Adams Story Of His Father Recently Passing #suicideawareness

By | June 27, 2022
Adams Story Of His Father Recently Passing #suicideawareness

Um Basically this is what i get woke up to On the first That’s dead and i’m like Oh my god what You know i mean that’s the first thing i Hear when i wake up And you know he wasn’t in the best Health he had diabetes neuropathy Um Several other things wrong with them it Is all connected through agent orange And vietnam And we always had Two two running jokes he he would sleep For 48 hours sometimes and we poke our head In there Make sure he was still breathing And one of them was either He’s gonna die in a sleep and we’re Gonna have to go in there and poke him With a stick to find out which he would Always laugh at Or He was gonna outlive us all because he Was unhealthy and i mean that’s kind of The you know you kind of would expect That out of somebody you know Um And When i woke up to that The whole morning Up until getting to their house was just

A blur Um My mother told told me that you know he Shot himself and i’m like What are you talking about he shot Himself I I wanted to think that this was a prank Right you know Um he was infamous for pranks um And I took what was normally a 20-minute Drive Probably made it 10 if maybe eight And when i got there um It really sank in that Um He He was gone because of all the all the Cop cars there and everything else And um I go to go in And They won’t let me in me and this uh it’s A sheriff’s officer um we get into this Argument Finally i shoved him out of my way i Said you’re gonna have to shoot me tase Me i don’t care i’m going in that’s my Dad And um about that time my mom came out And She

Told me you know hey they asked me to Come out they’ve got to process the Scene And um So You know I kind of calmed down a little bit Um my wife worked for the st johnson County sheriff’s department for Five years She’s always the voice of reason um We’ve known each other 26 years We dated middle school in high school And it was weird how we got back Together Um Social media we never talked Inappropriately but My original intention was always to move Back to saint augustine to get back with Her and then I ended up joining the military in 2000 Our lives took us separate ways we kept In touch Um And she’s like i said she’s always been The voice of reason with me Um if i’m up here She can bring me down here Just like that Yeah that’s when mike worked with me So The other night when you did that And

You know i try to donate when i can and Everything else You know not i i don’t know if you uh Remember seeing me in the in the chats Quite a bit oh yeah yeah I just i just kind of Shut down and you know i’m having to Be strong for my mom be strong my Daughter um My daughter Was born in 2004 On june 8th I remember my dad standing out there it Was my dad’s birthday was june 8th as Well And uh He’s sitting there outside the glass Looking and waiting to see which one He’s like this that one i said no They’re about to bring her in and when They Wheeled her in He said i couldn’t have asked for a Better birthday gift and i said good Because guess what i’ll never be able to Afford to get you anything else because You know Yeah This one’s gonna get it all and uh You know He said Best birthday gift i could have ever Asked for and that’s yeah This one’s gonna go forever and um

You know When This happened june june 1st Um He uh Was you know a few days away from Turning 73. Um two days away from uh My mom and dad’s 45th wedding Anniversary um You know My daughter’s birthday And then I went back up to eastern kentucky On father’s day to go see him Um He was a retired truck driver Um he had to take a medical retirement Earlier so um I took him some trucks and he he was Like a big kid i mean he really was and About a year ago when i was still living With him He had made Some off the wall comments That made me worry So i I went and i took his 38 revolver And you know having ptsd myself i can Kind of see these things When i especially living with somebody I took a 38 revolver i didn’t tell them I took the bullets out

And i put it back where it went And i’ve actually got them in the other Room About a week prior my niece was Graduating um I’d thought My mother Well for the house he couldn’t slide Back anything Um But a 22 long rifle like a pistol the Walther p-22 he could slide that back Fine and soak up my mother and i said Okay This is a good way to defend yourself i Mean I even think about when he did this how Weak he was in his hands to do this with A revolver with a hammer you know to Turn around I imagine it took everything he had yeah Um because Like i said you know he he could never Open a can of or a bottle of sprite much Less oh man He had to have been more determined that Night than ever um And uh So You know I told mom to take the 22 to florida With her um She did and My dad asked me he said hey i’m going to

Be here by myself Will you Load my revolver back up And I didn’t think anything of it i should Have Which makes me think that within this Year period that i never told him He probably went to do this once before And Realized it wasn’t loaded So Yeah it’s a Smith and wesson is an old police issue And i always left he always wanted it to Fall on an empty cylinder just in case You know God forbid one of the grandkids get a Hold of it or something at least yeah Anything and i said well do you want me To just put five in there and he said no Go ahead and put six So i said Okay my mom took my truck Down to florida because my Brother-in-law was putting his running Boards on my truck and everything else She came back on memorial day tuesday i Went down there picked up My truck and uh came home And uh dad called me every day so i Moved out at least four times a day Um i could almost set my clock to it Um

And uh he asked me there’s this pair of Boots that i was had worked on and he Wanted something else done to him he Said why didn’t you pick up the boots And i said i didn’t want you to have to Wait three weeks to get them back and Waiting for a call back from the guy So i can bring him in get him worked on Bring him right back to you And uh He said okay well i want to wear him to My va appointment on the 8th which was His birthday and i said well you know if He hasn’t got him done by then Um just You know mom will help you get them on And off it’s no big deal yet some Zippers installed and the guy forgot to Put the leather straps back on on the Inside Um i said mom will help you get them on And off Just take you know when he calls me back And tells me that day to bring him in i Will and he said okay makes sense And um He called me a couple other times we Didn’t talk about anything And uh in the process my brother-in-law Had sent back uh four Tires that he took off like His forward and uh Wheels and tires So i started looking at tires and

