Communication With My Haunted Dolls #Haunteddolls #paranormal

By | May 29, 2022
Communication With My Haunted Dolls       #Haunteddolls #paranormal

Hello there everybody this is patti and I am here in my living room right now With all of my haunted dolls sitting Around me Um i have some candles lit i have Uh the rim pod sitting in front of them And i have i have the k2 meter on beth’s Shirt and look at this Oh my goodness it is lit up look at that It’s just staying like that Whoa Oh wow Okay so I’ll move it here in a minute just move It around a little bit and see if you Know See if it still does it uh i want to Make sure that there’s nothing that’s Making that happen i can’t imagine what It would be i mean there’s nothing Electrical over there Other than of course i have the lamp on Over there Um Wow okay so anyway i have all my dolls Here with me Um Now i’ve told you guys before i really Don’t know for sure if all of them are Haunted i do know that Uh beth has a spirit attachment the one

On the um chest right there does As well As scarlet right there i’ve had some Things happen with her in the past And also this one right there And that one is just flat out just Creepy as hell Um Julie picked her up Or he she whatever it is Um Not sure if it’s supposed to be a boy or Girl doll anyway just creepy just really A creepy doll she picked it up for me um From the flea market i believe Because She realized how creepy it was and she Thought i might like it So anyway um i’ve got all the dolls here I’ve had the one in the green dress for Quite a while i don’t think i’ve ever Noticed anything with her either Same with this one here Um That one right there i just picked up About a month ago from a Thrift store and i picked her up because I was just kind of drawn to her i Thought she was really pretty and I decided i wanted to bring her home and The one that’s right over there holding The baby doll Same with that one Excuse me i

Picked her up about a year or so ago From a thrift store as well And those over there someone sent me Those a long time ago and said that they Were haunted I haven’t seen anything or noticed Anything with them But they’re sitting out here as well And they’re really actually very Beautiful look at those dolls They’re real thin Little dolls They look like like Fairy like fairies you know like i don’t Know forest fairies or something they’re Beautiful They look very magical So i decided i would go ahead and sit Here and Try to communicate with the spirit of Beth and Any other spirits that may be attached To any of the other dolls Um And looks like beth is uh ready I can’t believe that let me go over here Okay Now let me just move it Okay What Okay nothing else is me Well that’s me for me hitting it Crazy Around her hair it’s lighten up a little

Bit right in there What Whoa look at this Hmm now let me make sure it’s not the Lamp So i’m gonna go over here by the lamp Okay So it looks like It is lighting up when i get close to The outlets And then when i pull it away it goes Away And then over here so i mean it could be But i’ve had her here many times and I’ve put this in her shirt many times And you guys know that And i’ve not got any Anything Hmm Okay I’m going to unplug This This is the lamp Now let’s see what happens Okay so i unplugged Both of those And look It’s still lit up So that’s not what it is So let me plug these back in Okay So we debunked that that’s not what it Is Hmm

And down here there is no plug outlets Here the closest one is actually way Down that way So it’s not Anything over here Oh let me see if This one does Hello there i’m filming with you girls Today Would you like to light up the meter for Me Please Come on sue Susie Would you like to talk to me today susie Can you make the meter go off if you Would like to talk to me Okay i’m not getting anything here Let’s see Oh That just went off now that could be for Me i made maybe i Yo yeah it was me my hand got close to It let me just move that out of the way For a second Okay This would make a good thumbnail right Here Okay i’m not getting nothing here With these guys What about you guys What about You look at the eyes Look at those eyes oh

My god They look so realistic It’s just crazy Wow Wow Nothing and this is my Hot oops that was me again this is my Haunted basket That was featured on the travel channel In one of my videos Hmm Okay well Looks like beth is the only one setting This off today And we know now it’s not from the Outlets because i unplugged them and It’s still doing it All right i have let me move it closer i Do have a rim pod in front of you guys As well If any of you could come over here and Make it light up i would appreciate it Can you do that for me It’s right in front of you Beth you could even do it for me Susan Any takers on it Anybody like to come over here and Touch the antenna and make it go off Now let me know if you Notice anything with any of these dolls If you see something That i may miss because i will watch it All back of course when i’m editing and

Look closely to see if i see anything You know with any movement eye movement Head movement Hands feet anything at all So just watch closely i will do the same When i watch this back But sometimes i miss things Or i’m just not sure Hello Does anybody want to communicate with me Today That would be great If you would like to communicate with me Today This one here The music box Would go off from time to time in the Past So that’s what the deal was with that One I could have sworn i just heard somebody Say something behind me but there’s Nobody there I don’t know if the camera picked that Up but i just heard something sounded Like maybe a disembodied voice And i’ve got me some herbs burning over There and some candles and stuff like That It’s my little Altar area where i do my a lot of my Meditations and things like that And my good friend julie cole Sent me that beautiful lampshade a while

