I’m the King of Ufology?

By | July 22, 2022
I'm the King of Ufology?

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this fine and four minutes Past Evening because i’m always late Always that’s what she said no she Didn’t say that thank god she didn’t say She’s always like i can’t be doing with Anymore I’ve gone blurred I need to get a new webcam this is what Jordano does he makes you blur without Further ado Rich jordana the man with the most Blurred camera In live stream history Probably no i’ve seen worse since then Y’all yours seems to be behaving minds Going bad I don’t understand why it’s these Cameras i’m gonna get another one i Don’t know i don’t know but at least Lee’s camera makes everything red Hi including his face Totally gingered out yeah if i had that On my face oh i’ve got a bit of grey Here but Yeah See this is these Fingers red as they come Yeah it’s pretty it’s red as yours mate It is as red as yours but You know us ginger stick together yep And speaking of gingers we have no idea If he’s ginger

We have no idea we’ve never seen him He’s here well he’s definitely not Ginger because he look he’s got He’s giving it away there he’s here the Monkey’s got brown hair she’s got brown Hair brown that’s what i’m saying drawn Her brown eyes See you never have to worry about a Blurred camera hidden Never ever Ever how you do my friend I’m still here survive Still here Has anything i’m good Rich you good It’s been nice here yeah Lee Yeah it’s been nice here it’s and it’s Not apocalypse it’s really weird Well in the uk i don’t know if you knew This rich but we had uh heats of up to What what temperature was it for 40 Degrees it topped out Apparently apparently 40 degrees at Times 40 wasn’t it 40.3 or something like that Something like that but I’m not even getting into this Especially for ollie’s show but the [ __ ] the margin for error for how we Record temperatures is absolutely Massive the Yeah Anyone anyone that wants the the

Opposite side of this go and read A politically incorrect guide to climate Change and if you can get halfway Through that book without going Hmm something else going on here i’ll be Very surprised I’ve now you’ve never been so warm in my Life i’ll be honest with you i mean what What is 40 41 degrees in uh in american degrees So we can kind of explain that to rich i Think it’s like 100 100 yeah Something like 100 now i’ve been in 55 Degrees centigrade 122. So i have no uh Yeah i don’t worry i’m not well what is It is that bad for you now over there 100 degrees it stopped now it was only It was only two days wasn’t that yeah it Was two days and we had fires we had Fields catching fire we had art we had We had arsenal and i will [ __ ] Fight it’s 102 degrees We had a fire just hit the road from me Yep yeah yeah and like most wildfires it Will have been caused either by people Doing stupid things with barbecues or Purpose purposely being set by Uh bad actors and activists you know you They say the same people are gluing Their hands to To roads to stop oil moving Well You know

As long as we don’t get another heat Wave like that I bought a new fan for that I think then genuinely like i mean it Was slightly cooler in the island i Think we hit maybe 38 degrees or Something like that over here Um it i at the hottest bit i was in a [ __ ] house stripping wallpaper with a Steam stripper you know it’s like oh no It doesn’t it was [ __ ] it was just it Was a nice warm summer’s day It was summertime Well you know um i don’t handle the heat Very well but Let’s not talk about the weather let’s Talk about ufos because Like the title suggests It’s not a suggestion i gen i ca i crown Myself The king The king of ufology i i i have all the Knowledge in the world You know um People flood my emails with footage of Ufos I i spend hours and hours just there Looking over the footage and you know Some of it i just think i I can’t put that out so i send that to Other people to do that job for me um And uh I had the big skin walker ranch leak Of the echoes

You know What more could a man and i i will tell You this next week i will get you The original Piece From area 51 the autopsy I have it on the file i’m just i’m Looking over it i’m still trying to Figure out what was the leak I i’m so am i rich the leak was that i Copied and pasted the video and put it Into uh an editing software I knew that that was uh thomas um How do you pronounce his name Winterton winterson is it wintertime Yeah something like that yeah because Yeah So the file is already blurred yeah uh His face is revealed you can yeah plain As daisy it’s him um And all the words were i did not put the Words in there people they were already There all i did was put the alien added Thing with a little bit of spooky music And then I find it intere i found it intriguing You know it’s not Somebody said it’s already leaked i’ve Not seen it anywhere else other than Recently i saw somebody with 700 Likes on instagram that copied and Pasted the video And that seems to have disappeared i oh

Yeah i tagged you in it i i put a Message in the bottom of it saying do You not think maybe you should give Alien addict some credit for this Well i would give the guy credit who Gave me but he doesn’t want me to tell Anybody who it is so Oh there you go I think we know i think i know who it is It’s not your show It’s not the person that was on the show Now i got this off Somebody who i know Um And All he said was I don’t want anything to do with it put This out so But there’s no leak of anything it’s Just paradox audio pareidolia It’s not even that i i want a good Explanation as to why the Um there’s like a reverby room sound on The Like on what’s coming through you know Right for what what possible reason Would there be some sort of chorus Effect on the on the audio apart from to Make it sound a bit [ __ ] weird See the the interesting thing for me was It was it was thomas in that video And it and they are on skinwalker ranch I believe they’re on skinwalker ranch Anyway yeah uh that’s the interesting

Thing it’s a leak i don’t know why it’s Not in the show or if it’s been filmed Before the show i don’t have that Information i literally got the file Tried to get more information couldn’t Get any more information So i just put the video i did what third Phase i do you know rich i put the video Out and let the audience make their own Mind up I didn’t see any malice in it i just Wanted i’m interested i know you know It was good it was interesting but you Know it’s that Spirit box where it’s just running past Am and fm white noise or i don’t know if They had a modified box there’s no Information on it so it’s hard to know Exactly what frequencies they were using I have a feeling What’s this spot i may get something Else off the back of that i don’t know I don’t know its purpose hopefully um But i would like to know how these Things work i i’m not And i i said this in the video i put it I pinned my own comment like a selfish Person I’m not into spirit boxes never have Been don’t understand them There’s a really good band called spirit Box it’s a good name However they’re transparent It doesn’t mean to say i don’t believe

In them because i i’ve not experienced It myself you know i don’t know how this Technology works Yeah you do you know exactly how it Works Their scanning frequencies on the am and Fm dial And then when A frequency picks up you know something That’s being broadcast it plays it and In a fraction of a second it’s scanning All these things you know that’s why Spirit box makes that noise Because it’s going past all the stations That fast that makes sense so if if a Spirit came in It’s not focusing just on one channel it It it’s showing how legitimate it is by Using the white noise and going over Many channels at one time so it’s Impossible for it to be a tv or radio Station if it’s going over multiple you Know what i mean multiple things so It’s interesting but you are picking up Radio stations you ever drive down a Road or go across country or whatever And You hit search on your little bar and it And it gets close to the station but It’s like three clicks away and then it Keeps getting louder that you know the And more in tune the closer you get to The station That’s what’s happening with the spirit

Box i believe You’ve watched all the series haven’t You with rich yeah I’ll be honest with you i struggled with It A lot You know what i like entertaining yeah Entertaining i i I just Finds it just some of it just seems very Um Staged Oh my god we just said the same thing It is Because it is That’s not but that’s not me saying that I don’t think there is something i have Heard a lot of people speak about Skinwalker and i’ve heard a lot of People speak we had um I had a guest On a few weeks ago i think you were There rich yeah talking about talking About walker ranch but mainly talking About the area Itself right Um Could could Could places like that exist where the Veil is thin so to speak and Things are just allowed to Pass through that we don’t know of Maybe maybe they feel safe in that Region or there’s just a way it can

Conjure the energy it needs to be seen Or or survive i believe what’s happening Is there’s something of this earth not From somewhere else i think it’s Something derived from this earth how it Got there i don’t know but it could just Be something that’s always been there Just like in a lot of places that have Activity it could be it could it maybe It’s the kind of soil maybe they’re on Quartz or limestone things that can move Energy better i don’t know but Um they keep trying to dig at that place I don’t know if anybody else here Watched the season three but They they went into the mountain and About three four hundred feet they Drilled into it And they see bits then they tried to go Up but Uh what happened the drill bit kept Hitting something and it kept pushing it Down and then it went up and but when They retracted it They pulled out metal That that is like man-made metal of uh Uranium or not uranium um Two two like they had a piece of it it Was flat Very thin And one side it was one thing and the Other side it was the other another Thing and two of the rarest elements on Earth

And what are they used for same thing The space shuttle would use to repel Heat that’s what travis said that may be What the metal is for so they’re saying The guy who did the drill said it seems Like there’s something Like a dome That it’s hitting So Interesting a 400-foot dome Could be there could be a ufo for all we Know and they’re just scraping the metal Off of it Did they do any um i forgot where it is Is it lidar they used to They did that whole place yeah did it Did that show anything up like Underneath the mountain it showed there Was some sort of space in the mountain There’s There’s a cavern of some sort now When uh What’s his name uh the guy who owned a Bigelow They they went to this mountain and it Looks like uh Somebody Broke it like Caved in the entrance to this cave that They went to And Bigelow was there for a decade so They’re not sure if it was him who did This