You know you always think like if this Was the last conversation i was gonna Have with this person I wish it would have been something Different Something more meaningful He had called me about 6 p.m And um Asked me what i was doing told i was Looking at tires for these new rims or You know new wheels whatever you want to Call them And uh Going through the different Different styles different brands Warranty whatever and uh After about 30 minutes He said all right well i’m Gonna Go get something to eat and go to bed I’ll call you in the morning and i said Okay and it and this didn’t Stick out at me at the time He said Tell laura and brody i love them i said Okay i will So He said all right love you bubba he Always called me bubba you know When i was little he called me squirt Um And then when i got bigger it became Bubba i have no clue but He said i love you bro i said i love you

Too dad We hang up My wife was actually up here in the Office i was downstairs And uh I look over my dog who’s always beside Me I said hey brody people said he loved You and he just kind of wagged his tail And you know Um When my wife got done i said hey dad Wanted me tell you love he loved you and She said i’ll tell people i love him too I said i’ll tell him tomorrow when he Calls me And you know Tomorrow never came Wow And he had never said anything like that Before you know now looking back i’m Thinking that’s You know Yep I can relate And We look back after Um somebody’s texting me or something i Don’t want to vibrate on the desk Um So I called my daughter when i got there And told her

And her boyfriend’s mom was gonna drive Her up she was really upset She lives about an hour away Um And uh she got tired of waiting on her So she just drove herself and You know she wanted to see him And i insisted on seeing him um The detective was like i don’t know if He should and i’m like look You know It doesn’t matter i don’t i don’t care Um That’s my father you’re not going to Stop me he’s like i don’t want that to Be the last memory you know i told him i Said it’s not going to be the last Family of my father I came up here saturday night Had dinner with him uh actually my wife My daughter we all did um then i came up Sunday helped him out with a few things Um You know took the trash off for them Uh Cleaned up some stuff around because Things for him to do simple simple tasks Were hard for him to do You know made sure that his medicine was Laid out for the next couple of weeks Just in case mom didn’t make it back in Time anything like that And uh After that you know

He was standing at this at the storm Doors i was leaving he just kind of Smiled Did like that And You know that’s my last memory of my dad Um right What what i saw outside Which i’m glad i did Um What i saw outside Had i not seen him I would have thought a lot Worse you know does that make sense Yeah Yeah Because i loaded His his pistol up with hollow points And I know Firsthand you know what a lot of things Look like um i spent ten years in the Infantry four and a half years in iraq Um You know i know I know firsthand what Even shots from a distance look like Right um So When i went out there It wasn’t anything that i was expecting Um So I don’t want to sound graphic

I don’t want to sound very graphic That’s okay He shot himself right here in the Forehead Um He was just kind of So if i if i lean back let’s just Pretend and he did it in my chair I don’t know why when we go out to smoke He would always sit to the right i Always thought i would always go Straight out and uh he had the american Flag to his back But he was just kind of slouched over Like this And He had the foresight to take Like a dish towel place it across his Stomach And um You know From what the detective told me The pistol was at his right foot Um He uh Basically if you were to take Your your haunted doll there And about the size of You know half dollar maybe maybe a You know Do a hole right there like knock it in The porcelain doll’s head But take the four pieces Glue them back together but you can

Still tell that there’s a crack And just not be able to put it right Back into place right um It it was not gory um the Blood was maybe Um and i i know it was instant um The puddle of blood on the ground was You know smaller than a football and not Nearly as deep Yeah um Trying to think the exit didn’t go out The back Just a very very small exit wound about You know the size I i can’t think something small enough To maybe a piece of gravel just right at The back of the crown So You know when that hollow point broke Into pieces i Most of it stayed in his head But it’s like one little sliver found Its way out and um You know i went out there and i talked To him Um You know and you’ll see in that note That i sent you he he wrote in there Um The wars over Uh charlie wins Um I never meant nothing and i’m like no Nobody wins here dad you know um

Everybody loses Yeah but at the same time If that’s what you need to be at peace Then You know I hope you found it by My biggest worry And you know with us Doing this My biggest worry is whatever problems he Had In this realm He took over to the other side And nothing’s better Except for the fact now that he’s even More alone Than what he was You know That’s my biggest I had the same fear i know exactly what You’re saying i thought the same thing When gary took his own wife And it was after talking to um Psychic mediums Um Right spiritual friends that you know A little bit about You know stuff like that um You know because they they talked to the Spirits on the other side um And i had went to a couple of different Ones And they said that gary uh That when someone commits suicide they

They go through a live review Um just like anybody else and they Are sure they they have they are forced To see the damages they’ve left behind And how bad they’ve hurt everyone And they have regrets that they almost Instantly have regrets and i’ve heard That from like five different psychic Mediums that they almost instantly once They realize what they’ve done they then They see what they’ve done to the family They they have a lot of regret Um and they’re they’re forced to see This because that’s part of their Punishment is now look what you’ve done Now look You know that’s what you’ve done and They have to see that Um but that they don’t They they’re not in hell they don’t go To hell especially if there was a mental Problem that caused them to do something Like that i mean and which is in most Cases you know it’s a mental problem That they there’s still a chance for Them to be in heaven they they but they Go through a lot of uh Like Counseling and things like that on the Other side with Their angels and their guides and and I mean none of us really know 100 Percent i’m sitting here talking act Like i know what i’m talking about but i

Just know what i was told and they all Have said the same thing it’s like i’m Trying to picture it you know but it’s Like like a school like a where they got To go and they gotta you know this is Where you went wrong in that life this Is what happened this is what got you to Where you were and they got they go Through this process Of Trying to look at their life you know Where where did i screw up so bad where I i went and did that you know and Tore up a lot of people’s hearts Um yeah so that’s kind of what they’ve All said Um So i hope that helps you because that’s What that helped me that really does Because I mean if He’s if he’s on the other side and There’s somebody I don’t want him to have to sit here and Suffer because of what we’re going Through right per se Um Because Even with these red flag laws and Everything else i would never he to me He had the right Um I know this this might sound like the Most backwards thing that anybody can

