are waking up outside

Security’s on doors are locked how are They outside So there’s a lot of things like that Going on Um in addition to that in addition to That these are the people that you see On camera Are not actors They are genuine people these are people With lives and jobs and families and Kids and lovers And They are Some of the best people i’ve ever met so Yes in fact i have kept in touch with Them uh and i consider each one of them A dear friend What do you think Um No what What do you think of the alien grey that The typical alien And how it looks Yeah What specifically are you asking about I’m i’m wondering Do you think that’s what they actually Do look like or do you think that’s what They Well Show themselves because you you saw Ultraman Yeah yeah Underneath ultraman do you think that is

Well right well as as as as you see i Thank you for the leading question You’re good at this by the way you Should you should do this you should do This for a living Um I was not abducted by grace i was Abducted and you find out in the film That it was more kind of a an insectoid Type of entity yes No that’s all right that’s all right I told you at the beginning i would hold Nothing back from you or your audience It’s more of an insectoid and so When i was taken i wasn’t taken on a Ship I was taken somewhere subterranean And there were other entities there and They You know they had some similarities to The Grey that people know but they had kind Of elongated faces almost like horses Um So I’ll just say this i’ll just say this What do i think about the gray i think That To limit the creator limit space limit Universe is Folly Um i use a little example in the film You know elon musk is talking about His desire to put a colony on mars right

So in my little parable this rocket Takes off from the united states and And these people get out of the rocket And there’s somebody from Africa there’s someone from asia there’s Someone from europe there’s someone from Scandinavia and out comes this little Martian and he looks around and thinks Well which one of you is an earthling And they all are and they all have Different agendas and one might be Military one might be scientific one Might be recreational and they all came From one ship from one planet In the backwaters of one medium-sized Galaxy My point is this is that this thing is Huge Are there are there room for any one of Those of course of course take a look at The diversity on our own planet Those people lined up against each other Yeah there’s some similarities are Bipedal but they’re totally different So yeah so the grace i I do believe that i don’t know because I’ve never seen one Um Mr streeper has seen them and he you Know claims the visitors He doesn’t necessarily claim their Aliens either and we deal with that in The film as well

You know yeah um so um the the form and Function and design and size and And look you know the reptilians we Talked about the insectoids tall whites Whatever and probably a thousand other Types of Forms I have no copyright on that and i would Never claim to know that Yes or no You used it in the film You showed some clips of like the the The classic the the gimbal footage the Tic tac and what have you Um What do you actually what do you think Do you think that’s them And do you think that’s that’s ours You know I have to tell you That I and and i do not mean To be a difficult guest Not on but you say what you want me i i I i have something strong to say about That You seem like a nice fellow And i think about you and if you had if You had a car And that car could go 2000 miles an hour Regardless of where it was made Regardless And you were a nice person you stopped For that little old lady and you obeyed

All the speed limits regardless of how Fast your car went And you were a good guy No one would give a damn about your tech We are so focused on the shiny lights in The sky we’ve missed the major point It’s the cat in the cockpit that we Should be focused on The second thing i’ll say about that is This What the gimbal And the Other videos that are coming out And the admissions by The department of defense and the Military And the dod in the uk All of this To me It means something different than Hey look at the tech and what’s the Origin I like as i’ve mentioned before i’m an Anal retentive guy i put things in boxes So let me put people in boxes You have three types of people The first type of people are the ones i Like to call banksters they’ve got their Head and their books and their Calculators and their phones and they Look down and they what is all this [ __ ] this is all crap people are Idiots they have tin foil ads they’re Full of [ __ ] i don’t give a damn about

This and they’re fools right Then you’ve got the other ones who sit Back and say you know like i mentioned You know Intellectual design And this is interesting and you know but The truth is Maybe they just maybe what does it have To do with me right And then you have the third type of People who maybe you and maybe me Who consider ourselves kind of in this World Are kind of figuring it out at the same Time Look what all of these admissions or Disclosure has happened what has Happened the paradigm that has changed Is earth-shattering Watch those three buckets The first guys the banksters You’re a bunch of foolish what do you Mean the department of defense is Involved but what What are they looking at these people Women and men They look up For the first time in their life now Watch though we have to be careful about This we have to clarify this They look in the sky for the first time In their life Not out of curiosity They’ve been given permission to

