Live With Special Friends

By | May 21, 2022
Live With Special Friends

There we go okay give me a host i’m like Give me give me no i’m joking i think That was just live on the thing okay All right let me go to Videos and let’s go to Does my mic sound okay Well yeah when everything else is [ __ ] going off I’m hearing i’m i’m hearing an echo Well i don’t have you um Hold on Paddy do you have youtube on Yeah i just i just took I can’t even get in there yet because i Don’t even know what the [ __ ] going on Oh no just a few minutes here You know we’re getting there Here we go All right now i’m going to pull it up Over here on my phone so that i don’t Have to I can look down at the chat and see the Chat better how about that There you go I’m gonna pop my chat out because i find It easier She’s popping her chat out Same here i’m popping my chat out pop it Out Pop it Okay all right let me say hello to Everybody all right so hello life with Spondylolist

What’s her name that’s ashley life with Ashley Okay hi ashley Hi leanne dale uh daniel everett robin Slack The uc Denzel hello there denzel Thank you for being a member Uh john davis hi there it was pretty Good Vlogs with jacob hey there jacob And you can hear me okay leanne that’s Good yankee kyle hello there robin Swaney hey karen grenberg We tried to get her to join but she uh Didn’t feel up to joining tonight that’s Okay David hale hello Uh nakia Edward Julie Rosanna martinez hey rosanna Sexy juggalette hello there Lauren keating um Gosh I’m i’m kind of behind here okay alyssa Peggy Lauren jonathan Hey everyone missy simpson hello in Massachusetts there I’m doing okay um we decided to to go Ahead and go live tonight i have all of My haunted dolls behind me here

Pretty much all you can’t see them all Right this second probably because i’m Kind of Blocking but i’ll i’ll move sometime Tonight i’ll kind of move and maybe even Move the camera a little bit and put a Flashlight over that way so you can see Them better but Just letting you know that they’re all Back there and beth is in the corner I wasn’t sure how to set the camera and Everything up here in my living room uh So that you could see all of the dolls Without me being only like 10 feet further away and i’d be like man Then you can’t see anything you know What i mean so So this’ll have to do i’m sitting on my Little Stool that i sit on when i do my Meditation and stuff like that over here In my little corner so that’s what i’m Doing right now Now christian is here christian blogs he Has been hello A long time fan probably for about five Years yes a good friend of mine he’s a Good friend um great guy and uh we talk Almost every day don’t we yeah i’m on Their [ __ ] on instagram Yeah If we don’t if we miss a day and we Don’t chat where something’s wrong right

I gotta hit that thumbs up thank you David Well thank you hey david henderson i Gotta share this out Okay Hi everyone there’s so many of you that Love to say hello to but it’s just Easier just to hello everyone And i gotta tweet you out Don’t forget to thumbs up thumbs down Either way you know it’s a view Let’s go ahead and i gotta get her Plotted out Pour it out i’ma twatting you out Okay david is it your birthday today too Or was yours yesterday or i’m trying to I don’t know i just i can’t even keep Track of my own birthday Hi there raymond marrero how are you Doing Hey remy Hi Tatiana uh julie docking Michelle martin hello Um Let’s see here Make sure i’m not missing nothing Oh thank you uh Jonathan Love the car oh that yeah those things Back there those are pretty good i got Those from hobby lobby not long after i Moved in here David was it your birthday or no i can’t

I okay so today is tez’s birthday teazy You guys see her in the chat all the Time She will be joining us um as soon as she Can um she’s out having dinner right now Excuse me a birthday dinner with uh Uh her family so but she will be joining Us Um David’s birthday june 1st Oh it was already oh dude that’s right Never mind that’s right that’s right i Gotta start writing these things down i My memory is just getting really bad I guess that comes with getting old But y’all y’all wouldn’t know nothing About [Laughter] Forgetting yeah Yeah Hey there paranormal consultant matt how Are you Hey there jmac Cheers And i got my Ghost Content my uh is actually i have water And lemons in here Don’t tell people that because what if You’re promoting You’re promoting I am but i put water and i don’t always Have to have ghosts i drink the ghosts Out of the can but i do have the powder

That i mix in here and make make a drink But right now i’m drinking water because I need to have water you know I put my phone down i keep hitting [ __ ] buttons Leanne yes you kind of do you kind of do A little bit Pinkies Yup You sure do From what i can see in your picture Right there yes Robin hey there Robin slack is actually a relative of Mine We Discovered on and all that Yep Hey there mary wagner how are you oh man I took uh Heather and greg out to dinner today uh We had we took some pictures and i’m Still waiting on heather to send them to Me so i can send them to you unless she Sent them to you already i don’t know But we uh he wanted to go uh we asked Him where he wanted to go and uh he Wanted to go to um the bonefish grill So that’s where we went for lunch today It was me heather greg and my grandson Brock So we did that today and he told me to Tell you thank you very much lunch was

Great he really enjoyed himself they Brought him a cake with ice cream on it And everything that was pretty cool Hey darlin Could be leanne you never know i have Family over there that I don’t know and i’m Learning a little bit about it uh you Know through the ancestry Program i do have uh Great great grandparents that are buried Over there and probably so many more People Um Yeah it was very nice to be married Thank you so much for the money uh for Us to Go out to eat today we didn’t do dinner We did lunch but It was i’m still not i’m still so full i Still haven’t even ate anything else Today [Laughter] I pigged out I had the Bang bang shrimp tacos Thank you guys jake come get her she’s Trying to like Oh thank you tracy nyland i appreciate That Come get her Yeah Yeah she’s climbing up What do you want outside are you hungry

Yep she hears you Sorry about that She wanted to be part of the action Melbourne florida that’s not too far for Me at all That’s not far i don’t think i don’t Think it’s that far I’ll born yeah i don’t think it’s that Far for me So anyway so we decided to go live Tonight and just kind of hang out and Talk and Uh emmy is probably gonna run her um Alice box I have my rim pod set up right there i Has not went off yet i’m hoping that it Does There it is i’m like i just had it out I know i have it right Right David said in last night’s video he saw A red orb I like david it could have been because The light I had a red light on so anything that Moved in front of the camera would have Looked red Yeah that’s probably what you s what you Saw Yeah Thank you guys a dust particle or or A bug i’m not sure but i i have to go Back and look at it again if you can Give me a time frame i’ll i’ll i’ll look

At it Oh thank you thank you for sharing us Out Yep thank you so much I appreciate that Did he do his stream today Huh Did he have a live stream today oh Paranormal consultant oh i don’t know Not sure i think he said I had a late night last night [Laughter] Denzel i see so many shadows in those Woods yes i know i did too I saw so many things in that video i Even put it up on the big screen and I saw so many things that i i didn’t Really point out because i just wasn’t Sure you know I mean i I just wasn’t sure you sometimes your Eyes can play tricks on you even when You’re watching it back i mean It could be a a tree or a tombstone or You know The branches hanging down the moss so Many different things can actually look Like a ghost stand in there you know or A shadow figure So it’s really hard to tell sometimes You know and That’s why even though you guys might See a lot of things when you’re watching And you’re like dang she didn’t say

Nothing about that well i i don’t Because i i you guys can tell me about It in the chat if you see it and i Probably did see it but i just wasn’t Sure you know What to make of it Well you also learned something new With filmora oh i know it will just Launch your screen I’ve been teaching her stuff about Filmora and now and different just other Things too but uh she taught me Something she taught me how to do Something i didn’t know how to do in That editing program and that’s enlarged The screen to take up the whole computer So that i can really like look that’s Our head because i was like going how The [ __ ] do people look in this [ __ ] i’m Like clicking clicking buttons like i Normally do Not many things i probably missed by not Doing that i mean right i i don’t i Can’t believe i didn’t know that you Know I don’t know i’m just click happy I just like to click buttons She’s click happy Hi deborah parish Hi there joe josie from Belize oh wow Hello there Now jay made me go to bed David david they have that uh spring

Hill cemetery um closed up Uh where you you can’t really get in There you might want no Volume down or something there i mean It’s that’s ringing in my ear really Loud these yeah i gotta move it These headphones are so good i can hear A mouse They were expensive but i can hear Everything like Triple what it sounds like you know what I mean so those yeah yeah I gotta pull it away from my ear it’s so Bad it’s okay we know you’re death Oh i’m not dead Okay i think that will work I think that’s it Oh my god Hey amy how are you doing From rhode island hey there Were you the one that we met when we Were there i don’t remember Oh somebody hit her Was that an accident I think so oh no yeah she was just Saying hey i don’t think she no Yeah It might have been he might scott might Have accidentally is she unhidden okay Yeah i did He might have accidentally did it Yeah if you’re on your cell phone And when chad starts scrolling fast i Can i can see how that happens

Oh maybe because she said [ __ ] fire no i Say [ __ ] fire all the time It’s all good That’s like my my slogan Yeah [ __ ] fire is okay i actually have a Sign that says that somebody made it for Me i don’t know if you’re in the chat Let me know i do have that sign now when I had my office before i rented that Room out I had all my all kinds of stuff in there And some of it’s still in boxes because I really don’t have anywhere to put it You know what i mean i i just don’t have Anywhere to put it right now but i’ve Got quite a bit out lately i’ve been Kind of going through the stuff and Hanging things up in the in the area Where i you you know where i’m Doing videos it’s in the It’s not right here this is my living Room i don’t usually even do streams From here i wanted to do it in here Tonight because of the dolls but i Usually do it at my uh computer uh in The dining room so yeah Uh hannah Pinkie’s up pinky’s up to you too Got my coffee over here my water on this Side Um Yeah I know you have been following me a long Time amy that’s for sure

Okay Uh look up hannah house and indy okay Darling um if i can remember you might Have to email me because i’m probably Going to forget by the end of this Stream Well so let’s see in the last week my Air conditioner has broke down at my House i had to call an air conditioning Guy out here we were without air for 24 Hours Miserable Miserable Oh my god it was horrible And so Yeah it was it was bad And uh luckily uh My um warranty of the unit Uh The part was covered i still had to pay The labor And the uh service call So anyway But i i had to get it fixed you know Like we we’re in florida i can’t go Without i can’t go without air No way I thought i was gonna die i was like a Big baby i had like three fans in my Room i literally had three fans and i Even put one on the small one right on My bed next to my face It was just and it was still miserable It was so bad

It was 90 degrees in here it was Horrible so i went out and floated in The pool the next day and waited around And waited then i got almost got Attacked by wasp It just you know But uh It’s fixed and it’s working great i’m Very comfortable again Um Thank you robin Uh once he got here mary it didn’t take Him long at all it was the uh capacitor The capacitor had went out So they had to put a new one in and he Put a good one in he said the one that Was in there it was a crappy one Uh but he put a really good one in there But he told me he said the unit you have Is awesome and it’s in good shape it’s Like it’s one of the best units it’s a Train Hey patty yes ones what You uh you have a new person that’s Coming to your chat that likes it Already titanium Oh okay Awesome hello there Oh come on yeah Oh david said christian talks too much That’s like deja vu somebody else said That the other night really No darling it wasn’t a compressor thank God if it was the compressor i mean it

Would have been covered under my Insurance but i would have had to wait a Couple more days for them to get the Part so i was a little nervous It turned out it was the capacitor and They had plenty of those on the truck Because that’s like one of the things That goes out quite a bit i guess but The unit’s three years old so it lasted Three years before that happened Yeah definitely hot Um So what’d you say what was the name of The person again tell me again titanium Is new to the channel And i don’t know if it’s a he or she but They like it already well thank you i Appreciate that Awesome No i’m still here i kind of when i Stepped away i flopped my camera down I don’t know But i’m here Oh Gosh and for the people who was asking Yes i got some sleep jay made me go to Bed because Patty knows my first-hand experience if I don’t get sleep I i start I literally and sleep talking and Talking [ __ ] and walking around and She witnessed that at jasper jail that Was kind of it’s kind of funny but you

Know it’s embarrassing at first And i started doing that on my stream Today and that by that time jay comes in He goes You need to go okay you didn’t have to Say twice to me So yeah i was i was talking Goobery [ __ ] Thank you titanium i appreciate that Um and thank you somebody gave me a Compliment a little bit ago and i meant To say something back now i got to go Look and see who it was Do you have it on live chat or on oh no I don’t well I do know Okay now you’re not going to miss you Guys that’s the other thing too um Patty you know the big hacker here Yeah right She forgets because If any of you right now you have it on Top chat click it to live chat then You’re going to be able to see probably More people chat in there that’s how Patty Actually misses a lot of you know Conversations so um If you missed you just you know ask Again or something But that’s most likely why Because she’s on top chat Yeah I’ve just i’ve never been

Very tech savvy So it just made me laugh really accused Of being a hacker made me laugh my butt Off because even my grandkids they just Look they they couldn’t stop laughing They laughed so hard i thought they were Gonna [ __ ] get down and just start rolling On the floor it was just crazy because They always have to come help me with That You don’t hear logan [Laughter] Come here i can’t make this work [Laughter] No you weren’t being ignored matt i just Had it on top chat now i have it on live Chat so on top chat what it just shows You certain comments yeah I it’s uh I don’t know why youtube Does this that’s one of the things they Need to change um It’s supposed to filter out you know People who don’t come to your channel as Much or whatever it’s stupid but it also Filters out Other people the people that you want That you know So yeah Oh turn up my volume uh yeah it’s up Can you not hear me can you i hear you Yeah what’s up sherry I got on this badass headset here

My little mega hey Oh i’m already close to my mic i’ve got My mouth correctly eating it over here Um Tracy I’m normally an ambient person but my Daughter woke me up last night wanted to Go to the cemetery So i only had i guess jay figured out Like two hours sleep And So Yeah Two hours in a 24 hour period not very Much Damn Wow I’m just not loud So you were at the cemetery till wee Hours in the morning Yeah Yep And that was actually the first time she Ever went so She she’s like a skeptic i was telling People that today she’s like a skeptic Um But she’s getting into it And uh she wants to believe but things Happened to her when she was younger she Was talking about i have it all on the Video we did Oh my gosh So yeah

And we were there from like three O’clock no actually i take that back 2 15 To 4 o’clock in the morning Dang Wow Yeah That’s crazy Yep mary wants to know what the gas is In oregon Okay so diesel Is like Five something oh my god premium is Almost six bucks i want to say regular And lead is over four dollars Wow That’s just crazy Yeah wow I can’t even believe it well it’s 459 a Gallon here right now Robin grill Yeah i did i because i was eating that’s What you could i normally eat on camera Because i don’t care But if i put a filter on you know i’m Eating [Laughter] Them look cute as a potato It might be that again tonight because i Got something cooking Andrew says you are the bravest lady in The world Who me Yeah to have a friend like us you gotta

