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Good evening folks and welcome to a very Fascinating Scientific You you apologetic That’s a good word you’re apologetic I’m i’m I’m uh I’m thinking that one yeah thingy in it I can’t forget the words right now Welcome to the show people I’m happy that you’re all here rich has Got a little bit of a problem with Stomach so he will be on He’s just letting me know that he’s got A problem his stomach so he’s gonna be Here soon Lee is on date night uh so Yeah He said if i if i come on the show I won’t get lucky um you know should Just So i get it you know manta man i get it But without further ado Let’s let’s bring on the two fellas for Tonight Rich Hey The finest man in ufology the the Uprising of the you you basically are The new bob lazar You know You you were on a fascinating show last Night on a must-see audio that is going To be out on the podcast i think next

Week Yeah it was really good was that it was A log out for it people yeah yeah that Was a lot of fun uh well the link for I’ve left lee’s link in the description I should take it out because he’s not Coming honest on a date but you know go Check it out people And also For the first time ever The myth the man the legend Will how you doing oh pretty good barry How are you doing oh should i say can Under them or um Close enough eh i’m okay with that so Yeah You you you’re the guy You’re the guy that i mean Yeah Yeah because i enjoy it right so why not Who cares cheers i’ll drink to that my Friend i got my timmy’s going i messaged Ya i know it’s a little blurred out i’m Actually hiding out in one of the kids Rooms so like yeah i’m hoping they don’t Uh barge in and go what the heck are you Doing So Well you said you needed a quiet space You know the audio sounds good my friend Does it um great it just sounds Absolutely fine um We are rich is coming he’s gonna he’s Gonna pop in at some point

Uh mr goofon uh and i’ve just i’ve just Seen in the chat before the show That my legend Coral i think is is Not not well So coral uh i’m wishing you an absolute Speedy recovery here we go yeah hey Hey ollie i won’t be able to to make the Show Feeling kind of woozy And with a banging and with what and With a headache yeah Carol coral mate um Well she’s probably going to bed but she Makes she may watch it tomorrow i hope You’re feeling better she’s absolutely Much loved in canada eh because she’s She’s a canadian Is she canadian yeah she’s on the west Coast so i need to get carl on you know She’s a good person she’s good people i Want to get more of the subscribers on You know i want to know what you think Right Yeah i think because because you are the People you are the people that make This little thing we all know and love Called ufology right The movie because it is a movie it is a Movie isn’t it it’s a it’s a very Interesting movie i wonder what the Punchline is though I don’t it’s not happened yet no okay It’s gonna yeah it’s corner

And i reckon he’s gonna have a twist Something So Will um Tell us because I’m interested what what brought you to The field in the first breath first Place how long ago was it um man i knew You’re gonna ask this eh so And and that’s i’m fine with it it’s I’ve been around it all my life My father’s into it Um my uncles and my aunts my dad’s side Of the family are heavy into it Um they all have their story and eye Testimonies and stuff like that that’s Been flopping around the family I have an experience with an object So this is a thing that we are not Abductees i have not heard anything like That but we’ve always talked about it And how we’ve always seen you know that One time or two time uh encounters in The skies right so Yeah It’s like it’s weird um but that’s what Got me into it um i was i used to listen Over the 680 uh news fm Um But i forget the show’s name Why can’t i remember but anyway um Our Our bell our bell i think that’s what it Is yeah yeah yeah

So he used to listen to him and then That got me into third phase moon And third phase moon was my little i Love them and i you know subscribe to Them but over time i just kind of grew Out of it Um you know i got their merch and stuff Like that and uh that’s what brought me To to rich but Are good for to goof on and um But yeah it’s just no i didn’t need that Sighting to be into it and to to believe Something is out there i’ve always been Open-minded like that Right and just that just clarifies Something to me is okay yeah something’s Out there it might not be alien but Something’s going on what’s their agenda What’s going on You know So that’s i’m open-minded right so i’m i Take it both ends You know political and also i take it Lean towards the the unknown I guess you could say So yeah i mean When you say it goes back Like way back through your family right Yeah are you are you talking lots of Stories of this not long story everybody Seems to have a story in my family like I’ve seen a uh a craft of some sort Um my dad definitely now do i remember No

But Um maybe that’s something to get off him Before you know Heaven forbid something happens to him Right and so that story is now still Around I get some recording i tried to um with Him i tried to get him on when i started My channel on youtube i try to get him On there try to do a A thing with him but he’s out in Cochrane it’s like 12 hours away and so The audio was crap his inner it was crap You know He lives in the bush kind of thing and It’s like no this this is not going to Work for audio i have to get up there And do it one-on-one So Yeah that’s i i’m always into that stuff Right and i’m trying to log it in my Area because people are seeing stuff and Nobody’s there to log it here in my area Anyway What is your father’s story what sorry My dad’s what is his story he’s I don’t know exactly where it originated From but he’s a firm believer he’s a Religious man He believes in the bible and stuff but Also he has an open-minded towards Uh alien life but i think he puts a Twist on the bible bible himself right Um

So he’s a firm believer of aliens he Believes aliens are out there but he Believes in the anarchies The The mayans and he lost he listens to a Lot of cnn And stuff like that so he’s into that I would say david wilcox would be he Would like him But dad would like him uh not saying That my dad’s gullible But my dad believes in something and David will talk story may have some kind Of connection there Um i’m not a believer but yeah go on do You think your dad your dad would be an Investor in the flying car oh probably Right that’s that’s how wacky is right And that’s okay that’s His thing that’s not my thing um I have my own little feelings about that But yeah i try to put humor into ufology That’s my i feel i contribute you know Uh to a ufology and get people’s names Out their faces out there Through humor Right yeah he said so You um You have you haven’t experienced Yourself yeah i have yeah Well go on then don’t worry That’s what it is now you need more of It [Laughter]

Um yeah man no so okay it started Now i’m getting my dates kind of my year Better it’s in 2015 Um an object flew over my town Uh in the quarter lakes now It was i okay i keep saying metallic Drip shape somebody says use A tear drop shape Craft That’s exactly what it was and it was Metallic And like the the material was metallic Like it was a shiny surface Like flight of the navigator I’d see people i have to watch that i Haven’t seen that yet brilliant Is it it’s One of the 80s finest oh okay I’ll have to watch that i keep Forgetting to watch that people mention That you’re the third person that Mentioned that to me it’s like Okay so It turns into a tear Oh Well this was solid to begin like it was I didn’t see it morphing no there was no Morphogenics it wasn’t going super fast Actually it was going somewhat slow But it was such a steady pace Which kind of threw me off and well Besides the shape of it like i just i Haven’t heard anyone besides third phase

Moon and i’m still looking for that Stupid image and their massive database That they have and they have one of a Drip shape or tear drape shape craft on A google image Google street view image and i remember Seeing it And did i save it no did i you know Stupid me Um but this has been baffling me since 2015 Till now And i’ve been looking for the image over The internet and the closest thing i’ve Come to was this catholic stupid Painting and then i asked people of the On conflict radio Uh he has a couple people that are into The bible and they know their stuff so i Came out as a guest i was like listen There’s a painting i you know name off The ear and everything And uh they’re just like oh that’s a Spiritual thing it’s like a fireball Coming from the sky i go but no it was I seen that shape but it wasn’t um They had extra little things on it Right and i was like he was it was Flying this way could it be religious in Some way i’m thinking maybe it’s the you Know so i don’t know i don’t know it’s The government i’m hoping it’s the Government i guess But i’m not i just want an answer to it

Right that’s what kind of drives me to You know research about it and then i Found out South West of me through amy’s show i Mentioned on amy’s show somebody Messaged me with an image and i did a Little Everything’s over done on my phone right This computer things you for me But um he sent me this image i drew a Line figured out yeah it was kind of Roughly going that direction so it came Somewhere in the states southwest of This in the states Somebody spot it and i seen it over my Town and i kind of angled it and that’s Like kind of how it was going over the Sky so it flew In one direction over our north of south America And where did it go right and so i’m Thinking like my area has a lot of lakes Would it stop in my area probably not So it’s probably go to the north pole or It’s going to russia or it’s going to Where was it going You know Why would you be going that way and it Was low it was low olly it was like 50 Feet i would say 50 feet in the air It was so clear clear’s day could i Could take a picture no Should you believe me why would you

Believe me i’m just a person i’m just And i don’t sell it i don’t want to sell It i just want to know what it is Where it came from And yeah amy says it and i’m just like Yeah it’s uh Because it’s bothering me now Right because nobody’s seen that before And i’ll do the i’ll be a people shows Question has this person ever seen that Shape Before and i just i keep asking any time I see a new face Right When you say you saw it once in a third Phase Video and it was on it was on google it Was on google earth it was somebody used A google street view And it was um Third phase was covering like a series Of images i believe was it over water On the go it was on it was a street view It was like a complex And then it was like aiming down the Street you could see where if you could Click in the screenshot Um you can see where to click down the Street like on click street view google Whatever And it was like aiming the camera was to The right a little bit And it was like up in like Like the top right corner of the image

Almost not top right but like a little Off but you can see that the um The house is in the background it was Like over a residential area Right Yeah I remember seeing a clear day man i’ve Watched a lot of third floors so did i And they have a huge database Yeah I mean Before i even got into all of this it Was i was security intense third phase Of the moon that was all my sort of Stuff And then like everybody else i i i Started to get into the field and this Is no disrespect to the boys um It’s uh People change um and i think when you’ve When you’ve been looking at this Uh You become Almost Numb to some of the content if you know What i mean some of the content you will See you just kind of like Yeah Right It’s I understand when people Like They’ve got something it’s like these uh

Is it the san diego Lights is it the san diego lights is That what they call these just reach the Recent Uh lights is in san diego are getting The name wrong Recently there’s been a load of lights Yeah yeah They look like flares what is it where Is it san diego it’s on the tip of my Tongue Where’s goof on where you need him he’s A book of knowledge eh yeah i bet rich’s B i think rich did speak about actually But anyway um it’s like stuff like that You You get these sightings And It always baffles me Do you think it’s american thing lee or Ollie sorry lee ollie do you think it’s An american thing like do you think it’s Just like even though like over canada We don’t see that stuff i hold you guys Personally responsible yeah oh um i’m I’m sorry for that eh my addiction for My addiction i will um i’ll apologize on Half of canada for ua and uh for the States well somebody’s gonna have to Apologize to you but um i I mean it’s a really good question do i Think it’s an american thing i think It’s so I think it is and yes i see my object

