Live With Special Guest

By | August 21, 2022
Live With Special Guest

So So Hello everyone Give everybody a chance to get in here A little bit of a change of a plan Tonight Hi rosanna Hi cody Sarah ava Robin shannon gayle britney sharp missy Judy Shakrat hey there buddy there’s my Longtime buddy shakaret show robbie Hi katie John arthur marsh Joyce lisa neil Wow look at all the people Christina bell stephanie hey there John arthur let’s see katie shannon Okay so i got 71 people in here so i’ll Go ahead and tell you in case you didn’t Get the the memo Um i Was gonna do this tonight on the new

Podcast channel but Uh unfortunately i didn’t realize that You have to apply for live streaming 24 Hours in advance and i tried to do it Today and it’s telling me i can’t go Live over there for 24 hours So therefore Here i am i’m over here but that’s okay I always try to look at the bright side Um you know i have a lot more people Over here that may not know about the Podcast channel yet and you guys can go Follow me over there Hey there matt Much love to you too thank you for all Your help today So uh anyway so that’s kind of what Happened and that’s why i’m live here Right now um But i have someone sitting in the Basement right now you guys uh know who He is maybe some of you don’t but i Think most of you do Um he’s a good friend of mine and he has Been in the paranormal field for a long Time And he is the founder of the global Ghost hunt he’s actually been in Paranormal Tv shows uh he’s an actor Um And i’ve learned a lot from him So um not gonna leave him waiting any Longer here he is mr brian j

Laberty Hello Hello how are you Good how are you I definitely have to say this is uh an Honor being your first guest on your First podcast thank you it’s exciting I’m i’m happy for you and uh And uh let’s see what happens i can see Good things with it i really can that’s Good well that’s good to hear [Laughter] Yeah that’s good to hear you know There’s been a few quirks here and there Me learning how to set everything up for This but how did i do well You did well you did well You did well the the uh The video is amazing and uh who did your Who did your intro i did You did your intro wow that’s incredible That was good the guy i love the music With it uh with it as well Uh You got a lot of people in the room uh Uh matt is there Robin’s there hi Uh the shack rat show I’ve known robbie the shack rat for About five years now he’s been a long Time oh okay Nice to meet you as well And uh yeah great i’m i’m looking Forward i’m looking forward to seeing

What you’re going to ask me Okay i got a list I got a list And thank you to you and matt and aj for Making this happen you three have helped Me so much getting this together Uh this is something i’ve been wanting To do for a long time set up a separate Channel for you know podcasting i think I thought it would be something fun to Do and So yeah thank you guys you three i owe It all to you three for helping me so Much and matt made me an amazing outro Which i will be playing at the end Cool cool yeah well you know what uh That’s what it’s all about right us all Coming together and helping each other And i think the problem is uh in this Particular field so many people are Fighting against each other when all you Need to do is work together and And uh oh my god there’s raymond hi Raven uh Just working together and you know we’re All after the same thing i don’t know Why there has to be so much fighting and Drama and stuff like that is just It uh it makes absolutely no sense to me And i know People have said in the past that a lot Of it has to do with ego but i think There’s a lot more to it than just ego Yeah um

It’s it’s it’s too bad that it happens All the time and i know You’ve seen it i’ve seen it people in The room have seen it Um And you know it’s like even going on Social media and stuff like that when You’re when i think the worst place for The back and forth the drama is twitter To be honest oh yeah me too that’s why i Left twitter a couple years ago um the Only reason i started a twitter again Now and i have and i made it private so I can only accept certain people up There and i really screen them first Um so if you don’t get accepted well There’s something i i found shady or Fishy or Whatever Yeah but I did it for the global ghost hunt That’s why i set it up yeah and isn’t That sad It is it’s very sad and i had to do my Instagram the same way my instagram has Been on private For a couple years now so i have to Screen and approve people Please don’t haters yeah please shannon Yeah i know it’s it’s it’s still here Shannon saw a shadow behind me on the Right oh Yeah it’s still here and you know it’s Funny um patty’s friend

Uh julie sent me a bunch of crystals Which i’ve been religiously wearing Um not the bracelets today i took out The bracelet bracelets today uh because I was doing something earlier but i Still have the necklace on i have my Rocks here and unfortunately i forgot to Bring the rocks That i have for the car And uh but i’ll put those in tomorrow But uh You know um I’m still on the fence about the whole Crystal thing but uh You know if anything if anything helps If any little thing helps that’s good Right and i was too at first mike uh my My husband that passed away he Was really into crystals for so long and It’s because he grew up around it his Mother was A crystal guru So um you know he was always so Fascinated over crystals and had lots of Crystals around and i’m like what is Your fascination with these things you Know and i just didn’t understand it Until i met met julie and um he actually Met her first when we moved up here he Was just so happy to meet a crystal Person you know and So yeah and then after he passed i Started learning more and more and and i Said you know i really want to know what

What was his fascination what what is it About these crystals That that Fascinated him so much and why did he Like them so so i started learning and i Started learning and i started seeing For myself the difference and the change And when i’m wearing them versus not Wearing them And there is a difference you’ll feel it After a while after you’re used to Wearing it you take it off and you’re Not wearing it there is a difference Yeah it’s almost like it gets it’s Almost like a guilty feeling too yes Yes it is yes i have them in my car i Keep them in my ghost hunting bag i keep Them next to my bed i have stuff in my Window seals i have them everywhere So yeah yeah well you know what i think Um i think a lot of times it’s just uh It’s about how you feel about them and It’s the intent That uh you’re you’re hoping that it’s Gonna do and stuff like that so you know What uh every little bit helps i think And if it’s gonna get for some reason i Don’t think it’s on me anymore but i Think it’s just around me now um and I’ve been trying to get rid of them but Um The one is very very stubborn No The one is and i think uh the one that

People are seeing or saw is the one That’s been here i’ve only been here for About two and a half months and you know The funny thing is about that i’ve been Here two and a half months and a lot of Crap has happened When it comes to this place for example The first couple of weeks i was here uh The central air Uh in the place um I found out uh it was making a very it Was very loud So uh I had somebody come in and if i Continued using it it would have blown Up Which is a little bit scary um Now what happened a week and a half ago I had a flood Yep that’s right from the uh people Upstairs So unfortunately A lot of the things have happened at Doing that i know it makes you go hmm i Wonder if i should be here uh yeah uh Because that woman that people i think Are seeing um Uh she was here before me and i think She goes all over the condo complex I think she goes to everyone’s uh condo So um Yeah it’s it’s it’s unfortunate but You know when you’re in this field you Kind of have to get used to it yeah

That’s very true yeah yeah it is true so Yep anyways let’s Let’s start first question i will but First i just want to let everybody in The chat know hello um i will not Tonight this is kind of a different kind Of live stream because it was actually Meant to go on the podcast channel so i Won’t be interacting uh i do see your Comments I won’t be interacting as much as i Normally do but i do see your comment And i appreciate you being here and i am Reading all the comments it’s just that I won’t be able to respond to everything Because tonight’s show is about brian And um you know everything he’s Accomplished in in this field and just Stuff like that so Uh but just i just want to let you guys Know i’m not ignoring anybody please Don’t ever think that i did email david And i told a couple of the other mods to Just kind of let the audience know that I won’t be able to really Uh interact with you guys But there will be a time in the show Tonight where i will have Questions for you guys to ask brian so Anyway just wanted to get that out of The way because i don’t want anybody Getting upset that oh she’s ignoring me No i’m not i see you i see you Okay

There’s dom being dom who is brian He’s the man [Laughter] I was only i was only with dom about Three weeks ago Uh in montreal thank you rosanna and uh Again i want to say thank you for the Nice message you left yesterday on Twitter i really really appreciate that So Anyways go ahead Okay hey tammy that was one of the first Questions i was going to ask what got You into the paranormal field brian you Can tell she watches podcasts Yeah you know what uh It’s a it’s uh it’s a long story but I’ll try to make it short um So basically I was about eight or nine years old i Was seeing things other kids couldn’t See I am considered a sensitive so Um i see things that Other people don’t see um So i was seeing that a lot when i was Eight or nine years old i didn’t know What it was obviously i didn’t know what I was seeing well i knew what i was Seeing but i don’t know why i was seeing It Um There i was always with family or Friends and

I would say did you see that and they Would say no they thought i was weird And something was wrong with me um and I’m sure there are people in the room That have gone through the same thing as I did Um yeah so when i Uh when i see something and the You know somebody somebody asked me Today about it and The the biggest problem that i have is i Can’t turn it off or on So when i see it i see it and i can’t Turn it off and um unfortunately i could Just be walking down the street and There it is or it can be standing on the Con condo Balcony and i’ll see it on the street or At least that was the old place i’m on The 29th floor now so I’m not going to really see anything Walking down the street now but you know I can go into a haunted location and i Could see it right away Okay um and uh and i have before um but Really when i was about eight or nine so That was i i didn’t know what it meant So for people in your room for people in The room to understand what i see Is when i see a spirit it’s like a black Uh solid mass And i can tell if it’s a woman or a male By gut I can’t see facial features and i can’t

Normally hear them Uh so that’s what i see but when it’s on The and i and i hate to use this term i Don’t like this term when i see Something demonic on the demonic side of Things it’s usually a translucent black Smoke that moves around a room very very Slowly That’s what i see now to put it in Perspective When it comes to demonic because a lot Of these youtubers they see them they Seem to see them every single week Which is just not true Uh in my lifetime i’ve seen five Yeah and um i’m old So i seem fun So Um yeah so Like i said i’ve seen five but My very very first experience because When i was eight or nine they were Always at a distance I always saw them You know Feet away feet away and like several Feet away Um and But my very first experience of being Touched by one Was when i was about 15 years old I had a friend His grandmother passed away I went down to his place about three

