Paranormal Live EVPS! #paranormal #ghost #evp #paranormalactivity #spirits #hauntings

By | June 22, 2022
Paranormal Live EVPS!  #paranormal #ghost #evp #paranormalactivity #spirits #hauntings

What’s up everyone See if it’s working yet Hello I’m having some issues with my internet Can you hear me Oh there everybody is okay hello david Hi texas brenda Kevin Rosanna angelo Fluffy sushi cat gloomy barrel Can you guys hear me okay Um Nympha hello there okay you can hear me Good Good good good hi chrissy There’s chrissy lee Gaming girl hello Hi dear Deardree deirdre Evelyn hello there Feathered life hi there how are you Um I know it’s late And i’ve been having uh some issues with The the storm knocked my power out the Other night when i was gonna go live the Power was out for about two hours And um hey christian how are you Hi brandi judy laurie Ava In columbia missouri Cassandra hey there How are you Tired and sick and ticked off huh

Yeah Flappa hello there hi floppa Gabby So i decided to go live for a little bit Um Just to chit chat maybe i’ll turn the Spirit box on for a little bit Yep Feel better second Lakeshore paranormal hello there Yeah and One thing after another with me i ended Up going today to the dermatologist and Had to have uh Seven spots removed off my face I kind of got it covered with makeup and Stuff but It’s probably gonna blister by tomorrow Where they burned it off Um And then there was a spot on my leg and Then there was a spot on my back Um i go every six months because like 20 Years ago They found over I think it was either 17 or 18 spots on Me And um After that they told me i needed to come Back every six months Luckily um it’s the um It’s called keratosis which is a very Common

Skin cancer And it’s not really that dangerous It can be i guess if it’s if you let it Go But i don’t let it go i you know keep Going back and they keep burning it off And it gets around my nose and you know You can see some of the areas it’s Starting to get a little red Right there whoops [ __ ] right right There A couple spots there you can see it But it’s all right It doesn’t bother me right now when it When they were burning it off it hurt it Burns i don’t know if any of you have Ever had that done before but it sucks But You know afterwards it’s not that bad Only if i touch it Hi anna Gina hello And um Thank you lakeshore paranormal Thank you so much so what’s everybody Been up to I’m gonna be filming um either tomorrow Night or thursday night uh with my Friend rebecca Um i spoke with her earlier and her and I got some plans to go film Somewhere and um so it’ll be nice to get Out and film again i’ve been home quite

A bit Um Evelyn love you like a sister oh thank You evelyn that’s so sweet yeah Cassandra’s got a job now so she works A lot at night And Well thank you matthew i appreciate that I’m hoping to get more out soon Um I’ve got plans to go Uh somewhere with cc the first week of July And um Um Got a lot of plans coming up it’s just Not right now you know so I’ll probably do another backyard video If you guys want me to this time i’m Thinking about really like going back There like Setting up a A little area where i can sit closer to The back i’ll probably have one of my Grandsons kind of hang out there with me Um so i’m not out there alone cause it Is kind of freaky Um You guys want me to do more videos with My dolls i can do that in the meantime And Stuff like that i don’t really get a lot Of activity out of the dolls though i Mean once in a while but

You know I have a camera that i keep on on beth And the other dolls all the time and i i Don’t really catch anything so You know it’s just once in a once in a While something will happen but not very Often Yeah that’s what i’m thinking chrissy Something like that yeah Yep That’s what i’m thinking about doing And that’ll be one night this week too Maybe tomorrow night if i don’t go Filming with rebecca tomorrow then maybe That’s what i’ll do tomorrow night i Thought about going live from out there But I don’t think my signal is going to be That good out that far out in the Backyard i really just don’t think it’s Going to be that good Um I mean i could always try but i did it Before about a year or so ago and it Just the footage sucked Plus with my cell phone going live on my Cell phone out there You can’t really See as much as you can With my actual Camera you know what i mean Oh i’m so sorry Truckdog23 God bless you i’m so sorry about the

