Calvine UFO or USO?

By | August 17, 2022
Calvine UFO or USO?

Do Do Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addicts on this fine luxurious evening It is a luxurious it’s luxurious evening Because we may Have found What this little thing is this enhanced Version of course this But I need some people to discuss it with me And i’ve got some Witnesses dave Welcome to the show my lad Hey how you doing Tired running up and down the stairs hey I’m loving the ufo t-shirt Give it Lee what’s the audio hi Hey how are we diddling good Good so i had a conversation with you The other night which you’re probably Not going to back me up here you Bastards But um I sent lee and you a video a a

Screenshot of google earth Um Of this This rock on sunday And lo and behold Professor simon has put it out today and One of his uh members Saw the same thing Who actually lives nearby Calvin I just find it magnificent That Somebody else Has seen This Uh lake and is coming to the same Conclusion That I think not just me but i think many People probably that live around the Area Have come to that that is possibly The calvine ufo and by the way people uh Professor simon is in the discrete in The description his channel check out His kind of debunk not debunk just Asking the question what is it and this Is what i’m doing i’m asking the Question tonight he had a video didn’t He did he ever did he have a picture of It like taken from the bank that the Today yes he he’s put the video out and He was asking if anybody has any footage I have some drone footage that i’ve

Taken um from a a drone channel which is In the description people go check him Out he’s got some great footage uh and Hopefully he’s gonna get back out there And show this little island off because I asked him if he’s got any more footage Of the island at the moment and he Hasn’t uh i he may be in the the chat So but the link is in the description to This drone footage he says if anybody Wants to use it that’s fine just leave Uh a link to his channel so I’ve found it i found an issue i found An issue with this if you’ve got an Issue here’s a tissue just take that Just take the video back Uh i want it to work where the guy’s Looking all like heroic standing over The lake Like you think he’s gonna go in some Sort of like Adventure elder scrolls So that’s the that’s the island in but This island is not always there This is Down the bottom left-hand side Yeah right pause I can’t pause it later There’s no fence there’s no fence No i know there’s no fence i don’t think That’s the loca i don’t think that that There with the drone footage i don’t Think that’s the actual location i think It’s up higher and there is a fence

Where this picture Is probably your point How do we know that this is because It can’t be up higher because you need To profess assignment Because you know surely in order to get That type of symmetry on a reflection You would have to be Fairly [ __ ] Low to the to the water Let me bring Google earth up Uh and we’ll take a look take a look did Your journey because otherwise you’re Looking for you know what you mean Otherwise you’re looking down on the top Of it you’re not looking to the side of It which is that’s clearly taken from From the side if if we’ll just play Devil’s advocate here if that’s a Reflection that needs to be a man stood Probably about what Five to six foot away from that fence Probably about six foot high looking at The lake So Look at the bottom corner with the fence You could see a little bit of land as Well Now but you i don’t think you can see Enough land from the original picture Which i should have put into the Software but i haven’t But the um

The plane is the thing that i can’t get My head around if if If that Google earth area over this lake is the Actual area I can’t i asked my dad on sundays Because i went round for a barbecue and I said dad take a look at this ufo Footage Now I said i think this is a reflection and I think this is where it is and i was Showing him on how to use google earth On his google pixel phone Uh professor simon Uh professor simon is in your chat Yes i know i know i’ve sent professor Simon i have sent you a uh A link if you i He said he’d just probably stay in the Chat but you’re more than welcome to Join us uh we’re not ufologists we’re Just guys that um Exactly yes But here’s the thing friendly [ __ ] Though yes i’m not My dad said I said if it’s a reflection He said well how about the plane Because it looks like When you zoom in on the plane you know The tail end If it was a reflection would it not be

Upside down The tail end of the plane Well if it right i think the thing to Think to remember here is if Because i i’m I when i first saw her i was 100 in 100 In then i saw mick west saying it could Be a reflection i thought come on mick You’d be saying it’s birds next And um then slowly it’s like other People put the reflection stuff out you Sent that and then i looked at the prof Stuff Today I’m I reckon i’m I’m probably edged on [ __ ] 70 that It’s a reflection but if it is a Reflection that’s not a plane that’s That’s what that’s the other thing we Need to get in it’s not going to be like That is a An island with a reflection make it look Like a diamond and a plane just happens To be going across Like Like like going across the sky and Reflected on the water because a plane Would be just too [ __ ] high surely to Reflect like that yeah so if so if if That’s a reflection of something on the Water then that means that plane has to Be something else it has to be a leaf or A bit of debris floating around

Um I’d be interested to know whether that Lake’s tidal as well Because um That then you’ve got to bring that the Idea anyway What circumstances and how often Do does that area see such calmness that You would get Like that sort of like crystal clear oh Sorry like crystal still whatever Whatever word i’m trying to look for There’s something that strikes out to me Is so There’s land mass on either side of this Body of water right Where’s the landmass behind it Yeah fog How far across the lock is it how far is It from either side of the shore To the island And if it’s so dense that we can’t see Past it wouldn’t that density affect us To it yeah That’s all all good Thoughts So here we can you can you see the Is the gilbert So This is what so if anybody doesn’t know When i had a channel before well i when When i was office 51 i used to do loads Of google earth stuff and this is why i Did this in the first place it’s not

Hard when you when you type in calvin It it goes straight to there the lake’s Only here So and this is the What i believe is the culprit Here Now you can go back in time on uh google Earth So if we go back to Uh go to 20 20 21 If we go back To 2019 It’s gone no look yeah but look where The water is go back Yes what the water the water goes up and Down doesn’t it yeah that’s what i mean So we there’s a there’s a reservoir in Um yeah yeah yeah where i am And if depending on the level of the Reservoir you can see a chapel that’s The submerged chapel that’s in the Middle of the reservoir Um So i mean that’s it’s obviously Just It’s you know it’s an island you can see Depending on water level so it’s in two It’s in two photo two images on google Earth It’s this now i’m thinking Yeah From over there You you think like up here Yeah i mean because if it’s fog that’s

Obstructing the far bank you would need More distance right more density of mist More density of atmosphere I’m pretty familiar with that just Because where i live it’s We have a lot of fog You’d have to be on the edge then when You’re looking down at it but that’s That’s what depends I don’t i don’t get how i this is what Google is not very good is it for Elevation no but um Can you do google earth like that ollie On that one This one sorry yeah like the street view Thing so we can get closer uh yeah You see the the good thing to look at There as well as is look at the Disturbance in the water Oh oh sorry hang on google earth’s got Its own it’s got its own favorite fake Water sorry yeah yeah yeah being daft I ca i can’t help but think that this Could be the culprit only because And i would have never even Got onto this if i hadn’t seen that uh That tweet that you where are the trees Though Where the trees yeah Well this picture was taken a long time Ago dude right Three years ago 30 years ago so maybe There were trees there 30 years ago and They’re just not now

It was it was this way That you you messaged me that someone Had done on twitter Stone Yeah it it an enhanced version i know When you enhance any a picture like that You they did use ai as well they did use Ai so Yeah you have the the creative license Of terminator involved as well Yeah but that’s what made me think No not a stone craft Actual rock Well that should be perfectly honest it Was that the the idea that it looked Rock was what [ __ ] sold me on it Being something Weird to be perfectly honest like that That really got better i suppose this is The thing it’s not it’s not [ __ ] Uh clinical observation is it when you Say yeah it got my imagination going That’s not really the best thing to get Going in situations like this Um What are you thinking though do you Think it could be The good thing here is Is that um Because this is such a Like high profile thing now Someone that lives around that area or Even further afield Will be at that lake trying to recreate

It The so This will be we’ll get a decent answer To it Um mind you there’s [ __ ] loads of Trees on the other side So there’s lots of trees there But i just It feels I i don’t get me wrong these things Crazy things happen don’t they and you You get these perfect things that go up But For that For that for everything to be still For the reflection to be perfect For for the Whatever that piece of debris is that Happens to look like a plane as well so It’s not just the fact You’ve got something else it’s something That can not only be passed off as a Plane but can actually be passed off as A fighter jet which can be passed off of A fighter jet of that time which would Have been like the harrier Uh back then Um It does feel like an awful lot of Coincidences Need to tick boxes In order to get that perfect picture That looks like a ufo i do however think It’s weird that um

