Beyond UFOs

By | July 28, 2022
Beyond UFOs

Good evening folks and welcome and i Said good evening people that would have Broke the mold and welcome to alien Night How are we all on this fine and Luxurious and spectacular evening it is It’s a spectacular evening tonight Because we have a very special guest who I have had the pleasure Of being on another podcast Lee from musty musty audios podcast A few months back now and we had a very Interesting conversation and we skirted Along a little bit of ufology A bit of paranormal and all that jazz But i kind of I want to properly rim it because we Only skirted and i’m ready for a good [ __ ] so max Welcome to the show i hope you’re Welcome to actually before we bring max Home we will bring my co-host on tonight El dave how you doing my lad Good i got promoted to co-host it’s Awesome thank you do you think i’ll get Told off for women by youtube i i meant Like to just go around you know to skate You know Absolutely man everybody these days They’re just everybody’s sensitive Everybody’s sensitive it’s weird The reason why i want you to come on First because max is a good friend of Yours

Yeah Could you introduce him Max is a highly intelligent engineer who Has done contracting for various Government agencies Um i Think it’s best if we let him talk about Who he’s worked for because he can do it And Yeah and the ones he wants is the ones He wants to talk about the ones he wants To talk about yeah Okay without further ado Max or should i say afro samurai welcome To the show yes absolutely So um yeah i’ve worked uh you know a Number of places you know anywhere Across Yeah several you know different Government agencies uh loads of uh You know public sector stuff and you Know with my own company any number of You know companies subcontracted from There so You know overall just A lot of of different places and I’ve designed a lot designed and Engineered a lot of different things There’s not many things that i haven’t I’ve been doing You know engineering work for you know 30 years so it’s You know almost the level of mastery Maybe when i hit about 80 years old i

Would have mastered it all but i’ve done Hands-on touched Almost everything And you’re good friends with james who We had on the show a few months ago who Is the nasa contractor well he’s not Just that he’s also a You know a citizen of of klingon or Something like that Yes he’s Absolute [Laughter] James and i our careers have followed Each other for a round for some time now For some people that might not have made It to the end of that show And we did get uh your friend to speak Klingon he’s fluent in klingon yes And you can’t speak any alien languages No Well you know they’re They’re foreign words of sorts right So I Are you I i take it max you don’t really want to Speak about the the companies you work For Well i can You know so it’s you know i’ve made that Tour two tours you know out at uh At the national laboratories i’ve done Two tours Uh with several contractors that um you

Know with nasa nasa subcontractors Um you know there’s You know minute water heater industry Parts of automotive Appliance industry Uh you know firearms industries um Any Yes i’ve i’ve literally done a lot of Everything dabbled in Any number of things in between so And dave says you are an absolute genius Department of defense that’s what that’s What dave wants to hear me say i i you Know there’s a few things i want to hear You say and i’m not Any of them Okay you know Hey man i get it three letter anything Okay fine Yeah we And the kicker is everybody wants to Hear like department of defense like They don’t even understand that that’s Not Where the cool [ __ ] happens not Necessarily those aren’t the people Uh yeah yeah yeah All kinds of cool stuff everywhere and With companies you know i don’t know Vertically integrating horizontally Integrating spreading out any number of Things There’s when you look at the list of Companies behind any of these you’ll

Find companies that you won’t expect Right i mean Mazda and automotive corporation Actually started off making light bulbs They weren’t always in automotive so you Know general electric good god they’re In everything now I mean so You know to say You know privatize government you know Governmentalized you know companies There’s a fewer and fewer smaller Separation between the two they they Really don’t exist once they start Getting into you know the big umbrella Of government contracts and And you know i’m sure we’ll we’ll touch On what that means in the political Realm if we ever get there but You know it’s They’re all cross-functioning and You know some small corner of any Obscure company some of them have you Know funny names right So There you have it Yeah i found that once corporations go Multinational and then they start Getting into like you said government Contracting You can’t tell where one starts in the Other ends anymore like they’re You know what i mean they’re whether They’re

Whether they’re like a uh What should i say whether they’re an Engineering company On the e on the west coast that gets Involved in government contracts now Provides aliases and covers for You know Uh knock officers for the cia or nsa Uh They’re still actually still doing the Regular government engineering and Contracting around the world you know What i mean like it yeah once you’re in That veil It’s it’s It’s it’s unknown you know people that’s And this is the thing i think max that Uh i’d like to hear you think speak About maybe a little bit You always hear these people I’m sorry not these people i I’m painting with a broad brush Uh the people online that run these Different youtube channels about ufos or You know the dif what it used to be Newsletters and [ __ ] back in the day They always say well you know the Government needs to say this the Government needs to say that i think It’s always been this disconnect Yeah that these people don’t get that The government’s really not running too Terribly much You know like how how many government

Officials really get to go behind the Doors at skunk works seriously yeah for Sure for sure yeah none of them You know And and just like this and and you know James or we have all heard this Disclaimer right you know my views and Opinions don’t represent the views and Opinions of Any of these name any agency or anything Else it’s just afro-samurai okay my you Know 30 years of experience working Across these different agencies and How i see and how i know it know it to Be one way or another So You know it’s You know say for instance you know in Uh you know rocket rocketry okay in in The space talking about space talking About aliens talking about rockets all Right so One of the things is uh say for instance The contracts that any of these agencies Win right Okay first of all you know nasa this the Skies are controlled anywhere from 400 Feet probably To ground level anywhere it’s controlled By the air force okay And if you want to say that the navy is A controller therefore it’s fine However gold flags you want to call it Beyond that after that what people have

To understand is You know Agencies you know they wave flags for This nation that nation or whatever it Could be The overall you know governing agency Uh Nasa They They manage Indirect you know contract companies That come in and You know win and bid those contracts So when someone a so-called private Company and this is where we’re talking About that blurred line between private And government so you can say spacex is Prime blue origin is private yeah No Not really because like the example i Used before david you and i we can say That we make rockets but you we just Don’t have a car lot of rockets sitting Out there for people to buy this These challenges are Far too expensive For One company and some programs i’ve Worked on are too expensive for even Nations As individuals to work on so there’s Team efforts there and Tax dollars like it or not Are supporting these quote-unquote

Private companies because Right it’s it’s they’re getting the Contract they’re just doing the man Hours man labor in order to You know achieve this goal or this Mission But whether or not they started there Like i said Blue origin just didn’t come out Offering a rocket you know there’s a lot Going on behind that and if so then Where’s the carlotta rockets and nasa Didn’t just walk down the road and just Say no we’re buying this one from Lockheed we’re buying this one from There No Not at all so You know funding so that ties closely Into the funding and why funding You know goes and goes out you know Nasa’s Discretionary spending by the president Any particular time that funding can be Pulled Thus go the way of all the so-called Private or non-private agencies because Nobody’s going to buy the rocket I can’t just go up and just buy a rocket Without clearance of all sorts to even Launch it so It’s it’s tightly controlled or they’re Much tighter controls in the in the Lines between

Waving the flag for hurrah we have you Know uh private No there’s no private space ownership or Flights To the average joe though uh maxie it Does seem that like um whether you want To call I mean Elon musk’s spacex a private space Industry Or not it seems like he’s Made the Biggest move In Such a small space Small time space he’s compared to nasa He’s purchased the largest move In the small time space okay Again nasa being discretionary spending Governments being willing to take money Wherever they give them to keep from Ripping into their own car first for People to do whatever it is they need to Do does that make sense You know so yeah So i i am i am um I’m conscious of of the two-hour usually The time that we have on this show no We’re doing five hours right We are definitely doing fine but what i What Because some people might be thinking Well the title of the show beyond ufos Yeah

With the work At nasa and From what we we’ve seen of recent days About Nasa speaking about the um The tic tac ufo they they they spoke About it Do you see nasa doing anything about This Well Again nasa Just management They’re still controlled so nasa isn’t Going to make an independent You know they may have people come on And say things but they’re just not not Without guidance as to what they’re Going to do about it are they going to Offer any more Research or images you know that are Scrubbed or therefore not Um Right you know before any of us make a You know Speak to the public or anything like That Particularly an issue like this that now Has you know they have a czar for a lack Of a better term that’s already running Things like this right there’s you know And i think it’s the the un That actually holds someone that’s Considered the You know the the agency or space you

Know agencies you know head you know Those people are going to lead that Voice but under You know Strict control and strict direction i Imagine right i mean we already see it’s It’s the government or it’s the military Uh releasing videos right yeah and and Whatever that video holds Is the absolute um That’s what’s going to be displayed you Know david shared with me some videos of Some other people you know Videotaping things or filming not Necessarily videotaping but filming Things that they’ve seen but that’s if Someone has something very convincing or Compelling we’re just going to get the Fuzzy image of the tic tac at this point Right So it’s to the rest of the people out There Platforms like this that are going to Find things and push it forward so They’ll be the ones to do things but You know that’s a big shift to try to Get moving in the water is you know A You know we don’t we don’t command nasa To do anything right And they don’t command themselves to do Anything Why do you think that they’re showing A little bit of public i mean very

Little public interest but they’re Showing some public interest now In ufos uaps whatever you want to call Them People are agencies Showing interest Yeah ages agencies yeah And I think it it it would help The more of that that we see i think it Would give us We’ve only fed like i said in another Podcast you know we do things you know That whole Kennedy thing about going to space right That whole you know movement speech I think that one won’t necessarily work Now right we have a you know A more you know aware of each other you Know public right internet any number of Things People are either open-minded or Closed-minded to these other things but There’s just so much out there now right We’re talking about just the volume of Knowledge video footage whatever you Want to call it so in order to gain the Interest What is our goal right people have Already complained once they say that We’re going back to the moon right Why are we doing that you know i think It gives another dimension of Interest to it you see

There could be something else right There We can add this into the goal of things Not necessarily Putting it directly as A target a goal or even a specific part Of the mission but say for instance i Was going to go to jupiter Mars wherever but by the way You know we out of all the years that We’ve said that mars is only going to be Inhabited potentially by nothing or Microbes at best what if we pass Something interesting along the way Well yeah i i mean I i i kind of think More and more that it’s gonna be robots Will be the first thing that stepped Foot on mars not man yeah i think i Convinced did i convince you of that Last time possibly yes yeah you probably Did in the conversation yeah and it just So happens that elon is working on the Tesla bot Well yeah uh yeah we talked about that In those Movies that kind of you know now you Have Transcendence or any number of things to Move consciousness right we talk about Ghosts in the shell and and putting that In a shell you know how does that relate To now You know putting in consciousness

You know whether it be ai or partly Consciously controlled here on the Ground where we can kind of see an Interface but uh It would definitely be safer I just uh i lack Hope and confidence That a Person an individual Despite You know divorces we hate the ex-wives Or anything else to be there alone that Far away from home Is something different and and even with The trip i mean you could you could put Them One male amongst a harem and put them For three years in some cramped space It’s just still not going to work it’s It’s a it’s a psychological undertaking It’s it’s not As comfortable as 2001 space odyssey or Anything You know makes it appear to be and People that we have put to sleep we have Enough hard time we have a hard enough Time waking people up out of surgeries And uh you know long-term cryogenic Sleep like i said there may be other Places that have it far beyond us but Until they make us aware of it You know I’m not 100 Confident that

You know people can make it without Killing themselves or each other right Yeah i i hope you don’t mind me me Saying this but i know Um El davis mentioned that you gonna be Kind of working on something for um The upcoming show um show the upcoming Company black star paranormal oh yeah Absolutely Is is that okay dave yeah or I’m sorry dave no no we’re not going to Talk about that I’ll i’ll i’ll say this The approach to the paranormal is one That That’s what that’s what i’m trying to Get today but without without going too Much i’m not gonna i don’t i think the Public’s interested i can pull up some Cat models and show them all the plans You want me to do that let’s not do that [Laughter] Not safe Or Never because here’s the thing like The approach of the paranormal most People go with is either they have it All figured out or they know what They’re talking about no one approaches It with What is this actually You know what i mean It’s it’s weird you see people who study

The paranormal or have interactions with It which i believe they absolutely do They immediately go to assumptive Understandings like assumptive Conclusions Like this is such and such how do you Know that why not just take it at the Face value of what it is this is an Anomaly This is an unknown encounter with Something that i cannot see i cannot Detect but yet is somehow exerting Influence In this space at this moment Agree i think that’s the proper approach Uh and they maybe i’m maybe i don’t know What the hell i’m talking about maybe Everyone else is absolutely right sure Cool We’re gonna go in a different way we we Have i i definitely have a theory and Some of the other guys i’ve talked to we Share a common theory and share common Experiences like we have footage when we Went to that haunted hospital Uh i’ve gone through it all there’s Great stuff in there Um And the first question would be why Didn’t we share it why haven’t we shared It yet Why would we It’s because we have not lost the Channel yet

Onto the channel well no i mean We have things reserved and we could Easily put it up but I don’t want to give like There’s no way i can show that footage And not share What our theories are You know and the things i’m dealing with The afro samurai and others about is how Can we test these ideas You know and and people say i’ll use the Scientific no in an actual Scientific way how can we actually Measure these things how can we How can we do this Um and i’m not smart enough to do that Max is Um So that’s that’s why i called him up hey Man I think on the back of the question i Was going to ask dave without Blowing my load so to speak on On your plans for the channel with max Um Great stuff great great stuff what i’ve Seen so far And what i’ve heard about Um I want to know where your interest is in It max Why why are you curious about it that’s A good question Well yeah it’s uh

You know People look up at any Number of times and You know wonder about it as an inventor You know as an event to help Yeah yeah You know an inventor You know you can call me an inventor or Scientist you know Then all those things Challenges right it’s it’s a challenge It’s it’s in my wheelhouse a problem That i can solve it’s it’s something That you know i can do Um And that’s the initial part of it so That’s what’s attracting me to it right You know david presents a problem And i see you know Based on what’s out there what we can do Better you know things of that nature so Yeah for me it’s it is You know another puzzle if you will uh To try and put together right so In the end okay so that’s that’s the That satisfies the engineering so the Rest of it is you know Yeah let’s let’s see if if i Leaned on the fence or or stood on the Border one way or another Now at least you know i could be Convinced in my own eyes you know one Way or another and and i i would still Approach the problem

You know full-heartedly with And and that’s the other thing as a Skeptic or not i’m gonna put so much Behind it that unless it unless the Whatever it is Passes these tests I’m gonna say it’s bonk right or Or debunked right so that that gives it That a bit of fairness right because i You know Guns weapons spacecraft and everything Else Ghosts haven’t been in that So This is the one thing i haven’t done so Guess what after i do it then i can say I’m a ghostbuster See There i just wanted to comment there was An interesting thing i think it’s by Brian in the comments because i’m able To check them occasionally when i pay Attention it just stood out to me that Science will never crack the code of Life after death Because I guess yeah well because we as humans Are not supposed to know The secrets until we enter that realm Hey man that this is the kicker though Is i i actually don’t think That that’s that’s under here’s the Thing brian I’m not trying to solve any secrets of

Life after death Not at all that’s that’s Yeah that is not the direction i’m going And if anything it can be said that These ghosts and things or or whatever This is That’s happening here that’s not even After death so so why is it happening Right now So we’re not i don’t guess Trying to learn anything else and then Why is it and what is it that’s Occurring here now so that’s fair i Think on the living platform side we’re Allowed to express and explore as much As we can and i don’t think that’s Flying in the face of of gods or Anything else anyone believes yeah yeah No and and that’s that’s that’s kind of My to my point is That is not the structure that i plan on Taking with this you know what i mean Like we don’t know like The reason people immediately go to life After death and you see that a lot is Because we’ve been conditioned that over Time we believe it’s great grandma sally Or whatever How do we know that How do we know that what conclusive Evidence is Something happens in a place that is Unexplainable That’s what we know

And we just want to figure out that it’s Not grandma and sally that’s Yeah i mean and people start attributing Meaning to things and and not only that How do we know it’s not something else Pretending to be something else how do We know it’s not natural phenomenon how Do we know that It There’s a lot of things it could be that We just don’t know and when i get to That i think of uh The documentary a tear in the sky Which which i recommend um Uh did you see that ollie I’ve watched um About 35 minutes On On i’ve watched about 35 minutes Uninterrupted I paid for it as well You know i always pay for these i always Support these people whether i like the Documentary or not i pay for them Yeah as do i Um so the the inter most interesting Thing i think was a takeaway from that Is they film an object in the sky yeah Right they have Half a million dollars In camera equipment they have all these Things going on if not honestly more They have experimental camera equipment

They see an object with their naked eye They then proceed to film the object and They’re checking their different cameras It only shows up on one of multiple Cameras multiple cameras it shows up on One Now unless something wild that happened In physics Photons behave a particular way am i Correct in thinking that they’re afros Mri yeah yeah so everything should [ __ ] pick it up Yeah didn’t it why not Why did one camera the the batteries why One camera There we have an answer batteries were Weak in the other ones no no they’re all Recording live feed to the monitors They can look it outside see it outside Look in the monitors only one has it on Yeah yeah but that’s what i mean that’s One thing that we just spell right we’re Yeah we’re looking yeah we run through The checklist it’s not the batteries It’s something else and and now we’re at That realm Of the unexplained but You know we had the courage and the Ability to ask the question and we tried It that’s it Again It’s happening here We’re alive something is happening so We’re going to try something

