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Get Certified First Aid Training Online

Life is full of surprises and not every surprise is necessarily good. We face certain situations in life where every second is important and a small right step taken at these moments can change the outcome of one of many lives. Medical emergencies are examples of these situations.

A Yearbook Is Worth a Million Memories

A yearbook is a book that has a history many aren’t aware of. These books were first created in the Middle Ages as a way to record legal decisions.

Consider the Magic of Maturity

Certain words in our American language. although they have dictionary meanings, connote to each of us in different ways. Many of these words are words of feeling, like love and hate. Feelings are often difficult, or even impossible, to define. What does the word “maturity” mean to you? Is it an age when we grow up? Is it the ability to accept responsibility, to commit to someone or to something? Does maturity enable us to consider a problem, to look at all the aspects, make the wisest choice we can make and then live with that choice?

Explore The Great Opportunities To Teach English In Korea

If you possibly have an interest to teach in Korea, then it is recommendable for you to explore the great opportunities to teach English in the many private and public schools. These opportunities enable English teachers to earn a good living, to experience the Korean culture and have an amazing travel experience in the country.

Remove The Misplaced Focus In Our Educational System

It is the general notion of every one that children should be educated suitably and should be made to understand situations. This will help them to behave appropriately. But, in reality, every grown-up person should learn a lot from kids. Every behavior of kids has lessons embedded in them. If you learn from their behavior and in turn, guide them suitably to learn life’s lessons, they will blossom into very important people in the society. Psychologists also opine that we should prepare our children for facing the world.

High School Yearbooks

High school yearbooks are a major part of any high school experience. All students get a yearbook, making it one of the most universal features of high school.

Online Yearbooks Are Almost a New Tradition

For decades, there are some traditions that have been repeated. High school is filled with traditions, rites of passage that not many people willingly skip.

The City of Sheffield and Its History

Sheffield is one of the eight largest cities in England. The city of Sheffield is part of the English county of South Yorkshire.

GPA Calculator – Know Your GPA

A Grade Point Average Calculator allows students from all parts of the world to learn what their grade point average is. Many times a GPA calculator is used when applying to colleges or universities within the US. A GPA calculator can also be used when traveling abroad to different colleges.

Why Students Hate To Take Exams

Procrastination is the longest four letter word in the dictionary. So how does the public school system teach us to procrastinate? With loathsome practices such as homework, long term projects (like the dreaded science project), and oh yes, the universally hated Final Exam. All things that seem far off and distant then reward you for hurrying to get them done. So you end up cramming at the last minute for the exam because you forgot what was not pertinent on a daily basis.

What Is Dyslexia?

The word dyslexia comes from the Greek word dys, meaning “difficult” and lexis, meaning “words”, dyslexia is referred to a reading disorder. Children and adults that live with dyslexia have a difficult time reading, making a connection with sounds and letters.

Smile – It’s Picture Time

I remember as a child, the day we took yearbook pictures was the biggest day of the year. Well, except for the last day of the school year when we got to have field day.

On the Nature of Consciousness

What is consciousness? Since the very advent of psychology, a scientific explanation for the phenomena of self-awareness has been something of a Holy Grail… despite being a state that each one of us experiences on a daily basis, our leading scientists are still struggling to explain how it is actually possible. This article has a look at the history behind theories on consciousness, as well as some of the more modern approaches to studying this incredible phenomena.

Does Your School Need Time Clock Software?

Private businesses primarily use employee time clock software to keep track of regular and overtime hours worked for payroll purposes. But time clock software isn’t limited to just private business. Non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions all use time clock software to track time spent on different projects and activities. This article will focus on how schools use time and attendance software to solve a variety of time tracking challenges. I’ve talked to a lot of schools about their time clock needs over the years and I’ve come to realize that in most cases, schools use time clock software for three reasons.

History Of Sri Lanka

The earliest records of the history of Sri Lanka date back to the sixth century BC when the people of Sri Lanka (or Sinhalese) migrated to the island from Bengal in India. Before the establishment of Sri Lanka, the island was occupied by the people now known as the Aryas who are originally believed to be the Malays.