You’re considering um nick what’s his Name British ufo guy is it nick Mick you know about mick west no no not Mick west the the british ufo guy Guy No no no xmld guy the kite thing’s [ __ ] ridiculous there’s more chance Yeah no The thing is mick west is going now with The reflection yeah yeah i’m sure he is Because like the kite thing [ __ ] me Has anybody has anybody seen a [ __ ] Sideways kite it’s not how kites work Um Charlie wiser that put me on to the idea Of puddle in the first place what’s your Man’s name um Nick pope Nick pope yeah uh You said mick no i said i don’t know you Did say nick yeah yeah um He uh he came out and said that he’s not Willing to confirm or deny whether That’s the original picture of that the Photograph photocopy was taken off it’s Obviously the original picture from the Photocopy because they fit over the [ __ ] top of each other So there’s a reason considering he’s Been absolutely right Ripping the end off himself about this Photograph for the past x years Uh there has to be a reason that he

Isn’t coming out cheering it which Suggests to me He’s had a photocopy of it and like Everything else he does he’s just Grifted his way through it thinking the Original would never come out So i saw A bit of truth seekers Video um And he had a guy on that had a newspaper With it in So i think this picture has actually Been out Or in the newspaper yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah that was a reconstruction though Wasn’t it Was it a reconstruction yeah Am i blowing that one yeah the um the The there was a There was a reconstruction of that Photograph the only difference is in That in that photograph there’s hills in The background in the reconstruction and Obviously there’s nothing here I mean Mist and fog would obscure that I don’t think strange i mean i like Where i live we get it every morning and In the evenings it’s it’s constant at a Certain distance You can see things very clearly and then Literally just a few yards before that The atmosphere is too thick and you see Nothing i don’t know where this is or

What their Their climate is like like that little Thing in the front may not be It could be like we don’t know the scale Or distance that could be a guy in a Boat What what i would say is is that um The The climate there is going to be quite Similar to where i am and um You do we get a lot of like sea fog and Mist And You do find situations where it’s it’s a Wall in front of you And You know X amount of feet Yards in front Before The fog’s there so i can i can 100 Believe that that If if it was something in the sky i Think that is something that could Happen you know you you could have that Happen But To be perfectly honest i’m [ __ ] Mortified by it because i i do you know Like i saw that i was sat in the pub With my dad and i thought [ __ ] me i Remember i retweeted it see there’s an Interesting thing if you go back to that Drone footage

So who’s right this looks like a fairly Calm day there trees aren’t moving That’s a tidal Because that they There’s there’s so that that water just Looks quite calm there but okay i i’ve Got more drone footage from another Channel but that but the island is Submerged On the other bit see see look at look at The um look at the lake I just struggle i struggle to see how You would get that In that lake Without without that body of water Moving so so where i live that we have a Bunch of uh Tennessee valley created a bunch of Lakes like the county i live in is more Lake than water and while you can’t have A gust and it won’t obviously move trees Um Those slow ripple will get on water but I’ve also been out on the water when it Looked like glass and a heavy foggy Heavy foggy morning now professor simon Said it was 9 p.m in august it was misty And again i don’t know what atmospheric Conditions are like there so And the link for professor simon is in The description people because he’s got A great video where he shows more than i Did in the beginning um And uh yeah

I think it’s interesting that other People are thinking Along the same level To this sorry dave what are you saying I don’t remember probably wasn’t Important no he’s right Because at the time the time and none of The time the time matters nine p.m yeah You know if it’s a cloudy overcast day With a bunch of fog that explains that Light blur out Um depending on the side the photo was Taken from i would think the nearer side Would be where the picture is in the Further side that’s for the atmospheric Density you know Uh more mist more cloud You can near is easier it could just be A dude out on a fishing boat depends on The angle Um And it depends on a lot of things and at The exact same moment it could Absolutely be exactly what we think it Is and what it looks like Or not what we think it is what the Government apparently thought it was It was just before the gulf war that’s Why the photo was not published in the Newspaper 1990 What do you think of that boys do you Think this is true I think it could be it

I’d be more interested to know if we Could find out Um If if we could find out if there was a A Yeah yeah if there was a ufo that would Confirm it now if there was a jet Scrambled at that point and if there was Any Um i’d have looked at this if i’d known If i had more time before we came on but Is there an army base around it The uh and because i mean that’s that’s The other thing as well let’s just say It was a fighter jet that was put out Um As he says just before the just before The gulf war We don’t send Fighter jets floating and flying around For [ __ ] shits and giggles most of The time the nearest one that i know of Because i’ve considered doing it trying To get some time off the day job to do a Road trip up there so i can pass it Maybe take some photographs is uh lossy Mel uh because my mate he’s uh he fixes Hero he fixes the jets In the hangar there that’s the one that I know I i just i don’t I’m i’m i’m Fully in for Saying like this could be a reflection

Like i’m not i’m not being like silly i Want to believe dave’s t-shirt guy Um The uh But i don’t believe That You could get a reflection of a jet In the water like that i just don’t i do The The the altitude that would have to be At that would have to be flying at such A low altitude When we i i realized it would be lower Than say a commercial airliner oh Harriers can go pretty low yeah he used To be a harrier pilot but there’s um But then they need them what would be What would the need be What if it’s what if he Is what if it’s not it what if it’s not A plane at I’d be a guy all a fishing boat It could be a guy on a rowboat It could be a gun a robot to be honest Because even that little look at the Perspective yeah i mean That’s the problem with fog and if it’s You know warm water cool whatever That Is whatever the atmospheric conditions Require there to make it um Fog that deep mist kind of throws off Everything because if you look to the Right of the photo where it’s kind of

Dark and shady I don’t know that’s that just seems Strange if it’s 1990 i would think it Would be a better photograph no it was Filmed with the potato The um You forget how much things have come on As soon as probably right about that you Know it’s It could be a better photograph if he Had a [ __ ] digital uh sorry if he had An slr camera with him Um It’s to be perfectly honest It’s It’s remarkable it’s that good to be Perfect to be fairly honest i mean That’s the other thing as well it does Have that um I think that the time it was it was Taken Is real Because it it has all the hallmarks so You’ve got that slightly yellowy Tinge That photographs used to have back then You know it’s the The sort of the sort of filter that you That kids put on instagram pictures now To make them look all cool and retro But I don’t know man i it’s just something I think maybe as well because where i

Where i live is um This is like A mountainous sort of region where i Live and you know there’s a lot of like Sheep fences and things like that It kind of looks like that it looks like I’m stood at a sheep fence where i live But The more i look at that Thing is the more that bottom looks like A reflection of the top Do you ever see uh In your imagination when you imagine Something that Travels through space or dimensions or Whatever Looking this knobbly though Well i’m not talking about the enhanced Version but if there is no straight line In it like it’s it’s kind of out the Window yeah yeah Yeah no i know a ai had a hand in that But If if you actually zoom in on the Original It is it’s not complete Straight lines you know there is bulk There’s bulkiness to it Yeah That’s fair Um And all the all the ai’s done is Enhanced the actual image but it’s kept The same

Bulk I i would think that this thing kind of Kept is either moving forward because What if the the uk government like had Possession of it or something like that Or like the the photo right Like it was Rain up the chain or not released Because of that i mean governments tend To have knee-jerk reactions with things Especially at that time if they’re Getting ready for the goal 4 90 things Are building up Um It’s not really a surprise when Something like that happens all the Allies know So if anybody has just joined wero we Are over And um This is a tiny little uh piece of rock Uh sticking up over is it uh some sort Of reservoir thing Uh And um i think it was made in the i Think professor Uh simon said today was made in 1950 Something when he was born Um And this piece of rock if you do Go back and forth on google earth it Disappears and it’s only there in two Actual Two images

Um 2021 And Later in 2021 It’s there in two different ones um It’s very close to the location Of the ufo Did he give a location from where he Says he took it Yeah there is a location out there i Mean this is this is why we need some Some ufologists on that actually know All this stuff i’ve seen the location It it has the fence it has the tree Though the tree looks slightly different I’m gonna i’ll see if i can bring it up On my i’m i’m looking at a picture of Carving And i’m talking bollocks because that Water is [ __ ] still man it’s very Still it’s very still and the other Drone footage that is out there but the Guy didn’t give me permission to use the Other drone footage the guy gave me Permission to use it which had the Actual island on um the other drone Footage he didn’t get back to me so i Don’t know if i’ll put it out there Like It might get knickers in a twist but Yeah lee i think you said in this Oh i haven’t actually showed you but you Said Uh what’s that when i put when i sent

You this on sunday And then i believe if you scroll down Your you you said no It it’s not that didn’t you you said It’s definitely yeah i did i did it First but it was something like On the professor’s youtube uh youtube Video because i find it better than me Professor simon Yeah i mean I’m just looking through I mean we are guessing Yeah i’m just all we can do pictures Yeah i’m looking for pictures on yeah Google here trying to find a photograph Because i’ve just i’ve seen pictures of That lake so i don’t know is there other Islands in that lake because i mean There’s one i can’t see any just that One that’s the other thing to think here Is that island has to be [ __ ] Completely rock Oh yeah to survive that long No no to to give that that um To give that a picture See we could eve even um There’s loads of stuff here that a Legitimate researcher could look into Um If you find out the What the rainfall is for that time of Year and if there was any sort of Drought You can immediately you can