But Those other things the orbs and i don’t See that stuff Do you think it’s an american thing rich No not necessarily i mean during during World war ii we had the foo fighters no I know there was Uh you know that that was over uh Europe and Now i i know one of your guests uh made A um Had an idea that it was due to the High-power Radar being used at the time But um we know it created them balls of Light that were chasing airplanes but Germany wasn’t making doing radar at That time it was it was perfected by the British and uh That was the reason why the battle of Britain won because Because we had radar and every time the Germans flew over we could intercept Them because we knew they were coming Will you imagine if You’re an alien species you you picture This you you’re a little green man and You’re saying you’re very uncomfortable Uh craft with metal seats and no uh No cushioning flying uh flying around Observing earth and then all of a sudden You start seeing People firing on each other you see an Alien species attacking each other

Can you imagine if say in a thousand Years when we Maybe less than a thousand years Let’s face it it’s probably gonna be Less than a thousand years if we survive That long That we find another civilization Whether that civilization is an advanced Civilization Or just You know just hairy little things Running around I don’t know But can you imagine seeing as A species On a planet That have discovered You know Basic technology you know that i say Basically they’ve learned to fly they’ve Learned to sail it sail the ocean and They’re just all attacking each other Using probably a thousand years probably Might not even rem because the way History gets deleted might not even be Able to look back and comprehend what The hell they’re doing why are they Attacking each other So i i think if an alien species Sees Another and another alien species Attacking its own kind That that must be a mind [ __ ] You know right

Because it’s weird that we do that it’s Weird that we’re this But we don’t look on it if we were to See it On a different planet we wouldn’t think Any other way we would be like yes we Did that at one point We would now If we looked at it now but i’m saying if In in a thousand years If we i don’t think we think strangely Of it i think we how primitive they are Wait till they figure things out and Then they won’t be so primitive Right Awesome yeah you’re probably right i’m Probably they had to start somewhere too Right I do find it all the the same species With Just goes at each other you know just Because we have A certain belief or a certain part of The world that we live on it’s it’s odd To me maybe that’s the constant all you Might be on to something it might be the Consonant of the universe that everybody Goes through They probably do probably all species Either go through this they have to i Can’t remember who said it You might help me out this with this Rich but somebody said that Uh a species

Probably won’t make it as far as Uh faster than light travel because It’ll end up destroying itself before it Does Um don’t know you said that but there’s Definitely a um Uh a great barrier which is Is Uh How how a civilization can uh Get past exhausting all its resources You know uh because the planet itself as A globe will only have so much resources On it And you know when once you use that that The resources up it’s an intelligent Species you die unless you Uh go to your star or you find resources From other areas you know And it’s And and that’s the great filter You know Do you get advanced enough before you uh Use up all your resources And that’s a fundamental I mean there’s plenty of resources out There you know in space plenty of Planets Plenty of asteroids And you can see why you can see why um Elon musk is driving so hard to get Spacex going as a As an ongoing concern you’ve seen now He’s about 120 odd launches now

Yeah do you guys think it was his rocket That plowed into the moon the other day Probably Come on it probably was It created those two craters Very strange I find it very strange that that that They they even noticed that you know They must have eyes on that they must Have all eyes on that a little ball of Dust Well nasa have collided objects on the Moon before Scientific purpose you know they’ve Collided an object and it’s thrown up Dirt and then they’ve collected that and Wasn’t that where they figured out it Was um Hollow because they were doing that it Rang like a bell Yeah no no it’s not hollow I know No you don’t think there’s another Civilization living in inside the moon Inside the moon No Inside the moon They did say they rang like a bell Though didn’t they yeah they did and Maybe just because of the atmosphere There’s nothing to ricochet off it so it Sounds differently right so you know you Got to think of that too How sound can or the atmosphere can

Manipulate sound waves right See growing up i was always under the Impression you that you wouldn’t hear Anything on the moon but there is a Little bit of uh just a tiny like Vibration right Enough just to get a little bit but Nothing like the speed uh be able to Bounce back or something it must have Been pretty loud for it to ring like a Bell All right You know if you imagine uh On our planet how loud that must have Been for them to hear that Right That’s pretty insane That is pretty insane to kind of think About it now yeah That is less damage you got somebody Picking up Seismic seismic um activity you know so It shakes the ground oh yeah i don’t Think they actually heard it Like Yeah but what i’m saying is the That for that sort of sound I would love to know how actual How loud it actually was if it you know If on on a scale What do they call it richer what’s those Things that they call a sound Seismic scale that’s the one Yeah yeah because i don’t know that

But yeah i mean I i think i personally think i see I see rich more than ever getting so Frustrated with the field he was on a Show Last night ryan um i can’t remember his Surname the mufon guy It was a great interview by the way but I can’t remember the guy’s name um Tinfoil hat guy ryan sprague is it i Think you know i think Was it ryan’s i don’t know i don’t Anyway it was a good show I’ll tell you to go check it out if i Knew what it was called but i can’t Remember Excellent show why has my tv just turned Itself on oh oh That is odd Ghosts get bored too sometimes you know I ain’t afraid no ghost No No you’re on ghostbusters so That’s right that commercial i made You’re on there yeah Let’s let let’s speak about that will Probably Let’s promote let’s promote the channel So you see you do little fun little Skits yeah the link is below people i Don’t know where i’m going with it yet Like i know i’m doing the got talent Things but i’m really Digging the commercials

So i might just start doing just Commercials But i don’t know i want to keep doing Ufology because there’s so much out There and people talking about it and Stuff like that i just want to get out There for now and have fun with that too Well i think he’s got a niche thing There with ufology because You know you’ve there’s a certain Audience here and i think if you I think you want to stick with one thing And if you’re into this subject you Should probably stay with that Paranormal subject when it comes to this But right you was telling us before the Show that uh christina gomez Yeah You originally had her on yes i did Um It’s funny that you brought that up so Yeah i guess we’re live now eh Um oh yeah yeah You’re an alien at me i’ve got to bring A little bit of drama here So i’m just A long story short It’s uh i replace christina gomez with Alien girl because and it might happen With other characters too Um only because if you replace you need To switch it up a little bit and give Other people a voice well you don’t Replace me because we won’t be speaking

Okay that leaves one spot no wait i Don’t wanna oh never mind maybe we’ll do Five people and have a special guest on You should have an anton deck and i’ll Be one of them right oh no An anton deck and it could be me and Rich You know aunt and dick that means you’re Off the the voting Well i i i i could wear that Yeah That would be funny i could make that Work i could make that work I’m just images are popping in my mind Right now i can make it work where the Dude likes the side shot and you see the Stage And you see half the character or the You know oh yeah So Before we get let’s let’s let’s bring I’ll tell you what for the audience that May not have seen it seen once so they Kind of get the one i just made if That’s okay well i want you to show them One From the i’m a celebrity ones oh no the The the because then because that kind Of like brings me right and they can go And head out on over because that’s That’ll bring it all into they’ll Understand what we’re getting at here Um let me find it well i’ll just say one Night

I haven’t posted it yet remember i sent You the link through my Other yeah the reason why i can’t show That is because that is i’m i’m on it This Is logged into a different account So But yeah so Going back to christina so So you replaced it with amy Yeah So right what happened then is she did She I did it the wrong time i did it wrong And i and i know i should have done it But i did it anyway Because i’m a dumbass and um I made that dirty dancing commercial With uh steve cambion and christina Gomez and she didn’t like it She um because i reached out to her she Didn’t reach it to me i reached it to Her and asked her if i could do Um a commercial for her like an Advertisement for her show like i Mentioned you and amy i haven’t done it Yet but i said at some point i may want To do a commercial for you that you can Use and whatever but i want the audience To know who you are Right through my video techniques and my Voice over voice and stuff so

Um and she let me have it And it was like that’s fine whatever um I totally understand where she was Coming from and so i took her out and Replaced amy because she didn’t want to Be part of that and i did do a mistake That’s the video that got me her not Liking me Because of that what what do you mean She’d let you have it Uh like Oh she voiced her opinion that’s why did The [ __ ] hit the fan No no [ __ ] hit the fan it might hit Someone on the wall maybe halfway up but Nothing like it did not get to the fan Right Right It was like a baby playing with his poop Kind of height you know yeah So it was like it got on the walls but Nothing it i didn’t exploded i didn’t Take you know what i mean so i know Exactly where she came from where she’s Coming from and i did a no-no And so did i learn no because the video That i’m posting now She will Be in it but um but she doesn’t know That right so Sure should be fine It’s just bringing Comedy slash I don’t know about drama but definitely

Oh there’s a lot of drama in this field My friend something You know but at the end of the day um I don’t know why she’d be bothered Um because She didn’t want her face like that Showing like that Oh gambian said uh that video was a Little too uh Spicy Right and uh he didn’t play on his show So okay i made it anyway I’ll play a little i’ll play a little Clip There we go People must be so anybody who doesn’t Understand They just look little Skits So this evil alien concept I It feels like We are basing this on Actual evidence Of how we treat each other Rather than on any notion Of how Aliens would actually treat us So so in other words we we are Projecting onto aliens what we already Know We do to each other because in the History of civilization dare i even use That word you have a highly

Technologically able culture Descends upon a less technologically Able culture Um You are silent but deadly And then rinse and repeat We spoke about the humor before like Those they say it do you know it’s like A I don’t know i’m a monty python kind of Uh Humor the i think you’ve got that sort Of sense of humor Right and i like the mighty python i’ve Watched like Terry gilliam uh montage isn’t it you Know is it yeah Yeah maybe But that’s my humor i guess and i find It funny yeah it’s good keep going mate I mean you’re not doing any harm out There i hope not and um And do you know what it does need taking The sting out of it this subject Sometimes because people do get awfully Well Yeah awfully uptight and stuff yeah yeah Um rich did that video about kambian and I took That laugh rich does Of steven cambion’s laugh and i put it In my video so whenever that would be Rich’s answer

Him doing that Yeah So it’s like you’re the humor right like You gotta laugh about it you know you Can’t just be all up tight and What’s what’s that be uptight you know i I don’t get why people take this subject So seriously i i know let me rephrase That i get why people take this subject Seriously I don’t Get So The whole drama thing that happens in This field i don’t know if you realize This but i thrive off it so i If somebody’s having a battle elsewhere And then and they’re in in the ufo field And they’re pissed off i’m like Can’t wait for friday That’s that’s me And Because i think that You know sometimes we just we’re talking About aliens we talked about ufos people You know Somebody’s not gonna have your opinion There will somebody that there will be Somebody that genuinely believes that Wilcock Will pull off that car And you know what So what Does that is does that make that person

An idiot No no no it makes that person an easy Sale you know Right They’re just not an idiot but uneducated And hopefully because in the face It’s like you said about your dad you Know your dad saw wilcock he’d probably Like wilcock right But does that mean to say that your Father Is Stupid for that no that means that he’s Just he probably that’s his mind that’s How it works that’s how it ticks he just And i bet a lot of it for him is a bit Of fun I love this stuff he does laugh at it And so yeah and uh he likes do you ever Hear paul begley now i used to do Got talent yo folger got talent season One you played season two and season one I put paul begley in there and paul Begley is a preacher When he talks about the end times and And planet x and he does talk about These things sometimes So i put him in there as a judge He’s a My dad likes him he follows him because Paul begley does this twist on the bible And stuff right So Well honest on a serious note

