Disclosure in your lifetime?

By | July 15, 2022
Disclosure in your lifetime?

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on a rather delicious evening It’s and it’s extremely fishy because we Have none other than the squid in the House v squid Rather be squiddy how are you doing Doing well great great to see you again Great to see you brian up my day my Friend Well yeah i’m excited uh it’d be a fun Discussion today And do you know that’s one of my Favorite colors in the background Yeah is that is that i don’t care guys It’s great it looks like a duck egg in This light You know it was painted when i got the Place so i i can’t tell you the exact Shade but i do enjoy it too Same color as my kitchen i love it nice Rich ufo tech not not not saying that You’re living in a kitchen No hey how are you doing are you doing Rich am i a lad thanks I’m i’m looking forward to this and the To the discussion that you’re going to Have with rava because i think you’ll be Rather grand Uh panda bun And lee howdy I’m glad you’ve got rid of the red lady Because last night when you you you when You went red on your show Goggles being broccoli

If we do a show On aleister crowley We’ll have that read in the background Right okay But boys We’re not here to talk about aleister Crowley Oh we can do I mean let’s face it everything’s Everything’s steady at all right No um I was thinking the other day Oh by the way uh The chat the people The people that are watching after the Show rich is probably gonna join us at Some point He may be asleep right now but he’ll Probably wake up about 10 minutes in But if anybody has his number just Buzz him a couple of times I was thinking the other day What better guests to get on Together the rich ufo tech and rather be Squiddy For a conversation on a possible Disclosure in our lifetime when i say in Our lifetime i’m talking people that i’m 41. i i’m not sure how old you fellas Are well i know how old some of you are But you know I’m wondering Will we and i’m not talking about when People say disclosure has already

Happened because i don’t buy that I buy a disclosure that is We have Video footage of aliens we have an Actual alien you know or We have their tech or We can see Where they come from And i want solid proof But i’m wondering if we would we’ll ever Get that In our lifetime Because if i’d have said this to my Granddad when he was still alive he did That he said When he was when he was compos mentis he Would have said not a chance you know It’s not going to happen and he he Definitely believed that that there was Life out there but he said never in our Lifetime When you mean disclosure you’re talking About not necessarily the government Telling us all the secrets but actually Finding out what this mystery is is that That kind of an accurate summation Rather i want my mum my dad my wife to Say You were right to be doing what you’ve Been doing because You know it’s led to this and we now Know that this is a real thing this is Indication yeah i’m talking The entire planet

Everybody And i think we’ll you’ll you’ll and what Will that look like as well let’s Discuss that If it did happen But do you boys think we would we will Get that in your lifetime I’ll say yes but i don’t think it will Come from the government Okay first of all you’d be rich Um Well i think it’s about a year ago i Said that it was going to be three to Five years Um And i’ve got to say things i haven’t Moved as quick as i thought they would Um I was i was expecting them to be Monitoring stuff A lot quicker But But saying that I also think there’s there’s there’s an Argument That that will never get complete this Disclosure in terms of will everybody on The planet be accepting that this might Happen Given given that After the war there were pockets of Japanese soldiers who were still Defending parts of the pacific And they didn’t think the war was ending

You know you know So So will the whole of the planet Accept it possibly not you know So we have to be philosophical about That that there might be a large Large parts of communities that may Never accept that Uh Just literally because of the beliefs They hold Etc you know Uh lee you said something fantastic About The fact that the ufo community will do A flip And it will be The the people who believe that will be Considered the ones that are in Conspiracy yeah i i think i i think There’s especially if it comes from from Like a A government outlet like what we’re Getting right now I’ve i’ve never believed in ufos less Than when we had the um we have on the Cnn you know the the minute things like That turn up on news networks i i wonder Why those machines want me to believe That Um And i think that’s the other thing with Disclosure that we that isn’t sort of Took into account we always put the take

The government into account of things Like this but even just over the course Of this week Um you’ve got two separate elements um Going on where Uh the news is full of elon musk’s Father um Getting his stepdaughter pregnant and Having like 500 000 children or whatever He has so you can’t you can’t escape That from the media In the meantime You have a videos circular circulating The internet of hunter bargin Weighing crack And complete [ __ ] media silence So it’s not it’s not just about what Happens or what can come out it’s about What gets filtered to us at the same Time you know we’ve clearly got A completely corrupt Uh news media So Whatever we get told is going to get put Through the prism of whatever they want Us to see anyway so that’s why i think Rich is right you’re going to get Sections of people that just won’t Accept it because if if they roll out in The news tomorrow and say yep we’ve been Visited for hundreds of thousands of Years Um we don’t know what they are but they They keep stealing us now and again and

Doing things to us but we don’t know What to do i I would not take this as The truth if it came to me through Television Yeah i’m inclined to believe you know i Think i think people are very cynical About what’s being fed to them uh Occasionally that’s justified Occasionally it isn’t you know But Uh Th there’s something in the back of my Mind that that feels that this does not Feel right in terms of how it’s being Done Um It’s And i can’t put my finger on it and pop Part of that has has uh you know area 502 and his who’s lube Uh Digging into that That did sort of Cast a little bit of doubt in my mind as To what’s happening uh i Always thought that the ttsa thing was a Bit strange you know to do with the Financial irregularities Um And i don’t see anything Changing on that particularly with the New way they’re trying to green wash Everything

So As as Everything it’s like nailing jelly to a Wall i think that’s the way of Explaining it you know ev every time you Try and hold on to something It loses its um It it loses its substance And Very very hard to Pin facts down to what they actually are Yeah No good guy rather i was going to say You know i i kind of agree with you too About you know disclosure coming from The government um you know it’s hard to Trust them and i think we need some real Definitive proof if it is going to be Accepted by people it doesn’t really Seem like we’re going to get that from The government you know they have All the details are classified right and I’m skeptical that they even really know What’s going on and have any secrets to Really divulge to us Um but i think i agree with you you know If it’s just the media or it’s just the Government telling us that you know Aliens are real and then and Ufos are e.t Is Yeah people aren’t gonna buy it but uh You know if it’s a scientific community If the galileo project goes out and you

Know find something that’s really Compelling and they’re able to You know write papers and convince other Scientists that ufos are et and they’re Seeing you know undeniable evidence and They’re sharing that evidence with us Yeah i think that’s probably the Really the only scenario i can really Envision where like everyone will kind Of be able to you know look at the Evidence themselves and verify it and And and know know the truth uh i’m not Certain that that it will happen right Like i think the other explanation might Be the scientists investigate it and They You know Are able to explain some things with you Know atmospheric conditions or other Other prosaic explanations And you know i think that’s another Possibility of Disclosure happening you know but I think in that case it’s going to be Like proving a negative right there is Going to be a lot of people who Won’t accept that But rather where do you sit with um David fraver um and also Um Do you think more pilots will come Forward Yeah i mean david fravor’s case is Really the only one that really defies

Any Prosaic explanations um And and i believe him like i think his Story like i don’t think he’s making Things up um and i guess you know i’ll Caveat those mosaic explanations as you Know maybe it is a hologram or some Crazy you know us tech you know it’s Hard to rule that stuff out but there’s Definitely something that hasn’t been Explained to that in that account Um you know as far as other pilots you Know we have people like ryan graves Talk about Seeing you know objects in the sky out In the east coast You know it seems to me like a lot of Those encounters are you know i think It’s very important for pilots to come Out and report that sort of stuff what They’re seeing those you know gimbal Type objects the you know cube within a Sphere type stuff but those really sound A lot more like drones to me than you Know something truly inexplicable Um so yeah i think that it’s a big open Question to like how many Truly anonymous anomalous things like David fravor experienced are are out There and how many pilots like that Might come forward i’d Yeah i i yeah i I hope they do but i’m it’s unclear you Know how many stories like that are out

There Yeah i i wanted uh goofin on because i He has He has some views on david fraver That Very much differ from mines but From mine Today i re-listened to the lax friedman Interview with david fraver as much as i Really like joe rowan i thought his Interview was great I loved lax friedman’s interview because It It put David fraver In the pilot seat You you heard Most that that interview was all about Him as a pilot And him Doing that job rather than and the ufos Came into it so it kind of like it gave That he gave us that his story wings Almost you know Yes i mean incredibly compelling story Right it’s uh pretty much what started The whole ufo modern movement it seems Like Yeah rich what are you gonna say I was just going to say really that that Once again we’re hanging on Hearsay Because well we have these grainy little Um

Videos you know where go fast flair etc Um They and gimble sorry They they could There’s there’s no real um Once again We’re down to witness testimony Rather than actual Video evidence because those videos Are not real evidence of any Particularly blistering performance You know that that fraver actually Alludes to um So it’s very very hard For you to That It’s an once again it’s a narrative That’s spun About these images rather than an image That you can look at and go oh yeah That’s making uh huge changes of Direction that is traveling at enormous Speeds Um mick west has Has done some really interesting work With uh Building models that explain How the movement could look And and that the movement may not be as Significant as people think And i get that i actually do get that Particularly with what they call the go Fest Which could so much be the speed of the

Plane that’s tracking the objects and The object might actually be fairly Still but uh You know with without more definitive Data we we really i i don’t think it’s Very i think it’s very hard to believe What’s being told to us and not only That There it There is They’re starting to to put these Um television programs out i saw a Television program where the guy that Played captain america Was on with some people talking about The ufos and they talked about it in in Very prosaic terms and and Talking about drones all the time And It always it always worries me a little Bit when you have a celebrity on it it Tells you You know an unconnected celebrity Which tells you that they’re trying to Force public opinion down a certain Direction um And and that makes me uneasy as well a Little bit you know what why why Bring captain america in to talk about Ufo drones You know and is this is this trying to Shift the uh The uh narrative down a more prosaic Uh

Explanation Yeah i mean it’s it’s just uh i mean the Whole developments almost every Development is bizarre right in some Respects because you know the If they did want to downplay the Potential et ufo if the the government’s Trying to downplay that you know they’ve Done a really bad job because they kind Of You know caused it to explode by you Know take taking it seriously and you Know passing these these laws that are Kind of explicitly looking for advanced Technology and stuff like that Um so you know if they didn’t want to Downplay those drones why not just you Know not do anything you know i think That then no one would really be talking If there wasn’t you know this kind of Persistent government interest in the Issue Uh And it’s bizarre i agree with you as far As you know the videos that they put out Don’t really show anything interesting And uh i have little hope that we’ll Ever actually get to a resolution for What actually happened in that you know David fravor nimitz incident it just Seems like there’s not enough you know Evidence or data that was captured but There is enough eyewitness testimony for Me to you know think that something

