The Great UFO Reset

By | May 20, 2022
The Great UFO Reset

Open uh Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addicts on a rather Fishy evening and it is a it’s a very Fishy evening what could you call it i Don’t know if it’s a fish Well you’ll find out what it is but uh Without further ado I’m gonna bring on The panel tonight We have Lee Audio welcome to the show my friend how You doing mate you’re looking very shiny I feel very shiny very smooth grow that Beard back my man Imagine if i didn’t have hair as well Love that i’d look like a sentient thumb Just Swiftly moving on scott Are you tickled by a sentient thumb yes Great to see you my friend You look like the indiana jones of Ufology And The mafioso Of ufology are you doing rich the most Hated man in the field Not yet no okay okay all right right Well I mean elizondo Is is that a man united [ __ ] no it’s a Proviso Josh with no artemis

Yeah She she’s she is leaving you to your own Devices yeah it’s uh it’s a recipe for Disaster when i’m on my own so we’ll Let’s see how it goes today Yeah well Ladies She’s watching so just watch the chat And uh My very i’m very and i’m quite nervous Actually to meet this guy because he’s An extremely intelligent squid Rather be squiddy how are you doing my Friend doing well yeah thanks for the Intro [ __ ] crew you got here Listen my intros they never make any Sense but it’s it’s an honor to have you Here it really is um happy to be here And all these guys are happy that you’re Here very well of course yeah we’re all Big fans Huge yeah big fan of all yours Scott scott brown i just finished water Reading american cosmic i thought you Were probably my favorite character in That book so it’s great great to meet You and likewise uh you know great to See you josh and lee and and richie You called me richie Thank you and your name alien addict is Uh it’s ollie is that right it is yeah It’s spelt In a dyslexic way oli But

It’s The simplest way of spelling it for me Yeah that works for me good good to meet You ollie and thanks for having me good To meet you good to meet you so so we we Had lou On last week um which i don’t know if You’ve watched that show uh Rather but it was uh it was rather spicy Uh to say the least of it yeah But you know Great big testicles on that man for Coming on and and facing the music and Having a little a little dance i have Got all the respect in the world for him For that um and and goof on rich and and Lou they they kind of uh What would you say happened they’re rich Do you would you say that you’ve You’ve gained a mutual respect for one Of them one another no No okay i knew you’re gonna say that No i’m being serious because i thought About it and then i watched parts of it Again and it kind of uh I know it made me a little frustrated Him trying to tell me how i need to Do my show and you know Giving me pointers and how i could be Better and well you know don’t worry About what i’m doing you know it was Just strange you know people always try To give me advice You know you might grow if you don’t say

This i’m like either way it’s the same It doesn’t matter if i say it nicely it Doesn’t matter if i say it like i have Been It just doesn’t matter so i always said I’m just going to be me and that’s that You still like me What can i what can i say Well here’s the thing rather and with You and i’m gonna we are gonna get on to The question that you asked lou At some point but I get nothing but Somebody who’s telling the truth from Yourself It seems like you are in this for Nothing but the passion you go on this Channel just because you love ufology And you’ve got so much to add i’ve Linked your channel in the description Below so everybody could go and Subscribe to rather be squiddy and rav I’d like you to do more on that channel Because you do great work and produce Great um pieces on there but What got you what got you into the field Yeah how old were you I i i you know throughout my life you Know i liked the topic you know a big Fan of x-files growing up as a kid and You know i i you know viewed it mostly As you know i it’s something that i wish Was true i thought it was mostly just Entertainment most of my life um and

Still kind of the jury’s still out on on Me of what’s really going on out there But it i mean i As much as i uh you know give them [ __ ] You know i gotta credit louis lozando For really getting me into this as a Serious topic you know in 2017 i read That article in the new york times like Most of you probably did and I was you know shocked it was you know The government’s now taking this Seriously saying that ufos are real Something that obviously we know Unexplained objects are in the sky you Know unexplained things but it really Got a new level of legitimacy in 2017 And i was you know really Fascinated most on how little attention It got you know i got a lot of attention But You know i was kept on hoping for the Follow-up you know where are these Media people talking about the recovered Craft and the the bigelow’s you know Things and You know warehouses in las vegas you Know where’s all the the follow-up on That you know i was kind of at a loss so I started doing a lot of my own research Uh Kind of ended up the the science aspects Were ended up being the most interesting To me you know just kind of The the thought that there could be

Things you could achieve in science Beyond what people normally expect i Kind of latched on to that started Exploring some kind of fringe science Ideas and Uh putting them on my youtube to share With others if anyone else was Interested I i watched you guys talking about the Com the the congress and you you all Seem extremely excited with that um How did you how did you what how did you Actually was there anything that you you Felt that was was missing there other Than a picture of et itself Oh yeah there’s a a ton of wishes that i Could put in my wish list for what would Have happened to that congressional Testimony i think you know mostly it’d Be more follow-up questions and pointed Questions Uh yeah i think a lot of things just Kind of and i know how that goes when You’re doing interviews you kind of want To get to your talking points and it’s Hard to do follow-up questions but a lot Of things begged follow-up questions Like you know they talk about Calibrating the sensors for velocities That these objects are Are showing you know what What are you talking about what kind of Velocities you know the the real Specifics of why they think

Some of these objects aren’t ours aren’t Others people’s you know that’s what i Really wish was more Exposed in those hearings but man it was It was cool hearing congress people talk About ufos and uaps i was I was happy With that Rich we all were that was historic by The way so it’s the beginning maybe who Knows Gotta start somewhere Indeed yeah Boys everybody with the congress um Raise your hands if you were happy with It I could be happier but i was happy i Guess i was i could be happier yeah I was happy because it happened i wasn’t Really We all talked about it the night before And saying that they’re going to say Everything we already know they’re going To give a generic report or whatever They’re going to do and and that’s that And they’re gauging what the public Reaction is right now and And we’ll see what they can do next time Hopefully next time In 50 years That kind of view like the uap task Force report that came out you know a Lot of people are kind of disappointed With that but you know that was a huge

Opportunity for the government to say No actually we know everything that’s Going on there’s nothing strange going On in our skies similarly at these Hearings you know they could have easily Said Yeah there there’s nothing e.t we you Know some of these are balloons that we Don’t really know how to You know don’t know right away that They’re balloon but we’re figuring Everything out and there’s nothing crazy In the skies they could have easily said That and and they didn’t and i think That’s kind of the biggest takeaway for Me Isn’t that more testimony though that They want you to think it’s aliens Maybe right yeah that is a possibility Uh that still begs the question why do They want us to think as aliens that’s Almost a more interesting bag of worms If that’s true Yeah well that’s that’s my my issue with It all um I i said on joshua show the other day uh I i’ve never trusted government in In any area and I don’t i just don’t feel like doing it Right now and if if they’re going to Come out And say say these things Why now Why now especially when you can when you

Consider That society is at its most fractured at Its most diverse and we’ve just had What’s just happened to us for two Entire years so everyone’s a bit [ __ ] Crazy yeah Why now Yeah i have that same question right why 2017 you know why why i did it after 50 Years since project blue book of the Government pooh-poohing the idea yeah Why are they Suddenly telling us that it’s Potentially real you know i guess the Sensible answer is that airborne clutter Is now you know getting more and more Which you know makes sense you know There are more things probably up in the Sky there are drones that confuse the Issue so there There are some potential explanations But yeah i i’m still at a loss just like You i Yeah it’s possible that They um They may have cracked some technology And now they’re going to be testing it All parts of the world and Maybe they’re going to use aliens and Ufos as a way to hide it cut the story Yeah yeah could be i’ll tell you Something that i i was really quite Surprised with when they mentioned at The beginning at corbell

But then They Also Showed this piece of footage not that One sorry I’ve lost it you know which one i mean Triangles yeah the poker track yeah so They they they showed that and at the Same time they were saying that this is They think this is this is this is bokeh Yeah But that They were saying that this they don’t Know what this object was it was just That that was that was like it was cr That’s what i got for that’s what i took From that They were showing that and saying the Reason why it’s got a triangle is you Know they think that’s the bokeh But This is unidentified they do not know What this object was I guess My reading of it was is that they had The the first incident which is what uh Jeremy corbell released the videos of And they were like yeah what the hell is This until they had a second incident of Something that looked exactly the same And i guess my reading of the Congressional hearing was that they were Able to determine that in that second Sighting that those were actually drones

That they were able to identify them and Then they you know went back to the First one and said well they’re probably The the same thing they’re probably both Thrones but i i could be misremembering That or um Miss parsing their answers there But it was weird though right because Not only did they kind of give corbell Praise and you know and then debunk his Video but then they also you know talked About You know people who are putting out False information into the narrative Which you know people could probably Read as corvell you know it’s It was a very uh Not a lot of consistency there yeah Why would he mention his name almost in Praise at the beginning and then Implying in people that are Muddy in the water so to speak that Doesn’t make sense i i i get i think Them that they meant something else There i mean they they probably meant The channels that are speaking and going Against the grain Maybe But that has to be doesn’t it it has to Be um the sort of thing to talk about Because how can you have misinformation About a subject where there’s no Information about it Exactly

You know there’s there’s no cast iron Information so the only thing that could Be misinformation is the information That they don’t agree with Because this is because nothing’s Confirmed So how do you how do you discern Disinformation from information at that Point Yeah i think Good point I think it goes back to that thing of The aerial threat that that always sends A shiver down my spine whenever i hear Those words aerial threat Um And it it almost seems to lead in that Direction with that don’t get me wrong People and everybody in the chat i do Think it’s a it’s a great thing for the Field that it’s been discussed openly In congress But I’ve said this on so many shows I showed my wife that piece of congress Footage tonight just a little bit of it I’ve said this if you see this it’s Finally happening she says she went so Why are we not hearing anything in the Uk Exactly olly that’s what i’ve been Saying for well since i’ve been in since I’ve been online with this stuff that it Just seems like an american issue to me

It seems like americans fighting Americans have better toys behind the Scenes that’s what it seems like to me But You know Get rid of that smile he’s don’t say America yeah Well we spend more in our military than The rest of the world does combine don’t We true exactly so we’ve got some good Toys Since 2004 at least as far as uh tic Tacs are concerned Yeah but those have been seen forever That shape so it goes back for Hundreds of years man it’s weird Yes it’s gotta be maybe it’s part of the Earth you know maybe they’re not ships Maybe they’re not You know things like that maybe they’re Alive Yeah one of the most interesting parts i Think of the the congressional hearing Was how quickly they said oh let’s go to The classified briefing when they Mentioned coming from the water so yeah Maybe they’re Yeah living in the water and aren’t Aliens Do you know there was a video i saw from A national geographic documentary and For the life of me i’ve never been able To find this again and it was a famous Uh

Underwater photographer or video Videographer In the interview with him and he sat There have you has anyone else seen this And he sat he sat there and said that He’d witnessed In uh Intelligent life Under the water And he he explained what these things Looked like And if you for all the world it sounded Like he was talking about um You know the The type of underwater things you’d see In like thunderbirds and stuff where They get where they go under the water And find a Atlantis or something like that yeah Um And It’s one of those weird things where you See something on youtube and it was it Was like a branded national geographic Thing and then it just [ __ ] Evaporates and you can never find it Again and i always found that Interesting Never heard of it They did a film similar to that didn’t They where they were seeing things under The water Um i forgot to name it not sphere The other one from ideas that’s the one