Uh you could take the island out of the Equation If there was if the if the level of that Lake was too high to see the The island That’s it then like that’s Time to move on we it’s it’s not that This is why we need some boots on the Ground people to go out there Which i think we’re going to get and Professor simon he did ask on his on on His video for other people to go out There and get footage uh uh professor Simon there in the in the description There is the drone footage there uh the Guy got straight back to me so i don’t Know if if we want to try and get him to Go back out there with his drone i don’t Know how close he lives ninth of ninth Of august 1990 What’s that was that when it was taken Yeah you can you should be able to look Up the weather Oh the actual okay the calvin ufo sorry I thought you asked about this google Earth footage i’m looking at Yes it was 1990 It’s interesting It’s a shame though Why you know I just i i really got excited when i First saw this I really i mean i i even started to do

Like uh Overlays to match them up um It doesn’t prove anything but i i Genuinely genuinely got I got excited by it I thought The uk has got a better ufo than the us Even though it’s not video You still may who knows They just haven’t released it yet I think they don’t release information Because they just don’t know You know Every government entity i’ve ever dealt With this is the greatest thing they Fear is looking foolish or like they Don’t know something There’s so much wrong with with this That it’s this the plane’s too good to Be true In the tree line there was a There was a drought in 1990 uh yeah During the 1990 heat wave of the united Kingdom Uh weather stations record a temperature Of 37.1 degrees the highest highest Temperature ever known in britain at That time And how conveniently it comes out right Now when we’re going through the highest Temperatures in britain Um and that temperature Where Edinburgh oh no sorry it’s six yeah

Sorry i thought it said i didn’t write Not so Um And ollie we discovered that fact 33 Minutes in It’s the lizard alien overlords man Yeah that’s what it is The um speaking of the the lizard uh Overlords uh dave miller we had on on He’s a lizard overlord no i love that Man he’s he said He has uh managed to get uh for us this Friday people Steve pearce um the youngest member Of uh the uh travis walton incident So That’s gonna be a good show I’m looking forward to uh speaking with That fellow Because i haven’t seen him i’ve not seen I’ve not seen any interviews with uh Steve pearce have you dave yeah Are you gonna have to send me them i Need to use it I think it’s best if you don’t Okay Just be you man just go in be you be Just fine Or if you ca if you could be somebody Else like do that [ __ ] if not be you Yeah if i could be anybody else i’d be Batman Batman why yeah

Because he hangs around with a little Lad Yes that’s exactly what i was thinking That weird weird latex finishes and Hangs around with miners The thing is we’ve got this footage And We’ve sorry we’ve got this Google earth Uh image We’ve got some drone footage But It can’t prove anything unless somebody Goes out there and recreates that Photograph i think i like i was i was Dying for us to have a Fortnight but the fact that 1990 was Like A pretty big year for weather as well And it’s i think if i remember rightly i Remember the like because i was a kid Obviously in 1990 i remember Just at some point Then there being Like a really bit a really big drought Over here as well because But Because there was i think there was even There was there was like a water like a Water band brought in like the hosepipe Band and stuff which stayed in force for About five six years because they forgot To lift it

But um Yeah that’s uh i think that’s The fact that the fact that the island Would be there I think it’s [ __ ] done and dusted Isn’t it yeah Yeah i mean it Yeah You think that’s the culprit i think It’s a reflection i think it’s a dude And a rowboat Oh it’s not a harrier no it’s not a jet It’s a guy in a row boat if you look at Those fence posts it’s the angle the Fence posts that also seems odd Because we have a lot of i live in a Rural area Um It’s so I’m gonna put i’m gonna put i want to Play head on over to the youtube channel People and i will put the the link in The description i wasn’t going to use it But i’m using it for educational Purposes because Lee you said that the lake here has got You know ripples and what you call it You can see Yeah but i’ve seen i’ve seen pictures Here now of that place looking like a [ __ ] mirror Right so well i’m gonna show you a video Uh and i will leave the the link in the Description people for you to check out

The other drone footage uh but i Couldn’t get permission to use this but I’m sure he’s gonna be fine with it it’s Probably Is you know It’s for educational purposes and people Will head on over to his channel and ask Him to go out there and uh do a another Drone run and try and see the island Yeah let’s send thousands of people to Badger this poor time flying a troll Yeah Let me bring it up for you um Share screen So This is the other one that i the only of One that i found that shows the island So this is the the flying scotsman’s Channel uh which is a drone channel Uh i’m gonna bring out for you and this Is the same lake But he’s there’s no island Beautiful But it looks very still It does Not a ripple I tell you what Um Google Really really want me to think this is a [ __ ] ufo Because i i just put it in 1990 scotland Ripples there calvin lake and uh All it wants to show me

Is pictures Calvin like where do i know that a Varying Pictures of varying quality of The ufo So I wanted to show that anyway because it It shows that this little island thing Pops up and sometimes it’s sometimes It’s there sometimes it’s not which i Also find that interesting if somebody Wanted to fake something and for Somebody maybe to not find out That ufo disappears a lot I’m just going to pop something in our Because this might be an interesting Conversation Um I’m gonna pop something up in the Private chat For you to bring up it’s from the National ufo center Um So Well you could share a screencast you Dave uh Yeah it’ll just easier for you so i’ve Done it now oh you’d be faster i’ve said I’ve sent the link Um So That this was just one of the first ones First ones i found because it’s got if You scroll down to the middle of that

Page It’s got the the reenactment of the Uh of the The picture Okay So If you go down because that is is that Sharing now yeah that’s zoomed in though If you go down to the middle it’s got Like the full picture that’s not cropped Doesn’t nick pope look like uh The uh into not interview with the Vampire bronze stoker’s dracula his hair Yeah i remember sat in a pub having an Argument with nick pope on twitter and It was at that point after i was having An argument with nick pope I sort of thought to myself like what The [ __ ] has happened to my life How is this how has this happened where I’m sat in a pub with my dad but instead Of talking to my dad i’m arguing with an Ex-ministry of defense guy about ufos What a weird world we live in Um but yeah just what i want to do with Here Um That’s a really strange thing when you When you look at that photograph Compared to what we have because Obviously even down to the the back end Of that yeah you’re like that little Sort of duck duck lipped thing at the Cat the kite tail yeah the fact that

It’s not quite symmetrical you know Because like you were saying it’s Different it’s different shapes isn’t it On the proper photograph Yep Like So clearly whoever’s done this reenact This this recreation has seen the Original photograph the knobbly bits Yeah yeah yeah so someone’s seen that Seen the uh photograph isn’t it weird That they’ve chosen to use Such creative license Where So they’ve put the the plane in banking Which if that reflection or whatever it Is is a plane it would be a banking Plane which would suggest that that Plane Because even where they put the plane in That photograph’s weird because if That’s banking then you would think it Was going to be banking to come back Around The object You know what you know what gets me is That so we can a creative license if That is a jet it is in very very good Frame For something that’s moving at those Speeds In the uh well that’s a recreation day Though oh yeah yeah yeah that’s that That’s someone’s seen the original

Photograph and they’ve made a computer Like a computer composite so no that Doesn’t muddy the waters or anything no No but this is what i’m this is what i’m Saying so someone’s chosen And the background looks very so they’ve Chosen to do it if you stop moving Around They’ve chosen to do on a cloudy day so It’s the same It’s the same color palette if you like But they’ve then chosen to add in Hills Which aren’t seen in the original Photograph And they’ve took away the fence they’ve Brought everything they’ve brought the The fighter jet Into the frame so it’s closer to you so You can definitely see how what it is While keeping the original object Um the same sort of size I think just a screenshot of A recreation video I believe Well even so even if it’s a recreation Video the person that made the recreat It it doesn’t really matter because the Person that made the recreation video Obviously seen the photograph and even If they it If it is a photograph if it is a Screenshot of a video they’ve been Pretty [ __ ] lucky because they’ve

Almost Caught the original Yeah They’ve they’ve definitely caught the The essence Of uh The ufo one hundred percent am i too i’m Am i too much of a con conspiracy Theorist to think that um The These These recreations Have been made in such a way That they’re so close to the original That when you see the original you don’t See the original you see the recreations And therefore in your head you go that’s Absolutely real You’re telling me that It was mick pope Nick mick pope nick poe nick pope nick Pope that knew it was a fake Yeah you’re saying that Nick pogba He went out there He’s absolutely oh i don’t know if they Hoaxed it He went out there Right But he’s absolutely he’s absolutely Locked he’s absolutely making his own Law hasn’t he he’s been making his own Thing i mean I’m not

