Live With Some of the Members of The Global Ghost Hunt Team

By | July 16, 2022
Live With Some of the Members of The Global Ghost Hunt Team

Hello everyone Hello hello hello let me pull it up over Here Uh Pull up the There will be other people joining us um Here in shortly but uh me and her have Been sitting here in the back room Chatting we decided to go ahead and hit The live Um so this Is laura And she is a psychic medium And her and i are working together on The global ghost hunt we are part of the Team And she is the Administrator Hello stardust David hale ava margarita madison gale Island jen Um don’t want to miss anybody here uh Madison let’s see i think i said that i Don’t know Lori Angela cramer hello Michael hello there So this is laura everyone that’s just Popping in this is my friend laura Thanks for having me You’re welcome It’s great to have you i’m excited to be Here thanks Oh let’s see here

We writer hello Cat mom hello there You said something about island somebody I think Yes island gin i think it said Somebody’s pulling for her as soon as You said her name i was oh really yeah Yeah oh Kind of like adam a little earlier right Yeah so earlier we had a meeting um for The global ghost hunt um And uh Um It started out uh it was supposed to be A meeting and then immediately Adam’s father was coming To her And she gave uh adam some messages from His father like immediately that was Pretty cool That was awesome well it was our first Time meeting because i have yeah i Hadn’t seen your show with him and uh We were kind of introducing him into the Global ghost Ghost hunt side of the yachts And then his dog his dad kept showing me His dog yes That was so awesome she saw the dog and Everything and he pulled out a picture To show her what the dog looked like Which was what i described but I didn’t know the breed by i was shown

Something that made sense to me but they Were very similar with the features and The coloring and um I think he said the dog had just passed Her i just heard a man’s voice Did you did you just hear that i didn’t Hear it But i picked up an evp here the other Day with a man’s voice did you see that Little clip and he said go yes i heard That yes Did anybody else hear a man’s voice Uh hello there external ethernet sisters How you doing that’s peta in them right Yeah peter hi peter So i can’t see oh well maybe no one’s Chatting yet so i i don’t see anyone Just so that you know so oh okay you can Pull it up on youtube go to the g team Paranormal and pull up the chat over There if you want oh okay yeah that’s I’ve got it going on on my phone too see You guys Okay Hi cece There’s cece Hi frankie Rock a betty queen I remember you Is island jen still on here Uh island jen are you still here I feel like it’s grandma on mom’s side Trying to come through for her okay Island jen do you have a grandmother

That passed Mom’s side On mom’s side You know the bad thing is with Grandparents sometimes it can even be a Great grandparent but i feel like um Yes yes peter we will we will definitely Do you want to come up here and join us You can i can send you the link if you’d Like I’m sorry what were you saying go ahead Oh no no that’s okay that’s okay I was saying that sometimes um I can tell like where they fall but i Might not be able to tell that it’s Great grandma versus grandma right So um but i definitely know this is Maternal for her okay she says um back In the 80s That doesn’t matter so i just have to Share with you guys that i So i have people that have been adopted And never met like their birth family um They could have died when you were Children it doesn’t matter time frame Doesn’t matter for me i just can see That they’ve passed right Um Sometimes i get an idea of when they’ve Passed but uh sometimes i It would be just like it was yesterday For me just it doesn’t matter it doesn’t Matter if you’ve even met them a lot of People think that that’s an important

And important thing um But that’s a misconception so she’s Coming very strongly i actually feel Like she’s acknowledging something about Mom for you Um And i feel like it’s A bit of a concern usually i’ll get Something like they could be Acknowledging like maybe she just had Like a big birthday celebration or Something like that and i can tell but For this is mom sick for you right now Do you Know waiting to see can you see the Comment section i didn’t even actually Pull it up because then oh okay to do my Glasses oh i see okay All right i’m waiting to see what she Says And then let me send uh i don’t know if Peta did peter want me to send her the Link I don’t know i didn’t see anything I didn’t either i can I can go over here and send it to her Hold on Ah You know they’ve been sick so she may Not still be feeling great oh that’s Right yeah That’s right she’s been very sick i Forgot about that so many people have Been sick right

Yeah Island jen says who What was the question you just asked i Can’t remember now mom her mom oh Her mom has her mom been sick Has your mom been sick or she have Something going on medically with her Right now because i feel like the Grandma keeps talking about the mom but Like that it’s in a uh A way of concern like something’s going On with her probably medically hmm Um So funny because i feel like i hear Spirits saying well come on now it could Be other things too it could be like There’s money issues Like i feel like they’re like no it Could be other things but i just feel Like there’s a very heavy concern and i Guess In All rights i have had this same kind of Concern For somebody that’s just going through Like a really hard time but i still feel Like this is something medical with mom I feel like it is yeah Oh uh david said her mom is dead she Said Oh okay did mom Oh thank you michael smith that’s so Sweet of you thank you so much for the Donation i appreciate it

Did um Did mom pass from an illness i wonder if She can tell us that Because sometimes what i’m given i can Think they’re living or i could think That they’ve passed and they’re actually Still living um sometimes i can’t tell Guys my gifts are ever ever evolving and They actually just started in 2014 so There’s times i’m still learning Um this could be that it’s an Acknowledgment of an illness that mom Had Someone in the chat cece um as soon as We got started uh when i started saying Uh hello to people she uh One of the names island jen The screen name island jen um she got Um her grandma she started getting Messages thank you so much james white i Appreciate it now we have adam coming up Here as well and Brian is going to be popping in i Believe um And uh We’re just going to Talk about the global ghost hunt and um I wanted you to meet her um laura her Hi Meet her everybody here she is She’s part of the global ghost hunt as Well she’s the administrator oh thank You so much for the donation nade diaz

I’m doing okay i’ve been kind of sick The last couple of months Oh okay heather Ah let’s see Answer a thing but uh yeah you can Private med just email me just email me Something Um Anyway so uh yeah i just wanted you guys To meet her uh and uh so you can kind of See you know her gifts and Everything um she does readings over on Her facebook page right you’re not your Youtube just facebook right well i Actually the way it streams it hits Youtube as well um I’ve been trying to do the twitter thing It’s i’ve got some cool little clips on There but i just remember how earlier We’re talking about our age and it’s in The way of how do you do this and do That so Trying to figure out the best ways to Put the best part of my readings and Things like that up um But yeah so youtube facebook Um i’ve been so active uh with the Global stuff that i’ve not been quite as Active on my own page whereas before i Was trying to Lives pretty often Yeah But yeah Yeah definitely keep keeps us kind of

Busy Especially you being an administrator You know you got the paperwork end of it Stuff like that so and brian needed Everything at the drop off About earlier right So let’s see so how’s everybody doing Tonight Everybody doing okay I’ve just had a kind of a crappy week Guys i just Wasn’t feeling well for at least a Couple of days straight and that’s why i Haven’t got part two of the dowling House out yet it’ll be out uh Tomorrow for sure though it’s almost Done But yesterday i stayed in bed pretty Much the whole day i was just miserable And i’ve also quit smoking again So i think part of the reason why i’m Feeling like [ __ ] is because i quit Smoking and i’m wearing the patch and The patch tends to make me feel a little Sick but i’m really trying hard to stick With it this time Because i’ve been i’m tired of waking up Not being able to breathe i hate it i’m Sick of it and i really needed to do This i need to do this A lot of my friends smoke but i’m gonna Have to learn to be strong and when i’m Around them i just i can’t watch them

Smoke or something i just gotta look the Other way You know i guess because that’s how what Happens to me i’ll go around people that Are smoking and then i give in i end up Doing it yeah i gotta stop doing that So brian just sent a message saying he Had fallen asleep and he woke up to 100 Messages so i actually sent him a text On his cell phone as opposed to Messenger okay we’re waiting on him just In case you know Okay so I sent him the link um He messaged me too i just got a message From him okay Yeah told him we were live now So anyway uh but i feel better today so Today i spent most of the day today Trying to get caught up on the things That i hadn’t done in the last couple of Days because i had been feeling like Crap So um I also wanted to talk to you guys about Something else Um Okay adam I wanted to tell you guys about Something else too mostly you probably Already know but my daughter heather’s Tick tock was hacked Um And uh it’s a damn shame she was about

To hit a hundred thousand followers Um they were so excited about it they’ve Been doing so well on tick tock they’ve Had it for a couple of years And um She went live a few nights ago and was Talking about the tick tock and uh she Noticed the next morning she woke up to A bunch of like weird messages on there It’s like almost like somebody was Spamming her with these weird messages Well she clicked on one And that and they hacked her Yeah but she thinks it’s something to do With a hater troll and and the chap you Know Probably i mean it’s possible it’s very Possible because we do have a lot of Them Um And um So You know it’s a shame tick tock’s Working on restoring it hopefully they Will we haven’t heard anything back from Them in a couple of days which is a Little concerning but Um and from what i’m hearing a lot of People don’t ever get their tick tock Back once it’s been hacked Well i hate to say it but i was on Another platform for a while and Tick tock was talked about a lot on this Other platform as

Um Just shutting people’s pages down once They start becoming too popular for no Reason no no take her notice so I almost would wonder if it wasn’t a Tick tock thing and not um Maybe a hacker type thing Just because she started being too bad Because they pick and choose who they Want yeah yeah it’s happened to people With 2 million followers 3 million i’ve Been doing a lot of research on it and Just kind of just scrolling through tick Tock and listening to people’s videos Talking about it you know And they never got their tick tocks back So Anyway it’s just a shame you know she Doesn’t even know if she wants to waste Her time trying to rebuild another one For what to get hacked again you know I’m i don’t go on there that much Anymore myself i’ve kind of lost Interest in it a little bit i mean it is Fun to go on there and watch other People’s stuff but i haven’t really been Doing a whole lot of my own because i’ve Kind of lost interest in it And i see all these people losing their Accounts and it’s like oh screw you guys You know i don’t know about this So I can’t be watching it too but i can’t Jump on the bandwagon of sitting and

Trying to do all these same dances and Duplications of everybody else’s stuff i Like It’s kind of a strange thing that we Have started you know it’s almost robot And i know and i’ve met some great People there that’s how i met cece and Annie and this guy Ryan and this guy kyle and You know a few other people i’ve met Over there so i mean You know I’ve met some great people look at a Hair like something what the hell like a Spider web went across my face oh that’s Very weird what the Feel it oh What is that can anyone say if they Heard the band’s voice that you heard I i didn’t see anybody say that they did Oh we got adam in the back here uh i’m Gonna bring adam up right now everybody Here’s adam Hey everyone Hi How are you How are you I’m doing pretty good doing pretty good That’s good Let me fix this So it’s not so oops not like that hold On let me Uh comment Figure out what there we go i like that

One the best okay So Um oh How’s it going It’s been a pretty Pretty eventful week interesting to say The least Um Anybody want to take a guess where i am Right now Uh in your bedroom No no i’m not i’m not at my house Oh well are you in any bedroom I see a bed behind you a lot of people In the audience might might Get catch on because of our last stream And something he talked about See if anybody in the audience can tell Us where he’s at right now Dad’s bedroom we writer got it yep Thank you david Um so you know what’s really strange David as we were talking a little bit About how i just got to meet you earlier And started doing a reading for you on You know what’s funny is usually if i Say something like that there’s a reason For it like there’s going to be a david That comes through or there’s a message For david might apologize um did david Have any name uh meaning for you adam Not off the top of my head okay um It’s okay we don’t have to like dig for It too but for me to just say that i

Mean we spoke so many times earlier Right and i knew knew your name um But we started talking about how i was Doing the reading and then the dog thing Came up and as i was talking here before You got on patty said she could hear a Man say something So it makes me feel like it was your dad Because he came through so strongly Earlier That’s it you know it quite possibly Could be because You know there’s been times that we’ve Sat here in silent like patty’s got on a Break real quick and I’ve kind of entertained Um what’s going on in the room And A male’s voice has come through Somebody’s microphone clears day and Other people are muted Or they’re not saying anything remember I think it was the last live stream that We did like this Um That This this did come through you remember That Yeah i remember and look what i’m Wearing Guns and coffee We’re twins He sent me this thank you so much adam i Love it adam mailed it to me you’re

Welcome i love it i love that you love It I do i absolutely love it no just a Little patch on the arm and everything i Love it Bear arms trading company patty i don’t Want to um overstep on your show but i Just have to ask adam another question Okay go ahead I don’t understand what this means but i Feel like Your dad keeps doing this kind of Signing thing Um I don’t know what this is Oh so okay so my dad’s passed like Remember i told you earlier like they’ll Give me things that make sense to me so I can relay it to you right Yeah my dad used to do this thing all The time when he would talk to my oldest Daughter who was six or seven at the Time And he’d sigh and say Oh well you know and it just became like This ongoing joke and i keep feeling Like He He would sigh quite a bit Really yes He’d be talking You feel like he’s like standing behind You and he’s like Like and at first i was like do i say

Something was this like his last breath You know not to be No No this is more than that this is more Than that what is this so Again probably just a validation that i Feel like he’s standing around you just Sighing constantly he’s probably Frustrated that you know i mean There’s so i was going back through Listening to um Evp’s you know like sessions that i’ve Done throughout the house over this past Week And Um I’ve noticed there’s more Knocks Than there are voices But there’s one thing he used to do and I i’ve gotta Run it through you know my computer and Amplify it But he’d say Bye to lou Or You know just keep going And when i finished up one of my Sessions the other night I said okay bye that toodaloo or Tata and i was listening back and i can Hear his voice say something I just can’t get which one it was i i Can’t figure out what it was that he

Said So i’ve got to run it through audacity Amplify it and see if it comes through Any clear Do a session on the the box i have and Talk with dad because i feel like he Would so come through like because he’s So present you know Um but we should definitely do that Sometime in the near near future Anytime you want to Okay okay Um i’m i’m I’m excited about that That’s actually how this kind of started I’ve been watching Um You know maybe he does david i don’t Know but i don’t think i was gonna say I don’t I don’t think your father regrets it i Think What’s bothersome to him remember i was Talking to you earlier about was mom There and you with the bullets and that Kind of stuff that we talked about right I don’t want to put too much your stuff Out because i don’t know how many people Know what you already have talked about With me right so Ah I think that the only thing that’s Regretful is like he doesn’t want you Guys to have those regrets like i if i

