Live With Patty & Cece

By | August 6, 2022
Live With Patty & Cece

Hello everyone I don’t see anybody here yet It is one o’clock in the morning here in Florida People are probably like did she just go Live at one o’clock in the morning But it’s five o’clock somewhere Yeah it just notified me that I’m live it probably notified me too but I’m in there charging my phone You’ll see the comment section right There Molly Come here It says three’s watching Well hello hello three people Hello daryl Hi daryl evans how are you Hey rosanna what’s up You guys are probably like why is she Going live at one o’clock in the morning Right She never goes live at one o’clock in The morning i made her Hi jenna with in the stars and vlogs With jacob Rosanna daryl I don’t expect to get a whole lot of People this time of the night but you Know what like i said it’s maybe a Surprise Hello patricia Luke um andrew christina matthews hi There

Michelle davis It’s six here ain’t been bit to be okay Like six in the morning in the morning Yeah what are you in the uk Daryl the uk is five hours ahead of us So yeah yeah Yeah Hi ava Going to bed early it didn’t work ah Yeah i hear you Hi we writer how are you gail palmer Hello Abby blackburn hi there Well i am at cece’s house right now we Just got done filming somewhere We figured we’d go live for a little bit I haven’t put out a video in probably Over a week so i wanted to talk to you Guys a little bit Fill you in on what’s going on Hi joey hi fez fezza Fezza yeah that’s a jaden Denzel hello there Ah christina Oh thank you so much christina Hi shelly Yeah we writer’s always here hi eva Eleven karen vickers hey girl there’s my Girl karen Hi kim She’s a sweetheart she said where do you See what she sent me i’m gonna i’m gonna Sleep in it tonight it says queen on it She got me a coffee cup too that says

Queen Hi chalice Chalice am i saying that right Melissa ivy team Vicki mercer hey what’s up hiv team Good to see you camping adventure hello There hi Australia Cupcakes hello bryce furnace hello we’re Doing okay we just got done ghost Hunting Yes In the creepy yeah it was a creepy Cemetery Sonia hello there christina manning gosh There’s a lot of people here for being Uh told you [Laughter] Hi tracy nylan Hello pattycakes she always calls me That There’s david hello david there he is hi David i emailed him and let him know That oh okay Hi roger summer how are you hi roger I talked to him on messenger a lot Cesar ramirez hello I’m in wisconsin So we decided to go live for a little Bit just to chit chat um i haven’t put Out a video in about a week um because My spirit box is beeping It’s in the bag you hear that that’s the Emf me on the spirit box

Well we already know there’s spirits Here in the house Are they trying to come through i don’t Know but that didn’t beep all night when We were filming [ __ ] maybe we should do A [ __ ] Voicemail baby because we should Sit right here by wilbur all right Heather’s in here hello heather i didn’t Know heather i didn’t know you’d be up I actually just told cece i said i think Heather’s probably in bed Um So i haven’t put out anything lately Because i i haven’t been anywhere to Film i mean you know I just haven’t been able to go anywhere To film Um plus i haven’t been feeling good i’ve Been having stomach issues and my back Back has been hurting me quite a bit Lately so i’ve been just kind of staying At the house and You know relaxing and doing things Around the house and stuff like that and Also you know doing things with the Global ghost hunt There’s a lot of behind the scenes Things that are going on with that you Know as far as like meetings and Stuff like that thank you so much um Music gaming for the super sticker thank You i appreciate that It’s very nice of you

Um Hi poltergeist paranormal poltergeist So yeah we just i’ve just been busy you Know doing other things um i do have Other things that i’ve that i’d and that I’m involved in and Uh the global ghost hunt is one of them With you know meetings and The group chats that we have and Just getting things ready for the big Event next year Um So i’ve just been busy with all that but I um i’m here for the weekend with cece And we filmed somewhere tonight and We’ve got probably two or three places We’re going to be filming it tomorrow Maybe new places new places yes we’re Excited about it And we did go have dinner at our haunted Restaurant yeah we sure did at the 406 The dowling house That place is amazing guys it really is It’s amazing We left there feeling like Fat yeah And then we shared a cheesecake oh Really that that really did it i’m gonna Try to get that tick tock done I tell you what Yeah Yes heather we are having fun i always Have fun when i come here and spend time With cece we we have a lot of laughs we

Laugh a lot we just have fun Um we’re thinking about doing a blooper Video from tonight Well we’ve got something in the works That’s more funny That It’s going to be a blooper slash behind The scenes reel of when we’re walking And falling over each other and yeah Yeah um dropping stuff and it’s just Yeah hysterical because we laugh at each Other we do just ridiculous we do We do it is funny we’re comical i mean If if i had a k if we had a camera set Up to watch every move we make the whole Time we’re filming We wouldn’t yeah Yeah it would be pretty funny Um thank you for that five dollar Donation again thank you so much music x Gaming that’s so sweet of you Oh Yes it did thank you so much hi sassy Pat Um I’m trying to see make sure i’ve said Hello to everybody brian job I’m being ambushed and murdered because Beyond what Thank you for your bracelets helping the Families She said she was doing a fundraiser oh Okay Okay

Who said that ava oh okay Cece and family are all well was Watching your video when you went live Oh on tick tock were you watching her on Tick tock What was that right here oh you follow Me on tick tock I had to stop that video so i could see You oh Oh Yeah so we’re live earlier on tick tock So i’m trying to help cece hit the 100 000 mark i know heather’s getting close Too yeah i only need 30 more people she Needs 30 more people to be at 100 000 Followers on tick tock so you’re not Following her go follow her and make Sure you go follow my daughter heather Too Because both of them are getting close I’m not sure exactly how close heather Is but she’s 30 away 30 followers Um My tick tock ava is copper lolly the Same as my My youtube Um Right there L-o-l-l-i-l-o-l-l-i Yeah copper cause i’m a crop and lolly Because that’s my pig’s nickname yeah So copper lie just typed it in the chat

Um That’s how you just type that in on tick Tock and you’ll find her let’s get her To yeah 100 000 tonight that’d be so That would be awesome Anyway so i just it’s just a quick live Um just to kind of touch base with you Guys i’ve had a lot of people write me Asking me are you okay is everything all Right what’s going on i haven’t seen any Videos from you and um i just kind of Wanted to let everybody know that um Everything’s fine um it’s just a little Bit of a down time I’m dealing with some other things and Um But i’m out now Getting some content so that i can put Some stuff up this week So i’m hoping to get something up by Sunday night but it’s probably gonna be More like monday night And thank you david Yeah thank you I’m gonna sub to her okay Got one person seven uh let’s see oh Gail thank you that’s so sweet of you Gail palmer Thank you so much for the donation i Appreciate that you guys don’t have to Donate but i do appreciate it thank you So much The mail is done right now yes it is Yes it is

I can’t wait for halloween i’m so Excited Just i’m excited for october to get here Period for lots of reasons the craziest Thing i’ve experienced with the Paranormal Yeah tell us tell us your story Um I think the craziest thing i’ve seen is When the chair moved out from under the Table that was crazy And then the little girl that you saw Well the little girl but that didn’t i Mean that now that i’m in the paranormal And that’s the craziest thing yeah i Mean i guess the first experience i ever Had was the craziest thing until You know Thank you for subscribing to my youtube Your tick tock She said youtube oh she subscribed to Youtube also okay awesome At that groundhog and You have a dead groundhog and you will Get rid of it it’s going to smell oh Yeah [Laughter] Okay chair in the restaurant Haunt you from a past and yes Yes i have she has a spirit from one of The jails that we went to and the warden Has a crush on her Yeah i think so old warden has a crush On patty his name is tom and we