Interesting happened and you know be You know A reason to you know be interested in The subject and try to try to learn more What would you say Right now Is the The biggest thing for the people of the Ufo community that is the biggest hope To get a disclosure Yeah i would say you know galileo Project and urpx i think that those you Know scientific expeditions you know That you know aren’t bound by things Like classification and you know Secret means and technologies I think them finding something is really Our our best hope for for proving that There is something truly anomalous and Potentially e.t out there So you think disclosure will be We’ve we’ve found a planet with life on It won’t be Them coming out and saying that they’re Visiting us Well no i think you know galileo project And urpx are looking for ufos in our Atmosphere Um and there there There seems to be you know there’s a lot Of antidotal evidence to suggest that There are at least weird stuff in the Skies right you know be it drones Atmospheric stuff or or ets you know i

Think that there There is enough evidence to suggest that There’s you know an unknown out there so You know when i talk about when i think Of disclosure yeah i kind of think of it As figuring out what that unknown is And you know i think that the galileo Project you know looking in the sky with The Uh Renewed focus and kind of this new Renewed you know uh you know previous to You know 2017 i don’t think any Scientists were really seriously Searching for answers for anomalies in The skies And you know now now they are And i think that if there Is a there there you know we’re on on The course to to nail it down and And you know reach disclosure Yeah that was my life then i i got i got My my wires crossed with the james webb Telescope for a second there um I mean that view is fascinating too can You imagine if you find find you know Evidence of life Somewhere else you know it wouldn’t be Evidence of them visiting us but it Would Definitely make people take that Possibility a lot more seriously But also the same time if you find if You find life through a telescope you

Know that Technically could be life that is Thousands of years Behind what we’ve seen You know through a telescope you because We we See light That is thousands of years old And you know probably the most realistic Scenario for you know james webb finding Life is not only you know something way Out there you know light years thousands Of light years away but Probably just like microbial life is What we’d be able to you know determine Um so if we’re you know Are able to determine that there are Microbes out there on other planets you Know there’s still going to be people Who are reluctant to believe that There’s intelligent life out there but i Think even even Verifying that there’s microbial life Out there would go a long way to a lot Of people to Bringing that possibility to the front Of their minds and kind of You know having Not shutting down the disclo discussion As fast as you know some people do People like neil degrasse tyson i think That they might start coming around to The possibility of ufos existing if you Know we are we’re defined even microbial

Life somewhere out in the galaxy Do you find it strange that the james Webb telescope In its first year doesn’t have Any plans to um Scan tavista Does it nah I no I asked somebody to check it out for me And they came back and they said Uh it’s not on their list of uh projects And it’s not to say that it won’t be in The future but It’s not currently on their list How much of it For the audience could you quickly just Explain tabby’s star that’s the the one With the dysons is that the dyson sphere One Yeah yeah so so this is a star that is Um That is uh fading and then coming back Into light again and and it’s happening It it’s not very particularly bright Stuff but it fades out and it comes back In and uh This is not just a transition of a Planet or something like that it’s Fading out by sort of like 20 25 percent Every time And there’s lots of theories some people Are suggesting that it is a dyson sphere Which is Which is

Uh perhaps a technology that’s trying to Draw energy off the star There are other people suggesting that It’s just dust or Swarms of comets Going round And there are other people that’s Saying that it could actually even be um Just from mining Uh That might be happening so it’s It’s all up for uh discussion On this it really is Do you ever find it strange how um We always seem to Almost go out of our way not to find Interesting things Okay so that that seems to be the the First place if you if you you were going To look if you wanted to look for Something in the same ways when we see Images of mars And you know you’ll get the occasional Thing where like there’ll be a light Over a hill or what seems to be a spire Or something like that and instead of Someone going we should probably go over There and check whether that’s a Building or not they go yeah yeah There’s that there but we should go this Way instead yeah We always see we always seem to go the Other way from the interesting things Yeah yeah

I mean A lot of this is down to what the james Webb telescope was actually set up to do Um Because it collects infrared Uh Light rather than sort of like normal Visible light that we see What it’s trying to do is capture old Light that has been redshifted So for for those that uh Don’t understand as you As you you travel a distance light Shifts from sort of like Its visible spectrum Always towards the red so if you think About red or in yellow green blue indigo Violet And you started like a rainbow and red Orange yellow green blue indigo and Violet your light goes so if you’re Seeing that much light it shifts over That way And that’s where james webb Picks up more information so it can pick Up the older light from earlier on in The universe’s history Um and and i think that’s what they’re After doing it But Uh At the same time it’s picking up some Fantastic imagery and they should point To that tabby star

Yeah yeah i just loaded up their website I was looking for you know the Extrasolar planets that they’re Targeting in the first year and yeah i i Don’t see tabby star and i am i am kind Of surprised about that uh You know they kind of how they did their Proposals was they have this you know Science uh The space telescope science institute It kind of runs the whole thing and all These scientists then for you know Submitting proposals to this Organization And you know they chose the ones the Criteria was you know the the proposals That would be most likely to change our Knowledge of the universe so you know They are you know trying to do some cool Stuff and they are looking at some some Cool stuff like the trappist planets and Stuff like that there’s A number of planets that they’re on Their first year radar that might have Life and so you know i’m surprised that Tabby star didn’t make that list but uh Hopefully we’ll we’ll get that next year Absolutely and trappish star is probably One of the uh um One of the other good candidates so uh Yeah It’s worth a look It’s just clouds It’s all clouds birds balloons

And balloons and trappists that’ll be Awesome He’s I’m doing good i went to sign on i mean I fell asleep no doubt about it but i i Was going to be only a few minutes late And i go to log in and says you don’t Have enough room to operate your pc of Memory i had 2.6 megabytes of space left Wow So i i just sat here for like the last What was that So much porn No there’s none that’s the funny thing i Am not uh uh well then no it’s not like Ufo footage that he’s about to release To the world that’s just because it’s Because the dodgy sites rich goes to he Had like 2.5 terabytes of just right Russian crypto mining bots on his Computer it’s all it was So to bring you back up to up to speed Rich we’ve I’ve been listening the time This disclosure in your lifetime i i Know you said uh when i first met you When i watched when i first started Listening to your channel I think i i listened to your channel a Good six months before i actually Approached you Um So i think it’s probably what four years Ago

What do you think What do you think now Yeah four years ago yeah Um No No there won’t be any disclosure can’t It’s too much for the world to handle It’s uh Once you open up pandora’s box you have To let everything out and then Everybody’s going to question the Government every move they make which we Already do but now they have reason to Proof they can i don’t know about American people we i don’t know how much Dumber we could get in this country but We’re trying we’re trying to be the Dumbest Um Yeah it depends man uh are we gonna have A false flag alien invasion with that New york psa they put up for the nuclear Uh If a nuke goes off in the city did you See that easily yes so weird it’s like An infomercial Yeah it’s pretty wild yeah it’s really Strange You just tuck and roll that’s it What can you fill me in i’ve not seen That can can you play it ollie just uh Just for context i don’t know oh you’ll You’ll be fine to play oh i played it Was it was news

I played it Was it um yeah yeah Yeah it was news it was on tv yeah i Know it was government psa yeah yeah i i Just don’t know if youtube i mean uh Just somebody’s i’m gonna play it but Somebody somebody got their channel got Their video told off for talking about The bombing of the georgia guidestones Can you imagine what yeah But i talked about it i know and i did Another thing to talk about No they they probably were showing a Video too long while they were talking And they got shut off for a minute During the live stream What do you type in to find it What are you looking at Type in new york P as in paul s as in sally a as an apple Isn’t paul s is in sally hey is an apple The big apple Should come right through nuke in there As a search term too The true Oh my goodness all right okay make sure You get the one that has just the Commercial and not the news talking About it because the first three or four Do you want me to pull this up Yeah you could pull it up mate yeah yeah Just find the commercial one But while you guys are looking for that That that is amazing that they would

Actually put a video like that like that Up in this day and age so what i was Talking about last night is well it’s Kind of interesting how they want to Have they want to make it easy for People in the government to report uaps Right so they’ve got the gallego Gallagher thing that they’re going to Put through and i don’t know if it’ll Help but it’s an interesting time that We’re in because All all along we’ve been listening to Lou and others talk about a threat And then you know this false flag alien Invasion was supposed to happen because Uh whatever his name is von braun Talked about it How it’s part of the illuminati playbook And that’s coming up but that should Have happened before the pandemic anyway Rich make it big that’s what she said Hey ho No no To the right So they’re selling a clear attack don’t Ask me how or why just know that the big One has hit okay so What do we do There are three important steps that i Want you to remember Step one get inside fast You your friends your family get inside And no staying in the car is not an

Option you need to get into a building And move away from the windows Step two Stay inside Shut all doors and windows Have a basement Head there If you don’t have one get as far into The middle of the building as possible If you were outside after the blast get Clean immediately Remove and bag all outer clothing to Keep radioactive dust or ash away from Your body Step three stay tuned Follow media for more information Don’t forget to sign up for notifynyc For official alerts and updates And don’t go outside until officials say It’s safe All right you’ve got this So weird Oh oh I should remove i remember i went to Remove it and remove rather than that Video I have Probably seen in the last That’s the oddest video i’ve seen since Sesame street street uh was teaching Kids how to make yes Oh [ __ ] you’re gonna say which a

Different one then no no they did they Did one which was like a um Was it like an earthquake quite Preparedness one And they had like elmo making [ __ ] Bug out bags with kids it was [ __ ] Weird I mean Why’d you call me stupid Who did You did i never said You said stupid you did you went About you what were you talking about He said make it bigger and make it Bigger and i and i did and he said no Stupid What i think he just meant the the Little square but i think he was joking To be fair I never said stupid did i say stupid Yes you did It wasn’t to you dude So all right you know Well you know If it’s anything it’s a youtube ui Designers because uh it is a little Confusing I think it was just a joke you know it Wasn’t i think i was calling that the Psa thing stupid it’s stupid i wasn’t Saying it to you if i did i’d look in The face and saying you’re stupid You know me by now Yeah it is it is stupid though i don’t