Wouldn’t loaded the guy in f or the you Know magazine if if mom had been awake And went in there a few minutes or like I Dad’s at peace like i i never connect With spirits that are like Oh i’m so full of regrets like They’ll take accountability like he Takes accountability of taking his own Life but it’s not It’s not like we do it in this form if That makes sense right so I always try to just knock that out like I don’t believe that spirit carries that They don’t i’ve had people ask like well Watching when we have sex are they Jealous because i moved on like i just Spirit never connects like that with me I don’t think i think when they’re in Their realm they’re in their realm and It’s peaceful and they might have Messages they might have messages that Sounds Stressful or a child saying mom or help And It might sound like they’re in distress But i don’t believe they are i think They’re giving us the messages that They’re trying to give us if that makes Sense right that does Yeah yeah so your dad’s at peace i don’t Think i think the signing is just a Validation for you to say no he did sigh All the time i mean it’s not

Out of all the things i could have Picked up on right i keep hearing him Sighing like it’s just a way of him Nudging just like you did with your dog Earlier right and saying oh that was a Trip I know that was when you when we were Talking with the dog i was like and You’re you know talking about it being Peppery and everything else and i’m like Oh no that was my blue healer And we always wondered what his name was Because he was astray when he came along And i just ended up naming him buster Because i thought maybe his name was Pepper but he wouldn’t react to it but Any name with a er to it he did so i was Like well buster sounds good and For 14 years that dog was by my side And that’s how he came through you guys You guys that are watching you can’t Really appreciate it because i wasn’t Just reading for him and the dog came Through like we had moved on from me Doing the little mini reading with his Dad and we’re talking about business With global ghost hunt yeah and then i Finally just said okay look i have to Ask who’s got this dog that because i Just keep seeing this dog and i Explained you know to me i thought it Was a weimeriner because of the facial Structure and stuff but once he pulled Up the picture of the dog it made

Complete sense um even though it was a Different breed Yeah old buster he was such a loyal dog Um He uh He only ran off one time he broke off His runner i don’t know how and He went to a factory That was a couple of miles up the road And Next thing i know the guy told me rode Around on a forklift with him all night And I ended up having basically Paid this guy reward money and his wife Made him call to see if anybody he’s Like no this is the coolest dog ever Dog You know 200 bucks i i want them back Right When i got him i put him in the car and He instantly like ducked his head like Oh no and then like the guy probably Thought i’d beat him or something oh man The funniest thing was as soon as i sat In the car you got like right beside me Like hey how you been let me tell you All about my adventure I was just like you gotta be kidding me The craziest dog best dog though um oh There’s a question there for you from Michael smith up on the screen there um Did you hear that sorry i just heard That what the hell was that

Dad Yeah it was probably your dad yeah I think that’s the These are the knocks and stuff okay so Wait a second now i just heard voices do You have a tv on over there Um No there may be somebody outside the Door let me go look okay because i Haven’t heard uh it sounds like two People talking maybe It might be my daughter or my wife give Me one okay okay let’s debunk it right Look at that i i’m broadcasting on three Different streams so when i typed in the Chat and said okay back to i think that Was brian it was either brian or matt That left that message it’s like it Responded okay from all three From g team parapost and um youtube That’s funny i didn’t know it did that So patty somebody asked a question about Animal spirits are you yeah let’s see What that said because it’s gone wrong Yeah let me go back to it uh hold on Just a sec Um Um Oh crap where’d it go Um Said something about how can or oh oh Here it is here it is From michael smith there it is yeah Can animal spirits come through like

Dogs and cats yes so michael yes that’s What happened with his dog today that i I had never met adam before this Afternoon um I’m in the middle of trying to relocate So i didn’t even know about the show That he and patty had done the other Night so Uh Yeah like his dog and i mean they come Through so specifically like spirit Comes through for me the same way that They were in life whether it’s animals Or people right and so like his dog i Finally said i feel like your dog just Keeps shoving his head up like he’s Right here like he just keeps like Getting right there And he said that that’s exactly what the Dog would do so Um yeah they do um I have to say that i see spirit animals But i can’t connect with them the same Way that i can uh you know human spirit So They give me messages and validation for Their loved ones when they want to like His dog and did you say your dog had Just passed earlier this year yes it was Earlier this year yeah so Even more special because kind of like We went from dad to the dogs like don’t Forget about me i’m right here too right That’s the way he would have been that’s

Exactly he would have been He was I mean just So he took me fighting my ex-wife Um For a little bit over a year to get my Dogs back and um My daughter was telling me throughout The entire year that you know i wasn’t With them he just mocked the entire time Because they loved us Yeah Definitely didn’t care for her So what I’m sorry i was going to say with Michael the guy that asked about the Spirit animals Um i felt like i specifically was Supposed to talk about something with a Bird with you does that make any sense For you as far as Um you have a new member Yeah welcome knew i was gonna type it Because i didn’t want to interrupt you Guys but i’ll find welcome uh welcome New member thank you so much welcome i’m New here too Party together Okay Yep i have merch i have a merch store um I also have a uh uh someone had put in There about my meditation channel i do Have a meditation channel oh that’s so Awesome i didn’t know that patty so

I’m really big with the singing bowls And meditation as well so we’ll have a Try yeah yeah Yeah i’ll have to send you my link so You can go and check it out i just Started it back in like either january Or february i can’t remember but i just Did it i didn’t even tell anybody for a Long time i just did it for myself Because i really enjoy those kind of Videos and i thought well you know i’ll I’ll just I’ll just make some videos for myself That’s all i was gonna do but i i i Decided to go ahead and tell people so i Stumbled upon a lady who’s a sound Healer And um i’ll have to send you her link But she’s she’s on facebook but she’s Like worldwide known right And um When i stumbled upon her by chance she Was actually doing a singing bowl and There was this Melody playing kind of like low chimey Meditation And this woman opened her mouth and if i Could ever say that i’ve heard an angel Sing i would think that it’s her even Her humming it’s just it’s angelic for Sure But her name i’ll just say it here for Anyone interested is milan Moritas i’m probably not pronouncing it

Right but it’s M-e-i-l-a-n if you just put that in your Search bar she’ll probably pop right up But she um Her heritage is something like tibetan Or something from way back in the day With the tibetan singing bowls and i It’s she’s amazing to listen to so she’s A really good meditative okay Yeah you’d probably love her can uh uh David hale can you put my meditation Channel link in here so that Um I think apita said she likes meditation Videos and that way everybody can click On it and go Go follow me So uh have you had any experiences um Adam in that in the room since you’ve Been staying there house sitting Um So where do i begin um You know like Like we were talking about earlier part Of my frustration is The conversing um You know Um I would expect in his life he was a lot More talkative So i would expect to You know Have had more Evps than i did

But Experience wise Um Like when i’m communicating with them um Or when i’m trying to I mean like right now you just heard the Knocks these knocks never happened um And i’ll be in the middle of you know a Session and i’ve got it on video too so I’m going to sync it back up when i get Back home to my computer Yeah but i mean weird things have Happened and you know like everybody has A particular Like a musk like a smell to them you Know um yep So And i’m not talking like stink i was Talking about some you know everybody Right now he didn’t think he’s thinking I’m not saying that But I’ll be in the middle of doing something And Like that it’s like i can feel Somebody else right beside me and i can Smell You know like his smell And it’s it’s been pretty interesting To say the least Things tend to Tend to happen more when my daughter’s Here And you know we did have a big argument

Remember i told you about that yeah Well We’re back to You know Everything’s okay now yeah we okay just Moved everything over she’s staying Tonight tonight okay good i’m gonna see If things You know Get get a little bit more I guess active Okay in his bed tonight What’s that are you planning to sleep in His bed tonight i thought it crossed my Mind you should because he very did you Hear me giggle yeah He showed me himself laying there just Stiff as a board kind of like yup i’m Right here waiting come on like You’re gonna be yeah oh wow Um but i i wanted to share with you i Don’t know if you’ve seen me say no i Didn’t want to interrupt my mom as you Can tell i’m not much of a talker but my Mom was quite the conqueror And um She was since she passed last year Uh even on spirit box um when she does Finally come through she sounds very Very far away very faint like she’ll do Things like she kept taking her picture Off the wall out of all my pictures that Are out there her picture would always Be off the wall so

I think that You can encourage dad through i i have To say you also have another male spirit There i don’t know who it is i don’t Feel like he’s a relative but you Definitely have another male spirit There and i feel like you can ask him To also help your dad to be able to Like i i try to coach them like hey you Know those of you that are around of Love and light and you know my my guides And my angels can you help my mom step Forward or can you help i try to do like Missing person cases and stuff right Like can you help there’s a little girl Summer wells out of tennessee Yeah so she speaks to me on the spirit Box like really yes yes um oh wow I can’t get her more than high or like Shows to beak but i can tell like that Again Again did you hear that i heard Something yeah yes Um i have such goosebumps like what the Heck Somebody said something right beside me I was like might be her you were talking About her when you heard something i Mean if you guys could see my arms right Now like chicken skin all the way right So what do you mean what do you think Happened to her what do you think and What do you think There’s something sketchy with the

Parents um Yeah so i’m just gonna put this out As a disclaimer because this is for Entertainment purposes however i did Help in a missing person case here in New very very good details so i’m just Gonna say that um Here’s What i was shown Dad is somehow related to the situation I don’t know that dad did it but either Dad Knew the person that did it dad set it Up to happen dad owed somebody money Like there’s something where dad is Somehow connected to whatever happened To her right Um i feel like she’s got familiarity With the guy that took her as well she Showed me Herself walking behind him this is where It gets a little weird In a winter coat and she was doing you Know how like you’ll try to balance Yourself on a log as you’re walking oh [ __ ] She’s walking behind Him and it’s winter so i don’t know if She’s telling me that she’s walked that Path before during the winter or that She’s going to be found in the winter But there’s something with that path That she took like it was familiar to Her but what what i seen and this is

Before i even got involved with the case Is that Um She went You guys remember how they said that There’s like this wood line and then a Street right They think that she got into a car there I think she got into a car and took off She did it the guy crossed across the Street with her and they went back up Another wooded area and he kept her for A little while she was like in a shed a Little garage Some kind of outbuilding she was being Kept there and she was alive for a Little while but um Yeah she’s gone i i Some things i try really hard not to Connect to um I definitely think there was sexual Abuse going on by Dad as well as Some other people Um i’m gonna tell you I watched the dr phil show did you guys Follow that when he had the family the Parents on there No there’s just something off about them Oh all of them but here’s the thing well The way that they shaved her head she Was definitely abused like i can see it All over her sexual abuse i was i was

Sexually abused growing up i’m a Survivor of it so like when i’ve seen Her pictures i can just see it in her Soul like you can just tell right Sorry That’s okay but dr phil talked about he Brought up something about It’s funny because they kind of made Light of it but like this mafia that’s There but not like an italian mafia but Kind of like a hickville mafia of some Sort he named them And as soon as he said their name The mom wanted to stop and start crying Like I My first thought was when i heard that That maybe that’s the correlation to dad Is that he owed these people money or Something and they took his daughter as Like okay pay us back or else and then It didn’t happen right Um but there’s definitely some Correlation to dad and the guy that took Her and i i keep feeling like they’re Gonna find her in the winter they I’ve been watching some of her pages and They’ve got pictures of her sleeping in The car against milk and they think She’s already dead she’s not dead in Those pictures i don’t think anything Accidentally happened to her I think that she was kidnapped by this Guy who somehow knows dad

So And somebody she was familiar with Absolutely because i’ve been following This case quite a bit because i mean It’s tennessee And Um You know people like to You know i’m i grew up out here in the Country i came up here when i was 16. And um Let me tell you there’s Thousands hundreds of thousands if not Millions of bakers people People always talk about you know oh There’s no gangs in the country look It’s not necessarily a gang it’s The people you don’t want to cross And people come up missing all the time You can look um It was just on the news they found two Bodies in the county that i’m in right Now Within a mile of each other both in a Cave Um The first one they suspect foul play They didn’t say much about the other one Other than they found his inmate id next To him and This happened within the past year um And they found i think they found and Maybe it’s the same thing and i just Didn’t dive into it because i try really

Hard not to look at news But while they were looking for summer I thought they found two bodies like Within a few days of each other as well And like there’s all kinds of Speculation about if it was going to be Her which you know i knew it wasn’t but I know that you’re not you’re not Stretching the truth of that because it Happened like that one week Yeah yeah and that’s the thing um Yeah it’s i i didn’t take it very Seriously when i first moved up here Until i started understanding Or started you know to understand how Things do work around here Um the good old boy system is like your Your game Um you get on the wrong side of the Wrong people and bad things happen to You But even i think about things like the Show um jason bateman’s in it was the Ozarks and you know like they have like Those and i don’t mean to be offensive When i say this but those hick people That were like growing their poppy and Stuff like there’s Those people they we would look at kind Of as like a gang type affiliation They’re a big family of they’re not Gonna put up with your [ __ ] type of People right so in their own right They’re a gang they’re going to do what

They have to do to keep their theirs Where they need it oh absolutely Absolutely they’ll do what they have to Do to protect their own and themselves Across them yet Yeah Some people you know want to take them On and You’re going to win I mean I can think of Just off the top of my head 50 000 acres right up the road it’s twra Land That You know if i go far enough back i could Get myself lost and nobody would find me Um Much less people that have grown up here And run these hollers their entire life Um That’s just the way it is out here It’s almost like watching a episode of Amish mafia i don’t know anything so Funny i was just thinking about that Because people were like they have a Mafia and amish yes Themselves so Hey you know i don’t know if you see me Giggling again but i see your dad he’s Still back there almost like twiddling His thumbs like yep i’m here waiting but I feel like my princess about david i

