Live Chat & Spirit Box

By | June 17, 2022
Live Chat & Spirit Box

Hmm Let’s see if i’m live oh yep i’m live Hello sushi cat You’re the first one here Hello j-mac hello ma mel’s x Cat moon All right let me pull it up here on my Phone Um Hey everyone Okay oh let me turn this down Uh Boom okay there we go Hey uh fluffy gina little panda Um Hold on I’m not prepared I thought i was but anyway I’ll get there in a minute I can’t find the thing that props my Phone up hello there tez How you doing Bestie Um [ __ ] What the heck man all right tell you What Find something to prop my phone up so i Can watch the chat okay All right hey sassy pat chloe mckenz uh Mckenzie jason I’m not jason but Jacob vlogs

How you doing say hey sacramento Greg gregmann Oh thank you greg man I appreciate that rosanna martinez hello How you doing girl thank you for also Being over there on my meditation Channel so much rosanna i appreciate That Um hello there be team paranormal Pamela April parsons from tennessee hello Um Angela kramer thank you so much for Checking up on me lately you’ve been I’ve been getting all your messages Uh renee delgado i’m doing okay i’ll Talk to that about that here in a minute Uh tez hey there i already said hey to You but hey again Uh maddie sancho Robin slack Um let’s see hope i didn’t miss anybody I was trying to scroll back up amber Hamrick Edward franks Um 62 in here it’s kind of late i know i Don’t normally do these streams at this Late at night But i’ve had a pretty crazy couple weeks Um I’ve been having um Some minor health issues you know

But At my age you know you got to be Concerned when you start having weird Things start happening you know You know how life can be so um I’m one to just go get checked get Things checked out as soon as possible So i did um They had to run some procedure on me and Stuff like that today i was put to sleep Um so i’m surprised i’m actually sitting Here talking to you guys right now Because i was actually put to sleep this Morning Um They didn’t find anything um You know right away a couple little Things but they’re gonna they did like a Couple biopsies and stuff so hopefully Everything will be all right Oh so it’s been kind of stressing me a Little bit lately and i’ve been kind of You know feeling sick a lot lately and Stuff like to the stomach Um so uh My father actually had stomach cancer When he was in his 40s i believe So it’s always concerning you know when I Start having Stomach aches and stuff Because a while back i did have like Something in there they caught it early But it could have turned into cancer and

That was probably like 10 years ago So um I’m just trying to be careful and i Don’t always put my personal business Out there for everybody you know i’m not One of those that goes live and tells Everybody all my business or post things On facebook or Social media i keep a lot of stuff to Myself but Um a lot of people have been messaging Me um Emailing me and everything uh wanting to Know what was going on am i okay because Um I haven’t really been putting out any Videos and uh The end that uh They just i guess somebody saw a couple People saw me mention something in my Chat Um or in heather’s chat or whatever About Having a procedure done So That’s uh Yeah i find if i remove it off of one Ear i can hear myself talking it helps Me because i feel like i’m yelling Um but anyway so yeah hey christian How are you doing Yeah you gotta go get that done Tez I’ve been getting mine done since i was

30 actually i believe every Couple years or something like that Maybe maybe 40 i know 30 i think 30. Um We just got to take care of ourselves Audio’s fine okay good I was wondering i just went ahead and Took it off this ear so i can hear Myself talk because i had both on And um since i don’t have anybody on the Panel with me i don’t really need to Hear anybody say anything so i took one Ear out so that i can hear myself Talking so i’m not yelling in the camera But that’s good i’m glad the audio is Fine Yeah i pray that everything will be okay Too i think i have high hopes i i think It’s going to be fine i prayed about it And everybody’s praying about it and i i Think everything will be fine Um I tend to over worry a little bit And when you don’t hear from me much and You don’t see me much you know that i Must be worried about something or Stressing about something Just kind of how i am i do it behind Closed doors more than anything Yeah it can be Jay For sure Yep definitely becca but i just wanted