Weeks after she passed and i was very Close with this family And i was very close with her So uh we we went downstairs to his Bedroom and i sat on his bed and he sat Across from me and we were talking and All of a sudden i felt What seemed to be a hand touching my Wrist And then i i felt what It felt like a head leaning on my Shoulder And i looked Over to the side And i saw an actual indent In the bed Like something was sitting beside me And i during that time i said to my Buddy i said something’s touching me and Something’s leaning against me and he Goes he he He said no way you’re you’re lying What’s wrong with you i said look to my Look to my right And he actually saw the indent in the Bed it lasted for about 30 seconds and Was gone Wow and now i know a lot of people when They’re when they’re out investigating If they’re if they’ve been touched by a Spirit it’s usually a cold feeling this Was a very warm feeling it was a very Loving feeling and it was gone now the Interesting thing about that is

When his grandmother was alive she used To do that to me Wow so we figured it was his grandmother Coming to say goodbye and then she was Gone and it it never happened again After that yeah that’s probably what it Was yeah and you know like i said i was Very close to this family and i was very Close to his grandmother And uh it’s just It was gone and amazing though It was it was an interesting experience And then after that experience I really i really wanted to deep dive Into what i could do But At that time There was no google there was no Internet And there was maybe one or two books at The library about Or ghosts or anything along those lines So it’s very very difficult to get Information about it Yeah um i know there’s other books and Stuff like that out there but i really Started to Try to get into what i can do and i Established or i realized what i can do Or what i can see Uh was those black Shadows And uh the the black mass and And then you know honestly

I was a big fan of the paranormal huge Fan of the paranormal and again there Weren’t a lot of shows Back in those days about the paranormal But at least in canada there weren’t and If people know canadians canadians are Very Uh reserved people So they they when they find out somebody Is got a gift Or interest in the paranormal uh they Think you should belong in the looney Bin Um and you’re crazy or something oh yeah With you you know it’s taboo it’s taboo Like yeah to talk about this stuff i Know So i like i said i was just a huge fan Of the paranormal and um i always wanted To get into private and private Investigations paranormal investigations And uh so it was about 10 years ago That um i had a friend that knew some People that had a local group uh a Paranormal group and i went out with Them And uh that was a very very interesting First experience i was thrown right into The fire Um And i’m talking about not seeing very Many demonic Milo that was my very that was my I think that was my second or third one

That i saw Um so basically it was a house that Uh is a it was a residential and they Were experiencing A lot of different things in this house Uh toys being thrown Wow stuff being moved kitchen plates Being thrown cutlery falling off the the Table All kinds of things were happening in This place So i walked up to this um i walked up i Was walking up to this house now keeping In mind They didn’t know what i could do I didn’t tell them Of course i hid it and i should have Said that i hid it for a very very long Time Because of that taboo And nobody really knew what i could do Or what i could see So i was walking up to the door And i could feel it right away i knew What i was going to be experiencing Right away even before i entered the House And so i walked into the house and right There to my left in the family room was The um Then Again i don’t like to use this word but It was a demonic entity it was demonic For sure because it was going around the

Room really really slowly like it was Owning the room And I always say this About 20 minutes into the investigation And keeping in mind this is my very First time Doing an actual paranormal investigation And it was cool but it was scary at the Same time yeah yeah and uh i said to one Of the guys and this is funny i i said To one of the guys how long do we stay Here for Because i didn’t want to stay i didn’t i Really really didn’t want to stay yeah And Uh we ended up leaving two or three Hours later They went back a couple of more times To do the investigation to figure out What was there i saw it I didn’t tell them I didn’t want to be there and As far as i know and people have asked Me this question uh whatever happened to The family in the house um the family Moved Um i don’t know whatever happened to the House i never went back i never was Interested in going back so really That’s when i really started getting Into investigations i was going out with Local teams And uh just

Learning learning everything about it And It was about at the beginning of covid That’s when i decided to go out on my Own and do hunter phobia Exactly before just at the beginning of Covet oh okay really really started for Me got you but i’ve been doing Paranormal investigations for a while so Okay it was long i’m sorry i’m sorry People okay that’s okay that’s how i got Involved in that’s an interesting story Hey you gave it gave it all to us you Told us you told us all about it that’s Awesome i like the longer versions of Stories i tend to tell longer versions Of stories myself so That’s kind of what i like to hear all The little details like that well you Know what it’s one of those stories Where you It’s long But you really can’t shorten it right Yeah because you don’t really get the Full effect on What happened and why i got into it for Sure completely understand and i Couldn’t completely get it so what uh is Your favorite piece of equipment to use On uh paranormal investigations what do You what do you like the best Yeah If people have been to my haunted phobia Page on youtube they there’s a picture

In the uh there’s a picture in the Header or the banner or whatever you Want to call and it says the sb7 Whisperer I love the sp7 here I do um you know the sb7 is really my Go-to yeah i’ve had so much so much uh Evidence over the sb7 yeah i’ve had some Amazing clips Some of me amazing intelligent responses To the sb7 that’s right here it’s it’s Incredible like i think of one Uh i think of two actually uh the Streaming tunnel that uh is a spot here In canada it’s very popular i don’t know Why it’s not on the top ten because it Should be every time i go there i Experience something i captured an evp a Class a evp On my camera on my camera microphone and It basically said what’s your name Wow that was my class a evp on the Microphone but on the sb7 Long story short about this tunnel And i’ll make it short um The there’s uh there’s a tunnel uh it’s About it’s about an hour from me an hour And a bit uh it’s a very popular spot For people to go and look now what’s Great about this tunnel and if you are a Paranormal investigator you’re going to Uh You’re going to know what i’m talking About

Uh the the tunnel is built out of Limestone Uh it has water running through it Oh wow and right above it there’s train Tracks Oh I think i’d be scared to go in there Collapse or something yeah so it’s uh It’s uh with those three things it’s an Excellent conduit for Paranormal yeah so The the story of this tunnel there’s Actually three stories of this tunnel Um And i’ll get into what i found out Um In a video Uh when i was there um So one of the stories is there was a Girl that was killed there she was Unfortunately sexually assaulted Um she was killed And then she was set on fire oh my god To burn the evidence oh my god um or to Get rid of the evidence Yeah The second story is uh there were Parents that were going through a nasty Divorce The father was a little bit crazy and he Set the house on fire Oh my god and the little girl was Still in the house she got severely Burnt

Uh she ran down the tunnel to hide and She died Uh the there’s another story about the Father killing i think the the third Story is the father killing the girl in The tunnel Or something along those lines um so we Were doing an investigation there And i asked a question over the sb seven Every time i think about it it’s like It’s it’s really really super cool um Well it’s not cool what happened to her Obviously but the response i got over The sp7 was Was really cool it was obviously very Intelligent Um so i asked the question Did you die here And i got yes Then right after that it said burnt ad Oh my god Wow So um there’s been several stories i’ve Told a few of them three of the two of Them there’s another one um there’s been Several stories But i’m the type of Investigator that likes to find the Answers just not going for the hunt and That’s it right So when it said yes and then it said Burnt at home And I didn’t i didn’t obviously understand

That until i got home and went through The editing and the video we heard Something we weren’t sure what it was Yeah but it literally said burnt at home And in this video it’s actually up on Paraflex that in this video i actually Earlier in the night i told the stories Of uh this little girl who was who was Who died in in this tunnel And then later on we get that now the Reason why it’s called the streaming Tunnel Is because every time you go in there And if you light a match to the wall You will hear a stream And that’s why it’s called the streaming Tunnel now outside of there outside of The tunnel about 500 yards away Maybe not that much maybe 300 yards away I was in a field and we were looking for The house because the house foundation Is still there Uh the burnt house so we were looking For it well i asked on the sb7 will you Help us find it Because we can find it and i got a Response saying you’ll never find it Oh wow And then minutes after that I said can you help us find it is it Behind us or in front of us It said the other side Which we later found out it was on the Other side of the road

Oh wow That’s incredible and it’s clear as day Like when you when you When you hear it you go holy crap yep I’m not surprised the year’s clear as Day yep um so was saying all that I guess it’s safe to say that the sb7 is My favorite piece of equipment me too And then it would be me then it would be Me Because i think um you can have all the Equipment in the world But your body Your mind yeah walking into your place Is gonna walking into a place is gonna Tell you so my body’s the second one or Me is the second one and then it’s my Camera and then it’s a voice recorder Voice recorder being the obvious reason If you get if you capture an evp there’s No denying that Exactly there’s no denying it so exactly I agree my four things for sure i agree And i like the rem pod but and i kind of There for a while it was like my Favorite device but now i’m like nah my Because my all-time favorite has always Been the sp7 spirit box Um but i just i do like the the brem pod But the sp7 is definitely my favorite Definitely my favorite yeah All right so what about your funniest Moment what is your funniest moment While you’re out paranormal

Investigating okay so i’m really going To embarrass myself here Okay and uh i’m i’m expecting to see a Lot of lols okay and uh and i can’t Believe i’m gonna say this but Um Did you pee your pants oh no Um But uh it’s around that area uh it’s Around that um so I don’t know why this happens But every time i go on an investigation Every single investigation i go in Into whether it’s uh Wherever it is My fly always comes down Really Yeah so when we when we go filming Together here in About three weeks yeah if you see me Looking down that’s what i’m looking for Okay just letting you know now i i will Be keeping my eye on that fly I don’t know what it is But every time i go on an investigation My fly always comes down now there’s an Investigation it’s on youtube um i’m With a medium called patty and we we are In um We are in an abandoned sawmill which Um Which Was scary as hell i will say Um

