Shake your Tic Tacs with the UFO community

By | May 27, 2022
Shake your Tic Tacs with the UFO community

Um Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on a fine and mysterious evening It’s very mysterious because we have the Most mysterious man in the field of Ufology right now because Nobody really this guy just came from Nowhere One day he just in he interfered with my Life Uh just like he was poking The alien addicts and just going you Know What are you doing what are you doing I’ll tell you what i’m doing i’m Bringing you on right now Oh yeah You’re rich yeah yeah yeah and it went Down the wrong way that’s all you know There’s only one way mate there’s only One way there’s only one way there’s Only one we have we have two guests uh Two but then i guess the the the part of The alien edit life right now um Rich goofon He will be entering the uh The atmosphere very soon he’s just Getting his thumbnail finished for his Show I’m just glad he’s not asleep and lee Lee may be joining us along with a Couple of other guests Tonight but lee’s having real difficulty He’s he’s babysitting right now at

Somebody’s house And he’s had problems with his internet On his phone trying to enter these and i Think he’s only got about 20 giga data On his phone so that’ll he is a stream Would eat his data but he’s going to try And get the wi-fi code because the the The people who he’s sitting for have who Changes the router code who does i do i Do oh do you okay yeah yeah all the time Right so it’s it’s somebody like you That we want to watch out for that Yeah and what i did was once for a while I changed my router name to uh Kovid19 test mast Um Just to uh uh scare the neighbours Yeah The um We were speaking just before beforehand And i kind of i wanted to wait for rich To to speak about this book You you were talking about the the ufo Community oh thank you very much have a Birdie You’re the best alien addict yes i am Yes i am i know everything about ufos There’s nobody that knows more than me About this field I am Move over corbell Move over Thank you heather i appreciate that you Were speaking about

About the the the guys in general the People in the chat the people on twitter Everybody Being vulnerable yeah yeah i was uh well You know i’ve only just joined uh Back on twitter uh so uh obviously uh It’s all new and it’s in I’ve been on about a week and a half two Weeks now and my impression is that There’s a lot of people who um Who are quite vulnerable in terms of uh Uh the ufo community i i think there’s a Lot of people that are absolutely sort Of desperate to uh to find some kind of You know meaning To uh Humanity and its position in the Universe And they’re very very vulnerable i think To what we’d call ideological capture And that would be where people uh you Build a big um narrative around A utopia or something like that and and They’ll Corral these people and get them to be Activists on their behalf For whatever they want to do you know And i think it’s one of the things that We’ve we’ve all got to watch out for so If if everybody starts to look at my Twitter uh i’m going to start uh Publishing articles on my WordPress called uh A paradigm parachute

Uh so i’ll be starting to publish a few Articles you know just really about How how we’re we’re vulnerable to be Captured you know politically Ideologically and and how we avoid being Uh manipulated so uh that’s one of the Things that i’d like to Give to the ufo community You know i couldn’t agree so i’ve met a Lot of people along this journey um Some Great People in the community that want to Tell their story I know what he’s saying there rich Because It does seem to Some of these people they get preyed on Uh because they think they think they’re These are i mean these are some of the Most cleverest people that i have i have Met by the way But I think certain people take advantage of That And of their beliefs and they can easily Some of the people in the community are Easily swayed And i’ve seen that i’ve seen it Just look at how much uf the the Community are split down the middle And that has been It’s in my in my opinion it’s That was very geniusly done

Geniusly done i i i’m not even gonna Hazard a guess to why It’s been done in terms of the ufo field But i s i’ve seen over the last seven Years something very strange happen It’s odd Right right yeah definitely Uh i’ve just seen a note in the uh thing About my mic being super loud is that Any better See it sounds fine to me but i’ve got You turn right down Right that could be it no He You seem okay to me thank you for the Super chat my friend Hang tight hangs tight and he sent me a Suitcase Pack your bags alien addicts bugger off On holiday i wish i was on a holiday I could do move on Zach diacast in in the chat Beautiful man zach i have actually sent You an invite for tonight’s show By my friend uh Because He’s an interesting chap rich he’s he’s One that’s been on the interviews before The people Of this community though From From somebody who’s not a A content creator that’s just been in it Speak to the people in the chat

Um Going on different channels um When you say vulnerable What do Who do you think’s Vulnerable Do you think it’s some of the people That have had experiences or just pick The people that want to believe Something Well i think there’s a lot of different Uh kind of race you’re very low now You’ve gone really low okay hold on How’s that now that’s perfect okay see You sound fine to me All right So uh yeah there’s different kinds of Vulnerability i mean there’s the first Kind of vulnerability yeah you’re right You’ve got you’ve got the experiences Who who have probably been sort of Treated quite uh badly in terms of their Beliefs And uh Their anger can easily be motivated Uh and i’ve been talking to a few people Where you know just one sort of slightly Off the cuff mark has has created quite What i would suggest is is a bit of an Over emotional reaction Which Which is okay But You know uh when when you’re that easily

Provoked It’s it’s very easy to for that anger to Be channeled and exploited by somebody Um Uh One of the things that you can see about That is that People start to Intellectualize that anger and and Absolve you of responsibility of it by Passing blame onto other people and it’s Generally the people that they want to Attack You know so so that’s one way that People can can do that you know so If you’re feeling bad if you’re getting Angry all the time that’s not your fault That’s the fault of all of these other People who happen to be my enemies So you know I will have a go at them on your behalf And they can’t get back at me because I’m i’m protecting you do you know what I mean and it’s that kind of paradigm so There’s that so there’s that one and Then there’s the other ones where uh A lot of people Are a bit frightened Of um Of uh What was i gonna say Yes the there’s there’s all the other People that want to Want to believe want to be

Vindicated in their beliefs And and and there’s two there’s two Separate paths to all of this isn’t There there’s the people that believe And that they want it vindicated there’s The poli people that are highly Skeptical and they want their belief Vindicated as well you know and they’ve Been hived off into various different Parts so you’ve got lose and blue and Greer in one side and you’ve got mick West and some of some of the others Down the other side And and i think a lot of people just Have to realize that that okay we’ve got Facts and we can all agree what the Facts are And and what we extrapolate those from Those facts are beliefs all of us you Know and until we get to the bottom Of whether our beliefs are true or not We have to just recognize them as Beliefs and go okay this is my belief You know Um I know it might not be right but a lot Of people Consider their beliefs to be facts and That that’s dangerous I think pretty much The majority of people In this field You know are playing a guessing game When it when it comes to

Ufology you know That there’s a lot of Um there’s a lot of hope When it comes to when it comes to the Field uh people just Clutching at straws or almost you know It’s I’ve had so many people telling me What’s gonna happen In you know Making big Bold statements of things that are going To come down the line And i’ve heard this so many times And It’s almost like this Subject is being sold to these people Which is why i try to stay very much on The fence with this subject and don’t Pick any side I i think there’s there’s a big danger When you when you pick a side that I mean let’s let’s Let’s take star wars for instance you Know i’ve watched i’ve been watching the The star wars trilogy all of it even the Last Three which were terrible with my little Boy Because he he won He wanted to play the new lego star wars Game so i said well you’ve not watched All the films you know you need to watch

All the films so we can play them Together then you might understand them But looking at those films and you know When you’ve got the this These two sides split down the middle And People trying to turn people to their Side I see that with this field so much People trying to make people believe Their views And it’s become very very political and I hate that aspect of it because i’m not A political person at all i hate Politics But it’s been brought massively into This field i think you said to To lou that um Lou evangelist that was that was on the Show Yeah what did you say to him now he said Something about You know stop being I What did you say now something about st He was he was being a bit political with Stuff and you were like you know you Yeah oh right Using using the implied suffering of Other people Yes as as as a stick to beat everybody Else with yeah yeah but that’s what he’s Talking about yeah yeah with this Subject

We It’s odd what did you what did you make Of the congressional hearing Hearing was Was interesting in in the fact that that Almost everybody in there didn’t really Know what they were talking about a lot Of the time you know i i thought the Politicians Were Very uh Very just scratching the surface So i’ve got another one saying my mic’s Too loud again We’ll just turn it down like oh it’s Literally it has gone up yes that’s Weird that’s it Yeah it’s probably the aliens mate Could be is that any better guys Yeah hey you know Have you have you seen the guy have you Seen dark sky files The channel Uh he’s in the chat he’s going to be Joining us when he when he’s finished Driving oh brill bill that’s great and Rich is joining us when he’s finished Rich where are you When he’s finished doing his thumbnail That i thought was terrible So many people that was was happy about That but you know now now that i’m he’s Just me and you i’m gonna i’m gonna tell You my feelings on it you know i thought

It was terrible i thought it was so Poorly organized Which in a way is probably a good thing That it wasn’t organized because it came Natural But Nobody When they were talking about cases they Knew about as much as i do when it comes To ufology you know i i i told you this Many times which i’m a people person the People that interest me behind the field That’s what that’s what i like But these guys that was doing a Congressional hearing and they were Talking about different cases it just Seemed like they knew nothing about the Subject Yeah yeah and when they started to show That That piece of ufo footage As well They they butchered that they couldn’t Even they didn’t even prepare stills Nothing Yeah yeah it was it wasn’t very good at All uh and i get the impression that They they just rushed in they you know They they said They said i’ve just going to sit in this Hearing i don’t think they prepared for It at all A couple of videos that was it Nothing

Maybe a document that they’ve got to sit And read Um And and i do wonder whether whether There was much more content In the Private hearing you know because because Obviously And there’s so many times they they had To mention privacy and uh Secrecy So there’s there’s very little that We’re going to hear about publicly yeah Do you know what i’m going to do rachel We was do you think i should do what we Were discussing earlier do you think we Should Yeah yeah You think i should Yeah go for it yes If anybody comes on naked though rich It’s your fault Okay Okay so i’ve never done this Lee’s gonna be kicking himself because He he’s asked me to do this so many Times But I’m going to put the link in the Description For the show At my own peril This is the stream yard link If anybody wants to come on and speak

