Live With Patty and Adam ~ Paranormal discussion

By | July 23, 2022
Live With Patty and Adam ~ Paranormal discussion

Okay i am live Hello everyone How are you doing Let me turn this down Adam is not here yet but he’ll be here Shortly Um And i have another surprise for you okay It just says i just went live just is it Popping up all my alerts Hello everyone Hi Oh Okay let me just check something here i Got another surprise for you guys too Hold on just a second and you will see Awesome Okay guys i have somebody else that just Showed up here about 10 minutes ago um That would like to say hello to Everybody and i’m sure that you guys Would love To say hello To her and him Hi guys It’s me heather i stopped to actually Use my mom’s bathroom And to bring her um a gift that somebody Sent you awesome One here Oh my god okay you call her you said That joe is it jojo or Okay okay let me open this up

Yeah so this is actually really cool i Didn’t take a peek at it I got a gift guys check it out oh i’m so Excited you just got a letter she just Said She just Oh my god i love it Oh my god this is absolutely beautiful Whoa I seen these online these are beautiful It’s like a little uh planet Yes And like a solar system or something Around it oh my gosh it was it from you Julie harper i i can’t remember here There’s a note inside yeah let me see The notes let’s see what It says oh i love this Okay Wait not this one oh my god this is so Pretty joan c Joan okay Enjoy your gift sending hugs from john c Thank you joan if you’re in here thank You so much i love this it’s beautiful Wow look at this guys i don’t know if The camera even does it any justice this Is a uh Amethyst in the middle Yeah light it up Can you guys see that look at that That’s cool that is beautiful look at This It’s like a pyramid and it’s got

Um looks like uh Um Trying to think of what it’s called Black tourmaline in there I’m not sure what else but this is Absolutely beautiful wow Thank you Thank you julia was it julie harper no Same thing oh don’t thank you julie Harper thank you so much appreciate that Oh hey there uh Pd robert how you doing hey katie julie Harper david hale thank you for always Being here hi christian hey christian So my daughter heather is here for a Little bit i don’t know how long she’s Sticking around but Um greg’s here too greg do you want to Come over and say hello to everyone i Hear him playing a game oh is he playing A game Adam should be here shortly i’m not sure Where he’s at I don’t see him popping up yet but he Will be here Um Hi deborah sarah lee Rick horton hello there Pink stars Robin slack she’s a relative of ours oh Okay yup she’s one of our cousins hi Robin Um Yep hey cuz

Sharon ferguson Yeah i do too i love oh she’s from ocala Oh wow yeah you’re not far from us at All You’re right down the street Carlos hey there carlos how’s it going Kat blackburn she’s in here Hi kat I hope you’re doing okay baby nola’s mom Yeah If you guys followed me i shared a Little bit of her story Um Her little sweet baby nola Unfortunately she’s not with us anymore But uh she fought like hell that baby Was a strong she sure did and i’m very Sorry for your loss and everything i Know we haven’t really spoke she’s been Going through a lot but yeah i do hope Everything’s going okay with you and Your husband and your family Yeah we think about you often yes we Sure do Our prayers are with you still i think About you often too Um Hi april rita Thank you rita I’m new here typical watch okay well Welcome thank you for being here Uh Show the love Okay i got 89 people in here awesome

Vincent shell Hello there she said she sure was such a Fighter it’s been tough but we are Hanging in there trying to turn this Into something positive That’s the best thing to do sometimes Just take the negative and just try to Make it possible in some way yep That’s for sure My heart goes out to you really does Um hey v team how you doing debbie mc Mcmanus hello there Wait what’d you say Birmingham yesterday oh no and it killed Two babies A tree fell on a house in birmingham and Killed two babies Oh my god That’s horrible oh maybe Skin just started crawling Oh it’s awful I hate to hear things like that Yeah you know kathy was right like when You have something bad happen to you And you you turn it into something good In some way because if gary her son my Brother if he never passed away you guys Wouldn’t even know us that’s right Because we’d never be interested in the Paranormal like we are now so sometimes You do you have to take a bad situation Or negative things and try to turn them Into something good Yeah and then you know she developed the

G team paranormal and now look at it you Know all you followers and people that Have been inspired by what she does and What we do and Um yeah it’s a good thing yeah yeah You’re right and sometimes something you Know good comes out of something bad Yeah It’s been good for her it has it really Has and um she put really put her heart Into this and doing it for me i always Felt like i wasn’t doing enough you know And she really has from day one she was Like i’m doing this And she She made it happen and there was times i Felt so bad because i couldn’t like Participate as much being You know a mom and working people going To school and everything i know i know But I know oh my brother was murdered and You’re right i wouldn’t be close to god If that didn’t happen yeah oh sorry for That stephanie that’s horrible yeah Something good it usually does come out Of something bad um And It’s hard to even think about you know It’s like I would give any i would love to go back And have Him back and not have all this right you Know

Of course but you know but we’d love to Be able to reverse all this and yeah and Us not be here right right But things happen for a reason um i have Inspired a lot of people i know that you Have too Um we have a lot of people we’ve helped A lot of people yeah in a lot of ways um And uh so that that’s a good thing you Know that we’ve been able to help people When i hear their stories it just really Touches my heart To hear some of the stories from people About how we have actually helped them You know and and that means a lot to us That really Touches our hearts knowing that we’ve Helped people With our tragic situation and what we’ve Now created you know from it Um adam are you i see him in the chat Adam did you try to join i don’t see Anything popping up for you Did you get the link adam i sent it to Messenger Uh madison said you’ve both inspired me A lot that’s why oh and this is what you Can do to see with this you can take the Message and pop it up on the screen Oh so that’s one thing i like about um Stream yards is that you can she’s when We did a video with her okay she’s the One that had Um

Oh yes okay i remember now yeah I think it’s the last one we did we have More people Oh She didn’t get a link what All right hold on adam Hold on That’s strange i sent it to you Let me hold on guys i’m going to send it To him again Which means i got to go out of that Screen for a second I don’t know why he didn’t get it Yeah it’s there adam I just sent it again it’s there It’s to your messenger Or do you want me to email it to you [ __ ] oh [ __ ] what’d i do oh Did you get it that time adam Yes we got hit with a lot of wind and Rain and lightning earlier today um Trees were knocked down in our area and Everything all back through the Neighborhood there when i went to Kylie’s job Earlier it was like there was stuff Everywhere oh oh there he is okay there He is now have you met adam yet all Right Hi adam hello how are you He said hello how are you here let me uh Fix this a little bit better there we go Okay Sorry i’m testing out a new mic and uh

Everything else so Let me know if it sounds messed up Anything like that okay do you want me To send you the link to your phone you Can pop in um Or you can and then maybe if you’re Still live in a little bit yeah Okay let me send heather the link real Quick too Okay um that way she can pop in and she Can actually hear what we’re talking About um Super secret stuff Yeah send it to me Okay All right boom there it is All right Okay All right well i’m leaving like i said i Stopped by for a bathroom break and uh She was in the area East of 7-11 you know he said it beats The 7-eleven you know he does or the Freaking behind the building Shoes in my car i know Behind the building i’d rather do that Than a freaking publisher I know me one bit I’m the same way being a guy does have It have its advantages being a guy has Its advantage as he said [Laughter] All right guys hopefully i’ll see y’all In a little bit yeah

Yeah if you want to pop in that’d be Great all right all right love you too You going out the front door are you Going out the back door That’s the personal question now oh [ __ ] Oh my god So how is things going adam ah it’s Going pretty good um so it’s great to be Back home that’s one thing for sure hi Greg you want to poke your head in and Say hello real quick to everybody too Hold on a minute hold on one second hold That thought No adam Was calling everybody It’s my son-in-law greg how you doing Man how you doing All right we’ll see in a little bit Most of the people in the chat probably Know who he is Love their adventures lock the top lock Yeah or the yeah just push the button It’s got a code on the outside that you Push Remember the code I’m actually looking for a particular uh Subject right now Okay So we were talking about earlier i can’t Remember what it’s called yes Um So adam stayed at his dad’s house for a Few days And while you were there um

Just to let everybody know that may not Know in the chat that adam lost his Father to suicide um june 1st right June 1st june 1st Um and he was in my live stream a couple Weeks afterwards and his father actually Came through Um most of you in here probably know This already Uh but um So Him and i have been in touch and we’ve Done a couple of these streams together And his mom went away for a little bit And he went over there him and his wife And stayed at the house So Anything interesting happen uh anything At all that you want to share with us So um You know me and uh let me give you one Second my hat straight okay you’re fine You’re fine All right Sorry i am very vain i don’t want to Look i’m the same way my like my hair is Bugging me over here because it doesn’t Look right but anyway whatever look at It This is a little i have ocd and it just Bugs me it’s like what is up with that Hair piece right there piece of my hair Okay that looks real Um so like you know um we chatted a

Little bit while we were over there um I went in there with all intentions of Doing an investigation um I mean this is what i do dad knew i did It um and he always said you know he Would always say what are you going to Do when one of them follows you home but I’m like well uh I guess take care of it or send it home I don’t know Um I use my sls cam Um Pretty uneventful with that however There’s certain things like you know People i’m not saying like this in a bad Way but people have like a certain smell You know um yeah And there were times I would You know like smell Him like his musk You know um or his scent Beside me And um That would make sense on the sls why he Wouldn’t show up in front of me it was Almost like he was beside me and i could Actually feel him Um Evp however I did get some really interesting evps That i’m still going through and

Analyzing um But one of them that i caught clear as Day Um like i had told you before he used to Call me bubba And uh I went out back um onto the deck where He had you know uh committed suicide and I was out there talking to them and as You know night time Nighttime evp sessions Especially when it’s warm outside They’re hard to do because The crickets and every little noise Comes through mother nature is louder at Night than You know than the traffic is And i asked him you know clear as day What what was my nickname and this one Took no enhancement whatsoever you hear It sounded just like bubba Just like wow i was like oh okay so you Are here Um You know with With that in mind and What somebody had said You know going on behind Who had no knowledge of where i was at The time um You know when i was in his bedroom Um It was pretty interesting to say the Least uh

He did make himself present he did make Himself known um he communicated more Through knocking than anything else And it wasn’t just like you know just Like a little Shift or Um Like you know just like a single knock i Mean it was like multiple like you know I’d ask him for call and response like Two knocks for Yes And then Three knocks for no And i would get those um And It was pretty on spot so As as an investigator in as many years As i’ve done this it’s like i feel like I put The minimal effort into this because He would almost expect me to do this Does that make sense Oh yes it’s And then staying there for the entire Week You know it’s When i say minimal effort not minimal Effort to communicate with them but Minimal effort as in setting up Equipment and Running back and forth because i mean One of the things we always did um And he made himself note this you know

In the middle of the night like i’ll get Up and i’ll fry like four or five eggs Over easy and make some toast and he’d Always be like you’re gonna make Something for me yeah why not and uh so I’d sit there and i was doing it at Night just to You know see if it would elicit anything And Things You know Things happened around me that were just Interesting i mean you know things that I can’t explain So You know i mean that’s kind of where it Stands right now um I do have video that i’m going to be Again And uploading it along with uh audio and Some evp but okay um it will be coming But yeah all in all it was It was I got closure that not not complete Closure but i feel a lot better inside Yeah like i got to walk Back in his shoes Yeah because if that makes sense it Makes sense it’s very therapeutic in a In a strange kind of way you know to be Able to To go there and spend the time where he Passed and and everything it Yeah i understand completely

Yeah and you know with that with that in Mind um You know i’m actually going to Uh on tuesday To kentucky to barvel kentucky or corbin Or That eastern kentucky area because That’s where he’s buried Um one of his tombstones came in so Um or his headstone will It’s going to be his headstone for the Time being through the va Right And then when his big one comes in We’re going to move it and make it a Foot stone and then um Mom’s also going to buy the plot right Next to him so oh okay Um So Be my third time back Her first time back Um But Once again you know Yeah i feel like it’s really important To be there for mom yeah you know Definitely But yeah Uh yeah other than that well that’s That’s it’s good i mean do you feel Better now that you did get to spend That time there do you so you feel like