He chucked a plastic aeroplane into the Water That he’s floating on top of the water Next to the little it would be such a British hoax though wouldn’t you know When you look at like the old um Uh loch ness monster Hope for photographs that lasted for Years before before people people Realized it was just a floating It was a floating model it’s such a British hoax if that’s done like that It’s Cloudy day miserable On a [ __ ] On a lock somewhere Do we know anything about the person who Took the photo yeah he’s a [ __ ] liar Well Maybe maybe it was somebody’s wife Taking a picture of her husband out of The locker room There’s two guys that were out hiking What else they take pictures of So what if you stupid dude we saw a ufo [Laughter] Do you Here’s the thing I know that I said to you guys i’m convinced It’s the island But the more and more i look at the Actual image i i know definitely i that I could be completely wrong with that

And so could professor simon and the Person that sent Professor simon was he one of you two That sent it to professor simon by the Way Us Yeah no i’ve been i’ve been ridiculously Busy I haven’t had time to do my i’m joking I’m joking pranks and hoaxes Um I think what if he’s What if he’s smaller So she said Um It’s again look at the fence posts Right The angle The angle So someone’s above them on a hillside Looking down that’s not just someone Standing up there at an elevated angle Yeah I don’t think it’s not angle i think it Just looks like a hill to me it just i Used to he’ll see they’re up on the Other side But it doesn’t have to be that big a Bang the um but what i’m saying is it’s Obvious they’re looking down they’re not Looking up I tell you what it what does lend itself Away from the Um

The lake thing Is if I might use 30 [ __ ] years ago is if It’s farmland that’s around there Because those those lumps that are on The Fence That is sheep’s wool you know That’s it’s clearly a sheep’s fancy i’ve Seen it the the amount of sheep that Have tried to get away from me on hills Uh they rub against the the the wire and The their wool gets stuck in it yeah so I mean how close would she be to a to a Lock It’s not it’s not just that it’s when You look at that land it’s Where’s the Where’s the sections of it you know It doesn’t really look like farmland if You get me yeah i know i’m following you I i don’t understand how fences go up Where you all are Here everything has fences everybody has Fences yeah yeah no they don’t have Animals over there offensively only Fences and walls for purposes really Yeah but and and like they that there Which is clearly a sheep fence it’s it Is just literally posts banged into the Floor and bob wire hammered into it yeah So ours are three-strand if i zoom in

And see a sheep we’ve got it Make sure you find a good looking one Well you’d have to be going you’d get Right that line that goes all the way Along like that i know it’s not a real Line or a wall but that’s kind of where You Where you’d want it you wouldn’t I don’t It’s got to be here or here the picture Has to have been taken i think More This side Yeah well it’s not on the other side Because there’s loads of [ __ ] trees There so we’re not we’re not rearing Sheep in a forest But there is a tree That looks over You know i mean there’s a tree in the Original image Yeah I’m just thinking about the fence i’m Just i and i’m thinking about the fence I’m thinking there’s wool on it That’s Any farms around there early a little Scan around for A little scooch about follow the road Follow i don’t don’t zoom totally out Just because if if there’s a farm there It’s going to be it’s going to be the End Of end of one of those roads

Probably on the forest side to be fair It doesn’t look like there’s any Buildings around there but again 30 [ __ ] years ago isn’t it Yeah i honestly think with this one i Don’t think i think you everyone’s going To have the theory and i think this is Going to be the theory of a lot of People that this little culprit could be The the ufo i mean the most likely it’s Like this is the thing and this is i Think Something i’ve definitely noticed um Since i’ve been doing stuff with you on This channel Um Is that it’s very easy for people to Forget and to be fair not most of the Time not the people that Are on here as it usually it tends to be At least quite level-headed people Doesn’t that that come on this channel Um or at least you know if you talk About space man Let the level edit is [ __ ] Straight relative to things yeah level Yeah yeah Um But what i’ve noticed is is that the Is the complete and utter disregard of The the logical reason because people Want it to be real i want it to be real Of course i do even even if it’s not

[ __ ] aliens if it’s really cool [ __ ] tech that we don’t know Uh if somebody’s got which i think That’s to be perfectly honest here Even um The 90s was probably The last like heyday last hurrah of Um I don’t know so people get really angry With this sort of stuff do you but but I’ll say like british Engineering when it came when it came to Like military craft because we don’t Seem to Doesn’t seem to be our thing anymore Does it so if anybody’s got a Football-sized diamond aircraft in the 90s i’m afraid i don’t believe it’s the British army Jeremy Like we can we can accept that uh is There being a big flying diamond in the Skies or where was it like oh it’s uh It was um it was just like two miles Away from lockheed martin you go oh well That makes [ __ ] sense someone says we Saw a big diamond thing in the sky where Was it oh it was about 50 miles of Glasgow It’s not the same it’s not the same at All Let me i’m going to ask the i’m going to Put a poll I’m going to ask him

Oh Dave from the basin files is in the chat Hello dave Hey dave Hi dave Davis very kindly um Got us hooked up with his friend That will be joining us On friday’s show Steve pearce Dave’s covering up Yep that’s gonna be friday’s show people Um Yeah i’m gonna uh put a polo fellas to Ask ask the audience what they think if They think that this Could be The uh The culprit Makes all the sense in the world doesn’t It So it’s just a picture that got released Not a report with It notions of the account the guy i Think the guy that took the guy that Took the picture just sort of come out Of the woodwork it’s again though what a Strange [ __ ] time for it to be Happening You know you’ve had this slow ramp up And like i say you you put in Uh Just the lake’s name and look on google

Now it’s just this It’s now the ufo like Um I could say If there’s anything i believe it’s that There is a vested interest right now For people to believe in aliens Somebody’s gonna open a shop on that Rock This is gonna be a little bar It’s gonna be [ __ ] seasonal [Laughter] It’s gonna go through the roof the Locals be like where are all these People here Taking pictures of this little rock yeah I i do i tend to link and think it’s Just a reflection Yeah But do you think it’s a reflection of That rock dave Yeah probably Um I mean It’s a foggy area The professor Confirmed that I live in a foggy area the focus we Don’t know distance or scale or angle Um Yeah it’s it’s there’s a that’s a lot of Variables playing around with you know And This isn’t like

Seeing a glowing orb in the sky that Vanishes or something you see that thing Right down there on the left i mean Depending on what height the water yeah And it’s it’s odd shape the right angle There’s weird things out there not Everything has to be something it Doesn’t mean things don’t exist it just Means It’s that end bit dave that end bit that End one there i need to bring up his Channel that and that is where it When it pans out it looks the same sort Of Size Almost Yeah i mean the thing is if two guys Took the photo why haven’t they said More about it Like there should be a report to go Along with this there should be more Information not just hey here’s a photo Absolutely no context and vanish Unless they’re me only only i get to do That i totally claim the rights the Whole thing reeks of disinformation This is the thing too because obviously Like i’m sure you haven’t You’re not Like Uh [ __ ] out where’s your words lee Um you won’t be as familiar with this as Like like we are but like this this case

Of The the rumor of the the photograph with A flying saucer and A A harrier in it has been like British ufo folklore now You know i i’ve i remember i remember This popping up and up and down Like over the [ __ ] years So this story has been [ __ ] Pedaled Pedaled and peddled and battled like i Say not not not led by [ __ ] mr pope Either okay boys i found another island Just to put it in the woodwork Woodworks so you see where my hand is Yeah yeah I go back in time Another one pops up right here but close To the shore hey boy Now that Would make a lot more sense given Distance missed yeah You know what i mean they could be Closer to short looks kind of steep up There What’s that is that a little road or a Path or a fence on the edge of that Steep side right there Schneider Rich would say Well i don’t think they got anything Grounded there There you go um

Could be Could be That feels So if you if again if we if we change it It goes See the shoreline is changing all the Time Yeah It is it’s something like that isn’t it Yeah that would be good The thing that would make more sense With that as well because it’s so close I mean first of all if you um if you Were stood at that lake if you laid like Lakeside there or on the or on the hill Um Obviously complete [ __ ] guest is Looking at looking at google maps but That feels to be the same sort of Distance as what you would expect to see That little rock sticking out of the Water if that was the thing yeah it Would make more sense that if it was a Foggy morning because like i said it’s a Distance like how foggy is it how much Atmosphere is between x and y yeah you Know what i mean for one thing to be in In focus and everything else to be Obscured i mean yeah sometimes in the Mornings i can look out and see my Neighbor’s house but i can’t see the Mountains around us Looking out there that’s not a bad show That’s that’s massive though when you