About the subject i’ll just come on and Call me a tosser it’s fine Um just don’t be naked Well Be semi-naked if you if from the bottom End you know if you’ve got nothing on Here but we could just see a t-shirt or Whatever that’s fine i’m naked down here I always have every single show My own peril there we go there’s there’s The link just try it If If anybody just come and join the chat That Join in just make sure that you haven’t Got it blaring out the tv so you can Hear itself otherwise i might have to Mute you Um But yeah we will There’s some good people in the chat That have been on the show as well Obviously everybody who’s been on the Show more than welcome Um In It’s a it’s a This this show this this channel for me And i’ve said this so many times people Like why don’t you you stream every Single day You know you you you would grow a lot Quicker if you streamed every single day I think i got 200 and something videos

Up I’m quite proud with The people that we get the caliber that Will get the Everything about it but i I quite like just doing that one show a Week because it keeps it my hobby rather Than The job I think it’d be i think it’d be cool to Have it as a job if you know but Is that is that i think there’s that Risk aspect with a job that you’ve got To Um and i think we spoke about this with With my boys third phase you know There’s that risk that you can everybody Gives them [ __ ] but they have to make They have to put the content out You don’t put the content out And you don’t have a job That’s the problem Yeah in in this fit in this field I couldn’t do it every day i couldn’t i Couldn’t come on and speak by speaking By myself like rich does I used to do you you know i started out And it was just a show where it was me Speaking for 15 minutes about a case and My views on Whatever was going on in the world when He came to this field but To do it 24 7 to speak about this subject is hard

Work There’s only so much i think you can Speak of this is why i like ranting About it and just having this place just People just To to vent The the Frustrations with it it’s it’s it’s a Bit i know it’s a very much a drama Channel Yeah well uh it’s Once a week i think is is good maybe Twice it’s it’s like it’s like going Down the bar and and uh talking with Your friends about uh About the important things that happen In the week Uh Ufo isn’t Isn’t that fast moving in terms of uh Disclosure and things like that if you Had Absolutely breaking new stuff every Single day then you would have enough Content to do it and it would be almost Like a current affairs program you know With maybe a panel But but i think once a week is uh is is Good enough it gives you enough content And enough Enough to go on about yeah Do you think people get bored of part of Us speaking about lou I don’t think

I don’t think lou gets bored of people Speaking about it i bet he likes it you Know Even even even the negative And i hope he’s uh uh i hope he’s Starting to develop a bit of a sense of Humor because uh i i have a feeling Maybe he is but you have to sell it to Him he doesn’t quite have the dry sense Of humor that uh As british have it it can be quite uh Problematic sometimes Well i think i mean me with the Background he has you know is If everything’s true the guys you know Probably been through A lot and uh He maybe doesn’t have a sense of humor Anymore You know yeah yeah it’s Hard it’s hard it really is and You know i feel for Anybody Uh coming out of the army where i work They have that they they have involved In a program Where they get people from the military In and uh they uh They have uh three to six months there To uh see whether they want to work and Uh places can be found for them you know So Uh it it is good for them moving out of That life into uh

Civilian life and how that’s going to Work but The question is has lou moved into a Civilian life properly or is he he or is He still Seems to me he’s still got one foot in The In the Secret services in one way or another uh There’s been a recent revelation hasn’t There that uh he’s uh He’s working for space force as a uh Advisor for them i don’t know how true Yeah i heard that i did hear that on the Grave vine um I i also hear people’s people saying That the guy should have for everything They’ve done should have been arrested I don’t think he would have done all the Stuff that he’s done If i’m honest At the risk of being arrested Yeah yeah it’s uh it it really does depe It depends up so much on on what is Actually happening behind the scenes and Whether he’s what what he’s talking About is actually true or not You know and these are the things that We don’t know The the fact that the hearing has a Classified section also tells me that There is things behind the scenes that That we don’t know about And once again that you’re you’re in

That magical belief place Where where we don’t we aren’t in um Possession of all of the facts and it’s It’s about getting the belief And and find getting rid of those Beliefs and turning them into facts And and not being unhappy when they Don’t turn out to be right your beliefs You know Who who do you um Who do you go to these days where and Trust in this field I’m talking about the bigger people you Know you know the people that are making Bold statements Uh Well you you can’t trust anybody really I don’t think i think everybody’s got a Bit of an agenda I think the close to be to be honest the Closest person to To all of this The most i i actually think the most Trustful Is Probably it It’s got to be And i know this sounds really stupid Because most people say that He’s not trustworthy and that is lou Unfortunately you know because if you Look at a lot a lot of the other people That are trying to deliver You know the big moves and shakers like

Grier etc etc they’ve all got Problematic aspects to them And we can talk about some of the Problematic aspects with uh lou but We haven’t we haven’t really seen A big commercial interest by him at the Moment You know we can we can sit there and go Okay yeah he’s got a book coming out Soon and But that’s it i’m not seeing anything Huge about him earning lots and lots of Money He talks about the appearance fees that He had at um For unidentified That won’t have been much He might get the odd repeat fee if it’s Being played over abroad somewhere or in Other countries But It won’t be that amount amount of money Uh so What what money would money would Disagree with that Really Yeah i think i think manny thinks the Guys Quite a little bit of money off the back Of this I’ll have to really look at that uh That he’s lieu of his who’s the he plays Back up It got i mean you’ve got to ask yourself

Why did it take why why did they They why did he piss off enough people For it to get taken down This there’s something there i i mean i Asked them I asked Uh Lou evangelist Uh about his interview with stephen When it when he Asked asked stephen about him being a a Woman beater and what have you and that Came from somebody called I forgot his name Something Richard but yeah that blatantly came From In my opinion somebody that is in that In the know That didn’t want him to release Certain things because it’s interesting That that That video that he did about Uh lou and the people Behind the scenes Came out straight away after and he was He started to speak about that and then All of a sudden loose starts asking These questions That just seemed so strange he and we Asked um We had uh rather be squiddy on i think It was last week Um

And i asked him did you know that he was Gonna ask that They didn’t have a clue that lou was Gonna ask that So yeah i i I i do think that they think that is lou Whether it is lou or not i don’t know Yeah I i think they i think they do believe That It is interesting And uh Just today uh They were they were covering uh chris Letters Uh balloon flight haven’t they I saw a bit of it So uh this is chris uh doing his uh data Capture project And he was he was selling it wasn’t he Online for uh for some kind of Cryptocurrency Well the crypto never got into that Yeah never never wanted to risk it uh Risky bob he’s skinny bob he keeps Changing his name good luck for Tonight’s show we need it thank you i Appreciate it and we’ve We’ve got Jennifer’s jennifer My my good friend jennifer come join us The link is there boom Anybody in the chat come and join us Tonight this is what this is why

It was kind of planned That’s That is why it’s there come shake your Tick tock tick tick ticks You don’t have to share your face do you Know what i mean if you’ve got a Microphone and it’s connect jen’s been On Jen’s been on yes she worked for steven Greer briefly Oh I’m trying to open my bottle it’s stuck Help me help me out help a dyslexic man Out there Are you kidding there are people in this Field with more evidence and have no Commercial interest Come and talk to us about it jennifer Jennifer you know you’re welcome on any Time need to get back on on on a One-to-one basis that lady knows a lot Of stuff when it comes to the field It’s a wise lady uh and i appreciate That the support jen um Yeah The i think the field is an absolute Mess Rich i think it’s going to get worse I really do Before it gets better Not not not to be negative but This this this field is worrying Well Unfortunately the the politicians have

Got hold of it now And unfortunately Yeah Unfortunately as well And i’m not saying This because the politicians are are are Bad or anything because That they’re coming in from a position Of ignorance so they’re on a learning Curve so we don’t know One of the things that i was pleased About about the the hearing was that That There was no Political backbiting They did seem to all be wanting to get To the bottom of it But saying that Um the difficulty With with the politicians is That It’s the same people that have the ear To the politicians so they’re gate Keeping that relationship as well at the Moment hi rich Rich How are you doing We’re talking politics rich Yeah We know you love politics You do Is it ufo politics Well kind of we were just talking about The hearing and uh and we’re just saying

That That although although although ufo Twitter’s kind of full of people that That that want to be moves and shakers And want want to leverage It’s still the same old people that that Are going to be interfacing with the Politicians on this And what i would like to see from the Hearing is for them to open this out to More people uh to come in and present Evidence etc You know and not and not just have People i mean everyone’s clamoring for Lou to go on the hearing Well if lou’s gonna go on let’s get Greer on let’s get a few of the others On you know Uh there’s quite a lot of people with uh Something to say about this Well Not rich has nothing to say about it He’s even muted himself Yeah well i mean what am i gonna say i Just got here he’s just he’s just got Here and he’s growing a beard I grew a face [Laughter] Yeah Eventually I’m liking the beard rich It’s beautiful Thank you It makes you look more fuller you know

I don’t know Does it Fuller if you keep growing it you might Look like dave scott He’s gonna go I’ll be saying a boot You know canadians they don’t say about They say a boot Okay So the idea i don’t know if you uh rich You you’ve done this before on your show So the idea behind tonight’s show we Come to shake your tic tacs Was i was gonna open up the forum i put The link in the chat Nobody dare come on There’s loads of people at work Are they just not fully clothed you know And i get that But what you didn’t say no nudity you See so maybe they’re all naked in the Chat We’ve got dark sky files coming on in About 15 minutes Another rich Another rich Three dicks Do you guys have you who where you live No what’s that a chocolate drink Chocolate drink All right Chocolate in a can my breakfast right Now Is it like some sort of protein shake no

No this is for kids This is just fun Hey man So uh don’t don’t mean to stall the show But uh What else I heard rich talking are you gonna have Three riches on Three days it’s gonna be Oh my god that’s never happened before Three dicks in an ollie Well i was i was kind of not for six Rich because When lee was about to come on And he’s he’s he’s babysitting House sitting should i say And his He he tried to come on with his mobile Phone But his signal is shining he’s only got 20 who has 20 giga data These days But also His actual the router in the house the People who he’s who he’s sitting for he Still may be coming on by the way have Changed the passwords you know when you Turn a route around it’s got the Password on the back they’ve changed it Who does that i know i know you do rich I don’t i change it Oh my god everybody does it maybe i Should change it Yeah you should

