It’s time for UFOLOGY to come together?

By | May 14, 2022
It's time for UFOLOGY to come together?

Um good evening folks and welcome to Alien addict on this Fine and dramatized evening and it is a Dramatized evening because we have no None other than lou in the house not lou Alexander Ufc lou ufc Ufc ufc Ucr Ufc Um He’s in the house he’s in the bottom i Am going to bring up in a moment um The whole reason for doing this show and I’ve said this for a long time is i Believe that ufology Can come together again once upon a time We were together as one but it seems That The foundations are cracking and i’m Going to bring them back together Just call me ollie the builder Rich north Welcome to the show my friend hey hold This my my and your he’s the man is on Twitter the link is in the description He finally he is there to represent Ufology in its finest Go check him out We have none other Artemis and josh from the justin artemis Show Guys thank you so much for being here Tonight pleasure of course pleasure the

Most beautiful couple In all of ufology Apart from me and lee of course Obviously yeah Joining as well Maybe maybe he’s not feeling too good um We have we have we have rich Here he is hello hello It’s mythology I know i’m english Yeah oh okay he’s not being very josh Doesn’t say that He’s not very very well [Laughter] I just have to bust your chops for the Show that’s fine don’t worry no not you Not you name sorry sorry wretch all Right you too what the hell speaking of The show We we have our guest of honor tonight Lou angeles What’s happening guys I wore my tie to start a fight with rich If i had a tie i was gonna wear it but i Couldn’t find one oh come on i give you The idea No you didn’t give me that idea But i’ll give you that idea you did We talked i talked about it all week When i found out we were doing the show You talked about my time No i said i i need to i need to go buy a Tie for the show And you didn’t you failed rich you

Failed Just like lu alzando yeah exactly A little bit early I i can’t help it No so just just to set the record Straight for rich the reason why we wear The ties rich is because not because We’re trying to Get a tv show or become famous from Talking about ufos Uh we wear them because michael would Show up to the show in a tie And so i was like well He’s not taking it off So we’ll either all wear ties Or we all or one of us looks like the Guy in a tie that’s why we started Wearing ties and it’s also a great way To distinguish The host of the show from the guests Exactly Here we go You know You know why you know because ufo jesus Started wearing a tie and because Somebody told him nobody’s going to take You seriously as ufo jesus you might Want to wear a tie so that’s what he Actually said that he started wearing a Tie and then months later you guys are Wearing them i’m like oh my god it’s got To be the same guy that told them to Wear ties no no no we were wearing ties Way before jesus did i remember his

Little tie face we were wearing the ties Way before him So You know but hey man sometimes people go Through phases and grow Yeah yes that’s how things work yeah i Know i just like razzin because it Looked it just all of a sudden you guys Changed so i’m like it’s got to be they Want to get on tv that’s what it is They’re trying to look like you know the News Rich i’m already on tv I’m on tv i mean go look at my imdb i’ve Got over 30 credits A lot of them i saw our national Television so like yeah but not for Ufology No but i don’t also don’t want to be on Tv for ufology i’ve got my own show i Can produce it myself that’s why i Started doing it And the fine show it is I think it’s okay i mean i’m sure not Everyone in this room agrees We no it’s always all your show So how how can we watch it if if we’re Not in in the us lou is there any is is Hey lou did you write that episode for Um An episode for that the guy who Lied to me is it Or mined something i don’t know i can’t Remember

No i have never written i i don’t have Credits for writing an episode of Television i do have credit for writing My own short film No i There is i i even read it uh to third Phase i was reading your imdb or Whatever it is And it says Yeah no i’ve never written an episode of Tv i’ve written i’ve written things for Funny or die I’ve written things for Um Our own channel you know like little Sketches and stuff but not an episode of Television now oh that’s if i was Writing episodes of tv i definitely Wouldn’t be doing this That’s what i was thinking would be Filled with writing I’ll have to look it up again Interesting Yeah So here we are alien addict We’re all together but you know what It’s not about me I i’m i’m here to bring you guys Together um to have a group i mean this Is your show you gotta you gotta steer It right you can’t just you just can’t Bring two boosters together throw them In a circle and go okay cockfight like I’m not gonna do that you know this is

Your show man yeah That’s the questions i mean you guys i Saw your show last night rich you have Questions for me artist artemis and josh I know they have questions for me Because they they were asking in the Chat and and so let’s get into it Whatever questions you guys have for me I’m more than happy to address anything But what i want to know first of all all Lou is What questions do you have for these Guys Because it seems like everybody we all Expect people to be asking you the Questions but do you have questions for These guys Well i like that i’m not a felon That was good to know Yeah see that was helped that was very Helpful Yeah well i mean i just i [ __ ] take It i just thought the uh The text would have made that clear Well it said i don’t know why you needed Me to say it oh no it’s not clear at all Because there was rumors going around Which is i don’t know if i explained it That i heard Me truth seekers in area 503 along with Greer and third phase were the five And third phase being one entity so That’s what i heard But seeing that it said and others

Without putting goof on area 503 and Truth seekers in there and i’m like yeah But if if he’s having the you know uh The felon five and others well that can Mean a lot of it can mean a lot of Things and others could mean everybody Else we’re all we know but It’s way confusing Exactly that’s exactly what it was how Did that work now you explained how That message from lou elizondo got Online with richard butt Who is richard butt dick i have no idea Yeah i have no idea who richard is do You don’t know I think elizondo was richard butt and he Did that to expose this thing I don’t think so Because richard richard butt has been Liking some of my responses to this Whole fiasco and he’s written me Privately also saying hey i i’m sorry For what you’re going through So i don’t know if it was it’s lou Elizondo you know like a lot of people Think that but i don’t think so i think It’s just somebody who’s close to louis Lozando the weird is the weird thing is Why i use a guy by the name of richard But to pass along your messages yeah What is fascinating though is the timing Of this and it seems to come out just Before Stephen greenstreet’s

