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I have seen the logs i have seen the Videos we have attempted shoot downs of Uaps on a regular basis [ __ ] off jeremy Last friday oh i i think i may have said A naughty word there too Too early in the show oh well oh well You know it’s I i I just sometimes it just pops out it Just pops out i clicked on the wrong Thing i clicked on jeremy carbell he’s Just there and i just got to It’s just in my face still on the Computer but Jeremy i do like you very much and if You’d like to come on the show Email me again you have you actually Have my personal number um Without further ado folks good evening And welcome to a very Sweaty evening in the uk and it is a Very sweaty evening because it’s it’s 20 Something degrees and i just really Can’t cope with it um but without Further ado i’m going to bring on my Very sweaty gig Guests Guests We’ll bring on the sweatiest one first Rich Actually You look pretty dry I’m the sweatiest one holy mackerel well

You’re talking about it you told me how Hot it was over there It feels like 102 today in florida it’s 96 degrees right now Beautiful See i i don’t know who to bring on next Because it in in terms of heat would the Uk be hotter than canada right now yeah Okay well we’ll we’ll save the handsome Guy to the last [ __ ] Rich of Rich is still in limbo oh we there we go Two dicks Hey sorry I keep dropping out for some stress you Know you know why not yeah it’s some of The things you’ve said on the show over The last few weeks Really they they don’t want you to talk Rich you know You know too much Rich has a channel people go check it Out it is in the description and he will Reveal disclosure by himself I have no No doubt in him speaking of disclosure That Oh is see I know disclosure Disclose this Hi lee Um rich keeps getting abducted Are you sweaty I’ve been sweaty today but it was more

The fact that i had pizza last night so I had i had like carb sweats that like The day before and Wasn’t nice nothing better than food Sweats i regret all my [ __ ] life Choices come nine o’clock this morning Me as well I mean lady how many ladies do we have In the chat A lot okay okay get ready to sweat Ladies here we go [Laughter] Hi guys josh how’s it going How are you doing sexy bastard great Yeah um yeah i I just heard you guys talking about the Heat in the uk and It’s an absolute nightmare because in The uk you don’t get air con and like Your house dear so It’s like a nightmare in the summer it Is a nightmare just like rich’s internet Right now Sorry that looks pretty cool Maybe he’s gonna black out i don’t know Oh forgot i’m sorry [ __ ] [Laughter] We can hear you as long as we could hear You i always don’t love that When someone mutters under the breath oh For god’s sake Really upset with something it’s let me Hear someone go oh [ __ ] hell Podcast gold hat mike whatever you do

Rich don’t kick your dog or anything Like that because we can hear you all Right yeah Never kick that dog get it go Speaking of dogs Could be a really bad joke That would get me destroyed by you Upstairs Not a dog um guys thank you so much for Joining me i’m in a weird giddy mood i Think it’s Too much sun today even though i’ve been Driving around all day long Driving me mad uh I i um I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed to have You all here and just for the people That are new to alien addicts or the People who are the big supporters and Thank you very much god i am i’m high on Life today what’s wrong with me lisa Thank you for the super chat I really really appreciated it i swear I’ve had not too much caffeine today It’s a super fun Super sticker and it is a kind of get There right they’ll get mad it’s a cat It’s a cat I wish stream yard would bring the cat On i know but it doesn’t rich It’s bad why i’m leaving yeah i’ve heard You leaving streaming and you’re going Over to um thank you very much lisa love You loads

Streamlabs obs going back to the wbs That’s the one and i before we start the Show i want to say a massive thank you To heather birdy who has become My first channel member the child member Channel member has launched And i’ve launched some little sexy Characters that are going to be the tic Tac emojis that’s the best Yeah I spent like a full day trying to think Of Something Nice dude yeah tick-tock who’s the guy On the right That that’s actually rich enough Eventually i’m going to make a load of Them but you can only upload four at a Time I know i don’t like that it’s crazy It says you’ve got to have people Spending money but have a birdie thank You so much and it is and God bless you god bless you and she Became a child member of yours last Night rich because i was just sure yeah I was gonna throw that out there yeah Yeah she’s great she’s great Anyway boys Let’s get on with the show What you got for me Junk don’t look at me like that I got i went to the junkyard

Saw some jeremy corbell stuff in there It’s a bit of a mess It’s a crazy mess He’s he’s that’s my show tonight i think The guy is really a dis info agent There can be no other answer I don’t know well in terms of core Belvice do you think he’s knowingly Doing it or do you think he’s being fed Disinformation from a source or Something I you know i don’t think he how could You not know You know after people debunked your Bokeh and the other stuff where he calls Uh calls out on the radar says there was A swarm of these over the russell and it Shows two or three i mean i know a fleet Is more than one but come on man i Expect to see 30 or 40 of these things Yeah and then these Then now we’re finding out they were Just drones after all that So how does he not know if we could tell You know it’s like maybe he’s just doing Turning a blind’s eye on you know just To get him Some fame and a little bit of fortune Yeah But it’s obvious to me this guy Has to know he’s a filmmaker he knows Film he knows how to look at this stuff How could he not know what that [ __ ] is Especially the bokeh

Yeah i think the the um impression i get With corbell he just believes anything To me he seems like he’s just really Excited all the time and he’s just a True believer i guess um I’m not sure if has corbell had like Like an experience before the ufo Experience do you think i don’t know i i Don’t remember hearing anything like That he may have had an exp he spent a Week with robbie williams on skin walk Around so he could have had an Experience True oh god yeah Well i mean if you think about the guy He he’s like a world traveler he’s he he Knows jiu jitsu he has his own type he Opened up his own uh dojo Uh you know that could be a sign of a Secret agent just keeping his skills Sharp you know uh you know this info guy Makes movies about ufos he gets in deep He gets to learn about stuff you see What i mean and now he’s got his friend And mentor george knapp helping him get Access to stuff Interesting i like our I only noticed uh with the thing with George knapp that he put up the other Day how [ __ ] jacked here’s What car bell yeah You talking about no no cobell he’s Getting ready for rich for when he just Offers him out for a fight because i i

I’ve been in the ring I don’t know this info guy i don’t think He’s a disinfo guy i think he might be Um He might be like having an affair with Ufology you know you know like some People that are in a relationship and They know their partner is [ __ ] Somebody else but they choose not to Believe it because they want to believe The situation they’re in i think he Might be in that he’s almost like a Cuckold type of guy yeah Yeah he likes the abuse yeah he knows as Long as he gets what he wants yeah maybe He knows he’s being played but he’s he’s Part of the uh act anyway you know to Win or just want to believe it doesn’t Want to maybe he doesn’t want to believe It yeah Ah I don’t know man this guy’s no peter pan That’s for sure or he’s having any money Doing it I know he’s it’s part of the thing yeah I i did i did try to ask him on twitter Whether he was actually buying these Video clips whether whether he was Paying for them Uh he hasn’t replied to me and there’s Quite a few people said answer the Question We have seen already yeah yeah yeah the Stuff that he’s got

Sound like he paid for him you know it Sounds like these were given to him you Know if you just remember what he said In the past i don’t ever recall him Saying that of course he probably Wouldn’t Yeah who knows good Yeah that’s what this info agents do Recently i have i mean i i didn’t want To do the uh Thank you Jeremy Thank you jennifer i appreciate that ufo Tech is your experience in astral Product ufo Rich i think that’s for you experiencing It Yeah Yeah i did for a bit yeah yeah um did You really try and give it a go Yeah yeah when i was a kid i was i i had Quite a lot of experiences uh generally Just borderline sleep you know hovering Out my bed and off And um And then Then i i suppose i must have grown out Of it or something but uh i i then Started reading about robert monroe and And i thought all right let’s have a go Again So i went i went to the monroe institute And Signed up for them

You can go check it out it is Fascinating it’s actually my wife’s Favorite Episode she literally Wanted to listen to the tapes often rich Kindly sent them to me So Yeah but i mean I would like if anyone’s interested Those those tapes are widely available On youtube as well I mean I don’t I don’t get there is a disinformation Guy Could he be The tool for this information Definitely That’s a simple guy yeah but as could You rich you could be the tool for this Information i could Lee could rich could Josh could we we all could be we all Could be going Leading people down the wrong path when It comes to this subject and not even Knowing it right But you have to go with what makes the Most sense with occam’s razor helping You along the way That’s how i gotta that’s how you play This game right and the longer you’re in It the more [ __ ] you’ll see Yeah and uh you never stop learning

Seriously great it’s one hell of a ride And every time somebody comes up with Something new you have to learn Something to uh uh rationalize it to see Whether it’s uh right or not I’ve learned so much in this subject It’s just fascinating I i guarantee you though There are people out there possibly Jeremy that may know They’re being used by somebody else But If it if it’s doing them Then well in the field Why would they give a [ __ ] In the list content creation as well in The age of content creation It’s like what um green street said when He um Came out and did his episode of uh the Basement um like the new series the the New episode he did for his show and then He did an episode i think an interview With john greenwald Where he went into a bit more depth As to His process and kind of changing his Mindset within the topic and he when he Used to and he said on there that you Know he he knew that he was you know Saying all this [ __ ] for people but He still had to go along with it because He was getting all this praise And i think that’s that that’s like a

Similar scenario to call bella thing i Think he’s getting all this praise from All these people you know he’s on the Joe rogan show he’s been on there a few Times he’s You know he’s going all these huge shows On the news So he probably just thinks he’s just Going to play along with it because you Know he’s getting all this exposure Um And and that’s all it is i think for Corbell how wrong is that though It’s on every level Yeah Well we we kind of see these things all The time where you have you have Some occasionally some reporters who Work for the media you know and and they Might end up going on On a network or something which is which Is contrary to their beliefs But they will still push out uh that Agenda and you know because that’s what They’re being paid to do that’s their Position and and and they do do it Yeah so so people rationalize themselves All the time with this kind of thing oh You only have to look at um like british Newspapers for it every every guardian Journalist can’t be A sickle wave and communist but then When you look at most articles in in the

Guardian they’re massively left-leaning So at some point Someone somewhere is writing something They don’t believe I i When it comes to journalists i mean I can’t i can’t write Save my life but I think Most of these people That do that do this job whether it be In ufos or anything i think half of the Stuff they probably put down on paper They don’t believe You know they might be thinking [ __ ] why The hell am i writing this but you know That’s my job i’ve got to get this story Out and that they want this story this Way Or it’s the highway that’s biased report That i mean that’s not how it’s supposed To be and it’s not it’s just not just How it’s supposed to be Like journalism is dead I mean i i said today with the i don’t Know if you guys have seen this yet but Um the uk have um agreed to uh extradite Julian assange to the u.s right or that Today yeah yeah so if journalism was on [ __ ] life support the plug’s just Been pulled from it that’s like It’s [ __ ] crazy to me that yeah um So yeah i just think you this it’s not Necessarily just a writer because