See because if they see something They’re not fools they’re not crazy they Don’t wear tinfoil ass they could be Pilots They’d be military people they could be Presidents they could be Ministers And they look up with expectation What are these people seeing that i Don’t see That’s the first thing the second thing Let me just finish this the second thing Is there’s people who muse you know Intellectually you know with the smoking Jacket and the pipe and this might Happen whatever But don’t understand the connection with Themselves they say what does this have To do with me They say wait a minute wait the Department of defense and the government And their wait they’re spending my tax Money on what And they look up for the very first time In their life With the same sort of permission And expectation another third lot like Us We’ve been saying well welcome to the Party This has changed everything And we don’t understand it it’s kind of Like medicine you know if you have a

Headache and you take some some aspirin Oh it’ll work in about 20 minutes This is starting this change in people It’s going to change the paradigm we’re Going to see the world through eyes Imagine the world when everybody thought It was just you and me And then for the very first time we saw Somebody from africa or the very first Time we saw somebody from asia Or from polynesia Or from the middle east i didn’t know Those people existed now your life Changes how you act changes what you Think how you make your decision changes Imagine if you will if we All of us knew knew not speculated not Fought about it not what are you a Thursday denier what if we knew How does that change Who we are and what we do I’m i am used in the film i said what is It about the shiny lights in the sky That make me examine my own life Make me want to be a better person It changes you and it’s definitely Changed me Well we we spoke briefly before We went we came on live and i did Mention stephen greer And the lights in the sky Sure And He states that it would change

Everything you know i think he’s i think He’s right and not to poop Dr greer’s work i mean i think he’s done Um Incredible work Uh but i just my point is this Is that’s not the end of the sentence There’s a comma or a semicolon or a Colon or a dash and there’s more to it Because if it was just lights in the sky Well there it is Full stop who cares now what does it Matter i i see lights in the sky what Does it matter oh wait a minute there’s Someone There’s someone piloting those lights There’s a consciousness there’s an Entity there’s a being there’s a person This is an entirely different thing Because now we have a relationship There’s something that can be possible There’s after the ellipse there’s Something more So i i i sometimes take some criticism From people who talk about oh you know You’re downgrading this work no no There’s Earth is shattering work what i’m saying Is we’re into the next phase Okay we’ve we’ve had we’ve had the Lights in the sky yes What is behind the likes of this guy Who are the pilots who are the people Who are the peoples

As A documentary filmmaker that Is now dipping his toes Into the ufo field and experiencing Yourself yes And interviewing experiences yes sir do You feel That you’ve got You Had to put this so The ufo community Is very much split down the middle right Now um And we don’t know where to look or who To trust when it comes to People like Lou alizando I i’ve no idea if i trust the guy or not I haven’t I want to know what you think of What’s going on in the community From somebody who’s just kind of only Just entered i i mean that with all just Due respect It’s factual It’s factual you’re absolutely right i’m A newbie What do you what do you see You you’re an experiencer and Interviewing people who’ve had Experiences But what do you see from all the work That people have been doing over the Years trying to find out what this is

Um With Congress and you know Sure everything that’s going on right Now 100 i think their work is heroic Look look My government your government the Governments of the world have lied They’ve obfuscated i i still love i Still love the story of area 51. Absolutely nowhere The guy’s standing outside to sign 51 there’s no 51. It’s it’s it’s it’s ludicrous it’s Ludicrous and then they say oh well There’s 51. look Sharks Eat Defecate and they reproduce That’s what sharks do To ask a shark to do something different Is asinite Okay governments Only do two things they tax and they Control That’s it that’s what they do Everything they do is a permutation of Those two things they tax and they Control so anything that you’re going to Get out of a government has to be Dragged out of them and you have Heroic people who have beat their crap Out of governments to get that Information and i think each and every

One of those women and men are geniuses And should be praised for their work no The ones that have taken it Add their own seasoning to it Their own obfuscation well It’s between them and god and the people They’ve led to right Okay that’s entirely different thing and I can’t judge that because they don’t Know any of them But what i will say is this To me The truth Lies within The influence of those lights The influence behind that wreckage the Influence behind that metal Or that Sighting or that film clip or whatever And i’m talking about the intelligence The consciousness That drives it here there’s a reason There’s a reason listen Why do we explore As human beings well some of us do it For the thrill right some of us do it For conquest some of us do it from There’s there are reasons that these Things are happening i i have my own Opinions about what that is but i could Be wrong i see a lot of proof But once again i could be wrong i don’t Have the answer And i just you know as far as