Ever say But Nothing i could could have done Would have saved him um Let’s let’s just say i I mean i’ll i’m sure you can see i’m Pro-2a Yeah Um It’s I don’t believe now There are certain messages where i Believe yeah take them away you know Especially if you can prove somebody’s Talking about harming somebody else But so Like i said circle back here um I i don’t think like i said you know He He had the right you know I know He carried this with him for 50 years Yeah 50 years is a long time To feel like this and He i remember when i was probably 16 he had a wooden headboard And in his wooden headboard On his side Um there was a hole Sorry Um It’s about that big Um in this headboard you know top to

Bottom And There’s this beautiful cherry headboard And then you see all this you know like White wood underneath it and he would Wake up with his fingers bleeding Where he was digging away from something Like fighting in a sleep with oh wow and I remember asking him you know like what Do you what are you digging from said Um he would wake up like that um You know and These Just all these things leading up you Know um That was you know 23 years ago and yeah He’s still You know Yeah So to me Taking that away wouldn’t change Anything When i was going through some drawers in His bedroom The va cut them off pain medication but That’s been some years back And I found 14 bottles of unopened morphine Sixties Oh my god Yeah so had Had they you know you’ve taken that out Of the scenario

He could have done that i mean I mean And instead he chose to maybe because he Thought that would be quicker You know I think that was probably it yeah Maybe the fear of it not going through You know right somebody catching them Somewhere in between Um yeah sound like he pretty much had His mind made up he was just done Yes um You know and it’s just sad you know Mental health Problems And it’s just i’m an all-time high in in This world today i mean you just oh [ __ ] That scared me [ __ ] alarm clock But it’s just it’s just sad you know Because Um so many people and young kids are Committing suicide you know and it’s Just it just breaks my heart to hear Hear these stories and i know what it You know feels like to lose somebody to Suicide and it’s horrible gary hung Himself And my husband mike was the one that Found him And You know i he i was trying to get into The room when when we when he said he’d Come out of the room yelling call 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1 oh my god he was about to Collapse in the hallway and i knew Something was really wrong and He told me to uh call 9-1-1 several Times and i was trying i knew something Was wrong and i started screaming and I’m rushing down the hall and he Wouldn’t let me pass him he said no no No no no no you’re not going in there no He’s pushing me back he had never been That aggressive towards me ever Get back no no no well while i was on The phone with 9-1-1 freaking out Because i knew He was probably gone the way he was Acting I wouldn’t make the mistake of going Around and looking in the window and so On And i collapsed And i had a i had a minor stroke that Day Which I didn’t even realize i had a stroke Until you know A couple days later when Everyone was noticing that i wasn’t Really Making much sense and you know i was Under a tremendous amount of stress so They chalked it up to that at first but It just got to the point where i wasn’t Making no sense Things were coming out wrong

Um and it was just so noticeable to Everyone that they i went and got Checked out and they did some tests and Stuff and they said i had a tia And which Under the situation you know they Weren’t surprised and neither was I Um But you know I The image was so quick i don’t really Have that image in my i do but it’s it Was so quick because it’s like as soon As i seen him i hit the ground like it Was like i looked in the window and boom I just went back That was it And i woke up to the paramedics treating Me you know Had me laying there doing stuff with me Because they were worried about me too You know and And it was yeah it’s a day out It was the worst day of my life and um Heather She She lived an hour away so she had to Drive an hour Knowing that her brother was dead And her and her brother were so close So sorry for that Yeah it’s just you know

I mean if you’d have had a gun I i don’t know if you would have chose That route um But What you were saying about the last time You saw your dad i’ll never forget the Last time i saw gary and he was going Around from room to room peeking in on The kids But it there was just looking back now i Feel like i should have noticed Something about the way he was doing it It was just he was paying a little bit More attention And just kind of looking at him and You know looking at him and saying good Night and patting him on the back and I’m like I hadn’t seen him do that that pathetic You know what i mean like you’re going Hey good night guys good night buddy Have a good night so you know stuff like That but not Go in and just stand over him and look Down at him and just you know what i Mean so And i didn’t and i saw him doing this And it’s like the later that day after You know we found out what he did i kept Reliving that in my head well why didn’t I see that why didn’t i see this why Didn’t i see that he was acting Different You know he was saying goodbye to

Everyone Is what he was Yeah And you know that looking back that’s What my dad did too because we went Through his call log And This this really Pisses me off um for a lack of better Words So We My daughter was looking he just had an Old school flip phone um not tech savvy At all [Laughter] And if he was he hid it very well um Yeah He’d always have somebody else google it For he loved his westerns find out how They made the Horse fall and i’m like You got a chromebook in there yeah but You can just ask your phone and i’m like Okay [Laughter] But uh So we notice a number at because we’re Trying basically the police set up a Timeline from 8 pm When My mother went to bed She woke up at 12 30 a.m still saw his Light on

But Didn’t think anything of it you know He’s been known In weird hours And 6 30 a.m She let the dogs out back which he went Out back to do this out on the back Porch oh man And She he’s he’s notoriously falling So she noticed a spot on and said let The dogs out they went right past him Right now and she thought He fell and hit his head And then Upon second glance that’s when she Noticed the gun at his foot And She Immediately locked the gate because There’s a gate to keep the dogs up on The up on the porch or you know down in The yard So she closed the gate Came back in Um and that’s when she noticed the two Notes call call 9-1-1 and You know at that point there’s nothing Anybody can do for anybody So She called me Um the detect you know the detective That showed up