Um What do you think about the field Now you’ve been You know Balls deep in it for a bit so to speak Um You’ve gone through the learning Processes you’ve gone through the Different channels right and and now You know You you’ve Settled What do you make of the field Everybody’s trying to put out the word In their own way That’s kind of how the gist of it Regardless what they’re doing who’s Making money who isn’t making money Everybody’s putting it to the forefront Um Like louis zondo And all these other people so I just wish third phase me would have Gotten that um connection through the News outlets Why did it have to be louis londo but You know what whatever He was on the news He got it on there Right i didn’t see anybody else on there Right and so i don’t care what i know i Don’t believe him but It’s making other people think It’s bringing other people in

And they really are and it’s growing a Little bit but you’re gonna get a lot of Negative where you get positive that’s Just the law of the universe right so You’re just gonna have to learn how to Sift through it all find the good stuff And and you know push away the dark Stuff for whatever the negative stuff Anyway and uh people do negative stuff Right people like that stuff so they Have shows for that so all of it will be Gobbled up And so the more people the merrier Right because this is a topic that needs To be discussed Weirdly or or scientifically regardless What do you think of Um Other channels uh Becoming hostile to each other do you Think that’s just going to happen with It when it comes to any channel or do You think That Because of the subject we talk about It’s easier for Um Channels to become hostile Um There’s gonna have to be some kind in Place where people can um It’s almost like the law right because Right now it’s like the wild west right And so

Yeah There’s other you could do um claim Against the channel whatever but it’s Always gonna be around i think i Mentioned on your show before Ollie i’m pretty sure i did so it’s like Almost like a deja vu Um It was um it’s always gonna be there so Now it’s how you’re gonna work it into Your Everyday life right Um because it’s always gonna come at you This negative People attacking you then you attacking Them and it’s just the way it works and You just how do you manipulate it into Your everyday life How do you make something out of it You know Yeah i think i think in all walks of Life you know You you have people that are working Uh hard on doing something particularly In the creative uh Field and they start butting up against Each other you know You have rock bands fighting each other For uh uh billing you know there was a Famous rivalry between michael jackson And prince you know You know there was You know we had we had in britain we had Blur and oasis they hated each other

You know um and there was There’s always these big rivalries and They show up you know and i don’t think Ufology is any different really Particularly because We We live in in that realm between fact And rumor You know and and That’s precisely where we sit and it’s So hard For people to even just agree on what is A fact and what is just merely a Roommate you know Um So so We’re at a precarious point really you Know and that’s why a sense of humor is So important oh god yeah Right Yeah Because it is when we look at it it is Absurd it really really is where we are You know um Speaking of sense of humors thank you Thank you lee welcome to the show For the unicorn yeah No he’s called welcome to the show oh He’s called lee right he oh he’s he’s Giving me a unicorn super chat nice And i’ll tell you he’s a fine beast i Bet iron beast would you buy them I’d love to ride a unicorn Yeah

A bit like uh that film with uh tom Cruise Legend It’s a classic Yeah with uh what’s his name that played Tim curry played the devil that devil is Probably the best devil you have ever Seen in a film i almost put it on from a Six-year-old son the other day than a Better thought nope That’s gonna scare the living [ __ ] out Of him I don’t think i don’t think kids get Scared like like um I know he does yeah um my youngest uh Which is three we watched uh probably Shouldn’t have showed in this film but We watched the roald dahl witches all Together all of us the original With angelica houston yeah yeah and uh My youngest loved it My oldest Was like turned around put his face in The cushion and said tell me when she’s Gone I’m like the mask is going back on he’s Like A little bit i mean Yeah Uh You shouldn’t show them stuff at a young Age like but if you want to scare them Though you pull out the classics Friday friday the 13th

Freddie cougars The stairs that’s a good one because now If you have a basement oh my god they Can apply it to reality yeah It’s game over for them You know they’re going to get scared no I mean the real one to watch is Hereditary have you seen that one no i Have seen that rich but you’re gonna Have to remind me It’s it’s the one about the all i need All i need to do is go Like that Do you remember Maybe i’ve not seen it you’ve not Watch hereditary it is seeing pretty Much every film going that’s sci-fi Horror Anything like that i love this is next Level hereditary it’s really really good Go and see it you’ll love it you will The do you think That um A lot of the stuff that we talk about And this is kind of like Where i went with this thumbnail you Know If you ever see a weird title anybody’s Watching this live or who’s watching After and you see a weird thumbnail That’s generally because i have no idea What i’m going to talk about on the show I’m not gonna [ __ ] you so when you See something like this

Or this I have no idea where the show’s gonna go This sometimes makes the best shows Sorry so Do you do you guys Think that some of the stuff that the Ufo channels talk about that that we Talk about here Is influence Because of hollywood because of Tv series You think some of the stuff that we talk About could possibly be Influenced by that and we’re kind of Like clutching at straws but we’re Taking it maybe maybe we’re taking it From something that we’ve seen years ago And not even realizing it Well i’ve always thought that that some Mystical experiences you you might not Even be seeing what you’re actually Looking at but you you’re interpreting It Uh in in in a way that you understand You know Um Uh i i don’t necessarily think that that People are dreaming stuff up But at the same time i don’t think What they’re they’re seeing might be Exactly what they think they’re seeing There is a middle ground you know and And and i think that’s worth exploring Uh with an open mind and

Uh i don’t necessarily know I i don’t have any beliefs on that one Way or the other so it would be Interesting for for me to explore but uh As i say yeah some some people say i Keep hearing this all the time on the Internet On different shows Usually uh Some quite strange shows but they’re Saying that they’re preparing us that Hollywood has been preparing us for Years For the alien invasion for project Bluebeam or whatever you know by showing Us all these these these films i Actually don’t think there’s enough Alien good alien films Not anymore not like they used to be We just get strange stuff now um Yeah yeah it’s it’s political now and i Don’t want to go too deep into it we’ve Stopped we’ve stopped being fun and We’ve started being political all the Time and uh It’s uh it’s it’s tough Yeah but it’s not the forefront though It’s it’s there even if it’s through Movies or through people or whatever It’s still being thought of and the Multiple was it billions if not Trillions of different possibilities Of things so yeah maybe If you thought about it then it probably

Happened Or whatever right so all these movies That’s where it comes from for all i Would say is if people were if if Somebody was saying that that we’re Being prepared for something right now We’re not being prepared for aliens We definitely know Whatever whatever’s coming through our Um Our entertainment business uh is it’s Not about anything but do you think it Would be less of a culture shock if it Was talked about through the media and Through Um The movie industry and all that stuff Like Like the Do you think it would be more of a cult Shock if it wasn’t Than it is now Um i i don’t think culture shocks the Right word because culture shock Culture shock word would be if somebody Accepts something and it’s that their Adjustment To To take that I I think people will completely outright Reject it if it’s Their scope You know um

You see you’re thinking it would destroy Us if it would and internally like we Just you know we’ll re flat out reject It and attack it Attack it just ignore it reject it you Know not do anything about it I mean i’m gonna go as far as to say That you know while the johnny depp and Amber heard case was on yeah Yeah if if nasa came out and said we Found an alien Civilization on mars that’s still alive And started to show footage On their Live streams of a civilization walking Around and this that the other My wife would probably go oh that’s Really interesting and then carry on Watching on the amber heard and johnny Depp case I do genuinely think there’s people like That on the planet that Would not give a [ __ ] Right You know because this doesn’t affect Them now that’s amazing Aliens that’s fantastic have you seen This on tick tock It’s really funny you know that i i do Think that some people would be like That Definitely They’d just not give a [ __ ] they Wouldn’t but they

I think Somewhere along the lines the excitement For things like that has is actually Gone from people You know they’re more interested in What the what the celebrities are eating For breakfast it used to be a common Thing that people used to say We’re the lost generation we’re We’re too late To uh To explore the world and we’re too early To explore space You know um uh and i i think that Malaise is definitely sunk in with the Modern generations you know uh whether Where there was some Frustration Maybe in our generations that’s that’s Becoming something else and the younger Ones i think Do you think we’re too late to just to It to explore space We’re too late to explore the earth We’re we’re not we’re not late enough to Ex we’re not right not guys To go out into space properly yet Uh we’re an exploring spreading type of Creature Yeah animal aren’t we we we spread all Over the globe now what you know Spread somewhere else live somewhere Else you know look for the next spot Explore find the next

Interesting thing too Do you think we’ll ever go to mars do You think that will be the spot or do You think that would be the testing Ground of a possibility of somewhere Else Yeah mark we We’ve got to go to mars whether we’ll do Anything much when we get there i don’t Know i mean it’s it’s It’s a horrendous place it’s bathed in Radiation there’s there’s no protection From the solar winds It’s it’s You’re not going to have that much of a Good life there At least not for a long time unless we Set some massive colony up you know but Like i said yeah that testing ground so It’s like we’re not gonna actually live There but it’s gonna be definitely where You build your stuff and if you could Survive in that environment who says we Can’t go to another galaxy and survive There no problem with that technology Agreed we had a nasa um physicist Sorry a nasa engineer recently And he was talking about uh james owen Yeah yeah there’s some propulsion that They were working on Which i had a look in and it was Actually quite dirty in terms of Radiation uh That it was uh letting off and i thought

To myself that kind of thing it would be Better to go to mars to do You know because uh It’s it’s less of a Hazard to earth you know So Rich this one’s for you the lovely Jennifer Dyslexia jennifer sorry say amy say i Think i’m sure that’s how you pronounce That your surname um if it’s not you can Refund your superchat um This one’s for you ufo tech uh have you Witnessed the phenomena up close Close up no No no No jennifer i haven’t uh i’m sorry uh It’s uh I I i saw her out the corner of my eye Something red in the sky Very bright and red Um Just for a fleeting moment It was a long way away and i’ve got no Idea whether it might have been a a Plane or something so but i would rather Say that Well i suppose it’s a ufo but But i really really You know i’m quite skeptical about what I saw you know for myself that’s the Only time that i’ve ever seen anything That i’ve thought oh that looks strange

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who have Uh i worked in the nuclear industry for A while And uh there was a guy there who was a Um who who was a surveyor and he would Go out and uh uh check All the uh nuclear sites and i think one Time he was out at hinckley point he Said that he he saw uh He saw a ufo Uh Near say hinckley point power station But He said that to me on the quiet Fueling up maybe I don’t know I don’t know But Here’s the thing that some of the Audience might not know so so jennifer Um And anybody in in the chat uh There is an interview on my channel the Original interview that i did with you Rich what was it called i’ve forgotten The name of what i call my own video it Was remote viewing wasn’t it was it yes So And we went on muscle That was me not the ghost we went on Must-see audio uh At podcast last night which will be out Next week talking about your time at the Monroe institute