So there’s a certain part where uh We’re walking in and you just see my Lower half and my flies aren’t done And uh but the reason we kept it in There was because Uh we captured an evp Saying patty Believe it said hi patty patty was her Name the the uh the medium that was with Us okay and uh Yeah even if you look at some of the Church videos the clips If you look close enough yeah the fly’s Down Everybody run over there after this Stream and go watch that video okay Let them know you saw this stream and Put in there say nice fly Brian The shadow’s head is moving down toward Yeah Oh my god You know what There’s a tree right there like a little Tree right here And that’s where it usually hangs out Right around this area Oh yeah i see i do see something there Thank you so much draxi coleman that’s Very sweet of you you know it’s funny um I that’s probably that’s probably That’s That’s funny like to me it’s uh like i Laugh about it it’s obviously a little

Bit embarrassing but it’s it’s funny i Don’t know why it happens Every single every single investigation So every time Before i start filming i check my fly But wow 10 minutes later it’s down hey The ghosts are trying to get to your Goblin oh lord Yeah i would i don’t even want to think About that stuff So what about your scariest moment what Was your scariest moment oh there’s been A there’s been a few uh there’s You know what to be honest i don’t Really get scared Uh too often Um I’ve never really been scared of this Because i’ve i’ve seen it since like Since i was eight or nine um But I guess one of my there’s two uh one of My scariest moments the abandoned Sawmill Um That we went to now this abandoned Sawmill is about uh it’s about five and A half hours away from me mm-hmm um i Did a little bit of a tour uh with um Brian still fly for a while I had that Hi everyone in the chat maybe i should Put that on a t-shirt And i have a fly i have a fly on the

T-shirt Oh Yeah That’s a good idea right there yeah i Should write that down thank you though I appreciate that That’s a good one can i use it Do you care if he uses that Uh that’s my friend robbie his name is Robbie brian so fly for a white guy I love it i love it That is good so this particular Abandoned sawmill it’s been closed for Years and years and years uh The reason it The reason it’s abandoned uh one because Uh the it’s basically a ghost town now Uh the second one is i guess the two Owners were fighting Over money and they both died Oh So uh yeah it’s it’s uh it’s a little Bit um it’s a little bit sad to be Honest but i think um when we walked Into this place And again i don’t normally get scared But as soon as we walked into this place There was an overwhelming feeling of Darkness Of real real darkness And not necessarily a demonic but just What happened in this place Um okay So when we were walking through it like

Even patty who’s a medium She was scared to go in this place um if You You take a look at the video it’s on Youtube if you take a look at the video There’s some points in the video We had two camera people going The other camera one of the camera People Was shaking Really really badly And because she was scared we were all Scared Because again we walked into the place And it was dark The energy was so dark And And knowing the story behind it made it Even more darker Wow so we only now keeping in mind this Place is five and a half hours away We literally only stayed for two hours That’s all we could do and we captured So many evps in this place The second the second one on my list of Scariest places and i don’t know why This place is haunted It’s a bridge and we’ve talked about This bridge before patty Um The bridge not on top underneath Oh yes you told me about this and i did I went there by myself Oh wow once

And i would never ever do it again Because there is so much activity at This bridge the night that i went there By myself and again that video is on Youtube Um on the hunter phobia channel okay Channel okay i believe it’s called uh i Believe that it’s called surrounded I felt surrounded or something like that At one point during the investigation i Was hearing footsteps over here i was Hearing footsteps over here and all of a Sudden it felt like they were Surrounding me Wow And they weren’t gonna let me go wow you Guys gotta get over there and watch that I was so I was so Scared I left like literally right after that Um Maybe maybe not right afterwards Probably about 10 15 minutes after But i was hearing footsteps everywhere And the thing is uh the very first time I was there Uh I was with uh Three other people and my son was Touched at this bridge And it scared the crap out of him and He’s telling me that yeah and he He jumped a mile high the camera was

Going all over the place and i left it In the video And um at one point we had two camera People going at one point they showed on My son mason Um he was crying he had a tear coming Down his eye Because it scared him that much This place i don’t know what’s going on With this place i’ve had a medium look At a video and she’s she truly truly Believes there’s a portal there and There’s a negative energy there’s a Negative energy there that is not Allowing the spirits to go through the Portal and that’s why there’s so many So many spirits there but as soon as you Walk under this bridge you start feeling Ill And there’s no wires there’s no a Electrical box anywhere It’s scary and i know if you come up Here if you come up here patty i’m you Know there’s a few places that i’m going To i know i am coming there sometime Next year sometime in 2023 i’m gonna Make it happen yeah so i’m going to take You to these uh to these places and Even the blue ghost tunnel uh which is In the in the top ten Of most uh haunted spots in canada as Soon as you walk in you’re gonna hear The voices right away And um i walked in the last time i was

There last november october i walked in And everybody was there heard it and it Said get out and it said get out twice Wow There was another time i went there I walked in by myself and there were People coming in with me but they were Coming down another another way to come Down because there’s two ways to come Down to this place to get into this Place so i went in by myself i said Hello four seconds later four seconds Later a hello back Wow Yeah it was and that was with my own Ears and it was uh it was there’s a lot Of good spots and a lot of good spots in Canada but that’s what i hear and i Definitely want to come there i’ve never Been to canada so I would love to come there i’d love i’d Love to take you to um i’d love to take You i’ve never been um unfortunately It’s on the other side of canada it’s in Vancouver some kamloops Uh kamloops uh bc and it’s the uh Tranquil sanatorium Is the number one haunted spot in canada And i would love to go there yes Yeah so we talked about all that okay Where what would be Somewhere that you would absolutely give Anything to film there like you know This

Somewhere that you really want to go That you haven’t been able to go to yet Uh my number one spot Uh it’s on the top of my bucket list and That would be suicide forest In japan Yeah that would be cool that’s my number One spot the only thing that um the only Thing that would worry me a little bit Is because of what i can see I would be afraid walking up to that Forest that i would see nothing but a Black wall Of spirits because There’s been so So much Um unfortunate death there That um it’s it’s it’s it’s scary but Um you know it’s just it really really I’m also intrigued by the fact that why People travel miles and miles and miles Just to go to that forest Yeah you know to kill themselves i know And i hate to say that but and that’s Basically what it is and i know and you Know there’s not a lot of people not a Lot of people that um know this But i’ve done a lot of research i’ve Done a lot of research on this place and Um one thing i found out that i thought Was Really really really sad Once a month or twice a month They get volunteers that walk through

The forest to find the dead bodies And once they find them they flag them And then they you can’t radio because so It’s really like that it’s like that i Mean they are constantly finding people There yeah once or twice a month they Walk through the forest to find dead Bodies People that have killed themselves and It’s it’s really really it’s really Really unfortunate and You know but something i just recently Found out on the other side of the Forest there’s actually a Um i don’t know if it’s part of an ocean Or part of A very very large lake But there’s supposedly something there Like the bermuda triangle And this uh on the other side of this Forest now keeping in mind the forest is The forest i think is about 10 000 Kilometers long but um But uh it’s somewhere that i really Really want to go and Um Yeah it’d just be an amazing place to go To Yeah that definitely would be definitely Would be hi cece hi everyone in the chat Okay so Uh thing In case let me mention this one more Time in case people have joined since i

Mentioned it but i was gonna do this Podcast on my new podcast channel Tonight but i found out just an hour and A half prior to doing the podcast that i Cannot go live over there yet i have to Wait 24 hours to be Approved i guess or verified or whatever Uh and i didn’t know that or i would Have done it yesterday i had no clue hey Jim brown how are you Um i i would have done it yesterday i Just didn’t know so um That’s why i’m doing it here But What does this mean on our way back to My brothers we came in fifth out of 40. Oh she’s at an event uh over in west Palm right now Um it’s like uh i can’t remember what It’s called if you want to type it in There cc you can i can’t remember Exactly what it’s called Um Is it like a tournament or something Like that or Uh No it’s i forgot what it’s called she’s Told me about it but it’s too much Walking involved so i don’t go with her On this thing because it’s just way too Much walking oh bamboozle It’s called bamboozle i don’t i can’t do A whole lot of walking and she knows

That so she brought annie with her annie And her more athletic than me i’m just No i would be sitting there with a stool On the side of the road Hi from nevada that’s uh nice to see Somebody from nevada yeah nice hey Hey everyone So okay scavenger hunt it’s a scout yeah That’s right you couldn’t think of what It was called yes okay that’s good for Charity for charity She’s dressed as a lion okay she is and It’s really cute well here let me just Show you guys real quick what she looks Like She sent me a picture earlier Okay i will show you Here is her and Her and annie over there right now Dressed like a lion you’re dressed as a Sexy lion she is a sexy Uh here’s an even sexier lion pick Oh wow Wow she’s like patty why are you showing Those pics wow Hey cece Hey Hey cece how are you doing Ah that’s too funny oh my god Oh there’s new zealand thank you hi Amanda that’s funny She’s like oh my god look at her I had to show my friend off cece yeah That’s hilarious i’m blessed so bad