Yeah so this is this is another good Another good comment Mike rotunda i hope i’m saying that Right Right but it’s weird to have amazing Footage And you hold on to it I’m supposed to believe this kid i Appreciate that and i actually do i Don’t think that was an insult at all uh Because he said he has something Sorry that stuff gets old that’s the Problem i appreciate that but Something to understand is I’m not doing anything that anything That blackstar we choose to share with Anyone Um It’s mostly for shits and giggles or It’s to create interest for whatever Purpose we have interest for I like Any good Multinational or Business that works for anything like That I’m going to keep the best stuff to Myself It just is what it is uh sorry I’m not doing it for you i’m not doing It for anyone else i’m i’m not studying This for anyone but myself my friends Um Scientific curiosity

Um At some point will we show it probably Especially this particular footage If we catch something amazing that we Can then gain an edge off of Either financially or some kind of Insight Absolutely we’re gonna hold on to it Yeah that’s That’s a [ __ ] lily they’re not Sharing it this isn’t for enlightenment Of the universe i don’t give a [ __ ] About that It’s not my [ __ ] problem man i’m out There doing work i’m trying You know and and it comes out of my Pocket And you know like i can also vouch for El dave that i’ve known you now for Nearly three years yeah i think a little Over that actually you know And You send me all sorts of stuff And we talk after shows about the Paranormal we don’t we carry we should Carry on an after show after the shows Because sometimes the after shows are Even better because we’re even better Because that’s your that’s That is purely your interest is in this Subject yeah it is right it is and mike I didn’t think you were trying to insult Me i said i didn’t take it as one Um now you can insult me if you want to

Again i don’t care Uh So why am i on this channel then well Because i wanted to bring max on because I think he has insight for a lot of People who watch he’s an interesting guy Uh some of the other guys i bring on Here are interesting guys and and trying To connect them with ollie because i Like all his channel and i like what He’s about that’s why I have a fascination with it and i’ve Been able through this channel to meet Other interesting people and that’s kind Of why we’re going forward with it but As far as why would i give what we work For away Why would anyone do that no one roofs a House for Giggles You know what i mean like i did it’s Just not what it is Um At some point yeah i mean if If if if right if if if a revelation Comes if it’s something neat Maybe we’ll share it but the thing is I’m just not guaranteeing it you know Like that’s not and what we have now Part of why i won’t share part of it Is there’s people in the video And their names are mentioned And to edit it out Would just destroy the video

Yeah I will say that you have sent me Now probably About 14 videos of things that go on in Your life i could never share because You’d never forgive me you’d probably Come down and hunt me with a big massive Uh baseball bat or something sharp Um But You’ve got nothing to prove mine to Prove no no no That’s it i genuinely don’t it’s i bet But i mean his question is absolutely a Fair question why am i on yeah because i I absolutely i’m I’m enamored with it man i’m passionate About it i’m I’m curious I’m curious i have questions and i don’t Feel like anyone’s asking them this is Your passion this is my passion yeah Yeah this is my passion Um Doesn’t mean i’m gonna share it Genuinely doesn’t Um to to give a hint some of the stuff Max uh And others are talking about i mean We’re talking about the first paranormal Technology that may actually be Patentable That if There’s nothing else like that

Everything else is made in someone’s Damn you know garage that they’re Selling on etsy or or what like this is Stuff to measure The unknown Using The scientific method actual technology Built by professionals you know that’s That’s bringing something i don’t know Anyone else who’s doing that Um But i get it i mean you know why Wouldn’t i share it why would i With without right max i mean Without giving The technology away just yet because i Mean we didn’t even we didn’t invite Maxwell to talk about that technology But i just wanted to kind of bring that In line with max’s interest in helping You out with the paranormal yeah um oh Yeah so is that a prototype Yet Max Uh one will be quickly done right now It’s still you know engineering or you Know doing you know chips electronics And that kind of thing so i have to set Up time to meet with dave you know my Side helper You know went through some elbow Surgeries and things of that nature so Once we get together but you know some Really good stuff that the prototyping

Part is Actually that’s not the that’s not the Long lead item On this whole thing you know initially It’s coming up with these ideas and Seeing how they’re going to fit together How we’re going to package them and Things like that and You know and then in this physical realm You know how do we measure you know x y And z and and make that into something That really makes sense and then you Know we add you know any number of Things on on david’s wish list also Max i i spoke about the the ufo Community and it as i said it’s What dave dave laughed when i said it Said it’s it’s a little hostile Um Never mind the ufo community what do you What do you make of um The the footage that has come out Well There’s stuff that’s all this this on The news channels the main the main Things that everybody see what do you Watch as somebody who who looks at Things with A smart eye when it comes to technology What do you make of that footage that You’ve seen You know it’s um You know the other things that i’ve seen You know where they’re you know

Releasing what You know some navy pilot is seeing this That any other and and some of the Things that you know james you know Talked about on the other show you know Um When things You know Do make they’re prescribed you know as They describe sharp turns 90 degrees you Know all these different accelerations You know and what have you You know I i think most people The footage is almost never good enough Right Therein lies part of the rub um That’s really everyone’s real gripe you Know and and now as things are You have people you know if we were to Just take you know people falsifying Things i mean they’re doing things with Video imagery that is just really Amazing you know and and and on top of That you know some you know obscurity or Or fuzziness then where are we now It’s getting to where we We can’t believe everything we see So outside of that I start thinking of when i when i see Things like that looking at the Accelerations and whatnot just the Engineering perspective you know then i Start you know my mind starts diving off

Into Not only how it’s done We assume that you know there’s Something controlled but The way some of the motions are you know Uh that they’re That no one’s inside but rather control Remotely starts to make more sense you Know But then even then that’s based on Assumptions that uh the alien life form Is anything like us you know right Is it just as fragile as we are or does It have to be you know so You know that’s kind of where my mind Goes whenever i’m looking at things like This and that’s where you know i start To think you know when people call them Probes that sounds even more you know Closer to what they potentially be just Simply because of the accelerations and Things that they do And then we have to you know be able to Pick them apart and jump over the fence At area 51 and beg them to Let us see what they actually have But but but is that from you from Max’s perspective looking at that Footage what did you think of it What did you what did you think of the Footage You know And that’s where my mind leads me that’s That’s exactly the

I didn’t think of it as you know Believable or unbelievable necessary you Know what i mean i didn’t just Instantly say You know It’s fake you you weren’t blown away by The What i’m saying is the the the movement And everything like that You know i guess blown away only and See for me you know my brain is working A little bit different perhaps right i’m Trying to answer the question of how can That be i’m not of course i can be blown Away by the performance if i want to be You know i’ll get on a a motorcycle you Know a zx1400 and be totally blown away And that’s a physical experience i’m There but looking at it from the outside Just looking at a race car going around The track it’s like you know while That’s fast Yeah i wonder what’s under the hood you See what i mean It’s it’s a whole different thing I’d be more blown away To get you know sucked into the alien Ship and go for the ride right that’s The ultimate But right now i’m just looking at a nice Car You know it’s funny you put it that way And uh i don’t know if max wants to Chime in on this or not but

Something that i i thought When i had seen those videos and i still Think when i see them is The cameras On these aircraft that film this right The the target lock on and all that jazz Those cameras are [ __ ] phenomenal yes I mean they’re amazing like people like It’s a bird that camera doesn’t make Mistakes for birds um not to mention it Has you know digital identification it Will feed back to the pilot these things Can do a lot Um The fact that it is blurry Yeah did you ever see the show it was it Didn’t run for very long it was called Threshold like they didn’t even do one Full season Uh the premise is like an alien invasion Type thing anyway There was a really the aliens are Sending probes Right and the probes float in the air And they fluctuate and they change Humans dna but it’s not the point i’m Getting to just plotline and i like the Show i had people like aliens love Probes mate they look great it depends On where they’re shoving them yeah Um So one of the interesting things was Like the camera footage like they on the Show of course totally totally fictional

On the show the cameras would blur out And you couldn’t get a good look at it Even in person it was hard to see And peter dinklage’s character a Mathematician is looking at what i think You’re seeing Is like a six-dimensional object in Three or four dimensional space Depending on how you count our space With time would be four right So you’re seeing something of extra Dimensional compressed in you can’t see The whole thing So you can’t ski can’t scan on radar you Can’t And to me that would that i always Thought it was just a fascinating idea Like would that be true you know Physicists i’ve talked to they’re like Yeah i’d other ones are like no And of course everyone has their own Opinion But when i see that footage And again i don’t know the specific Specs on that camera but i i’m aware of Similar ones on um other military Aircraft And what they can do Like read a damn newspaper from 30 000 Feet you know what i mean like they can Do amazing things like most people don’t Know this the what is it the uh I forget the specific designation of the Drone they used to bomb with the uh

Is it the global hawk i think that’s the One i’m thinking of it’s it’s a 15 Million dollar aircraft and it’s the Camera on the thing is 13 million The rest of it is duct tape and Hollow aluminum and [ __ ] But uh And these fighter jets have comparable Equipment if not far superior equipment And it can’t get a good look No one talks about that And that’s where i was mentioning that No matter what the images aren’t good Enough and yeah you know to say it’s you Know six dimensions five 10 20 Dimensions or whatever the case may be And that’s the reason why the camera Can’t focus Well I guess it only helps the alien that Doesn’t want to be seen it doesn’t help Us as far as proving things because you Know sight and sound are The most basic things that we have for Something at a distance And now you know you know compound on Top of that despite all the technology We’re still getting blurry images so so At least give me a sharp crisp blurry Image if nothing else i That’s where it just kind of falls apart For me it was a lot a bit disappointing You know they complained about the the Million-dollar toilet

At nasa what about that camera you know Uh But no wonder they’re they’re hitting Things they’re not supposed to hit i Don’t know I will state this fragrance footage uh From the tic tac that apparently um i he He actually said on i think it was lax Friedman uh podcast that he um The original footage Was a lot crisp than what got because That got leaked many years but it was Leaked on on a an internet site like Years before it came out Everyone thought it was a hoax So one of the i just saw someone’s Comment oh [ __ ] it’s mike rotunda again Hey man uh he says yes uh i’m saying What i’m saying to us it looks weird or Incomplete but that’s how it would look To us a fish doesn’t see the boat i Actually agree with that you can’t see All of it we don’t we don’t know what it Is right we don’t whatever is going on We don’t know what it is Uh and to your comment there ollie um You’ve you’ve met him before you’ve Talked to a friend of mine uh that Annapolis graduate That’s all i want i’ll i’ll leave him Alone at that Because he has a Actual thing going on in life but um So he’s been on

Different naval vessels and they’ve had Incredible footage that they’ve pulled Off and all the guys got around and Watched And the skipper Took And confiscated through in the locker And when they got to port he handed it Off to someone and that was the end of It Yeah Because david fravor did say with with The the tic tac that Because there was rumors that the the The so-called men but they came in they Came in in in on a helicopter they took The tapes the next day he said that Never happened For that that that particular Um Could he have been I mean i don’t know that he would have Known Right i think what i’m saying he’s a Pilot he’s Sequestering i think he could have lied About that and maybe it did get covered Up I think when you’re a military man you Don’t lie you do what your government Asks you to do Yeah Uh but i know that my again it’s uh it’s The ethereal my friend

But my friend who is an app naval Annapolis graduate uh Who is someone i I trust whatever that means and then Obviously it means nothing And he had said he’s like dude i’ve seen Much better gun camera footage And we all have and skipper took it That’s that’s how that went Lynch i i’m dyslexic but i think do you Does moonlight mean is that a plane Is there pain in spain I think you missed the yellow plane A plane i like pain more though i mean Um I don’t know about that a ufo attack Attacking a plane in spain I think for ufo attacked so let’s say For sake of argument right that’s a Great thumbnail though right there What that Yeah But uh safer argument that those videos Are 100 And max you’ll be able to Probably express this better than i can If you have the ability to achieve that Type of velocity There’s no government on this planet That’s going to stand against you Yeah that’s right i mean it’s You know you could put a tungsten ball In it and just be like all right here it

Is at mach 80. And then it just makes an awesome right Turn i i mean yeah you know unless you All have them Uh who us if we have them no everybody Will have america Um unless you all have them oh oh i have The that technology Yeah well i don’t think everyone does i Don’t i i don’t if if that technology is What they say maybe i’m way off if that Technology is what they say whatever Government has it They rule the world tomorrow Yeah Tomorrow And no one will be able to question them No all fired no you’re not gonna do [ __ ] Well we we’ve thus far okay We’ll say that the video is real we’ve Seen aircraft that can do things yes do Those carry weapons i don’t know so have We seen you know weapon activity as of Yet so that’s the other thing it’s one Thing for aircraft to just zoom around The sky and just do what they do they’re Just getting in the way of planes or Whatnot and we’re looking at pointing at Them But in order to take over and be a Threat anyway then What is the we need to see a Demonstration of the weapon collapse I agree 100

Weather manipulation you know i don’t Know so what’s it’s not a threat right If there’s nothing in your hands and You’re far enough away david you’re not You’re not a threat i dictate how far That Away that has to be right but at this Point what they’re keeping their Distance right until we’ve You know we can shoot at them but if They’re not shooting back we’re not We’re not seeing anything it could be Cat apparently we do yeah apparently Apparently we do Max do you know who jeremy corbell is It’s Very good for me i think i’ve run across The name before the bubbles are the Documentary guy Okay yeah yeah i i just show you 11 Second clip because apparently we do Fire on them yeah i have seen the logs i Have seen the videos We have attempted shoot downs of uaps on A regular basis we’re talking as Recently as last friday So last friday they they well that was a Quite a few fridays ago actually because I put i i clipped that about Two months ago But yeah yeah apparently He says the shooting of you guys yeah Shooting at aliens okay so we’re Shooting at them are we hitting them are

They shooting back you know it’s one Thing and this is you know it’s a de Facto war that we claim It’s another thing if they uh you know If they Do like and kind you know what i mean Then And if their weaponry is at least as it Very minimum what we have but they have 10 times the capability as far as flight Speed they’ll still mop the floor with Us See that and it so let’s say jeremy Corbell is 100 right just for devil’s Advocate let’s say he’s right That is happening The fact that it’s coming through him And not a government source we can Extrapolate certain things from that Right one if the us government is Engaging with unknown aerial phenomenon Wherever and we’re shooting them down That’s gonna be in the newspaper right We kicked alien ass If we’re shooting at him with the best We got and they just sidestep it and Laugh we’re not telling anyone It’s kind of like if you get in a fight And you win at a bar even though you Don’t know anyone there you go home and Tell your friends hey i kicked a guy’s Ass Whereas if you get beat up in an alley And no one sees it you just pretend like

That never happened Right Yeah No no i got that scar because i fell it Yeah yeah yeah I think oh yeah comments for you dave Aliens are animating to manipulate human Maybe Maybe Maybe um you constantly speak about it Manipulating i i i you know that’s a Again it’s a personal it’s a personal Feeling Um well describe the personal feeling is It the pain in the [ __ ] that leads You to believe that you’ve been Manipulated or no that’s just that’s Just a nice little tuesday that’s okay It’s the lube is for man Plus your pleasure pain Pleasure pain it’s such a fine line Um So dark people will take me literally What have you walked into max Oh believe me while max was talking a Minute ago i wanted to make jokes and i Didn’t because i didn’t want to give too Much personally But i just let it be I just let it be Uh Yeah so entertainment nuts that’s for me I think that’s a great question i know I’ve talked about it on here before i

Know ollie and i i’ve Anyone who’s ever seen me has probably Never been on here dave i have i was on With you and lean not too long ago right Now oh yeah Yeah i’ve been on here several times But uh Yeah interdimensional i think what do You think about that max that’s you’re The Guest of our afro samurai i mean Yeah i can i can i can buy it as an you Know an interdimensional being i mean There’s there’s no right and wrong Answer at this point right if it’s Let’s say for instance you know if we go To the old stuff and we pull out the Classic claims about the roswell and Well if that thing You know that they so-called have is Interdimensional Well i don’t know that’s kind of in this Dimension right at this point you know So Is that the being is that the shell of a Being is it a a bio Android if you will so You know Does that then explain uh The reasons why we can’t clearly focus In and and maybe we’re just looking at Bins of lights or or after shadows of What’s there so They’re just shooting at ghosts you know

