1800’s Church With A Sad Past #paranormal #paranormalinvestigation #ghost

By | August 10, 2022
1800's Church With A Sad Past  #paranormal #paranormalinvestigation #ghost

Wow This is really nice It is beautiful Okay so we were told By the person that told us about this That A little girl Died When her father was building the church And that a beam fell on her head and Killed her Back in the 1800s She’s probably buried out there in that Cemetery there are some graves behind Here Apparently from what he said people have Told him that every once in a while You’ll see the little girl in here okay Whether she’s sitting at a pew or Okay Wow i wonder if we could turn those Ceiling bands on Yeah it is so hot in here Oops that was my shoe so i’m gonna go Ahead and just set this up right here For now yeah Set the camera up right there Set up the red pod And

See if we get any activity in here Hello You have a beautiful church here We don’t need any disrespect or anything Like that Um And thank you so much for Allowing us to come in here And We communicate with spirits on the other Side And if there are any spirits here In this little church That would like to communicate with us Tonight Can you light up the meter that’s on That table with the red light on it Get close to it and light it up for us So that we know that you hear us and That you see us and that you would like To communicate with us Thank you thank you you can get a little Closer to it it’ll light up like a Pretty christmas tree My name is patty and this is cece Is there any way that you can Make some kind of sound in here Or something to Wow that’s amazing Wow You are making a sound with that so That’s good can you make a knocking Sound or anything else

I’m told that we can hear your footsteps Sometimes we would really like to hear Those And reset it See if it goes off again Sorry to hear about The loss of life here It’s just horrible that must have been Very traumatizing to lose your child While trying to build a church Just horrible We would love to communicate with the Spirit of the little girl as well Are you here can you let us know that You’re here somehow like Maybe make a sound or something we’ll be Really quiet Okay Awesome thank you And you stop make it stop now So It’s a beautiful church you did a great Job building it Do you hear that It was getting worse and worse What the crap We’re so happy that we were able to find This place this is amazing it’s Beautiful um they’re really keeping it Up nice here I bet that makes you happy huh You can try to talk to us we we might be Able to hear you we’re both really good At hearing spirits

We also have a camera that can pick it Up as well Can you make the lights flicker or Something Is there any way for you to make the Lights flicker Do you know how to do that Why is there always a barking dog Everywhere we go wherever we go seems Like there’s always a dog somewhere in The distance barking I am getting the letter a you are yeah Anything happening We have a spirit box that we’re going to Turn on and you can actually communicate With us through that spirit box we’ll be Able to hear you I’m definitely going to be turning it on Here in just a minute So i’m getting um It’s like A it reminds me of like a wagon wheel Okay that makes sense you know the brown With the thing like It’s like with the spokes but it’s like A wagon wheel Just that shape it’s that shape So i’m going to go ahead and turn the Spare parts off A little bit Do you want to use this I’m getting a ladder A ladder You might have been on the ladder okay

I’m getting a ladder but i’m getting the Wagon wheel but then the ladder came Into my head not and it’s just one of The straight not not one of the straight Ones that it’s the actual ladder that You know okay yeah yeah i’m getting a Ladder Okay this device right here you can Actually communicate with us through This device if you could come through And let us know how many spirits are Here let us know what your names are Um Anything that you want us to know We would love to communicate with the Little girl that lost her life here as Well so would you please come through And let us know your name [Applause] Hello What’s your name [Applause] How old was [Applause] Hmm What What is it

What is it That’s a gas spider no On the inside Oh hell I’m scared that thing we just as long as We know where it is Yeah it’s a big end we’ll stay away from That area there is a big ass spider over There it’s a big one You just stay right over there buddy My name is patty and this is cece Can you say our names so that we know You hear us Maybe Hi That was plain Can you tell us what year this church Was built Who built this church what’s your name Can’t wait to hear what you’re saying That Are you guys all buried in the cemetery Behind here Hey It is so hot in here All right we’ll turn this back on in Just a minute okay we’re gonna listen