A writer can write something but then It’s still got to go through an Editorial process and Then it once it’s even been edited it Can still get thrown back to the author Of that particular article and said look We want you to make changes or this is Just going to go with someone else i’ve Also heard especially Um With articles that have been done over The past two years about things Um Someone said someone not being happy With writing someone and the editor Taking the article even though they said Look i’m not not happy with this so no That’s fine and just putting another Journalist’s name under it because that Particular journalist wasn’t happy with Putting their name to it so There’s definitely the systems in place To Run narratives i don’t think it’s Necessarily down to individual Journalists No It’s definitely not like I totally agree with you there uh Jennifer uh there with a uh Very gen generous uh five pounds don’t Mean to be disrespectful but some people Have experiences that So-called institut

Somebody help me out with that one Institute’s for the true experience is a Thing they run a mile from Exactly they run run away from the good True stories yeah Why is that True What do they want Doesn’t make sense go ahead definitely Definitely for you and you and Uh josh and rich um Goof on rich i mean i i’ve had jennifer On the on the show before amazing guests And i think it takes a lot of gusts a Gust got a lot of guts how much have i Had what’s in that drink No you were right gusts too It takes a lot of dust yeah To come on a show and tell your story Knowing that somebody and there’s always Going to be a troll there’s always going To be somebody that will pull that Person apart and say this person’s [ __ ] or whatever whatever No it’s not somebody the majority of People yeah the majority yeah yeah I’m not saying i agree with it but it’s How do how do people like jen Must most of the guts up to get on a Show is beyond me to actually do it to Tell their story I i think that’s amazing that people do That whether People in in the chat or people who are

Watching maybe on somebody else’s Channel that somebody else has featured Your channel Um Believe it or not is another thing but Is is everybody that has these these Experiences [ __ ] bonkers Or is the gen exactly there’s something To this subject millions of people have Had these experiences But this is exactly why i i wanted this Ufo junkyard title for the video because It’s Half most of its junk It really is and the people who’ve had The genuine experiences Just get put in that junk pile Well that’s forgot i’ve forgotten about Yeah and it’s a problem because of all You know we’ve all went through all These lies and disinformation and False truths and that just makes it even Worse for the true experiences who have Went through something it makes it Harder for them to come forward and it You know it it rubs their experiences Through through the mud in some ways Like when you know when you get these People who make up experiences um you Know i’m i’m sure we we don’t need to Name names but there’s people in this Community who anthony identified as for Yeah well there’s one rich yeah um But

That’s okay but but but but there’s People who are about every single Experience going you know they’ve been Abducted They’ve had ghosts You know they’re like mediums they’re Witches and it’s like You know And i’m not saying it’s all [ __ ] i’m Just saying that you know It makes it harder for the true Experiences to come forward and tell Their stories if that makes Sense you know i don’t know if it does And i’ve thought about that over the Years because somebody who has a Truthful story Will want people to know about it if That’s what they want you know it’s like People who are telling the truth have Nothing to fear at all I think and when people get to the level That they want to tell somebody i think They’re they feel they’re in danger Or something they just want answers too Obviously but Some people feel like this is very Dangerous and scary and they can’t Figure it out why not come I guess if they’re watching certain Shows they may not want to go on those Shows thinking they’re going to be Ripped but It doesn’t matter where you go in this

Field you’re going to get ripped Yeah i think yeah so you know what i Mean but if you’re telling the truth you Have nothing to fear Yeah I think Am i wrong i don’t know i completely Grieve you rich and and that’s when you Know because like you see this argument Where you know on on social media Especially where we all kind of call out This bs we we see and then you’ll get Comments saying we shouldn’t do that Because then it makes it harder for People to come forward who are in like The military Yeah true and and and i and i completely Agree with you and that’s bs for me Because if If what you’re saying is true then you Shouldn’t have anything to fear In terms of that side of things i Completely agree that’s right yeah But we call out the big players In this game now big and small i’ve you Know picked picked on people who are Doing wrong in the community who Don’t have a lot of subscribers are Following Just so that i don’t want them to get Going you know Well Let’s It’s so

We’ve spoke A few times we spoke about kevin day we Spoke about fravor And these these are peop these are People that are they’ve You know Yeah they’re they’re the guys that You should believe you know When it comes to this subject you should Believe those events because Frave is a pilot and you know kevin’s a Radar guy X-rayed our guy But we we still you still you question That rich you look you look at you You’ve said about fraver and he him Being an actor Mm-hmm He is See i i i listened to the into the Interview that he had recently well not Recently it was probably Well over a year ago now and joe rogan And without actually watching just Listening to it It seems very truthful Because i spoke many times about when we First saw him On tucker carlson And he just it looked like a robot but Thinking back you know i’m thinking did He just have like kind of a script to Read and he had to re he he had a Certain amount of time to read that

Script It didn’t come out natural But when he was on rogan it came out all Natural and he He even debunked a few of the theories That other people were saying about them Be they’ve been extra Video footage they stand the other And he broke it down quite well As i said i got a theory about why he Was so Robotic during the fox interview and That was That was because he was a separate uh he Was in a separate studio and he was i Think he was just looking at a screen And a camera And i think he might have been a bit um Uh overawed by that rather than rather Than when he was on rogan’s he might Have sat in a studio with him he had him Right in front of him he could just talk To him like he was talking to someone Else Uh It’s far more personable situation I’d add in the fact that I i’ve got no I’ve got no numbers to back this up But if you look at top line interviewers I don’t believe there can be anybody That’s that’s interviewed people for More hours than joe rogan by now You know you even when you look back at

So you know you know the big talk to a Host like parkinson’s stuff like that But they’re only doing our shows every Week Rogan’s doing three three hour shows a Week you know it’s the he’s got to he’s Up there as one of the best interviews In the world right now so If if if someone’s going to put your Ease talking it’s probably him Um What would lead me to think she tummed Along Unless she comes along unless you talk Along there everything you’ve built up To you’re gonna set fire to in front of Millions of people But see actually tom delong is a good uh Good example here because tom delong was A [ __ ] idiot And The fact that he was did like a long Form interview with joe rogan it became Apparent he was an idiot because you Can’t hide anywhere over that length of Time It’s too it’s too long it’s too long you Can’t sit there i don’t care who you are You can’t sit there and lie to somebody For two to three hours without something Breaking down at some point No i i i i completely agree you can’t At all But

Going back to Parfait Yeah A nightly basis apparently Going back to fraver There was somebody with fravor Carbell Looking at george knapp it was something With george knapp carbell Looking at lazar there was somebody with Lazar Carbell The guy Is very much like the It’s almost like the the What’s the what’s the guy that a singer Gets What they call him The the managers the managers like Yeah it’s like the manager but god but No but George george naps he’s mentor he’s like The don king of ufos isn’t he And thank you jennifer again you didn’t Need to super chat to say that but i Appreciate that and we we want to hear That story on the show Uh about the alien grey running back Running Through the garden She saw a Translucent gray running past her in the Height of summer will sat in my garden Let’s see the comments come on show me

What you think i did this by the way i Did see this by the way You know you’ve seen the eight you’ve You’ve seen this Well that’s what she says In the comment oh sorry i thought you Meant you’ve seen the alien gray in the Garden no but jen’s no gentlemen on a Serious note we do need to get you on to Speak about that but uh yeah that’s That’s awesome Um And thank you heather birdie For being a member i appreciate you here Yeah hb It’s um It’s a weird one especially when it Comes to carl bell though with with Those Like managing those people i bet george George nappies do you think george knapp Is his mentor like he says yeah Yeah Definitely as an investigative Journalist George knapp is one of the few in this Field that is an investigative Journalist The only other ones are linda molten Howe And Who Well i don’t know Anybody else

That’s a real investigative journalist You just can’t give yourself that title Like he has He’s calling himself an investigative Journalist which he isn’t Anywho You think he’s done Done He’s done Get out Get out of the field He’s just dangerous dude i don’t know What what the guy’s uh point is but Does he know he’s got shitty videos and Just doesn’t care That’s what i think is going on i think He looks at these and says how can i Give this to the public just do it will Give you the hundred grand or whatever It is they might be paying him Whatever i don’t know You know but it’s not right whatever He’s doing it’s all wrong Nothing he’s done has given us Has given me confidence in him I think even that um like the poker Video The The weird thing about that was still Continuing to double down on the the Idea that there was pyramids flying Around in the sky because it it that Could have quite easily been put out And

You know it’s a it had it explained oh Look like the the the The triangle shapes aren’t triangle Shapes they’re craft but this is what The camera has done and they still could Have doubled down on the fact that it Was flying saucers But they didn’t they stuck with the Pyramid thing just because that’s a First of all i i mean realistically You’re thinking of I mean are they pyramids that that’s More of a Like Well a pyramid-sized object we’re not We’re usually we talk about ufos we talk About triangles aren’t we like flat Triangles so a pyramid thing is a is a Completely different type of thing that We’re used to talking about I just think it’s it’s really strange Maybe maybe you’re right maybe it’s what We were saying about uh Lou as well maybe this whole thing is Just to confuse and muddy the waters Well They also we just found out that the Swarms of uaps were china drones Something i’ve been saying for three Years and there’s no way china doesn’t Have that technology [ __ ] 2004 they had it [ __ ] rich did you hear My voicemails today i i said i was gonna Do it like completely you know what i

Went when i went to china like in 2016 I went to a uh An area Um in this big conference and they they Had Like a table of drones And i’d never seen anything like it and I was allowed to video it so it wasn’t Confidential so i will get that up on Your shoulder the video you still have Yeah yes yes It’s on a gopro it’s on a gopro I will get that up um Because that those drones back then I i might look at it now and go oh they Were nothing but back then i was like What is this they were under there were Submarine ones as well they were insane I want to get an underwater drone I i know a guy who made one Put it down a well True story Now that i’m out here i can Swim with the dolphins You you spoke of On your show last night about mick west And i think he gets a bit of a bad Um he gets bad press From the from the ufo community he’s People he’s got some resolve like Yeah I mean The guy He hundred percent debunked that