Lou and those guys i I i hope and i pray That they’re telling the truth i hope And i pray But the people who have one-on-one Experiences Are the key to this entire thing because They have been there and done that It’s neat to see something in the sky It’s great it can change your life but Having one-on-one experiences will Change you in a way that is so Fundamental and this is what i’ll say Especially i you know i come from a Family full of women so i’ll speak to The women out there let me say something To you ladies You know i’m sure that some of you have Had children And people talked about it and you read It about it books and you saw pictures Of it you went to all the lamaze glasses And everything else Did you really know what you were Getting to until you had the child no You didn’t i say that for the fathers as Well yeah or or or anything or any Experience listen have you ever been to The do you remember the first time you Were at the ocean you saw pictures of The ocean You understood that it was a large body Of water the moment you walked out your Chest i got knocked on your ass by a

Wave Then my friends you know what an ocean Is So all i’m saying is this this is one of The reasons that my documentary is so Much different than everybody else’s is Most documentaries are made by Investigators who are super intelligent People who have codified all this stuff And designed and calculated and put Things in box which i really admire as You know but the truth is there’s no Heart to it they look at it like a Scientist It’s an abstract to them it’s a third Person narrative so you see a clip and You hear walter cronkite say back in 1957. okay In this film you’re inside you’re Visceral you’re living it you feel the Pain you feel the joy you feel the Revelation And that’s the difference between Experiences And people who have experienced Outside i mean they’ve seen something Incredible it’s wonderful it’s amazing It could scare the [ __ ] out of them but The truth is the folks that have had One-on-one Interactions it is a different thing And people on both sides will argue with Each other once again thursday deniers But

We know in our heart Like i said you know people are more They’re so focused on being right They’ve lost the idea of being correct Those two experiences that i told you About the ocean and having a child This should tell everybody everybody the Truth and they should know it in their Heart We We as um people are into this field and Experience Many experiences Some some experiences no But We Always class them as coming from Space Have you ever have you ever stopped to Think that maybe They they may just be here You know what you once again you should Do this for a living you’re good at this It’s interviewing this interviewing gig You have I What instead of you know you would ask Me a couple questions earlier about you Know they look like the species I don’t think that that’s the way you Can really approach it The way i i specifically approach it is I put in Sources if you will

I say agencies but all i mean is origins Okay and i think you’re dealing with Like four or five origins First of all You know you woke up today In your air-conditioned home You know had your latte went to your air Conditioned office in your Air-conditioned car Humans have been dealing with Nature For thousands of years But not today very few of us really do You know maybe you’re on a sport or on a Weekend but the truth is day to day We’re anesthetized to all of that And something from the beginning of our History has spoken to us this natural Intelligence these lights in the forest The we folk leprechaun fairy folk The good people There’s some sort of intelligence that Gaia has there’s enough energy here and Some sort of consciousness that we have Bumped into occasionally in our Experience that people have called alien That’s a source Of some of this stuff and i’ve Experienced some of that actually on my Search it’s not in the film but i could Tell you that story but i’ve experienced Something like that And that is Alien to some

We also have to admit that our Governments have lied to us so some of The stuff that people have encountered As as abductees or people have seen Things in the sky we have to allow for Some of it to be tech you ask me about The gimbal is it russian is it china is It us is it francis We have to allow that some of this is Tech Right they lied about the black bird and The b2 bomber of course it is Okay so some of it is that as well We as humans have been around for a Couple hundred thousand years but the Earth is 4.5 billion years You know rome lasted a thousand years The us has been around for 270 years but we’re an advanced society Come on Come on there’s possibility that there Have been Civilizations here in the far past that Have been destroyed by cataclysms or Comments or floods or whatever and we Have some of those tales and some of our Ancient writing So think about it today you know people Are talking about russia and maybe They’re going to set off a bomb and Maybe it’s world war iii but what do you Think the governments of the world are Doing the scientists and the rich people Oh i have bunkers right they all and