Video Landed Generally about it was a bit of a hit Piece on lou So Whoever’s Whatever the timing of this and It seems it seems almost to To try and discredit him before he Pushed that out I discredit hulu No no no Screaming green street My my interactions with lou discredit Green street Uh maybe i’m not understanding a Question uh i’m confused too yeah didn’t Didn’t you ask stephen greenstreet about Whether he was a felon or not I did ask stephen greenstreet if he was A felon or not yeah yeah But so what’s the truth before he was Due to drop a video around so are you Okay so you so you’re asking me if this Was a time thing It’s it’s a valid question i think sure Yeah that’s fine um no It is a gross disgusting Comedy of errors to timing of this Because i got this text a month ago you Know i got i sent that we were having That text exchange the second my show Ended with lou elizondo And it wasn’t until a couple days later

That he got upset with us it wasn’t the Questions that bothered him a lot of People are mis Representing and construing that Wasn’t rather’s question that pissed him Off It was Rather’s respond we talked about it in The next episode And rather’s response to how he felt About learning that Was clipped And then put on twitter And started circulating and that’s what Pissed him off that’s what upset him was Him being taken out of context and even Rather to a point being taken out of Context And And now there’s this Thing Um you know like the whole What what people don’t realize is rather Also appreciates the things that have Been accomplished since louis lozando Has became public Like you can have an appreciation for Those things And still question Hit other parts of his story like those Two things should be able to exist and That’s what we’ve tried to do on my show From the start and i’ve gotten [ __ ] from Rich and i got a [ __ ] from a whole bunch

Of people who say we don’t ask tough Questions that’s [ __ ] I’ll straight up tell you that’s [ __ ] the second he hired Uh danny sheehan i questioned the [ __ ] Out of him on that and i also told him It muddied the waters on air not Privately Like when he was pushing that sun Article i criticized the hell out of That Um so this idea we don’t ask tough Questions and rather’s questions i mean We’ve had we were sitting on that do you Have alt accounts question for A year over a year Oh wow We didn’t ask him because It’s a it’s a no-win question Almost no matter how you answer Because if you lie and you get caught You’re a liar and he knew he couldn’t Lie because so many people knew that That was him Wow Like so To say hear and say that we don’t ask Her questions is ridiculous and then to Imply Or even ask and i understand why you Asked the question because the timing is Just disgusting The timing is disgusting but no I had this was not planned this was not

A coordinated attack on louis elizondo Or stephen green street um that question As i pointed out yesterday arya phelan Was in my notes an hour before the show Started and i had that question from Matthew riot A couple of days before the show even Aired I had twitter questions in there as well And to your point guys already mr josh You said well why did you bring those Twitters up what during the show My share screen wasn’t working And so i was scrambling around you were On your show you guys asked the question Yeah you asked that question why didn’t You show the same courtesy to john Greenwald yeah not not live and yeah but Because just on yeah one of your twitter Responses you said you contacted Greenwald right away well the the the Critique from you guys was oh it’s People who are saying this and i wasn’t Specific as to who those people were Yeah so i was scrambling my share screen Was not working and i didn’t want to fix It in the middle of the show while Asking this crazy question because how Do you ask that question without being a Dick But the question is valid no matter Which way you slice it it’s a valid Question is it pertinent to the topic i Don’t think so

But when you have 15 20 people replying to a show Announcement And a lot of these responses are ask him About if he’s a felon ask him if he hits Women ask him if he’s uh if he’s racist Because he compared michelle obama to an African-american painting that is not Very flattering um all of these things Were coming up and so he he played Stupid like i don’t know whoa who Like he was interacting with these Questions in that thread He knew this question well he wanted you To suffer a little bit no he wanted me To say the word Yeah that’s what he wanted because That because that gave him the cue oh Okay we’re allowed to talk about this Email now And i didn’t know that he had I was like oh my god does he have a Picture of it who told him that All these things are racing through my Brain live You can tell Okay right so when he asked me So did louis lozando send you an email I didn’t lie no he didn’t send me an Email because he wasn’t a [ __ ] email It was a text message But i wasn’t going to sit there on live Tv or whatever we want to call it And reveal private messages in the state

Of california you’re not allowed to do That I didn’t want to talk about any part of This message i wanted to talk about it With stephen off the record because i Was curious how he found that out It didn’t take me long figured it out Eventually But it’s because i was checking on these Claims I wanted to know if stephen greenstreet Had had a felony record and i knew he Didn’t when i asked a question i knew he Didn’t have a record and my excuse of I’m just trying to shut these [ __ ] People up these haters and these Bullshitters and these these people who Are angry at you and calling you a liar Just because you’re what you’re saying Is going against their belief systems But at the same token Like these questions just because They’re coming from people who are rabid Doesn’t mean the questions are not valid The questions are still valid and Stephen should have to answer those Questions because he gets accused of Those things all the time Were your panel members aware of that Question that you was going to ask I was going to say because it didn’t Look like it was where You had no clue They had no clue

And that ques again that question Wasn’t supposed to come out like that i Didn’t mean this felon I really did not But i did and that was and when i go Back and watch i’m like okay that he it Was almost like he And it’s he’s a great reporter he did a Great job he had information he wanted To get out and he did he did he made This whole thing public He did a very good job at that I’m not blaming stephen greenstreet Let’s just be 100 clear Um but now everybody knows the truth i Wanted that text message to come out i Was thrilled And It it kind of tells me that lou elizondo Genuinely meant it the way he meant it Which is there’s five felons and then These other people are so and so so and So so and so so But my question if that’s the case Fine i misunderstood it i’ll i’ll oh no I own up to that But my next question then is well who Are the five felons We’re talking about 10 people here now Not just five because you listed five Felons in these people And to be clear that’s not a question Luella zondo has to answer He doesn’t owe us a [ __ ] thing

Just like i don’t owe you anything Either Like to say he owes you something is Ridiculous but go ahead josh yeah in Terms of this i mean the thing what gets Me is when he calls people like men it Calls people mentally unstable and Everyone’s kind of sleeping on that That’s it for what i see and that’s come Out now that that’s come out now so i Mean shouldn’t it be up to louis lozano To come out and basically clear the air With that sort of stuff because that Bullying that’s [ __ ] josh it 100 Percent is up to lou elizondo to explain What these things mean But to say he owes you the an Explanation That’s two different things he doesn’t Owe you a thing he technically doesn’t Okay that’s all i’m saying is it is it Inexcusable no man he shouldn’t be Saying those things that’s why i Responded to the text the way i did Because when i read it i said Holy [ __ ] does this mean what i think it Means And then when i text him back hey i i Mean green street and greenwald i wish I’d put a question mark there Because that’s what he does He does owe us the truth he does Absolutely he does he started it no no No no