So now this ties into the whole ghost Thing so yeah yeah sure i’m open to it All there’s no right or wrong answer That’s a great Name for a video max we’re just shooting At Ghosts i love it how you dip the bullets In holy water my friend Yeah But uh no man it’s are you either of you Familiar with the sierra tapes I’ve heard of this Okay uh it’s a camp that was in the Sierra mountains on california nevada Border I think we spoke about this on after a Show dave yeah i think we did speak About it after a show i i know i’ve sent It to you buddy i i just don’t think You’re seven foot dogs smoking Cigarettes no No that’s that’s that’s we should talk About that but that’s different seven Foot dogs and we’re talking about is This skin well they did a velvet thing Yeah yeah Okay yeah I’m delving in a bit of skinwalker so We’ll get definitely get onto that yeah Uh but uh so the sierra tapes the sierra Tapes were it was a hunting Kind of logs these guys found these Trees basically built to makeshift Little hunting lodge on the mountains

And they started having phenomenon It was immediately reported that it was Like ufos Um or not i’m sorry it was immediately Reported it was bigfoot or people heard Their stories and thought it was bigfoot And they just excuse me they just kind Of stopped talking about it Totally like they were just all right Well we’re not going to talk about this Anymore but they made recording sound Recordings other things And They kept going to this camp for years Until the camp was discovered by you Know rangers and taken down and the Phenomenon kind of died out But To hear these guys Tell the story to see their footage to Hear their recordings Uh and they say you know it’s not only Do they have like bigfoot type Phenomenon uh large creatures speaking In unknown language across the river Like shouting at them they would see Balls of lights in the woods they would See things in the sky they would all Like poltergeist phenomenon would follow Them home Right these are all things that we would Associate with skinwalker ranch with Other paranormal places around the world Uh really haunted like so if you go to a

Mental asylum or some Well-known haunted place for whatever Reason right One of the things people will talk about Is hitchhikers right you take phenomenon Home with you not everybody but for some Reason it chooses to follow certain People And then they’ll have that they’ll have Follow-up phenomenon hitchhiker’s Hitchhiker effect yeah i had it three Weeks after meeting you Yeah I had it for three weeks after this Itching and burning you have to take a Shot i don’t know i told you to get the Penicillin You were the one excited true story when I first met dave face to face on camera Weird [ __ ] happened in my house yeah That’s about three weeks But anyways you started dave i’d go away With a cough you know nagging cough you Know caught something from it I am a walking petri dish but uh Yeah man no it’s so i mean it’s a Phenomenon associated and that makes me Think that There’s geological locations obviously It’s something you know people in the Past have talked about that are clearly More important for other reasons Like the skinwalker ranch it’s not the Ranch it’s that whole basin and that’s a

Key word they’re basing in that mesa Especially because it’s the skin walker Ridge right where the skin leg in the Skin that’s where the skin path of the Skin walker it’s where it walks The ranch has just been made famous Because the book and the paranormal Activity basically because george knapp Biglow got into it now it’s tv show but That whole area experience that there’s Areas all over the country that Experience that kind of stuff I would think The area very close to me experiences That kind of stuff you know if you get Into Like jet propulsion labs and the people Who founded it and how they found it why Did they pick the location that jpl’s Built on now in california Well there’s heavy occult sim like they Were looking for the right Place Very strange area why is it there they Were looking for the right place So if it’s if Let’s let’s say it is let’s say it has Something to do with interdimensional Let’s say geological aspect to it Something about that whether it’s Magnetic lay lines whether it’s mineral Deposits whatever the hell it is just The shape If we study that which nobody talks

About Then we would have a way to designate New areas that people aren’t even at or People don’t realize that phenomenon’s Going on And interestingly enough i think i have But uh Yeah Because if this phenomena is real and it Is shifting through a dimension If we could learn That technology Maybe that’s changed the game maybe it’s A natural phenomenon maybe it is a Naturally occurring phenomenon I didn’t mean the technology i meant The so i would did that wrong i meant Learn the uh The phenomena if we could learn more About that maybe we could learn how to Utilize Those areas yeah and and like uh So travis taylor i’ve talked to max a Little bit about travis taylor i i like Him Um i think he’s an interesting cat He’s got a real real background it’s not Just that he used to work at nasa like That’s that would be like saying max Worked in that next work to help a lot Of better places than nasa you know what I mean uh As is james as many people there’s There’s better places uh not that

There’s anything wrong with nasa i’m Just saying interesting [ __ ] funding Things that are going on And when you look at that that guy did a Whole Um Did a whole uh interview with george and App And there’s a few key things to take Away from there one Again skin walker ranch is a damn tv Show leave it where it is understand That there are other things they are Putting money into it they are actually Doing research out there and no they’re Not putting it on camera for the same Reason i’m not showing things that i’m Doing right like Why Uh i i want an edge i don’t want anyone [ __ ] around with it i don’t want Someone trying to carbon copy and clone Something that you know me and others Are working towards to be ours i’m not Just trying to give [ __ ] away Um But I thought it was interesting that this Man of science taylor had phenomenon Follow him home Had a phenomenon follow him home That is something and i’m hoping against Hope because there’s a location i want To bring max up to and another person

And me and one of my partners uh Dio have already been to it’s it’s the Footage part of the footage i sent you Um Uh ollie i just never read that message But uh i’m hoping that max and this Other person will have hitchhikers Follow them home that is that is a goal For me [Laughter] You want you want to be followed home I want them to be followed home i used To be wanted to follow be followed home Every friday night and unfortunately i Got married to her so you know That happens that happens Yeah no i and the reason is because Right now i have an end of of Whatever that mysterious end is i want To add two more but i want to add an end Of two more with a specific mindset and Like like we said when max sees the Footage what is what do you think max You think how is it doing that what’s Going on like I want the phenomenon to happen to you i Want it to follow you home Because i want that analytical process That unique process that only you have To view it You know That’s that’s my hope i mean what’s What’s followed you know now Has anything followed you know yeah

Quick one there that they’re el dave Because we could be beyond that one for Quite a bit of things following you home But Can you just can you just answer the Uber way Because i think i think it could be Nordic Uh anyway Well viking was something because i Don’t know what sec is what is sec well He said thank you for the super chat Anyway a 55 sec whatever that is i i’m Not sure whether it’s from uber but i Love you Hello Fellow trekkie i can’t do it vulcan Currency What is what what is is that what is it With the um the symbol dave What’s like it Oh yes i have no idea what you’re Talking about the other one dave no idea What’s the circle the rooms I have no idea what you’re talking about Well well yeah that’s why he says Nordica viking but yeah that’s Am i I’m a mutt i’m a mutt I am a mutt that’s what i am You look a bit like a viking I’m a big dude Put a bit of blonde in that hair I not so much man i you know i got the

Light eyes and my skin complexion only Continually gets darker the more i’m in The sun so it’s a little weird But uh do i have scandinavian northern New york broadly northern european yeah There’s a bit in there oh me too with Everything else highly well you’re You’re a [ __ ] ghost look at you I can almost see through you You’re hot you’re haunting you’re Haunting that room ollie that’s what You’re doing you’re haunting that room Damn albino I’ll be honest overweight i had no idea What a symbol I can’t see it but i i don’t know what It is It’s pretty good I like it i love it in fact Get it tattooed on my wife’s butt And you you’ll you’ll never see it again What the butter the tattoo the either So you gotta you got a ten dollar one Bill lacey coming in man Bill lacy with the ten dollar super chat I sound like a rich where’s rich goofon And Everyone doing shows thanks dave yeah Everyone doing shows but is the Credibility is on the line and everyone Is keeping secrets so it’s bs And i am navajo that’s cool Uh I get what you’re saying everyone

Keeping secrets i understand that i get It It’s just the way it is man Uh I promise you anything that i i have or Anyone else has that it’s as far as the Government goes or and honestly the Government probably doesn’t know that Much it’s Probably all the corporations that Actually know what’s going on Um Or various government entities that are So close to being a corporation that They’re basically not even the Government There’s a lot of those uh As far as us sharing Man that that’s We will we’ll share what we want to Share we don’t have to share anything Like no i mean That’s part of the thing like if the Department of energy who is currently Working on alternate dimensions and Trying to enter them Googlable fact They’re not going to tell you anything And they’re using taxpayer dollars And Again the doe is one of those Departments that’s almost so damn close To being a [ __ ] private entity it’s Spooky

Um But um yeah i mean i i get the Frustration I get the frustration Wow there’s another sec 219 what is the Second girl One second i’ll just get on to scott Scott thank you so much for the super Sticker which is Wait for it wait for it wait wait for What exactly Wait wait for what dave’s about to Reveal A bit behind Oh it’s swedish man it’s swedish it’s Swedish there you go yeah look at that There you go Will speak offline of why dave doesn’t Have a A viking symbol In in the background and he says don’t Use viking symbols if you don’t get what It’s saying who said i didn’t I just like the shape of it Yeah it’s cool yeah it is it’s it’s it’s A pleasing geometric pattern as well It looks just which is something Interesting When you think about unless that’s what The the things have attached to dave Maybe that’s what he’s saying I thought it was just my stunning good Looks My charming personality

But um Yeah oh thank you for the uh the Donation that’s pretty cool i i Appreciate it very much so Uh and i appreciate viking symbols even Though if i don’t know what they mean Um max so the the co About the cop the quad the corporations Do you think Any of these Big Um Companies Are looking into this And Sure Do you do can you have to could you do No wait do you know which ones Do you think at the very beginning right We talked about any and all of them do Any number of things but but even more To the point what’s the reason why right That would be the thing So Why would a corp Why would i’m not going to say they’re Doing it let’s say ge right we’re going To name a big company well i know They’re doing it okay well yeah 100 man Now is ge looking into it Would Ge i’m not saying they are would ge be Looking into it for the same reasons That you and i are

Well initially If if if a government shows interest and There’s money to be made that’s number One Among all else Uh now Those that go even higher up That that guide and direct you know uh Emotions and movements of companies That’s a question that you know that we Can make assumptions as to why they do Those things right we we all Kind of have some insight or of our own Mindset of what those reasons might Might be So yeah i would say Any of them all of them one part or Another one portion or another Because the list Like i say of smaller companies projects And things that these companies get Involved with Is astronomically long right They’re departments it goes deep deep Deep So yes i would say yes And um What do you make of Cern It’s one of those companies it’s Concerning You concerned about sam I always wanted to call a video that i’m Concerned about so i don’t i don’t know

Enough about cern to be concerned about Cern only that They’re making are they making little Black holes Yeah right you know In search of the god particles is that The other making black holes takes lots Of energy i mean i i think You know the the most that we’ve seen of It are you know Clips here and there images uh perhaps That was portions of it in in the star Trek movie right uh you know where They’re fighting around it but Yeah You know those projects like that i work On at oak ridge right we You know you you do things As an ant as a worker bee Mechanical engineer they give you Problems they like us solving problems We like solving problems we do things we Do our portions of it and whoever has Bought the light bulb Actually is the one that you know has The privilege of flipping the switch Right we’ve made all those components You know To our levels you know we we understand That light goes through it This that you know we’re making you know The world’s largest fusion tokamak you Know reactor you know plasma held in Magnetic fields

And he right we showed it to everyone With dr octopus on spiderman right he Feeds the tritium that doesn’t that’s Exactly what we do right That’s exactly how it works Yes that’s exactly how it works magnet Holy depth doesn’t feel but is that what We’re really using that too That’s what i mean i didn’t buy it i Don’t get to flip the switch and Look at the bill of sales in the Descriptions of everything you know that Gets done so yes Concerned about cern i mean this really Smart Physicist You know not not good intention or Necessary bad intention we’re just People solving problems and You know uh As it goes up Okay working in uh you know defense I remember one of the things working in Defense one of the uh during the Interview process The guy asked the question i was younger Then i’d probably answer it differently Now he says well you’re going to be Designing weapons weapons that are going To kill people is that does that bother You I’m looking at my bank account i’m like No Absolutely not like i say today i would

Have it it’s not a good way to be today I would have a different But that’s just it that was the end Result of it and and looking at the Screws fasteners the electronics and Everything else Nothing in the day-to-day activity Necessarily spells Deadly weapon to you right What do you Do do you think they’re doing something Else there than what they’re telling the Public yeah sure why not i do things i Don’t tell the public every day Yep That’s the answer Yeah i mean it like that’s that’s the Thing is people’s like well you know They’re of course they are It was one it was one uh video um i Think it was talking you know some Documentary talking about you know the Uh You know liabilities of corporations and Of course the the vp and this thing you Got it may ring You know in your memory when you hear it I’m sure a lot of people watch it but in The end he says wait a second Corporations are just people we’re only Doing What the people are allowing us to do Right every one of us is you know Responsible for that end result activity

In one way shape or form or another we We can’t claim oblivious when we go There each day and we do these things Right it’s it’s It’s not just the company it’s led by Stockholders you guys are investing in It this is what you want to happen you Know Partly true right Partly You’re only the smart ones will really Be able to decode what i’m saying i Speak That way a lot but you speak nda that’s What you speak you speak nda okay and Unfortunately i think a lot of people Don’t get it It is what it is You know they’ve never signed one that’s What it is they’ve never signed one They’ve never been hey if you say this We’re gonna ruin your life and your Family’s life forever and ever and You’re going to go to jail this isn’t a Joke Yeah people like well just tell them It’ll be fine it’s easy to say that [ __ ] When you didn’t sign something saying That oh by the way i’m going to be down All the money i ever make forever and i Don’t ever get the bankruptcy on it and You’re gonna throw my ass in leavenworth Nah that’s okay i’m gonna keep my mouth Shut because i don’t want guys with guns

Coming to my house at 3am That’s how it really works That’s what’s happening home dave Lou i’m not too much i’m not gonna be Honest i’m not really that worried about Those guys we’re we’re all gonna go to That big place in the sky together uh But i do have a family Um and it is what it is Once you get a family man you gotta love Her you gotta love her i get it that’s My lever Do whatever you tell me to do Um Yeah what does lou say No i’ll get on to that in a minute but i Was just gonna say With the concerns about cern As a man of science You look at what they’re doing And and i asked the question Are they really telling us what they’re Doing do you have an inkling what you Think they could be doing Yeah i have an inkling But i think they could be doing it i Think You know for for them to say Okay so it’s it’s open in public that They say that they’re trying to do The small black holes Small being the operative word here is It small or does it accidentally become

Big i don’t know It’s where the concern is right it’s um You know that’s just what they’re that’s Just what they’re saying That’s just what they’re saying that’s What they’re saying And What they’re saying is it’s frightening Enough right yeah to the public that’s The most it’s the largest most powerful Particle accelerator in the world too Publicly known And that’s what they’re publicly saying Yeah Uh no no com i mean any fortune 500 Company you know they they don’t tell You no they don’t tell you what’s going On in the boardroom they don’t tell you What planning they don’t tell you what r D is doing You know hell cereal cereal companies Who are making the next flavors for Their marshmallows they keep that [ __ ] On lockdown Coca-cola you think cern’s not yeah Coca-cola You think cern’s not i mean that proton The whole email system of proton was Based so cern could communicate the Scientists of cern while they were Designing a building communicate Covertly Yeah that’s where that whole system came From

I’ve never understood those little dried Out marshmallows in your cereal weird They’re wonderful what do you guys use Beans beans in england it’s like nuts Like nuts and [ __ ] and Dried dried apricot and dried currant So healthy you know that’s We process sugar No Why would you Just put some sweets in a cereal there You go kids Animal plus Yeah My boys love marshmallow um You’re not a fan of saying then are you You think they’re doing good work there Yeah Do you think do you think all the Employees Okay not all the employers do you think How many of the employees from what you Think is going on there which you still Not told me what you think is going on There Know what’s going on there do you think They know what they’re getting Themselves into no No right we we go to school we do the Things we do our you know mathematics Reading this that the other you know Come out of college You know they They’re like me they’ll they’ll tell you

That what you’re gonna be doing is gonna You know melt people or blow them up and You’ll say yes because your bank account Is zero But you know No they’re different levels you can work On things that are uh Ultra super high top secret the guy Doesn’t care he’s not going to tell you Everything and Quite honestly you’re not going to ask You’re interested in solving the problem You know the way the problem is issued Is For a grander scheme he may come and say Well i need this you know This unit to cool this amount of you Know wattage you know this kind of thing And it’ll keep these circuit boards Alive that that’s all you care about so That’s your Compartmentalized thought again the Light bulb i’m not the one buying it i Don’t have the The privilege of flipping on the switch To see exactly what it does that’s That’s just compartmentalized you know Engineering compartmentalizing anything The boardroom is the boardroom the Secretary doesn’t get to Not to hear the you know the direct Guidance of the You know of the uh You know the path of the company so you