Loss of your dad Oh sorry Yeah beth knows from time to time She really does so uh But you know when i wanted to move it Doesn’t happen it just doesn’t happen Like that Um Yeah that frog scared the crap out of me I tell you what It really did when i first turned around And look well first i caught it out of My peripheral vision And looked back at it and um It looked At first kind of like a bat you know how Bats kind of lay flat up against Something in corners and stuff that’s Kind of what it looked like at first That’s why i slowly got up and started Freaking out like i got to get inside as Quick as possible and then once i went In went to go inside i realized it was a Damn frog It was a big frog too We get a lot of frogs back there because Of the woods and now i have that Swimming pool back there But um Should i have someone come bless your House um Are you experiencing anything did i miss Something there are you experiencing Anything truck dog

Like anything crazy or are you talking About because your father passed What do you mean Hi there shaw woman Hi Janet Thank you so much oh in australia all Right Awesome I mean you can you mean it is a good Idea to get your house plus it couldn’t Hurt Did you matthew What did he say Where were you and what did what did he Say Did you did you hear what he said And look look how i have the rim pot on Top of beth’s head Now if that rim pod falls i’m gonna know She moved I hope it doesn’t fall i don’t want it To get broke but if it if it falls then Then she moved because it’s up there Pretty good i have it like You know it’s pretty stable up there i Checked it first But i wanted to put it somewhere where You guys could see it So we’ll see if it goes off Let’s see ava says patty i have seen a Spirit of a little boy at my mom’s house And i think it might be my baby brother My mom had him oh it’s very possible ava

Very possible Louisville kentucky hello lisa I love kentucky Pd oh hey there hello robert and pd read Hello there robert how are you How are you doing Um suzy cheeks Leaf Leafer oak Some of these names i cannot pronounce Guys i am so sorry Hi there owl skinner Good evening to you as well Mary garrison hi Um i’m so sorry francisco and i know i Know how you feel trust me I lost my uh both my parents um when i Was Young They died in 1985 four days apart and i Was young i was either 23 or 24 i can’t Remember now But i was very young And it was very difficult um you know Being that young and losing your parents And And you know just not having them there To You know Watch your children grow up or anything It’s very difficult Sometimes i don’t know how how i got Through it all i know i was very Depressed for a long time

Oh that’s That’s fine leaf leafer I try to notice everybody i don’t want To ignore anybody in the chat i always Try to say hello to everyone Um Mrs papas hello there Gina gina yep gina new york rhythm Saying hello to big sexy Oh i keep forgetting i can show these Comments up here boom look at that guys Are you fine i hope oh thank you frank Thank you so much Let’s see what this one says Uh second oldest brother found a pick an Older gentleman in the 20s oh wow You know guys i have an idea um If you guys have any um Ghostly image pictures that you want to Share with me Um That would be great you can email them To me And if i get enough of them i may do Like uh some type of video Where i’m playing maybe some oh god i Could have sworn somebody was standing Right here Holy crap that’s there’s nobody there But i could have sworn somebody was There um Send me some pictures and um if i get Enough of them I might do a video where i’m playing

Some type of creepy kind of music and Just show all the pictures And maybe um You know put uh Who they who they’re from and stuff like That i don’t know what do you guys think About that it could be my son i don’t Know but i could have sworn somebody was Standing there I really expected to see someone Standing there when i turned around Um hello jesus Jacob bailey hello there Hi mark he says boo Mark says boo [Laughter] Uh my daughter heather is doing really Good You know Let’s see patty are you planning on Going to britain i don’t know i’m not Sure Maybe one day but i’m really not sure About that place There’s so many other places to go and i Really you know i would like to start Going to new places i don’t want to keep Going back to all the old ones all the Time Um So I don’t know Uh i get that a lot we live in the

Basement and i see someone out of the Corner of my eye yeah That i that happens to me quite a bit Actually Around here Quite a bit I’m so used to it now i just sometimes i Turn around and say hello i don’t know Who you are but hello Um pittsburgh hospital yeah um Hopefully sometime soon Um Maybe later this year i got a lot of Plans later this year i’ve got Plans to go to louisiana in september Also somewhere else in september which Is kind of a surprise Um hey black cat how are you Girl um So uh Yeah i’ve got uh i’ve got a lot of Places coming up After After august in August so i’m looking forward to that Looking forward to getting back out There and traveling a little bit more Seeing lots what you say rosanna says I’ve been seeing lots of butterflies Lately One right in front of my face and i hear My video oh wow That’s so cool rosanna wow I’ll be darned