Confirmed it with the jail that his name Definitely was tom so what i heard come Through the spirit box when i said my Name is tom That was what his name was Um he followed me home I think he was hanging around in my car He was hanging around the house i had to Ask him to leave Um to go back to the jail i said you Know you can’t be here and Kind of had a talk with him you know and And he left told him i would come back To the jail at least i think he left if He didn’t leave then he’s being really Quiet right now he’s in stealth mode But Um We had several things happen that that’s Okay i just kicked the table and showed Everything that we knew it was uh him or That somebody had followed us because One night uh was when emmy was down it Was me emmy and rebecca we went to get In my car to leave to go somewhere and Film and all of a sudden rebecca and i Both heard a man’s voice in my car well There was nobody else there was just us Three you could hear a man say something So with me and rebecca i was in the Driver’s seat she was in the back seat Emmy hadn’t gotten in the car yet So her and i both at the same time kind Of like looked at each other and i

Looked at her and she was like looking Around like There’s a man in here and so we started Looking through the whole car Um We don’t know what he said but we just Know we heard a man’s voice And That’s when when i turned the spirit box On inside the car and started making Communication with with who was in the Car And he said it was the warden tom Yeah no the babies are good i was just Over here because lollipop was wanting Her booty scratched oh so i was Scratching her hiney and now cash is Over there Like hey lady yeah i’m down here give me A treat give me a treat yeah he does Here comes cash over here now They’ll like nudge my leg and stuff Because i know i give them treats Yeah they can’t tell them no i know you And amy i know it’s hard It’s hard So cece has a pig rescue Um she has how many do you have now There’s nine rescues and then my two That live in the house So you see i do have spirits here in the House we um investigated here And my daughter and wilbur came through And the crazy thing is her thing just

Went off And i have wilbur’s remains And we’re sitting right by that’s wilbur Oh you’re right there well that’s right Theodore and then wilbur’s right there That’s right So we’re sitting here by all of the Babies i’ve lost three babies two to Cancer And um One ate something poisonous Mike and gary is always good they’re Always around watching over us and um You know they’re always letting me know That they’re around that’s for sure Um Let’s see Any other questions Tracy hit that hit that like button [ __ ] I um Was calling the bugs [ __ ] again Tonight they were pissing me off they Were all up in my face they were bad and We sprayed ourselves with the bug spray Before we even went there But bug spray don’t always help i’m Telling you summer’s the worst it is and I really don’t even care to go in Cemeteries in the summertime but Sometimes you just you gotta if you want To get some content you got to do it i Would rather stand out there and freeze I really would because i hate bugs i do

Too It’s something we don’t have to worry About when it’s cold out you know you Don’t really Have to deal with the bugs flying around Do we wear a pendant necklace i would if I had one i have all kinds of stuff guys I have I have um this stone here this is a Citrine I have Amethyst Amethyst crystal here um i can’t Remember what this mouth this is ruby or What julie get you know gave me this Um i have the little Hair look that my hair is wrapped all Around it look at that It’s like a tree with all the different Colors on it all the different um the Tree of life Yeah And um What else oh and i got the evil eye Now speaking of this evil eye Um julie has these in her um Store her online store that you guys can Go check out it said gg2 Rock treasures Um and they’re not that expensive i Think they’re less than 10 bucks for an Evil eye necklace so let’s go check it Out Or a third eye it’s called the evil eye

This protects you from the evil eye like People have given you evil Mean nasty people you know [ __ ] like That So anyway that’s what that’s for um So if you want to get something like This she has other stuff too i believe She has uh The bracelets too like right here If you guys can see i see that one She she has these sometimes too i don’t Know if she has any right now But if you want to go check it out you Can go on her merch store and see Um I have a few bracelets but i don’t have A neck i don’t have any necklaces And i don’t have any earrings i want to Show them what she got what you got Ma’am what she got me Cece got me this ring she’s got a Matching one and it’s an evil eye ring I don’t know if you guys can see it Because i have it up i have so many Rings on my fingers so we’ll have Matching wreaths yeah i Can’t really pair it up too See that But they’re little heart Diamonds and the The evil eye in the between yeah Yep It’s beautiful so we have matching Surprised me with this today when i got

Here that was so sweet Um let’s see what did uh vicki asked [Laughter] That’s right she said patty had because I she met me in tennessee and stayed at The cabin with me that he did you can Hear her coming a mile away Yeah I definitely can’t sneak up on anybody I would have to take all my [ __ ] off to Sneak up on you Hi tigers how are you Come to indonesia Oh that’s a long ways that’s a long way I don’t know what time is it there Yeah what time is it there right now Oh thank you um Evelyn i appreciate that I don’t do as much on tick tock as she Does i i need to start doing You know i’m gonna make her ass do a Tick tock this weekend yeah we got one Planned here in a little bit actually That we’re gonna probably yeah we’re Just making that for the end of the Night because i’m going to get messy It’s going to be a funny one though you Guys got to watch it Uh australia hello there Hi chris Christian how are you I’ve never seen what time it was there Did they put their hand i don’t think They answered yet

Go back up see i like uh this because See it’ll tell you on the screen stream Yards app but i’ll tell you whether it’s Facebook or yeah okay i got you it’ll Show you like which one of these they’re Watching from like The facebook one here yeah maxine’s on Facebook and then it shows you the Youtube so i like this it’s 25 a month For this this streaming thing here And uh so i really like it a lot Okay 1 20 p.m in singapore Wow so they’re like into tomorrow like Well later today yeah Yep Oh well we don’t mention that name Maxine on my channel i don’t even know How that name came through what where What Oh i didn’t see it i didn’t either but Um The names shouldn’t come through on here What happened but anyway Um so oh yeah any other yeah we don’t Talk about him um Any other questions you guys have any Questions now’s the time to ask The floor is yours Hi there robin in southern oklahoma Yep it’s going to open me off again Listen to that You guys hear that beeping That’s my spirit box You’re like turn me on right you don’t

Really want to run that in the house Dude I don’t care i don’t care Okay [ __ ] if you don’t care i’ll turn it On here in a minute Has anyone had anything disappear Disappear as in what Like from your house or Uh the next video will be out probably Monday evening I’ll be filming all weekend um we’ve got Like three places to go tomorrow and um And i’m going home on sunday i’m going To try to get started on it when i get Home but me and heather and greg might Be going somewhere sunday night filming So Um If we do then i won’t It just all depends Probably definitely monday evening Make her do You make her do one Make her do what a tick tock oh yeah Would like an autographed picture of you Okay roger you can do that sometime I haven’t done that in a long time Are you from melbourne no i’m not i know Where that is but no i’m i’m a couple Hours away from melbourne i believe Unless they’re You mean in florida oh Melbourne florida because there is a Melbourne florida and i think it’s in

Melbourne australia right yeah and we Are a couple hours from melbourne mm-hmm Do you think i can communicate with my Grandbaby he was murdered 10 years ago 8 Months 13 days baby Absolutely you can yeah Oh yeah definitely and i’m so sorry Tonight when we were at the cemetery we Saw a really sad grave on the other side Of the cemetery that we usually don’t Even go on that side oh yeah we did yes It was a 25 year old woman And her Four-year-old That died on the same day so We figured it had to have been some type Of accident or something you know and She with the woman was born in 1960 So she would be like a year older than Me right now But they died in like 89 i believe it Was but it was she was 25 and The um Her little son was four Really sad Really really sad so sometime in the Winter when it’s the bugs aren’t so bad I wouldn’t mind going back to to that Area to that grave Um Oh I don’t have any more bracelets guys but I i i do need to look into getting some More made i haven’t had any in a couple