Know if No one else got to hear the plans of Buying up all all the aquifers in the United states That was given at the end And the person selling the land doesn’t Know that’s what you’re doing That’s after the fact after it’s already Done only then do we slap our heads and Go god damn it it was an atomic bomb you Know Yeah max makes an interesting point that I think is overlooked by the ufo Community as a whole is Max is a different kind of engineer Because he’s sociable you can interact With him And he’s still brilliant i think you’re Definitely Having hands down one of the smartest Guys i know um But most engineers if you’ve had any Experience with them like the old Engineering joke howdy can you tell an Introvert engineer from an extrovert Engineer the extrovert engineers looking At your shoes You gotta be like max giggle you gotta Be an engineer to kind of get it and i’m Not not at all not i’m definitely not That smart that’s not what i do in my Life is smart people things that’s for Sure but uh The reason like why don’t engineers come

Forward why don’t science people i’ve Heard that in different communities And just max spoke to that point they Don’t typically know and or care too Much they like problems They want to solve problems they’re uh Overall max would you say they’re a Pretty nerdy group of dudes who Like a challenge absolutely but you you Know like anything else you have a lot Of fakers too You know i use the end right we all use The engineer lightly Lightly i’ll use the word smart person Lightly you know so Guys like me that are really you know Calculated that are in deep You’ll see them right we’re the ones Rocking in the corner really into what We do I’m not talking about the type of Engineer that becomes management that’s Different guys are two separate types of People all together um Not that some aren’t skilled in that It’s that generally Those really good at it don’t Get on a management track uh very easily Because they’ll keep you in the you know Throwing your food in the corner and That’s kind of where i am Just Really analytical in that way so You know they keep you doing the work

They keep you Yeah Yeah that’s that’s what they are i mean That’s that’s the thing you know People’s like why aren’t there big leaks Why aren’t there The people who can see the whole picture Are usually believers men They’re believers and they’re not going To violate anything i saw and said why Would we talk about you know india why Would we talk about ndas and things that We can’t well i think There was a misinterpretation that we’re Talking about Um We’re not talking about things that we Can’t violate we’re just giving examples Of why they don’t like why does why does Louis lozando’s perfect example why Doesn’t he just violate his ndas one i Believe lou is a believer i believe he’s Absolutely a believer Two they have real consequences and all These people who want them to do these Things online no one’s gonna be there to Help them or their families They’re not You know people aren’t gonna hold a Rally or a march for a whistleblower You know uh it’s just not the the Governments will lock you away and put You in sound and sleep deprivation And it they’re going to torture you it

Bad things are going to happen Even more so to reality than that That none of the scientists can manage To drive for some reason right it’s Always a car accident oh no [ __ ] yeah i Was actually just trying to avoid that Topic in general actually But you know there you go let’s just Focus on litigation and lock up let’s Not focus on the final solution You know Dave you say you lose a believer but You’ve also said that the ufo community Needs to be careful of it That’s why He’s not a believer when i say believer Let me be very clear when i say believer I don’t mean believe he believes in the Paranormal he believes in ufo he Believes in god And america And maybe america and god and then maybe His family i don’t know i guarantee America’s it has to be one of the top Two Uh like i said earlier with fravor to a Military man there’s no such thing as Lion if you’re following orders right If you believe and i know Max i know you know these kinds you know The kind of guy i’m talking about Yeah guys who who believe like if you’ve Ever met anyone who’s done Intelligence work right like there’s a

Difference between field operative guys Like max was saying but engineers There’s a difference between the guy who Does the work and a guy who’s management And and there’s even a bigger difference Between a guy who’s like a low-level Manager to someone who’s trusted and at The top that guy is all about ge he’s a Believer this company is everything He’ll do anything for him When you start bringing in flags and Countries That chick gets taken up to a new notch To an incredibly new notch that most People can’t fathom unless they’ve seen Um Yeah and i i in my humble opinion which Is absolutely worth nothing I lou elizondo is a believer yeah i Think that’s also why they’re rotating The mount You know i you know who who knows who The next lou’s gonna be maybe it’ll be Travis taylor i don’t know he’s Articulate he’s intelligent he’s a good Guy for the position Um I don’t know but not lou Yeah that’s not what he does i could see Blue kicking in someone’s door with a Team of dudes black bagging them and Dragging him out somewhere you tell me He did that i believe you all day long Look at that guy you got his picture to

Put back up there See Yeah only because i’m and we will this Will lead us on to the skinwalker stuff But I take lou more seriously than i do Travis and i know travis has got This massive background of the Scientific background and what i view Are you aware of travis max Other than just that little bit that you Showed me and then david sent me some Stuff and your david i think that’s it Yeah it’s interesting i’ve sent you his Interviews But it all seems Like he’s Very And he’s probably because the pro the Problem is probably the way the program Shows them shows him as a person Which he looks like a great guy you know A really nice guy does travis but i Can’t take him seriously because of the Show Oh wait there’s you got a super chat man It’s from the uh urban way What’s he saying Oh Yeah i i’ve i’ve just replied to him i Wasn’t going to bring it on screen no no No it’s absolutely fine it says one guy Has my i didn’t know he owned these Symbols

Uh send me your address i’ll send you a Copyright check i guess Or maybe the people that bought it from Ou one we’ll get with your attorneys And the other guy is faceless you can do Better than this Ollie he’s right you can do better than This yeah i’ve had listen at the end of The day you got 55 sec out of it so [ __ ] People like to Come on a show Uh and talk If they don’t want to show their face i Respect that I’ve seen your face max it’s a very Beautiful one He’s a damn handsome man but you don’t Want to show it on on camera and i’ve Had i’ve had me and i if any guests want To come on and don’t want to show their Face Very well come on here some people don’t Like to do that And You know what i think that those are Some of the greatest people because They’ve got nothing to gain from it Nothing you don’t know who they are they Could be anybody That’s my picture right there Yes You know that is a pretty good totem for You i got to be honest I think that’s that’s

Pretty close to accurate um no but what We were talking about going towards the Scene so you believe he says i wonder Well going back to that like Is that You know part of the whole point right You show him But he lacks credibility because of how The show portrays them is that where you Gonna go with that that’s intentional Or by mistake That was for you ollie I am saying that I think that lou to me comes across as a Guy That You’re aware of lou lou alexander Max yes yes i did see that Okay To me And and we spoke and if if if jordana Was here rich jardine from goof on he Would This this this puts a thorn in his side Whenever we speak about lou But but luke blue for me is one of these Guys that you look at And the talk is believable Travis if travis is going to be the new Guy He’s he’s a brainy [ __ ] You know he’s got the credentials But because of skinwalker the show To me that just makes

If he came out and started to do stuff In that sort of style i could never take It seriously because of skinwalker Do you get what i mean by that dude yeah I i think they put him on there to add Uh credence to the show to give it Credibility because he’s credible like Everyone else they have who the hell are These people You know this guy has a real background I’m curious how much they had to pay him To get him on there who’s who’s trucking You know who dragon is i no i do know Who dragon is uh so dragon and brandon Fugal when they were on a mormon Missionary to hawaii dragon and brandon Were there and they didn’t get along and Then they became very close friends and Since then they’ve been best friends and Brandon’s always kept him around But uh here’s a very good uh interesting Point he says uh this is Moon licked lich moonlitch i think i’m Sorry I went to public school reading it’s not My strong suit um That is up to me my contract’s nda so He’s talking about ndas and time frames So he had ndas he signed because he Worked for a telecommunications company Absolutely get it and his nda’s have Expired lose also no matter date that’s Not true Government ndas are not corporate ndas

Uh so long as that even in government Ndas can actually go past so like um Some government a lot of most government Information you know 75 years 50 years As huge time frames that it will still Be classified Your nda can go longer than that Even if it’s made public you still have To tap dance around what you can and Can’t say because you signed it and Governments are a different standard Than a corporation And the ndas were joking about you know Actually if it was a corporate nda i’m Just gonna get sued right i’m gonna lose A bunch of money but i’m gonna get sued Uh if you break government nda They can do other things uh getting sued Would be the best outcome You know Um That’s that’s that’s what we’re Generally talking about to clear that up In case that was a Wasn’t clear i’m sorry Just wanted to tap dance on that that’s It i think Getting sued would be the best outcome Losing both she both your testicles Would be an okay outcome Then you then you have the ability to Define a woman no man i’m not a Biologist I’m not a biologist i don’t know no idea

What that is Uh so whether we were talking About We we would talk about lou and then we Started talking about travis but i mean I’m interested uh max Have you seen i know you not massively Into the the field of ufology but have You seen the Alezzando character uh Popping about every now and again the Guy that i’m hoping i’m vaguely you know Uh seeing his stuff yeah And This guy yeah yeah i remember you Showing the picture of yeah i have Always walked around with a balloon um He he he originally Was introduced um With i don’t know if you’ve heard of the Company to the stars academy of arts and Science which was Uh i believe tom delong was the founder Where he has uh steve justice hal put Off uh chris mellon And lou alexander and is it jim semivan Jesus christ well done me Yes those people those people working For him Make sure you in uh Invest there you go The best people No um What what what do you make of all that

And what do you make of lou Or dean are you kind of like you’re not That into it to to know You know not not necessarily into them You know to know You know much more on the topic right These people come and go you’re already Saying there’s another guy coming in so That’s out There’s a there’s a great comment ollie It’s a joke because i’m pissed the guy’s Wearing a hawaiian shirt i’m hawaiian i Tell you what man let me say give me Your attorney information i’ll get it to The manufacturer you guys can settle That out all right I don’t know but i love him that’s Hilarious Let’s see what’s he called I gotta bring it up on the screen okay Okay good man i like joe king yeah yeah Yeah there we go Um And then moon lich again he said just Because the government says you are bond You are not well that’s that’s actually Not true so when you sign those things Depending on the government program You’re just there bro you’re there for As long as they say and there’s you Don’t get to You can go and work for someone else you Keep your [ __ ] mouth shut They put a gun to your chest and say pay

Your taxes Exactly if i don’t pay my taxes men with Guns show up at the house if you break An nda with them they’ll hell yeah Yeah don’t drive anywhere I am Back to the travis guy though i I don’t i don’t get that You know I think People are saying this could be the next Liu guy I just don’t see it with that And i think it’s because again the whole Dramatization of skinwalker As A tv series Terrible tv series um It genuinely is a terrible tv series the Thing is the government For on this topic for some very strange Reason They’re very into steering the narrative Right and as someone who thinks like i Do says everything that needs to be said If you’re interested in steering the Narrative What’s Then what’s really going on why Why there’s a reason you’re doing this There’s a reason resources are put in There’s a reason you’re pushing this Forward this deception this whatever You’re trying you don’t they don’t try

For nothing there’s a reason behind the Drama Yeah it’s it’s it’s a distraction right It’s a distraction um Look over here instead of over here ask These particular questions we want you Thinking this way We want you thinking nuts and bolts Mechanical outer space we don’t talk About Geology we don’t talk about the Locations we don’t talk about Interdimensional ultra-dimensional Spatial like we don’t None of these things now one time Natural phenomenon you were going to go There is that still on or off I don’t want to uh talk about it on this Okay Yeah Uh yeah what travel plans may or may not Be I was yeah i did i did have it planned Up i did it yeah you had it Yeah Yeah i had clearance i had guys i was Trying to get you to go with me yeah um Yeah we were gonna go and then things Happened with see if i [ __ ] explain It it’s just gonna piss more people off Yeah because it’s it’s things in places With people and it didn’t there’s no go Um But to my understanding that opportunity

May be coming up again So We’ll see we’re going to catch one Definitely We’re going to probe it because of all The people who give give it one for the Go right there yeah yeah yeah teach him A lesson Catch an alien Probe the living hell out of it oh yeah Let it take it back to its friends we’re Never going to that planet again what Happened i don’t want to talk about it i Don’t think it has See the uber way is giving all the love From sweden there you go so he he just Said That he never meant anymore About the uh i didn’t take it that way Bro i know he did his humor yeah no i Sweden’s great bro i love sweden you Take everything about with the humorous Way dave you know when i say stop Calling me at five in the morning you Just laughed down the phone I do I don’t care man Because because this is the thing i Think most people You know never mind i’m not gonna give Anything about my too much about me Anyway but [ __ ] there’s real things in the world Man and when my wife tells you to [ __ ]

Off as well you just laugh at her yeah I’m not worried about it That’s your problem I’m an ocean away Yeah but uh I don’t know what again what were we Talking about got all that it’s my fault It’s my fault it’s my fault yeah And i love sweden’s beautiful country Beautiful people Didn’t we were we talking about me That’s where the meetup was going to be When when we when we finally meet was it Sweden I was trying to get it somewhere fun and Um We did bring up amsterdam yeah Uh i don’t care definitely you know Where i would like to meet i’d like to Go i’d like to go back to prague [ __ ] blast that’s where you said Prague they said let’s hold me up in Prague go meet in prague dude yeah that Would be well it’s a couple of it has to Go live Yeah there’s a couple towns i love just Outside of prague and uh we could go There it’s Less people less pickpockets uh And and when you like if you have to you Know Do something there uh [ __ ] there’s no cops you know what i Mean uh

Brock that’s it’s different story They’re gonna extort the [ __ ] out of you You’re tourists but uh You know So supposed to follow you Yeah back to Actually You know i definitely want to touch on Skinwalker because Max’s even though i can’t see him his Ears perked up when we when we mentioned Skinwalker i felt it I felt the force of those ears i just Felt like a tingle like something About the uh These areas that that where where the Veil is thin What do you make about all that that Dave was talking about before do you do You think there’s areas on earth where That is actually an actual thing As a man of science Yeah because you know and me and dave Talk about that right um But yeah there are there are areas and You touched on it you know with You know The stories behind jpl or any number of Places right you know um Yeah i I think there could definitely be Something there right It’s uh And i don’t want to say too much because

It goes back to dave’s other stuff can’t We can’t talk too much about that that’s The [ __ ] of the whole thing Uh Yeah it For the audience the stuff that you Can’t speak about at some point is going To become a thing that we you will be on Here speaking about in a way because You’ll have your own thing it’s just It’s not launched yet so here’s the Thing and i don’t want to make a i don’t I don’t want it Here’s the real reason i don’t want to Make that promise right and i probably Should clear clear it up because i guess A lot of people don’t get my humor or my How i Poke but uh I don’t want to promise you something i Can’t deliver If i told you that absolutely sure That’s what we’re going to share yeah We’re going to share everything and then I i know What if what if we make a real here’s The thing what if we make a real Discovery right We make a real discovery something can Capitalize something that suddenly I can get a government contract on max Can get a government contract on uh That’s where the Money reigns from heaven right um you

Just write checks and the government Cashes them and it’s [ __ ] great um There’s the goal Right Uh there’s money for pseudoscience maybe I get private backing Maybe i’m already talking to somebody About private backing and i’ve already Promised i’m gonna keep this [ __ ] on the Down low Um And i tell everyone and and this is the Kicker people won’t get this about me But if i tell you that hey i’m going to Share everything with you And then i get this and they’re like Okay well we can’t do that I just put myself in a hell of a spot That i don’t want to be in Yeah Um So it’s better if i’m just honest Up front being saying hey man i’m not Going to uh whether i want to keep it For personal reasons whether i want to Keep it for security reasons like the Other footage where i show people’s Faces I can’t show those people’s faces I can’t do that to them um Yeah And then the thing about you know you Know patents and whatnot it’s that Some of the things that david’s talking

About are going to have other uses Yeah yeah they’ll they’ll have a media Against the surface At the surface of of what it says and It’s in its background it’s yeah The interstitial the the extended uses Of it and that’s where it comes in so Okay so We do something that That traps a ghost in a box but all of a Sudden all the vets in the world Realize that this would be a good device For purging the anal sacs of chihuahuas You see what i mean so there’s there’s Other uses of it it’s like viagra was a Cold medicine until they found out it Had a side effect You know what i mean like it So i don’t want to set that up and it May say sure it absolutely sounds like [ __ ] to a bunch of people but to me It’s it that’s just what it is i’m not Gonna set this up with me being Dishonest out of the gate um Yeah i’m gonna hold things back we’re Gonna hold things back Because if i can go to uh angel or some Wealthy ridiculously wealthy billionaire Who’s got plenty of money and is like Hey man i like what you guys are doing Here’s 50 million dollars but i want to Keep all the research because i’m that Way Oh all right i don’t want to be like oh

Well you know i promised some strangers Most people wouldn’t give a [ __ ] i would Give a [ __ ] or they want to use it for a Show Sure yeah maybe i doubt that that I sincerely doubt that no one i know Would want me on tv That’s not the goal of any of them Um i appreciate that that honesty though Because there’s not many people that Will say hell you know if the money’s Right I’ll show it Why why would i why would i blow my load Straight away you know i’ll tell you This uh for money i virtually have no Limits it’s just the amount of money It’s the amount of money Uh Whether it’s detestable horrible Wicked wrong evil early legal How much money i’ll get it done You know Yeah Almost almost anything As long as my family is fine and safe Everything else is on the table Um but skinwalker ranch yeah i mean i Think i this is the thing i don’t think Skinwall that area the utah basin i Don’t think it’s unique I don’t think it’s unique We had your you came on with your friend Dave miller