Bunkers they’re putting their gold and Their silver and their food and the Continuation of government well imagine If something terrible happened they’d go Down there they’d stay down there and Have radiation maybe a couple people Would survive but not many Those people who save stop sign A couple of generations all they’re Teaching their kids is how to survive And find roots and whatever they don’t Know about language or alphabet or Calculus right and the rest of them have Had a pretty decent life underground now They’re kind of Adapted living under there maybe they Want to stay there and occasionally they Come out And we see them as aliens Right Or gods And then you have The obvious The universe is immense There are trillions upon trillions of Stars for me to say that there is no Intelligent life in the universe Makes me a fool Even people who are super religious and Deny anything alien listen where is your God Where are your angels guess what they’re Not earthlings They are by definition extraterrestrials

You prove my point Are you an atheist No no no no actually i was born uh Uh Catholic i was born catholic and i uh i Firmly believe in the teachings of jesus Christ Right now Yeah yeah Um so i believe in uh i believe in two Things Love god with all your heart and all Your mind all your soul and treat other People as you would have them treat you And i think everything can be wrapped up In those two that’s what that guy said So do you think if we had the disclosure Then Do you think religion would fall apart Ah you know that’s an interesting Question And i think part of that is true but Part of that is bunk Let me say this to you Disclosures happen you know people said Well no why aren’t these guys landing on The White house lawn you know in front of Buckingham palace why not In 1952 There was a formation above the white House and the capitol we set up fighters They were going to shoot them down Some of the most secure airspace in the

World We didn’t catch them they evaporated we Brought our fighters back down they came Back In the same formation above you can look It up 1952 There was disclosure they’ve been around For a long time okay disclosure itself Has happened what we’ve done with it is We’ve denied it we’ve obfuscated it some Of us have accepted it some of us have Been Smacked in the face with it And our governments have known about it Okay So Disclosure is here What I have learned through my Journey Making this film and understanding these Things Is this it’s very soon In my lifetime The Thursday deniers and the wednesday Haters and the tuesday whatever you are There’s not going to be an opportunity For you to deny These things are here This revelation Is going to be made clear as i told you The paradigm has changed people are now Looking up with expectation and

Permission And actually dare i say duty to report Okay More of this is going to happen And what’s going to happen to us is we Are finally going to recognize let me Give you a very good example this is an Example of how the human mind i don’t Care what sex what gender what i don’t Care your education this is how the Human mind works cortez Comes to the new land And he comes with his ships and they’re Going to find the gold He has about 400 sailors with it This is history He comes in at bay And his men start to mutiny because they See on the hillsides about 40 000 Indigenous people They think man this guy’s going to drive Us up there and we are going to get Slaughtered So they fight amongst themselves and Cortes eventually ends up having to burn His ships To keep his men together and says look We are either going to get the gold or We’re going to die together So That’s the story we know Flip the story because there’s another Part of this After they came on shore

And they started to learn a little bit Talk to them They found out the perspective of the People on the shore And this is their perspective One day A great fog Came into the bay And they could hear men speaking but They could not see anything After a few days they’re shaman they’re Wise guys they’re wise men they walked Out to the shore And they could see shadows but they Could not see people And they could only detect them after a Few days when a small boat with a few Men Rode into shore with gifts And then after that gradually the fog Went away Now there was no fog what happened was The minds of those people the eyes of Those people had nothing to identify the Tall ships with they had never seen them Before they had no reference they could Not in fact identify what they were That’s one of the reasons they thought They were gods because they appeared out Of nowhere But there was nothing wrong with those Indigenous people’s eyes There’s nothing wrong with their minds Or their education it was

A piece Of the way we process information And i tell you my friend there are Things around us everywhere that we do Not detect when’s the last time you Tasted air Right Let’s suppose you should i oh yeah let’s Suppose you and i okay you and i are Soldiers right We’ve been conscripted and we’re Standing on this hill and the bad guys Are in the bottom of the hill right and It’s midnight And we have these really high tech Uh Glasses and we can see infrared and we Can see at night right And i look down and i’m a bit of a Coward i see these bad guys coming up And i take the glasses off And i say That was a close one Thank god they’re gone Well i think i’m about to have a Difficult evening right okay so wait a Minute we’re not talking about something Mystical here We’re talking about something Otherworldly We’re talking about hardcore tech We’re talking about something that Everybody in your audience recognizes What i just said and realizes that’s