You want an explanation you want the Truth That’s different from him owing it to You he doesn’t owe you anything dude he Doesn’t oh my god we’re gonna get that Technical on the verbiage here you know He should He should do it though but i said that I said that he should do it Doesn’t it i’m saying it You’re stuck Nobody owes anybody anything because he Didn’t give me anything i get that That’s where the conversation stops my Friend I agree with you when you say i think You should answer that [ __ ] question I agree I agree 100 But but he doesn’t look at him and say You owe me Come on dude well my name’s not in it so I don’t give a [ __ ] you know but i care About my friends i hear you yeah I hear you and they should be upset and I and they are attraction I understand their frustration so who is Do you know who the fella you don’t know Who the felons are i do not that’s the First time i’ve ever seen it i heard Grumblings about it But i know yeah that’s all yeah I’ve never seen it And so

When stephen green street was like i’ve Confirmed it with two sources in my Brain i’m going yeah but you don’t have The proof You just have people telling you the Story of what was said In my brain i mean like you should if You could have been in my brain for 48 Hours over the weekend It would have droven you insane because There was no way out for me Without looking like a complete what [ __ ] knowing the word uh you know do You beat women and are you a f why would You even ask My question there why even bring that up Did you not hear like my explanation Before i couldn’t remember what you said I’m trying Trying to keep up I okay It was because of the responses we got To his show announcement when we Announced his show Those were like go look at the when i First announced that stephen greasy was Going to be on my show and look at the Threat of questions that we got Okay That’s why i asked him the question Part but really why i asked him the Question and this is what i told him off Here and this is what i told him on air Like i think you need to go back and

Really watch and listen to what i say Because i said right there and air look I know i asked it delicately that’s on Me i wish i had phrased the question Better but Again looking back at it he was He was making it so i had to jumble Around what do you mean he’s being very Specific Did or did not you know these things i Was like holy [ __ ] we’re in a mess right Now But go back and listen to what i said Like so so lou third phase is saying Calling someone a felon uh i’m mentally Unstable without facts is slander and Defamation of character maybe luke could Make that statement in cart jesus christ I can read Well Look you might not know i’m just like Sit low so i’m quite proud of myself That was very well done well i mean Blake cousins And thank you blake You guys have An attorney on retainer go for it Go for it you’re going to go fight that In court have have a ball Like i’m not i don’t want to go to court I don’t want to fight over this [ __ ] I don’t i mean Again He

He’s the only one who can answer for Those statements and clarify what he Meant because according to him third Phase is not a felon According to that text according to his Understanding the way he wrote it Everyone that’s listed there is not the Felon Those are the mentally unstable and and The things that he’s saying here In terms of yourself flu i mean You’ve been kind of hung you’ve been Kind of like hung out to drive by louis Lazondo in my opinion to kind of deal With all this crap when lou could have Literally just come out with a dress Straight away i i look i there’s It’s funny how he It’s it’s funny how he addressed When you guys called them out right yeah That was i mean that’s a whole bully in Another thing right that’s i to me that Was somebody punching down like why even Say anything Let them say whatever they want just Move on that to me that was my opinion On that but then When stephen greenstreet just released His new whole thing He put a four-part tweet out correcting That He’s not corrected any part of of what We’ve said or done on my show In that way

He’s put it through other people You know which kind of says What we’re saying is Is hitting a truth You know to say the least but do i feel High and dry to answer your question I did for a little bit until that text Came out That was the most relieving thing That could have happened and lou Elizondo released that text because There’s only two people on the planet That had that text message me yeah and Louis lozando So when he released that It tells me he genuinely Genuinely Thinks and knows in his heart that the Way he wrote it I got wrong Right which is And if the way he wrote it is wrong that Means that there’s a separate felon five And five other people so there’s this is Grammatically correct i have it right Here it’s grammatically correct i don’t Know how it could be misconstrued as Something else but here’s the here’s He’s the the thing that i was I’ll give you one insight tidbit into a Conversation that we had I told him i’ve got no problem Apologizing for this whatsoever i’ll own This i’ll fall on this sword those are

My exact words if you want me to but i Need to i need you to also understand You could understand how i misunderstood This right Right like you can understand how i Misunderstood what you were saying And i didn’t get That from him So Yeah in that regards i i was like wow Okay Okay not only do i get to lose access And i’m ostracized By You Essentially cat you know off the team so To speak if there is a team And i gotta fall on this sword because I’m i’m the dummy here I misunderstood what yeah what this was Yeah it’s [ __ ] it didn’t sit well With me okay and that’s why i went to John greenwald Because i felt like john greenwald out Of all of the people on that list Out of any of them The only person in my opinion that Deserved the phone call And asked man the man was john green Because i knew he didn’t have a felony i Was 100 percent positive on that Lou money’s He he can’t be here tonight um But uh rich can you can you help me out

Yeah i haven’t Can we talk about the organized smear Campaign perpetuated by elizondo against His critics now the campaign exposed in These leaks dms He keeps making this about him Your names never come up once in Anything Ever out of louisando’s mouth not in Text And not in a show not even who’s lou What do you mean who’s lou the movie What about it Well that’s you know that’s my question His question here is that there’s a Smear campaign Perpetuated by elizondo And i can’t deny that like there are People there are people that he doesn’t Like Right And there are people and there are i Think i’ve got examples rich but Like you love to say things about people And you don’t have all the facts with You I i especially i say what i see Well you say what you see but that’s not Good enough That’s why just witness testimony in Court is not the only thing you could Give me an example like what I’ve gotta i’ve got actually four Minutes and ten seconds of examples

If we really wanna go there You know but Like you can’t come up with one Uh i could Yes the first one first one that comes To my mind Is you talking about lou’s dad in Guantanamo bay you’re not cuban You know nothing about guantanamo bay And you’re just spewing [ __ ] out of your Mouth To spew [ __ ] out of your mouth Because his dad worked with the cia in Guantanamo bay You put two and two together all of a Sudden they’re both scumbags yeah [ __ ] yeah cause lou is a scumbag and I proved it and he’s a lion cheating [ __ ] idiot in this field And You know i’m almost in it 20 years and Seeing all the likes and i may not speak The way you do i may not act the way Other people do but one thing i can i Can see is [ __ ] artist and that’s Lou And if the apple doesn’t fall far from The tree that’s funny you see [ __ ] Artists but you pro Propagate [ __ ] artists at the same Time like who like I like you like third phase of the moon I mean yeah you said they fake [ __ ] they Don’t fake anything bro

