Something Evil Lurks Here! #Paranormal #Ghost #Hauntings #paranormalactivity

By | July 10, 2022
Something Evil Lurks Here!             #Paranormal #Ghost  #Hauntings #paranormalactivity

Hello everyone this is patti and i am Here today with my friend cece and Rebecca and we have met up with someone That cece met on tick tock And she was fascinated with a place that She saw in his video right yes And his name is kyle hey guys Kyle green and you have a youtube Channel right Um i have a tech talk channel i take the Kyle green official yep and i’ve been Posting a lot about some things that Have been happening um with a clown that I actually a clown toy that i found in Here last time i came in a lot of Paranormal creepy stuff and um if you go On there you can see all the videos but Yeah i wanted to show you guys where This place was at and um Maybe we can find something do you know What it used to be So i’ve heard that it was Going to be a school at one point and Then They started using it for paintball Uh as far as anything else goes there’s Nothing online listed about it that i Could find so Huh okay Well we’re about to check it out yeah You can see the frame you can see over

There too Those were the uh Either the beams and trusses oh yeah i See that Out here this is my third Wow look at this there’s a big wall back There with a bunch of graffiti on it But i mean they even went as far as the Doors in there and everything and it was Going to be a school you said Either a school or a I don’t know So he heard that it was going to be a School but he’s not really sure That’s crazy it’s like the whole wall is Built all the way around These big beams [Applause] Oh [Applause] It’s a highway out there so it’s a Little noisy So this is in lake city florida this is Where we’re at right now Damn look at that oh my god So you were out here filming and you Just happened to come across this then Huh yeah actually uh and it scared the Hell out of us I thought it was spanish at first Because i don’t really know that And uh everybody on tick tock was Telling me oh no that’s latin and uh

They i guess said that a lot of Demons and different things like that Talk through Latin because it’s one of the oldest Uh forms of communication oh my god You think somebody did some type of Ritual here maybe that’s what i’m Thinking um i mean the bob wire as well So there were a couple of witches on Tick tock that had mentioned that they Used bob wire around things to keep it Within where it can’t get out of the of A circle okay In the glass and everything else i’m Assuming it was a some kind of ritual North florida is known for this kind of Thing too here yeah that’s what i’ve Heard Wow that’s creepy as [ __ ] Look at that shirt it’s almost like Blood stains all dried up and that’s Nasty could be bullet holes or Knife holes or something maybe i don’t Know Oh that’s so creepy Wow Do you know if anything bad has ever Happened here So from So from what i’ve been told on from a Couple of different people from tech Talk that live in this area they said That a child had died out here oh really Yeah and so they think that the clown

That we found out here Maybe held Something that had something to do with The child okay um The clown once we started winding it up And had it on video We started hearing whispers um Voices that would come out of it that Sounded like a child oh wow so it was Really yeah it was really It scared us Yeah I bet that’s crazy Are you guys getting anything you you Girls didn’t get anything coming to you Not yet That’s creepy It’s actually a nice drawing right there It’s pretty So this is the end of it right here the Homeless people are right over there oh They’re over there i don’t know how They’re over there Oh okay so he said that there’s some Homeless people that live up there so we Won’t disturb them Yeah yeah there’s also an abandoned Hotel Not too far from here really gutted and Everything and i guess something really Bad happened in their shooting or Something and so they ended up closing It down oh my god it’s open you can walk

Straight through there where’s that um It’s on the way towards What i can show you guys And there’s no signs up saying you’re Not allowed in there Used to be a i’m not gonna say the name Of the hotel it used to be but right Okay oh wow This is Interesting right here It does there is kind of kind of a Strange smell I mean that looks kind of fresh What does That graffiti oh i know it does it looks Pretty and then somebody scribbled paint On the side they messed it up Yeah cause that’s very nice graffiti Right there the frog and everything That’s beautiful Wow I don’t think i wouldn’t walk through There there’s probably snakes Spiders A peak but i’m not gonna Just So i wonder how long this has been here Like this Many years many years huh