Absolutely a truth By taking those glasses off i am maimed I cannot see what is right in front of Me So tech allows me look A couple of hundred years ago People could not understand that Something other than bad spirits Caused illness Then along came the microscope And we detected microbes and viruses and Bacteria okay so here’s a question to You and to your audience and to the ufo Community There’s Bacteria and Viruses and All that so did it spontaneously create The moment that there was a microscope Or were they always there They were always their brother it’s been Always Always always We are catching up And we are about to Be blown away You know john i hope you’re right Because You we we talk about disclosure And You use i’ve heard many people including Yourself tonight say it’s already Happened to me it’s happened when my Wife goes

You’re right you know But let me let me ask you something is Disclosure think about the words matter You know in today’s world we’ve changed The meaning of a lot of words i don’t Mean to be political so it’s no we have For no reason but but you know like Certain things have meant the same thing For hundreds of years and now they don’t Mean anything okay but think about Disclosure disclosure is like Revelation It’s finding out it’s discovery it’s the Proof okay Do you ever have do you have a Grandmother I actually do still have one yes God bless you i had a grandmother the Tease about her was this you never Confused grandma with the facts She didn’t want to know i don’t want to Know i don’t want to know i don’t listen Disclosure happened there are a lot of People who don’t want to know Disclosure has happened a lot of people Have identified it with evil the Disclosure has happened and says well Listen It won’t be real until i see it i taste It i feel it Right Disclosures happen So The wording is important people use it

Kind of as this moniker for this Unveiling and everybody will understand But it’s truly not the truth Discovery Disclosure has occurred what we’re doing With it how we’re understanding the First time somebody saw those microbes That was disclosure there was microbes Did everybody understand it did Everybody know what it was did they did They make a drawing no scientists were Like what the hell is this and they Started to dissect it and figure it out And what This is what really i think the push Needs to be it’s number one we have to Understand the disclosure is us Because the whole problem is us it’s our Ego see look we control everything in Our life the sun comes up the sun goes Down i pay my taxes this is what i do i Like it in control anything outside of That oh man that’s crazy talk that’s Bunk that’s nuts Right that’s spicy food that i have Never tasted that must be bad you tell Your kids to taste it once Right you know you got to taste that Broccoli it’s good for you you know but It’s ugly it looks like a devil tree i Don’t want to eat it You have to taste it you have to Experience it to know if you like it or You don’t

This stuff is here People have denied it i’ve obfuscated Not looked or purposely looked the other Way Because they all want to control and This is not eager they want to control That narrative use it for themselves for Their own particular reasons and that’s Why i eschew all of that stuff John can i ask You and your team going back to Before you even decided to make that Film when you saw that ufo out out in Was it in the desert Oh uh when when it happened in borrego Springs yeah it was above the house yes We were in the desert yes Yeah Did you had a team of 12 did you say was It 12 no they were like they were like Uh 15 or 17 people with us there were People who were on camera they were they Were they were crewmen there were camera Guys there were drone guys there were Audio guys you know grips So so a lot of uh filming equipment did You capture it No like i said we had come in from a Night of shooting we had packed all the Gear away we were coming out for a night Cap right so all the cameras and Everything else was being downloaded Onto hard drives And then

We came out for a drink This thing happened i’m sitting in shock People are around the pool everybody has A drink in their hand like oh mike what Is going on i can’t believe this and They were completely gobsmacked And then at the end everybody asked the Same question did anybody get that What a bummer Yeah See Sometimes i i wonder um Even if these things Do show themselves i wonder what Somebody would capture Well i’ve said i could because you know When you’re looking at ufo footage You can never Truly make it out i’ve never seen one I’ve never seen I don’t i don’t even the the ones that They That have come out at the recent days Every ransom raves about I’ve never seen one i i just want to see That one that has That does something just Marvelous you know and you know what if We gave it to you if you had it It seems like 8 000 people would say it’s too perfect It’s bunk You know think about this way what we’re Dealing with is we’re dealing with