Do you or do you not have a video on Your channel Of them faking a ufo uh footage I’ve lost i have lots of third phase in Moon videos and security in ten videos But there was a change To the channel a long time ago Six years ago yeah i i i do have debugs I have i have plenty But one Come on dude hold on it’s no wait a Second i want to address this because We have to call out [ __ ] when we see It and if you’re gonna do it to one side Then you need to do it to everybody else What’s good i was Dude i hated third phase of moon and Wish them death for years You’re walking in slow motion up a hill And turning to the camera with your hat Like yeah you’re all aboard now and yeah One of them Because you don’t know the story lou You’re only going off half the [ __ ] if You’re gonna talk about people at least Do some research rich i’m 41 years old i Was around when third phase of moon First came on this scene first came on When and and when the reason their Channel’s so big is because they’ve been Around since the beginning of youtube It’s not live Yeah it’s not because they’re a credible Place to go for great ufo information

Not one mainstream media outlet has ever Picked up their [ __ ] [ __ ] that’s a Lie right there because they have that’s How they got so many millio thousands of Followers because it was on mainstream Media dummy taken seriously in any sort Of level ever Ever it’s not a research organization They put up people who submit their Sightings to them and they get as much Information as they can as quickly as Possible And what do they say we don’t know if This is a plane we don’t know if this is A drone we don’t know what this is we Are asking for your help what’s wrong With that What’s what what about their faking Videos how about their their tens dude All right no there isn’t One reserving First came out Triangle video after triangle video Chapter triangle video doing the same Movement the same [ __ ] and there’s But let me but you’re saying they faked It they never faked anything they faked The ufo video that they put on their Channel and ollie’s got a breakdown of It oh well with the big the big glass Pane window that you can’t see In window in the 14 cuts that they tried To do before they put the one up well You worked in tv you know you got to get

Things right oh right right how do you Know they weren’t how do you know the Guy wasn’t just taking pictures trying To see what the lighting is like before You know they started checking this guy Out i don’t know i wasn’t there so let’s Say that’s one sighting that that was Done They didn’t fake it let me use them they Didn’t fake it and anything in the last Six years you’re not going to find Anything like that let me use a more Recent example just about a month ago Right we had a big release of above top Secret and there was a panel on this Show right here Okay and on this panel We had the cousin twins and they were at A stephen greer Ce5 Crazy event that i’m sure i would love To know what the ticket prices of that Event were I’d love absolutely love to know no Public Knowledge do some research Oh okay yeah i know they’re about two Grand of peace depending on where you Sit But my brain and that’s because He wants He wants rich people there that can Afford it oh that’s adorable but let me Finish

There was a gentleman who’s not here i Believe it was lee Who asked the cousin brothers about Stephen greer and the answer was a very Cult-like kind of thing and everybody on The panel shut the [ __ ] up didn’t say a Thing no tough guy no tough questions no Feet to the fire we kind of all just Like oh man we know that’s [ __ ] but We’re not going to say anything That woman right there is exactly what It’s like to interview louis elizondo so So Do you think we do you think we decide No but here’s my point is as soon as Those guys left after they did their Covering of the camera and gave you the Breaking news about s4 being pinned on Google again which is the biggest [ __ ] thing i’ve ever seen in my life As soon as third phase left that’s when Your critique started coming in That’s when everybody was like yeah that Sounds like a [ __ ] cult came right Out of your mouth So you yourself think they’re full of [ __ ] Because they are Not cause they’re all though And that’s fine but to see him you don’t Know what i know to demand truth While you’re propagating [ __ ] is the Biggest joke and that’s my biggest issue With you

Is that your way is the only right thing No it’s not i never say that you’ve been Burned so many times by this community That you don’t know who to [ __ ] trust Anymore just three just in january you Were complaining About Manny 503 going to steve kambian first With his with his documentary yeah the Champion put an overture of beethoven to You bitching about it yeah and i was Okay with that it was funny a month ago You guys were at each other’s throats And again no we weren’t No we weren’t in five months it’s gonna Be the same old [ __ ] no you’re so wrong You have no idea what you’re talking About okay okay can be in cambian said Hey i posted this about you if you don’t Want it up just let me know but i think It’s pretty funny And i watched part of it and i’m like Yeah that is pretty funny and that was It we didn’t fight about it nobody was Fighting you weren’t angry at manny 503 For going i was i wasn’t yeah of course I was i didn’t hide that i was upset That he went to truth seekers before me Because i thought you know but then Because i thought we were a little Tighter than that but then when i found Out he had a relationship with cambian That way i was okay with it he explained To me and uh i don’t think i needed to

Go any further in public about that Private conversation so i never brought It up again But other than that yeah i think manny Came on the show soon after that we Talked about it it’s just funny how It’s funny how you see things a certain Way that aren’t true and i see things a Certain way that aren’t true because we Don’t know what goes on behind the Scenes in each other’s lives You have to watch your show make it very Public here’s the thing And when it comes to to lou And i look back at ttsa i was a big fan Of ttsa you know i i’ve had one of their Investors on many times speaking very Highly of the company Lose no longer with the company and i Don’t hear much about that you know you Hear little tidbits of about why he left This than the other Where are your thoughts lou when it Comes to The company that he was a part of ttsa It’s a company that failed And go look at the monsters of California trailer and you’ll see where All your money went it went into a movie It went into a movie of books And real estate for a store That’s where everybody’s money went it Was a [ __ ] investment You just think they [ __ ] up you don’t

Think it was a scam Dude nobody’s walking away i don’t think Anybody’s walking away with money in Their pocket I’ll be lucky i’d be shocked if they Reap their Their expenses back from the movies they Just produced And just think about how long it’s been Since that movie’s been announced that’s Like a four or five year project which Means there was reshoots uh they Probably had to rehire actors because uh Things didn’t work out with scheduling Uh which meant more reshoots i mean it’s It looks good It looks like it they had a great Cinematographer and and a good editing Team and special effects But i mean 60 million dollars i think They raised some i saw something that it Was like around 6. 65.5 million dollars That that Is gone That’s where it went Right there There’s no i don’t think there’s any Conspiracy i don’t think anybody walked Away going oh we got we got uh three Million dollars uh that’s my cut Wonderful and then you know disappeared Off to wherever the [ __ ] they went to Like louis lozano didn’t he he got Essentially terminated from