Yeah And he he’s like i don’t he he doesn’t Think skimwalk he says the the place the Whole basin that’s that’s the thing Yeah it’s the whole area and that’s if You watch the documentary jeremy corbell Did They didn’t just stay on the ranch they Talked to all the neighbors and people Who listened to you You loved that documentary by the way Okay i thought it was interesting i mean I got i think i think the the work Jeremy corbell does is interesting i Have Listen i don’t have anything against lou Elizondo all right i could be wildly Wrong maybe he’s not a believer maybe he He isn’t who i think he is Um And i i’m wrong okay i totally accept it Dude i’ll [ __ ] buy you flowers and Write an apology i’ll go i’ll go naked Down the street telling everyone i was Wrong No problem looks like a mum that would Love some you know Some flowers Who doesn’t love flowers Let’s be honest if you showed up at work And there’s a dozen flowers for you no That’s sexual harassment no no No it’s fine it’s wonderful Everybody loves flowers

Yeah i don’t know anyone does like Flowers but um you know i i don’t have Anything against the guy i just i Believe that i recognize certain things In him Right and Certain traits certain traits and people Like Me Probably recognize them too All right Um not that i’m special or different It’s just i Max has a unique way of looking at Things from an engineering perspective i Have a different unique way of looking At things and when i see that guy i see A certain thing Um And i could be very wrong i’m wrong all The time [ __ ] i’m wrong a couple times a Day it’s fine Um ask my wife i’m always wrong But You know i i have nothing against him i Have nothing against jeremy corbell i i I applaud george knapp and jeremy Corbell for for moving skinwalker ranch Into a mainstream conversation how many Millions of people are now talking about It that have never heard about this Before That’s the only problem is people who Are deep into the phenomenon didn’t like

It Because they’re like well it didn’t tell Me anything i don’t know well that’s Fine it wasn’t for you It was for the masses who don’t know Anything about it yes now they do same Thing with the tv show it’s not for the Die hard person who’s into it it is not It’s not for us it’s not for anyone in This chat It’s for you know John smith and jane smith who eat potato Chips and care more about football and They’re like hey there’s some weird Paranormal [ __ ] going on that’s all they Know about it that’s it david you’ve Just you just said something very Interesting Sorry Always After the show um You just said Beforehand The if the money’s right Stuff out there okay yeah i’ll do Anything Yep and you just mentioned george knapp Corbell All the all these characters Lou whatever Do you think if the money you’ve do you Think The money has twisted their hands in Certain directions i think i think

That’s how jeremy got involved in the First place Of course he did yeah i mean let’s be Real that’s that’s that’s that’s not a Shot at him he’s an entrepreneur dude Yeah if you look at the guy’s history He’s an entrepreneur uh he’s a little Bit artsy of a dude he wants to make Doug i’m hoping goofon’s watching right Now i’ve sent him the link and he’s just Like it’ll be it’ll be deceiving Yeah it uh he hates jeremy I don’t i i don’t i don’t i’d love to Have a beard talk to that guy i have no Problem with him he’s never done it i’ve Never been A beer Oh a baby dude i would beard rub with Him we’re cool i have no problem you Know what he and i get on the mat we’ll Throw on some keys we’ll you know grind Our male parts all over each other and Get sweat So you can choke who out first it’ll be [ __ ] great Who out first with their male parts is It Sure i’m not my first rodeo uh i’m down For that but um Yeah i mean so he’s a martial artist you Think he’s doing some good work in the Field I didn’t say that I i mean who is doing good work who

Would you say is doing good work i mean Actual work he’s not doing work he’s Making documentaries from information Given to him let’s be very clear about What jeremy corbell does Jeremy corbell makes He jeremy corbell is given information He puts that in a video format he Distributes it to the masses he’s the Front guy he has an interesting Background he has an interesting way of Talking and he’s [ __ ] likable I don’t know him personally i’ve never Broke bread with him i [ __ ] would Dude if you happen to watch this you Want to have a beer or something i’ll Fly you out or i’ll fly to you whatever My dime we’ll hang out um Just imagine having the bear with this Guy i have seen the logs i have seen the Videos we have attempted shoot downs of Uaps on a regular basis we’re talking as Recently as last friday No at the end of that conversation You’ll be committing mass suicide no way Not me man I don’t get brainwashed i do the Brainwashing but I’m a professional bro So he does he does quantum jiu jitsu i Believe it was called uh like his own I don’t know i i i i haven’t looked into It enough i just saw that it was like a Thing

You know he’s a pretty conditioner are You jujitsu i’ve done a few different Things in different places at times yeah But have you ever heard of quantum ggs i Don’t know But he had his own studios in la and That’s really all that matters um I don’t who gives a shout you know i’ll Strap on maybe he’ll maybe he’ll vlog Choice words four choice words you know Maybe he’ll own me every second of the Day you know that’s again dude that’s Not the first thing it won’t yeah it Won’t be the first time i’ve just Totally got the [ __ ] kicked out of me on A mat like Not the first won’t be the last i’m cool With that It’s fine It’s fine everybody should get the [ __ ] Kicked out of them Builds character here’s the thing then You you’re right on the dollar uh on the Pound mount whatever we don’t have a Pound no we’ve got a five pound note Um It’s not worth [ __ ] You’re right on the money When you said That Everybody in this field i don’t know if You said on this show i think you did But you’ve said it to me many times After shows well i don’t think you can

Say that it’s not pg-13 Nobody all the ufo channels all the Paranormal channels Everybody’s just guessing nobody has a [ __ ] clue most of them don’t even Have a [ __ ] theory They don’t Give me an original theory from someone Anyone Well here’s the thing i i i interviewed A long time ago a guy that looks very Similar to to you um And This this person was completely Blanked out the video is no longer Available on the channel uh the guy made Me take the video down um But there’s something very interesting This person said to me and he said That Everybody’s just guessing What this is He sounds like a smart man he’s right Everyone’s just kidding no nobody has a Clue The the this No one is a everyone approaches it i Mean think about everyone approaches That they know You know people’s like well it’s not Nuts and bolts okay you’re making a hell Of a statement there how do you know It’s not You know everyone says well it’s

Definitely energy it’s quantum it’s Dimension it’s blah blah okay so it’s Not nuts and bolts how do you know we Don’t we don’t know And once you go in with this idea that i Know Of anything you’re doomed You’re doomed man Just form a general theory Test it see if you can test it If it’s even [ __ ] testable and then You just move through right Wouldn’t you say that max once you start Proclaiming once you eliminate anything The elimination of anything is the the Proclamation that it is no more and that This is yeah i don’t know i can’t Eliminate anything because i don’t know And that was The whole point of what i was saying my Approach was it’s it’s going to be You know this is what i think we’re Going to throw some stuff at it and and Just go from there i’m not you know so So prideful in anything that i’m Doing you know just to say that you know I have the answer this is the answer I’m taking a path there’s a method david Has a problem and i’m going to do those Things to Okay it’s hard to say Okay so he’s back on the nordic cinema But who says i’m not scared He’s saying he likes you both

Well we’re holding up the like i mean i I’ve taken a lot of classes I’ve been trained to be likable if he Likes us then throw up another 55 sec i Know you don’t have to do that it’s fine Wait wait if we’re talking about it Though we’re talking about comments not To cut you off max this guy put guy i’m Sorry i’m not assuming gender uh Moonlitch uh El dave good reminder educating the Children is a repetitive job i i [ __ ] you read my mind on that one Uh i think that’s why you see so much of This very vanilla paranormal stuff in tv Shows that again i believe is being Stirred by steerster Uh steered by some other hand like the Government or whatever They do silly [ __ ] like that says we Would like to see it done You know ethically and degrees of Dignity i get all that Uh prayers for the new apartment baby Thanks man That’s cool But uh Yeah man it it You’re right see and again that’s where It goes so you have like the skinwalker Ranch books you have all these things There’s a reason They’re trying to educate the children On this particular direction of

Phenomenon i believe that And i believe that they are starting to Talk about a little bit closer to home Of what these things could possibly be Why they’re doing that i don’t know when For years like Different government agencies and would Not have run hardcore disinformation Campaigns and Made people look foolish and or set them Up to look foolish you know it It’s weird that now it’s is different That bothers me for a lot of reasons but For what’s to come next or what Any time a narrative is framed in a Broad way so you gotta understand like What they’re doing this diff Disinformation starts when you’re the Only reason you do disinformation is Because you’re trying to frame a Narrative so you want to eliminate the Possibilities so that you can frame in The possible when you frame in the Possible you then lay the narrative once You lay the narrative you put assets in Place those assets put forth the Foundational groundwork of what they Want right and then you’re going to Build that up Exactly yeah exactly we’re they’re Building The disinformation it’s the initial Potentially the the what’s technically It’s all just interfacing everything

Yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s all Disinformation Uh Yeah what they’re trying to influence And i see it on somebody I don’t know i don’t want to be that guy Um i see it on some of the shows i’ve Seen online Is there a lane foundation For groupthink Yeah if you know what it looks like you Can see it yeah we’ve seen it Let’s not do that to him but uh but i’m Just talking just the ufo paranormal Even skinwalker ranch they’re they’re Laying groundwork for groupthink Um and again if you’re not if you’re not Up on these types of skills if you’re Not up on on on How to do these things social Manipulations like any of that jazz um You miss it Right because you want to believe and That’s all it takes It’s it’s the you know it’s the every Con man like how did you get conned Because you wanted to believe he could Make it rich And that’s all he needed You just give him an inch they take ten Miles you know next thing you know You’re broke your account’s empty you Got creditors calling you don’t know how You got there and you lost your identity

And that person has all your money and They’re living in thailand And that’s that level of discernment Right that skepticism is good right yeah I’m not necessarily wanting to believe Anything but You know you come at it with a healthy Skepticism and you say hey Oh See last donation and thank you I think you muted ollie You always definitely need it I am mute sorry i i i gotta pass i can’t See his last donation oh wait here it is But yeah so a healthy skepticism and and Then approaching the problem there and That’s just what Scientifically minded people not Necessarily engineers or you know just Just thinkers in general it could be Something non-technical if you if you do That you’re gonna You know walk yourself at least to my Own conclusion and not someone else is It at the very least so if i’ve lied I’ve lied to myself at least i can live With that yeah i’m i’m comfortable with That you know what i mean it’s Um I don’t know man there’s so much more Out there It’s so bizarre and even the people Listening now dude For people talking about max being

Faceless or who the hell am i yeah be Skeptical of both of us yeah as you Should even even when and when black Star paranormal You should stay that way you should Still be you should still be absolutely Actually both me and lee thought you Were the new lou but It’s true dude if i was the new lou i Would have already wrecked the ufo Community i would have used you to get On all the other shows i would have Spent my narrative and i’m way more Likable than lou and i’m [ __ ] better At it they should have paid me they Should have paid me And here’s the thing man just to be a Dick if they did pay me i would [ __ ] Do it In a heartbeat bro Yeah well that would go without going Too far into that but you understand a Little bit about what you think he may Be doing yeah No i i i would i would bet money on it And i don’t bet but i But you but you said you think he’s a Believer yes in the subject no not in The subject i don’t know if he believes In the subject or not i don’t think he Believes in country and god And apple pie Again A man lives in america

Or whatever But a man like that doesn’t lie if he’s Following orders and again with lu dude Lou and i could go to the range well [ __ ] actually i wouldn’t go to the Ranger luke so i might not come back uh But She spoke about money this documentary Yeah don’t talk about his family just Leave him alone yeah like you want to Talk about you talk about lou keep it on Lou Uh because that’s what liu’s there for He’s got thick skin i mean damn look at That guy’s neck he’s fine Uh he’d be a hell of a guy to try and Knock out i’ll tell you that one neck Like that whoo Um let alone choke out [ __ ] But uh like He he only briefly mentioned a couple of Things about his Spouses and what are they nothing Nothing personal but so would you why Would you not speak about lose Family because we don’t have a real Measure of hulu is We don’t know that we don’t we don’t And um I would have max corroborate this to a Certain point but he’s faceless and just Like the people they don’t know him they Don’t know me but and and my word is not Gospel obviously but uh

Cam there Could be uh i could write a new book Yeah there there are people in this World that Do serious things And they only hold certain things of Value right Lou strikes me as that guy i guarantee His family is of [ __ ] value And you never know poking at that button What kind of reaction you’re gonna get It’s not worth finding out It’s not worth finding out You know maybe it’s nothing maybe it’s Just a lawsuit maybe he [ __ ] shows up At your house at you know 4 15 in the Morning when you’re going out to your Car and [ __ ] you up You know you don’t Know You you never know and it’s just not Like there’s there’s three things right There’s three things The philosophy of dave right three you Have respect for him Absolutely absolutely because here’s the Thing say he is a government disinfo Asian right he believes in what he’s Doing so much that he’s gonna stand up And misguide the world be what we would Call a liar or a shill or a government Troll and he’s willing to take that Because government god country and duty Yeah i can respect the [ __ ] out of that

Guy Hell yeah man he’s like i’ll stand up And be a lightning rod against everyone Who will hate me and i know what’s going To come and i’m going to take it So i think he’s getting it that you Finally You finally You know laid out for everyone else what You mean by a believer Yeah yeah he’s willing to do it He’s willing to do it he’s willing to Take it You know what i mean he’s willing like All these things uh and the thing you Never hear him talk about and this is Why i say you should be careful with This family you never hear him talk About them They’re off limits that is something That never comes up He’s willing to take it doesn’t mean That they are Um and again the philosophy of dave Three things in life you’d never ever do Uh never mess with another man’s ego Never mess with another man’s money Never mess with another man’s woman Family these three things For what you you may consider a slight Infraction or anyone else will get you [ __ ] put in the ground And To make it slightly less sexist never

Mess with your wife’s shoes My wife’s not into shoes But yeah I know that would be her her rules don’t Mess with her shoes But uh yeah Yeah man Yeah i give lu respect absolutely You know that’s that’s the thing is It’s hard to explain to someone who Doesn’t get it it’s kind of like A spy right Depending on the country if you’re a Chinese spy and you get caught in England well that guy’s a spy is a piece Of [ __ ] is he I can respect that man He went into a foreign nation he did [ __ ] that was he was in danger every day He Hell yeah man that’s a that’s a big sack Bro That’s a big sack Um Lou i think is not doing is doing Something not too much different you Know what i mean Um and he I don’t know that’s just my thoughts Yeah i absolutely respect him i’d have a Beer with him You know if if i liked having a beer With him hell we might go to the range That’d be fun

Why do you why do you think after um All the people that Rogan’s had on his show All the people in the ufo community Travis walton i mean that’s that’s kind Of it It’s a great one that’s that’s up there That’s you know it’s got a lot of Witnesses he’s been there for years Tom delonge Steve justice steven agreer on at some Point Um he said all the people on But he’s He’s not had Lou on the show I i i know i’ve spoken about what that Was going to do lou’s not competent to Do long format interviews And also look at that monster bob zach Carbell obviously he’s had that but why Isn’t he look crazy Why why is why is why is who’s not lou’s Not a ufo guy man he does he’s not a Paranormal guy he’s not a ufo guy he may Believe in them he’s no guy i’m not Saying that but what i’m saying is like For any if i was joe rogan yeah looking At the ufo community he he got steve Justice on the show Who says he didn’t try to get lu on and Lou said no or losing do you think he Has I wouldn’t be surprised why wouldn’t he

Lose not someone i don’t think you could Put lou down for a long format interview About ufos or what he used to do and get A detailed conversation i think that Guy’s background is probably filled with A shitload of ndas he’s gonna tell you He was in places he was never in because He was actually somewhere else and That’s a cover location so when you ask Him about the location he was allegedly In he can’t give any [ __ ] facts other Than some anecdotal that was memorized Because that’s what he’s supposed to put Forward Yeah Do you think an interview with rogan Would be absolutely he’s a very good Interviewer dude has a talent for it Yeah yeah he’s he’s awesome yeah I’ve got a joe rogan tattoo on my Ballsack It’s a little bit wrinkly but give me That picture later But uh No yeah like Luke could never stand up to that luke Could never stand up to that He could not do a long format Podcast he couldn’t do i’d be amazed if He could do a two-hour show on here Because we would ask him questions he’s Not going to be able to answer he has Specific answers he has to give because He’s not educated on the material he’s

Just A guy with a good enough background to Hold the position i think whoever put Him out there didn’t think [ __ ] through Which is a very government thing to do Um like oh we’re just gonna throw this Guy there he’s gonna be great garden Country i’m for it you saw my friend Rather be squid Rather squiddy on the show didn’t you That and he was on the Good show yeah did you did you see That I don’t know if i sent you the interview On ucr Uh the unidentified celebrity review Where They had lou alexander on the show and Rather asked him about His soccer counts And he very cleverly Turned that conversation into a Different thing Yeah Yeah because i have seen that show And i don’t think anyone there is gonna Be able to actually dance around him Has nothing to do with being smart it Has to do with being trained See but you think most shows he goes on He he can narrate That or they have pre-approved questions And as you guys know I’ve known you for for three years now