Yeah because what if somebody copied Right off that that serial number Yeah i know it’s it’s ridiculous but It’s easier to remember your own So when guests come over and they want To use your wi-fi you’re like here Here’s my password I mean i suppose if the gas man comes in He can see my wi-fi code but that means He’s gonna have to park up outside my House and connect to my wife you know Good luck to him if he He can have the wi-fi code if he goes to That much effort Dude you want you want people coming in Your home installing your wi-fi or Checking out your cable and all that Other stuff They could take a picture with their Phone come back a month later and just Steal all your stuff they know what They’re doing so you’re saying i need to Start being a little bit more protective About things absolutely man okay I’m going to change the wifi code Tonight right after the show I’m going to do it Good luck you should Just make sure you remember what you’re Doing Make sure it’s something you remember What what did you think to rather be Squiddy After last last week’s show that was fun

I thought it was a swell guy that was Only a week ago It was a week it was like a month ago Yeah he uh he was a nice guy Yeah really nice guy he’s got good Energy Uh just I i don’t know man he’s i think he’s on Our side more than the other side And uh But i really like i like the way he’s um I like his attitude man i really can’t Say anything Bad at all It’s just justin seems like the greatest Guy i mean he just seems like happy to Be around you know it’s it’s a good Thing to see But he’s not stupid i mean he’s a smart Guy even though he’s new to the field You know a couple years whatever Um Did he he never saw a ufo right Never Yeah i thought we asked him that yeah Which i liked that though no neither i Don’t i think if you’re gonna have a Show in this field and you need to have Some experience if you’re uh gonna be in The field talking The way he does but i guess Not everybody sees anything Everything but it depends on what kind Of show you’re having if you’re just

Doing You know you’re talking about news and Stuff like that things that are going on It’s not that hard but if you’re going To talk about abductions and You know doing c5 or anything else to Try to make contact yeah it’s not for Him i would guess Yeah yeah there’s there’s a lot of Different sides to ufology Rich have you seen this uh latest what’s The what’s the what was the driveway When you were talking about rich because I’ve not seen this i’ve been at work all For the last couple of weeks The drive have just put out a a video From From a uh a pilot sat on the ground uh Who’s who’s looking out of their cockpit And they’re seeing What looks like three Pixels flying past The uh thing i’ve I can i can show you if you want Yeah is it is it copyright free Uh i don’t know The uh Has anybody seen the uh the utah footage Yet from the symposium Did they post that today Remember i’ve lost i have not seen it Rich i have literally been working all Week Well it only it would have just been

Shown today for so from what i heard These are the five new sightings or four Or five sightings that were coming out From nyuap with the andy the guy who put Out the rubber ducky last year It’s a similar thing And he was supposed to have four new Videos for the world to see it but he Was charging for it at the yupo utah Symposium Can we bring them up as well I don’t know You ready So what is this rich talk us through it And also uh send me the send me the link To this i can put in the description so Whoever’s channel this is gets the uh The kudos okay so this is an apache Longbow Uh so somebody’s setting an apache Longbow and uh I’m gonna sort of keep stopping it Because that’s all right so Just move it on a bit Looks like a video game Part-time pete i see you in below i will Bring you up in a second my friend Pardon me pete there you go can you see You got three Tiny dots you probably can’t There Yeah i see those Yeah okay so Three

Dots Oh boy See what i mean It could be anything But What’s the audio saying Zoomed in on objects now so so this will Be zoomed in One second rich part-time pete i see you My friend i’m gonna bring you up in a Second I’ll bring you up in a second one minute Mate Okay so we’ll keep it going there you go Dots Are they crisscrossing in front of each Other is that what i’m saying yeah yeah Well that’s interesting if it’s real Well the movie they are moving fast It looks real The sad thing is the whole thing looks Like a video game so i don’t know If it isn’t or if it’s reality what’s Tic-tac-toe mean get camping to Apologize to rich Where have you been you didn’t know what Happened no i’ve told you i’ve been Working all week non-stop Yep oh you’re not falling out with cam Being up your race you fall out with Everybody Uh it’s his fault actually is it oh yeah Yeah it’s pretty bad hey when people Keep putting videos up me of me up and

Call me a hoaxer and a liar and then Tell me just because i’m supporting Third phase of moon that um i lose all Credibility Um i’m not gonna sit idly by and not say Anything And cambian cried like a little [ __ ] Yesterday when i when i came out and i Gave an example And i said something but he thought i Called him a pedo which i didn’t i gave An example you are like i i say you are Who your friends are my father used to Say that You know you are who your friends are But not every single time it works out Like that and you could be friends with People and not have the same beliefs in Them you know Politically or Whatever you know you name it you could Be totally different and be friends And it’s rare but it happens and uh well In this situation you know third phase Had a history so he made a video With me talking and put music up behind It and uh I gave an example i said so if if uh if Your friends were pedos does that make You a pedo oh i guess apparently so with Your logic You know and then he’s like yeah i’m Gonna sue you you can’t say that that’s Libel

Roses can’t say that so i had to remove It out of my video because uh you know i Don’t want any problems just for some People like her taking it the wrong way That makes me sad because i like you Both and you two got on like a house on Fire but Part-time pete welcome to the show Oh it’s not part of me Hi pete Hi we can hit we can hear you mate but We’ve got some weird delay Yeah I’m so i’m about 10 seconds behind Possibly Yeah there’s a lag between what you’re Saying and And what i’m hearing Yeah part-time pete if you drop out and Drop back in maybe Yeah Because Yeah When you hear me say toenail but when You hear me say toenail put your thumb Up toenail Toenail yeah oh it’s a big delay It’s five seconds About 10 seconds Yeah yeah drop out come back 10 seconds would be hard to have a Conversation Ah So anyway uh

You know so i removed it out of the Video because i i did my rebuttal Against the things he was saying about Me in third phase and of course i’m Gonna stick up for my friends Um you know and and i had in the title Of the show steven cambion is a hoaxer You know because he’s one of those People like ufo of interest and the out There channel that actually Um said some things that just aren’t True to make his debunk work and you Know i said if you go back You know within five years third phase Really hasn’t done anything that you Could say they hope so he goes back Eight years you know the same stupid Garbage that everybody does Oh they did this it was said it was in The philippines when they were in hawaii And i’m like that’s eight years ago You’re not listening so it was just this Me rebuttaling uh rebutting the the Video he put up with me talking and Defending third phase and Putting up disparaging comments about me So i Said hey look who’s talking dude you had Richard dodie on your show you had Anjalee on your show who are you to talk You’re promoting hoaxers So It got into that little battle and then He did his show right after mine

And i’m gonna shoe you you know i could Strike your channel Oh [ __ ] prick I’m gonna have to get you both on the Same channel together it ain’t happening [ __ ] him and i’m done with that [ __ ] [ __ ] i’m done i’m not apologizing i’m Not gonna do anything else to [ __ ] Mend this relationship it’s over [ __ ] Him [ __ ] you [ __ ] you [ __ ] everybody i’m Done I don’t want to [ __ ] apologize for Something i didn’t do wrong i’m not i Don’t want to be friends with somebody Who’s going to [ __ ] stab me in the Back every [ __ ] chance they get every [ __ ] end of show I’m going to talk to solar marshall and Talk [ __ ] about you [ __ ] [ __ ] i have to say that’s Quite a good impression of his life yeah Yeah i need to find that video now ah it Makes me sad it makes me sad i have not Seen the video but It makes me sad because of how much Youtube got along before Um But yeah i yeah i i get it rich and he Doesn’t listen He doesn’t listen to anything third face Says or what i say he just says what he Wants to say and he makes up [ __ ] and he [ __ ] lies and i’m done with it i just

Can’t stand [ __ ] lying debunkers They’re worse than hoaxers and that’s What he did Done end of it You want to [ __ ] strike my channel go For it you want to [ __ ] take me out [ __ ] and have fun This is [ __ ] for what for what i Didn’t do anything wrong Yeah yeah Right now he’s swearing more than me I like it I want to give you a hug rich I i don’t like This i can tell this is genu genuinely Pissed you off It’s not often nice This angry yeah yeah Yeah We spoke about this rich before rich Came on the show this is confusing with The riches but richard and Goof on we we we spoke about this we Spoke about how much the field Turns on each other And i i have not seen the video so i Can’t I cannot comment on it Um But i guess This is two friends that have Just that they’ve fallen out I think you were nah No no

He’s another festler Jennifer said She I have tried to watch truth seekers but The energy is awful I see i like truth seekers i’m not i’m Not I do like him he looks like kylo ren I mean he’s good for maybe two or three Episodes and after that it’s the same Song and dance every show i mean you Could say that about me but at least you Know i’m not picking on the same people Every every two days i mean he’s he’s Just about click bait he he’s about Making drama about trying to take down The same people everybody’s taken down Before wilcock and corey good and And uh you know and do the old uh What do they call that uh [ __ ] Mental gymnastics with words and Everything i mean that’s what he’s Trying to do with me Switching words around making it look Like i was saying [ __ ] i wasn’t it’s the Oldest trick in the book So I just don’t have i don’t have time i Don’t patience for people like that who Are going to fake friend me and act like They care when they don’t when all he’s Doing is doing what uh lou elizondo did Gather data on me You know try to get [ __ ] on me trying to

Get dirt i’m going to take him down You know i’m going to take everybody Down this is my ufology There’s one thing i’ll say for you rich And that is If somebody [ __ ] with you that’s it i i I’ve You told me that a long time ago if Somebody pisses you off that and i i saw That with dave scott And i obviously i’m seeing this now with You and stephen i didn’t realize this Had happened i would have actually Messaged you about this if i hadn’t Known this had happened Um But So there’s no mending this No I will not mend it i’m done mending [ __ ] With people because it oh look i’ve been Friends with you for a while i’ve been Friends with third phase of moon for Three years we never had to mend any [ __ ] You know you and i have had differences But are you fighting aren’t you Huh You thought i ignored you to start off With if you remember you went oh [ __ ] You then Yeah But that’s because i didn’t reply for About three weeks because i didn’t have