How you doing Oh [ __ ] yeah Oh Okay so um let’s see um All right let’s talk about Your um Your acting career let’s talk a little Bit about your acting career or if you Want to if you don’t want to i mean what My career how long have you been doing That how long well Well it’s funny it’s it’s um I was doing a lot of acting in my 20s I did a lot of stage productions And I did a lot of commercials i did some tv Shows But um There was a there was Now i’m talking quite a few years ago Here Uh so Uh i was up for a roll Uh it was uh it was for a soap A drama oh so remember those yeah oh Yeah And there was and now i don’t know if People some people might know what this Soap is so there was a soap that was Going to be starting to film in toronto And it was going to be called family Passions Oh Okay

Then Once it left toronto it became passions I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with That but it was on tv for it was on tv From for for a long time actually Um and it’s funny um One of my friends ended up being in it On when i moved to the states but it was Originally filmed here in uh toronto so I was up for that role and i was up for A role called dylan Um when i was in my 20s And I went for like nine auditions for this Role And wow i i got it I got the part um i got the role and Then i me and my agent were talking and Uh i said now listen this is obviously My big break Um and this is really gonna put me on The map So i do not want you asking for all the Money in the world Okay So let’s be reasonable well she did the Complete opposite And uh i ended up losing the job Oh wow So uh they ended up going up with the Runner-up the second person that i was Competing with So Um so i left the industry

After that i was i was done i was done And i just didn’t want to be a part of It anymore so i stepped away Well about uh when i moved to toronto Seven years ago Six years ago seven years ago i was Thinking about getting back into it uh So I got some headshots done i got an agent And i love my agent she’s she’s Fantastic So My very very first audition And she freaked out My very very first audition that i i got Getting back into it i got i got the Show Wow and uh So she was obviously very excited uh not Only for me but also for herself as well So since then Um i’ve done 14 tv shows So over the last couple of years um Unfortunately when covet hit everything Got shut down And uh yeah so i’ve done quite a bit of Tv shows here in canada now a lot of These shows are filmed in canada but They’re shown in the states oh okay So um the reason a lot of these Production companies come over to canada Is because uh it’s cheaper to film here Right so if you ever if you’re ever Hearing a big film production coming

Here and filming in toronto That’s mainly the reason oh okay It’s lower on taxes for them Okay so um so coveted shut down uh shut Down everything for a long time so uh it Was probably It was probably the covet thing lifted Uh what eight eight months ago seven Months ago Somewhere around there yeah i think it Was march actually so it’d be four Months but um so it’s been getting back Into swinging things well Um i’ve done a lot of auditions you know Baddie because i told you i know i Actually saw one of them Remember you sent it to me yeah that’s Right it’s all part of it Yeah so i’ve done a lot of auditions in The last three or four months and Haven’t gotten anything and Uh i was getting bummed out a little bit Because normally when i And it’s not because i’m being high on Myself or anything like that it’s just Usually when i do an audition i’m Usually getting them And um so i haven’t been getting them Yet so it’s been kind of disappointing Yeah so the other night uh thursday Night i just did an audition for i did a Self tape last week i didn’t get it Um three days later Um for some reason

I woke up in the middle of the night and Um i needed to check my phone something Was telling me to check my phone so i Did and it was my agent who emailed me At like 1 30 in the morning You have just been selected for a lead Role in a tv series That’s so awesome I’m so happy and and i went excuse me [Laughter] I didn’t even know what to say i yeah Obviously i didn’t go back to sleep After that it was about 4 30 in the Morning well i can imagine and uh yeah So I start filming on Tuesday that’s so awesome what tv show Do you can you tell us yeah let’s say i Can’t say but it’s actually going it’s Actually going into um its fourth season Okay so um i’m hoping once i do this Role i’m hoping that it will lead to More roles on this particular show and Um Yeah so but it’s great and but i will Say i will say this i’m playing a doctor Oh nice Okay Yes that’s so cool i’m so happy for you I’m excited Is it going to be something that’s going To be shown here in the states too or do You know yes And other countries believe

I believe it’s on netflix I’m not sure about that Um i will let obviously i’ll let you Know okay yeah but um Yeah it’s it’s going into its uh i’ve Never to be honest i’ve never heard of This show And um but uh i’m excited i’m excited And it’s funny because i was doing all Those auditions the last three or four Months i haven’t gotten anything And then i didn’t even audition for the Show they just selected me Wow that’s amazing Yeah so So i’m really really happy about that But hopefully it’s going to get me on a Roll again So yeah so i think sometimes i think Sometimes they just look for a certain Look You think like a certain look or certain Demeanor maybe uh for certain roles is That you think that they seek out that You know what it’s funny because i read What they were looking for for this role And um and it’s exactly me Okay that’s exactly what it was Yeah and uh it’s happened before it’s Happened before where um a production Company called my agent and said we want This guy to play this part it’s happened A few times and those are the best Auditions when you don’t have to

Audition yeah But uh no it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a Lot of fun and Uh it is uh it is a i will let people Know it is a true crime and uh it’s a Documentary okay and uh but it’s gonna Be it’s to be a lot of fun and It’s been a while it’s been a minute Since i’ve been on the set so Uh the nerves will probably kick in a Little bit uh just before i go on set But once i get going it’s it’s like yeah It’s like riding a bike right so right Yeah exactly Well that’s awesome i’m so happy for you Everybody in the chat’s happy for you Too we’re all very happy and we cannot Wait to see thank you what you’re doing Yeah thank you david What do you say That’s funny So but it’s a you know it’s been uh it’s Been it’s been an interesting ride uh When it comes to my acting career That’s awesome It’s just um It’s just uh thanks zoe um i just uh It’s it’s been a lot of fun and I was starting to get a little bit Discouraged i have to be honest over the Last couple of months i was going there Do i have to change my agent and Yeah i want to continue doing this and You know because

And i’m sure people in the room know This it’s very very difficult the Industry it’s very difficult it’s the Competition is Really really high and Sometimes even with the biggest actors You might not see them for like a couple Years on something it’s because they’re Not getting anything And i know some of the bigger actors a Lot of these roles are made for them Right but there’s other actors going in There that are popular and not getting The roles You know so it’s hard it’s hard but it’s Funny because i’ve always been I’ve always done i’ve always been in Industries Where criticism is very high Um Yeah A lot of people don’t know this about me But Um And i was a hair stylist for 13 years And The the criticizing in that industry Like you’re sending somebody out after You’ve done their hair And people could be criticizing that Person’s hair yeah so in fact they’re Criticizing me that’s true I’ve always been in the industries where Um criticism is very very high like even

The paranormal world You know if you put a video out there You get all those comments that could Have negative comments yeah and like why Didn’t you film over there why didn’t When didn’t you have the camera in that Direction well i can’t have the camera Everywhere Some people don’t get that i guess they Don’t understand when you’re filming i Mean something and sometimes your eyes Will see because you’re looking around As you’re filming you might see Something with your own eyes that you’re You don’t have the camera turned that Way yet so there’s been people that are Saying well how how did you see that Before we did because i wasn’t facing The camera in that direction that’s how I seen it i turned around You know you have to find myself Explaining myself like that to people And like oh my god You know it’s and With was saying that as well Like you can put a video up and uh you Capture something and then somebody says Oh i didn’t hear anything you’re lying It’s nothing is there it’s just I don’t know what it is i’ve always been In in the industries that criticism is Very very high I don’t know i must be a sucker for Criticism i i don’t know

And so many people out there and the Paranormal phil have been caught faking And there are a lot of fakers out there In the field so that gives us we can Real paranormal Yeah we can definitely name a few Uh but uh you know that gives us A bad name you know because It makes people doubt The real ones you know and people that Are going out there and just trying to To do you know Real paranormal investigating and and Sometimes it does get boring because There’s really not a lot happening you Know and Well and that’s why and when i when you Put up that church video i messaged you Because i really appreciated you putting Up that video because not only one Because i obviously i i enjoy your Videos but two It’s really getting people to really see What paranormal investigations is all About you’re not always going to it’s Not always going to be glamorous Right it’s going to be sitting down and Twiddling your thumbs and hoping you Catch something and And that’s what happens a lot And and that’s why i told you i Appreciated you putting up that video Because people really got to see in that Particular video

What it’s really like that’s right That’s right You’re right Yeah and uh and we we had to talk about That and And uh i thought it was good i thought It was great and you know what even Though you didn’t capture a lot in that In that particular video I still love the video well thank you Because i love i love watching Paranormal videos and i love watching Paranormal investigators investigate Right exactly and yeah i can i can Appreciate what you were going through Because i’ve been to spots before oh Yeah awfully quiet and that’s why i left That footage in there i want people to See that you know it’s not all glamorous All the time there’s not a lot happening That often i mean you’re lucky to walk Into a place and see something fly Across the room or or something crazy Happening because it just doesn’t happen Like that and if you’re watching videos Out there that stuff is constantly Happening like that You might want to reconsider because It’s not unless you like that and you Like the fact that uh this is probably Not real but it’s entertaining then That’s one thing but if you’re looking For real paranormal it doesn’t work like That it doesn’t happen like that it just

Don’t So i i’ve always i’ve always truly Believed that people that um the the Ones that are out there that are Unfortunately faking the faking the the Videos and it’s fine it’s their Prerogative of what they want to do um I’m not gonna i’m not gonna sit here and Say don’t do it because It’s not my choice it’s not my video So um you know you can only control Yourself and what you’re going to do in Your videos But you know i just i wish Youtube Would make people put a disclaimer In their videos saying this is for Entertainment value Only I know on the people that are faking Um And because i’ll be honest i’ve seen Videos where i know they’re faking it But it’s been entertaining yeah i know i Agree same year in the past same here You know And this is the problem with this Industry is until that stops Paranormal investigators researchers Scientists are never going to be taken Seriously exactly Yeah you’re exactly right 100 i say that All the time they’re not going to be Taken seriously