Yeah great movie though really good Really good movie Um Yeah i mean they did mention underwater Uh Briefly in in that congress hearing Yeah i mean and i mean i’ve been doing Some research into like um The tech not the technology which Foreign adversaries might be developing In china i know that china have been Working on a supersonic um Kind of vehicle with which which can go Into water i think it’s a you know it Can go It can go at really high speed and They’ve been working on that for a while Like i’ve i’ve been digging up some Some articles which go back to the 90s Where they’ve been working on this stuff So to me when they say uso i think They’re talking about that sort of stuff To be honest but You know like i don’t think it’s aliens At all like i really don’t That’s that’s where i stand in it now That’s where i stand on it now i think All of this is our tech yeah I really um well china you know whatever The world is it’s our tech you know yeah I mean in terms of the extra in terms of Aliens i think they might have been here Before in the past but i think we’ve Cracked the technology like decades ago

I think we cracked it a long time ago And that’s the stuff we’re kind of Seeing in the skies now I hope you’re right josh i i I feel like it would be very hard for The governments to hide technology like That but you know i don’t have a lot of Experience in the military or anything Like that so Um but you know but it is weird i mean And you guys were talking about it on Ucr last night um the movie what stephen Green third phase of boone did above top Above Yeah and they go in and they talk about The special access projects and stuff Which might which which might be behind The scenes which no one knows about so That’s the kind of Thing what i think might be going on is Just these programs which you’ve got out Of control Behind the scenes and that’s why the Government want a handle on it because It’s just so far advanced compared to What the government have if that makes Sense That that’s my theory Yeah they make a good point in above top Secret which is regardless of whether They’re hiding ufos or not these you Know secret sap programs that have no Oversight That seems like a problem

Yeah for sure I think the only issue the only issue With them being ours i have is If one country had that we’d already see A global empire If one person had that technological Advancement over other countries They they would be unstoppable you know You could you could You could attack all major cities within Hours of each of within an hour probably Or you know maybe it’s just like a radar Spoofing thing So Oh sorry radar spoof yeah it could be Sorry yeah so it could just be like a Hologram kind of target which can be Picked up on radar and which which can Be seen with the human eye as well So that’s like another thing which They’ve been testing for for a while There’s this spoofing Stuff going back to like the 60s with Like the cia they they were kind of Trying to work on it From then so I mean that i mean that was like a long Time ago so you can only imagine what Kind of stuff they’ve got in regards to You know cloaking and spoofing Really Yeah i mean At some point Something’s something’s going to reveal

Itself You know you know when the Openly using tech like this something’s Going to leak from a country and i i Can’t imagine that they’ve been using This for years and years and years and Nothing Is just All of us so all of a sudden it just Leaks you know this is the tic tac frog I i can’t see that Unless they unless they wanted you to See it Yeah you know what i mean they wanted They wanted you you know what i mean Scott they wanted you to see that if it Is your attack I mean some of it You know it’s very possible that it Could be Somebody’s tech But then if you were to attribute it all To somebody’s tech You would have to take the whole history Of objects going in and out of the water And throw it away Because you’ve had military Sightings off of ships planes Over water for decades my father yeah Over a ship So i mean you know it wasn’t the account Of this sub being hit as well was there Account being hit at some point i i Believe so i think i’ve heard exactly i

Think so i think so There’s a lot of historic cases of Military people that you know have come Forward and Saw things off the bow of a ship or You know things like that and maybe it’s A mix of both maybe it’s just a mix of Something else and somebody’s tech Lou angelese’s logo of Lonnie’s is it lonnie zamora uh From the is it was the seventies case I think Yeah it was uh 1970’s tic-tac Apparently one of the one of the legs Fell off Right i’m right by saying saying that uh Rather did he leave that apparently There was a little bit of evidence left They said that possibly one of the legs Was broken I i didn’t hear the legs were broken i Thought they maybe had a tripod and they Saw like the inference on the ground Maybe it was the the physical evidence On that but yeah Yeah i’m pretty sure it was I think it was osvaldo told me that well A bit of the leg broke off there was Some burn Burn bushes nearby too Have interesting story for uh for rather Uh because you know you’re kind of new To the this part of ufology with us here

Um have you ever seen an ufo I have not no still still looking Okay Yeah yeah Guys this is why i’m invited don’t let Ask away ask robert the question when When ollie asked you to come on the show Why did you say yes Why not i i love talking about these Topics you know it’s fun You didn’t feel like you were coming Into the lion’s den or anything like That Yeah i mean i have nothing to hide i i Accept my real identity of course but That’s another story Well i think you know how we feel about You anyway so i i guess it’s not as bad As for lou angeles to come in here but Uh Yeah you know i got to defend lou a Little bit too you know lou’s a good guy I know that you know he gets a lot of Flack from a lot of a lot of places and You know but he’s a good guy he’s trying To do the right thing and you know he’s He puts on a great show i think i know You have disagreements with him but I don’t think they’re Yeah anything too horrible No not really i think he does he puts on A good show but um I wish he would let you talk more And ufo jane a little more

But other than that um it’s a good show You guys get great guests and stuff but Has he ever seen a ufo guys do you Remember him lou angeles saying Yeah Yeah yeah it’s childhood sighting yeah Oh yeah that’s right okay Yeah and ufo jane has seen a few things Right I believe so yeah i think she said that One show And uh lee guy i do i do like bacon who Who doesn’t is anyone here not like me He always brings the bacon thank you lee Guy making his life at the end of the Day yeah you need bacon Sure I just wish my computer would lit you Know what i mean rich when you type in a Computer it doesn’t have emojis well Mine doesn’t anyway oh yeah the phone Does But your computer doesn’t but i Appreciate the bacon lee guy Speaking of the bacon let’s get straight Onto the bacon um rava you asked lou the Question about the stock at the soccer Counts and he came back with you With Uh Nice interesting hypothetical One of those classic elizondo Hypotheticals that you always get Yes so um i might and and don’t take

This wrong way but did he Did he say how would you feel if i asked If i accused your mother of being was it A hooker prostitution Yeah yeah he uh first said We wanted that he clarified the other But yeah he asked if my what would you Say if i told you your mother was a Hooker Yeah Yeah my my mum because she’s kind of Into this topic now and she saw that and She rang me and said i can’t believe lou Said that to that guy and you sound like I know My my mom was watching In real time She’s uh she’s no longer an elizano fan I think she’s more against him than i Have So how did you feel It was uh In retrospect i think it was clearly a Question that kind of shut down the Topic you know in the moment i was Thinking Oh yeah maybe maybe that is a Justification maybe someone was talking About his mother or his family in really Discouraging ways and you know i could Be someone lashing out for that and so You know i Kind of ended the conversation um but You know in retrospect you know when i

Went and looked back at all the Messages i could find it seemed pretty Clear that he wasn’t attacking people Who are attacking his family he was Attacking people who disagreed with him About uaps So i you know i kind of you know view That as him you know trying to deceive Me and manipulate me in real time right There it was it it made him look Incredibly disingenuous Yeah i agree I think that yeah the Sock You know It’s it’s bizarre that you’d use a sock Puppet account to attack your critics Like that i Going rich It doesn’t you know it doesn’t surprise Me i mean He is counterintelligent You know so but to admit it was Interesting How do you admit that Yeah that’s not really maybe that’s why He got thrown into the ufo office It does seem leave a bad taste in my Mouth that you know the Counterintelligence people whether he’s Doing it on behalf of dod or not that He’s using his you know Counterintelligence Tactics on us

You know it seems like the split and Divide the community it’s bizarre to me Because i like to what end it doesn’t Make any sense to me why he would be Doing this we’re a pretty small Community not that influential i don’t You know what To what end Right if someone’s going to come out i Suppose the the the best thing to do Would be to neutralize The people that have been talking about It for a long time you know the You you you only need a couple of the Big guys to sort of catch on and maybe Get picked up by Like mainstream media but You know smaller places just where People listen to them if you don’t want If you don’t want an alternate opinion Then you know just destroy it before it Happens because at the end of the day When we’re like we if we did this i i’d Pre-record a show Uh With ollie the the other night i saw it Yesterday and um We were saying on that show He says he’s essentially done his job Because right now we’re not talking About the subject again we’re talking About him Exactly Yeah yeah

On that last show he was on that that Was his mission to come in here and Infiltrate and espionage and all that Other stuff yeah he said he was hired in 2008 to use his car intelligence skills On the ufo community that’s what he said On the show yeah Yeah what a bizarre clip that was he Also said that he Was not he’s not a ufo guy will never be A ufo guy which wasn’t man If you saw if you saw what he claims to See how could you not be a ufo guy right Yeah This is what i mean i don’t know What work he’s done in relation to the Field i don’t know what experience he’s Had i mean as far as i’m aware there Hasn’t been a single report which has Come out with little zonda’s name on it We’ve never investigated a ufo case Before So it’s it’s strange Well i mean to be fair he has you know Interviewed like favor and dietrich uh So we do know that he has done some Investigations and you know has Some interested but yeah yeah it’s yeah I don’t know it’s unclear what firsthand Experience he has and What he really did during those years at The unofficial a tip yeah i mean i’m Actually surprised because stephen greer I mean he’s brought this up a couple of

Times that he’s convinced that louis Lazonda was actually seen an alien Spacecraft before but no one’s actually Asked him point blank if he has on like A show before i’m not sure if that’s Happened that question If it has quite i could predict his Answer appear i can’t tell you Scott can i ask you a favor mate could You mind hitting the the mute we’re just Getting a little bit of bleed from the Audio obviously when you win you want to Come in just just don’t hit that um but Rather how often do you and Lou lou Angeles Disagree over lou alexander Us british we cannot say his name Yeah i i I think we’re mostly on the same page You know i know that lu lulu you know he Has a personal relationship with lou Elizondo you know they they met at a Restaurant a while back and you know They A restaurant i think he was waiting at Her you know something you know he was He was working at uh And you know they i know that you know They they exchange texts you know they They they talk you know i’ve never Really had a direct one-on-one Conversation with lou i don’t know his Email address i don’t communicate with

Him so i don’t you know lou You know he views elizondo as a friend Which you know makes makes sense you Know they they talk a lot they’re They’re friends so i think that he has More of that personal relationship with With luella zondo um so i think that You know lou jimenez is a little bit uh More american and you know kind of use Elizondo with a better light but i i do Think you know these last couple weeks And months are You know the the spell of louis lozano i Think is starting to wear off on on People it weared off on you know me After the you know he implied my mother Might be a hooker and I think that you know further events are Just kind of you know dispelling the Illusion It’s nice when you can laugh about it Afterwards though isn’t it i mean Um yeah i’m not offended i i know my Mother’s not a prostitute [Laughter] Do you do you See i don’t i i tried to stay in the Middle but i think a few of the guys Asked uh Yorlu um If They think He’s being used by Alexander

Yeah i don’t know what i want to get Your opinion on that I mean it’s probably a hard one Yeah i mean i think yeah definitely Obviously i think that that leaked text Message just reeked of manipulation um And you know that’s not you know Necessarily a bad thing you know if lu Elizondo’s mission is for Increased government transparency Congressional hearings and getting the Truth out then then yeah tell us tell us What to do you know i i’m happy to be a Tool for that right but it’s uh Unclear what His actual motives are these these times So i think that that Becomes a little bit more suspect What Lou elizondo’s influence on you know People like our podcast What his intentions are so i think that We’re all Potentially treading a little bit more Carefully these days Um did working with lou Alessando Change lou Is it in A personal thing because i can’t i can’t Imagine someone if someone with the Position right now that uh louis Alexander has comes into your place of Work to speak to you about this