Access to my twitter For some reason part-time pete needs the Link again Coral is asking you to send him the link I mean it’s the same link as before i Don’t understand The link is in the chat people It’s an open forum tonight that was Gonna be the eye that was the idea Behind the video Come shake your tic tacs I should have just put open forum Shouldn’t i You know That’s true i mean i did bring Um Cambian two third uh to uh goof on And you’re saying that you’re saying the Beginning Who said that Ted white Oh i thought he was reading somebody’s Chat that was gonna bring it up i was But i was also saying that i did bring Him into goof on world Part-time pete Hi Hello Have you seen what’s going on with uh Stephen campion and rich Yes I have And whose side are you on Uh i’m on

Hufon’s side which is always my favorite But cambion Rich’s side But cambium has A few issues I’m sorry i’m waiting for the delay I know there’s no delay it’s perfect Yeah yeah you’re good that was a good Review it’s just coming back No no it’s fine Finally he’s here How are you doing here underbelly hello Man although i just i just pop on and Say hello to you guys man Oh mate it’s good it’s good to good to Speak I’ve watched you a few times on rich’s Show obviously i’ve seen your channel For for many years now um you do some Great work i love it when you get Together with rich You make a fantastic team oh thank you Yeah you know rich i’m real sorry Because i don’t really get back to People but i would love to come on your Show again so whenever you want me on Yet You know how to get in contact with me And just just let me know and i’m there In a heartbeat man but i’m real sorry That i don’t i don’t write back to Nobody because i’m always working trying To find footage

So if that’s cool with you i hope you Don’t think You all mean you cool Yeah yeah yeah rich sorry are we cool Yeah yeah yeah Well that’s a good question Because uh The last time you were on it it seemed Like you were kind of upset when you Left So i meant to message you and uh yeah i I did i said thanks for coming on dr Sent you the message but i never heard Back from you but I’m sorry man sorry i’m really terrible At things like that I thought you were upset i’m like what Did i say man i mean did i say something Now that i don’t remember or what oh no Not at all not at all it’s all on me i’m Just really terrible at things like that Sorry No that’s okay that’s good to know Because i am too i’m i’m i try i try Harder to be uh more open and say you Know thank you and hello and all that But it’s hard you know when you gotta i Understand you got a lot of messages Coming in and all that stuff but i Really thought you were upset it was Weird no not at all but i’m paranoid That way i think everybody hates me Well they do at the moment No only the people who don’t know the

Whole story like somebody in the chat Room saying oh ever since uh you know um He kambian told the truth about third Phase third phase told the truth about Third phase they came out and told Everybody about these things that they Made mistakes and all that stuff oh my My thing is i say go back within the Last five years and show me something They purposely hoaxed and he can’t and He had to go back eight years to do it Yeah so you know that was my thing i’m Like you know you didn’t even ask third Phase of moon you’re supposed to be this Debunker and you get on third phase for Not doing research you didn’t even ask The source Why they did what they did and all that [ __ ] and you’re just talking out your Ass So In in defense of not only just third Phase but all of us that do the same Kind of work We are open to this And it’s it’s it’s it is a lot down to Our discretion but sometimes things do Get passed now are we to blame for that Because we trust the footage that we are Getting Or I mean what can we do What can we do out there i mean we’re Dealing with civilian sightings and i

Think the civilian sightings at the Moment are a lot more credible than the Crap that’s coming out from the Government or you know the the video That you just shown You know i’ll leave that video that you Just shown that that one there it looks Like something That is like a beta test for some sort Of game You mean with the the ground how the Ground looked It’s just the whole feel of the footage It just doesn’t seem right and i would Love that to go on reddit because There’s a lot of smart cats out there That will take that video apart and Be able to tell you what we’re looking At So when that hits ready it’s time to Really start looking at it is that the First time you’ve seen that underbelly No I’ve seen that earlier today and the Same thing i saw one same thing i Thought that i wrote in there Is that it’s it looks like a game Footage And we have seen we have seen game Footage being um represented You remember the famous there was a Famous footage came out maybe about Eight months ago where there was ufos Over this arm

And it looked like um a navy ship and They were shooting at it And it turned out to be from um it was Turned out to be footage from the game I i mean bring it up again rich because I i don’t know about that because What we were looking at is we were Looking at uh something that was very Very close to the ground so you could See that the that was it was the tarmac That we were looking at so when i when i First looked it up i was like Yeah that looks It looks extremely flat but then i Realized what i was looking at is it is The actual landing pad You know you look you’re looking at the Uh The runway the runway yeah There’s audio with it Can we get that audio any louder Is that all right Yeah Fast perfect jets up there That sounds made up Why would they say that are those three Jets flying around up there they would Know from that distance no he said There’s three really fast flying jets up There rich take that right back to the Beginning Yeah that’s what i said they said

By the way it has the debrief on it So the debrief has already uh confirmed It’s real It was debriefed that uh released it Don’t they work don’t they work hand in Glove with um corvell Yeah well yeah and Yeah and luis elizondo sure they’re all Friends They’re all in the same lying [ __ ] Boat And this is definitely something that Corbell would have dropped not even Corbell wouldn’t have even dropped Something this This good that guy’s a shh [ __ ] it does look like one of them Maneuvers really fast though That’s color filter added to see better So Mick west has already gone public with This and said that he thinks that it’s Birds Did you see did you see when he um what He tweeted about the school tweeted Did you see that one You know the famous school one where They stream Yeah ariel that’s the one did you see What he tweeted about that one He said it said it may have been hippies In a camper van

A vw van Oh my god That talk Yeah No go on rich what you gonna say Isn’t that the one where they talk to The kids telepathically Yeah Yes the ariel school Yeah Yeah i wouldn’t understand why these Guys would mistake birds Considering these are pilots Yeah that that’s the thing well you have To ask where it’s coming from though Yeah i know So this is why they could mistake birds Yeah That overlap movement there Could be birds that meant that you see Birds do this like that like where they Drop behind um But um I can’t see why a pilot would say it’s Birds unless like you say the video is Complete [ __ ] and it’s just What we don’t know is how how high-res That is whether they’ve tuned down the Resolution so we can’t quite see There might be more information on on an Original that doesn’t look That particularly detailed to be honest Well it’s That type of footage that’s why they

They show us these things you know at Flear or night vision or whatever Thermal because we can’t get any Decent footage You know why isn’t this in uh i’m sure Somebody has Has this in 1080p Somewhere Right Don’t don’t those cameras record in Three different ways or something like That I don’t know Whatever mick west says i’m i’m okay With that then it’s birds I don’t trust the deflate or debrief Whatever Don’t trust them yeah The trouble with that video is you can’t Get any idea of depth perception with That so it could be something very very Small very close or it could be Something a lot larger a lot further Away and moving a lot faster you know I think you can get it i think you can Get some sort of uh distance from it you Know when they turn the camera when it Goes past them i’m sure It doesn’t look more than half a mile Away or maybe a mile that’s it Five thousand feet I know a balloon at thousand feet looks Like the tiniest dot you’ll ever see So yeah i haven’t had the time to go

Through it but apparently chris leto’s Already done an Announcement of it So they’ve moved very quick with this Uh What was it you said that dropped today With rich Before you said something’s dropped Today or or The utah symposium is today The new york uap discussion that that Guy andy who dropped the rubber duck Last year another flier footage so he’s Got four videos that were supposed to be Dropped today for you know you had to Pay to see it But apparently we’re the the public will Get something from it like i don’t know Much more than that But we’re supposed to see it after the Uh after they drop it after everybody Paid for it to see it they’ll drop it Live Surprise somebody’s not Uh you know filmed it while they’re in The True People leak stuff you know if you’re Gonna see something yeah on Screen you you know Why not film it in there but you can get In a lot of trouble if the if you know It says on the back of your ticket that You enter that thing that you can’t you

Know Put any footage out or record anybody’s Image and put it on the internet while You’re there i don’t know i’m just Saying You would think that people would be Respectful But If i was there i would try to get the Footage and show it to you guys because They shouldn’t be charging people for it Anyway how much were they charging 40 bucks i think right 40 bucks a day or so i don’t know Whatever the symposium was for the Weekend I’m sorry i’m i’ve been knocked for six With you and kambian i really have Hidden an underbelly did you see all This that’s gone off with rich and Stephen campion I saw i saw one video But i To be honest i i seen him go for a Long time friend of mine christina gomez I seen him go for her and i thought well You’re completely wrong on this because She was out in the trenches with me Long time ago before she found where she Feels comfortable at You know what i mean because when she First started she started doing things Like what we like what the third phase And all the other guys are doing she was

Out there with us i’d see her out there Asking for videos like myself And that’s how we got talking so when i Saw him do his hit piece on her i Thought well you’re completely wrong on That You know saying that she’s some sort of Buffer and you know they need a pretty Face and all that she’s she’s got a game On and she’s doing what she wants to do And what’s wrong with that i mean you Know I think i think like people are right in The comments they’re they’re in the in The in the comment section they’re They’re completely right there’s too Much bickering and there’s a divide Going on who’s wrong who’s right we we As the public can discern that And you shouldn’t be throwing stones at People that are trying to make a Difference And that that’s just my standard i don’t Really know this steve kelly i’ve seen Him around before But i you know when i was searching For a footage and i saw him mentioning Goof on so i thought i’m gonna check This out and Just wow You know because he showed a video that Third phase had and he said he they Stole it And again true