And see if we hear anything and it is Very hot in here Should we open up a door like this side Door do you think i’ll have some air in Here that’ll stay open No God leave Okay we went ahead and uh Kicked the air on for a little bit i Don’t think they’ll mind if we Run the air for a little bit just to Cool off because it’s extremely hot in Here I hope not yeah i mean The church is open To the public you come in here anytime You want And we will turn it off when we get Ready to leave Let me just show you around a little bit Look at that I think that’s beautiful Look at that They have an old piano here Some angel candles That’s the cemetery out there Hmm It’s got a suggestion box that’s cool This is beautiful You know what went ahead and turn the Inner back off it’s just gonna be i Think it’s just gonna be too noisy The fans are quiet that’s good yeah Hello

The little girl that passed away here is There any way you can Maybe Run through the church and let us hear You or see you Because we’ve heard that you do that Sometimes and people have heard you and Seen you we would love to hear you or See you or both Can you do that Just a bird there’s some sort of like a Bird I don’t know they’re showing me pictures On the wall and it’s in this corner that It’s showing it to me okay the ladder we Got wagon wheel and Maybe that’s the stuff that used to be In here very possible but i don’t know Why it’s showing me a bird yeah i don’t Know if it’s just like the emblem I did my meditation before we left To open up okay so they can talk to me Tonight but I’m not hearing anything i’m just seeing The stuff they’re putting for me okay I wonder how old the little girl was What are you thinking i keep getting six Or seven but In my mind yeah i um I don’t know he basically said that the Father was building this place And he brought his

Daughter to work with him that day And that she was all playing While he was building and one of the Beams fell on her So we just learned about this church Just a little while ago so we haven’t Really had a chance to do Okay the camera just stopped recording All right Put it back up here i had to just Turn it back on That was weird Okay So anyway so what we were talking about Was that uh we just learned about this Church a little while ago we haven’t Really had a whole lot of time to to do Any research on it but we will before i Put the video out and whenever i find Out i will You know mention it in the video notate It somehow but We don’t really know much other than What we were told by the person that Told us about this place he lives in This area and he’s been here a couple Times Hello little girl We have a toy over here for you that Lights up too you can roll it off of There or Pick it up Kick it I heard something behind the camera i

Heard that i heard that and it’s not me It’s so quiet in here though we can hear Almost every night man I’m hoping to hear something so that’s Why we’re just being kind of quiet you Know waiting to see if we hear anything Like that I feel like it got heavy all of a sudden I do too i felt that too it’s funny that You said it feels different yeah just From when we first got here Yeah it definitely does Um it feels very heavy in here now when It didn’t before yeah Hello who’s with us Who’s here make make some noise or Something do something Do something to really just blow us away Like the lights flickering or a knock on The wall something Walk across the floor Can you do something like that No just making sure i’m just looking Around She’s still got that spider on her mind I’ve got these though i’m just making Sure there ain’t nothing around me yeah I keep looking over there to make sure It’s still there in the same spot yeah Yep i know i keep looking that way How sudden like when it got heavy in Here it’s almost like i have neck pain Really

She got neck pain guys um like all Through here When i’m turning my head that wasn’t There before And it’s almost like I don’t know maybe she broke her neck or Something Um That’s very very possible i don’t know But i’m kidding this pain in my neck is All right through here just sitting here Oh wow All right You might be feeling What happened to her oh no The pain in my neck was not here before I can’t wait to do some a little bit of Research on this church just to find out More I wish we didn’t even know the name of The church i know we Um we’re coming into this blind You know we really other than the little Girls dying here that’s all we know let Me look in this book maybe it’ll say the Name of the church Well there it is Oh Let me look that up okay yep Oh my god it’s getting stronger like i Feel the pain in my neck but the crap oh Man I don’t know Okay

Sam Oh yeah the fan is now making a noise That’s weird wasn’t making a noise a Minute ago Look how it’s rocking It just started doing that it’s just Started like it’s like almost like it’s Rocking a little bit more Do you see that little cat toy that’s Sitting over there On the back of the chair can you go over There and touch it Really appreciate it if you could touch That little cat boy This was in 1996 this was marked as a Historical landmark okay Let’s turn the spirit box back on see if I can get any more spirits All right i’m going to turn this box Back on come talk to me Hello Good I think You’re coming through very well So

Can you Knock Or Flicker of lights for us Hey Okay Okay i have two different things here I have this little Ball can you get close to that It’s gonna light up for me But it sounded like a bang noise yeah i Thought i heard something too but it Sounded like it came from over here Oh i heard it like something i just Don’t know what it was he said it Sounded like There yeah Well make that noise while we don’t have This box running so we can see which way It’s coming from You do that again please Is that door open before what door the Closet door yeah I don’t Recall It is cracked though Huh i don’t know how did i not notice