Be very brave 6 15 a gallon in in california where She’s at Wow God it’s sickening that i haven’t been Leaving the house much i’m just I’m just not going anywhere unless i Absolutely have to go somewhere you know Like to the store You know to that’s it really i went over To heather’s today to help her with Something and then we went to lunch you Know which was right up the street but i Just really don’t go anywhere that much I guess since 3.88 How much 388. How did you get away with getting it so Much cheaper there were you at oklahoma Yeah what the hell 388 over here Wow Oh my god People were in long line today at sam’s Club to get gas but i i I don’t know how much it was and i Didn’t see a sign saying how much gas Was there but there was people Lined up all the way around the building It was crazy you would think they were Giving it away for free as many people That were there So the rim pod hasn’t went off i don’t Know why it’s got a bunch of dolls over

There can you guys uh go over there make That go off for me Did you change the battery jesus When they told you to turn up your mic Not your headset oh my god It just i don’t know why that made me Jump Maybe i’m overly modulated here let me Is that better Yeah that’s better that’s better yes There’s a lot of bass there was a lot of Bass in it and when you said i got a Voice it’s just like Actually oh my god you can probably hear Me without this across the united states Marilyn said walmart delivery for my Groceries cheaper than getting my tank Filled yeah right back my son’s here Okay Annette Annette baird 450 here in new zealand God Then but uh 4 15 in texas Beth is good she’s right over here in The corner Right over there i’ll turn the camera Around so you guys can see beth Oops let me just figure out how i’m Gonna do this All right wait a minute hold up Crap I have a Um I don’t know how i’m gonna do this guys

I don’t know I have to work with it else You can’t really see her that much She’s right There beth everyone says hello Let me see if i can Yep there she is And i got all the dolls over there Um And then over there That baby done looks so real that baby Doll is the creepiest looking thing yeah Julie got me i think julie got me that One from the flea market somebody was Selling her at the flea market Um And some a couple of those dolls i’ve Had for a real long time And then the one up on top of that Eighteen hundred that’s an eight book Right there that’s an eighteen hundreds Chest that’s right there That my friend cassandra gave me and uh The one that’s sitting on top of it is The one that my granddaughter kylie um Got me for christmas last year Yeah um and then the one right There I picked her up at a at a thrift store Not too long ago actually and i don’t Know if she’s haunted but she’s just Cute so i picked her up I was just drawn to her Um

But Those three down there i’ve had for a Long time probably about five years Those three Same with the The one right over there and the green Dress right there right there Yeah i remember scarlet Yeah Scarlet Um I want to get more you know but They do you know take up a lot of room But I would like to have a whole room full Of them eventually Yeah Yeah There now she now everybody can kind of See beth look at that Yes I see her you see her okay I tried to move her closer i i had put Her like right here on the corner here But she fell over and i went running From over there over here i was freaking Out thinking oh my god oh my god oh my God did she get broke you know Yeah luckily she didn’t but she fell so I’m like i can’t put her over there I do marry i do and i think i have a Couple more tucked away in a box um I’m just not sure where like i said when When kylie’s friend uh needed a place to

Stay a while back I ended up packing up everything out of That room because at the time i was Actually thinking about moving anyway Saw in the house and moving So but i let her have that room And a lot of stuff still in boxes But i’m slowly bringing it out and you Know setting things up so Uh I know right tracy nobody can it’s crazy Through your lives the time scared the Crap out of you yes i know I remember that too darling Julie hey there julie jewett How you doing Thank you i got those from um You talking about the black things back There right They’re like those it’s made out of that Hard wood like stuff and they look they Look like branches and stuff like that Um I got those from uh Hobby lobby Yeah not right now but i may Uh be within the next year or so mary Um i already got something else i’m i’m Planning uh And i i probably will within the next Year um The house is now worth double what i Paid for it and i would be crazy not to Um and kylie is moving out

By she’s buying a house herself in a few Months so um You know it’s just going to be in the Boys and Been thinking you know i can sell this And My profits doubled already more than Doubled so Anyway I it’s something i’ve been thinking About i’m not 100 At what i’m doing I don’t well i don’t like the thoughts Of it because it’s also moving again who Wants to move god Man it really is It really is so who knows i i may not You know just because i i don’t even Like the thoughts of it i do love this House i really Do i’ve got it benched all in now I’ve got uh we cleared the property Behind it we’ve got a pool we’ve got it Fenced all the way in we’ve got security Cameras everywhere and i feel really Safe here my neighbors you know they Look out for me too and we all look out For each other here So Yeah it is mary oh what is it what’s Emmy getting into over here [Laughter] Tracy it is a pain in the ass moving Um well you guys all know that there’s a

Big announcement that’s coming out on June 1st Um Which you know i can’t talk i’m not Going to talk about any of that But i have another announcement that I’ve been Thinking about Telling you guys You’re pregnant Oh emmy did you have to tell them i Wanted to do it No no i want to tell him Patty’s pregnant You’re an [ __ ] I know but you love me You have to have a boyfriend to get Pregnant okay No not nowadays i think you could Nor do i even want one okay Yeah climb up oh climb up emmy No i’m not pregnant guys don’t let her Fool you uh well for one thing i don’t Have a uterus and i don’t have ovaries So that’s not possible That would be a true Miracle Well You’re right But i a couple of you in the chat do Know about what i’m going to talk about Um But i’ve been kind of holding back on Making an announcement or saying

Anything whatsoever about it Um and for reasons But uh Should i tell them Patty’s getting a sex change Oh god Here’s too much Oh my god I got you off guard on that one you [Laughter] Did well when i was on the phone the Other day the other morning and i was Half asleep calling this ac place at Eight o’clock i got called sir I said i’m not a sir i’m a ma’am The lady i thought she done hung up on Me after that she must have been so Embarrassed because she did i heard her Messing around with the phone and she Says Oh i’m sorry i think we broke up or Something i said we didn’t break up you Know damn well you just called me a sir You thought i sounded like a man I’m half asleep but my my voice was kind Of rough you know you know the morning Voice we get us women get you know yeah No heather’s not pregnant She she’s not pregnant nope Um so Hold on student is What’s that Christians pregnant We might just go down the list of people

Uh no emmy is pregnant emmy is doing it And she wants to have a sex change so There it is there you there you have it There you go What’s the [ __ ] yeah Supposed to be a secret damn Just wait i’m gonna i’m gonna tell them About your secrets Okay Here it goes I started another channel about four Months ago Doing something else But i wanted to It’s something that i’ve been wanting to Do for a long time And i kind of wanted to See how it would do and i haven’t told Anybody these guys here know karen knows Um I don’t remember if i told david or not I i don’t remember A couple of people do know but not very Many people I don’t know You knew what are you talking about you Better have subscribed Uh cece knows my daughter knows of Course uh stuff like that so you know But i did start another channel can you Guys guess what it is [Laughter] Okay never mind Next

Oh Jay’s got it Just feet Huh just feet just showing your feet oh God Oh [ __ ] Oh I’m waiting to see if anybody guesses it Let’s see yeah so it’s not albino [ __ ] Porn so no no it’s not next year next Year But it’s something where i don’t have to Ever show my face or nobody has to ever Hear my voice Yes Ray mitchell got it ray mitchell got it Yes I started a meditation channel And i did it because uh i love Meditation music myself i’ve been Listening to it for a long time probably At least four or five years Um and uh Uh I just i always have it on my tv during The day you know and sometimes at night And in my bedroom and stuff like that And i thought one day i’m like i could Do this you know let me let me try this You know so i kind of did it Um With You know just i wasn’t even gonna tell Anybody i thought i’m just gonna make my

Own stuff that way i can watch my own Stuff and make it the way i want it and Do some really pretty sceneries and uh Backgrounds and so i I um Subscribe not subscribe but what he Called i signed up for a couple of Different uh Programs online where you pay a little Bit of money every month and you can get Uh all kinds of video downloads and Pictures and it’s all kinds of stuff Millions of stuff So i Have Somebody said can you call it [ __ ] fire Meditation Right So um yeah Yeah so the name of my channel Is Clear minds meditation Everybody likes to have a clear mind Right I thought about it and thought about it And i’m like what am i going to name This thing and i cleared my it just came To me So it’s called clear minds meditation And uh Can you put the link in This time you’re allowed she Accidentally put the link in one night I’m like karen ain’t ready to tell

Anybody yet But if you guys like meditation music um You know go ahead and follow me over There subscribe or whatever and um i Haven’t put anything out in a couple Months But i do have quite a bit of stuff up There Um i was actually playing it in the Background a minute ago let me see if It’s no it’s not playing now let me just See Uh And with the holidays come you know Coming again here before you know it Yeah that’s one of my videos right back Behind us there you can see it Uh with the holidays um you know when The holidays get here I’ll be doing lots of holiday uh scenery Take winter snow scenes uh stuff like That i have access i pay 15 bucks a Month for music i have access to Thousands of different meditation songs Different hertz’s and and and i’ve been Studying that too like learning about The different hurts and what they do for You mentally and emotionally and how They affect you and just all that stuff So it’s a lot of research i’ve done Uh prior to even doing this and i’m Still you know always reading reading up About stuff just so i kind of have an Understanding

As to What you know it does for you So yeah if you could if you enjoy Watching it i have done a couple of Lives over there believe it or not where You you could actually stream it out Live and i’ve done it i sat here one Night for six hours i didn’t sit at the Computer for six hours but For six hours i did or no was it five Hours i don’t remember but i streamed Out One of the uh meditation videos and i Got a few new people but one thing i’ve Learned with this channel is that there Is A lot of competition Uh just like with paranormal you know When i started doing paranormal of Course i started when there Really wasn’t a whole lot a whole lot of People doing it so i kind of started at The right time people starting doing Paranormal right now You know kind of on the back burner Right now because so many others started It you know five six years ago Just like meditation there is a couple Of really big channels out there with Millions of couple million followers and They’re awesome channels i watch them i Do watch those channels those are the Channels i’ve been watching you know and I still do

And they know me and i went over there And i’ve said hello to them and they go Hey clear minds you know that they know Me as clear minds meditation so I did set up a um I did set up an instagram for it as well And i have the link in the description i Believe But you know it’s a work in progress and I am thank you for subbing i appreciate It it’s a work in progress and i do plan On doing some more and i’m probably Going to work on one either tonight or Tomorrow and that’s another thing it Only takes probably A half hour to 45 minutes to Download the clips and edit edit one of Those there’s really no editing you’re Not what are you editing You’re just piecing stuff together and Putting in the music You know and there’s no commercials I mean i’m not even monetized over there Yet but even when you are monetized on a Meditation channel nobody wants to be Watching a meditation video then all of A sudden commercials pop up So you have your commercials in the Beginning and at the end you know what I’m saying in little that’s cool Commercials so it doesn’t get Interrupted there’s no interruptions Whatsoever yeah that would really suck Right now oh

Yeah you can buy your car for 9.99 a Month what the [ __ ] I know so there’s nothing even when i do Get monetized over there if i ever do Um there’s no there’s never going to be Any commercials To interrupt the video It’ll be only be in the beginning and It’ll only be at the end and then little Pop-up stuff here and there but there There won’t be any interruptions so Oh thank you guys so much i appreciate It I really do Um like i said it’s been fun i i i just Started it for Because i enjoy meditation videos and I don’t want to relax Yeah so david and karen and all of you Guys make sure you go over there and um You know my mods that are here now make Sure you go over there make a leave a Comment or something because i can make You a mod over there i’m gonna need mods Over there i have none wait do i yeah Christian you’re a mod over there right You and tez and emmy Okay I think i think you are did you i don’t Know Well if you ever commented i probably Did i don’t know and karen i think i Made karen ahmad over there already So yeah so some night uh and i’ll make

Sure i announce it uh on my g team Facebook page or or whatever but some Nights i will Do like a live you know maybe late at Night or even like a saturday morning or A sunday morning Mornings are good for meditation videos Too because That’s when a lot of people do do Meditation you know So Um And then sleep music there’s some really Good rain sounds that i’ve got over There and stuff like that so yeah go Check it out And uh let me know what you think There’s one playing in the background Right now Um Yeah i i i’ve been doing leave [ __ ] i Can’t even talk right i have been Leaving my tvs on meditation channels For the longest time and i’m like you Know i’m gonna i’m gonna make some Meditation videos so that’s what i did I wasn’t sure if i was ever even going To tell anybody well i’ll just keep this To myself you know this is just you know All in fun and And everything so yeah i appreciate it You guys going over there and following Me Yep clear minds meditation uh karen’s

Got the link in there again I appreciate it so much like i said i Started this like four months ago i Think it was like four months ago Sure you like and subscribe thank you so Much pd region paranormal i appreciate That thank you Thank you so much Everybody go Like subscribe and follow pd region Paranormal great people great guy Um Yep go check him out Him and i are going to be working on Something together soon Yep I can’t go too fast i’m trying to hit The go-to channel Oh thank you we writer i appreciate that Thank you robin swaney yeah like i said It’s just something that i i enjoy and i Thought you know i really enjoy it i Enjoy making these videos i like doing That more than i do the paranormal Videos it’s just so easy and rel i get Relaxed just making the videos i’m just Sitting there Got my zen you know my zen incense Burning and i’m making meditation videos In my pajamas every next time relaxing You know Yeah You’ve been playing them haven’t you Yeah

Especially when i go to sleep Yeah Yep So yeah thank you guys so much i Appreciate it emmy uh what is your Channel put your link in robin slack My cousin Would like Your channel link Okay amy sounds good thank you Thank you so much i believe that will Take you to it Yep And i will do that after this stream I’ll go over there and check all the Comments out and make make some mods Over there because i definitely want i’m Gonna want some mods over there Especially david i know david watches my Chat on the g team like a hawk and i Appreciate that so much david you’re Such an awesome moderator he’s always in There Commenting back to people and everything It’s just Yeah so uh you’ll have another one to Watch david [Laughter] Especially if it starts growing you know And i don’t know if it will or not if it Does it does if it don’t it doesn’t work It’s meant to happen will happen Hold on Somebody goes

Home a twin I’m not trying to be sarcastic but Whatever you do you’ll always get Followed Oh Okay whatever i do i always get followed But Not sure what i don’t know if that’s a Good thing or a bad thing like no if Patty if you’re having people follow you You better you know put up some stocking Orders and stuff because i know i would Oh i would too No i i don’t know how to take that Either but yeah Can you rephrase that a little bit Because we’re not sure how to take that We’re not sure if you’re you know who You are and Because patty b and patty that’s why She’s gonna get follow but some people Believe it or not Like i have two different channels i Have one with about gemstones and the People on the gemstone channel they’re Not into the paranormal So That would be The thing she she may have 300 plus Thousand over here she may only get 50 000 over there it would really depend Okay yeah she said uh meaning that You’re great okay Well

