Creepy Cemetery At Midnight

By | May 20, 2022
Creepy Cemetery At Midnight

Hey there everyone this is patti and Tonight me and emmy oh my headlights are Blocking her This is there she is We are here at the arapeca cemetery it’s A very creepy cemetery we do have Permission from the security guard Um that’s in this area to come in here Tonight any night actually heather and Greg come in here all the time and he Sometimes films with them But um so We’re gonna come in here tonight uh this Would be emmy’s first time coming here i Haven’t been here in quite a while at Night Heather and greg are over there they’re Already getting started oops they got Blurry So emmy and i had rode by here last Night on our way home from somewhere Else and We heard a lot of Noises out here we didn’t stop and film We were by ourselves it was late And We did get out and take pictures yes we Did So um anyway getting ready to go in There and get started let’s go Like right in this area here christina

Did yes and she while she was here she Was on her knees and then she goes uh She’s talking to the spirits and then All of a sudden she said uh Danny’s here now hi danny or something Along lines And all of a sudden it came up on the Ghost hunting tools app danny oh my god It might not have been danny I can’t remember to have to look back at The video okay Wow It came through eric i’m sorry eric eric Okay she goes she goes oh that’s just Eric and then it said eric oh wow Whoa wow that’s crazy That is oh my god And then uh She also took us back to the woods back There that was a little creepy It says search Always Always It is a little chilly isn’t it A lot of bugs the guy’s name christina Sit out here eric eric Yeah I was just telling my mother Is eric out here tonight Is that ghost Coast coast Is there an eric here tonight My Who’s here with us right now

Action [Laughter] I have a little seat that i’m to sit on And kind of look around Just kind of pan around and see if i see Any shadow figures or Orbs or anything whatsoever out here You should they’re so lightweight and Easy to just plop down anywhere They weigh a whole freaking Half a pound probably Just kind of panning around just to see If i i can maybe catch something on Camera And right here it’s kind of in the Middle you know [Applause] You set that over here like in the Middle somewhere over there Like right here yeah that’s perfect Okay we got the rim pod set up there I have a device sitting there and if you Get close to it it will light up and let Us know that you’re here with us tonight Did you do that please Okay guys Right here Yeah It’s perfect so emmy is getting set up Over there We’re all kind of scattered out a little

Bit here That would be pretty gnarly if that Starts going off right because there’s Nothing there Did somebody go set one of these rem Pods off This is jack Jack Oh look oh it’s going off over there It’s going off and it’s a jack and it Says radio It says radio Radio Look it’s going off again wow Who’s making that happen You come talk to us tell us your name It says trick Trick Trick Can you make it go to blue Please Did you see that it lit up all colors Yeah you hold it on red then Hate says hate I got a different bread pod too You do Yeah one remember i had oh yeah So if you could move over that way That would be great because we might be Able to catch you on camera can you do That Can you manifest yourself right there In front of our cameras

That’s freaking cool and there’s nothing Out there to set that off it says Sadness sadness oh We’re sorry Beer Here it says beer beer Beer oh beer Did you like beer when you were here Is that another rim pod yep So she’s got another one set up over There now too so we’re going to kind of Watch that area right there Clock Now like i was telling patty That’s when he said you know to make One word yeah but lately it’s been doing Two or more four words making a sentence Yeah it has it’s true I think it’s time to start bringing the Bug spray Look at them crawling around everywhere Okay i just put the red light on i don’t Know if that’ll make it any better with The bugs but the bugs are just swarming My light over here Got my camera sitting on the ground Because i didn’t want to hold it because Then they’ll be all up in my face Is there anyone here that wants to Communicate with us Can you come to this rim pub right here It’s still going up over there listen to That And that’s in the middle of

And you said that when you’ve turned it On at your home it didn’t really go off That much not that much no and i’ve Turned it on during live streams really And nothing not like that no wow And i was even sitting closer to it I don’t know if you guys can see it or Not but it’s lighting up out there Listen to it you can hear it I hope my camera’s picking it up i Didn’t i just didn’t want to hold my Camera because these bugs are so bad I hear you on that and they were right In my face So now they’re down there by the camera Can you hold it At blue Please So something’s happening over there for Them Pick it up and move it around a little Bit but look at the bugs they’re coming After the light Hold the cab away from me a little bit Here Now i’ve caught shadows in the cemetery In the past Not to say i’m gonna do it tonight but I mean you just never know with Paranormal You don’t always catch something Oh there it goes again it hurt you There’s something down that way but it Might be a dog barking in the distance