To come in here and just say hello to Everybody and let you guys know that i Appreciate you so much Um i appreciate all the love and um Concern and i just appreciate you guys Being here and watching my videos and Everything and um You know I really do and i just wanted to tell You guys that let you guys know how much I appreciate each and every one of you That’s here Um Oh od dog i made it yes you did Haunted adventures with brett hello We writer Hi there Oh okay jay Hello there cassandra how you doing Um well thank you odie dog That that means a lot to me it really Does It really does Oh thank you rick thank you Yeah i’ve been kind of sick a lot you Know it’s like i can’t i couldn’t eat Without feeling sick now i kind of have Some answers as to why and i know what I’m what well they’re they’re helping me With it what i need to do and I won’t go in all the details but You know Yeah But i’ll be i’ll be all right i’m like a

Cat i always land on my feet I think i have a couple more lives left Oh thank you v team i appreciate that uh Tammy hamm hello there Thank you I feel better now i feel better today Actually i think just having that peace Of mind you know that it’s nothing Really serious serious i mean it could Have been cancer You know i didn’t know when i woke up Today if i was gonna hear you got cancer Or you got a tumor or you got you know i Didn’t know what i was gonna hear and Now i heard but hey patricia get up your Daughter’s here it’s time to go home and I’m like Okay uh what what happened What’d you find You know So yeah I grew up in pinellas county Um florida in the closed water air i was Born and raised in the dunedin well i Lived in dunedin in clearwater then we Moved to pensacola And then we moved back to the pinellas County area and we lived in clearwater For a long time and then largo and then Seminole and then i when i was older When i was like 18 i moved to st Petersburg and i lived there for Uh I think 17 years or something like that

It was a long time i lived in saint Petersburg But um What do you mean there’s a roach on my Wall you [ __ ] kidding me Are you messing with me Are you messing with me Relaxing soothing sleep music there’s a Roach on your wall Uh-uh Are you joking You gotta be joking I don’t see no roach either [Laughter] Oh that’s too funny Um Yeah i don’t see a roach who is that Messing with me like that anyway Soothing relaxing so that’s somebody From the meditation channel probably I i hate roaches too i can’t stand them Oh my goodness Anyway Yeah I don’t see nothing either i just had a Hot flash wow whoo It is so hot here in florida guys Just so damn hot um Even at nighttime it’s hot That person hasn’t came back in there Maybe they’re a troll are they where They pop back in here and let me know You’re not a damn troll Just let me know

I have i get trolls over here on this Channel i haven’t had any over there yet On my meditation channel I’m sure it’s just a matter of time Yes you did tell me about the haunted Bridge i cannot wait to go there and um I’ll have to check and see what you Wrote back because i was wondering what Um Um Or what part of tennessee it was in Um Does somebody want to put my link in Here to the meditation channel I don’t know how to do that from stream Yards and i’m on the phone i don’t know How to do it from my phone either so if One of you could do that i’d appreciate It i’m still getting used to this stream Yards Um Thing to go live on here Okay I’m doing good uh darling how are you Doing Yeah same here Oh hey rick Rick horton i work today at winn dixie It was so darn oh i’m sure rick Yes i’m sure Brian nelson hello i say i can handle Spiders and everything else except oh i Know i don’t i don’t like any of it

Where do you see the video I’m going to be putting out tomorrow Evening i’ve been working on it a little Bit today and it’s almost done i’m going To after this live i’m going to try to Wrap it up so that I can have it ready to put out tomorrow Evening but um it’s another backyard Video I caught something else on camp some Actually caught something on camera that This was totally unexpected i still Don’t know what it was Um But it was like a dark shadow that kind Of flew over like you could see the Shadow of it it was really weird it was Probably i don’t know like this big I don’t know what it was i don’t know if It was a bird or an owl or I really just don’t know what it was but Um it But it it you could see it i caught it On camera i wasn’t sure at first if i Caught it on camera but i did So maybe you guys can help me with that And let me know what you think it is um I have no clue But also Something scared the crap out of me out There i’m not gonna give it away i’ll Let you guys just watch the video it was A it was something crawling up My glass sliding door behind me

Oh i’m so sorry sweetie meow Oh Thank you miguel So separates you yeah yeah I’m doing all right i’ll be all right I’m i mean i’m hanging in there and i’m Doing fine i’m I was low on energy and everything i’m Trying to get you know work on some Things and get my energy back up and And stuff like that but I’ll i’ll be all right And i’ve got uh some places coming up That i’m going to be filming at soon um With cece And looking forward to that quite a bit And um yeah Od dog said no spiders for me my Japanese girlfriend will freak Yes I would freak too Next oh justin says the next seven days Here in texas it’s going to be 103. oh My god See i’ve been hearing From a lot of you Living in other states that it’s going To be so hot and When i read the the how the temperatures Are going to be there i’m just blown Away because I thought it got hotter down here in Florida than it does some other places Like tennessee was like 105 the other