Uh like i i’ve said said before like Immediately your life turns into a movie You know it’s that you’re you you you Would feel like you’re in an episode of The x-files all of a sudden You know has it has it changed him as a Person Yeah i don’t know if i you know Know lou jimenez good enough to say that One way or the other i mean i think That’s you know it is exciting talking To lou elizondo and he’s very Charismatic you know he’s a Uh fun fun to talk to you know it it Probably changed me you know like uh It’s it’s interesting talking to him and Especially you know back in the when we All when i and you know lou jimenez were Wearing more rose color colored glasses You know it’s it’s thrilling to talk to Lou elizondo a man who might have all The answers Um i don’t think that really changes our Personality or who we are necessarily But Yeah i mean it definitely definitely Changed how i thought about the topic You know i i put together a video on my Channel you know inspired by lou Elizondo and him talking about you know The Potential secret worlds and Interdimensional beings you know He’s good at talking about some some out

There topics and kind of Bringing them home making them real to People But So i have one for you rather after Everything that has happened And everything that we’ve seen and All the sides of louisando Do you trust him Yeah No i mean i i i I i i’m on the fence of whether i think That he’s you know uh Like a genuine believer and believes Everything he says i i do kind of lean Towards yeah he probably is a genuine Person and believing what he says But uh you know i i don’t think i can Really trust his judgment anymore after A lot of the gaffes he’s had like you Know taking the sun article at face Value and you know some other Interpretations of evidence even the Three navy videos that have come out and Him you know still maintaining that Those are showing you know real uaps and I think that his judgment of looking at The Issues and looking at evidence is going To be very different than than my Judgment looking at issues and evidence And probably a complete 180 of something Like nick west or what you would think Of looking at evidence so yeah i i trust

Him as a person generally i guess but You know i don’t i wouldn’t Don’t really trust anything he says As you know actual concrete fact i you Know view it through his Lenses Yeah uh misty we’ll get on to the we’ll Get into that i i appreciate the the the The four uh uh 4.99 cents Do you It’s it’s very confusing rather as from Somebody who’s watching uh lou’s show to Kind of get your Uh perspective when it comes to elizondo Uh whether you know You what side you sit on i’m i know you Shouldn’t ever pick a side when it when It comes to this Because it’s it’s a very strange field And and i i actually believe that you Believe that whatever he’s doing It’s his it’s kind of his job to do that And in his heart He is doing the right thing because he’s Doing it for his country whatever But G How do i put this right yeah no i mean i Have a lot of cognitive dissonance about Lou alexander uh because you know i i i I’m you know happy that i got into this Topic and started studying it since and That wouldn’t have happened if not for Louis elizondo and what he he’s done and

I think that it’s undoubtable that he Is to be credited for you know having These congressional hearings and getting The the new a aoi msg office pass and The indian Ndaa Law passed with that that language in it So you know he’s done a lot of Good things for the for the topic Um but then there’s these other things That seem Counterproductive to his stated mission You know like attacking his critics when He says that you know we should be Respectful of people and you know Value all viewpoints and and whatnot so You know on one hand you know what he’s Doing in congress and dc and you know Behind the scenes you know i’m i’m i Support that and i i will continue to Support that because i think that those Are valuable good goals and missions But then you know you you look at the Stuff he’s doing in the community and How he interacts with people not not Just his critics but his supporters as Well And it’s like geez you know Really And so yeah i i’m Yeah i i’m of two minds with elizondo Do you think he’s almost too loose sorry Ollie didn’t there’s almost Because when you get um

When you get him on a show like yours And he uh he’s speaking to people that Are in the community you do get this Right possible agent provocateur Type character then when you see him on Cnn or the bbc or something like that He’s very much to the letter and he Seems to be I just want to get like Your mum and dad down the road that work In a supermarket to Entertain this topic it’s like he’s he’s Playing two different characters Depending on where he is each time Yeah i mean i think there’s a lot of Truth to that you know he’s a good Communicator he’s a he’s a great Communicator and you know part of that Is targeting your message to your Audience you know i think that he does Do a lot of that you know where it comes To be you know who’s lou and if there’s Two lose the biggest thing to me was the Whole Revelation of the faceless bureaucrat Sock puppet you know for the longest Time everyone was saying that yeah you Know this faceless beer cat this account Is lou elizondo and i was like you know Looking at tweets be like no no way this Is a completely different voice it Sounds completely different and faceless Bureaucrat seems like an [ __ ] while Lou elizondo seems like a really good

Guy And then we uh they realized that It is was him all along and i You know i really feel like that might Be the real dude is you know who he was Behind the scenes as a sock puppet which I hope that’s not true you know i hope That’s just him venting frustrations but It’s Yeah i think that though the faceless Bureaucrats who and the public persona Luard are definitely two different lewds Makes you wonder how many other accounts There are doesn’t it and Uh especially when you’ve just got the Twitter revelations now of the fact i Think like half of joe biden’s twitter Followers were Found to be bots You know the i’m sure every other person You know of stature is the same it would Only make sense if there was Um Like provocateur accounts for in this Field as well Yeah and i mean i think that that’s you Know the conspiratorial part of me is Thinking that you know it seems somewhat Obvious that louis lozando has a Tight-knit group of followers that kind Of support his cause And you know i wouldn’t be shocked if Kind of the unofficial word was you know Hey supporters create a bunch of fake

Accounts and pop up these messages Uh obviously i don’t have any proof of That so i don’t want to you know say That as fact but it’s not what i heard You said you guaranteed it and it’s 100 [Laughter] Rich you’ve Yeah you’ve obviously had quite a few Opinions of lou um Along the uh the negative side to say The least Um I honestly think uh and i’m interested To see What what rather thinks this do you Think lou would ever dare to go on a Show like goof on And kind of face i know that he was Going to go on your show josh and Artemis well yeah he was going to come On until he found out that we were Talking to goof on and then he didn’t Want to come on anymore so that tells You all you need to know So i think what i’m asking i mean i know It’s crazy that’s what i want to know Who are you Rich You know don’t worry about it Just the guy with the blood camera I just uh infiltrated ufology i know 18 Years ago and Just decided to be a dick about it [Laughter]

I don’t get it uh well you know i Started off you know like everybody else And wanted to You know Show people what i was seeing and found Out nobody did any research and Everybody supported everybody’s lives And for me it was just a switch that Went off that i got to let people know About this nobody’s talking about all of This stuff nobody knows how do they not Know so That’s how it started for me because i i Got involved with you know jaime mohsan And other people and mufon and found out That these people are just They don’t have any Critical thinking that i think they Should have it’s really strange it’s Like people working for mufon just Believe you know even though they seem Really strict they don’t really do a Great job there are good people out There who do good jobs but you know Uh it’s all on It’s on mufon as a whole because we know What happened over the last few years And all that other stuff and Bigelow taking all the private uh Information buying all that information Out people’s uh you know private Information breaking hipaa laws and all Sorts of stuff Um

But uh as far as lou goes um I kind of had him out pegged from the Beginning It Didn’t seem that hard but i was rooting For him I just i just can’t believe he would say The things he was saying especially i Think it started last year when he was On dave scott’s show And the question was brought up will you Ever confront grier you know i have a Debate with them i don’t negotiate with Terrorists And then some other comments and it’s Like unbelievable i can’t believe this Guy Saying this and this is the guy who Worked at the pentagon this is a guy Who’s been on tv this is the guy who i Tried to i wanted to look up to somebody New you know i had faith he was going to Give us disclosure somehow some way but Deep down i knew Something’s wrong with this guy and I don’t know where you were what was the Question i just went off yeah i i think I’m just wondering if he would ever face Up to somebody like you and have that Have that interview i don’t know why he Didn’t You know i don’t know why me i mean i Know i said some things but you know i Throw a lot of comedy and you know a lot

Of people don’t like or a lot of people Love So i don’t understand why he wouldn’t Want to come on and confront me Especially when he goes on fistler’s Show And other shows that support boxing and You know all sorts of stuff striking Channels and It just it to me it didn’t make sense But it did I think it’s because you’d ask him Things he didn’t want to answer you know But you see when it were see how he Acted with the soccer count question you Know he was instantly combative Instantly argumentative so I i i think that If if he didn’t interview with you i Think you would put him in a position Not not badly i’m not saying this bad Towards you or your interview style i Think it’s just the fact that you would Ask questions and you would because You’re curious you would want to know Things that he didn’t want to address And i think he you it would end the Interview with him just leaving I don’t know you know we would probably Talk before the show you know how you Can sit here and wait and I we would probably discuss some things Like that and i would be upfront with Him about what i would ask there

Wouldn’t be any sneak attacks or Anything like that if i was to have him On i’ve never done that with any of my Guests so that’s files him away he’s Never walked out rich of any show i Can’t see him walking out in yours He wouldn’t have we would have had a Great conversation i think and i Probably would have apologized for Saying some things and all that you know But You know when you talk to somebody it Changes what you think about them too Yeah you know when lou Lou angeles was on here um yeah i kind Of had a different feel for what he was Saying so you know there is some more Respect i would give the guy for that And i know if lou was to come on i give Him respect for coming on number one Number two I would tell them i’m gonna try to ask You hard questions and one of them would Be you know this or that and see how he Reacts before we go on the show But it would have been i would have Asked some questions nobody else has Ever asked him That’s for sure Nothing that would have put him on the Line it would have just been interesting Get to know lou like i would want to Know him hey would you wear the prom you Know you know what was your first car

You know all that stuff i think he did That with when he had his father on ucr That one father’s day show which by the Way was great idea to have the father’s Day it was an awesome show Yeah that’s too bad we couldn’t talk it Out and also saying you know if i have To take him out behind the barn and Show them the truth and all that stuff He’s inciting violence i just made four Tick tock videos saying all right i’ll Be the first guy you go out behind the Barn with come on i’m four years older What do you got to lose And you were training so hard for that Too i know You’re still stuck training I i love awkward youtube videos i would Have loved to see alexander on your Channel richie yet Would have been great maybe it would Have been great it really would have And that’s what you know gets my kind of Backup about it is the fact that he Doesn’t face his critics at all and i Mean bat should just ring alarm bell Straight away for people how he doesn’t Do that I mean it’s crazy And interesting yeah and you know he Hasn’t i mean i’m i’m not sure if he’s Going to come back into social media at All but i do hope that he does kind of Go on your show rich or like someone

Else’s show um And kind of answers these questions Because that would convince a lot of People that yeah he is kind of in this For the right reasons if he can face his Critics but you know it just it just Doesn’t it’s not a good look if if you Can’t face your critics it’s not a good Look at all it looks like you’ve got Things to hide to me I just don’t understand the fascination With fessler i it’s really odd to me Because fessler did so many bad things His him and his his group And uh to be lumped in with those guys Is it’s wrong to be lumped in with them Because i never did anything like that i Don’t even have extra accounts you know Um It’s it’s really weird that lou sides And went on that show several times Called in I don’t know i don’t get it do you have Any idea Rather than white It’s bizarre you know even like in the You know sean cahill’s recent public Thank you letter you know he lists a Bunch of people who i think should be Given applause but then yeah there was Two names that kind of stood out on that Letter so you know fessler and and Heather lee and yeah it almost seems Like