Think about how high up you are yeah That’s huge yeah that that’s not a small Rock that’s a [ __ ] habit of a piece Of land Um I mean lonely but you could you could Put a house there Yeah look at that thing That Yeah yeah i mean and this was known to Be during a drought so you’re going to Want to look for something that wouldn’t Be there normally yeah yeah You could be guessing with this thing Forever i mean is that that’s that’s the The normal it’s the distance isn’t it For that one that makes the distance It’s the distance it’s size i mean again Without angle i mean we need perspective Right that’s a long way i mean that’s The you’re miles away from that That’s the thing to remember like well i Don’t know how far across that though do The little do the little clicky yeah It’s [ __ ] it’ll be huge but do they Just do the clicky thing do you can do The distance can’t you holly uh Yeah I Bring that back up I remember how to do it or tape measure Bring the ruler out Uh So what centimeters you know meters

Uh meters feet miles i don’t know Whoa my ego can only handle so much here Guys Keeping [Laughter] I’ll be honest with you guys it is uh it Won’t let me uh come off That By clicking mirrors That’s fine whatever you can say it’s Okay just just do just uh it will let 21 Whatever it takes i’ll i’ll try to get My tape measure out For some reason oh there we go Meters It’s 111 meters A long way It’s a long way how much to the other Side from the island The closest part No not the closest part directly across Yeah 198 So double the distance that would do it Yeah That if they were on that left shore Bank Taking a picture of the island it could Easily be obscured on the other side Maybe there were trees on both sides Maybe they weren’t just all on the right This is this is definitely a pie here Go to the other little island we found Oh yeah

Because i think You think that’s it i think that’s it The other one in the corner yeah Because there’s so much water behind That And it does appear to be steep as as Much as it can appear to be they can Still speech but What’s the difference there ollie Between That and Take me to take me past the edge like Past the Up to the cliff side yeah To where it gets green Um Come on why is it not like my mouse Click Looks like there’s other submerged rocks Right around there wait where do you Want that’s 21 me 21 meters go to the Top where it gets a little greenish no No no no no keep keep going left to like The green yeah where you would actually Or someone would be 38 me is 38 meters From here that looks like it’s higher Yeah 35. It’s a much more acceptable distance as Well isn’t it to be taking photographs Like that from Yeah And if you take a picture of there of

That you are going to see From that i’m not going to see anything Else yeah as as well i don’t know if you Guys have ever seen it um in the states But If you get wet that comes up high Sometimes and you’ve got These Posts to stop people falling in or stop Something falling in something sometimes They tend to slope Down you know the the barbed wire fence It can slope down If that’s 38 meters away then that’s not A guy in a boat Oh no he’s definitely not i don’t i Don’t think it is a guy in the boat Then that can’t be 38 meters away But could that not be something else That’s popping out of the water that Maybe it’s a you know Just Don’t forget what if game yeah but don’t Forget how shitty cameras were in the 90s This is true and you’re even with your Phone even with your phone which is a Reasonably good for a good thing now Um think about how many times you take a Photograph of something and then you Look at the photograph and what’s in the Obj in in the photograph is instantly Tiny That’s true okay i think it was charlie

Weiser that said this on her channel she And she put the ripples out in the first Place i think she was the first to do The ripples now If this is the culprit this tiny little Island here Let’s see how big the actual thing is There because i thought i thought the Ripples thing was daft as well to be Perfectly honest yeah it doesn’t make Sense yeah because you’ve made it look Like water you know in the same response I could say well i’m not going to put Ripples in i’ll put [ __ ] laser beams In and make it look more like a ufo It’s all that all that is is using Special effects to back up your own Theory you’re looking at about Just over five meters to six meters Across that but that’s obviously Depending on how how much of it shows at The time What if you got a model of an airplane And put it in the water next to it I mean that’s that’s going through a lot Of work To hold on to a picture for 32 years Have you ever heard of a guy called Billy myers Yeah the guy had one arm and put Massive flying saucers attached to trees Yeah but he didn’t hold on to the Picture for 32 years He didn’t hold on for them 32 seconds

Those exactly Like you’re talking about someone who Did a Very good hoax or say hey this kind of Looks like ufo i could make a heck of a Hoax out of this i’m going to sit on it For 32 years though and then i’m going To release it i’m not going to tell Anyone about it Apart from taking credit i’ll only tell Nick pope and he can tell everybody but We won’t show them the photograph The thing is i bet if if people scan This lake i’m sure people are going to Do it They’re going to find more of these tiny Little ones at the side can they turn Google water off Google water’s off there i think right That that’s is that the other that That’s back in time google water is only When you go to recent days i don’t think I don’t think that’s google water And it’s not lee it’s not not one no I think it is Sure no no because If if you’re looking at google water on Uh google earth pro oh it moves it moves Yeah right okay cool because it’s just If you look at that island it looks like It’s the The it looks like whatever the water Thing is going on is a Make it look strange

Well It would be amazing if we could get an Actual um Well i mean how far is it from you why Don’t you just drive out there It’s getting the time off work because You talk it’s about an eight-hour drive Ah a workshop it’s overrated to do that Um I like i said at the beginning of the Show i’ve thought about seeing my mate That is He’s in the area at lossimo so it’s kind Of on the way Um stop on over take some pictures That’s only eight hours though that’s a Weekend that’s not maybe swim out And do a live show from the rock you Could you could drive out there early on A saturday it’s only an eight hour drive Hang out saturday night drive back Sunday Yeah Do you know dave No Somebody else can do it how’s your pole Doing uh 50 Um It was it was it was like 60 at one Point yes and now it’s it’s got the nose Are winning Yeah there’s something still a bit 50 50 If you ask me i think this i think

There’s some people that really really Want to believe something to be honest No offense Well they might not be that they might Not just think that the that rock is the Culprit that was my question Is oh yeah maybe uh maybe the question Should have been is it a reflection Maybe that’s what it should have been so The only thing reflecting here is it Reflects badly on your questioning Yeah right you’re right i I do think it’s It’s more than likely a reflection I mean joe this I mean it’s [ __ ] disappointing isn’t It because If um You’ve got two options One option is it’s the reflection of a Rock on water the other option is it’s The most important photograph ever taken By human hands that we’ve ever seen Um I want it to be that second option which Is what i want to believe i do But the thing is though then you look at That and obviously this is what optical Illusions do but when you look at the Original It doesn’t look like somebody taking a Photograph of water though does it you Know i [ __ ] i don’t [ __ ] know i don’t Know

But apparently Like this is the other thing that’s one Of apparently six photographs Where’s the other five exactly Yeah i do know that if that is a harrier That is a weird angle for it to be at if If we’re Figuring that out i mean what’s the Thing is are they Why would the harrier be so close to the Photo taker or so far away or why would It be below right it’s a bad angle of Attack i think the Um unless that is a massive ufo that’s What i’m saying Again i’m going off how [ __ ] i think 90s Cameras were even if he was a camera Enthusiast you know and he was out doing Like nature photography or something Like that Um The In my head when i see that I now see reflection but if i didn’t see Reflection i see a massive craft and a a A a plane which is further away which is Banking to come around the back of it The cap the thing is with the harrier The the hurry For me it’s just there to back it up you Know what i mean boys it is just there To back That and i’ve just sent you guys the Original uh

Where people think it is Well it makes it [ __ ] sexy doesn’t it It makes it like the the idea that There’s been a massive ufo Scene some guy sees it and he sees the Military investigating it at the same Time it’s such a [ __ ] sexy idea See the thing is the way my mind works If you see something crazy classified And you’re taking pictures one you never Get those pictures back Especially in the 90s it’s not like it’s A digital upload no two you’re lucky If terrible things don’t befall you Because if it is a government program It’s a ton of money and it’s much easier To make you and you’ll push you off the Side of a cliff and say you fell yeah You’re out in the middle of [ __ ] but [ __ ] nowhere So Let me break oh somebody said they’ve Missed me i’ve missed This you’ve missed them yes i have Who was it said they missed you osvaldo Franco Yes yeah yeah I was i wasn’t sure i should have a Reunion episode i don’t know i don’t Know what the what the like eggplant and The squirt emojis were after it but There you go