Understand well I mean Why would The way that was presented as well You know it’s odd Very very odd i i don’t i don’t get it i I don’t get that You know it seems a bit Fear-mongering to me you know And well do you know do you know what Sounds Uh we we’ve had a few generations since There’s been a nuclear threat Now i i don’t think Everybody here remembers what it was Like back in the 70s and 80s when Um the cold war is was at its height Have you seen sort of like we we had a Truly horrifying Set of television uh adverts that used To be played all the time You know about uh uh Covering and getting out of a blast and Similar advice to here so this is for a New generation of people that that That don’t know what a nuclear threat is And To be fair that’s what vladimir putin Has been threatening i think there’s a There’s a good chance as well if even if There isn’t some sort of like real like Kinetic war That happens sort of like like a global Kinetic war

Um You probably headed into a new cold war Anyway You know so the Like my father and All our parents Would have gone would have gone through The cold war you know and had that in Schools where People people were told to hide under Their desks and in the in the case of Explosions and stuff so i suppose it Could be looked at as just like that Jen yeah i think that’s supposed to be a Joke that and it’s tickled me thank you For the super chat uh preparing for a Tonight oh my god not a nuclear tap Because That’s the thing i mean and and a Nuclear bomb hits And it’s just like Yeah just brush yourself off Get yourself inside It’s yeah wait wait get away from the Windows no You don’t oh yeah you’re [ __ ] toast But there’s a there’s like a big area Isn’t it outside of that where Essentially getting yourself Inside somewhere where you haven’t got Like Where you can have as little air coming Into the place as possible without [ __ ] suffocating yourself

Is pretty [ __ ] valuable i just hope To god the planet never sees one again That’s my hopes you know all those tests And what have you Don’t drop one people Yeah however To bring it back on point With disclosure We may get a video like that to tell us About aliens [Laughter] I’m being serious that’s probably what We’ll get It wouldn’t be great If it was if it was the same woman That was that just had like a cgi’d Inside of a spaceship behind it she’s Like so the big ones happened you’ve Been abducted what now You know There was a time when i when i used to Think We will get Evidence That everything from that happened in Roswell Everything’s happened with everybody’s Sightings people abduction stories it’s All going to come together and it’s all Going to make sense The more and more i do this The more i seem to run away from the Idea of it kind of never coming together I i i mean rather you’re on ucr uh

Rather often And Would you say the The conversation has shifted From What you were having two years ago and And your view your views on the channel I mean to be honest i think that you Know two years ago i was a little bit More optimistic that we were going to Get uh you know Answers right from the government or Things that would come out to kind of Tie everything together i i am more Skeptical that There even is one coherent answer you Know you talk about abductions and you Know all the different aspects of it It’s very possible that there’s you know Five a dozen different explanations for The various types of reports and you Know maybe one of them is et but maybe a Lot of them aren’t um so i think it’s Such a complex issue i i think that Everyone’s looking for the you know one Explanation that will make everything Make sense i i i’m i’m not too Optimistic that you know even if we get Disclosure that that would Explain all the abduction and all the Weird stuff that have happened to some People So yes it’s such a nebulous issue it’s Really

A hard one to really get to the bottom Of Do you do you find That the people you’ve met along the way That people’s views have changed When it comes to the subject of ufology The people you know the then and talk to In I almost said the industry then in the Uh In the community I mean Yeah i i think that you know like there Is i think there is more skepticism it’s A little bit more persuasive you know There’s a You know Two years ago you know elizondo was kind Of on a high horse you know everyone was Kind of looking to him as a shiny night Of disclosure um And you know he said he kind of made a Lot of promises right like he talked About there being one tool to be able to Detect uap out there and that he was Gonna you know tell us about that in the Coming months that it wasn’t even under Nda and you know that never came to Fruition um and there’s you know His talks about you know these secret Videos that he’s seen Now you know the ig report came out it Seems like there’s maybe one or two Other you know

Potentially interesting videos but You know when you hear people like him Talk about Other things that have been now kind of Debunked you know the pyramid green Pyramid issue or video and stuff like That I think that a lot of his claims are a Little bit Less convincing now than they were two Years ago to me and i think to to a lot Of others in the air you know in the Space And that’s not to say that i don’t think That there is nothing there you know i Still think that there’s Something interesting going on Um i’m just more skeptical that the Government has any of those answers um And that we’ll we’ll get them from the Government i think that you know it’s There’s enough information out there That i think that should interest Science and that’s where my kind of my Hopes are Are laid these days Do you think that’s enough to penetrate The mainstream though Yeah i mean i think that we’re going to Need more videos are going to need some More compelling evidence to really Really penetrate the mainstream and get You know normal people to take the the Issue seriously still

Right i think i think it could happen I’m optimistic that you know if there’s Something there you know our scientists Abby loeb and You know uapx are are On track to figure it out I think it’s going to have to be a Presentation or a sort of Um Like A collaboration of Of people on A More trusted platform You know so that i of my first thoughts Would go to like a rogan type thing Because It’s it’s it’s It’s big enough to be like a mainstream Platform but holds more trust than i i Think probably any news network in the World you know it’s as far as Um The the like the percentage of people That listen to that show that show that Trust what they hear on it is probably Much higher than the than the people That listen to like cnn trust what’s Coming through them Um So Do you think that anything that um you Know in the public knowledge that we we Know about if presented and joe rogan

Would change minds I don’t know if anything we’ve got now Would would would change minds i think If you had A A new thing because there was a talk Wasn’t that this was over a year ago Where Um rogan and seven said in his honors Show that he was told that there was Going to be a Um high resolution photograph of one of The triangular crafts That that was going to be released and It last like late sort of into the idea Of being released it got pulled The idea of that so if you if you had Something like that Along with like i mean uh as i always Say his name Slightly weird but michio kaku um You know there you’ve got some guy that People are used to seeing on the Televisions Uh talking about grounded leveled Subjects And he’s the one now turn around saying Well the the onus now is on is to prove That these things aren’t aliens So That is someone like that backing up i Think might change minds Yeah i i think there’s a risk of Making those statements like mitch

Chukaku is making too early right like He’s making these really In my mind outlandish statements about Yeah the onus is on the the government On us the skeptics to prove that they’re Not et which I don’t think we’re there yet in the in The discussion and i think that you know By by him saying that kind of you know Getting the the cart before the horse Do you think that probably turns people Off yeah do you think that that puts him More in the conspiracy theorist Box than he used to be Yeah i don’t know if it’s I i guess you know yeah it kind of kind Of does i i don’t think he’s doing it to Really play into conspiracy theories it Seems like he’s trying to be a little Bit provocative to kind of you know get On these you know shows and stuff which I i don’t think does uh does us any any Positive i think i think that that’s a Negative really in my book It’s it’s very sound biting you have to Be careful about um Who who delivers the message as well Because We can’t rely on uh an appeal to Authority Yeah and Michio kaku is is is an authority he’s He’s very well known but At the same time

Um What he’s easy is he really saying he’s Not actually saying anything all he’s Doing is just asking questions which is What you and i we’re all doing you know Um He’s not doing anything i big i do love The way uh mitchy kind of breaks things Down though to the to the average joe Like me And like to make me kind of understand It Yeah to tell me but i think he’s wrong In his breakdown So yeah probably i mean Realistically the The idea that these are a non-human life Form Should essentially be at the back Of all possible outcomes You know it’s the least reasonable you Know No matter how possible it might be it’s The least reasonable explanation the Most reasonable explanation is that the Human made Yeah that that or maybe you know Atmospheric you know some some other Natural phenomena that we we don’t quite Know about yet right um Yeah of of earth origin in one way or Another yeah And i guess yeah that that’s probably Do you think that

Disclosure can come from a process of Elimination you know uh being able to Eliminate all the human sources and Other sources and then what’s left is Aliens i think that That might start pointing us there but i I don’t think that that will be enough No you’re right you’re right i think Mainstream would have to be a Um a roswell incident that happened Again that didn’t get retracted That’s what you what you need for Mainstream coverage isn’t it Like one of these crashed we’ve got Bodies we’ve got a ship we’re going to Pull the cover off and show you Everything Yeah that or something like the phoenix Lights happening in in today’s age right I guess Of some I mean i remember i remember the phoenix Lights happening I remember even in the uk it was on the News like this thing that happened and Then even back then when the news cycle Wasn’t as fast as it is today It just came and went Came went gone Um It’s still it still baffles me i mean Even though it hasn’t It hasn’t matured in the way we thought It would do

But at a time where everybody was told To be locked in the houses Where we all had nothing to do apart From being on the internet we basically Had disclosure In in the way of the New york times article And everyone went oh Aliens might be real Oh well And then that was it he’s just gone That was 27 that was 2017. that was way Before oh so what was the one we we Locked down He’s talking Yeah well the report came out but there Was there was another thing came out Wasn’t there yeah they kind of doubled Down that those videos were real from The government the pentagon you know Confirmed that but yeah i mean i agree In 2017 you know i read that article and Then like every day for a couple months I was you know scouring the papers being Like where the hell is the follow-up Where you know they talk about recovered Alloys and that you know and then they You you’d think that they’d be you know Calling everyone they could and you know That’d be you know continuous following Up reporting but yeah yeah the next big Article was yeah in like 2019 and that Didn’t have any more information It was one of the lines where it was

Saying that these things are in spain in Our airspace with impunity And you just think right well and Nobody cares Like that that seems like a thing Yeah and whether you’re a skeptic or a Believer right like If it’s a drone and you know that’s Invading our airspace without with Impunity it’s Maybe even a bigger issue than aliens Right see yes see i i don’t and rich has To he’s just messaging me he said he’s Somebody’s come up he has to scoot out But See i i have this back and forth with Him with the whole china thing And then being maybe a drone from china I i don’t i personally do not buy that i I don’t think what these pilots saw Was a drone from another country Well i mean Are you talking specifically about you Know the nibitz incident yeah i think I’d agree with that but when you talk About you know the 2019 incident over The roosevelt carrier yeah yeah I think those are probably drones right And when you talk about the gimbal and What ryan graves has been seeing and his Airmen have been seeing you know across The atlantic Those kind of seem like drones to me too You know they’re not doing anything you