So you You’re definitely In the paranormal realm So to speak yeah i would suggest i’m a Seeker rather than rather than a Finder i haven’t Haven’t come across anything uh Particularly mind-blowing it’s just my Own personal exploration But you have a big interest in the Subject Yeah absolutely yeah hence the new Channel that is on youtube people so go Check it out is in the description Jennifer thank you so much i appreciate Your support as always she’s awesome i Need to get back on the channel as well Um I haven’t i have a number of times Jen has she has and she’s got a story to Tell us so jen We’ll speak we’ll speak this week Get you back on And thank you for the support Yeah the The thing is and this is why i Appreciate you coming on on will i i Think some people uh that are out there They’re interested to speak about the Field i think there’s a lot of people That kind of Dance speak the mind about it You know that will not admit when They’ve made mistakes in the past and

When they’ve maybe supported something Out there that is a bit bizarre Um And lost all touch uh i’ll touch Lost all um What’s the word i’m looking for Perspective Yes thank you rich When it comes to the subject I don’t claim and i think a lot of the People that i get on do not claim to Have all the answers when it comes to This because None of us know It irritates me so much when you start To hear people Tell you exactly they know what this is Because i don’t think any of us do Even if you witness things if you you’ve Seen the shiny dots in the sky I’ve seen the shiny dots in the sky i Have them on the channel that i filmed When i was in the pub i had to film it Because i thought it was too drunk They were there they could have been Blooms i have no idea um I’ve seen things in the corner of my eye Like like with you rich i once helped my Uh And yes i did have a nokia lumia windows Phone terrible uh i once held that thing Out the car window when i was at the Traffic lights Trying taking clicking clicking taking

Pictures of something that was like Going in and out of the clouds i have Them pictures as well which i’m going to Find on this computer uh And that thing does look like a tic tac Um It was weird it was weird um I’ve seen these things I have no idea what they are I’ve seen something in the sky last Night It was weird it was just for a brief Moment but yeah i’ve seen it too right So It was like in the western skies i was Like at 10 30 at night Yeah a light appeared and Did this like slow Pulse Um it looked like an airplane uh because There is an air park it’s like not an Air Port it’s an air park so like there’s Only like small little planes Um But It’s I wish i would have filmed it but if Yeah it did this weird pulsate And then that was it No lights and i just kept watching for Like 20 minutes Looking at this you know look around the Sky

See maybe maybe it’s turning Or something if there’s another light But it it just disappeared and stuff Like that you just question it you’re Just like Maybe a plane i because i’m so close to An airport or air park whatever So Why didn’t you film it I don’t know what so what comes over me When this happens it’s like Because you’re in awe And that’s the thing You don’t think about that Even though you prepare for it Um because in my mind i try to prepare Myself it’s like grab the camera Remember to grab the camera when Something happens And you don’t you just you’re so in awe You know what i mean you don’t have time To do it unless you’re filming it to Begin with And but it only happens so fast right So Will your your teardrop Uh ufo that you saw do you have any sort Of gut feeling about what you think it Was that you saw on that day Yes of course i do right of course i Have my opinion And um I think it’s religious in some way Um i think the catholic religion is

Involved in it somehow Uh because the only image i found was in A catholic painting So I think it’s connected somehow I think it’s connected do you think any Of the scriptures like uh ezekiel’s Wheel or anything like that relates to That kind of thing i don’t know I don’t know i’m not religious myself so I don’t really dabble into that Um But i’ve been asking the question to the Priest and Everything and they just don’t deny it And they’re like you know what it could Be something I don’t know Right so When you say it could be religious Do you mean it it could it could be like Angels or do you mean it could be that We we was What we thought was angels was actually Spaceships right I believe in that um i’m the whole Ancient hater the ancient alien thing Yeah um i don’t like ancient aliens um Per se but um in my own thoughts on that Uh what i i’ve come up with Um without that Like aren’t changing my mind or anything Is that uh these drips could possibly be A vessel for the angels

Um angels aka aliens Um Are they fallen angels probably because They’re coming to earth Maybe that’s the golden rule is not to Mingle with People right and So but they’re doing it anyway and this Is the vessel which they travel in To come visit So I’m not religious though and that’s all I’ve come up with That’s the only thing Till china comes up with something then I’ll be so happy like okay that’s what I’ve seen all right i’m not crazy Like I think i think it’s really key that People don’t dismiss uh People’s experiences because they may They are using Terms that are also like religious and Things like right Relate to it i can’t yeah because There’s nothing out there and so and That’s that’s your framework of judging It yeah absolutely right I’m not religious i won’t go religious Uh because of it i just now i want to Know what the heck you know There’s a guy i know and i’ve seen his Channel a few times um I think scott sling and stone

Spoke to him a few times he’s made Comments On my channel said why are you another Conversation He’s Massively religious i would love to have That conversation with somebody that’s Telling me these things the demons are The fallen angels And explaining to me why for somebody Who I mean i i grew i was christened um I kind of turned into a self okay Self behind atheist you know i just Decided not to believe in anything Then i got into the paranormal Well not the paranormal the ufos Paranormal yeah i got into the whole Ufo’s thing and thinking about aliens And thinking There’s life out there you know This this this whole thing is teething With life And now I’ve kind of gone backwards And i’m wondering if maybe There is something more to this little Life than just a little blue ball that We live on Uh And that’s not to say that the the the The the nice guy is not teething with uh Life i got a question for you ollie do You ever listen to um anthony peeks

That name rings a bell but I i can’t tell you how He Is um he’s a researcher And he’s trying to Uh merge scientology Into ufology Yeah jesus Yeah he’s A smart gentleman And what i got from him changed My Outlook On life He changed my He changed the way i look at things Um Maybe you should take a listen to him Because i would i would like to speak Something like about on the show You know Yeah he might do that if you reach out To him he has a twitter account But um Lee from mossy audio had a uh And a scientology ex-scientologist that Had been a scientology scientologist for 40 years 40 years was no 20 years that got out Of scientology And that is a great listen uh Oh yeah i feel like those mind-blowing

This guy got out and he ran a [ __ ] Mile Ian Ian number two thank you so much for the For the county super chat awesome show Awesome show guys some really Interesting topics well God loves to try it that’s what i said That’s that’s what my mom always said Love to try it and i only i always try Guys I always try deliver the goods thank you Ian i appreciate that But yeah anthony peaks uh so he changed The way i look on the universe and how We what we’re meant to be what’s the Purpose of life And now i’m satisfied what i’ve come up With and i don’t even question it Anymore But he’s not a scientologist he’s saying No he’s trying to bring it both in to as One and so As an educated man he he will he knows Scientology he knows it like you know i Mean he’s he’s a reader and all right Scientology is a made-up thing that some Guy just made it all up right well you Know what i mean though right like That’s science How old is scientology it’s not even That old is it no it isn’t I don’t know i thought it was older but It’s not that old scientology is not old

At all no no no no uh i mean if Don’t get me wrong tom cruise knocks at My door And says olly what’s your channel I want you to come with me and become a Scientologist Right i would follow that man If tom cruise knocks at my door Tom if you’re watching Take me take me to it Um Has Have you seen top uh top gun maverick no I want to see it there’s so many good Things it’s great yeah it’s a good i Haven’t seen you yet yeah i i’ve a lot Of p i’ve i’ve heard from a lot of People that it’s exactly What we need I know I’m a kid of that era right that i was i Was young one when that came out i love That movie i have watched the film top Gum So Here’s the story uh We had it on vhs and then my i asked for A playstation one for christmas Um And My mum and dad Thought i will do one up because this Was the most expensive thing out the Phillips cdi

Now On On the playstation Which was a lot cheaper But my mum and dad got the philips seat Yeah she’s watched dvds on it And they bought top gun and i most of The the best thing that i got out of Phillips cdi Was watching star trek the motion Picture over and over again And uh Top gun That was it did you have the tape deck The soundtrack tape deck i used to have It From the the top gun yeah the soundtrack I had i had the soundtrack yeah yeah i Think i had a little cd or something On Cdi so you could play the soundtrack and Play to see the dvd it was bloody great Great well i i’ve got i’ve got one There’s an interesting one we had some Neighbors that were fairly uh well off And while they were on holiday they lent Us their laserdisc And they only had a couple of laserdiscs And one of them was battlestar galactica The movie And uh i Lost count how many times i watched that Damn thing but it was fantastic do you Know i don’t think i’ve seen the movie

But I say the recent tv series um But it from years ago That’s great I’m going to watch it because i loved The tv series and i recommend that to Anybody who’s into sci-fi watch Battlestar galactica the most recent tv Series right [ __ ] brilliant uh Jennifer again thank you so much for the Super chat What do you think of the meaning of life That’s a deep question my friend Um i because i mentioned going deep Tonight Yeah i said that that i’m satisfied what I think The meaning of life is if i didn’t Really say what i come up with like what My theory is on it But then we went on and then not Surprised you brought it up Um If you don’t mind me answering this so I don’t want to step on toes right Because everybody has their own belief And their own thing and uh but man it’s Just Everything seems to fit in every time i I Think about it with everything else but Anyway What i think The meaning of life is

It’s we are here Literally for To store information For the universe The universe Is a consciousness For the universe to evolve It needs to know Everything We can’t comprehend everything We think billions trillions quadrillions And that might be the case But we get recarnated Every time we are reusable energy and Our bodies are only a vessel Right we are there to receive Information to be stored For the universe as our universe is the Brain And when you hear talking people say After when you’re dying and stuff you’re Hearing the universe talk to you And it will recycle you Get back into the life of this realm it Might not be this say dimension But you will be recarnated into Something And so you will know what it’s like to Be a molecule you will know what it’s Like to be a bird you will know it’s Like to be everything Everything possible and you’ll be doing This For eternity we are locked into this

Loop Right i know it might be scary but this Is how i accept it right and so our Bodies our vessels we are Everything sensories that is to take in Everything literally everything Sound is what we put out after we take It in Right if we start that as babies too Everything we don’t do anything we just Take everything in And so this is where i believe that we Are just censored like little robots for The universe and we will be recarnated Back into The universe’s reality To relive something else and something Else and it that you know the numbers Might be limitless But some people can tap into that And where how could you um Say that somebody’s wrong if they firmly Believe it so you gotta take their word For it right Um but you know you gotta watch out for That stuff but people say that oh i had A dream uh i was this cowboy and i’m Like Well you know When you sleep you are connecting and People believe it To the universe That that that Library of information