You’re getting maybe got a little Closure or Made peace in some kind of way I do i do okay Like i mean not you know there’s never Going to be that complete closure right I feel like it helped me out What’s the best way to put this In the current Situation that i’m in Um Because it’s It’s taken the waves and taking them Further apart now Right Just like i said walking walking a mile In you know his shoes and being there at The same time And Doing the same things that he was doing Of that week Uh You know and and that night That had happened I i mean it was stressful enough for me Just to take care of those dogs you know Yeah yeah My wife was there and my daughter popped In and out and um she’s not much help i Mean what’s up her 18 year old is i Forget yeah I don’t want to take that year from Her um You know um but uh

You know It really it’s crazy how much it does Help And uh You know i still feel like he has the Right um Had the right And uh I mean just as tired as it made me You know i can imagine being Living what he lived with you know uh Diabetes Uh neuropathy from major orange um ptsd Which i i Suffer with ptsd as well So you know we all we all have it in Different forms And um I’m not going to say somebody’s it’s i’m There’s no such thing as a one-upper When it comes to ptsd because every you Know everybody who suffers with it Has Their own demons and their Triggers and everything else yep um But i do Think that you know The majority of the vietnam veterinarian Guys Um You know A lot of them didn’t ask for this unlike Me um you know in my current generation We they were thrown thrown to this

Um They didn’t ex They went again they were sent against Their will now my dad um He he volunteered um his thought process Was why should i go or why should i stay Here When my friends are having to go i’m no Better than them And that’s who my dad was um yeah he’s a Very stand up guy So he volunteered To join and he wanted you know Before he got drafted or if he got Drafted he wanted to make sure he had His own choice so he chose to join Oh you go ahead Sorry about that Okay i was reading some comments here I’m like But now um he he chose to join the Marines so Um much like me sometimes you get what You asked for Yeah You know but at the same time Would he have been drafted i don’t think So i don’t think his number ever came up But You know i mean Hindsight’s 2020 but The feeling of the house Um Has changed quite a bit it has okay it’s

Wondering about that It’s gone from A very heavy Heavy feeling Like almost Almost oppressive To Well hey i’m here um You know yeah Yeah I it If that makes sense i i don’t know how Other people Uh Um i don’t know how other people Actually Deal and what they go through you know When stuff yeah i think this happens Different for everybody um you know Everybody handles Uh it differently Everybody grieves differently Some people takes longer than others um But the pain of losing someone that you Are so close to and that you love is You never really get over it completely I mean it’s always going to be there It gets a little easier in time because You learn to accept it and live with it Because you have no other choice And But The first year is the toughest from my Experience from losing my mom and dad

When i was 23 Losing gary and then losing mike the First year is the toughest going through The first Everything the first christmas the first Thanksgiving the first birthday Anniversaries all that stuff that’s That’s the tough part Yeah and i can see how that is Um i truly believe that because You know the day after we put him in the Ground as you know was his birthday as Well as my daughter’s birthday and then Two weeks later it was father’s day And um You know And then we’ve got the fourth of july Which he despised anyways and i did for The longest time um The something about the you know the Green mortar rounds Right they shoot them up the green ones Um yeah They remind me of tracer so Yeah You know i know what you’re talking About yeah And uh You know for before you know it it’s Going to be thanksgiving um he’s not Going to be here and then it’s going to Be christmas and then my birthday and It’s just All these things

You know will be the first without And uh You know it’s like it’s almost like i’m Just now coming to Terms with uh You know Helm not calling every day you know that Yeah That’s That was the the first i guess hurdle of The reality of it was he would call me Three or four times a day i could almost Set my clock by it yes my mom same thing With my mom and when my mom died that Was the really hard part for me And that’s you know and that’s what i’m Just now i’m like why do i even have a Phone you know Yeah it’s it’s kind of uh It’s kind of uh One of those You know i really don’t use it that much I i know i know i know and back then of Course there wasn’t no cell phones or Anything like that but my mom would call Me at least three times a day Yeah and that was the hard part the Landlines and yep You know um With mom uh Sorry i’m gonna try and make an Adjustment here That’s okay i can kind of hear some i Think i want a record

I wanna catch us I am so sorry for your loss katie I i really am The it’s 35 years old that’s way I know way too young um i mean It doesn’t matter Age doesn’t matter um But when the you know when someone’s Younger it it seems like yeah you know Very very questionable as to why Why somebody would let that happen you Know um or why god would let that happen And I know I think we had talked about that with The confliction of yeah believing in god But also believing in the you know the Paranormal mm-hmm Yeah i i know um I know i know what you’re saying yeah And i hate to get on those topics Because sometimes it starts arguments in The chat yeah i know We can all agree to disagree here yeah We have civil discord this is a this is A place of love and light that’s right At the end of the day If y’all disagree you have to hug it out Yeah just like politics i won’t talk About politics on here either oh oh no No no no no no that’s That’s the no-go area yeah You know um

But you know with mom um She’s slowly making changes to the house That’s good You know my daughter She was basically Raised there from like 1 to 13. she always wanted to go over There um It we had to force her to come home it Was like no you’re coming home no no i Want to stay i mean of course it’s You know me mom people’s house or Grandma and grandpa’s We all know we always got what we wanted Over there i mean i did as a kid so did You know so did she So My mother’s having to look at it from The angle of Not making too many changes to the house Too quick like he was never there Because the joke used to be because he Was somewhat of a packrat um She my mom used to always say you know When you die i’m gonna get a first thing I want to do is get a dumpster and throw All your [ __ ] out and Now she’s like i wish i would have said That and i’m like i know I know i said something like that to my Husband mike before because mike loved Taking naps sometimes two or three times A day You know and part of it was probably

From his head injury but i feel bad now For saying You know you sleep so much you got Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead You know just a joke you know yeah yeah He used to say crazy [ __ ] like that to Me too you know i mean but but that you Don’t think about That they are they’re gonna die you know You’re gonna watch them die and I don’t know you something you just Don’t think about so we definitely need To be we care be careful what we say Yeah because that haunts me now you know It bugs me All the time And there’s so many times that um and Yeah this is something that you know i Definitely want to address Um So at my father’s funeral that’s the First time i’ve ever spoke up you know Stood up there And spoke And I basically told you know i mean i’m in Front of family and friends i’m not one I’m not somebody who’s afraid of public Speaking but i’ve never Felt the need to go up there and speak On somebody’s behalf or attest to Somebody’s character All right

But with my father um You know i wanted to Remind everybody of what he brought into The into Their life you know The the The good memories not The last one because you know with the With the exception of My two nieces you know everybody knows How he passed away they’re Too young to understand um So we had to basically tell about 200 People look Don’t Don’t ask any questions right you know And yeah Um But one thing i said when i was up there Is you know I’m standing up there and i’m looking Over at my father and i said you know We’re all going to be right here someday Um We don’t know when it’s going to be Yeah but that’s the one thing that’s Guaranteed So make sure you Cherish the time with the person that’s Sitting next to you And don’t sweat the small things You know i I didn’t have anything planned i just Figured i’d go out there and just like i

Always do Whatever Uh you know i Rambles out of my mouth is what i’m Gonna say um And you know it really gives You know not only Everyone else but i mean it makes me Stop to think you know do i wanna Continue holding on to You know certain issues some anger some Right you know Yeah bitterness even if it’s somebody That i don’t like I know what you’re saying yeah it’s it’s Hard to let some things go but at the Same time You know um There’s certain things you have to And uh You know like i squashed almost a 20-year beef with my brother at that at That time so the night before actually Oh wow okay Um It was going to be One of us was going to go out bloody uh If it wasn’t words one of us was going To go out bloody and um You know um At the end of the day it was squashed so Go ahead So sorry everyone i’m not checking the Chat here um but how’s everybody doing

How have i been doing i’ve been um How well I’ve been uh i know a lot of people have Been emailing me and everything because They haven’t seen me in a few days and Um i’ve been dealing with uh Some Minor health Issues i guess you could say uh You know i have fibromyalgia and i do Have neuropathy as well i don’t have a Severe case of it but i do have a habit In my hand and everything my hand in the Arm Um And uh i have uh Scoliosis i have um All kinds of crap going on okay but I’m in pain a lot i’m incr it’s chronic Pain um every day all the time hard to Get out of bed sometimes hard to lay Down hard to sit up hard to Get up hard to do you know if you suffer From Like Back pain your full body Um It is it takes a toll on you sometimes And there’s times where i really just Don’t even want to get out of bed I’ll lay in bed and look at my phone and Look at my social media check my Comments and I have to force myself sometimes to get

Up and deal with the initial getting up Because i am in pain Um the summertime is worse for me Um for some reason it it it affects me Worse in the summer uh some people it Affects them worse in the winter me i The winter months it’s It’s easier on me for some reason it’s Weird um but uh You know other that i mean i i still you Know i get up and do my thing do what i Got to do around here and stuff like That no matter how bad i hurt and um So that’s what i’m dealing with but it But it makes it hard to Even want to go out of the house and go Do anything because the heat just really Gets to me and it’s so freaking hot Right now I can only imagine what it’s like down There in florida um it’s awful It really is We had that we had a heat advisory here Today you know Heat warning i don’t know Whatever you know excessive heat Um came across my phone And uh You know i can i can attest with back Problems and uh You know i think i told you you know When i was in iraq um i hit three ieds Um The first one took off the front of the

Truck the second one took off the back Of the truck but the third one Was The hardest hitting ever and um i have No cartilage in my right knee no Cartilage between my bottom four Vertebrae This rotator cuff’s been torn for What year is it now 2022 That was 2007. i don’t know do the math On that 15 years And uh You know and Recently i learned that i have arthritis In my hips i’m 39 years old You’re too young yeah yeah i mean but You know that’s when it started for me Right around 39 38 39 years old that’s When i started feeling something going On in my hip and it would feel like a Pinching feeling And when i went to see the orthopedic And he did the you know the the x-rays And the the mri and all that he said Well i hate to tell you this but it’s Only going to get worse from here the Older you get the worse it gets he goes I’m just letting you know now and he was Right You know like oh god Today i didn’t wake up until noon and i Was in bed at like 8 30 last night eight That i remember

Eight-ish going to bed i mean that’s 16 Hours of sleep and then i did that the Other night same thing yep Then you know we were texting and next Thing i know I get a text message And well i hear my phone go off and i’m Like i’ll check in a minute yeah i took A freaking three-hour nap God no i know i probably look high um But no it’s just no you don’t No you you needed your body really Needed it you know sometimes our body Just just I think lets us know we we need that i Did the same thing the other night i Went to bed about eight between eight Thirty and nine and slept till probably 11 or 12 the next day too so i know Exactly and i still didn’t want to get Up Like what do i need to get up for i’m Laying there actually thinking to myself What do i really have to do today You know it’s like no get the hell up [Laughter] You know and like My poor dog My poor dog um He won’t go down Um he won’t go down Like and go out when my wife gets up and Gets ready he stays right next to me So you know

I probably he probably woke me up going Like look dude i gotta go outside you Better get up and get moving you know he Probably got to the point where he was Like nope No more get up now Um He couldn’t and this is i live in a Two-story house And i wish i would have thought this one Out um Every everything is upstairs other than The you know the garage the laundry room The dining room and the living room you Know i wish at least had the master on The bottom i probably make 30 trips up And down the stairs every day and It’s no fun i know we i have stairs here Too my laundry room is upstairs so i Have to go up and down the steps i know It sucks gotta get a pulley in a basket I really wish they hadn’t done that when They built this house i really wish They’d just had it in the garage or Something yeah it just sucks but You know what if the washer and dryer Breaks down it it’s it’s crammed into a Laundry room up there and it’s a pretty Good size washer and dryer and it’s just A I remember when we got it in there and It’s been three years now and i keep Knocking on wood like don’t let anything Happen to it yet

There you go Yeah it’s one of those ah Well like i look at uh The way mine is it goes up and it hits a Landing and then once you hit the Landing turn and you can go left to the Bonus room um that’s where my drums and You know everything else is and then you Go right you’ve got the guest bedroom This office and then If you go that way as a master and um I’ve got a king size In my master And The So the way the stairs and the ceiling Are I Took everything i had to you know even With a ratchet strap to kind of turn it Into a c and get it up and around that I’m like I’m not moving any furniture any ever Again i’m paying somebody This ain’t happening So uh you wanted to talk about something Else uh he oh so so he mentioned Something to me earlier today that he Would like to talk about tonight and i Thought that’s a good idea and we will We will do some evps tonight too guys we Will turn the spirit box on so i’m just Letting you guys know that a lot of People are asking