Um Extremely nice guy extremely Professional i mean everybody was um But at 2 23 am so after everybody’s left We’re looking at who ollie called Well 2 23 am he Had made a phone call To austin and bell funeral home um My mother Is friends with you know the guy who Runs a funeral home she does alterations And she’s also friends with you know his Wife beverly Um Just if you’re in the middle tennessee Area austin and bell funeral home yes That is the bell from the bell witch um Is it really same name oh my gosh Tim i don’t believe tim’s related to him But uh yeah the bell witch cave is like 20 minutes from my house oh wow i want To go there Hey anytime i’ve got spare bedrooms uh Okay You’re always welcome Um We can go And debunk everything they’ve got and Then find the real truth because right Exactly yeah we’d have to debunk because There’s so much bakery out there yeah You know the story the story is part of The fun i will give it that but there’s A lot of things that are off but

They have an answering service in the Middle of the night And He called and you know the answering Service answered and They record these things and i guess tim Wasn’t going to tell my mom until she Got down there But We found out before she got down there That he called and um He said You know they answer Said Tell tim to come get the body And she said the lady said excuse me And he said tell tim i said to come and Get the body and she said i’m sorry he Passed away he said tell tim i said come Get my [ __ ] body and hung up oh my God That was it oh my god 23. Oh my god That was a 223. This is what pissed me off the lady Thinks it’s a prank call i don’t know if This lady could be out of state i don’t Know it’s just i’m answering service um I haven’t Had time to figure out a way to fix this Yet My neighbor Was awake all night sick or my i’m sorry My neighbor my parents neighbor i’m

Still used to calling my neighbors Because you know Right Um She was up all night sick and she heard The gunshot At 3 25 So there’s an hour And you know two minutes that somebody Could have came yeah i’m intervened Yep you’re right You know and i don’t know Wow we gotta have some way to get this Fixed i mean it’s It’s not that hard anymore um You’ve got an area code and a phone Number you at least try and call them Back yeah if not i mean if somebody Calls you on a cell phone you get a Caller id you get a name but you can Start backtracking this Especially the police they cannot track It did you let the police know about This situation and if they’ve talked to Them at all about that because that is Messed up um i did let detective schultz I called him later on that morning um i Think i’ve still got his card right here Um i did call him later on that that Morning And um Actually it’s right here And i told him what i found out and uh

He went and got the recording So okay yeah gotcha So Yeah like i said it’s just it Like you said it comes in waves and I’ve had to be strong for my daughter I’ve had to be strong for my wife i’ve Had me strong for my mother especially Yeah And I don’t think there’s anything wrong When you know a man cries anything like That you know no not at all no It’s not that macho bravado in me it Just shows you have a heart And you have feelings You know We are and um What what really So i’m looking for my baby now Um I was over my mom’s last night and It was just supposed to be kind of a Quick trip in and out you know just pick Up a couple things because i’m still Bringing stuff from her room and next Thing you know we’re going back through Dad’s room and Remember this Do you remember that and The last year i’m not she wasn’t mean to Him you know We we really believe he was early onset Dementia

And he would have his moments Yeah and mom Is I’m not saying blaming herself but she Wishes She would have had more patience with Him And believe me i’m He could drive a crazy man nuts Yeah there were times i’d look at my Wife and be like can we just move into The car please We’ll find a house let’s just move into The car And Yeah you know But for her It’s I i can’t Let her know just how much this hurts Right now Yeah because she’s over there by herself And You know i mean you know she’s got Neighbors but I’ve noticed You know Our time together has gotten longer and Longer like i was only supposed to be There i planned on 20 minutes 25 minutes tops i was over There for three and a half hours last Night Wow

And We talked about things that we would Normally never talk about and then you Know going through You know dad’s room because um I was looking for something in his gun Safe And um But um It’s just I can’t Let her see Because Uh you know to me i have to be her rock Right now because my daughter or my Daughter is not you know right there Um she’s talked about moving back in Down there Um Whether she will or not that’s another Story yeah you know my sister and her Family’s in saint augustine Um Which i’d give my left arm to be back in I hate tennessee It’s nice to visit But it’s So Freaking hot for no reason That’s what a lot of my tendency friends Have been telling me that it’s extremely Hot there it’s like almost worse than Florida It’s a lot worse than florida um

Today was Uh 95 And my humidity you know about I think the humidity was like 70 percent i mean it’s just something Yeah you take a shower you walk out Five minutes later you feel like you Need another shower it’s kind of like Down here it’s so damn hot here i hardly Ever go outside anymore unless i have to Oh You got the world’s largest pool on each Side of you so Yeah that’s true too Yeah When i live i love it Augustine too and you said you used to Work there where did you work at there So i i grew up down there Um i lived in the st augustine shores Now Um My first paranormal experience actually Happened You remember okay st george street the Walking street right You know where the dunes cracker cafe is Yeah sits right on the corner of Treasury i believe it is oh yeah yeah Okay so if you’re in the dunes cracker Well if you’re facing it you know Looking like you’re looking towards the Bay front Just like

Half a block up right on the right There’s this little restaurant called The pizza guard Um It was there forever and uh I don’t know last i had heard um they Had moved But i’ve been working since i was 11 Years old um you know i’d always find Jobs under the table washing dishes and Uh You know i’d always surf as well so um Waves were flat i’d call in for extra Hours well you know they have those Cement tables out out front with the Umbrellas that go up and everything else Right and you could buy pizza by the Slice there And it was an old Just an old house you know from uh Right Back when that was a little area well I got the key um the paint was chipping Off and everything else Some of the tables and fran had asked me To go in early and paint paint some of The tables and i said yeah no problem She gave the key Give me the alarm code And i go in there and i disarm the alarm Go outside and i paint for about an hour Hour and a half It’s starting to get hot so i go inside To get some water

