Haunted 1800’s Home {Overnight} PT..2 #Paranormal #ghost #evps #haunted

By | July 17, 2022
Haunted 1800's Home {Overnight} PT..2                 #Paranormal #ghost #evps #haunted

Mr dowling we’re having fun in your House we really enjoy coming here and Um communicating with you guys We just think it’s so cool that we’re Able to communicate with uh spirits that Have crossed on And um Mr dowling can you go over there and Move that ball in the floor can you make It move or light up something Okay so this is the bar area It’s a beautiful bar Um might be hard to hear anything Because of the air conditioning’s Running But we’ll see what we get Oh i love that flag they have up there That’s beautiful This is 406. It’s really nice And that’s the name of the restaurant 406. Hello So Take a peek in the kitchen area So And this is the Door for the Bartender to go in and out of Back here in the Bar area

Now i’m going to set this Camera up in the men’s bathroom Because they say that the mini bathroom Is extremely haunted Last time we were here we witnessed that Curtain moving So i think what i’m going to do Is i’m going to set it up Right there I am going to walk out of here for just About three minutes Okay so Watch this back and see if we see Anything In there for about actually about seven Minutes you might not see the all the Footage So rebecca and um Cece went upstairs with my night vision Camera in the dark Um anything at all Okay so Remember when we walked To the spirit room Was there a plastic right in front of it I don’t recall seeing a piece because i Think that’s the noise we heard when we Were coming out oh Okay Yeah it was right in front of the door Yeah there’s one right on the other side Of the wood And you panned it around like the Mirrors and stuff like that i mean not

The mirrors but the windows yeah the Window okay locked in every single room Well we’ll watch the footage back and See you know the mic on so okay you Might hear things from downstairs okay Yeah we were really quiet down here so Other than that noise there you heard it I did move a chair but i didn’t you guys Heard that okay Yeah i did move a chair at one point Just a little bit and it actually Scraped it across the ground yeah so it Was We even said it in the footage That’s them downstairs okay I mean it’s The fruitcake that’s her walking down There on that one Well girl did you follow us up here Oh The one thing about night vision is It can only Pick up so much When it’s far away you don’t really see As much Okay You remember you were down here or up Here i mean Was there That plastic right there Because i don’t remember walking on it And that’s what it sounded like plastic It did sound like that swoosh noise Yeah when we left i don’t remember

Now i remember that piece yeah but i Don’t remember that piece i don’t know I don’t want to say for sure i’m not Positive But turn that off [ __ ] i was recording i Didn’t need to record that It’s all good This is the spirit room i’m gonna slide It and see That’s what it sounds like That’s what it sounds like Kind of curious now Hmm That is strange When i shine I mean that’s your phone Oh it could be i’m just trying to take Pictures it’s just blinking light though It’s weird Okay you have no light on your phone And it’s blinking And that is creepy But right here is blinking light So i don’t know what that is But that is so cool Strange And those are the windows over there Where patty saw a face Hmm That’s me walking into the box yeah they Just lit a chair so That’s what i was just going to Yeah so if you hear that because this

Mic probably will pick up is that a Chair there I don’t remember I wanted to look at the video before Yeah i just I just remember walking in there i don’t Remember seeing that man That’s them downstairs So So So So No she’s been downstairs with us This hasn’t gone off once No I think i’m gonna turn the spirit box on Down here as well I haven’t done that yet All right so i’ve got the cat ball back On the stairs again Without the rim pod this time Would you like to play with that little Toy I brought it for you to play with it I would appreciate it if you would Okay i am going to turn the spirit box On right now and see if we can Communicate with the spirits from Downstairs All right Oh can you Move up and down the stairs Hello How are you

Do you remember Are you glad we came back Do you have a message for the eleanor He’s doing a great job around here isn’t He Can you say hello to him and his wife Wow thank you so much for talking to us I heard some really good messages coming Through You want us to come back again sometime All right thank you so much for talking To us wow there’s all kinds of good Stuff coming through I thought i heard it portal You heard portal i thought i did too And hi gary perfectly clear Yep it was Definitely i can’t wait to hear a good Time it sounded like a little girl say Something i know i heard that too yep Wow that was incredible tell us her name I know i think i heard betsy when we Were upstairs I heard betsy Um But that j name just keeps coming to me I don’t understand and why did jumping Rope Come to me i don’t know i don’t know I’m just hoping that we catch something On the stairs because a lot of people Have caught things on the stairs abuse

Abuse yeah i can’t see it from here yeah Before that it said drunk Well i got a drank upstairs I drank till they got drunk There is a bar down there there is a bar That’s one Yep we’re gonna go right over to the bar Now Okay so we are in the bar area And We’re just gonna kind of keep the camera Over that way and see if uh we see Anything at all or hear anything i know There’s some fans going in there So it might be difficult to Hear too much But um Just never know what you might see so We’ll focus on seeing what we can see Hello Is there anyone in here with us Is there anyone in here with us There’s anyone in here with us can you Make a light flicker or something You can tell this Was probably the outside of the house at One point right here yeah and all this Was added on Yeah it looks like the outside windows This is all added on [Applause] Mhm [Applause]

Oh yeah that’s right it could have been I like that one I do too I was looking at that earlier it’s Beautiful Hello Is there anybody in here with us I forgot it in there Cece’s gonna go get the rim pod I left it in the other room Oh the light just flickered Did you see that Do it again Okay Yep Okay so cece just went and got the rim Pod and it’s now up there in the corner Of the bar Oh it’s going Off it just lit up Can you light it up again for us Let us know you there How do you like this Bar that they added a bar to the house How do you like that It’s pretty cool huh Did you like to drink whiskey back in The day Or beer Do the spirits enjoy the spirits It’s pretty amazing that they Did so much this house over the years Turned it into An assisted living facility one at one