Yeah i do want to do that um let’s see What’s this one I have believed in spirits since i was Young Um I’m guessing maybe seven Maybe seven eight somewhere around there That’s when i had my first experience That made me believe Oh awesome okay i thought i just saw Emmy in here where’d she go let’s see oh There she is yep hello patty and the Rest of you beautiful souls Hello there emmy And david hale saying hi to black cat Um Let’s see here i’m trying to Comments are starting to come in kind of Quick All right anthony said patty i had a bad Father’s day i’m so sorry anthony oh my God what happened And i hate to hear that Mine wasn’t that great i mean Mike’s gone gary’s gone there’s really No fathers and you know and my Family and you know i mean there is in My family like the family’s so spread Out but you know what i mean I just stayed home watched movies and Stuff like that me and the kids Uh Let’s see Emmy you’re good at hiding

Al skinner says emmy you’re good at Hiding What are black apparitions Or black entity Why do they appear Well There’s so many i’ve done a lot of Reading about stuff like that and it Seems like there’s just so many Different opinions about it um They say a lot of the things that i’ve Read they say that um Shadow Figures can can be dangerous um A black entity definitely um I mean i see black apparitions a lot and There’s sometimes i’ll see stuff like That in my video when i’m watching it Back and I’m not really sure if it’s a tree i’m Seeing or the space between the tree Because you know if you’ve got the Camera facing out towards woods I see it all the time there’s always That dark area that lies between the Tree The tree stumps you know the trees and Stuff like that And sometimes Just because of the shape of that dark Area that’s in between trees it will Look like a shadow figure

Um so that’s why When you’re watching my videos if you Don’t see that i’ve pointed it out and Said oh you know because I mean you guys are looking at it the Same way i’m looking at it is is that a Shadow figure is that the space between The trees You know i don’t always point out Everything um because It’s just hard to say sometimes you know If it really is a spirit or what Hello there ali d Uh let’s see I had a normal for me father’s day Because a stepfather really Oh wow matthew that’s Crazy um what did katie say patty you Told me to catch you Oh okay yes katie i can’t do it on here I don’t know how to do it on here I’ll have to go back and do it later i Don’t know how to do it on here oh thank You so much lady freedom that’s very Sweet of you Okay Uh all the ships at seal guests okay Let me see there See shadow people as people Into the location that is why they look Like an imprint yeah That’s another thing too i i’d see a lot Of things that look like it’s imprinted Into the walls of places that look like

Shadow figures Yep i have thought about going to bobby Mackey’s and as a matter of fact i Will be going to bobby mackeys With brian very soon Um that’s all i can say It will be a surprise Um The doll is looking deep into your eyes Yeah Is she looking at you guys oh it does Look like she’s looking right at you at The camera doesn’t it All right let’s see What would i say the most haunted active Place that you’ve been to um The brushy mountain prison was was Pretty active same with the uh jasper Jail um The uh there’s a hotel in St mary’s georgia that’s very haunted i Can’t remember the name of it right this Second Um i do have a couple videos there that Place is very haunted we watched a chair Move right in front of us it was crazy Um And um the shadow cemetery uh we it’s Not called the shadow cemetery that’s Not its name we kind of named it that Because we always see shadows there I can’t remember the name of it i don’t Actually i don’t even know if i think it Does have a name

Anyway there’s no sign up but i think we Did find out what the name was at one Point But it’s uh near the border of georgia And um florida That you know what i’m talking about That that cemetery there i mean i’ve Been to so many places and A lot of them that you we don’t catch Nothing but Um It doesn’t mean they’re not haunted it’s Just that spirits weren’t active at that Time You don’t always catch stuff when you go To these places Yes it is mrs papa’s it’s sitting on her Head I figure if it falls well then her head Moved I hope it doesn’t fall I don’t want it to get broke if you see It moving or anything let me know Um let’s see Yeah definitely anthony Let’s see Where is michael jackson buried is that Is he in california I would love to go there i’ve never been To california One day i would like to go there Oh wow i have a hundred people in the Chat That’s awesome