Day That’s just crazy Like i mean maybe it’s uh the humidity Is just higher here i don’t know but i Always all my life i really honestly Thought that florida was the hottest Place to be But uh evidently not I mean i We we don’t see a hundred a whole lot to Be honest with you now the the Humidity might reach that but the Temperature don’t you know what i’m Saying so I don’t know Yeah Hot summer’s for sure 101 in vegas and it’s eight oh my lord Oh God Yeah you’re better off in scotland Justin I would love to visit scotland one day I would love to visit somewhere out of The country i’ve never been anywhere out Of the country I want to go to scotland ireland england Australia A friend of mine goes to um Um ireland a lot and she comes back and Shows me all these beautiful pictures of These castles and everything i just want To go so bad Yeah justin i would love to go to

Scotland one day Honda adventures with brit hot ass Summer holy cow Uh It’s gonna be above n what did she say It’s going to be about 90 all month for The next month here oh in new mexico My friend Um Christian that’s in the chat here is in I think he’s in new mexico right now Visiting on vacation or something Isn’t that where you’re at um Christian New mexico Oh i have family in tampa okay cool yeah I do too actually i have some family Over there as well Hi karen how are you oh thank you I appreciate that i just wanted to go Live for a little bit and just talk to Everybody and tell everybody thanks for The The prayers and the um you know The get well wishes and just all that Stuff I just wanted to thank everybody But i’ll probably do a live stream this Weekend um where i’m i’m gonna try to i Gotta have brian or somebody walk me Through it because i can’t i know he Told me but i don’t remember what he What he said But i want to stream it out to youtube

And to facebook and to parapose and and Everything because he told me i can do That from here from stream yards so i Want to do that um but i’ll have him Help me and i’ll do it sometime this Weekend Now tomorrow night i will be on a Podcast and i’ll post the information For that um over on the g team facebook Page so make sure you guys go over there And follow me And i’ll also oh thank you julie harper That’s so sweet of you thank you so much Wow Thank you Um i appreciate that i really do thank You Um God i got i was so blown away by the That’s so nice of you i just don’t Forget what i was talking about what was I saying Oh my god Um What the heck was i saying Tell me what i was talking about Oh thank you julie that oh my gosh mark Scott thank you so much The next trip to the shadow cemetery Mark i’m hoping it’ll be soon Um Oh hey there mjc how are you doing Oh i know what i was saying Um

Uh about going live this weekend and Then i’m doing a podcast tomorrow night With um I’m trying to remember who now Oh my pd i think it’s pd pd paranormal Or something like that um i’ll yeah i’ll Post the information to that over on um The gteam facebook page and i’ll also Put it in my Um Community section of the youtube channel I’ll just put the link in there for you Guys And um Yeah thank you guys so much for that That’s really sweet of you guys um it Means okay Well everybody’s gotta sleep though you Know P diddy p diddy What about p diddy Yeah i love the shadow cemetery uh it’s Creepy though i’m telling you when it Gets dark in there it is so damn creepy Oh my god It really is very creepy Oh thank you mason i appreciate that i Really Do thank you so much My mom sent me my grandmother’s doll oh Okay Is it haunted Yeah when i got after i got pushed there I swore i was never going back there

Again i i swore i was never going back There again you guys know that you Probably heard me say it Like there she is she’s back there again But um You know when i went back there i wanted I started singing actually i did start Singing that song out loud but not on Camera i was singing that song back Again You know that song I’m back again i know i lied and said i Wasn’t coming back you know what i’m you Know that song anybody know that song I was singing it I should have left that in the camera But i might have got a copyright Hi chris thank you so much i appreciate That Hey ashley tip sword Yeah i like the shadow cemetery because I do like creepy places but it’s it Really does get creepy and i we don’t Know what’s out in them woods Um it’s called a birthstone doll and Let’s see let me get her to look look at You guys and let’s just watch her head Too and see if it moves again Because the other night when i was live It’s like her head slowly slowly moved So we’ll watch her How come she ain’t looking into the Camera come on can you look into the Camera