Um and um We will turn it on but go ahead and talk About what it was that you wanted to Talk about i thought that was really Interesting that’s actually what i’m Looking for because we texted quite a Bit i know we did I’m trying to think uh It’s Okay so This starts today’s conversations and i Know there’s an arrow pointing up I don’t know but beth looks uh Rather Rather angry to this she She does look like it like what’s up Girl [Laughter] You know i i keep a camera on her Quite a bit um and It’s one of those blink cameras Yeah that and it goes right to your Phone i have those set up all over the Place but anyway and i love those things I have the ring cameras too but i have The blink and anyway i keep one I had it when i had her in my room i Would keep one on her all the time it Never went off you know and i’m just Being honest i wish it would have i was Hoping but it didn’t I have one It’s right over it’s i can’t read it’s Right over there i have one over there

That i at night what i do is i just kind Of pull it over here and i turn it and i Face it towards her So that uh if she does move by any Chance or anything happens with her it’s Gonna set it off Because it’s very sensitive And it will go right to my phone that Way i can share with you guys but Nothing has happened nothing has Happened i know she’s moved her head in The past And a lot of people have seen things With her uh over the last three years or So since i’ve had her but Nothing has happened and i’m always Hoping that it does so Well um one of these days she may Surprise you again um I’ve actually seen her on tv before and That’s the thing And we’re not talking like local news We’re talking i think it’s the history Channel Yeah Travel channel or something Yes yes She whipped that head like i don’t think So and as you as you just demonstrated Her head Lays over i mean it’s It’s not an easy thing yeah there’s no Way that could have been faked Um and she’s done it on several

Occasions I just wish you’d do the Do the bee thing Oh Hello uh i want to say hello para crew Podcast hello there um hello rosanna Martinez How are you what’s the way to who Oh that was joan is joan in here yet i Got your your gift that you sent me and I absolutely love it joan i haven’t seen Her in here yet but i know we’ve been Talking and everything i’m trying to Listen to you and watch the comments so Completely understand i got a one-track Mind too so i’m i’m i’m trying I’m trying to focus on two things Right there with you Uh anyway so people don’t realize how Hard it is to actually talk and then What we see You know over here to the right with These comments i know Especially when they get going jeez My granddaughter scream i was making Sure she was all right did you a frog Jumped on her I didn’t know whether i needed to run Outside or what You all right I know i can’t stand these freaking Frogs man what do they want Why are they is that what they’re i mean Oh god

Are they little tree frogs Yeah they’re all over the place they Hang out by my swimming pool one of These days i’m gonna walk out there in The morning and these damn frogs are Gonna be sitting there with cocktails Laid back by my pool These little [ __ ] just hang out by my Pool and i got chlorine in there and Muratic acid and all that and they just Swim like You know You know we had one of those ghetto Pools you know you blow it up and you Fill the wat like you blow the the rim Of it up with the air and then you fill It up it’s about three foot deep And uh we did that one year and uh i Mean granted it was great but every Night i’d go out there and it’d be like Frog porn heaven they were Mating and that and i’m like what what The hell i mean i actually have video um I was like you know this is a discovery Channel this is what this is what it’s Made of [Laughter] Or you know uh animal planet whatever um Don’t know why i’ve got discovery stuck On the mind today But uh So one of the things okay um [Laughter] Frogs oops

I call them that all the time they are Little [ __ ] i can’t stand them damn Things they’re all around here last Night uh Was it last night or the night before Heather hadn’t and um Greg had stopped by for a few minutes And um She said why don’t you ever come out Here and sit out front you know because I got a nice little area out front you Know a front porch I said take a look around She’s looking around she goes oh [ __ ] The [ __ ] frogs are everywhere they’re Just staring at you They’re hanging out by the shutters or Hey they’re just hanging out and i i Don’t want to sit out there because They’re going to jump on me I don’t know whoever started If if a frog if you touch a frog it’ll Give you a wart or whatever i wonder Where that came from and i don’t know But i’ve been german I’ve been hearing that [ __ ] since i was A kid Another thing Oh go ahead go ahead i’m sorry if i Would touch one i would run and scrub my Hands really quick because i didn’t want Warts and one time i did get a ward on My hand and my mom said it’s probably Because you were touching frogs because

Back then i wasn’t afraid of frogs i Would actually pick them up and touch Them and you know i was fascinated with Frogs Uh now i don’t i don’t want to go near One i they they just creep me out I don’t like anything that crawls around Like a frog a lizard none of that i Don’t like any of that stuff they’re all Little [ __ ] Just little [ __ ] But kylie said they’re eating the bugs So okay That’s true Then the snakes come and eat them oh i Know Uh Frog’s been around Way before humans he’s in mind that Look I know Whether we Came from You know the the biblical version or you Believe in evolution It now One way we are invading theirs the other Way um we’re not so Either way you know um I’m french but i don’t like frogs Karen vickers said they’d jump paddy Yeah I know I know they do

So one of the things um that i was Thinking about today and i don’t know Why It just popped in my mind Okay so Back back in like the 1800s and Everything else And probably as of current There’s Still people who cover the mirrors when Somebody passes away Um saying that if they pass away in Front of a mirror that you know their Soul becomes stuck in that mirror um Um just first off what are your thoughts On that have you heard this before I have heard that before yes have you Guys anybody in the chat heard that i Have heard that David’s heard that yep Victorian tradition Oh okay A lot of people have heard it So Then being that you know a lot of people Have heard of this Think about This is where my mind goes when i’m left With my thoughts Um It’s not practice so much today But What what did people do back in the day Every night before they go to bed would

They cover their mirror just in case They died in their sleep Or What if If they didn’t let’s say they died in Their sleep right And The the mirror acts as some sort of Portal um I’m actually going to be conducting an Experiment you know the infinity mirror Where you put two mirrors side by side Like facing each other And then i’m gonna place a camera in There And just give it some time i’m actually Gonna go to My parents house and do that just to see If anything were to happen like that But So If this is the case and um yes mirrors Can be portals Yeah So Let’s say You Get you pass away and this is the case And you know you happen to die in front Of your dresser or whatever um Like in your bedroom and the mirrors Looking right at you

What Are you stuck in just This that that room that house or Can you go to another mirror i mean it’s Almost You know like uh what is that movie um The sorcerer’s apprentice you know They had to hurry up and find a mirror To get back out of to get Get back in uh yeah the real world You know um With all that being tradition And uh you know it’s not so much Practiced anymore Um David said saw a lot of Faces in the mirror paddy’s video the Yellow motorhouse yeah You know um the myrtle plantation has That mirror that’s infamous for that and This is i was actually thinking about The myrtle plantation When i had that thought of You know what did people do um i know They would leave the mirrors covered After someone died Um because most of the time they would Set it up in their house you know right Where the viewing would be or whatever And then at that point they would Take them off um right So um You know what are your thoughts on it Me yeah your thoughts i

Think there is something to it um You know i have a mirror in my bedroom And i have done a video in there and i i Want to do another one soon Um but i There’s something with that mirror um There’s been times where i’ve thought I’ve seen a face in the mirror Um it’s an old mirror that was given to Me by my nephew And uh somebody gave him but it’s very Old Um just had some weird stuff start Happening in my room once i hung that Mirror And it’s always made me what’s a real Big mirror but i like mirrors i don’t Know i just like that it makes the room Look bigger because it is a smaller Bedroom i chose the smaller bedroom so That the kids could have the bigger Rooms you know yeah i don’t need a lot Of space i just need a place to go sleep But i have a an old 1800 stressor and That’s what i want to tell everybody um That i’ve had For probably about three and a half four Five wait god No i’ve had it for about Close to five years Maybe more than five years anyway It’s an old dresser that an elderly Woman gave me where i used to live and She wanted me to hang on to it because

Her husband wanted her to get rid of it She didn’t want to get rid of it it had Been in her family for many years She offered to pay me to store it and I’m like you don’t have to pay me Nothing but if you want to store it in My garage that’s fine so she did well She ended up passing away And i’ve always wondered is she attached To that dresser i couldn’t part with it I couldn’t let it go um nobody came for It you know a couple people in her Family knew i had it I so anyway i ended up moving from there And it came with me when i moved here And it’s been in my garage this whole Time Until About two weeks ago heather redid it for Me because she’s good at that kind of Stuff her and greg both Did a little light sanding on it and Refurbished the whole thing and it’s Absolutely beautiful brought it back to Life Um it’s a 1898 dresser Okay um and i have it in my room now um I gave heather my My dresser that i had which was a nice Dresser but i like having this old Furniture I’ve always loved antiques and old stuff I have a lot of that around here But it’s in my room now

And i would love to make try to make Contact with the original owner of it Maybe even make contact with her that’s Something i’m thinking about doing real Soon i might do a live stream from my Bedroom because i have that in there now That mirror As well as an old trunk that my friend Cassandra gave me a while back that’s an Old 1800s trunk So i have those three things in my room Right now And a king-sized bed you know it’s like Not a whole lot of walk-in room but i Mean you know i make it work But i just love this old furniture and Um but it’s something i’ve been thinking About doing what do you guys think do You think i You think i should do it or should i Leave it alone and not open up that Doorway For potential spirits to maybe pass Spirits that’s owned that dresser To come through Into my i don’t know i don’t know what To do i’m on the fence with it What do you guys think i should do do You think i should just leave it alone And just let it be or Should i Do Yeah that’s what i’m thinking leanne i’m Seriously thinking of maybe just leaving

It alone i mean I don’t want to invite What if what if i mean that dresser’s Been around for many years what if it Did belong to somebody at one point That’s not a so not not so nice of a Person Not a nice spirit you know i don’t know You know But It’s a good point um yeah You know and I I would almost say live and let live at This point five years You know plus with the love that you’ve Given it and um yeah You know now greg has come over and Brought it back to life greg and brought It back to life Um It actually reminds me of There was a case i think it was out in Johnson city tennessee Where um oh it’s pretty there i like That area I love johnson city The scenery is beautiful unfortunately They have a bad Bad drug problem that’s what my friend Told me i have a friend that lives there Yeah it’s uh yeah It’s Their methane important let let’s just

Put it’s not imported um it’s local Grown when it’s bad when you go to the Walmart and they actually have the Lithium batteries under glass Um But There was a case there um it was Documented i think It might have been travel channel did uh Did a case on it of This Antique dresser Um If anybody Uh knows about this case chime in Um This couple dated forever and um You know I think they still are to this day And um They brought in this she bought him this Beautiful they didn’t live together but They stayed together a lot She bought them this beautiful uh You know turn of the century Um dresser and Almost immediately um after refinishing It things started happening in the in Inside of his house um almost to the Point where it was causing fights and Arguments and They Have um

This they called in uh i can’t think of The paranormal team it’s one of the Better ones of tennessee you know Legitimate And um They have on video Clothes being thrown out like A door of it opening and clothes being Thrown out across the room Wow It’s It just made me start you know The way my mind works it looks like a Jigsaw puzzle and i’ll take a little Piece and i’ll bring it in and you know The myrtle plantation is what made me Start thinking about this Where’s that myrtle print plantation at That’s down in louisiana yep okay i’m Scheduled to go there See Cece um that well she knows the police In that town she knows all the you know The whole that that whole Area uh pl of police officers really Well we actually went up there a while Back and filmed at a few places well Uh we are scheduled to go there and i i Can’t really say when because of the Safety reasons yeah i understand but we Are scheduled to go there um Soon officially jealous um i’m sorry no That’s okay you know We’ll uh we’ll definitely link up um