Feel like remember i said there’s also Another guy there that maybe the david Correlation goes to him do you know any History on the Property or surrounding they don’t Always have to live there right well This This this house was built new Um Which doesn’t matter It was built in Two thousand they’re 99 somewhere in There I’m trying to think david Um You know i mean the reality of it is Younger I definitely know he’s younger than your Dad but i don’t feel like he’s a child i Feel like Yeah yeah If he’s in his twenties i would uh i Might be ages always get me man because I always see spirit retro too so it’s Weird um Maybe I don’t know why i keep one to say 29 Though 29 to 40 maybe Yeah like middle age you know why that’s Middle used to me now that i’m turning 50. But yeah not not very old so She doesn’t look at she doesn’t look at Does she no she doesn’t when you said

Uh what you said earlier gcs I was like huh Wait what are we talking about i’m lost Okay we were talking earlier When we were talking earlier um You said My grand Oh my grandson oh Yeah i was like Yeah i know I didn’t want a thursday I have a 26 year old daughter a 10 year Old daughter and then a three-year-old Grandson who’s sleeping upstairs but Yeah Which by the way i’m an army event so You were mentioning something about Being in the military earlier yeah also Army vet as well so yeah yeah thanks for Your service um thank you for yours Thanks yeah thank you both for your Service [Laughter] Yeah I say it in a bit longer but yeah as Soon as you start talking about your Medical because i’m a hundred percent Not tmp but 100 percent did you have you Gotten it yet i got 100 Tnp but employable And i was like How did that pull back not so bad Because they make you unemployable You know that

They don’t really give you much of an Increase right No They don’t so to me i kind of like that On tp but i mean that i’m a hundred Percent but not an employer i’m not even Total and permanent even though my If you can believe it my hundred percent I mean i’ve got multiple things but the Hundred percent is for my thyroid Condition and i’ve had it for 27 years And you know one of the regulations is Anything that’s held over five years Is going to save life I still cannot get uh tmp total on Permanent There’s like something to keep going Through but hey i’m at like four grand a Month without tmp so i’m good i’m good Keep paying me Kelly parker says she has 15 Grandchildren wow Wow kelly i don’t know how you do it Because tonight was my three-year-old I’m like boy they better put you on School class Wow that’s all i mean like that i guess That’s awesome i mean 15. that’s a lot Because you’re not doing it all at once It’s awesome yeah on this weekend two This weekend that’s gotta make for one Heck of a Christmas yeah oh my god yeah i i just I mean i i see what it’s like buying

Great for six grandchildren for Christmas like dang i can’t even imagine 15 whoa Do you imagine just the meal Like Giving your christmas dinner with 15 Grandchildren oh my god Bless your heart you know what we Started doing years ago is that no one Takes on the whole meal so we all we put Together the meal months in advance and What items And out of the wood you would yeah yeah So nobody was ever too burdened that’s What we do that’s exactly what we do too Yeah it’s just too much but me being the I love cooking thanksgiving and i have So many recipes me being the way i am i End up making i end up making way too Much stuff I really do and heather will come over And she’s like mom you were only Supposed to make this this and this and I may i’m like i know heather i got Carried away you know i do it all the Time i’ll make all kinds of neat little Thing you know I i don’t know i’m just really big into That thanksgiving was my husband that Passed away it was his favorite holiday And my son both of them loved Thanksgiving so i would just go all out And do all kinds of recipes and we’d Have food for the next two or three days

In the fridge It’s more than two or three days it’s More like two or three weeks yeah Yeah we would freeze we freeze stuff but I gave up meat two years ago so every Easter We have Matt ready to join us all right i was Wondering What’s up everybody what’s going on Oh i have no idea [Laughter] I saw that you were live a little while Ago Yes ma’am I dropped a like real quick Me too appreciate that appreciate that Guys So adam adam has now joined us on the Global ghost hunt team which is i saw That i saw that welcome aboard thank you Sir glad to be apart You’re in for a lot of fun yeah you’re In for a lot of fun looking forward to It i really am I like that so mr laugh And you never know what you’re gonna get Into but it’s always a lot of fun and uh I said this before we’ve got a bunch of Rock stars that’s awesome Yeah we do That’s for sure You know I’m sorry go ahead go ahead i was just

Going to ask does the name david mean Anything to you I hope so What got his name tattooed right here Shut up there we go Okay The name david was coming to her That’s my father Ah Oh and i said there was another man There but did he die like in well it Doesn’t matter because they’re he better Not have him you can die young right he Better not have Is he still alive i’m gonna say yeah one Heck of an apparatus oh okay okay So that can’t be the male spirit then But i was trying to Earlier I’m trying to think like his friends Oh oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a Minute They’re they’re one of my buddies uh Really good friends of mine actually Passed away Uh his name’s david ah Is there any kind of water correlation With him by chance Um Not that i’m not sure So listen because i get pings from all Over right i just was trying to figure Because as i was asking you about david I kept hearing something about i almost

Feel like i’m getting somebody that Drowned but i don’t think it’s the david Guy that drowned that’s why i was like So okay But it’s not it’s not coincidence that You have a father named david either Because i called adam david you know What what’s this Lurker lurker missed my missed our show I see how it is oh gosh i got that yeah No uh actually a really really close Friend of mine i just passed away this Last year his name was david ah don’t Give me any information I’m sure he’ll come through for you at Some point i’m sure obviously i said i Said the name just pl i was calling for Adam and said david and Patty corrected me i was like wasn’t That what i said So i told them i said whenever i just Say a random name like that it’s usually Because spirit’s giving me something so Um It was a hello I have to Can i just ask you a question Is your dad having medical issues right Now My dad yeah well he Kind of knee problems Uh no something deeper than that Not that i’m aware of The guy david that has it was no because

I feel like this is your dad Okay See i feel i texted my mom just said hey Does the name david ring a bell she’s She said don’t think so why I’m just wondering Okay Don’t worry what i’m up to Text my mom hey is dad still alive uh What’s going on oh god well no it’s just That when you said so you know meme i Have my dad’s initial on my back with a Wing right so to me i immediately put it Like you got that as a memorium to your Dad right But the fact that i had told him there’s Another guy at his house at his father’s House besides his dad and then the david Thing came up and then i was like oh Well wait wait you know i’m trying to You gotta figure like i got like i Always describe it like this like if You’re in a hallway that’s completely Pitch black and someone lights a candle At the end or puts on a flashlight like I think all the spirits are like laura You know so i get like things from Everywhere if i’m not trying to do this So So uh we’re gonna be traveling soon matt Um hopefully what is it september October i’m trying to remember September september is my event That’s right

I can’t wait Yeah and um We don’t want to give out exact dates Right now on because you know of trolls Because you know the trolls love Watching they watch us harder than Anybody else That’s always the greatest because They’re like crabs in the bucket the Ones around the person gets on top and They pull them back down and they try Right yep the crab bucket syndrome i’ve Always said that to people yep I i got a show you wanna you wanna talk About some crap you wanna start some Crap come over to my show i would love To have you no we’re not having crap This is all love and life I would love it don’t worry no People love the crap So let’s see uh angela kramer has 11 Grandkids wow Holy crap Okay Um i just got a reply Okay Um So he did work with a man named david Who is deceased and One of his good friends Um Gilbert as well Committed Or passed away when i was like 16.

Um it it’s It’s um It’s it it can be One of One of the two I’m not a hundred percent sure but So this is what they call spiritual Piggy backing for those that aren’t Familiar with that term so you see how David fit for matt and then also he did Get confirmation that there’s a david Association with his dad so I don’t understand how it works but i Get this quite often where it will be Two or threefold that like this one Spirit name And sometimes what happens is i’ll Actually be picking up parts and pieces Of each but because his dad is alive You said david david was a suicide with Your dad though as well um gilbert was Delbert Yeah was david a health issue do you Know because remember i keep saying i Think matt’s dad has something going on Health-wise Um mom i honestly don’t know i i’m Trying to think of Um Knowing i mean had it been something Like suicide or anything like that then I would have known um because My memories of these people

Are you know Dad was medically forced off he was a Truck driver he was medically forced off The road Um When i was 18 so you know we got to go Back through a lot of drugs And a lot of years And what memories and when You know because it’s not like Truck drivers get together You know and You know because they’re always gone They’re always on the road And these are things that i didn’t Understand growing up Um You know it took me It took me until about the age of 20 to Truly understand why he was always gone You know And you know now especially people can Probably look and uh Look at the shelves and probably Appreciate a truck driver a little bit More More so than before you know My dad was a truck driver he actually Died in his truck Oh i’m sorry to hear that thanks well i Mean it’s a blessing to all that he Actually was at a rest stop when it Happened he they said that they think he Just went immediately with his heart but

Um thank god he wasn’t driving he could Have killed somebody he could have drove Off a cliff and never been found right So It was very troublesome to me for there For a while i you know would cry and be Like my dad died alone in the bed you Know in the in a truck stop and inside His truck alone and then i thought about It the more i thought about him i get so So So much a blessing because so many other People could have been affected by that So Um i just think it’s strange that we Have this that in common as well I want to tell everybody i am reading Your comments but when people are Talking i’m not going to talk over them To Yell out at you i just shout it shout You out i just But i do see everybody’s comments i’m Trying to put them all up here So y’all know it’s i’ve got really bad Eyes from years of staring at a laptop And Um I’m not at home so i don’t have super Beast running with my 32-inch monitor And everything else yeah If uh if you all say something i Honestly can’t see it because but the Larger i make the chat the smaller the

Box gets over here yeah and my only Option is to go full screen Gotcha at that point that i can’t pick Up the chat but I i do appreciate y’all being here Tonight Um i love i love like this chat room Right here This whole Whole family i mean You want to talk about love and light This This is an amazing Amazing group of people they really are Everyone that’s in here right now are People that are here all the time every Time i go live every time i post a video Or premiere video these the ones that Are in here right now they’re they’re The loyal Fans that are always there they’re not Just fans they’re friends we’re fake We’re like family especially this one This one yeah Yeah raymond he’s even on my meditation Channel he goes over there too honey i Was just i was grinning because he said Apparently i was in the wrong chat We do have an awesome community and yes We do We we are just like family So i i just have to say this I really think that I don’t know if dad’s a type to keep

Something from you so he just doesn’t Say anything yet or he just doesn’t know Yet but i think there’s going to be Something going on with dad and i feel Like it’s upper body chest area I don’t know i keep feeling like it’s Something with the breathing or lungs So Just be That That could be My buddy david Oh okay so we’re back to the name Okay Because my my dad has He does he’s very stubborn he’s like me Um Even though i’m adopted i Have his traits You froze Right Spirits spirits like yeah every time That’s that you said you were adopted And you completely froze I had to look at everybody else like Wait did everybody me too Me too maybe if we Maybe if we X them out and then Yeah matt try to go out and then come Back in Oh no we need to screenshot that that’s An amazing face there’s your thumbnail Yeah right this is me the ghost hunter

This happens every time that like Somebody’s coming through for someone Though when i’m doing private readings Group readings it always happens it Doesn’t matter You know it’s crazy So Anytime You’re each time today because When we were talking about My father Um Every time when we when you’d be Speaking for a longer period of time it Would kind of like And Welcome back Yeah yeah It hasn’t done it Unless we’re talking about him yeah And you see him talking about his friend David da-da-da and then or i guess his Dad being stubborn but even still he Said it was probably his friend david Yeah that was crazy yeah and this If you’re picking up on my friend david That he would do stuff like this he he Was a very he’s very trickster Yeah okay um but no my dad my dad’s very Stubborn he won’t say anything he Unless it’s something really bad he Won’t say anything Um But now i’ll give you a little bit um

My buddy david um passed away from kobe Complications Yeah he he wasn’t much older than i am Yeah what did i say about the other guy I was seeing and i said how old are you Are you in your 30s I said i could stay in 20 i kept saying 29 to 40 because i’m like I can’t really tell but i bet you Anything it’s it’s him that i’m But i still feel like there’s another Man with your Eye If he has friends who pass i mean i Wouldn’t be surprised i wouldn’t be Surprised i mean we all get together i See it’s so funny i’ll see Spouses that hated each other in life They got divorced and hated each other But they’re all kind of together and People are like well that doesn’t make Yeah it does make sense because you Don’t carry that over like it’s Different over there than it is here So And that’s always like my question Because You know So As somebody who believes in god you know It’s What The bible’s very conflicting you know It is at one point it says that hey when

You die You basically go to sleep and then You’ll be called for you know Judgment You know everybody will rise and then And another part it says Uh to be absent or to be absent of the Body is to be present the spirit of the Lord Well That’s you know Completely contradicting so I feel like Just from what we know Um First law of thermodynamics energy can Either be created or destroyed it can Only change forms Like i mean What is The end game like so when i Pass am i going to Be Reincarnated or Am i going to go to this big fluffy Place in the sky um With streets of gold do you want i Believe that what i believe now as Opposed to what i believed you know Before my gifts came right Um I believe in god right and i’m going to Tell you because when my gift started

Coming it was Can i just share this real quick patty Ann oh yeah yeah that’s fine so Uh in 2014 i had to have a very simple Procedure at the va um The doctor decided to try it a different Way than what he normally did i ended up Having internal bleeding for two days And almost died i had blood transfusions Well i went through this whole spiritual Awakening i’m trying to give you the Very very condensed version Um Through the spiritual awakening at that Point i was going to my church twice a Week And i couldn’t get enough you you could See every time i start like you see how I’m starting to move and So Um I couldn’t get enough of the feelings That i was getting in church this Spiritual Holy spirit thing that i you know i had Never really experienced it before and It’s like this joy that you can’t get Elsewhere right and so i started going To another church two days a week so i Was going four days a week dragging my Little girl with me and Doing clothes closet and food pantry and Just whatever i could do to be as close To god as possible and uh

Um Through that time period i started Speaking in tongues i started i would Through praise and worship just How you could even cry like this i don’t Know i wouldn’t sob like being noisy but Sob just tear like it was almost like i Was taking on everyone’s pain And feeling it and just releasing it Through praise and worship it was the Weirdest thing well then i was having Visions and then fast forward to that uh I started knowing stuff about people in Church and my pastor who’s passed away Since then uh he was like that’s Discernment Well i knew very quickly it was way Beyond discernment because there was it Was crossing into those like i’m Devilish i’m the devil’s trying to take Over and trick me in my own mind right So Fast forward i fought this for quite a While until i got i was praying Adamantly about you know i need to know You use me as your vessel and take me Where you need me to go with these gifts Or take them from me if it’s devil’s Work right So Fast forward And here’s What i feel that i’ve been shown through All of my connections with spirit