Of you know i mean That’s that’s what’s happening you’re Connecting to that brain Of the universe when you’re sleeping And that’s where your dreams come from And you’re just like i was not on an Alien ship you know but no maybe not in This life but you were in another Right and so this is where You’re getting you’re tapping into this Library and once the universe becomes Conscious of itself It will evolve but right now it’s just We’re vessels we’re just a vessel for The universe And it will do as it pleases to learn Everything And we’re just here for that How How do you understand the word the word Entropy in relation to all of this Empathy And Entropy How do i sorry say that again okay Let me run something by you see if it Resonates Okay um And entropy we use Uh Engineers use entropy to uh Measure the state of disorganization Of the of a component of Something as a mechanism for its ability

To Do work okay So an example of that would be a car Battery Where when it’s fully charged All the Molecules are in alignment you know North south north south north south And it’s And This is a low entropy state it’s in Alignment and it’s ready to release a Lot of power Almost like a quasar yeah and as As a As the charge is expelled out of the Battery The molecules become more and more Disorganized as it expels its energy And that’s a high entropy state So when you’re talking about Consciousness when you’re talking about Your own consciousness the components That make up your consciousness Um If you are If you are angry agitated disorganized That is a high entropy state and if you Are relaxed you’re chilled you’re you’re Expressing love you’re doing something That you enjoy that’s a low entropy State So the whole idea of us is to Lower our entropy to create a better

Working model and when we talk about Ourselves now then we can talk about Ourselves as a collective Right bunch of people We should be trying to lower the entropy Between each other Right and then as we extend it outwards Universally we should be trying to lower The entropy of the whole universe Rich for a month for a man that doesn’t Get high You sure sound high to me my Friend but i get that i can’t really get That 100 percent And and it’s scientific And it’s reciprocal and it works that’s What i can do I’m serious i could just imagine will Somebody smoking as a spliff at home Watching this show right now and rich Delivering that underscoring And after what you’ve just said about The universe recycling everything going Wow man Of the universe black holes show us this Right black holes is a constant it Recycles Energy it recycles the molecules It everything’s being recycled and this Is the law of the universe’s Consciousness this is what it wants to Do it wants to know everything Anything to do with everything And your your your consciousness is the

The key to do that for the universe Because it physically can’t do it so it Needs something to receive like a Sensory like an eyeball a mouth but Instead of eyeballs of mouth and human Terms you’re thinking spirits Of energy source how’s it gonna have to Bring their uh information If the if the universe is a conscious Consciousness right you know we’ll say This though I mean if If we could if if if the universe can Do you could be a bird a fish Right A beer bottle whatever you know right We drew this we drew the short straw Again can i just say uber barbie you’re Wrong That’s all i’m going to say Thank you very much jen jennifer for the Uh super chat great question and spit Off a spit off a great conversation There Um yeah brilliant jennifer brilliant you Should be interviewing Yeah um It’s It’s odd because we we always find Ourselves speaking about the meaning of Life and i bet some of the top guys You know the top scientists When when they finish the day job when

They when they when they go out with the Buddies to the pub They still speak about the meaning of Life And what all this is about but see i Haven’t really and so i’ve only talked About it now because that’s you know was Asked I’m okay with that answer i don’t need To get it out and not a lot of people Are gonna believe it but that’s it keeps You know some people like they will Stress about it About the meaning of life I’m okay with my answer i’m okay with That I’m okay i’m okay of dying i’m okay you Know because i feel that i will be Recycled my spirit won’t die i’m just a Vessel for the universe my purpose is to Take in as much information as possible As a human being And I live my life Regardless how you do it you know So that’s y you think when you die you Are You you’re pretty positive on that yeah I’m going to get recycled i’ll come back As anything as something people know it Because you’ll be something totally Different But when you dream people and that’s the Thing to help strengthen people saying

That they you know oh i remember my past Life life regression and when people go In comas and they wake up and they’re Speaking a different language and they Don’t know how But this is it you they’re tapping into That Database That’s already been there and so now When you pass on your spirit gets into That database to drop off information Something messes up And you somehow capture some of that Information now you’re speaking latin Now you’re speaking you know something Else or you Come up being a crazy person because the Information is too much and in your mind Can’t take it Right so So here’s the thing when it comes to Aliens ufos and uh Religion for me Is Do would would god would a god Concentrate His efforts on you know if we’ve got if We’ve got a god that then that that god Unless there’s loads of gods you know Looking after all these different Planets out There uh When you bring god into in this subject That when this subject seems like it

Well science fiction scientific based Scientific this subject is very much Scientific whether people want to admit It or not it is people are looking for a For alien life out there Um but when you bring god into the Equation Of this subject It just seems odd I can’t i can’t comprehend An alien That is Thousands upon thousands of light Having anything to do With what we Perceive as god Unless unless like you say there will Which is That god is the universe and he’s kind Of like All the the planets and that are they That they’re the different cells and And that’s the whole theory about Multiple universes right infinite number Of universes that means there’s infinite Number of consciousness because you the Universe is the consciousness The so the sum of all that consciousness Is a consciousness And then the sum of all those Consciousness is a consciousness And it just keeps on going and growing

And growing so we live in a Consciousness is that’s energy Right this is what we’re experiencing See this is i always have a problem with This thing though when it comes to to God because if there’s a god then who Created god Right But then That’s because i’m human and and i know About this little thing called time And i put a time on everything so i i Can’t imagine There have been a time of nothingness Yeah And what create in even in nothingness There’s still something in the Nothingness that creates how can Anything be created from nothingness Right Unless time is not even a thing So so the main The main ideas Around that i’ve read around um The big bang and how everything formed Was uh we talk about the Uh There are 12 particles in the standard Model and there are four forces of Nature and and one of the ones that i Read was That that all existed was the four Forces of nature to start off with and Then one of those forces became

Imbalanced and that created the Explosion That that started off The the universe and as the Heat Uh expanded you know uh mata came out of That you know as as it was uh condensed Like a plume Yeah yeah yeah so So it’s really the the four forces and The slight imbalance between one of the Four forces that created the explosion That’s what i’ve read That that that’s the explanation that Resonates most with me The scientific one i knew that rage do You know our brains work almost the same Way Are you aware of that Our brains are chemical and electrical Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah your Neurons are basically right That’s why they try to advance the two Yeah that’s how people are like trying To link the two the universe and Consciousness right It should be compelling we are the Universe that’s that’s It’s very interesting that people Separate humanity from the universe We’re not we are the universe Rich through your studies with dreams And what have you and uh Things like that

But for jennifer’s super chat here um Why do perfect strangers Why why do why do we see perfect Strangers faces When we dream that that’s And that’s what i said before about the Going into that library Of knowledge for the universe we’re Experiencing what the universe has Already experienced After we Somehow you know go unconscious or sleep Or some people connect it some people Aren’t And this is what happens It What interests me about all of this is When And when you’re just talking about Dreaming dreaming is is for me it’s a It’s an incredibly creative space where Your ability to React Sorry um Your ability to Create And and the reason why you have that Ability to create is the evolved um Reason The need to be able to plan So we can structuredly think we can Envisage something we can we can think This is how things are now in the future Though they might be like this so we can

Plan You know so it’s an extension of our Ability to plan i think that our Imagination comes from but then there’s That extra little bit that we go where The hell did that come from And and and that’s Still to be words out i think We might find i’ll find out what’s going On In a couple of weeks is it a couple Weeks is it next week when they they Turn on the the collider Again Is it next week Well i’m looking forward to i’m not Looking forward to that i’m looking Forward to no don’t look forward to that We’re all going to die Oh They’re going to create a miniature Black hole on earth and it’s going to Just suck us all up Like a big vacuum Canada be okay because we’re nice and um We’ll be okay The real good one is the um james webb Telescope they’re gonna start uh Publishing all the data soon Now they’re getting quite excited about This now i know what scientists like When they get excited about something And then they go look at this and you go Yeah what’s that

But you never know Is Is tabby’s star gonna be one of the main No no i asked i i asked Yeah i got into why would they not look At that one they uh it wasn’t even Prioritized and What they did was they have a they have A for the audience rich just explain Because there might be some some of the Guys there that have not heard of the uh The dyson sphere yeah yeah so tabby’s Star is a star that For First Reasons unknown uh uh dims and then goes Bright again and dims and goes bright And it does it on a very intermittent Basis Um The the number one explanation is that This is clouds of dust or uh groups of Comets and things like that but Other people have a 20 reduction though Yeah yeah which has never been seen Other people have um Proposed that it’s a dyson sphere and Our dyson sphere is Is a structure that goes around a star For for an alien civilization to capture The energy from it you know uh that they Might need Another interesting one which i think Somebody came up with was

This could be mining This could be people mining hello will What’s up the dyson sphere i just wanted To say Isn’t japan making a reactor a plasma Reactor From that Concept and i mentioned this before they Have a miniature sun And it’s a dyson sphere and they’re Pulling off the plasma the discharge off The sun and use it as energy that’s Nuclear fusion isn’t it is that nuclear Fusion fusion oh my But the the article said A miniature sun inside A reactor so if that’s a nuclear reactor Yeah that’s the same idea right sun’s a Fusion reaction it’s not a fission Reaction so maybe i’m saying it wrong so Yeah so it’s uh i think that’s just Amazing technology like if we could get That to work you know Well rich is my very own scientist of Alien addict i i hire him out he’s there He’s the scientist Oh that’s good eh you’re a patriot I’m not a scientist no you’re not a Scientist you have to be fooled wow i Think you are No he’s a clever guy You know Well somebody somebody comes on social Media and starts going it’s quantum

Physics and i go right okay well let’s Have a look at quantum physics and see Do you know what i mean so Uh yeah so i have an interest in this And right You know every any anytime someone asks A question i i work out trying working Yeah Is it could it be clouds of dust around The storage It’s possible yeah yeah we we don’t know Yet and and this is one of the reasons Why Uh They were People were hoping that that one of the Projects that they would get the james Webb telescope to do would be to look at Tabby’s star Um now Tabby’s star i i do wonder whether the James webb telescope Would actually get a lot of information From tabby star uh only because it works In the um infrared So it’s most useful uh looking at the Old state of the universe where the Light is So far uh Redshifted That we can’t see it with the human eye So that’s why an infrared telescope is Useful for much older parts of the Universe

So i think they’ll be prioritizing those I i just You asked the uh the nasa guy about Tabby’s style if i Recall what did you ask him I don’t know i’ve forgotten we best look It Up i can’t it was something to do with He’d heard of it though he had heard of It tabby’s star yeah yeah it’s It’s uh it’s famous you know and people Were really thinking it might be Something Ex well it is something extraterrestrial But uh you know I can’t comprehend the work involved There though to put something I mean you look at the size of a star Said that let alone put something around A star i mean you’d have to have robots Doing it over time i suppose But uh We’ve got goop goof on in the house Goofy Come join me yeah come on eh come join Us for the last 30 minutes right He’s not been well my life i don’t want To get him on Beautiful mum Um Yeah i mean Is it the james webb telescope i i do I have really i’ve got high hopes for it Um