Well When i go in there I hear children laughing and playing And i thought i mean there’s a back door As well i thought Fran and her grandkids were there But it was upstairs so i went upstairs There was nobody there and i said oh wow Weird So i went back downstairs And I heard The laughing again and You know i’m i’m just a dishwasher you Know i’m not even But i hear the pots and pans which They’re all hanging up you know it’s Backing around the corner and that’s Where the back door is I heard some of them clinging together And there’s no windows open there’s no Doors open i’m just in there soaking up Some ac So i’m thinking maybe Maybe my mind’s just playing tricks on Me that’s where they were they were back In the back of the kitchen right so i’d Go back there the back door’s locked and I’m watching the pots and pans swing Back and forth and i was like Oh my god Screw this i’m going outside So I filled my water back up

Uh And i went outside and uh You know I just Waited till mike got there and mike Being her son And i said hey mike i need to talk And he goes yeah what’s up i was like so I came inside he goes Did you hear the kids and i went What do you know about these kids And uh He kind of gave me like you know the Reader’s digest version you know right Back when that was a home it was Probably mid-1800s Um two kids had passed away um i don’t Remember what disease it was But The mother And the father ended up you know Separating because of it and um You know basically the kids are still There They’ve been there since and Customers have seen them um Which i didn’t deal with the customers You know so i didn’t know this right He’s heard them as his mom’s heard him His wife had heard them everybody’s hurt Heard these children wow and After that I started kind of As my mother-in-law would call me she

Said i was a street urchin you know Because i’d skate and you know Everything else you’d always see me out There somewhere And uh you know this is Mid late 90s Or mid about 95 96 You know little walking tours Stay back you know just listen Like what What’s really going on here And then eventually i got to the point Where i started paying for them so i Could really find out what was going on Right and that just piqued my curiosity Level even more And A few years later ghost hunters Whatever came on tv and um But i was already running around taking Pictures at night you know I’ve been doing that for years Yeah it’s It’s one of those things You want answers and Oh my god i’m so sorry adam Oh Adam oh i’m so sorry i just got the Goosebumps i am so sorry to hear about That Oh everybody keep adam in your prayers Read what he just wrote I’m so so sorry that’s how i lost my son Adam

God bless you i’m so sorry Um we’ll try to listen for his name and See if maybe he comes through it’s Possible I know Adam i’m sure you are You keep on doing that we’re gonna all Pray for you everybody say a prayer for Adam tonight Or right now or Oh his name is gary just like my son my Son’s name is gary So adam’s father’s name was gary wayne Barton And um He committed suicide Just a couple weeks ago I am so sorry And nobody Unless you’ve been through it can really Understand So if you don’t understand be happy that You don’t because that means you’re not Going through it Because it It’s it’s horrible It never it never really completely Leaves you or goes away it’s always There But you just learn to live with it Yep I’ve had me and heather both have had People Talk trash about us because

We keep mentioning Gary and mike We’re going to continue to mention them As much as we want and if people don’t Like it then they don’t need to watch They don’t need to listen they don’t They just need to leave go away Because That’s our loved ones and we want to Keep their memory alive and if you’ve Got a [ __ ] problem with it then [ __ ] off it’s Plain and simple you know But you know it’s our channels and we’re Going to do what we want to do on it you Know everybody is entitled to do Whatever the hell they want to do on Their channel Within reason of course but you know What i mean Um If you had a much love here yep see all The love you’re getting at him and all The prayers People Still What You know already Do Hey Oh

Okay Hey and i looked away Here Okay Come on Just So how long have you been watching my Channel I’ve been watching for your channel for Oh gosh It’s been several years now okay um And i Know it’s gone back to I believe you were in your old house Because So it goes back i know that far okay um Actually i’ve seen a lot of things with Beth I believe in the old house as well Okay um So it’s been i’d say at least three Years now okay um if not longer Okay And how long how long have you been Interested in the paranormal Oh gosh um Ever since my first interaction when i Was 12 years old so

You did talk about that yesterday that’s Right that’s been 27 years okay yeah 27 years now okay So um The night that um i was live and your Dad came through how did that make you Feel Yeah that was the first time Since he passed away that i couldn’t Control My emotions inside it was It was like a myriad like just a Lot of emotions that came through um Because i know his voice His his voice is very distinct And I was in the middle of doing laundry is The middle of the night here and um I have a night out um But It made me so happy to hear his voice Again and It made me Start to question Uh Like Like what we talked about Um did he take this over with him is he Free of the pain is he in a better place Um Because That’s my biggest fear is that you know You know he suffered from ptsd for 50 Years from vietnam and um

Um i believe you got the note Yep and uh You know that’s just one of two but That one explains like the reason why And I just want him to be free of it you Know if that was his way of getting rid Of it then I’m i’m happy for him right right i just Don’t want him to have to take that with Him to the other side and nothing be Solved Yeah yeah so i i understand that No you that’s understandable it’s okay Cry if you need to Um And um I i feel in my heart that he’s no longer Suffering and that he is at peace And i really think you probably should Sit down with a psychic medium i have Several friends that are psychic mediums That i can refer you to that can really Like Sit down with you on a call like this It’d be even more Validity because yes I hate i Get it there’s everybody’s a skeptic Until you’re not Right um There’s some people that are just so Close-minded to it The odd thing about