There’s still a lot of unknowns Obviously i don’t you know when i do Spirit box i try to ask like really cool Like the last session i was like have You been to heaven and we’re doing yes Or no with lights and they flashed yes You know it was like the coolest thing Have you met god yes like so i i’m Trying to get like real answers i don’t Really care what kind of car you drove When you were alive like it’s really Irrelevant at this point right so Um The thing is is that you’ll see as i get With spirit And i i get that same sensation and Feeling that i would with holy spirit Where i get those tingles and i do Little nuances and Um i know they’re related so I’ve had spirit i i jump around because There’s so there’s so many things to Talk about it’s like so exciting right But like you talked about reincarnation I i believe that when we passed Let me just say this and please i i Don’t want to get into a religious thing With anybody because it’s always such a Sticky topic right but I believe That if i were to write a book right now And got a mass group of followers what Would we call that in today’s society A cult

I believe that I’m just going to lay it out there this Is what i believe now with things i’ve Been shown and seen i think that when You pass away it’s not like the bible Says and there’s heaven in hell i think You go to a different realm i even so Much as believe that we might even have Different levels of realms that we go And it depends on where you’re at if You’ve accomplished certain things maybe Or if it’s your time to come back and Reincarnate or Uh maybe you’re going to be someone Else’s guide right spirit guide i’ve had Spirits whose backs are turned and They’re communicating with me but they Cannot turn around and face me which Tells me they’re transitioning out Either to come back or to move up right Um I believe Here’s I believe this i i believe that the Bible Was formed Because of a lack of knowledge people Were scared of certain things like People like me right And because it was the unknown they Formed not only a book that kind of Models how you should move in life Because these are the right things Morally but to try to steer you away

From things that were unknown and scary Back then right so I actually even feel and i’m going to Tell you why i feel this way You know if you get anybody that’s like A bible thumper and they’re like Like me i’m the devil’s work the devil’s Trying to deceive people through me and Make you think that i’m a good ditto but I’m not whatever whatever i actually Think it’s quite reverse i think that The people that I don’t want to say any names because i Don’t know who’s on here who likes who But Some of these evangelists that are Complete foamies and they do nothing but Trick people and the trickery leads to Their riches and their fame and You know i i feel that those are Actually the false prophets that are Trying to keep the the Group of people from those of us that Are Woke and supposed to lead them into the Spiritual You know awakening Do i think that that means i’m godly or Something no i don’t mean it like that But what i think is that I mean nature gives us signs and symbols Animals give us symbols somebody was Talking about dreams i do agree that Dreams uh often correlate to different

Things but Listen i’m gonna tell you guys something If you have a dream of a deceased loved One that in your dream You are very much aware even though You’re dreaming you know that they’re Dead and that they’re visiting you in Your dream and that when you wake up There are no more They are visiting you in your dream oh Yeah i’ve had it happen several times Just the other day i had a dream about Mike yeah it was amazing he was it was So real it was so real and you just know It’s it’s it’s so different so don’t Brush it under the rug so yeah some Dreams are just dreams but i’ve had Missing people that i lived in nevada When she went missing that i never heard Of because i don’t watch the news that Came to me in my dream and told me Can i share this story this is the Coolest yeah go ahead yeah I was Started as a dream i was ghost hunting With someone in the middle of daylight And we went to this white building that Was uh abandoned that sat down off of The road right And the guy i think his name was mike For whatever reason it was somebody i Didn’t know in real life right We’re doing something around the Building and we go to walk off and it

Flips from being a dream to a missing Person that’s dead trying to reach out To me And she’s standing on the inside of the Building with her hand up like think of A movie when the spouses are fighting And they’re both on each side of the Wall right so she’s got her hand up There and she’s saying sir she’s calling To the guy mike sir sir where are you Going there’s five of us there’s five of Us And i i woke up And i knew that i was it was so profound I knew that this was somebody that had Been kidnapped and was dead somewhere Like i just knew And so i get on my group and i’m talking About it and one of the girls says why Don’t you google Maybe i said five but maybe it was three I can’t quite remember it’s been a few Years ago She said google the number of missing Women da da da and i do it and lo and Behold it pops up for las vegas nevada And i’m looking and they think there’s Some serial killer out there and i get To the third woman and it’s her name’s Angelique beauregard i still remember Like it was yesterday as soon as i seen Her i’m like this is the woman that was Talking to me I knew that it was a man that she was

Somehow involved with or that she knew That took her I knew that she was in this white Building that was abandoned that he was Associated with that sat down off of the Road i said i i don’t know if it’s a old Gas station i don’t know if it’s a old Mechanic shop but it’s a building that Sits down off of the road by itself and It’s vacant or abandoned right So I i just knew all kinds of things about This lady So She’s so profound and hounding me for Months that i keep trying to go back to See if they found her yet i keep trying To look her up on the news stuff on the Internet right And then something strikes me on like Facebook So i put her name in and lo and behold This page comes up that says Uh Something angelique beauregard aka nikki Smith We’re still trying to find dude So of course at this point i’m like wait I got a lead So through that i find out that this They’ve got some big group looking Forward through the desert this and that So i look at this point i hadn’t Actually helped in any cases so i felt

Kind of like they’re going to think i’m A nut right So i messaged them and i’m like i know This is going to sound weird but i had This dream and she’s in this they’re Like there’s nothing here for miles and Miles and miles like it’s nothing but Desert i said are you sure if you just Go straight they’re like there’s nothing So i find the facebook page And i message the sister and i i just Know it’s the sister because i know it’s The sister and i’m like this is gonna Sound really crazy but She’s like oh yeah well what’d the dream Tell you because she immediately got Right back to me on the messenger so she Was kind of patronizing me and i like go In and tell her about it’s a white Building that sits down off the road He’s associated with the building Um it’s abandoned or vacant i think i Kept saying vacant And the lady says Oh my god is it a storage unit boom like I had called because it all made sense a White building off the road that’s Vacant that he’s associated with because Nobody’s there it’s just vacant Real right And he’s associated with it because he Has the unit there Lo and behold he had been keeping her in There well they’ve never recovered her

So then that they never will i know Exactly when he moved or where he moved Her to but it’s like in the middle of The desert underneath these big Are they called like flagstone st uh Rocks or something They’re the rocks that are really big He’s she’s at the base of like If it was out where people could uh get To it easier people would probably like Hike up it and stuff right but she’s at The base of it covered with those those Big things so she’s never gonna be found But it was the guy that she’s i found Out later was engaged to so Yeah he’s the person of interest and i’m Like so it all makes complete sense so Like that all came in a dream so things Can come to you and your dreams yeah it Works i want to just brush it under the Rug so Don’t always think you know Don’t always think That it’s not Something accurate a lot of us aren’t Ready for The true awakening yet you know there’s Probably things that i’m not even ready For you know so Like We’re quick in our conscious hence the Bible and the people that wrote the Bible were quick to be like oh this this Is the way and this is can’t be right

And Just you know sometimes you just have to Trust yourself and you have to open Yourself up to it and you have to just You know and that’s how it expands and That’s how you become more woke and more In touch with your own spirituality and How it’s going to be Your gifts how they’re supposed to Affect you and the world around you so Awesome Yeah I think While she’s Right there what happened What happened oh he said you’re wrapping It up oh yeah i saw that a little bit That’s very religious Well what i what i said i’m watching the Background i’m trying to see if i see Anything the whole time she’s been Talking and i keep thinking i see Something but i don’t know if it’s my Eyes playing tricks on me or not but i’m Watching his dad laying in the bed like Come on yeah i keep watching waiting to See something What i said See and i want to say david again i Caught myself that time what i said Uh andy right Oh i’m really bad when i started doing Readings with spirit look i can know you For years and be like what’s your name

Um I feel like you were probably meant to Hear that and that’s why it was Interrupted right but Uh Don’t be afraid to Uh open yourself up to your gifts and to Allow yourself to expand because your Gifts your gifts are going to be totally Different than my gifts but i believe That every one of us has some sort of a Woke spiritual gift in us that you know Matt’s might only be that he likes to Deal with the paranormal and wake People’s conscious up to the fact that We are here after we’re not here so you Know some people it might be there some People it might be way higher than what I’ve even got so it just you have to Just You know love it It brings me joy i know you guys can see The way my face lights up because There’s just something amazing about it And yeah and they’re intellectual and They can answer you and give you verbal Responses or cues i like yes and no Answers like That that’s not by chance there’s no way Every single time you’re asking Questions they answer yes or no or Whatever like there’s no so just don’t Be afraid spirituality is all around us In the wilderness

A stick might fall and it forms a w that Means something like there’s a cue to That somewhere in your life with that w So just you know open itself up and You know doesn’t mean everything’s Paranormal no but i think a lot more is There so My question my you know i went to this Whole rampage and i apologize i don’t Believe that the bible is i think There’s some truth to everyone’s hey Brian He’s religion Stop it Hence the meditation and the Spirituality Stop it i’m serious there it is [Laughter] Here we go jesus christ It guys [Laughter] That’s great What the hell are you wearing So basically just be open and in tune And more open mind instead of just Thinking just give me this one Particular Uh mindset like You know like if you’re baptist don’t Believe that just everything that you Learned as a baptist is true because It’s it’s not that’s why old ancient Chinese medicine works on us that’s why Meditation and chakra stuff works on us

That’s why native american Uh Blow dust on you whatever kind of you Know medicinal things they do like There’s truth to all of it and again i Think that’s part of the spirituality And part of the things that those people Were afraid of back then that created Things like our bible you know do i Believe that there’s something Absolutely there’s We’re all like enter the spiritual veil Is growing so thin haven’t you noticed How Wild animals are just coming up on Somebody’s boat and hanging out with Them now wanting to be Caressed and uh two different animal Types are coming together and best Friends and you like the spiritual the Spirituality with us is our gifts are Growing and we’re getting more in tune With the spiritual realm right so like Big things are coming i can feel it like I can just feel the energy vibrations And like just yes be open because it’s It’s all around you all the time you Just have to be willing to see it and Not put that back over here You know yeah yeah and i i feel like you Know and that’s funny you said if you’re Baptist well you know guess what You’ve raised baptist um it was raised Baptist too yeah

And dad was as well But You know with the like we were talking About with believing in god Doesn’t mean That I have to You know agree with this one book Because I’m not saying i disagree with it i i Mean it’s Chock full of Great Moral It gives you a great moral compass to go Off of In a way but if you think about it how Many people in the bible murdered Somebody else who didn’t look through That right so like on one hand it’s Supposed to be a book of morals and do This and that but on the other hand if We were to do those things today it is Totally wrong so Again it’s a big contradiction just as You mentioned earlier yeah and you know Like There’s parts of it like i said that i i Can go com i can completely agree with And then there’s other parts that i’m Like You know My one of my favorite arguments is Okay

You know People you know always say um You know you can’t don’t drink don’t Drink don’t drink you know alcohol Okay well jesus turned the water into Wine not mr pib Beverage of choice and then i go oh but That was grape juice and i’m like really If that was grape juice then Why does this say be not drunk on wine But fruitful in the spirit of the lord I’m like yeah You know there’s you can indulge but Don’t over indulge in right 10 years of Sobriety has taught me that yes but you Know something that i was taught a few Years ago and it’s it’s so like duh like How did i never put that together but Why do they call alcohol spirits think About it because when you’re in that State you’re more open to that type of Stuff so They don’t want you to be in that Spiritual state where you’re going to be Dealing with spirits right so it all Makes a lot of sense and comes together If you start putting two and two Together You know If why is it okay that a guy seen However many years ago an angel come Down and speak to him and was this big Glowy and light and whatever she told Him is a revelation in the bible right

But if i do it i’m doing the devil’s Work like i don’t care if you called her An angel or a spirit you were talking to A spirit she wasn’t a living being so Why is it okay that you did that but if I do it i’m talking to the devil’s People you know like it’s just it’s a Huge contradiction I agree with you wholeheartedly it’s Kind of like you know the guy we look at The side of the road talking to himself He may not be talking to himself Absolutely something that we don’t see And we we perceive them as crazy when in All actuality This guy is You know on a different plane than we Are can see things that i can’t see or i Have a theory listen You need to come to toronto though those Guys are just talking to themselves There aren’t too many spirits Um I actually have a theory based on The chatter that i hear right all the Time That A lot of people are misdiagnosed as Having mental health issues like Schizophrenia and things like that who Actually have gifts but don’t understand Them Do i not think that there’s people that Also have an illness and they’ll go

Crazy and kill people and you know Yes absolutely but i do think that There’s some misdiagnoses because There’s been times when i’ve taken Mental health surveys you know for my Anxiety ptsd And they’re asking me questions like do You see spirits do you if i were to Answer yes i would be locked up in a Padded room right now you guys would Never have known me like so i believe That again we’re being guided to where They think that so i have to lie i have To blatantly lie about what the hell i Experience in life so that i can stay Free you know Yeah i mean it’s uh There is that fine line between what Society perceives as normal and What Like you said Oh do you see spirits oh let’s lock her Up in a padded room because she’s Hallucinating no doesn’t mean she’s Hallucinating it means a different part Of her mind Um I’m not sure exactly what the percentage Because you know they used to say we Only use ten percent of our brain i Thought it was three percent Is it that might be for the most people Out there i don’t even know if they use Three

Um That uses one and a half Well i was gonna say i was actually Gonna say point five okay That’s too much credit that’s too much But you know it’s i feel like There’s a reason That We This nice computer up here we can’t Access Every part of it listen I want to say something you know as i Mentioned earlier i’m a survivor of Sexual abuse as a child and i’m going to Say something as horrible as that was I would not take that away from what i Experienced you know why Because when i would go through that Trauma for all those years although it Affects my memory now like i have a Really bad memory i i really bad like i Have to constantly keep pictures or Write things to know anything i couldn’t Even tell you where i had prom which is Like a big deal for most people right So But going through that trauma at those Times i would learn to disassociate and Go somewhere back here right and not be A part of what was going on and i’m Gonna tell you i think that set me up For my spiritual success now to be open And have a portal in my own mind to be