Know too crazy I’m specifically talking about the tic Tac I i don’t think that’s a drone I don’t think what they saw in 2004 was The drone I think yeah One of our drones anyway I i think it would have to be like nukes If um If the tic-tacs a Human-made vehicle and that’s we’ll just Say for a minute it’s not atmospheric Phenomena it’s not uh That it it’s that’s weird what’s Happened to my light Um you’re like me well yeah we’ll we’ll Just go off the thing that it’s it’s Definitely uh some sort of uh man-made Craft If We’ve met if someone’s made it Everybody’s made one Because if if china russia or the us Had That sort of technology You could deploy a fleet In every key Uh key area you want to to a to attack You could you could you could do a Um independence day style invasion of Other countries and there’d be nothing They could do about it So the only reason we’re not doing that

Is if every other country has them so Just like nukes where you have the Mutually assured destruction thing we’re Not using nukes on other people because They’ll knew because Maybe If tic tacs are man-made we’re not using Tic tacs on other people because maybe Other people are going to use tic tacs On us and then we have a star wars Battle And Is that that’s why i think that the idea Of them being a countries Doesn’t work with me especially right Now when you see where what’s going in The in the ukraine with russia i feel if There was a If there was an a A easier Non-nuclear tech um Non-nuclear Military conclusion that could be done There either on russia’s side or on Ukrainian allies side to end that feud i Feel it would have been ended Do you Do When it comes to the tic-tac-toe do you What do you think of the tic-tac do you Do you think that What fraver saw was physical or like Rich ufo Tech said could possibly be what do you

Say it could be rich Project Plasmas okay yeah yeah cancer measures Some kind of Projected uh Directed energy uh Or laser-induced plasma Which the pilot wouldn’t be able to tell The difference between whether they Wouldn’t know would they almost like a Hologram yeah yeah it depends and they Would show on radar as well because There would be there would be a heat Signature because it would be uh it Would be hot and some laser-induced Plasmas actually show on radar as well So Yeah it’s it’s Possible what do you make do you think It was physical Do you think that did you do what i Think without any Without any evidence to back it up what I think it is I think it’s complete [ __ ] i think it’s complete [ __ ] And i think it’s Uh do you think frame is an actor I think this whole situation Is building us up to something something Not real something something that’s Going to be Pushed on us Um like certain events over the past two

Years Um headed to and it it’s another Step in the The plan of the the great reset in my Eyes without Without anything to back it up with You kind of think about that the project Blue being kind of fake alien kind of Kind of stuff even if it’s even if it’s Not just that it Because the other thought i had with it Was Um it might just be another Disinformation campaign it’s something It’s something to get more people Talking about something else which isn’t This global march towards some sort of Um technocratic communism that we seem To be marching our way into you know Ever ever not even marching away into Like ever ever quickly sort of Sleepwalking towards Uh so it could just be it could just be Something to entertain The idiots while we When we wake up one day and we go oh we Can’t say that anymore because it will Affect our social credit score Yeah you know personally i don’t i don’t Know if i really see the you know the The That kind of big conspiracy happening But i think that There might be some truth into the idea

Of you know the fake alien invasion you Know i don’t i don’t think that Something like that would be necessarily Targeting you know american citizens but You know there is there has been a lot Of you know unclassified research by the Military about You know projecting sounds into people’s Ears you know having people hear the Voice of god be able to Say things to them that only they can Hear to kind of drive them you know make Them you know think something you know Extraordinary is happening And you know i i could see it being a Military strategy where you if you did Have the ability to create tick tock Talk attack holograms to deploy that out On the battlefield to really you know Scare the hell out of people and make Them think that you know something Crazy is going to happen to win win some Sort of war i think if you did have that Sort of technology you probably would Want to keep it very secret and if you Deploy it once The cat’s kind of out of the bag is kind Of a one-time use thing because people Will quickly find out that it’s not real So i think that that is a plausible Scenario for me well i mean that Technology now is what and thank you uh I nearly called you ian stu little bates I i am stu little thank you for the

Support my friend uh the super sticker Which is a hippo Another hippo island of it free hippos Hungry hippos love that game I um I genuinely bring it in Rather i i honestly think That’s 2004 so we’re talking nearly Nearly 20 years ago now Yeah wow yeah Nearly 20 years ago But we that was kept under wraps i got I got wind of the tic tac beef and i’m Sure some of you guys may have got wind Of it before it even was a thing You know I i didn’t know until it until the Until it was on rogan essentially that Was that was when i first started Hearing about this thing it it was Osvaldo franco that put me onto it and Said they’re gonna It’s been out a while but this is gonna Start to be a thing Um and the footage was there It’s been it’s be it i can’t remember The channel it came on some weird Uh internet site Uh above top secret i think right No it wasn’t that one it was it was some Website i can’t remember the name of it Had a weird name like strange something It originally came on some website i Didn’t see it on the website but i saw

It when it came it was put onto youtube Maybe corbell’s website strange Something isn’t that isn’t that his own Website I’m not sure but anything because i Think i think that might be it i think The Because that’s ringing that’s jogging Memory bells that He he had that on his website before it Was like Put out as like an official leak Because he He had to come out and say that he che He hadn’t had it for so long there was Something to do with the year he’d Altered the year on the posting or Something like that there was there was Some sort of [ __ ] with it As you can imagine with mr coppell But here’s the thing it’s it’s been Nearly 20 years And That technology even back Well it Now that technology is crazy From what they explain that i’m not Talking about the footage because the Footage from me Is a little bit like oh yes It does move seems to shoot off quite Fast but I’m no i’m no guy behind the the under i Don’t understand the tech of that screen

You know i don’t understand the speeds And what have you so for the average joe To me it just looks a little bit like Well it’s just a blob on a screen that Just shoots off yeah But everybody seems to be making a song And dance about it So it’s interesting but The The the reason we were making a song a Dancer because we’re being told to Yeah and also people get views on Youtube But the The actual accounts of the pilot Explaining what they saw back in 2004 Right now That’s when the cat they could they’re Explaining that it never came out to Like then nobody explained it back then But now Even now that technology is crazy and if He had a human body inside that It would be sludge There’d be nothing left of a pilot In that craft Nothing And i ca i i i will go i will say that From what i’ve listened to a fraver I trust what he says The way explains it And Forget if you’ve watched him on joe Rogan go watch him on lax friedman and

Listen to him speaking as an actual Pilot i love joe i know you watch the Show i love you to pieces but Lacks kind of got the pile out of him First Uh he that was the that was his best Interview It was amazing i think it’s probably i Think it’s right up there with i think Is it his number one interview with Views wise But It It made me think about that person Differently i listened to it i’ve Listened to it twice i could listen to It again today on the way to work on the Way home i’m not finished listening to The whole thing again but i just thought It brings that story to life it really Doesn’t for that to be just an actor or Do you think it’s weird how full of Wonder he is about it Whenever he speaks about it it’s like He’s wide-eyed you do this to me all the Time lee i trusted the man and now You’re gonna just knock me off that Makes me trust him more No no no No because we if you think about it like Whenever he talks about his wide-eyed Like open like you you’ve just done You’ve just showed a five-year-old magic Trick

Um For somebody that’s A pilot a fighter pilot knows the Peak of Us Um Like at least aerial combat yeah I feel that if you found if you all of a Sudden realized that Someone had craft That’s that was so much so far superior To yours I don’t know if you’d be like oh my god That’s [ __ ] amazing you’d be like This is a real [ __ ] problem and we Need to sort this now because they’re Gonna [ __ ] us Yeah that that So that’s an interesting point yeah yeah Yeah there doesn’t seem to be any fear Uh yeah From him that you know These things are gonna be used against Us I mean you hear people that have i know We have like the uh people that have Sightings and stuff like that and Closing like really close encounters It sticks with people You know like people are they it do they Don’t it If you think of the amount of people That have had Ufo encounters where they’ve just had

This one thing and it’s essentially Consumed their lives because they’ve had This glimpse into the unknown and then The unknowns [ __ ] off and left them Behind And you see people where they i think They’ve probably been better off without This encounter But fred was really excited about it oh Isn’t this am i amazing I just don’t It doesn’t sit well with me for for a Military guy to be like that like you’ve Just took him to watch Uh david copperfield walks through the Great wall of china Well here’s the thing i mean and if it’s If he but if he starts to bring more Pilots out of the woodwork Has it though Well no Yeah The interesting thing about this is that Um Okay it could bring more pilots out in The woodwork but then you have um Somebody like mick west jumping on them And at times uh Trying to pull them apart In terms of I think he’s he’s really Put Alex dietrich’s Testimony against fravis because frater

Was saying he was engaged with it for 10 Minutes dietrich was saying it’s just Good a few seconds Uh That’s interesting you know and but but That’s Mick west is doing good work then if That’s the case if you’ve got because That that’s the that’s the lady which Was fraber’s co-pilot yeah Yeah all right is it different Yeah um The If you’ve got too confu don’t worry About it lee i thought that’d start off With as well yeah a few months ago Um if you’ve got a Two conflicting reports about the same Event Then it it’s right for for west to pull It up you could argue um i know i know Lots of people will probably [ __ ] Hate me for this especially People in the ufo community you could Argue that mick west is the best Ufologist in the world right now because He’s the only one that’s actually Critical about it He’s the one that could break it he’s The one you know if if he’s if someone Comes out and he’s the one that turns Around and said i have no explanation For this this be this is beyond

Explanation Then people would take notice And he’s the only one that solved cases That governments couldn’t solve right he Solved that chilean case he solved you Know the the pyramid case you know that The uap task force couldn’t figure out Yeah and yeah i agree with you i think That you know pointing out those Discrepancies And he’s not really just pointing them Out he’s trying to resolve them right And i think that he’s he’s trying to do It in a you know in a non-rude you know Respectful manner Um i think that he gets a lot of crap For the ufo community because there i Think there is a lot of people who will Take what mick west says and kind of his Implications and his debunking And use that to kind of troll people Right to be [ __ ] to people because Of oh mick west proved you wrong You know ha ha ha Which i think we should be condemned you Know we shouldn’t be doing that but the Simple fact of Pointing out inconsistencies and trying To get to a resolution Yeah i don’t think Anyone does it better than mick I don’t think anyone else engages with People as much as he does either i i Sometimes i don’t understand how he’s