But there was two openings one at the Bottom one at the top and they were both Caved in Interesting purposely Hidden what are your thoughts on Skinwalker I have none To be honest I i had a feeling you would say that are You a skeptic when it comes to places Like that what what what is beyond what Is the story behind skinwalker because I Is there ufo activities or alien Activities going everything yes how long Have you got Yeah It’s everything that’s kind of what i Gathered From what i so Yeah I don’t know How did it start rich how about Was it well 60s 40s was it that was it i’ve heard 30s am i wrong there Apparently it’s been there as long as There’s been The ranch there the reports i mean Oh i i don’t know really i think it was Uh 50 years ago Right okay maybe Yeah maybe 40 years ago for sure

I i don’t remember Is that where wayne is Nobody should be No it should be though yeah Wayne’s in california this is uh where Is it Utah That wayne’s gone quiet hasn’t he Thank you heather birdy All hail king ollie that’s me the king King yeah that’s that’s i’m gonna get a Ufo hat i’m gonna do it get a big Massive Scrap the hat get a crown with a massive Alien a massive alien ruby in the middle Yes i appreciate that super chat thank You very much Um What’s been going on this week because I’ve been out of it boys hence the Thumbnail that Is uh just me with the the crown because I kind of didn’t really know what to do A show on i know there’s been a little Bit of drama um but uh there has I i did well i know it’s i know it’s not Your Your biggest fan at the moment i did see Stephen campbell uh showing stuff on Linda martin how And the uh Uh hoaxed alien Which was interesting That’s like his third show on that

Well she just keeps doing it You know so I know god bless her i wish you two are Just kissing makeup but we’ll we won’t Talk about that Um It never happened i i know i know But never say never i ever say never i Just did once The weird thing i find with this field Rich I know if something majors happen Because my twitter It Blows up i get messages left right and Center for people it’s being i feel it’s Been quiet Very quiet Not much going on Well We’re at that That uh Whoa after the congressional hearings Now they don’t have to do anything for Two three months you know four six Months they always do that they give us Something cool and then they go quiet For a while you know it’s just too much For us to handle although there there Was the report that i guess just came Out At the fbi Which i’m doing my show on on it tonight They have their report on uh near miss

Reports with ufos uaps So i guess that report came out but Nothing really has been going on lately It’s been slow Do you think we’re gonna We’ll get a nice little taste to be Filled before the end of the year of Something big It seems that we it this seems to be Like a trend that we get like a big Chunk of something then we get some Little bit tip bits and then nothingness Yeah Fair i’m with you I think jeremy corbell’s got something In his pocket up his wizard sleeve Yeah He was arm wrestling with um oh my god No Um Big fat blue with little sausage arms What Who won No they don’t show us lou was laughing Though corbell was crying That’s how i looked at it i don’t think I think if i if i had to put money on Who would win an arm wrestle between Call bell and lou I i’d probably put it on luke’s i think He’s probably the man’s got a bit more Power behind him you know So cobb is a bit of a unit though isn’t He

He’s just legit quiet no but even just Quietly he’s a bit of a unit if you look At him There’s no there’s not a lot of fat on That man No oh he’s a face he’s a thick guy as Well Yeah that’s not very nice But um no um I would pick lou for sure but if it goes More than a minute i’d go with jeremy Who would have won between an arm Wrestle between You rich and lou lou yeah i suck at arm Wrestling Sound pretty good at arm wrestling i Suck at i don’t know why i’ve got Someone Well there’s not much there now but These are These used to be some big guns You know Yeah you remember them don’t you rich i Used to send you pictures you’re so true You’re like lost you’re ten you’re Almost transparent i’ve never had a ton You were tanner We’ve just gone through this i’m wearing And wearing shorts that actually match My skin color you know Um Yeah i don’t know man i would go with Lou for the short and jeremy for the Long

But uh Yeah I sucked i always sucked at it And i and i have strong arms that’s the Weird thing i just can’t win at arm Wrestling i don’t know why Maybe because everybody cheats when they Play and i don’t Maybe i see people grabbing [ __ ] and You know lifting oops sorry you know Gotta lift that elbow off table A quick funny story i um while it was in My head with these shots so This is the second time i’ve won these Shots today This morning the early hours i went Outside to get the milk in because we Have a we have a a real milkman you know Wow yeah that delivers glass bottles of Milk rich in this heat Yes And i left them all night no but it’s Not that hot today in the uk However i went out with no top on Uh no shoes on and just these shorts And there was a neighbor That was i think she was cooking across The road and she looked gobsmacked Like this naked man Just Just walked out I’m like looking and thinking oh god It’s the shots it’s the shot she thinks I’m naked right

I don’t know her but she probably just Knows me as the naked guy that just came Out to Bring his milk in Sorry about that To put a hole I love your milk I just like to tell you a short story i Saw These milkshake brings all the boys to The yard Hayden have you put any great ufo Footage out recently i have been working All week so i haven’t had a chance to Check on the channels no i haven’t Oh well that’s a bit of a Downer have you got anything in the Works anything in the pipelines No to be honest no Yeah i noticed you you haven’t had a lot Up lately There’s it’s it’s just Nothing out there nothing good I mean i one one of my favorite ones you You do you remember um the floating Skies the cities oh yeah From japan or whatever yeah always china Or japan Yeah there was one that popped up from China And i sourced it and the only source That was given it was on one channel One youtube channel yeah The chinese media didn’t pick up with it

So I just had to leave it alone because So not much man Do you do we spoke about this last time Hidden so You said that you’re getting stuff sent In on a regular basis but you just won’t Put it out anymore No no no I don’t get stuff centered on a regular Basis but the stuff that i do get sent In yeah you there’s some that you just You you say i can’t put that out that’s I respect that i respect that you know When that’s kind of your channel Uh to let the public make their own mind Up but If you bet you bet it You as a viewer yeah You would look at it and say Well what is that doing we’ve got your Word on it it could be it could be a Satellite yes you’re seeing something But You We can’t nail it but we’re getting Better at it with um you know like apps Like flight tracker and You know the stars So But if If it’s not moving erratic Do you get do you get what i’m trying to Say yep it’s just going across because

I’ve seen two two satellites That go together And it looks like a big ufo chase a Little big ufo being chased by a little Ufo but it’s actually two satellites Yeah so you need the equipment on your You just need an app on your phone to Debunk it pretty quickly uh if you’re Into the but the general The general public that uh are gonna Probably send you a ufo in may not have That kind of app or even no i know i Know so he likes to do that i do try and Explain to him what it is What i believe it is I played some Iss footage last night which is some of I don’t know if it’s ice crystals or What but i’ve never seen footage from The iss look like this and then they Stopped the feed When all these objects were around have You guys seen it It’s actually really good Jen brown is the Person who saw it who got it on off the Tv and they actually shut it down wow it Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve Had like a tasty Like shut down the feed doesn’t it it’s Been a minute yeah All right give me a second i’ll have to Pull it up i missed the live iss you Know yeah but it was constantly live

Oh yeah But isn’t it’s always facing the earth The camera and you always see the city Lights and stuff going by From left to right or right to left In this video they’re coming from every Direction except for one so i’m not sure If it’s uh You know what i mean like ice crystals And and the iss is just adjusting itself To stay in orbit orbit and then But i i don’t know you’ll see yeah That’s a good suggestion for nasa face The camera the other way you know the Other way towards space Yeah that’s not a bad idea actually Yeah just spin around the iss for a Minute I will say this though as anybody that’s Looking at the night sky now um It It’s a junkyard up there you know it There’s so much stuff in space Now When you see something twinkle in the Sky I mean i i’ve have you seen has anybody Actually seen star i’ve seen star link Have you seen star link No elon musk starlink No person i’ve seen It it’s Quite amazing Um and if if i did not know what that

Was I would be reporting ufos And people do Well yeah I remember i mean when the first Starling first happened and we were like We’re like going nuts because not a lot A lot of us and that’s us is doing what We do We didn’t know what starlink was So like wow A train of Ufos what if it is a train of ufos and There is no star link You just blew my mind Elon’s just lied to us You know you know that’s what it really Is He loves the true overlord There’s i don’t know if there’s some Sort of uh lawsuit against him they’re Saying that he’s actually polluting And also it’s illegal what he’s doing By putting a signal all over the world Into countries and places that he Doesn’t have the right to have you heard About all that It would be would make sense yeah it Would it would Yeah Couldn’t it work the opposite way and be Stealing everybody’s information i don’t Know man There’s so many satellites up there

Everybody’s listening to everybody all Right here we go So uh yeah now you’re gonna see All the objects come from everywhere Except this part they never come down From here so watch So already it’s interesting Right got objects going the opposite way Here and then on the bottom they start Coming up please tell me one changes Direction not one and that was my gripe That was my gripe They’re all in bottom left they’re gonna Start you know Go back 10 seconds Bit more You see this don’t have a point in the Screen like you can see you see you Underneath the big white um object that Is that one yeah you put Put your mouse on it if you did it go Across That one What go back and forth and watch that One Now go forward a little bit i’ll go Forward Yep Now go back back a little bit Back a bit more Where does that come from I’m sure it’s back further Yeah i think it stops If any of these stop or change direction

Then we’ve got a hit but Why would nasa stop the feed and And i’m i’m just figuring is this the One where they stop the feed so keep Watching that keep watching put your Mouse on the one that i’m asking you to Watch Yeah that’s the one there’s also Something flashing behind it that i just Saw too There’s a lot of weird things now this One’s slowed down now that looks like Yeah This one here yeah It’s just in the in the middle there Just for a brief brief moment it slows Down slightly i think it’s changed angle I think did you see that first one Yes That was unbelievable right here Bottom left boom There’s another one really quick one Right at the beginning as well that goes Right up the top through the big white Thing So you got this going this way this one Going that way but nothing comes she’s Doing that but nothing comes from this Direction and if these were ufos Why wouldn’t they come here everywhere Else but this direction So i’m thinking it must be See look down here It it must be um