Maybe they’re a vegetarian Always wash your veggies Lee and you dave are the reason why i Have to put over 18 is on my channel This is sexual energy By the way people i apologize if anybody Is getting keeps getting links to uh Naughty websites that’s because youtube Doesn’t do their job properly sometimes Are we getting are we getting naughty Website links oh i can’t i keep getting Them oh those are right those are my Websites but i get them after the show As well on in the actual comments yes That’s your browser history early Oh Nobody else sees that for you Right Let me bring this up so Hey heather bertie is a member for three Months Yes she is people if you want to become A member um and thank you so much have a Birdie and Everybody else that supports the channel In general just a thumbs up and sharing The video it’ll be great but you can Become a channel member and get these Little Strange Um emojis tic tacs There’s a few more as well they only let You add a certain amount

Then let you add a certain amount and Then and the more you grow the more Emojis you can make for the channel Have i got my own emoji yet I don’t have an emoji Get in line I’ll get behind you Why aren’t you I’m not i’m not a bloody what’s he Called a caricaturist is that the column I think i don’t think so we’re going to Start calling that caricature of a Ufologist Apparently travis walton has his own Bobble head that’s what i’ve heard Oh that guy’s such a dick You met him i have met him yeah Got a pitch dave with travis we’re Blurred out dave Um okay Did you get that close Oh is it just paid per view Oh no No uh i mean yeah it cost money uh That’s for sure but um i don’t know i Met him i met a bunch of people um I was curious man if you’re curious the Easiest way to know is to start Paying people It’s amazing how many doors will open For money Where is it Oh my god have i just saved it or not Give me two minutes boys

I think you just got a super chat or Something for four pounds and 49 cents Yes Or whatever you call it Yes that’s the lock thank you so much uh Nathan to see here Nath is that nate nathan to see here Yeah thank you very much nathan I appreciate that yeah that’s the lock My friend um i need to put the the Coordinates in the description it’s so Easy to find though you just put uh Calvin Into the internet into google earth And you just scroll a little bit To the left literally You know not even a mile and it’s there Right there it is ggg This is what i need to stop doing boys Is naming files silly names i do that All the time and then i can’t find them You should uh name them erotic things That you’ll remember right there we go I can’t believe there isn’t just a good Picture of that island you’d think There’d be something by nothing Yeah Nothing on google earth Must see audio is lee Someone was asking what your name is lee Hi Only has shows on spotify i do Uh must see audio hence the name go and

Listen podcast We do right podcasts There we go boys Nice So where’s the water There is no water but that’s where it Was supposed to have been taken so Where’s the water It’s a different location i’m not being Funny that really really [ __ ] looks Whether where that photograph’s taken It does i agree so where’s the water There isn’t Just just just click back that’s the Problem molly Well no no because because It’s only a problem for the debunk Though isn’t it This is why i’m bringing it up because You know we’re trying to Well i don’t even know if i’m trying to Debunk it i’m just putting things out There I i just believe i like to believe Let’s go back again Does that tree look like it could be That tree So uh mark d truth searcher says the Location has been verified by david Clarke But that’s the location that they said They took it Yeah but i’m not being funny on if you Go back go back um

Go back to that other photograph That Like that mound if you go For you see see the the the oh god i’m Putting my hand in front of my camera on It now go back to the like to to sorry Not the the yeah that can stay on that So you’ve got that one that’s fallen Over yeah i i think that photograph was Taken About six foot from where we are now to The left and you’ve got the that that That fallen over Post The one to the right of that If that was the post to the right there Then the bit of land you see Past the mist Just falls nicely in line with that slow Incline towards the other hill Are you talking about that mountain No no not the mount mountain that’s not A mountain that’s a [ __ ] that’s just A slope in it just just in front of the In front of the Posts yes i see that I think your man’s kneeling down i think He managed to took that photograph Kneeling down Looking up that’s why the foot that That’s why the poster at an odd angle Could be and you and you can just see You can just see The

What how Big that thing has to be then [ __ ] Huge [ __ ] Huge Does that tree not look like it’s Way off than posts No it i think it just took a different Time of year Damn that fence looks Away from that face So truth searcher makes a good point so Over 30 years the group of trees has Gotten either smaller or moved away from The post like moved away from the Original fence line Like you know they tend to go from the Outside in Could be Could be i mean the thing is So that that’s up on the hillside of the Same lock right so you’re up where those Trees are No no that is not this lock at all that Is not this lock at all no no somewhere Totally different but that loose Not doing any research about this That’s why i wait I’m not a ufo guy i just wanted somebody Who’s completely neutral to this to to Actually look at it and not know about It So i think it’s a hundred percent fake And it’s a hundred percent real I think two hundred percent that’s what

I’m giving this just blow my mind You’re welcome Go back to the photograph ollie the Picture of the thing I’m having it I mean there’s nothing to say in the sea Just because there’s a tree though let Me put this out there just because there Is a tree we’ve got a lot of trees in Britain it’s not just Not this Is that hill It’s it’s that hill and you can see it Just start to fade into that photograph Where Right you see down see See the the the far right um Post Yeah then if you see the the clump of The clump of uh wool that’s that’s Closest to the post yeah then then look Down and you can see the outline of Something going up Uh What are we doing with our time [ __ ] The the right thing dave we’re doing the Right thing we’re doing the gods god’s Work Jesus jesus doesn’t have photoshop dave We do I guess we got to put in that effort Okay so i’m going to end the poll now Uh that’s what she said

We are 40 Believe that This little culprit in the middle here Out of the 100 out of 100 So about 40 people Uh think that this little island Is because this is about 100 in the chat 95 now This little island is The culprit It is the carving ufo Um Sixty percent Think now i wonder if They think it’s an actual ufo Somebody in the chat just put a rock Nest monster and i think it’s [ __ ] Nice [Laughter] I mean the thing is without without the Rest of the story right without the rest Of the story without other details is There’s just too many infinite variables Like someone put on here could be Anywhere in the countryside because they Live in the countryside i i Agree with that like it could be Anywhere i 100 agree with that but That’s that’s the thing given um Uh I mean i’m i’m the same like 90 of where I live looks like that second photograph That’s why that’s the only thing i Couldn’t get over was looking at that

Photograph that look of Whatever it is if it’s a ufo or not The uh I can see how If that was an object in the sky i can See how that object was taken Given The climate Giving given what the uh Oh like [ __ ] what you call it The [ __ ] Stuff that’s in the air that means you Can’t see things [ __ ] no i’ve got there’s another word I’m looking for and that’s the thing i Can i can see how that would be a Photograph that could be taken Um and like looking at that that there It just look it looks like the same Place it looks like If i mean to be perfectly honest it Looks like the uh The place where they did the Reconstruction as well and if that if That’s the case then it would make sense I know lots of it is sex and up so it um It looks better on like [ __ ] Ancient aliens whatever they cover and Stuff like that But If if the Artist that did the

Reconstruction Knew where it was taken originally Then of course he’s gonna Put in that sort of topography into his Recreation uh ollie i think you missed Something on this poll i think uh once Again truth searcher got it right there Should be a maybe Because like is it a spacecraft what if It’s a trans-dimensional craft Right why are we using labels If it’s advanced government technology Well yeah i just Yeah i should i should have specified There you’re right I don’t know man it’s weird i don’t know I i definitely can see the the point of It being a reflection maybe not even of This particular rock on this light Do you want to do my poll dave that came Out wrong No No no i’m gonna i’m gonna pass i mean i Appreciate the pictures The calls the video messages You know that’s why i didn’t even Respond on sunday when you first sent This thing out i was like not again He’s got a [ __ ] tunnel there hasn’t He That is it seen some traffic that yeah Yeah which coming it’s just Which comment you talking about guys

I’m looking now it’s like you got to Plug it you just got to plug it to stop Otherwise you’ll just keep going Truth searcher Okay so it i mean it It’s still mixed again i i i put Spacecraft Is it a spacecraft yes no Why do you got 58 58 At the moment think i think no Yeah i do i do disagree with uh truth Seeker here’s what he’s saying the thing He said uh people live to discredit Others it’s more To discredit others it’s more fun than Giving credit i i don’t i don’t believe That i think it’s more It’s definitely more fun to believe That’s a [ __ ] spaceship than an Island that’s the The thing it’s it’s Like try debunking it is not me you Logged into my stream yet because i Cannot see truth seekers comment Anywhere i know i’m i’m on um I’m on youtube Yeah i’m on youtube i’ve got to use i’m On youtube No i’ve got a youtube window open with The chat that’s what i’m doing Yeah but i should see all the chat and Why am i not seeing truth seekers Comment that’s weird