And again this is this is my point about That video that he was showing again This guy put it out as a ufo and it was Misrepresented because he was having a Little giggle I mean i got caught by the french guy I don’t know if you you remember that French guy on maybe about maybe again Maybe about eight months ago he put out A video and he did it he did a drone it Was a drone And he had like his friends film it from Different angles and made out like it Was um sighted all over this area when It was just him and his three friends And i got caught by that i took the Video You talking about uh section 51 no no no No no no no No um god i can’t remember his name But he’s he’s a well-known french Prankster i didn’t know this because i’m A guy in england So how am i gonna know But You know it’s it’s just one of those Things you get caught out it’s what you Do once you get caught with your pants Down do you do you come clean and say Look this is what’s happened this is This video or do you just move on from It some people choose to do that i Choose not to i choose to say okay look This has been proven as a fake

Sorry guys Yeah I mean it’s Now Something to say Well it’s just gonna say it’s a hard It’s a hard thing when you’re dealing With the public because you deal with Misinformation then you have to deal With the hoax to hoaxers I mean i saw a really good video And i was going for i was i was begging The guy for it and i’m i’m so glad about This guy this one individual because he Turned around and he said look Give me a couple of days and i’m gonna Put out another video and that might be More interesting than this one so i Thought wow because this video that i Saw that he put up was really good The in the couple of days he put out a Video and he was showing how he made This ufo video And it was a drone attached to some sort Of rigging of lights Do you I don’t i don’t know if you do this way But Whenever you put a video out there Do you ever retract it if you find out What it is in terms of like like like Say guys i’ve found out what this is It’s not a ufo it’s a it’s just a drone Or it’s just some

Skydivers or what have you i indeed do i Indeed do it’s in the i always put it up In the comments section Or the one with the australian one that I’ve that Found out that it was um well see i’m 50 50 on that one that’s why i didn’t take It out But i pinned the comment So people can have a better of the Conversation that we’ve had But i do i do I do put out a statement And Let’s say ninety percent of the time i Will take down the video There is that odd there is that odd time When i’m not certain Like just because just because some Debunkers may have debunked it like what Was like what rich was saying They’re not always right as well And this is my problem with mr west i Always have a problem with nick west Because nick west because He he he Was called out on one of his debunks And his arrogance stepped in the way of It and he turned around and said well What does that matter When it was being pointed out where his Where he made his mistake And he and he did it mattered a hell of A lot

Sorry go on no no no go on what you’re Gonna say Nothing nothing more dad really I do feel for For any channel and i say i said this When They were just me and rich like when it Comes to like third phase of the moon And thank you jennifer again for the Super chat uh i missed the catfish i Think that that was for some reason Blurred out i don’t know what he said uh Rich has been polite Tolerant and Uh tolerant of dyslexia Tolerant of cambium For ages Yeah that’s all i’ve seen but i have not Seen Jen i have not seen what’s gone off Between rich and cambion i need to go Watch it straight away a couple of Months ago he put a video up Of me defending third phase with music Behind it fine i mean that was cute and Funny and everything and and i listened To him talk about how i suck their ass And i get paid by him or them and All the other lies and all this [ __ ] Yeah i mean i do work for them i don’t Get paid to be their cheerleader you Know i edit videos i go to on third Phase ufo report and i put videos up and Try to you know figure out what they’re

Actually posting on their channel And uh You know i get the ad revenue from that And that’s because i did all the work You know and uh that’s it i don’t get Paid to be a cheerleader i don’t get Paid to be their friend it’s all Business on that end and you know um i Haven’t done a video in a few months Over there but the thing with kambi and That really is is frustrating and You know He never does anything positive It’s always a negative he never brings Anything new to the field that can Actually Propel ufology forward it’s always Taking somebody down Making somebody look bad because they Talk [ __ ] i get it i mean i’ve done it You know it’s just there’s no other side To the guy it’s all negative It’s bad juju over there man i mean i i Don’t mind bad juju but I can only listen for a few minutes and Then you know after five minutes of Yelling i’m out Um but that’s his style people like it He’s got his following and That’s that You know i am sorry for that things had To go south I feel bad for everything that i said And happened but

I can’t sit idly by and not say anything And defend myself but he knows that i Think he purposely knew that i would Come back at him because he likes the Drama So i don’t think this was something he Didn’t plan i think he planned on me Getting mad and going after him and Creating drama and uh and i’m sorry i Fell for it i apologize to everybody out There including kambian and anybody else But um You know i have to defend my honor my Name and i don’t think i’m a bad person I don’t think he’s a bad person At all he’s definitely no uh Well a guy who strikes he’s no dolan Let’s put it that way But other than that You know i just want to End that chapter of my life and move on And uh i won’t even talk about the guy After today probably it is nothing for Me to say nothing negative nothing good It’s i’m just putting an end to it so i Can move forward and i was trying to do That this week You know on my show i didn’t even talk About lou one day at all All week long didn’t even talk about Corbell or anybody else i was just Talking about ufology getting back to The principles and things that That we need to learn about and the

Current events And um you know the history of ufology And stuff with Popular things that happened in the past So I’m moving on and i hope he does too but Man i just feel bad that all that Happened i really do it sucks but you Know i’m an emotional guy i wear my Emotions on my sleeve just like he does So You know he knew what he was doing and i Fell for it and uh that’s on me so What can you do you learn Can you imagine if something Very strategically has been done by uh The the the the dark side of this this This field That has turned Pretty much Most of us against each other that has Created this mini War That’s going on within the field and we Don’t even know what’s going on but We’ve everybody’s turned on each other You imagine if that has been kind of Orchestra It’s purposely being done like The angeles of this world the lose all These people that have come into the Field maybe they know exactly maybe They’re here so that we turn on each Other

There is i i have noticed something Recently uh i don’t know whether you’ve Seen it there was uh there was a ton of Uh Different people jumping onto ufo Twitter and they were they were saying Um Nobody’s talking about the uh ufo Hearing that’s just happened And it was just it’s like one of these Activist type phrases that they think Nobody’s ever talking about You know and it seemed that there was About five or six people Or five or six accounts that had tweeted That and then there was like Hundreds and hundreds of uh Retweets and a lot of those were bots So somebody is definitely trying to Manipulate the uh the Narrative around this Indeed i’m sorry i agree We have three dicks in the room now How you doing mate Dark sky Dark sky Oh Yes that is avatar or Yeah it was okay Hey Can hear me how you doing that’s guy no We can hear you Oh look at fuzzy people We hear you

Rich oh [ __ ] all right hey what’s up Guys Sorry about that how are you doing What’s up man No we we’re good mate have you heard About the the dramas going on between Rich and um Cambion Yeah i’ve seen some of it a little bit Right it’s A little surprised I i think you may have a lag um from From Can you if i say the word tomato when do You hear the word tomato Tomato yeah It’s Messed up a little bit Yeah there’s a lag Yeah let me let me try and dial it back In i’ll be right back No ways mate Thank you jen again yes because the the True experience do not Have channel Channels Present company thank you rich god i Hate dyslexia it’s the worst thing is It’s a curse Thanks jen again i appreciate that I don’t i don’t think you know you say That right i i have dyslexia Mine’s terrible i don’t find it as a Curse i find it that it it makes you a

Lot more smarter because you try have You spent i spent most of my life trying To hide it Which yeah i still do now So You find ingenious ways to hide it [Laughter] You fake your way through life Yes yes you do you do Something like some of my jobs i’ve had I’ve had to hide it because my dyslexias Were spelling i see words all jumbled up So it’s really bad especially when i’m Having to write like on my videos it’s Really bad Yeah Rich i think you just need to put this Behind you the stuff with cambium i’m Gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna Watch what’s gone off but yeah it’s um Crazy I’m putting it definitely behind me Immediately And uh that’s the only way like a Band-aid You know the wound will be there but It’ll be covered up I feel i feel We could have done a lot of good But you Know You know his friends were getting in his Ear And telling him you know you if you’re

Friends with this guy he’s friends with Third phase then you’re going to be Lumped in with goof on in third phase so In here And then he goes off and he’s got i got To make a video then to protect my got My my image Well i don’t get i i don’t get why is it Such a bad thing to be To beings let’s say lumped in with third Phase I mean i i enjoy working with them as Well i mean And i I don’t care what anybody will say about Them because at the end of the day They’re trying to do something they’re Trying to shine a spotlight on what’s Going on out there with the civilian Science And surely that’s a good thing even Though mistakes will be made You know for let’s say for every 100 Videos that’s shown there’s going to be One that’s going to be a bit ropey isn’t There Yeah more than that Well yeah i’m trying to be polite here Yeah but yeah yeah you’re right um Yeah i mean that we’re all going to make Mistakes and not not be a hundred Percent right nobody can be It’s impossible Welcome william carr and star galactic

Federation Are you going oh that’s gordy How you got richie What’s up man how you doing what do you Think what’s been going on man i’m Hearing some bad [ __ ] going on Yeah it’s all good man Slander man it’s not good man that p Word you said Oh wait You’re telling me i slandered him Are you [ __ ] nuts Are you [ __ ] stupid do you understand What i [ __ ] said I said You are who your friends are so if i use His logic Then then just because i’m friends with Third phase means i’m a hoaxer So i said if that’s the logic you’re Using then if your friends are pedos Then you must be too I’m not i’m just saying but you’re Saying that word on youtube isn’t it oh Who cares okay i said it So what It’s not it’s not litigious and i didn’t Say anything slanderous it was an Example that’s a different thing it’s an Example it’s not the truth I didn’t say your friends are pedophiles And you are too sorry ollie i didn’t Mean to say the whole word but i didn’t Say that

I said using your logic If your friends are da Then that must mean you’re da I’ll have a copy of the video do you Want it well i had to remove it because He cried Bro William carr welcome mate how you doing Mate yeah i didn’t mean to yell at your Star galactic but i just You know when people say something like That you need to know what you’re Talking about i’ll be right back i just Got to do something Yeah he won’t be backfired why it’s not Okay i will be back i’m canadian I’m a good guy I know I i mean without bringing up the the the P word because i’m a little bit Funny funny about that on the the tall Tube Um I uh I i i i’m kind of just Blind to what’s gone off uh And didn’t expect to be talking about This tonight but i’ll be honest it’s Something to speak about because Uh it’s two people Who who i have Many a conversation with i mean my boy Rich here uh obviously we’ve known each Other rich for a long time now i’ve only