I feel sorry for that he tries to follow Me around because I got eyes in the back of my head i Watch everything like a hawk How did i scare you so bad in the car Huh How did i scare you so bad in the car oh My god emmy that scared the [ __ ] out of Me it really did I literally cursed you out didn’t i and You know what i i So the other night jay was doing a live Stream And i come in and i scared the [ __ ] out Of him first thing it reminded me you Yell he looks at me he goes what the [ __ ] the matter with you i’m like oh You and patty do yell at me like that Yeah I know you scared the crap out of me Oh no david um it’s Do me a favor david email your me your Address again tonight i’ll it’ll be sent To you tomorrow i meant to tell you that Dirty old diamond follow me around That’s funny and it was a lot extra Large or large david and black right I just was having problems with the with The It’s a long story i’ll tell you in an Email Yeah we are a little bit crazy that’s Okay though Well i haven’t heard

That rim pie go off at all And it’s sitting in front of a bunch of Dolls Is it in front of beth No Well I mean She’s way over there i mean you guys can Kind of see a little bit of her it’s Yeah Let me turn this over a little bit more There Um let me move it over there hold on Hello everybody welcome to my channel Now this is emmy takeover pdf takeover Christian how are you doing tonight i’m Doing good i’m done you’re doing good Okay so so what got you into the Paranormal christian because you know Patty’s not asking you so i’ve got to go There and i’ve got to ask you so what Got you into the paranormal christian You answer it I mean I’ve been interested part paranormal Like Since i was another kid And what do you enjoy about it did you Have um Things happen to you or you just always Enjoyed it I always been here stories By my aunt Christian you gotta help me out here i

I’m trying to be a co-host and patty Steps away and You give me one liners here christian Christian come on man i’m just like oh Excited joining the energy and you’re Like um yeah Well how long how many how old are you i Mean how long have you been going Through this A lot of years A lot of years Somebody asked me a question what Fragrances do you burn Um I’ve got so many Things i’ve got um Everything i mean lavender uh Palo santo uh sage um I’ve just got everything essential oils I have so many essential oils and i Always have a like i have essential oils Over here burning right now not burning But you know misting Um right now i have in there um Uh I think it was frankincense is what i Have in there now Um but i have A whole collection of um essential oils As well as Incense all kinds of incenses um And

Just all kinds of stuff i mean I have everything just about that there Is And when i make my little pot of stuff To burn i just whatever i’m feeling at The moment um You know i have several different types Of sage um But i always put other little things in There like um Uh Basil Not bait is it basil Yeah And um Rosemary um Thyme Uh cloves cinnamon Uh stuff like that i always you know mix A little bit of all of that in there in My pot when i’m burning stuff Um you can write things on the basil Leaves and then you know of course most You know that and then put it in there And set the intentions and stuff like That So um but i have all kinds of stuff that I use you know Lemon lemongrass i have i just purchased Some lemongrass a few days ago actually I found it and so i have some of that Um and then some of this herbs that i Have Can actually be used as teas so i do use

Some of them as teas but not all of them Just there’s just some that i bought and It’s like well you can use them as a tea Or you can put a little bit of it in Your when you’re burning stuff i’m Listening to you bubsy i just didn’t Want to cut patty off Thank you I’m saying it wrong is it the leaves What are the leaves The basil leaves yeah it’s amazing no Bouncy babs she said up here i’m reading What babs he’s saying oh my god where Did it go Pepsi Um why is nobody listening to me Yeah she was saying something up there Um oh okay You guys no one wants to know wow you Guys rock see We missed a lot i was reading it but i Didn’t want to cut you off patty my best Okay that’s okay she’s used to me Really interrupting i guess so i could Do that [Laughter] I’d be like petty meet your mic okay so Now Okay Writer one thing i do uh on the stove a Lot is i cut up an apple An orange put the whole thing in a pot A couple of cinnamon sticks i even Sprinkle some cinnamon powder in there

Uh some cloves And um A little bit of vanilla vanilla Flavoring a little bit of vanilla Flavoring in there And you let that simmer and oh My god It gets righteous up in the house [Laughter] It smells great Yes lemongrass is and that’s one of the Reasons i got it um it’s actually a a Little shop that sells crystals and Um but i get all my crystals through Julie but this shop has crystals but They have every kind of Sage different things that you can burn They also have um a whole section of Teas And the guy says if you want you can Actually put some of this stuff in your When you’re burning stuff so you don’t Have to just use it for tea But the lemongrass i made me some Lemongrass tea last night with some Lemon it was so good Yeah it does amy it really oh shoot Really does I love lemongrass you know that’s my Absolute favorite um Essential oil is lemongrass that’s my Favorite that’s always my go-to i Probably have four or five bottles of That because i just love it so much and

Every time i see it on sale i grab it I’m sorry i’m just a bubble tea it’s not The right kind of tea never mind oh look At that [Laughter] What is wrong with this thing Oh no wonder i didn’t put it back far Enough Okay annie thanks for popping in and Saying hello A lot of people have been requesting me To go live with my dolls so i am but Nothing’s happening unless you guys see Something happening behind me here i’ll Move over a little bit The rim pods not going off nothing They’re like screw you we’re tired Hello girls Can can you guys uh I mean i know all of your all of these Dolls are probably not haunted to be Honest with you i have i don’t have any Issues with them i don’t ever see Nothing or hear nothing um When we that one the person said that That one was haunted so i don’t know i Haven’t seen her anything we know that Beth is we know that there’s a spirit Attached to beth Uh i know there’s a spirit attached to The one sitting on the chest as well as Um Scarlett But the rest of them

And the little green one over with the Green dress that one’s done some weird Stuff in the past her music boxes went Off by itself several times in the past Oh that explains why she was tickling my Toes at night But i mean like there’s a couple of them Over there three or four i’m just not Sure you know i I don’t know i’m just being honest i Don’t know if they they have attachments But They’re cool looking um i like them Um they some of them do look creepy Especially that one right there she Looks yeah she’s got one that’s Yeah Yeah but i mean the kids i i keep them Out here all the time I i only now beth stays in my room with Me i have her in my room but i brought Her out here but the rest of them i’ve Had out here for a couple weeks now and The kids keep telling me you know you Put them dolls away they’re giving me The crepes I i just know they don’t like dolls and I can i can hear them saying that i Don’t feel comfortable in the living Room i said that’s the reason i put that Here so you all stay in your living room Upstairs Stay out of my living room I don’t know

But anyway i just thought it would be Fun let’s see if we Oh Knock knock I don’t it’s a pizza guy yeah he says Knock knock Where is he Who Oh that is saying knock knock is he Trying to knock knock Not the i got him he just doesn’t know How to run zoom Hey there matt Oh Oh [ __ ] you look just like oh my god Oh my god look just like him Without the purple hair of course well Um hold on what can i do You have a dark wig He dyed his hair for this okay just give The guy a break he’s going through a lot Of problems right now All right so people want to know who This is this is matt with paranormal Consultant uh he was the one that we uh Met in north carolina at the haunted Battleship In emmy Yep just me i never met him He was one of the ones that uh put it Helped put it together right were you Responsible for helping put it together For us to go there Kind of uh all the credit honestly goes

To jonathan uh jonathan myers from Crossover okay But he basically used me as well as a Consultant to help get things rolling so But no he didn’t he did all of it Himself Okay Awesome So yeah I’m doing this in recruit i usually walk To work i’m walking home from there oh Okay Oh we are really Oh [ __ ] what no What the hell did i just see I don’t know i put it on pictures and That guy popped up johnny sins is what It’s called Oh my god Oh my god It’s johnny sims okay you guys ready i’m Gonna click off of this really fast [Laughter] Oh that’s fun that’s some haunted crap Right there oh my god now my eyes are Hurting I know right Okay let me let me okay Okay What in the chippendales But they put my mouth in the wrong Awkward spot it was like really weird Did you notice that The the eyes weren’t really lined up

Either yeah that’s what i’m saying that Was like Really freaking creepy karen vickers Said uh hi everyone oh my goodness who’s The hot man on the bottom with the Purple hair I’m a little bit of this and you know You know I think this one looks better okay amy Maybe not Christian is fanning herself Yeah i’m always a mess Oh my god Yeah That’s true miami is a mess But she’s funny She’s a funny mess I am i Aren’t we all So anyway uh matt so tell us something What do you what are you up to what do You you got go you got any Investigations coming up what do you got Going on Oh So many things that i don’t even know um Well i uh Working on some new shows um new Community outreach we’ll just put it That way Um working with some new people Um New sponsors And then trying to get ready to prepare

Unity day in september yeah i’m going Forward Oh so am i Um Got a lot of behind the scenes stuff Um yeah me too that i can’t talk about But yeah right You know it’s gonna be good though it’s Gonna be good though Um I’m gonna try to work well i know i Already planned to work with uh Minnesota minnesota spirit hunters Um here at the end of june Um they’re going to be investigating Some kind of cemetery or battlefield And they’ve asked me to join them so Mackenzie and i are going to Meet up with them in west virginia We’re going to do something with them And then obviously uh The p3 family we’re going back to the Battleship next year i can’t wait for That i know i’m looking forward to it And i also have a lot of surprises So it’s i’ve got a lot going on Okay well that’s good Yeah I know i’ve been so busy lately myself With A lot of things and You know A lot of behind the scenes stuff Definitely a lot of behind the scenes

Stuff but You know it’s it’s definitely worth it It’s worth every bit of it and it’s Anything you have to do with johnny depp There you go well we can fit we can put Johnny in somewhere okay okay Uh By the way guys thank you for uh A little surprise wednesday night it was A lot of fun oh With your wife yeah That was a lot of fun I got something come up and i had to get I couldn’t stick around too much longer After that but Oh no no no you’re fine You’re fine we loved having you on i Know they really appreciated it Yeah Who was that running that was mason Running around The pools and stuff That was mason that was pretty funny Mason He’s a funny guy he really is and you Know we’ve we’ve said this before How i act on camera i like that In person mason’s the same way patty’s The same way all of us um well except For matt down there i don’t think so you Know he’s a little shy but Yeah No um Not to interject emmy but by the way

This is one of the honda locations here In my hometown That i would love to get in Oh wow I think you showed me that the other day When we were chatting really yeah Yeah are you walking home Yeah He’s walking oh you pissed mackenzie off Didn’t you Actually We’re kind of in a rage she just left Work And she wanted to pick me up and i was Like no it’s a nice night i want to walk And uh She i said you only beat me home by like A minute or two she goes no i won’t i’ll Beat you on by like 10 minutes watch And i’m not wrong I am not I’m too round to run amy says And good energy Oh thank you amy yeah Yeah me too Definitely good energy with with these Uh people that i’m friends with now for Sure You family That’s right they’re they’re into this Because they they have jobs and they’re Not into this you know to They’re into it for the right reasons Yeah it’s not a competition or anything

We enjoy what we do and that’s yeah That’s what it should be about you know Having fun going going to new places you Know and exploring new things getting Different evidence you know Meeting new people Meet new people learning different Techniques you know because we’re Constantly learning from everybody like It was really cool yeah definitely Definitely and that battleship that was Like one of my favorite Favorite investigations Definitely gonna be longer next time Because we i you know i think we were All caught up in the the ah moment i Think and Well patty you and i went to the um That place before that oh my god my Brain that Man uh the bellamy mansion yeah we went There first which Don’t do that if you guys are going to The battleship okay so Yeah we didn’t realize going up and down All these stairs developing mansion is Huge It’s haunted And then we got within minutes to go From there to the ship and we’re having A ship all night yeah going up and down The stairs and we’re just like oh my god But Just in taking everything

Different places where we would go you Would you would actually pick stuff up Like that and um Like in the where were we at down in the Um Doctor’s area Sick bay We were getting a lot of stuff down There and i think that’s the longest Place we were at was probably in the Sick bay between The mess hall and the sick bay and we Only Hit maybe a tenth of it like yeah yeah We didn’t even get in that [ __ ] Well heck emmy you and i saw basically The same thing down in sickbay Yep you didn’t even know that Yeah You didn’t even know that Next year awesome place It was No you’re fine your show but uh It’s gonna be even better um I have so many different things set up And in the works That it’s gonna make it so much fun for Everybody And it’s not just gonna be you know the P3 it’s gonna be The community Yeah and battleship people themselves You know everyone’s going to be involved In this

Right So i can’t wait I can’t wait either i i just love that i Didn’t want to leave i just love that Place and and now you know that we’ve Been there and we’ve seen what it’s all About and what what to expect we Now we’re gonna go in it next time and We’re gonna Probably go to a different area more Areas you know what i mean we didn’t Want to get lost me and emmy were afraid To get lost we did get lost a couple of Times yeah we ended up getting lost Well heck Mckenzie and i were trying to leave the Uh the torpedo room area and it took us 45 minutes to get out of that location You know mason had the same Issue mason said he went down and went Back up and he was like He was going to circle he goes but it Wasn’t a circle Yeah yeah well the same way like i was In the navy and i was trained on You know the ships and stuff and They always tell you you know if you Ever get lost go up Right find a ladder go up And that’s what i was doing try to get Up to the weather deck and Didn’t do it Every time I did the torpedo room i’m like

Son of a all right try it again what the Heck I just started sneezing It’s been raining here all day it’s it’s The weather always does this to me Because it gets things stirred up you Know But yeah Anyway sorry i didn’t mean to sneeze in Y’all’s ear like that [Laughter] Beth is on nuke’s top five oh is it Recent or i know she was a while back Did he do it again david or anything Recent at all The photo of the witch tree oh okay Yeah i have allergies pretty bad i did Not even take my allergy pill today to Come and think of it that’s probably Another reason i’m sneezing i feel Another one coming on now oh my god I’m mocking yeah don’t mind me Amy says oh my god i have the rona now [Laughter] No i never even caught it i’m so lucky Because i was around me neither five People that had it Yeah never caught it all of my friends Have gotten it and Pat yep Patty and i are the ones traveling i’m Traveling across the you know united States and uh oh so Jay saw something on the news the other