Triangular Focus Thing yeah And the new one he did he debunked that As well the bird very effectively yeah Oh yeah yeah People just want to fight against it Like you know they just want to Desperately believe so badly That when Somebody’s giving you a logical Explanation Is charlatan attacking their religion Yeah yeah literally Literally He’s the who’s the travis walton guy That everybody hated the the big Debunker guy for his [ __ ] name he Passed away now I don’t know not mike uh James no no no no no no Got his name Stompy No no no no he’s like like a big like he Used to go he was a Guy He spoke to cigar uh He spoke i spoke about before guy his Name’s on the tip of my tongue anyway He’s that guy i i look at mick west like That guy his name howard could have been Howard can’t remember anyway That’s it No no no he wasn’t no it was it was it

Was a guy that went out to all this like The travis stuff he really tried to [ __ ] it over Um and a lot of other cases well but i Forgot the guy’s name I’m no ufologist jaylen heineck no it Wasn’t him wasn’t him no i think i know Who you’re talking it starts with a c i Believe his name i remember his name There you go [Laughter] It’s a mess it’s complete and utter Garbage The majority Today and also fake ufos are coming back I don’t know if anybody’s noticed that We’re getting a lot of fake ufos All of a sudden little small channels Just Trying it With youtube yeah whoo I saw one today Blatantly fake I didn’t identify It No A tic-tac Wasn’t that one where there was a plane Flying by and there’s one just coming up From the bottom right hand corner it was Just it looked almost like a water Droplet and it was just Zooming upwards it was on it was a beach Someone was

Filming a plane going over a beach No that one came out a week ago or two Yes the one where the it was It looked like it flew off the water Tops That way it came out yeah it looked like A virgo or something yeah Yeah i don’t know if that’s a bird Though it looks like it could be But it also looks like it’s Metallic this is I don’t know Gotta move away I think we would all agree that there Are Usos and ufos right so why couldn’t that Be a ufo 100 I mean But I just think the Everybody is wanting Something that is just not there When it comes to this field and i’m not Saying that the ufo’s out there the Aliens out there If it’s alien at all But i think everybody’s desperately Wanting Not the truth they’re wanting their Their religion that is payoff Yes they won’t pay off They’ve invested for so many years Within this subject and they want to pay Off and even if just

You can’t just walk make it up Nope New channel member Josh Yes may i just did it there Just you know No i’m just kidding But you know it goes to a good cause you Do some good work ollie so yeah I appreciate it i’ve got some great Guests to back me up If i rudely interrupted with that with The the new channel member appreciate it Sorry Oh I was just gonna sorry I was just gonna say going back to Um uh mick west i i think he’s i think He’s right uh a lot of the time uh Uh but i also think uh There’s a there’s a way to be right In terms of of uh I i think i think he talks in an Inflammatory way The same way that jeremy corbell talks In a sensationalist way You know um And they’re both in the same way just Just raising the entropy everywhere Rather than lowering it and if they Learned to To do these things without Without causing discord But i think the problem is

Both of these people’s games are about Sowing discord And that’s that’s how it works The problem is there’s so much you’ve Got to shout above the noise You have yeah and that’s the way that’s The way to do it unfortunately it’s not It’s not right But it’s effective yeah there’s a reason That Game game streamers on twitch are Dressed as [ __ ] cats with neon lights Everywhere in their room because we’re Our attention spans are so [ __ ] Crippled if we’re not hearing something Or seeing something that’s Um we’re just exciting every single Single like part of our sympathetic Nervous system we flick over to see if There’s something else that we’ll do Yeah i agree Josh you you’re an artist interviewed uh Mint west yeah Did you Do you think the guy believes in this Subject or he just wants to debunk and [ __ ] all over do you actually think he He’s got a passion for this subject i Think he does yeah um I mean if if like you look look at his Post and he’s got his his sight as well Which he uses to Debunk cases but You know he always kind of makes the

Point once once in a while that there is A genuine a mystery to this and that’s Why he’s still here trying to debunk This stuff and you know and i i agree With rich too that you know he sometimes Does co he does come into this with like A bias at times with from certain Cases um Which which isn’t helpful at times but You know i i think in the main is he’s He’s uh good for the community but he Does come at this with like a bias at Times which doesn’t help Um But i’ve always been of the opinion that We need more people like mick west in The community because you know we we do Need to debunk this we do need to call Out you know the bs when like we do see It you know and that can only help Help us focus on the more um genuine Cases um so i don’t really get the The heat mick west gets to be honest With you um i really don’t and and and When he was on the show he was nothing But nice like he was a gentleman yeah Well i watched it after the show he was Really good too so Yeah he’s a nice guy I’ve got to get him on you know You’ve got orange I’ve got no reason to uh disagree with That you know nothing that i’ve seen Really has said that he isn’t uh i’ve

I’ve I’ve seen him get a bit short with People uh on on twitter and uh I’ve i’ve seen a few ad hominem attacks Which You know i i think he could do without To be honest But i i what i’m trying to say is He he probably gets a lot himself you Know yeah i i often i often when it when He puts stuff up and more more so than Look than reading what he said sometimes I often look at the comments just to see What people are saying back back to him Because i like i i don’t I don’t what does mick west do as a job Uh he’s made his money he used to be a Games developer right okay he’s got a Bit of money and i think he’s a Millionaire now Yeah he did that tony hawk’s thing Uh Landscaping yeah yeah it’ll still be all Right from that he’ll be fine um but the Thing is he’s um So even even more to the point he Doesn’t need to do what he’s doing you Know he doesn’t need to Do these debunks and stuff like that and The like the the stick he gets i mean The amount of times he must just like he Must post something up and then stick Every single electronic device he’s got An airplane mode just for an hour and

Then come back to it i i honestly think You don’t think he cares i don’t think He cares about the hate i really don’t That’s not the impression i get i think He’s kind of got to that point where He’s just got so much of it that he just Ignores it now and it’s just You know it’s just It doesn’t make make any uh it doesn’t Make a difference to him He is incredible interacting with people I mean like i’ve i’ve talked to him Before about things with things with Things the uh on twitter and it He he speaks to a lot of people all the Time probably More than Any other high profile person in this Subject actually For sure yeah he engages more than any Of corbell and Lou alexander put that put them together What they engage with He’s starting to cut out a little bit You sound yeah you are a little bit late I think that’s the only other person I think the only other person i’ve seen The last few months who’s kind of taken More of an active role in the community As brandon fugle i think he’s been quite Good with getting back to people i don’t Agree with him at all but he has been Quite good in terms of responding to People i’ve noticed

I i yeah Definitely made but that that comment From from jennifer there couldn’t agree More we should definitely not separate The ghost theories but what i’d like to See is nick west debunk some ghost fa Some ghosts I think brandon fugel’s wife runs his Twitter account Oh really his wife who doesn’t that’s What i heard yeah was she the one who Was on the ghost show right she was then She’s been in several shows and you know Five ten years ago she was in ghost mine M-i-n-e it was one of my favorite shows Of all time for paranormal stuff Just three seasons but it was fun She’s really cute Now she looks plastic It’s what a billion dollars does to you I guess Which she’ll look plastic forever True You guys have seen the tic tacs on Google earth i take it Yeah yeah Maybe Yeah yeah They look boaty There’s a few boats a bit further down Though that look like they’ve got a wash Coming off them and that that tic-tac The one that i saw anyway off the island Yes is san clemente isn’t it

Uh it it doesn’t look like there’s any Wash coming off it that’s the only thing That that uh have you got the molly i i Haven’t seen these Um I’m sure third face won’t mind sharing It no they don’t care they want you to Share they’ve never cared they’ve never Even when i even when i’ve done horrible Things they’ve just been like You know well they actually say now to Share their stuff the people are taking It anyway you might as well just let Them Yeah Anybody worrying It’s interesting that But i i i get the feeling that if you Search Elsewhere in the world that you will Find those little tic-tac-looking things I don’t know Why haven’t we seen them before They’re not they’re not that it’s a good Point i looked around a little bit over The uh pacific i didn’t see one white Tic tac I i had i had a theory about google Earth the other day that um in the same Way as uh You’ll get like video games put out to Trial you know like the and you You get like a large hive-minded Community to find out all the bugs that

Are in there in it that google have took A load of pictures of the earth and put Them out into the hive mind of the Internet because All of these people looking for things Will be able to find anomalies that are On the planet whereas if you if they Kept it in-house to try and find things It would take them hundreds of years to Look through all the images Whereas They’ve essentially certainly like They’ve They’ve got a super computer in All the internet sleuths Combing through these images looking for Things for them Oh richards don’t even bet he’s got the Location himself and gone man you’re not Going to find a tic tac with that So we know what we’re here when’s the Water moved on google earth I think that’s the shadow from the sun Right Well yeah I heard this they’ve changed the water Like if you The water moves it’s animated What if you zoo what if yes anime you Can see can you see the water moving if You zoom in The shadows of the sun traversing across The earth giving different angles of the Shadows

Yeah but i could be wrong [Laughter] Why don’t you just pull up third phase We would have been done by now oh is it Space maps Yeah yeah yeah Br bring bring it up rich can you me Yeah you oh i didn’t know if i was yeah I’ll kill it if you Even either rich anybody I’m i don’t think i’m logging to youtube On this comment i’m ready when you are I’m ready all right let me pull it up It’s playing I’m just rewinding it a little bit for You nice desktop Who yeah it’s my daughter What’s that all right i’m sharing it With your daughter rich yeah yeah wow Interesting Sure There we go I pressed Is this one rich quite interesting that We actually have What appears to be a tic tac and we’re Going to get a close-up look at it Um Speculating that this actually happened During the time of the limits encounter Uh there’s a video that’s floating Around and you could hear the person in The background stating some examples It looks a bit like a tic-tac it does

Doesn’t it yeah wait until you see the Next one And they also got a shadow Well Yeah he doesn’t show the shadows does This look like a tic tac there’s a video Where it shows the shadow of that tic Doesn’t look like a boat So let’s get a measurement on this and See if it’s 73 feet Let’s get to the other one here’s the Other there’s no point measuring it Something else how high it is the water That could make sense i think there’s Another little larger than what fravor Was stating but when i looked around i Actually found another tic tac look at This Is it tic-tac They didn’t say that there was a swarm Of them and they’re writing down According to kevin day who we just Interviewed earlier this week and we Talked about certain aspects of this Data Being Being confiscated Huh You guys are good do you want me to stop It I’ll keep it going okay Just for just for a tough I did watch this originally when it came Out look at this um this is what kind of