Dave i have never once Ever Had a guest send me questions in To ask them Or if i asked said i’m gonna ask you xyz Yeah i can’t i can’t imagine as a host Actually getting Like this is what you can ask me this is What you can’t That would put me off an interview Yeah yeah Yeah it and They also had brandon fugal on there as Well They’ve had them on there a couple times Yeah yeah As i understand it one of their main People like texts with vogel like They’re in contact Right That’s amazing lou Is that his name Oh yeah i don’t know their names yeah i Just i i happen to glance that because Brandon fugle is very interesting to me Uh For a lot of reasons why i would i would Have liked to see them ask him about his Archaeological pursuits Uh no one’s asked him that But whatever Um yeah no it’s interesting show it’s Very really good very well right you are Good dave you got to throw a library i’m

Like you can’t just say His archaeological pursuits and then Just shut the [ __ ] yeah somebody that’s My point is somebody should ask him About his archaeological pursuits he was Why on a board and funded a Archaeological project um Uh he has in writing dismissed it to Something he was on he was just into History But uh i believe there’s a little bit More to it that you know someone clever Like a lot of the people here should dig Into you know hey give you a hug go find So Give him off this nugget I don’t know I don’t know if i knew i’d tell i i Don’t know i think it’s interesting Though I do think well there is a certain an Archaeological thing that he did there Was And do you know what that thing was Nope I wish i did it But this is out there for people yeah He was he was on the board he funded it Uh he appointed people to it uh i’ve Seen it and he put in writing in an Interview that um you know it wasn’t That big a deal to him he was you know Whatever it’s like you put a lot of Years in on that and from what i

Understand from reading the papers they Put out it wasn’t just passing So He’s searching for something man dude’s Looking for something dude has an idea And he’s [ __ ] looking for something Same thing with bigelow like bigelow saw Something when he was a kid he had an Experience he’s been chasing it since I feel like there’s more to brandon Foogle than anyone’s anyone’s bringing Out and the thing is i’ve seen plenty Interviews now with brandon fugle He’s a [ __ ] scary smart guy he’s a Scary smart guy i think if max and i and A few of our other friends cornered him We still couldn’t get a [ __ ] straight Answer out of that guy he’s not trained He’s just brilliant he didn’t get there By accident Yeah What would you do differently if you if If you guys were um On the show On skinwalker ranch yeah if you were Doing that investigation what would you Do differently to what’s being shown i Wouldn’t have I’m saying to what’s being shown because We don’t know what’s being shown i i got A clip sent to me by um A friend of mine Um that has thomas winters Thomas winterson in the clip

Yeah i don’t i don’t if you’ve seen it It was on that’s not true i’ve seen it Yeah I i put it out a couple of weeks ago Yeah i saw it i liked it Yeah what would you so what would you do Differently if you’re on that show Because i i say that because i That That’s never been seen before and Nobody’s done that That kind of thing before but that was That was one of the guys that’s on That’s in the show definitely thomas in Winterton yeah thomas winterton and dave Miller you can identify those guys Pretty easy Um yeah it What would i do different it depends It depends what are they actually doing They’re not just filming a tv show i get That a lot of these guys are flying in To be on the tv show but i also would Speculate real science is going on Because they have real tech out there All right so About it yeah so if i’m funding this Right if it was if it was dave’s dollars Dave’s dog i don’t have that kind of Money i wish it did But uh if i was funding it Would i give out the information that i Was collecting like if it was Substantial like if i had [ __ ]

Pictures of ufos if i had readings of Uh some kind of anomaly that could be Purported as you know a dimensional Opening or rift or something like that Would i release to the public I don’t know maybe maybe not Probably not Probably not Because why This guy is paying for it this is all His money going in He has questions he has specific Questions he’s getting answers You know why didn’t bigelow bigelow put In tons of money out there he flew dudes On private jets just to be out there Anytime something happened he had people Monitored he used people as I don’t have to prove this so i don’t Want to make an accusate accusation and Get Sued But i would theorize as a hypothesis That he hired people with certain Post-traumatic stress disorders to be Guards to see how the phenomenon would Affect them That would be a theory i would hold Um And the thing is would i do anything Different than either of those guys Probably not It’s the interesting thing with frugal He’s already got the money he’s got the

Money he he didn’t he didn’t have to do [ __ ] He didn’t need to do that show I really didn’t and that show could have Done too he could do he could have Flopped it because it didn’t do well so I know that travis taylor now works for A private entity that private entity is Contracted with the government For various things Um And he’s on that show i would say that Like what is it max said earlier right All these technologies and things can’t Be developed Sometimes by a corporation even by a Single country right So wouldn’t it make sense to partner up With endless taxpayer sugar uncle daddy Sugar sam absolutely checks So long as you get the contract written Up so you get to keep it that’s what uh That’s exactly what bigelow did Have you ever seen bigelow’s logo the Grey alien that’s exactly what he did One he got something out of there and Ran with it Wife Um would you do anything different max Would you tell the world or Capitalize on it Well It’s one of those things like how big is The discovery that you have

Once you do tell them Number one you get swarms of people in That location so that’s not good for you Anymore um I think it’s Anybody that has a bit of information You know if you just want to throw a Word on it esoteric right They tend to keep that bit for Themselves for a little bit maybe to Marinade on sometimes just to have a bit Of leveraging control Really just depends on you know the Person that has it so What do they get out of releasing it What did they get yeah I get what you’re saying there Max i get what you’re saying but what I’m saying right What i was saying is to both you and Dave And Brandon frugal am i right by saying is He a billionaire Or is he a millionaire I think he’s just a millionaire Okay but million he’s got a lot of Millions yeah i mean but i mean the Two’s got a helicopter a jet a very Successful real estate okay Maybe a hundred million two by the way That’s a shitload of money yeah Okay he’s on a bit more than me okay It’s got a bit more than me yeah

Not as much as max but definitely not as Much as max oh please But the guy Gets in Into this skill marker how much money Would you i mean i have no idea about tv And all that but how much money has this Show actually made Him i don’t know Not not Not crazy money now i think i did so why Why Because in the end you have to be Getting something and he’s not going to Do something that it’s not getting Anything he could just be a gate there’s A thing it’s you know it’s it’s called Being a gate right just like i said Esoteric knowledge or something else That you just find yourself holding Holding it for you holding it for Someone else i know i kind of speak you Know A bit vague at times but There lies the whole thing it’s you know People on this forum understand exactly What we’re talking about they get Frustrated and they do You know comments to the otherwise but He could just simply be a gate Just like the other guy being a true Believer he could just simply be a gate The reason why why why i say this is Dave

You’ve seen the video that i put out a Few weeks ago with um I i don’t know who the guys are there’s Two guys in the video one’s definitely On skinwalker ranch And the other guy Yeah i’ve seen it yeah right None of that gets shown on the show no No none of that stuff that’s That wasn’t on the show One of the people definitely not on the Show But definitely involved in the people That run the show There’s better video out there Okay maybe that maybe Maybe i could get that from somebody But Well here’s what i’m saying This guy’s um A big millionaire yeah he’s got he’s got A shitless He’s wealthy okay He’s put a show out there The show Is a show And what i mean by that it is very just It’s it’s Entertaining it’s entertaining it’s a Show it’s a show you’ve done a good job With entertainment for the average joe That’s gonna get but just one let me Just get to this little nugget point That they’ll probably take me about an

Hour to get to Why The sh the show is very far-fetched But the guy behind it Seems Like he has a lot of credibility In his business And what he does with properties The things he does in life the things That he’s put his His finger is think the the pies that He’s put his fingers in Have turned into good pies Yes Why This show that a lot of people have So many You have to let me in the joke in a Minute Here’s the thing yeah it takes me a While to get around to it Fingers and pies [Laughter] Fingering pie I think That’s what we say in the uk is that is Is that different in america Might get your ass arrested I don’t know man i have to pay extra for It i don’t know it depends on the pie I think If somebody’s had this had his fingers In a lot of pies He said his fingers in a lot of

Business no All right is that different in Yeah it’s different it’s different i Can’t i can’t what you’re saying i guess Sorry i’m sorry I get what you’re saying yeah he’s a Successful guy I thought you heard me fart or something No i heard it i was just gonna ignore it But uh good um Could it be a cover-up could the show be A cover-up for what’s really happening Maybe the show is part of the agreement To get the financial support he needs to Do the studies he wants like max was Saying gatekeeping but at the same time Steering narrative yeah gatekeeping Steering narrative i know i’m hard to Understand but You know no no no much you’re not you You put you put the fight into my head Through the riddle Through the pie So that’s what you think he’s doing max You think he’s yeah Yeah Yeah you think you think there’s a Genuine research going on there to find Out something like how does he live Forever or whatever Tell me someone that always tells the Truth Show me You for radio

[Laughter] So i mean and think about this like as Gimmicky as the show is let’s strip it Down from away the stuff that that’s Distracting All right They fire a laser at a mountain side and They they have video of this Mountainside spontaneously glowing at Night That’s interesting They fire a laser at the mountainside it Refracts and gives them two points What the [ __ ] is it refracting through That shouldn’t happen Look at another very simple thing Ignore the compass stuff right we can Explain that with natural phenomena Explore that because they found moving Water and that does crazy things They have guys getting radiation burns And then the radiation goes away not Only that but it’s pinpoint burns and if You follow up with the interviews that Uh taylor did with nap He got some other kind of uh sickness Like radiation sickness that was Prolonged he lost some hair he had to go Through treatments Kind of sounds like cancer Um Yeah How did that happen Directed energy weapon in the middle of

[ __ ] nowhere utah What That’s not for a tv show dude didn’t do That [ __ ] to himself for a tv show Just let’s just hold on to those three Things ignore everything else that’s Gimmicky hold on to those three things That’s bizarre let alone something that I don’t know if you saw that my uh Max did you see uh the one where they Were the uh The uh spectrum the uh rf spectrum was Getting pumped Beyond base normal Well i didn’t So that was amazing so that when they’re Doing their spectrum analyzer that’s sdr Signal defined radio they’re just Spanning all signals right which is good Because it is a spectrum analyzer [ __ ] it’s looking at you have bass Noise you have peaks this entire thing Gets Pumped like so when you’re jamming a Signal Um I said so when you jam a signal You don’t Really jam it what you do is you pump Out so much power nothing gets done yeah Yeah it’s just so much [ __ ] noise you Can’t hear on a thing but this happened On every channel that they could scan Every channel on the [ __ ] frequency

High to low at the same time the bass Moved up Yeah so to to to whoever they’re like so What that’s could be no No that doesn’t happen that’s a big deal It’s a huge [ __ ] deal that’s either i Mean even intentional electronic warfare You could they’re only gonna do it with A spectrum yeah right whether they’re Shutting down cell phones or shutting Down radio cons or shutting down Satellite feed whatever you don’t shut Down Everything And not only that signal was still Getting through Which is even Even stranger It’s even stranger just take those Things into account that show has Delivered gold Period That’s high strangers does it have Answers no because we I don’t I don’t know i’m not a physicist i’m not Into Any of that kind of stuff i’m not that Smart a guy How would you do that max how would how Would you do that On everything Yeah could you do i mean could you i Mean yeah i mean yes you could do it but

Holy [ __ ] You know what i mean It’s and not only that it was in a Location it’s in this valley so that’s Even [ __ ] weirder you shut it down For a geographic fix Yeah it’s pinpointed in geographic area Where’s the structure that’s doing it Yeah and that’s the other question where Is the structure that’s doing it Where’s the [ __ ] power Yeah I mean so they’re like well the Government’s interested [ __ ] yeah the Government’s interested they should be Interested To every telecom company in the world Should be out there what the [ __ ] is Going on how did you do this where is The where’s the nuclear reactor powering Your tennis You know what i mean Oh man that’s weird It’s weird But the only proof we have of all this Is the show You s So there’s the thing you see the signal On a screen did they fake a program and Everything they could absolutely they Could they could all be lying Definitely dave let’s establish what They could fake and what they couldn’t Find you can fake everything

Yeah you can fake everything so you got Occam’s razor at some point right are They setting up an elaborate hoax with Millions of dollars to fool for a Nonsensical tv show that’s probably Honestly let’s be real and that maybe a Hundred grand an episode right to a guy Who has a hundred and something million Dollars you can give [ __ ] that’s not Something joking that’s the confusing Thing no that that’s where the Calculation comes in or Did that signal actually happen did that Laser really refract in mid-air did that Guy actually get radiation poisoning or Did he go through a [ __ ] round of Chemo for shits and giggles I doubt he went through [ __ ] chemo For shits and giggles You know that’s that’s that’s dedication To the That’s dedication right there to the Comments Yeah man you yep Whatever you want give it to the man Holy [ __ ] Um Yeah that’s And i’m inclined to believe travis Taylor I’m inclined to believe him You know that’s me personally I’ve never had a beer with a guy we’ve Never had a meal together we’ve never

Hung out i don’t [ __ ] know him max Would have a better shot at meeting him Than i do he lives in huntsville and he Works for a company down there you Probably actually could get into that Company i bet I bet you [ __ ] [ __ ] i didn’t think About that We’ll talk afterwards Sure why not [ __ ] I should have thought about that so some People are saying Uh i’ll get but we we spoke briefly About before that Travis could be the next big Thing Do you believe that he could be If he is he’s he’s not going to be Controlled by anything other than nda’s I’ve heard him speak about his nda’s Because he’s understanding he has he Worked for darpa for a while so he has Some pretty serious ones with the Government he also has some with brandon Fugle he talks about you know he saw Before going on the show he signed Everyone on that show has an nda they’ve Signed with brain and foogle Why If he’s just a producer on a show Because he doesn’t want information Getting out what is he after Questions no one asks You know at least i haven’t heard a mask

It maybe maybe people in the audience Have i don’t know I i think for the audience No matter what you think of the the show Skin walk around you think about the Owner You have to think about the owner And all and look at that owner and look At the previous owner All the money these people had And yet they were concentrating Their efforts Maybe not just on the ranch but maybe The area in general Frugal’s gone very dramatic with it yes But Could what we could be seeing on tv just Be Very Uh You know all the theater there For the tv for sure yeah could but but Could there be some real Science going on behind the scenes yes Yeah because the guys Doesn’t need to do that To make money that’s the thing he Doesn’t need to do that to make money He’s already got the money Yeah Yeah i mean it it So maybe So if you if you think about it maybe Like

I forget who i’m sorry i forgot whoever Said that um earlier was talking about You know teaching children you have to Be repetitive to children Maybe they’re trying to bring the Overweight says dave It’s all about money but he’s all this What we’re saying he’s all but they he But frugal already had the money Unless he has a way to capitalize maybe Say Say it’s interdimensional and he’s able To take away some kind of secret some Kind of singularity right that allows Him to capitalize and monopolize on Interdimensional travel resources Hunting mining whatever land Availability it all has to pass through Him he just became the world’s first Google Lair google mayor whatever that you know What i mean skillionaire He has more money than that yeah Skilling google google’s a number uh but Uh He’s he’s the richest man in the history Of the world and more not only does he Have money he’ll have power What if he’s the first one there to Exploit whatever resource is there You know what what if this is a Naturally occurring phenomenon it’s Nothing paranormal but he finds out a Way to harness it you’re talking about a

Guy who’s able to harness something that Can’t be seen That can go wherever it wants whenever It wants and it can interact with us You have the world’s greatest spy Service Or assassin Or Or anything i mean We don’t know what we don’t know You know we don’t know what we don’t Know we do we do have anecdotes we have Formed in this very childish story Format that they’re giving us But max To to bring it away first because this Is beyond ufos this is the show To bring it away And to put you right on the spot no Why did hitler send over a thousand German germans to the antarctic during The war Well you mean for the In your yeah yeah For the for the bail and all the ufo Research and everything that they were Into you know Yeah Why would that be such such an important Thing to do During world war ii You know The undiscovered undiscovered advantages Are probably there right

I have no idea I’ve heard that i’ve heard of the bell Yeah Is is that is do you believe that that’s What they went for Or something to help create it I mean if Yeah potentially that and other things i Mean You know any number of documentaries are Constantly talking about things that They you know they’ve had You know we know Where all those scientists went right So If Where do you I don’t know how far on knowledge goes Back when it comes to the subject of Ufology but Where where would During a war Because The court Nasa They they get a guy that works for them That sends that sends them to the moon Yeah Yeah they get a guy that works for him From that crew that You know makes the foundation Of the rocketry that essentially gets us All there yes So so

So so the germans they they go to Do you think there’s anything that is in Common there With the germans going To antarctica To look for this bell And then the us getting one of the the German guys to come and work on your Space program And bring a bunch more with them yes Elaborate So the you know You know during that time You know command of the skies command of Even farther out i mean So this stuff goes unnoticed you know we Do You know rocketry we do You know all the things you know that We did with the moon We go into uh living in space and Everything else right i mean you know Space station shuttle we we get a a Plane Space plane if you want to call it that The shuttle that’s you know reusable Right so we go from throwing away hill Rockets just carry catching capsules so We’ve been advancing it all this time Right And then in the 80s there was a short Stint of you know star wars right Whatever You know happened with that what was the