Years actually Um But i i need to look into that i need to Get some more bracelets That’s okay maxine yeah it’s okay We just we don’t talk anymore and i Don’t really want to talk about it or Talk about yeah we just don’t Talk about other youtubers right right Yeah we talk about what we’re here for And not other youtubers the only time I’m going to be talking about a youtuber Is if they start talking about me And start writing you know if i got Something to say back i will say it But You know there’s just we’re all adults There’s no reason for that you know and Um i just like to keep the peace that’s All Um Yeah Surprisingly Missouri okay Yeah i hope you understand maxine and no Hard feelings it’s okay it’s all good Hi Shelly Yep shelly mills hello there Yep no politics and no other youtubers No politics either that’s i have a rule In my tick tock yeah No politics And if people get rude yeah they get

Blocked Yeah Or start talking sexual or yeah we don’t Do that yeah this is not a dating site No But um I’m taking my boots off guys i just Realized i still had the damn things on And usually i’ve kicked them off by now So they’re off now i’m in my sauce if i Start smelling something um sorry my bad Oh god we are a hoot But yeah let’s check your tick tock Check Okay i’m gonna have her check her tick Tock and i know a few you said you went Over there and followed her on whole i Told her i said i really hope that you Know While i’m here This weekend she will hit a hundred Thousand on tick tock that would be so Awesome Okay shelly I would love to come to oklahoma you Know i’ve always wanted to go there i’ve Never been to oklahoma All right i would love to go Especially the Okay well that’s okay split rock Everybody has their opinion about that But you know and my i believe that Spirits of uh they that Let me see how to say this i believe

That spirits Like to communicate with the living And that’s i think it’s Okay well yeah everybody has their own Opinion but when they want they’ll They’ll come through and let you know When they want to be heard yeah and they Seem like they enjoy communicating with Us i mean i’ve been doing this for a While now and Thousands of spirit box sessions Probably And from what i hear from the spirit World They enjoy talking to us 24 more 24 more guys 24 more Yeah robin i would love to come to Oklahoma Yeah david posted uh in there If you mention pat the code paddy20 at Checkout in julie’s crystal shop online You get a 20 discount So don’t forget about that too and she’s Got these bracelets I think they’re around 10 or 12 bucks each or something like That and then you get 20 off All kinds of stuff she’s got sage All different types of herbs that you Can burn um She’s got the little charcoal things She’s got incense um She’s got essential oils she’s got

A lot of stuff So Definitely go over there and check her Store out if you haven’t yet And uh david hale just put her link in So but just as an example If you guys remember The orbs that was showing up at my door Every single night it was showing itself Two or three times and one night it was Seven times in one night Every single night big orbs going across My camera So Then they ended up making their way Inside the house So i sent patti the videos So she told me this sent me the thing to Say and i started saging And i videoed it After i staged i sat down on the couch All’s gone We investigated the house my daughter And my piggy came through And ever since me and patty has Investigated not one one orb has shown Itself Yep So they were letting me know they were Wanting me to yep Exactly they wanted me to know they were Here i’m telling you i know i know Because and you That weekend that i was here right it

Was when i left that you started seeing All that the night yeah And it was like and we had talked about Filming Out here but we didn’t across the street Across the street yeah right and we Didn’t do it so we feel like maybe they Were like hey uh we Heard you were gonna talk to us Why not letting you do it Hello i’m here i was waiting you know That’s kind of what it felt like you Know so I don’t know Um followers on my youtube channel and They are not friends with each other All i ask is for peace in their fights And all as well okay yeah i agree I agree yeah Thank you shelley I have one of them standing right under Me right now mm-hmm Um be team pc Um i haven’t done like the one-on-ones Lately uh i mean haven’t done them in a While heather is has been doing them but Heather graduated medical school and She’s got a great job in the medical Field right now so it’s taking up a lot Of her time Um and she hasn’t really been able to Put out much lately either Um you know She’s got a great job so

Anyway um But she was there for a while Um You know doing them and i i’ve thought About it and i’ve talked about doing Them again i just haven’t it is time Consuming because you know you gotta sit There for like an hour and Record it and do do all that stuff then You got to go back and listen to Everything Sometimes listening to the evps it’s Very time consuming um especially when There’s a lot coming through Uh A simple 10-minute Evp session Can take you An hour and a half to two hours to edit Because you gotta listen and At least i do i like really listen you Know and i listen more than once i Listen over and over and i i bring the Sound up and i do certain things with The sound if i’m not sure what what’s Being said i will do change the tones i Will do things to make it more Legible hearable whatever you want to Call it so um You know it’s time consuming and that’s One thing that a lot of people don’t Realize there were some people that Complained you know uh you know like

With heather you know you’re gonna Charge me to do this She was basically charging 50 for the Sessions for her time You know it’s it’s time consuming And you know we want to help people um She wanted to help people i think that’s One of the reasons she walked away from It For now Not only because of the job but because There was a few people that wrote her And complained well i can’t believe i Have to pay you know she’s It takes from good five or six hours out Of her day so if you think about it if At fifty dollars that’s what ten dollars An hour Yeah if it takes you six dollars that’s Eight dollars an hour i mean come on You know but some people you know They’re just so special i know i know You know they’re so special that they Expect you to i know to waste half your Day For nothing i mean yeah i mean to give You peace of mind and closure i mean It’s just an offering and it’s like you Should want to give somebody that you Know thank you ava Um now in the uh Live streams of course we do these Things and nobody has to pay anything You don’t have to donate nobody has to

Donate Um it’s free to watch You know so In live streams You just never know i mean look what Happened with adam his dad had committed Suicide and two weeks later he’s Watching my live stream this was not Long ago a lot of you know this His father was coming through and Communicating with him Since then adam and i have become really Good friends um we’re actually going to Be meeting up At bobby mackey’s um Pretty soon and also uh in tennessee in December on a family vacation my family His family uh vicki vicki is probably Going to be there theresa tez in the Chat she’s probably going to be there i Feel like bugs are on me god i’m still Itchy And uh I kept beating the crap out of my own Face out there like [ __ ] flying up my nose yeah So adam and adam has been a longtime fan It’s just that i didn’t really know him Other than a name in the chat you know But now we’re really good friends and They’re awesome people um And um he’s actually a part of the Global ghost time now as well so we Brought him up on a board on board

You can tell it’s getting late i can’t Talk right oh shelley i’m so sorry she Lost her fiance to suicide i’m sorry oh Shelly i’m so sorry when did this happen How long ago was this Okay ava followed you on tick tock yeah No i said thank you to her I didn’t know she heard me okay And somebody said they liked my tattoo i Appreciate that thank you Well thank you shelley yeah we are We make each other laugh too you know we Just sometimes we can just look at each Other and laugh yeah because we know What they look like yeah like when we Were in the restaurant today we were Causing a scene a little bit we couldn’t Stop laughing and then she laughed so Hard she got choked up But she was literally chilling at the Same time Yeah oh my goodness yeah so vicky i hope That uh i’ll get in touch with you soon Vicky about it um i found a really nice Cabin i don’t know if i sent you the Link or not but it’s i think that this Would be a good one for all of us to Rent and it’s not That expensive i mean i mean it’s not Cheap either but i mean with Four of us splitting it there’s a person At your front door whoa They’re probably walking the dog or Something yeah let me check and see

Who’s at my front door at home hold on Guys All right where’d it go let me just go Back and look Okay Yes kylie yeah Hey excuse me Didn’t i tell you about that umbrella Thing i bet she flips it over yeah Lolly come here Come here it’s it’s no man it’s my Granddaughter i just wanted to check my Cameras at home guys because when i the Alerts go off i like to check Um Lollipop make sure you lock the doors And make sure the outside lights are on And the alarm’s on Hi cash Okay anyway oh yes she does have beth The doll yes yes i still have beth the Doll Um She okay oh that’s one thing i wanted to Talk about tonight okay so Um Was it vicky yeah vicky Wait not vicky karen vickers i’ll just Call her vicky karen vickers sent me Some uh video clips and some good shots Of proof that beth moved in my last live Stream i did at home Um you can clearly see that she did move And a lot of you were saying that you

