By | June 25, 2022

A Christmas Gift for Cornell

The Ivy League university Cornell was just announced the recipient of a $350 million dollar grant. The grant is to be used in association with the Techion-Israel Institute of Technology to establish a high-tech graduate school on Roosevelt Island in New York City.

Evacuation Chairs And Stretchers As Part Of Military Rescue Operations

Military rescue comes with its own difficulties; quite often casualties are not only stretchered out with horrendous injuries but also while under hostile fire. Stretchers and evac chairs used by the military need to be durable, adaptable and practical.

A Yearbook for the Years

When you sit down and look over a friend or loved one’s old high school, middle school, or elementary school yearbook you will find yourself being infinitely amused at how they used to look and what kinds of people they grew up around. A yearbook can be a great way to start to get to know someone or even to add to your views of their life thus far. The day that the yearbook came out was always a great day at school.

How To Get Your Children To Focus While Doing Their Homework

Do you have a problem getting your kids to focus when they do their homework? If you do, then this article is for you! Being an educator, this is one of the biggest issues we hear about from parents. This problem can take many shapes and can manifest itself in different ways.

Information About Masonic Regalia

Buying masonic regalia can be very confusing. Whether you are just joining Freemasonry, or becoming a member of another degree or side order, you need advice on your regalia requirements, thus ensuring you are wearing the correct regalia at all times. Listed below are the main Orders and Degrees: Craft, Holy Royal Arch (Chapter), Mark, Royal Ark Mariners (RAM), Rose Croix, Knight Templar & Malta, Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD), Order of the Secret Monitor (OSM), Royal & Select Masters (RSM), Red Cross of Constantine (RCC), Royal Order of Scotland (ROS), Holy Sepulchre…

How to Find a Private Tutor in London

Private tuition in London is particularly competitive as many parents seek out their preferred private tutor months, sometimes years in advance. A London-based tutor with a good reputation can find themselves booked from year to year through word of mouth alone.

Norman Architecture and Norman Castles

Norman architecture refers to the constructions made by the Normans who ruled England between 1066 to 1204. The Normans are credited with the invention of castle keeps and for being one of the first to use stones while building castles. Many of their castles are standing strong and tall even today.

Philosophy Of Religion

Religion is something that the mankind appreciates for ages and it becomes a most important aspect of every human life. Every religion has its own principles and each religion teaches the mankind a unique lesson. The religion gives shape to the culture and heritage of the society. It also teaches the way to live the life and the purpose of life. The philosophy of religion is all about learning the life.

Technology And Christianity

The Christian religion tells the facts that the God created the world and all the living and non-living things that are present in the world. God created every living creature on the face of the earth, and man was created at last to rule over everything that was created by Him. God gave all that the man wanted to live. When the man fell into sin, he was forced to leave the Garden of Eden and work on the soil for his survival.

Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Lord Buddha is considered as a man who was enlightened at a very young age and spread the teachings of love and affection to all living things. The meditation taught by Buddha also created an oneness in the individual who practiced it. There are different levels of meditation taught and practiced across the globe.

Senior Photo Angst

Your child is now a senior, and it’s time to think about the photographic memories that will appear in their high school yearbooks. Most of the time, neither you nor your student has control over what will appear in the album. You do, however, have a choice about the photos you’ll include in the graduation announcements.

What Is The Bible?

The Bible can be many things to many people. It is often referred to as the depiction of God and his creation as well as describing the journey through the birth of Christ and his life. Those of the Christian faith believe that the Bible is the word of God There are various versions of the Bible and each one can vary based on the religious denomination.

The Irish in The Lancashire Cotton Mills

If your Irish ancestors sailed to England in the mid nineteenth century to escape the ravages and aftermath of the famine, there is a strong possibility that they would have arrived at the port of Liverpool. Many of these immigrants stayed in Lancashire and found work in the cotton mills.

Map Of Europe

Europe is the world’s 6th largest continent which includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. Europe is not actually a continent; it is a part of the peninsula of Eurasia which includes all of Europe and Asia. Mainland Europe geographically is the western part of the Eurasian super-continent.

How To Study Contemporary World History On Your iPhone

Looking for sources of information can be a challenge for many people. When the teacher gives the entire class homework or a research assignment, the sources that we have on our disposal can be insufficient. Traditionally, people go to the library to look for the information that they need.