To me that it’s Almost you know not even tacit approval But you know straight up approval of the Yeah doxxing and you know attacking your Critics you know rob heather lee’s been You know stalking me on twitter trying To figure out who i am which you know i Don’t really care if he figures out who I am but i’d rather people like tom and Rob don’t know my home address you know That’s that’s my baby for secrecy I think that’s a lot of people forget That people have families they have kids Sometimes they’ve got a wife that says If anybody ever turns up to to to your Door i’m going to divorce you you know So Yeah did you Attacks you know they’re critics they Don’t attack what the critics say they Attacked the the people sometimes you Know pretty Horrendously you know stephen Greenstreet gets these pretty nasty Memes posted by leo Acolytes on almost everything he he Posts you know it’s just pure character Assassination Yeah i mean this the subject it breeds People that are going to be committed to It you know you are you you literally Give you’ve got a subject with the Weight that can replace religion for Somebody

So you see you’re gonna get people that Are fanatical You know so so it’s True it may make sense that anybody That’s in in this doesn’t want to give Their [ __ ] home address out you know You don’t you don’t walk into a Supermarket and ask the girl behind the Counter where she lives why I’m married See this is why you’re not allowed in Supermarkets rich This is why you had to use hellofresh Hey uh So what do you think rather about uh Richard butt is he louis Yes rachel i’m glad you asked that Question Yeah i I don’t think he is but that might just Be richard but trying to get me to think That it’s not him because you know i’ve Had some private conversations with Richard butt and he he’s you know said Some things like man we’re yeah we’re All kind of disappointed with elizondo About how he’s approaching some of this Stuff Which is either a really clever ploy to Get me to think that it’s not luella’s Eye Or so Or it is him It’s definitely someone close to him you

Know my first thought was maybe cahill Or something i i don’t know Conversation do you mean vocal Conversations or conversations like Texting yeah dms yeah vocal conversation Would be a dead giveaway yeah yeah right Yeah Like a one word And that is that in itself is weird i Don’t know if it’s weird if it is lou or If it’s someone else close to lou who’s You know a secret person of the Department of defense who is so Thoroughly engaged in these Conversations melon that’s that’s weird Too right I’ve just realized this is the greatest Episode of catfish of all times [Laughter] How often do you guys speak to richard But Not not often pretty much whenever Whatever i have uh evolved into kerf Fluffalo regarding elizondo i’ll get Some messages from him but you know i Don’t really reach out much or we don’t Have a normal you know conversation when Did richard butt make his first Appearance to you guys Yeah i i i don’t know you know i i think Somewhere around the after the sock Puppet fiasco was when you know i Started kind of being aware and Communicating with him

I don’t know how long he’s been around Though I’ve never heard of him Third phase say you should create your Own show rather he’s got what i preach Yeah Yeah i do some cool science segments i Try to research uh you know science Ideas that i i feel people aren’t Talking about as much and Put them out there Yeah those are good foods rather Yeah you do a great job um you why did Why doesn’t lou pick up the uh you know Literally message richard but and say Look we’ve got a little bit of uh Problem here You know people think you’re lou Do you mind having a quick video com can We have a video call Yeah i’ll suggest that to him my my uh I’m skeptical that he would be Immemorable to such a conversation or Reveal But Is that because you think it’s blue Well i i don’t i don’t know if i mean i I wouldn’t be shocked if it was lou i Would be Shocked if it was if we didn’t recognize Who it was i think that if we knew the Name we would recognize who it was i’d Be shocked if it was somebody that was Actually named richard butts

That if it was a real person i’d be sure That’s a real name actually i’m sure it Is a real name but i don’t i don’t think This particular one Was born with that name Well It’s a bit weird in it when what i mean What’s the shortening of rich dick Dickham yeah thick butts yeah Well dickbots a nice popular internet Meme i i do uh i applaud him for that i Think it’s funny Well i don’t i don’t think we’ll ever Find the answer to that Though Maybe i can make a deal with him if i Reveal my true name he’ll he’ll do the Same maybe we’ll see if he’ll take me So rather So rather what did you think of um Stephen greenstreet’s latest video that He just made I i i mean the production value is very Entertaining very well made um i thought It was very interesting as well uh I Am not as hung up on eight tip versus Awesome personally like it doesn’t make A ton of a difference for me but uh i Can see why why it does to stephen and Why it does to others i thought that the Uh the kind of lie that he called out at The end of it with the involvement of Asap and the ig report versus his public

Tweets you know i thought that that was A kind of a damning moment but aside From that you know i think it’s kind of Just interesting Interests to seize of history um that Being said i’m really eager to find out What he has in store for the the rest of The season so i think he’s onto some Some very interesting stuff It was very well produced though i i Enjoyed it um I think i i did invite him on the show He’s not messaged me back Steven if you’re watching this Just even just to like nah mate i don’t Want to come on Would be nice You know rather we had a Concern when lou was on because he made A comment that stephen kimbian of truth Seekers has been just Talking about for the last two days Non-stop That he gets paid and you guys don’t From the show do you feel like you Should get something or are you okay With what he said because he came on Here and says i get paid they just Donate their time and that happens on a Lot almost every show not very many People get paid to help out their hosts Or their friends whatever um but do you Think that uh You should do you put that much time

Into it that you should get something Uh yeah i i’m fortunate enough you know I got a you know a tech job yeah i’ve i Don’t really you know need the extra Income i’m you know comfortable you know Doing this so you know and yeah we’re Talking about you know hundreds of Dollars you know if it was hundreds of Thousands of dollars maybe i would ask For a gift but yeah there’s no one’s Getting rich off this and you know lou Is you know i think he deserves every Money that every penny that he he gets You know he does he puts a lot more time Behind the scenes than i do and you know He’s You know Yeah yeah okay well that’s i’m totally Fine with it yeah that’s a good answer Yeah to be fair i mean he does link all You your Your channels below you know any i Suppose they every little helps um yeah Yeah You guys i’m on this show with you i Enjoy being part of the conversation and You know Telling my viewpoint You got we i think you have to have a Passion if you’re gonna be doing what We’re doing absolutely i mean you’re Training for the money you’re you’re Going to have a bad time Exactly yeah yeah

I never made a penny in this field until Just recently when i got monetized i was So against it but i was against people Making money on fake stuff and hoaxing And purposeful intent to take money from People like david wilcock I think it was me that told you to Monetize yourself rich was it was it did I say i think it was me i said rich why Why do you not turn the monetization on You went well you know it’s just a show I don’t see the point in it i said turn It on I could see it could be it’s potentially An insidious influence right because you Probably are going to be getting more Popular and making more money if you you Know pander to the believers and i think That’s kind of the trap that a lot of People you know in the community the Bigger names anyway you know kind of end Up end up going yeah Good point do you ever uh have you ever Watched david wilcock Especially recently I i’m Fairly even really aware of david wilcox To be honest okay I saw i saw a video of him this Afternoon oddly enough it was a little Clip of something on twitter and Something’s gone very wrong with that Man because he kind of looks like the uh Like case zero in some sort of

Like biological disaster He says you have to bathe in your own Piss yeah To to get the special powers Oh i sometimes do that you know After after my wife’s been in the bath Then the two kids My wife does not piss in the bath but The two kids Definitely putting it putting a toe in The kiddie pool work Apparently it’s good for you know every Now and again just to have a bit of Urine on your skin so Who do you um Who do you trust in this field Forget lou right now but uh anybody else That you follow Yeah i mean i I don’t know if i i don’t think anyone Really knows the you know the truth so You know i don’t don’t Trust anyone on their word or their Beliefs but You know i like people like gary nolan i Think are you know very interesting Figures and are doing really interesting Work uh you know i i recently read you Know diana pasuko’s book uh i thought That was a very interesting approach i i I don’t agree with everything that she Says on that book but i think that her Approach was you know very methodical And well-intentioned uh

So yeah there there’s a handful of People that i think are very you know Avi loeb and you know what the galileo Project is doing you know i’m a big fan Of that Thanks for bringing the uipx too Yeah yeah Well I don’t really like lou joining in with The galileo project i feel he’s going to Ruin that thing or things won’t be as Transparent as we’d like if they Actually find something And do you have any Feeling on that Yeah i I ha yeah i mean i i do have some some Concerns i think those are valid Concerns uh it seems to me kind of that I i guess my my what i think is that Probably avi loeb is just Trying to get everyone on board for you Know Raising funds and stuff like that i i Don’t know how actually involved i hope He’s not too involved in the actual Science operations of the galileo Project it seems to me that he’s more Kind of a figurehead and you know Someone to You know put on you know It gives him a lot of Especially you know maybe six months ago I think he gave him gave it more free

Credibility than it does now having his Name attached but I i don’t think that it’s you know lou Elizondo is going to single-handedly you Know deter the galileo project of Success well he and um mellon are in it And nick pope and well now nolan of Course But Yeah i’m not quite sure i want lou in There or melon for that matter Um i just feel those guys are there to Get the information and give it to the Government and That’s that and then they’re gonna shut It down and within two to four years two To five years Yeah i guess you know shut down yeah Yeah my biggest fear is that you know Potentially if if elizondo and you know Chris mellon if this is you know all Kind of a dod Operation and they’re trying to either You know distract us from what the Military is doing or give us some false Truth you know i it Yeah that that would be my fear is that You know elizondo and melanie kind of Distract them from where to look and you Know try to Yeah keep them from finding something Something that might be military who Knows you know I i asked them

Your lou About Tom delong’s company ttsa And and and lou being a part of that one Point And Lou perhaps he said yeah you know it’s It’s a failed company no one’s getting Any money out of that What do you think about Lou er being a part of that company that Took so much money off of investors Because i know some of those investors Personally and i know one of them that’s Invested i’m not going to say the figure But quite a lot of money in in that Company that lou was a part of Yeah ttsa you’re talking about right uh Um yeah busted didn’t you you invested I thought about it i didn’t think about It but i did not not invest and Uh i kind of wish i would have vested Like one share actually so i would be in The investor reports and all that but uh But yeah i mean i think it is it’s A shame uh i i i it’s Manny from 503 who put out that who’s Lou documentary put out another Documentary about ttsa which i think was A lot better than the his first Documentary and worth a watch because it Does kind of get to a lot of the weirder Stuff but um you know one one thing that Came out on that was that they raised

Like what a tenth of the money that they Wanted to raise for their goal So you know we talk about them not you Know ditching their science efforts and You know kind of focusing on their Entertainment aspect not living up to Their original goal It kind of makes sense to me if you only Raise 10 percent of what you wanted to Raise of course you’re not gonna be able To do all the cool stuff that you wanted To do um so i’m not entirely sure that It was you know A scam from the beginning but i think That it definitely did not live up to Expectations Yeah rick rich northwards here is just Talking about the adam project and when We’re coming out of that congressional Hearing and they uh the question was Actually asked if they had any debris Whatsoever of any craft Well Lou was lou and tom and all those were Piping on about the adam project and What they had To show the world at some point which Has never come to light ever What Whatsoever Well i mean it has a little bit right Like the bismuth magnesium piece and Some other of these kind of art parts Kind of you know metal fragments

Yeah but but When you’ve got the congressional Hearings say that they don’t have Anything But then you’ve got this little company Ttsa with the adam project saying yes We’ve got this xyz You know that that is a good point right Because they even ttsa partnered with The army to test this stuff so Yeah you would think that the people Testifying before congress would have Known about that but again government Apparently they haven’t spoke to dr gary Nolan either because he’s been working On that stuff for years Yeah yeah knowing that My i don’t know if you know about my you Know kind of personal theory about that Is uh The whole alien poop kind of theory of Mine where i Find it hard to believe that we actually Have recovered materials and you know an Actual intact craft or something like That but you know we have had reports Throughout the ages you know incredible Reports of Ufos dropping liquid metal and they go And they’re able to find it it looks Just like slag you don’t you know you’re Not going to reverse engineer what you Collect but it’s obviously something Very strange