There All right So we’ll keep an eye on that Yeah cece will definitely protect me and She’s a police officer and she does Carry her weapon And she sure knows how to use it so Um She’s she would definitely protect i Feel safe when i go there with her I feel safe when i go anywhere with her Really Oh thank you so much frank i appreciate That A high desert in california more than a Hundred okay Sexy pet See celia her weapons oh my god joan Thank you Wow You guys are so sweet tonight thank you So much Oh You don’t know how much that means to me You guys so thank you so much i Appreciate it It’s very kind of you guys very kind Thank you Oh Hi there sha sha woman Chef what what can i ever say your name Is it Shay woman shy woman am i saying it Right

Paragraph cra hey what’s up I was just telling everybody that this Weekend Um i want to go live but i’m going to Have to get one of you guys to show me How to go live on here And um On all the other places too like Facebook um Pair posts things like that So maybe one of you guys can help me With it um i know brian said he would if I needed help but I need somebody to help me i don’t know Much about technical stuff I i just don’t understand it how it all Works sometimes but The live is freaking lit the live is lit Got my doll back there got my spooky Looking skull with the eyeballs lit up Got me a candle I try to set the background up to look Kind of cool for you guys I miss having my own office but i rented That room out up there and i’m i like Being down here anyway closer to Everything I’m an artist You’re an artist awesome You’ll have to send me some samples of Some of your artwork we writer Oh did it move did somebody just said That who said that diane said that she Saw the head move okay

Spooking it up yep spooking it up Oh That’s okay sonya You’re fine Hey matt how you doing man I was wondering which one of you it was In there Para crew there’s so many different Pages that i it’s hard to keep up with Who’s who and all that good stuff Um Me think of cotton candy Do i know about annabelle oh yeah I’ve read all about annabelle i’ve seen All the movies um And stuff like that i would love to go There one day You know That would be cool maybe one day I mean i can i can turn it on if you Guys really want me to we can see what Comes through do you guys want to like To ask your loved ones to Come through my spirit box You guys want to do that for maybe we’ll Do it for like 10 minutes or so Because i didn’t want to be on here too Late i just kind of wanted to pop in and Say hello tell you guys what’s been Going on why i haven’t been putting out Any videos and traveling anywhere i’ve Been really kind of sick So Um

But if you guys want me to i will and uh Just just listen and see what you hear I could always well It’s gonna say i could record it but i Can’t i think my camera’s I don’t even know where my camera is Well i’ll just listen back to it on here Um All right yeah i can do that i can turn It on for a little bit Okay samantha All right Yep we can do that Hold on let me see here Let’s see here Okay got it All right let me um go ahead and get it Ready Oh uh matt everything went um Okay uh They didn’t find anything Bad like cancer or anything like that um No tumors nothing like that but they did Biopsy an area That they found and and they found uh You know a couple things that that They’re gonna biopsy but Um So and i don’t think it’s anything Serious but i do have diet diver Particulitis i can’t even say it i have That I found that out today that’s part of The reason why i’ve been feeling sick so

I can’t eat nuts and certain things now Gotta really watch what i what i eat Uh die diver matic i get on how to say It you you guys know what i’m talking About Um And um a few other Little things but uh Yeah oh happy late birthday rick Happy birthday hi leanne Oh thank you matt yeah there it was I was a little nervous going in you know Knowing i’m gonna go under but it Happens so quickly i mean i’m laying There and they’re talking to me and he Says okay i’ll see you in a little bit And i was out i don’t remember nothing Other than waking up after that It’s the last thing i heard her say So And i didn’t feel anything afterwards i Didn’t feel no pain nowhere no nothing i Felt fine i was just really drained and Sleepy and You know kind of groggy and stuff like That and heather and greg came and got Me Oh it’s okay emmy it’s fine Everybody’s got to sleep i’m not always In y’all’s chats either because i’m Either busy or sleeping or something Uh Oh thank you matt i appreciate that i Mean uh mason matt well i get you guys

Names mixed up in the chat all the time All right so do you guys want me to turn It on for a little bit She needs to oh no i know it can get Pretty bad Diana look before i turn the spirit box On because i was so out of it that i Didn’t think to ask this question What does first degree Mean When it comes to that Because on the paperwork it says first Degree Divert however you say it can never say It right hold on Hold on let me read what it says All right So i do have gasteritis in my stomach Without bleeding so that’s a good thing I have gastro Esophageal Esophageal i’m saying right Reflux disease with esophagitis So they said my esophagus area is Inflamed a little bit we’re not sure why So that’s something that We’re just not sure what’s going on There Um And then i have um Diver Diverticulisis or however the hell you Say it Of the large intestine