Surprised me as we go into the feature On google earth from 2002 to more of Present day now we’re seeing that google Earth is putting some kind of fake Ocean graphic to cover up what’s really Going on In regards to uh the water and actual Photography from our satellites look if We go back to 2002 uh we get to see the Real ocean but now they’re covering it Up with fake cgi water and that’s can You believe this that is interesting Google’s hiding things in regards to They’re just covering up the whole ocean Almost and in my opinion right something May have happened in 2002 and that’s What we’re looking at but when you get a Closer look like we’re it’s over I’ve got an interesting thing with the Ocean if um a friend of mine He uh He was he was a marine and he left he Left the marines and he went into Private security Um and he was Like stationed for a while on someone Like he he For a while he was on the Um biggest oil tanker in the world Uh protecting it from pirates that sort Of thing And um occasionally he would get shipped I can’t remember what the name of Hit the company he worked for was

But occasionally he was sent out on on Boats like just doing like parole things And he was he A little bit of a conspiracy theorist Not not massive But he would say he couldn’t work out he Said they used to do these big long Things because he’d be off out um like On tour for three or four months at a Time And They’d be patrolling large areas of Water and he said like you can see as Far as the eye can see in all directions And you’re just on your own in the Middle of the sea and there is no reason Why they are paying because i think i Mean his tours were like tens of Thousands of pounds he was making for Sort of three months work Um He didn’t understand why His boat would just do these big Sweeping perimeter searches with other Boats as well not not just not just his And there was no reason to be to be Looking at what they were well looking After what they were looking after they Were looking after empty sea essentially There was no there was no boat Going through this he also said there Was sections of water they would come up To where they had to go around empty Sections of water for no apparent reason

But but boats weren’t allowed to go Through those sections of water it’s Really weird Interesting Why do you think that is lee yeah Because that’s where the [ __ ] aliens Live we could just be protecting Shipping lanes could be just protecting Shipping lanes Could be protecting shipping lanes maybe Because the shipping lanes Yeah so what are you saying it’s Shipping lanes It is now i mean who knows why they do What they do we can only guess you know But I would think it’s for that reason and Other reasons maybe there’s mines in the Water who knows why do we never talk About underwater military bases Because they’re impossible to prove I know they’re they’re impossible to Prove but the Yeah we talk about digging well i mean Essentially we know deep underground Military bases are a thing do we Kind of yeah you can see Okay we’ve got we’ve got the big Mountain ones then you know the the the Ones where where we drill into mountains And we have You know to protect again During nuclear war okay i’ll let you Have that one then cheyenne mountain

Good yes yeah yeah um So i do but we We’ll talk about dumbs for Until the cows come home But no one ever brings up the idea that We might be doing this underwater I think because it’s such an incredibly Expensive thing to do That The maintenance and everything i mean Eventually people would recognize There’s something going on have we found Any places around the world That we could see or I mean i don’t know take a take a look At with google earth and see if there’s Something underwater That’s not anymore No anymore because the cgi was in the Way [Laughter] We’ve heard that forever lee right guys I mean we’ve heard that there are these Underwater bases but i’ve never seen any Proof of it That’s why i say i’m not so sure about That with a lot of Rumors going around but Have there ever been any documents that Have come to light the only one i can Remember and i’ve brought this up on the Show before and i’ve never been able to Find it again and it was a national Geographic photographer

Um i i can’t remember his name he was He was one of these people where they Had a big spiel about what he’d done and Uh all these awards he’d won for Underwater photography and in the Interview he just casually dropped in That on his time underwater he’d Personally come in contact with an um Intelligent life for Underwater well and then this was like At the end of the documentary and i’ve Never been able to find that clip again Wow Or was that a recent thing about 10 Years 10 years ago 10 years ago yeah Where back when youtube was well west Youtube you know and you could fight you Could find stuff on it You’re not talking about the mermaid Thing are you no no no it wasn’t the Maybane thing That sounds familiar what you just said Yeah i recognized you Yeah I’ll be honest when i saw that mermaid Thing i was like It’s a look i had six second look i was Like legit I i had to go and google search it It did look the one that like kind of Bumped at the thing i was like yeah that Looked real yeah But you know the one that was in the Sand and the netting and then the hand

Comes up in the kids there that you Could tell Yeah Well that was horrible they used to fake Mermaids a lot at um What is it these like kind of uh What is it you guys have uh It’s like circus and and they Of course yeah free shirts yeah they Used to kind of like Just sew off A dried fish to uh Was it was it a real human that they’d Do it or a monkey or something it was Something like that i think it was Real monkey people with birth defects That’s what i just watched a documentary On ringling brothers and barnum belly Circus they went around the world Looking for people with severe severe Defects and making them look like you Know Bigfoot or you know what i mean like Dogman things of that nature at the time Imagine the money they could have saved Now they could have just looked on Youtube Yeah Right Yeah remember the ufo man thank you very Much my friend you’re gonna get a tic Tac for that one i appreciate that thank You so much for the support people Tonight it’s always so it’s weird and i

Do apologize Boys Um When people are donating and you have Guests on it’s hard not to say thank you But i don’t interrupt the stream but He should always say thank you we give You nothing always Yeah right it’s your show I i know but i just i i i i’ve been uh I’m overwhelmed with it tonight but so Thank you so much ufo man you’re going To get a Ufo tech Take time out here that’s rich with Sunglasses so you dude I’m going to get one with probably that One I would be so upset if there was isn’t One of those with the musty audio logo On it soon So upset Although that one the one you just Showed You should do a david wilcox one That that picture of him either orgasm Or having a brain aneurysm is um is Right up ollie’s Street i think for that’s how he smiles Bro for a new flash up image That’s his normal spot smile though Rich you said You know there’s no pr there’s no proof Of it them having bases underwater

Yeah how would you know How would i know How would we know Well we don’t that’s what i’m saying I mean how deep is the the deepest part Of the ocean it’s pretty deep it’s uh You can fit uh What mount everest in there and then the Empire state but it’s like thirty five Thousand feet isn’t it seven miles Marion Marianas trench what is it called Well I i have spoken to a friend of mine who Who’s ex-navy and he used to be on the Uh uk submarines And uh He’s never seen anything out of the Ordinary or anything like that that Makes me sad Yeah yeah But I don’t know You know he he certainly uh he’s Certainly been all over the world And i think he’s he’s done his stint on Um Trident which is a Nuclear submarine that That is is hugely stealthy And uh goes all over the world and um You don’t know where they where where They are at any one time Never has to come up for air right

Yeah yeah doesn’t have to recharge Nuclear yeah i mean forever right 10 000 Years at least Isn’t that how long it could travel Around I don’t know I’m not that close to it But uh but yeah he So He’s i did ask him a while ago had he Seen any or known of any usos And uh he says no i never asked him About underwater military bases but uh All the ones that i hear of they The uh there’s there’s normal land docks For them Didn’t columbus see one Columbus christopher oh yeah He followed a light that supposedly led Him to The shores of united states I think i think it’s darpa they’re Actually working on new Technology for drilling um if if i can Share my screen I’ve got a of course you can make a tab With it open actually is it the sub Terrain I’ll i think it’s the underminer program It’s called oh cool What a good name for a program they Deserve that Yeah they they did good it’s a book

What are you wearing under miners Can you see this guys or not Yeah yeah yeah so this is the underminer Program this is 2022 so it’s not long Ago Um so they’re working on this Tunneling Tech technology to rapidly tunnel um Underground for national security Purposes so it i mean They’re working on this kind of stuff so Who’s to say they haven’t done this in Like the sea at some point i mean it Could be the case they’re building the The they’re building the contraption That krang and shreddy used to Travel around in in turtles [Laughter] Yeah I know it’s um i didn’t trust him Hasn’t there been quite a lot of Conspiracy theories around around this Meant to be some kind of tech that that Can bore Tunnels very very fast Yeah the the the idea being that these The the The supposed tech which is what they use To build the supposed deep underground Military bases um solidifies the rock as It drills Yeah so it melts and then so it Essentially makes like a concrete A concrete structure as it’s

Zipping about i think there was a movie Did you see that movie from i can’t Remember who’s in it now but they have To tunnel um to the center of the earth To like reach to restart the earth’s Core again and use this advanced really It’s like a laser yeah the core Yeah yeah the core that’s that that’s a Good movie it’s really good yeah a Really good movie yeah the subterrane is The name of that supposed Deep underground drilling machine And yeah what it does it melts the rock Turns it into liquid and as it’s passing By it cools it and makes the uh The area real strong yeah It’s amazing if it’s real we don’t know If it’s real What the car No No the subterrane the mountain It might not be Who knows could be fun could be hollow Eight miles eight miles we’ve got Haven’t we That’s it eight miles then where was it That doug ate my was it russia that Doesn’t siberia i believe You know they’re having a lot of Sinkholes now over there a lot of holes Are popping up all around the earth yeah Tell you what The audio from that is [ __ ] wild Do you hear the screams like i i’ve not

Heard it but it’s apparently odd the It’s put down to the the noise you hear Is the microphone melting from the from The extreme heat ah but um It’s You’re not talking about the yelling and Screaming Yeah oh that’s the old art bell thing Where they put the microphone down there The sounds of hell That’s what it is that’s that’s that’s a Recording of grand central station in New york Oh no no there’s a there’s a proper um There’s there’s a recording supposedly From that That thing isn’t there from from the Russia thing Yeah that’s the one i i don’t know is it The same why i don’t know there’s only One hero Ah right okay i think there’s only one That i know of i mean yeah it didn’t Sound like it came out It didn’t sound like I i don’t know whether it didn’t sound Like people people it was just weird oh Okay this one it sounded like people Yeah Okay so it’s different yeah wow i want To hear that Would you sorry Just kidding No i want to hear it i want to hear it i

Will say would you pull that up I definitely want to hear that i’ll have A look for it As long as it’s copyright free When i say i i don’t care about Can you copyright the voices of hell i’m Not sure [Laughter] You read it many times never been hit With anything you just said you want to Hear that I want to hear the one that lee’s Talking about Right I want to hear the one that you’re Talking about And least i’ve never heard either of These you have heard the art belt Have i hit i’ve i’ll pull it up for you If you want to hear it I did get a claim of heart bell i know He’s passed away but i did get i got to Claim i’m not laughing he’s passed away People i’m new See rich this is how careful we’ve got To be with what we say true I know Here i have it here I just hit a really weird Oh you got it Yeah we can hear that i didn’t realize That was coming through here No no we can hear that perfect Do you want to hear his or mine no you