Able to accept things that the normal Person maybe that didn’t go through that Trauma doesn’t have the joy of having so I i feel that everything’s about Perception and how you look at it and You know had i not gone through that Even with that near-death experience It doesn’t mean that i would have Been open like i am now you know what i Mean i feel like that open that started The whole cycle to put me where i am Today So i absolutely agree with you that our Minds are just a machine that we don’t Understand you know Absolutely and You know Um Just because Like you know people don’t really think That i truly believe in god that this Isn’t by accident Um I believe like you had said you know Certain people are granted certain gifts And we all have something Out there you know that we Are in tune to but maybe It’s almost like the kid and the Imaginary friend Um At some point in time we’re told hey Over and over and over we’re told this

Isn’t real this isn’t real this isn’t Real And We just close that part of our mind off Um case in point My daughter when she was when my ex-wife Was pregnant with her Of her grandmother who raised her passed Away Well she had never seen a picture of her Nothing She’s in her room playing with her Friend joe her her grandmother’s name Was uh joe uh joanne And um They always just called her granny joe Well didn’t think much of it She’s playing with his imaginary friend Well Break out fast forward a couple of Months She’s going through photo albums And stops and goes that’s my friend joe And then points right to her grandmother And That’s one of those like Holy crap moments um And uh another thing Were She never been to church at this time um She was still young Probably Three

I was it was halloween We had went to pick somebody up and they Were very religious but nobody ever Talked to her about god or anything like That because it’s just it’s hard for the Kid to wrap their mind around and um I had a lot of negative experiences in Church growing up so i try to avoid them Like the plague because i don’t feel Like my relationship with god is in a Building my relationship with god is in My heart Um but she points right to the statue Um Of jesus i’m trying to see if dad has Anything And she says That’s jc That’s jc and we’re like jc jesus christ Jesus christ yeah like Nobody ever had these conversations with Her And she pointed right to him like That’s him I remember you telling me about that one Of the the first conversations that we Had Yeah and it’s just so trippy that She had this Gift as a child and i never told her Look your friend isn’t real i would ask Her What is your friend doing um You know what are they saying

You know So i i think that’s why more stuff Happens here She’s here because i didn’t say this Isn’t real quit it She’s more open to it so uh while i was Going through that whole spiritual thing Going to church all the time uh Our church was non-denominational but Protestant-led right so that’s how the Speaking in tongues and stuff but they Weren’t like handling snakes and Throwing themselves on the ground and All that weird stuff it wasn’t like that But whenever praise and worship would Start all the little children would go Up to the front rows and stand up there Together and sing praise and worship While we were all doing our thing And uh this one particular monday night My daughter She wanted to be this was in 2014. so It’s been some years ago this is my Youngest daughter uh she didn’t want to Go up front with the rest of the kids And she kept making me hold her and the Whole time she kept looking is a real Small church right so she kept looking Back here which back there was a window That was like a nursery for people that Might have a baby that’s crying or Something they could go back there and Watch through the glass um And she just kept i just thought maybe

She was tired but then when we left She says um Mom How come No this was on sunday and then monday we Went to church again for the bible study Apart and when we left monday she says Mom how come god wasn’t there tonight And i said no no babe god was there she Said No he wasn’t there i said no he’s always There honey that’s that’s his house That’s No mom because yesterday he was standing In the back singing in a white suit he Stood up the whole time singing while we Were in church and that’s where she she Was telling me where like she kept Looking the whole time which was why she Was feeling a little like i guess Intimidated or something They associate that stuff and so um I i caught her at the same church Talking with a little boy they were Laying up on the main part it was on Bible study night laying up on the main Part of the i keep want to say the deck The uh Stage part right yeah and i heard her Telling him they were looking up because They were laying on their back she was Like oh yeah that’s god right up there And they were talking about god that They could see they had this whole

Conversation these two little children Right In the ceiling like so Absolutely absolutely there’s something Divine that is above you know above us i Believe that And rather they take on something that We understand and has been sent to us Through You know uh symbolisms or whatever who Knows but i believe wholeheartedly There’s something there Yeah that’s You know People is the kind of the conflicting Part of the paranormal investigation Because If People um You know they’re always saying well if You believe in god how can you believe In this and that’s Where you know that prior question of What’s next Like you were talking about with the Next plane or the next Mission basically yeah I go through that all the time i go Through that kind of stuff Uh my people couple people have wrote me Uh they want to know um like more about The global ghost hunt too like there’s a Lot of questions um So um

Well now that brian’s here Yep the website is up now um brian would You like are you frozen brian knows no But Ryan knows nothing about the global Ghost though Can y’all give me one minute it’s Getting really cold in here i’ll be Right back okay okay so the global so What did they want to know Uh just maybe uh See there’s some people that think that And i’ve tried to explain it to them but Maybe you can explain it as well that The uh global ghost hunt is like a big All of us together gonna go out Investigate and And something i think there’s a lot of Confusion so i’ve been trying to explain It to people yeah yeah yeah no worries So uh basically what the global ghost Hunt is it’s gonna be a 10-day event We’re going to have different teams from All over Hopefully all over Canada the states the uk Uh Hopefully australia maybe some other Countries so there they are actually Going to uh pick a location where They’re going to investigate And what we’re going to do at our end Is live stream that for them on many Different platforms

So really At the end of the day it’s about getting The teams out there and noticed around The globe So and also with the locations as well Because Uh a lot of people that are just fans Of the paranormal and really don’t do The investigations don’t really Understand that you know a lot of these Locations are being torn down for Whatever the reason is it could be Vandalism it could be The the locations are just not getting Investigators out there And to investigate and pay for them to Get out there uh property taxes go up All the time prices go up all the time And they’re unable to afford this so Really It’s about not only the paranormal Investigation teams but it’s also about The locations getting the exposure that They deserve because there’s going to be Locations that we’re going to possibly See that we’ve never ever heard of Before And other people might not have heard of So this is really about everyone that’s Involved in this So if we have a loca if we have a team Sign up There they’re basically telling us the Location that they’re going to be doing

And then We will organize them When the event comes up on what day They’re going to be streaming live and If they can’t stream live Then they will record Their investigation they will send it to Us And uh We will Obviously they won’t send all of it but You know because they could be there for Six hours we’re not going to go through Six hours of video so we’re going to ask Them to Edit out an hour and a half an hour of Their video send it to us and then we’re Going to put it online for them and Hopefully they’ll get the Exposure that we’re hoping everybody’s Going to get Uh in this event and the reason why You know there’s another event out there Yes But they only do it over 24 hours We’re doing it over 10 days the reason Is Is because some of these people that are Going out to investigate they might not Have wi-fi Unfortunately what they have to do as Soon as they’re done their investigation They have to cut out an hour or so and Send it in right away and if they don’t

It won’t be seen So this is why we’re doing 10 days so People have that opportunity to go home Because we know what it’s like as Paranormal investigators the last thing You want to be doing and when you get Home unless you’ve captured something Really cool And that you thought was something that Was really cool then you want to see it But most people are going home and They’re going to bed because they’re Getting home at like four or five O’clock in the morning yep so um Then they get up and then they can go Through their videos so this way People can send in their hour hour and a Half clip Or video and we’ll be able to put it up During those 10 days So they have the opportunity for Exposure as well as long And also with the location they’re doing Too Yeah so uh that’s really what it’s about It’s not all of us getting together and Doing 10 days Of investigations um together no that’s Not what it’s about we are going to be Investigating yeah like me and brian and Uh raymond and who else we’re gonna all I think that’s i think that’s it for now Um Um we’ll see what happens but

Um You know um So that’s that that’s really what it’s About and it’s about um it’s about the Teams and the locations And everybody that’s involved and you Know i i I also want to point out something else As well Uh because we’re going to be Concentrating on the teams and locations But it’s about the people that are Behind the scenes as well You know like Everybody here You know it’s about you guys getting the Exposure as well You know and uh These people knowing who the team Leaders are that are part of the Administration staff it’s about them Getting noticed as well and uh because They’re gonna be doing a lot and why Shouldn’t they get the exposure too Uh so it’s about helping matt build his P3 program it’s about you know laura Building her um her uh her mediumship And patty it’s about helping you build As well and getting onto the path that You should be Um instead of that Stupid [ __ ] who did what he did you Know A while back you know and then adam

Obviously adam’s been investigating for A long time but not a lot of people know About adam it’s right exposing adam as Well you know so There’s there’s a lot of good reasons Why we’re doing this and Um And some You know some fantastic reasons why We’re doing this it’s It’s about you know we’re all after the Same thing and that’s the evidence Yeah And unfortunately there’s a lot of fake People out there a lot of fake Paranormal investigators out there and And the real paranormal investigators Are getting buried They’re not even getting noticed because All these these fake paranormal Investigators out there and i know who Most of them are unfortunately But they’re it’s causing that they’re Getting all the views because they’re Convinced so so convincing that that It’s real and i know it’s not you know It’s not if you’re a real paranormal Investigator you know what’s real and What’s not it’s it’s obvious Um There is yeah there is one particular Person that me and lex Um Uh strongly dislike and um and uh

If you watch any of our videos through The lens you you’ll know exactly who it Is and uh we uh lex is um Lex is definitely uh no filter And that’s what i love about him um i am A filter guy I’m a little careful on that kind of Stuff uh For uh reasons and um But lex isn’t There is a particular guy that we don’t Like and i think everybody knows that he Watches through through the lens i know Patty does oh yeah I know uh matt does And uh And uh adam and laura will soon find out As well i know you’re talking about yeah We talked a little bit earlier because Yeah before yeah yeah actually called Them out and said hey i will murk this Person for you you know Yeah No no we don’t want to go that far we’ll Why not You know what and also there’s another Guy out there that We we Um we don’t like as well um but he’s not Uh brought up as much as the other guy And uh I wish people would i wish people would Really realize what they’re doing And what

They’re doing to Our industry that we love yeah we have a Passion for And um i wish people would just stop Watching their [ __ ] videos and sorry For saying that it’s true though i feel The same way you know lex pointed out Something that was very interesting that I didn’t realize Because he’s seen a lot of his videos And there’s one particular guy out there If you watch his videos you will know or You might not know but you’ll know now When i tell you If you watch his videos every video that He does Between four minute mark and the six Minute mark something always happens Always work like that it doesn’t work Like that and um he does it on purpose And granted he’s a smart business person He’s smart And he knows that you need to be hooked Within that first five minutes And if you’re not you’re going to leave Yeah and he’s very smart in that and Baddie knows who he is And if she doesn’t i’m going to tell her After So But every four to six minutes in every Single video something happens And Uh

It is what it is but um as paranormal as Real paranormal investigators we’re out There trying to capture the evidence and Trying to get rid of these people that Continually do what they do And Um you know uh If people are watching the global ghost Hunt you are going to be watching real Paranormal investigators doing what They’re doing and not every video has Something happening every four to six Minutes that’s right wow and we if Somebody could be in a haunted location Like it’s Extremely haunted And Nothing maybe that night it’s quiet Yep you know and um it’s happened to all Of us It’s happened to all of us yeah and I i really hope that people that are Watching it understand that it could Happen And Hopefully it doesn’t because For everybody that’s in the room And i don’t know why this happened Um but On the stroke of A little bit of irish luck The event times are going to be the Times of the thinning of the veil So um that is going to help a lot uh in

May because the thinning of the veil i Believe is on the Fifth And the event starts on the fourth That’s so awesome that is that is Awesome and that just Just happened yeah and it was just a Stroke of luck now Something is really cool and um i don’t Know if people have seen it on tick tock Or seen on facebook But our our good friend and team leader Of paranormal investigations Did a Sb7 in his home In his home And he actually got through the sb7 it Actually sang the global ghost hunt Wow Wow and uh If you go over excuse me if you go over The website it’s there It’s up on the site now and um And for people that uh just go over and Check out the site you know see what It’s like and um we are going to be Putting something up there in the next Couple of weeks that’s going to be Really really super cool we have um Barry fitzgerald That is from ghost hunters international That is our coordinator and spokesperson For the global ghost hunt if you’re not Familiar with them look him up because

He’s very famous in the uk And he luckily enough He made a suggestion for the site And we are going to be putting a video Of him up on the site Talking about certain things and so i’m Looking forward to seeing that video When it goes up there and uh he’s Actually going to be for as far as i Know he’s actually going to be doing He’s doing a documentary right now I believe in asia on an island and from What i understand it’s going to be Filmed on this island So that’s so cool so it’s going to be It’s really going to be super cool And uh get ready folks because It’s going to be it’s going to be a Great event and it’s going to be the First of its kind When it’s ten days Ten day event uh there’s a one day event Out there yes but this is ten days so This is the first of its kind twice Twice a year it’s going to be in may and October so when the great thing is to October it’s right around halloween So uh what a better way to spend your Halloween i know watching all kinds of Investigations over I’m yeah about it i really yeah so it’s Gonna be a lot of fun so really that’s About it that’s that’s That’s the global ghost time and i’m so

I’m so Happy to be a part of it Yeah and obviously yeah obviously people Know that patty is a supervisor And hopefully she’s going to kick a lot Of ass My my foot is ready okay I’ll hail the queen All hail My foot is ready all right I’ve been working that foot out you know I’ve been giving it a little exercise Every day yeah so i noticed peter’s in The room I see that yeah and uh How are you feeling peter hopefully i Know she’s been really really super sick Over the last week and anybody that’s in The room that knows lex Uh sends some best wishes to lex as well He’s got covet Again For What’s that i said i’m still smoking Cigarettes I saw that today when we were in that Group meeting oh he was like I quit smoking again i’m doing back to Vaping so i’m hoping to stick with it This time I i I am getting to the point i see there uh We writers said have you ever been to Canada patty and i’m telling you right

Now i am going to get patty out here Eventually and i’m going to take her to Some great Local haunted spots i want to go to that Church I want to be greeted with Yeah get out [ __ ] yeah that’s always A nice greeting That was pretty amazing and that evp you Got with the amy it was the name amy the Girl what did you You said say that say her name or Something yeah and it said amy that was Yeah that was the one that’s on tick Tock and yeah That was at a place called the hermitage Ruins And that’s a very very sad story in History about That place really the whole premise of That place there’s there’s a few stories Um But the woman that owned the ended up Dying who ended up owning the mansion But there was a There was a girl that lived there um Uh the woman that ended up being the Last owner of the place it was a mansion And uh she was in love with uh i guess The what you would call the stable boy And Uh And he worked for the family And uh so he was they fell in love