Something that can bend our physics that Obviously does not fit into any of the Paradigms that we have so our filters And all of our tools are built for us Right Even those night vision glasses they’re Built for our eyes remember and so your Eye Can only see this much right you can Only sense this much your ears can only Detect this much you know you can’t hear What a dog can hear right well okay so a Dog can hear this much are there higher Sounds are there higher sounds are there And and all of this stuff is vibration i Mean you know you think Your table Is hard and it’s solid That’s that’s not true The truth is if we could have a powerful Enough electronic microscope you would See that all of the atoms The molecules are vibrating and there Are spaces between them so if you could Raise your vibration fast enough you Could push through that and it would Seem like it was Fungible the truth of the matter is We’re dealing with something In a different sort of physics that we I’m not saying our governments our Scientists i’m talking about you and me We don’t understand So it’s moving at a speed or in a way or

Vibrating in such a thing that our Filters that are built for our eyes Are capturing what we can capture But just like those scientists in that Dark room Captured a tusk Or a trunk or a tail So your film alien abduction answers uh It’s outlined in the states it’s it’s Coming to the uk but you can watch it if You’ve got a um one of those things Vpn yeah Or the dvd is available on You’re making another two films Yeah you did mention to me offline Ray hernandez who I’ve interviewed twice yeah Great man Are you discussing getting that guy on Um i have interviewed ray Um for other projects for other people For other people uh he has some new Books i don’t know if you know this but His new books are just up I i read his first book you know 4 000 Pages made my eyes cross Get a lot of smart smart people I could see where you need to read That’s good research for you because That that’s that’s about People It is it’s a lot of people’s different Experiences and how he narrows narrows It down

Certainly certainly and there are i mean Everybody on those projects are all phds These are very very heavy thinkers uh They’re very deliberate speakers and Writers Um Ray hernandez hopefully will be part of The next projects But The key for me Is And i think Uh I don’t mean to wax you know Um Stupidly but i think the special sauce Of the film Was the real people You know Uh the people that people can relate With who are just genuine and honest and Telling the truth And i think it’s important and i and i Have to tell you this too it’s very Difficult for me to outline these films The first one was not outlined at all Like i told you i finished it i thought Oh my god it’s missing all this stuff And i had to think about whitley street I don’t know What’s going to happen in the next one Right

I kind of say okay this is where i start And i’d like to go in that direction Which is more information and Integrating this thing but i have no Clue where this is going to lead me You know i’m not a researcher i’m not a Scientist i’m not a really smart guy i Use small words But i am on this quest to find out quote Unquote the truth you know we were Teasing earlier about people talking About my truth and my truth i’m an old Guy you know Back in my day if people said my truth It was usually an opinion that no one Else had So Everybody has their truth that’s fine I’d like to find out the empirical What is that the origin of this thing or What is truly the source of this Is this all A I don’t know a simulation like people Say and are we bumping into that Glitches in the matrix are we in fact Conscious beings That are somehow living a Three-dimensional life have we kind of Pushed ourselves into this reality are We connected right here just talks about Consciousness being primary which means That everything around the world is Consciousness and all we are is really

Kind of like antenna so consciousness is Not in our head we’re just like antennas That are plugged into That field and we are experiencing it This way I’ve used an example people have a hard Time with that idea you know like how Can we be pressed and think about it This way you and i we we go and We’re at a pond And You push your face into the pond right And literally breaking This barrier between out here And the fish And the fish swim up and they see you Now they’ve never seen a fish like you Ever before I don’t know i don’t know what you are They’re incredible you move like no fish Has ever moved they don’t understand you But eventually when you have to Take a breath you pull out but here’s The most important part Right They have no concept Of anything they can’t perceive right So all they perceive is your face They have no idea that your face is Connected to a head It’s connected to a body it’s connected To an entire life And people and bills and relationships And things that have nothing at all to

Do with those fish right nothing at all But they have no concept of this And so when you pop out literally Disappear from their plane of existence They tell their friends they come over There’s no evidence So that fish is an idiot Right because there’s no proof What are we really dealing with I haven’t made determinations on that i Am still asking these questions I’m still trying to integrate them i am Wise enough to know that i am not smart Enough to know And i am on this path and all i invite Is people to come along with me and Discover it with me real time So john i’m i’m probably going to get This question and this is a A very generous jennifer you’ve been so Generous tonight um But Who who who do these people contact and I i think if you if you’re going to do a New film You know Are you going to be looking at getting New people On board with talking about their Experiences like is he going to go in a Different direction well It’s it’s like this I uh i’ll answer the question this way Remember i’m starting from square one as