That we’re gonna see Start to see I hope so something that’s going to Help me On the channel because i’m selfish like That i don’t care about the aliens i Just want to you know help promote the Channel you know It makes so much money it would just be Phenomenal hopefully it comes like you Know what i mean just the findings and Stuff but we oh i have hopes too and So I’ve seen i’ve seen a preliminary uh Piece of data from from uh There it was uh on on a channel Earlier on this week And um What they did was that they showed two Graphs of data they they pulled Information from a star And one graph looked like this which was An old image that they had And then they had the james webb one and It was like That and what it showed you was the Granularity Of the image and and the it had split The light up and you could see a lot More Information Than you could from uh More traditional uh hubble So it it it does look like they’re going

To be finding a lot of stuff now how are You it’s like transitioning from when The planet crosses its star you mean for No no It’s just the light that it was picking Up you know the The different um Frequencies of light So it was it was being done as a as a Graph if you like and it was a smooth Graph on the old one that that didn’t Show much detail but the james webb one Had lots and lots of spikes so you could See that that the light it was catching Was was more um uh granular in terms of Its detail You know Um What what they’ll glean from that Uh i’ve yet to see you know but uh It it does look impressive Do you I’m gonna say i’m gonna say i’m gonna Say this rich do you comprehend and this Goes for you well as well anybody in the Audience Seeing I’m not just talking about hearing about I’m talking about seeing intelligent Life That is not On this planet in your lifetime I’m going to see sorry say that again Was the first part

In your lifetime will yeah Can do you comprehend Yes In your human brain yeah Seeing Not just hearing about it but actually See Intelligent alien life Yes Yes And it’s going to come in the form of um The handshake every time i see it Happening It’s a handshake with someone or some Something Every time i picture it It’s never like an evasion it’s like uh You don’t see the craft you just see the Alien and a figure or some person Is how i image it And yeah in my lifetime So you think that happened yeah I got a Weird belief that it’s gonna might Happen It might not right Yeah i really hope you’re right i really Do i do too right yeah yeah But it’s going to be like uh Um You won’t we won’t see we won’t leave The planet it might take like 100 years 200 years even 300 years to see anything Happen

Um but Yeah just Knowing just to put People’s minds at ease which will help The government start funding for the Space program Right to then further that to go to This foreign planet Right Because it will benefit the the Governments if you want to get funding That’s another way to go too it doesn’t Always have to be the war The threat narrative Right If If they come here Will that stuff is exploring So much more So much more do you think it would stop Or it’s just gonna open up more windows And more cans we just sit there and fold Our arms and go not here now No it would not happen it would not Happen the movies will get better And uh imagination will just soar Because it’s like oh wow okay so what Else is out there if this thing could be Walking around what else is out there Right and so now you base your visual Aka the alien that’s shaking hands Off of your creativity and we have tons Of that out there that’s our filmmakers Are you know these the people that do it

Are very creative people because oh yeah It would just boom it would boom it’d be A big thing Right then it’s like now the questions Are asked where did you come from it’s Different types of species like you Don’t even know right it’s just it’s Just a little If they did it it would just be Phenomenal Right they would get the funding damn Freaking right i would throw them to a Toonie or a loony you know what i’m Saying hey And like here take it you know take my Money That i worked hard for You know to help space help that rush to Get to their planet See so you picture the the the Excuse me The first interaction is going to be It won’t be Them coming here Not coming here no they already they’ll Come uh onto the stage like a regular Person You won’t see the craft I think that’s a later date i think that Won’t cut too much later Because it would be better if you just Brought Up one or two species up like you know What i mean if it was gray’s let’s just

Say Two great is that what it is in your Head it’s great yeah i’m the only female How would you distinguish the It would may have boobs it will have the Bumps or whatever gray with boobs now That’s going to be a fetish Because this is the and this is it goes With um genetically modifying with their Dna these abductions they’re trying to Look more human so that they can walk on Earth Right because maybe they’re just Genetically not modif they can’t Physically can’t because the gravity is So Great here their molecules are just they Would squish who knows right Because remember there’s no Gravity in space So and what’s their gravity like and What’s you know what’s keeping their Molecules together because us we can’t Leave space without stretching Our molecules start to part that’s why We have to work out and these things Happen But if they could space travel what’s That say are they going to come to earth And be like and their molecules are Going to get so they’re gonna shrink Their bones are gonna crash Right Because they’re space travelers so

Right so they’re genetically modifying Their bodies so that they can do this And maybe it might be like 20 30 years But I i i definitely think and jenna i don’t Think i did miss any did rich we did we Brought this super chat up didn’t we a Few minutes ago oh the dust around tubby Star Oh How can there be dust around the star Well Oh how could see i thought that was the Same one dyslexic gen dyslexic dyslexic Don’t worry I thought i thought i thought that was The same one Um well the there’s dust around um The uh Oh dear what am i talking about there’s Dust around neptune there’s dust around Uh My house Saturn There’s dust around jupiter You know and and and they’re in rings There’s there’s All kinds of Reasons why You can have dust or even rocks or or Even small swarms of comets that would Do the same thing that would uh bring it Down one One person proposed that that

It could be mining going on On uh asteroids that are going around Creating all this creating the dust yeah Yeah So there’s lots of there’s lots of Different ideas about what that is What about the idea of uh that’s how it Starts to form Is through the dust and then that’s how Planets are formed and stuff right Yes yeah Yeah You know and they uh I believe the term is accretion Where they come together i mean you’re a Smart guy damn yeah That colossal head Grass doesn’t grow You have to worry grass is not growing On this you don’t you don’t need the Hair rich you don’t need the hair just Hair’s overrated yeah he is overrated I am The rich one of the main reasons why i Love having you here is Not only because i like it i like to Have a drink with you after is because i Just genuinely think it’s needed for my Channel because i think There’s so many wackos That come on including myself that we Have all these we need we need that Level head You know that just goes well you know

What guys that’s a great thing that You’ve just said there however it’s Because of so so so we need that and i Think that’s needed and that is needed In this field somebody somebody who Is knowledgeable when it comes to Science And that’s why i like alien scientists As well i think he’s a cool guy Very intelligent guy yeah only had a Quick chat with him but uh yeah he said Have you been on with alien scientist I think he i think he showed up once for A few minutes or something like that i Need to get you on with him i i would Like to get you alien scientist and Rather be squid in All in the same room at the same time I think i i think i’d just stay quiet And i just feel like this going I need more beer But back to the greys thanks jen for That i appreciate it back to the guy i Missed that one because he had the same Word and there’s the last one at the end So i was looking and going i’ve not Missed anything i’ve not missed anything Here but yeah Worded differently dyslexic it’s a curse Um The um Grace with boobs Oh there’s a t-shirt Absolutely yeah

Or a thumbnail photo for the next one But i don’t think they’re gonna it’s Gonna be a cosmetic i think it’s Cosmetic i said that wrong it’s gonna be A cosmetic thing Um with the boobs and everything it’s More for us to accept it Right Because we can’t think terms of humans When we think alien it has to be out of Our Usual norm to even comprehend what an Alien would be like Right because they’re not human so why Would they come shake hands with i mean You’ve got that shaking hands would they You mean they’ve seen us shake hands up Because yeah because there’s a greeting I mean if some cultures if you go to Shake somebody’s hand they will knock You the [ __ ] out you know um and so That’s it you know that’s how i just see It um every time i think about it that’s Just kind of what pops in my mind So What’s this yeah it’s worth the drop oh Okay Yeah it’s a super chat from Moon is that litch 333 333 he knows me he must have been on my Channel he’s seen my 33 That’s my 33 It’s my number

333 Do you see that all the time I i made a video about me seeing the Number 33 right constantly And that’s years ago yeah yeah do you Know what my number is I see all the time 11. No 666. Okay you [ __ ] My daughter was born Right well the date’s not doesn’t matter But her weigh-in Was six pounds six grams six ounces Six six six Houses Yep she is the devil Sometimes i sometimes call my oldest Damien but now i’ve started to comment My youngest it Well this has started to chill Um You you’ve got you’ve got you’ve got More years on me though you know my mind I’m sure that i’ll respect mine when They’re older at the minute they’re just Little [ __ ] They just eat me out and house and home And i love them spaces They will definitely what what’s the Oldest Six Six oh man you haven’t even stirred it Yet oh no

He’s a right little wanker i got a 16 Year old floating around don’t worry oh My god my my eldest is 16. oh okay yeah Yeah yeah i hope people get my humor When i’m calling my kids names I get it yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely Absolutely the great Um What I don’t know if i’ve ever asked you this Rich what’s your actual opinion on the The grays Because You must have yeah i i mean Somebody From a matter of science What What do you think of my little logo That’s right next to your sweet head Okay um The The size of the head the the the brain Is obviously Meant to be large that’s a common thing So yeah that’s all good And the eyes Could be like that if they need to Capture a lot of light so the sun might Not be as bright As Ours you know it could be a red dwarf or Something like that the planet would be Closer so the goldilocks zone would be Closer to a red dwarf than it would be

To Our star which pushes out a lot more Heat so we’re further away So their um Their years would be uh quicker And being closer to a star their the Time might be traveling A little faster for them compared to Ours because of the gravity Um What else can i say the The long neck the e.t long neck always i Always thought that was a bit Problematic You know Would that really be useful To to a species like that and the fact That they seem to have sort of very Spindly arms But i’ve got very spindly arms would it Uh be the effects of uh space travel Though do you think that would affect Them dramatically it’s it it’s possible I mean people talk about Them Some people say that they they their Dealings with them that they they almost Feel synthetic You know whether they’re a synthetic Form of life or something like that you Know and that they’re just put in Place in their ships to go and explore Places you know Right

So i mentioned to a friend one time and Uh about ufos and stuff and he says well If there’s a bunch of rich people Traveling universe like as like a zoo You know you don’t if you don’t have the Money you’re not traveling and that’s Why you don’t really see many You know um well maybe they’re a University and they’re The earth is their homework you know That’s right We got the human species over here let’s Fly over here and this you know and we Got this species over here let’s go over Here and this is how they interact this Is the information that we gathered Because apparently they’ve been here From like day one right Or since like you know the egyptians It’s even dated back before them too Right so Yeah yeah if it’s true if it’s true then That means they’ve been here from get The gecko dinosaurs and stuff and um Right they’re just monitoring us just Watching us how we grow how we do things Yeah you know uh i i The the hypothesis i subscribe to is the Zoo hypothesis Uh whereby We’re just being observed rick are you Are you on the uh The live chat at the minute no i’m not At the moment