Oh you did ava oh wow okay And hello there elisa Hi Uh Let’s see what did she say i’ll just Scream like you’re falling My second oldest brother heard a child Laughing and a whistle in the basement Oh Okay Ah Who’s that Kyler’s paranormal entertainment not Much what’s up with you how you doing Kyler Any tips for a new ghost hunter um Well well let’s see where do i start Uh Well have you what equipment do you have Do you i would start out with a k2 meter Maybe a tape recorder and a spirit box And a speaker Um Be very quiet when you’re filming um if You it’s best to go with only one or two Other people no more than three um You know especially in a small place Because Uh of noise temp contamination of people Walking you know it’s just hard you’ve Seen it in my it happens to all of us You know if you’ve got a few people with You there’s gonna be some some noise Contamination that’s why i

Personally i prefer to go with just one Or two people and that’s it when i go Somewhere And i like to separate as much as Possible Because um You know and and just keep it quiet Because that’s the only way you’re gonna Hear Disembodied voices and whispers and and Just things like that footsteps any of Those things that you can’t hear any of That stuff if uh You can’t you’re not going to hear any Of that stuff if you’ve got people Talking and walking all around you So you just gotta that’s so that’s a Good tip for you just just uh Very quiet be very quiet and don’t move Around too much when you’re when you’re Trying to hear listen for things Um hello james Okay James just let us know what’s going on With the michael jackson’s grave All right what’s this here Where’s that at kyler Patty mike is behind me is he really That doesn’t surprise me At all Clairvoyant from what medium told us we Would love to go with you ghost hunting Okay lynn are you here in florida Where are you located

Marion kentucky okay Well Um Later this year i’ll be doing some more Traveling I’d love to go back to kentucky i Absolutely love kentucky and i have a Lot of family in kentucky i have a lot Of family buried there too Um Yeah Uh mjc paranormal hello everyone and Much love patty hello there mjc mason How are you James said i just got the notification That you were live youtube’s i know I know james It’s like that all the time I see a lot of people complaining about It that youtube is not putting out the Notifications Um James says you should visit charles Manson’s family buried in kentucky yeah James i would like to do that You’ll have to give me all the Information on that because i do plan on Going back to kentucky like i said i Have family there i have family buried There Um And i would i do want to go back i just Don’t know when i just don’t know when Um with gas prices being so high it’s

Kind of put a damper on any traveling Right now i mean god Pay five dollars to go 16 miles down the road that’s just so Crazy That’s just crazy i don’t know why it Does that Okay Yeah james knows a lot about the manson Family he happens to know know some of Them So um And he’s still in touch with them Um Yeah black cat i know that’s what you Were telling me i’ve had to cut off a Couple of trips because of gas i just Refused to do it I i just refused to pay that kind of Money to go somewhere it’s just insane I mean i’ve I’ve got people sending me stuff all the Time about you know coming to new york To film or coming here coming there i Just i can’t i can’t It’s just ridiculous right now Everything has gone up i mean you guys Know everything has gone up motels have Even gone up airfares have gone up gas Food Everything it’s crazy That’s why i haven’t been going anywhere That much Um

I know mason God good luck to you because it is Insane I know it used to only cost me about 42 To fill up my gas tank now it’s it’s Double that Oh Beth moved You you sure You saw her move Hmm My god God 5.99 a gallon oh my god That’s true mason maybe i should I don’t hate to ask any anybody for Money but you know i’m not that person To ask people for money i just don’t do That but you know If anybody wants to pay me to travel Somewhere i i guess that’s the only way I’ll be able to do it right now i just Things are just very tight right now For everyone Um Thunderstorms from what i’ve been told And what i’ve experienced and what i’ve Read about it does play a significant Role in paranormal Uh activity it does and it does heighten Paranormal activity Because of the electricity i guess from The the the lightning maybe i don’t know But um