What do you call it ice crystals yeah i Mean There’ll be so much for stuff [ __ ] floating about in space you know This is going to be all sorts But uh we’re almost at the end look at That that one right there looked like it Turned There’s gonna one come in here and it Looks like it turns like this watch Right there Now it didn’t turn um I got it look at that flasher Yeah i saw that See that right here it’s gonna just Appear out of nowhere Usually if the flashing light though It’s when it’s spinning and yeah I’m doing i rewound it a few seconds see That man look at that one Boom So Crazy look how slow this guy is going Over here They could be really super tiny And just reflecting the sun because the Sun just came over the Came over the Earth well here’s the here’s the thing Like with this light you said it’s right There sorry Is that is that when the nasa cut the Fade yeah it says right here the video From spacex there’s a high definition

Camera has been interrupted due to Either loss of signal between the Station and the communications network Or is being used for station operational Purposes Yeah right the aliens Were about to show themselves That’s not a bad video because usually You see the the lights going from left To right or right to left i can’t Remember which way but i think it’s Right to left and in this case you have Them going and i’m coming from almost Every direction except for the top right So i’m going to go with my instincts and Say it’s crystals Yeah more than likely i mean like If one of the if one of those made a Dramatic change in direction you’ve got Me I mean But they did stop defeat yes they did so But they were all going in one direction Constant speed i don’t know if that one Slowed down it kind of looked like it Did but It’s hard to tell I’ll have to get travis taylor on it so He can do his all of his mathematics on Each object Oh he’s another guy maybe spacey’s got Shipping lanes Yeah i never thought of that Otherwise we crashed into each other all

The time Here’s the thing though with this field Like And i don’t know how much stuff you get Sent rich but I get sent probably it was a joby Fighter i’m my inbox is not full um I do get a few things sent Within a month Oh and At probably 15 Clips of something from and but mo Some of it’s like i yeah i’ve seen this It’s pretty good yeah but it’s already Been it’s already out there i i may Bring it into a show and speak about it Um Most of it i mean i once a guy once sent Me a hot air balloon I kid you not An actual hot air balloon You could see the basket You could have you have you been sent That as well No no I don’t know Yeah you could see you could see the Basket And i’m like it’s a hot air balloon And then i i get another email back That’s a little bit Defensive And i’m like i really think that’s our Table and i i cannot show this because i

Will people will be laughing at me You can see the basket It’s a hot air balloon i i and i’ve Heard you say this Numerous times rich that people In the community that we’re friends with You know They get their knickers in a twist If you Have anything bad to say For example I know you fell out with wreaking havoc John He was on cambian show the other day Uh And See i like john i know i know you’ve You and john had a disagreement Um because she had a disagreement yep Because you told him That you didn’t like some of the footage You said it’s just it’s dust Well i mean no what i said was your Evidence isn’t good enough to say either Way you have spiritual activity So nothing offensive So everything i got is [ __ ] i said It’s not what i said And then he got mad and then he went and Did nazi racist [ __ ] on me call me Homophobic and misogynist and everything Else for no reason Well the weird thing is is is after that John john never spoke to me again either

So What did i do Uh thank you very much welcome to the Show for the unicorn And 99 Pence i appreciate that my friend i Thought you’re going p people fall out With With us For even having opinion People fall out with me For My friends having an opinion on their Stuff if i don’t defend them right i Know i’m like you’re your own man you Know i am Why You know you had a disagreement with Rich us Ufo tech last week no no he had a he had I know i know He knows as well to be fair are we going To do a special show on the people rich Is falling out with You’ll have to do two hours Richard have to cancel his show You know Because i need him there to to reel it Off and because i i’ve lost count I’m surprised that we’re still friends Rich you know Well why wouldn’t we you’re not putting Up fake [ __ ] or lying Those are the only people i have

Problems with Not fake [ __ ] people who put up balloons I’m sorry And want me to want me to believe oh Don’t you think i would know a balloon If i’ve if i If i’ve seen one and recorded well i’m Like well i see a string so how come you Didn’t see it What if i put one in the alien string Right or it’s the tail from the lizard People they use their tails to abduct Small children and animals for food That’s what some guy told me How many balloons can i get away with That’s what i wanna know you can get Away with it just take the strings off And no lettering It but if i put one where you can It’s an l Can i get away with just one l You could yeah it could be okay that’s a Pass right i’m just wondering you know If i’m worried now if i put a balloon Out That me and you can have a problem Well as long as you don’t have uh you Know thin skin you should be okay as Long as it’s not garfield shaped and Yogurt is definitely an alien Right Or batman You know His he what is that the advice that you

Would give to the community boys uh Hidden and rich when it comes to people Sending you stuff in What would be the advice be that hidden Underbelly you deal with the public a Lot what do you do What’s your advice to them In what way sorry i i i nipped off to go To the toilet so all right yeah It’s You went and put some pink pants on Didn’t you just like me That’s fine Um The question is um what advice would you Give to Uh the viewers When they when they’ve captured Something and they That They’re recording for example they think They’ve got something What advice would you give to them When they’re doing that and they they’ve Got every intention to either print out Themselves or send it to a creator Um I would always i would always look for Truthful responses Okay i mean In what way though like What advice do i Well that’s what i’m asking what would You what would you someone who wants to

Say you wanted to you saw a ufo now Right now you you’re gonna And God forbid any of us ever actually film A really good ufc no one would believe Us if we put it on our channel and say i Film this right yeah right um If but if you right now hidden you see a Ufo out of the window What are you gonna do Everything makes sense in your head And you think Hold the camera what what is it Landscape get landscape What do you do as somebody who’s gonna Film it Everything that you Well you know um talk about what you What you’re seeing Yeah Definitely if you’re inside go outside Get the camera landscape And just give give Talk let us know what you’re seeing And that’s it Describe it To and that yeah give us the details how Many people saw it did what did it make The news what was the weather Did you feel anything did you hear a Message in your head you know anything Like that happened did you tell anybody Else What did they think when they saw it

When they saw your video So many different things that people Leave out the time and the data that’s What’s the most important Direction Time date direction that this way i can Look up satellites and everything else See i just like to know the time and Date Okay and then and then plus i’m i get Together i get to ask all the questions About him Now when it comes to A response from a creator Um That Gives a very honest response For example I think that’s a hot air balloon Um My advice to the person that sent it Would be Whatever the creator has given you as an Example Look up The example that he’s given you so If i say it’s a hot air balloon Go look at pictures of a hot air balloon And compare it to your footage And maybe then you can say Okay I agree Mr addict

It’s a hot air balloon And you don’t need to send me a really Snotty email back When i disagree with you Would that be fair rich That’s right it would be fair yeah The problem is you’re um you’re asking People to To check their own ego at the time Aren’t you you know you it’s it’s that Thing isn’t that you it’s easier to lie To somebody than convince someone that They’ve been lied to It’s exactly the same thing like he’s They’re invested In like that hot air balloon that your Man was invested in This is a ufo It’s if i i’m sure it would be a Completely different reaction from Somebody if they came forward with Footage and gone i don’t know what this Is What do you think it is and if then you Turn around and say it’s A sparrow which has accidentally got Itself wrapped up in led lights and Flown away And they go oh yeah of course looks just Like a sparrow And Whenever you think of it there is some Lights So yeah as soon as you ask people to

Sort of take in check what they already Believe You’re always going to run into friction Especially when they want to believe it My thing is they’re sending their Footage to us Because they think we’re going to know The answer right we’re the ones that Have the knowledge the experience so how Dare you get mad at me when i tell you What it most likely is Don’t get mad at me you you came to me You gave me this footage and said hey Tell me what you think this is And i did and you get mad It doesn’t make sense I’m just glad that i didn’t dorothy Legend She’s back she went away she’s back i’m Just glad that i’m just glad i’m just Glad that you guys are out there just Filming it No matter how you’re doing it yeah i Agree And what and you know You you might not be what you thought it Was this time but you never know You never know the sky is full the sky Is full so just you know just keep at it And i do agree with rich that Um you do think that we’re some sort of Experts we’re not But we have been we’re a bit long in a Tooth i i’ve been staring at footage now

And i constantly learn by all my Mistakes So You know we i i don’t say it’s what it Is i always say in my opinion Yeah You know you want to go ask somebody Else their opinion and if four people Look at it and say it’s a satellite It’s got to be Would you say that sometimes the people Are filming Things and And they know what the film is not a ufo But they send it into you anyway No that hasn’t been done to me But I know other people just run with it I honestly think they do i i do Generally think some people know what They’re filming but they still want you To put it out they want to see if we’re Right They they test us But if it’s a dot Why do they send us dots and then they Go what do you think this is i’m like i Don’t know it’s a white dot you tell me I can’t tell what it is either Lisa what do you do Thing you mate Me squiggly line up yeah that was a Great dot but yeah oh it’s i have no Idea what it is but that’s the but the