A boy who is living with trauma okay as An older man now dealing with this and This is what this film is about that Number one Recognizing this thing Happened their physical traces You know a bit scarred And Actually dealing with it for the first Time okay So now I go out and i find out that not only is It me it’s everybody It’s some people have repeated Experiences some people have a few Experiences some people have one Singular experience jennifer has you Know repeated experiences i i i don’t Have repeated experiences I will say i will send you my interview With jennifer actually okay okay Beautiful please please so i mean all of These things fit because they’re all Number one They’re not all the same Source right Maybe the entity or the consciousness That contacted jennifer is totally Different than mine right Remember that ship with all those Different people maybe maybe the good Guys contacted her the bad guys Contacted me i’m just making this up Okay using small work

Right right okay so i i don’t know i Don’t know but i am I am On this Path to find out Is it more about us Do we Do we Call them to us I have this I have this feeling That whitley is completely right about Communion and communication Because in all of these situations i Don’t care if they’re lights in the sky They come to dr greer If they’re bigfoot to come to people in The middle of the woods to dogman to the Big cat to whatever to spirits And and mediumship I don’t care what any of that is it’s All communicating something There’s a message there there’s Something there’s some reason that we’re Interfacing it’s not by accident okay Why What is it And how does it because why is probably The answer that will fit Well i’m sorry the why of the Communication will probably answer the Question of why me or why you or why you You know If you

If you are prolific in another language Okay i speak german right and if i was In america And some guy was screaming his head off In german and everybody looked at this Guy and said wow you know what the Heck’s going on with him I would walk up to him i would speak to Him in his native language And we would get to the bottom of it We’d figure this out and calm him down Or whatever okay because i speak his Language right I think what’s happening is Is that This consciousness these entities Are observing and they can read what how Do they communicate they communicate With light and feeling and emotion and Color and shape And almost every Person will talk about that some of them Have communication but most of it’s Telepathic Right Why what is it about these people Perhaps just like some people have Better eyesight than others right some People wear glasses and some people Don’t that doesn’t mean that the people Who wear glasses are bad people no who Doesn’t be mad at all just means that Some people are more sensitive to light Perhaps there are more people who are

More sensitive to that communication You know Yeah I We well we haven’t got much much much More time left um But I i there’s something that about your Film that does stick in my head and That’s Seeing Um seeing something as a child Like like without giving too much away Um Because i have i have seen them seen the Movie um i’m not going to give my Opinion on the movie because it’s it That’s not what i do Um I find it extremely interesting you saw Ultraman And One of the one of the uh One of the the experiences saw a a Popcorn yeah Making uh That would scare the living daylights Out of me i have to say that that gave Me goosebumps that bro Um But you do hear about kids Seeing Um Anybody who’s got kids that they’ll come

Down and tell mom and dad that they’ve Seen Something in their room or they that you Know And And we always say oh you know come on I’ll take you back to bed nothing to be There’s nothing there Maybe we’re wrong as parents you know um Maybe there’s something there Children Absorb That’s why bad parents make bad kids I would agree with that and good parents Make Make good kids Oh they make their own choices after They become adults but the truth of the Matter is they absorb like sponges Everything around them that’s how they Learn how to talk What they like what they don’t like the Music they listen to Okay So some parents some parents can be bad Though i have to say and they could and I do know some very good people who’ve Had Shitty parents But but my point is this Is that children absorb without judgment Yeah they don’t qualify whatever they’re Receiving Right

They don’t qualify so when they say they See something They’ve seen something We Have all the filters of our entire life Placed into it some of them are our Choices some of them we’ve been Programmed Some of them have been in public schools Some of them in the news This is why we buy the jeans we buy and Like the drinks we like Because everybody is skinny and have a Six-pack on their stomach who drink Coors light I think that we should listen to those Children because in that scenario I think you’re the guy Or i’m the guy Who have taken off Our night vision glasses And we think It’s okay there’s nothing there The child sees clearly I i couldn’t agree more with that i Think i think kids do have a natural Ability To to see things that adults just just Can’t i i got told from a very early age That i i’d seen something and gone and Told my mum that i’d seen a white lady i Can’t remember it i’d seen a white lady In my room apparently loads of times Over and over again um i can’t remember