Um And yeah i think that’s just you know Where There’s the government maybe even in Roswell you know saw something fall from An object in the sky went and collected It saw a bunch of weird splatters on the Ground and studied it in secret for 50 Years and the rumor mill got going and You know people hear Material from a craft they think crash Craft and they think something that’s Able to be reverse engineered and i Think that it’s just about the Scientists studying weird hunks of metal That they’ll never be able to figure out Yeah i think that they’ll Ejection Or something like that yes there’s a Name for it i think it’s an ejection Event or something Yeah and scott so many people apparently Have like i’ve heard this story of Of actual people that have been on the Channel that have seen ufos drip Dripping I have at least four separate videos On night vision from people in my group Who have captured objects dropping from Other objects And i i’ve sent him to the ground Yeah there was there’s one very famous Uh videographer that’s in the group he’s From vancouver charles lamarro

Do you ever hear of him they made a Documentary about him a couple years ago I forgot what it’s called But he’s around he’s all over the Internet and he has A boatload of money invested and he Built this rig With All kinds of different types of cameras You know strapped to this thing he’s got Some kind of name for it or something But he lives in a high-rise in vancouver And he has caught multiple objects Coming in Off the water At night and flying around and some of Them Uh there’s he’s got a bunch on his Youtube page but there’s one where the Object comes in it’s Almost translucent and it comes up and Hovers next to the balcony On the other building so he’s filming That and it hovers there for a moment as If it’s looking in there And then it drops down a few floors and Stops next to another one Hovers for a few minutes moves away And he’s captured some amazing things up There and uh You know so There’s There is credible evidence for Uh objects dropping from other objects

Interesting yeah i I’m gonna have to check check him out I’m always always eager to find other uh Alien pooper i guess now ejection events That’s probably the better search term For my research Rich have you seen Is it you that’s seen ufos dripping Before No That’s ufo proof yeah it is Yeah dripping ufos Yeah you see metal like stuff yeah and Just And just to be clear The videos that i am aware of of these Different separate people who have Captured this It’s not so much a dripping event It’s where one object is slowly hovering Over the scene And something will shoot down from it So it’s not like it’s you know dropping Liquid Although there are other videos online That i’ve seen that look legitimate that Have that So Who knows well especially Oh god Well i guess yeah my kind of theory for That is you know the potentially von Neumann machines right you know Self-replicating robots that are going

And collecting resources and Assembling new ones of themselves maybe Shooting out the new ones a little alien Ufo babies and then you know pooping out The rest as liquid metal Yeah waste Would have looked like that one that you Know that was long and then bob white Yeah That was interesting the guy said it Looked like it was dripping molten metal That witnessed that old man One thing that was rude I think it was bait yeah seven eighty i Don’t know if you thought you know john Greenwald on the black fault uh has a Really interesting take on that where He found a Article cia declassified article from 1946 in denmark where they have a Picture of what’s called a ufo debris And it you know looks just like a it Looks exactly like bob white’s object It’s just a metal stalagmite Yeah that’s it When did greenwald talk about that Recently Uh no i think five years old but if you Search for bob bob white’s object and uh The black fault you’ll you’ll find a Real real interesting write-off of that All right i’ll write it down As much as it was interesting and quite Exciting that

They’re talking about this at a Congressional hearing Did did anybody else not find it very Just Unorganized the fact that they they they Was trying to show a ufo and they just Couldn’t get the the right framing for That ufo it was almost like last minute Let’s show what can we show You can’t show that because tom delong Showed that on joe rogan so don’t show That whatever you do Use this one it was kind of appalling Yeah I mean It was good preparation you know maybe Have a couple of frames pulled out of The video You know explain on the screen what We’re looking at you know it was very Very disorganized and Fast and Just together just i i just i it was Weird to me And and the lack of knowledge of of any Ufo case Yes Yes I mean i’m no one to talk because i i You know he goes in one ear and out of The out the other i just like the Subjects and like My interest is in the people in the Field rather than the actual yeah so so

I i went back and you know read a little Bit of the transcript and They they weren’t unaware of malstrom They were just saying that they didn’t Have any um you know official Documentation they weren’t either they Didn’t research it as part of their role Of the you know uap task force and Everything but you know they did say That they’ve you know heard these Stories and stuff so it’s not that they Are unaware of it it’s just that they Weren’t you know investigating these Historical cases as part of their you Know Government duties which I i i think is all right you know i Think that you kind of have to start From You know yes looking at what we’re Seeing today and then potentially Working your way backwards if You know you do find something you know Really out of this world Yeah it I get a game that was just so Unorganized and rich shouldn’t you say That they showed a balloon On your show I’m positive It looks like a balloon there’s a little Thing dangling at the bottom It did It looked like a balloon to me too it

Depends on where you paused it the one They show on cnn or wherever they they Don’t show the same paused part that i Did And uh Theirs doesn’t have the thing dangling Why does mine have the thing dangling Off of it that looks like a weather Balloon pretty much It really does has the teardrop shape And everything You sound like one of those you know He’s a weather balloon [Laughter] I think it is i think they flew by it You know 500 miles an hour knew where it Was going to be because they flew by it Before and didn’t understand what they Were looking at how they wouldn’t know Though If wouldn’t they see the thing hanging Off of it So maybe i’m wrong maybe it’s just the Way the ship Was or the way it looked or it’s an Artifact but I tell you if it looks like a duck you Know most of the time it’s a duck Is this the The video where it’s off whether the jet Buzzes something really quickly yeah the One they just showed in the hearings Yeah Only it’s not the same as the other one

I i no i did i saw the one i saw saw the One the hearing i I’m not sure i would believe that they Would buzz that that closely on purpose Because that was close yeah they had to Have known it was there though right to Be able to film it in in real time well He he goes like this then he turns it to The side knowing he’s going to pass it Yeah maybe maybe but it just seems it Seems like it seems so close It is you know it’s another it’s another Guy sitting there Is he is he on his phone is he filming It on his phone while they’re passing by I mean There are no cameras on board that where We could have got a better shot on it Maybe maybe not You know So i don’t know it just seems kind of I say this all the time i don’t know why They can’t show us a video or a picture Of a ufo How is that going to give away any Secret to anything Okay we see it’s a disc shape nice oh Wow The shapes rich the shapes they can’t Tell you the shapes That that’s a shame How i mean what does that prove it Doesn’t prove propulsion There’s triangles there’s tubes you know

Cigar shaped things there’s all sorts of Shapes of these things I just don’t understand why We can’t See anything i mean how is that going to Violate anything I i still find the the thing rogan said On one of his podcasts just before he Sort of stopped Really Engaging with the subject uh because it Was a non-ufo guy that was on that was Just asking questions about it was Either what either the Uh fraber interview did or the uh lazar Some something like that they would just Talk about an old podcast and he said That he’d been told by people That a high resolution either photograph Or video of the triangle was going to be Released to the public and it was pulled At the last minute I find i find that interest in that he He’s clearly being told something And he’s purposely decided to back away From it well he had a he had a show the Other day i think it was with the black Keys the band and yes yeah right ufos on There and joe rogan is now convinced That it’s hypersonic drones or missile Which was the tic tac that’s what he’s Convinced of now that that’s what it is So Yeah i think joe’s went the completely

Opposite way now With Ufos when he did that show joe rogan Questions everything he said that Convinced me that these are just a bunch Of guys who couldn’t get laid in high School that have nothing better to do And everybody he goes especially the ufo Guy when i thought i would meet this guy Who was like you know does science and Research and everything like he said the Guy was such a Um you know like a gullible Want to believe anything type of guy Yeah it was just so joe rogan got soured When he did that show that’s what he Said for sure especially the bigfoot Stuff Yeah and yeah I never got laid in high school Some of us did So you know so so one thing that i One thing that i find Kind of It’s just bizarre which we okay so we’ve All seen Night vision footage from Like a war situation where they zoom in You can see the guys running you can see The perfect shape outlines of these guys Running Stuff blowing up vehicles moving You can see all the details from that So

You know as well as i do that they’ve Probably they’re probably sitting on a Ton Of footage that is very clear Hell yeah you know and and probably Close And you know th this is what we’re Getting is this Look at google maps look look what they Did as an undertaking to make google Maps happen and that’s old technology Now as well You know What whatever whatever can be out there Whatever can be filmed will be filmed in High definition at a million frames a Second All the time For sure so there must be so much stuff Out there which then begs the question How is none of it leaked Yeah I mean yeah and you had ryan graves who Said that they’re seeing these things Daily for like two years Um you know how isn’t something being Leaked out from those pilots or someone On the ship who’s seen these things um It doesn’t doesn’t make sense it you Know I don’t know what to make of it i really Don’t Yeah and you know it’s not if you know If these are actual otherworldly e.t or

Something you know it’s not like they’re Just going to be flying around america Right there’s got to be other countries Who have images of this stuff and Why yeah there’s I find it very Uncredible that there’s a you know Worldwide conspiracy to keep all this Evidence secret so yeah and this is why It doesn’t make sense rather you know We’ve brought this up on on this show a Few times there’s a few brits on the Panel now and like we’ve always always Said uh from the uk that why is it only America who is kind of talking about This stuff and It doesn’t make any sense i mean is i Mean i did see somewhere yesterday i was Reading something about this and they Said that it might be because america is A more a religious country so Their like belief system is kind of i Don’t know they’re they’re able to kind Of believe this stuff a lot more than Brits would for example I i would think that would go against it Yeah Yeah yeah if if you’re if if you’ve Are religious in the like classical Sense of it i think you’re more likely To believe that You’ll be sorry you’re less likely to Believe that there’s other life in the World than you are

No i yeah In terms of like the ufo phenomenon or The ufo topic it is a faith-based thing Really because oh yeah There’s no answers there’s no facts There’s no evidence and we’re kind of Basing our opinions on faith at the end Of the day so May Maybe So maybe that’s why it’s kind of talked About more than the us than it is other Countries i’m not sure but i think it’s Tv tv is the issue it’s and how yeah um I i think nick pope is a massive problem For the way uh Ufos are treated in the uk because he Constantly comes out constantly acts odd The only thing that he talks about Whichever It whichever has some sort of credence To it is renders from forest and then There was an article the other day in a Newspaper in uh in the uk about how Pigeons might be aliens [ __ ] Yeah it was thick Yeah yeah that was nick pope yeah [ __ ] me Speaking of randall shimlee it’s bigger Randall You break the news mate The uh me and me and ollie going to go Camping randall jim forrest and he’s

Probably not he’s promised not to finger Be [Laughter] Rather careful You guys have had on brandon fugle a few Times right Yeah Um Yeah i really Can’t stand the ego on that guy but Let’s put that aside what do you think About skinwalker ranch Is it a legitimate portal from hell Heaven whatever is there one there Do you like the show I I do enjoy the the show i mean back back When i read the you know new york times Article in 2017 that was the other Really what really got me interested Because there’s you know the Government’s saying this stuff is Credible but they’re also saying that They investigated the skidwalker ranch In utah and so you know i went over George snapp’s book and you know i just Got even more like what is going on here Uh you know i I don’t It’s hard for me to believe the more you Know out there stories about you know People coming through portals and all The the you know The real crazy stuff you know the dog