Nobody is going to be even the debunkers Out there that are debunking videos i Mean they can spot it they can see they I watch a couple of those channels and I’m like wow they’re right they i can See it too i could be a debunker after Doing this for so long because i can Spot it as well You know but But the debunkers what i’ve noticed is There’s times where they’re going after Things that could possibly be real but They have so much doubt in the Paranormal investigators out there that They think everything’s fake that They’re seeing you know because they’ve Come after me before and i’m like well That was actually that really happened That wasn’t any bakery that really Happened and i’m getting accused of it Because that’s what they they think we All do you know yeah So i wanted to say i want to say to uh Hi to a fellow canadian i want to say hi To Uh we writer Hi who’s a fellow canadian i always see Her in your room Yep oh yeah yeah I’m half canadian does that count yes of Course it does [Laughter] That is so funny awesome Um so let’s see um

Let me think um what else i was gonna Ask you I think i already talked about all that So let’s talk about your your magazine I’ve got it up in the corner up there You’re in a magazine this month right or Is it in september Yeah no it’s uh i believe i believe it Came out last week it’s called uh beyond The grave beyond the gravestone um it’s Uh you can you can get it through Obviously through The internet But you can also buy the magazine as Well um i was approached by this Magazine to do a A very large spread through the magazine I believe it’s five pages wow and uh Yeah so we um she sent me a bunch of Questions i answered all those questions And stuff like that send some pictures And stuff um and uh yeah you can you can Buy it online you can go over to Facebook i believe she’s on i believe She’s on facebook it’s called beyond the Gravestone um And uh yeah it’s just a great interview It’s a good book and or i’ve seen it Obviously i read it and uh there’s a lot Of other things that are in the magazine As well but it was an honor it was an Honor that she She contacted me and asked me that Uh to be in her magazine and i have had

Another magazine reach out as well Um that they want to uh feature me in Their magazine Um as well so Waiting to hear back from that and wow That’s nice Yeah so uh thanks marcus i appreciate it Love you too buddy so uh hello roger um So yeah that was roger hey marcus that Was a lot of fun you know it was it was It was good and you know it was a little Strange to be honest yeah yeah Like i thought it was just going to be Like a picture and like a small little Article we talked about parapost Uh networked the app and we talked about Global ghost hunt and and honda phobia And stuff like that and uh but it was a Lot of fun i enjoyed it and just it was Just weird it was just weird yeah You know yeah But yeah you can definitely buy the uh Online Uh you can uh i guess you can download It online Um or you can purchase it i think the Magazine is like uh i think it’s like 15 Bucks or something like that okay so you Can order it online uh i’m gonna go Online i’m gonna go online and order one Tonight yes awesome so that was a lot of Fun So uh let’s talk about parapost i want You to let every i know we’ve talked

About this before but uh there may be Some people here that didn’t hear it uh Parapost network i want more people to Go sign up for that Yeah so if you want to tell them your Your changes that you just recently made Yeah yeah how much better it is now yeah Um there is um this is called parapost Network uh it’s an app you can download It through ios or android And it’s doing extremely well right now We’re getting uh we’re getting multiple Signups each day now And oh there you go there’s the overlay There and that’s cool So um yeah so basically what this app is Uh there’s many things that go on in This app uh one it’s uh for paranormal Uh paranormal uh people that are in the Paranormal and even enthusiasts if You’re an enthusiast you can go over and Join the site or join the uh the app um It’s for paranormal for cryptics for Ufos supernatural all of those things so Basically How i set it up was Like you go to the a lot of these Social media sites because that’s really What it is it’s a social media site And uh you have to friend these people In order to see their stuff In this particular app you don’t need to Do that When somebody posts something on the

Timeline everybody in the app sees it And that’s how i wanted to set it up i Wanted it to be a community So everybody can see everybody’s stuff Eventually when it gets to a certain Point I will have to change it that way Because then you’re it’s going to be Flying all the time you know Um yeah so Basically um and that’s really what it Is you can create a group if you have a Group a paranormal group you can go in There and create a group another thing In this app if you have an event coming Up you can put it in there as well then It goes through the timeline and people Can go to seeing what events are coming Up Um there’s another thing in there it’s Called haunted spots You can actually go in there go to Haunted spots And you can see different spots around The world that are haunted and if you Happen to be in that area that There is something on that map you can Go to that haunted spot So anybody can place a haunted spot so If you go in there and you have a Favorite honda spot you can put it on The list And then it will show up on the map That we have in there

I also have and this is something that Happened last november I have what’s in there called uh watch Page So basically what that is you can go in There and watch all kinds of different Podcasts paranormal videos live Investigations ever well not live in Live investigations that were recorded And uh so what people can do Is if you’re a paranormal investigation Team you can go over to a parapose Network Sign up It’s free uh we don’t ask for anything Personal information like facebook and All those places we don’t ask for that Stuff i don’t i don’t even want that Stuff so i don’t even know why they need It but anyway i don’t either um so we Don’t ask for anything personal the only Thing we Get you to do is put in a username and Your email address and that’s it And um that’s that’s it and uh So on this uh on this particular page if You have a youtube channel You can actually link up your youtube to Parent post so every time that you Upload a video on youtube it Automatically goes to parapost Yeah i have mine i have mine you would Like that yeah yeah you have yours so if Somebody watches somebody goes to

Parapose and watches your video On Uh on post that view and that like will Go to youtube Wow okay So that’s right you did talk about in The beginning i had forgotten about that Yet yeah so that’s just another way to Get more likes more views and stuff like That and getting your content out there And that’s what it was really about this Is an app that everybody can join Um and especially if you’re into the Paranormal or everything under the Umbrella And get to watch Videos and uh post your stuff on the Timeline now i will say the last time i Counted i think there’s 6500 videos that are on powerpost Network Wow that’s awesome so you can go through All the watt page and and watch all These different types of videos That is so awesome Yeah so really um Really it was about getting Because Originally when i started it i was Thinking you know what there’s really Nothing out there for what we do And it’s very popular across the world It is I heard a stat once

That 80 percent of people in this world have Somehow been affected by the paranormal Ufos supernatural cryptids yep yeah You’re right 80 95 of people in this world are intrigued By it That’s a lot of people a lot of people Yeah so Yeah so You know and i i approached a friend he Loved it i originally had a partner at The beginning uh he ended up stepping Away uh from it so i ended up taking it Over and i just been building it Building and building it’s been around For a year and two months Um 14 months basically And It’s growing it’s growing every day now There’s a new thing That’s just happened over the last few Days Um That i’ve changed host The reason why i changed toast was Because my last host uh was crap To be honest yeah there was a little bit Of lagging going on like that yeah yeah It was crap and uh so but what people Got to keep in mind this all costs money And i’m not making any money from this Site and Uh

So it costs money to keep it uh you know My developer He’s he’s on the site every month Obviously and he’s a maintenance fee and Then the hosting fee and all those Things So This last host that i was with it was on A shared server Which basically means that i’m sharing The server with other sites Which is why it was slow So now i’m on what’s called a dedicated Server so it’s my server Oh what happened there what happened I don’t know what the hell i didn’t Touch anything It was me Oh Yeah it’s got to be on your end yeah Oh and Just hold on Brian is a ghost Hi james Just hold on What is going on here See every time you talk about the Paranormal something always happens Something paranormal what’s happening Guys Let me just take care of this Um i know what it is Um No it’s uh women there we go well wait a

Minute There you are sorry about that So um yeah so Uh Um So this new host that i’m with now it’s On a dedicated server so we won’t have Those problems anymore um it should be It should be done by the middle of this Week Maybe thursday it should be done the Transfer over to the new host And uh the speed will be incredible You’ll be able to upload videos pics and Have no problems with it and It’s just a it’s just Another stepping stone on where i’m Taking this app eventually on this app I’m going to have live streaming And so people can do their podcast they Can do their Investigations and so it’s really Just think about it this way facebook This is how facebook started That’s true What about google it started in Someone’s garage right yeah so facebook Started this way the first three or four Years this is what you were seeing Through facebook on what you’re seeing Through varipose You know for the first two or three Years so it’s it’s a growing it’s Growing it’s growing and

Um what i like is we’re getting a couple Of new users every single day uh which Is a good thing so Keeping in mind i started at zero And where i am today is a Big jump and i’m really really proud of It And um And i’m just going to continue growing It you could end up as big as facebook Someday and guess what guys you can say I met that guy in patty’s stream And you know it’s funny i’m not i’m Nothing like mark zuckerberg He just sits there in stairs does he Really Have you ever seen any interviews by That guy i don’t think i have i can’t Say i have To check it out now Really there is one thing that i want People to know and this is the biggest Thing about parapost network and i say This a lot Um No drama Yeah Yeah there is absolutely No Drama at all And that’s what i love about it yeah and You start drama you get kicked right to The curb I have what’s called the delete button