Thought she moved well she did She definitely moved um i want to do a Video about that again uh Soon i did one a couple years back but i Want to do a video about that so um She definitely did move Now i do have a camera on her right now At home Just sitting there facing her I haven’t gotten any alerts that it’s Went off but it is it is facing her Um but i do want to do a video about That soon and show what uh karen sent me Thank you so much abby she wants to see The piggy Um well well It’s kind of hard i’m sure they’ll be Back in yeah the camera the way i got The camera propped up and it was hard to Get it in one the right spot so But we’ll if she comes back in i wish They’d go lay down actually if you go to Cece’s tick tocks Uh and start watching her when she’s Live she goes live quite a bit on tick Tock but if you go live um um almost Every night off almost every night she Goes every night all of every night off Okay yeah i can’t do it when i’m working Right So uh if you watch her tik tok live next Time she goes live on tick tock She’ll show you the pigs i will be live Tomorrow night okay we’ll be live for a

Little while yeah yeah She’ll be going live tomorrow evening Sometime um i do have a zoom call Meeting uh for the global ghost sun at Four o’clock so i do have to you know be Like i can go live while you’re on that Yes you could do that yep so far so be On her um live stream on tick tock and She will show you the pickies because She’ll should be live on her phone she Can kind of walk around i’m not live on My phone yeah i’m live on the webcam and I have everything all set up here on the Table Oh i’m so sorry sassy pet that’s cool Oh well lollipops back in here i wish I’d go lay down in your bed Yeah so go follow cece on tick tock guys Here i’m going to type it in again Hale’s been typing it in oh is he okay He’s been typing it in oh okay Now you got it again Um so yeah go follow her on tick tock if You guys are on tick tock let’s help her Get to um A hundred thousand she’s almost there I’ll check it again you know Sometimes i’ll get ten at a time and Then i’ll go for a while without there’s Two more Oh there’s the ava Okay so i followed you back ava okay Okay

What did she say patty me and my family Got a new puppy oh that’s awesome maybe I’m glad to hear that what’d you name it Is it a girl and a girl or a boy 22 21 more ooh 21 more guys 21 more Followers She will be at 100 000. Somebody commented on my video on here What is ghost hunting What Are you freaking serious Oh My god I can’t What is ghost hunting Oh my god that’s kind of what it sounds Like isn’t it yeah Wow That’s crazy Yeah That’s crazy What is ghost hunting that’s somebody Else asked her what is ghost hunting can You believe that [ __ ] no this is the Craziest thing ever see the comment Never mind it just said what is ghost Hunting That’s funny Hi thomas heart i’m just gonna reply Just what it sounds like Come to my house and you’ll find out Shelley says that’s funny Can you put A link in to her channel uh mary i don’t

I don’t know if i can do it from here David can you put the actual lincoln or Anybody at all can you put a link in for For um mary Recommended the movie ghostbuster Busters yeah 16. 16 more guys come on we can do this we Can do this Yeah 16 more oh my god i just got five More Wow We can do this guys i never ever ever Imagined that i would have a hundred Thousand followers on here And i don’t know if you guys know it or Not but that’s how we actually met was On tick tock two years ago it’s been Over two years now That is how we met She we she reckoned we just started Following each other and started when You want to tell the story well i mean Okay so I saw this blonde chick Um on tick tock right and i saw a couple Of her videos i’m like This [ __ ] looks familiar Like have i met her before So Anyway like i don’t i liked a couple of Her videos and then she must have seen That i liked her videos and then all of A sudden she started liking my videos So then all of a sudden one day she does

A duet with me And then we started doing duets back and Forth and laughing at one another and Like You look familiar Never said nothing to me So one day i’m sitting at home and Here’s how you know my my Channel my tv uh stays on Paranormal you know the travel channel And i’m looking at the tv for a minute And i was like That’s her [Laughter] So i texted her right away I know you now I’m looking at you on the [ __ ] tv And she’s like oh i thought i forgot to Tell you that yeah i’m on oh god i’m Like well i don’t always tell everybody That but had i known your you know your Love of the paranormal Yeah so i i she didn’t know so we Started talking and i sent her the story Of My first Ghost experience And then i don’t remember But you were coming up to the jasper Jail and i said you know what we’re Gonna be right there in your area why Don’t you come with me one time and see How you like it And um

Yeah she’s been stuck with me since yeah That’s right [Laughter] We become great friends and we have so Much fun together We do when we’re filming and we’re not Filming i mean we just have fun together You know Yeah we don’t even have to go film we Just have a blast yeah we do definitely Uh hey can you let patty know i wanted Her to email david hill To email me i think she’s telling me no Okay So yeah that’s how her and i met thank You donna Glas my new glasses appointment in November i gotta wait all the way to November but i definitely need new ones Jim brown new member thank you jim brown Thank you so much i appreciate that 13. 13 more oh my god 13 more everyone let’s Do this let’s let’s make this live Stream the stream and i wish they could See Because they could actually see the 99 Point no yeah i put it close Oh lula star is following oh it’s blurry Oh can y’all see that It’s backwards 99.9 Awesome This is crazy

It’s gonna hurt though Come on Come on let’s do it let’s do it Pull up real quick The crescent hotel in eureka spring yes I’ve heard of that hotel Oh i got to take this off Oh yeah this is so strong when you’re Not outside it is got the citronella Bracelets yes and i just it’s got a Whiff it didn’t really help because it Stayed away from my arm yeah they they Hit your face they these bugs literally Oh there’s one scene i’m probably going To leave it in the video where we both Start screaming because they freaking Grasshopper flew at us when the giant Grasshoppers Fell backwards out the dang chair this Is why we said that we need to have a Behind the scenes We need to just set up a camera To film what we’re doing yeah Yeah like Because we’re ridiculous oh my god we Trip over our own feet we did we Screamed i think i dropped the camera And everything i fall up the stairs oh Me too hey tess how you doing there’s Tess hi tez So me tez vicky and um Adam and his wife and my grandsons Are all going to be going to tennessee In either december or january we got to

Figure out what’s the best time for all Of us Yes jim it’s copper lolly Thank you donna okay donna’s following You now We’re getting her there we’re getting Her there guys we’re getting her there This is so awesome of course now it’s Going to act up here and everything Cece’s done for me she’s done a lot for Me and i you know i appreciate you guys Helping me get her to a hundred thousand Dollars What’s that noise oh [ __ ] oh he’s in my Purse i told you you can’t put stuff on The floor damn it She don’t listen she’s trying to get What is she eating do you have candy or Gum in there i don’t think so medicine I don’t No that’s all out in the car Did she get anything i don’t see any Hold on guys She’s chewing on something she they Grind their teeth oh is that what she’s Doing yeah okay She was trying to get my cigarettes Listen i know what it sounds like and i Knew she was in something She’s like that [ __ ] won’t get me a Cookie i’m gonna take her purse And clean that [ __ ] out she gotta have Something down You can’t put a purse on the floor