Men and stuff like that But I mean it seems undeniable that there’s Something There’s there’s some reason why people Are interested in this right you know i Don’t think that They’re all doing he’s studying it for Nothing and uh you know i think brandon Is a you know i think his intentions are Are real you know it came to light Recently to me that you know he had Previously done kind of advanced physics Exploration so i think that I think he’s legitimately trying to Figure out what’s going on there uh okay Questions open to whether how bizarre it Is but the last episode i thought was Really good A couple of days ago Yeah how in the world are you uh do you Have a a degree in science or anything Like that Uh computer science Okay so So maybe you know a little tech stuff How can that How can the gps signal be 65 and a half Miles underground and then two weeks Before that when they dropped the things Out it was like you know 70 feet it Looked like they went underneath the Ground how do you know why that might Happen anybody want to take a stab at

That Yeah i mean my guess is it’s just Invalid data you know you you get a Point back that uh it doesn’t measure Anything so there’s probably you know a Default value of you know they they said You know something like 62 miles beneath The surface you know that’s very close To 62 and a half same distance to space Yeah but but it’s also very close to Like a thousand meters or you know or a Hundred kilometers or ten kilometers a Thousand a really Really yeah it’s a really round metric Number Sorry guys i’ve not seen this ep this Episode i’ve not seen i’ve not actually Watched any of it yet because i don’t Think we can get in the uk What are you talking about rich there Underground Well okay so they got a helicopter well Last week they had a pilot in a cessna i Believe go go there’s a place That has uh i don’t know I i don’t want to explain it Yeah directly above The triangle Right is that what you’re talking about Yeah yeah and so Apparently it’s like at 5000 feet and i Guess When they did the bottle drop it was at Seven thousand feet down through this

Area That hello This triangle yeah they were dropping Bottles with uh gps gathering uh Instrument in it So okay so but they also had a tracker On the airplane and when the airplane Went back and forth and did the grid Over it Uh at one point as soon as it went over The triangle it somehow looked like it Went underground The tracking [ __ ] am i right about that Josh What what was the show and me and my Wife are watching it after watching your Show Uh where you you talked about that tv Series that has got the hole in the Ground Oh ranch um oh i’m wondering How to arrange yeah oh yeah Yeah That is weird that you’ve just said that Rich Yeah i mean I think there were some rumors uh these Aren’t confirmed but i have seen a few People say this that george and app was A consultant on that show but i’m not Sure if that’s true or not but i have Seen Um Some some people say that so that kind

Of makes sense because it does have like A skin walker vibe to it that show also A mel’s hole too Yeah Wow Now that that’s that is uh quite Well you know what you know what happens To my nipples when when i suffer Much faith in these shows you know in The like history channel shows and stuff Like that no No there’s another one Oh i’m sorry go ahead oh so no it was Just it was because The only reason i ask is i i’ve never Put any credence into them since it was It was about 15 years ago i think it was um Uh where i come from we have a big motor Race people come from all over the world To come to it and uh i ended up speaking To an american guy and we we got we got In to talk about stuff i asked him what He did he said he was a writer we ended Up having a couple of drink drinks and He was a writer that was Um he wrote independently for ghost Adventures And Paranormal state if you remember Paranormal state and it just at the time Me and my girlfriend we [ __ ] loved Paranormal state it’s a good show Yeah

And uh he i i because i even turned out Especially like ghost first i said You’re gonna tell me this is all Bollocks aren’t you i said yeah yeah he Said it’s a soap opera he said he said i Write episodes for he said every line is Written he said you might get an ad lib Somewhere here and there he said but he Said these are entertainment programs Nothing more absolutely Yeah i mean i’m i’m the same and that’s Why we don’t see these shows in the uk Because It just wouldn’t work in the uk these Kind of shows um and and that’s why when I see like skinwalker ranch and Um the show what louis lozano did a Couple years ago i can’t remember it now Um And identified yeah um shows like that And to the ancient aliens of course You just can’t take them seriously um Because it is all scripted it is all Just an entertainment show with with Bits and bobs thrown in there but you Know in like the main it is just an Entertainment show and that’s why i mean If there is anything um which is worth Studying at skinwalker ranch the fact That they’ve made it into an Entertainment show just You know it’s just hard to take it Seriously if that makes sense And also i mean we spoke to um

To erica luke’s uh yes Yesterday the video’s been taken down Now but um But she kind of went into detail um About some of the hoaxes which went on At skimwalker ranch and the fact that People there was like security guards Who were dressing up in blackface and Trying to frighten people in the bushes And stuff and yes It’s uh it’s a weird place for sure i Mean i I don’t know if that stuff’s still going On under the new ownership brandon but That was in like the bigelow days they Were they were faking stuff For sure The bigelow thing’s interesting because You’ve got a man there which is very Very serious in what he does you know He’s he makes capsules that go up to the International space station all that Sort of stuff Um He put money into this into research in There which is like bizarre for somebody You know if You would find out really quickly Because he was doing it for a good Period of time as well wouldn’t he If you suddenly bought a farm i said Right we’re going to investigate this Because of uh The like paranormal activity

After a month if you were just still sat On a farm with nothing going on You’d just pull your money out this they Would become Really obvious really fast But i found it really weird when he was On rogan That he just seemed to have absolutely Nothing to say Yeah and did do you see that exchange he Had with rogan about proof and evidence Yeah and yeah that that was really Interesting put it on twitter actually There was like a good exchange between Him and Rogue and when they’re arguing over Standards of evidence effectively and You know and bigelow just sounds like a True believer to me he doesn’t really I’m not sure if he focuses so much on Like the evidence that’s not the Impression i get from bigelow he’s kind Of just he just wants to find the Answers so bad that you’ll kind of Believe anything Yeah wouldn’t it be awful if uh the People that were stationed there Were just making stuff up To uh to send to bigelow to keep the Checks coming in That kind of makes sense you know It does kind of make sense Scott ryan’s asking about what you your Thoughts on skinwalker wrench

I i know what he’s trying to do So uh Not sure if it’s gonna happen yet It’s in the planning stages um We’re going out to skinwalker but it’s Not On skinwalker but it will be looking Down at the ranch Uh from an area up on top of the mesa Uh we’re gonna live stream and then We’re also gonna do uh A couple of different cameras maybe a Flir a night vision Nice For a couple of days And Um we’re just gonna see what happens So very cool justin Um Didn’t brandon fugle say that he’s going To send mick west and stephen green Street there at some point As well a sleepover Did he really yes yeah he did is that i Think it was last last week i’m not sure I’m not sure if he’ll actually go go Ahead but i think brandon and mick west Were kind of talking and stephen Greenstreet got got involved and brandon Said yeah let’s fly you guys out and Have faith today in a few days but That’s interesting Give them a bottle of whiskey and or or Or some edibles or whatever whatever

They do to make themselves happy and Just say Enjoy them enjoy a couple of days at Skinwalker Blind date i’m ready for But you know In terms of skinwalker it is weird Because if there any if if there was Like a genuine kind of portal there and If there was like bulletproof werewolves Flying around and running around and Like black hole that place would be just Sealed off like A rock you wouldn’t be able to go there There’d be a no fly zone like they Wouldn’t be able to write books there Wouldn’t be a website to advertise the Location there’d be nothing it’d be Sealed off and you wouldn’t know about It so To me like it just It just doesn’t make sense the whole Thing Bulletproof werewolves such a good metal Band name Brilliant yeah Yeah Yeah that you know i can see how you Know the show kind of comes off cheesy But you know we we’ve you know Interviewed a lot of the people involved In the show and even some people Involved in the nids effort and they all Seem you know to be very you know

Credible and i i believe them you know When dragon and brandon say that they’re You know not faking stuff i i tend to Believe them i don’t think that they’re Really pulling stuff over on us and i Think there is some interesting stuff That they found you know like finding The the Weird signal that’s being broadcast Whenever they do some of these Experiments are Very very interesting and Yeah yeah i i i i think it’s an Interesting place i i think the cards Are still out on that i think no it Isn’t Like not not on camera but i’ve spoken To people privately who have been to Skimwalker ranch who have worked on the Show and they’ve told me some stories um When when they’ve been there you know And so it is hard to wrap wrap your head Around because at the same time there’s You know there’s there’s no evidence for Stuff and then you’ll speak to people And these are like in in my eyes please These people are telling the truth as Well So It’s hard to wrap your head around Really what’s going on rasam like cases There which Which don’t make sense as well so So rather i mean you don’t

You don’t have to answer this question But Are you really are you a religious man Or have you ever been a religious man Uh you know i i grew up you know going Going to church you know i consider Myself agnostic at this point The reason why i ask that is because You you must have heard i i I mentioned this because we speak about It on this channel i’ve seen i’ve seen Rich speak about it quite a few times on His channel i’ve never seen you guys on Ucr speak about this but lou it was Mentioned In an interview and i can’t remember who The who was doing the interview with lou Uh but lou mentioned the word demons And i wanted to get your thoughts on That Yeah i met that was an unidentified Episode for The tv show was that what it was the Rage though yeah when he tried asking His higher ups hey you know i need to Get some information that was what made Lou leave the pentagon because he said No lou it’s demons you know you want to Open up a box of demons ain’t going to Happen Yes Do you think that was metaphorically Like no then speaking or do you think

We were going to say rich No no rather go ahead Well i mean if you uh Think that the inter-dimensional Hypothesis is has any validity which i i Think is a potential answer to this You know that that solution is almost Indistinguishable from angels and demons Interacting with us you know it’s Literally the same thing you know people Coming from or people entities coming From other realms interacting with our Physical reality and us not being able To Really ever have any chance of Figuring out the truth because it lies In uh something in the area of realm That’s totally inaccessible to us uh you Know i think that that that could be True Um So so yeah maybe maybe they are demons Maybe you know demons and angels are the Same thing that people are seeing these Days it’s A very valid hypothesis i think i’m not Sure that i buy into the whole idea of The collins elite you know trying to Keep the truth from us um But so who knows maybe Well from what i was told Uh By some of One very credible person was that um

To look at a little bit of validity Around that would be to research Uh the group of people they called the Family And Then sent me this link and told me this Documentary was on netflix and it’s Called the family And it’s You know within the same realm as a Collins elite but This is what i was told research the Family so This netflix documentary goes deep into You know their religion and how they’re So tightly wound into the government and It’s very interesting Stuff i’m definitely going to check that Out yeah that sounds fascinating Ufos are paranormal Yeah that’s what i wanted to kind of Bring Back to uh mystique’s question here with The parallel advanced civilizations I mean i’ve heard of Fifth dimensional beings i’ve heard of Like uh Different dimensions going on that Parallel parallel advanced civilizations As in parallel as in Do they mean parallel as in to us a Secret civilization secret civilization With better technology that we aren’t Privy to i think that’s what she means

What they mean yeah maybe maybe a Branch of humanoids evolved before us You know a hundred thousand years before Us and figured out crazy technology and Went into the sea right you know or went To the dark side of the moon you know Who yeah who knows left us to his own Devices There’s a reason why all our public Politicians and uh world leaders keep Going down to antarctica for Weekends and it’s not to look at Penguins Yeah It’s a research area for sure There was a week there was a week wasn’t There there was a uh within a week it Was like the pope Uh buzz aldrin uh or barack obama Yeah The The the the sitting prime minister i Think at the time went as well I don’t know who that was who that was Um i think there was a couple of you There was a european couple of european Prime ministers as well disappeared down There And that was all it was all in the space Of Like a week or two weeks very very hard Yeah because that was that that was when That uh supposed fake Tweet from buzz aldrin was put out as