Story behind it yeah it’s different Because what you saw Yeah it was a bit weird but yeah i have No idea what was like say that could Have been a satellite i don’t i don’t Think it was a satellite just because How it moved when i took when i was Taking pictures of it but It was uh it was strange did you change Direction Yeah because it was doing the whole Snaky thing wasn’t it You know the Oh i thought that was your actual camera Shaking no no no no the uh because this Thing was actually doing that yeah so Your camera was mounted The i was i was holding it but i was Resting on a wall i’m pretty i’m pretty Good at taking photographs The and it was also like a [ __ ] Incredibly low shutter speed as well Where is this video that we could see it There’s no videos photograph i’ll have To i’ll dig i’ll dig them out and put Them up i sent them to i’ll leave later On they’re all tucked away on my icloud And google drive Rich have you put your fleet out i don’t Know if you get access to that Uh no that’s coming out this weekend I had uh i only had seven megabytes of Space on my computer left so when i was Making the videos and making the intro

To the show it wouldn’t let me And then it said i need to clean up so i Just cleaned up everything the other day But it’ll be up For sure this weekend Yeah I think there’s a lot of emotion when it Comes to Um People that Have beliefs in what they saw And Somebody disputing that and i think See i always tread really careful around People because i know there’s a lot of Emotion involved when it comes to People that Have had an experience and if you try to Tell them that Maybe you saw this I’ve i’ve i’ve had that backfire on me Quite a few times especially with guests Coming on i don’t if you remember when i Used to have guests coming on on a Regular Uh Basis which i am gonna i think i’m gonna Do another show in the week sometimes Doing that where i interviewed just a One-on-one uh of people telling their Story But Sometimes when i’ve questioned that

Just back and forth in an email i put a Guest off coming on Just by questioning What they may have seen So i i honestly think In the community there whether it’s Psychological Or it’s just they just want to come on a Ufo channel for Shits and giggles and say I’ve got my story out um Which i don’t buy that because i mean at The end of the day they They what a thousand views i i don’t Think that’s enough to get somebody to Just just to want to to come on and tell Us a [ __ ] story But do i think a lot of it could be Psychological yes And It’s like that old saying i want to Believe i think these people want to Believe Um Regardless of how much truth is uh in Any of these topics if you start Interviewing people and say I think alien abduction is a is a Perfect example of this If you if you start interviewing people That say they’ve been abducted by aliens You’re gonna get people that are that Come on and 100 believe their story and are 100

Percent um level-headed normal people You’re also going to get some people That are [ __ ] fruit loops as well Yeah To put it mildly Yeah I mean you look at the british Mainstream they’re always interviewing The fruit groups yep yeah Yeah i mean I would i would blame america mainly Over The british are you talking about are You talking about uh Like in terms of Our uh media and things like the sun and What have you no i mean like this Morning oh okay yeah yeah definitely Definitely there you know they Interviewed wasn’t there a lady that was Part of the hybrid program yeah yeah she Was some actress though It’s it’s weird i i do i don’t i don’t Get what Um I don’t get what the purpose of those Stories are yeah i don’t Do do you think this because i i know i I well I feel that you’re kind of like uh Kind of into the conspiracy so don’t you Think maybe by throwing people up like That out there it’ll discredit the Genuine ones because we’ll say oh yeah

When does the hell you know hybrid Program roll out or when does the butt Stuff come into it yeah yeah i think There’s there’s every chance of that it Could be it could be something to do With that it could also just be um These stories get thrown out as like Little agents of chaos you know just Just to Just to confuse things to you know the What was the Ah the theory Um It’s just it’s called something like Just like the [ __ ] theory or Something like that where Essentially 99 of conspiracy theories Have been manufactured And then Put out Just to confuse To confuse people and essentially like You give children Um if you need to go and do the dishes Or something like that you you’ll make They’ll go go color in or or like build Me a house at a lego and you just give Children busy work so you can do Something And conspiracy theories are like busy Work for The type of people that would actually Look into government would actually Look look into the corners which could

Get some people in trouble But we don’t bother doing that because We’re we’re looking for bigfoot See here’s the thing you’ve just nailed It there and i’m i would like to talk to Kids If anyone would like to snip that and Use it how you see fit i’m not stunned Especially that guy especially that guy That makes like the Uh the the thing on tick tock But do you know what i mean by that When you when you’re looking at um is it The the case in in south africa was it South africa Yeah with the children They’re not lying they saw something They’re not lying but you know i watched The other day i watched that and i saw It were the one where two of the adults Got together and they were thanks ufo Man by the way Yeah did you see the scene when the like The two of the adults got together to Speak about about it and when they were Growing up and went back to school Is that in the documentary um I don’t know which documentary it was But i watched something today you sure It wasn’t you sure it wasn’t hippies in A vw van No [Laughter] I think it’s in is it is the document

It’s in the documentary the phone Just mean you know the phenomena Yes yeah yeah yeah and the funny thing Was like you look you listen to the the Children’s story and you go oh yeah That’s interesting and then you listen To them and talking about talking as Adults and i thought oh you’re full of [ __ ] As adults i thought i didn’t I didn’t believe them for a split second Wow i believe them even as adults well i I i don’t know whether that’s me just Being cynical of grown-ups and less Cynical of children probably mate Probably yeah because we don’t trust Grown-ups yeah But The thing is when you when you watch Those those kids um talking about that Experience with the the ufo and what Have you Um It So i’ve got two little ones of my own They they They’re taught not to lie But If they play plays not lying though Yeah but if if they do liely and you’ll Know this with your little one if he Ever tells you a fib You can see straight through those fibs From from a child you know you can kind

Of but for all of those kids to tell the Same story Unless it was a game There’s been three incidents now with School children Um there’s all involved another one the Brookhaven one And what’s the third one i think that’s Interesting as its own that these ufos Are showing up at schools Of all places where there’s human Activity and they’re getting that close To children so we know aliens are Liberals [Laughter] Most likely Maybe it’s to educate the the children Of tomorrow Well yeah or that and to put a seed in Their brain forever it’ll make them Spread that message but it seems to have A reverse effect on these people they Don’t want to talk about it too much People still you know go wow i mean Really Yeah I wonder how much you even believe Yourself after that my lifetime yeah Especially when you get older um Like did i really see that or yeah did i Imagine it as a kid well it i mean i I’ve i’ve seen two things that in the Sky and one was like one of the you know Like the green the green fireball things

I didn’t get a photograph or anything of That Um and the only reason i still believe That i saw that Was because I saw that as i was coming home from Band practice one night and i went into Work the next day My best friend or one of my best friends Paul radcliffe Um He I turn around to him said oh you never Guess what i saw last night i’m pissing All of my chips he said it wasn’t a big Green fireball in the sky was it and he Because he lived like 15 minutes down the road from me and he Was out having a cigarette in his back Garden at the same time i got home and We saw the same thing Um and that’s Like realistically even when i remember It i probably can’t remember it i’m Remembering how i imagined it being so I’m remembering a Memory of a memory right sort of thing That’s what happened to you but the only Reason i believe i saw it in the first Place is because I know he saw it as well Oh yeah whereas if he didn’t see it i’d Have probably already thought oh well Maybe it wasn’t that maybe just shooting

Star movies just the moon and forgot About it So you would have doubted yourself and Never gave two [ __ ] about it That sucks imagine how many people are Out there with that same kind of Experience and never talk about it it’s Amazing Rich be honest there with that story That lise just told you Are you still wondering why his friend Pissed all of his chips No You do you understand that In in in the states oh i i just Say And you know i met my mate and he pissed All of my chips I say [ __ ] all of e cornflakes you know I don’t know if you that’s a bit extreme That For those of you who like yeah that’s What my boy said try eating them with Warm milk Oh yeah or breakfast eat a weetabix with Warm milk as well oh yeah yeah I can’t have anything with milk It makes me sick You just boasting about getting Delivered fresh in glass bottles before Yeah in a cup of tea or coffee ah That’s it That sucks i was one of these kids when I ate my cereals i i kind of like

With the milk and let the milk just Dribble out yeah This the milk the milk The milk just was there to to to moist And cereal that was it easier to swallow God and that was why oliver couldn’t go And see uncle dave after that day That’s awful You’ve i mean that the the phenomena i Thought was a great documentary and i’m Just trying to think of who did that Documentary these names right on the tip Of my tongue yeah james james come on Absolute legend he he’s he’s doing some Great stuff but that documentary i think Was one of his did he do into the blue As well was it into the blue out of the Blue yeah out of the blue yeah that’s it That’s mine I know i saw us too yeah he did that too Yeah Yeah anything else I need to do But he’s he’s really good Took him six years to make phenomena Six years the cousins brothers took Eight weeks Um Seems like a good guy though He’s a fart rich So you you speak to the the the boys uh On a Daily basis Have they ever done anything with

Skinwalker because i’ve not seen i’ve Heard him mention it on the channel No we haven’t seen this Um Actually it’s being Right now it’s off the table but they Were thinking of going there And uh There was even talk that you know we Would meet there and And just see you know we would figure it Out before we got there where we need to Go and who to talk to but yeah it’s been Talked about Not going on the skid walker ranch but Everywhere else around it And then they found out there was this Blind frog ranch and they’re having Similar things and And then they kind of like Like everybody’s talking about Everybody’s doing something over there So It’s off the table i think Why is it off the table because We we spoke with um was it was it No well i didn’t i didn’t know if is it Hard to get get anything um put through Frugal I don’t know Your friend that was on a few weeks ago Said he’s pretty much an [ __ ] Yeah he did say that um I figured he would be