But it said Somewhere where did i read that at Said something about first degree So i i don’t know i’m confused with First degree second degree third degree Um does anybody know What what’s the difference You know what i mean That kind of threw me when i read that On here like what in the hell First agree Hi judy Small pockets yeah Hmm So that’s probably why i’ve been feeling So sick i take probiotics too i’ve been Taking probiotics every day for probably The last two or three years faithfully Every single day so i’m sure that does Help definitely I mean if it wasn’t for me taking that It probably would be a lot worse than What it is and they told they did tell Me that So i i used to have acid reflux really Bad but i’ve been taking um omethrazole Every day for the last i don’t even know How many years But i’ve noticed like if i Miss it because there’s times you know If i go there’s a couple times that i Went away to go filming and i actually Forgot them at home And i sure as hell felt it so they

Definitely help Um Yeah i take vitamins with magnesium Zinc i take all that subzinc um Elderberry Vitamin d3 Um i take coconut oil i take uh Uh spirulina I make a healthy shake every morning and I drink that i’ve been doing that for Quite a while i mean i’m trying to do You know Everything i can to take care of myself And eat right stuff like that i don’t Drink alcohol i mean maybe once in a Blue moon i might have a little Something but I’m just i don’t care for alcohol i do Drink a lot of coffee though I don’t know maybe Shaman i didn’t think about that but i Do i t i take an apple cider vinegar Pill every day i take God i take so many so many all natural Things maybe i am overdoing it with that Stuff maybe i’m taking too much [ __ ] Yep i’m on the keto diet Yup I am on the keto diet me and my grandson Brought both he has lost 12 pounds i Have lost 10. Yay it’s a start Yeah coffee can All right well let me go ahead and turn

This on I’ll do that right now so you guys uh if You want to hear from a loved one Just listen up listen closely i’ll try To listen too but Um just reach out and tell them uh right Now to say hey patty’s about turn that Spirit box on go over there and Give me a message you know have them say Their name or something that’s usually The best thing that well you know it’s Them tell them to say your name your Name or their name or something like That All right here we go guys All right let’s uh Hold on Again i do have the rim pod on over There too i i don’t know if y’all can See it oh yeah you can see it And i put a brand new battery in it So Hello [Laughter] Hello there who do they have with us So So Do [Laughter] Um Do

Wow David So You I don’t think that there’s a language Before I know So I was born [Laughter] So [ __ ] [Laughter] Oh Somebody in the kitchen Oh you yeah oh okay scared me i thought I had a spirit creeping around in there Or something [Laughter] I’m like oh [ __ ] they’re loosening [Laughter] Oh I’m Hey Oh Ah Oh [Laughter]

Oh It’s Do Good News good news Okay Oh my god Thank you Jake would love to hear from you Wow I know There’s four here Okay Oh He’s Absolutely yeah Las vegas [ __ ] Birthday Me No the d is for my friends Don’t Do And we I’ll do this again can y’all hear me I make sure i didn’t turn this off by Accident Um Darn it Okay Yeah there was a there was some good

Stuff coming through um i can’t wait to Listen back i didn’t want to run it too Long it’d be too hard to listen to it All back But i i can’t wait to uh listen back and And kind of listen to some of that Because i heard some really good stuff Coming through Yeah the the g is for gangsta No the g is for gary which is my son That passed away seven years ago So the people that are asking this you Must be new to the channel I um Started this Doing paranormal videos because my son Had passed away and He started immediately Coming to me and my daughter and and we Kept seeing him and you know Hearing his voice on the tv the radio All kinds of crazy things were happening And um So we decided to start filming it and Catching it on camera and when we did Start catching stuff on camera we Started a youtube channel Just to kind of share it with people And that was six years ago So Now here we are But that’s why it’s called the g team g Stands for gary for ghosts and for girls Because it’s

