Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egyptians in Australia

By | June 26, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egyptians in Australia

NARRATOR: Central Coast,
New South Wales, Australia. Deep in the Brisbane
Water National Park Is a mysterious site known
as the Gosford glyphs. The site consists of two massive
eight foot high walls engraved With over 300 ancient carvings. Carvings that experts say do
not resemble indigenous artwork, But Egyptian hieroglyphs. After deciphering the texts,
21st century Egyptologist Raymond Johnson believed them to
reveal the burial site of Lord Nefer-Ti-Ru, a member of
the Egyptian royal family Who died while visiting
the area with his brother Sometime between
2637 to 2614 BC. Absolutely beautiful out here. I know. NARRATOR: While visiting
the area in 2016, Giorgio Tsoukalos met with
local ancient astronaut theorist Evan Strong to get
a firsthand look At these enigmatic carvings.
– Wow! That's incredible. I had no idea. I mean, this looks totally
different than on pictures. So what do these
hieroglyphs say? At least one panel
talks about two brothers, Two princes coming
here from Egypt. They were shipwrecked. One of them ended up
getting bitten by a snake. He then died. The theory is then
he was interred here, And that's why you've
got hieroglyphs her, Because he died here. But there's these other walls
with a mixture of symbols. This one over here is more of
a philosophical astrophysics Style thing with symbols meaning
all sorts of esoteric stuff. Now, have these
symbols at all been

Interpreted by Egyptologists? There have been
a few, actually. A few different
people have done that. What was their reaction? Well, Raymond Johnson
was one of the first people To come here and translate. He actually sent some
of these translations Off to the Cairo
Library, and Dr. Abou Dia Ghazi ended up saying,
yup, you're on the right track. Something called proto-Egyptian. And how old do you
reckon these are? EVAN STRONG: We're thinking,
because of their prevalence, At least in one panel
of proto-Egyptian, That it's about 4,600 years old. Wow. Are there any hieroglyphs
that stand out to you? Yeah.
Definitely. Follow me down here and I'll
show you this other one. So this one here we
call the UFO glyph. People have called
it that since they've Been coming here because it
kind of looks like a UFO. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: It definitely
has the classic UFO shape. It's got the– the rays, or
whatever you want to call it. What would you suggest if anyone
says, well, this is not a UFO. It's– it's some other symbol
that– but certainly not that. EVAN STRONG: I think someone
suggested it's jewelry, But it's a completely different
symbol that's upside down, And it really
doesn't quite fit in. It's one of those
symbols here that Doesn't fit into the canon. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS:
In your opinion, Why do you think
the Egyptians made It all the way to Australia? I think they looking for
esoteric wisdom definitely.

– From the Aboriginals?
ancient Egyptians, we Have stories, Aboriginal
stories about their arrival And about their visits,
long before Europeans Had arrived here. Naturally, we would have shared
ceremony with these people Because they have the same
similar beliefs as our people. Egyptians have that same
spiritual connection To the sky world. Many stories from all
over this continent, Not just from here, but
all over this continent, Talk about those
who came by the sea And came to these continents,
and some of our knowledge, And wisdom, and technology
went back with them. And if you do some of the
research in the last pyramids That they found,
they found boomerangs Made from ironbark from here. And they have hieroglyphs
of blackfellas Around the boomerangs to take
out the ducks and the geese. Now, the question
would be, why would They paint us and
carve us on their walls If they didn't come here? And if that meeting
and relationship Was not significant, they
wouldn't have carved it. It must have been significant
in order to carve.