Um It’s just weird that you know nobody Else can dip the toe in that it seems That that show dominates the uh which i I understand on the financial um If you’ve got a little business venture You’re not going to let anybody else Dip their toe in but if it’s such You know such an amazing research Spot The more the merrier you know if it’s Such an amazing research but why isn’t There more research going on there Why is it why is it reality tv shows Doing this and not Teams of funded scientists there are Only one react retelling Reality tv show right now no no that Would be general i mean it’s the the i Don’t I don’t think breakthroughs are going to Come on reality tv Yeah no they never do no and it’s Because it’s got to be entertaining you Can’t have you can’t have a season of Reality television and at the end of Them we go i don’t know there might be Something in that hill tune in next year Yeah um So so they’ve got to try and sex up a Bit There is definitely something though When you look at the ancient aliens have Done this with the um

Like the uh Like human hybrid sort of Um genetic intervention with with humans And thing as well so and even down to When you think of places like manipu and Stuff like that instantly your head goes To The ancient aliens thought now which is Essentially just the bond anakin idea Isn’t it Um so it’s the odds Yeah Um So what they’ve done what these these Shows have done is is the They’ve taken theories that were already Out there and kind of just compounded Them and made it so That’s the only thing you think about So it’s kind of narrowed it i think Well i mean how many actual shows have They been of h and aliens now we on Something like season 11 Oh if ancient aliens is actually Following a timeline i think they’re up To about 1964 now It’s now not not ancient aliens it’s Like not so far fast aliens i think Giorgio’s going great as well well the Show they have 19 seasons i think that’s 19 another 19. wow i think it’s a lot 18 And there’s a lot of episodes per season As well isn’t it it’s like they’re like

Long seasons Yeah it’s ten episodes a season i think How is it oh is it alien content But yeah It’s a lot Maybe i need to go through this hot this This look Get some i’ll get some ideas for content Maybe i don’t know you will you will Good content Good content yeah yeah absolutely you Will as a matter of fact that That’s how i get some of my ideas by Watching other shows Listening to other shows So here’s 164 episodes of ancient aliens That’s it 164 episodes i know that’s like 16 years Is that How many episodes of friends are there Oh and oh yeah i think there’s 300. Didn’t they have 300 episodes you’ve got The box set Um remember i used to love fans i love Friends yeah very good 236. oh wow So A friend’s officially more comprehensive Documentary than ancient aliens for now For now until we get the next the next Leak Um And then ancient aliens will ramp it up

Again but what i was going to say rich So the boys have thought about going to Skinwalker yeah They don’t need to go to skinwalker they Just need to go to the area because yeah Apparently it’s the the unitard basin That is the that is the thing and not Skim walker itself it’s everywhere there Yeah Yeah i don’t it i don’t know i don’t Know the logistics of the area the basin I know that when you had your that guy On a couple weeks ago seemed like he was Getting into Some sort of trouble being out there Yeah Government land or what I don’t know exactly what happened there And i don’t know how much i’m supposed To speak about that because But it’s nothing to do with me but i i i I get the feeling there was a falling Out between him and a certain owner Yeah there was right Of the uh the ranch he did say that live On the show that thing did yeah he Didn’t yeah he did he did And some stuff Yeah i i i wish i’d been able to stay Around for that show i i didn’t have to Duck off um I did watch it back um I I got i got like disgruntled employing

Employee vibes from him Yeah yeah yeah for sure So Yeah I’m not I i don’t ask him about that because He’s he let me just bring him up dave No no i look it’s if someone could if so If someone’s if someone’s going to come In and tell me that they’re they’re [ __ ] Speaking to alien space ghosts in a [ __ ] barn somewhere then i’m going to Be skeptical And if i’m not skeptical so i’m [ __ ] Crazy if i’m not skeptical skeptical Spectacle ah Yeah skeptical Yeah you had to go didn’t you did it my Son was up yeah I woke up yeah that could have been Another osvaldo franco moment I think it could have been actually Um Yeah there’s something i don’t know i i I i look something i couldn’t quite put My finger on it maybe a presentation or Something like that You saw the ufo clip which though that The guy That thing that he’d seen for me i Thought that was pretty Good what which one what the the ufo From from um dave’s channel

I don’t remember it He was just coming out of the tent and He said he got up for his little boy and There was something really weird that Just kind of went across the sky and it Was definitely there in the sky i don’t Remember Oh i don’t know if lee was there i need To i was I was still left for that that was right At the beginning wasn’t it i can’t Remember it yeah i i i enjoyed that i Did think that was pretty cool What’s up dark sky Rich is here another rich Um You know dave’s just messaged me Actually so i will invite you dave You’re welcome to come in No no i’m pretty he’ll be cool He’ll be cool with it you know He better not call me silly You better not say i’m a silly man i may Think he said Something else Um I won’t say it But yeah the uh Is it a good piece of footage it’s i Think it’s an excellent piece of footage Yeah i’m gonna bring it up um would you Mind if i showed it on my channel before I liked it You can certainly ask him that i will

Ask him for you um I haven’t seen it yeah let’s see some Good footage I always think i was thinking design Yeah i played a plane i’m playing I know i wasn’t I did use your recent footage the other Night hidden underbelly It’s all right man which one though Yeah the Apparition thingy I don’t remember it was an alien walking Around Oh did that you know The what have i not seen this i haven’t Seen that either yeah Was that i saw a video yes the other day Of the Like a orange like plasmary looking ufo That was going through trees like above A tree line has that been debunked by Anyone yet And is is it new have you guys seen it Do you know what i’m talking about i Don’t know i’d have to see it i mean i Remember like that Yeah it was it looked really good and i Meant to [ __ ] save it i’m sure i Found it on tick tock Come on [ __ ] you always save those for us dude i Know well i usually i usually stick them In Gayport

Oh dear i’m glad just kidding why would I be looking at gay porn That’s the question Um let me see if boy it got eerily quiet Right after that dude No way i I cannot i can never concentrate on two Things at once no i know i can’t either Um but Hidden if you don’t mind is rich okay to Bring up your your video I want to take a look at it Oh not at all Want me to pull up the little alien You want me to pull up the i i want to i Want to see the little alien okay It’s not it’s not what you think Why is youtube not working people were Calling it a meth head It was fun Yeah that’s what i thought that’s what i Thought it’s it’s a fun Yeah it’s a fun video man 2.0 There it is yeah it was fun Here it is i did talk about what i Thought was wrong with the video yeah You did great You always do good on your videos there I liked it though Yeah it’s fun Hey man it could be some sort of weird Creature though we just don’t know One of my favorite ones was the um did

You ever see the the trouser one the the Two pants just running down the road I don’t know No That would be awesome is that like one Of those um What did they call them They’re just a pair of legs aren’t they They’re just like yeah but these were Jeans That’s so weird these were just cheats It was it’s it’s one of the It’s one of whoever did this yet okay I’m i’m not saying it’s got to be cgi Yeah I don’t know yeah probably Well it was a doorbell cam right No no no they were filming the rabbit And he’s just these jeans red past That’s so weird i have never seen that Okay guys we have got this creepy piece Of footage to take a look at of this Crypt toy That was caught on security cameras so Guys let’s take a look at the footage And we have a little effect Look at his neck but I reckon he’s lost his lighter Or he’s holding it up Got to go to the bathroom where’s my Pipe bed It looks good over here man look at the Neck though Yeah it is

It’s interesting that’s something It is weird this is nice clearly Right there weird features man People look guys here’s what i know About this video this was posted to Facebook on july the 8th 2022. the exact saturn I am not sure because as you can see in The footage we don’t have the time clock But what we do see in the footage is This bizarrely shaped and it does look a Bizarre shaped Humanoid Moving in a strange manner Now Guys This is filmed from the security camera Off these cottages So this is out in the woods so as far as A prank it could be somebody staying at One of the cottages doing this But um i i had to stop it did you see I’ll rewind it to where i want to talk About it his feet look like they’re Twisted weird it’s so as far as a Frankie could Staying The first one is that we have no footage Of this thing coming into frame maybe an Awesome Really bad case of sciatica though How thin the legs are that’s what’s Great about it yeah and the arms the

Four right As It well be Is it creepy and entertaining at the Same time yes it is so guys what do you Think [ __ ] you think you’re walking down The road and so what whatever that is Creeping towards you even if you’re just The person that freaked you out let us Move on to our next video I know who that is It’s wayne It’s wayne You’re 100 correct See It looks creepy as hell but Like you you can’t tell what it is can You because of the The camera You just you can’t It’s just It’s well worth putting out well worth Putting out though hidden that because Yeah it’s it’s an ace video and like you Say it’s it’s [ __ ] interesting but Isn’t it a shame everything everything’s Always just slightly blurry or from just A slightly [ __ ] camera Yeah well They they recorded that from the screen Yeah yeah and well and those um so it’s Not uploaded You get what i mean there’s a lot of Issues with it they’re uh watching