Point and Um A restaurant and now Gary and his wife bought it and Turned it into a restaurant What is that Oh is there a car going by okay Can you just let us know somehow that You’re In here and that you see us If there’s anyone in here with us I mean we’ve kind of been All around the house tonight And i don’t know if there’s certain Spirits that hang out in certain areas Or not Or if you’re just following us around From room to room But If there is anybody in here with us make The rim pod go to all go off make the Lights blink or something Be even better if you could make one of The stools move That would be amazing Yes Me and cece had a Chair move out underneath the table and Spin all the way around like somebody Was yanking it out to sit in it At a uh hotel in georgia If you haven’t seen that video you Should definitely go watch it it’s Pretty crazy

I’m sure a lot of people are not going To believe it they’re going to think It’s Not real because i know there’s a lot of People out there that do fake things but It’s definitely [ __ ] fake about it we measured my Legs wouldn’t reach oops i’m gonna i’m All zoomed in here Here we go Yeah remember we measured my my my nose Because those Yeah it was on the opposite side of this Table that we were Sitting at and it It moved i mean it went out and what was Crazy about is the way it Slid out and pulled like they were gonna Sit up yeah literally out and out yep And turn It it went out and then turned and you Seen it spin around and it happened Quick Like so fast yeah scared the crap out of Me i wouldn’t But i had just asked them to move a Chair or a window or door And the people that worked at that hotel Told us that uh there was a dark figure Always seen in that particular area and That’s why we were in that area of Filming Sounds like it’s beeping over there is It beeping it might be the temperature

Of it Right here Watch the windows too and see if we see Anything in the window out there It’s hard to hear it because of the fan Going but it is beeping It’s up in the ceiling they got a few of Them Out there i see it Okay so i’m going to turn the spirit box On in here for a few minutes and we have A few questions that we’re going to ask Okay would like you to tell us what What room are we Tell us what room we’re in in this house What was your favorite alcoholic Beverage did you like to drink alcoholic Beverages What was your favorite I think it did say whiskey What do you like off the menu Oh yep Whoa [Applause] Did it shut off it just shut off Now it’s back on The curtain in there it doesn’t move did It really I’m telling you there’s something up in These bathrooms I did see the light blink

There’s no wind in that bathroom [Applause] [Applause] I didn’t see it i wasn’t looking that Way But um you’re facing that way so you you Probably couldn’t help but notice it i I’m i was kind of looking that way So I didn’t see it But i’m not surprised unless my eyes are Playing tricks on me it’s like they’re It’s on they’re all moving It’s almost like there’s a little breeze In here Yeah Well we saw the one in the men’s move That night i’m telling you i mean i Didn’t really catch it i don’t did i Catch it on camera i can’t remember If i i don’t know if i did or not No because we were aiming this way And then what is the it was to your Right That’s right we weren’t expecting it Over there that’s true Right and i was leaning against the door And i heard something as i looked i saw The wind yeah And i caught it out of the corner of my Eye too no one slammed it We want these things to happen but when They do sometimes it really startles

Them It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with You guys tonight and talking to you Again i can’t wait to hear what you said Back I’m gonna listen to it again and Uh you guys were amazing last time we Were here some of the things that came Through just blew us away we heard Everything And we will be back to see you again yes We love coming here Oh this is awesome what It says return Oh my god What are the chances of it saying that What are the chances Oh my god They’re letting us know they want us to Return We will We definitely will we’ll try to come Back every couple months or so Yeah that’s up we can it’s up to the Owner of course But we just love coming here you guys Are awesome spirits Sure you were awesome people when you Were alive What to say [ __ ] Yes i’m a witch Thank you You want the witch to return

[Laughter] She’s the witch i’m the impact Keep that straight Oh you’re the witch too you can be my Witch partner [Laughter] I do Different kind of witch So we’ve been here for quite a while We’ve taken some breaks here and there And tough to turn the camera off and Stuff like that Oh my lord yeah So we’re probably gonna go ahead and go Soon i mean we’ve done quite a bit of Filming here you may not see all of it We’re just you know i’m gonna cut out Anything that You know It drags on Yeah Yeah What portal Oh my god it says portal yes and i knew I heard portal 1 the voice box earlier Yes Yep Red Red I don’t know I don’t know either They’re moving i swear i see them

They’re it’s like a bit of a breeze do You see it i i thought i did just a Second ago i kind of when we were Talking i kind of glanced over and i Said oh there goes the light again Yeah Yeah Well We were gonna do the estes method but The headphones that i brought Have the wrong Adapter at the end these this this Particular set of headphones Has this kind and i cannot plug that Into the spirit box so We’re not going to be able to do the Estes method Tonight But next time i’ll make sure i bring the Right here i just i didn’t even realize That until i got here that it doesn’t Have that type of um plug-in On these Anyway All right well let’s Go get our stuff together Okay so we are leaving now and heading Home it’s about four o’clock in the Morning actually 4 10 And no Usually when we leave we See something In the windows Every time

So i figured i would just turn the Camera on In case we do again Show me how i’ll do this Oh i can slow it down on the computer When i edit it just a regular footage Yeah oh yeah right around the corner all Right so i’m going to be backing up so Cece is going to put the camera on The house in case there is something Out the window again and if there is i’m Gonna slow it down Such a beautiful place Trying to be very still Just look how pretty it is It is beautiful isn’t It’s a it Place It really is So gorgeous I love the color Like me too with the white i love that Color A little bit We always see something So i’m hoping we picked something on Camera Just go ahead i’ll just do the Show the as you turn the corner off it Would look cool Showing all the pillars Bye mr darling Bye we’ll be back It’s been fun

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