Donna what is your tick tock name i just See a user A sir with you The scariest place i’ve investigated um Not flock I would say The shadow cemetery up in the well There’s jim edge of florida by florida It’s by the georgia florida line that’s Pretty scary there um but as far as Other places isn’t that from here I think so did i see that lula star in Here yeah i think so yeah If it is i’m gonna follow her back i Think so lula star are you in here Whoever followed me in here tell me your Name i’m gonna follow you back yes the Mansfield property um thank you for Reminding me because it’s been so long Since we filmed there but yeah that was Definitely very scary very scary i’ve Been to a lot of scary places um The one that stands out to most the most To me i guess is the shadow cemetery Because i was actually shoved down in That cemetery once that’s the only time That’s ever happened to me Yes there’s louis star right now okay So let me go she’s gonna follow you back Let me get let me hit view all Here there’s jim brown Jim brown she follows you okay lola star She just followed you back Okay the puppy’s name is willow and

She’s in Oh and then you ava or somebody asked Earlier about feet or shoes My grandmother was really into shoes Like if there’s Somebody’s loved one My grandmother was a shoe freak Feet something about the feet she looked At everybody’s feet to see what kind of Shoes they were wearing I just look at people’s feet to see if They have hammer toes Hammer toes give me the creeps oh god i Know right People People will wear these sandals and They’ve got these tongues that are all Jackpot oh my god these long toenails And it looks like spiders over me Oh your puppy’s name is willow okay ava I’m sorry We’ve been talking about so many Different things that’s right you said You had a puppy okay cool that’s a cute Name i like that Oh yeah donna i was like that at first Too when i first signed up for tick tock I did it because i just wanted to You know watch tic tocs i thought it was Funny but um then i eventually started Doing stuff on there But my second toe is longer than my First toe that’s funny ted Wait a minute is maxine from in here

Yeah is she okay i’m following you back Maxine you’re getting blind Blake Yes mona the the yellow murder house That we kind of gave it that name um That was pretty scary too Eight more eight more oh my god Wait for holy crap i can’t believe that I can’t This is awesome eight more guys eight More This is unbelievable keenan wants to Know what’s hammer toes Hammer toes is when their toes are all Jacked up and then they can’t sit Straight and they’re all jacked up and Bent and All over Each other and yeah nasty long toenails Underneath there google camera toes Uh yeah the poltergeist trailer was Pretty scary too Is there a new one no this trailer that Everybody went and filmed that a while Back I don’t even know if it’s still there Um it was pretty scary but unfortunately A lot of the the people that i was Filming with back then a lot of that Stuff was just You know Not really happening It just wasn’t legit so yeah People blew it up more than what it

Really was But i did experience some things there For sure Um Yeah i loved the battleship and i I Look forward to going back there again Sometime but i absolutely love the Battleship Was that me or you no it was me because It showed me that tyga’s Um thank you for the for the sub on Youtube Yeah awesome Congrats cc in advance john said thank You thank you john Um remember here yeah if you want to be A member here you can if you don’t want To you don’t have to Okay melissa leon added you on twitter Oh that was who that was then because i Had said it nobody said okay okay so it Was mel the beautiful swan i think there Is a melon here mel the beautiful salon Are you in here is that the melissa leon Yeah right here is that Oh great I keep forgetting i can bring these Colors that looks like the same person No beautiful swan Is that you melissa mel beautiful slime Okay yeah i’m following you back then Okay she said yes that’s me And then

Yep okay Thank you guys The old theater the old theater little Theater I’m trying to remember There was a theater that we went to in South carolina and then there was also a Theater that we went to and Um america’s georgia That was really cool Went there during the day My tick tock is just look up the g team Paranormal and that’s how you’ll find Mine now there is a couple fake tick Tocks out there it’s not me so You’ll see my i have like 25 000 Followers I could probably have a lot more if i’d Really put more into it but i just Haven’t but i need to and i will Yeah my old house tracy you’re right my Old house was definitely haunted oh my God Yes I got you maxine i followed you back Um no tammy i get rid of my p.o box but I’ve been using heather’s so if you do Want to send something Uh you can send it to heather’s and um Just put you know heather’s hauntings And put my name somewhere on there so She’ll know it’s for me Um but you can send it to hers i don’t Know what it is right off the top of my

Head But i believe she does have it in the Description area of her videos On her channel somewhere If not david or somebody might be able To pop it in the chat real quick if they Know what it is Um Let’s see an empath walla walla Washington walla walla washington There’s a walla walla washington Okay Wow it reminded me wawa yeah i know me Too i was just thinking the same thing I love the wall wall i’ve never been to A walmart are you serious yeah oh my god They’ve got the best sandwiches Breakfast sandwiches especially The the best coffee everything it’s a Really cool store Outside atlanta yeah there’s a lot of Places that i haven’t been able to go i Mean i have kids you know i have Teenage kids and i i can’t It’s hard to travel when you’ve got kids You know we do have a couple places Planned Um but these are places that we have to Do like months in advance because She can only be gone for no more than Three days neither can i because i’ve Got babies and i don’t have help here so Right

I can’t leave the babies Yeah we have to you know plan things out I have to i think it’s going off again It is I have to have you know make sure that i Mean they’re teenagers but kylie’s Almost 20 my granddaughter will be 20 This month guys i can’t believe it and The boys are 16 and 17 this year and Coming up soon Brock will be 16 in um October and logan will be 17 in in November So thank you They’re old enough to take care of Themselves but i don’t like leaving them Alone long you know what i mean so i Have you know i always have somebody That An adult well kylie’s there and so is Her friend but i just like I don’t like to leave him long And they don’t like to they like going To tennessee but as far as like Hey guys i’m gonna go ghost hunting for The weekend you want to come with me Like No They would rather stay home you know Tigers one of my ex-boyfriends from Years ago His two The two middle The two middle toes

Were webbed And it wasn’t it was too it just looked Like they were glued together My nephew’s like That don’t bother me Y’all Hammertoes yeah yeah vicky you remember Kylie’s 16th birthday i did it on a live Stream that’s right god that’s feels Like it was wasn’t that long ago and she Is now turning 20. Unbelievable wow that thing is now it Just now went off Yep 20 years old she’s i’m very proud of Her she’s doing really good with her Little online business that she’s got Going on and Um She’s bought her own car she’s got Three cars You believe she got three cars Unbelievable We rider stop it See what she wrote i’m trying to see Where is it oh wait hold on [Laughter] I’ll be dazzling my hammer toes and i Don’t need you That is an awesome comment we writer i Love it oh my god that’s so funny Hilarious Yeah she’s almost 20. it’s just Unbelievable shelley i I

Wow my baby is growing up david Henderson it’s copper lolly it’s copper Um copper lolly on Youtube and tick tock Guys Yes sure everybody say a prayer for Charlie What happened She’s turning [ __ ] over Oh Okay I’m so sorry to hear that feathered life Everybody say a prayer for Her friend charlie So sorry oh my god I’m so sorry to hear about that Excuse me hey brock is doing really good Um He’s got a bad kidney still um they were Talking about doing surgery last year But Um because of covid and it was really Not a not it wasn’t like It’s not really enough It’s necessary to get something done but It wasn’t an emergency situation now had It been they would have done it but they Are probably going to have to remove That kidney Um it’s kind of a dead kidney right now It’s not doing anything that’s kind of Where it’s where it’s at right now it’s Not doing anything at all He’s got one kidney that works the other

One uh last they checked was at 18 Percent So um It’s not putting him in any danger But it does need to come out because What’s happened is when the the urine Flows over into that kidney you know Urine whatever yeah um the fluids It does leak out so he wets the bed and He can’t help it so that’s where we’re At right now um it’s you know they put Him on medication to help keep him from Wetting the bed But it’s going to be a a problem for the Rest of his life if he doesn’t get the Kidney out so he does have to get Something done So keep rocking your prayers uh yes he Is on the list and i’m definitely on the List oh okay thank you the other kidney Is fine But that one kidney is just it just Didn’t develop right Um they said it it was he was born that Way and of course you know you don’t Always know these things until later in Life that you were born with something Like my son gary was born with a brain Tumor and we never knew this You know until he was older we didn’t Know I mean how do you know you can’t look Inside somebody’s body you know You’re not a walking x-ray machine