Their night vision things as well anyway Aren’t they so they’re yeah They’re cheap night vision which are Meant to sort of blow colors out because Essentially all you want to do is to see If somebody’s coming towards your house You’re not looking for detail aren’t you I love the way you did that though Hidden because it was quite fun the way You did it you know like you didn’t take It too seriously but You know what is this is this a real Alien grey that’s scavenging around for His [ __ ] crack pipe Um I’ve got the video i found it i’m gonna Bring it up um The bass and files i will put the link In the description people i did play it When uh dave miller was on the show um I i really like this one I’m not just saying that because dave Messaged me because i said it before he Actually messed it i didn’t realize Messing me but um i said it last time on The show i brought it up it’s i think It’s i think it’s interesting Um Share screen Chrome tab i’m rubbish at this i did i Took your tutorial into uh Where you were telling people how to do It rich on your channel the other day

How to oh yeah please share the audio And yeah i do listening There we go make it big that’s what she Said Are you silly man Hey i think I’m not stupid I’m not So this this hidden just before but is Um What camera what camera did dave said Film this on rich It was it something that’s got uh it’s Quite sensitive to light based not oh Yeah it wasn’t quite it looks like Yeah I’ll i’ll um i’ll message him hidden if You like this because i think it’s a Great find It’s a bird it’s a bug it’s a plane what The [ __ ] is that Oh my god oh yeah that’s right i thought This was birds Yeah this is what the uh S4 does too So the person that’s filming this um Hidden is He was on the show And he’s doing um He’s he’s Doing research Around the united basin Um

Which ever since i put that video out I’ve had loads of things sent on Skinwalker i’m not an expert on Skinwalker people but you can keep Sending me the stuff please Um i do find it interesting i’m gonna Watch the full series i promise Um but yeah this This It’s gonna slow down That’s a mess Something really big going overhead Oh What the [ __ ] is that Oh my god You know that’s what frustrates me you Have it on video what are you doing yeah Well i will Why would you i want the i want the i Want the 30 seconds before Oh there’s nothing else the rest of the Video no no but why why why is he Filming Why Why are we filming this right now So what Why why why are we filming an attack Can you hear me yeah yeah Um So when dave was on last time I said we asked him the same question Yeah

His little boy and his boy’s best mate Were in the other tent so he got up Right um That’s what that’s what they said Why do you have a camera on him Because that’s what he that’s what he Does he was at that he’s actually Camping out in the united basin yeah He spends most of his life out there Yeah researching this but why why do you Have a camera inside his tent when he’s Going to have his tent or whatever he’s Going out of Um Dave come on I’m not i’ve got because i always think This about like when you see um when you See ufo videos and it’s always the case Of This one’s slightly different as far as It goes past because it goes past it Disappears that’s fine but it’s the same As like you you see these videos of Um Ufos hanging in the sky and stuff and You go well at what point does somebody Decide to stop filming the ufo and it’s Like 30 seconds of footage you know it’s Like what it’s and then they’ll say oh It was there in the sky for an hour well Why haven’t you got [ __ ] 45 minutes Of footage okay i agree there with you

But so if we watch this at the beginning He runs straight out of the Yeah whatever is behind but that’s my That would have been my question There would have been Why the why would there was filming in The first place Oh yeah you know there could be there Could be a completely [ __ ] reasonable Explanation to it you know is what what Was going on But um Yeah Because it’s quite it’s so dramatic It’s very it’s very dramatic It’s american they’re all dramatic so What are you saying that it’s not Legitimate because i’m he’s It’s handy it’s handy that you have your Camera that you just go outside and you Happen to look like okay just as it goes Over Okay interesting question lee Let’s let’s watch it and it’s then then Let’s say How this could have been hoaxed if it Was hoaxed So i’m not saying it was hoax and i Don’t know how you’d hoax it but i’m Just saying it’s it’s Awfully Handy That somebody that was that’s At the united basin that’s researching

The um [ __ ] forgot the the skinwalker ranch Happens the whole basin yeah but happens To walk out if happens to walk out of His way i take it he’s in like a mobile Mobile home he’s not in a tent is he Because there’s a door that opens um Do you know i don’t i know there is a Tent i think he’s i think he’s i think He’s in one of those mobiles Yeah yeah yeah so but it does it not Seem strange that That’s that the guy that’s doing the Research just happens to be filming at The time like out look look at nothing Look so it looks up at the sky and Yeah it’s a big coincidence yeah Rich So here’s a question then so it’s Because Because you captured the stuff Quite often on camera did you ever Capture the stuff not meaning to capture The stuff like you you just have account Totally A lot but within 30 seconds Uh yeah Yeah yeah it’s happened yeah just by Chance you know go walking uh to uh go Into the movies and have some have left My camera in the car and saw an object Hidden by the way did you see what we Were looking at Yeah

Did you see it okay i’m gonna i’m gonna Bring i’ll bring it up again rich and i Wanna make a point real quick because Some people in the Some people in the uh chat room are Saying because he was filming the purple Clouds well they’re not purple or Different color it’s just the psionics Camera changes the color on the screen Yeah That’s all yeah so anyway if we were Seeing little purple clouds we’d we’d We’d get them an emma purple Wasn’t that i’m not No not sorry that was purple hills i’m Thinking the song in the blue and yellow Purple hills yeah i mean i’m no camera Expert but what i point out to people is Is that the I’m guessing Just like when you take a photograph With Um like a decent night mode on your Phone um What he can see visually it you you what You can see on the camera isn’t going to Be anywhere near to where you can see Visually it’s just going to be a dark Knight as far as he can see visually i’d Have thought Yeah so how did he see that No i’m not i’m not saying that i’m just Saying with them saying always he’s Filming like the purple clouds or

Something like that that that light Wouldn’t be visible that’s probably Light that’s off somewhere in the Distance like like when you see people Do like long exposures of the northern Lights and stuff like that you can’t see Those You can’t see them with the naked eye Yeah but but the lights there Right It’s time for that part of the show Where lee explains himself badly Poorly here He’s dave’s just actually said He can’t make it on at the moment he’s Actually doing stuff but he’s definitely Going to come on again uh cool Then you can ask him obviously I promise i promise i’m not [ __ ] on The guy i just no i know you’re not i Mean no but these questions need to be Asked these are good questions and that Is what and i i think anybody who stands Up to these questions is even more Impressive So yeah so Can the audience hear me when i’m Talking when i’ve got the video before Absolute novice i’m pressing play on Stream yard oh god What the [ __ ] is that Oh my god

Yeah big mistake Never take your camera off surprise Something really big going overhead I like the music Oh yes Sounds like it’s outside I don’t try my best Good enough I am your father luke Don’t call me Call me son Call me daddy That is 100 It being filmed whatever that is is on I have no idea really yeah it is it’s There 100 cgi It’s Swamp gas It looks like a [ __ ] bird of praise It doesn’t see go back Go back i’m gonna say whatever it is It’s there it’s there it’s being filmed I’ve put i i you can’t say that I put this through some filters and i Said this when dave was on Yeah i can’t i can’t see any messing Hello scott manley here last What’s going on When he shows the slowed down version it Does not look like birds Take it to the slowed down bit rich no

It’s all right We’re gonna be there in a matter of yeah Sure whatever Link is in the description people i Always pause it when it fizzles out Fizzles Yeah The Okay I want this track i like it Yeah It sounds looks like my band to do as an Intro Where do you want me to pause it that There See that there that there to me looks Like um a filter you’ll look like a After effects Yeah because he turned the camera And he was facing the ground or Something Yeah But that’s all it’s just See no that that looks like that it goes When it goes i could be completely wrong But when i’ve messed around with and Again again this guy’s a professional Media guy i’m not i’m a i’m a guy that Messes around with stuff like this Sometimes that to me looks like two Overlays that be no overlays what’d you Call it [ __ ] got remember two

Transitions Yeah i didn’t see that go go just go Back ollie just have to have a quick and Again You think those are edits transitions or Edits right so you think those are just Some stuff to make to make it look i see What you’re saying yeah like he’s Scattered Yeah right so no not on this footage Go get ready to pause it though early Pause it when it starts when it starts Fizzling out Now Right now now play it so that’s one Okay but that’s two before why bother Why why bother doing anything there i Don’t know nothing Because it’s uh maybe a bit of artistic Glasses i don’t know oh i and again it Might be one hundred percent you know What i mean though why would you but if If you’re gonna do some cgi when you Move the camera why why would you Why would you why would you why would You bother at that point the same reason This is the same reason that you if if i Was gonna fake something like this the Same reason i put spooky music over it And the same reason i gasp and run Outside and start looking for it it’s Just too i sometimes put music over oh No i know i know i’m not saying there’s

Anything wrong with it i’m just saying It’s those things to add spice to it in The same way as the fake videos of Skinny bob Have uh they’re not fake The um have have the filters put through Them to make you know to make them look A certain way to make them to make it Look like film You you mean like that type of thing yes Yes Just to spice it up a bit just you know To give it That a feeling of authenticity again Might be [ __ ] real But it’s 35 millimeter look That’s what you mean with all those Little specks So i i i honestly think that n bit is How that camera is when it’s got that Height possibly i’m not a fan i’m Yeah fake a ufo if someone fakes the ufo But then to fake something after the ufo That’s thinking outside i could find out Shake that man’s hand My friends I don’t see any uh problems with that But you know maybe you’re seeing Something that’s there and i don’t It’s only because i’ve used filters like That and things before okay because Because i love i love a bit of [ __ ] White noise to [ __ ] fade things out But his camera already had that white