Go for yours first because i’ll have to Show you this i want to hit both it’s Pretty good you ready yeah yeah I’m ready To English Just don’t play the art bell themed you Whatever you do i know i just recently Began listening to your radio Show and could not believe it When you talked about the sounds from Hell tonight My uncle had told me this story a couple Of years ago And i didn’t believe him like one of Your listeners who discounted the story Is nothing more than just a religious Newspaper fabricated account The story about the digging But he would have loved your show He let me listen to one of the audio Tapes that he had on the sounds from Hell in siberia and i copied it He received his copy from a friend who Worked at the bbc He be hesitant to send you this As the sound bothers me to listen to you I’d suggest that if you do play it on The program Warn listeners in advance so they may Have the option of turning the radio off For 30 seconds while it plays It has always

Haunted me To those who discounted the siberia Sounds from hell’s story it is true And i for one Wish it wasn’t Rick listening from chicago And so i submit now they cleaned uh a Better copy to you and uh i warn you What you’re about to hear is very Disturbing indeed Uh What It reminds me of a nightclub at My local nightclub when it closes down At night and you know it’s last orders At the bar Yeah that that that was the same one i Was thinking of That’s just so that’s the same yeah yeah Yeah that’s the same one i have to agree With rich he just interesting Well it is It’s been debunked yeah yeah yeah It’s interesting it’s interesting they Said that there it sounded like hell Yeah the sounds from hell Artel does a great job of building that Stuff up yeah He was the best I know i miss him Late you know do you remember that the Well you do you remember it happened Today so the the message that the Message that we got today that we

We got told that we could put out but Cats Are we going to talk about even though This we’ve got nothing to back up with No no no no no no there’s no point no Point i’ll out i’ll yeah i know i’m not Disagreeing with you i’m just bri i’m Just bringing up we have nothing about This all about apart from the fact that We trust where it came from Yeah yeah i i put it in the chat but I’ve got my uh tea Ready my dinners on the table so you go Eat my lads do you not piss your woman Off when it comes to dinner Yeah yeah um Too early in the relationship for that And i i appreciate you tonight mate Thanks for becoming a member no thanks Thanks guys and and yeah i’ll um I’ll speak to you guys soon but thanks Sir thanks thanks for the invite holly Appreciate it People go check out justin atmos show it Is in the description below Yeah okay thanks guys good to see you Bye he’s only going for his tea rich He’s not gonna die Might Food poison is a real thing ali don’t Take it lightly I once had food poisoning in the Dominican republic I i honestly thought i was gonna die i

Thought there’s something wrong Seriously wrong it was it was the it was The mud lobster i ate a mud lobster Oh god that sounds like the worst of the Euphemisms It definitely mudded the waters Read them read the message Right should we read them we we got told We could read the message but not even Speak about a bit i don’t like doing This but something’s going to come on The channel later And we’re going to see something for Another channel Yeah dude yeah there will be there will Be follow-ups You can you can Think me and leah Me and lee could be being duped by this This person we know Would you explain what’s happening Right we were given We we were given a message today that Was given from from someone that we that We trust That’s Come up with things in the past and Every time i’ve said they’ve said stuff To us they’ve always Backed up what they what they were Saying And this is a good good friend a friend Of theirs which is um He’s he’s involved in circles

That like connected circles The uh in ufology No um no not in ufology but it’s Entering ufology The uh Like ufology adjacent maybe would Probably be the way to put it uh The message starts intel report six uh Six seventeen twenty two uh last night i Received a cryptic cryptic cryptic Message from a well-connected friend He told me to watch two movies a chair In the sky and skinwalker ranch Both of these connected to uaps uh the New that that’s the new term for ufo Obviously this isn’t direct this wasn’t Sent directly to us Um the last thing he said was everything You think you know is about to change i Will watch that well i’ll watch these Movies over the weekend and put any uh And and send any Any additional any any And post anything additional coming air Coming from my friend Also i have another friend current uh Currently we’re currently working For the u.s government that will be Passing through town he said he wants to Meet me in person for an intel dump the Last words he said to me were Was we are so [ __ ] people have no idea How [ __ ] we are Likewise more developments i will post

Things here That’s And Me and ollie Trust this guy enough to be reasonably Freaked out by that last message And a couple of phone calls you do you Remember Remember Uh Ufo tech I was on a phone call bef and i said i Was still on when i was speaking to you I was speaking to the one of the one of The people involved And so i don’t know if something’s going To come later on Here or another i don’t think i don’t Think anything’s going to come on the Channel When it comes to whatever he is talking About there But that It sounds weird Very very strange From somebody that we we know we trust Uh Has said things before in the past that Has Come to light Within this field and not in this field Other things and i i know i’m speaking In riddles but i wanted to put that out There because i think something

May come and if this comes to light you Heard it here first i think that person The person that said that wrote the that Message it will be On A youtube channel soon That isn’t isn’t mine or Um And They’re in a highly respectable position In what they have to be taken notice of It’s really strange but again i mean [ __ ] the I i’m i’m always one of the people That’s that’s [ __ ] fully skeptical of These this sort of stuff and I probably should be more skeptical About that if it wasn’t for the fact That everything that person said Has i’ve and I’ve thought Some of the things they said was Nonsense until I Was given proof about things in the past And you know i’ve no i’ve no re i’ve no Reason to not believe that that wasn’t At least passed on to me and all the in Good faith The reason why i wanted to bring that up Is because With the title ufo junk guard I i think if something comes of this It’s good to have a record of it now

Yeah somebody May Say what is this [ __ ] well you heard it Here first and this this could take a Couple of years before Anything happens with this I mean that We we even got told that it We me we may not hear anything for ages Well i think until a thinking until Until you can be more specific about it It can’t be what is actually oh yeah Then we can’t really comment on it but i Guess what you’re trying to do is say This is a line in the sand and we’re Going to refer to that Yeah i get that um all right Richie’s just like what the [ __ ] is Going on if it’s not going to come out For ages then why even bring it up If that’s my fault i asked i asked if i Could bring this up he says well you can There’s no point and i said well i i Want to Because what i’m speaking about tonight Is probably just the fact that the field Is so [ __ ] But if something comes out tell you you Know what i mean i don’t know rich all i Can tell you is the the person that i Spoke to i has told me and leave things Before that Everything he’s ever said is he’s backed Up

All the time he’s back to his back so What did we so what did we just hear Just now that something is going to Happen Um can you read that out again just just To rephrase that is that all right yeah So uh last night i received a cryptic Message uh from a well-connected friend He told me to watch two uh two movies at A tear in the sky skin walker ranch Both of these are connected to uap the New term for ufo Uh last thing he said was everything you Think you know is about to change i will Watch these movies over the weekend uh On our little getaway And i will post anything Additional coming uh or coming from him As i get it Uh also i have another friend that’s Currently working uh For the for the us it’s a dif there’s a Different word here but for the sake of Ease i’ve changed it Um That will be passing through town He said he said he said he’d need to Meet In person uh for an intel dump His last words were we are so [ __ ] People have no idea how [ __ ] we are Likewise when more develops i will post It here Um

I can’t tell you how many of those i get A year I know yeah i know yeah yeah i agree Yeah Where they had that bloat ringing up and Saying you know their dimensional beings They’re inter-dimensional that’s where He’s crying yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You see an amazing impression of that Yeah yeah put a little shot off of it Can i can i can i say to heather It’s definitely not as well though Because i said that what this guy has Said he’s always backed up Osvaldo does a lot of guesswork I i do i him though i miss him Osvaldo yeah good comedy yeah No no no no [Laughter] I like he has he believes in what he Believes and that’s that Yeah i do think the guy is definitely a Researcher Is he probably researching some of the Wrong stuff maybe How could he be a researcher if he Doesn’t see what’s going on Do you see what’s going on do i see What’s going on i see more than he does I see one i see etsa full of [ __ ] yeah You’re just going to say Ideological capture i think he’s right For it unfortunately yeah this is what You spoke about so many times rich at

Ufo tech yeah yeah yeah and this this is Your kind of kind of your thing now this Is gonna be is this one of your things That you’re gonna be doing videos on on Youtube about the vulnerable people in The ufo community yeah yeah that’s That’s my uh that’s my plan to uh uh Not not call anybody specifically out But give people the rule sets by which To uh challenge what’s being said to Them and whether they’re being Strung along so uh yeah i like that It feels like you could have some value Yeah definitely i mean May i send i’ll send If if i’ll send ajar away i mean he he May think he’s money well invested but Um what did he get out of it I know you’re saying rich but i will Tell you this the guy is one hell of a Nice guy i know he’s not a tale of a Nice guy I don’t think anyone’s saying he’s not He’s not nice Who cares if he’s nice what is ttsa Brought him What i’m saying is sometimes nice guys That believe in this subject exactly Exactly oh yeah yeah yeah exactly what Rich is saying Yeah exploit Yeah that sucks yeah big time but that Doesn’t mean just that’s not insulting His intelligence that is just saying

That Actually it does I don’t i don’t think it does you know Again if there’s you can get a hook you Can get a hook no no because you can Make very very intelligent people Believe very stupid things by making Them feel intelligent if they believe it If you you can take very intelligent People stroke their ego enough yeah so They so they believe a complete lie and Then because they believe they’re being Intelligent regurgitating it Because rich is not that intelligent to Begin with very special people like you Uh who who agree with what i say you Know and not like all these other people Yeah you know all these normies you know Not like you you’re you’re special you Understand what i’m saying don’t you Yeah what we doing rick Where are we going to see what i’m Saying see what i’m saying and it it’s It’s it’s stroking people’s ego it’s Appealing to their better nature it’s All of these things and and it draws People in grey’s a master at it Yes he’s an absolute master at it Paints a beautiful utopia for people to Chase as is jeremy corbell to us to his Base I think he he does the same job just not Quite you know it’s the uh i am i think Gria does it in a hippy dippy way and

Uh jeremy corbell does it in like an Exciting electric Bombastic way Yeah yeah So you’ve got these masters that Are obviously pulling the money From the community Okay But what about the people who are behind The masters the people with the stories Like the fravers the uh Kevin day I mean i’m not me I can’t imagine kevin day has has got a Good deal out of this he doesn’t look Like a guy that’s got a good deal out of This Well no but What what you have with all these people Is all you have is what they can tell You You know there’s there’s and and they’ll Refer to data that we’ll never have Access to And and that’s the bottom line that’s That’s the thing you know you you can Sit somebody up and they can tell you All they want Uh but until until you’ve got data to Back it up Um It It’s it’s a challenge and and that’s That’s the the big dichotomy with the