My god I like being in the middle here because You can just kind of see all the way Around you Put it way out there yeah there’s Shiny in the flashlight out there It’s still going off like crazy No there’s nothing out there that would Be making it go off you know nothing Electrical or Or whatever This Morning Said this and then it said morning Like it’s trying to say something Hmm They said food now saying corn oh what Picked corn this morning Picked corn this morning you know i’m Just saying it’s weird Well it was crazy because when we were Out of there i said greg is playing with The Gadgets right now and it said play oh Wow I was like oh my god I’m gonna order one of those and then Yeah i’m gonna order one of those yeah I’ll get them from here get the info for Me i’m gonna i’m gonna treat myself to One you should mom would be really cool Yeah for your channel too yep how long Did it take you to get it after you Ordered it um

Maybe a week He had to make some to order And then you have to give me a total of Two weeks you have an email for him yeah Okay Well i’m gonna see if he’ll give me a Discounted price and i’m gonna tell him I’ll promote him in my videos You know Yeah because he’s in the uk and stuff Interrupt That I think it said number 25 there was Something that was just glowing right Over there guys i don’t know what the Hell that was oh something just flew and Landed in this tree Really this is happiness happiness i Swear to god something just landed in This tree It just landed at the bottom of the tree Oh it says happiness death dead what We’re in the cemetery yeah this is death I swear to something on this tree i Watched it land on the tree Was it big I saw something glowing In that direction so i’m going to keep My eye in that direction All i see is a big old cockroach oh hell No I hope that cockroach stays over there Can i see your phone and maybe it was an

Owl or something Yeah but it’s just crazy how it’s gone a Big cockroach oh my god i hope it Doesn’t come over here now you got me Nervous I hate them [ __ ] things I’ll be doing the cucaracha dance Quit right can you make that red pop do That again Uh Mm-hmm Looks like one of the uh things oh Yeah it looked like a fire for a minute Like somebody was having a campfire in The woods really i know i saw something Over there i’m still got my camera Facing in that direction hoping to see Something mike It just said mike yeah Wow is mike here with us Maybe you asked who was out here Yeah and then it said mike yeah you’re Right I have a voice recorder right here so Mike would have loved oops i’m sorry no That’s okay i was like i got a voice Recorder so if anybody wants to come up And talk into it they can we can go back And listen mike would have loved to have Done that i mean We were just starting to go out to like Cemeteries and stuff when he died And every once while he would text me When he knew we were at a cemetery and

He’d just say boo [Laughter] How close that Mike can you tell us boo That’s what you used to text me when you Knew we were in a cemetery at night can You say the word boo I had just stopped like that again Scratch Did you hear that i could have sworn i Just saw somebody standing by that damn Tree Wow Like when the light wasn’t over there i Thought i saw somebody my eyes might Have been just playing tricks on me Go ahead and scratch me Craig’s wanting you to scratch him There’s heather and craig And emmy all set up over here Birds out there Of course Of course Birds making noises at night you don’t Hear that very often Yeah Oh okay Yeah they duck hunt in the morning oh Well they like they say they practice It’s like blanks But we hear it at six o’clock in the Morning oh really Enjoy Enjoy

Enjoy Jimmy you catching anything on the floor Camera it’s like sentence trying to Walking Walking First it says enjoy this is walking Did you enjoy walking That’s something i don’t enjoy I can’t stand walking Okay All right so she’s gonna set this up Right here So i can keep an eye on it That’s nice that you got a little stand For it make sure it’s on level It’s got to be level otherwise it’ll Fall yeah Grandma Grandma We were talking to my grandma tonight Yeah There we go okay here we go Yeah cuz all these start moving down in Here Oh look at that It’s turning bright red right there Of course it could be the tree but why Is it turning green and red green and Red look at that It keeps turning red right there by that Tree Wow Example Something’s like trying to manifest by

That tree right there It’s turning red Look at that it just keeps turning Bright red That’s weird Is that the same tree that you guys were Filming at right there in front of us Oh yeah that same tree it is it’s Turning red on the on the floor camera Bright red The tree is Haunted It’s a haunted tree Okay emmy is gonna venture over that way It just got real blurry There it goes Sure I’m going to point it down that way Towards where emmy is So you can see her standing down there But all around her It’s very red all the way around her I don’t know how she had it standing now It’s very red right over there in those Areas too Oh wow Okay i just heard something behind me He says answer that answer them What do you want to know What are you are you asking us something Okay i just turned my camera off for a Minute so i could Readjust a couple things here