Pretty much an all-girl team Uh yeah Residual echoes Hello there residual echoes Well i don’t want to stay on here too Long i do want to finish up that video I’m working on um from my backyard i i Can’t wait for you guys to see it Um It’ll be out tomorrow evening oh hey There black cat how are you Um chris says i got the goose goose Bumps Um Let’s see here Yeah just keep trying you know just keep Trying i i would have never expected That i mean but within just a couple of Days after my son passed away We started hearing things and seeing Things and we were like oh my god or is It our imagination i mean is this really Happening You know and um we started setting up Cameras and Recorders and just doing things to Catch it and we did we caught stuff so I want to poop your clothes on [Laughter] Oh hey there ray mitchell how you doing Ray mitchell and Rosanna are always and julie cece is Always over there on my meditation Channel now i do um premieres over there

As well And it’s just like a little time where To just relax and listen to some Meditation music and chit chat in the in The chat You know so if any of you Uh want to go over there and subscribe To that channel Um i post videos uh i try to post a Video over there every day Um i have it in the last couple days but I do try to i actually i put a really Good one up there the other day it was Um i premiered it as well it’s uh Waterfalls Waterfalls from around the world With beautiful music so um If you’re into that kind of stuff to Help you fall asleep just relax whatever Go check it out um I already have some moderators over There as well Um Your cat balls are still going off by Themselves tez wow That’s great i got one set up right here In her shirt has you have y’all seen it Go off yet See I’ve got it in her shirt It’s going off now because i touched it But there we go okay Yeah She’s she is happy she’s very happy

Um thank you julie cece yeah yes it is Very relaxing and um what i’m gonna try To do is i’m thinking maybe like I don’t know Maybe sunday mornings maybe around 11 O’clock my time 11 new maybe noon you Know um Doing a premiere And then it’ll be our kind of our time To just kind of hang up you know Everybody hang out relax drink some Coffee and chat with each other and chat And listen to some meditation music and Um With some beautiful scenery So uh I do too emmy it’s pretty really really Cool really cool Send your butterflies to you April’s two oh okay that was for april Okay did it really The head definitely moved hmm And that’s the thing with this doll It’ll move slowly you know Like sometimes you don’t even notice it When you go back and what i do is i’ll Go back in the video and i’ll kind of go Through it like this and and i’ll the Whole time i’m scrolling through i watch The head to see if it’s it’s changed Positions And that’s how i’m able to catch it Sometimes it’s going back and doing that Um

Yeah It probably has But yeah julie you think that sounds Good i i think i’m going to start doing That either saturday or sunday what Would be best for you guys what day Would be better for you guys a saturday Or a sunday I mean if you go on if you’re in church On sunday i don’t want to You know Uh Interfere in anyone’s you know church Time i don’t want to be doing this when Everybody’s in church i don’t go to Church i have my church right here in my Home But um we all have different beliefs i Mean i have went to church many times in My life but I don’t feel like you got to go sit in a Building full of people to worship god Her name is beth Her name is beth Saturday okay cat says saturday Um somebody want to put my link to that Channel in there Well i grew up in uh going to a Methodist church That’s what methodist and nazarene Churches is what my mom always took us To But um I would say i lean more towards the

Catholic religion nowadays if i would Pick a religion but i don’t i’m not I don’t want to get on that topic guys I’ll be here all night I i don’t yeah I believe in god and i believe in i Believe in a lot but i don’t believe That you have to have a religion i think That’s like a man-made thing you know What i mean I believe in god though i definitely do That’s right we are the yep you said it Good bridget that’s right Yep Pentecostal yep i i’ve been to Pentecostal churches when i was growing Up my mom took me to those type many Times She was big on church um but back in Those days you know most people were We would go every sunday and every Wednesday night So I grew up Going to Church all the time Yes beth definitely protects me hi Lurker how are you i see your eyeballs Lurking in there That’s right same here we writer i agree And i think there’s Becoming more and more awareness to to That Okay to that type of thing i really do

Compared to what it used to be like People are realizing there’s like an Awakening happen happening So That’s right you’re right Black cat That’s right it’s a good point I agree Yep Yep samantha yep You know children earth healers that’s Right You guys got some good points mate made Here in the chat Definitely And i’m not knocking anybody that goes To church so don’t take me the wrong way I don’t knock people for what they they Believe in or what they what they do i i Would never do that so if you go to Church on sundays and And everything that that’s great That’s great I’m not knocking anybody That’s just not it’s not something i Want to do Thank you lemon jay i appreciate that Scary yes he does he does love Butterflies oops He loved butterflies and he loved Dragonflies quite a bit Um we’ll listen back and see uh chloe But i heard some good stuff coming Through i think there was a david there