Got the energy to do that You know With what he gets back from it Well and i think that i think he is Generally fascinated by by these issues You know which I don’t think he’d be fascinated if he Thought it was all total bogus and you Know there wasn’t any possibility of Maybe finding something cool someday You’re on mute ollie Thank you lee Thank you The thing is is because i was typing i Don’t like to make little click click Click click clicks i’ll just And by the way rich just just come back On rich you Like You you’re rich you know i think it was Just like a misunderstanding uh i Understand though why you said oh do you Think he was going stupid i don’t i have No idea i didn’t even hear that bit to Be honest with you i was just literally Enthralled in in the nuclear bomb video Driving when you’re trying to find a ui Control i i don’t think he meant that he Had the actual balance with that But at the end of the day the whole Thing with The these pieces of footage that we keep Getting i say keep getting we don’t We’re not getting carbel’s not dropped

Anymore for a while caught jeremy you Need to you stop out Um They’re just tiny little videos that we Get And When you go i’m going to go back to the Tic tac video again the the original From 2004 Loads of people and a few people That one investor that i know very well Uh said that there was there was there Was more footage to that Fraver said There was no more footage to that that Is all they had there were no men in Black that went in and took that footage There was no conspiracy there was Nothing And it was just ye Years later it came out And he and he saw it on a website so I think my question is and i think It might have been you rich ufo tech That said this The government Might may possibly know more in the know Than we are When it comes to this subject and when Everybody says says that things have Been hidden from us Maybe they’re not being hidden from us You know maybe they Are absolutely

Clueless When it comes to the subject Do you know what if Uh Everybody in the world should want Conspiracy theories to be true Because because if there isn’t Overarching conspiracies that means Government are is Completely [ __ ] useless You know they are they are completely Inept If if there isn’t some sort of Conspiracies behind the scenes because Like on on the surface it doesn’t look Right it looks like chaos so you at Least hope it’s planned chaos Um so if they don’t if they don’t know Then i think we’re all [ __ ] to be Perfectly honest I think there’s much more evidence for Government ineptitude there is Government conspiracies yeah you’re Probably you’re probably right Yeah you’re probably right i said i Think there’s probably there’s probably People trying to pull strings in the Background that uh that are Are powerful you know you get groups of People that are powerful that get back Get together But you will you’re always going to have Um Different people pulling in different

Directions to try and get power but and This is where i think you’ll find It’s That that’s where we will end up getting Traction with this subject is if it Benefits someone during an election Cycle or something like that Or if you know this stuff is real right If there’s you know these tic tacs are Possible to make craft like that You’d think a private company would try To crack that riddle and Bring infinite energy to us and you know Collect all the money in the world Well that’s the other thing with private Companies that get get me if um Let’s say that this is a Some sort of black project Military vehicle Um chances are if it is black project Stuff That’s gonna In amongst the sort of the engineering Circles even if it doesn’t like break Out into the mainstream it’s gonna be There’s gonna be whispers about things People have And i know uh i i know i know people Involved in formula one for instance and Um If you see the you know when you see Like uh videos of the formula one Drivers in the test in the simulators When

They’re getting ready those simulators Are mock simulators And i’ve i’ve been told that the Uh one of the one of the teams actually Has like a large aircraft hangar where The drivers sit in like a little pod Which would be a tic tac And it’s it’s suspended Four ways And the engines on each side of the the Suspension know the track so when the Driver throws it into the corner it can Create up to 3g On the driver inside the Inside the pod so they can they can Uh sim the circle Yeah that’s it And they but these are like These are genuine like top secret you You have to sign ndas to go to go and Look at them Uh But information about these things Dribble out between drivers then Engineers and then you end up with an Idiot in the isle of man that finds out About them as well Um That would happen with this Technology so why would people like elon Musk and jeff bezos be Pumping Millions Into solid fuel rockets if they thought

There was a better technology out there That that just wasn’t that frustrates me As well mate that i just really really I tweeted i once tweeted elon musk and Asked him why It doesn’t matter i’d love to know what He thinks about this i’m not even I’m not even a big musk Like apostate by any stretch of the Imagination i love him but if you’ve got A You you’re talking about a an insanely Connected person So Kyo he’s he knows stuff he knows stuff That politicians don’t know He does mate speaking of uh people in The know rather or rich uh Moon lich thank you so much for the Support there but i am no ufologist or a Ufo researcher i just like to have People on the channel talking about ufos Uh ollie tell us what spain’s ufo European situation is boys are you aware The the spain Uh ufo uap situation Because i’m certainly not yeah i’m not Aware of any any new new events over There Moonlits you know what i’m gonna look at That though tomorrow uh for you my Friend Tell us what this situation is

Maybe do a show on it i’ll come on the Show moonlit yeah yeah we’ll get you on Next week um Spain the spain ufo well you know why Not it Is one world there’s these little things Are going to be all over the place Uh jennifer thank you uh nick can only Debunk physical uh I can’t say that word phenomena Phenomena not per not personal Experience That is very true but personal Experience means nothing as far as Evidence goes You know it’s the I think what she’s saying though that he Can he can debunk all this stuff that He’s seen but he can never debunk Somebody’s personal experience Phenomena but in the same ways if you’re A person i i’m not i i i know jennifer Said in the chat before but her Experiences i’m not belittling those by Any stretch of imagination Um but you also can’t prove them This is true this is yeah that’s the Thing anybody that tells a story about a Situation You with the ufo lee yeah i’ve seen Stuff in the sky i can’t prove it i’ve Got a strange picture strange picture That looks like a glowing worm in the Sky

You know it’s about i mean what the [ __ ] Is that is it you sent me just is it me Just taking a bad photograph of Something you know i don’t know what it Was i don’t know i don’t know why when i Took a picture of this thing it ended up Being this thing that was moving across The sky sky strangely Um But yeah i mean that that’s my Experience but it doesn’t [ __ ] mean Anything does it really I will say this though and what we were Speaking about on your show last night When it came when it comes to tom delong So i’ve gone back and forth a lot with Tom delong rather i don’t i would like To hear your thoughts on ttsa as well But Um And in general and actually tom delong As the man Uh But i i listened to a podcast with him The other day That is i think just come out if i can Find it I will put the link in the actual Description of this video it was Actually a fascinating podcast If he’d have been like that and dave was Right by saying this if if tom delong if They’ve done an interview like that and Joe rogan

I think he’d got a lot of respect Because he spoke about this phenom The the whole thing As he thinks everything is linked All of it To the paranormal That the the ufos Whatever they are is linked to the Paranormal And Rather you seem like a man that likes You know the the nuts and bolts the the Hard evidence Where are your thoughts with that Because this is a guy that As much as some people may want to Hate on tom delong for and say the guy Has done nothing but Um Tried to get a load of people to invest In a company that is just Full of promises but no They’re not going to give you anything At the end of it but I want to know what you think about that Yeah i mean uh i i still remember you Know watching tom delon’s interview kind Of before this 2017 stuff happened and You know the people were posting on the Internet Yeah yeah like god he looks like he’s on Cocaine he’s just rambling and you know Seems like a had a psychotic break but Then then the article came out in you

Know new york times that it kind of Validated a lot of what tom dolan was Saying in that kind of crazy interview So you know i i I i mean i think that he’s definitely You know talk has been talking to some You know influential you know people Behind the scenes and probably it does Have some insider information Um i don’t know if all that insider Information is correct um i think that Tom delaunch probably has a propensity For believing stuff that might not be True But i don’t really think that he’s being Deceptive i think he’s a true believer i Don’t think he’s trying to pull one over Or fool anyone um And you know when it you know comes to The paranormal aspect of it I i think that that is a Very real possibility that people have To to explore and kind of when when i Hear paranormal aspect you know my brain Kind of goes to the whole Interdimensional aspect of things And i mean there’s Science behind the possibilities of There being extra dimensions you know String theory talks about 11 dimensions You know little tiny dimensions but Yeah i mean if there are extra Dimensions and Gosh that that really opens up a whole

Bag of worms i kind of i love the theory On one hand because it could potentially Explain everything as far as ufos and Even religions and all sorts of stuff Right but uh i also hate the theory Because if it’s true it Means that we’re never really going to Be able to know the answer right if These are interdimensional entities that Are you know playing with us they Likely View our world as like a choose your own Adventure book you know they if there’s Another dimension independent of time Our timeline Might not really be a thing for them They could probably look backwards and Forwards in all the timelines and Manipulate us to do their Do their bidding or think whatever they Want us to think so If that’s the case i don’t think that We’ll ever figure it out unless they They want us to figure it out so i i Kind of hope that that’s not the case Because i i wanna i want some answers Mm-hmm well the other one and when i I’ve um I don’t think it’s talked about enough Is the idea that these could have been Earthly origin of like forever you know We’ve just we’ve just been sharing the Planet with something that’s more

Advanced than us Yeah there was a oh i forgot what the Word of it was i only found out about it Um Like this week there was another um Another hominid that was that had a A larger brain than us and it the i Think it worked out like the size brain They had essentially the average iq of These things could have be could have Been like ever The stupid ones would have been einstein And it was so it starts there and goes Up And they we shared we shared the earth With these things like 10 000 years ago Or something like that And i said i forgot what the name of Them are but You just think well if What what if they matured quicker than Us what if they They Maybe they were around longer than us And managed to get technology and just Decided to To live somewhere else you know it’s me And maybe this is why we see these Things around the sea all the time we Have a a separate species that’s Highly advanced that’s been here maybe Longer or just as just was more smarter Um And and that that’s what we’re seeing

Um It would make sense why If these things lived on the earth and It was their home too That they keep bombing around now and Again and disarming on nukes It would make it would make sense why They were they wouldn’t want nuclear war Yeah that you know definitely we kind of You know Or at least you know i do it a lot of People kind of come from the assumption That if there are other Civilizations they kind of follow the Same technological path that we had you Know the stone tools and then you know Understanding gravity and kind of Working the same progression that we did But you know we’re a sample size of one You know we have no idea what the realm Of technology Possibilities are out there and yeah Maybe they Maybe a previous civilization Went down a different path and that path Yeah led the Underwater crazy capabilities or you Know Stealth Abilities or you know Being able to exploit other dimensions You know who knows you know i think that That whole possibility Is an