It was it didn’t end well according to The paperwork everybody else kind of Resigned he was let go But you must have spoke with him offline About this I didn’t care i never spoke about ttsa Did not care one bit the only time i Spoke to him about ttsa is when i met Him the first time ever Which when I was working in a restaurant he came Into the restaurant with the production Team from season two of unidentified And i asked him You know about because at the time He was living in cedus and so He’s like if you ever come down to san Diego he’s like dude come come by i’ll Show you the shop and we’ll hang out Other than that I’ve never i never talked about ttsa As far as i can see from public record It’s just like any other startup company Millions of startup companies that come And go in less than a year They just took their investors money and They invested it in wrong places that’s Not illegal That happens every day So something that that lee has always Said and he can’t be here tonight god Bless his soul But

He’s always said that why the ufo Community has never trusted government But why all of a sudden We start to trust Somebody from the government It’s a good question i mean for me i can Just answer for me I haven’t seen Political action like this on this topic In 50 years there hasn’t been Congressional hearings in 50 years and The other night i heard you rich Talking about the disclosure project And the disclosure project was a mock Trial essentially It was a mock setting a mock Congressional setting and it was a trial Run to see how this might look like if We actually did it in congress but Nobody took it seriously on the hill Because it was a [ __ ] show well 9 11 Happened 9 11 9 11 did happen yes that i will Absolutely give you but also but also it Was Like if you go back and watch the full Testimony of of all of these things and It’s about six hours every day and i Believe there’s eight or nine 10 days of Testimony it’s it’s too much It’s way too much It’s way too much like congressional Hearings for me need to be short simple So a congressman or senator can get in

And out of this hearing and get get the [ __ ] back to raising money because That’s what they do But but This has never happened in 50 years i’ve Never seen this many congressmen i’ve Never seen this many senators i’ve never Seen this much attention and call to Action to look at this topic not only From a government perspective but from a Scientific perspective Like the the video that changes the World’s mind on this is not gonna come From third phase of moon it’s gonna come From a mainstream media government Source Like they’re gonna be on this before Anybody i hate to break that to people But that’s just true that’s true now Whether or not we should trust them no You shouldn’t throw you trust your Government as far as you could throw Them like that’s why we question that’s Why we questioned elizondo as hard as we Have over the last two years but dude i Mean it’s got to be done with tact It can’t just be Okay what why the [ __ ] are you a liar And a fake why is this [ __ ] why is That [ __ ] he’s gonna hang up and Never talk to you again Like there’s there’s a way to do things And that’s the way we try to do it we’re Not perfect by any means

But we do try to ask tough questions We do that to everyone And And again horribly especially in the in The uh in the case of stephen green Street But Is there anything you know Uh that the rest of the world should Know That you heard from lou No I never wanted that kind of information I hear i never i never wanted that Because clearly i’m not good at keeping That kind of information You know what i mean like i i i wouldn’t Be able to hold that so No No Um and but also like any time stuff got Like that i was just like you know what Maybe just don’t tell me i don’t yeah I’d rather you not say i’d rather you Not say because i don’t want i don’t Want to have i don’t want A way of thinking in my Process of each you know Like like a lot of people i came into This because i’ve seen one of these [ __ ] things right like i don’t need Congressional testimony but i know Congressional testimony adds a [ __ ] great legitimacy where i could

Go to my golf books and i could say do You guys see those [ __ ] those Hearings on ufos yesterday and the Answer’s probably gonna be Yes because that’s a big deal Like This is the only thing that’s been Picked up by the mainstream media Regarding ufos in a big way in About six seven eight months Yeah see after june 25th you know the 180-day dump that was weak but uh we Haven’t had much We’ve gone it’s almost as if we Mainstream media was non-existent and That bothers me because why did we have All this for you know 18 months it was Just one day after the other ufos on Mainstream media and then it just Stopped right after june 25th that’s What bothers me with ufology Trying to move and then it goes back After june 25th we had the evacuation of Afghanistan and then after that we had War and population You know what i mean like i mean look Dude there are people This is what we all of us really need to [ __ ] step back and understand there’s A different segment of society that Lives in this country today that doesn’t Have equal rights The same as everyone else who founded This country that’s something that

They’ve been fighting for through Legislation and getting kicked in the Face and literally hung from trees for Over 320 years So to sit here and say that ufo Disclosure should be above that is a Ridiculous statement there are people in This country that are going through Real [ __ ] substantive pain Whether it’s because they can’t pay Their bills or they have medical Problems or or their mom is sick or Whatever whatever your human issue is You you’re up Into uh debt within your eye to your Eyeballs and student debt because for Some i’m sorry lou i disagree with all Of this And i think i think raising the people’s Raising of people’s consciousness by a Disclosure could really ease some of This suffering and bring people together On a fundamental way okay so don’t drag Politicians how do you do that All right how do you do that though how Do you do that Yeah and i don’t know if that’s a really Good argument because there’s always That kind of stuff happening in the World everywhere exactly exactly it’s Like buying a house it’s never a good Time to buy a house okay still buy one Do me a favor find a politician who’s

Gonna put that That initiative above everything else That his district is screaming for How do you do it rich I hear you i know i think about that a Lot it’s not playing rich n because oh I’m sorry i got a little heated then i’m Not bringing politics into this you are Bringing politics into it perspective on It absolutely you are How how am i You just did you just brought social Justice into it How did i bring social justice into this You just did Okay Blue is The discussion is not about social Justice i’m sorry the discussion here is About ufo disclosure I’m not making i’m not making a black Lives matter speech here okay i’m saying That no i wasn’t i’m saying that human Pain Is a lot more important right now than Ufos that you’re nobody has a monopoly Ufo Nobody i understand nobody has a Monopoly on ch on paint but i could tell You that this is Stop using the implied Suffering of other people as a stick to Be everyone else with Okay