June June 1st Was at the time my neighbor Later told me that she heard the gunshot I woke up At 3 25 because i always look at the Clock when i wake up in the middle of The night i do too And uh i woke up And I had this really bad feeling And then i just chalked it up to You know I just had another nightmare um Yeah not the end of the world um and Then Three Three hours 15 minutes later i’m waking Up to You know the news so i know yeah That’s kind of what happened to me same Thing i know exactly what you’re saying It’s it’s It’s very surreal and then the next Night Um So My the back of my house faces a highway But It’s very slow especially at nighttime i Woke up again about 3 20 3 25 And You know I went in the bathroom i splashed water

On my face and the only thing that’s in The bathroom is a Window That you know with the little tiles that Are you can’t see through yeah on top of That the trees tower way over my house And i’m on the second floor And as i’m walking back into the bedroom I’ve kind of got my hand reached behind Me to turn the light off I see this Blowing orb Like this big it’s probably 10 feet in front of me over by where my Bed is where i would sleep And i looked for a second like i’m not Tripping um What kind of mushrooms were on that Pizza last night And uh It just kind of sat there for a second And it went away and i went And this is you know coming from Somebody who believes I said okay I’m going to stand here for 10 minutes And You know just stand here for a while it Was about 10 minutes i stood there But i was like i’m going to stand here And let you know the same kind of Vehicles go by um Because you know It’s not busy

Right i don’t remember hearing the Vehicle but i’m just like we’ll let some Vehicles go by and see what happens And i heard you know 18 wheelers And several trucks go by because Everybody around here likes to have no Muffler As you can hear right now Some redneck going by What’s wrong with rednecks just put Muffler on it um yeah But several several vehicles went by and Their lights didn’t even including an 18 Wheeler And their lights didn’t even Reach where i was at i could hear them But i didn’t have zero reflection of the Bathroom zero reflection where it was Right And I know it was him Yeah I know it won’t guarantee you it was I guarantee you it was Then the next morning i’m sorry Not only do blackout but they also are Noise absorbent oh that that’s good i Have the same kind of kind around here Yeah Yeah So The next morning My wife is letting my dog out And

She heard She said she My dogs that He will break down the boards on the Privacy fence and go running the Neighborhood so we have to put him on a Runner so she’s Leaned over putting him on the runner When she hears Right in her ear And i hadn’t woke up to tell her about This yet or anything and um She said it sounded just like my dad she Turned around and said Okay people you scared the crap out of Me now But she said hi people you know Uh i hope you’re okay and uh yeah She had debated on telling me that or Not and Um You know of course she chose to and uh There’s been several other things that Have just happened like I keep waking up around the same time Every night and um One of the big things that I had a problem with was I didn’t want to see his room ransacked You know because of the kids and Grandkids because you know we say when i Go you get this when i go you get that Right But i

I know everybody wants to hold something That’s tangible that you know he held on To but i said i asked my mom i said Before we before we do go through this You know because we were on a race Against time after the way he did it and You can share that if you want to i’m Not Okay you know i’m not against that um Huh You know i said can we just wait until They make their summer trip back up here From st augustine you know so it’s like He’s still there Yeah and uh she was like yeah i’m fine With that you know so let him take Something but Let’s just not You raised him completely out of The house Right yeah she agreed Yeah she my mom agreed so you know and Uh So when i go over there Now his door is still closed Mom won’t open his door But um The morning of When we were in there and i i was Showing the police officer where he kept His holster where he kept the gun and Everything The strangest thing happened the cats Were never allowed in this room

My mom has two cats And mickey got up on my dad’s bed he’s Calling Mickey mouse catcher um because he’s Black and white like mickey mouse right And uh he got Where my dad legs And started meowing and going crazy And i was like My daughter pointed it out and i was Like That’s probably him shooting him off you Know saying get the hell out of my room Yeah you know i got out of here you Think he’s probably going you can’t make Me you know right Right but For everything that happened that was The craziest thing that had ever Happened in that house Wow So have you heard you say you’re waking Up every night around the same time That’s usually a sign too that they’re They’re trying to communicate with you And it’s after three in the morning it’s It’s every it’s 3 20 to 3 25. There you go yep And that’s when the neighbor heard the Heard the gunshot as well Okay Uh she said She heard Which it’s not uncommon you know they

Live out in the country people shoot Coyotes all the time because they’ll Come in and get it on their chickens or Yeah you know on their on their own dogs So to hear a gunshot out in the country At 3 30 in the morning you know There’s nothing strange about it so That’s why and the neighbor lives across The street My dad was known to be up all hours of The night And um You know That’s why nobody thought anything um Yeah i get that it’s not like it’s a Residential neighborhood where it’s Unusual to hear a gunshot Yeah like out in the country it’s it’s You know like if i heard a gunshot in my Neighborhood it’d be kind of even though I’m kind of It’s a subdivision but it’s houses are Far apart You know so i’m kind of in a rural area But not so rural anymore it’s building Up you know developing quite a bit and It would be very unusual to hear a Gunshot here yeah it be like me we have At least three or four police officers That live around here too so Um But um oh that’s okay hold it back I know i know It might get ugly if it does i’m sorry

It’s okay it’s totally understandable i Mean it’s so fresh i mean it’s only a Couple weeks you know That um You know but after seeing you in the Stream that night and seeing um and Hearing your father coming through and Seeing your your reactions just in In text you know i was like i really Need to talk to this guy i just felt Like i need to talk to him because i i Can relate to how he feels you know Losing somebody to suicide and i mean Losing somebody period is hard somebody Closed a parent or a child You know a sibling i haven’t lost a Sibling yet but Um just losing a parent and a or a child Is very difficult and uh So i can relate and i just felt like i Needed to talk to you you know and That’s why that’s why i wanted to do This because And a lot of you touched a lot of people In the audience that night they were so Touched by it they’re still reaching out To me You know i hope that you’re going to be You know do get with this guy yes i’m I’m already on it i’m already on it and We’re going to do it because Um a lot of people were very touched Just seeing you know that how it was Affecting you hearing your father coming