All right yeah i think i need it Blocking Got some haters going on there No it’s just sideways Spam Pornographic shite oh that guy why don’t You get a hip on your shoulder i think That was a great guess whatever you had I’ve saved the link for later you know Yeah We can watch it later be on your patreon Uh Your patreons could only watch kind of Thing That uh little guessing oh yeah by the Way yeah on the patreon i am usually Naked oh there you go away Yeah oh yeah why not why the hell’s not You’re probably a sexy man under there You got the main uh chest going on the Daddy chest don’t you I’ve got A rug under here it’s a lot of hair yeah I believe i could see it for some reason It’s like almost like popping through Your shirt Maybe i should wear a low cut top you Know next I When it comes to the the aliens being um Coral’s usually really good with it but She’s bless her she’s paula this evening Oh she’s okay Um

When it comes to the These Strange creatures with big eyes that Everybody kind of talks about I I don’t even have any of you two looked Into alice crowley Yeah yeah i did i read his book on magic Oh you read the book rich so what do you Make of that And and of lamb Uh i think i have an image i always talk About it probably every few weeks i Bring it up because i find it Fascinating that this guy Drew this image Uh is it like a hundred years ago now Crazy It’s about 100 years ago rich would you Say Yeah yeah well Um Yeah yeah 1920s 1930s something like That yeah aleister crowley so yeah that Was It it definitely looks like An alien grey doesn’t it you know uh and I think we’ve we’ve uh mentioned that Before Um No reason why not but the eyes are very Human aren’t they compared to Uh The ones that we know now

Yeah They are i i would agree there but they They they almost look part shut Um You do see a lot of these things on on Like old Carvings on walls and paintings on walls And what have you where they they depict This creature and i i I sometimes wonder if that are they just Is that is that just [ __ ] drawing you Know is that just somebody that’s that’s Doing big eyes and it looks like that And people are the clutchiness yeah They’re not like ultra they don’t know How to draw properly right so i thought About that too is it really what it is Or it’s just a you know But how come so many people all over the World They picked this image That’s weird How has that been bred into society Then it’s getting kind of back to the Title of the actual clickbait thumbnail Um Is that being bred into us you know If you if if you look if you look at um Those uh evolution of man you know where You start off with uh uh primates and The primates get bigger and they get More gorilla like and then they they Turn into a modern human being and if You look at the head

Okay and you go backwards to sort of Like uh Gorilla stroke chimpanzee area the the Top of the head is small and the jaw is Very big So as as as you go Further along the jaw gets smaller and Smaller and the head starts getting Bigger and bigger so It’s a natural progression to for Somebody to assume That a more um Evolved being is going to have a much Smaller jaw and a much larger cranium Than us It’s it’s a very Good assumption to make i think I want to see one water all over there Sorry but I want to see one see what an alien yeah I want somebody to give me the best Evidence To to to this that’s not just a little Bit of a photograph or like a five Second clip of an alien dead in the snow You know i want The most concrete thing and i know rich Is going to be biting his tongue and Just like [ __ ] he should have done on that show But i say this the most concrete thing I’ve ever seen Is when i is back in 1995 when i was 15 years old

41 now people 42 this year And that was the fake alien The you know the fate the big one Autopsy the alien autopsy i was ah that Was probably that is probably this Is probably one of the reasons Why I’m into this subject This so whether this is a fake or not This is responsible This and my dad is responsible for me Doing this Right But Yeah this i mean it was only it was only Last year i think at christmas time When That piece of film Uh This Tiny piece of film Came out And they were saying that that this It’s not fake It’s very real I’ve gotta i’ve gone i i i keep saying This to the audience Go back and watch that go back and watch It And you tell me because the what the Debunk was is that this thing was a shop Floor dummy you know from a A clothing shop Those things that uh you put the

The clothes on And that that they’ve made up to look Like an alien Whatever that thing is Whether it’s an alien Or whether it’s It’s two things it’s even an alien i Think it’s a person that our Experiments have gone wrong on It But that is odd in itself Right because For some if that’s a real person that Got into a video that to fool the world That it was an alien art i don’t think It was meant to be yeah like the ins That’s left the raw as well isn’t it That image So it’s meant to be yeah there’s a few Things with like the phone i think they Said the phone is not it’s a little bit Older Than It a little bit newer than it should Have been Um I will say it’s real it’s a real footage The question is now is that well there’s No cgi it’s right it’s all real i mean The season Stage act or Um you know what i mean but i think it Is i think it’s a person and that’s the Experiments that they’ve been doing on

These abductees Like This is russia’s doing this is germany’s Doing Right That’s the case right there and that’s Maybe that’s the cover up and they’re Trying to push it off as aliens Because they don’t want the world to Know what they did or are still doing Sweetie mess has just given a very short Face A super sticker appreciate that and it Is a very short shot that sweaty mess Not sweetie mess Come on he’s taking the piss out of it Dyslexic man That’s five beers Sweaty mess is far funnier than sweetie Mess sorry you know i just needed to say That sweaty sweaty mess yeah sweetie Mess Um thank you my friend Yeah i mean Right i know he said i know it’s been Debunked i know it has but i can’t help Myself Than to go back and rewatch i want to do A show on this thing And get i want to get rich on goof on Rich on that show because he He stands by his guns with that that you Know that’s 100 percent a a dummy From it from that’s that’s so dummy i

Don’t Know if it is a dummy i’ve watched that Thing recently i think i watched it About six months ago When when that photograph got released Um I don’t do i think it’s an alien I don’t think it’s an alien i think that Was meant To muddy the waters i think that is There for a reason I definitely i definitely think that was Something that was that’s not just one Guy that wanted to make a bit of coinage Because i tell you i’ll tell you for why And i think i’ve talked i’ve said this a Few times on the channel If you’re an artist Or a filmmaker And you put some a piece of uh you put a Hope you pull a hoax off You would think Down the line I might be able to make money off this Again By filming how it was done Now some may argue They wouldn’t have thought of that But i guarantee there was a lot of Thinking involved In The creation Of that There was a hell of a lot of thinking

Involved when it came to doing that I can build things i can make things When it comes to um Create creation i can draw i can i can Mold things out of clay Uh i can mold things out of silicon Not silicon Plasticine Uh i could I could probably do a mold and pass Silicon into it no problem you know my My mum’s a potter I i was i grew up on that sort of stuff And i Given the right tools i could probably Make an alien that looked real That to me looked amazing Still to this day i look at that Still looks amazing it still looks like A dead it’s still it looks like a body It but it is black and white So is it if it was in color It I keep i ask myself that all the time if It was in color It may look like [ __ ] Black and white can disguise a hell of a Lot of things Yeah but not only that we don’t know What color an alien would be anyway do You know me right it could have purple Blood for all we know for all we know That’s right because it’s not from earth Right yeah something totally different

And right by saying there’s no audio to This thing at all is there’s audio no It’s just it’s just Footage Um What else is odd And i i think i’m the only person that’s Ever said this i’m gonna give myself Some props there Is that the You know the phone In between cuts The phone wire if you go back and watch The original video The phone wire moves like it’s being Used that phone looks like it’s being Used I don’t know if they’d have thought of That But if they thought of that on the hoax Wow they even thought about changing They couldn’t Good on the moon landing so you know What Um If the moon lane is fake That’s real Right Because If the moonland is fake that would be Real the alien Is real because if it’s too like good Then it has to be real because the moon Landing

Is okay And that’s where people think it’s fake Where this if it’s 100 percent you can’t Go all the way you know everything seems To match up and it must be real Because they tried to fake the moon Landing right if you’re a firm believer Of that Are you firm believe that well Am i no i think we did You think you landed on the moon yeah i Think we did Just not the day that they said they did Do you think cubic had their hand in That footage Tub Right But i feel that if you could if you Can’t fake the moon landing or if you Can’t make it look realistic Um that footage would be I need to change the background if we’re Talking about moon landings There we go Because uh i don’t think the technology Was there i don’t think they’re prepared For for our space travel More so they are now Right so they had to figure it out right The united states had to figure out how To be the first ones there Right How are they going to get there So do you do you think you think the the

You think the footage isn’t real Right but i think they have landed on The moon Just after the Fact right Yeah they have to fake it So let me get this straight so This The saturn it took off yeah With the guys on board right buzz aldrin Neil armstrong and uh who’s the other Guy i always forget his name Michael is it michael what’s it Rich Who’s the other guy the guy that stayed Up in the spacecraft michael collins Michael collins yeah i knew michael Um See i hope my dad’s not watching this Let’s see that’s where they probably Went up there Me and my father get into conversations About moon landings and right he’s like I watched on tv happened Don’t even go there It happened They went up there And uh but they realized they couldn’t Do it And so it took them that long to figure It out Right and they’re like okay we need to Get some kind of footage out there Said that they did land on it the rocket

Went up who says they landed on the moon Right the footage is not good the Footage is not good I agree the footage is not good right Would it Go rich The film has to have been filmed on the Moon And the reason why is to get to get Astronauts to bounce like that and move They would have had to film it at a very Very high speed So that when you slow it Play it at normal speed it looks like They’re going like that okay and to do That you would have to have spools on a Camera that were like 10 feet huge You don’t think they would have Something like that though No no i didn’t have that No So That there’s there is no way That you could recreate that At the time with the technology that They had On you could possibly be right Right So do you think that the footage that we Saw rich was actually The footage of them going on the moon There’s there’s footage of them going on The moon

Is it the same foot is it the footage That they did at the time Whatever i don’t know right and that’s What i’m saying like they maybe they Couldn’t do it right away But yeah but they did There’s a possibility that they might Have gone up there done it Come back And and then they actually made sure That and Did it do you know what i mean so it’s Like it’s like make sure you can go There and come back film it all And and then we’ll fake doing it So so that So that You don’t have the rocket blowing up in Everyone’s faces and it’d be like Natural disaster and things like that so That’s the only way i could think that It they didn’t want to film that crap Right because it’s happened before Right all those other people that used To go before them where did they go but They definitely went and it definitely Right well that’s why you know they Definitely went up there but i don’t Know if they actually got Were able to land on the moon That’s the thing at first and that space Race was to show the american people And possibly around the world um That america did go up into space

Right and that’s the conspiracy did they Land on the moon i don’t know i mean They sit there and they talk about the Van allen belts and uh and the radiation There and and that’s true the radiation Is very high but they took a path that Went round Went through the thinnest part of the Van allen belt which meant that they Went round most of the the radiation and Therefore they they were a lot safer Than than Most people give them credit see not a Lot of people talk about that rich That’s interesting a lot of people say You know you hear a lot of the flat Earth channels Um some of the other channels say that Well they couldn’t have done it because They can’t get through the through the Van allen belts Yeah but they well they kind of went Round them they went for the finish Point yeah yeah yeah because the van Allen belts stretch out furthest and They’re thickest around the equator And near the pole they’re not so thin You know and you can and and it it’s Kind of like an ellipse out of the earth And And you can go Up the top and out like that and that’s What they did Basically they they went through the