Known kambin for Quite a few months i i i haven’t got a Bad word to say about him because you Know I can’t figure out this guy out really Which guy Um Yeah um It’s the Stephen what’s your name steven cambion Yeah that’s it yeah Yes i know he’s a bit strange But he’s he’s got children of his own And he’s saying my god Is he saying oh i can’t i just [ __ ] Care and then he’s saying i’ve got Charity with children all this [ __ ] Yeah i don’t know man i don’t know Well i mean I At the end of the end of the day i mean This It’s just There’s been a lot of drama happening on Youtube especially when it comes to the Ufo field um And i didn’t call him that i never Called him that Think about what you’re saying before You say it I never called him that it was an Example i could have used the word Hoaxer instead of pedo which in Retrospect i wish i did but i knew i

Needed to trigger uh you know and get His attention so i knew what word would Have worked And i didn’t call him that i didn’t call Him that it was an example everybody a God almighty jesus christ oh god never Used a p word oh my god It’s like jesus i mean are you guys all [ __ ] snowflakes uh what happened to Your balls i don’t understand what Happened to men in this [ __ ] world Grow up [ __ ] take the heat take the [ __ ] bite i mean you [ __ ] attack Me expect me to attack back but i did Not and would never call anybody that And i didn’t it was an example i used That if you [ __ ] hang out with them Then you must be because that’s what he Says i am and i’m not He’s taking it is offended you know he’s Just i never attacked the guy i always React to what people do i don’t go after People nine times out of ten You know i’m not talking about people in The government i’m talking about just Regular people who i you know make money On [ __ ] and all that stuff i do it Too Um But you know i you know between me and Kambi and i thought we were on the same Team So when he started talking [ __ ] you know Acting out with the evidence

What are you talking about if he is or Not whatever is that you know where’s The evidence to back all that claim if He is or not Yeah i mean if you’re going to call me a Hoaxer I’ve never hoaxed a goddamn thing in my Life i mean you know what i mean out of All the [ __ ] i posted over the years but He doesn’t know that about me he doesn’t Know anything about me And even saying that word on youtube is Actually breaking the youtube um the Policy agreement whatever you call it You know i’ve said that word probably 40 50 times nothing happened nothing well Let’s forget that word let’s just Because We won’t be using that word anymore like Because i mean I’m very new we have to be more Civilized Like heaven I mean ufology channels are sort of Going downhill And It’s just getting ridiculous man i mean I think out of all the other in your Biology channels i’ve watched um I’ll give example um Uh Secure team 10 um He’s got like two million subscribers On his channel

And it’s like now he owns the channel Now he’s No one can still build his channel And then you’ve got other channels going Yeah food phase but they’re doing pretty Well then you’ve got the dark room um The blue room you’ve got that one it’s A new channel it’s recently opened um I think it’s called blue room blue room Blue room let me just double check that Don’t forget the hidden underbelly Yeah there’s blue room media That’s it Blue moon media Yeah stop journalists if we’re plugging Channels man i want to plug mine Yeah i mean Go subscribe to hidden for undervalued People i’m going to put you in the Description box please don’t man it’s Just i’m i i don’t i put out an awful Video the last one put out is awful so Please don’t Why was it awful It’s terrible it’s getting terrible out There it’s getting kind of there’s i Don’t i feel there’s something going on And i think people we should i mean i i I’m gonna i’m definitely gonna come back Doing what i do in a live show and i’m Gonna talk about what’s going on out There because I think i think i think the the footage Is being controlled i think

I don’t there’s like nothing out there I’m seeing a lot of fake footages like Um a lot more now than What i’m used to Seeing I think what was the um The photoshop came out what in it back In the 80s when they vented photoshop And then was the Cgi i think that was been back in the 90s Yeah and And when you look at photos Beforehand or videos beforehand you know They’re not fake Or cgi or done by photoshop Because they’re right being Recorded or taken maybe back in in the 60s or in the 70s Or you know for example And you can’t fake those photos back in Those days Or video because there were no photoshop Software program made that in that time And goes the same thing with cgi Unless you’ve got one pretty much pretty Much hologram projection Well i do gotta beg to differ because um You also had back with the the old Cameras you did have you did have double Exposure that was doing and that was That was shown in a lot of the early Ghost pictures So there are there are there were ways

That it pictures could be manipulated Yeah but i’ve seen a lot of people Actually built like these plastic um Models you know with you know flying Sources and i even know there is a tr3b Plastic models out there you can Actually build yourself Pretty Much about You know And you hang it on a bloody fishing line You wouldn’t even know if it’s real or Not So yeah you can fake it you know it’s That easy it Goes the same you know launching a Balloon up there and people Think it’s a Uap or something you know like But realistic the balloon you know Star galactic why are you here have you Had an experience before Um I had some really weird experience when I was a child um I was in a room sleeping And Suddenly My bedroom door was die Moving further and further away from me And Like the room was getting like bigger And bigger and bigger and stories Like doors just moving away

Further away to the point that was Getting smaller and smaller and smaller To the point no longer couldn’t see the Door my bedroom door And i just passed out That was it i mean And i’ve seen a ufo just recently last Year i’ve actually um Video recorded it using my gopro I actually lived in loxton in south Australia And There hasn’t been some couple of recent Um Videos captured in victoria i think it Was like four Flying saucers flying nearly together And that was pretty recent Nice and That what is was actually um Definitely was not fake that was Um that was a real Legitimate footage You said that was quite recently where Was that again Uh i was about a month i think Yeah i think i got that one we’ll stay In adelaide i think Yeah yes yeah it was like i think Like people say it was free for um for Us but there was really four They’re just gonna like courses Would that be in melbourne I think so or adelaide i can’t remember

Um you say about a month ago Yeah about roughly yeah yeah i think i Got that one that was in melbourne Yeah I could have been that one but Because it seemed like there was free Flying sources but if you look very Closely there was actually The fourth one there That was the one you remember ali we we Were just we were talking about um Retracting videos And i said that that was that that that Was the one video that i’m still not a Hundred percent sure even though they Gave an explanation for what it possibly Could be I I personally I would say they came inside No because there are a lot of people um Seeing it too and It’s been on the news as well Yeah yeah yeah Star galactic foundation do you do you Think that the ufo community is is is Getting very gullible Yeah definitely They’re starting to Believe You know it’s like Stop believing in it But they sort of believing in It’s

Been made by Us you know like Even if you think it was Extraterrestrial In um Technology Uh if it was stolen or Deliberately they shot the crafts down So they can steal the technology Even in that case but i’ve seen A lot of stories you know i hear Such cow mutilation for example Well The cow Um You can say slaughter um Generally Is done by military To basically get people to think that The grays are actually Bad Entities You don’t think about Well basically what i’m saying is the Military um Trying to get To believe That the greys are bad but they’re but They’re not they’re not actually bad People back extraterrestrials they’re Actually here to help us Did you say did you say the the The trying to make the military believe That the greys are bad

Yeah the military is trying to get Everyone To believe that the greys are bad Entities But they’re actually not because they’re Actually the ones that actually created Us From the start Where did you get this from is this Something that you heard from stephen Greer or somebody like that oh this has Been Stuff i’ve been researching for the last 32 years Okay So the grace cr This is interesting Yes absolutely How come they don’t have beards That like That would have been like the second Civilization but then when we got to the First civilization Um the anarchy came to our earth and They exactly Modify our dna Basically so that we can live up to 130 Maybe 150 years if we’re lucky Of a lifespan And because we were created by the greys From From the Way back Then

We had a lifespan of something around People would have been able to live up To about three to four hundred years old Generation and generation by generation Where dna has been altered so many times You know from From the v word Vax right Um Or even Ulting you know that’s basically Normally what that’s used to alter your Dna Well Before I because this this streaming i can only Hold a certain amount of people and There’s a there’s a if there’s a couple Of people that tried to join i’ve had to Kick them off Um But before we let you go my friend can You just answer me this Would you Given that Should we Trust should we So david wilcox car that he’s about to Make okay He’s the inventor so he’s driving the Car so Would you trust the would you trust the [ __ ] behind the wheel Absolutely not

Why do not trust david wilcock He’s a liar he’s a scam And it’s just The stuff he talks about it’s just Absolutely ridiculous Mind-boggling Welcome Star galactica federation i used to like Him was when he a long time ago and so Certainly started talking you know a lot Of I can’t even say the word you know what I’m talking about He he He’s probably one of these people that Doesn’t you know tries to manipulate People against the greys And i don’t trust him either do you know What gallagher is that star galactic Federation it’s been a pleasure my Friend i’m going to let some Holly ollie yeah it was nice talking to You earlier and no no it must be like it Must be is it early there Um What time is it here uh 10 past eight in the morning Well It’s actually it’s been a pleasure my Friend I’ve been up all Mornings trying to set up my sky cam so I’m gonna get my sky cam up and running Soon so i’ll be looking at the skies

Every single day Keep watching my friends And it will be live streams for sure for Everyone to watch or i’ll be happy to Provide i’ll be blowing the link as well Later on i’ll send me the link on Twitter i’ll put i’ll i’ll i’ll i’ll I’ll put you in the description i’m sure People want to go head over mate Yeah no worries All right mate i’ll let you go and i’ll Talk to you later Okay darling i’ll see you later bye-bye Let’s call him darling i did dinner What what a pleasant guy Rich hated him I i think he loved you stupid I think he i think he i think he loved You i think i think he likes you Don’t care He he’s not stupid because he wouldn’t Get in david wills cox car I’ll give you get in the car You do if wilcox driving he invented Yeah But i’m sure he’ll have a flying one by Then Now star galactic uh you know he’s a Nice guy But uh You know when when you don’t hear what People are saying And you just have this idea because the Word the p word was mentioned doesn’t