Back I absolutely love it Okay so i’m gonna go ahead and put this On her Shirt again and yep look Look at that Wow I just i don’t know what else it could Be making it making that happen See her head does swivel We will definitely watch for stuff like That with r2 because that’s something That happens a lot now you have to kind Of push it so it doesn’t happen very Easily you see what i’m saying like look You know i mean it just really doesn’t Happen that easy you have to actually Physically move her head so Um if we see anything like that that Would be great and we will definitely Watch for that But i’m just so amazed that that meter Is just stuck like that so there’s Definitely some type of energy around Her right now I honestly don’t think it’s from the Lamp i’ll turn this light out real quick Just to see Whoops just to see if that changes Anything Nope It doesn’t change anything So i’ll put the light back on because it Does give a nice ambient glow over here

I have a a really pretty uh mosaic type Of light there light bulb they sell Those at target If any of you like those type of bulbs I have them all around the house i just Think they’re so pretty Alright girls well How about i turn the spirit box on and See what we get So my grandkids um They don’t care for dolls so i won’t Leave them out here Um i bring them out here when i’m Filming I did have them out here yesterday when Heather stopped by with her kids and her Daughter tabitha was freaked out she was Like oh my god grandma why do you have Those dolls in the living room Oh goodness so I told her i said well i’m getting ready To film and i have them set up in here This is a good spot for them i think it Looks kind of nice with them in here but I mean i You know I guess for to some people they walk in And see a room full of dolls staring at Them it would be kind of creepy I really wish they would make the rim Pot go off Come on beth you are making that meter Golf in your shirt can you come over There and light up the rim pot

Can you do it for me please How about making the meter in your shirt Go to red Can you do that Now i do have some very very very faint Meditation music playing in the Background Um it’s very faint it’s on number one That’s how faint it is It’s over there on my google My google home Um It’s just very relaxing I’m not sure how well you’re going to be Able to hear it on camera but i just Wanted to let you know that that’s what You are hearing if you are hearing Something Now there’s a couple of you over there That have music boxes And you know who you are Can you Make the music box Go off Make it chime or something Please So it doesn’t look like they’re going to Come on guys It’s not often that i sit here and Communicate with you guys can you please Uh communicate back In some way Make the rim pod go off make one of the Candles go out

Uh make your music box go off the box go Off Or Maybe move or something move your eyes Move your head Something I could have sworn I just seen something move in front of The camera i don’t know if the camera’s Going to pick it up but it looked like It was like a shadow went in front of The camera that was strange Because my eyes are playing tricks on me Sometimes that happens Beth can you make your meter go up to The red It’s in your dress That would make me very happy Come on People love you and they would love to See you make that meter go to red Is it possible for you to do Oh i think it did just blink or Something All right let me try to hold the camera Real still Beth can you make it go to red please Light it up to red beth Hmm Well We will keep our eye on that Not sure why it’s not happening but Okay what about the rim pod Can you guys make my rim pod go off one

More chance here Okay i went ahead and hooked up my Spirit box And i’m getting ready to turn it on now I also moved the rim pod right up there Next to beth So we’ll see if maybe it goes off now i Don’t know Here we go Okay My camera just shut off on me i had to Turn it back on Glad i noticed it Hello Okay Oh wow Who is that speaking Is that you Is that you susan Can you make the rem pod go off for me It’s that device with a little red light On it Can you guys get close to it Is there anything you guys would like to Say How do you guys like it How do you guys like living here with me

You guys all like each other Don’t miss them Gary and mike are you guys here with me Today If so can you come through and Let me know What do you guys think about these dolls Do you like them Whoa Gary and mike since the dolls are not Making the rim pod go off can one of you Go over there and do it Just for a minute Can you guys say your names Tell me your names I think i just heard my name is scarlett Whoa Scarlett was that What you you beth Can you say your name I’m starting to think that my rim pods Quit working because Not much has been making it go off Lately I would appreciate it if you could make It go off so i’ll know What did you guys like to do when you

Were here on earth When you were In living in human form Tell me what you like to do What color dress do you have on right Now in In doll form Can you say doll Can you say my name Go ahead and turn that off now Now what i do normally is In between ebps when there’s just Nothing but the static I cut That out On almost all my videos so that you guys Don’t have to sit there and listen to Just the static and nothing coming Through So i will make cuts Throughout the evp session where there Is just nothing but static Just to let you guys know that Okay so Um hopefully i got a lot of good stuff From the spirit box i think i definitely Did in the beginning But i thought i would just come over