Okay i think he was saying because you Gotta you gotta convince them to keep Ufos on tv and mainstream media when There’s a whole other bunch of other [ __ ] going on that’s what i underst i Get it yeah i mean i don’t think it was That as bad as you think rich i i really Don’t um i think he was just trying to Explain How do you tell the news how do you tell Politicians that we need to keep talking About ufos you know it’s kind of hard to Get it in the first place on on Mainstream media so how do you keep it Going with afghanistan and you know Everything else going on in well we’ve Said it before rich that you know we Don’t have any of it in the uk the There’s Nothing It’s laughable it’s laughable the lack Of anything to do with you It’s it’s literally what the us issue to Me and like What’s many of those other issues no There’s nobody else nobody else takes it Seriously no one else is talking about It apart from louis lozando and yeah and The congress that’s it and we don’t have Half the doesn’t make sense does it make Any sense Yeah that’s why i started the big phone Home Because nobody was doing or saying

Anything So might as well at least ask for it Because let me tell you something This could be all [ __ ] Maybe all you guys are right right and In 10 years we’ll look back on this and We’ll say [ __ ] man We got duped again yeah we got duped Again okay which i think that’s where Rich is going yep at least there’s gonna Be two differences between you and me i Think I’m gonna look back and say well [ __ ] That was the closest we’ve been to ufo Disclosure from our government in 50 Years and i actually tried to do Something about it Like i actually substantively tried to Change people’s perspective and get them Off of their asses and engaging their Lawmakers and trying to get them to talk About it every day over those other Social issues that i just got accused of Of beating people with was was that Solely down to you or was it louis Luzondo kind of saying something in the Mirror that look this is what you do to Make a difference i thought of that idea Before i ever had lozando on the show I thought of that idea because i heard At the end of alejandro rojas’s show one Of his guests and he as well Asked the question well what’s the best Thing we can do and he said call your

Senator and in my brain i was like [ __ ] Yeah he’s right that’s absolutely the Best thing you do but it’s not very um Inspiring I did it i called my congress person They didn’t never called me back And i left message after message i even Called live on the show it took tommy Zeno two years to get a response from His congressman and he and he eventually Got a 10-minute sit down with him oh wow So that’s that’s our government that’s How it works it’s slow and so when i see Somebody Who And here’s the thing also a question That i have for the panel Who’s the perfect messenger like who’s Not gonna lose it but who’s not gonna Get vilified by people like us on every Single little thing and and uh that they Say and that they do So here’s the thing lou i i agree with You sorry ollie continue no no no no if You’re gonna say josh go on No it’s fine My point’s gone anyway it’s gone up my Head Don’t worry is it my fault Yeah It’s okay enough i was just gonna say Here’s the thing Who do we trust because if The average joe just came out and said

You know we’ve got this Xyz and this is how it’s going to work This is what i’m going to do And if they didn’t work for government You’d have no faith in that person well To go back to your first question you Trust no one you trust the data that’s Put on the table and that’s why my Burden of proof and i say this all the Time what can i put on a senator’s desk That would change their [ __ ] mind About this And so far there’s not a lot and the Only thing i could put on a senator’s Desk so far Is those three videos because those Three videos unlike every other video Out there actually come with witness Testimony from the pilots who were there But that testimony still kind of up in The air still being debated for all These years um later we still don’t know What those objects are Agreed nobody said they knew what they Were and i think that A deeper problem josh is like let’s say Let’s just say for a second that the Federal government 60 years ago Came across something that is [ __ ] Weird and it displays itself as Werewolves as tic tacs as ufos as alien Abductions as vampires as whatever the [ __ ] you believe in okay and now 60 Years later they’ve been looking at it

In secret and they’ve been looking at it Somewhat in public In forms of atip and asap And they still have no clue what it is How do you tell the american people About that Exactly just say that Yeah i don’t think how can we say the World can we save the world not just the American people american people let’s Talk about the world Okay all right guys relax relax josh i Live in america so it’s eccentric to me If you guys want to bring up the uk or Canada please [ __ ] feel free to do it I’m i’m [ __ ] we mate I know you are just joking around Generally you seem genuinely annoyed by It but dude i’m just i’m i’m gonna i’m Just tired of the [ __ ] like let’s Talk for real and so yeah dude like i Don’t think giving the world that Explanation is good enough you can’t Just say okay so that’s why werewolves And alien abductions exist we’re no Longer taking questions because we can’t [ __ ] answer them So so why are they talking about it then That’s why why Every single week on youtube For no reason at all like he can’t say Anything so why is he even talking it Just it doesn’t make any sense i agree With you doesn’t make any sense

I’ve read those same concerns man behind The scenes i raised those exact same Concerns it doesn’t make any sense that On one show you’re bashing apology You’re you’re you’re demonizing the The monetization of it you’re demonizing Uh the questions that are being asked You’re demonizing the alien iconography Aspect of it um you’re saying it’s all [ __ ] and then a week later we’re Doing linda molten house show Yeah Like it’s confusing it’s muddying the Waters and i said those exact same Things I mean Here’s like a question do you think like Um Since this campaign to get a congress Involved which you’ve been doing on like Your show for the past Um two years now i think you’ve been Doing your show Um I mean From what i see the secrecy’s kind of Got worse and the transparency’s got Less i mean the proof in the pudding was The redacted uap report what john Greenwald released I mean To me there’s just been more secrecy and Less transparency since the government Have taken like more

Interest in like the topic if that makes Sense what’s like your thoughts on that How can you say that when we’re about to Have public hearings with two Officials from the navy in today on Tuesday You know how much foiable [ __ ] will come Out of these hearings even if nothing’s Said Like Which i don’t think i’m managing my Expectations on this Uh But i don’t think It’s gonna be um Groundbreaking I think it it’ll it’ll catch Americans up to speed or the world Whatever you want to say into what’s Going on in congress with this Discussion i can tell you this here’s The one thing That i hang my hat on when it comes to Louis lozando and why i think and why i Mentioned there’s no such thing as a Perfect messenger Okay If he was full of [ __ ] The dod could squash this Tomorrow Tomorrow okay if he was influencing Congress members To write laws That acquired budgets