Yeah so it was probably many years ago That they were i would probably say Build something here 80s maybe 80s oh Wow Yeah I mean you have two sections so you have This section whatever it was going to be And then they just stopped i wonder what Made them just stop in the middle of Doing this Because that’s a lot of money in Concrete right here You know So something must have happened Wow But i’ve been told um it’s kind of a Rumor that it’s been Going around for a long time that this Area has been used by I don’t want to say witches but um Demonic has been used for demonic Rituals and stuff oh wow Well obviously because look at that you Say something about witches or is that What you just told me um i don’t want to Say which is because you know not all Witches are you know there’s good Witches Right Hey guys i’m with the g team paranormal We’re at the location that was First in the tick tock video that we had Posted uh where we found the zest clown We came out with a spirit box today the

Sd7 spirit box and we’re going to see if We can pick up anything To me I do feel like we’re being watched Though I do want to just came in here but i Don’t know from what Hello there So we didn’t get to burn the whole cloud Probably would like to talk to you Tell me your name What happened here Lynching or is it [ __ ] I don’t know where did that where did That clown come from Where did the clown come from Satan You hear that oh my god Did somebody die right out here I heard the word Has anyone died out here Really oh my god Do you want us to leave Manner Um yeah i think we got called home Electrical Your name harmon There a lake around here either the lake

Or i like it i think that i like Do you like us We’re not legends How did you die The traffic on myself How did you die Baby Do people come out here This place used for rituals It’s freaky Can you talk to us I’m talking to you How are you carmen Armin tell us how old you are You listen to the same voice coming here Do you want to tell us Did a child die out here He needs to be Really strong I feel like somebody is The smell is just really getting to me Yeah i feel Almost like somebody’s coming I’ve been if you see me i’ve been Looking around because i feel like we’re Being watched Oh yeah I just got the weirdest like vibe Feeling i did too it just stinks really Bad but it does stink Well i think it Smells like

[ __ ] Oh Out the window Yeah I mean you really can’t Tell until we listen back yeah when i Listen back i Upload it to high definition and i can Hear it really well with my headphones And i’ll be able to make it out it was i Kept feeling yeah I kept looking around I just feel like something that’s around Us yeah That’s why i kept looking that way But i just feel like i’m surrounded by Yeah so do i definitely i can’t wait to Hear what all we heard back Wow I feel like something bad has happened Here I do too yeah have you done any research Yet to see if anything has because i Don’t there’s no address for this place Oh okay because it was never i guess Actually Opened so they didn’t put address right Gotcha He’s still got the chill bumps Look at all the extra blocks they got This laying over there Let’s walk back around this way So if this tells you anything

The trees have grown in between this oh Wow that should tell you how old it is You’re right No those are i guess trusses are Something to go yeah Yeah it looks like trusses that were Laid out there and then the trees grew In between them and look how big the Trees are it’s got to be at least 30 or 40 years old right I wouldn’t say that old i wouldn’t say That old i would probably say So it’s been here like this for a very Long time i mean yeah look at the bottom Of it if anybody knows anything about This please let me know I mean That’s crazy yeah the trusses are right There and the trees grew up in them Yeah right I feel like something bad Like something bad happened in this area Where i was feeling like we were being Watched Yeah You know i got [ __ ] itching bad look At the creeps Ah my chills are getting weird You got chills big time i got my face Look at my hair standing up i see that Oh my god Yeah My meter is going off in my purse big Time right now

I feel like it’s right here somewhere Yeah And look there’s more of those metal Things in there they’re just sitting in There See that They’re everywhere Wow This is crazy Look at this there’s more of it over Here This was going to be a real big school That’s for sure For whatever reason they just gave up on It and stopped building it And you can see it’s been quite a while There’s trusses all around here and Trees have grown all through them Wow What is that There’s nothing here yeah you felt like You walked into something like i got Touched some hands oh [ __ ] And there’s i thought maybe a plant And yeah my hand is not that I’m not that short Wow There’s the highway right there guys That’s what we’re hearing that’s the Interstate [Applause]

Oh wow I hope there’s not a body in there I wish i had boots i’d go up in there Mess with it right there Oh my god It’s like It’s probably spray paint on it right Yeah it looks like spray paint on it But i mean you never know Oh that’s crazy There’s a tarp right there A blue tarp What does this say Yeah everywhere Cece what do you think about that tarp Right there Yeah i don’t know I’m sticking i’m not gonna walk before I’m not either i don’t have boots on i Have my tennis shoes on That is kind of weird for a blue tarp Me too by a blue tarp being right there I don’t want to go Do you have a big stick or something Like there’s a body back here you can Find a big stick It’s all knocked down here look Oh my god look guys what if somebody Drug somebody up there Oh you know I’m I don’t know be the case it could be Because look at the ground here It looks like somebody drugs something