Through there was amazing it’s amazing He wanted you to know and when he said Gary and that’s your father’s name gary Like my son Yes I i still can’t believe where do you Hear it what do you hear well you’ve Already heard it back because you’ve Listened But once i upload it and then it’s high Definition and i enhance it you’re Really going to hear it he says gary When i ask you what is your name And then i heard adam several times i Did too It was unreal um Now that that thought of Firstborn first boy Um yeah i gotta listen back to that Maybe he was talking Because like i said he didn’t Acknowledge my brother um my half Brother That’s right You know he was even left out of the Obituary that was his Wishes yeah um He and i have made amends on Our personal level Um I I told him that night Before the funeral um we ended up at my Aunt’s house at the same time and we

Avoided each other the entire night And um When he went to leave Somebody came to tell me he was leaving So i was going to go back around towards The basement to where in the garage so We didn’t cross paths He ended up walking 10 feet in front of Me and he had his hands in his pockets Now he’s 52. He Had his head down and he said Bye adam i’m sorry and i was just like Get over here because i mean i’m sure Miami told him there’s going to be blood Uh And he came over there with his hands in His pockets Tucked head head down I said now i had my fist balled up and Squared off and was ready to swing I said this ends tonight i was like you Know what are you sorry for you sorry For you know Just because that dad died or are you Sorry for being such a shitty brother to Me my entire life that’s what my problem Was right right the way you treated me And i i still have a problem with the Way he treated dad Um Which was two sides to every story and This is my dad said you know let him Fight his own battles but

I know what dad did to try and Reach out and you know continuously send Christmas cards and checks and birthday Cards and everything else and Never get a thank you or a phone call or Anything So Wow there might be two sides to every Story but i really don’t care about your Side of the story at this point i was There i lived this i watched this yeah And He looked up and he had the biggest Tears in his eyes and it’s like he was Ready to take you know Whatever beating i was fixing to give Him My wife calls it surfer slang because You know he’s from florida or Surfer redneck slang um yeah No your brother is the charlie then his Name is His name’s chris oh chris who was Charlie that he wrote about in that Letter charlie uh charlie uh vietnamese Charlie you know they call them uh They call them You ever watch forrest gump Yes you know he’s like we’re always Looking for this man named charlie Oh yes i got okay that’s what they call Them Gotcha okay They called them charlie

Or Gooks which [ __ ] in the dictionary means Foreigner When And then you go back and really think About it okay yeah we we were the goops We were the ones in their land not vice Versa um and i don’t mean that in a You know in a racist con any kind of Negative light it’s just You know that was what they called the Vietnamese they called charlie they’d Call them They were foreigners but yeah and all Actuality We were the goops in their lane imagine If something were to happen to my Daughter I could i would never get over that yeah You don’t you don’t ever get over losing A child and what keeps me going and what Keeps me my sanity is knowing that he’s Still around me he’s proven it i hear Him on my spirit box all the time there Was a time when i was filming at a very Haunted place And i’ll never forget Him coming through that box and saying That’s my mom Get away from my mom i’ll hurt you And i heard it as clear as day when i Listened back i’m like oh my god that is What i heard Get away and he was yelling that’s my

Mom get away my mom i’ll hurt you You know back off you know you’d hear Back off several times and i’ve heard That even when i was in the rookie Mountain prison on the bb evp it said Back off that’s my mom And i’ve heard it and other people have Heard it too that’s why he’s become so Popular in the Paranormal field you know everybody’s Talking about gary the strong spirit Telling people you better back off my Mom And uh you know it’s like i just he’s Letting me know all the time that he’s Around if gary if you’re here right now Light this meter up if you hear me Talking Also can you bring um Gary barton yep gary barton Here as well I have his son adam here I know i have it up on beth’s head but i Don’t know where else to set it where The camera would pick it up Your mom’s amazing gary Oh thank you Did you hear that gary Come on I’ll give you all a couple minutes come Light it up now there’s as you see it’s Been sitting there for a while ain’t Lighting up so if it lights up there’s You know

It’s them Yeah You know i’ve i’ve always wondered People always go lights out and if you Ever go to brushy mountain again Let me know because i have a friend who Was not only locked up there Um He’s older now But he was also Right next door To James earl ray And very personal friends with him And So he has this leather bound bible Um When i got out of the military i tried Working at the prison and um i couldn’t I ended up getting the special needs Getting assigned to special needs prison Which is where they sent a lot of the Sex offenders and i couldn’t do it um I was like i can’t because they they Tell their stories like it’s kids You know trading baseball cards i’m like No Nope i quit But The barber there Got His name um his name is david Wolfenbarter He was the barber there

He wasn’t a sex offender or anything Like that but Throughout you know his prison term he Got his barber’s license and everything Else so every prison needs a barber He would actually cut my hair For free with when he would come through The pod you know i mean of course it’s Free but Like i’d try and give him some Cigarettes or whatever and he was like Oh man i got you don’t worry about it And um He uh Got out out of all the things and he was Like the perfect rehabilitated prisoner He went in when he was 18 For petty theft And caught a murder charge six months in Because It was him or another guy and um he got Word of it so he attacked first And then he got You know Life thrown onto it And then he’d work his way down to Minimum and this was back in uh you know Probably 60s and when you were a minimum You could go out on the weekend and do Your banking and this and that and come Back right well He thought well screw this I’m just going back for life so he would Not go back so he got like three more