For Some [ __ ] Like a threat He’s gonna go he’s gonna go to jail if This turns out to be some ploy to get Government funding to Put into some Program like osap or a weapons program That that uh somebody like louis lozando Gets the cash back kickback on He’s in a lot of trouble Now that happens all the time i have This all the time that might happen all The time It does okay but not this publicly it Doesn’t Not this publicly okay but like if it Starts with c and it rhymes with ved How much money was leached out of the Governments into private corporations Because of it Well we’re talking about 22 million Dollars that we know of Right Like 22 million i mean That is literally like taking The change out of your pocket and giving It to a full-fledged program mm-hmm that Went it’s nothing right it’s yes It’s nothing It’s nothing but but here’s my point is If you wanted to get funding from the Government and you’re already in the Government and let’s say

Because nobody has a theory as to why Louisando would be doing this if he’s Full of [ __ ] Nobody has a theory lou have you ever Have you ever have you ever thought that You maybe May have been you may be being played If i’m being played then i’ll correct Myself when the truth comes out i and i Believe that i believe that like To sit here and say i’m not going to be Wrong about this is the most naive [ __ ] that could come out of my mouth I’m gonna be wrong about this but guess What so are all of you yeah it’s the Same thing you know i mean we i i will Happily eat my words about this stuff if And you know what i i hope i have to Because i want this to come out you know That’s that’s what we want at the end of The day Like what is it gonna take for you guys To trust what louis lozando did was the Right thing No no he testifies in front of congress And they ask him about these programs And he’s forced to tell the truth the And it turns out he was telling the Truth whatever his truth is verifiable Sure I mean this this is what i’ve said so Many times like to show us the proof That’s just tell us the truth blue That’s it

People speaking of telling the truth um We we do have uh two two two new guests Uh third phase of moon And we have uh manny A bit manic now so guys everybody It was nice This is like hollywood squares And look at you jay right in the middle Man i feel like he’s getting games I did this because i’m not afraid of any Of your questions no and i respect that I only have a little bit of time i’m Super busy today and i i really Shouldn’t even be here i’ve got stuff to Do i’m going to the mcminnville ufo uh Festival tonight and i’m trying to get Everything ready um but i wanted to come In and just just say a couple things if I could just say i’m real quick and i’ll Get out of your hair you guys can Continue the conversation but um you Know there’s there’s a few things that Really are not being addressed here i Think you know like the the the blatant Smear campaign by elizondo that was Referenced in this here Leaked dm that you know lou geminis has Already said well yeah he doesn’t like You guys this has been going on for a While well there you go um i think it’s Important to acknowledge that because Lou has always been like oh we don’t do That it’s not enough there’s nothing Like that when people like me and rich

Goofon have called these things out They’re like oh you’re just being Paranoid you’re putting yourself into The situation like you’ve said a bunch Of times lu uh lucio sorry i’ve tried Not to be confusing i’ll say elizondo And when if i say lou i’m talking about You lou but um you know like and And here’s another thing lou like when When who’s lou first came out you guys Did a scathing review on it that was you Know very honest and brutal you know um What i thought it was interesting Please don’t come up let me finish You know at the end you know you had Christian lambright on your show who Brought it up and said hey there’s this Little film from this guy out of Portland who’s got 2k subs who did some Great work and then you instead of Looking at christian lambright and Saying this guy knows what he’s talking About and saw something that i didn’t You just bowled him right over and went On about how the thing was drama and Full of garbage and whatever well that’s Fine but you know there’s he’s not the Only one to see something in that piece That you didn’t and a lot of other People didn’t so there’s some merits There that you have been trashing for Four months straight in the name of Elizondo and it didn’t i mean did the Thought ever cross your mind hey i

Should look into this a little deeper You know i should look at what manny Said and put my fire that’s my obvious Bias aside no no i want the public to Know this too when all that went down You and i had a phone conversation i Contacted you directly and we spoke About it because there was rumors going Around from tom fessler that you were Upset about me using your clips your Short little clips that i used and so we Spoke about it and i’ve walked away from That feeling like you and i had a mutual Respect even if you didn’t agree with me About elizondo and then here i find that You’re bad-mouthing me and everybody Else for months for months and you can Say that that wasn’t about me but i know That elizondo’s been talking about me if Not from you to other people so i don’t Even know what to say man that’s why i’m A little disappointed in you and the Fact that you’re just open about letting Elizondo use you like a tool and to Smear his critics and to blackball them How can you not feel like you need to Answer for that Okay can i talk now Go right ahead okay so we had a Discussion on the phone right you Reached out to me Right Yes okay so in that conversation which By the way happened before my review

What did i tell you in that conversation Up on what subject Oh well okay let’s just start with don’t Ask me questions i’ve already talked About this stuff just go i just played Let’s talk well when i talk to you i Gave you my critique of the film as a Filmmaker right i didn’t like it i Thought the film was jumbled it was a Mess it was difficult to watch i told You that straight to your face Without blinking an eye is that correct I’m not a hostile weakness make your Statement Okay okay Dude i already said you yeah okay i’ll If i disagree i’ll disagree with Something the point is is that i gave a Review of your film And i haven’t been bashing your film for Four months i don’t talk about your film We try not to yeah you blackballed it You agreed to blackball it you said Let’s not talk about it let’s not talk About it let’s not give it any crackers Did i did i copyright strike your Channel No you said you wouldn’t do that you Said you couldn’t do it you admitted That you couldn’t do it you didn’t say I’m not gonna do it because i think that You’re right you have a fair use to it i Don’t think i think you said i don’t do That stuff which is cool

The balls on you my friend i told you That i was not happy that you used My footage that’s that part’s true but That i have no control over that it’s Your right to use that footage because It was fair use and okay so what’s your Point so so why did your copyright Strike me on the footage didn’t have the Right to you said i blackballed your [ __ ] movie People times that you would not to not Talk about it to blackball it to keep it Off of the press or to keep it out of The news Talk about it because i thought the Movie sucked But you did talk about why would i talk About a movie that i thought sucked But you did i don’t know why i would Tell other people not to talk about it Who did i tell to not talk about it Multiple times you said the best thing You can do is ignore it you said it on Twitter you said it on your streams if I’ve got to dig back to make you eat Your words i will no i did say that i Did say that i was telling people All right all right This is why dude you’re not listening i Was telling the people who got upset if You’re upset about this movie the best Thing you could do is just not talk About it because talking about it brings Attention to it