Yeah I totally would help you penny Oh thank you black cat i appreciate it I know sharon that’s it my my electric Bill was enormous this month it’s Sickening I didn’t want to tell you how much it Was it was it’s sickening it really is What did chrissy say The price of bikes will increase because People won’t be able to afford to drive Right they’re going to get you one way Or the other i mean you’re right chrissy You’re right Patty how are the kids the kids are Doing really good Um They’re all doing great they really are I’m proud of all of them they’re all Doing really good and they they’ve all They’re just really good kids i’m very Lucky Back to south carolina kathleen yeah i Would like to kathleen Um i love south carolina and i do have i Have family there too actually you know Since i did that 23andme dna testing i Have found so many Cousins and Other family members out there it’s just Been amazing it’s an amazing experience Finding all these people You know people that Without the 23 and me and without social

Media How are you going to find them you know I know psycho you’re right I’m power flickering this morning yeah It’s been like that here too Um Charleston okay Beth is slowly looking more and more That you’re probably 10 degrees oh okay It’s going to be interesting to go back And watch this back and see Okay let’s see samantha says i don’t Know if it’s because i’m tired but it Looks like beth’s eyes are moving it you Know I mean it might be i I can’t tell From where i’m looking right now i can’t I can’t tell Um Katie black cat hope you’re doing well So Thank you jacob i appreciate that Hi ethel and thank you Oh wait hold on let me read my Eyesight’s getting horrible Oh my brother wayne says hello patty Hello wayne how are you doing Oh thank you allison i appreciate that Four tornadoes oh Let’s see i believe it smith i mean he Keeps smiling okay Well You never know

You just never know Judy turnbull i’m good katie how about You It’s kind of nice to see how you guys Have all become friends just from the Chat And i’m sure you know not just my chat Other people’s chats And their streams as well That you guys have all kind of You know know who each other are and You’ve made friends that’s so cool to See It really is Oh yeah I’ve thought about going to the omen House i’ve thought about going to a lot Of places that you guys mentioned to me I really have it’s just getting there And some places are just outrageous just To go there they want to charge you an Arm and a leg to just to go And Investigate it’s crazy Thank you rosanna Love you too I’ll be putting out another meditation Video on my meditation channel again Soon too i’m gonna probably work on Something either tonight or tomorrow Um So if you haven’t checked out my Meditation channel Um

Somebody want to put the link in here You can What james say Oh yeah the fake pair Sharon tate residence i know right james James like i said james knows a lot About that family and uh oh thank you so Much julie harper that’s so sweet of you Thank you god bless you thank you James knows a lot about all that um And uh a lot a lot about the people i Don’t want to overstep my boundaries and Say too much but james knows These people and he said a lot of Youtubers went and filmed at the uh They’re claiming it’s the sharon tate Residence but it’s not He said a lot of people have But he knows where the real the real House is I don’t know anything about it i’ve Never been there so i can’t say but James said he does Okay christian thank you so much i Appreciate that Uh chrissy says paddy’s medium oh there It is chrissy just put the link in the In there guys That’s my meditation channel Um I’m working on it you know i don’t know If it’s ever to grow to be a big channel I don’t know It is what it is if it doesn’t it

Doesn’t Um but um i’m just having fun with it I’m having fun with it i’m enjoying it And You know i’ve got about 218 followers Over there i believe right now Which i didn’t even know if i’d get that Many but you know i’m happy with that That’s fine but if anybody else wants to Go over there I know Meditation videos is a lot different Than paranormal a lot of you are here Just for the paranormal like meditation I don’t want to watch that You know And that’s fine it’s not for everybody So i understand if you don’t want to go Over there and follow it you know Oh thank you mrs papas i appreciate that Hi we writer how are you Well yeah let’s grow it you’re right all Right so what did james say another Youtuber falsified the location Of shorty shea’s death He didn’t like getting corrected Shorty was buried off A drop-off he was left under a bridge Wow Not crazy how people will Go out there and just Make up a story just to put out Something And people will believe it that’s