He’s with the government Oh strange i can’t see true secrets no i I mean i’m not for tearing down other People or ideas i mean i get that like a Lot of that debunking frustrates me Because i think is a lot of lazy Thinking generally Um instead of actual investigation this I mean i mean i don’t know like i’m not Able to see that on the water from Ground level Right i i saw an overhead aerial that Kind of looked like it depending on Water table time distance What’s the thing in the foreground but You know lee made an excellent point From the fence line you know even if Someone’s not kneeling because the Topography out there is so extreme he Could just be down more and like a Little goalie you know what i mean or a Drain out And it would give that same bizarre Angle yeah um just quickly to uh nathan To see here you’re not muted i don’t I’ve just seen him pop up in the chat Asking if he’s muted you’re not muted so That i don’t mute people Oh no no i know you don’t i just maybe Know somebody didn’t reply to him or Something like that i don’t think it was Always i just wanted to let him know Um [ __ ] you know what 100 did i not expect

I i i didn’t expect To Irony to be on the fence about this by The time we finish this show I expect it to be off the fence and on The island I’m glad do you I’m glad you are on the fence because it Makes you more interesting natalie i’m More off the fence i’m more i’m more I’m more willing to believe That that photograph was taken at that Location um what uh What the Who she said it somebody saw me post it Up before and i can’t remember who i Posted up or maybe it was nathan to see Him that’s why that’s why he he said Somebody oh no sorry it was truth secret I think Um Said that on another channel There is multiple photographs of that Location Of the like the alleged Photograph site Um Are you talking about our truth seekers The channel true seekers Mark d Uh truth searcher oh sorry Sorry yeah come on man that’s what i’m Getting confused In the internet

In the into thin air hello my friend You’re gonna have to come on sometime I like to think of us as like a Uh ufo group right here so if he wants To find a [ __ ] link to senders that’d Be great Well well I do think a lot of people are gonna Cover this i do want to put this out There again that Uh yes i saw um Professor simon’s video today But Sunday I sent this to these boys because i’ve Been scrolling all over google earth Trying to to see if i could see anything That would resemble an island in water And i also found this as well at the Same time that was on the 14th of august People so i’ve never seen those messages Before and i have no idea who I know who lee is ali That’s not my name can i without giving Too much away about yourself Where were you when you sent those Messages I was at this computer right here all Right okay your battery your your Battery state considering you’re at home Is disgusting and never do that again no No no i screenshotted that today It’s shameful you said so you so you so You you no no no no no when i sent this

To you on sunday I was at the computer you’re right i Have 4g But yeah i’m also i was at work when i Screenshotted our chat today to just Show that right that’s great your Battery is still disgusting and only a Psychopath only a psychopath walks Around with their battery health that That low Iphone 12 mini that’s why Well it’s not my fault you’ve got a Girl’s phone but just getting a Challenge Phone Like this giant samsung whatever that New one is Anyway i’m gonna The poll at the minute Is Real spacecraft 46 of people think it’s a real Spacecraft Well if a lot of these people in the us They’re probably off work on the east Coast and a lot of people enjoy a little Bit of cannabis in the evening so Okay i want it to be a real spacecraft I really do i kind of want it to look Like that to be honest with you yeah i Do that i think if a real ufo looked Like that that would be all the better You should ask ai what ufos look like I’ve done that and it comes back with

Very weird shitty images It um it would explain pyramids a lot More If uh if ufos made it right actually They actually fly yeah We just need an oil change yeah you guys Are just idiots so we took the keys with Us Maybe I find it interesting that two p two p i I don’t think it was professor simon i Think one of these guys sent it to him i Find it interesting though That other people have found that this Particular rock including myself And are Making the assumption that that Is This I’m not gonna lie I thought When the uh We’re not work like when when the rock Like rock gate started I i was under the impression that That was definitely the that was Definitely the place where the Photograph was taken i didn’t realize That the photographs were supposed to be Taken somewhere else up until like like Half an hour ago So I i would need way more info um just Operating on what it looks like in the

Sky it looks awesome i mean i’ll take it At that it does look like it could be a Plane but The lock I mean how close is this locked to the Reported place where this photo was Taken oh it’s like literally i’ll show You um Oh the reported place yeah Play the video that i started editing on Sunday at the end of the show i played At the beginning of the show Um I never got around to doing that I’ll be honest with you so there you go Between that and the cell phone battery Thing you got a lot to answer for man i Know you need to take a look at your Life figure out what you’re doing with It yeah it’s really not just From the center though i mean he’s got a Family dave like actually I need him From the center of actual calvin It’s here so That’s what let’s go to miles Do you do you i’m not excited you know What i’m when i’m concentrating I’m not letting you derail me Here we go he immediately regrets having Us come on It’s the first time he’s ever stopped Himself getting railed oh my god why why Can’t we play the gate there we go

Five miles away five and a half miles Away Well as the bird flies I’m like alien girls just popped in the Chat she said i think it’s a straight up Flying saucer more of a diamond than a Saucer but i i’m I’m going that side You think it’s you you you see I think I think the thing is you think you Started this show Yeah yeah i think but that was before i Saw the photograph of where the picture Was supposed to be taken and that makes More sense Makes more sense it makes more sense That it’s It’s that Do you know what spoils it for me It’s probably the same [ __ ] fence Because those things never get [ __ ] Replaced it’s probably the same fence The airplane though is just It’s it’s too much I don’t like is it too much I mean if it is if it isn’t [ __ ] they Can’t pause in the air man yes i Absolutely do that So I have a buddy that’s a hairier pilot I’d love to send it to him but he’d just Look at me like i’m crazier than he Already looks at me like

Right i think it was one because that’s The thing right if that’s a harrier it’s Low yeah oh they can get low but but You’ve got uh Um don’t forget if you’re taking Photographs of stuff because like i mean I’ve i’ve took um Photographs performing the one cars They’re rapid by the way not not [ __ ] Uh Jet fighter speed but the thing is You’re a lot closer to formula one cars You can make up for 200 miles an hour Really quickly by moving really [ __ ] Slowly not moving and not moving a lot And yeah you that you might not take a [ __ ] hundred great photographs but You’ll get a crystal clear photograph of A car traveling at 200 miles an hour i Don’t think it’s moving if it is a hero It’s probably just In hover i think it’s moving i think It’s far away i think it’s banking and It’s coming around i think yeah I don’t know either way i mean again we Don’t have When things are in the sky distance at a Certain point you just Death perception’s gone It’s too far away That thing looks huge nathan to see here Says it’s also has no left wing let me Have a look let me have a look at the Original i don’t think it’s banking

I think this guy in a row boat does have A left in the sky No i think Yeah but that’s that The rainbow would have to be [ __ ] Huge as well I have perspective that depends to make It If it’s close If it’s that offense man it’s that [ __ ] fantastic defense is the problem Yeah and that’s the thing those things Don’t go places no the fence makes me Think it’s in the air Yeah I think you’re right with the kneeling i Think you’re right with that brushed Scrub up on the left and you can kind of See on the right like a hillside curving Over the top yeah where it’s set back And that’s like a little You could even be sat down you’re like Sat down could be if i saw something Like that i’d probably sit my ass on the Ground Yeah this enhanced version uh that uav That Fernando did okay With yes with ai but it kept it kept its Shape he kept the shape of the original All i did was enhance the actual image But look at the shape of it it’s just It’s beautiful i hope they do look like That it’s knobbly

Alien girl said some people think it’s Fog and the That’s the peak of a mountain i’ve seen That theory it doesn’t to me that Doesn’t [ __ ] work i don’t know You you you would literally need a hole In the fog For that to take the to take the Mountain out the foreground and leave That and yeah It’s That i i will take [ __ ] um I’ll take mick west blaming [ __ ] A paraquin falcon before i believe that Well boys uh we’ve been going an hour And a half on this and i think we’ll Just keep going round in circles on it i Wanted to do the video more than Anything to get people talking and Looking into it more because if if Somebody actually goes out to that Location on google earth Um And In britain and takes some pictures and Actually finds something that Represents that Then It could get interesting So The the main reason for doing this was Not to debunk this at all it’s not a Debunk that’s why i put in the title Calvin ufo or uso

Um I’m i’m i tend to lead more down the Reflection route But what the reflect is the i do think That is an airplane Is it a toy airplane Is it As he just so happened to get a Reflection of an airplane flying Up high I don’t think that’s i think that would Be like striking gold and also the tail End Is would be flipped so here’s the thing Though the the plane wouldn’t be Reflecting in the water with the mist it Would be a very low plane to do that Right it would be well under it would be Well under safety if you can’t if we Can’t see the other side of this lock Allegedly yeah because of the myth There’s no way you’re getting a plane to Reflect now that will not happen You know what’s minimum flight what What’s the minimum Minimum safe flight distance or probably Like 200 feet right even for like small Prop lanes You can fly uh what do they call it [ __ ] Me my ultra lights yeah that’s not an Ultra light though My um Um my uncle uncle was in the raf And they used to call it flying to a