Next thing about star wars So now you fast forward to now We don’t really hear much else about That program but we’re almost like Looped back to We’re looking at uh rocketry again right So we went forward an extent Making really good headway We built a space shuttle the russians Built one five times bigger you know It’s We’re doing it we’ve seen you know Pictures of advanced space planes that Were drawn We only see things that look similar Later on used by the military Specifically And now we here we are We’ve almost done a complete 180 when we Say under the you know the guys of cost We go back to we’re looking at rockets Again We go forward to go back without you Know we’ve advanced in computers by far Extremely advanced But as far as the the material I don’t mean materials and materials the Actual structures themselves you know What a spacecraft is and what it looks Like we seem to turn around and go Backwards again you know We didn’t get to see that next level Or we haven’t seen it without you know Very much explanation as to why

Um If you in and surely Not just me any number of others that do Advanced concepts have you know drawn Things similar you know at one time you Know you’ll see in different movies Theories on you know maglev You know things that would Launch craft into space you know there’s There’s energy concerns as to whether or Not that can legitimately be done but We just stop advancing at a certain Point and it and to me that’s the The interesting thing is like you Mentioned What was it in world war ii World war one whenever Command of the sky through all the wars And now here we are now Outside of Computers and technology controls and Those kinds of things The craft itself Do you see much advancement I think When i when i was asking about the the Nazis going to Antarctica And um You guys get involved von braun working For nasa Yeah Is Why

Does One just one man Have all the You know because Am i right by saying be before And i i could be i could be totally Wrong here But Wasn’t the so the russians they were Going to make a a solid state uh rocket That that would just go up and it would Have it would have no um It’s the worst i’m looking for you know The bits that break off Yeah this is they just Yeah so but Vernavon brown he he came up with the Rocket That It would break off and it’d have all These little bits That would take you out because It would lose its load so Yeah Stage multi-stakes Multi-stage rocket yeah so Why this guy And He also made a warning Apparently Before he died About A false alien invasion This is what i’ve heard yeah

Granddaughter or daughter or somebody You know mentioned that in some Documentary yeah absolutely yeah um I just i i kind of want to know what Your thoughts out about the whole the Whole nazi thing with with with in terms Of nasa nasa going out going out Looking for something in antarctica The guy dying passing away he passes a Message on to somebody else to say That Possibly we’re going to get a false Alien A false alien flag invasion yeah um Because who who is the alien if he says It’s false who is the alien who is that Saying that the alien is if he’s saying It’s false Right any technology Well beyond our comprehension is only Seen as magic but who who Who is he saying that alien is It’s right there on the tip of your Tongue you just have to say it Oh yes See see you see it’s you’re telling me The guy david sees exactly what the The guy i’m gonna let him work through It i can see the hamster spinning and The wheels turning he’s gonna get there He’s gonna get there no i’m i’m there I’m just surprised I I i think the reason why i’m quite

Surprised max is because Your friend james i don’t know if you Would have said that Yeah That’s possible You two both both have done great great Work for your country But think very differently Something i mean look the guy speaks Klingon right Do you think That in in terms of Um The cogs that are spinning and i’m not Just going to say in the us so i’m i’m Going to talk about the world now yeah And possibly spinning again against Themselves the operative word that he Said was false That’s that’s that Right so when he so when it comes to Ufos aliens abductions Do you do you believe that it could be Us Why not Breakaway civilization Don’t know Yeah don’t know but But why not I mean Right we we talked about that before Here here the alien is supposed to come And for some reason they’re just so Altruistic that they you know they’re

Demonstrated as either loving or hating Us And it could potentially be both right And then Von braun said false You’re not an alien for all intent that I could understand right yeah i think i I think the reason why i asked this Okay so you extrapolate from that what Technology was there for him to to say Enough and say false What was supposed to be believable that A message comes all the way to now Remember i just said i just You know it seemed like a long train and And maybe you’re just now getting it i Just described the whole Kind of what Our spacecraft looked like We’ve we’ve had conversations on here us Versus tic tac our aircraft We’ve we You know i gave words on You know here’s the look of certain Planes and we only see it Militaristic-wise right in military use Everything else and here we are back to Sticks we’re back to bottle rockets Again So now then you mention right it all Falls into place you you’re keying in on This show so it all falls in place and You mentioned von braun and what he says On his deathbed and the operative word

Is false We just threw that in with a word Technology’s so advanced that we only Those of us that aren’t in any Understanding are we gonna think it’s Magic but he said false Alien innovation so what technology do They have You see i i don’t necessarily think We’ve advanced as much as i think we Should have done especially when it Comes to rockets there you go You’re You’re you’re keying exactly in on what I’m saying And i’m just a worker bee Right there’s darpa there’s any number Of other agencies Darpa Hell there Yeah Dave i’m going to let you take this one Take this one out with mouse because This is i know i was i was going to turn It i was like max has a uh a paperclip Scientist Anecdotal story don’t you max would you Could you tell it or you don’t want to Oh the one You know he was a you know legit like You know von braun too i think yeah said It on the other show or anything i think Von braun you know too you know it’s Like

The whole thing about You know I asked him other questions but you know This one about the thing with mars and That’s kind of what we all you know Agreed on is that You know are we going to mars and just Kind of you know it’ll be robots first And and dave i think you’re talking About the other story about the the Actual yes or no Question The answer you know I’m not i’m not trying to paint you one Of them You share you share with me one of any Knowledge that can understand The greatest question That i could ask someone that was Yeah but Yes or no i want an answer yes or no He grimaced the mouth turned into a line Like a Straight horizontal line and shift his Head no There you have it And that says a lot So it does Again I like it Ears to hear that’s [ __ ] it’s a big Deal man Say that again

All right I asked him One of the The biggest questions you can ever ask a Guy from that time frame that’s saying Everything that’s who did you ask A question Let me fill in i’ll fill in in an Ambiguous way a top-tier Paper-clip scientist former nazi Von braun he’s wave two right wave two Of the paper guys Round two round two with the picks [ __ ] brilliant dude if you know what That is then you know what it is so when Mike was asked So these are the guys who built the Space agency they built our modern Rocketry they built like these these are The brains That pushed us past anyone else if you Could If you could ask them one question Yeah That’s it whatever that question is you Remember Of those that are smartened them in your Listenership don’t ask yeah it’s it’s a Big iq question right there and then Just The mouth turned into a horizontal line Like like I don’t know like charlie brown on Peanuts

And the head shake was in The left right no fashion And say a word listen to my question my Question was in plain english No It will be robots first We’re back to matchsticks to bottle Rockets Didn’t go anywhere We’re not doing anything we’re not Moving forward Why Max did you get the text i sent you That’s his company I mean speculator I i get that that robots will probably Robots would probably be if there is an Extraterrestrial life that’s intelligent It would it It will probably be a robot that Interacts with it first will it Probably Will it You have to elaborate on will it dave You know i’m tim nice but dim It’s all right man it’s all right uh And i said that the probes were Essentially unmanned but yeah we’re Interacting with robots see they’re They’re unmanned to the ability that we Understand what something is man you put A conscientious definition There you go That’s what we’re working on right now

Aren’t we yeah so we’re trying to chip People’s heads right yeah yeah so that’s What could be here that’s why [ __ ] Alien greys have no testicles Because they’re robots [Laughter] I thought greer said they’re they’re Military clones i don’t know but a robot Would never need a knob Unless Your wife ordered it Man if you ain’t got the bits to make Things fun What are you doing You know If i get a clone You could be an old guy That just can’t you know If we if you can Microchip your head you can get access To a damn blue pill And elon musk could provide you with You know better knob Robodake whatever That’s what the whole brain chip thing Is really about breaking oh god i bet Elon musk will [ __ ] neurolink to that Straight away that this bastard oh you Know he will all those kids Yeah It’s really I don’t know i don’t have anything Against that guy either no i don’t I love him he’s gonna take he’s got he’s

He’s gonna take us to uh To mars apparently i mean i don’t know About that Let’s see if he can get us to the moon First Or out of low earth orbit i’d like to See anyone get us out of low earth orbit What do you think is what’s [ __ ] Smart Okay max what do you think is what do You think of starship What what he’s built what he’s working On Okay so what His group his talented group of people That Oftentimes go unnamed but they have Created yes I mean yeah It’s fine It’s it’s there Do you remember watching the um When Starship launches they’re going to orbit The moon And it’s going to be Certain people that have paid To to orbit that moon Now Correct me if i’m wrong here but One Guy from japan Who is a um I believe a

An artist or a fashion designer Has bought every ticket On starship So that was an open ticket for anybody To buy it buy a ticket he has bought Every seat Okay On starship he wants to give him where What what no he wants to go by himself Okay I’m not going to ask you About the conspiracy behind that but i’m Going to ask you should that Even be a thing that is allowed I mean you know Elon musk Is offering space travel Under the guise of a so-called Private company Which we’ve already covered that part of The conversation yeah and Someone’s willing to pay the fuel Expense It doesn’t bother me i don’t have a dog And if i am not interested in going Anywhere shape form or fashion I who am i just Okay should it be allowed that anyone be That rich i mean that’s that’s almost as You know what i mean It’s almost as bad of a question you Know I would not feel that Someone shouldn’t be allowed to buy

Every ticket It it it reminds me a little bit of Willy wonka you know And the golden ticket like Do you remember that scene where in the Factory where um i think it was violet Ball regard or whatever and her dad’s Got everybody and wrapping the golden Ticket yeah so this guy just just just Purchased every single ticket for this This rocket that’s gonna orbit the orbit The moon For Commercial space anybody who can afford It Can buy the ticket so the rich people There crying i really should shed a tear For them I’m not saying I’m saying i find it odd That it one person No I would do it is going to be witnessed That to that millionaire I would absolutely do it dude if i if i Had billions of dollars yeah because you Could take you could take You could take your mates dave Yeah the [ __ ] those guys i go but myself All right then you could You put your mother-in-law on it i’d put My mother-in-law on it with it i Wouldn’t go What’s the safety rating of this i got

Some people i’m gonna put on here here You go [Laughter] Yeah No i mean i don’t have a problem yeah He’s got the money he can do it he did It And that’s just it he’s not buying what We we wanted right in the u.s During the obama years remember you Couldn’t find a goddamn box of 22 cal Ammo That’s more on our lines right when he’s Standing in front of walmart and we’re Trying to get 22 cal ammo and he buys Everyone then i’ll be pissed Yeah but him just buying all the tickets Too i could give a phone call I’m not going it doesn’t matter no no Yeah it’s it’s Max and i have had this conversation Before and it’s it’s An interesting So i i like to see people This is just i don’t know maybe i’m Partly i’m just going to throw this out There just to troll the People watching but like if you’re a Flat earther or a round earth or what Difference does it Absolutely fly [Laughter] What difference does it make if you’re Not getting hot

Dave we’re not getting off it it doesn’t Dave do you realize that i’ve now got a Wikipedia Thing on youtube below me right now Saying no an explanation there that’s What happens on youtube if you mention Fire if you get a wikipedia thing saying What What if we hit the trifecta Okay i’m not gonna No but i mean but the the logic is sound What what difference does it make we’re Not getting up Right we’re not getting off we’re not Getting out we’re not You know all we’re hearing are promises We can’t get out of low earth orbit Or at least i haven’t seen proof of that I mean yes okay west and china have a Mars rover anyone got proof of that They don’t they Talk You’re talking about flat earth with the Wrong guy Why Max is a contractor He’ll believe what you pay him to Believe I’ll believe what you paid reasons There was a guy i worked with and it’s The Greatest saying that a contractor could Come up with he says An hour

Unbillable is an hour of life not worth Living [Laughter] He was a true contractor to the heart to The heart right there yeah Yeah i mean it max have you ever asked Have you have you ever had like nasa Guys asked That are flat flat earthers I couldn’t even get out that that don’t Answer max don’t answer me excellent Even go around talking about it right It’s you know our conversations are You know Did you solve this or that problem or What’s the yield stress of 6061 i can’t Remember you know that kind of thing It’s not No i never you know Seen a group of guys it’s not that same Place Um Right those those kinds of Conversations Obviously are carried outside you know If they are but You know do you think fly f is stupid No well He’s got a It’s got a theory got a belief Like anybody else It doesn’t affect me and and my mindset Goes to the root Of just like what david said and me and

Him thought about that it’s like What does it matter it’s a it’s a bigger Problem Meanwhile my life bill needs to be paid So But i’m not going to necessarily you Know say stupid i mean there’s other Look All right we harp on this one this is Where People jump off your channel Right now we got people in this world That are engineers that believe a man Walked across water Someone rose from the dead three days Later we have devout people that are Good people very smart people i wouldn’t Call them dumb Just for that belief right i mean So what The flat earth theory is No worse than For god so loved the world that he sent His only begotten son Right What he did See that’s that’s max and i’ve talked About that because i i’m a guy of faith I absolutely do believe these things but I also understand the point of his his Argument it’s it’s a logical argument It’s no different than if we were to go Down to I was an atheist

Until he met you dave Yeah i mean it It is you know and that’s max’s and That’s for his reason it it But the point is we can have a Conversation about it in a realistic Rational way we’re we’re not going to Change each other’s minds we’ve been Friends Holy [ __ ] max we’ve been friends for a Long time now 10 12 13. something like That yeah 13 years i think or 12 years Yeah so it’s been a while Uh Yeah this is what it is that’s that’s The thing is we can hold differing Viewpoints that’s fine That’s that’s something that i think is Lost Today You know what i mean sure but max is Still the guy i’m gonna call to go Investigate the paranormal you know what I mean hey i need something brilliant Built and i can’t do it myself Not my asset And i think i think it’s fantastic that A man of faith paranormal Um Customized dildos can be Friends With the amount of science Yeah why couldn’t we be Yeah exactly the they you know

The two aren’t necessarily mutually Exclusive not at all right i don’t know Well you know what if i was You know right we just Happen to be along the lines of Christianity why because we’re here in The united states what if we were born In india it was something else That’s The other thing’s sacred you know i’m Not just going to order a burger in Front of someone that’s hindu or Whatever the case may be You know it’s It is what it is that’s What the hindu guy won’t go to Where he’s supposed to go and is Comfortable or Yeah and and that’s the thing is is like So max is is very well read in various Religions as well Extremely extremely yeah So we’ve had so that’s the kicker is and I know that max likes to [ __ ] troll People with this [ __ ] too But We’ve had Pretty good at my kitchen table by the Way Uh about these things it and that’s fine Man that you should we should be Discussing these things that should be Part of it because anything that wraps You in a construct like that

And you’re not questioning it You’re you’re just a slave to it Besides it fits with aliens right i mean What else could not be but an alien i Mean well i mean so if you if you so so Juju Yeah so i mean judeo-christian beliefs Are based off you know The the Heb hebraic Worldview right like that’s where it Goes okay so if we actually start Looking at the various things whether it Be in You know Daniel right or Samuel or these other occurrences Throughout the bible exodus Uh start piling them up with Other things so we have these beings That are terrifying of light with wings Right that come out of nowhere and They’re scary [ __ ] you’ve heard of Valkyrie yeah Yeah you know you got robe beans Carrying things around the earth that Bring people knowledge in a way of life And you have another serpent-esque being That asks for blood sacrifice And one gives knowledge with rules and Farming which we can see in uh south American cultures right they have these Gods and they’re they’re white uh which Is weird because they’re all brown um

They can bring fire down from the sky to Defend themselves and they teach farming Methods where the other one teaches Knowledge through sacrifice and that’s How you contour and and it’s this weird Balancing act okay then you’ve got the Sky people of peru then we can move into Native american lore they come from the Size we had the navajo guy earlier What did they look like you know it It doesn’t end then you can go to like The [ __ ] of day to night uh from you Know irish celtic folklore and you start Breaking them they came here and these Ships from another place and they burnt Them to stay here and they lived here For ages and they could do amazing Powerful things but they mostly kept to Themselves And You can go through culture through Cultures to the nordic gods like like Look at that in the german gods which Are that and just northern european into Russia itself and there’s a whole host Of them in africa too and a whole yeah a Whole [ __ ] host of them in africa and You know what it’s very very [ __ ] Similar yes it is very similar i mean You know with with modernized africa so To speak you see a lot of you know What’s typical christianity or some You know looser forms of this or that But they’re the really old world stuff