Ufo community is that so much So much of what they they believe Is based on something that is implied That’s there but you’ll never get at it It’s like a purple rhino theory That is there is a magic purple rhino Stood behind me And you can’t tell me it’s not there You tell me to go and look well i’ve Looked it’s no it’s not there You know you’re telling me it’s oh it’s A conspiracy you know it’s invisible on Camera do you know what i mean it’s Everything it’s a purple rhino story you Know Um It’s That’s what it is So how is greer lying How is grier deceiving people i don’t Want to know they just need to be lying He just needs to be lying i said Deceiving i corrected myself no no no Even deceiving he doesn’t have to be Deceiving but he does have cult Personality Sure as hell does yeah yeah yeah i think That’s what rich is trying to say Because a lot of people get on career A lot of people say grier and i used to Do it too he’s charging 15 1700 For a two-week retreat to learn how to Speak to aliens And believe it or not a few people feel

Like they spoke to something Um and it’s not that expensive for 12 Days it comes out it’s about 100 a day You know 125 a day So It’s not that bad you stay in a nice Hotel in a beautiful place of the world And try to Meditate to aliens yeah yeah but that’s That’s fine but what you’re talking About when when you see his videos it’s All it’s all um Drone footage of uh rain forests and Waterfalls and things like that and how The evil corporations are wrecking the World and if only we can get all that Wrestle all of this technology out then Then then we will live in a utopia and There will be an end to Uh world poverty and uh energy will be Free and all this that’s a utopia and That is a clear ideological capture to The people So what’s wrong with that Nobody’s voting him to change the world Why isn’t he running for president He is um volunteering his time his own Money and his effort with this team of The people’s money So there you know these people that go To these things they’re they’re In the one percent you know what i mean They can afford to put 1500 aside to go See grier maybe it’s not one night it’s

12. you know it’s a side or a week or Something like that yeah That’s ideological capture politicians Do it Ufo people Everybody But grier is giving something to people He’s not just ripping them off with this Fake idea that he could talk to aliens i Don’t believe it But how just be because i don’t believe It doesn’t mean it isn’t true when other People say their they spoke they heard Something and it wasn’t a voice it was Just a feeling and that’s what this Whole thing is i get it I get why people are so against greer But when you think about it he’s not the Worst Um Plus you have a good time you learn how To meditate so what else can go wrong I’m not i’m i’m i’m not i’m i’m just Saying he’s he’s he’s the the model if You like yeah There’s plenty there’s plenty of other People that are far worse actors Than him in there you know Not like capitalizing yeah i agree with You i was just asking the question What’s so bad about him i just wanted to See where your mind was and other People’s It’s an idea

Here’s an idea it was so Third phase of i’ve built a club kind of A i would say a close relationship with With uh dr greer What are they wrong by saying nothing That they’ve built a relationship a good Relationship with the fellow i think They have Third phase of moon has a panel They do have a panel they they have they Have Good friends in the community They’re good friends with grier Grey does these little stay overs third Phase the moon Documentary makers Why don’t third phase and moon take the Skeptics To greer And film what grier does With some of the skeptics there to turn You to turn you this to turn you the Skeptic Into A Believer i would go to korea’s Meditation camp in a nanosecond Oh i would Well guys that that’s the documentary They just made They take you inside The prayers and all that stuff the Kumbaya the ufo hunting and all the Equipment they use and people’s stories

And what they’re feeling in real time And So you know you get a good nobody’s ever Done anything like this i want to see Somebody like you there rich Yeah i think that’s right i want to see I i want to see a small small group Going to greece versus a small group That a haven’t paid for it so they’re Not financially invested in the outcome And b Already If i’m not going to say don’t believe it Because i don’t believe that sort of Thing works Nice sorry this is my own 6 30 in case My i don’t get up from my show That’s the worst ringtone i’ve ever Heard i know i thought it was [ __ ] Nice i feel like you haven’t heard it It’s actually awesome Um Yeah i i don’t want to say don’t believe It because i i don’t but i i do believe That we can Um Access Certain things we can’t do in phys in Physical reality through meditation Um So i don’t want to say i don’t want People that don’t believe it but i want People that are skeptical of grier not Necessarily the methods and you can’t

And i’ll tell you why When you do when you’re in these ce5 Things everybody’s meditating trying to Make contact with you know i want to Meet you i want to talk to you you can’t Have skeptics interfering with the Signal that the whole group is is Putting together Because it’s going to throw off dissent You know you can’t have skeptics out There with their brain signals mixing in With the positive positive ones Yeah that’s what i think greer would say Why nobody can come probably probably But i don’t i don’t mean that i Necessarily like again for me for Instance i believe there are things we Can do with it inside our mind that are For sure The other worldly than what we we see With The sea with our eyes and touch with our Hands um however i’m not completely Convinced with grier But i would if if i if i went to one of Those camps i’d be 100 invested in Trying to make it work right so yeah so That’s the sort of person you want to go So what i’m saying is rich make get me Paid to go to america And i will come back and i will come Back and i will chill for greer i tell You what i’ll do one better i’ll go for You oh okay

Let’s just do that well the thing is Rich that’s i would say that’s You going is the Let’s face it that you you’re close to Third phase third phase are close to Gria This I i think this could could actually Be made a reality Quite easily Made a reality Um It also has Rich does Uh It does does the gria the greer method i Would be Ready to watch that Yes no i think do you know i think ought To go louis theroux Yeah jesus Louis theroux I don’t know where that is uh louis Through a A reporter a documentary maker uh and he He he goes into Areas where um There they are Um It He goes into subcultures basically And he he’s incredibly sympathetic And very and and very accommodating to People but he has he has a way of of

Putting them at ease and drawing out Their their beliefs and things like that He he’s brilliant i think i think I think somebody ought to get onto louis Through and say go and speak to greer Because i think i think that would be Fantastic Yeah yeah i’m not i i couldn’t agree More but i mean That guy be like who’s grier You know he wouldn’t have a clue Might not even be interested in the ufo Community whatsoever I i think the bridge is better now but i Think rogan would be another good one Yeah yeah he wanted money though didn’t He that was he to go back on he would Have money yeah can you imagine if he Convinced rogan What rogan yeah rogan i thought i said Logan Can you imagine documentary Can you imagine if he convinced rogan That what he was doing with he jesus Christ The guy would be a billionaire Yeah yeah yeah overnight Have you guys ever um had any feelings Of A like an entity around you or Something you couldn’t explain I have I i mean we i think everyone has that Feeling

My one i always go to is because it’s Quite an odd one um I rehearse Uh in a sound stage it was where there Were there was a movie sound stage built About 40 minutes drive for where i live and uh When the movie sort of thing because There was quite a lot of films being Filmed on this island uh for a while and When the movies everything dried up they Um decided to let bands use the sound Stage because it’s a big aircraft sort Of hanger um The uh they decided to let us use that As a rehearsal room so there’s like 10 bands in there or with our gear cell You go out of that room and into like an Office area which is got a corridor Where you can go to the toilet I hate going for a piss in that place And i don’t i can’t understand why it’s Perfectly lit There’s there’s doors everywhere so You’re never trapped in anywhere it’s Not claustrophobic it’s literally just Like an office hallway and a toilet and I am constantly on edge when i go in There to the point where you you know You do that shuffle walk where you you Just want to get out of somewhere And i’ve rehearsed in that place now for 10 years with the band i’m in and it’s Still every single week when i go for a

Piss i hate being in that corridor it’s Really it’s weird Here’s here’s one for you and i’m sure Everybody’s done this You’re at a you’re at a bar or or a Party or something like that and you Might be sat there on your own you know With no friends you know like i do you Know that kind of Do you know what i mean but you And and then all of a sudden for no Apparent reason You feel eyes in the back of your head And you turn around and there’s somebody Looking straight at you Yep That You you can’t explain that You you never saw them they’re right Behind you yeah at the risk of making Them sound like a beast Um it’s the same as if you’re driving a Car like how many times have you been Driving down the road and you’ve seen Someone walking up the street which is Particularly hot and they’ve got the Back to you go oh my she’s dead hot and They people turn around and look at you That never happens to people Yeah i’m not sure i understand what you No no No you mean people look at you looking At someone yeah yeah and you know oh Yeah yeah

And they will turn and look at you even Though they’re working across the street Sorry it’s so weird yeah i’m trying to Be funny when i’m saying it wasn’t was i Um but yeah it’s it’s odd there’s it’s a Sixth sense isn’t it there’s the senses We’ve lost probably because we we Haven’t got any predators anymore True sorry our our only predator really Really is ourselves True story this And this actually happened probably I would say Two Three months ago about three months ago I was driving home from my mum’s i And Must have been i think i dropped a few Things off stayed for a cup of tea i’d Take Driving back i think it was about 10 p.m At night And I looked you know when you’re looking in Your window and sometimes you just want To see the The driver that’s part behind you when You’re up at a traffic light you see if He’s picking his nose or whatever I I kid you not There was a guy That was a skeleton Driving a [ __ ] car

And when i say a skeleton i mean Like Do you remember like james bond and i Can’t remember the guy that had the Makeup and it was like It was like the classic skeleton makeup Like jaws No no no no that that um Yeah yeah This guy had a hoodie on And he was just any he was just staring Right at me he looked like an in and he He had the classic makeup and i mean This makeup look [ __ ] perfect Wasn’t wasn’t it it freaked the [ __ ] out Of me Was it was it like maybe like october It wasn’t no maybe maybe maybe like it Was a free monster It was three months ago It was so weird um i mean i know i know It was makeup It was just he had a hoodie on and he Was looking at me Well he looked like makeup he didn’t Look like a real skeleton But this guy would just constantly look Like he’s staring at me and then he kind Of waved at me at the second traffic Lights That’s what freaked me out he waved to Me when i look at because i thought how Did he know