That before i Yeah i didn’t touch it know if that was Open Oh looks like that’s where the air Handler is I can’t find any So you can’t find any information about The place All right well i’ll try to do some Research on it later This is a very pretty church I think it’s so cool that they still use It you know The hell was that it’s only a music plan Oh okay Let’s Take a look out here at the cemetery Look at that Definitely want to take a walk out there In a little bit Hear that dog barking in the distance Okay i’m gonna turn the light off we Don’t want the bugs to follow us back Inside Okay so we took a little bit of a break Um We killed the spider And uh We have the lights out now So I’m hoping and it’s a little bit darker Out it’s about a half hour later so we Took like a half hour

Well we had to let it cool off we had to Let it cool off a little bit um so we’re Gonna see if anything changes now that It’s a little bit more dark and that we Have the lights out inside Here we do have them well we don’t have Them all the way out we had them dimmed So i know we can still see a little bit Let’s see what happens All right where’s that rim pile what do I do with it Oh I put it away from that car Oh So one thing that happened when we Took a break There was a truck They came from out of nowhere we started Packing up the bag real quick because we Wasn’t sure what was what was happening But Came from back behind the cemetery with Bright lights shining all the way up Here and just kind of slowly drove past And through here Like the only thing back there is that Cemetery yeah we didn’t see the truck go In the cemetery what what You saw something again oh no no but Yeah so we’re sitting here talking and Trying to cool off a little bit and all Of a sudden cece is like oh my god What’s that what’s that what’s that so i Got up and look i should turn the camera

On but i didn’t know what was happening Um we didn’t know if they were gonna Come inside Uh but whoever it was drove through real Slowly but where did they come from how Did they get way back there Unless there is they were back there Before we got here we didn’t see them Yeah Could be I don’t know that was that was just Really weird it just freaked me out Because i’m like One minute to dark and the next minute The windows are lighting up i’m like What is that going on here that was Weird Okay All you got to do is come over here and Touch it just like this look Just get close to it and it will light Up like that can you do that for me Please Okay so we’ve been kind of hanging out Here as you can see i’m sure you’ve seen Us and we’re just kind of You know listening for things to hear or See anything And it’s darker out and we dim the Lights Is You didn’t hear that Come on I just i still can’t get over that truck

Coming That was me i moved on a little bit That trunk literally came from the Graveyard back there it just like came Right out of the graveyard we didn’t see It pull in though we would have seen it Pull in it’s easier that’s better okay Yeah Can they see that yes oh it just went Off again You like it there Excuse me So we have the little ball toy and we Have the rib hide with the red light on It So if you would like us to stay longer Light it up Or if you’d like to talk to us some more On the machine Let the truck Can you make a sound for us please Anything at all any kind of sound just Do something Did you hear this It Can you do that again That would you light up one of the Lighting thingies The ball The lighting freaked me out a little bit I Know I mean it literally sounded like it was In like one of the pews behind me

Thank you for doing that for us we Appreciate it I really don’t know what to say i wasn’t Expecting that Anything so far You could hear a mouse part in here There’s nothing on my back right no There’s nothing I did feel something touch me Is that you touching me I just felt like fingers went on my back Like real like oh that’s nice Would you like me to turn the spirit box Back on again oh my god Are you sure So But this literally feels and sounds like It’s right in here that it’s making this Noise You feel like you’re behind Can you do that again please the catwalk Went off again look I mean i don’t know if it’s the Vibration from me walking on the floor Or Let me walk and see what happens Oh okay well i did if i stomp the floor It would go well that was normal walking Huh I guess that could i don’t know i mean i Don’t feel any vibrations here yeah i Don’t i don’t know we’ll see we’ll we’ll

Try to be as still as possible just so We can see If it continues to do that okay i’m Going to turn this back on again Come on talk to us a little more tell us Some more information about this church Little girl if you could tell us your Name too that’d be great yeah Hello Or When you think about the fact that this Church is still Be here Um Bye Oh Another question Is god okay with us Be okay with it You know it says in the bible about Raising the bed but we’re not trying to Raise the debt We’re giving you guys a voice Are you allowed to talk to us