That’s how false rumors are started Uh let’s already read that let me see Oh my god i’m so sorry adam Oh Adam oh i’m so sorry i just got the Goosebumps i am so sorry to hear about That Oh everybody keep adam in your prayers Read what he just wrote I’m so so sorry that’s how i lost my son Adam God bless you i’m so sorry Wow All right rosanna put it in there Oh thank you judy Um again i’m sorry ma’am okay Uh so sorry for your loss adam Ah it’s so horrible we’re so sorry adam Everybody’s giving you big hugs in the Chat Wow And adam i would never accuse you of Looking for sympathy or anything like That don’t ever think that on over on my Channel i don’t You’re telling us about it you you Obviously want to You know let people know and and i’m Sure you’re torn apart and it’s good to Talk about it So don’t feel like you know don’t ever Feel like uh when you tell me something Like that in my chat that

I’m looking at you like you’re just Looking for sympathy i i don’t i don’t Look at it like that at all only shallow Nasty-minded people would think that way Hey heather there’s my daughter heather She’s in the chat She said hey guys Heather you want to come up here with me I’m going to turn the spirit box on in a Minute if you want to pop up here let me Know i’ll send you the link Adam what is your father’s name When we turn the spirit box on Um we’ll try to listen for his name and See if maybe he comes through it’s Possible I know adam i’m sure you are You keep on doing that we’re gonna all Pray for you everybody say a prayer for Adam tonight Or right now or Oh I know what you’re going through The the first year is the roughest Oh his name is gary just like my son my Son’s name is gary So adam’s father’s name is gary wayne Barton And um He committed suicide Just a couple weeks ago I am so sorry Could you say Yep we can certainly try

Yep like heather said gary Promising i’m praying for oh thank you Adam i appreciate that i really do Heather says hello to james And she said She said she’s so sorry adam All right Yes roseanne i sure will Okay Uh my aunt’s name is josephine davis my Great-grandparents are lutheran effie Bird oh wow effie that’s my Grandmother’s name my mother’s mother’s Name was effie I’m gonna turn this heating pad on guys Behind me here because my back has Just been bothering me lately what the Hell Jeez Okay Wait a minute what did he say Oh anthony i’m so sorry that’s horrible Anthony oh God I’m so sorry to hear all your your Stories here Yeah Hardest things yes it is definitely Heather that’s for sure And nobody Unless you’ve been through it can really Understand So if you don’t understand be happy that You don’t because that means you’re not

Going through it Because it It’s it’s horrible It never it never really completely Leaves you or goes away it’s always There But you just learn to live with it Yep I’ve had me and heather both have had People Talk trash about us because We keep mentioning Gary and mike We’re going to continue to mention them As much as we want and if people don’t Like it then they don’t need to watch They don’t need to listen they don’t They just need to leave go away Because That’s our loved ones and we want to Keep their memory alive and if you’ve Got a [ __ ] problem with it then [ __ ] off it’s Plain and simple you know But you know it’s our channels and we’re Going to do what we want to do on it you Know Everybody is entitled to do whatever the Hell they want to do on their channel Within reason of course but you know What i mean Um if you had a much love here yup see All the love you’re getting at him and All the prayers

I’m so sorry mrs papas Oh Thank you feeling something heavy on my Heart because my prayer is good oh thank You jakey buddy for praying for Everybody i appreciate that That’s right heather yep Yep The queen and the princess Vicky Oh [ __ ] i was just chatting with vicki Earlier me and her chat Every day for a couple minutes at least I don’t miss instant messenger and She’s sending me a coffee cup She ordered me a beautiful coffee cup I’ll have to show you guys when it gets Here In 2011. Okay now heather did you want to come up Here on the panel or no you just want to Stay in the chat I never if you responded to that earlier I missed it Did i do it again karen Oh my god karen why do i get you and Vicki mercer mixed up i don’t know what It is I am so sorry karen i guess because your Last name is vickers And then I mean i i don’t know what else it could Be but i do this all the time i’m so Sorry