That but My mum said She see no reason why i’d lie So yeah I i mean And jennifer again I get that you’ve answered I get that you have not answered my Question where do we go f for answers um That’s a hard one jen i i don’t know Where do we get the answers from john The film All right listen watch the film if you Want to but i wouldn’t say that’s the Answer I would say The only way And i mean this the only way to get the Answers is through more experience How do you know how it is to bear a Child Is to live through it How do you know what it is to dive into The ocean is to dive in And that is petrifying sometimes And it could be dangerous To your psyche If not to your body and to your soul But As i said in the last part of that film That you showed the trailer Even if i had to live with the fear I had to know That was more important

People make decisions all the time To go to bed early because they have Work the next day or to read that extra Chapter in the book they make a decision What is more what is it worth and to me What happened was i reached That line in the sand and that’s why i Was compulsed to do the film I was compelled to do the film Because i had no other choices i wanted To know You seen from a live show and i i I’m sure when i go back through the chat I i i do apologize guys i just super Chats i do see them because they come up In big flashing colors and i concentrate On the guests But you do see from these comments that People are frustrated The the the the the people who who are The genuine experiences are so Frustrated and They they’re looking at people like you John To deliver I mean it’s in the title of the movie Alien abduction answers Um I think you’ll find something I’m glad you said You you’re not gonna get the answers There because it is a great but it’s a Start you know Talk to real people yeah talk to real

People there are some answers there but There are more answers that i’m looking For What i can say is this a lot of people When i do these podcasts they reach out To me And i’d be happy to share anything i Have with anybody I’m on twitter i’m on facebook On youtube if you put comments on this Particularly absolutely i answer all all Of them you’ll have to drop me a twitter So i can put that in the description as Well yes sir yes sir But um I am i am on the search i am i am Unabashedly Like a fool Running headlong into danger i don’t Know Into worry i don’t know into glory i Don’t know But i am committed to finding those Answers Because i was as frustrated as you guys Are And i just couldn’t live my life anymore Without knowing and that was what was Worth it and i have to tell you that’s a Dangerous thing because You lose opportunities you lose friends I have lost friends i’ve lost Family members But what’s most important to you

My dear mother who was irish finnegan Jesus said son when you’re sick and Tired of being sick and tired You’ll do something So i know that sounds kind of banal but That’s the truth Well john before we go um Just uh let the audience know that may Have just joined the show um what your Films about And where they can find it it is in the Links In the description people if you want to Check the trailers the trailer is there And the full the full fill is there and Let me just say this is not a paid for Interview i’m getting nothing out of This i’m just doing an interview yeah And i want to thank you for your time And i want to thank all your listeners Thank you very much for putting up with Me For as much time as you have well you’re Welcome back i’d like to get you on with Ray hernandez you know i i speak to ray Now again so oh he’s a he’s a glorious Guy i really enjoy him smart guy too Um The film is called alien abduction Answers Right now it’s on amazon prime And itunes and google plus and youtube And uh on all throughout the United states and canada

And um if you’re overseas uh if that’s Where you live from the states um you Can get it if you have a vpn Uh or you can buy the dvd The um And what it is it’s it’s it starts off With me And how i was abducted as a Seven-year-old boy and how tragic and Scared out of my [ __ ] mind Um To me struggling with it as a uh as an Older man Much older i’m gonna cry To me saying well this is what i know And i know that what i don’t know is More And so i’m searching for those answers And i’m searching for them for jennifer And for you and for me and for everybody Else and i’m going to make mistakes and I’m going to look foolish but let me be Your fool Look over my shoulder sit in my pocket As i ask the uncomfortable questions And we find that together Well john it has been a pleasure um Having you having you on um next week People next week this week people uh we Have uh mike rogers uh on friday night He will be making this time he’s got his Microphone at the ready and he’s uh he’s Looking forward to it so yep it’s gonna Be mike rogers uh

The The the crew uh Team Chief whatever of the travis walton um Case That’s gonna be Interesting Look forward to that but john it’s been An absolute pleasure good night god Bless people mind the book stop by i’m Alienating make sure you like share and Subscribe thank you to everybody who Supports the show Whether you contribute financially to The show or whether you just give a nice Thumb up and share it out to your Friends whatever you do i love you all Daily thank you so much good night god Bless find the book so bye