Mean you called that person the word It’s so goddang stupid You know I i i gay in which i’ve not what i need To see these videos because they say Well i removed it out of the video so You’re not going to see it Or hear it Oh dear And as i’m removing it i’m like i Shouldn’t even do this i have no Desire to do it but i did it Um because you know i’m gonna give him The benefit of the doubt that uh you Know that could come back Someday and uh you know i don’t want That to happen so i removed it i i Thought i did the right thing but i also Said the right thing i’m not admitting Guilt at all I i’ve i’ve actually used that Expression before so I don’t know He’s just playing um What do they call that word Gymnastics mental gymnastics he’s good At switching words around and Um but after After today after i do my show and say What i have to say about yesterday i’m Done I’m done with him i’m done with that Chapter and i’m moving forward So

Whatever Well i’m done i’m so Tired of it i know and i’ve created a Lot of negative drama in this field You know it’s just after a while Uh you know it’s nice to have a wake-up Call and i’m glad it happened but i’m Not glad it happened but it had to Happen So i’m glad for that Heather i appreciate the the super chat Yes he did not know my name but he knows My name and i will not forget it he will Forget He probably will bless him bless him Though i’d like to hear more about that Room that where the door was Disappearing It sounded like a bad mushroom trip No he said he was a child Oh sorry I’m sorry man i don’t advocate mushrooms For children Unless they’re very very naughty I’m saddened by this i really are i’m Saddened by this whole thing i i I mean Rich stephen campbell could just drop on Right now because i put the link in the Description I have nothing to say it’s all been said He hears what he wants to hear And that’s that and i don’t see how he Can’t hear things the way they were

Actually said actually that’s what i’m Talking about he knows what i said He’s just switching it to make me look Like the bad guy that’s that’s the The game that he plays it’s very it’s Very smart Yeah i i I And i’ve got 10 minutes left here and I’m definitely checking out at five till So what time does she show stop Five after seven no in 20 minutes 20 minutes I might watch it in bed You’ve already heard it all you’re not Going to hear anything new It’s going to be a bad show boring William Is here have you got any videos to take A look at No i haven’t had time to set up a show So i’m just doing probably an hour and Getting out William carr welcome my friend how’s it Going How are you going mate you you’re Looking very handsome there with the Cigar you’re looking cute Yeah Um you know i like rich’s look so i just Kind of kind of winged it you know So It’s not too bad eh I i i like your little uh

You the thing you put on twitter with The uh The the uh What’s it called what’s that program Britain’s got talent there that the World’s just got talent yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah it’s actually a tick tock Thing it started on tick tock and i just Happened to have a twitter account so i Just started posting on twitter too Because not everybody has tick tock Right so you you’re that guy i’ve seen That Hear that guy uh No no no sorry i didn’t mean it that way I see that You did you put it out as short on Youtube Yeah so i start i didn’t do it at the Beginning because i don’t know why i Just burned or something right so Later And then uh The thing It’s really funny Got a guy’s got to be careful what you Say on your channel just posted on my Video right I caught an alien girl saying something She said she wanted to strap on her Gopro and i was like there it is I’m putting that on my video And it’s funny i like it There you go rich

You gotta go always on there now oh Yeah A little bit i You you got a little a little tiny tiny Just ever so slight like my friend but You know it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine I i kind of knew this would happen when You when you just You sound a little bit like a sinclair Spectrum there If if anybody knows what one of those is Used to have one Um Yeah Yeah i mean William we were talking me and rich Briefly before the show kind of like Uh Oh i’m like oh let’s hold my phone up Let’s see if i put it up there Have you got it open That’s what she said yeah is it I just want to make sure i’m not lagging You know No no you find me So Do you do you fee do you feel like the The the the drama In in the community now is Um Do you think you feel like it’s ever Going to stop or do you do you think we Bring it on ourselves do you think we’re Bringing it on ourselves

It’s the law of the universe my friend It uh you know where you have positive You’re going to have a negative and so Maybe it’s our law in our universe you Know you could go down that rabbit hole But for the most part i believe it’s Positive negative it’s a constant Through the universe you could have Positivity out there you’re going to get Negative regardless so is it going to End never Is it going to be that too maybe not but It will be somebody else somebody doing Something stupid Right or vice versa whatever the case May be Um yeah and it’ll never end um So you just gotta make do you know you You do your um Videos you do your show You know you need people To Bring it uh because it just think about It ollie if you didn’t have this What would there to be talked about you Know what i mean like so it’s it’s Always going to be around um You know You have david wilcox like i hope he Never stops because like You uh rich and and Truth seekers and everybody else they do Uh really good videos on them and stuff Like that it’s funny to watch and i just

Hope he doesn’t stop Right because it’d be very boring in Ufology You know So that is true I think Everybody needs a little bit of drama in Their life And if you’re into the field of ufology You know sometimes it can get a little Bit boring when you’ve seen the same old Crap over and over again that’s right That’s right that’s right We need the the goofons and the cambians That they do to have yeah And that’s why i like uh goof on and That’s why you know and i throw him a Couple bucks here and there um Because he i like what he does uh steve Cambion same thing it just so happens That Those two are button heads you know it’s Oh it is what it is i guess Um and hopefully maybe down the road it Will decide who knows Well you’ve obviously picked a side Because you you you’ve changed you You’ve got your avatar as The man Well i talked to kambian and uh he’s you Know voiced his opinion and i just kind Of said you know i like goof on i will Never stop watching him and i like truth Seekers i will never stop watching him

Um And that’s it right Um if they you know that’s them too They’re going at it it has nothing to do With me I’m enjoying their shows right so Exactly and you should that’s the you Shouldn’t have to pick a side no i i Don’t get that about the field Right Yeah Richard as some of your audience had a Negative reaction against when it comes To yourself Or is it is it as this this gun against Cambian It’s gone against him because he’s the One who put the video out the second one The first one i didn’t even say anything Bad about it i just let it go because it Was okay it was just me talking with Music behind me Um but You know people have been coming to me And telling me you have no idea who your Friends are do you and i’m like what are You talking about you know and they’re Like oh cambian cuts you down every Chance he gets you know and i just Wanted to let you know because i’m Looking out for you but you know don’t Mention my name and all this and i’m Like don’t worry about it i won’t You know so when i find that stuff out

And then he puts another video out a Couple months later Uh Saying that Um i am this and i am that you know and All that and it’s just not true Um You know i i just Just as other people like the people i Attacked you would think they would say Something and you know some people do And i’m i’m a person who’s going to Stick up for myself and third phase of Moon especially when there’s lying going On and You know when when you give somebody Uh like if you tell them go back five Years you know anything in the last five Years and they can’t and they go back Eight years instead Uh It just shows that they’re they’re not Honest they’re they’re trying to trick The audience into thinking that this Just happened and Uh and it’s eight years ago it was Already admitted third phase Said everything they had to say about All their mistakes And that’s not good enough Because then he says you know that i am Being paid to promote a hoaxer and That’s just not true so i have to say You know i have to defend that

So there were some things this time Around on top of what i was hearing from His friends who were my friends who were Coming to me behind the scenes who are Now not my friends again because you Know they’re They’ve been caught i guess you know Leaking information to me i don’t know But they picked aside and that’s that And That’s fine but the general The general feel is I was right and i haven’t had any Negative i’ve had people say I’d rather you two be together than Apart you know it’s a shame and this and That but Nobody’s really saying you were wrong Nobody said i was wrong And i wish people would Uh because i’d like to know if i was Wrong so at this point Only person saying i’m wrong are hi or Him and his friends And that’s that And they’re like oh you defen you you go After all the other hoaxers but when it Comes to third phase of moon just Because they’re paying you You know and it’s like that’s not it at All it’s not even close to it And that that’s again not doing the Research you say Should be done in the field so you’re

Doing exactly what everybody else does You know and Don’t be a hypocrite you’re putting Yourself out there to look like a Hypocrite and i’m gonna stand up for me And my friends and that’s that And look third phase did what they did In the past they grew the channel when They realized they were influencing People they said holy [ __ ] we didn’t Realize the impact was this bad they Decided to turn it around for four and a Half five years ago whatever it was And You know i was their biggest hater for Years years i i put all that energy into Them And For me to change and for me to accept Them and See that what they’re doing now is a lot Better than anything that anybody else Is doing no you know except hidden Underbelly of course but Um You know i i didn’t People were telling me including cambian You shouldn’t be friends with those guys They’re gonna make you look bad they’re Gonna make you look stupid you know You’re gonna lose all your credibility And and this and that and i said you Know i don’t think so I think i think i have enough

Integrity and enough history in the Field that The people who know me will follow me And that’s that do you remember the Conversation we had and i think this was Going back How long you were with fed face and moon Now Three years Yes do you remember the conversation we Had I don’t i i might want you to start it Up for me you asked my advice he said What should i do He said because because i’ve had Conversations with blake And brent i like them He said i don’t like what they’ve done In the past But i like what they can be Yes And you wanted to add to that and i said To you Do it I said to you if i had time i would do i I would and i did briefly do a couple of Things but there was no time to Do anything So So i would have done the same as you i Would have been exactly the same as you Because i i like Blake and brent Do i like everything they did in the

Past No no but but but where Were they let’s let’s be Really really honest now i think if you Ask blake and brent when they first Started putting ufo videos out Did they have a clue about ufos did they Have a clue about the field absolutely Not They didn’t have and i think at some Point something happened because when You see blake now And i want to see i want to see brent Speak more because about the subject as Well because i bet brent’s knowledgeable But when you see blake speak About the subject He knows what he’s talking about He can hold a conversation and if Somebody Is Calling him out for something or if Um There’s names being mentioned he can Back that up with something Else like he he he can bring he he knows Everybody behind the field And he knows what they’ve been up to and What they’ve been doing so he’s done his Research So so he’s now very much in the game He’s not just a guy that puts videos out Anymore He’s somebody who

Is Very much in the field now They’re embedded in it yeah yeah they’re In it i mean they talk to luella Lozando’s manager You know he might go on their show Eventually you never know but it it Could happen they still believe it might Um and and other things you know it’s Just uh So many things that they’re involved in And so many people they know over the Years Because they they do Have the best interest of Ufology in mind now you know more than Ever And uh yeah you know uh These people you know like kambian and Them uh they will never give them a Chance They say oh once a hoax are always a Hoaxer and i’m like you don’t even know What you’re talking about they’re not Like david wilcox all due respect though Rich you say the same thing about Secure team 10 and i’m friends with Tyler What do i say Well you’ve you you know you You did a video uh just before i Interviewed tyler Saying that i’d signed a deal with the Devil