Interesting one and uh definitely Something you can’t really rule out very Easily Yeah i know an interesting story about People being out at sea Um a friend of mine um he left the Military to Do private security work uh and he ended Up doing private security work on like Uh um Oil tankers and stuff out in sri lanka And stuff uh protecting them from Pirates And The I think i think it was the time because He was on the biggest Um oil ship in the world at one one Point he was stationed i think he might Be in this one where he sees that They’re out in like deep sea you know Where you you can’t see anything for Miles And he was saying he said out in like Sort of international waters where you Should technically be able to go he said There’s massive no-go areas he said you Won’t see anything for miles you’re just [ __ ] on your own Completely in the like with just water Around you But the they know that they have to Skirt around these certain areas and he Said he said i’ve always found it really

Weird why we can’t just sail through Them he said because we’re going the Long way around we’re going the long way Around these large patches of open water To stay on the like the shipping lanes Which i i don’t think around that could Be where it’s poured out for out for It’s just staying off or the shipping Lanes but the way he put it to me was That just vessels aren’t supposed to Sail through those waters That’s interesting i’m gonna i’m gonna Take note of that to research i mean There could be a lot of possibilities of That right maybe that’s where they’ve Done nuclear testing or yeah there’s Some other you know horrible things in The water there that are man-made but Yeah i know that that definitely is uh Worth digging into oh I’m gonna ask my dad about that like as She knows spoke about it many times my Dad was in the merchant navy and i Wonder if if that is As much of a thing as it as you should Say is i i think it is you know though i Think i’ve heard that before yeah yeah The um i don’t know by the way thank you Uh moon moon lich uh ollie olly points Out tom has matured i do think the man’s Matured but i think anybody in this Field Has to mature you know um i’ve matured i Started out doing a little marshmallow

Little Paradolia stuff But um I want to ask this rather you you you Guys on ucr Have Had brandon fugle on If that’s how he pronounces his surname Yeah um i had a a guy Who’s done a lot of work around skin Walker it’s a great show people go watch It Um a couple of weeks ago There seems to be a man that’s standing Out on that show more than anybody And that Is travis Wait what do you what are your feelings On that man Yeah that’s uh that’s a bag of worms uh I mean he’s he’s undoubtedly a smart guy Right he has you know multiple phds Master degrees he’s a you know kind of a Literal rocket scientist Um So yeah i mean i think that you know i Listen when he when he has something to Say Um It’s confusing to me like i Don’t like what His persona on the skinwalker ranch show Seems kind of like he’s hamming things Up for the tv you know kind of you know

Putting out a little bit of an act right Which i’d be totally fine with you know If that’s that if you just kind of you Know say that be like yeah i’m you know We Sensationalize things on the show and I’m kind of you know playing things up But but they’re not saying that you know Brandon fugle is kind of saying you know We’re presenting real science on this Show look to the shows to to see the Real science that we’re doing And so You got to kind of ask you know is that Travis’s real kind of position when he Talks about things on skinwalker ranch Like he he says that You know the most compelling ufos that He’s seen Were on skinwalker ranch And you know when you know about his you Know duties at the uap task force If you take him at his word there that Kind of makes me think that they’re not Seeing anything really interesting in The government Um So yeah i mean i i i think he’s smart You know i i don’t really have that big Of a problem of him you know being in The government analyzing things but i do Think that it is somewhat problematic When You have someone that’s publicly saying

Publicly showing you know a very clear Bias and showing a propensity to jump to Conclusions that the evidence doesn’t Necessarily support you know publicly Yeah i think that you know i think i’ve Said this before like uh it seems like He’s kind of the molder in the uap task Force and uh i hope that we have a Skully there too to kind of you know Keep him grounded keep people like that Grounded But but i do think he has something to Add i think we need a molder in there Too I i know That You guys have done some reviews of the Episodes on ucr I will tell you i think lee thinks the Show’s a pile of [ __ ] I i just i i i’m skeptical of anything That’s on the history channel It’d be fair But but also i’m going to tell you i i I made it through the first season and Couldn’t watch anymore I’m gonna i did the same thing i’m going To start watching it again i’m i i’m Going to pick it back up and I’m not saying that these guys are Um pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes At all because they’re they’re trying to Get another season every season though That’s my issue yeah

Or they really want to believe yeah yeah And Here’s the thing I i do think there probably is certain Places that Whether it’s a it’s haunted I don’t know what haunt it is Whether it’s ghosts whether it’s Where the veil is Thin or whatever I think there’s something about that Place I spoke to people that That know that area but it’s the whole Unitar baser It’s not I don’t think it’s just skim walk from The from the people that i’ve spoke Spoke quite recently about that Uh I i just Is this guy is this travis is is he Gonna be the new lou Yeah it’s uh I mean it’ll be interesting if he’s you Know makes himself as accessible as lou Has right you know i think that was one Of the most interesting parts about Louis lozando is that he would you know Talk to you know Channels like you know the unidentified Celebrity review and pretty much any any Channel that asked him It seems a great introduction to get

Because he’s a likable guy Yeah you watch him he’s He’s just he just seems like a really Nice guy that you’d like to go to a Barbecue with Are you talking about travis now or yeah Travis yeah yeah yeah maybe it may be Lou you know i’ll go to a barbecue i Mean they’re both charismatic people Right like you talk to them and you like Them you know they’re definitely Charismatic and uh Yeah i would love for travis to Talk to talk on podcasts and you know Take take some tough questions uh you Know i I don’t see being the next lew is Necessarily a negative thing right um if He’s giving us interesting information I’m i’m all for it You guys haven’t got had travis on yet Have you No and i haven’t really seen him do much Interviews i know he did the you know That ufo podcast recently but i think That’s about the only one that i’ve Really um seen him on i might maybe i’m Missing him but I mean i’m pretty sure you you you guys Could get him on um and ask him the Difficult questions because you had Brandon Yeah i mean uh yeah lou does most of the The booking for the show i i’m i’m sure

He’s not doing a great job with him But but you are you’re like a team you Know just like my guy’s here he’s one Big it’s one big team and I think You make impressions on people people Generally feel comfortable On that show to go and speak Um But i i want to know what that I want to know what’s going on with that Guy You know he it there’s something there i I feel I feel he’s in it for the long haul and It’s i don’t think it’s just skinwalker I i have a feeling he’s gonna break off Into different things in this field Yeah i mean i i It seems like he’s a true believer right Like he he Has seen things that have have convinced Him um I think you know that that’s and you Know talk about being the new lewis and I think the same thing with blue i think That they saw stuff that convinced them That you know these possibilities are Real i think the question is i think is Whether If we saw those same things if we would Be similarly convinced or not and i i’m Kind of lean towards we probably Wouldn’t be that convinced but

God i’d love to see for myself and and Find out I think uh It it’s not gonna be up for a couple of Weeks actually the podcast we recorded Last night where um dave who’s on Uh my show with ollie Uh he’s He’s very much involved in that sort of World that that lose involved in and um He’s he uh He looks at lou through through a Slightly different lens And uh he’s his lens of looking at lou Is that he is A um He’s a guy he’s the guy he’s the guy That would say things Uh that maybe he doesn’t believe because He believes he’s doing right for his Country As in that sort of military capacity i’m Going to say what i’m supposed to say Because i think i’m doing Best for god and country type thing I i that that’s the feeling i get from From lou If that means he’s telling the truth Then that it very well could be but also Could be that he is Um he’s been put in place to steer the Narrative in a certain way Yeah i mean lou he elizado he’s made it Clear you know said explicitly that you

Know he’s a patriot over you know being A ufo disclosure guy so yeah i think You’re right on the money there i think That you know if there is someone Pulling the strings and he is kind of Doing uh You know a public perception mission i Still think it’s an open question on Whether You know if this is some sort of slow Disclosure role that he’s you know Trying to that you know maybe that’s his Mission is to actually disclose the Truth and you know maybe the mission is To cover up the truth it’s uh Yeah it’s it’s so confusing when you’ve Spoke to lou do because when i’ve Watched interviews with him um he’s He’s really good at controlling the Conversation you know he’s he’s a really Good talker Have you ever found yourself where You’ve started speaking about something And then a few minutes later have passed And you’ve gone how the [ __ ] did we end Up here because we’ve ended up here and What i asked has not been answered or Addressed Well yeah i mean uh when i started Talking about sock pop on the couch that He uh Asked if my mother was a prostitute i Think that was a clear example of him Being able to kind of control this

Control the conversation and shut it Down you know like you he is masterful Of that yeah you know that’s exciting You know that that sort of thing that Texture you i don’t think you learned That by accident Yeah i mean i think that he’s yeah that I i don’t want to say oh we’ll see a Massive manipulator right like you know He’s a counter intelligent guy he he’s Very good at what he does and Yeah i mean I i don’t know that’s i mean that’s just Kind of what what it is i don’t know if That’s necessarily a bad thing even no i I don’t think it’s a bad thing but i Think it’s something that um Unless you Like i mean we talk for a hobby how is That you know we sit and talk for hours With people about things we talk for a Hobby And our aliens yeah yeah but but i’ve Noticed from doing like i mean the like Must see audio I’ve done i think that’s on like nearly 400 episodes of musty audio now and then I’ve done what i’ve been doing with Ollie i know i’ve only slowly realized Over the past Past year or so that when you speak to People that don’t speak as a hobby It’s really easy to talk to people and It’s really easy to kind of know what

You’re what you should say next to steer A conversation the way you want it to go And that’s just me doing this as a hobby See That so for someone like Someone like lou That isn’t doing the He’s not he he isn’t like an experienced Podcaster and an experienced like Interviewer so there’s there has to be Some sort of training involved to get Those skills up Yeah i mean I and i’m you know i’m i’m definitely Not like a Military background guy or you don’t Have that much insight into the military I’m not trying to get you to land living It by by any stretch of imagination i Just find it interesting because you’ve Spoke to yeah well yeah no i think that You’re totally right like i think that You know my What i my understanding of like the Counterintelligence role is that you are You’re out there talking to assets right You’re talking to people in the field Trying to get them to to turn and and You know give secrets and They feel like they might not want to Tell you I feel like That that i personally yeah on the show Well i mean i think that lou is