Noise throughout the whole thing pretty Much no yeah but it’s it’s yeah but it Gets extra noisy it’s it’s almost like It’s almost like a detuned television at One point I hear what you’re saying but it seems Pretty natural That when he moves the camera And facebook you never use one of these Tablet tablets one of these cameras Though neither have i Yeah but rich have you used one Something similar to this and and if you Film something up close does it go all Grainy on It’s got like a night If it’s darker it gets more grainy yeah If there’s no light for it i noticed Yeah So yeah When Uh hidden when you saw the the ufo did You see any tomfoolery with the ufo No What do you what do you make of it Because it’s not your average dot Oh no no no I mean i You know I need i need to have a better look at It I i’ve put it in the chat so um By all means Send dave a message i’m sure he wouldn’t

Mind you if you’re uh you’re interested Um I like it i like it i i can’t I can’t see a Anything there that that i would think Has been messed with with um effects I’d argue you wouldn’t that’s the thing Because Because everything’s so noisy you can Hide things in noise You can lee i i would agree with you There but so I used to do a lot of stuff with mars Imagery and there’s Half of the half of the mars channels Which a lot of them have pretty much Gone now when the you know when they’re Showing the mast stuff and they’re Saying oh i’ve er president obama’s head Is on mars blah blah blah a lot of that Stuff is image image artifacts ollie You sound like the man when you talk to You told him it was our airblu not an Alien Rather than thinking [ __ ] logically Rather than asking why your man was [ __ ] filming the ground and then First oh it’s right and you’re right You’re filming a trick dave get your ass On him Come on next time he’s on i will yeah he Said though he did say in that video so You go back to that video i’m gonna be Filming

That could have been a [ __ ] 15-minute Video of him filming the surroundings of Where he was camping with his family and It could have been a [ __ ] lovely Wonderful time and if it is then I i 100 apology apologize but you don’t Have to apologize because i think we Need to be skeptical yeah but what look What it looks like Excuse me from what from watching though That that there Is that he was randomly filming outside From insiders it could have been a [ __ ] new camera i play with stuff all The time if i get something new Um i’m good I’ve had that for ages Um At least it’s 40 years at least 40 years Um And uh So he could have been just messing Around with the camera trying to trying To get it nice and clear so we can take Good photographs Film videos even moving photographs But As watching that i still find it weird That he’s just filming nothing Essentially And then looks up and he he could be Because it is it polaris that’s in the Middle is it like pulse the pole star He’s looking at because there’s one

Really bright star in the middle isn’t It There is a bright star in the middle Rich you’re like you don’t you’re Shaking head you’re down to say Something oh It’s a It doesn’t matter i mean it it all comes Down To what he captured i i don’t think There’s anything fake in that capture at All I think you’re thinking too hard You’re looking for something that’s not There Do you think Yeah you know do you not think that Particular coincidence to just look up And see and how because i know what you Just what you said before about you’ve Been walking someone you haven’t had Your camera you’ve looked up and you’ve Seen something all right yeah that yep That’s fine But now imagine the odds on you looking Up already having your camera turned on For no apparent reason and the objects Just appear out of thin air too yeah And but and not only not only is it have You have you caught it you’ve caught Something that looks like a [ __ ] Klingon bird of prey it’s not like your Normal [ __ ] dot that’s flown across The sky so you’ve you’ve happened to be

Filming you happen to look up you happen To catch an alien A a spaceship flying across and it Happens to be really weird as well Not you know There’s a lot of butts and if’s in there For that to be Legit i think there’s two for me one is It appears out of nowhere and the second One it’s it must be birds in Could be okay It definitely has like the like a A fluid motion to it So If if you want to think about outside The box and dave i know you’re watching This but if you want to think dave that You’re faking this right now I would say I don’t think this i think whatever that Is is a physical object Personally i don’t think i don’t That to me looks Those pixels don’t look they they seem To go with it i i can’t say that like we We oh yeah they’re that’s there they’re Oh We we don’t we can’t say because we Can’t by the way it’s shaking the way We’ve chosen it’s not easy to do that No i’m sure it’s not easy to do it okay If it’s fake it’s quite well done yeah Left over but here’s the thing wife Now i figured it out too

He goes from he goes from inside a lit House to outside to a dark Walkway and that’s why there’s a lot of People yeah right okay cool that’s why The noise is there i’ll take that the Camera’s adjusting to the new Surrounding That was pterodactyl wasn’t it But if you did what but here’s an idea People if you wanted to do that and you Did want to fake it you go outside You set your drone to auto fly over and Then you go oh that’s me trying can you Imagine A bit But you know what When my drone is 400 feet above me i can Still hear it Yeah it’s crazy loud that’s why you Gotta add the music yeah So you know you legally you’re not Supposed to go above 400 feet but if you If you knew what you would do with Audio and you could you could isolate The frequency and get rid of that anyway For sure Yeah but once It got to 9 800 feet it was hard to hear So that’s pretty high Well when we had dave on last night i Don’t know how long you stayed about for Lee He had a lot of problems i i was only Like 10 minutes

10 15 minutes half an hour maybe I think some of the falling out that Went on As from what was being told Was that I think there’s some stuff going on that Is a little bit untowards That’s what i got the impression Of when You’re working with these people Tell you what i mean don’t get me wrong If it’s [ __ ] legit it’s one of the Best ufo videos i’ve ever seen Because it’s not just because it looks Like it looks like a flying craft jeremy And it does it doesn’t look like it Looks like yes It’s not just the dot Yeah it looks like something yeah but Before that i always thought the best Ufo video uh i’d ever seen was the one Where you could jeremy car bells no the One with the wee little aliens in it Yeah To me on here and destroyed my life Um But uh Don’t get me wrongly I I haven’t i’m i’m with you on this you Know that Could could dave have totally pulled the Wall over everybody’s eyes and put that

Video that i don’t even think he’s got That many many views on the channel He’s had quite a few channels deleted Um It’s got 36 views that’s a lot of effort For 36 views yeah Yeah it’s a lot i mean i i’d argue that Uh That’s not me me being disrespectful to Either no no no but you don’t like you Can put a lot of work into into Something that doesn’t get appreciated You don’t think of that at the time I’ve seen i’ve seen i’ve seen more Effort be put in and get less reviews Yeah Yeah I gotta get going now where is me what’s Your show on tonight It’s on in 20 minutes if it wasn’t on On youtube youtube Okay youtube I’m gonna be going over the fbi’s Near-miss report with ufos and uaps that Was just put out why could you not have Done this on this show to make it a Little bit more interesting And take away from my show yeah [ __ ] Ali relies on the super chat now you Know You could have had like a practice run i Thought you had your own show figured Out i i didn’t want to impose yeah i did I got the show totally figured out

Because you not tell like there Yeah i know well i thought we had a very Good conversation over here which was Totally different from what we’re going To do on goof on And that’s what we want no jealousy You’re going to like give them some [ __ ] Some scrote you know you you you You know You could have you know earlier given You you’re giving them some meat can you Not give us a little meat taste before You go You want what ellie I want the flavor of rich’s goof on me Before he goes Just so we’ve got 20 minutes of Conversation about what’s going on What’s going on with the fbi I don’t know Okay so you’re gonna look it up and make It as you go along no no i have it i i Just haven’t that’s why i need to go so I can you know put this up for my show But uh they released the report And uh it’s pretty interesting john Greenwell greenwald has uh done the Foyer requests And they Got a list of reports within the faas Database called comprehensive electronic Data analysis and reporting which Reference uap or ufos from 2008 until

Now And There’s a whole archive of this stuff They got the raw file here and Uh You know what do they call it the the Pdf file with all the uh response Letters All the other stuff this letter responds To your freedom of information act using The terms uap ufo comprehensive It goes over all everything that john Greenwald did it’s a whole bunch of Stuff on uh their archives of the Near-miss cases That have happened I mean i don’t know Gotta look it up i haven’t even read it Yet So so basically what what was saying Everybody in the chat go Go head on over in 20 minutes with my Show it my show will end in about five In about 15 minutes actually To richie’s channel it’s about to start He absolutely knows nothing about it at The moment he’s gonna do a little bit of Research when he ends the show and then He’s just gonna give it to you Live As he sees it and has And you’re going to digest it all do you Want to see what it looks like what i Have to go through check it out so she

Said yes Yeah look i’ll i’ll send it to you so You know It’s going to make me feel sick isn’t it I don’t know if you could open this Let’s see go ahead So everything here This is just one of the several pages oh Yeah that’s got to go through and then All the reports lee can you read that Bit you can’t i’m gonna i’m gonna have To uh you know make it Big And do all that that’s what she said What So then we get all the reports You know all the information Approximately around 9 pm the local Controller advised the Oswcic that he noted a suspicious Flashing object west of the kroa airport The matter was referred to the ufo Hotline the gentleman answering the call Advised us that it was probably a Twinkling star with the vivid colors That it was emitting it did not appear To move towards or away from the airport The atm was also called for assistance Into how to handle the matter how the Matter should be resolved then you got More stories more ufo reports of near Misses It just goes on and on and on for four