We gotta find like a great place other Than brushy mountain like uh yeah That place is getting old Yeah i mean yeah we’ll still do it Yeah maybe we’ll find something new Especially if i can get david uh Wolfenbarger to give us that you know The personal tour and show us exactly Where everything is But We’ve got to find a place That’s reasonably accommodating for both Of us That’s close enough but Just breaks all You know Right i want i want the bar up here I want the bar to be set up here of Expectations that i want the craziest Activity and we know that that’s not Always going to happen right but You know i’ve i know Several people who have been to the Myrtles plantation and they were not Disappointed um So You’re gonna have your work cut out for You i don’t know um And it sucks i gotta fly because i wanna Bring a lot of my stuff and i can only Bring so much with me you know um you Can pay extra but she knows uh the i Know she knows uh cece is you know

Cece’s friends know the owner yeah They get they got us in there so Yeah and to think it all started with That picture um for Uh insurance purposes Of Uh what was She was uh She was a slave there The one who poisoned The cake okay is that from the myrtle Plantation See i haven’t i need to study up and Read about it i’ve got to do my research And so i know what i’m going into i Haven’t done that yet i’m guilty of that I haven’t done it yet um i just know That we are scheduled to go there um That cece is good friends with The police in that town that know the Owner and they You know we’ve got it put together But i do need to i know a little bit Because they’ve told me but i just gotta I gotta Read and Read up on it and Look into it and whatever yeah maybe Watch a video if there’s one out there Well there’s a lot there you’re gonna Say okay but there’s an infamously Haunted mirror There where Hands

Little like child hands um Are seen um sometimes Actual reflections you could be standing There and you’ll get a shadow that isn’t Yours um Sometimes it shows up behind you there Are faces that show open sometimes it Walks by you it is Put emphasis on that mirror if you if You have the time or the resources i i Would definitely Definitely Uh If i were to go there i think that would Be one of my my main spots would be that Mirror I think i’m gonna do do all that this Weekend i think i got a little bit of Extra time me and heather and greg are Going to go film somewhere tomorrow But um i um I might oh yes Yes you’re going to go to bobby mackey’s With us right adam uh yes as long as Brian says it’s okay i haven’t talked to Him yet but uh oh ryan is it okay if he Goes [Laughter] I’m on the spot right now is it okay [Laughter] And no pressure or anything Yeah no pressure at all It’s not that far from me from my from My home you know um

Oh god Let’s see where you at brian where are You he said of course it is okay awesome Yay And that’s good because you’ve been There before yes i have and so has um Raymond So it’ll be me brian you and raymond Awesome um and you know the last time i Was there It was with you know the team i was Telling you about that i don’t They’re good people but they have their Own way of Investigating and i don’t feel like it Was given a fair chance there are some Things that i can say Um It could have very well been em Hypersensitivity like with carl um That and i’ll show we’ll see when we get There and i’ll show you what i’m talking About with the neon lights downstairs And The power coming in overhead Um But um as far as anything else goes i Really don’t think that that That i got to give it a Good Thorough investigation um this is one of The first investigations that i went on With the team that I don’t want to name like i said i mean

They’re still right yeah but It was i think it might have been my Second it was it was earlier on in our Career And um Regardless There’s so much more that i would like To have done there That They just wouldn’t let us do um yeah I mean that That is what it is um You’ll You’ll find I don’t i don’t want to spoil a lot of The stuff for you so okay keep my mouth Quiet okay And don’t scare me I’ve already heard nothing but horrible Things about the place so I had no negative experiences there okay That’s good let’s just say i walked away With two evps And i do have a video on my laptop Um Showing it would Like i will share it with The group But um I believe that There was a shadow figure caught um I’m sorry can i place you on hold please Y’all on hold for one second my Daughter’s calling me and uh it’s not

It’s out of normal for her to call me The slave oh yeah yeah yeah go right Ahead go right in right back y’all okay Yeah Okay he will be right back guys he’s Getting a phone call from his daughter And he wants to make sure everything’s Okay I know how that is Oh really ghost adventures won’t even go Back there oh I know i watched uh kindred spirits There once or no was it kindred spirits No it was It was portals to hell it was uh katrina And um Um osborne They were there So And i yeah it was pretty it did seem Pretty scary Okay Uh-oh i hope everything’s okay Um A lot of people say everything has been Yeah me and me too um brian i’ve been Hearing a lot of that lately too Definitely people go there and Exaggerate everything make it sound Worse than what it is So Um Now vicki uh oh [ __ ] out Vicky um

Talking about going to uh tennessee Again and um either november or december Not really sure yet So i’ll get with you and we can talk More about it um if you want to go with Us it’ll be me uh teresa’s gonna meet me There again um adam And um if you would like to but we’ll Talk about it Um You know over the phone or something Hey there emmy how are you doing Is that emma Yeah i love tennessee that’s like my Favorite place to go i just love it There and i have a lot of friends there And a lot of family there too as well Actually and i have family buried there Yep So The ma barker house okay so i’ve been in Touch with the people that are running The marlborker house and they’re not Allowing any paranormal investigations There at this time Uh he said i’m on the list For when they do decide to allow it Um and they will let me know Oh thank you leanne i appreciate that There goes hunter’s international yes i Have yeah i have I’m always watching stuff like that on Um Tv

Sorry i forgot to peta Oh thank you uh we writer So i don’t know if she’s in here yet i Haven’t seen her Joanne or jojo Joan I got the gift that you sent me i love It it’s beautiful I don’t see her in here Look at this emmy isn’t this beautiful Check it out I love it Haunted places forget what it’s called Oh hell’s bar damn yeah I would like to go there too i’ve never Been there before um I mean there’s been so many people that Have filmed there and I don’t know You know How haunted it really is but um Yeah I want Something in my eyes bugging the crap Out of me I hate that Oh you did too oh awesome so emmy got One too thank you jojo if you’re in here I don’t see you Thank you And also Karen vickers sent me that coffee cup Which is right here that i’m drinking Out of

And she also Sent me a nightgown which i was gonna Wear it tonight but I wore it for a couple of days straight Karen i’m not even gonna lie because i i Just didn’t even leave the house didn’t I just laid around because i didn’t feel Good and i wore that nightgown and it’s So comfortable But i will wear it in a live stream one Night it’s in the wash right now [Laughter] But i will wear it It’s it’s really cozy and comfortable I love it thank you so much Who’s this okay miss chris oh hey there Sister from another minute oh i’m doing Good how are you doing Gosh i have not seen you in a dog’s age Girl How are you How are things going mrs chris’s world I do karen i really do like it a lot i i Definitely like it a lot I hope everything’s okay with adam’s Daughter So i’m doing all right open her oh no Yeah mrs chris’s world uh her name is Angel she’s been around For about six years Yep And she disappeared for a while i didn’t Know what happened to you i hadn’t seen You so thank you for popping in here

Tonight I’m sorry to hear about that are you Doing okay now Turn her right up wow Oh Hey uh Karen can you send uh brian one of those Nightgowns and him and i can do like a Podcast one night with matching Nightgowns on wouldn’t that be cool [Laughter] Mine will say [ __ ] and his will say Please [ __ ] please No my mine actually it says queen on it Which i thought was really really cool Of her to get that but Um she always calls me that her and David hale always call me that Um And um What a crock of [ __ ] who’s that What a crock of [ __ ] Is that somebody that needs to be Blocked or what are they what are they Talking about Anyway um yeah so Oh what’s going on Uh oh Something’s going on i don’t know what Um Mine says queen and i know you could get Brian one that says king on it king and Queen how about that Um

Saint augustine Adam is from saint augustine He was born and raised there i believe Uh oh what happened Oh no Your daughter has covered Oh I’m so sorry Tell her to take some zinc And some elderberry and vitamin d3 It’s very important in lots of water Okay i’m sorry about that i Kind of figured something was up when She was calling me yeah i’m sorry to Hear that oh my god She got any bad symptoms or what she got Going on um headache cough shortness of Breath um And Of course she stopped off at the vape Shop and i was like yeah that’s the Thing to do you know she She called me earlier and told me she Wasn’t feeling good And um You know uh regardless She said well you smoke when you’re sick And i’m like yeah but Now this laura b is this your wife yes Oh okay i gotta make her a moderator Hold on let me go over here to my phone And do it not to get some power So that’s where you guys met that’s so Awesome

You guys went in this school I want to miss Uh she said that that’s where you guys Met Saint augustine middle school awesome Yep yes she’s very pretty very pretty And you should see her cookies My god she’s got some Thank you You want to tell everyone about your Wife’s cookies Yeah um Sure she’ll uh she’ll get on to me but Oh well if you don’t want to talk about She uh she makes she makes phenomenal Cookies uh The name of her her company uh is a Cookie dough co all one word on Instagram but dough is spelled d-o-e Um I i mean Patty’s got some coming to her they’re Gonna be life-changing i promise that oh I can’t wait oh my god i can’t wait you Said snickerdoodle right Yeah snickerdoodle’s my favorite cookie Definitely she is she says Amazingly talented like i cannot I’ll i’ll mess up a stick figure and yet She puts uh Trust me um You say you feel your hips expanding i Feel my stomach expanding it’s like You know she does uh i think it’s royal

Icing but um She Let’s see if i can find uh Yeah it’s amazing oh and by the way um Well i think you guys saw me wearing the Shirt the last Time i was live but uh adam sent me one Of those shirts there Yeah it’s in the wash also I was gonna say actually i was wearing That shirt today and then i thought i Better not wear it again Ted says does it have a little special Ingredient wink wink those are all those Are the homemade ones Um So i’m sure y’all know nothing more Uh The band nothing more Um Here’s The ones that she made for them Um that is so awesome wow Look at that guys Let’s see There’s another view of them Wow Um That is just incredible And then they actually endorsed them They ate them That is so awesome wow I don’t know what this is um she told me It’s something like inspired by some

Some uh Those are some kid show and Then um Anybody know what that stuff is let’s Anybody have kids out there That the one with the dough that’s her Logo Okay Um It’s almost in the shape of a heart yeah Oh wow Then some graduation ones uh One of these days Um I’ll send you a [ __ ] cookie Literally a [ __ ] cookie Really It’s funny I was like i was like we’ve got to get That one [Laughter] I’m sure y’all Uh youngsters Know the peach and the eggplant yeah But there’s one really cool one in here Uh Like i said she’s extremely talented Um Remember like those little games you Used to play Yeah uh Uh Is it pac-man or well no it’s one of Those little you get the have like the

Little ball in it and you’d roll it Around all that yeah yeah i know what You’re talking about yeah yeah she made A cookie like that oh wow That’s so creative wow She’s very very creative and um I’m not Wow Yeah i just heard thunder here a minute Ago actually that was why i looked Around because i heard it It sounded like the sky was ripping You know that crackling ripping sound That this guy that it does out there i Just heard it Yeah the uh my my brave dog will uh You know hide anytime that happens Yeah so um You know he’s about 90 90 pounds of Wimp that’s that’s the best way i can Put it [Laughter] Thunderstruck work at publix bakery Watching oh i love the publix bakery is The best It really is it’s unbelievable we we Finally got publix up here um They’ve started Like They’ve finally started moving this way Up north we had one in gallatin which is About i don’t know 45 minutes to an hour away and uh Now that we’re out here in sango

Clarksville Got one five minutes down the road um Every day i’m like Go run a throat and get some shrimp Because you know when when you’re land Locked up here you know we’re used to We’re used to fresh seafood So Publix is about as close as it comes to Fresh seafood Yeah it really is you get spoiled Um You know Yup you’re right you get spoiled to These things So like okay so there’s a there’s a Store in tennessee that i love going to And i’m trying to what’s name some Grocery stores and i’ll tell you if it’s The uh i just can’t think of it right on The top No um Of course kroger’s piggly wiggly Um hg hills nope It’s in gatlinburg and there’s a store i Always go to and i get the coconut The coconut cookies they will melt in Your mouth they’re the best damn cookies I’ve ever had is it a chain store yeah It’s food something or not food lion Food lion it might be Could be a food line um Because there’s like a there’s like A tony cb used to be uh foodsaver

Yeah A lot of them are being being Um bought up I guess is the best way to put it um They’re being bought up and uh merging Um You know what let’s just look this up Yeah it’s in gatlinburg and it’s I don’t know if it’s food lion or not But Yeah because they have the best Coconut cookies over in the deli area They’re like made out of coconut and and I think i don’t know if it’s chocolate Chips or white white chocolate chips Maybe i don’t know but it’s really They’re really good It it actually it’s called you know what It’s called it’s called the almond joy Cookies that’s what it’s called It’s an almond joy and you it you take It i can’t talk right city food city That’s it that’s it That’s it just so you know they’re open Right now Oh god Uh their phone number is you got a pin Ready [Laughter] Tes did i get those cookies when we were There i don’t know if i took you there To get those cookies or not but they are The best cookies they’re called almond Joy cookies