Was a Ah God i can’t remember now There was a few names that came through It is a gossipy place you’re not kidding And some of them them church going People are the biggest hypocrites ever I remember growing up watching some of The hypocritical stuff that would go on Behind the scenes of a church and i’m Like I would just sit back and observe and Say i don’t want to grow up and be one Of these people You know i i seen it all the time just The two-facedness and the backstabbing And the [ __ ] talking everybody you know It was crazy i My mom would have all her church friends Over and i’d hear one in the other room Talking about about the other ones and It was just i was like nah This this isn’t for me God am i that’s right me too um brittany That’s right yep we writer Oh yeah fluffy cat i’ve seen i’ve seen i Could sit here and do a [ __ ] five Hour stream on the [ __ ] that i’ve Witnessed with church-going people They’re not saints Hey there james how are you There’s my Good friend and cousin james James was a victim and the shooting in

Knoxville tennessee He was shot in the leg So keep praying for james that he heals Heals up and and everything um He’s doing okay he sent me a picture Today it looks like it’s healed up Quite a bit so you’re very lucky james You’re so lucky somebody was watching Over you I’m doing okay james I’m doing okay uh Yeah i i’m doing okay i’ll message you After afterwards but i’m doing okay i’m Doing good i didn’t expect to be going Live tonight that’s for sure But it was kind of a last-minute Decision Okay cindy that’s cool That’s cool Yep james was uh Was on the news and everything you know Those shootings that happened in Knoxville well there was a couple of Different ones well i think more than a Couple well him and his sister were Victims uh in one of the shootings And um she was shot in the shoulder and He was shot in a leg Christa clay thank you so much i Appreciate that I am too brittany thank you so much for Being here i hate to even let you guys Go god i got 114 people here y’all want Me to sit here and chat some more

I want to work on this video too but um I can do it afterwards Listen for the membership let’s say You’re going to bed now okay oh samantha Thank you so much for being here Yep he’s gonna have a permanent scar for Sure Just so thankful that You know It wasn’t the head or the The chest area you know it could have Been Oh i’m so sorry black cat or not black Cat who was it that just said that Oh yeah black cat okay Let’s finish stage okay I’m gonna i’m gonna have to get new Glasses again soon these are already Giving me problems i can’t see i think They’re gonna have to upgrade give me an Upgrade or something Oh hey daisy well welcome thank you so Much for being here i appreciate it and Welcome There’s two clear minds meditation make Sure you got the right one it’ll say bye Patty at the end some clown set up a Page With the exact same name as mine A month ago And put out a whole bunch of videos Like all at once And somehow managed to get over a Thousand

Subscribers but very low views To have a thousand subscribers in a Month’s time The views are only like 28 45 i mean you Know maybe there’s a couple videos that Might have a hundred views But i think somebody opened it up Stole my channel name and bought Subscribers that’s what i think i’ve Reported it and showed all the evidence And just waiting to hear back from Youtube Yeah Oh i’m serious that’s why i had to add Buy patty at the end of it but i’m Thinking about going ahead and changing The name of the meditation channel Completely because if anybody looks up Clear minds meditation that channel is The first one to pop up so i’m seriously Thinking about changing the name I know It’s sickening how people can be Um So Give me some ideas What should i call it i’m probably going To just change the name of it completely It’s a shame because i have my twitter For that i have a twitter for that uh That youtube channel as well as uh Instagram with that name you know it’s Like i don’t think i can go and change That i don’t i don’t think see i don’t

Know how all that works i don’t know Much about twitter and instagram really I just know how to go in there and post Stuff and that’s about it Hmm the g team admitted yeah uh uh you Know that’s a good idea but I don’t know I know we writer the youtube They slack on a lot of stuff that’s for Sure Yep Oh i’m so sorry annette Oh Tony okay Happy birthday tony from your wife Annette Oh 40 years wow Oh bless your heart it’s been five years Since i’ve lost mine Okay thank you cat i appreciate that i Really do but yeah it’ll say clear minds Meditation by patty so look for that one Um and then like i said i’m gonna on the Weekends like a saturday or sunday i’ll Um I’ll do like a a a premiere live or Something because i can stream Any of my videos live over there My grandson Told me how to do it live a live video Over there so i know how to do it So um