Okay heather yeah we’ll do it again Sometime and you guys can come up on the Panel that’d be great Oh thank you stephanie farren i Appreciate that Ah let’s see Grandmother Oh i’m so sorry matthew we certainly Will We certainly will and what did um Oh what a black cat put up there Yes What black cat said there um she put the A phone number there for people to reach Out to Oh see what did megan say patty good Evening Um Yeah i’m sure i will And keep julie in your prayers too guys Okay just just keep julie in your Prayers Um You know most of you know that she did Lose the sun less than a year ago And when you go through a loss like that It the grieving hits you in waves Um so Just keep her in your prayers okay Send her some positive Some positive uh love her way Oh my god great uh what do you say david That oh my god greg said hi to me Is greg in the chat or is it a different

Greg i don’t see Yes we do we love julie so much she’s Been such a wonderful friend and she’s More than a friend she’s like family She she’s like family she’s like a Sister to me Um i just love her dearly And i worry about her Oh i see heather okay All right so i’m gonna go ahead and turn The spirit box on we have 135 people in Here and i’m going to turn it on so if You guys want to hear from a loved one i Know a lot of you have been saying you Know ask my family member to come Through well you go ahead and ask them To come through um because i’m i’m gonna Have to go back and i can’t remember all The names now there was a lot of people So ask them to come through my spirit Box Um And um Just listen and see if you uh Hear their name or whatever it is that You want them to say So i’m going to turn this on hold on All right I think that’s Gonna be loud enough All right so let me just set this right Here All right so i’m reaching out to the Spirit world right now

There are a lot of people in my chat Here that would love to hear from a Family member tonight they are reaching Out to you right now asking you If you will come through this box And let them know that you hear them Say your name Say their name whatever it is that They’re asking you to say because They’re going to be listening They’re going to be listening for it So Um i ask that once you do Communicate with your loved one through This box that you you leave you cannot Stay here at my house you have to go you Can’t stay here Um so um All right here we go i have a little Prayer i’m going to say after the stream I have a paranormal um Before and after prayer so i did say the Before prayer before i started the Stream i always do Before i film and everything and i’ll Say it afterwards Here we go Hold on Me Okay People Spotty I’m done That’s how it’s all the probe

[ __ ] Uh Something like that Oh Stinky [ __ ] How many of you are here right now Stupid Uh What Do Oh You know already Better What Rosanna is looking for her laura Right here Thanks Okay Andrew See it Uh Breakfast Stop Pretty amazing

Oh Like This Questions Away Oh He’s gonna Uh Hey Ruby But Oh Here Wow Um Ready So 106.00 That’s next That’s

Sweet Uh You’re welcome Ready Nicholas Ah That’s why i do this [Laughter] My sunshine [Laughter] Anybody else here Fighting So [Laughter] Foreign Oh that’s so awesome adam Give him a real big

Hug and let him feel it Did you hear that oh my god wow Uh [Laughter] [Laughter] Email me So Um Um Good Foreign That’s it Oh This Um Is So Me Me Uh

All right there it is Hey So Here So It’s So Please Yes There That’s Can you hear me now I was trying to hold the microphone up To the speaker It’s my Does birthday Have a loved one I think Yeah happy birthday It’s Is There you are That’s Baby Thank you Thank you stupid much

Up Um All right can you hear me So that was really cool um i heard a lot Of stuff come through And uh yeah i’ll do a closing prayer Um i heard a lot of things come through I know Uh i said earlier that i you know I can’t say 100 If that was adam’s father but After asking can you say your name and i Heard gary come through and your his his Father’s name is gary I mean it’s I don’t know I think it was him and adam listened Back and said It even sounded like his father So what i want to do After this live stream uploads Is i want to Download it to my computer and put it Into my um Editing software excuse me And um Listen back i’ll i’ll cut out most of The stream but i’ll go to the part where The spirit box session was and i’ll go Through and i’ll really listen to it and Uh You know do what i normally do where i Make it a little bit louder so that you Can really and slow it down so that you