That i’m looking at him through My wind mirror Because i looked and he waved Like it was a friendly wave it was like Hi You know but This was a guy that was a skeleton In a hoodie he looked like a Like some sort of Like you saw it in the street you’d run A [ __ ] mile you know you really would You It looked Sinister as hell but bought makeup I [ __ ] myself i I thought i i i’m glad i’m gonna be home Soon This guy’s not following me I’m a firm believer that when you look At folklore uh We’ve got all these things from Somewhere I don’t believe we’ve just made them up Over the years you know it’s the I i think fundamentally these things Even Humans are incredible we have incredible Imaginations But most of the things we imagine are Based on something that we can tangibly Understand some Something that has some sort of backbone In reality So we we there’s there’s been something

There i mean and maybe like maybe [ __ ] uh dragons maybe it’s it is Someone’s found a [ __ ] dinosaur head At some point um Maybe it’s Uh Someone seen somebody eaten by a komodo Dragon and They freaked out ran back somewhere and Said i was [ __ ] 18 foot and it [ __ ] murdered someone it could be Something like as simple as that for These like outlandish stories But i just don’t i don’t i don’t believe That there hasn’t been I don’t know maybe there’s a time where The Like the veil of If if we look at things as what we’re Seeing now we we [ __ ] with the idea of Multiverses Maybe there’s been a time where the veil Has been thinner here maybe technology Has something to do with that maybe as We’ve we’ve become a more sophisticated Society we’ve become more detached from A natural society and that’s Made us not even in the same way as we We don’t understand why if i stare at Someone as they’re walking up the road They’ll turn around and look at me we Don’t understand why that’s happening Maybe we’re less in tune with other Things we spoke about this

Good I’m just saying that’s the premise of Taoism uh so it that is that um humanity Has lost Its uh its touch with nature and its Natural way of being Uh and that’s why we have all the Troubles that we have no it’s just we’ve Lost our original nature Yeah This is a great great cultural way There’s a great quote i said this the Other day when me and ali recorded must See audio and there’s a great quote from Duncan trussell And he said uh if anyone doesn’t know Drunk trustless he’s a really good Comedian Uh He said isn’t it terrible that somewhere Someone somewhere is sat on their own in The middle of a beautiful countryside Set sat next to a waterfall that doesn’t Have a mobile phone and that [ __ ] has no idea why he should Be so terrified I [ __ ] love it You’re right though late when it comes To Certain play i think I know a lot of people take the piss out Of skinwalker ranch and i’ve done it Myself i’ve heard rich do it and i’ve Heard rich speak you know like maybe

It’s There is something there but When people talk about certain places in The earth that maybe it’s thin The lit that something’s coming through I think the reason why this subject is Still here i mean ufology in general Ufos everything all that it is Is because Of A More paranormal Something is not quite right in the World something’s weird I don’t know if it’s necessarily alien Craft Like as in nuts and bolts coming here From a different planet I don’t know if i buy that anymore and And i’ve i was all about that in the Beginning hence the name alien addict But i seem to the seems of somebody my Arm’s been twisted and I honestly don’t know what it is anymore I think But it’s definitely something it’s Definitely And it feels more paranormal than Anything Especially now I think there’s a collective feeling i I’m i don’t know i’m probably i’m If you guys don’t agree [ __ ] tell me I think there’s like a collective

Feeling of Something’s not right There’s just there’s there’s that a Feeling i think of unease I don’t I don’t know what it is i don’t know why But i i think it’s a reason why people Get gravitated towards these subjects is Because it’s the pursuit of trying to Work out what doesn’t feel quite right Now Yeah i gotta get going um you have you Got a show Link in the description people All right You talk about carpel Yeah a little bit why are you inviting Mom Uh i did he promised he was gonna come On and he broke his promise which is why I hate him Never break a promise to rich giordano Big deal who am i Uh Thank you very much for having me that’s Rich you’re the best Zero and everybody knows it all right God you don’t think i can read you no You’re nobody No you’re rich don’t make that mistake Again you’re not late What’d i say he said i am lee he’s john You’re rich don’t you you go I said i believe in who am i oh

Enjoy and Next week next week Skinwalker guy Saturday Saturday oh yeah next week right i’ll be Going uh Earlier in the day yeah yeah maybe later I don’t know it’s a week from now but Buffon’s changing the time next saturday Anyway i’ll talk to you later i’ll let You go finish your show have a nice day Goodbye goodbye everybody thanks a lot Hang loose chill out Oh bye It didn’t finish by then did Yeah i i mean I don’t know about the scheme walker Anything and i’m looking forward to Speaking to the We’ve got a guy coming on Uh Saturday i have no idea what it’s going To be about It’s But He’s very much involved within the Skidmark ranch thing so It’s going to be it’s going to be cool Um Where do you Lie rich when it comes to Certain parts of the planet that could Possibly be just like thinner like lee Said than others

Yeah i i don’t know about That per se i i think i think what it is Is there there are certain areas of the Planet that create a sense of disease And i don’t mean dizzy’s i mean Sort of That that that knock you off kilter Slightly And it Uh it might be some form of vibration or Some form of Quality in the air Or or Electromagnetics or something like that Something that will Create A feeling Of The word suggestibility is wrong but But But uh Creating a feeling that that Your imagination becomes uh Expanded If you like Because because really all our Imagination is is is a um Is our ability to plan That’s what it all came from Uh We need We need to be able to plan to do complex Things And and and that’s why our imaginations

Are so strong I would i i’d argue a um Ability to plan and a Self-preservation mechanism And The You see What i always come back to with this This sort of thing i think i’m i’m on The right track so i just have to look At the room for a second um The What it what if there’s always been A Like a threat a human a threat to humans That we’re not 100 Like knowledgeable about now But we were We were And Those feelings where you’re You it’s it and it would be if fully in The paranormal realm in the The uh when you hear about people being Attacked by poltergeists or Um People [ __ ] turning like going missing in National parks and p then people turning Up in the in the they’re missing four on One where you have someone turn up Hundreds of miles away Somewhere completely different naked and

Stuff and There’s no way that person could have Gone over a mountain and got to where They where they were over the course of The two days they weren’t missing not Naked they need some good footwork for That they they needed they didn’t need At least a thong um But What if there’s something else this this Something else is another threat to People That doesn’t come a lot you know it’s Not it’s not a normal threat it’s not It’s not something you encounter every Day in the same way as uh even if you’re Even if you live in australia you you Know there’s lots of things that can [ __ ] kill you out in australia but Not every single day when you open your Letterbox is there a spider that wants To kill you in there But there can be sometimes And what if these feelings we have are Like a leftover thing from a threat we Don’t 100 understand How many times do we tell us kids There’s nothing to be scared you know This is And how many times do you tell your Children there’s no need to be afraid of The dark when if you turn the light off In a complete darkness you [ __ ] yourself As an adult

Julie No Like this this room for instance like This Um i always turn the power off in this Room when i go and the amount of times i Forget because it’s pitch black in this Room when you when you turn the light Off I’ve seen that’s Sorry but are you saying that’s um and i Think we have spoke about this probably When we’re drunk after a podcast Are you saying that is Uh Something that we’ve lost But we still the reason why we We’re in the The same way if you stick a cucumber Behind a cat it shits itself Because it thinks it’s a snake My cat’s never seen a [ __ ] snake But if i stick a cucumber behind it that [ __ ] is to try and stick itself To the ceiling or a banana So let me Let me see if i i understand this Correctly what what you’re talking about Is The fact that there might be some form Of uh genetic Um Alarm bell That’s ringing about a non-existent

Threat Or or a threat that we can’t or we can’t Consciously perceive Yes Say more the latter than the first Because i don’t okay Yeah i mean it don’t get right it could Be but it it the i mean that’s the It’s where the idea of the Heebie-jeebies would be isn’t it is is Being scared of something that doesn’t That doesn’t exist but for the sake of Uh for the sake of entertainment and Interest i’m [ __ ] with the idea that This it’s it’s a threat that we aren’t Completely aware of But is is very real only because we see Um especially talk about this field from [ __ ] cattle mutilations to [ __ ] Uh Um crop circles or the i mean the other One i really like which i i do alien Tunnels alien tunnels the uh the other One i like really like which i don’t Know enough about Is the um Random staircases in national parks in America that’s a [ __ ] wild thing for People to come across it’s just Staircases in the middle of nowhere that People feel really [ __ ] uneasy around When they come across them Yeah Oh yeah the staircase thing is [ __ ]

Wild madness yeah Have you have you heard of that ollie You’ve told me about it and i love it And it’s it’s freaky But What you’re seeing there I know what you’re saying like What you you kind of feel Something it’s almost like You get the if you’ve ever had the Feeling When and i can only go back from when I’m young when i was A lot younger On a night out And i i saw a group of lads and i Thought there’s going to be trouble here I felt it approaching these these lads And sure enough there was trouble I ended up in hospital And That’s the feeling that you get for a Little bit Sometimes sometimes not i mean not all The time depends where you are but if You like i sometimes get that feeling i Forgot When i used to go down my mum and dad Seller in the old victorian house i had A weird feeling is that just that As humans we’re just genuinely scared of The dark I don’t know but the the There’s moments you feel

Uneasy in different situations All your body wants you to want you Always involve the dark is to take you All your body wants you to do in that Situation Is to take you back to lit literally Most of the time 10 seconds ago It’s always a case of leaving a room or Leaving a corridor or walking back up a Set of stairs or back down a set of Stairs the It’s it’s never It’s never like i need to get completely Away from this place it’s always i just Need to get myself away from this area It’s it’s a really weird feeling And Again on the whole thing if i that There’s something wrong i’m i i’m also Completely down with the idea that um Maybe this is a [ __ ] middle-aged Uh grasp at just wanting to make the World slightly more interesting than it Is maybe that’s all any of this is maybe That’s all that any of it that we do There’s you know the the the worst thing I think especially being involved in Things like this The worst thing is when people have 100 Conviction if anybody’s watching this uh It’s whether you you you’re into the Alien hypothesis the multi-dimensional

One maybe you think china’s making tic Tacs if you are 100 convinced with Something you’re [ __ ] wrong you’re Wrong because you don’t know you might End up being right but that’s luck it’s Not knowledge Um Do you did you ever dream when you were When you when you were a kid in slow Motion what i mean by that is About but like people coming in and like Don’t you like ever run away for Anything but when you’re trying to get Away It was It felt slow like you could barely move Have you ever dreamt like that as an Adult Yes See i’m not I i used to have a i used to have a Reoccurring dream it was really weird um I’d have a reoccurring dream when i was A kid and it sounds [ __ ] Stupid but it’s A hundred percent like with like hand on Heart What my reoccurring nightmare was and it Always ended the same way i was in a big White room like an endless white room You’re like that when neo and morpheus And but there was a line on a treadmill And it was in my head i always it looked Like the line from um the wizard of oz