Okay Well i mean We have I mean we have several pictures of us Together Um but we have one really good one of us Sitting on the scene yeah We could always to make it easy we could Always Sign a picture like I’m trying to think how we can do we can Put our autograph on there somehow and Then email it to you make it easier There’s got to be a way well with Technology today i mean you know i mean You and i talked about that though yeah We were even thinking Like When we go to an investigation like the One place that we go Um me her and rebecca sat on the front Steps and took a bad ass picture And then we gave it to the owner and he Wanted us to Sign it and he’s going to hang it up in There yeah Um So i mean i’m thinking we could take Like a badass picture and keep it yeah And then if people I want one we can sign it and get it Shipped yeah We could do that yeah Definitely so the reason i’m saying all

This is because i received a personal Message Asking can i get an autographed photo of You both please Okay So if you guys my candle burning out Looks like you guys um Want that Yeah Okay One kid you oh My sister died last year from what One kidney that never developed oh i’m So sorry donna how old was your sister Gail plummer’s in here right yes yes Okay and then somebody else said they Followed me too i just I can’t remember Oh right here Lily chan i don’t know What’s your tick tock name lily chan If you guys follow me i’ll follow you Back yeah Oops oh thank you shelly yeah Me and brock i’m close to all my Grandkids i really am i’m just i’m i’ve Got a bond with each one of them i have All six grandchildren Two other children that have always Called me grandma which is brock and Logan’s um Half brother and sister They have the same mom but different Fathers you know gary’s brock and logan

And kylie’s father But um Their mother got with another guy and Had um Two children And he’s raising them by himself But they call me grandma because they Don’t have another grandmother Okay Yes the piggy’s very vocal Is this Castor Are you in here master 74 Who’s caster 74 Um Is my username Um Whatever you whatever your tick tock Name whatever you have to Yeah Because it’ll automatically give you Like something that says user blah blah Blah whatever but you gotta go in and Like change it in the settings you’re Gonna change it she was actually just Talking to me about that earlier So somebody said i just followed you but The one that came up was caster troy 2450. Maybe in your pic what when did my pig Scare you Huh said that jim brown says my my pig Scared him Your pig scared me oh i don’t know my

Pigs aren’t scary did he maybe he heard Maybe he heard it and you thought it was Something get out of there Okay so uh sonia followed you sonia And if you’re following under a Different name just type in the chat What what name your tick tock name is if It’s different than what’s in here so That she knows it’s you because nothing Here shows sonia i got a Kayla Murphy Will fowler Are you guys in the chat a pack blake A roger hill A david henderson yeah that’s a friend Of mine yeah okay and a caster troy Castro okay if you guys are in here pop In and say that’s me or tell us which One and then a raymond Grip Cece thank you thank you No ma’am okay will fowler right here Right there okay i’ll tell you about you She followed you back All right who else I just want to make sure i’m following Y’all back yeah 15 grandkids wow wow Two More oh my god [Applause] Oh my god guys two more she’ll be at a

Hundred thousand and two more who’s Gonna be that 100 000 follower oh my god I’m gonna have to do some stupid dance You know to celebrate Who’s gonna be the 100 000 follower guys If Whoever gets 100 000 gets a special Dance or something Yeah i’ll have to do it like a hundred Thousand dance on tick tock oh my god That’s too funny oh my god All right one One more All right who’s gonna be the 100 000. Sam from in here um sam sam sam sam are You in here Is sam from in here because i’ll follow You back here it is C-o-p-p-e-r-l-o-l-o-i That’s her tick-tock name right there i Just put it in I can’t believe this [ __ ] oh my god oh My god look oh you got one more one more Oh my god samantha okay samantha cross Okay she’s following you back So i’m kicking you that’s okay You’re about to hit a hundred thousand You can kick me i’m ch Did you do it Let me see Yes Take a screenshot take a screenshot take A screenshot

Oh my god Yes thank you guys y’all Oh my god look at that we did it guys Thank you believe it i cannot believe it I could never imagine That i would hit a hundred thousand Yes thank you guys so much Crap She’s been Like though a couple weeks now she’s two Years old It took me two years to hit a hundred Thousand followers oh my god this is so Awesome i can’t believe it i can’t Believe it thank you guys so much for For helping her get there Buyers in here and miggy Miggy yeah i think that right that Sounds familiar miggy are you in here And K inspires Kelly spyro okay there she is there’s That um oops [ __ ] i hit the wrong one all right Followed you Meggy in here Um i’m pretty sure i saw her in here Making you in here Thank you guys so much i’m so excited Now Just fair warning Now that i’ve hit a hundred thousand My videos are really going to get stupid Now

You think all the farting from before oh She’s got some funny videos You don’t like raw humor don’t you might Not want to watch but she’s she’s funny She does silly stuff funny stuff i’m an Idiot I’m an idiot she’s a police officer but She’s she’s also an idiot i’m a big Yeah idiot God Awesome thing i can’t believe it i can’t Believe it Oh thank you hey lurker i never Thought i would see that we owe it to Them Thank you You guys are amazing Amazing i have some great fans yeah you Do Yep i do i do too i do too yeah i have a Lot of wonderful people follow me She does a lot of great people over There on t we’ve met so many nice people On tick tock it’s just amazing Uh maxine if you’re still in here Um If you put like a p.o box in here for me I will get a picture of the two of us Okay and i’ll have a sign it Yeah and uh i’ll get it out to you That would yeah that would be nice We’ll do that we’ll get because i feel Honored you would actually want me in a Picture with patty isn’t that sweet

I feel honored too thank you so much Thank you christian Now do you want it autographed though The g team or do you want us like to Autograph our own name yeah let us know Like over our own picture I mean you know what i mean like me over Me and You want us to make sense yeah you want Her to put cece and me to put patty and Then maybe underneath it right the g Team paranormal or something maybe Something like that um Okay v team she said as soon as she Figures out tick tock she will follow You over there I’m so excited that you hit a hundred Times This is just heather’s coming up next i Know now we gotta go over there and Fight go over them follow my daughter Heather because she’s about to hit a Hundred thousand also Okay let me look um and heather’s uh Tick tock is oof what is it it’s a greg And heather’s explorations yeah G h yeah g n h explorations going Following the same as their youtube yeah Yep that’s true it’s the same as their Youtube So if you’re not following them go over There and follow them on tick tock who Was it that just said is that windy Um

Oh it was tammy night and i followed you Oh [ __ ] Right there tina No it was windy something oh Wendy go go down Oh no i’m sorry tammy oh okay Tammy timmy knighton Now is your screen okay she said tammy Knight in 375. okay i don’t see that so I would say back I have a kelly parker Kelly parker you and there’s a wendy Wendy And a miggy Yeah there’s wait Where’s miggy at oh there she’s there’s Maggie right here okay i’m gonna follow Him there’s maggie okay And then There’s the caster troy the kayla murphy And pag blake And roger hill I think that’s the only that’s Kelly parker and wendy Oh monique’s in here where’s monique i Didn’t see her If this is it the monique that uh I don’t see her Am i blind Unique how are you oh cece just pooted Bye ava bye ava you have a good evening Okay And thank you so much Oh we writer that’s right