And he wanted to marry her and he asked For uh Her hand of marriage And i guess the uncle or the father i Believe it was the uncle who said You will never ever marry her And that night he ended up killing Himself Oh wow And uh And he hung himself in uh In the barn in the back of the mansion And he was found now the really Upsetting thing about that Well obviously the hanging was he hung Himself But then that’s obviously upsetting but Um and back in those days if you did That you were never given a proper Burial So he was actually taken to a spot not Too far from there and actually buried There oh wow that like a panda or Something like what’s that what’s that Like a popper’s funeral He didn’t even get that he got nothing He was just buried and that’s it And now so now the the thing is And it’s kind of creepy Um he’s seen around the property of the Mansion Uh carrying uh the rope he hung himself With Wow

And it’s just it’s it’s it’s it’s really Really um it’s really really sad now the Woman that he was in love with i believe She was the last woman to own the place And she kind of went a little bonkers A little bit crazy Um she was having tea parties with her Animals And uh so she she went a little bit Crazy but she was actually the last Owner of uh the mansion and it ended up Burning down at one point Uh it caught on fire and she slept in a Tent Outside of the uh harmonious ruins for I think it was a year or something like That until it was kind of rebuilt But Uh The videos on paraflix the video i got a Video on youtube uh the harmonies ruined That video on youtube is uh the one that Said amy And uh through the uh through the net Believe it or not and I’m i’m honestly i’m on the fence about The necrophonic i really am yeah Sometimes the responses you get through The necrophonic are just absolutely Incredible Like i got a video coming out on Paraflix on the 24th And some of the responses i got through The neck and i again i didn’t want to

Use the necrophonic i ended up using it And the responses that i was getting Through the necrophonic on the questions I was asking Yeah yeah exactly Um Were incredible i captured some amazing Evps that night as well Um i even captured an evp saying brian In this video that’s coming out on the 24th oh wow um there was a point where i Walked into A certain tunnel Um and all of a sudden i felt like Pressure on my head Like i really felt some serious pressure On my head and i s and i said to my Buddy who was there i go i’m feeling Really a lot of pressure on my head Literally two seconds later we captured An evp saying head Wow that’s pretty amazing So you know it’s in it like natalie saw It natalie jones from paraflex saw it uh The other night or last night and she Goes this is absolutely one of the Best videos that i’ve seen Um with capturing evps and it and what She’s impressed about The most is The the fact that i was allowing myself To open up to what i’m able to do Because that’s kind of what’s going to Happen in this season

Me really opening up on My abilities And uh so this happens in this video and It’s it’s it’s great the the the place i Did was the lift locks And uh it’s uh the story goes there was A man that was building Helping build the the lift locks and he Died of a massive heart attack while Building and he still haunts the place So if you go through the actual tunnel Part Uh if you’re really really super quiet You can actually hear him whistling While he’s working Wow So There’s also a guy that died Um You know the big pillars those big huge Pillars this pillar is probably A hundred feet long well he fell down The pillar and died And in those days in those days They had no way to get them out yeah So he ended up getting buried Um they assumed that he he died Um there’s also another story of a boy Being killed at the lift locks and There’s also another story of a woman That committed suicide with her child And uh because she was going through a Lover Not a lover’s quarrel um it was a like a

Like It was a forbidden love i guess it kind Of was and She was in love with this guy this guy Was in love with her but they couldn’t Be together but so there’s many many Stories the video is absolutely amazing The amount of evps that i capture were Incredible the sb7 was amazing um And uh it’s it’s definitely gonna be a Great video so i’m gonna stop talking Now and uh let somebody else talk things You know What i what i really like about You know The global ghost hunt Is In this community there’s so much um There’s so much backstabbing going on And as paranormal investigators i feel Like we should all be coming together And helping each other out as opposed to You know Going behind and Putting out this negative connotation About the next team we’re talking about About the next guy um It’s almost like any musician I’ve noticed singers fight Guitarists fight Bass players they slap each other most Of the time they’re nerds but drummers We never fight i mean we get paid to sit In the back and count to four i love it

You know and we’re willing to help each Other out like oh hey how did you do That or what would you put here you know Give me some ideas But it’s you know everybody’s looking For that moment of fame instead of Realizing like there’s enough spirits For all of us We could share well you know what like Uh like i’m an i’m an actor here in Toronto and I thought the acting industry was bad And it’s bad It like it’s really really bad the back Stabbing the drama the everything it’s Bad But the paranormal there’s nothing that Compares to the paranormal The drama the backstabbing the egos the Yeah the uh i’m gonna be the next famous Uh person on tv what people need to Understand is just because you pick up a Camera And you’re going paranormal Investigating doesn’t mean you’re going To be on tv that’s right So I i see matt sitting back there and just Smiling And Matt did a show today that i was going To go on but i was afraid that i was Going to use names And that’s why i didn’t go on

And um because i know matt doesn’t like The main thing I know he changed up a little bit we had A talk afterwards Uh about it but you know it doesn’t Matter where you go and what you do In this industry You can say it over and over and over Again It’s not going to stop until Until I don’t even know how you stop it to be Honest I don’t know either but i i really don’t Know how you stop it you know Each individual person At their level When i was in the accounting field for So many years i thought in the Accounting field was a lot of [ __ ] Are you kidding me having even the Accounting field Yeah But it wasn’t nothing it wasn’t nothing Like what i’ve experienced we need a Calculator for that come on No it was telling you in the accounting Field there but but now looking back It was nothing compared to what i see Going on in the youtube field and with The paranormal and everything Uh it’s just it was nothing i mean at The time i thought wow this sucks you Know these people suck you know i just

Got to keep myself most at a time but Looking back it was a walk in the park Compared to the [ __ ] that goes on in the Paranormal field on Right now on youtube It’s unbelievable It’s unbelievable and the fakers out There just taking over You know the youtube world and people Believing it unless they just want to be Entertained and they know it’s fake i Don’t know but well that’s the thing i Think they should put a disclaimer up You know this is for entertainment we’ve All been saying pull it off and we’ve All been saying that right and Unfortunately unfortunately Um Youtube wants those people up there And they’re not going to do anything About it yeah so So if you guys pay attention i have a Spirit that often shows itself when i do Lives right here and it keeps trying to Like you’ll see the blackness kind of Coming out i’m waiting i’m like please Just slam the door or something so we Have something juicy we’re past our four To six minute mark right now I just got a message a minute ago uh Emailed i don’t know if you guys got it Too but uh from the global ghost hunt Email uh looks like my friend stephanie In here in the chat signed up nice okay

Cool yes welcome stephanie Not sure what she signed up for but she Got signed up yeah What did she sign up for i Matt can you look did you you get it too I it popped up on my screen and went Away i’d have to go out of the screen And go look She just said goodbye that she has a to Go take care of uh something so did she Sign up to volunteer i don’t know i it Just popped up i just saw her name and It was from the global ghost hunt and She signed up for something I don’t know what I don’t know if it was for To investigation to because she doesn’t Investigation Oh okay Cool i i’ve met her before i met her and She met me in south carolina And she lives in south florida Very cool Well welcome Yes welcome stephanie My location looks like a lot of fun i’m Not going to give out give it out but Oh really I’ll just i’m gonna say this made my job Really easy oh okay that’s all i have to Say Really make me want to go check the Email now [Laughter]

That’s good that’s awesome Congratulations and yeah uh the team Leaders for Paranormal investigations and And uh we’ll be reaching out to you and Uh making sure that you’re going to be Taken care of Yep So that’s where you got my first project Yeah for sure Reached out to dom uh earlier today and Uh yeah we get together i think next Week and uh Okay awesome Good I’m glad to hear that Uh hello rick horton how are you doing And i haven’t been ignoring you guys in A chat i have been reading every single Comment but i don’t talk over people so I’m not doing shout outs when people are Talking but i do see your comments People were joking around earlier saying Does she even see us No peter the chat does not want you to Join That’s where your comment that you put On Uh the group chat earlier tonight And i don’t know why you continually Call me mister But This is getting old It’s getting old

I did call her Okay missy correct her Because at the end because she needs to Get better because she’s been really Really ill yeah and she’s got coconut Too right does she get no i don’t think She has covered i think she just has the Flu But then her her son got sick too as Well So Um yeah that’s never it’s never a good Thing Wow i’ve been lucky so far knock on wood I mean i haven’t been feeling good Lately but i i i’m not i don’t have i Mean i did a covet test i have like six Home cover tests i did one yesterday and I don’t have it so i don’t know it’s Just like a headache and i was dizzy And Just extremely lethargic and and Exhausted yesterday it was awful So what is that noise anybody else Hearing it I’m hearing it um i don’t i think it’s Uh i think it’s matt playing with his Mic Oh cat that’s crap that’s rubbing Against my it’s matt playing with his Mic it’s all matchable it’s always fun That’s fair My daughter’s in here but like she’s Being sad

Um your dad keeps saying like come on i Made some room for you I seen her jump on the bed i’m like yep He’s waiting for you guys to go to sleep In there So are you going to sleep in there Tonight What people made some room for you In the bed He’s in the bed with you no he’s not Yeah he is Just no don’t hit the keys stay off my Keyboard I’m wondering Yes it got too much tell her tell her There’s a psychic in the chat and she’s Seen him you know it’s so funny because You talk about um the phonies like you Know there’s such to me as such a Connotation about being a psychic i Never call myself a psychic like oh you Don’t what do you call yourself just a Medium Feel like i just don’t like it pain in The bum she calls herself a pain in the Bum I just don’t like it anyways Do you have a minute i know you’re in The middle of packing to move out of State i never said that i never ever Said that i know you don’t say that you Just say honey can you do me anything Yeah do you have time to talk for him Can you do me solid yeah

You know we needed yesterday Now question with that did you send Angeline to that stuff i did yes yes Went tonight mister i did okay I said it while we were finalizing it Remember we could see if it was all one Page or not yeah no Was that on thursday What day is today friday saturday yeah We we had to do We had to do You had it a little bit on hold because You kept looking at on your phone and it Was showing us two pages when it was Only one yeah But remember we had to do some connect Uh corrections yesterday Yeah we did all that and then we had i Think matt verified that it was one page Not two no no i’m talking about no i’m Talking about earlier yesterday like Friday well it’s saturday now so Yesterday i got you to correct those few Little things Right remember that’s the one that’s got To go to her I’m just saying i’m just saying because Two t’s there was there was a dot two There was a space too much besides Vein in the buttocks yes well you know I’m a perf i i like things perfect No Maybe another night this weekend My daughter wanted to tell you sorry

That she’s an ugly crier because when i Told her you know people’s over there Um she The Flood of emotions came through And So i kind of had to explain what Was going on and You know she hasn’t been back in this Room she she doesn’t like coming in here By herself and You know she When she found out i was in here She kind of was like it’s okay if i come In i’m like yeah it’s fine you know come On in man yeah I like what it’s been getting hard for Her Yeah i mean it’s normal she’s you know We can never call themselves for how They feel and the emotions they have to Go through right so yeah That’s normal and i Yeah he’s laying in the bed right there You know so I’d love ice cream sandwiches that’s my Favorite my absolute favorite ice cream Is that i have to be honest it’s it’s It’s a good thing yeah that’s your Favorite It’s a terrible thing but it’s a good Thing I buy the klondike bars all the time I love the ice cream sandwiches

That’s small you said you don’t want to Know what i do for a klondike bar oh Yeah i don’t want to know either i don’t Want to know either Yeah it’s uh She’s she’s Getting you know we we’re talking about The emotions and I’m one who doesn’t really let my Emotions show so i hold them in until I’m alone And i don’t know if this is like a You know A macho thing or Something to do with the ego but you Know patty you’ve you’ve seen me break Down a couple of times Yeah You know what it is though it’s Something that needs to be changed in Society right the way we raise our boys Like it should be okay for you to cry When you get hurt or because mom yelled At you and your feelings are hurt Instead of this brush it off quick Crying [ __ ] that we do to our little Boys right so it’s not about being macho It’s the way that you were trained up to Behave yeah i have no problems crying in Front of people no whatsoever And if you don’t and if you don’t Believe i can send patty uh brian’s Birthday video

Yeah yeah i’ve seen it i i was there Actually it was laura wasn’t there I was like I had the i had to vote as much as i Hate liars i had to just bowl face lie When he was talking about how he had a Meeting with matt and i’m like about What at that time of night Yeah I’m on the phone with matt all the time All the time I didn’t know anything was going on Oh yeah yeah you played dumb there Sometimes that called me and i and i Walked to work I never actually got back to you on that But that was very nice what’s going on With peta i just added her and i don’t See her Are you there hello Hello Yeah Okay guys Have a great fun i have a great night What was it you were gonna do you wanted To say to him so bad in the chat but we Want to all hear it now Oh And i have witnesses to this robert and Brian And mister down there in the corner Knows exactly what i’m talking about Why isn’t my picture showing though i

Don’t know i don’t see your picture Did you allow uh give it pro access to Use your camera Um oh my god i love brian why do you Look so nervous right now The lights are really pretty outside [Laughter] The legs are very pretty outside let’s Change the subject how do you guys like Her her accent she’s from australia i Just love the australian accent Good night mike well i get Um England all the time Um but at the moment i sound Like I don’t know what because yeah i’m so Sick I feel like [ __ ] so But yeah it’s not good that lex is sick Too So what were you gonna say so you have You have a witness as well Thank you brian You’re very welcome i’m not sure what Rock a betty but it won’t be tonight but It’ll be sometime in the near future i’m Just not not tonight though Super sexy that’s why i’m moving there [Laughter] Now somebody wrote in here that they Have never tried cornbread who said they Never had foreign I’ve never had cornbread