I got like i think it’s called stream Labs or something like that anyway Um So i may do it either way but but we can Sit and chat you know it’s a way for us To just kind of hang out relax and chat Kind of like what we’re doing now but we Got some music to listen to You know It’s pretty cool We did that the other day it was pretty Awesome i had julie cece in there i had Uh I had a few people in there i had a Rosanna in there tez i think stopped in Uh who else hi leslie Gary meditation oh okay I had a few people in there i’m trying To scroll up see i don’t want to forget Anybody but Christian i think christian was in there I know Karen was in there Yeah Thank you christian i appreciate that Time 2 p.m All right well guys it is getting late It is almost midnight here um It was nice rosanna i really enjoyed That just kicking back relaxing with my Coffee and listening to the beautiful Music and watching the the scenery of The um all the waterfalls and just chit Chatting with everybody it was it was

Nice Definitely want to add more people to That chat it’ll make it more fun you Know the more the more the merrier So um Anyway Well i’m going to go ahead and go guys But um tomorrow night i will be going Live um i’m not i won’t be going live But i’ll be on a podcast tomorrow night Um and i’ll post the link and all the Information about that in On my g team facebook page make sure You’re following me over there And then um Also um i’ll put it in the the community Section of my youtube channel Okay Okay [ __ ] fire and rain sounds by patty Oh my god You know how many people would probably Subscribe just because they’re like what The hell is this [ __ ] fire and Rainstorms Oh that’s too funny oh my god Yes angela cramer certainly is You can keep the clear mind yeah okay Emmy just sent me a good idea two and Out went away on my phone i don’t want To mess up the chat but i’ll look at it I’ll look at it in a minute emmy it’s a Good idea

So yeah let’s see if somebody Copies that one you know whatever But i couldn’t believe it when i saw That somebody I know right james I couldn’t believe it when i saw that Somebody took the name of my meditation Channel and bought subscribers that you Can’t tell me they didn’t buy some they Had to have They’ve only had that channel for a Little over a month i’ve had mine since January i just didn’t tell everybody About it but It’s hard to grow a minute meditation Channel only because there is a lot of Competition over there i mean not a lot Of competition but The people that have been doing this for A long time over there they’ve got Millions of followers millions So um it’s just something that i wanted To do Because i i love meditation music and i Love watching those type of videos with The sceneries and different things so i Decided one day back in january when i Was bored i’m gonna i’m gonna make a Channel doing this you know just like i Tell anybody yeah i’m not gonna even Announce it and that’s kind of what i Did i only told a couple of my friends And that was it And i ended up with about 75 followers

Well yeah about 75 followers And i was it’s fine with that i was Happy with that But it would be nice to see it really Grow because i’m i really enjoy making Those type of videos it’s just Awesome it’s relaxing and i just love Making those type of videos it’s Something about it i don’t know i just Love it Um I know james right Nope the views definitely don’t add up At all They had to have bought subscribers There’s no other way their views are Extremely low they don’t have hardly any Comments if you look at their comment Section there’s no comments there might Be a couple here and there So whoever set that up took my channel Name And bought subscribers And i can only imagine who it was Um Oh thank you so much rosanna i Appreciate it Thank you i appreciate that black cat Yeah i love it but that’s why i had to Add buy patty at the end when i realized All that i’m like oh my god are you Serious so i went and changed my name You know at the end i added my name so Just look for that one

But anyway i’m gonna let you guys go um I’ve gotta try to wrap up the video i’m Gonna be putting out tomorrow night and Also i have a podcast tomorrow night and Then Um i’ll try to go live again this Weekend and go over to the meditation Channel and i’ll be doing a live over There too this weekend at some point but I’m going to try to like work on like a Schedule where it’s a certain time like On saturday or sunday that i do this so That we have a certain time that we know That it’s going to happen you know what I mean But i’ll figure it out and let you guys Know This is trash What’s trash This is trash He got nothing nice to say don’t say Nothing at all my god what is wrong with People The [ __ ] out of here Anyway all right guys you have a good Night uh much love and i’ll talk to you Very soon yeah they just crawl out of The woodwork Ain’t got nothing better to do i guess [ __ ] keyboard warriors All right love you guys Thank you guys so much for being here Thanks for the donations and all the Love and support and just everything

Thank you guys so much Bye

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