Okay Oh lord have mercy come on now Damn You [ __ ] Oh come on cece damn She don’t even she ain’t got no shame She don’t even care I got so excited from hitting 100 jobs I got gasoline she’s over here [ __ ] Herself now Show you what I am active law enforcement yes i’m 21 Years in And i’m going to retire in three and a Half years and i will be running for Sheriff That’s going to be so exciting and i’m Going to help her um What is it called What’s the word for that when you when You uh uh Put signs out and stuff campaign Campaign that’s it i couldn’t think of What it was called So i’m gonna help her campaign me and um Annie and I’m not sure who else There’s several yeah like all the Deputies want me to run now but yeah Okay so i’ve got your address maxine and She says she don’t care how we do it Okay Yeah she’s also a drill sergeant for the State of florida

Yes i’m actually senior drill sergeant For the state of florida Yep She sure is Yes be glad you don’t have a Smell-o-vision I know right oh my god how are you doing Lurker what’s up cash cashew Oh he’s got the toy out No No sir No sir Get get your face out of there right now Silly thing Nope Yes she does vicki um now she um Used to do tick tocks in her police Officer uniform and in her police car But She worked for a different Department yeah So they don’t allow it right they don’t Allow it so yeah They don’t allow it Oh no i’m blaming that on the pigs Listen I take credit for my stink Oh [ __ ] here comes the snort I listen Give me one of them damn Things oh shelly Yeah we we are we are something else We’re laughing ourselves sometimes They they are like up her ass right now

Because she’s had a bag of freaking what Are they goldfish Blame it on the piggy yeah right Morning ladies snore division I wanted to see the pig there she is Come here Come on smile for the camera Come on hop up that’s one of them If you can see let me move out of the Way come on This is lollipop that is lollipop She has cece has a book out about love Nope i don’t have any more No more She has a book about lollipop i know Aren’t they precious they are just so Pretty that’s the second time i kicked You in the head these two are the house Ones they they go outside a lot too but They’re they’re in the house they have Like a little condo area right right you Can’t see it the canvas it’s an area Where she’s got like It’s where they stay like they’re in Their house They’re little houses Yes they are very smart And you know pigs don’t smell i never Knew that until i met cece that i didn’t Know that pigs didn’t stink They don’t walk in my house you’d never Guess that i have a pig in the house no You can’t smell them they’re actually Pretty clean animals they’re actually

Very clean People don’t think they’re clean because They’re outside in the mud but the only Reason they like the mud is because they Don’t sweat yeah and they’re prone to Heat stroke Yes i do too David not lately Um Because of you know a lot of things that Has happened and i just didn’t think it Was a good idea to do any but i will Again eventually probably but I don’t know I don’t know If i get to know people in my chat and i Get to know you and you’re here all the Time and we actually become friends and We actually talk I mean just like vicki mercer you know She’s been a long-time fan of mine We finally met last year and we’re going To meet again this upcoming year i mean We’re good friends you know we’ve met We’ve hung out and we’ve uh she stayed With me at a cabin Um Just like tez same thing with tez um Christian and i Haven’t met in person but we do a lot of Facetime calls and um little group chat Calls you know on facebook messenger and Things like that what’s that Oh oh hell no oh

That’s not nice no we don’t eat pork Yeah i don’t eat pork either I didn’t realize what that said Wow Yes pigs don’t sweat so They roll in the mud to keep themselves Cool Yeah i’ve never never liked pork to be Honest with you i’ve never ever liked it I just never did Um i don’t even eat beef Um she does but i don’t eat Sometimes yeah I Barely eat chicken anymore um i do love Seafood a lot of seafood and um I’m pretty much A vegetarian I love chicken and turkey yeah A little bit of turkey sushi Her mom is cooking for me tomorrow she’s Making some every time she comes here my Mom takes her whatever she wants yeah She spoils me She spoils me she makes me look cake and Everything yeah the name of my book is Called i’m just answering her there Um It’s called all about me By lollipop the lucky pig And it is for sale on amazon Hello carol in australia yes hello You’re the poor Yeah

So that’s what it is vicky yeah your Your grandchildren would probably love Love the book it’s a it’s a cute and It’s a cute book it’s actually okay so Yes i wrote the book but she picked it You want to explain that The best you can dictated Okay A story about a day in the life with her Humans yeah Yeah It’s a cute book You know how much it is on amazon You don’t make the price do you i don’t Make the prices [ __ ] so if it isn’t it It is if it is a little bit it’s Probably 24.94 I think and she doesn’t make that price Guys so yeah i never got the choice to Make the price the the publisher Made the price yeah but you can get it In um soft cover or hard cover and the Soft cover is cheaper Which you see i got tipsy About a month ago with some friends and Started twerking oh [ __ ] Tried to i farted and said oops get me Trying to be sexy and farted i had Everyone laughing i just oh that is so Funny i’d be like let me try that again Right she would actually if it was a Good one oh yeah she would listen don’t Be ashamed of it it’s a natural thing

Farts are funny i don’t care who you are I don’t care who you are either because They are funny some people just think It’s so Oh god you farted yeah i farted you’re Dang right You farted nobody ever says that they Don’t fart they’re lying yep that’s Right Yep Use your name timmy knight are you a Certified translator Wait where is that what does that mean Oh i don’t know jim brown what do you Mean certified translator Oh for piggy piggy translator maybe Until i don’t know oh yes i understand Pig tation [Laughter] Oh [ __ ] That’s funny miggy i got the visual on That that is freaking hilarious That is fun do you wanna Okay i i don’t know if heather would be Mad at me telling this story i don’t Think she made me Her you know how when you’re dating Somebody and you don’t You Eventually you break the barrier Well They hadn’t farted in front of each Other yet and been about i don’t know Six months maybe that they were dating

Heather are you still in the chat you Can tell the story she hasn’t said Anything in a long time yeah she’s right She’s probably asleep right now she she Doesn’t step late Um Anyway so greg Was Doing something and he went to squat Down and he farted really loud so that Was that was him breaking the barrier And she said she laughed so [ __ ] hard And that his face turned ten shades of Red he was so embarrassed like oh my god He was hiding himself So that was uh that was uh how he broke The barrier with her Oh my god I love her we’ll go to mississippi That’s not that far That’s not that far Ah where’s yeah exactly carol where’s The lady Everybody farts if you don’t fart you’re Gonna explode i had a woman say to me One time Women don’t fart And i looked at her and i said well i’m Older than you and i fart like hell [Laughter] And i was on duty when i did that oh That’s hilarious oh my god i mean why be Ashamed of it you know What i know right farts are funny they

Are funny I mean i haven’t Have i what did i find in front of ryan I don’t know if you have or Not i don’t know i have a boyfriend now Yes he has a boyfriend and i’m so happy About it i really am when she told me That the good news because i we’ve known This guy for a while two years two years Really like him he’s a great guy he’s Hung out with us we went you know went On little little mini trips together all Of us And we had a thing again i could see the Connection i could see the chemistry Between them too and i i’m just i’m not Surprised but and i’m but i’m very happy For her and happy for both of them Actually yeah we just finally made it Official yeah Awesome thank you because we have Berries and sunshine that come out of Our ass I love it Comes up with the funniest [ __ ] to say Sometimes tez you are so funny i don’t Even know if you realize how funny you Are you say the funniest [ __ ] Fairies and Sunshine that is great that is great i i Fart rainbows and sprinkles Oh my god I actually go i never farted in front of My ex i’ll actually go outside

Listen when i was with my ex Rob We were together five years And that’s i left that’s the one i left To move up here and buy my house We used to have farting competitions oh Yeah i’ve been involved in a few of Those yeah i’d walk by and he’s laying All comfy on the couch into his movie And Then i’d run Oh that is so funny boy he’d get me back Though he would hot box me under the What is that called under the covers Yeah that’s called a the dutch oven oh Good lord That is so funny Farts can be so cute or sexy Lurker Aren’t cute or sexy but they’re funny They are funny yeah so I won’t be with somebody if i can’t have That type of funny relationship with Them because i’m the dingbat Sweetie meow i’ve farted in a library Before it was embarrassing i’ll tell you A funny story oh this is an on duty Story by the way Oh [ __ ] Duty just started this is when i was Still with the sheriff’s office Me and my zone partner at the time his Stout Excuse me oh there she goes