Yeah It’s very similar yeah not not modern Rules that are written i mean the thing Is if if you’re gonna pick a faith like Say christianity that’s your go-to okay So you’re with it you’re with the new Interpretations all right well there’s a Shitload of verses left out the new Interpretations of the bible no one Talks about And they’re pretty [ __ ] important Ones and they have to deal with Exorcisms like you know if you get the New niv version instead of the old king James version they totally left out the Prayer and fasting and uh matthew you Know these only removed by prayer and Fasting they left that out it seems like Pretty [ __ ] important considering Some demon just handed Uh jesus’s main guys their ass i feel Like you probably should have left that That how-to in there yeah we took it out Yeah uh or someone took it out right Follows someone took it out a cut yeah Cannon set up where you know it’s set by A group of people the same ones that we Better complain about right now And see a lot of people look for rules Instead of faith yes Faith is a different thing than a Religion Right sure yeah religion is a set of Order rules

Donate this do that follow this as Opposed to faith and moving forward that Something’s maybe made all this and Greater and that’s a different thing You know again like max said you know Religion and creation They i think they a lot of people put Them in hand in hand but i don’t know if They are Yeah right Um I don’t know you know max Do you do you believe this a lot of the Scientists could be wrong when it comes To Um What the hypothesis of that Good god Hypothesizing about you know when it Comes to our planet oh Well sure and the thing is about a Scientist is that You know if he’s being honest and Genuine and no matter how much it hurts He admits that he’s wrong I think I need to elaborate on that i meant About god That’s exactly the same thing right Giving enough evidence right Just okay I understand that people you know Believe wholeheartedly what they believe And that’s just fine

They can believe what they believe I believe what i know okay and then and And it’s Like i say there again as a okay so if We you know look at revelations and he Says you know in the in the end times Every knee will bow so that what that Says is that no one will be able to deny This existence called god every knee Will bow okay Right So so i think the the solution And the answer would present itself it Says that you’ll be judged by what You’ve done not by what you believe Judged by what you’ve done It says that you know someone will tell You here i am walking the streets or i’m In this house come down up off the roof And you’re not supposed to you’re Supposed to be a skeptic Until the end and then it talks about The money because the very elect will be Deceived right That’s just it You know We’re not just supposed to be gullible Into the Offset Not defining what you know christianity Or the three main religions or whatever You want to call them or any other We see real you know Travesties of mindless sheep

That that really give a bad light on Religion or you know just to encompass It all christianity and what that is Right so You know you know be skeptical of any Number of things it doesn’t You know I i remain healthily skeptical and we Have to find and figure those things out You know there’s To a What i’ve heard At least from a Uh a jewish community or people that you Know i was like i wonder why is it that Some jewish people are You know atheists or whatever the case May be and some of them go to the story Of If these things were true why didn’t we Suffer the holocaust and that’s a very Good question Right or and and that holocaust can be Shared by anybody there’s any number of Holocausts that any Race or people have suffered throughout History and they can ask the same Question And You know it’s so God can speak for himself herself itself And i don’t have to speak for it and i Think that’s where You know people that may be considered

Atheists Or people that don’t necessarily believe Are just you know right there on the Cusp of the mindset of we’ll wait and See is that Let’s let him speak for himself for a Bit we’ve heard everything that people Have to say for speaking about an entity That they May or may not have ever Met can neither confirm nor deny I speak for myself here And we’ll wait and see for it to speak For itself When the time comes Until then right christianity Or any religion doesn’t necessarily own The rights to what it is to be a moral Or a good human being by by far They’re people that carry bibles that March off in the war and and rape people And shoot them in the back of the head All day long so I don’t think any any religion has the Right to say Exactly You know i i i think i think every Religion is guessing yes You know It’s just like us We’re guessing every i think everybody’s Getting it live Yeah Every [ __ ] there is out there

By the way in the chat I’m not tipsy i’ve only had one Two Three Four Five Six it’s a light night I had two before but you know there are Only light years Yeah but it’s over three hours that’s Not the light it’s over the three hours To an hour if you toast it out If you coast it out you’ll be fine yeah You’ll be fine you know you know i’ve Got i’ve got i’ve got The The worst thing that affects me is the Bladder but i i have a clear mind if i’m Drunk So [ __ ] you i love you i’ll get it i Love you all love you all and i’ll drink You all on the table including you dave Um It’s odd It’s odd how every Religion All has the same goal well actually it’s Not odd but It i i i sometimes wonder if if that Would ever be the same thing on another Planet You know If a civilization started out and they They thought oh

Something must have created us Or if they came here we were to tell Them that why is it that our specific Version of god created you too Wait a minute we we have other planets We have proof of that Instead of creating worlds upon worlds That’s the [ __ ] definition of Exoplanets in a [Laughter] It universe be stacked extra Dimensionally Yeah sure you can’t get there Can’t get there Not like this You know then you start getting it and Then you know that’s that’s why That’s why you you know matt that’s That’s why max is so good At this is because we can have that you Know i am i’m a guy of faith i am it Just is i moved that way through it it’s Fine Um jesus Yeah Yeah i’m that guy Um That wasn’t me being uh oh no no it’s Fine that’s just that i don’t need to Jump to defend it it’s fine i understand I understand where the questions come From um But like so consciousness Is that a and understanding these things

That i think and pursue Their i don’t find them in conflict with My beliefs if if anything i’m trying to Find a way Maybe to better commune with my creator Right like that’s part of it um However that is if i can find the lining Of the cage right if i can find the bars The bars lead to a door somewhere yeah Yeah yeah you know or or at least i can Find a maker print you know that would Be something great Um Yeah But and then just to answer ask you know What is it right Why are we seeing these things now An alien spaceship a tic tac you know And like you say they’ve seen similar Things then whatever that is and we’re Still seeing it still thousand years Fifty thousand years five billion years Whatever Yeah still seeing them They found their Cliff in the brazilian amazon is Believed to be 13 000 years old and it Has like brontosauruses and [ __ ] drawn Out But it also has things in the sky You know how do we know we’re not a [ __ ] ant farm On god’s shelf Terrarium i said yeah we’re a terrarium

That’s actually i wasn’t gonna say that Because that would lead but anyway Max likes trolling people but uh Yeah it We don’t know we don’t know what we Don’t know and i accept that Um and i want to i want to move forward I want an understanding like the thing Is people say well one religion’s right How are they not all right are they not All wrong okay yeah You know maybe maybe they break that’s That if you look in like their their Rules that are given to their people Hell of a great thing for people who Live in the desert to live by If you if you go to like you know odin Gave the You know advice To the the nordic peoples that were Handed down by Some [ __ ] good advice if you live in A warrior s culture up in the north in The cold you know don’t don’t just go Rolling into a [ __ ] house before your Eyes adjust carry a sword with you stay Warm feed you know like take care of the Stranger on the way because you don’t Know when you’re going to be a stranger Okay sounds pretty simple you know be Kind to the stranger because you don’t Know what an anal angel will be in Disguise uh Yeah man there’s so i mean

Into that what are we here it was there Was a book written called you know the Ashanti proverb so what it is Works with this collection some british Guy went over there here it is these People that have this you know high Sense of morality and and don’t know About our christian god how is that the Case right and A lot of those things are similar Common sense right And if you look into consciousness People are programmed one to worship Something to seek Right And if you get into whether it be Meditation if you believe in astro Travel or not and that comes down to the Nature of what is consciousness um what Are we Right That’s a very hot hot topic right now Depending on the circles you’re in It’s a [ __ ] big one you know that That’s why you got people trying to Throw patents on cyber cylinder like all These other things they they want it Themselves but it’s a naturally Occurring molecule so yeah good [ __ ] Luck on that Uh who’s to say Enough of that chemical let I don’t i need to stop there but I can’t i can’t even i want to go

Forward with that train of thought but i Can’t I have to drop this one in um Um i’ve got a good question that’s Popped up in green from one of my Channel members but for some reason Streamia didn’t bring the questions i Can’t put on the screen But Ufo man asks what are we before we are Born alive or dead That’s a good question That’s a [ __ ] good question bro You’re so you’re so close to the point Of the i [ __ ] want to make but i’m Not i don’t want to i i can’t get his Question up on screen but ufo man Great question but streamia for some Reason has not got They do this stream yeah Mother mother Stream Ufo great question bro um So so we asked what are you before you Are Why why are you before you are born Alive or dead here i i pose a counter Question Is there such a thing as death I hope not I mean just depending on the culture Right you’re part of a different culture They may have an answer their answer Yeah well i mean to physics let’s think

Of physics right energy like matters Neither created nor destroyed energy Exists right we know that we know we are We have electrical signals yeah my Sister my sister defined it Interestingly one you know and i don’t You know sadly when she was a nurse You know um she you know and nurses and Doctors Probably have the most intimate Knowledge of this you know having to Witness people die and that’s a Sad thing i’ve never you know watched The light come out from a person’s eyes If anything but you know my sister one Time she says You know explain some things about the Heart she’s a nurse so you know Cardiologists necessary but you know She’s Reading charts or whatever they do Any nurse Do that i imagine so she says you know The the person’s heart this it starts Racing The you know it’s trying to keep the Person you know alive or whatever the Case may be and eventually it just gets Tired and exhausted and the The electrical impulses it has nothing Left the battery is literally gone I just thought that was it and you talk About the energy right where did it go Where did it go where to go and i like i

Saw a ufo man put but we all eventually Die do we Do we or is that just Is that just a [ __ ] concept we wrap Around we’re no longer here i’m no Longer when i die i’ll no longer be here I’ll no longer be old i won’t be Here yeah but does that mean i’m i’m Just gone I’m gone from here absolutely you got me On that maybe i think i don’t know What does that mean i’m gone I don’t know man I don’t know that that’s a [ __ ] big Question right i don’t know if i knew [ __ ] i’d be selling the answers to the Trillionaires in this world right i’d be One of them if you’re coming to me for The answer i’d be handing out little Fragments brandon Frugal [ __ ] i go to people with real money [Laughter] Yeah i don’t know I don’t know i like the mystery though Do you I mean We i’ve come up yes i always thinks are Important what I I i think i need to try more Um I’ve come a long way since when i first

Started this show I spoke to many people on the journey But There’s a few people you you’ve been one Of them dave uh that has made me think Differently About This subject i think I think it was when i first spoke to you That my channel i took a turn On the channel with what i do and the Way i think about it Because i i used to think of i used to Think about nuts and bolts ufos you know Maybe not the whole nuts and bolts but Whatever it was Whatever Whatever was up in the sky was the nuts Any any and it was definitely some some Sort of object from another planet Visiting us maybe Maybe doing experiments whatever My my perception of the whole thing Has changed thinking Maybe this little blue Dot that we’re we’re on is Significantly significant good god Oh my gosh [ __ ] beers um Significantly sick God damn I just can’t say that word it’s not Cause i’m drunk significantly Significantly Thank you dave

More special than we let on You know The planet that we live on wherever we Live on Yeah If you’re a flat earther in the chat Send me a hundred dollars Um Wherever we live on I think it’s more i i’ve come to the Conclusion that it is It’s a special place sure you know maybe Maybe maybe we are not What the scientists are saying you know Life is everywhere it’s teething this Whole Universe we’re finding these little Planets that are going past the The the telescope and we’re seeing these Little Little vibrations on the when we’re Looking at a sun and we know it’s a Planet and we can tell it’s in the gold Lock zone so [ __ ] you we know that life Is absolutely everywhere in the solar System and we found The solar system is teething with life It doesn’t answer the questions that we Have about of his own planet yeah And the weirdness Of this place that we live on that’s Right the amazingness of it man the Amazingness of this place that we have So uh ufo man asked another question he

Said why are we born just to die I don’t know man but i heard an answer i Really really it sounds like a james Bond film Oh my god it does that would be a great James bond film Oh hopefully Yeah uh Yeah we born just to die No worries uh there’s a so if i’m gonna Quote a guy and i want to give so There’s another channel sorry always if You don’t care Uh the other channel is Getting Um Probably could actually so the other Channel is called vigilance elite the Guy’s a former navy seal cia contractor Started a youtube channel he’s a really Interesting cat anyway he he’s dealt With some [ __ ] Uh from things that he’s done that he Was uncomfortable and whatever you know He had he had his issues everybody has Their issues he turned to psychedelics For help mushrooms and and other things And he had the guy what’s that Like rogan Yeah yeah well i mean rogan just didn’t Have anything to deal with he just likes To [ __ ] get really high which is fine Too Apparently

He said after the whole thing with the The press Uh talking about him and you know saying That he was uh deci In [ __ ] fake news what have you Heat into mushrooms Yeah yeah cool uh so the uh so the guy’s Talking about the healing and things That he did and a lot of people use Mushrooms for that knee and other other Things so the guy went um Sean ryan that’s his name He uh Went to a facility to get this done i Think it was like mexico or whatever And he’s like doing the trips and They’re guided and all that jazz and he Has the guy who runs the facility on a Show to like advocate for it because a Lot of soldiers a lot of people ptsd a Lot of people with trauma um Various things addiction issues they go And they get these treatments and it Really helps And uh He’s asking the guy sean ryan is asking The dude to run the facility he says hey You know have you ever had anything Because you’ve done this like yeah he’s Like he’s talking about one of the Biggest trips he went on where he had Full-on visuals and you know they’re Doing heroic doses of [ __ ] and they’re They’re really going out there

And uh He said that he was in like a [ __ ] Field and he’s talking to a tree in the Trees talking back to him and he asked The tree what the purpose of life was in The tree looks like to flower And i was like [ __ ] that’s a good answer So why are we born to die if we die What’s the purpose the flower man [ __ ] live the life make memories have A [ __ ] great time This is amazing if we are some Interdimensional being that’s just Trapped here dude we’re here for a Reason either we signed up we Volunteered we’re here it doesn’t matter What it is have a [ __ ] good time and Why are you having a good time spread Your seed yeah Try not to hurt too many people unless You make money then [ __ ] hurt them All Put them in the ground well boys we’ve On that note about spreading seeds and Flowers we are Three hours and fifteen minutes in Two hours Yeah so an hour 45 left yeah I would say What this is this is another show is it I’m gonna have a chat afterwards I would say Um

To Explain where you come from boys but you Have no chance to explain So anybody in the chat [Laughter] I get accused of that a lot the thing is If i was a [ __ ] government disable Agent I’d be great Talk to me Talk to me cut me a check buddy is lou One I don’t know i don’t know lou Uh If i had to take a guess Yeah probably So my gut instinct tells me it tells me I don’t know that he’s a diss info agent I think that’s that’s improper term I think he is a driver on the seat of Information and he’s taking everyone Where someone’s telling him to go he’s Just a driver right It’s not his car it’s not his info it’s Not even his plan it’s not his direction He’s a hired driver and he’s taking Everyone somewhere mainstream media He’s taken a lot of the ufo channels For a ride He’s taking them somewhere They’re not asking very good questions But the thing is i understand i don’t if You have watched this and i bet you Probably [ __ ] will uh question would

You ask lee What yeah What what’s your favorite caliber You know are you a custom guy are you a Stock guy You like competition do you like Practical yeah uh long range short range Yeah you know You want to [ __ ] dude you want to go run Some [ __ ] trees with me dude let’s Let’s have a competition so you can put Them down first i’m curious Yeah I don’t give a [ __ ] dude i’m not gonna Ask him anything that’s going to one of If he is under ndas and i’m sure he is I’m not going to ask him to violate that Because he’s not going to do it that’s Pointless what i want to do is get a Measure of the man That’s what nobody’s doing Get a measure of the man Start there Before i really got to know you ollie i Took all the time in the world to get a Measure of you Well utterly established that You could drink seven eight beers Exactly that was that was good No I think i think the test was when we did The whiskey um and you failed No no no it was the uh The penis pictures in the ruler

[Laughter] Jesus I’m gonna end the show on that because Uh honestly I thought that was kept private I mean i put it on my instagram It’s a private instagram i’ll give you That That was my wife’s anyway not mine On that note I i appreciate you all tonight in the Chat people max as always it’s been a Pleasure from the last year i i want to Get you both i want to get you both you And james on together With two flat earthers Um but that would be amazing by the way But no i wouldn’t do that to you um Unless you wanted to I would definitely do that to you Um dave Sir i’m sure you’ll be on again soon um If not we’ll see your mostly monsieur Yeah Well we’ll see you we’ll probably we’ll Hear you you’ll hear me We’ll hear you all mercy on it we will See you Um but yeah i want to thank everybody in The chat um and yeah subscribe like Share and all that jazz Go check out the patreon page And if you want to buy yourself a T-shirt

Buy yourself one They keep you warm And some of them i hear have anti uh bo Uh mechanisms under the armpits also Uh my drinking utensils as dave has one Will tell you will tell you um They are laced with Some sort of Strange chemical underneath the rim That tingles the lips when you drink it And vibrates Them yeah i lost four hours immensely So if you do buy one and you with your Partner have a drink and then you know Do you think Have a good time good night go by span The books out by i’m alienate like Sharing subscribe and all that jazz and Uh Stay in touch and all that social media Bollocks that i do now and again Yeah or also i’m i’m messing about with Some air You’ll see it go check me out on Instagram good night And uh have a terrific Week i’ll see you next friday because The show will be on friday Because i’m away tomorrow And i’m back next friday There you go