Running on a treadmill didn’t interact Didn’t do anything it was just the Classic [ __ ] suit No no no it was a proper lion and uh The it would run run really fast and Fast and The faster it would run You know the um You know the feeling you get when you’re In a really loud place And it’s not necessarily noise you hear But it’s pressure in your eardrums Yeah i’d i’d feel that and i feel that Until i felt really claustrophobic in my Dream then i’d wake up but i’d feel Incredibly small In my bed when i woke up it was it was i Know what that is Yeah it was a reoccurring dream i had as A kid So well the feeling of being really Really small is because Because when you get into a dream Sometimes Your impression of your body actually Expands Into being very large So when you wake up you you feel like You’re being shoehorned back into a very Small thing again well yeah um and That’s that’s what i think uh happens Because it used to happen to me a lot Particularly when i was doing some of

The monroe institute stuff Yeah And i would find oh my god i’m tiny i’ve Never made the connection with that Before that’s very that’s very similar To the feeling you have when you’ve Um taken a lot of psychedelics is a That and that’s when i i i was saying This to ollie the other day it was when I worked out what the Um i learned the difference between Arrogance and ego you know you because You because you always hear someone turn Around and say oh he’s got a massive ego That person you conflate arrogance with Ego weight all of a sudden you realize Oh no ego’s a sense of self not a sense Of importance Yeah So so if you if you’re doing if you’re Doing you both done or at least had a Look at the monroe institute stuff i’ve Done quite a lot yeah you start with Focus 10 and that’s my underweight body Asleep so that’s kind of like sleep Paralysis if you’re getting it really Right and really deep And then focus 12 is when you start to Expand Okay so when you come out of focus 12 Back into normal very often you should Feel a little bit small You know uh because you start to extend And uh and get bigger yeah it’s a

Similar feeling as well i i’m not sure Whether it maybe it’s hitting the same Parts of the brain Um it’s a similar feeling to when you Take a vr headset off as well Oh my god that’s Wow Yeah Yeah yeah The back to reality feeling is It’s a strange one Yeah Yeah Almost like being reborn So the way the the way the gateway um Thing does works with the monroe Institute it’s usually sort of five days And what they’ll what they do is You go You start with the first day you go Through all the the gateway things and Every time you do an exercise you come Back into the central room and you Discuss what you’ve done you know and Everybody has a bit of a chat and a bit Of a laugh and then you’re back doing Another one Sorry just when you uh Do have you done have you been there Have you Yeah yeah yeah Lately You’ve got to get rich on rich spent I mean the the the first interview i had

With with rich on the show Because we are coming up to the two-hour Mark and richard’s about to start his Show But you’ve you’ve got to get rich on to Speak about the mon the monroe institute Yeah yeah it’s insane it’s sorry It’s my wife’s favorite i thought um i Thought you’d just been doing what i’ve Done like found them did some reading And then started [ __ ] well with it on Your own no it’s really no he’s been Yeah Yeah yeah and uh And what they do is they throughout Throughout the week you do your Exercises and you get right to the end And then what they do is they say go out For a walk in the countryside And while you’re walking Go into focus 10 go into focus or go and Sit somewhere and do it And that’s That that’s pretty good that’s that’s Fantastic because you’ve spent the whole Week Unplugging and plugging back in and Unplugging and and reaching out and and Expanding your consciousness and then You do it out in nature and That’s great Rich while you were there And i can remember we spoke briefly About this

In the first interview but Aliens were mentioned in other planets At that place weren’t they oh yeah yeah Yeah Yeah Can you can you for the audience that’s Just joined Kind of kind of revisit that again i Know I think it was i think something to do With remote viewing because you you had Somebody that was doing remote interview With a remote viewer or something like That yeah yeah because i’d done a little Bit with with tmi but anyway um Yeah so What was saying i’ve lost my train of Thought now I was asking you Yeah well i was asking you obviously Because because of the channel when you Got there What was it with the aliens and the ufo Stuff oh yeah yeah yeah okay so um They have They have a set of exercises or a set of Seminars that they call star lines And you can look at them go go on Monroeinstitute.org and look up their Courses And one of them star lines which is About extending towards It base basically ce5 Uh only using their technology

Uh and And uh It was actually looking at the star Lines course not doing it That that made me Kind of challenge the monroe institute In in as much as Where humanity was at the time and Whether whether what they were doing was Actually the right thing to do Um i i felt I felt that it was a step too far In terms of you didn’t buy into that i Didn’t buy into it no no And and it was it was looking at the Star lines course That i thought to myself Is that really right is that really And it made me think that That I don’t know it it it really it It felt it felt more cold like At that point correct me correct me if I’m wrong here but what i got from that Interview is Pretty much A lot of what they were doing actually Worked Um when it comes to When it came to the remote viewing yeah Yeah there was a couple of hits that i Got Um but there was plenty of times where When i tried it at home

Didn’t get a damn thing You know and so i i do wonder whether There’s more to it in terms of Getting a lot of like-minded people Together and and doing the same thing Like c5 Like ce5 Yeah yeah but Whether you’re contacting aliens i don’t Think that’s the case I think you’re contacting a part of your Mind that That Uh Thinks it’s an alien or or you’re Creating these things because you’re Basically in in a state of Very strong creativity Um When you’re in these things so Is there value to doing that as you as a Person Possibly You know uh like somebody else Who’s religious might be talking to Their creator You know uh there’s value in talking to The hater Yeah yeah the there’s value in exploring Your own mind for for uh For self-development purposes and it’s The exploration that’s more important Than actually what you find You know it’s skills

I believe that it’s it does it’s doing Half the job of psychedelics The it’s and i dug it right i think Those um When i say half the job i think that’s More a symptom of modern culture modern Life Than it is of the actual techniques i Think that I think the techniques can probably with Enough practice do the same same thing Um Personally from from my experiences Um i i don’t believe it’s just a Like a collective consciousness thing i Think it’s i think it’s an extra plane i Think it’s an extra plane of existence That we that we have no We we we have no knowledge about when we Are in Our baseline state of what we are um Whether this is something That we go to when Our time’s up in the flesh sacks i’ve no Idea that’s what that’s what it felt Like to me when i when i had my my sort Of experience with it Was um that it it Very very much felt like What i what i would imagine That would imagine death would be Without the fear because i didn’t i Didn’t think i was dying so Um

But yeah i uh I think there’s a lot of there’s a lot Of exploring we can do and it i think It’s a shame as well i think it’s a Shame that It’s It’s something that’s been lost in In modern times and it’s been lost Because of the new age It’s been lost because of new age Woo-woo And i think that’s a real shame I couldn’t agree more I you know what I’d love to have one of those trips i Don’t think i’ve never actually dared to Do it Um i i did it by a complete [ __ ] Accident Completely If you if you’re really interested There’s a place in um not far from Stonehenge Called the parsonage side retreat Look it up And they have they have the facilities Very similar to the monroe institute How much you paying I don’t think it’s that expensive really No No Road trip You can come down to mine and i’ll drive Is the rest of the way

That means me and lee can drink in the Back While you’re driving rich yeah yeah yeah We will be in a we’ll be in an altered State of consciousness before we get There I will i will must reach out to them Yeah yeah yeah boys i’m i’m kind of Conscious on time now because i know Richie’s show’s about to start i don’t Like to i was laughing Ten past just he started already Just like this background but i just Wanna say thank you to everybody in the Chat tonight Thank you all And uh i thank you so much to the to the New members of the channel you could Become a member too Uh support the channel you’ll get some i Think there’s four tick tacks available At the moment And uh i am going to create a lot more Of them uh I think it’s gonna be a bit be a little Bit of a thing With these little there’s they they have They have to be merch holly they have to Be murdered yeah i’m gonna put i’m gonna I’m gonna bang these on t-shirts as well Stickers stickers t-shirts Condoms Yeah Did people

Dildos But yeah oh you’ve done it having nearly You’ve done it you’ve gone and destroyed The show you said are you saying even if You didn’t use it even if you didn’t use It you wouldn’t buy a tick-tock plug If you saw a butt plug That’s a tic tac You would buy it I mean i’ll be honest with you it’s it’s Kind of It It looks almost like one of those little Sex toys isn’t it you know Orange [ __ ] Like the cheap ones Yeah Yeah but uh yeah speaking of merch Thanks for plugging that there you go Thanks for blocking it [Laughter] Oh my god Comedy genius Oh Say good say goodbye to everyone good Night your blessed people mind the bugs Though bye i’m aliadic Go subscribe to rich Ufo tech It’s in the description below and rich What are you going to be doing what are You going to be doing to listen to me i Don’t know listen to my podcast i Haven’t made it over yet

What do you mean not made up You’ve got the channel Yeah yeah actually i know what my next Thing’s going to be it’s going to be About china versus usa It’s east meets west and we know is the Best but yeah it’s it i can see that You’ve got so you’ve got We need a sensible head in this field Rich and you’re a sensible head You are yeah to those toys again I’ve just realized we’ve been talking About psychedelics and look at the Background that is tic tacs people yeah Mm-hmm with the psychological attacks It’s my new pop band what We was on an awesome show last night we Did we did i still not out Where’s that guy from where’s what does He do do we know did we even find out What he did yeah he said he worked for He said he’s done work for nasa because He said he’d worked with the guy that Was on your podcast which will be Going up on must see audio this weekend Uh who was a nasa guy as well It’s his mate Yes He’s i believe he’s worked for other Other engineering things with which Involve rocketry and stuff like that he Was [ __ ] awesome i genuinely love the Guy

Yeah it was just a great podcast i’d Like let’s have a beer with him i would Do as well Uh i think i think i’m gonna put it was Good it was a good long two-hour podcast And i think people struggle sometimes With two hour podcasts so i’m gonna put That episode up in two hits However if you’re on the muscle or your Patron i will put it up in one go Because They love me more than the ones that Steal things for free There you go And you’ve got pictures see nipples i’ve Heard on that so oh my oh i like so Seriously what if you want pictures of Me you just [ __ ] ask i i’m like Literally before i did this podcast my Girlfriend uh basically gave me a Pedicure so yeah on your lips No feet pics if you want feet pics if People love feet apparently i’ll do feet Pics just come and join my [ __ ] Patron i don’t care yeah mussy toes yeah Goodnight god bless people mind the Books don’t buy immediately must see Audio and rich ufo tech good day i love You all you’re all Freaking awesome bye