Day You know how portland or oregon was like One of the places where you know It was a good state to go to as long as You wore your mask Now we’re in the [ __ ] red patty like Florida Oh my god really Yeah Yeah i’m like Wow That’s crazy Well because governor kate said oh no we Don’t need the math yeah okay our Governor did the same thing here though No but i there’s a lot of people that Still wear it and i’m one of them i wear It a lot Um so And i still use hand sanitizer when i go Anywhere i’m you know put the gas pump i Use those lysol wipes i keep those in my Car i still do all that You know and i just like all The rooms down that we go into and stuff Yeah when we go to a place i go in with Okay we’ll lice all it down Everything yeah Then we have nothing for a minute let The lights all settle Actually the other night i finally heard Of The um monkey pox That was the first time ever hearing

That I heard about that too I heard about that too i heard about That today actually what the heck is That all about Well it It’s not anywhere really in the united States except for i guess massachusetts Yeah So watch out for the massholes people Yeah right You know patty you might be on something Just start carrying lysol with you and Someone Comes up and they See what they’re saying Just spray them Yeah green’s in here They also have the um Those clothing spray lysol too there’s One for clothing Oh i was just thinking just to spray People instead of pepper spray Right Hold it right there i got my lysol watch Out It has bleach [Laughter] No offense amy my my husband’s actually From boston Go figure he’s boston i’m oregon I’m the better of the two i hope to god He’s not in chat why i said that

There’s one case in massachusetts in Canada Really Wow So is this something new or is it Something that’s been around before no It’s new Really Wow So christian what do you got to say Anything at all [Laughter] I put putting you on the spot like that Now i just wish something would happen i Wish the rim pod would go off you gonna Make the rim pod go off for me back here Gonna remain quiet quiet tonight You know i they’re probably pissed off At you because you haven’t Been displaying them and putting them on Your live streams You’re not saying you know that’s how They could be That’s a little sentimental there I don’t do dolls anymore Why did one come up and smack you on the Ass Yeah Yeah and anyway no i Was doing an investigation when i was Still running a team And uh During the walk through The daughter in her bedroom was like

Kind of locked down she wasn’t feeling Good Well when the time of the investigation Actually happened she wasn’t even home And they gave us free reign I walk into her room to investigate and Set up equipment and i kid you not There’s like 50 dolls In that room all facing the door Oh my god and we were and we were in Dark and i was like No Nope wow That’s crazy where was this set again Here in pa oh okay Yeah it was it was one of those no no no No situations I just threw the recorder down shut the Door and i was like yep you guys go in There i’m not doing it well over in um Over in cassadago there’s that little um It’s right by the hotel and it’s um a Little um museum And it’s dolls everywhere oh my god i Love that place they let us Oh Yeah they let us explore or invest Investigate it and And that’s one of those places you need To be there longer because especially Just that doll room just so much going On in that doll room and it’s dolls If you guys watch patty’s video these Dolls are hanging on the wall like

Upside down and It was really cool i was just like in Awe like these little hole-in-the-wall Places you find the most amazing Things you know because you’re going Through you’re like this place doesn’t Even look that big on the outside It don’t and somebody said something Chat Oh he’s talking about his northeast um Emmy pdx That’s you yeah that’s me i’m Emmy That’s me Hi amy nice to meet you I calculate we’re a little off Irene wants to know something about your Underwear matt um Thought i saw a flash of light i don’t Know if i was seeing things or what but I was looking back to Make sure everything’s okay back there So um Anyway What places okay i want to ask everybody Something like this okay What is your favorite places for me to Film at is it cemeteries Haunted houses Jails Or other Curious to see what everybody has to say Let’s see

And What do you mean by other like like Urbex seemed like we did that one time Yeah something like or yeah like urbex Type stuff i’m just kidding because we Don’t know if the place is haunted we go In investigate it and then find out the History Liz said hi matt baron Hey liz Okay amy says cemeteries Jails Cemeteries Cemetery shadow cemetery Haunted houses okay shadow cemetery all Of them i like the ship too we writer Yeah I i can speak on something about the Cemeteries the difference between like There on the east coast There’s a lot of Bugs certain times of the year Yeah And you will literally get eaten up now Over here on the west coast We we don’t have those big bugs that Will like maul you and stuff and um So that’s the difference like over here Yeah the cemeteries The cemeteries are popping over here But like in the portland area We can’t go into a lot of abandoned Villages because we got a lot of Homeless so that’s the other down thing

On that Yeah Well Uh yeah So it’s kind of you know a little bit Everything um yeah austin is paddy’s Pool i wish he doesn’t live close enough Though Um so My favorite Type of places to film at would i would Have to say would be old historic hotels And stuff like that that’s my favorite Because you know not only are you Staying at a haunted location Um and you can film um You also have a room you take breaks and Go you know you can go sit down and Relax and you know and then go back to Filming you know take a half hour break Here and there whatever you know get Something to drink or something to eat And you know so I enjoy haunted hotel especially the old Historic Hotels and Houses you know mansions things like That that’s what i like Um and i like the jails i do like the Jail the cemeteries are my least Favorite Uh especially in the summer Um because of the bugs and the heat But um i do like cemeteries but and it’s

Easier sometimes to find cemeteries than It is You know other places to film at some Times especially when you’re limited as Where you can go uh You know Travel or not or whatever So that’s why i end up going to a lot of Those but that’s my least favorite But i do like it i mean it is it is fun It’s exciting because you never know What you’re going to see or hear My favorite is haunted house like Historic homes or hotels Uh Honestly I like really anywhere I mean Each location like you said has its own Story has its own history And Me i Like my cemeteries just because it’s a Good training spot for newer Investigators Um But i i’m not really picky If if there’s i mean even if there’s Reports or not i’ll go Right i i’m not really You have a local Any favorites when you had to pick one What would you pick Would it be a house or a mansion or a

Hotel or Probably Any his historical site right yeah Whether whether it’s a home or a Battlefield Just anywhere That’s documented um But no i mean I i don’t really like i said it doesn’t Really bother me either way Okay like i’ll i’ll walk to like where I’m at right now You can see that’s my street I’ll investigate on here let’s go Because My thing is is yes there is documented History like at gettysburg There’s there’s history all over there But it’s the undocumented history that Really intrigues me Yeah what’s not reported that’s that’s What i love Yeah Yeah yep i agree and i can’t wait to go To the battlefield Oh Yeah that’s why i got to behave myself At the fair on the 26th Yeah can’t get too much Being a food co-op What did she oh the battleship yes karen Me too the battleship was awesome i Really loved that but that was my first Battleship i’ve ever filmed at

And i absolutely loved it Yes i am I am a sensitive i think somebody asked Me that Crybaby bridges it looks mad i’m not mad I’m kind of still tired I I was up Thanks to my daughter but i’m not mad i Just got [ __ ] face going on There might be irene there might be a Spirit watching this live Spirit stalker oh yeah yeah spirit Um That old chest over there is an 1800s Chest Um now my friend cassandra gave it to me Because um a couple years ago actually Because she said it was haunted and she Didn’t want it in her house no more when I first got it i did hear and Hear things like more more than anything I would hear like sounds coming from it There’s nothing there but I haven’t in a long time unless i’m just So Used to it now i don’t notice it i don’t Know but It’s an 18 month yes Well i have to get going i’m almost home But okay Thank you for the invite patty i really Appreciate it you’re welcome thank you So much for popping in matt and you have

A good evening and i’ll talk to you soon You guys too love you all Everybody go check out matt’s channel Oh not yet All right bye-bye matt yeah bye bye Bye matt Bye emmy Wait are you leaving Yeah i’m leaving Oh you’re playing god he’s playing Peek-a-boo Good i was like off in my own little World So You know the difference um I like to do everything But the cemetery is here Jay talks about We don’t have the bugs like i said but You know what we got the wild animals Like the bears and stuff like that Um bears bobcats everything jay We were at this one cemetery that’s way Back in the woods kind of like the Shadow cemetery right people walking Around filming and jay’s like um We gotta go i’m like why It’s like First bear poop or fresh bear scat is How i said i’m like Oh okay yeah let’s go Oh hello there sacramento paranormal i Did zone out i’m sorry And that one that’s one of your friends

Right yes okay Yeah yeah hey there Yippers I’m zoned out there yeah i wasn’t paying Attention i was just kind of like I don’t know So guys my facebook was almost hacked a Few nights ago that was horrible um Yeah it was the craziest thing i’m Sitting there editing and all of a Sudden i get a facebook message from my Cousin in alabama And he says hey patty uh can you send me Your phone number again i lost it So i sent in my phone number thinking You know okay he lost my number Then again i get an all of a sudden i Get a google Alert Thing on my phone google You know the google the number that they Send you And i’m like what the hell is this [ __ ] You know How i didn’t do anything on google no But didn’t put two and two together yet So then I get another message from him saying Hey patty can you send me that code that You just got from google i just got a New phone and i’m trying to back up all My contacts So that i don’t lose them and uh i need Your help here can you send me that code

Well me being the dingbat i am and not Knowing anything about hacking because You know of course i’ve been accused of It But whatever i didn’t know i didn’t know Any different i sent this person my Freaking the code But By the time i sent it to him i guess it Was a too late Couldn’t use it Because allison i got another message First said thank you And then comes back and says oh my god He goes i you sent it too late i’m gonna Have you another one sent to your phone Can you send it to me Like right away quick And i’m like What what is going on here this don’t Feel something didn’t feel right so i Stopped doing what i was doing and i’m Like wait a minute this something ain’t Right So i called my grandson’s down i’m like You guys got to come down here and tell Me i got to talk to you hurry up get Down here so they did I told them what was going on and i Showed them the message they said that’s A that’s a hacker he’s probably been Hacked don’t don’t do it don’t i said i Already sent him a code his eyes lit up Because you set up the code and i go

Well yeah now he said it was too late And You know Nothing i can do about it you know or Nothing he could do i gather he she Whatever And so um Yeah So he said that’s a hacker so now i Wrote back and i said you’re a [ __ ] Hacker I said you’re busted And uh or something like that and and What are you talking about patty No i need that code please send me that Code i’m about to lose all my contacts i Said no i’m not sending you the code you [ __ ] [ __ ] you are a hacker You know And in the meantime my sister surely is Sending me messages saying patty oh my God i think our cousin mike’s facebook’s Been hacked i’m getting all these Messages so she was going to do the same Thing So yeah long story short i came this Close to probably losing my entire Facebook page Because my cousin yeah i got all my Pictures i got so many things on there So i contacted facebook right away um And uh my sister you know did too but my Cousin mike lost everything he lost his Entire facebook page he’s pretty upset

Well isn’t your um your g team channel Associated with your facebook page too Yeah i would have lost it so you would Have lost Everything Yes Yeah You know they say you get into a good Habit to try to change your um Password like every four months and Stuff that’s the thing they say i Changed i do change mine every couple Months actually i don’t change I thought i haven’t gotten that habit Yet yeah i can’t even remember what i Did like five minutes ago But uh yeah that was horrible he lost Everything i haven’t heard he’s i guess He’s going to set up another page i Don’t really know but he was pretty Upset because He’s not very Tech savvy either And He fell for it somebody did it to him And they felt they yeah they fell for it Or he fell for it and sent his you know What i mean he they i don’t know i don’t Know the whole backstory i just know That he they got him and he lost Everything So they almost got me Okay babsie thank you so much for coming In we really appreciate it

Pepsi says patty am and christian i’m Sorry but my eyes can’t stay open Who said that Pepsi oh that’s okay no you you’re fine No you have to stay Who Babsie oh [Laughter] You know what you guys i’ve never seen An armadillo dealer armadillo Armadillo I’d never seen one of those creatures Before i was like what the [ __ ] is this And we saw not one but two And the other one I was like Are these mean Because this one started coming towards Me and Yeah that’s what i was like But yeah how do you say armored dealers Armadillo irene said she lost her Account too Wow Well now i know i didn’t know that I didn’t know much about you know i’ve Never i mean i’ve been hacked before a Long time ago but That was a long time ago and i i just Remember just all of a sudden losing my Page so Well I thought teresa was going to pop you Have a good night baby

Today is theresa’s birthday are you Watching for her to try to pop in Um Just in case but alexa sing happy Birthday Okay let’s do this One You’re not gonna get me a copyright are You okay it don’t count Trust me That was fortes Okay This is lily This is lily [Laughter] That was trying to climb up on me Yes they are we writer they are And if any of you just popped in um Karen’s putting the link to my new Channel i have a meditation channel now That i started about four months ago Keep whacking me with your big ol noodle Con Yeah they think they’re chihuahuas English bulldogs big old fatty mcfap Things next year is my birthday Okay Was my birthday today I was hoping she’d come in soon because I’m getting kind of tired Wow Tired and hot thank god it wasn’t a big Surprise party

I know Well she was planning on but she was Looking forward to being here when we Started but she said her son Wanted to take her out to dinner um her Family i guess and so she didn’t know it Was a surprise right though Yeah this is daddy mcfaps who’s the Other one Yeah i love animals too but i’m highly Allergic to animals Um that could be another reason i’m Getting like this because the girls Right before my stream started they took Their dogs out you know then they keep The dogs upstairs i can’t be around them Very long See i don’t think you really had a Problem with willow well she really Didn’t have she was a tiny little dog Didn’t have much hair on her i guess Yeah i didn’t know just how allergic i Was until Uh i was at cece’s house and i i laid Down in um on her chase lounge but it’s The one that her dog lays on quite a bit Yeah i was laying there watching Uh paranormal stuff on her tv one night When we were there we were tired we were Filming so she went on one couch and i Went on the chase lounge well i started Itching and burning really bad i wasn’t Sure what was going on And it was from you know that her dog

Lays there a lot so that’s got to be What it is You know or what it was Yeah cece is working tonight i think David asked earlier she’s working Tonight Irene goes i’m allergic to everything But she owns four cats I’m allergic to [ __ ] too I’m starting to get there I’m so sorry wee writer Yes they do amy you’re right that’s what The allergist guy told me pretty much The same thing Um yes i am a vegetarian I do eat seafood though like some Seafood i’ll eat like fish and shrimp And scallops and Stuff like that but It’s i like salmon um But i’m Pretty much a vegetarian amy’s like i’m Allergic to the world I am too No but when i when i go to florida Patty actually takes me to some cool Places to eat because she doesn’t get to Go there because none of the kids like Them i know And i don’t know i try new foods by Myself you know so What is that noise Where’s that coming from That your house or her his house