A lot of ways All right thank you so much Can’t wait to hear back what i can pick Up on I do feel like we’re being watched Though i do too Weird And i still can’t get over the truck Where did it come from When we leave we’re gonna i want to take A drive like back here i want to see Like is there like a road that comes Through And we didn’t see them go back there Just like at the cemetery a long time Ago it was filming at the spring hill Cemetery and all that light’s going off Again but it might be me walking i don’t Know But we were filming at the spring hill Cemetery and there was these cops that Started talking to us About being in the cemetery you told me That yeah they went inside the cemetery And we were like 45 minutes later we were like damn they Never came out So we go back there because that’s where Our cars were parked we had to get our Cars And These cops were nowhere in sight they Were gone there was only one way in and One way out

Whoa Oh it’s speeding in my purse now look Oh my oh where’s that coming from Yeah it’s sensing something Are you sitting over here next to me Can you make it leap again if you’re Sitting next to me Cece’s got the munchies i’m hungry oh There it goes Thank you Oh it’s getting hot again Thank you very much see how easy that is Can you do that to the one back there With the red light on it can you go Close to that too We love it when that thing lights up Like crazy I’m starting to get creeped out in here Yeah My neck is still Hurting no no Whoa Nothing else is coming through to me It hasn’t shown me anything else Wow this thing’s going nuts And i just put brand new batteries in it Too that was another thing i did with The room brake Batteries in it I’m gonna take one of these out real Quick Oh my goodness i know it’s lighting up Like crazy let me take it out and put it Back in and see if it does it again

Listen Oh it’s a dang dong again He’s loud So you can actually communicate with us Through the camera as well so if you Want to Try to talk to us into the camera you Can also do that Just letting you know Okay We’re going to go ahead and go Thank you so much for welcoming us here Into your little church They’re gonna have to come back here in The winter when it’s nice and cool yes Maybe set up our grid lightning yeah We gotta come back we gotta come back Now that we know about this place we Need to come back when it’s a little bit Cooler out maybe october or november And set up the grid lights I don’t bring the grid lights with with Me everywhere i go only because Um Most places You know know where to plug it in at but There’s definitely somewhere to plug it In here And the bible say kt b what’s that name Kjv okay yeah kjv Oh king’s james version oh okay that’s What that means Okay I’m really glad that he told us about

This place this is this yeah i know this I love this place i do too and we’re not Getting ate up by bugs I think what we’ll do is we’ll drive Back there but i’ll film the outside of The car because i know the bugs are Going to be horrible and that little That little graveyard back there the Bugs are going to be hard oh all right At least we’re going to drive through All right with that truck Because that’s weird how it just Appeared out of nowhere yeah that was Really weird Well paranormal activity doesn’t happen All the time um You know we Certainly Certainly tried that wasn’t me It doesn’t happen all the time but uh we Certainly look for it and try our best To capture something so and you know in The footage we could have caught some Orbs Shadow figure back there we heard Knocking We heard the thing earlier That it sounded like a thump mm-hmm Yeah I don’t i don’t it’s so quiet So we just left the church and we’re Gonna drive through here to see where That vehicle could have came from [Applause]

All right Sorry about that guys my camera just did A flop All right so This looks like the end of it this is The dead end it’s just going into the Trees And Maybe we didn’t see them pulling and There’s a really circle Maybe but how did we not see them i Don’t know i don’t know how i couldn’t Stream that headlights coming inward Because that is not a road It’s just all circuits Yeah They must have Lived around and we didn’t see them They must have Yeah because there’s nothing back here Unless they were parked back here They could have already been parked back Here Look there’s a ditch right there Oh yeah here’s the road oh there isn’t I think i should try to go this way On the road yeah it’s just taking us Around the church okay So maybe they can’t oh you know what They might have come in from this way That’s what i’m saying yeah Because we I don’t know either but now we know that They could have possibly came in this

Way So yeah that bet that’s what it was i Bet they came in from over here Yeah so there it is guys there’s the Little church we were just filming at It’s so pretty it is very pretty Wow I wish we had got more activity out of There but you know when i watched the Footage back maybe we caught some things On camera we don’t even know about yet Well we got a little bit of knocking Yeah You heard breathing i didn’t i didn’t Hear that and i got this You

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