Here A little bit closer and film each one Um for a minute just to See if we see anything at all um Maybe some type of movement or something But It doesn’t look like i’m getting too Much today with them Um i just never know i mean there’s Times i’ll be sitting here watching tv And i’ll swear i see one of them move or Uh the kids will tell me they thought They saw one move when i have them Sitting out here I hear the music box chime or something But i don’t always have a camera rolling Out here either so maybe maybe i should That’s if i do leave them out here Permanently i do put them away quite a Bit especially when Some of the grandkids are around because It just makes them nervous There’s susan That is the one that My granddaughter kylie and her friend Bella got me for christmas this last Year They ordered her off of ebay And she came with a Story now whether the story’s true or Not i don’t know that’s the thing when You order stuff like that from ebay you Just really just don’t know people can Make things up all the time just to sell

Stuff but Um when we got her here Well when i received her for a christmas Gift i Put the meter by her and it started Lighting up like crazy Didn’t do that today but it has done That a few times since i got her also And then this little beauty here is the One i picked up From this one here from the thrift store And Um I just thought she was pretty you know She’s got a pretty dress on she’s got a Pretty face i love her bonnet and the Color of her hair And her eyes so That’s the reason i got her I’m not even sure if there’s an Attachment but she is pretty There was just something about her i was Drawn to her and i think she was only Five bucks And here’s this one here Had her for quite a while See if you See Anything at all Here’s your hand Here’s scarlet I do believe i heard scarlet come Through the spirit box i can’t wait to Listen back and see

But it sure sounded like it isn’t she Pretty look at her face Beautiful I’ve had her Probably about five years now And i do have a Cross necklace on her Here her face is kind of hidden Behind the hat Tuck it back a little bit Oops keeps flopping down There we go And then there’s this one here She’s got a little baby doll with her I picked her up from a thrift store a While back and I just thought she was cute too And this one here someone sent me Probably about four years ago and said She was haunted now we have had some Things happen with her And she also has a music box That goes off from time to time i would Love for it to happen right now come on Make your music box go off can you do That for me Come on That would be so awesome And then we’ve got these guys up here They’re so so pretty I love these dolls someone sent these to Me a while back and said that they were Haunted dolls Um but i think they’re absolutely

Beautiful look at these dolls They’re just so pretty I don’t know if uh You are in the audience if so go ahead And let me know That you’re the one that sent me these Dolls It’s been so long i can’t even remember Now And then of course this one here is just Freaky as hell the eyes look so damn Real And scary I think this is the one that really Creeps the kids out more than anything So after i’m done filming here i’ll Probably go ahead and put her Back in the box there’s a box that i Keep her in Well All right I was hoping to get a little bit more Action But with Real paranormal You just never know what you’re gonna Get You just don’t know Doesn’t always happen all the time It just don’t work like that I really wish that they would make their Brim pot go awful let me set it let me Set it next to this creepy thing All right there

Can you make it go off here let me let Me reset it You try resetting sometimes that helps Oops okay Can you make the rim pod go off for me So What about you Here Right in front of you What about you what about you guys come On You light her up for me one time You scarlet Oh Okay Reset it I see from me touching it Scarlett can you make it go off for me So Scarlett can you be the one to make it Happen All right how about You beth Oh hold up Wait a minute oh my goodness look at This So that’s where it’s at Right there that was amazing can you do That again i just want to make sure it Wasn’t for my energy still being on it I reset it Can you do that again Come on Whoa

I just heard a ding That one And that one are the ones that have the Music box Well All right let me move forward here All right beth All right now i’ve got it right up on Beth Right there by her hand Come on beth Come on beth make it go off you’ve got The other one going off right now can You make that one go off too Come on beth You’ve got the other one lit up right There can you make that one go off too Come on Oh I think it’s coming from this one here Hello is that you Now that i’m about done filming all of a Sudden things are going to happen You’re late to the party Wow okay How about How about i put the meter By her now All right there we go Okay so now that i put it you heard it Again but that was from me putting the The rim pod there Can you do that again make it go off Again

We heard it It sounds like you might be trying Can you please light it up And make your music box go off again Please Okay i think that that one just went off Now that i’m about done filming because I’m ready to i was ready to just turn The camera off Now Things are starting to happen Which is the way it works Thank you for that but you’re a little Late to the party too Hmm Well Now her dress is moving in the Background i know a lot of you probably See that uh that’s not paranormal um That is called a fan i do have the Ceiling fan on in here Um and i i’m sure that’s what that is At least i’m pretty sure i mean i do Have The ceiling fan going right there That was so cool that i heard it I would like to hear it again before i Stop filming can you do it again Come on One of you make it happen again Oh god Damn google started talking and scared The out of me okay i just had to Turn the google off that scared me it

Went to like a commercial All right well um I’ll do this again sometime maybe i’ll Do a live stream um like this again soon And Let’s see what we get I’m hoping that i picked up something That i’m not even aware of at this Moment You know with maybe Something on these dolls moving That would be cool All right Well thank you guys so much For what you have done I appreciate it You

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