[Laughter] So Um but no we haven’t had any issues i Think yeah we had an issue once with a Spammer And uh that that account was deleted Yeah taken care of i don’t want Uh crap on this we have enough of it in The world why not people come over to This platform and enjoy watching videos Enjoy seeing people’s pictures their Stories all those things exactly yeah And that’s why um i created it so um all These people out in the paranormal world Can have a platform to go to and not Worry about being judged for their Evidence and and stuff like that and That’s why i like it Yeah i refuse to participate in any Drama i just i just like i run from Drama i don’t want to be bothered with It i don’t I don’t want to get involved in any kind Of drama yeah the only problem with the Drama is that uh sometimes We all try to stay away from it but Sometimes it just follows you for Whatever reason it does but you’re Better off to just not respond too much To it i’ve learned that you know that You just don’t because it just makes it Just feeds into it and makes things Worse Well that’s it and that’s what i did

When i started the global ghost hunt That’s what i said right at the Beginning To people We’re here to build uh Uh an event and To make it a great event and if there’s Anybody that’s gonna cause drama they’re Going to be excused from the global Goals right We’re just not going to put up with it So yep Yep i will yeah david just mentioned Something i am going to be on chills um They notified me a couple days ago so I’ll be on there i’ve never heard of Chills My god are you serious I don’t think we get Is that a tv show it’s in youtube Oh it’s on youtube he’s got a huge Following like five million i think Maybe more i don’t know i can’t remember Now but it’s quite a bit and if you make It on chills i mean you know you you get Noticed And get new fans usually and stuff like That so what is it what i’ll i’ll look At it after but what is chills about About paranormal caught on camera it’s Like a paranormal caught on camera show But it’s on youtube basically oh okay to Put it in a nutshell yeah it’s kind of Like that where he’s just sort of pre

Pre premiering people’s things that They’ve you know from their videos that A lot of the stuff though it’s funny Because a lot of the stuff that i see That he shows he probably don’t know This but i know by looking at it it’s Fake He’s showing people’s fake stuff you Know but yeah it’s too bad yeah yeah it Is and he may not even realize it i Don’t know but it’s entertaining chills Zoe said chills oh my god his voice is Creepy his voice I have to go over and look at it you Know what to be honest in the last Couple of years i haven’t watched a lot Of videos on like obviously i watch Everybody within the administration team And stuff like that with global right um But other than that i don’t really Get into watching too many videos I it’s just i don’t have time i don’t Either i don’t have a whole lot of time People are always asking me hey can you Watch my video can you watch this video I try my best but it’s just so hard you Know to I mean if it’s Easier sorry guys i’ve never heard of Chills Well you’ll have to check it out um yeah Afterwards i might have if i go over to It i might oh okay that’s what it is Okay yeah

So uh pito’s was on chills a couple of Months ago oh awesome peter yeah i think I did see that yes yes i watch i watch My grandsons love watching him i’ve been Watching him for a long time uh somebody Either he they That i think they have like little tat Like scouts that scout out stuff but uh Also Anybody any of the fans or you can do it Yourself submit Your stuff you know like a video that You caught something amazing and you Send him the link you know email it to Him and he’ll take a look at it you know Kind of like with paranormal caught on Camera same thing but a lot of times I’ve been featured on there because a Fan will Recommend it Somebody will send them the link and They’ll look at it and say oh yeah this Is worthy of putting it on our show well Now you got me all curious i gotta i Gotta you gotta check it out I gotta check this out now yeah how many Videos does he have up there a lot uh He’s got i think around five million Followers Oh wow yeah he’s called chills kills That’s just chills yeah and the man Really does talk like that That’s his normal voice Which adds to the almost six million

Yeah there you go okay yep Wow yep Good for him Oh yeah and the the video The video that he has showcased On the front page has got one million Views I think i think i know i think i let me Just hear his voice The guy’s walking down the hallway with No head Yeah i know that guy’s voice okay yeah i Know who this is okay okay yeah okay Yeah Yeah i do too uh angelina um if that’s You there angelina Yep God i’m blind as i even my glasses on It’s hard for me to see things yeah i do Too i like his voice Um so i wanted to also uh i know it’s Getting kind of long here we didn’t plan On going this long but it and always Well why not why the hell not wait why Not your show it’s your show that’s true [Laughter] So Global goes taunt everybody has heard About it a lot of you know about it um But if you if there’s any one in the Chat that or or listening that um Has a paranormal team and you’d like to Get involved we would love to have you Um you can sign your team up at Um and once you do someone will contact You Um and then uh You there’s a lot to be offered here i Mean you’re gonna have um your Your video premiered All over the place right like yeah three Different places yeah basically what Basically The reason why i started the global Ghost hunt because i really felt um and I know there’s another event that’s kind Of similar but ours is a lot different Theirs is one day ours is 10 days Basically one of the reasons why i Wanted to do this because i really Wanted to showcase the teams and i Wanted to showcase these haunted Locations because you know Us paranormal investigators know this But a lot of people don’t that a lot of These historical locations Or haunted locations are being torn down For whatever the reason may be Whether it’s cost whether it’s vandalism Whether it’s you know just falling apart And they’re they’re being torn down and Then up you know something else is being On top being built on top of it so Really it was about showing showcasing The haunted locations as well So Um what teams will do they will register

With the global ghost hunt yes patty’s Right they they will have a team leader That will reach out to them that will be Working with them giving them full Support whether it’s thumbnails videos Whatever maybe merchandise whatever Um that they need For their investigation obviously They’ll pick a haunted location And Then they’ll investigate and they will Be streamed live globally It will be it will be it will be Streamed everywhere Uh so people around the world are going To not only see the haunted location but They’re also going to see the paranormal Investigation team And what i like about all of it is and We did have somebody sign up from Singapore Which i thought was fantastic Um And We’re these people that are watching Are going to see what real paranormal Investigations is all about that’s right And the different techniques And uh the different styles And the different equipment they use It’s about just watching and enjoying These teams From around the globe And so the first event is may

4th Uh through the 14th Of next year And then the second one will be in October 19th until uh the 29th of october now What’s great about that is and i don’t Say it enough Um The The thinning of the veil Starts on the 5th of may So this will be an excellent time or an Excellent opportunity to go out this Haunted location and maybe capture Something amazing yeah and uh whether It’s an evp whether it’s a you know an Actual apparition Whatever it may be This is your opportunity to get your Team exposed To the globe Now the reason why i’m saying globe and Not world is because obvious reasons is Called the global ghost on So um and that’s what really it’s about And Uh you can like patty said earlier you Can go over to the website and check it Out uh it’s under And uh we’re having some new stuff uh Going to be put on the site hopefully Within the next week or so

We’re going to be putting a video on There on the front page i’m hoping uh by A gentleman by the name of barry Fitzgerald and if people have ever heard Of barry fitzgerald he is with um International ghost hunters in uh the uk And uh very very uh very very famous and He’s actually our spokesperson and Coordinator for the global ghost stunt And for people that don’t know that are New in the room or haven’t heard patty Is a supervisor with the global ghost Hunt so we’re happy to have her and uh You know so that’s yeah so that’s you Know that’s what the global ghost sun is About now i will let people know And this is seemed to be a not an issue But um Uh there is an entrance fee Of um Uh of There’s an entrance fee and the reason That entrance fee is there is because of Marketing we’re going to be marketing Your team uh out in the world or the Globe and uh we’re actually hoping to Bring on a production team that is Actually going to be doing the live Streaming for us So and that costs money it’s a lot of Money for now if we were doing it over One day Not a lot of money but we’re doing it Over 10 days

So that’s a lot of money that we’re Gonna have a production company to to go Live and to stream every day or how many Teams and i will tell people there are Limited spots So if you are interested you go right Over you fill out the registration uh For your team Uh the haunted location You click the contract that’s there and Then the next page is the payment page And that’s where you would pay and it Would go through paypal Yeah but um yeah so We’re excited um we had a new team sign Up today Awesome uh which is great and um their Haunted location uh from as far as i Know they’re not too far away from matt And uh so You know it’s uh it’s still ten months Away Nine months away that’s all right yeah I’m telling you the once it gets going The spots are going to be taken quickly The closer it gets the more spots or the Less spots they’re going to be So you definitely want to get on top of That and um yeah so people people ask me Well the entrance fee and then i have to Pay for the haunted location let me give Let me let me let me throw this at People okay Um if you let the haunted location know

That you are going to be doing a global Ghost hunt that’s going to be a scene Around the globe Talk to them because that’s free Marketing for them Oh where are you everything okay Oh something happened So So basically it’s free marketing for Them so you walk in and or you call them And say listen i’m part of the global Ghost hunt um it’s going to be around The globe and It’s it’s going to be free marketing for The haunted location And see if you can strike up a deal On going into the haunted location you Know and See if you can if they allow you to come In for free because it is going to be Free marketing for them mm-hmm and Everything okay Everything i heard i heard like i have a Door code thing to enter my door and i Heard the buttons being pushed but yeah There’s nobody there i looked on my Camera there’s nobody at the door but i I know what i heard So that’s what you’re doing when you’re Looking at your phone yeah i was like Looking Like what the hell is that you know and I get to pull the camera up and there Was nobody at the door but i know what i

Heard i heard dude Like somebody was trying to get in I i don’t know it was really weird so i Mean i just kind of looked at the Peephole and then i turned the outside Lights on and and everything but anyway It’s always something isn’t it so yeah That was good i’m gonna keep one ear Uncovered so i can hear it again yeah no Worries so really that’s what the global Ghost hunt is about and if you’re if You’re interested go over and Register and uh put in your haunted spot And then again you you click there’s a Contract that comes up that you sign not Signed but you you click on it and then It takes you to the payment page and Then you make your payment and then You’re ready to go you’re registered and Uh the team leaders for investigations Will be working with you And the team leaders for haunted Locations will be working with the Location That you’re uh that you’re going to be Uh doing your investigation so and i and I got a location to sign up Yeah yeah Yeah so uh the location uh that uh Uh patty got to sign up last week i’ve Seen a lot especially on facebook So uh i spoke to uh them yesterday and They’re very very excited about being uh Involved