So you see how it might look from Somebody else’s point of view No i didn’t say it was a thumbnail It was a thumbnail i did like the Thumbnail but But what all i’m saying there is you From somebody without knowing these People i i know you’ve got your issues With tyler but The I could They’re completely completely different People i i i know that and uh i know why You have the issues with tyler it’s not Even close Could i interject though Yeah Because Because i came into the third phase Family And everything that was just been said That’s what made me Want to work with these with with the Brothers because I know their past I saw what they were doing And i s and i saw that Civilian sightings needs to be looked at A lot more and they have now i have i Had an opportunity to do the same with Tyler and i chose not to And I don’t trust him You shouldn’t

I don’t that’s that’s and that’s where It’s at and i can show you emails that He sent me asking me to Work with him Then that’s that’s the reason i just Don’t i tell you what i know we Shouldn’t say About the past but there’s things that Tyler has done that never sat well with Me I’m gonna get tyler wrong with everybody That would be interesting no i’m not Interested oh It will happen rich i’m not interested In talking to that scumbag Look And look um mike rotunda in the chat Says Third phase of moon they just put a uh a Documentary out with greer and it Riddled with lies well Their third phase of moon didn’t say Those words greer said that [ __ ] And How does how do you know if it’s riddled With lies if you didn’t do the research It’s just that’s what that’s what i Don’t understand You can’t research everything you can’t Go down And uh you know find out every single Thing and Riddled with lies like what lies

See i don’t know about great but i know That a lot of my viewers they don’t like Him they don’t trust him and they don’t Like him and If like on third phase asked me to show A trailer for the first one the first Documentary they put out And i happily did And The fact that i got on that because not Because of third phrase but because of Stephen greer yeah that it just showed That a lot of my viewers they’re very Oh very good people very discerning People they they they’ve helped the Channel a lot and they they just came Out and saying look this guy is you know So I think with that stigma that he has no Matter what this guy could tell the Truth but people will sit there and say That right I i do it too yeah So i i gotta get going no worries rich The show’s going to end soon anyway All right guys enjoy your show and uh We will speak offline by the way do you Have do you have you ever owned a Playstation Yeah of course let alone three of them Because you got playstation and you top Three times Four four times four man All right i’ll see you guys thank you

Very much my show starts in two minutes So are you are you wearing the hell Tonight rich are you going to be doing The house cool tonight or Doing the what that your house coat your Your house coat tonight My robe Yeah your robe nah i think i’ll do that Tomorrow for the saturday in the uk show Oh yeah okay So maybe i’ll rub it up tomorrow yeah Maybe maybe All right Thanks have a good show Guys Head on over to rich in literally five Minutes to two minutes uh one minute but One minute extend it to ten after so i Can go change my shirt and put on makeup See you guys We’ll we’ll be finished by then we’ll be Finished by the mountain i don’t wanna Audio all right Boys Hidden underbelly i need to do i we need To do one-on-one I need to get i need to get you back Have you ever done a face reveal Um That’s that’s yes and no There’s twice that i’ve been on camera No actually three times there’s three Times i’ve been on camera the first time Was when i did an interview for on fox

News Which really blew my mind But i i put up with you send me that you Need to actually I can’t find it i cannot find the Footage um because i i said it to Somebody else and they were like wow and I tried to find all i can find is the Transcript of it But it does it does prove that i have Been interviewed by fox news but No and there’s um there’s there’s a Promo trailer i did for usa tv where i Do show i do show myself Well maybe Do you like Do you do Do you have a bit spit it out do you Have a beer A beer Um Um the thing is i i’m kind of t total But i’m not I wish i was i’m more partial to 420. You’ll have to come on another coffee With me one One time mate with a face reveal I’ll come up and have a well you know What you know what that’s not that’s not Gonna be out of the realms i think i i Think i will But it’s not just to Be make myself famous or anything it’s Just that maybe you are famous

No no People know how to hit an underbelly i Just want the channel to be be famous Not me [Laughter] But yeah i’ll definitely come up and Have a little 420 with you good lad Goodbye Don’t mind getting stunned and talking Crap What’s new I have not done that in many years um You probably wouldn’t want to see an Alien addict like that If people think i don’t know what i’m Talking about on this channel when i’ve Had Four for Australia’s then uh yeah that Could i ask you which part of the Country you’re in ali Yorkshire Leeds way leeds way very close to leeds I mean i’m in birmingham The west midlands Oh right in birmingham yeah You don’t sound like you’re from Birmingham no i’ve i’ve traveled a lot i Lived i i was born i was born in england And at the tender age of five i went Over to america with my mom And then i came back here when i was 16 17. Why come back to this place and you end

Up in birmingham I know wow Some nice places It’s not that bad yeah You you know birmingham rich Yes yeah yeah uh I i uh I’m i’m their semi occasionally Okay my formative years was in smedic Full ring Oh yes yes Well well boys we’re gonna we’re gonna Bring this show to an end because rich Is about to start his show and i don’t i Hate overlapping with shows because uh i Love the man very very dearly and I’ll be honest with you if stephen if You’re watching this i don’t i have no Idea what’s going on i like stephen Campion uh I do like his infectious laugh that rich Did a great impression of as well um i Don’t know what’s going on with off with Them too but um it would maybe i’m gonna Have to be that person to Get that That video that drama video where i get Them both on together god that would be Such a good shouting match they could be The new i reckon those are going to be The new tyler lions ground Now here’s the thing with rich So i i’ve known rich now for about i Think it’s

Coming up five years And if he falls out with somebody he Falls out with them for good pretty much Yeah So It’s it’s a it’s a weird it’s a weird World and It’s a world i i hate to say the word Game because it makes it it makes it Sound less but i always call it a game Because Uh you do fall out with people there are A lot of There are a lot of Very weird people in this game Very weird people and i’ve come across a Few of them that i Would rather see the back of them So Jen thank you for the super chat as well My friend uh she’s such a good supporter Of the show and she’s been on the Channel and hopefully back on the Channel again very soon because i want To bring uh some of the experiences on All to speak together as one with no Drama just to speak about ufos and Aliens that would be fantastic like jen We appreciate you very much and uh I I don’t know if tyler has ventured out In the field very much i’m gonna ask him Because i’m going to get him back on the Show at some point um

It would I’d love do you think he could get him On the show ollie He’s been on the show Again i mean After all this has happened and um How may we speak now and again you know We we When he went through a real hard time With the With alcohol um right he he spoke to me On many occasions Um oh that’s good Like almost Like i’m not saying that i was The Uh Helping him or anything like that but i Would talk to him when he was going Through a hard time so There’s no Uh it’s not Nothing hidden there he admitted he Spoke on the channel when he was when i Interviewed him about his uh problem With alcohol so yeah he had to And it was hard for me not to drink While speaking i had to have a coffee But i’m not People think i’m a big drinker i’m not i Have like a few beers on a friday when i Do a show in the week i probably don’t Drink that much at all that’s good that You said that i thought you were like a

Drinker like a heavy drinker that’s good Sorry Don’t get me wrong if i go out I go out forever Oh okay oh yeah Oh [ __ ] But no no no i i can i can take it or Leave it coffee on the other hand You love your coffee i i would be a Broken mum without that i have to drink About six of those a day yeah yeah yeah William carr so hidden undeveloped People go subscribe to hidden underbelly Um trust me there’s better channels out There You are rubbish at promoting yourself I try not to man i’ll try not to Have a luxurious evening i will have a Look well it’s almost over but i’m gonna Have it i’m gonna have another beer why Not why not why not Yeah yeah uh thank you heather i Appreciate that uh william william i’ve G What are you gonna like kind of do Something with this uh Or is it just a bit of fun it’s Something you know what it started as a Bit of fun and now It’s like i’m thinking i have something Here you know what i’m saying like You definitely do So i’m just building on it right now and I’m just building and now it’s going to

Be like a like on my last i just posted My full video was uh Was it 17 minutes I did last season 17 minutes that’s my Old commercials and my own videos I will stick the twitter in the Description People can go check you out and find it Yeah it’s all linked and stuff so if you Go to my twitter my youtube’s on there If you go on my youtube my twitter’s on There and vice versa right so any any Links you want to send me make you send Them over Rich rich Rich and that magic number end a massive Uh You’re a mysterious man we we i we all Know the rumors are out there that you Work in a base In the uk You won’t admit it i understand that Um no i don’t i work in a very boring Office For the ministry of defense this is what He says people uh emoji Stop it i’ve seen you rich i’ve seen you You know you know On a serious note though uh rich is very Much one of you guys that are in the Chat you guys are on on twitter that but They’re really interested in the field I’ve known you’re now rich for Years

Absolutely years you’ve been you’ve been Were you were you originally here when It was obvious 51 and not alien addict No i think he was definitely alien Addict was it uh yeah yeah Are you not that loyal then i remember Watching the parties going on in your House The live streams and things like that I’ve been here for a long time i don’t Even know if they’re still up i think i Deleted them Um If not go back through the channel People you might find you might find Some ammo uh but yeah Rich is twitter is in the description People go check out he put some great Stuff out then he’s got some some uh You’ve got Uh a Some articles that you’ve done yourself Yeah yeah just on the blog that’s all uh Paradigm parachute it’s on wordpress Yeah and you’re going to be doing it Every now and again you’re going to drop Some gems out you’re rich in your spare Time Yeah yeah just just really thoughts on On The ufo community and resilience and Making sure that We have our ducks in line and Our health and when we protect each

Other and look after each other that’s What i’d like to see Go follow rich people i’m gonna end the Show now because i think rich is Literally starting so if anybody isn’t Already going to head over to goof on It’s in the description go ahead over to Goof on Goodnight god bless people mind the Books don’t buy i’m alienating like Share subscribe and all that jazz Thanks for having me on