There she goes Oh no come on [Laughter] Oh my god I’m so sorry guys She’s raising a in here all right I’m crying oh my god i can’t see oh my God Are you guys still there Oh my god i’m crying Oh my god Give me one view Oh my god Holy [ __ ] Here’s what i’m talking about guys we Get crazy This is the stuff you normally don’t see That’s the scary thing and we haven’t Yet we haven’t been drinking Oh my god okay i just laid it down there On the table put my arm on it Oh my god That’s a good one too Oh [ __ ] okay hang on Oh [ __ ] dang it oh she’s got her arm Print My god Well i’m glad you guys are still here Some some there’s probably some people Going oh they’re disgusting [Laughter] Were they laughing most people were Yeah girls gone wild

Yes you’re okay right the pigs took off Listen the pigs have got me right in my Face before oh my gosh and they smell Like broccoli Oh [ __ ] oh yeah let’s look back Everybody was like i was looking for a Camera everybody’s laughing their asses Off Oh my god that was crazy okay so i’ll Finish my story story So It was uh my zone partner and we were Eating at mcdonald’s because we have to Eat fast in case calls start jumping Okay So um So i’m finished and stout talks you know Once he gets to talking and so My stomach hurts Um [Laughter] So i’m like Can you get i got the part And he’s like go ahead i’m like no he’s Like i dare you i don’t think you will [Laughter] We’re in full uniform okay He just takes a big ass bite of a big Mac I just sit there and i’m like It was so loud on that damn mcdonald’s Seat He was laughing harder than we just were And the food was just falling out of his

Mouth And dripping all over the front of us oh My god he was laughing so hard he could Not breathe oh my god that is [ __ ] Hilarious oh my god i was like don’t Ever dare me to do this So yeah i’ll let him have it Let’s see where your phone’s right now Maybe i’ll get even more she’s at a Hundred thousand guys thank you so much It’s A torpedo fart that’s funny Tiger Tigers yep wait why i don’t know no Tigers right tigers is there someone in The chat with this name tiger That’s all it says is tiger it just says Tiger it’s a guy Jesus okay I got five more Awesomes got five more So awesome thank you guys so much What do you say my boss farted Yelling at all of us at work oh that’s Funny Oh that’s funny That is i wouldn’t i wouldn’t have been Able to control myself i would have had To laugh How many people are in here uh 92. what Did i tell you I’m like no there’s really going to be

Anybody she didn’t even want to go live This late she’s like yeah it’s so late I’ve never gone live this late before I’m like who cares Right yeah she’s right i’m like you know What you’re right And i’m like it’s only nine o’clock in California Oh that’s true Karen thank you so much for the super Sticker i appreciate that thank you what Is a super sticker Paranormal consultant oh hey there matt How are you And happy birthday matt I was oh matt hi matt yep it was his Birthday today that’s my brother’s Birthday today oh really with this one Here oh okay yeah he turned 65 too oh [ __ ] i would have told him happy Birthday when i saw him No They need to make glade plug-ins for you So when you fart it smells good Oh it squeaks oh hey squeaks how are you Squeakies I thought you were matt It’s not matt it’s squeakers on under Matt’s uh Profile name So i did a tick tock one time and i said That i had Bought some new deodorant And the directions said push up

You know when to open you push up bottom And then i sat there for a minute and i Said i’m not sure if that’s what i was Supposed to do but my farts smell nice [Laughter] Hey there’s more room out than there is In okay Right got [ __ ] talking behind her Back over here Um Yeah i thought it was matt well anyway Squeakers you can let matt know when you Talk to him again that a lot of people Were in here wishing him a happy Birthday I met matt through on when he was live With y’all right yeah i think so yeah Yeah i think he was good oh she did it Again Oops she did it again Oh my god Look at me i’m over here sniffing to Make sure i don’t smell it i don’t smell That one i went Because i wanted to see if it was Lingering but i don’t smell it that time Oh god Hey dave edwards family So um I won’t do this it’s kind of late turn The spirit box on now and her mom’s Right there in the next room over Sleeping yeah i doubt she’s sleeping With our loud asses out here excuse me

See she’s opening the drawers And she’ll pull the damn dishes out of There I’ll be down she’ll push all the pots And pans around the whole time Well this is great just just sitting Here chatting with you guys you know What I mean excuse me I don’t know why they’re not sleeping I mean i don’t know anything you Wouldn’t turn it on or not oh wait What are you thinking I am starting to get sleepy i am too Actually i think that’s why i’m being so Scared i i i know i’m sleepy too why Don’t we do the spirit box um another Time maybe uh Maybe two maybe i’m trying to think About i even have time to do another Live show maybe late tomorrow night i Can do another live stream tomorrow We’ll do another live stream tomorrow Night and we’ll do evps excuse me How about that tonight was just a chit Chat live it’ll be late though it’ll be Late because we’re going to be filming It might be between 11 and 1 sometime Probably i’ll try to eat some cabbage She’s going to eat cabbage Oh [ __ ] So we’ll do that okay guys if you don’t Mind me going late this time of the Night well then we’ll we’ll do it alive

Tomorrow night and um do the spirit box Tomorrow night Yeah that’s fine yeah and then maybe I’ll even well i could still do it right It’s cooler i was gonna say we go Outside but then we gotta deal with bugs And it’s freaking out Okay squeakers thank you so much and Yeah i’m getting tired too um it’s 2 30 In the morning here so um we are getting Tired and uh What she’s saying ladies ladies yeah ray Have that respirator ready for tomorrow Night stream yeah ray I gotta start working on some more Meditation videos too guys and i don’t Know what happened with that last Meditation video that i put out because Half the music was missing out of it and I don’t know what happened when it got Uploaded But there was music throughout that a Whole Video and for some reason i think it was The butterfly video And for some reason a lot of the music Was missing and i don’t know why Oh thank you karen for the super sticker That’s so sweet thank you so much Very sweet of you It’s like a little something new i think That youtube is doing or whatever I don’t know Oh

Well i’m gonna let you guys go thank you So much for being here tonight with us And thank you so much for helping Us get cece to a hundred thousand thank You guys so much Now i’ll start doing some really crazy [ __ ] yeah yeah she will and she’s gonna Go live on tick tock tomorrow probably Around four o’clock when i’m in my my Meeting my Global ghost hunt meeting um she’ll go Live on tick tock so everybody go over There and in her live stream and Yeah it’d be great Good night everybody yeah good night Everyone thank you so much for being Here thanks for all the donations thanks For all your love and support and Um watching my videos Um i probably won’t be able to get one Out again until monday night but when i Leave here on sunday i will have at Least four videos to put out And then me and heather and greg are Gonna be going somewhere pretty soon to Film somewhere else too so Um yeah and then her and i are going to Louisiana next month And i’m going To stop it Louisiana next month and i’m also going To uh bobby mackey sometime next month So got a lot going on next month And i got stuff planned for october

November and december Um so It’ll be it’s going to be nice because It’s new places that i’ve Never been to and that i’ve always Wanted to go to So we’re excited and we’re planning Something for february already oh yes oh Yes Oh yeah i’m really excited about that Too Tomorrow yeah yep All right guys well good night uh much Love And um Yeah just have a good night we love you We love you and thank you so much for Being here and helping her get to a Hundred thousand followers on tick tock Love y’all bye good night I’ll try to go live again tomorrow night Real late like this and do a spirit box Okay yeah we can do that all right Bye-bye

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