Okay yeah yeah emmy went there with me Before we got the cookies from there and They’re just really good I’ll tell you what we’ll uh Do almond joy cookies Here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna Unofficially If i look at the live chat it is moving Yeah you go everybody You’re welcome Tonight’s Tonight’s episode unofficially brought To you by food city Drop the link oh there you go there’s a Link guys Order you some cookies Promo promo code patty 10. you get 10 Off of Whatever teddy i’ll just talk about Cookies has made me hungry it’s made me Hungry too actually i have a whole tray Of baked ziti in there i made earlier And it Looks and smells good but i never got a Chance to eat any yet i’ve been on a Ramen diet um Have you yeah yeah Not really She’s busy with work i’m busy with Nothing and i’ve just been really lazy You know like i said it’s good to be Back home i get like that too sometimes Like i said i’ve been like that a lot

Lately and The other day i literally when i did get Up i sat on the couch and ended up Watching a bunch of stuff on travel Channel and I literally sat there for three or four Hours and i’m like what the [ __ ] am i Doing just sitting here Get up I yell at myself get up You know it it happens um it does yeah And i always have like the best of Intentions like i’m gonna get up Tomorrow and i’m gonna do blah blah blah Never happens it never happens You know it’s it’s just the way it is um The other thing anthony Um I guess uh I can’t remember exactly what it’s Called it’s like psycho psychophonics Like funnies um Anybody ever heard of this Oh yeah that’s gonna be fun Yeah i’m gonna do the spirit box guys You know i know everybody’s anxious for This So maybe your dad will come through Uh maybe uh People in the chat will hear from my Loved one Uh if you guys want to go ahead and um Ask your loved ones

To come through ooh lavender limp oh do You hear that thunder I don’t hear it on my end but Oh it’s loud I hope i don’t lose power again guys if I lose power that’s gonna if if this Thing ends it’s probably because i lost Power Everything will shut down Let’s see if i can find this real quick Um Oh cool madison So you guys go ahead and start talking To your loved ones right now and ask Them to come through give you a message I would love for you guys all to get a Message but um you just never know who’s Going to come through you know just like The night that brian at de brian Um that adam got a um message from his Dad he had no clue that he was gonna Hear from his dad that night but he did It was just pretty amazing and it was it Was and this was part of the uh The the thing that i was going to talk To you about um with another thing it’s Like psycho psychophonics something like That um And it’s kind of like the evolution of The evp of how A man um And the theory is Within the first two weeks Of someone passing especially if it’s

Um unexpected or a tragic death like um What i’m not saying every death’s not a Tragedy but like Unexpected violent ending anything like That within the first two weeks is when Most of the communication comes through Um Has happened Um If i wanted to say It was back in the 60s or 70s Um This man’s I can’t remember his name i was there’s Another thing i was reading Um It’s kind of like the history of the evp Uh this man’s mother passed away in an Automobile accident and it was Unexpected but um It was within this first two week window Um Ooh that’s not good i know i’m sorry Fake ziti said she said that’s her Favorite Is that what you made when when uh Your dad was here She’ll chime in or just pop her head and Say yeah i think it was because so it Was that was great But um it is good So

This guy’s recording The sound of hummingbirds and When he’s reviewing it His he heard distinctly his dead Mother’s voice come through And um You know It kind of changed the whole Dynamics of how people started Investigating paranormally And um You know i just bought a new recorder The other day Um That It I mean i’ve stuck with this olympus for Years This has been like my faithful go-to Um the new one has a y axis But The It’s a phillips i can there’s an app so I can automatically upload it to my Phone plus it’s got a built-in Lithium-ion But Don’t know if you all knew about the The hummingbird incident and how We have progressed so much When it comes into paranormal Paranormal investigating um I don’t want Um

Anybody to sit there and ever tell you You’re doing something wrong i i can’t Stand people say nope that’s wrong i Know Everybody has their own way of doing it I i know what you’re saying i don’t like That either some of these people out There they’ll tell you all day long oh Yeah that’s not how you do that that now You don’t do that You do it your way and i’ll do it my way How about that yeah and there’s no such Thing as an expert in this job there’s Not an expert there’s no school no College for it You know That it’s parasite Pseudoscience is what it is i have a two Year to college degree in in uh Psychology actually Psychology though psychology but But that also you know um Psychology does have a lot to do with it That’s normal it does i learned a lot That applies to what i do now And that what actually I did That and when i first went to college it Was for radiologic technology But i Loved you went to school for that too Yes and they didn’t bother to tell us The Last semester that they

Before we could do our internship Um That they added a two-hour prerequisite It was an online course intro to radio Radiology And um so when about three over 300 of Us applied for our internship which my Gpa was a 3.9 Um They said you don’t have this course and I’m like It wasn’t on my prerequisites and they Were like yeah um it became a Prerequisite this semester the beginning Of the semester and i’m like My student advisor didn’t tell me or Else you know i mean it’s a two-hour Online course why would i have not taken It right i was like so Me and about 300 other people were like What and They said yeah come back in a year and Apply and i was like no i’ll find Something else at that point um yeah I really excelled in psychology and Sociology Yeah i love you Me too Same here i was when i initially started Going to college i was going to be a Radiologist And i took that’s what when i heard you Say that i’m like wait what That’s what i wanted to do and because i

Couldn’t pass a stupid math course back Then we had three attempts To pass and it was this crazy crazy math That i had never even did in school i Can’t remember what it was but anyway i Could i just couldn’t grasp it i had a Tutor i could not grasp it and then i Started suffering from test anxiety um And i finally switched paths and went Into some other thing but i enjoyed the Psychology Um and then i ended up going into Accounting because prior to me even Going to college i did that anyway but i Wanted to like further my degree in it And get a degree in which i did i became A cpa and everything Um But what’s really ironic is i worked for A mental health place for a long time As an accountant And did some counseling sessions on the Side i did some marriage counseling um Things like that so i kind of did a Little bit of everything when i was There it was the accountant and i also Did that So it kind of landed me a job where i Worked at a place that where you know i Got to do both of the things that i Really loved at the time now i don’t Know I don’t care for it but yeah especially The accounting part

Here’s irony and i have a feeling i know Which math class you’re talking about It’s probably the one that has to do With the inverse square law and Everything yes yes what the hell is it Called I could not I wouldn’t do it i and i i’m you know Trigonometry yeah something like that It’s like it’s an advanced trade class And it is a pain in the butt Even uh when like when i did i had we Did volunteer work for uh at hospitals You know and so because you that’s part Of you where you get your some of your Credits and stuff They even said you don’t even need to Know any of that it’s so stupid that They’re putting that on on people to Make them have to pass that you don’t Use any of that In radiology now heather my daughter She just she graduated she’s a radiation She’s into radiology now she she got her Degree and she graduated That’s awesome That’s awesome that was so I was so disappointed because i mean i Worked so hard because i knew it was Going to be cutthroat because they only Took 50 people Each Each year to do the one-year internship And to find out

Well you don’t have this Two-hour Video online course and i’m like you’ve Got to be kidding me Uh wow And uh this was at ball state community College so Dark body of water Well let before i turn the spirit box on You go ahead and talk to them i’m gonna Get another cup of coffee and use the Restroom i’ll be right back all right Smoke a cigarette for me All right she’s gone y’all let’s party How’s everybody been Hang on i guess i think i’m gonna have To go back over to the youtube because This Side Um This side actually Runs pretty slow I’m on a delay on this side I’m sorry for your loss karen i truly am What’s the weather like over there in Texas there francis Yes we they do They Teachers teachers especially um At least good ones i’m not gonna say all Teachers but um the good ones Really are underrated and uh They don’t make they don’t make anything Nurses basically do the doctor’s job and

Then the doctor comes off and signs off And uh You know They make they make good money for what They do but um not for all the crap that They have to put up with You know that’s one of the worst things Ever when you when you stop and you Really look at it When you go to the hospital who do you Deal with You deal with the nurse non-stop And then the doctor comes in and goes oh By the way This is What i found And you really actually have to uh Thank the nurse not the doctor The nurses are doing all the hard work Behind everything So do you live in nashville now Kelly um is that where you where you’re At She stepped away for a second she’s back Mountains All right i’m back Normally i’m a lot more lively here Tonight i just feel like so lethargic Yeah like yeah we won’t we we won’t stay Live too much longer but i will run the Spirit box for a little bit because i Know everybody’s been looking forward to That and You know but that i just went and took a

Couple bites of that big ziti oh my god Oh we’re back there i out myself back to Food [Laughter] I’m gonna go make some ramen chips you Ever you ever been that poor I love ramen noodles actually to be Honest with you i go to this ramen Noodle shop near our house and i always Go there and pick up the really good Ones you know but we buy the Store-bought ones too Yeah uh laura has the ones that come in The little packet and then yeah Microwave i’m like i don’t know what That is but like i call them ghetto Chips i’ll open the The flavoring and i’ll dump it in the Ramen bag and then yeah And shake it up really good yeah just Eat them dry I like raw have you ever been to an Actual a ramen shop with a restaurant Where they they serve the ramen with all Kinds of stuff in them i mean like a Hibachi grill yeah yeah really good it’s Really good it really is now now i’m Gonna have to go and get something to Eat after we’re done I know i’m hungry now i took a few bites I’m like damn that was good Uh oh thank you so much uh h Ch stardust the clown thank you I like your little clown outfit there

That’s pretty cool Okay so Oh i’m so sorry madison You probably can You should be able to I mean People there’s different spectrums of Autism but I know some people who are autistic who You would never know and they They work and Very I wouldn’t i don’t want to say Productive because every job is Productive but Very technical jobs um You know so Don’t don’t let that get you down i mean I hate to hear that But i i I believe if that’s what you’re going For um Don’t I don’t let anybody tell you you can’t Do anything yep I hear it is getting really bad in Nashville and that’s where you live Right the crime is getting really bad There right outside of nashville okay um That’s where vicki mercer lives too She’s in the chat here yeah There she is Uh she came and stayed at the cabin with Me a couple nights the last time i was

There with me and me and teresa tez Yeah Yeah Yeah but uh nashville is getting bad um Yeah it’s getting bad everywhere though Really i mean Yeah you’re right Yep You’re very right Yeah She said crime is awful in nashville yes And people wonder why i carry everywhere I go now um pro 2a anti-2a All i know is My butt’s coming home at night Yeah i’m not gonna do anything stupid You know did you hear about that guy That saved the people at the mall just Recently at 40 Yards with a nine millimeter yeah um You know yep and this is another thing That’s very conflicting you know the way My dad chose to go out was By shooting himself and you know most People would be like well they blame the Gun i’m not You know i’m not gonna Blame the gun on that that was his Conscious choice Yeah there’s the responsible gun owners But they need to have a little bit Stricter laws on Someone that’s 18 can can’t walk you Know walk okay so if you’re 18 you can’t

Rent a car you can’t go buy a vape you Can’t buy cigarettes you can’t there’s So many things you can’t do when you’re 18 but you can go buy an ar What is it an ar-15 ar-15 yeah you can Buy any rifle um and i just found this Out as a state law So 21 Um well you can also go to war at 18 but You can’t drink a beer think about that Yeah you can’t drink a beer This is just ridiculous world is so Jacked up So backwards it is and um I found this out the other day so an 18 Year old and i’ve known this can’t go Into a gun shop and buy a pistol in the State of tennessee however I Can go buy a pistol And Sell it to an 18 year old Or i could give it to my daughter That way she could protect herself in Her house And in her car but she assumed the Moment she takes it out of the car in Public and puts it in her purse or Whatever at that point she has broken The law And i’m like What This is this is getting to be a bit much