Escape charges And then you know like because he’d work His way back down the middle escape Again and then because i mean at that Point your life’s over you know Yeah But he got paroled um And uh he lives he lived in portland I didn’t even remember him he moved to Portland where i lived And i saw a barber shop and i was like Good hey we We need a good one around here I went in there and he’s cutting my hair And he goes how you doing officer barton And the first thing i did was like reach For my my pistol because i don’t know Who this inmate was right yeah i’m like Do i know you and he’s like you know Like i had my hand kind of like right Underneath my shirt when i was ready to Pull it because they say an inmate never Forgets the face and that’s true yeah i Haven’t seen him in 10 years at this Point Right and um Probably eight but either way he said You don’t remember me and i said no And he said i used to cut your hair over Debary and i was like oh okay Okay like crisis averted here [Laughter] And we became really good friends and um He was telling me but

He has this leather bound bible because You know a lot of prisoners do weather Work And When he was in the tombs um You know the tombs out there and Brushing out and he spent most of his Time there The warden did not like him whatsoever But when he made it back out to gen pop Um The cell over to him next to him was James r ray and james r ray made him This leather covered bible and then on The inside of this inscribed to my Dearest friend david may you find Guidance in this in in this book love Your friends james Gent love your friend james e ray And i asked him one day why do you Always carry that bible with you and he Said you know a great friend of mine and We he told me about it and i’m like Okay dude i gotta know did he do it And because you know even martin luther King’s children don’t believe i know i Know it i read about that He said this is what happened There was a bounty for fifty thousand Dollars for anybody who would kill him He took that he took whoever set this up He he was going there to do it fifty Thousand dollars would set your family Up for a long time that’s why he

Admitted to it He checked in to the hotel Was walking to his room when the shot Was fired Gets to his room Opens the door The same rifle that he was carrying and One Shell was laying right there and he said He knew right then and there he was set Up but he thought if i take the fall my Family will still get the money And you know He admitted it And when they didn’t get the money That’s when he recanted on his story and You know I mean Wow During that time he was hard up for Money so And you know fifty thousand dollars back Then that would buy you you know that’d Be probably equivalent of What would you think probably seven Hundred fifty thousand million dollars Today Yeah um that was a lot of money and um They let an innocent man die in prison Wow I had a feeling that he didn’t do it too And i heard about that story Not in detail like you just told it but I have heard that even the kids his kids

Don’t believe that he did it yeah and When i when i was in the uh cell and James earl ray cell doing a spirit box Session and everything I felt the whole bed underneath my ass Vibrating you I could feel it all of a sudden and There was nothing around to make that Happen there was no trucks going by Nothing like that but it just all of a Sudden started vibrating and i could Feel it and um when i asked him on uh When a spirit box session i asked him do You regret what you did he said i didn’t Do it I’ve been to bobby mackeys have you Yes it’s Nothing like what they make it out to be Okay That’s good to hear I’ve been to old south pittsburgh Hospital Um I’ve been to hell’s bar damn I’m trying to think everywhere i’ve been I mean i’ve been to so many places and Now i’m not saying they’re not Paranormally active i’ll tell you what Osph First off you’re surrounded by like the Projects and we went through there from Bottom to top And um Like we cleared that

That place military style That was with the last team i was on And um That place is nuts osph and now they’ve Somebody’s came in and bought it and Turned it into a paranormal research Center And I don’t get scared easy Um We recreated we went to the third floor And we recreated Of you know basically somebody operating On me uh the team operating me flatlined Called it covered me with a sheet they Went downstairs I laid up there underneath that sheet And I’ve got it’s a scam dr-40 you know with Two dynamic mics and then i have two Shure sm58 mics hooked up to it as well So i have two condenser mics So i’m getting a very broad spectrum um What you said you know like with your i Was looking at your gx7 last night i was Like oh that’s awesome because i Wouldn’t have to carry around so much Stuff And uh You want you said you could hear a mouse Fart on yours oh yeah this camera is Really awesome and it’s just Yeah g7x yeah yeah g7x yep i was looking

At it last night like the mark three They have a bundle on amazon for eight Hundred and fifty dollars i was like That’s awesome three extra batteries and Yeah but like with the scam you can Listen in live Um so when you’re doing like evp Sessions you can hear What’s going on Um But um Or you can go back and listen for Playback you know But uh we always we always said you Could hear a nat fart on that thing Because it hears so So much and uh I i can send you the the Basically the Diagram of how we have it set up and Everything else And um You know it’s It’s not intellectual property of Anybody i mean that’s what it’s for Recording live music right um Just happens to be the team that i was On They they used it and i thought well Two’s better than one right yeah Yeah But like you know What what kills me my male meter Crapped out on me um

And it worked great for forever and then They wouldn’t use stuff like itc Um Rim pods sls And i’m like I get it yeah there can be false mapping You know I can make the vacuum cleaner dance yeah I get it it’s trying to map somebody but When there’s nothing there right when There’s nothing there that’s that’s when You know you got something yeah But when i watch a lot of these people’s Videos and i see where they’re mapping Something but i’m like okay there’s Something right there on the it’s that’s What it’s mapping you know you see Nothing there that’s convincing to me That that’s the only thing that’s going To convince me yeah you know like if There’s a row of tombstones Look through the road right right face It towards the tombstones right have Tombstones running this way and see if Anybody walks through or walks up or That’s when You go Okay Can we recreate this Can we debunk this yeah and if not then You know what you’ve got something very Interesting yeah yeah um And that’s that’s the biggest problem in The paranormal community is people think

That they can just I remember there were nothing there were Like two books on it when i started Looking into it I know there wasn’t really much when i Started doing it either i mean When i got on youtube and started Researching paranormal channels there Was hardly any There really So You

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