Well wasn’t it When it went apparently his account was Hacked Yeah when he said uh yeah the the Picture of the pyramid thing saying There’s great evil down there oh yes Yeah remember that I’m not sure I’m not sure about antarctica but i’m uh I am pretty sure that there’s a inter Interdimensional entity that lives in The north pole Santa you’re talking Yeah that’s good Did anybody see the uh I know how you feel about third phase of Moon but did you guys see the video last Night they put up of that object over Hawaii Four different camera angles i don’t Know oh you mean the one where it was it Looked like Oh the streak like this yeah it’s like Lights yeah i remember seeing that yes It wasn’t it was just lights that it Looks like it might be a plane it’s not Was it a triangle rich it was a triangle Right it might be i got the video up if If you guys wanted to see it because i’d Like to get some people Shout out rich show yourself Bringing it up give me 20 seconds And i i i’d like to get your guys’s Thoughts you know i’m not really that

Familiar with the whole history of third Phase of the moon you know there’s a lot Of people who claim that They’ve been caught doing cgi fake and Stuff like that and that’s true Is that not true is is that Is that there okay A long time ago maybe eight years ago They had a video And they’ve talked about this in the Open they’ve come clean about anything Anybody ever had Questions about right Um there was a video that they captured And it was I’m gonna say it was in l.a Right and Somebody told them give them bad advice Say why don’t you say it happened over Here you know like in puerto rico or Something like that so they changed the Location name And somebody saw the street name On a sign and they found out that they Were actually in la i’m just giving you You know so that’s what is being called A hoaxing but It’s not they just For some reason they made a mistake on Purpose you know but they they weren’t Proud of it and gave the wrong location And then alien addict here thinks he Debunked one of their videos which I don’t think he did but it’s a lot of

Speculation but saying that they used a Big pain glass window to have a Reflection off this guy’s property Showing an object out over the la area So But there’s no Proof They faked anything at all Cgi thing they put out The um trying the craft going through The trees with the air with the moving Car What they put they put a video they put The video out i think they shared that Late i don’t but they didn’t Claim yeah that was they They shared on their channel And because i saw on their channel and Within two watches of that i saw that The Object disappeared before the frame Changed on it And that the road texture Yeah yeah because it was it wasn’t done With uh with green screen it was done With that uh No it was done in unity it was either Done in unity or unity yeah or unreal Something like that yeah Can you Could you Yeah i’ll read it mystic 15. thank you So much mr misty 15 but i’m really Rubbish at reading but rich is great of

It so The group The mystic is asking the group says if The government had this high tech ufos Then it would leak and we would know Then if it’s real the government would Lock it down and we would never know Like skinwalker those are diametrically Opposed answers to the same question The group says If the government had this high tech Then it would leak and we would know Then if it’s real the government would Lock it down and we would never know all Right yeah but they haven’t locked skin Walker down that’s the problem yeah it’s Still what And that would be you know promising That the american government has a Monopoly on it right um yeah yeah Maybe they do did you get the video yeah Maybe maybe i i did get misty thank you So much for that So going back to the The third phase of mood thing and this Is how Kind of rich and i became friends was Because of This little you know argument we got Into about third phase of moon so My issue with them is that They’re not faking things but if they Post a set of five videos And a bunch of these clips

Over Months afterward get debunked slowly you Know this one was a chinese lantern this One was you know a jet fighter whatever There’s never any follow-up so you can Have Wrong You can have third phase of moon videos And this is going on right now real time I mean it just happened a couple days Ago they were passing around a video That they had from like six years ago Claiming that it was a real ufo And people are still passing it around Because there’s no but you’re free You’re not seeing i know i know Well but there and also on top of that Though is like the hype you know like The titles that they give it in the it’s Sensationalistic you know it’s just Totally illegal Oh absolutely absolutely Look You know they know what they do they’re Not hiding it and look scott They don’t come out and say this is Definitely a ufo we don’t know what it Is is what they say that’s why we’re Sending it out given putting it up to The public as fast as possible because We want you guys to let us know if you Can figure it out tell us They’ve been doing that for five years Plus

Why see nobody ever listens to what They’re saying they never listen They they say it every show it could be A drone could be cgi but we don’t like To we think we would know uh it’s not a A plane a balloon we know but that one i That one i i brought up they would have Known Well look you can’t know everything man No no they haven’t they have to know Especially people that edit videos they Have to know I don’t know man i can’t get in their Head i can only go by what they’re Saying let’s see this It took me literally Five minutes to spot that repeating Pattern on the road In that video then i began to slow it Down and look at the trees and there Were trees that were repeated at Intervals down the road It took two seconds to look at that and Those guys those guys have been looking At videos for years so they should be Well acquainted with looking for these Type of details Yeah i hear you man because because Because rich it’s one you do you do it Every week And so do i We do the same thing we look at it we Examine it we try to you know Try to come up with something that okay

This is a mundane object we We do our diligence with that stuff If you’re putting out videos you should Be really just you know by now I mean come on they’ve been doing it a Long time Right wouldn’t you agree with me yeah That means they’ve been doing it ten Years Do you know what i’ll play devil’s Advocate here though because i think i Think i know what the what the issue is With those sort of things especially When you’ve got a Successful channel Like the third for those phase of moon Is you you have a content problem you Have a content drought to keep stuff Coming out so you’re obviously gonna put Some stuff out you’re not sure of But I will give that a pass when they do put Stuff out which is good georgia i mean There is a so maybe it’s are you saying You said they’re rough for this move Yeah i’m saying maybe Maybe maybe it’s worth maybe it’s worth The Odd thing that’s obviously cgi Getting out there sometimes looking for This because what you’re going to show Us if if we’re going to get four camera Angles of what whatever this is in the Sky this looks like it’s going to be

Really [ __ ] interesting It’s just a problem when you get Something like that forest thing because It at first glimpse you go oh [ __ ] Hell this is amazing this is the smoking Gun type stuff and then you get the Letdown you go oh [ __ ] it’s [ __ ] yeah 10 seconds repeated Hey let’s not forget i mean not that Everybody would know but i was their Biggest enemy for Forever i mean that’s all i did every Week i did my show was rip on third Phase first thing See this video these guys put out They’re ruining ufology i i mean i was Probably the biggest hater of them back Then But over time uh you know Things happen things change you change i You know you change And you start to and i’m not saying i’m Letting them slide by at all anything That’s why i do the third phase ufo Report so i can give my opinion on their Sister channel And that’s what i’m i should have been Doing and uh i don’t think i did it with That video at the time but nonetheless Uh I i know it’s it’s so easy to say their Cgi their hoaxers then actually Listening to what they say because scott Everybody the last five years

For the most part i think they’ve done a Really good job giving that information To the public whether you like them or Not or live in the past they had come Out and said we made mistakes we’re Trying to do the right thing we Understand what we did wrong and we Wanna For the greater good of ufology we wanna Help and do the right thing now So I mean I don’t know why people are living in The past it’s definitely not secure team I will say this i i’ve done many debunks On third phase the moon secure team 10 But one thing that blake and brent did Say to me is and then they they they Offered me the same thing that they they Offered rich they said help us out do Some videos about it And i said well what do you want because I i said i can’t lie Like i can’t Paint so i said that too i said i can’t Do this he says no we want your opinion Say it how it is Those that was his exact words you know That’s what they wanted to get out of it And i think i did one or two videos and Then i just because of how busy i’m with My day job i just couldn’t do any more Um But

And the time difference is madness As well Um yeah 12 hours what yeah um i have to Leave in about 10 minutes so that’s why I know you do hit it hit it welcome Artemis hey it’s that we have In In our government situation or private Hands then we might get the truth but Right now the people in hawaii are Filming this spectacular event and That’s right blake we were Uh in 2010 we witnessed the same thing a Massive tr-3b that flew over a kind of a Desolated area what i like about this This is taking place over honolulu and Kaneohe on oahu And there’s a lot of people that live in That area and again like we said we have Multiple eyewitnesses And there’s submissions and what’s Interesting is that they have no clue What they’re capturing and that’s why We’re sharing this with you Guys have you seen that tr3b up close or Craft This size We know they exist again we’ve seen them Up close but don’t take our word for it Right now we’re looking at the evidence And the evidence is strong That blinking light towards the back It’s really interesting this is on the Ground yeah and there’s also loading

Their videos to social media and getting The word out Don’t be afraid of getting your Beautiful evidence out to the public now Let’s roll the next one Watch More eyewitnesses Look at this Look up look up go in the sky that’s a Better angle No look at that almost looks like an Airplane Holy [ __ ] look right here It looks like a plank There’s a lot more light but it looks Like a plane i’ve never seen a plane Where’s the red and green lights Why would people be freaking out over an Airplane But it’s not doing anything like wow It’s not doing anything special we’re Just gliding across It’s going slow Yeah I’d have to say about maybe 200 100 i Mean that would that that would be huge As well wouldn’t it what’s great about This is is that it’s not a soul Individual cameraman Shooting this hey look at that thing so You can hear their There’s multiple people and he did the Right thing is it one object I think it’s one object out loud look up

Look up look at the ufo and we’ve been Preaching this for over a decade almost 14 years right now This looks like an airplane see and then Here’s a wing And then here’s this but it i don’t know Why it’s like this third phase of the Moon and if you see it In the middle like wake up the Neighborhood one object so we could get So i’m wondering if it’s like camera Angles and cooperation Because it is incredible what we’re Looking at here i’d like this one this Is illegal to fly like i think the best Of the bunch because it really shows That this is Indeed possibly the largest craft i’ve Ever seen on video captured by multiple Eyewitnesses So what do you guys think They should contact you know The nearest airport You can’t No i’m kidding Right maybe they will do do they have You know the date and time that this Took place because that that would be You know interesting and yeah the first Thing that comes to mind mind is it Somewhat looks like maybe like starlink Or satellites that’s not That what i thought when i saw it first But i think it’s too low to be yeah it

Looks too low and it’s that one Twinkling light as well that kind of Like Knocks me off the scent with that and And almost like they’re not all in a row It’s like they’re kind of rounded yeah Yeah i was looking up some images of Star of starlink and it yeah it Definitely doesn’t look exactly like That but yeah Similar for sure it’s moving too fast to Be styling as well could be a call bell Drone swarm coming in It could be carbel That would be a swarm in a wing suit car Bell in a wing suit where yeah Christmas lights Well i did see that there was a couple Like ufo videos that ended up being yeah Paratroopers with uh flares on their on Their heels or something like that I don’t know i don’t think yeah Uh aerial pyrotechnics a lot of times They’ll have shows where they’ll do with The suits and They’re hooked up with fireworks on Their suits But it doesn’t look like that at all Plot twists It’s wilcock driving home Flying Wilcox flying car I heard a snort somewhere It wasn’t me