Definitely using shows like ucr and Other shows to advance you know What what he’s doing uh you know i I don’t want to get into too much of a Uh you know weird lou conspiracy stuff But yeah i think that’s cool people that He talks to on i think he has close Relations to a lot of people on twitter That i think that are closer to that Kind of being used as an asset um That than you know people like me i Think there’s you know A lot of you know kind of Influential people who Lou elizando has really kind of plugged Into and i think that He’s kind of steering a lot of these Conversations that are happening I find it really interesting the other Day did had either of you listen to um The lex friedman podcast when he had joe Rogan on as a guest maybe a week or two Ago yeah Yeah and they were talking about how Whether joe had had anyone on his show That he thought was c uh was like Secretly cia or kgb and he’s like yeah He said i’ve got my suspicions of people That have been on that i think are Are connected and that are there to Kind of steer things in their way their Way It only makes sense and it it obviously Makes sense on a platform like that

But when with social media being so huge If you’ve got um Like bot accounts on twitter for Instance it’s easy to do on twitter Because you can make a profile you can Stick a picture on it and you can you Can throw these things out and get them To to cause all the aggravation you want Them to do But that’s in a text format you can’t do That on video So with youtube being such a huge Platform you know it’s arguably the Biggest biggest platform Then you would need to have physical People Doing the job of what you want bots to Do on twitter so it’ll it only makes Sense that these guys would be sprinkled About you know it’s and they would be on Shows from Um i don’t know massive Shows like lou later for instance and For guests he has on if there’s certain Things that want to be pushed technology To smaller shows like this Um it only makes sense that they There would be people to infiltrate the Various corners of youtube as well Yeah i i I find the idea that there’s actual you Know like you know people who are you Know getting their paycheck from the cia Kind of infiltrating and appearing on

Podcasts Maybe a bit of a stretch like i think Potentially the more likely scenario Might be you know just you know people In the government people like lou Kind of telling people you know telling People information that kind of you know Has them act In their own interests right like when There are people like lou elizondo or You know other people in the government That are you know talk to you and you Know give you information that they say Is you know kind of you know Only giving this to you or you know oh You’re on the right track you know this Is very important stuff that you’re Doing I think that is pretty easy to kind of Make someone into a little bit of a Unwitting agent and You know Perpetuate the things that they wanted To perpetuate without without really Being like an explicit agent Yeah i i wouldn’t have thought it and i I don’t give him on this i i’m not Saying this is like a military thing or Anything like that but the uh I found it to find it dead weird and i Only realized that these things can Definitely happen to people where Um over the last Say year to four year four years 15

Months yeah i’ve uh on like the the the Small platform i’ve built for myself I’ve been quite outspoken about what’s Going on over the last two years to the To the point where my youtube channel is Basically [ __ ] non-existent now we Should probably stick to podcasts it Seems to be a little bit more wild west And um On that note lee quickly jen i Appreciate that i can’t we’ll get you on For that show uh but I we’re gonna have to talk about that Prior to having the channel because that Will get my channel shut down Um Well It doesn’t matter okay only i just what I just wanted to addre address jen and Just say can’t speak about that It’ll get me [ __ ] Yeah um I’ve had now i think me wait Probably happens like maybe twice a Month Where there will be like brand new fresh Accounts that will start interacting and Talking to me and when you go into the Profile there’s like no followers Following just me account made yesterday And it’s always it’s always provocative So yeah i’ve sent the Like the like Sent them through to to ollies and look

At this this today And um I think that must be happening with Loads of people you know like i think There’s There’s because one when you think about It if you if you were to employ Especially on the twitter front if you You were to employ one person that one Person could be creating accounts and Interfering with hundreds of people During the day you you would get value For money What Yeah Yeah i i i I struggle to know like I wonder yeah if that is true i wonder What kind of narrative they’re they’re Trying to push Um for one and You know i think there are a lot more i Think it might just be to make great Chaos to be perfectly honest Just so discontent to create to create Arguments they do the wrong person Because when it happens to me i just i Just take it as a massive ego boost i Love it Makes me feel special for a second Yeah and i mean i I i think there could be you know people Creating fake accounts and kind of

Trying to create chaos that you know Aren’t even you know government assets Necessary yeah absolutely very very you Know Sure of their beliefs and Really want others to You know feel so passionate and feel the Need to create a bunch of different Accounts to you know try to shut people Down or Boost up their own messages Um Yeah so Maybe the government’s part of that but I don’t think that that they Necessarily have to be i think that the Community kind of does it itself as well Probably do you ever feel that As a as an american um rather Um If hillary Had gotten to Office That she would Have done anything with the stuff that Was going on with podesta you know the Leaked files Do you Do you think that that was Part of the plan That she had to try and get some of the The the the conspiracy people behind her Or do you think that It’s a good good question right there

There have been a lot of you know Ruminations coming out you know Suggesting that right that hillary was You know ready to disclose stuff i’m Talking about disclosure here this show And you know yeah the podesta you know He’s very clearly is open to that and i Think that he definitely wanted that to Happen um God yeah that would uh i would love to See that that alternate reality if uh if Hillary won and what what would have Happened uh It’s it’s kind of bizarre on the other Hand too because you know you would Almost think that a a trump-like figure Would be your best hope for Someone you know Taking the lid off any you know Government secrets around ufos you know Makes you think there’s nothing to Because he did talk about it didn’t he He mentioned it yeah after being asked Yeah From talk What a great distraction that would have Been a distract against all the other [ __ ] that was going on with trump at the Time you know Yeah hi I am It’s hard to take the politics out of Ufology when it’s pushed that it’s just Pushed in your face constantly

It’s It’s become It has become very political Even the channels A lot of the channels are separated Because I i i see Some channels are a little bit left some Channels are a little bit right some Channels are right in the middle i Strive to i try to stay right in the Middle but i like to get both the left And the right on so that you know they Fall out but isn’t it weird isn’t it Isn’t it weird that we you talk about [ __ ] aliens And it lands on a [ __ ] political Spectrum somewhere Jeremy well what difference does being Right or left mean if you’re talking About [ __ ] intergalactic space people Well yeah i agree our society likes to Politicize everything right yeah but we I think i i don’t think it is that Political to be honest i mean you see it In the in the congress things passing With bipartisan support you know there’s There’s advocates on on both sides of The aisle which Yeah i think it’s one of the cooler Things of ufology is that you know it Doesn’t necessarily break down on Non-political lines it’s almost like if You wanted to create some sort of

One-world government you could use some Sort of alien Invasion I mean existential threats do unite People i i don’t know if i i buy that They’re trying to do that but uh yeah i Mean i could see the logic behind it oh By the way rather lee did tell me before The show he’s gonna he’s Trying his best to get you to drop an F-bomb Oh I keep it relatively clean You do you do and we appreciate that Yeah Everyone appreciates a gentleman He’s a gentleman thank you easy i i Have you had any hate in this field at All Do do i have hate i get a lot of hate i I receive a lot of hate but uh yeah yeah They’re i mean they’re the the whole you Know pro lou elizondo contingent really Really hates it if you suggest anything That might be you know not cast him in a Great light and Yeah i i I i get a good Good amount of you know people who who Don’t really like me but yeah no i i Don’t have any uh Hate to anyone in the in the community i Think that everyone’s mostly are Trying to

Get to the bottom of it and you know However they think they can I don’t if i asked you this before on The last show But did you get any correspondence with With lou after you asked that question No you know i i never have had uh like Lose email i’ve never really been in Personal contact with him um and yeah i Haven’t haven’t heard from him since Then Just just um It’s just lu it’s just lou that gets in Touch with Yeah i mean i’m sure i could get his Email address from uh lou jimenez and Write him a note if i if i wanted to but Uh Yeah i i yeah i i don’t really feel a Burning desire to do that He’s he’s totally kind of like Laying off i’ve not seen him i can’t Remember the last time i saw him on an Interview I think i’ve heard him on the podcast He said he’s kind of uh you know taking A step down from all the podcast Experiences and i think he might have Been on one since then and you know he Did that brazilian video you know a Couple days ago Um so you know his voice is still out There but yeah it is definitely uh Becoming you know lesson and lesson

You do think he’s brought some good to The table though I mean i don’t think we’d all be talking Here if not for lu elizondo right um Exactly He’s what got me interested in it you Know as much as i will point out is the My criticism of him uh yeah i do have a Lot to be grateful for him as well you Know i think that he’s brought this Issue to the forefront it’s a extremely Interesting issue uh scientists are now Taking it seriously uh i think he’s Probably the driving force between these Laws we’re seeing in congress so you Know he’s he’s You know doing a lot to advance the Issue and i’m you know i applaud him for That Do you think they would have been in Lieu without ttsa Yeah that’s a A good Good question and kind of goes to the What was lou’s motives right was his Motives to join ttsa and Make a lot of money or would he have you Know resigned if there wasn’t you know Something like ttsa to To go to um I i My i kind of lean towards yeah ttsa Probably is very responsible as well you Know you got to give tom the launch and

All those guys credited as well I think the the other person that Um I think Deserves credit even if i’m still unsure About the guy is corbell Because Without um Without cobell you don’t get the um Bubbles on the flying saucers Movie without bubbles on the flying Sources you don’t get bobazar on rogan Which means you don’t get george knapp On rogan you don’t get uh travis walton On rogan you don’t get um Uh Bigelow on on rogan and that’s been the Biggest mainstream push for people that Aren’t into this stuff You know they they’ve been the biggest Shows you don’t get free but uh you know Out doing podcasts you yeah without Without uh corbell releasing that for That for that netflix film you don’t get Him on rogan and you don’t get him on Lex friedman And you don’t get ufo attacks last Friday i have seen the logs i have seen The videos We have attempted shoot downs of uaps on A regular basis we’re talking as Recently as last friday I mean he’s a he’s an amazing hype man Right like

He’s great at you know building i want To drink with him i want to drink with That man generally He’d have been an excellent wrestler Promoter no the guy the guy that comes Out that’s the mouthpiece for the Wrestlers that can’t cut a promo he Would be an excellent one Yeah i i met him a couple weeks ago out At the scu conference said yeah he was a Nice guy very very charismatic very Personal guy you know he was like yeah i I’d love to have some beers with him He’s he’s he’s like a great guy Are you going to get him on the show Yeah i i did i didn’t actually Explicitly ask him there um you know Maybe i’ll send him a note my guess is He probably wouldn’t i don’t see him Doing a lot of you know Interviews where people might be Asking kind of probing deeper deeper Questions Um And i mean that’s why he doesn’t want to Call him mine i asked him he he got in Touch with me a few years ago and uh I can’t remember what i did i put a Video about lazani any People probably think i sound like a Broken record but It was just odd you know the man got in Touch with me And he asked for my actual personal