Oh christian Rich people they’re my feminists here oh I see i got you okay family we are on a Live stream My goodness Well i like italian food too and my Favorite italian food is actually Eggplant parmesan i absolutely love it Um What was that playset grouper Oh oh the upper deck um Oh wait what no no one we were in um When we met cassandra And then georgia i’ve been so many Places with you i can’t remember but we Met cassandra in them St augustine never mind i figured it out That place is amazing yeah oh my god i Have i was like i can’t think of the Name of it but i really liked that yeah It was really good Yeah yeah And these are little hole-in-the-wall Places Pizza there And their egg plant is really good too Yeah um Yeah but i like i love italian food it’s Just i want i like just regular marinara On my spaghetti like when i make Spaghetti i just make a marinara The only marinara out of a jar that i Will use is rayos It’s the best it really it’s more

Expensive but it is the best It tastes just like homemade I can make it oh all right amy i love me Some eggplant Heather makes it pretty darn good too She makes some really good eggplant Parmesan What is that what do i keep all the tv The tv shut off wait No it didn’t oh it’s flipping videos It’s another one of my videos Oh Oh my god i guess we’re talking about Eggplants i’m like hey I have That filter Christ Yes amy i’ve done the eggplant towers i Went too fast I love it Now the people are taking the job Oh my god okay let’s put the eggplant Filter away Oh Oh what I can you know we can do this for hours You know what patty and i’ve done that Without even pinhole live stream We played with this [ __ ] Okay it looks like An eggplant An eggplant people And an egghead Oh baby’s still here

Oh okay Oh this didn’t work I don’t have my hockey That didn’t work I’m just like No Oh my god look at this i just hatched oh Look Emmy just hatched Hey there’s something in here with me You’re an easter egg Every easter egg to Me look i’m a hovering easter egg oh my God Where do you find what is she doing how Did you do this That’s that one chinese stick thing i Tried to use before and i couldn’t Figure it out Yep snap camera At its finest hey sweet cindy Welcome Hi there sweet cindy how you doing don’t Listen to the lady in the egg she just Hatched and got all crazy on everyone She done that Okay wait hold on i got a question here Hi patty what’s your dream team i hope You feared Oh i am so sorry jack I’m so sorry Gosh she was only five years older than Me I’m so sorry to hear that

What’s my dream team Yeah Right ray Amy thinks you’re delirious I think so too Oh [ __ ] Well uh It’s almost midnight here and tez is not Here yet i may end up ending this soon Because i didn’t want to go too too long Um And nothing’s happening i mean i don’t Hear the rem pod going off i I can’t run the psv7 spirit box because You guys can’t hear it on the zoom hold On patty Just keep talking don’t end it yet okay I’m gonna have to start um Going live on uh something else in order To use the spirit box on live streams Because it doesn’t work on you can’t Hear it Yeah i just thought it would be fun just To go live and chit chat you know Just be a just more like a fun live you Know got the dolls in the background oh My god if [ __ ] was any slower i swear Well good i’m glad you guys are having Fun okay Here we go What are you doing one a two i don’t Know i can’t tell you yet I can’t tell you That’s what happens when you make me

The hostess With the mostess You’ll get a surprise you’re crazy Tell me something i don’t already know Patty Just wait I don’t know what’s gonna happen No i don’t know what’s gonna happen What’s gonna happen I got a surprise oh okay Somebody in the house No i’m not pregnant I i don’t have my plumbing either I’m not pregnant we’d be rich But um yeah but Now some people are just so freaking Slow Just Tick tock tick tock I’m so sorry to hear that jack I’m sorry to hear that too Imagine all of us in the same room oh my Lord a padded room That’s where they probably put us No right Oh yeah Oh Oh Well look who it is I recognize that name I recognize that face hello How did you get up here is this like Brian take over oh I got i got stuff going on up here

[Laughter] How you doing brian I’m doing well how are you Not too bad not too bad just i think we Caught her off guard she’s like Just hang out and chit chat and that’s What we’re doing i got my haunted dolls Out here and we got they’re mad over There but nothing’s happened so Oh so we’re live right now yes we are Live oh jesus Oops did i not tell you that Surprise You didn’t tell him i thought he do I better i’d better be on my best Behavior than i guess right yeah You might know your best behavior you Could be a little bit bad if you want She has me on here come on Christian i don’t know where he’s at The one that talks he talks more than i Do oh my god i haven’t had the Opportunity to meet christian so Nevermind Very nice to meet you Nice to meet you Don’t ask him questions because he’ll Give you one two little answers to that We tried this already So everyone in the chat um this is brian Laverty if you most of you probably know Who he is i’m sure Um i did the interview with him just Recently uh on his channel with him and

Lex I gotta i gotta i gotta look at this i Gotta look at what we look like i guess I got a new camera Well it’s not new but uh it’s not new But uh I i never usually use it because it’s 4k And any streaming service that i use it On it doesn’t seem to work but it seems To be working now which is great but now Your name is awesome more of me is it Yeah zoom’s amazing it looks good He’s like He’s like i’m just coming on paddy’s Show just to say man do i look good So bro I would never say that there’s a lot of People in the chat well there’s a couple People in the chat not sure who you are So go ahead and if you don’t mind you Want to introduce yourself and tell them What you do and what you know whatever You want to tell them See now i’m even brighter because i put Up my second stream now I don’t know if i like that Um Uh where to begin where to begin um I have a channel called huntophobia um a Lot of people know the channel it’s a Youtube channel but Uh i stream most of my videos on a Platform called paraflix that’s where Most of my videos go up now but i am

Working on a video right now that i’ll Be putting up on youtube that will go up Next week so Uh yeah so it’s the second part finally What are you laughing about i know what Are you thinking about amy i’m sorry amy And chad goes is brother and single and Not ready to mingle I’m [Laughter] So I also own a social media site called Parapost network it’s a social media Site for anybody that likes uh the Paranormal ufos supernatural cryptids And If you’re an enthusiast you can go over To the site and And uh it’s doing well it’s doing really Well um It’s been around for about 10 months Actually 11 months now so we’re growing We’re growing slowly but we’re getting There and there’s something else in the Works Yep Yes There’s something else in the works uh It will be revealed on june 1st Um my birthday Is it really No no Okay So yeah

First will be the big reveal and we’re All excited about that um yeah Patty is involved paddy is involved I think eventually emmy will be involved As well somewhere down the road I’m assuming Well i don’t know what’s going on but i Wouldn’t you don’t know what’s going on I went out no That’s i’m not i told you she patty You tell her something I couldn’t even get out of her while i Was sleep talking in her ear i’m like Patty just tell me what the [ __ ] going On And nope nope she’s like [ __ ] you [ __ ] that was it no she Walked You’re part of the p3 program aren’t you Are you not Yeah Well Apparently you didn’t watch matt’s video For the paris uh the p3 private group he Has a video on there and that’s what It’s all about Oh you probably didn’t see it Yeah i told you i don’t remember what i Did five minutes ago That was amazing Think hard think hard But don’t say nothing No you’re gonna make me

Just go back to that video yeah just go Back and watch it just go back and watch It Does anybody want to put in um his Link in there in the chat for me like Maybe david or Somebody i was told never to talk to I strangers think any of us are strange What is going on here i’m all confused Me confuses me too she confuses she’s Got my brain going in circles Between her crazy faces and everything Don’t let me get sidetracked again Before i forget so go over to the g team Facebook page and i put in brian’s links Today i posted I reposted what you posted and that has All your links in it right You know I don’t know i’d have to look on your I’d have to look what do you what links Did you put up there whatever that Wasn’t to re i reposted something that You posted and i think it Um It may hold on Hold on david are you heading over there Do you want me to patty yeah you can Emmy you can do it Put me to work i feel so special I feel important now okay how do i get To my page again I’m i’m i’m assuming I’m assuming you’re

Oh there you are see i can see us now I’m assuming that color hair is somewhat Affecting your brain Uh because i’m not a musician How do you know i’m not a beautician I know You know why i know Why Because i was a hairstylist for 13 years Well how do you know i’m not an upcoming One yeah Yeah one day i came up there and one day We were talking on i think it was on Messenger and came up and it was on Video and your hair was every which way Yeah it was yeah It was I i gotta give you that it was Yeah yeah so what color is that purple Purple Purple what’s going on with the color Oh guess who’s coming up hold on Oh it’s purple like blue I don’t know it looks better in the Light Yeah i’m posting the other link this is Your facebook page link Oh i just got i was going you guys are Gonna go look happy birthday test Hi Yes we’re ending the party now because You’re late Oh yeah the restaurant was freaking Crowded

Crowded You’ll have to go back and watch the Video because we did sing happy birthday Alexis did it No i know it’s going to be this goddamn Crowded here today Anyway I’m just leaving That’s okay you look beautiful look at You you look so pretty And when you do The spaghetti factory Oh nice it was it’s her birthday today This is teresa Her name is tez in the chat t-e-z Happy birthday teresa thank you You’re very welcome nice to meet you as Well Her and i um she met me in uh tennessee Um a while back well back in february And we stayed a week in a cabin went did Some filming and then um She’s also been to my house she stayed Here for a week once and we we had a Blast we had we did all kinds of fun Stuff we went out to the beach and had Some cocktails i mean we did all kinds Of stuff That is a great plus i can honestly say That oh thank you i appreciate it and Then we had fun making tick tocks that Was fun i liked that a lot I wish i knew how to make a tick tock Yeah we did so how so did it have that

New doll Did you get some Did you guys do the spare box with the New doll no we haven’t we’ve just been Chit chatting we haven’t ran the spirit Box or anything like that yeah Okay the hell was that i could have Sworn i just heard a female voice in Here Did you guys hear anything No Well i will let you know there’s a girl That’s here in my place Yeah spirit spirit I was gonna say do tell brian what’s Going on [Laughter] Oh that’s funny I want to make that clear it’s a spirit Yeah i i have some spirits here too i Know my my husband and my son are both Always hanging around i feel like my Mom’s around sometimes too and Um Wow And teresa has lost her husband too she Lost her husband five years ago yeah If he’s come through the box or not i Don’t know Yeah Sometimes i think i hear him but then I’m kind of in denial i don’t i don’t Really know if i’m hearing him or not I lost uh i lost my wife as well

Did you Yeah yeah that was on purpose that was On purpose though [Laughter] As much as we talked you never told me You were i was gonna say that [ __ ] Rotten god that’s horrible I’m sorry i just had to do that i’m Sorry you can tell he’s canadian my zoe I’m sorry So i was editing When oh amy loves you Just throwing that out there Okay Okay so i can’t see that i can’t see the Chat i can’t i didn’t think so How are you guys shooting the cat you Guys can you can see it i can’t see it Is there a way to pull the chat up nope You would have that you’re on your phone You would actually have to open up Youtube Yeah Oh well hi everyone in Chat tell teresa happy birthday today is Her birthday I’m not going to tell her that Go ahead brian Yeah what were you going to say brian You said somebody you were editing what Were you saying Um i was editing a video that’s going to Be going up this week it’s the second Part from the first part i did a couple

Of months ago so that’s going up next Week so i’m working on that video and Okay it’s a it’s a little bit tricky Because um i gotta add a bunch of things Like uh I did the fleur camera so you gotta add The floor camera in there as well and I did um i left the camera in one room By itself for a while so I have to add in that and it’s like oh It’s like it’s like uh it’s like a Puzzle that i’m putting together I i know trust me i know exactly what You’re saying yep i know that struggles Real down my patty Yeah It takes sometimes it takes me almost a Week to do certain videos depending on How much i filmed you know and then i Gotta split it up in part one part two And part three because there’s just so Much footage You know and no It’s a really Really it’s the flirt camera that kind Of throws you off right So um there was a certain part of the Video where we captured a hot spot Oh really so and it’s like blowing right On the stairwell and this is the Abandoned church so it’s pretty cool so Yeah so it’s pretty cool i captured i’ve Done four minutes of the video so far And i’ve captured

Uh Three disembodied voices on the Microphone already Yeah so this church is cr this church is Crazy because I did the the first part as soon as we Walked in I’m sorry i’m gonna say this i apologize People it said get out [ __ ] Oh wow did it really Yeah twice twice in fact yeah so it’s Kind of crazy So this place And that’s what i was telling you about If you ever come up to canada i’m going To take you to this church because it’s Absolutely insane Um And there’s another spot that i want to Take you to as well and that’s the blue Ghost tunnel And i’ve walked as soon as you walk into That place on it like honestly as soon As you walk in every time i walk in that Place all you hear is get out get out And you can hear it with your own ears And it’s it’s it’s crazy it’s a crazy Place and it’s on the top 10 list of Haunted spots in canada I’ve never been to canada i haven’t Either yeah canada is a great place Everybody wants to start talking more I’ve been through washington very nice Very nice i love washington

Yeah cool so how long My whole life it rains too much so i I’ve never meant to live in the state Like this Any thought of moving I don’t know Maybe it’s just so complicated like my Whole business been going and it’s too Too complicated but i would love to live In florida i fell in love with florida Yeah when she was too hot Yeah as a child As a child between the ages of i think Three and Fourteen i probably Got I was going three times a year So i got to be there at least 40 or 50 Times Wow Wow I was born in guam so maybe that’s why i Like tropical weather so much Yeah Wow that’s cool yeah Very cool Yes and with Brian what’s this yes in with brian lol Who’s that That’s amy Oh okay okay Okay i got you That’s cool

But um No so this uh this this video that i’m Doing is going to be really good and Um But My new season on paraflex of season Three is coming up in july So Uh and we did in a house investigation In this one Like people still live in the home So that’s going to be a really really Good episode yeah i did a uh i did Because i’m a sensitive um i did a kind Of a private thing in the bedroom We’re not going to show the whole thing But i captured 26 evps in the bedroom Oh wow In uh in 20 minutes Wow Yeah it’s this place was crazy this Place was crazy um we believe it was her Father that was there and something else From previous Um but The house i love doing house Investigations i really do But they’re like one of those things Where they’re really good or they’re Really bad You know and what i mean by that is good Meaning that you capture a lot bad you Catch or nothing you know because

Sometimes with house investigations People tend to embellish a little bit Right when somebody’s walking in but This place was crazy crazy crazy and Unfortunately we can’t show the whole Thing um Because that’s a 20 minutes Um that’s a lot just to leave in you Know what i mean so But The sb7 was great that night Really really super good so I love the sp7 it’s the most accurate Spirit box um It’s the best one it’s the best one if You want real True authentic evps that’s the best one I should show you i should show your People The video of the spirit balls in the uk Yeah i saw that one that’s amazing Spear balls cat balls i call them spirit Balls but they’re black So But uh i uh let’s see if i can wear it Okay yeah see if i can find it first Yeah your your viewers are gonna love This okay you’re going to share sounds Here when you share this Hit share sound Thanks thanks amy i know i just want to Meet you I do don’t forget don’t forget okay so i