Oh yeah what wait a minute brian you Will you can’t say that in september I’m getting you so i’m br you know what I’m making homemade cornbread Never had to para unity day you’re happy Okay oh my god you’ve never tried Cornbread either brian never never had It oh my god it’s so good what what is Cornbread You’ve never had it That’s When i think of cornbread i see bread With like Big chunks of corn in it that’s exactly That You’re thinking about you can’t make That place Adam adam Cornbread homemade cornbread with Cinnamon butter Oh that’s so good uh-huh Uh-huh Never had it never happened why did you Look Like we’re on the eight of uh what was That show the brady we’re all My question is When are you getting the corn from the Cans Or from the actual cob It’s pre-made it’s pre-made it’s like a Dried bread mix in a box you’re not Cornmeal yeah cornmeal Oh okay it’s already grown i don’t know

I’ve never had it Like Can you make it from strats though and Oh yeah and do it yourself [Laughter] Back up a little bit ma you said Cinnamon butter oh yeah Oh my god that was like five minutes ago Where like catch up I’ve never had cinnamon butter either Yeah Butter do you have regular butter have You had you have regular butter yeah Yeah Yeah Together Yeah I got you more than just cinnamon in There Do you guys have vegemite over there no We do not What is it yeah I’ve tried i’ve tried vegemite and Sandwich or something like that Mm-hmm yeah yeah yeah Yeah that’s horrible Have you guys ever tried uh uh cooking a Pineapple and putting cinnamon on it Nothing amazing no but i’m going to Tonight I just had that new pineapple refresher From starbucks tonight and man it was Amazing I i will say though peta to help you out

I i have tried fairy bread and i love it I think it’s amazing Berry bread is really good What’s it called it’s fairy bread frog In australia is it Fairy bread So you just a piece of bread and then You use butter on it or margarine Whatever and then you put the hundreds Of thousands all over it I was about to ask you if you don’t need It quick enough does it fly away Because i’ll end up taking it that’s why Well It’s it’s something that yeah like He’s done for like kids birthday parties And things like that oh okay oh has Anybody tried upside down pineapple cake That’s great Cake factory they have pineapple upside Down cake Cheesecake oh my gosh it is delicious It’s worth it i’m getting fatter just Thinking about it Adam where are you from Tennessee well originally from saint Augustine florida but i live in Tennessee i’ve been here for Uh too long twenty might have it what About a shoe shoe fly pie Shoe flat tie they have it in kentucky I’ve never heard of that Yeah she fly Yeah i think we need to ask matt this

Question Yes Matt maybe we should go from this angle What haven’t you had This is So that’s a very good point um Let me rebuttal that with um i love Carnivals and fairs Okay so It’s been deep fried Or let’s try it So Instead of so matt’s walking towards the Food not the rides God built me for the ground so that’s Where i’m going to stay right okay that That’s me too i go right for the food Areas i stay i don’t care for the rides But i go for the candy apples and all That kind of stuff oh candy happens nice Caramel apple I’m not hungry but this is starting to Make me hungry What the heck Oh funnel cake is amazing come to pear Unity everything that you guys minus the Vegemite are saying are Here at the fair So funnel cake is basically maker it’s Like oh do you really oh that’s awesome So basically it’s like a um it’s like a Dough that you would put in a fryer And then you make it look like a kind of A pretzel kind of type of thing and then

You would put icing sugar On it and then you put Ice cream on it and then you could put Like a Cherry uh cream or uh strawberry cream Or whatever no it’s a oh you guys must Do it differently Here we don’t do it with the ice cream Like you get it and then it’s hot you Can either do it with powdered sugar or You can do it with like cherries or Strawberries but yeah we put ice cream With ours we put a vanilla ice cream Usually it must be in the middle because We we do either or Yeah yeah Oh matt No at this fair we there is a stand that Does it with as i said ice cream i’ve Never seen that as much as i’ve traveled 14 years in the military i’ve never seen Ice cream on funnel gates yeah well if You come out to canada and go to Canada’s wonderland that’s where you get It there with the ice cream oh so is That where you’re going to take me brian So i can try all these weird foods no Jackie jackie jackie had a good one Peanut butter pie Going back to my original question matt What i’ve never I don’t know but i’ll let you know when I find it Never tried peanut butter

Wait what what What Do they have it in australia Yes and it like everyone loves it but i Don’t know yeah Wanted me to make like peanut butter Sandwich or put peanut butter on their Toast i would just be like I just i don’t know i’ve never tried it I’ll just put the spoon in there and Just eat it Oh my god Look at this Coming Oh and he’s full of absolute beers Saying i don’t know why she keeps Calling me mister Oh yeah The whole peanut butter thing is a Little bit weird i have to be honest Not ever having peanut butter i can’t Even imagine me i have never met anybody That they’ve never had peanut butter Maybe you can give her that with uh Ice cream when she comes to canada oh Homemade ice cream with peanut butter How many peanut butter yes I think the whole i think the whole Thing started with me and peta about This love hate relationship Is that we’re both very very sarcastic People And

I think that’s where really really Started i think we were having a con i Think it started exactly when it started Was uh before we did me and matt did the Show back in january Uh we had them on the phone before that Uh before that show because we Pre-recorded Uh their segment And uh i was busting shots about Something i can’t recall what it was and That’s when i think it really started Between us And uh It’s a good love pay relationship and it Works it works Well We actually never know when um It’s very hard to decide i’m gonna tell You guys something that i just recently Tried What’s that What’s that patty Okay so uh i tried something recently Because i make smoothies in the mornings Almost every morning i make a different You know what play around with it Anyway i i made one and i’m hooked on it Now it’s with a banana Oat milk Peanut butter powder you can buy the Actual powder the peanut butter powder Instead you know you mix it with water You can turn it into peanut butter but

It’s in powder form so i put a couple Teaspoons of the peanut butter powder in There and i put a bunch of honey in There with the oat milk and all that and I make a smoothie and it tastes like You’re eating a peanut butter and banana Sandwich Like bikini um Yum it is really good Like peanut butter Peanut butter banana sandwich i love it Have you ever had it it’s awesome yes my Favorite as a child a lot yeah me too i Still do it i have that for lunch at Least three times a week i’m gonna say i Just had one last week You know the marshmallows Oh yeah um Do you have tim tims In the u.s no oh Never heard of those oh what really What are they they’re biscuits At their chocolate biscuit but then i’ve Got like a center Bit And people um in australia like uh call It a tim tam slam Where you like just bite a little bit of One corner off and the opposite corner Off And then you um Like suck the coffee or hot drink Whatever into the biscuit and then put It in your mouth and it just like melts

Um Hold on no i’m gonna have to look oh Let me i love fried green tomatoes yes Fried green tomatoes yeah amazing i know You know like Every food that we’re basically talking About here is like the worst food ever Other than your smoothie Yeah we’re going for like Artery claws i know Uh i know a heart attack waiting to Happen like Welcome to america we can fry it We will um and if not we’ll find a way To you know deep fry the vegetables i Mean Have you ever had fried corn No No How about i’m not a big deep fried Person Uh but you have to be this is this is The american way you know Everybody makes fun of us we deep fry Everything actually um My mom will take and uh she makes a Fried Goes That’s a tim tam oh We have different cookies We have them in so many different Flavors yeah it’s Um well for yeah like lots of sugar oh Okay okay i’m like

Very nice Where where are you going with this adam What did these things lead to Somebody’s getting a new nickname here Soon i have that feeling You mean me or adam Actually i was thinking about lurker but That works oh okay My co-host He’s on a biscuit I don’t know what his deal is but So tell everyone about your little show That you do uh your your shows that you Do uh matt and bryan also you guys do Like your little shows every week Like literally I like how she says little shows big Shows i don’t know i’m sorry yeah No no it’s okay patty i was just busting Your teeth okay I was going along with it i was like Well i mean So i uh i host actually what i call the Pear crew podcast it’s every wednesday And friday night uh wednesday at 7 p.m Eastern friday 9 p.m eastern uh Basically Kind of like what you have here patty And you’re just kind of hanging out Getting to know people hanging out with The chat Um Everyone’s welcome doesn’t matter who it Is in the field anybody outside of the

Field i’ve had Radio djs on i’ve had A bunch of people i’ve had everybody and Anybody and Basically it’s just a good time just to Hang out relax and just enjoy each Other’s company And just to find out more to learn and To have Yeah fun It’s really about it um and then what About the one that you do with squeakers That where you guys do like the tick Tock videos oh that’s actually lurkers That’s oh that’s lurkers okay yeah Lurker uh carlos one of my co-hosts uh He has his own show it’s called wtf is That uh it’s a reaction show he Basically reacts to different tech talks Um whether it’s paranormal or just Random stuff he finds half the things i Have no idea where he comes up with it But um That is one for a little more adult it’s Not for kids And then my wife and My other co-host sarah have their own Show too called creepy cryptids where They talk about cryptozoology uh Theories a bunch of different things Um they both all all the shows that They’ve been doing have been absolutely Phenomenal Um i’m very proud of

Nwte They’ve all really stepped up And you’re talking about three different Introverts You know Starting their own podcasts so i’m i’m Really proud of that that’s awesome Can i just point something out that v Team paranormal just said Yeah sure Yeah the qriket The crickets and hot dogs like what the [ __ ] wait what Yeah At the calgary stampede this year they Had crickets in the hot dogs and sold Them for twenty dollars no joke what the Hell Crickets aren’t too bad I had crickets in thailand Cricket yeah they’re just crunchy oh Sick i don’t even need hot dogs much That’s a damn cricket in one oh Honestly honestly Healthier than the hot dog all right Uh i’ll take the hot dog Sorry my daughter didn’t want to see her She walked out so Nicki is in the Room yeah it’s miguel that’s my gail Nicky Nicholas she’s one of my subscribers and A friend of mine she’s over it yeah we Follow each other on instagram

Okay [Laughter] Oh i’m gonna give you so much So Here’s a little culinary adventure for Everybody So when i was in thailand for the Military we Were stationed in sarah heap it’s a port For the their military for their navy When we were there there was probably I’d say about a hundred plus chickens a Bunch of cats bunch of dogs all roaming All over all over the place oh my god They had a little they had a little food Court Set up and they had like shrimp and Different things they had a bunch of Different stuff Well one of the favorites that we had Was their fried chicken just like little Chicken wings it was absolutely Delicious It wasn’t until we left to go to pattaya For uh basically a vacation a month and A half vacation Did we realize that there was really no Cats or dogs or chickens left on that Pier When we were leaving Oh the chicken wasn’t really chicken That’s what we were thinking but here’s My god here’s the fun thing During our briefing we were told

Never ask what you were eating just eat It shut up and be happy I’ll tell you what if it was It was good it was good I was in korea Um you know like here in america they Have the hot dog Like carts like on the corners of Certain places So in korea it’s the only thing i could Compare it to except it was bigger Obviously But they would push it around and it Would be a bunch of skinned dogs laying There for you to choose from different Sizes yeah the table is the same way Was the same way and they Even had uh Yeah they had like iguanas they had Guinea pigs they had Raccoons take your pig they have nasty Stuff with their meat oh my god watch Because we don’t know who our viewers Are sorry about the fences but it was Nasty to us Yeah Oh my god animals You’re talking about our companions and Our pets and and they’re and they eat Them and skin them and eat them over There that just it doesn’t set right With me because i mean with any of us We’re not used to that lifestyle yeah

Part of why i gave up eating meat period Right i do eat some bird and i eat fish But i i even that I do too So I’m gonna tell you there’s there’s if You really look at some of these foreign Countries the things I mean they have raccoons that will be Stuck in this cage like they’re squished Like there’s so many of them in there And they sit and watch one raccoon be Pulled out and swung around by his tail And his head hit on the ground over and Over again until it dies and they start Screaming and or they’re boiling them Alive and [Applause] Oh god but you know what i’ll say that Because a lot of that is also for the Fur trade so people think that wearing All this fur is okay and these animals Are like so mistreated and abused to get That little bit of fur It’s it’s so bad that uh i don’t know uh Kmart you know used to be a big thing Uh they would sell and i think walmart Has them now a lot at christmas time You’ll see those little fake ornaments With like fake fur it might be like a Little fake fox or owls and they have Like fake fur Like there’s this huge thing out that You should avoid those because a lot of

Times they put it as far fur for Americans but it’s actually those Animals that are Killed yeah So i’m real funny about any of that Stuff yeah i am too just just for Everybody in the audience just let you Know it over there Especially in like pattaya in thailand And stuff meat is very rare yeah if you Find any source of meat that is Sustainable that’s not fish You use it It’s it’s just you got to use what you Got to use well and that’s why you can Watch videos like at the nail salons I’ll never forget this one nail salon Here they’re always showing these videos Of uh it’s an asian country i don’t know Where exactly but they’re out like Waiting in water and doing this stuff With sand and reaching in these things And they’re getting what kind of looks Like eels and stuff to me And they’ll eat all that Stuff um yes but that’s what they’re Doing is they’re hunting to gather all That up to take it back and eat it And so He’s right it’s you know what Just To most people it should be you know It’s just as graphic the way they kill Our cows or yeah they put all their

Camels in a room with uh Like a swimming pool area and they just Start slicing roads like everything That’s horrendous horrendous things i Know i know i don’t eat beef or pork i Don’t eat any meat i eat um Chicken boneless chicken but i’m getting Sick of that too like you were saying You’re getting you know and i when i say I get sick sometimes when i chew it It’ll hit me like yeah i’m feeling some Of the animal or what but i’m like God Yes me too it’s awful i’ve gotten to the Point now where i’m pretty much 100 Vegan you know and Well you know there are some countries That they eat horse meat i mean It’s a delicacy yeah um But then again there’s also you know Like People who eat snails oh yeah oh that’s Like escargot Something in the chat somebody said Somebody says was hungry but not now Oh Uh iguana iguana is good it tastes like Chicken it’s actually pretty gamey I’ve had iguana down in guatemala So i i did try snapping turtle once uh Sorry i’m going to piggyback off what Brian was asking you earlier What have you not tried When i when i find it i will let you