Thinnest part Why do you think Buzz aldrin i don’t know if you ever Seen the clip where he gets He a little bit shirty and he ends up Smacking uh i forgot activist yeah yeah What’s his name do you swear in the Bible you watched the movie you walked To the moon swear the bible you walked To the moon i never [ __ ] walked to The moon mate come on because he’s not Religious probably right i’d still be Working now Right he also asked neil armstrong to do The same thing And he wouldn’t do it do you think That’s Okay okay I mean i can only put myself in that Position And if somebody said To me swear that you did this on a um And had a camera rolling I’d be like i’m not [ __ ] being your Puppet [ __ ] off you know and that’s what He did yeah yeah yeah yeah And buzz aldrin smacked him in the face Right And i also think that neil armstrong Never really recovered from the death of His daughter i think that that yeah with Him for a long long time and that’s why He didn’t want the limelight i think That’s why he shunned it from the

Limelight personally You know yeah neil armstrong always kept Himself the buzz has always been the one That’s kind of been the The face of that The really interesting ones gordon Cooper of course Yeah But he but he but he’s not he’s not he’s Not one of the first guys No no he wasn’t but he did the gemini Ones though didn’t he and He claimed to have seen ufos and All sorts I don’t know how much of that he just Did for For uh i would give it attack i i that’s What i can’t You’re a guy that you’ve worked for nasa How much [ __ ] Money must be in that for gone cooper Just to go yeah i saw ufos i i don’t Think that The guy would make a lot out of that Well cooper was um Was Passed over for the uh For the apollo programs because he was Drinking Do you think he was [ __ ] up at nasa Yeah Could be writing right I mean i i had um You’ve seen the interview with ray

Hernandez On the channel Yeah yeah I’ve seen so he was um Really good friends with edgar mitchell And he said the astronauts ex From what was telling me from about Edgar is that Astronauts experience i can’t remember What he told me The name of it Something very strange when they’re out In space Like They will It’s almost like they They Feel something completely like a godlike Moment Yeah i remember Edgar mitchell wrote in Wrote it in a a kids book that i had When i was A youngster and he said he felt that he Wasn’t God when he was on the moon yeah Do you remember what they called it No no Yeah but um and that guy the weird thing With the With edgar is he that i don’t know if You remember this But nasa I think was suing him

At one point because of some of the Pieces some of the souvenirs he had in His house Do you remember that Yeah didn’t he have a yeah did he have a Camera or something like that I think he had a camera i think he i Think he had a a uh A stick You know He he taken that thing to base and took It home with him i just find it weird That nasa would sue You know what makes them the the right To own that part of the moon like who Owns the moon really like how can you Sue someone For bringing back parts of the moon or Whatever not just that but when you’ve When it’s such a Um An amazing thing for for man to do I mean i think he was Six Because i think he was the sixth guy Um I get and He just seemed he seems odd To get pissed for a big Operation like that to get pissed an Astronaut for having a few souvenirs in The house And speaking to a few ufo guys And he didn’t even say he saw a ufo

Maybe because the moon landing was a Fake and they don’t want any evidence of It out there because the evidence isn’t Out there now you know that right so Like all that evidence that they had of The moon landing is gone It’s gone there’s plenty of there’s Plenty of stuff up there well that’s What nasa was saying or something like That i remember saying that that Information is lost You can see the lunar rover it’s still Up there from other sources but the Actual raw evidence is gone oh come on You can still see I’m serious that’s what they say anyway I don’t know like who says that Nasa Well nasa says that the uh the the moon Landing It’s not there it’s gone it’s been miss Uh I don’t know classified or put away Somewhere and they can’t seem to find it Because it was asked if they could bring To the forefront somebody asked or Something around that line and they get They said no we don’t have it anymore It’s that’s why they can’t go back to The moon No i think you know nothing they lost to Technology to go back to go back but That’s classified information right that Was stored somewhere that i will

I will say will that it that there that That’s odd that they lost the technology Should go back to the moon but I think i i think i think i think the Rover and the flag and all that’s still There the flag may maybe a little bit Bleached out Yeah yeah but to go back to the moon They’ve lost that technology i don’t Know about now but i remember it being a Thing and i’m thinking That’s one way to save your buddy Especially when people are saying that You faked it and oh just so happens that In from we can’t go back because you Know we seem to have lost that Technology what you’re like a massive Organization and you lost it yeah well How many i i i’ve contracted all over The place in various i.t Roles and and in the past i’ve been to Places where um they’ve said They’ve got a piece of technology Someone’s developed you know they’ve Written some code for it or something Like that and everybody looks at him as Well i’ve got no idea how that works you Know and the guy’s gone he’s long gone He’s he’s done that code he’s he’s Written it and and nobody can work out How how it works so you’ve got to throw It away and start again It happens all the time you know that’s Crazy and and you know if if you have a

Part that’s been Machined to a certain specification you Know by hand by somebody you you’ve then Lost that if if that person’s no longer Around you know right right right But it should be something that we’ve Already can figure out wouldn’t you Think like oh I would think it is but well what’s elon Using what’s how is he gonna get there Right he’s using some kind of Information right Yeah but he he doesn’t have the luna Lander yet right like that so you know That would be a complete new build now Yeah i’ve always said too i said we did Go back to the moon just man hasn’t Touched it yet robots have Right yeah yeah yeah yeah Well it is the thing that you’re saying Earlier boys when we were talking about Uh Mars And uh elon musk got that pawn channel’s Back again oh not again come on Here he has something to say Does he does he Does he think that That or she Just does do they think that my Subscribers that are into ufos and Aliens Want to watch Some

Anal probing x-rated content I have a video about that anal probing Eh From aliens Yeah i don’t know why i don’t know why They like the anus so much i don’t know Either do you know michael jackson has a Butt plug out Yeah It’s on my channel i made a video about It Did i hear that right michael jordan oh You did Michael jackson has a butt plug out yeah No serious A recent a recent release Recent release no it’s been up there Forever oh no i was gonna say you know You know Guess what If you thought there’s gonna be a secret Album come out No There’s no secret album But we have a butt plug but we have a Butt plug that’s all we could get Oh Wow i big funny i’m wait i’m waiting for Bowie’s new album to come out And i’m convinced it’s going to happen Oh seriously i think bowie’s i think i Think there might be a secret album come Out from bowie that’d be interesting Yeah and

Any of you ufo buffs and uh alien and Fifth dimensional beam buffs In the chat Go check out the video uh black star From dave bowie And you might want to smoke something While you’re watching it that is a trip Yeah Yeah i prefer the other one what’s it um Oh jeez what’s the other one from that The one where he’s the one where he’s in The cupboard and he goes out lazarus That’s just Yeah lazarus yeah yeah Great album it’s a great help that final Album was poetic yeah that guy is that Guy that was i think he was trying i Honestly think he he he knew [ __ ] Yeah i was trying to tell us something Or have amazing Uh Um imaginative uh Brain right you just think about weird [ __ ] and there’s people out there that Could do it but there’s a guy that that Did Was was was it Is it the wrong word in inspired by Alisa crowley But bowie bro we did There’s a bit a little bit of crowley There Yeah not the crowley that i read but you Know i i just read his book on practical

Magic Which is i don’t think that’s all maybe It all is you know and uh I’m not gonna keep you keep you guys in Any much longer because we’ve gone over By 18 minutes but maybe maybe no one Knew you’d have to be sorry i have to be Sorry i’ll be sorry i’m canadian For all of us you definitely need to be Sorry Um My wife’s canadian Oh she’s she’s she my wife’s from Ecuador Um But she was born she my wife has got a Canadian passport she was born Yeah and she lived in toronto for I think about Until she was 10 years old then she Moved to ecuador my my wife’s dad’s from Ecuador And he was a chef in I think toronto Oh wow so yeah i’m a turtle baby too Till i was 14. Well she’d be watching this tomorrow she Always watches my show No she doesn’t oh yeah my family does Not like my stuff either but that’s okay Though You know it is what it is i like your Stuff uh ollie that’s why i watch it As long as you watch it but i don’t want

To sleep with you no offense well i am Kind of good looking But [Laughter] Boys it’s been a great show tonight we We’ve had no rich we’ve had no lee but i Think we’ve holds his own ground you Know i think we’ve done a good bloody Job Um And will Tell the people In the chat are the people that are Watching this after the show Where they can find you and what you’re Gonna do In the world of ufology So you can find me by just googling my Name at conundrum Um i want to add humor man uh because Things are getting too serious out there So i’m just trying to add Humor into ufology and hopefully get the Word out for other people to tune in Figure things out and hopefully just let People know That europology is a it’s the talk of The talk right now well for me it is It’s gonna happen And uh i just hope more people get on Board with this Because weird things are going to happen Man So

And remember this will is the guy He’s predicted the handshake and it will Be a grey And one of them’s gonna have tits Maybe because i’m a guy eh maybe i just I think that but i think it could be Just a fantasy my friend could be who Knows Alien grey boobies Say Promote it Yeah richie of our tech i’ve got a very Small channel on uh youtube you started You’ve just started and uh You can also argue with me on twitter Like everyone else does yeah so if you Think about the brain to challenge Mr rich here um then go ahead Um But yeah he’s doing good things for the Community and i think he’s decent For somebody That Actually has an idea of Science To be in this field when it come and be On a panel of Idiots It’s always good to have the sensible One He’s not sensible when do you see him After the show Not what he was saying yeah not saying What he’s saying backstage there he

Won’t be sensible when i meet up with Him i’m telling you now yeah yeah Even off camera We’ll be we’ll be both going through the City center Streaking [Laughter] Thank you so much for tonight it’s been A great show um Guys go check out will here is in the Description below go check out rich uh Keep keep the good uh Ufos stuff coming people and i will see You next friday Uh Probably with a clickbait thumbnail Again and uh clickbait title but you Know what i don’t give a [ __ ] because i Give you entertainment I give you something I’ll be honest with you i’ll pull out my Ass but i’ll give you something yeah Thank you so much thank you for Everybody In the chat tonight Um thank you so much to the i don’t know How many mods i had in there Coral’s a great much she’s so good Love Uh get well soon coral yeah coral i need To get i need to get carl on i do she is Carl’s been on shows before she’s been On google aren’t she Uh in the back stages kind of thing i

Don’t think she’s been on that carl’s Been on one yeah i’m sure she has Yeah i think i remember seeing her Uh but yeah you definitely need to get Get Bless you Uh definitely you just Definitely need to get her on um but Yeah it’s uh it’s been fun it’s been fun And uh If if you want guys you can support the Channel a little bit further By going getting yourself A drink There’s no there’s no liquid There’s no liquid in there But it it’s my merch Oh that’s cool man It’s this all alienatic designed That’s amazing yeah Got me t-shirts Look at that eh These these are the these are the Designs They are there they are there people all From yours truly Yeah 115 i can fly bob lazar should buy One of those get bastard Oh actually no you know he bought he did He did He did indeed yes he did him and carbell They both got themselves a t-shirt that I’ve not faked at all Yeah that does not look fake that looks

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