Do this And I’m going to share my screen And there you go So You’re muted brian See i knew you’d [ __ ] it up you muted Yourself You’re muted I could see the little mute sign oh my God We can’t hear you brian hope you’re Muted You know can you hear me now yes Yeah you know what happens with zoom as Soon as you share something it Automatically mutes you That’s the only problem oh okay Again and give me a thumbs up if you can Hear it okay okay Okay let me ask you a question Are you buried here Light it up if you are You just went off again And i heard a step behind Towards the back of the muscle so you’re Buried here Light up the ball Did somebody just go ooh I just heard a woo Can you light up the thing at the top of The steps What was the man’s name that was buried Here again

Lawrence shaw’s story and she’s emily Lawrence was his first name If your name’s lawrence light it up If your name’s lawrence light it up Again Wow What was her name again sorry Emma wine Emily Emily okay can you stop it Is there an Emily here Emmeline yeah Is there an emmeline here Wow thank you Is uh emmeline buried here Lawrence are you buried here Is it true that you were buried Somewhere else and you came here To get buried here Yeah Oh wow Are you two together Oh no Wow that was really good That was brilliant it’s kind of romantic Isn’t it That’s incredible Wow That’s awesome Yeah yeah and that was only What three minutes Yeah it was it was it was incredible um The long story short of this place is

It’s a mausoleum obviously uh in the Background there but uh the man that Died that was supposed to go into the Mausoleum his coffin was too big so they Couldn’t fit a minute So he was buried somewhere else and 30 Years later She died his wife And she got When she died he they brought his body Over to that graveyard it wouldn’t fit Inside the mausoleum so they said well We’re not going to put her in the Mausoleum and leave him out so they got Buried together outside of the mausoleum So the mausoleum sits empty He must have been a big boy So Yeah so It’s just What i find phenomenal is that you know The people always ask this question Like do you think when somebody dies and A husband dies or a wife dies do you Think they end up Coming together when they’re when they Pass away While that question was answered Uh because they’re they’re together and Even 30 years apart from dying You know they still found each other and It’s just it was just an incredible love Story um but i’ll be honest when we Walked into that place it was

No pun intended it was dead silent We didn’t think we were gonna get Anything and And then bam and there was even one Point during the video um during us Filming you could actually see a light Come out from the mausoleum The side go around the corner and go Into the mausoleum oh wow Yeah so and then even when we had all That stuff on the stairs there was one Point where you it looks like an Apparition i’m gonna have to slow it Down but it looks like there’s an Apparition actually going towards The cat ball and the rem pod Wow Yeah so it’s gonna be really really Super cool that was in the uk uh for People that don’t know Um back in march i went to the uk for a Month and filmed Um 11 location in 14 days Wow that’s awesome Kind of like how didn’t i do when i go There I want to go to the uk so bad Uk is amazing it’s amazing place and When those videos come out So what i’m thinking about doing is um I’m going to put teasers on youtube but The actual full video will go on to Paraflex okay

Yes so i’ll probably put a 10 to 12 Minute videos on youtube Okay now let everybody know how they can Get involved with paraflix do you want To tell them a little bit about that Yeah so you just type in it’s you can Get it through your ios or android or You can get on your laptop or pc and all You have to do is type in And it’s with two x’s not one And if you guys want a discount I can give you a discount all you have To do is write in parapost 25. and You’ll get 25 percent off and it’s about Two bucks a month There you go That’s it It’s a very good deal Yeah it’s it’s it’s about 3.99 a month Without the code but if you put in the Code parapose 25 you will get a 25 off You gotta put that in every time or No no no just the ones Yeah so you sign up Oh there’s so much there’s so much There’s paranormal videos there’s Documentaries there’s music videos There’s talk shows Everything on this and if you love the Paranormal that’s where you want to go Yeah definitely supernatural Uh yes yep yep there’s even cryptics and Stuff like that in there It’s the it’s

To be To compare it it’s like the netflix for The paranormal Awesome that’s what it is yeah so Yeah and my third season starts in july So uh I’m looking forward to that and then the Next two seasons will be uk stuff So Um Yeah i can’t wait to i need to i can Upload stuff over there too right Yeah yeah yeah hey Jack hold on no you can’t you can’t you Gotta you gotta submit in order to Upload okay All right yeah we’ll talk about that Some other another time yeah go ahead And send patty an email and send her What you want her to look at Give her time because she gets a lot of Emails coming in And david if you can drop petty’s email We’d appreciate that Yeah Yeah because he wants to show you a Picture All right karen put the information in There and use Carepost25 for 25 off perfect karen Thank you Um And then um

There was something else you got so many Things going on brian i’m trying to it’s Hard to keep up with it i caught patty Off guard finally again When Yeah that’s too much i was like give me Host and i brought him up oh yeah yeah Yeah So there’s uh what else do we got we got The honda phobia channel on youtube para Oh parapost do you want to talk to them About parapost Parentpost is mainly um it’s a social Media site for anybody that likes Um paranormal supernatural uh cryptics Ufos And if you’re just an enthusiast you can Go over to parapost network you can Download it through ios or android And you just make an account it’s free You get to see what everybody’s doing Patty’s on the site And and i will tell people that if There’s anybody in there here that has a Paranormal channel what’s really good is We’re the only social media site that Does this You can actually hook up your youtube to Parapost so every time you upload a Video to youtube it automatically Uploads to parapost So right now we have right now we have What’s called the watch page where You’ll see all the videos right now we

Have over 6 000 videos on there That’s awesome All all paranormal stuff All paranormal stuff so it’s really cool It’s a it’s a really cool site i like it It’s you know we’re in the beginning Stages and there’s a lot more to come Eventually we are going to have live Streaming which means you can do live Streaming paranormal investigations or If you have a talk show or a podcast you Will eventually be able to live stream On there as well that’s so awesome Yeah so we’re on the ground floor guys The ground floor just like youtube had To start somewhere In someone’s garage i mean didn’t it i Heard that google started in someone’s Garage right I never heard that before oh i have yeah Really interesting yeah she started it Uh In her garage i saw a video i think it Was a video somebody sent me or Something a while back and I watch it it was the um i can’t think Of her name susan or something like that But anyway like a documentary something Like yeah about how it all got started It was in her garage Interesting Um the guy with the glasses i can’t Remember his name he’s the ceo right now Um i can’t remember his name

Yeah i can’t not bill gates the other Guy Yeah the other guy not bill gates Actually i know a lot of people that Have started that way You know i got a buddy that works for a Vitamin company And um The guy started it out of his home And Now the company’s been around for what Seven years eight years the company’s Worth 200 million Dollars wow Oh my god wow So Everybody’s got to start somewhere yeah So It’s a work in progress it’s a work in Progress and i love it but there’s a lot More things coming a lot of things Coming and people are going to be Surprised when they see them so Eventually hopefully by this time next Year Um it will have its own platform Like facebook like instagram like Twitter it’ll be its own platform and uh That’s what i’m looking forward to so But unfortunately that costs a lot of Money I know You were telling me about that it’s a Lot of money yeah so um but um i have an

End goal To build this to be the site to go to And you know one thing i love about this Site and i don’t say it enough No drama Absolutely No drama Everybody’s there for the same reason And they want to check out videos they Want to check out what people are doing Pictures Everything that’s what they’re there for And that’s what they’re getting and That’s what i love now I’m going to be honest Eventually when the site gets to a Certain number that’s going to be hard To control but I want people to realize one thing i Have the delete button That’s right Yeah so But overall it’s been great um i think We’ve had I think we’ve had one person cause a Problem And he was a spammer So um I found out he um Uh you know it’s interesting when you Build these kind of sites you can get The ip addresses right and uh Um it’s just one of those things where You know um we don’t take anybody’s

Information or anything like that so Um it’s all private but This guy was uh pretending he was a Woman and he was actually a man And uh he was a doctor out of uh he was A doctor out of india Oh wow So um he was deleted um because he was Spamming everybody’s inbox Wow Asking for money and he was a doctor Wow Wow Glad you caught it glad you caught it Actually it wasn’t me and caught it he Didn’t inbox me but he unboxed everybody Else and i was getting i was getting all These messages saying oh there’s a Spammer in there he’s begging for money And it’s like oh god here we go So it’s about to begin But uh other than that there’s only been That one time and Everything else has been amazing Everybody’s been great because they’re One they’re there for one reason yeah so Far i’ve met nothing but nice people Over there there’s no drama everybody is Really nice and like you said they’re For the same reason you know hey go get Him paranormal how you doing I’m sorry I’m like reading chat and she like just Popped it i’m just like

You know what i find it weird about zoom Is the fact that as soon as somebody Starts talking They go into the big screen oh you know What okay so up at the top You’ll see the view up at the top right Yeah click on the view and then click on Gallery Okay there we go oh you got all of this Got it got it got it yeah that’s great That’s what i that’s what i leave it on Too i don’t like that other thing I don’t like Cool So teresa is a paranormal investigator As well I’m an enthusiast Your enthusiast okay Okay what about christian he does he’s a Strong silent type Yeah he’s an enthusiast also but i think He’s done you’ve done some stuff though Investigations right in the past Or no No oh yeah okay Yeah well he needs to i know I know he doesn’t So where is he from Where are you from christian oklahoma Oh okay Cool Cool and where’s where Emmy where are you from Oregon

Oh i’m sorry and theresa I’m having a hard time hearing this Watching each other She’s right about me in washington you Know it’s oregon washington then canada There we That’s go That’s cool And uh patty’s from florida I was born and raised here in florida And if people don’t know i’m actually From toronto Okay Yep and i’m also uh and a lot of people Don’t know that well i guess a lot of People do but some people don’t i’m also An actor here in toronto as well So Yeah did you know that amy Yes i did Yeah I know it emmy told me a while back and And or maybe you know emmy told me first And i think So because i’m smart what all have you Been in tell them I know you’ve been in a couple movies Right i’ve been in i’ve been in uh 14 tv Shows oh my god wow yeah yeah that i Didn’t know Yeah yeah 14 tv shows i’ve done quite a Few commercials I’ve done some Stage as well

And so i’ve done quite a bit quite a bit And um i’m waiting to hear back about a Movie So uh that i auditioned for so we’ll see If i get that As well so yeah things are going well Too busy i’m way way too busy and then On top of that i’m moving Oh wow Uh moving june 1st Oh are you okay yeah so Yeah moving to i’m moving to florida Are you No i’m just kidding They’ll have a filming buddy down here No i’m Moving about i’m moving about five Kilometers up the street so it’s not Very far yeah okay so brian has a um Admirer in chat Do you wanna know if you’re still Reading chat I can’t see it no i can’t see it amy is Talking to you by the way just Let me go to it let me see if i can get It Uh it’s just it was Slowing Everything down when i added it on both Screens that’s why So She goes oh [ __ ] i got excited If you guys have been watching the chat And reading it

Amy wow follow me on instagram she says Oh [ __ ] Oh shoot i got excited Why is she in florida She in florida no No she’s in uh rhode island Oh okay yeah I’ve been to rhode island as well I’ve been all over to be honest i could Say where have you been i’ve done i’ve Done so much traveling Yeah i love traveling I love traveling Did i miss something else David goes amy is in love with brian but Then amy goes follow me on instagram you Super famous guy This guy That’s funny So What was your favorite movie that you Did amy m Like what was your favorite Show that i did the show that i did um Oh that’s a tough question um i’ve had So many good roles Um I played um a lot of people will know This because it’s it’s quite popular in The states I have you ever heard of the tv show Called disasters at sea yeah I played a role on there as commander Lead role

As commander uh as a commander um and it Was What’s i can’t recall what season it was Um But i played a commander on um Well i was a commander but in the office So i was commander of the navy So that was a fantastic role i love that Role and i love disasters at sea i also Play see a lot of these shows that are Popular in the states see no evil Oh yeah i’ve heard of that one yeah it’s A movie right i’ve heard of them Casino evil is a tv show and um i played Uh i was on there three times Um yeah so i’ve done i’ve done so much It’s That’s awesome um Um You need a sense it’s funny yeah Picture of you she’s just getting all Hot There you go amy i’m trying to grow in It Oh my god i think i’ve seen that [Laughter] Yeah um It’s funny i even played in uh episode Paranormal 9-1-1 Oh i saw something about that uh yeah I was playing something somewhere about That you played a cop yeah i played a Cop in that one Um

See no evil the one i played uh the Party and i was a detective Okay i was a detective in that one and Um yeah i’ve done so much a lot of my Roles are authority roles they’re Authored like uh either a cop or a Manager or Um yeah i played a there was one i Played which was really cool i was a Bomb squad commander Oh wow Yeah and uh That was in uh history erased That was a great show great show i Played on that show twice And um Yeah i’ve done so much that’s awesome Where can everybody find those shows on Like netflix and stuff like that Um you can find it honestly you can find A lot of those shows on youtube Really Yeah okay yeah yeah so They weren’t presented on youtube they Were presented on tv but Um yeah you can find a lot of those Shows there So um Disasters at sea that was that one was Called Unknown destination Unknown destination okay so if you look Up the destination Or destination unknown yeah i’ve heard

Of that yeah Yeah that’s the one i played in And Yeah yeah that was really good but No you know what things are well That’s on the travel channel i think Um here it was on uh investigation Discovery But it might be on the travel channel There but Oh amy is kind of flirty She likes your common voice i didn’t Hold my face and squeeze my chin that’s What you were trying not to laugh about Because last time brian’s like what’s so Funny i’m like Chat and i’m trying to hold my face That’s so funny Oh yeah Now my cheeks hurt I think she just put her instagram out There for you Let me see No Red where i don’t see it Here let me drop it for you here you go I’ll redrop it for you ready Okay right there Well hold on whoops no that’s not it That’s it but i have the I put a little thingy on the end and it Wasn’t supposed to be there okay there It is i see it yeah yeah If she wants to add me just type in

Huntophobia and you’ll find me Theresa i love i meant to tell you i Like that thing in the background there What is that a poster It’s a tapestry that is really nice oh My god I can’t stop looking at it caught my Attention i really like that It’s it’s i ordered that online Very very Eye-catching mm-hmm definitely I made the announcement tonight to Everybody for this she’s pregnant What [ __ ] emmy I made the announcement that i started Another channel four months ago and i Hadn’t told anybody yet because Oh yeah It’s a meditation channel Good sorry i’m trying to play Presentation videos and stuff like that Um i just i’ve always liked watching the Meditation videos and stuff like that um I decided about four months ago i’m Gonna make some i’m gonna make my own You know so i kind of started doing that And Um I just thought i’d let everybody know i Wasn’t even gonna say anything but i Said yeah what whatever well i might as Well just tell everybody