So you know Basically what we’re doing is we’re Giving full support to the teams and the Locations And uh you are going to walk away from This event going wow yeah they were Right they gave us full support and Hopefully that will trickle down to Other teams and other haunted spots that Will come over because unfortunately the Other uh the other event um Um there’s a lot of locations and teams That don’t want to be involved with them And which is unfortunate but yeah um and Coming to our coming to the global ghost Hunt you’re gonna be taken care of the Way you should be You sure will be and i know everyone Involved and they’re great people every Single one of them a lot of them are in The chat Ethernal sisters bad to the bone Paranormal Um uh matt which is para para post Network he’s involved i mean uh Uh half run paranormal he’s in here he’s Involved Um a lot of people that are in the chat Right now are involved now if you guys One thing i want to tell you guys in the Chat if you guys Know of any Locations that You think

Might be interested in participating in In this um would you email either me or Brian or matt or one of us just email us And let us know Um that would be great because we can Reach out to them like if you think that They would be interested in Participating in this yeah even if you Have some teams even if you have some Teams that you know that might might be Interested in doing this now i will let People know that if these haunted Locations sign up which is great Um the actual haunted location needs to Find a team right but if we have a team Available then we’ll get the team hooked Up they will hook them up and then they Can uh work together and and stuff like That but it’s even great that we’re Getting haunted locations signed up and I know i love it and Um hopefully hopefully this event over The next year or two will get really Really super big and it will be teams From all over the world That are participating in and hopefully It’ll be three four five hundred teams Over the the ten days that are going to Be participating in this it’s a lot of Work it’s going to be a lot of work but Uh we’re gonna strive to that point you Know the the first one we might only Have 50 teams which is fine which is Fine and we’re still going to do what

We’re going to do and hopefully those People will walk away going telling Other people on other haunted locations You need to get involved in this because These people are great and with people Like you know patty and matt and Christina angelina and peter And robin and aj and marcus who was in The room earlier yeah and even um uh Cara And uh that are all working with this And sorry if i forgot somebody’s name But um I don’t want to oh nando sarah yeah Nando i don’t want to forget any names But uh adam Adam adam barton uh that’s yeah on uh That’s been he’s working tonight or he Would be in here but he’s he’s doing a Photo shoot At a wedding yeah at a wedding yeah yeah So um actually i spoke to adam yesterday I think no two days i spoke to him on Thursday actually so um The they’re all great people and uh We’re here to help you once you sign up And Um and even if you know a business That i would like to sponsor Uh yeah the global ghost hunt uh they Can do that as well Uh yeah you just have to reach out to us And let us know But um now you got me worried

About what me worried oh yeah I’m just gonna keep my camera on so i Can just kind of watch it that was Really i’m telling you i heard that Like somebody putting in the code There’s nobody there Is diddles in here oh she is i haven’t Seen her in a while I don’t think i’ve ever heard of diddles Diddle’s paranormal So uh when are you going to sign up for The global ghost hunt yeah i’m sure You’ve seen it So and i know well And your daughter is going to be Involved as well yep yep heather’s going To be involved um she’s going to be Signing up in october she’s just had Some other things going on right now but She’s definitely signing up Uh speaking of my daughter she is one of The luckiest people she won A nice chunk of change on uh a Scratch-off yesterday Interesting Can you say how much i guess i can i Mean it’s not a whole lot of money but It’s 500 bucks so that’s to me that’s That’s a nice chunk of change i mean Five hundred dollars just boom like a Five dollar ticket come on Yeah You know it’s fun it’s uh you know this Question was asked to me yesterday as

Well Um if somebody doesn’t have a team Um And on matt’s show um That i was on yesterday if you don’t Have a team it’s okay Yeah you can still sign up and you can Still find a haunted location it’s true It’s okay What you can do is if you sign up And you don’t have a team Find a friend to go with you yeah there You go find somebody you know to go with You and you go you know and and get get Out there get out there get people to See your Your stuff your work and How you investigate and that’s what i’m Looking forward i’m looking forward to Seeing all these teams and how they work I know i do i’ve been in the paranormal A long time but i’m still learning i’m Still learning new things all the time Same year same here and nobody’s an Expert for these people out there to Claim that they are experts in the field Come on none of us are we’re always Learning something Yeah you know like i was in the uk in March With um you know nando and sarah and lex Uh we traveled to Uh Uh

11 locations we filmed 11 locations in 14 days And there was stuff that you know sarah And portal to the paranormal were doing That i’d never seen before and it was Super super cool it’s going to be in my Videos going up on paraflex you know uh In january that’s when they’ll probably Start going out and uh there were stuff That they were doing i’d never seen Before i’ve never seen the marble in the Glass Yeah i know i learned something all the Time yep so and it was cool because it Worked Yeah And the baby powder on the floor i have Not tried that yet yeah i knew about That but i knew about that I haven’t done that one yet but yeah but You know at the at the end of the day We’re as paranormal investigators we’re Always learning different techniques Different styles and that’s that’s why The global ghost center is going to be a Lot of fun because we’re going to see That so Yeah yeah yeah definitely So is your podcast going to be normally Two hours Probably you know Probably especially when i have i’m a Big talker and i you know if i have big Talkers on my show yeah but you know

Some people i have on the show might be More like Right to the point and very you know Short and sweet but You know me and you both are big talkers So yeah I i think you i think you pretty well Discovered that right away when you First met me right yeah yeah me and you Have talked for hours before on on Video on the phone Or even video call i’ll call your your Your your cell yeah Good conversations yeah and uh you know I’ve just gotten to learn i just got to Learn so much about you over the last Three months four months and you know And now We’re going to be investigating soon Together i know I’m so looking forward to that the first Thing i’m going to do when i see patty Is going I’m going to give her the biggest hug First thing i’m gonna do and uh she’s Turned out to be An amazing person amazing friend and Hopefully a friend for life Yes absolutely or as long as we’re Around right yeah as long as we’re Around and now we’re live and we’ll be Spirit friends when we when we die we’ll Be Going around haunting people wouldn’t

That yeah and who are we gonna be Haunting first oh i i gotta i got two People i’m gonna haunt one is gonna be Mad and one is gonna be peta Oh i got more than two but yeah i got Some people i’m gonna be haunting that [ __ ] out of they better not they better Not be looking forward to my death Date me on that one that’s funny first Person i’m going to do is peta [Laughter] And you know what i’m going to do I’m going to put on her like She’s she’s just getting out of the Shower and before she gets out i’m going To put an m and i’m going to put an r For mr right on the mirror for through The steam oh my god she’s always calling You mr Mr [Laughter] That is too damn funny So do you guys in the chat have any Questions for brian he is going to watch The chat right now and he’s going to try To answer as many questions as he can if You have to put the question in a couple Of times so he’ll see it that’s fine Uh so Go ahead guys Take that back Hey wait a minute i take that back That is my second person mata is my Second person i’m gonna haunt matt wants

To know is your fly up or down Um It’s up I had to look And you know i’m going to be looking When we’re Investigating down once in a while and You’re gonna be like patty what are you Looking at oh yeah you’re looking to see If my flies are open It’s it’s awful that’s funny Yeah it’s awful yeah Paranormal has a question for you there How many years have you been in the Field and what was your first experience They missed that part we did talk about That earlier well she knows that or she Just wants me to tell people because Yeah we did that oh yeah we did that Earlier i mean Well let me just clarify to for peta First no i don’t plan to watch you in The shower no What i plan to do is go in cover my eyes Go to the mirror and write mister and Then leave okay Oh that’s too funny Uh so again what was that question again Siri How long have you been in the field and I can’t remember what else now you know What that’s a really tough question Because i i truly believe that i’ve been In the field since i was eight or nine

Years old but i really didn’t start Paranormal investigations until i was Until about 10 years ago Okay So but i’ve always had a very very deep Passion for it i’ve always been around It um since i was like I say eight or nine but it was more like Nine And uh i had my very first experience Like i said earlier in the show when i Was touched for the very first time when I was 15 years old sound like a madonna Song When i was touched with the merry Christmas yeah that is kind of bad isn’t It [Laughter] He was touched for the very first time I will never be able to listen to that Song again without thinking about it Well you know what’s funny about that is That is around the i think i was Touched for the very first time when i Was 15 years old in the other capacity Okay tmi now Okay so uh what other questions do you Guys have what else that’s okay bad to The bone it’s all right Oh that’s good i like uh hello you know Christina and Christina and angelina yes So yeah they’re really nice they’re Awesome people they’re doing a great job

With the global too with putting those Tick tocks together and yeah yeah They’re doing it they’re doing some good Work yeah you guys can also follow us on Tick tock the global ghost hunt we are On tick tock too so just look it up Under global ghost hunt and angelina is The one handling that right and Christina both Yeah them them and uh i put up i put up Some videos as you do okay so okay Yeah so we’re uh we’re we’re getting to We’re getting closer to release some More videos Um over the next week or so Uh so um yeah so watch out for those Paddy still has to do send her video i Know Yeah i do when do you want to buy Well i would have liked it by yesterday Oh Oh it’s due by tuesday tuesday at 4 p.m All right i’ll get it to you i’ll get it To you tomorrow just answering two or Three questions and that’s it okay and Uh we’re gonna put uh we’re gonna put Bad patty up on uh all social media um Answering some questions and you’re Gonna see those a lot of those videos Over the next few weeks so yeah we’ve Got to put those videos up but uh okay i Will put my i will do it actually i’ll Do it tonight and then i’ll send it to You tonight i believe matt’s in the room