Number and i thought you know it is it Actually is carbel i’d give him my Number And uh Lo and behold He never run me back he messaged me a Couple of times and said no i can’t come On an interview yet I love what you’re doing We need to have a conversation about Lazar because you get a few bits wrong So i would still like to have that Personal conversation jeremy You know Um It’s I think When it comes to call bell he he’s He he is very character Say that word for me characters yeah Yeah he is you know he’s um But he he also seems to be like The um The guy he’s the guy that Takes His Client he goes with his clients you know The clients that he has the fravor The bob George knapp you know he took Why was he in all of those Joe rogan Podcast why was he on all of them That’s interesting

That’s what that’s almost like Stick the tinfoil hat on again that’s Almost like he was kind of a handler for Those Yeah for those interviews i have thought About this though lee because doesn’t Joe like to go out with the guests the Night before the show yes I reckon jeremy’s a [ __ ] party animal And Joe probably enjoyed partying with us He’s like bring jeremy along i got the Feeling every one of those shows because I think that’s that’s something about Rogan that you can Uh as a professional interview as he is I think you can tell really quickly when He doesn’t like somebody Yeah I i think you could you could see he Does not like tom de long and i think You could see he does not didn’t think He didn’t like him i think i don’t Really like to think he thought he was An idiot Isn’t that the same thing No Um a lot of people think i’m an idiot But I hope they’ll like me i’ve got some News for you ollie um the uh Uh but i i yeah i don’t think he Particularly liked jeremy corbell but You see the thing is if like george

Knapp has clearly picked corbell to be His You know his next guy So so there must be something you know Behind closed doors when cameras aren’t On and he’s not saying stupid things Like he was about his ufo’s being shot Down there must be something to him if George knapp has been the guy that’s Sort of picked him Hi rich hi rich hey uh Hey guys i just wanted to apologize for Having to go Like Just don’t worry about me don’t worry About it yeah things to do Yeah good show by the way Sometimes man’s just got a wank i have To ask lee were you the one that was Working the trying to make the screen Bigger before No No No no see i thought it was you I don’t Know it was rich and then i said and i Said no no not that one you silly man. And that’s what i said he’s like you Called me stupid i’m like what are you Talking about well well rich just come Back on come back on you know we cannot Get along we cannot Well if he thought it was you then Maybe he was like don’t call me silly

But i i i i i knew you were just doing It it was just a joke because it was Going wrong Yeah yeah Yeah why would i ever say that to Anybody here I mean it doesn’t make any sense i Wouldn’t even say it to rather Well because You have called me many names over Facebook rich See this is why i never turned over the Leaf to be the nice guy it doesn’t Matter i could be as nice as the day is Gone [Laughter] Rich rich you have one last chance For a channel change That you should call it the nice guy I don’t know about that I definitely don’t like the wise guy Show though i hate it what’s the number In the top of your screen rich that’s The clock what time it is it’s a digital Clock it’s a laser bar yes So you’ve been watching rich from afar Well i’ve been watching the whole time Yeah A good conversation Any closer to disclosure Or what do you and what do you think About travis You know if i’ve ever asked you that Question

You did and then we had the incident um I don’t think we’re any closer to Disclosure but i like the direction that Things are going gigi abilene with ten Dollars and one cent I like where we’re going I like that we’re doing things that We’ve never done before with consistency So i’d like to see this moving at a Faster pace than just once a year or Every other year so if we can keep this In the mainstream media at least once a Month i think we have a shot at getting More evidence up forward and more people Maybe whistleblowers coming forward That Maybe have top secret information and no Nda or You know get away with talking about it We’re in interesting times this is a First for a lot of things so i’m really Happy I suppose the um The thing with keeping it in the Conversation would be is if if it can If it can give somebody the The confidence that comes across Something that yeah that isn’t like the The flare footage or the or the video of The um Of the radar screen Maybe it gives somebody enough Confidence to leak something substantial Yeah you know to leak a really good

Clear video let’s say one of the one one Of the um Uh sailors on the nemeth had a [ __ ] Iphone and and filmed it for 15 minutes If that gets dropped that’s a game Changer But i don’t think that that would see That would be considered top secret and From right wouldn’t it be unless they Did it with you know illegally Or or it was like like a mate through Sort of wikileaks you know where yeah Well this is we’re just giving you this Yeah they would be able to do something Like that that but i’m not sure how that Works uh you know having a cell phone While you’re working on a aircraft Carrier i don’t know i don’t know what Guidelines they have to follow gotta go To get those tick tock videos up But we are in interesting times that’s For sure and uh unfortunately i have to Get going i just wanted to come in and Apologize that i had to leave earlier And uh rich came on because he heard Somebody say something nice for jeremy Corbell and he couldn’t let it fly he Just That you Why do you think I love jeremy because i’ve just thought Rich is just gonna be like [ __ ] I’m so over it

We have been trained Two hours we’ve been trying for two Hours to get rather to drop an f-bomb No come on don’t do that we’ve we’ve Tried Only in dire circumstances Yeah and if you if you use the f-bomb Too much it loses its meaning he never Rather you never use it my friend Never never he did once i thought He did it was after a show You guys I’ve got it last one You guys can still swear because like [ __ ] still means something hey yo What my mom’s listening to the video The uh no no but that over here that’s That’s the term of endearment Oh it is Yeah it actually is it is in britain It’s weird it’s very strange We’ve got no swear words left Now in in the uk you have zero swear Words Like Your son will just say dad you know get In the fridge you dirty old bastards and Get me And get me a doughnut i’d like to say my We keep our donuts in the fridge No we don’t you [ __ ] weird Yeah we don’t know but um but i gotta go Before you go rich no Yeah ask ask rava a rather fitting

Question Huh i didn’t hear You what before you leave Ask the greatest question to rather be Quitting No pressure No no pressure it’s not true no i i Didn’t have a question wait well I i i um i do were you one last time we Had ravron Yes and i did hear you asking him about Uh you know lou and all that stuff and If Did you ever you never talked to lou Have you after that incident happened no Unless i’ve talked to one of his sock Puppet accounts on twitter which is Maybe maybe kind of likely actually but Is richard but blue I don’t i i don’t think he is um i think He went on a twitter spaces i wasn’t There for that but uh he was talking you Know through his own voice and i think That if he was lou that people would Have Called him out on that i got it okay i Still think that was him but it isn’t i Guess okay someone close to him for sure Yeah That’s it man i don’t have any other Questions sorry so she came back in rich You know and needed to contribute Country country Brutes i understood that they’re not the

British yeah no you did Because she could she just know that i Can’t speak Even my chat knows that i can’t Pronounce things Just i’m just in neanderthal you know If you pronounce that well you’re a White male yeah i had to learn that Because my mum and dad got me a lot so It’s just natural now Oh richard budd is bob heather lee yeah That’s what i heard too yeah Yeah but uh anyway so so so goof on What’s she showing tonight It’s uh I don’t know I i got nothing No we’re going to be talking about What does it mean now that uh tim Burchett has interviewed with third Phase of moon And uh Why yeah you know white people i’m just Gonna talk about Why people hate third phase of moon why They shouldn’t and i’ve done that before But People are saying that Uh they don’t have any influence in this Field they you know they’re they’re just Hoaxers and [ __ ] artists and uh i Want to talk about them and other people In this field that do more than their Share to get the

To get the answers we’re looking for man They’re trying everything they can Whatever you think about them in in Their past that’s in the past let’s move Forward Um i don’t really say that about a lot Of people like let’s give them a chance But third phase of moon i think deserves It um and a lot of people out there Don’t feel they do but if they’re Talking to birch it Greer and everybody in this field I mean what are they doing it for They’re not just doing it for clicks and Views they want to get the truth out and If you believe that then it’s very Interesting Uh And then it’s very interesting i got to Get going i’m sorry man i got one minute To get get on my own show you go by Um before we do get off because i don’t Like to overrun uh over rich’s uh show Um Where can people find you I am on the unidentified celebrity Review uh we air on thursdays at uh 5 P.m pacific uh i also have my own Channel rather be squidding where i kind Of go through some scientific ufo stuff And uh Yeah i got doing some uh research on uh Whale communication how we might Communicate with other non-human

Intelligences here on earth that we know Exist So yeah so go over and subscribe and uh Stay tuned That is in the description people and i Cannot tell you enough Rav is a very intelligent man Ben Only wanted me as far as i know Um no no i feel like this too so we’re Going to call him men rav is a very Intelligent man um The channel is in the description go Check it out and support the channel People and watch the videos because you May learn something lee we’ve got a show Coming coming up in the next couple of Weeks That we did last night or is that like Three weeks away no no There’s a show up every every week the Uh the show we did Yesterday will be up on my patreon on Sunday evening Um but but yeah there’ll be a new Episode of one of the one of the shows That’s already on patreon will be there For anybody that thinks that i need to Do a show While i’m drinking go watch lee listen To lee’s show because lee i am always Sober as a judge i might not You are always so pretty judge because I’m working the next day yeah uh yeah

Come come and list my podcast mostly Oreos You’re not listening to Um it’s got all of ollie’s alien addict Stuff on if you can’t stay up late and Listen to them uh You have the stuff we do together with Dave which is always good and my Favorite thing i do all week which is Probably A bigger reflection On how much i do throughout the week but Anyway it’s good and i enjoy doing it So go and listen to mysterio you should Get rather on you know your audience Well the nasa guys would love him Yeah We need to get rather on with the nasa Guys If we can get max back on Yeah With rather one yeah And james Yeah Together It’d be a matrimony Good night god bless people mind the Book so black don’t bless Don’t bite stop talking early You know what i’ve drawn five of these And i think that they’re like four Percent i drink locale low um Alcohol You know

But it’s hot here That’s what it could be And i’ve not eaten enough Good night oh oh just before we go we Have the knock With the 14 What is that waist 14 knock I don’t know how much that is my friend But i God bless you with the super sticker The knock And uh Yeah That’s the one I’ve been not for six By the buy these buy these for five Years I have no idea what’s in them Cheap you know what lee i’m not drinking On my show ever again coffee all the way Good night god bless people mind the Books don’t buy i’m alien add it like Subscribe and share it all that jazz and Make sure you check out the descriptions Below and thank you bobby for the last Minute super chat god bless you with Avocado love you all