So uh I guess people don’t know that we’re Starting something Do you want to talk about any of that or Um or should we i don’t know should we We should wait Yeah i wanna know Well Do we know Brian and i are gonna be uh we’re we’re Gonna be starting something probably Sometime in june right june yeah okay Uh something that we’re going to be Starting together um Yeah other than the big surprise we’re Revealing in june there’s also something Else that him and i are going to be and I haven’t said nothing emmy has no look At him i don’t know and that’s like Don’t [ __ ] out of me No she don’t i don’t i’m always allowed To go to the kitchen Patty no she’s really daddy you know Nothing People don’t realize that about her when You tell her don’t say nothing she don’t Yeah Oh but i’ve been accused of this i’ve Been accused i was gonna say yeah yeah You’ve been cute and you’re the hacker Yeah [Laughter] But no i missed something there i missed Something there the hacker what is that

Oh i was accused a while back of being a She’s uh she’s hacking me she’s yeah [ __ ] packing come on you’re a hacker You’re a stalker you’re a murderer Yeah it’s just crazy And it’s and what’s really sad is a lot Of people believed it so patty can’t Even hack her way out of a wet paper bag That’s not like she is i’m just saying That no offense you know i i know well You’ve seen me in front of a computer You know i mean i know how to edit i Know how to do certain things but There’s a lot i don’t i still don’t know I i don’t know at least you know how to Work a camera like i don’t know When i first got my cam the good camera All right let me let me tell you this i There’s still a lot about my camera i Don’t know Believe it or not i do know how i do Know what the best setting is to film It’s on that setting and i really if I don’t know much about that camera and It’s an 850 camera it’s a pretty decent Camera I still don’t know a lot about it to be Honest with you i really don’t um and it Sucks because I i don’t know i just i don’t i don’t Learn Technical things very easily it takes me A while for me to have to really like Show me somebody’s gotta like show me

This [ __ ] you know i gotta be looking at It i can’t read up and learn how by Reading i got to be shown on on things Like that so i don’t nobody’s ever shown Me anything on it Brian maybe if i run it maybe if we will Eventually be meeting and you can maybe You’ll you can tell me some things about Maybe you’ll know i don’t know the Camera that i have is the camera that i Have is twelve hundred dollars oh wow And Um It’s a good camera what kind is it It’s a canon Yeah it’s a cannon It’s a rebel uh uh it’s a rebel t7i Oh okay yeah Yeah jay has one of those You’ve been chad he’ll tell you i don’t Know Yeah i what’s that noise oh sorry it’s Me i’m turning it down right now i Wanted to be able to look at the chat Rookie move I know karen it’s been a couple years And um I still don’t understand a lot of the Settings on there Just don’t i’m trying to find you amy Give me a minute Did i say that out loud I’m trying to open up instagram but i’m Having a hell of a time here cassie pat

Said [ __ ] fire i don’t know much about My fight my phone [Laughter] That’s funny Yeah i’m one of those people Who likes to learn as i go Yeah learn as i go and you know that’s The That’s that’s me so I’m not one I’m not one of those people who’s gonna Sit down and go over all the Instructions i think it’s it’s it’s Trial and error Yeah so i never read instructions to Anything i just can’t Just can’t understand it i’d rather just Sit down and figure it out on my own or Have somebody show me something Or go to youtube and watch a video on it That’s true too You can watch a video on youtube for Anything anymore i just totally lost Chat yeah Yeah i i bought a I bought a drone This drone was um really really super Nice drone i haven’t used it yet but i Learned about it on youtube So Yeah i haven’t used it yet i’ve had it For about six months and i still haven’t Used it Oh wow

And it cost me a pretty penny So I wanted to take it to england with me But i wasn’t allowed Why because it was well because it was Over a certain weight And because it was over a certain weight I had to get a license for it So I didn’t end up taking it i was afraid i Was gonna get it taken away at the Airport or something like that so yeah i Didn’t take it with me and i wish i Would have because some of the scenery In the uk is amazing especially uh we Went to this one places church ruins And if i if i had a drone up there Looking at the church ruins it would Have been amazing view it would have Been just amazing but It is what it is so i do have a Documentary coming out as well Yes tell them about that i’m going to Use the restroom tell them about your Documentary So the docu the documentary that’s Coming out it will be going up on Paraflix as well Um we did a It’s a restaurant Bar Slash in And the famous story is from the world Of 1812.

A man who was killed in the basement so That’s basically what it’s about And uh That documentary is going to be released Hopefully In september maybe on maybe august a Little bit earlier but it’s going in the Film festival in canada it’s going in The film festival in the states as well On bear flicks So Yeah so it’s a really really cool story Of the war of 1812 So where this man was killed In a wine barrel and a wine barrel Yeah he Uh the the um The americans were attacking the bar And this the british soldiers were Fighting in this war as well and uh the Americans were instructed to attack this Bar And he was there meaning a love Or he thought was a love so it was kind Of a Love story Unfortunately she didn’t love him but he Loved her So um so he went there to meet her or See her And the americans attacked the bar and He ran downstairs Hid in a wine barrel and was killed in The wine barrel like shot yeah

He was stabbed with a man he was he was Stabbed with a banana So it’s really really tragic story But We found out more about this place that They didn’t even know the bar owners so It’s gonna be a really really cool Documentary yeah it’s gonna be it’s Gonna be really cool we’re gonna have Reenactments and and all those type of Things so It’s it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be Good so hopefully it does well in the Film festival as well so Yeah i like listening to um Like when patty and i were in north Carolina Some of the stuff our devices will say Will actually tell a story when you step Away and don’t even listen you know You’re not even there and it starts Talking and that happened to us in the Cemetery That was really cool Remember the warden emmy oh yeah the Warden told you guys A story about that jail yep And that was a distinct voice now it was It was jasper jail and that warden had a Very distinct voice Oh i’m getting goosebumps just think About it and he came in so clear Oh my god and he followed us home I should you know

He really liked patty Yeah no you gotta go you can’t stay here With us but yeah But his voice was So distinct i mean Never in my whole years i’ve ever heard That voice before either is patty so That was like a real What Voice the wardens from jasper jail Yeah I’ll never forget that he had a very Distinctive voice and we heard it in the Car You know in my car he followed me home I was stalked home [Laughter] It’s just amazing it’s just amazing how You can just connect with certain Spirits when you go to certain places And they decide they want to come with You you know and Like the i think i picked up the little Girl here from the uk So um there was a forest that i went to It’s one of the most haunted forests in Canada or canada in the uk And there was a lot of killing in this Forest and unfortunately there was a lot Of abductions And kids were being killed and buried in That forest as well So Probably picked her up from there but

Unfortunately i can’t take her back So Not anytime soon at least Yeah it’s sad so so they can’t just go On their own Like Can they find their way around I’m sure they could but Um i’d rather be the one to take her Back but maybe she doesn’t even want to Be there because of the way she died So yeah A lot of the psychic mediums and stuff Like that they say they have free will They can do go wherever they want but You know I don’t know sometimes i wonder if they Can get lost like in a different realm Though Yeah possible Possible very possible Um From what i’ve been told this little Girl likes my history Oh okay Um because i kind of have this I don’t know um she’s young though she’s Young though but uh supposedly she likes My history Because her history was about her three And mine as a child wasn’t very pleasant Either So um she likes My history for some reason as i’ve been

Told So That’s why she has a connection with me So Yeah a medium told me that actually Wow that’s so awesome Island gin is also from canada and says I got a little spirit or a little girl Spirit in my place too Oh Hey dory thomas whatever your name is Tonight hello Jay said maybe she’s just comfortable With you I’d like this one maybe she knew Yeah maybe you’re right theresa i like Sassy’s sassy pat’s comment doesn’t that Suck patty being single instead of men Following us you get a spirit following Us She didn’t say that she’s like I know about the dead yes Yeah I know That’s okay Yeah you don’t want to be with that you Don’t want to be with any men anyways They’re all jerks i know yeah they’re Overrated Yeah christians speak out That’s right good men are hard to find And and mike was a very good man and When he died i said that’s it i’ll never Get with another man again because i had

A lot of [ __ ] before i had him trust Me And how many mics did you have before Him Three Really You would think okay first mic didn’t Work out okay the second mic then you’re Going god how do i get stuck with all These i don’t know why i kept ending up With mike’s but i did the last one was Mike be good that was his name When i when he told me his name and he Saw the look on my face when he said Mike and i’m like oh god And he goes what’s what was that look All about and i said yeah You said your name is mike i said that’s My three my three ex-husbands names are Mike He goes oh well i didn’t know you Married three mikes well i wasn’t there We weren’t married I married two i didn’t marry three i did That yeah another story Another episode you guys We lived together for a long time so i Just felt like we were married but i’ve Only been married Twice right yeah So um I had to think for a minute married Twice And met four mikes so uh

So he pulls out his wallet and i’m like What’s this guy doing you know and he Hands me his driver’s license and he Goes read that I’m like okay and i looked and said Michael be good because see i told you i Was the good bike Turns out he was he was a nice guy i i’m Bad i don’t know how he dealt with me in The beginning because i was hard hit i Was like nope nope nope i’ve been Through so much crap with men i’m like Hey i don’t believe nothing you say yeah Okay You know i he just knew that he’s like Well it’s gonna take a lot to win this One over because she don’t she thinks I’m just a liar and i’m an [ __ ] and Nothing’s true i know i am with guys too Yeah Because you Okay amy you’re killing me enemy’s Saying patty i can’t Mike to the fourth power amy needs to go Take a cold shower Yeah Yes i think you do amy But anyway so he was a great guy we were Together for 17 years before he passed Away So When did he pass when did he pass uh May 6 of 2017. Met him at denny’s restaurant

What You meet in the weirdest places Yes Yes definitely Yeah Oh i could tell you some stories When we first met it was just uh crazy i Could tell you some stories too i’m sure Oh You lost your wife so that was mean [Laughter] That was supposed to be funny It was but we were like going oh i’m Sorry i know I was never really alone um Much since i was 16 i was always you Know in a relationship relationship you Know all And this is the longest i’ve ever been Single you know by myself with no man Around I think the most difficult part is Having somebody doing the yard work Cleaning the garage all those manly Things you know it’s like i’ve had to Learn to do a lot of things by myself um I have my grandsons that help me yeah They help me quite a bit but like for Instance cooking on the grill a simple Thing like cooking on the freaking grill You know i never cooked on the grill Before i i didn’t realize until after Mike died and when the kids were wanting

To have a barbecue and i’m like looking At it going oh my god i’ve never cooked The damn girl before i don’t know how to Do this You know So chicken’s hard to cook on the grill Too yeah well i’ve become a master at Everything on the grill now i’m the Grill master now and Even my daughter says mom you’ve really Mastered this i mean i like i’ll Marinate the chicken overnight and i get Out there and i got a nice grill that i Bought at home depot It’s a nice one and i got to cover over And everything but yo yeah i whipped i Go out there all the time and cook now And um i actually like it but i never Thought i would i never thought i would I never thought i could you know but i Can do anything you want if you put your Mind to it you know i was like i’m gonna Do this i’m gonna do this i’m gonna i’m Gonna be like mike and just be the grill Master you know and mike always did all The cooking on the grill you know and And uh yeah Even heather heather says when greg says I don’t know what the hell you did to Them hamburgers but oh my god I have a funny story about that i was Dating someone And she was over and i was going i think I think i was going to work or something

Like that so she was sticking around my Place And she won’t see we were sitting in the Backyard and she said Your Your barbecue needs cleaning and i said To her listen Don’t touch the barbecue [Laughter] Don’t even go near the barbecue So of course what do you think happened She touched the barbecue But here but here’s the here’s the funny Part about all of it She actually took out every single piece Of coal or the charcoal And she put it in bleach Oh my gosh oh my god To clean the charcoal Oh my god [Laughter] So i opened the barbecue and i looked Inside The grill was cleaned it was nice but Then all the charcoal was white She goes while i clean the charcoal and Look dirty Yeah wow So basically That was first in last night dinner huh That was it Oh the stories i can share about her Mickey’s going hey

[Laughter] No no no no it’s not a blonde thing it Was She had no idea about barbecues Say it just i didn’t either but i i know You don’t bleach charcoal i didn’t She was actually she was actually from Uh She’s uh she was iranian And uh but she came from uh Kuwait She came to canada yeah so she knew Nothing about barbecues Nothing Wow well she learned quite quickly Oh i dated some doozies i dated some Doozies I have something on my back and says Crazies come this way I think i think i had that there for a Long time too because like i said i was Just always seemed to find the nut jobs You know and yeah they put on a good Show at first you know like they’re Great guys you know and then after a While you’re like starting to see little Things and their true colors slowly come Out and i’m like oh my god not again What the hell am i doing you know and Yeah I did that one time jay [ __ ] And i think that’s why you know now that Mike’s gone i mean i can’t replace him i

Can’t bring him back you know but i’ve Chosen to just stay single it’s like I’ve done that before too emmy I know if i ever meet somebody i meet Somebody wouldn’t you know but i’m not Gonna push it i’m not looking you know What i mean it’s like if it happens it Happens but i i don’t really care one Way or the other i just you know i’m Okay i’m okay by myself and i have Friends i have you guys i have to get The kids the grandkids you know I’m busy I wouldn’t have time you know i wouldn’t Even have time Probably for anything like that you know It’d be my luck i’d find somebody that Says well i don’t believe in this ghost Hunting stuff and i’d be like ah you Gotta go Sorry you gotta go nope we are strong Independent women we don’t need a man That’s right Like when heather met greg she told greg What she did and greg didn’t really know If he believed in it she’s like oh this Ain’t gonna still meet you this ain’t Going to work if you don’t believe in God no no i can’t i can’t mom i can’t Date somebody who don’t believe in this Stuff But it turns out he you know he does now I can see what you’re saying thomas But yeah we’re going to crack that whip

Aren’t we tez Nope Just look at some of the comments I know sometimes they’re funnier than The whole what did what did thomas say What are you talking about emmy i read Where i read where the [ __ ] did i learn To talk well i read Ah so no one is commenting on what i was Saying i saw that and i’m scrolling up i Didn’t see anything yet but thomas Google has like What’s that i’m trying to use here Thomas i’m scared i’m waiting Google has censored him Like in my chat he was being censored on Stupid things that don’t even come Across or sound like you know anything i Have in my um Locked words or whatever those are He would misspell [ __ ] and still you Yeah google had it out for him that Night I was like seriously he was getting mad He’s like [ __ ] this i’m out of here I go back to d live Now he’s walking around With the oh yeah greg loved the alice Box oh he did yeah oh my god yes greg Loves the paranormal now his family i Don’t think they’re really they don’t Think and he’s hilarious he cracks me up Too Yeah he is he is pretty funny yeah i