Can make it out so i am going to do that With this video Um So any ebps that i Hear That are really good ones i’m gonna put I’m gonna put a video out i’ll try to Get it done By tomorrow evening if i can if not It’ll be thursday but i’m gonna try my Best to shoot for putting it out Tomorrow Um That that was amazing it really was and Hey there uh Hunter phobia everybody go check out Hunter phobia’s channel He just put a uh Real good uh part two of a video Uh he where he filmed at a haunted Church i think it’s a church right in a Church brian Pretty sure you said it was a church Also i wanted to tell you guys that uh I have a A friend that i met through um Through brian With the global ghost hunt and she is a Medium and she does amazing readings and Stuff like that So okay yeah so go check brian’s channel Out subscribe to him so you can go watch His videos Um

And uh her name is laura i don’t know if She’s in here or not she was live Earlier too Over on uh pear post Um but uh I uh Trying to think here i can give you her Let me find it I can give you her uh Information where you can go follow her Brian does she have a youtube channel I’m not even sure if she does i think She’s just over there on uh Facebook Let me just look hold on Ah Crap Uh Oh here it is okay All right i’m gonna put her link All right i’m gonna put her link here This is her facebook link guys Um so you can go over and follow her on Facebook whispering angels So go over there and file she does lives All the time over there um She does 30 minute private readings for 25 bucks So if you want to schedule a private Meeting with her you can do that So anyway just wanted to throw that out There Um Anyway

Yeah it was adam i’m just blown away by This uh I can’t wait to listen back with my Headphones and i’m real like really Listen to it you know And uh try to make them out and um i’ll I’ll do that i’m gonna start well it’s Kind of late now but well My schedule’s so screwed up right now I’ll probably end up doing a lot of it Tonight I’m only on instagram okay Yeah brian you missed it it was pretty Amazing his father he bro okay so adam His father committed suicide not long Ago and um we we believe 99 That his father came through Tonight uh it was pretty amazing so and It brought him the tears and he’s but He’s so happy that Um he tuned in tonight and then he he Got to hear from his father And um it’s pretty amazing i i that’s Why i want to go back i’m going to Download this this live Put it in my editing software and go Back and listen to all those evps that Came through That way i can you know slow them down Make them louder so that we can really Hear what was being said Yeah it was really cool This and it’s this guy right here

Brian Let’s say he called me oh I’m so sorry adam And we’ll talk more about it Um Soon I’ll look for your email And i have an idea Of something else something that we can Do if you want to do it and i’ll talk to You about it Hey there lurker how are you doing Howdy howdy So Uh Let’s see Here i got super chats up on the screen Now i don’t know I think so What super chats Yeah i think yeah You’re welcome lurker Well i’m gonna go ahead and end this Stream guys because my stomach is Starting to like As you can see i’m moving around a lot My stomach is starting to act up i have Stomach issues and i have an ulcer and Kinds of crap but um I think i’m gonna go ahead and go and Take something and drink a ginger ale And just relax a little bit and i’m Gonna sit down and work on work on this Um but we’ll do this again soon i

Promise um i was gonna do this the other Night but a storm came through here and Knocked my power out Um But we thank you so much we writer yeah I can feel it it’s I don’t like this i i’m so sick of this Stomach crap But anyway um Yes go ahead and call me um here in just A few minutes brian If you want um as soon as i’m done with The stream go ahead and give me a call If you want well give me like five Minutes after i end the stream All right Uh listen guys i’m gonna go ahead and go Because i can really feel it’s starting To really get to me now um I’ll do a closing prayer uh Oh god yeah it’s bad guys i i’m having Like pains in the back now all right i’m Gonna go ahead and go but um i’ll do a Closing prayer as soon as i uh As soon as i Take my medicine i have to take Something This is crazy it’s so bad i can feel it Oh my god i can’t even sit It’s really bad all right i’m gonna i’m Gonna end this i don’t want to get sick In front of everybody good night thank You so much for being here thanks for

The donations and i’m i’m just so happy That Uh Some of you Got to hear from a loved one tonight and Um i’m so happy for you adam and i’ll Look forward to hearing from you and i Will email you back All right Have a good night everyone Bye-bye and i’ll talk to you soon Bye-bye peace

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