Up there It does Oh my god that would be horrible I certainly hope not Okay I’m getting ate up You know what you should do is come back Here with some boots on and go and check It out one day i’m not going home Yeah you need somebody i’m not going in With you yeah You can have her come back here with you And check it out one day and just wear Some boots Because you never know man with the Crazy the craziness that goes on in this World i thought i saw something moving In the bushes if you look down here look Right here there is a path going from up Here to the back there you can see Straight path Sounds been going through there yeah Aren’t there bears out here If i see a bear i’m going over this and Going that way yeah me too I have a gun Well i’m curious too but i’m not walking Up there and risking getting bit by Anything I don’t have the proper shoes on i have Tennis shoes So kyle just brought us to kimberly

Leach’s grave and kimberly leach was The last victim of ted bundy And we actually filmed Not long ago In the area where her body was found So she was his last victim before he was Caught She was born in 1965 and she died in 1978 So sad and we think that might be her Brother maybe A different last name but maybe same Mother or something like that and it Looks like Her father Has now passed away In 1990 And it looks like her mother is still Alive Okay so we’re at another cemetery now uh He’s pressed for time so we didn’t stay At uh Leach’s grave very long but we will go Back and investigate and do a little Investigation there Maybe try to talk to her but what were You gonna say so this is called oaklawn Cemetery um it’s one of the oldest Cemeteries in columbia county okay you See behind you you have all the Civil war graves for the unknown Soldiers That died yep The founders some of the founders of

Columbia county and lake city are buried Out here And the grave i’m about to show you Is actually a grave that’s um that’s Open on one side because it kind of got Washed out and you can see The bones Wow Okay yeah okay So if you Get Offended easy or What’s what’s the word If you yeah if you get squeamish or Just warning um What you might see if it bothers you Just don’t means disrespecting right Anyone or any group Just don’t don’t watch The city about this for quite a while to See if we can get it fixed And nothing’s been done huh Wow yeah they don’t keep it at all you Can see that you can see the weeds and The rubbish But i mean yeah little fence parts You can tell that they’re just letting This cemetery go Well this end of it anyway It gets much worse over here oh no I can’t even imagine 1899 to 1900 that was a year old Over a hundred years ago Wow

Uh yes Supposed to mm-hmm Okay So you can see that one right there’s a Crack But you would think there’s Inside of there well These are older Oh My god Yep It’s like somebody has been Trying to make it fall apart even worse [Applause] Look at that old bench Look on this side Oh my god so there is a hole there You can see it inside Oh my god Top of the skull [Applause] Well somebody threw a drink in there Yeah i know people people just Disrespecting and they did it on purpose I don’t see anything awful i don’t see It i don’t know is that a legend No you can see it when you put a light In there i’m just scared a spider or Something’s gonna yeah that’s just Horrible i’m sorry But that’s just horrible They need to fix this this is just awful Guys You can see right down inside that grave

Ash hurst yeah i don’t see anything and It doesn’t have any year or nothing on This nothing I’m sure it’s been here for a very very Long time But doesn’t even have any year or Nothing there Okay so we are sitting here by the Woman’s grave well we’re assuming it’s a Woman it could be a man we don’t really Know um it’s man or a woman actually I don’t know what made me say woman i Just feel like it is a woman and i don’t Know why But we’re gonna run the spirit box and See if um we get anything from her Can you let us know if you are a female Or a male and let us know Um What year you were Born and what year you died and how you Died and things like that if you could Do that that would be great we Appreciate it and we’re going to work on Trying to get this fixed for you Further Further Hi there my name is What is your name [Laughter] I’m sorry that someone did this [Laughter]

Who did this [Applause] You’re pretty good at hearing these Things too you should get you one of These i used to have one that’s how i Know how to yeah oh okay i don’t have One anymore but wow 12 years of prison so did you go to Prison On wednesday On wednesday On wednesday Your name they never come like this What’s your name Are you upset about your grave Did someone do this to your grave Do you still want to talk to us Tell us something Uh [Laughter] Were you in jail did you go to prison Why did you go to prison Mr asher’s why did you go to prison All right we’re gonna leave are you done Talking to us Thank you so much for talking to us We’re gonna work on trying to Get uh this fixed because that’s just Not right for this to be like that You

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