Think greg needs to go to shadow Cemetery He’s never been there I think i’ve been there three times Break zero I’m sorry greg if you’re watching Patty likes me better just saying They’re probably sleeping they go to bed Kind of early They’re worn out by 10 o’clock they’ve Been so busy with remodeling Oh is that what they’re doing yeah yeah They’re doing a complete overhaul that’s How of their house and it’s just Unbelievable oh wow you’ve done oh my God it’s unbelievable what they’ve done It’s so beautiful It really is I was on there for a little while today And then her dad showed up which my ex You know husband knew like did you get Pictures for me to go Paddy What’s that did you get pictures no i Will i’ll take i got to go over there Again tomorrow greg’s they’re having Greg a birthday party at six o’clock Tomorrow so i’ll be there and i’ll take Pictures and i’ll send you okay I’ve never farted in front of a man I was coming we said if you can fart in Front of your man he’s a keeper i don’t Think i’ve ever farted in front of a man Are you serious oh god girl not on

Purpose probably in my sleep [ __ ] dutch oven Oh my god that Wow yeah So i got something to say i got Something to say okay so i’m over i’m I’m looking at amy’s instagram Right now All i’m gonna say is amy how you doing [Laughter] [Laughter] Awkward Silence i’m still trying to read up in Chat I do not You [ __ ] ask Oh my god wow [ __ ] unmod his ass You’re in a timer i’m in the other room [ __ ] laughing like whatever [ __ ] Oh my god Well i’ve heard emmy fart so i know she Does fart i’ve heard her fart Have you was i sleeping You had just got up was walking through The house and i had burnt you cropped up No no no no you cropped us Up oh my god how do you say i need the Friends too patio Daddy lives for that [ __ ] like literally She will She don’t care but one night i can tell You before i left patty and i were I don’t know why i didn’t know this

Like my entire life 52 years old Sticking a straw in your armpit and Blowing it makes like really That she’s like oh my god well she Thought it was really fun she’s like What the [ __ ] are you doing and i showed Her I don’t know a couple hours were doing That while we were like um sitting Across from each other they’re supposed To be editing and making these fart Noises with our yeah That’s what we were doing we were Supposed to be editing and instead we’re Like little kids sitting there playing With these making sounds and laughing Look at them brock are like really Really you you two need a girl though we Were trying to see who could get the Loudest part [Laughter] Around here A couple hours actually oh my god That’s hilarious that’s hilarious Yeah i mean you would have thumbs Thinking of straw in your armpit like It really it really works yeah You could really get some people with That Now see if i would have had that with The stink bomb when karen was with us Nope i’m saying oh i gotta upset tummy I stepped on a stink bomb before i got In the car and patty goes what the [ __ ]

Did you do [ __ ] yourself I’m like no Because oh my god yeah so i’m like no They’re horrible Wow i’m just now realizing this we’re Really horrible patty What’d you say we’re horrible i think Men I know This conversation took an interesting Turn Didn’t it Thank you the word armpit out no we Always end up talking about farts every Time We do Every time I don’t care who you are It’s funny like Just Saying Amy you’re not you’re not a fart so You’re not a smart fella you’re a fart Smeller All right Tell brian i hit Them dm’s up She hit them But you know Okay Okay it’s very nice to meet you amy Even though we met her tonight [Laughter] Even cindy’s saying farts are funny i

Don’t care who you are they are They are funny Whose dog is whining i hear that that’s My husky Oh you know a baby Okay Yeah he’s not she’s not one and she just How many dogs do you have Four Oh wow chihuahua two english bulldogs And a siberian husky I rescued Wow Yeah somebody doesn’t seem happy And then you bring her in her house you Know she’ll do it she’ll sit there and She’ll go Jay’s like i’ll let her she’ll sit there And she’ll start whining to go back Outside she’s only a year Okay my husky mix is a talker Sassy passes this goes to dating channel And then it goes to the first channel i Wonder what’s next or fart channel she Meant to say I wonder what’s next that’s funny Well it started out with haunted dolls You know and and nothing’s happened the Rem pod has not went off at all all Night long it’s sitting right over there With a new battery in it Nothing’s happened so you put the Battery on your tongue to make sure it Was new

What part no but i pulled it i think If you i think there’s like a sensor Button and if you you can like Adjust the sensor Yeah you know what i mean like make it More sensitive so actually they can use It a button underneath for like the Temperature like temperature changes and Stuff but i don’t know I don’t want to push that button in Because it would be beeping all night And i’d be able you know sometimes it Gets pretty loud so i would have already Turned because oh i see anything change In the room you know like uh It’s you know hot or cold Yeah I bet you if you guarded by it i wonder If you farted by it if it would go off [Laughter] You know this farted thing is making me Uncomfortable [Laughter] So brian the thing that me and you were Talking about doing in june i have an Idea and i’ll have to run it by it Tomorrow or something but i have a Something that we could start out with That would be right up our alley and it Would be really good yeah cool i’m all Ears i’m all ears I’m looking forward to where it’s going To be it’s going to be i guess we can Kind of tell people what we’re going to

Be doing what do you think Why not You can so uh Let me put it this way me and okay i’ll Say this me and patty are starting a Show and will be online that’s all i’m Going to say Oh aren’t we online right now Like a channel Like guitar we have our own talk show Yep But we’re gonna do it’s gonna be a Little It’s gonna be a little bit different Though it’s gonna be a little bit of a Twist So we’re gonna do something different We’re not gonna have guests Well we might you guys are gonna dress Up and role play Yeah okay Yeah we won’t be having guests on there Though right No We’ll be having a farting contest No it’s going to be what did you say Theresa what did you say it’s not going To be an only fans is it Okay Oh my god never thought about that Brian we might have to talk about this Maybe we can do a few things That’s what i’m hearing I don’t look that bad without my shirt

Off Me either actually so you know Now this is getting [ __ ] awkward for Me i’m out of here Oh [ __ ] Guys what about them farts um christian What about their parts Okay oh my god I don’t look bad without a shirt i work Out It’s all good There you go Amy’s about to pass out now I know andy would watch Yeah amy Amy’s in there talking somewhere Oh amy’s going i bet you don’t Yeah you’re right i don’t Yeah it’s all good It’s all good um but yeah so we’re going To be doing we’re going to start that Show up in june at some point We’re going to wait for the release of The june 1st video There’s going to be a video coming out So everybody will know what’s going on And um yeah so Um yeah so we’ll start sometime in june Once i get settled in my new place okay So yeah so it’s gonna be fun it’s gonna Be a lot of fun I think it’s going to be it’s going to Be do it’s going to be something

Different so Yeah So we’ll see People have to wait people have to wait And check it out so yeah so whatever and In the meantime check out my meditation Channel Yeah where is where is that It’s Put the link in hold on to me Oh well [ __ ] karen karen are you still Here people karen went to bed a long Time ago i think i have it oh he’s Coming up okay I think i do if not david’s still in Here i’m pretty sure he’s a lot quicker Than wait say the channel name i got it It’s called Clear clear minds meditation now i got To find our chat right on youtube i got Some pretty cool videos i got some Pretty cool videos right there But i got more that’s coming out i just Like i said i i’ve laid in bed with Earbuds and listened to it And it’s so relaxing my grandsons both Listened to it every night they said They put there’s a one particular one They really like and and they love the Sound the one of them Rain sound one i have rain rain one i Have ah he said to me i got a new friend [Laughter] There you go

Now don’t forget people you can Subscribe but you also have to hit that Bell That’s right you got to hit the bell or You won’t be able to leave a comment And thumbs it up And one night and i also do i’ll do them In the morning sometimes i might do like A live You know where i’ll i’ll go on obs and I’ll stream it out live and we can chat In the talk i’ve chat chat in the talk Talk in the chat But uh yeah I’ve done i’ve got quite a few videos You’ve got quite a few videos up there i Know I’ve kept this a secret until tonight Only one that knew was emmy uh christian Knew tez knew A couple other people and that’s it i Hadn’t said nothing to anybody Because i wasn’t real i was just i kind Of started doing it for my because i Like those type of videos and i decided To make some and i’m like i should start A meditation channel and just put up Some videos and see what happens and so I did and And you know i’ve got some few Subscribers and not not a whole lot but I subscribed well thank you thank you i Subscribed and i hit the bell awesome Yay

No I love supporting people And especially newer channels like if People haven’t seen my show on sundays It’s called through the lens Patty was on it last week and uh it’s About supporting the smaller youtube Channels to get them seen and so people Can see their videos and stuff like that So that’s what me and lex do and um Obviously patty doesn’t have a small Channel but i brought patty on because Uh i wanted to find out more about her And we did and The actual video is doing quite well Actually i know i seen that it is doing Very well thank you guys all so much for Watching it and everything and yes vicki Knew about my meditation channel she Subscribed Um yeah there’s like i said just a few People knew and I wasn’t even sure if i was ever gonna Even say anything i thought just you Know I’ve created some really cool videos Though and i’ve got more i’ve got a Couple more that i’m gonna probably work On tomorrow So And they’re easy to do they’re so easy To do i can do one and knock one out Within it within an hour So

Yeah they’re fun They’re good videos they’re good videos And the holidays when the christmas Comes i’m going to be making christmas Ones with christmas sceneries and Backgrounds You know the thanksgiving uh All that stuff so i’m excited about the Holidays coming up because i’ve Myself have every year around the Holidays i always pull up a really nice Holiday Background you know with some neat light Music playing and stuff so now i’m going To have my own you know so i’m going to Be making those type of videos too Cool very cool It’s good to broaden your horizons You’re brought in your something right Yeah yeah so Yeah definitely Yeah so Well guys i am going to go down but um I’m glad i came up and Say hi and And uh we’re going to be talking soon Again patty anyway so Um i’ll talk to you soon christian You’re the very nice meeting you It’s a very strong silent type i can Tell Yeah christian never shuts up Right I was trying to interview him

That didn’t go so well [Laughter] He’s our quiet friend yeah We love him he’s a sweetheart And theresa and teresa it was very nice Meeting you Very very nice meeting you so if you Guys are on facebook uh you can uh go Over to facebook and my username is Brian J Laverty L-a-v-e-r-t-y so if you want to go Follow me over there you can follow me There or friend me and i’ll friend you Back yeah so Yeah for sure but uh it was very nice Meeting everyone and uh well I already know patty and emmy It was very nice meeting chris and Theresa it’s very nice meeting you but i I i’d love to do this again if you guys Do it again uh yeah send me a link and I’ll come up again for sure Okay yeah we’re trying to get her to do More live streams i know she should yeah Right Right She should see it How many people are in the room right Now well there was 110 earlier they’re 68 right now but it’s like yeah It’s died down quite a bit we’ve been Live

Three and a half hours probably Yeah patty usually doesn’t go past two Hours so 2013 in my time Theresa was hasn’t come up yet and pat’s Like well i think we’re gonna like just Call it or not i’m like no because You’re messaging me i’m like Just just hold on paddy hold on i was Having a hard time getting into the zoom Too for some reason it kept not letting Me in it said my browser didn’t work or Accept you got an iphone don’t you think Yeah that’s why see i worked apple Iphones suck i’m telling you i was the Only one that owned an android I have an iphone but I’m sorry but when this one goes i’m Probably going to go back to something Else i don’t know yeah i like android Better too I have the samsung tongue 10 plus so i Love android i tried a iphone i couldn’t Do it i i exchanged it i had it for like Three days And i was going no this isn’t for me so I went back to android of course i was a Black i was a blackberry user as well Too Anyways girls and Boys um it was very nice talking to Everyone and hopefully we’ll do this Again soon we will we will thank you you Know where i am yeah one message away One message away okay

Have a good night tomorrow night thanks For coming up okay great bye-bye thanks Bye Yo meanie [Laughter] Sorry amy he didn’t tell you goodbye Himself but hey slide into his dms and I’m pretty sure you can have a little Conversation going on she’s Well i’m a scorpio i could be wrong i Don’t know brian are you here type it in The chat what are you doing before you Look at the left What sign are you brian i don’t know Oh wait everywhere the signs oh he is in The chat what’s your song brian Okay thank you He’s in the chat now Brian what’s your sign What’s your zodiac sign Gemini i don’t know why oh he’s a cancer Uh-oh cancer okay Oh That’s that’s what heather’s dad was a Cancer But cancer and scorpios are supposed to Be very compatible um as for friendships And stuff like that so a lot a lot of my Male friends that are cancers Well at least he’s not a scorpio that’s All that’s male friends you know Because cancers and scorpios are a lot Alike in a lot of ways and and um they Just seem to really get along

You know for friends Um Ghosts I’m a scorpio too yep november well Scorpio men I i get along good with scorpio women as Friendships but men oh oh no Oh no My grandson logan is a scorpio male and We clash a little bit here and there but Not bad but we just there is some Clashing that goes on mine’s november 17th ghost ghost with me Oh wow they apart Yeah Well i gotta go guys i’m getting tired And i’m getting hungry and i want to go Eat my leftovers from bonefish grill Today oh okay we’ll let you because you Actually stayed on Uh thank you for all for being here and Happy birthday teresa happy birthday ted Thank you thank you for having me i’m Sorry i’m late that’s okay i hope you Had a nice time For dinner with your son Mm-hmm i did Good I’m glad So anyway well i’ll let you guys go i’m I’m just really tired and my back is Killing me from sitting in this i’m Sitting on a stool guys with my bad back Oh my goodness yeah she’s in your

Kitchen Hours what the heck That’s why i keep moving around so much Because i’m uncomfortable I see that thomas good night good night Everybody and chat to me people say good Night too good night everybody in chat Yeah good night thank you for being here My ear bud will not stay in and it’s Driving me now Oh personal problems all right i’m Trying to remember i can’t remember how To end it oh i there we get late now now Click down on the Where it says more Okay And then Do you want in the whole zoom or just The live stream The Live stream how do i do that you’ll see It’ll say in live stream Hold on let me see What is that noise is that your dog That’s my dog growling i don’t know what She’s looking at Oh wait never mind patty i have to give You host back i was gonna say it won’t Let me do anything Oh [ __ ] hold on i gotta make you host You guys sorry technical difficulties Again No wonder i couldn’t do it Oh no you can’t i see it now

All right guys Have a good night thank you all for good Night Good night love ya Love y’all Thank you so much for being here we’ll Do this again soon Sorry No action back here but you can’t make Them talk yeah i can’t make anything Happen so All right bye guys good night

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