Um I always thought this entire time it was 21 To own a own a pistol And uh you know that that mall shooter Um the guy who Within 15 seconds He neutralized the situation and uh People want to say he broke the law that You know simpson properties He broke a rule He broke a rule um Simpson properties i looked at it and That food court is exactly just like the One at opry mills mall So I’m thinking about where he would have Been Um because uh they’re also another i Think i can’t remember if it’s simon or Simpson but the same Same can anyone right pepper spring Canada yeah that’s a trudeau thing um Yeah They took all those rights Um But now this this leans more towards Politics i don’t want to get into that But yeah That that kid is a hero He definitely is i was watching a clip On youtube about that last night and He’s definitely a hero do you know how

Many people he probably saved The the mass shoot or i don’t even want To call them mass shootings they’re They’re rampage shootings really is uh He got off 24 rounds which is Six shy of a 30 round magazine The The guy who took him out Shot off 10 rounds now listen to this at 40 40 yards okay I’m a great shot I don’t know if i could have done this In 50 you know even Even if i had the time to aim with a Reflex sight on my pistol i don’t know If i can do this He shot 10 rounds Eight of the ten rounds Hit The guys yeah so the same thing over in 15 seconds yep Cops aren’t even that accurate yep So um That’s pretty amazing right there i Don’t know if i could have i’m a pretty Good shot too but i don’t know if i Could have done that either they say he He steadied himself up against the pole And yeah that’s what you gotta do yeah You gotta yeah he was smart about it and He saved a lot of lives i’m just i’m Sure Yes he did you know So

Well all right so uh we’ll go ahead and Turn this on i guess was there anything Else i’m sorry i didn’t mean to Interrupt you was there something else You wanted no i was gonna say yeah let’s Uh let’s Let’s uh let’s fire it up fire it up and Uh All right guys Everybody ready Spirits are you with me here let’s turn The rim pot on so we can See if uh See if anybody uh Anybody makes it go off if you’re if You’re near come over here by this Now you can come through and communicate With your loved one in the chat but you Can’t stay here in my house Um you have you can’t stay here nobody Can except for my family You have to go It’s all due respect you do have to go But uh there’s a lot of people in the Chat that would love to hear from a Loved one vic karen lost her daughter Karen what’s your daughter’s name again We’ll listen for it Karen vickers lost the daughter i i know She’s put it in here and i don’t don’t See it now I would have to scroll way up Uh i don’t know what i did with the k2 Meter it’s probably packed in my bag

It’s in a bag because i didn’t even Think to grab it it’s packed down there In my bag Okay so i’m gonna go ahead and turn it On so just everybody just listen um and Um Just Just listen i’m going to turn the spirit Box on guys so don’t everybody freak out [Laughter] They don’t like it when i renee Uh karen vickers daughter’s name okay Renee okay okay All right renee your mom’s in the chat She would love to hear from you Okay All right so i’m gonna pull the headset Down and put this up to the speaker so That you guys can hear it I’m going to mute my mic okay Okay we’re reaching out to the spirit World Thank you So Which So Wooden steps Gotcha Do This Stop

You have a loved one Me I see here What is your name Up Darlene or something like that How many spirits do we have with us Right now Done What’s your name Or Hey Okay Wow Message Uh Uh I’m glad you’re here I like Do you know my name Ross are you here

Up I know Yep Do Renee are you here Nope Table Just Okay All uh Oh my god You literally Stupid You’ll hear like little radio snippets Here and there but you got to listen for Like You know the the in between stuff and The The real deep you know the voices that Are coming through Um

Listen to that We heard free falling one day All right let me turn it back on Right now Wow Who are you Keep Oh wow yep Oh wow Sorry Oh that’s okay i’ll hold it It up like says setting it off Did you just hear that setting it up Who’s setting it off Ask who’s heading off the rimpod who’s Setting off Sound like i’ve heard haunted something It’s when you turn your head we can’t Really hear it so when you turn your Head Even just I see that cindy Are you upset that i put that rempot on Your head Are you upset It’s sped up really fast for a moment Unless there’s a lag

Do So how do you guys like it on the other Side tell us about it What’s it like Do Don’t So Gary can you tell me how many spirits Are here waiting to speak to someone How many how many you got Three Gary can you tell me what their names Are Do Do I can hear you trying Trying to make out what you’re saying i I swear i hear my son’s voice Yep Do Bye So Make sure you let them know that you’re Here Uh

Teresa wants to know if you’ve met ross Yet gary Have you I just heard a yelp What did that just say it almost sounded Like it might have said theresa It’s kind of said like that like Yep Paul Okay well i’m going to let you guys go Anything else you want to say Anymore messages Right here Wow I think that’s what that said guys we’re Right here That may be for all of you Oh thank you spirit stalker that’s so Sweet of you Oh thank you so much All donations go through go towards Trips Investigation so thank you so much Sound like something He saw me Do

All right thank you so much for Communicating with us spirits It’s been a pleasure and we look forward To doing this again sometime soon You guys all have to go back now Go be with your loved ones that miss you So much Let them know that you’re there Rest in peace much love Thank you Wow Yeah that that was amazing that was the Rim going off um wow You know uh what tez With with That message for tez i know it i know Oh my gosh i mean that was amazing um Let’s see what does he uh patty could i Ask a question yeah sure go ahead Thank you so much for that donation Spirit soccer that was very sweet of you Now spirit stalker lost a child I’m sorry Never forget when that happened yeah I’m so sorry for that Yeah She was being bullied and she took her Own life She was only 13 or 14 i can’t remember i Talked to so many people um i’m sorry if I’m Saying it wrong spirit stalker if you Want to put put the age in here

It was 13 or 14 right am i Or 15. 14 yes Now 14. yeah Yeah Yeah it’s really sad that is sad i’m so Sorry for that That’s Kids can be [ __ ] i mean they really Can Um I know You know and When i and i’m not saying this to Things are different You know i was bullied when i was a kid But I threw fists you know right i would Take it until i couldn’t take it anymore Then i would fight Yeah and You know i really think that A lot of this Has come from The zero tolerance people afraid to get In trouble You know people Like my daughter she was bullied um In elementary school and she would come Home crying every day And i’m like chloe just knock them in Their mouth punch them right in the nose You know Shut them up it will shut them up i

Promise And she was so afraid to get in trouble That You know i actually have to take her to Counseling for this because it’s School can be a horrible thing for kids It’s so overrated it’s why i’ve been Homeschooling them for three years i Brock had to knock the [ __ ] out of Somebody and he and he got in trouble For defending himself and knocking the [ __ ] out of somebody and that’s when i Pulled him out of school i’m like i’m Done i’m [ __ ] done that’s it no That’s that’s ridiculous i mean That’s uh you know The zero tolerance uh You have the right to defend yourself It’s almost like school is like a prison Now um You know same here karen Nobody bullied me yet but they knew Better Oh people tried a little bit with me but I always would end up kicking their ass So they they left me alone I don’t want to sound arrogant but most Of the time mine was Female related and i’m like What What’s the problem I’m Friends it’s not

You know i know i’m i’m friends with Everybody um Exactly I’m right there with you Tez um You know as I was always told last because i am the One I really was i’m not so much anymore but My daughter Was Sexually harassed Not only did this and then assaulted at The same time But he was a star basketball player He Slapped her slapped her butt grabbed her Breast Made many sexual comments towards her Then Spit on her when She You know Wouldn’t Take his advances and you know told him Enough was enough So many witnesses A three-week suspension why because i Will ticket sales Had that been anybody else that Automatic expulsion and i mean when i Found out after it was all said and done Because i would have pressed charges as

A parent Yeah her mom Not my wife My ex-wife Her mom Wouldn’t even tell me because you know What i’m going to go knock on their door And i want to start by kicking the Father’s ass yeah or raising a child Like that damn right And If your dad doesn’t get it then you’re Gonna get it and if i’m sorry but you’re You know what if if your mom’s okay with It too then and i’ve never hit a woman But I will definitely be throwing you out The door yep um I’ll never forget the time my kid well Mike gary and heather were riding bikes In the neighborhood when they were Really young Right around the block whatever and There was this kid that always messed With them Well i don’t remember exactly what Happened it seems like he Ambushed them him and his friend they Knocked her off her bike so i went over There and raised all kinds of hell and Was where’s your mom where’s your dad Get him out here right now blah blah Blah whatever And long story short it was kind of a

Long story but i went back to the house And i was going to call the police and Everything because i had just had enough Of these people All of a sudden the mother comes over to My house I open up the door and there she’s Standing there pointing her finger Yelling and screaming at me because i Was yelling at her kids I took that bitch’s arm and i about Broke it and beat her with the bloody End of it I ripped her ass i just reached out like Snatched her like like don’t ever [ __ ] come and point your finger in my Damn face and i just kind of flipped her Around and threw her right down in the Rose bushes I had a bunch of rose bushes there she Ruined my rose bushes but it was funny Because she got scratched up really bad The cops came and i told him what she Was like i want her arrested you’re Right Her property you came to her door She learned she learned the meaning of The song every rose has its thorn oh Yeah It was just ridiculous but i told you You got to do something about your kid Because You know you deserved everything you Just got

Yeah i can’t kick your kid’s ass but i Can sure kick your ass don’t come over Here waving your finger around in my Damn face but um yeah it was just crazy And a lot of the reason why these kids Are like is because of the parents you Know it’s because of the parents i hate To say it but it really is a lot of Times a lack of parenting yeah These guys would never go around Bullying anybody but After a situation i went through a Couple years ago my grandkids were Getting bullied so bad at school i had To take them out they were getting in Fights left and right trying to defend Themselves being called names People calling me names to them It was bad It was bad that we went through hell i Pulled them out of school and i have not Put them back in since but they’re doing Just fine in homeschool they’re doing Just fine And um yeah They’ve already got career ideas and and Everything and They’re fine but yeah Nope I mean school like i said school seems Like a A prison sentence nowadays And um Don’t want to overlook this um hch you

Said you lost your father um i’m sorry I’m sorry for your loss i truly am Um i am so sorry too for your loss i Really oh what happened when i just do I can’t either karen uh uh somebody you Point your finger at me it’s been the Last damn time you point your finger at Me because i rip it off There’s this There’s this little kid um Let’s see oh yeah yeah right here my Wife yeah i had him kiss me in the Hallway and a so-called girlfriend um She wasn’t my girlfriend i swear In seventh grade [Laughter] That’s awesome i can’t wait to meet you And your wife i’m looking forward to Coming up there Likewise Likewise i got to get the exact details On that i can’t wait yeah Yeah i’ll get with you because me and Theresa were talking about it and we i Want to get together and we’ll talk About it and we’ll plan it all out and See what’s a good time for everybody you Know um i’m thinking i know we have in November my birthday is the 17th And then we got thanksgiving the later Part of november I’ve got uh two Birthdays in november from two Grandchildren so november is kind of a

Tough month to take a trip you know Um we might have to wait till december Like the first first or second week of December i’m thinking because november Is kind of a You know with the holiday and yeah Grandkids birthdays like tabitha’s is The ninth and logans is the 14th mine’s The 17th Um And then we got thanksgiving so You know i mean i don’t care about mine I could give two shits i’ll spend it up There i mean i’m sure heather would be Like well mom you left me on your Birthday and i couldn’t surprise you With something You know I’m counting backwards Um Yeah sorry uh Oh that’s awesome laura i’m glad to hear That Yeah that That pile um He’s There’s uh There’s the you know the cancer list you Know yeah Oh i know the cancer list yes But top of the line right there um You know uh Talking about thank you laura

Yeah you got you got an extra subscriber You know awesome all right Um yeah i can’t wait to meet you guys We’re gonna have so much fun too you Know When i come up there i usually stay at Least a week at least seven days when I’m there Yeah so tennessee is I love it here You know everybody always wants to come Up to tennessee I love it here but i hate it here does That make sense Yeah i know what you do i have salt Water in my veins i’ve got it yeah if i Lived up there i would probably feel the Same way because i i was i stayed up There once for three weeks me and mike And when kylie was little we actually Went up there and stayed for three Freaking weeks which felt like a couple A lot because i got homesick you know i Actually really got home sick And but the first couple weeks i was Loving it we were having a blast and Then i just the homesick set in you know It’s like i don’t want to go home and Because you know it was just me mike and Kylie i didn’t have custody of the boys Then Um heather you know was i missed heather You know she was Back here it was just us three but we