Still kind of watching that area over There Her Rim pod’s still going off over there I’m gonna turn My spirit app on I’m going to turn the ghost hunting Tools app on I think this thing is so accurate I’m going to keep the sound down And i’ll let you know what comes through Can you come over here and talk to me Okay Okay so heather and greg are over there Filming something What’s going on To me and it’s holding my hand oh my god Nothing when you put your hands down He’s not grabbing your hands and now He’s grabbing your hands again you want To show my mom Yeah Check out the camera there maybe she can Film it Look at him watch she puts his hands in Her hands Oh my god where’d he go he’s gone horses Oh there he is There he is you see his hands watch his Hands oh my god look at that gosh look He’s grabbing her hand right he’s still Doing it yeah It’s like he’s touching your hand oh my

God You know what’s funny I mean pick him up for anything by Itself but as soon as i hand him that And come over here yeah i asked it to Come over here and Hold my hand and it did Yep It certainly is Zoom in this alone yeah What does it do with its hands when i Let it go Nothing he’s like not even there okay There he is he just pops back up he’s Not Yeah Like picks him up as he’s trying to Touch your hand like the movement of him Picks him up okay So when you lower your hand down he pops Up but he ain’t doing nothing but when You raise your hand It’s like he starts moving around and Yeah i got nothing at the moment That’s really cool yeah it is Can you do it again It said fear and then it like stopped Crazy out there Yeah baby’s like gone It said fear on that that alice box and Now he’s gone That’s weird like maybe he got scared Yeah maybe i don’t know maybe

Did you get scared when i walked up Do i got too much crystal jewelry on for You I’m not sure if he’s going to be Standing right in front of you Every now and then right in front of you He pops up You can hold my hand oh he’s back Can you hold my hand What does that say Is it her Her Maybe she’s trying to hold your hand Yeah maybe She’s holding your hand Feel free to hold my hand You still doing it Not at the moment Really weird because when you said that It was doing it i was feeling really Cold i still feel it though right now Wow That’s pretty cool Oh they got the words beer again Hammer in that direction now Kind of watch that area You’re not getting anything on the Rimbaud crazies i’ve never heard Anything say horses and earlier Emmy was talking to parents about horses And all of a sudden spirit box talked About horses about horses right really What did it say about horses when you Were over there just now i said horses

Oh yeah yeah i thought you meant like Oh yeah no no no no just but i’m just Saying you know i’ve never heard that Before you know right I love that alice box i gotta get one Okay what’s the deal with june earlier It said june kylie june that’s my my Niece’s middle name Okay earlier i said june is saying june Again it said june at your house Saying june again and it said drift are They still oh my they’re drifting Drifting Yes they said her name yeah june drift Yeah I hope they’re gonna be okay with what We’re doing i always worry about them I see like a red light that keeps Glowing way over there yeah it’s a Spinner thing is that what it is yep Okay Powder So there’s literally nobody out there in The room rebecca has been going crazy Said rebecca Is there a rebecca out here It says jen jen I Uh What hello you like to do when you were Here on earth You still have family in the area Uh What year did you die

What’s the mic over there [Laughter] Thank you so much for talking to me Thank you so much thank you I will listen back and see what you guys Said going off yeah neither is your Other one Oh yeah Crazy out there can you make that rempot Go crazy and keep going crazy don’t let It stop Holy [ __ ] and i got it What it’s still going yeah Yeah i asked him to keep going and not Stop that’s the longest it’s ever gone Since you’ve been here Wow Wow Can you make it go up again and leave it On for a really long Time that’s pretty crazy that thing goes Off quite a bit out here Well can you light it up and keep it lit Up until i get there Set it up to blue we’re gonna go ahead And um Go we’ve been here for quite a while you Might not see all the footage From out here but we have been out here For a couple hours Can’t wait to see what all we got Are you filming i’m sorry no i can’t Wait to see what all we got on camera

Here yeah i know that was pretty cool With the stick figures over there by the Tree really cool and how it put his uh Its hand in my hand yeah Yeah definitely I’m hoping i caught something on camera You never know you know until i watch it Back i’ll know Last night felt really really creepy Tonight it feel Didn’t feel too bad Yeah Yeah it could be because we have them With us because this place gets Oh yeah it does sometimes You

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