[ __ ] ace hospice it’s me it’s me it Was famous So what did you think what did you think Rather to to that Yourself Is that is that does that Send your hairs on your arm A little bit Yeah i mean yeah hit be honest It’s interesting i would love to know What was in there you know that doesn’t My guess would be is probably not you Know an actual uap you know something Out of this world but uh you know you See so many videos and it’s so easy to Misinterpret what goes on in the sky So it’s you know and i’m not an expert By any means you know i’ve I could be fooled you know i once saw a Formation of airplanes coming in on on The space needle i thought they were Ufos until i looked at the uh telescopes There and saw that they were clearly Playing so it’s easy to be mistaken but Yeah who knows you know It’s interesting It’s better than what they gave us from The government the other day Yeah i mean a little bit That’s true It’s interesting but it doesn’t you know I think like i think it was josh who Maybe said it doesn’t do anything Special right

It’s kind of hard Yeah it’s kind of hard to get excited About it It’s not doing anything special to me so I mean it looks cool it’s interesting But that’s as far as it goes for me with That sort of stuff really is So what do you think it is You think it’s drones airplanes there Was no sound coming from it from what The people said It’s either a drone or it’s advanced Craft in it yeah it’s it because it There was a little bit of it on the Second video reminded me of remember When the guy hoaxed the ufo with this With the drone when he strapped the Loose drones together and essentially Made a fine saucer oh yeah yeah yeah it Gave me a little bit of that vibe i’m Not saying that’s what it is but you Know the uh that thing was hundreds of Feet long though Or it was really low Could have been flares or something And you didn’t see the other videos There’s four videos from different Angles i mean yeah there’s a lot more Go to third phase of moon and check it Out So rich you’ve got Your show is it literally is it is it in About Five minutes

Five minutes so yeah i’ll change it to 7 15. I’m going to say we could bring this Show to an end it’s not it’s not a Problem i i don’t like overlapping with Uh with good friendship i just moved it To 7 15. so okay so what so is that in How long we got 15 minutes Okay Guys quick question to you guys it’s It’s not like a great question i’ve got To take long Um but when we were talking before about Why it might be be now the the Governments for now and i just thought Of it then when i was watching that Video Is where we’re pretty close now to Having Yeah maybe in the next few iterations of Mobile cam mobile phone cameras where We’re taking such high resolution video Photographs on on phone cameras that We’re gonna be able to manually zoom Into photographs afterwards you know It’s essentially eliminating the need For optical zoom Couple that with What the advancements are getting made In night vision photography Could Could the good governments be getting Out on this Because they know in civilian hands

Within the next decade We’re gonna have cameras That We will be able to see whatever that was Phones with night vision as well just For yeah phones with night vision but i Mean more the fact that if you if you Get like a A really high resolution photograph and Then take it home and you can zoom into That to like like 200 x 300 300x without Like a dropping clarity which is kind of Kind of the way we’re going with it with This stuff Um Then it’s put the the lid’s blown with With no more blurry photographs at that Point There will always be blurriness with Ufos Maybe It is what it is man That that could be it recently and You’ve got obviously the private space Industry now who are taking a you know They’re kind of really involved with the Space race and So you can kind of see why they might be Trying to get ahead of all this stuff Yeah for sure Agree with that Yeah i think it’s a plausible Explanation you know kind of kind of my Thoughts are i’m surprised that

I would be surprised if we’re ever able To get a good picture of of ufos you Know i think thinking that if they are Extraterrestrial beings that they’d be Like you know a flying saucer or a ship That we could get inside is a little bit You know kind of the human Anthropomorphism of what they would have It seems to me i kind of believe that They probably are here that there’s von Neumann machines that are kind of Everywhere in including our atmosphere But you know i i i would kind of presume That they might be microscopic right They might be ten You know atoms or a hundred hundreds of Atoms and you know you can’t see them Aside from maybe they’re doing some cool Fusion thing they emit bright lights but You know being able to get an actual Close-up you know picture of a Structured craft i’m I’m still pretty skeptical that we’ll Ever get that i love it if we did if That’s true but Yeah that’s my issue The the the issue that these it’s okay The issue that these things are made of Alien screws with alien metal that they Put together with alien uh like Screwdrivers It’s It doesn’t work with me you know the the You would have something that if they’re

From outer space something that’s Traveled so it’s so far away from such a Long distance for a place where you Might have like if there might be a Different type of cut a life form it Doesn’t have to be carbon based it could Be a different type of life You could have different materials Different [ __ ] physics there you know The The the idea that you could just Have one of these things crash Look at it and go well if we we can we Can recreate that with what we make That doesn’t really work with me Yeah At least that was made On the same planet I gotcha yeah yeah i know Um I don’t buy traveling you know Thousands millions of light years or Whatever Getting to this planet and them not Having the technology to disguise Themselves Such a good point josh you know very Good driving not very good Yeah They make it all this distance you know Going through so much debris uh speed That we cannot comprehend They get here and they run into a

Telegraph ball They’re so shocked when they see us Thinking what the hell are they looking At they crash i mean yeah But that’s what’s got me convinced that It is us it’s just us like kind of Building these machines building these Crap and then we’re just crashing them Because we don’t know how to fly them Yet right That makes a lot more joyride yeah that Makes more sense To me it really does yeah it does make Sense [ __ ] we actually started it Another crash But also at the same time If it if it is us I’ve got an alien channel but That makes no sense That there would be nothing visiting This planet because that would mean That we are special Yeah i mean there’s just no evidence for It and this is the thing i mean it’s all Well and good and it’s like i love to Speculate and think about this stuff and Think about the possibilities but the End the day we need to kind of remember That there’s no evidence for aliens at All and You know you just drive yourself insane At times You know and like some you know these The simplest explanation

Is often the right one and and and to me It just seems like it’s just us just Flying these craft around or testing These new drones or radar spoofing Technology And that’s what we’re kind of seeing There isn’t any evidence for you know That they’re actually aliens you know From other planets but there there is Evidence that there’s weird stuff Happening in our skies that probably Isn’t us right and that might be natural Phenomenon it might be aliens it might Be You know who knows what but there is Weird stuff going on it seems no for us Sure i mean there’s so much stuff we Don’t know about this planet like like Like you mentioned i mean most of this Stuff could just be like a natural Phenomenon like look at like the Hairstyle and lights for example um and Let the work which is going on there That’s really strange place and That’s all like light a phenomena You know yeah yeah Alien addict i have to go man yeah It’s no ways rich we’re coming to work We’re ending the show You get yourself off get yourself ready Everybody ahead of head on over to Coupon right now In the description Um

You’ll be on our big screen I hope i’ll make sure to wear a hat so We will All right man i won’t and uh have a good Night everybody i’ll see you in five Minutes Yeah for most of you And scott scott brown scott brown When are you gonna put some videos on Your channel some more On a regular basis A good channel We we got a few ideas coming up that We’re going to try to pull off you know Like i said the the skinwalker ranch Thing should be pretty interesting and Got a couple of other things in the Pipeline but yes you do big things Lips outfield So watch that watch that spot people the Link is in the description go check out Scott’s channel go like share and Subscribe And push it on social media That might give me a kick up the Backside to make more videos yes Nice meeting you guys Have a good one have a good one lee lee You you beautiful man all over you you Grow that beard back What’s going on in the what is going on The world of us the audio Uh tomorrow is the is the last warrior Podcast we did we’ll go up well no not

The last one but a worrying podcast will Go up tomorrow Uh Followed by an alien addict podcast on Monday Which will be the last one you did not This one yeah no Anybody doesn’t know Me and lee because lee helps me out so Much with the shows he shares my he’s a Spotify guy so he shares alien edit on Spotify oh cool yeah it works it works Out for everybody it does work out for Everybody i mean it means that means I’ve got content to put out when i’m Lazy Um yes i can bribe you to come on Yeah that’s it that’s i’m not here Because i enjoy your company um Yeah so there’s podcasts podcasts are Coming out go to must see audio It’s on all the things Atomus and josh or joshua artemis Either way ladies first What’s coming up next Um well we we’re gonna have a show Tomorrow but i think because our show Last night got taken down we’re gonna Just gonna Uh play that again as like a premiere And we might just be in the live chat While the interview’s uh yeah on so we Might do that and then sunday we might Have a show but

We’ve been suffering of like Um Allergies allergies yeah like like i’ve Been breaking out into hives like last Last last night i got really bad hives All over my face and stuff i had looked Like i had acne yesterday it’s gone now It was really bad it was really i looked At his face in the sunlight i was like Whoa i was like it looks like he had Like I mean it’s all gone now Of course yeah so we’re just going to Rest that’s that’s what we’re trying to Say we’re going to chill we’re going to Rest Either way we’ll premiere our erica Luke’s episode if it doesn’t get Reinstated but We uh i have a A case open because i think somebody Just reported it that’s what my guess is But i don’t know Um but yeah so if it doesn’t just get Reinstated we’ll put it live tomorrow And um Hopefully back sunday night but we’ll See but if not monday night movie night 8pm eastern Amazing people go subscribe go like Share and get out on social medias let’s Get let’s get these guys to ten thousand Sub no no that’ll be beat me Get me to ten thousand subs first

Our goal is just 2k by our birthday Which is september yeah i think it’s Been pretty pretty good 2k bicep yeah That’s a doable i think for sure it’s Doable yeah so yeah we’ll see But yeah thank you yeah thanks And everybody it’s good to see you Rather yeah yeah likewise We’ll see you josh Rather we squid him yeah where does that Name come from by the way i d do you Yeah yeah Would you rather be squidding Like almost achieve the squid yeah yeah You can go at night you shine big lights Into the ocean and you just pluck squid Out of the the sea have you See Oh yeah yeah it’s uh Yeah one of my favorite hobbies see i Love it i love squid i won’t eat them Anymore Yeah i i enjoy the act of catching the Squid more than uh eating them after I’ve learned more about their potential They taste delicious but if you if you Ever watch them Documentaries they are clever [ __ ] Yeah i can’t believe i’ve eaten one Before i don’t think i’d ever eat an Octopus again that’s for sure greeks Like i mean they do it right i will say But

Yeah i haven’t eaten octopus in years I’d eat my own mother if you marinated All right [Laughter] We know you’re going to be on on ucr uh And We love you we love watching you on There we love all you guys on that show You’re all fantastic we need to get we Need to get jane on the show as well We’ve got you yeah every week you’re Just gonna have one panel member That’s what i do you know that’s my goal Right But i did say to lou um that i would Like to get you all on at one point that Would be great and He may embrace us back but Um What are you doing with your channel Yeah i’m currently researching uh An interesting sensor network that might Be able to predict and detect ufos that Uh it’s kind of untapped i don’t think Anyone’s aware of it uh not gonna spill The beans right now but yeah stay tuned Subscribe over at rather be tweeting if You haven’t already And uh yeah check check me out and yeah And ucr on wednesdays we do skinwalker Reviews on thursdays we have our our Weekly episode so you know find me there As well

Well It’s been a pleasure having you ass You’re such a gentleman Such a nice kind man Uh and uh i i honestly think that Everything we see is what we get With yourself which i like yeah yeah i i Try to be an open book and yeah thanks For having me on all it was a fun show a Great panel you put together Anytime my friend if you wouldn’t mind Hanging about for like literally one Minute after the show i just forgot for A quick uh A little uh a couple of couple of words But folks everybody in the chat that’s Uh tonight has like shared and Subscribed the super chats you’ve all Been amazing You you make my day you make my friday After after a week at work and then i Hit this channel i love you all very Dearly uh go check out the the the merch If you want to uh If you want to help out Get a t-shirt rock one a little bit like Jeremy and uh bob Told bobby there he he he loves this he Loves it yep get yourself some of the Designs boom there you go Lovely stuff looks like i have to i have To do that cause the wife always skips To the end to see if you know [Laughter]

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