Yep he is in the room [Laughter] Matt Matt told me he was doing uh his video Earlier today matt did you do your video Peter where is your video since you’re In the room It’s in the administration chat on Messenger on facebook if you haven’t Seen it yet so go over there in the Administration chat and look the video Is due by tuesday okay yep i’m going to Do mine tonight then i don’t want to be Late i don’t want to be the last one Well you have to do yours your Supervisors i know i know I will it’s no i don’t want you to say It’s coming When is it coming Oh matt already sent his matt already Good job thank you matt matt already Said his Heather is live in five minutes oh okay Okay she was gonna do it at eight so she Must have changed it to nine years You’ve probably seen i was still alive Peta it’s literally It only has to be about a minute long Yep that’s it we can do this peter so uh Diddle’s asked a question i missed it Oh where’s your question I don’t know I don’t see it here can you ask the Question again

I’m aware mister Yes Again with the mister Again with the mister Uh she said she’s got to make sure she Looks okay And it’s due on tuesday yes that’s Correct oh she asked if you’ve ever been Attacked oh Um okay i i have uh the the most recent One Um was about a year and a half ago I was at a hair salon do an Investigation and i was choked Um it was definitely very very Interesting and that video is actually Up on paraflex uh but um Um so Uh i was We were listening back to i believe we Were listening to a voice recording Um or listening Listening to it back Because we we did a voice recording and Then we were listening to it and then Also it felt like i had a hand Around my throat I started coughing i started losing my Breath and we actually had to shut down The production Uh Because i couldn’t breathe And i went actually to the basin in the Salon to the sink to take a drink of

Water and uh right after that We cut it because i couldn’t breathe and It um it’s I don’t think i was necessarily Scared i think it was just more shocked Than anything um because i had never had That happen before yeah like i had been Touched and stuff like that but nothing To that extreme Do you have role models in the field Do i have role models in the field I was sitting here trying to think too Like a tough question it is no i don’t Uh I enjoy watching portals to hell Um with uh Osborne and Katrina i think it is i do enjoy Watching that um And um I used to always watch paranormal Lockdown when katrina and the other guy What was his name Um uh Israel nick nick is it nick yeah Now are those role models or you’re just Are you just fans of them just fans of Them they’re not really a role model i Can’t really say i have a role model i Really don’t feel like i have one i’ve Just Been on yeah Zach baggins is definitely not my role Model no he’s not mine either

Um No you know what i don’t really have in This field And other things that i’ve done yes but In this particular field no i don’t Really have any role models i don’t Either i don’t either so Um yeah that’s it’s a good question Though yeah question definitely I’m i’m assuming that’s angelina yeah i Think i think so yeah nick groff i Always liked him i liked him a lot um Definitely liked him but i wouldn’t Really say he’s a role model i don’t Have any role models i just do my own Thing and Do i take bits and pieces of things from Those shows yes we all we all do in the Paranormal field when we watch you’re Always learning you can watch a youtube Video of somebody doing paranormal and Get a little something from it like wow Okay i gotta say that or i gotta do that I gotta try that you know yeah stuff Like that so your dog your daughter’s Videos coming out tonight yeah she’s Actually getting ready to premiere at Any minute now So okay um Thank you marny Oh that’s nice Yeah that’s great It’s a nice compliment David just he’s he vamped yeah look at

Jake We just said bye He supports me and heather both blesses You oh i know i know he does And i’ve seen him over i’ve seen him Come over to parapost network central on Facebook a few times awesome which has Been great So All right well i’ll go ahead and end This then i think if that’s just Anything else you want to talk about i Mean we’ve been here a couple hours Anybody that missed the first part of it You can go back and watch it back i am Going to upload this probably tomorrow Sometime to the podcast channel since i Wasn’t able to do a Live on the podcast channel tonight Um and if you’re not following me on the Podcast channel go follow me over there Um the g team paranormal podcast i had Trouble finding it did you Because i put i put the g team Paranormal and it’s actually just g team Paranormal podcast yeah yeah Al Aj helped me set it up so yeah that’s Great um but yeah i’ve got the link if You go to my g team youtube channel my Regular g team channel the g team Uh i have the link to that channel in The community section so if you go to The community section you can click on

The link and you can go follow me over There because From here on out i’ll be doing the Podcast type of shows like this over There Um i s i will still do a live stream on The g team channel on this one on this Channel oh i think matches i think matt Just put it in the He did yes he did yes so i am still Gonna do a live stream on this channel At least once a month where i do like The evps and Interact with the audience you know Stuff like that i’m still going to do That but i’m just kind of trying to get Away from doing too many live streams on This channel because it does mess with Your algorithm when you do too many Lives on your main channel Um so i that’s why and plus i thought it Would be fun to do podcasting yeah That’s great it’s great yeah and if People want to go over to hunter phobia Canada and use youtube you can Yes i’ve got everything on that little Scrolling thing there about the global Ghost comp para para post network Uh brian’s channel is huntophobia canada Make sure you go over there and follow Him he’s got some great content over There Uh we need to go over there and show him Some love

Thank you And thank you guys Yeah thank you guys all so much yeah Global ghost hunt if you know anybody Anybody at all just Send me an email i’ll reach out to them If you don’t want to do it um and a Location that is what else What is we writer’s name what’s her real Name no Can you tell me your real name because We writer i would prefer calling you by Your first name yeah what is your first Name darn it [Laughter] Thank you angelina and christina Yeah i like monique that’s a beautiful Name by the way i love that name i had Uh when i was in my early Uh 20s i dated a girl named monique did You yeah i love the name monique I do too yeah but you guys got to follow Go over to our new podcast yes go over There and follow yes She’s going to do some great podcasts And i’m looking forward to your oh thank You bunny um Uh i i look forward to watching more Podcasts it’s going to be a lot of fun It’s going to be a lot of fun i’m going To have bad to the bone on there Eventually i’m gonna have matt on there I’m gonna have uh aj on there uh so many People are already

Yeah and if you and you can also watch If you’re on facebook go over to Parapost network central and you’re Gonna be able to watch patty on facebook As well that’s right right through her Page and through parapose network Central as well yep yep so Yep And you know what bad to the bone is Coming out with a podcast soon Keep an eye out for that as well yes Awesome good deal All right so guys i’m going to go ahead And end this but uh stick around because I want you to see the in the the outro That matt made me And i also yeah and i’m also going to Show the global video after the the Outro i’m going to show the global video So everybody stick around but we’re Going to go ahead and say goodbye Bye everyone thank you so much for being Here Thank you we love all thank you you’re Welcome brian you’re welcome and it was Thank you thank you for being here i Appreciate it you were my first victim I know i love you too you know that Yeah all right All right so i’ll go ahead and what do i Do do i no this is the part i’m Just play the play the outro play it Okay so we’ll just like we’ll just be Quiet and we’ll play okay you just have

To knock me down once you start playing It too so i don’t know oh Okay yeah okay here we go love you too Rosanna All right let’s see Here we go guys it’s my first time doing This so bear with me Okay here we go Been six months since we took a feeding Gloves up again despite all reasons i Think we both lost the meaning don’t Stand up Haven’t you had enough We have to let this lie we’ll find each Other in the next five times [Applause] All right now here’s the next one i Meant to click it before it is Hey um [Applause] You

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Kids are not the only ones who might need a math tutor. If an individual struggled with mathematics as a child then they may still struggle as an adult trying to get a college degree. If you are struggling, do not be afraid to get the help you need.

Tips for Giving Top-Notch Teaching Service to Your Online English Students

Are you an online English teacher struggling to give your students quality services? Here are some tips to become a better online English teacher.

The Scope of Finance

Financial Management, the most important management tool for a firm and also for a nation. The universal definition of financial management is planning, organizing, and controlling the financial activities of an enterprise. A financial manager is a person who plans the financial requirements and organizes the funds to controls the enterprise for running smoothly.

The Advantages of Attending Private Schools

Private schools are some of the best educational institutions for students today. Not only are superior academics offered, but also the sense of community involvement is very strong.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Rental Company

Are you planning on a having a trip with your family on a rental? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a car rental company.

4 Reasons: Why Online Training Programs Are Being Increasingly Preferred?

In recent times, a growing number of business organizations are resorting to internet based training programs due to its cost effective nature and enhanced efficiency in imparting better learning scope to employees. Such training programs are more convenient as they can be organized without the need travel out of the workplace. Besides, these courses can be easily fitted in between workloads and facilitate employees to undertake repeat lessons as and when necessary. Thus it can be said that, online training leads to efficient understanding and reduced loss of work hours. Today, HVAC industry leader like LG electronics is also launching a comprehensive online course on Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology where American Institute of Architects (AIA) members has the opportunity to earn AIA Continuing Education System credit.

Phlebotomy Training: Why You Should Enroll and How to Locate Schools

So you think that phlebotomy is a rewarding career for your future, but you are still contemplating whether you should enroll in the trainings? Actually, there are several reasons why you should apply and enroll in phlebotomy trainings. Enrolling in a proper phlebotomy training program will help you improve your chances of success in the field.

Advantages of an Ultrasound Technology Associate’s Degree

In the United States, the healthcare industry is one of the best industries in providing great job opportunities to individuals. One of the most lucrative career opportunities in the healthcare industry is ultrasound.