Had a blast we really did and that’s When i and he knew tennessee really well He’s a southern boy and he’s from up That way and he showed me ale around he You know so my first time to tennessee Was with mike Tennessee i mean it’s an amazing place Um it really is it’s filled with history Um You know uh the witch cave around the Corner i know Can you get us in there are you not not Sure oh technically not allowed on the Property but that’s oh well um oh okay But i’ll i’ll i’ll attempt to go back When that okay do the tours and see if The owners recognize me Okay and i heard he’s an [ __ ] Yes I’ve heard it from so many people I mean just It’s a long story yeah it’s all right You don’t want to tell it in here anyway Because i’m sure somebody’s listening Right now that’s gonna yeah you know Waiting for you to give you some juicy Details so they can run with it that’s What people do there’s just trolls That’ll just sit and listen and hang on Every word you say I got nothing better to do Oh crazy yeah and i don’t feed trolls i Don’t know i don’t have trouble Yeah

I don’t think they’ll let you film yeah I’ve heard that too vicky not even yeah You can take pictures when you get in There but um You’re not allowed to film yeah and i Don’t want to go just somewhere if i’m Not allowed to film i don’t want to stir Up any [ __ ] you know i’ll just we’ll go With there’s lots of places that you’re Allowed to film yes and there’s a lot of Places um So you’ve got the hermitage Uh I don’t know if you can investigate There but there’s another mansion i’m Trying to think of it It’s right in nashville the hermitage Being andrew jackson president andrew Jackson’s home um that’s a great place a Lot of stuff has Been Uh uncovered from there Octagon hall um Is not far Yeah octagon hall is not far up the road From It’s it’s on the kentucky side okay Um and then remember me telling you About my friend uh the duvall groves House where They faked the evidence um It was a civil war hospital my friend Keith he owns that property And every time his wife would go out of

Town i mean There’s 63 unmarked graves on that land Um Every time his wife would go out of town I’d come over and we’d investigate and Things would always get worse And they would have to have the house Blessed and everything else and uh It’s not two rivers mansion but i have i Do know that two rivers mansion is is Haunted Oh can we get in there i think we can i Think that’s one of those that we can Oh Oh spirit stalker Oh thank you get the kiddos cheap okay i Will do that actually thank you that’s So sweet of you Very sweet wow that is Very sweet of you They love pizza too they have a favorite Pizza place around the corner from here Called richie’s cheesesteak and they got The best pizzas Oh that’s so sweet thank you i want to Write this place down jackson’s island Oh yeah people are giving us some ideas Here heck yeah that’s some outside of The box Yes cherokee is nice kelly i love to go Over to cherokee i didn’t get a chance To take uh tez there And vicki there when we were there Because of um the weather and everything

The conditions um We just never got a chance to go to Cherokee but You know i’m actually part cherokee Are you yes i Am no I need to go over there and uh You know see if i can trace my lineage Back i know that yeah Um you should yes But oh yeah so yeah here we go like my Brain going every which way again i know I’m the same way i’m trying to read Comments and i’m getting all these ideas Running through my head and i lose track Of what i’m doing Yes there is a lot of haunted land and And cherokee i’ve been there Several times actually and It’s a neat little town with a lot of Cool gift shops and The last Museum Well the last time i was in gatlinburg The road you know the straight way to Cherokee had had a landslide through it And um you had to actually go the long Way around Through maggie valley Yeah yeah I’m not going but from what i hear they Finally rebuilt it so um You know you can get there a lot quicker Right

Because I mean it was out for several years i Know i took a big chunk out yep I stayed in maggie valley once at the Jonathan inn i think it was called it Was a pretty cool place indoor heated Pool and everything that was really a Nice place actually Yeah Yeah there’s Trying to think Um One of the What is the name of that place It’s in gatlinburg it’s an old cemetery Uh there’s a train track that that’s Been Okay it’s it’s more um Pigeon forge area Okay but it’s off out in the woods and There’s this There’s a cemetery there Um that Is extremely haunted i can’t think of The name of it but there’s also An abandoned Rail railroad with Cars still on What the tracks yeah old railroad cars Still on there really and it was a Traveler’s train And uh Somebody showed me how to get back there And it took you know it took a good like

45 minutes of walking But um That place is extremely That Yeah unless it’s raccoons dancing all Over that place and i didn’t see any Animals That train was extremely active um A lot of people don’t like you on there If there’s a lot of spirits they they Definitely want you gone um Yeah yeah teresa we’re going to Definitely look into staying in there i Don’t know if we’re going to stay in Cosby again this time I think we’re gonna Definitely try to get something in Pigeon forge For sure You need to check out rugby tennessee as Well Okay um My wife took us there and uh it was a Surprise the entire time it’s supposed To be The most haunted city in Tennessee um It was uh Let me look this up real quick just uh Oh yeah katie brief history Katie’s getting the wrench Yep she was i think she was a mod before I People end up losing their wrenches a

Lot and i’m really i don’t know if it’s Because they they add something to their Name they change their name that may Have something to do with it i don’t Know You know where something in their name Changes and then also their wrench goes Away doesn’t recognize it maybe I don’t know plus i think that if Someone is not in In the lives that often i think they may Automatically lose it i don’t know i Mean i really don’t know for sure but I’ve heard people talk about that That’s crazy you know youtube’s changing Their stuff uh their Terms and conditions like every other Day so Yeah Read what vicky wrote I remember when this happened Oh that’s awesome Uh i was going to say but he didn’t talk It’d have been great you know like how People go and uh get married by elvis Maybe yeah get married by freddy krueger Oh hey business idea Business idea Uh yeah What we call that horror Horror I’m just thinking about the Um could it be your hacker

Could who be Could what be the hacker Did i miss something there yeah that’s What i’m wondering What what you talking about girl Yeah Um Rock city i’ve heard of rock city I don’t know if i’ve been there but i’ve Heard of it it’s in tennessee right yeah Yeah it’s uh rock city is over Close to chattanooga and all that um oh Okay Uh You It’s funny dad had a a painting of a Barn they used to Uh And a room dedicated to michael myers Love it Um The tanning of a barn said see rock city Okay oh okay okay no i’m sorry i didn’t Mean to interrupt you karen yeah Yeah i see what you mean she was talking About her losing her wrench i don’t know Well what’s funny it took me so long to Get on here tonight um Because I literally As soon as i turned on my computer Now I’ve made some changes i bought a new Graphics card

Um You know got this new mic got rid of the Old one um I’ve just made a few updates and Downloaded some new software but all of A sudden i’m getting Malware Like just bam bam bam bam bam bam bam Bam and i’m like what the hell is going On here because everything i download i Always get it straight from the source Somebody’s trying to hack you know what You do right you hit control alt delete And then when the thing pops up you hit End task on everything in text And it should take it away well like i Downloaded uh total av Um i paid for it for you know my Antivirus and right It’s saying like And i’ve i’ve even disabled it but it in Order to clear the cache on Microsoft edge which i never use It’s like Oh yeah i know it’s like It’s late for me Yawning everybody’s face i’m so sorry Well yawning’s contagious i’m like Fighting one back now Um I’d be dazzled my wrench Um But it’s telling me like in order for me To get this whatever’s on microsoft edge

To clear out i have to close it and i’m Like i don’t even open the freaking app So i went under startup and i disabled It and uh It still won’t clear out so i don’t know What’s going on and finally i just got To the point because it kept showing up Under my notifications bar on the side I just turned off the google chrome Notifications i may end up just ditching Google chrome in general if this keeps Going on yeah my grandson Told me to ditch it and so i am now Using um what is it called hold on Mozilla firefox Nope I don’t use it all the time i’m still Using chrome here and there but it’s not My default browser i’m using uh opera Opera gx browser Uh guess what Write that down Right now they swear by it they swear by It they’ve been using it for a couple Years and ain’t had no problems they Haven’t nothing at all And i actually do like it i just got to Get used to it Opera gx browser it’s really it’s pretty Decent and i like some of the the uh Things that things that it does like for Instance um When you minimize something like a video

If you can do several things at once and It just puts it over here and over here And you can kind of still hear it and Listen you know like on google chrome You You do that and it goes away you don’t Hear it no more most of the time you Know what i mean not on opera no it Still plays So you can multitask a little bit better Over there I like the idea of that yep boom right There as soon as i turned that Notification back on it’s like oh mcafee Uh malware detected yeah right oh Yeah Have you tried cc cleaner try that one Too that’s gonna be the next one Actually yeah You can run scan and get rid of stuff on There Cc cleaner it’s a free download um that One works pretty good too Uh But uh if if any of you okay so i want To share this with you guys because this Is real important um i know a lot of People that have been hacked on facebook Lately Uh facebook instagram yep yep instagram His wife was hacked on instagram tick Tock heather’s tick tock was was hacked If anybody sends you a link don’t just Don’t click on it even if even if it’s a

Friend of yours a family member and you See that they sent you a link Don’t click on it unless you know for Sure they sent it to you Because what’s been happening is these People these hackers will get in there And they will go into your you know Say they hacked a family member your Sister your brother your daughter your Mother whoever And they they hack them and they get in There and they’ll send you a message and You’ll think it’s from Your family member your friend or Whatever and you click on it thinking oh What’s she sending me Boom you’re done you’re done they wipe You out it’s happened to god At least seven or eight of my friends And um a couple family members my cousin Mike in alabama lost his whole account He still hasn’t gotten it back yet um But that’s what they’re doing so the Other day it happened to um Was it yutez who was it was it karen i Don’t remember now it happened to Somebody the other day i think it was Karen grant Well karen vickers said me me too yes Yes Um so Don’t click on any links from anybody The best thing you can do there’s a Youtube channel called scammer payback

Now you know i don’t go advocating for a Lot of people’s channels Yeah Um Go check out this guy’s scammer payback Um And they actually tell you if you They try Through their I mean they’ll call these places in India they know uh They know how to speak punjab and Everything else so they can sit there And talk back to them They’ll actually get on their computers And the guy’s got a voice thing where he Sounds like an old woman or an old man And Um he really goes to show you just what These scammers do but if you get an Email or anything like that they always Tell you to forward it to them so they Can investigate and Um His name is pyorgi they know him very Well in india and oh i got you got to Give me his information oh my god that’s Awesome i think it’s like scammer Payback i’m not 100 sure but i Will find it and uh Yeah it was karen they almost got my Friend karen the other day they got my My friend cheyenne that lives in north Carolina she’s she lost her page a

Couple months ago still hasn’t gotten it Back she lost her tick tock everything Heather just got her tick tock back After a week but she still can’t log Into it so they’re still trying to work Out the problem she’s been completely Locked out but they were able to get her Tick tock back so you can still find it And See her tick tock she’s almost got 100 000 followers over there Yeah i knew she was getting up there is What she was saying on her video And i don’t do tick tock just because i Mean I don’t do it a whole lot i do it here And there i mean I do it when i feel like doing it i Don’t know everything’s tied with china But when i think i know i think of a Bomb so yeah oh I didn’t think about it like that Yeah so And i’m like If it really is what they say it is That’s good You know if the if it really is what They say it is um I don’t need anybody mining any more Data from me or Figuring out my facial algorithm um yeah Scammer payback david said he watches it Too

Um i’m gonna have to watch that But you know The facial recognition technology and Everything else i don’t You know There’s a reason these ads on Youtube and facebook and all these other Platforms are personalized To something that’s going on in your Life it’s because they all work together Um And the adsense that you you create your Own algorithms so they know stuff that You’re interested in Just by your search history and Unfortunately if you want to use your Phone You have to agree to third-party access Yeah i know I i just don’t I don’t like that at all i don’t either No i miss flip flops i’ve watched Heather lose her entire facebook a Couple years ago it was horrible she Lost all her pictures all her memories For years you know it’s just sad and why Why why why would somebody want to do That to somebody i just don’t understand It i really just don’t But You know just like her tick tock you Know now she’s got her tick tock back But she can’t go on she can’t log in she Can see it but she can’t log in like i