Camel’s eye Where they were They can fly them at like [ __ ] eight Feet above the ground Because that was gonna be that way yeah Even no matter what the the mist Yeah i think that’s the thing yeah Which it the the i i just don’t think You’re gonna get a plane there it’s Gonna like you say it’s gonna reflect in The water no no and especially not so Perfectly either you know it’s What i want to say Is the photographer to go out to this Area And take a picture Exactly like similar to that you should Do that I mean That’s the problem isn’t it it’s going To be difficult because there’s no [ __ ] There’s no topography in it we Where’s the other five photographs That’s the big thing now isn’t it yeah Where’s the other photographs this is Supposed to be one of six Is he definitely supposed to be Interesting Yeah yeah i read that somewhere Yesterday That this i thought it was just one Or two sets of three which would be if It’s one it’s [ __ ] if it’s one it’s

[ __ ] because one it’s [ __ ] yeah Yeah you don’t take one photograph of This i can perfectly i can accept Someone takes three or four photographs And then stops taking photographs i’m Pretty sure i mean everybody in the in The chat is it Do you believe it’s one photograph i’ve Only ever seen one photograph only heard Of one photograph I i think i i think i read that it’s Supposed to be one of six in fact well i Know i read it somewhere whether that’s True No idea I can’t I can’t say that word ever phantom Morgana illusion um I don’t think so Because that that i mean i think that’s Doesn’t that happen over longer Distances with a lot of heat haze yeah Hey you know who we need we need travis Taylor he’s an optical physicist There you go um Or the man in the boat or the man in the Harrier Or the man in the flying diamond rock All three of those men are now [Laughter] Dead it’s not even uh It’s not even confirmed whether The diamond rock man is actually man Moon lich yes that’s what i know is that

It looks like a downward angle of the Camera Yeah It does What yeah it’s the fence post we said That earlier but it could be Again i mean because there’s no So There’s no perspective like there’s Nothing behind it there’s nothing to Gauge it So that mist has totally blanked out the Water even though it’s a mirror Reflection so it’s just Reflecting That’s actually another thing i have a Problem with So again there’s a lot of lakes and it Just now occurred to me when the fog is On the water like that You still see the water yeah so if it is That foggy that i can’t see the water But i can see a guy in a rowboat and This island that’s glowing Compared to everything else Okay yeah it is one of six boys I’m glad the other five yeah I’m glad that you believe darkest gooner And not me i know where i stand now I i did not believe it it’s just i i did Not not believe me though did you Because all i did You just took lee’s self-worth and threw It in the toilet it did yeah with last

Night’s plug Well anyway people um It is on you find it on google earth um It is i’ll just quickly show you where It is i’ll probably put the coordinates In the uh Description You see someone just said there the Picture’s upside down so explain the Fence And you can say oh it’s an upside down Fence it’s a reflection of a fence right Well okay but we’ve looked at the area Right there’s no fence there but there’s A fence in the place where they’re Supposed to be taken I like that idea i’m with that now idea Yeah like i said these these things And maybe it’s not even that fence but Let’s just go to the fact that there’s No fences On that Uh on that lock Now these things yeah but now but these Things don’t [ __ ] move there’s fences Up on the mountain where i live that Will probably put there by my [ __ ] Dad’s uncle These things don’t [ __ ] go anywhere Unless they’re not I get i think we’re going to keep just Going over and over it people go look For yourself If anybody has more information send it

To me I’ll send it to professor simon Uh who’s been in the chat tonight that’d Be a nice little drive holly you should Take and look at it eight hours man That’s nothing Call vine here if you type it in Literally just scoot across to the left There’s the lake Lake Someone just pointed a good a good thing Here um Uh mind-blowing cover-ups Is that yeah where is yeah you know mine I can’t i can’t read it’s all one word I’ve that [ __ ] baffles my [ __ ] Stupid brain when that happens but he Said that That’s the weird thing Why would a news agency not run a story Before giving it to the ministry of Defense that would suggest Yeah not one in the same Way it would it would suggest that There’s a [ __ ] protocol for this sort Of thing because even if it’s let’s say It’s a reflection of a rock and a lake Yeah You’ve still gone to a local news Like to the [ __ ] daily record which If we’re perfectly honest if you show Them a decent sandwich and say it was in Scotland they’ll put it on the front Page

Um There’s Why wouldn’t you run it You’ve got something that could be a ufo Why wouldn’t you run the story even if It’s just [ __ ] page 16 just under Like Custard [ __ ] fire in factory You’d still run the story because it’s Interesting and if there’s anything that Newspapers need to do it’s fill column Inches And that’s worthy of a column inch no Matter what it is See and even again like so someone’s Saying that sorry i’ll just go back Because i’ve just realized something Yeah thank you thank you jennifer for The super chat there landscape Superimposed so the idea is that if this Is a reflection it’s somebody looking Down on something like that that’s the Rock in the water so again I i don’t believe those trees that are Above us Look like that In a reflection of water it’s too clear Eve Even You you would get movement of water even When you see like these glassy pictures Of you know you see like the forests That are reflected in the water again One of the reasons they always look like

Mirrors is because you’re far away from Them so i accept that that rock in the Middle Could be a reflection of something But i’m i don’t accept that if that’s Right and where we’ve we’re supposed to Have this tree behind us we’re looking Down and that tree is a reflection of What’s behind us So I mean first of all where are we in this Photograph if that if that’s how like if That’s the like the reflectivity that’s Going on if you’re looking down on Something But i don’t believe something that’s That close to us reflecting on the water Is that clear You would guess surely you would get Some sort of distortion in those thin Leaves I don’t know It’s so much more interesting than i Thought it was now i thought i genuinely Thought right this is that’s [ __ ] it And i i’m i’m usually the person i think That edge is on the side of debunked Do those Leaves at the at their Left unsightly not look distorted to you A little bit Or just after no no no no it just looks Like ferns unfortunately my let me move My screen because my camera is uh in the

Way of Of that no it just looks like it just Looks like bush it just looks like ferns What if it Yeah they’re get they’re getting Squirrely everyone’s showing up Yeah no we are wrapping up anyway boys Uh so yeah People uh head on over uh Google earth you can find it yourself Literally just typing calvin it will Take you there To the center And then just nip across to the left Here a little bit There is a lake with a name that i Cannot pronounce lok Er Erochi Now i’m butchering that name Scottish names i cannot pronounce But that’s the lock anyway it’s there Uh and that’s the nipple right there Which disappears every now and again Um We did find another nipple tonight Though Right on that bank there But people Just If anybody lives by Go take some pictures of that little Island if it is there uh and If you can try and recreate

That image um I don’t think This is gonna be debunked anytime soon i Think people are just gonna have Theories on it um it’d be great to speak To the actual people that took the Picture there’s two of them Be great to speak to them but Guys Thank you so much to everybody in the Chat everybody that supported the Channel uh Whether it’s been Sharing it Super chatting Like in it whatever you do to support The channel I thank you so much uh you can go and Check the merchandise buy yourself Something if you want despite further If not just share it on social media That always helps but guys Make sure you get ready for friday’s Show Because we have One Of The Crew members From the travis walton case And it is that guy right down the bottom There the youngest one Steve pearce Is gonna be live on alien addict um

It’s going to be a good show is is he What what did one of them come out and Say it was a hoax I think you have to wait until friday to Find out Yeah let’s wait till friday to find out Okay there is stuff out there though Leah you could just google it I’ll speak i’ll speak to you after the Show but yeah they were i mean mike did Say something Like rogers um but yeah i don’t want to Get good because We need to disappear now a belt and Tension You are building tension Keep building it It didn’t really happen that’s not Building tension is it that’s the Opposite i don’t know all right okay no No that’s not all right Hey you know I’m joking hey i gotta wait what if I could get you guys what if he’s a Government disabled info agent Whose job is to spend stories I would love to speak to a government Disinformation agent i’ve been told he’s Already here That’s the thing isn’t it like don’t go Like getting cia guys to do this pay me I’ll say what you like any any any cia Okay listen to this i will i will say

I’ll lie to my mother just pay me cia Guys would be boring i promise you Boys if you if you’re going to stay About for two minutes after the show That’s that’s fine if you need to bail Need to bail that’s fine i understand David for a minute I’m going to end with the video that i Started editing on sunday but i thought I needed to just put it out tonight so I will it’s not finished people i’m not Going to finish it now i just needed to Put it out because somebody else also Found it Um guys thank you so much Good night god bless i’m alien addict Like share subscribe Thank you The video’s coming One second Do Do So