Pages The fact they ring the ufo hotline Suggests that the fbi’s official Guideline is a ring like coast to coast No doubt Yeah so you know it’s just Just their reports that’s all Nothing major we’re just gonna go over a Few of those that’s all Talk about the implications involved and Why this might be important to the Future of ufology and disclosure which One Could it lead to disclosure no There you go you don’t need to go watch People So there’s no show now but speaking on That though do you think the new Law that was passed about people that Whistleblow Could that be good for the community No I’ll tell you why no not to be a Negative nelly but they even told us With the gallego and the gallagher Amendment is what you’re talking about There that was just uh passed Uh That gives whis uh gut people who were In the military navy army or whatever if They have seen A uap or ufo got injured by it close Encounter from it They can report it freely without being

Laughed at or You know Assigned to go fly a desk instead of Flying jets you know so they’re not Being looked at as crazy however even Though it gets You know thrown into the mix of pot the Pile of stuff It doesn’t mean we will get to see those Reports because they will be labeled top Secret or unclassified or classified Whatever So it’s still not going to be any Transparency in the congressional Hearings that they’re supposed to have It’s still not going to come out Everything’s going to be hidden if Because it said it in that amendment if There’s anything that shows that there’s Any type of uh You know what security issues And things like that they won’t they Won’t let it they won’t let the public See it if i could speak I can’t speak anymore Oh rich i know you i know you got to Prepare so you get yourself off my Friend and people the link is in the Description below make sure you go over And head on over and support goof on Uh i will get myself off and don’t Forget wake and bake is the new show That’s the name of the new show Wake

Up waking big It’s no longer the wise guy show you Should have called it wake and blake And then you know everything Every so often you could have just like I don’t know Well no you didn’t you don’t need to do That you you just like every just every So often just pop that you just get it Get in there Blake loves that It looks great it really does and the Greer The greer one is from that one now the Other one that one That’s the best He’s so adorable right there you just Want to punch him That’s oh my god that’s my old logo look How [ __ ] it looks oh wow That is the original alien on it logo It’s terrible that’s so different isn’t It yeah Wow and you were worried about that Change too i remember i was yeah but uh [ __ ] off come on all right get out get Out get out of here Lee i i by the way Lee i know what you’re saying about that Footage um i i i I’m gonna ask dave after the show For the original piece Of that full Thing and

Dave if you are watching this i would Love to put that out because i’m i’m i I’ll be honest with you that there’s not Many pieces of ufo footage that Impresses me Um But i can’t see tomfoolery with that Footage the way the pixels go and what Have you i don’t know about people in The chat i’m gonna i don’t i see i i i Don’t think you can see it because it’s So noisy that’s right that’s right and That’s not me saying i’m not saying it’s Fake i’m saying that it would be it Would be difficult to see [ __ ] Because of the um Because of the noise that’s already There Yeah I agree If you can get the original footage if You get the original footage my friend Owns a media company i can send it to Him and I’m sure he would he would give it a Good good old thorough [ __ ] throw i think my my friend mr Tyler was like that that footage and Thank you right Thank you very much Is that eel You appear Hey

Eli eli and i Eli i’m dyslexic sorry mate i appreciate The free dollar i am the ufology i am The ufology king i am You know i will bring disclosure to this Place And these are you I’ll die trying yeah Much so many Things on my uh On the formula one podcast um with People writing stuff into into me And they realized i was so bad at Pronouncing names they give me their Name and then next to it they’d spell it Phonetically like it was some sort of [ __ ] dinosaur on wikipedia Mate i get things wrong all the time Pretty much everybody’s name Wherever anybody writes this is this is Why people I kind of i do need like a partner in Crime um because i lee does help me With the chats because he he’s he can See them they pop out if they’re in Block capitals usually i spot them i’m a Bit a little bit like steve cambion There i Only i’m dyslexic and i just Can’t read very well that’s my problem Not visually impaired i just can’t read Very well So uh i do apologize No i don’t actually i was born that way

Like lady gaga You know And the sexy Quite fancy lady gaga Don’t care what anybody says Um hidden what have you got planned What’s coming up have you got some good Ufo footage coming out i wish i did People get Hidden uh Is in the description people Send in some stuff we want ufo footage No hot air balloons Sorry jesus Bless you Bless you that was one beautiful sneeze My man I enjoyed that thoroughly Have you thought about going live yet He’s never thought about going live Right now It is live I think he’s dead Mate do you know sometimes sneezes can Actually kill [ __ ] in that case i really hope he Hasn’t No you you’ve heard that though haven’t You The sneeze can be a killer Yeah isn’t that like a myth as in like If you cough sneeze and fast at the same Time your lungs You can sneeze and i’ve heard you can

Like dislodge Part of your brain I thought you’d frozen then Have you not heard that before No i haven’t he’s alive Hidden in it are you are you there mate Yeah Sorry good Allergies mate we was worried there for A second that you’d sneezed yourself Into an early grave No good good good good good Um but lee what what’s what’s coming up What’s coming up on the channel mate uh Podcasts have been [ __ ] i’ve had uh i Had my birthday last week i had my son’s Birthday this week it’s been mental We’ve recorded we recorded a show last Night i still have a show to put up Tomorrow which i will be doing tomorrow Night if you listen to mostly audio It’ll be the first part of the Um Uh podcast we do with rich northwood About The Monroe institute So the first half of that will be up Tomorrow Um And it’s well worth watching because Unfortunately i think rich who was on Last week has left ufology

He’s deleted his channel and he’s Deleted his twitter So um It was like a Like a meditative psychical research Facility yeah would that be a good Enough good enough thing for it they’d Have you know the gateway tapes No Uh have a look at the gate like research The gateway tapes it’s that it’s a set Of meditation exercises i’ve i’ve Listened to them quite a lot i had um It’s quite weird like It’s a transitional experience i have Yeah i can’t listen to the past now Until like literally without passing out Um and then i listened to some slightly Better versions of it And i i start i got Um Like green misty sort of vision sort of Things when i was doing it yeah it’s Very strange like i said i’ve done it For quite a long time now i’m i’m not The best at meditating by any stretch of Imagination but uh Yeah it’s it’s interesting anyway um but Yeah that’s going to go up um first half Of that interview is going to go up Tomorrow on the normal feed there will Be a New full episode up on my patreon on Sunday evening um

It’ll be It’ll be two weeks before that hits The free feed if you if you want to get Things full then you need to go and do That And Also We might as well i might as well say This say this now because i’m waiting For it now i’m i’m involved in a Radio station or should be involved as Long as everything gets pulled off Properly With a radio station In new york Um that’s been put together by um billy Ray valentine that’s uh from the Infinite fringe if anyone listens to the Infinite fringe it’s a great podcast and You had a great interview with him i had A great interview with him on my podcast As well uh but yeah billy right i’ve Been listening to the infinite french Fringe for years i i hit him up i asked Him to come on my podcast he is Uh one of the sort of og guys doing this Like greg carl wood from higher side Chats And he graced my little show with his Present which was gracious of it And uh after the show he asked me if i Wanted to bring was the audio to the Radio station he was setting up so Soon as in i’m hoping within the next

Few weeks When must see audio is recorded it Instead of just being recorded it will Be going out live on new york radio as Well which will be pretty cool I can’t wait for that mate i can’t wait To be awesome For a man for it for like i i don’t i I’ve speaking someone about the other Day and i said i said i don’t know how [ __ ] How big of a thing that is to happen to Someone if you’re in the states doing This sort of thing But for a man that lives on an island 80 000 people That his podcast will be going out live And hopefully at four o’clock in the Afternoon Uh in new york That feels pretty cool Well i couldn’t do it if i didn’t have Two good [ __ ] to do it With there you go I’m trying to work out which one’s the [ __ ] I said two good [ __ ] Am i one of those [ __ ] yes you are oh That’s okay As long as i am Um Boys and girls ladies and gents in the Chat i hope there’s no boys and girls

Because it’s it’s strictly in over 18’s Channel youtube i had to put that I just state that many years ago In order to get youtube’s permission to Put videos out anymore um Just just as well after your uh After your video bombs the other week Oh my word I am so glad i deleted i will never go Live again i will never do a live stream Like that again We have a plan for that though don’t Don’t really yeah because i really want To do that i want to do it i want Th the worst thing is and i hope he’s Watching this show But the guy that worked with the raf Field that i didn’t i’d never met before I um I i’d met daz he’s a patreon and he he Came on as well and does you’re welcome To come back on any time my friend it’s An interesting conversation but the guy That was Working near the uh He was talking about the airplanes and What have you and what’s going up in the Skies I want to get him back on I can’t even remember because i was a Nebra i was that Um I was I was concentrating on other things in

The conversation Do you know what i mean i was quite Stressed out with what was going on with Umpteen trolls coming into the chat that I couldn’t convince i couldn’t fully Concentrate on the people that were Talking to me uh So for that i apologize and if you are Watching this Um Email me Send me a picture of yourself so i know It’s you Um and we’ll i would like to get you Back on maybe on a one-on-one Or You know come on with a panel and have a Full conversation because uh the people Everybody that did come on that night Um Even the guy that got rich i’d like to Speak to again So on that note I’m going to say good night god bless Mine the bugs don’t bite I’m alien on it this is musty audio Hidden underbelly the links are in the Description people go check them out if You want to support the channel further You can you can become a patreon Uh or you can become a channel member And all that jazz and get some really Weird uh little uh i’ve made some tic Tacs

I have made some little tic tacs people You will get them to use his emojis so You can become a member and that will be Very nice Um But on the back of that I’m gonna say good night god bless The bugs don’t bite The alien addict hidden under belly Rich giordano And lee from musty audio good night