Can pull it up right now and look at it But She can’t log in she can’t even do it Make a tick tock thank you so much katie That’s very sweet of you That’s uh you know i don’t understand What people are after when they hack Personal accounts like oh well so crazy Unless it has something to Potentially Backing their way into your banking Account I mean but I’ll i’ll be honest My passwords are so Across the board if somebody does hack Me I congratulate you um I know me too Mine’s so crazy i have to go if i need It i have to go look look where i have It written in a secret place like my Best buy credit card I i hardly ever use my best buy credit Card but uh Every time i’m like what the heck did i Make that again So i know we said it every single time So yep Yep Same here i have a best buy credit card Also [Laughter] It’s got me in trouble though i almost

Have it maxed out i gotta stop Well Best friends Best buy buys turned out i I don’t know i like you know like we Were talking about when it came to the Uh Yeah The facial recognition um yeah And There’s The The There’s this is a double-edged sword Remember that uh tennessee teacher took Off with a student Uh And they caught him in washington or Something um They use facial recognition At walmart But That’s that’s when it’s being used for Something positive now Um What’s going to happen when they say We’re looking for this guy because we Don’t agree with his His ideology oh whoa Here he is you know um yeah It’s a double-edged sword um You know things can be used for good and They can be used for evil and yeah That’s true

My bank account was hacked I went through uh where they took a a Bunch of money i’ll have a bunch of Money but you know what i mean they took They took a chunk of money out of my Account and they’re working on Putting it back in there but it’s just They had to cancel my card now they got To send me a new one like oh my god What is up with these hackers your bank Account’s not even safe Yeah i think you know I i bank Well i’m not going to say who i bank With i don’t want to make it that much Easier but My bank If it is a fraudulent charge They will give me the provisional credit Um You know there’s no Way Won’t do it and i told them i said as Soon as we get this straightened out i’m Switching banks yeah i’m done i’m Freaking done with you people because They won’t do it but yet my credit like Say like capital one or one of the Credit card companies it’s happened with Them before and they always give me a Provisional credit always Yeah because there’s no reason for you I mean why would you pay for something While they’re figuring it out i don’t

Know I remember they haven’t given me back The money yet they said i’ve argued with Them again today on the phone that’s Probably why i got a headache right now But i do have a headache i’ve had a Headache all day long Um but um They You know Something about monday maybe by monday Maybe by monday but how about now yeah How about now how about give me the damn Money now You know yeah yeah um I can’t i can’t eat on hopes and dreams Right um it’s just [ __ ] you know i’m Done with that bank it was suntrust for Years now it’s truest I don’t like My wife she worked at uh Uh she can chime in what all banks did You work at um down there in florida i Know some trust me one time for a little While but i i didn’t care for it I didn’t care for Yeah and Yeah Let’s see the panda mixer him first Started getting unemployment and hackers From other countries stole people’s Unemployment checks Yeah yeah i mean and It’s so if if you really watch the

Scammer payback channel This guy Um well they got a whole team of people They Will show just exactly how these people Treat And talk to the people on the other end Um One hit one time he was pretended like He you know didn’t have a car but he had A walker and they were yelling at him You know to hurry up and get to the Store as fast as you know you need to Walk faster and he’s like i’m on a Walker you know i can’t I mean Using his voice over but That you know They’ll scream and yell at people going No that’s my money that’s my money no It’s not your money exactly you know Um Yeah My favorite part is you know they’ll do The uh i think it’s all access Where you can remote access uh Somebody’s desktop And they use it and they backtrack their Ip and they’ll sit there and delete all Their files out um You know And you hear them freaking out in the Background

I could see that Um Wow Yeah it’s Yeah yeah david watches him i i saw that David hale He said he watches them and uh it’s a Yeah it’s the scammers in india Yeah he he chimed in it’s uh It’s uh scammer payback and You know you’ll get a good laugh out of It mm-hmm i definitely want to watch it But it shows just how their tactics are And um I know Oops i’m sorry i’ll go ahead I know ted’s it’s awful i don’t i don’t Know how People I don’t i just don’t get it i’m i just Don’t get it i don’t know why anybody Would want to take something from Someone else i just don’t like i don’t Agree with it i think it’s wrong and It’s just i Never understand it Why someone Would want to take somebody’s Hard-earned money you know just doesn’t Make any sense So is that right with me here’s my Integrity check here and that you’re

Gonna laugh so hard So When i was a kid Probably first grade i was i was in cub Scouts and we went to chuck e cheese Right Had a pocket full of tokens Um And this is the this is the only thing I’ve ever stolen in my entire life I’m sorry That is Hilarious oh that’s great oh that’s Great i like that comment i’m sorry go Ahead [Laughter] Um So anybody you know and you know Probably 30 and up well if you ever went To chuck e cheese as a kid they used to Have this little airplane ride you dump It i had a pocket full of tokens you Dump a token and it’s like a hydraulic Plane and go up and then come down and Go up and come down Well at the end of it the hydraulic Busted like the line busted so it Slammed hard and the token thing opened Up and i’m like ah Free tokens And i filled my other pocket up with Tokens And i told all my friends and they’re Over there filling it up you know taking

Their hats off filling it up with tokens I hadn’t even made it to my my left Pocket i’m still working off the tokens I went in there with i see the guy over There working on it and keep in mind This has no monetary value I feel so bad Like i get so over Like overridden with grief like guilt i I go and i’m like You know pulling out it’s just yeah Of tokens and i’m like I stole these i’m sorry The guy looked at me like okay you’re an Idiot But thanks You know it could have been like oh you Could have kept them you know and my day Was over a lot sooner than everybody Else’s but You know that’s the only time i ever Stole anything and yeah i can’t i don’t Understand You know i i know desperate desperate Times can lead people to desperate Measures but right Unless it’s putting food In my family’s stomach You’re not gonna see me even i know Think about stealing something same here Yeah I don’t have the money to buy it i don’t I don’t need it no No

Um You should read that one elderly woman’s Husband passed away and she got life Insurance check from it and the scammers Took the whole thing oh my god That’s ridiculous ah it makes me sick Man you’re just not safe No and Makes you want to just go back to just Keeping your money in a safe in your Home somewhere I’m not gonna say you where i keep on I know right I i don’t keep everything in the bank Either anymore you just can’t you just Can’t At any you know in in this I do have a little stash in case i need It emergency you know Well i mean at any time they could flip The switch and go oh well uh yeah these Imaginary ones and zeros are gone but It’s gonna take people at least three Weeks to realize that paper cash is Worthless so I know right you know i’m gonna get Everything i can with that paper cash Before they realize it yeah Even if it’s 25 bucks or 50 bucks or 100 Bucks just to always try to stash Something you know just in case i mean At least you can get some gas go Somewhere you can go buy groceries if You need it you know what i mean and

Because I mean i’ve been wiped out completely Before like down to zero All the way for like three days straight I had to borrow money this was years ago And i had to borrow money from people Just to you know To have food and gas you know in my car But that was probably about 20 something Years ago i i think it was that was that Was horrible Having your all your money just wiped Completely out of the bank Yeah no it’s not a good feeling no No i remember i woke up one morning to Uh Chase the fraud department calling me And they said uh Mr martin this you know they told me who They were and it actually came across my Caller id is chase And uh they asked me if i was in a uh at A fair in Like Oklahoma Last night and i was like no and he goes Well I said um you know no i’m here in Tennessee and he goes well then I guess you’re not in bangkok either I was like Okay let me go ahead and stop this Transaction from going through like as We were writing

Somebody had already You know got it from bangkok and i’m Yeah Like crazy I went to a gas station in tampa one day It was about a year ago actually i went To a gas station in tampa i’d never been To this gas station before and i was Passing through tampa got gas And immediately after i left the gas Station i started getting all these text Messages from my card number being used Because luckily you know and if you can Get it set up that way with your bank Guys do so because that’s what saved me I got a hold of the bank immediately and Said somebody’s got my card number and They’re using it now and it was just Coming through like crazy like all these Charges and i kept getting the text Messages about it So if you can get your bank to set yours Up To get a text message or a Email or something that’s going to come To your phone and you’re going to see it Right away it get you know gives you a Chance to to catch it quick you know It really does That was scary that was just a year ago I was at a gas station using i don’t Even want to use a card at a gas station Anymore I try to use a credit card because the

Credit card companies it’s Even though it doesn’t come to my bank Account i’ve noticed with my credit card All of the credit cards they it seems Like they If something were to happen they Immediately they’re on that [ __ ] they Give you your money right back doesn’t Matter if it’s 500 bucks a thousand Dollars whatever it is they give it Right back to you and they like you know We’re going to take care of this and and They do So quicker quicker than the banks do I’ve noticed that if you go up to you Know if you do pay at the pump always Grab that outer uh you know where you Insert it yeah because that’s where they Attach the skimmers to i know i grabbed Them and i i really yank on them and Everything else to make sure because Um oh yeah i’ve had my amazon account i Have too yeah yeah you’re not safe Anymore anything god it’s so horrible I’m gonna have to let everybody go Because i’m getting really sleepy and I’m still hungry i have an eight I could sit here all night and just chit Chat and talk because i really enjoy This but i mean i feel myself like that My eyes are getting out that’s why i Keep rubbing my eye my eyes are getting Heavy and Um getting tired so that and you know on

Top of that you got the big cd back There just waiting yes and i can smell It still and oh yeah Did that and i’m gonna make me some Bread and butter i got some really good Italian bread in there and put some Butter on there Like i really need bread and butter this Time of the night Hey any time of the night’s good Yeah it’s true well thank you so much For joining me tonight adam it’s been A lot of fun it’s always nice to You know Stories and yeah we’ll do we’ll do this At least once a week you know or Something or a couple times a month you Know yeah absolutely definitely you guys Want me to do more of these with with Adam Thumbs up Yep thumbs up thumbs up Adam back Yes Yeah i love you guys and thank you so Much for being here And uh yep there you go Thumbs up there they are i was like come On i don’t want the thumbs down We’re all going to get to meet adam when We go to tennessee so on this next trip Of tennessee probably in the early December or whatever Um we’re gonna get to meet adam and his

Wife and um i’ll be talking to you about That was thinking about getting like a Four bedroom cabin and we can all go in On it hey That sounds great to me okay awesome Sounds great to me i know i mentioned it To you before and you said it sounded You know just to let you know so we’ll Talk more about it though yeah Absolutely but yeah All right awesome It’ll be fun it’ll be fun Yeah well You know it’s it’s going to be what Happens this could be a real tv show What happens when you pour paranormal Investigators under one roof You know I know Right the spirit world But yeah and tez and vicki are a lot of Fun to film with too we had so much fun When we went to elkmont we we did you’ll Have to go back and watch that video if You haven’t seen it the one from elk Mont we were there it was as soon as we Walked up to the to the one of the Cabins the door just slowly It either came open or it closed i’m Trying to remember but it’s in the very Beginning of the video now we we think It was probably It’s a good possibility it was the win Because there was a little bit of wind

Going on that day but it was just funny How here we walk up to there i got the Camera rolling and she’s in front of me And one’s behind me and all of a sudden Tez goes oh Whoa look at that you know the door was Like that’s That was crazy you know and i i mean it Could have been paranormal but We were thinking it’s probably the wind You know But it was just funny to catch that on Camera because yeah here we were just Walking up and that happened and then it Happened when we were inside too we Heard the door just slammed It’s the irony of it you know i mean It is you walk up it’s like well welcome In Yeah i guess i’m going in yeah if you Guys haven’t seen that video it’s Actually a really good video of elk mont And it gives it gives you a good tour of The the whole area but we went in almost Every single one of those cabins And it’s about an hour long video but It’s a lot of fun um we caught some Things on camera it was it’s a very Interesting video Yep i know i know you’d have you you is Uh one of my biggest fans christian [Laughter] Yes we had and then you messed her up we Just had a lot of fun there um what’d

She say Chicky side chicks are fun yeah yeah Okay well anyway i’ll let you guys go Everybody have a good night um have a Great weekend and thanks for being here Adam and thank you all in the chat for Being here thank you for the donation i Appreciate it so much Uh don’t forget to smash that thumbs up If you’re still here Yes yes smash the thumbs up Good night everybody good night everyone Good night i love you guys We’ll listen back and see what the evp Say okay Absolutely yeah between me and adam We’ll both be listening back and see What we got All right good night good night soon Adam i’ll talk to you this weekend Sometime all right sounds good have a Great weekend Bye-bye

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