Guys know but that would only be a past Tense statement But believe it or not though i’m Actually i’m actually a very picky eater Believe it or not i will try it but i’m Very picky on what i like Yeah but i think picky is like you won’t Like i never had rice until i joined the Army right so like i think picky is What you will and won’t try that’s picky Not what you decide you like or don’t Like i would not try all that [ __ ] you Were just talking about Well A lot of that Was Motivated by The spirits we’ll just say yeah Oh the spirits the wears on my earlier Spirits like The liquid ones I’ve got a i’ve got i’ve done a lot of Stupid things been motivated by the Spirits and um This way um When when you are uh Under the influence of the spirits Exactly And somebody Says for you to do something I’m i’m just drinking coke tonight no Peach ground This is an energy drink

I’m gonna try energy out i’m sorry I mean like it it it has to be a guy Thing especially in the military um If you tell me i’m not gonna do Something when i’m drunk you know what I’m gonna do it you know you know what They say if you if somebody told you to Jump off that bridge would you Absolutely guess what listen Did you say you were nobody in here was A marine right Oh my dad was okay well sorry sorry to Your dad um Right i was the mp i was an mp in the Army for those that don’t know that’s a Military police officer and so our Berries When i got deployed for 9 11 Um Our barracks were by the jar head the The marines barracks And these idiots decided to see if the Flag vest really worked well the flag Vests in the army guys or the marines is This big heavy it’s kind of like a Bulletproof thing that you’re supposed To wear in the war zones right that’s Kind of going to help you a little well They decided like just down the hallway In the middle of the barracks to try Their gun to see if the flak vest would Work or not so like Yeah you guys are like Testosterone-driven that’s [ __ ]

I i i’m Some of your guys drink a pine sol that I had to go rescue because they felt Suicidal i can’t get through basic Training U.s navy seabees right here we were the Ones who gave the jarheads half the Ideas And then we tried it ourselves Let’s do it so we could say we did it Too and we’re cool You know what was crazy about the mps And uh You know of course the the cadence wimpy Wimpy wimpy mp can’t spell wimp without Mp Um I don’t know i remember about that Cadence because we didn’t see that Oh yeah well we used to run past y’all’s Barracks singing it and uh Well here’s the thing so We’re in a war zone all right We’re in iraq I’m I’m on qrf which is quick reaction force When we get called out We gotta [ __ ] it and get it go Right you know how many times an mp Tried to pull us over on the five while We’re running sirens And literally we wait they find out Where our where our house is And they’re waiting for us when we get

Back from saving somebody’s ass or Escorting Out or whatever to handle Oh you get speeding tickets in a combat Zone because well not like that Some people really take it to their Heads just like civilian police officers They just you know some Here’s the thing like in the military i Could be a private which is the lowest Rank and i can pull over a commander who In any other circumstance i would Basically have to bow down for And because i’m an mp status Uh he can’t outrank anything so i’m and So people just take it to their head and Abuse it just like some civilian police Officers So that was what they wanted to do yeah I don’t know that that sounds wrong when Especially when you’re like going out And going into like a huge conflict and Yeah saving people like adam said and You get a freaking speeding fine That’s crazy wow i had no idea stuff Like that went on over there Now being on the other side of that you Have to understand that Now in that situation i mean my first Thought is they should be like oh okay We understand and i should be that but I mean you have to understand that You know what the mps deal with on the

Other side and the situations that when They aren’t control controlled and Children are ran over not in the war Zone necessarily but you know what i Mean so There’s things on both sides of that no Matter which jobs you’re looking at so In our military where people either are Abusive and or don’t do their job at all Or you know are good people so It is what it is yeah Yeah i i Oh sorry No no that’s all right I just wanted to hit on what cindy said About uh two Two comments up above uh david there Above the philly cheesesteak Okay crossing the equator Um i know what she’s talking about Shellback Uh they actually don’t do any of that Stuff anymore that one yep they actually Don’t do that they they do Somewhat of a haze and that’s what we in The military called hazing Where you just basically beat the living Crap and you go through basically this Ritual of crossing the equator for the First time Um They got rid of a lot of that like for Example When we made e4 or petty officer and uh

Like for you it would be Pfc pfc Because you’re you’re doesn’t doesn’t The army nco start at e5 Yeah they call it blood wings well yeah Corporal but not everybody gets that Some Transfer our ncos started e4 The petty officer third class Well for us we always had our we called Our crows we had them tacked on Before they used to literally beat the Living crap out of you and Put basically uh your pins on your Collar they would take the frogs off the Back and yeah the damage that’s what we Call blood stripes yeah You bleed they stick them so if you can Imagine what we might call like a brooch Well bro just go this way but uh kind of Like an earring post but ten times Bigger And they’re that you’ve got two or three Of them depending on your rank and they Stick them in and then don’t put the Backing on there yep yeah that’s The little backings we call them damn It’s like i’ve got a big star right here Um because every time you poke yourself When you forgot you had them um damn Damn it um Yeah but like i’ve got a big scar right Here so you know when i got my cib the Combat infantryman’s badge for the first

Time they came up and they pinned me and They It’s tradition and If i choose you know i guess now I don’t know with today’s now they have Stress choirs in adam i’ve heard i’ve Heard my nephew back the only reason i’m At This house right now is because i’m dog Setting because My nephew’s graduated ait um Out in fort sill oklahoma And um but here’s the thing and i don’t Have the heart to tell my mom So he just graduated ait he’s gonna be Working on the patriot missile system so Um Now he’s having to stay for 11 weeks of Additional training and i’m like yeah You know what that means You’re gone goodbye you you’re you’re About You’re basically getting deployed before You even hit your first duty station Um because that’s what the army will do Before you get deployed They’re gonna train you up for Depending what your mos is You know it could be four weeks it could Be three months they’re going to train You up in every situation every um Um Spit piece a piece nasty Yeah

Yeah and you know When you graduate ait is anyone else What’s that Is anyone else lagging or is it my Internet It has to be that aussie internet Yep i’ve already put a side I already put a quarter in my router so I’m all right Are you like uh in a big city or are you Like in the outback In the outback Um i’m about 45 minutes um i’m up in the Hills so um yeah about 45 minutes from The city so peter i’ve always asked her Is one of the places i’ve always wanted To come to because i’m an animal lover i Love kangaroos and stuff but i just Curious like how serious it is with Those great big ass spiders that build Those that take over cities and stuff Okay I’m just gonna clear something up here The that there are loads of photos Online and then they put spiders in Australia And yeah we have spiders but Um most of the images when i’ve actually Like looked at them and then searched Online Some of them are actually from the States Um That’s but yeah we don’t never see them

We don’t We don’t get spiders that yeah take over Um you know paddocks and Um you know cover huge big gum trees and Things well that makes me feel better Because that was the one thing that i’m Like I don’t know I did all the spiders and big insects Perpetrate over there is scary to me So between crocodile dundee yeah i mean Even which one which one’s the national Treasure no i don’t want to hear this Oh my goodness I love them both i know i missed the Crocodile hunter I do too Well speaking Speaking of him um My Pot he used to work with my pop my light Pop And um when he was a lot younger And They were working on the railway line in The outback and I’d always have to Keep a really close eye on steve because As they were driving along you know like The workers would be you know sitting in The back of the truck or Whatever and if but if steve saw Something He he would be jumping out and he’d be

Off And so they’d always have to stop And you know start yelling out because He’d just be gone Trying to find him so they could keep Going yeah But but now he was he was an awesome Dude he Until the way He He passed away was like I was Always banking on like a black mamba or You know yeah Anything other than Like the most docile sea creature there Is besides Yeah You know um Such a such a great loss and I know I always say like I survived three ieds i see the message I’m on full screen i can’t see on this Like i said it’s lucky for Um i’m saving that last one Now now you got my attention hang on We got a group chat going on here and We’re excited about um thank you for Taking care of that aj if you’re Watching right now thanks for taking Care of my friend stephanie I hate hate to do this guys but i do Have to get going

Oh yeah yeah What time is it it’s getting like almost 10 a.m eastern right we’ve been live for A while thank you all for uh hung in Here with us all this time Um brian i never got a chance like you Uh you’re telling everybody that’s here About your show that you do with lex What is it every other week or one time Yeah it’s every it’s every weekend but We’ve decided that we’re taking the Month of uh july off okay One of the reasons why Because of coven and stuff like that and So uh we’ve decided to take like i said To take the month of july where our Show’s called through the lens with Brian and lex and basically what we do Is we bring up Uh smaller youtuber channels Or youtube channels that are into the Paranormal investigations Cryptics whatever And we bring them up and uh introduce Them to everyone because We strongly feel that a lot of times you Don’t you don’t get to know these people Because you only see them behind the Camera yeah or doing paranormal Investigations so really our show is About getting to know the people that Are making these videos and Uh really really trying to get them out There to grow and so people go over to

Their youtube or their facebook or If they do live investigations or Whatever so that’s really the premise of Me and lex’s uh show so if you do have a Show and you are a Paranormal investigator you have a Youtube channel reach out to us and We’ll bring you up on the show yeah Steph I was gonna say thank you matt for Filling in for me because yeah i was Meant to Be on with uh brian yeah Yeah we’ll get petey on later on down The road probably in august When we start back up again we just Decided to take a month break so yeah And if you guys follow me on my g team Facebook page i always post when they When they do you know their links and Stuff so you can go over there and find Them Their links are over there I think matt wants to say something he Keeps on raising his hand matt what you Want No brian brian’s was saying if anybody Wants to come on his show i was raising My hand i volunteer Podcasts Thank you for having me again it was Very good You’re welcome you’re welcome and tell Everybody how to find you

Um laura so you can find me on the Global ghost hunt page however i do have My own page which is a whispering angels On facebook Um whispering angels with two s’s on Tick-tock and whispering angels on Youtube so Okay Peter peter tell everybody about your Channel Uh well we uh have actually got part two Of our ouija board experiment uh growing Up well for you guys it’ll be sunday Night um for australia it’ll be monday Um So yeah that’s something that um we are Looking forward to Continuing with Um when you bring in your requests What are you bringing your podcast Network central what’s going on with Your podcast oh my goodness um well i’ve Just been so busy working and when i’m Not working Um yeah my children got really sick and Then i got sick and Jen had some um family stuff going on Too so Yeah we’ve got to have a team meeting And and get that started again because I’ve got like a whole bunch of you know Guests lined up but Yeah but that’s Called what the paranormal and yeah

Whenever Uh jen and i do it we Um stream to power post on facebook And On our youtube channel which is just an Imperial sister’s paranormal Yes what’s the name of that again Ethereal sisters paranormal Does somebody want to put her lincoln uh The chat real quick Because it’s so easy to look up by the Name that thing is Look i see it every day and we’ll Probably have problems so definitely put Your link up for people yeah because i When i first tried to find it i was like Type in a different way like how is this How’s this that’s the world And so i just stuck with peter And now you just call me missy or miss No Yes If paddy come to canada I am coming to canada all right i’ve put This i’ve put the link um in the chat Yeah what do you got in canada uh patty I don’t know but hopefully uh it’ll be Sometime hopefully later this year or The beginning of next year I’m hoping That’s what i’m going to shoot for Everybody come and see brian Yes brian For the love of god

Everyone come to paris today How many bedrooms you got brian Uh Not enough for everyone We’re all sleeping in the same bed What size bed do you wear sleeping do You have a cat every man’s dream i’m a Cuddler let’s go i have a i have a i Have a sofa bed Okay A pull out sofa bed so that’s good there You go That’s cool No no no i have back issues um Have How about this how about we set you up In a hotel room and you can do whatever You want Me and peter needs side by side did you Just say what did you just say [Laughter] Yeah that’s a whole other show You guys are all you know what i think Me and me i’m hilarious [Laughter] You know there’s a bar downstairs for God’s sake You’re gonna have problems It’s gonna get messy Don’t worry i got a sofa bed i got a Just throw me on the corner somewhere I’ll be good right i can sleep in the Back of a truck and green while they’re Driving 80 miles an hour

He’s got an image of the Know the game uh twister i just got an Image of brian’s um jenna carla being Twister And then everyone getting all tangled up She says I told you i’m delirious Do you want to come over for some Paranormal activity [Laughter] Oh my god stop everybody just Jesus sick of it Sick of all of you It’s the brady bunch tv show Oh my god The sofa bed doesn’t make any noise i Swear [Laughter] This is how we normally act everybody When we’re not live But we’re live now so you’re getting to See how we normally oh my god It’s not a sleepwalk it’s conscious You’ve been down here for like three Hours mom the party’s over I think they’re like they laughed more Than me and cece on an investigation we Laughed a lot i know everybody that was So funny petty Oh yeah Wasn’t that funny oh my i had to leave That in the video that whole scene was

Just too funny to not leave in the video You know what i just noticed guys all of This going on in the in our little Messenger is in the administration not The personal chat oh [ __ ] yes Like jesus christ Sorry About this earlier Excuse me guys but can you do me a solid And go to the personal chat this is You know what You know what i could be You know i could be a real [ __ ] and Be nasty in it and say listen Morons Go over to the personal chat that’s Like there’s got you guys Adam listen he had to go and recreate a New room for us because we were doing Too much personal chatting in the admin Room so matt was pointing out that we Forgot we were in the admin room yeah Yeah When he wrote his note to us in there he Was pissed because he woke up to like 200 messages So that’s why i said brian when you wake Up in the morning when you see a bunch Of [ __ ] in the village again you’re Gonna wake up too into [ __ ] So They had to wake up I didn’t put the unicorn i did not put

The unicorn Oh there is a lot of stuff in there Brian By the way folks this is who’s leading The global ghost hunt all of us I’m sorry i’m going to say this patty And i’m going to say this you guys are All [ __ ] And it’s already it’s already been on Record brian saying that you trust us so Yes that’s true You know what you know what you know What i’m gonna do you know what i’m Gonna do You know what i’m gonna do right now i’m Gonna delete The personal chat and restart it It’s all good guys it’s all good It’s all good i don’t have a problem With it As we think he sends another one You know what If you guys could do me a solid don’t do It again please I was waiting for that Through the floor to quiet down God what’s wrong with you people We’re so Thanks guys thanks everyone Thank you everyone Thank you Anytime good night

Everybody Curfew though my ten-year-old says it’s Time for bed so we gotta go okay good Night good night everyone bye-bye Hi everyone thank you for hanging with Us all this time Sorry for the tangent right there at the End but [Laughter] It was awesome i

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