That’s what they say you’re telling People to be upset and to not talk about It no you’re talking over me you said i Backfalled you if i blackballed you i Could have copyright strike your channel I would have watched it legally yeah you Could have tried i’d like to say good Like tom like tom fessler did like the History Yeah you could have tried and you would Have lost you dude you are so making You’re so Hell-bound on making this about you it’s Not about me it’s about your hearing About you it’s about hearing critics i Made a film that outed louis dondo and He sicked his fanboys on me by the way Of tom festler rob heatherly and he used Passive aggressive means like weak Manipulative people who were easy to Manipulate like you to perpetuate it Dude you made a movie about him and he Responded Did he like He responded in the way that you accused Him of i mean apparently yes he had a Response yeah He was on fessler’s stream you’re right You’re right he did respond why are you Mad at me for that I’m not mad at him for that i’m mad at You for perpetuating it i’m mad at you For being weak and letting him use you

Like a tool You’re You’re a schmuck Oh so i’m like now yeah No Listening like again like i told you it Is your right just like it’s rich is Right i’ll tell rich as well or anybody Here You have a platform that’s what the Whole country is based off of you get a Platform and you could say whatever the [ __ ] you want from your platform but if People decide not to follow you or pay Attention to your platform or rally Around you Then you have to start asking yourself Well maybe the message i’m giving on This platform Preach to me lou don’t preach to me man You’re organ you admit admitted in your Leaked dms that you were organizing to Smear his critics Where have you been doing it And guess what other people have been Doing it too and now you want to propose Like just The will of the people Any of those names were mentioned there Was a smeared diaz there was a smear Campaign against you and a set of Demonstrations i didn’t see me you keep Trying to make it Say it ain’t about me stop i said it’s

Against elizondo’s critics let’s keep it On point manny you said that it was a Smear campaign Where did i ever agree to a smear Campaign Use me like a tool these people are Talking out against you what is the Context what Drink you is windows kool-aid manny i Will give you the context is something I’ve said on my show many times to use Me as a tool in in regards to getting The big phone home off the ground in Regards to talking to senators in Regards to talking to congressman that’s What i mean by use me as a tool not be Your [ __ ] puppet because if i was his Puppet i would have just gone along with The text and none of you would have ever Found out about it you dummy i mean but You did you did for a month until until Green creek called you out on it Don’t call me when you’re sitting here Lying in my face Like it’s ridiculous To think of me as some kind of Propaganda tool for lou elizondo when Here we are his fight how many times Have you been on your show like give me A break dude how many times has Elegantly been on youtube Seven times what does that mean what Does that mean more than anybody else More than he’s been on

Cnn what is that in 50 minutes what does That mean I work for the government like what’s Your conspiracy theory man wouldn’t you Know him dude that you’ve just bent over And just do whatever he wants that’s What it means Okay okay that’s why we’re that’s why I’m talking to you today right because i Bent over and do whatever lou elizondo Wants that’s why i’m having this Conversation with all of you today right Get a grip no i think you’re back Now trying to do damage control and save A little space since you asked my Opinion okay well i don’t want your Opinion anymore i think it’s it’s Exactly that an opinion it is an opinion Just like yours except for mine’s based On facts okay okay Okay Alienatic you’re muted Oh right so i was literally just going To say um Boys i mean You i know this needs to be vented You’ve got stuff to vent that’s fair Enough but i i do i know third phase and Moon are here and they want to say Something to you as well And i’m just looking at the time and Thinking you know We definitely need everybody needs a Chance to speak there’s a time limit

Today Well it’s not there’s no time limit but I don’t know how long the boys have got They’ve oh well good question they’ve Got time We got time I don’t know Yeah i i just i know i know blake you’re A busy man so i don’t know how long You’ve got so Yeah yeah hey everybody on the panel um Yeah this is um This is what lou wanted right he wanted To destroy ufology and tear it up in a Bunch of little pieces and this came out Of lose statements And i don’t know Why he said that Apparently it’s working very well But i think we should basically go Against what lou says about destroying The community and fixing things up You know Even Lou from i didn’t even know who this Other lou was but hey lou how you doing Today hey what’s shaking you know i’ve Been aware of you for maybe about two Three weeks maybe about a month or so And we’ve been watching your channel Obviously we keep an eye on things and You have lou elizondo frequently on your Channel so we’re gonna we’re gonna Listen to some of those statements

And i’d have to say you know your panel And you know Ufo jane’s great And then you got squidding He’s a great guy you know some of the Statements he’s you have on your part Your panel members they they’re proper And i like it And i was really surprised when we saw This text that was leaked Somehow whoever leaked it uh you know Whoever it was It was big butt and it was leaking Him by louis lozando that’s that’s the Fact So then this brings up A thing that Me and my brother were talking about the Other day in regards to this leak Because you know in this field There’s information that you receive and Information is pretty much the most Valuable thing on this planet and Something that’s sacred if you want to Keep it between individuals a private Conversation And appears to me that that was a Private conversation You know When we deal with people on our panel Members there’s a there’s a trust based Theory on it and obviously we’re humans And you know people Make mistakes and sometimes they lie to

Their friends But that being said i think we have a Really Good trust base with our panel members Even with josh and artemis we recently Met they were Receiving information about Lose concern that they were on greer’s Payroll this kind of language but we Didn’t even bring that language up Due to the fact there’s respect we we Didn’t bring it up in the community There’s a lot of things we talk about With our panel members that we do behind The scenes and the community has no idea Because we’re in the best interest of Trying to keep this filled together and Not fall apart the way it is so my Question to you lou is Is the fact of trust When you’re having a private Conversation with lou elizondo and You’re still here defending him is there A trust Issue that That you think is kind of uncomfortable That he’s leaking this stuff out with Your private text messaging to somebody That gets it leaked You know this is a concern and lou i Think you need to I don’t know if you heard the beginning Of the show but i don’t approve of what He did

True but then you’re still defending Them And this is a serious And defending him for what am i Defending him for Well you continue to say i love lou i Want him back on the show You and you’re perpetuating you’re Perpetuating it With some of these statements that you Did on last night’s show of this Accusation of felonies that were Thrown our way And that conclusion needs to be You know researched before you start Before people start Going on these assumptions of a private Conversation and then the reason why This private conversation got out was Because i was doing research on those Exact claims And nobody and you never finished your Investigation on any of those claims First off and then you know the second Again is this issue base of trust That these things get leaked and then we Come up with this dick but richard but Whatever possibly a fictitious character To backpedal On these statements that seem almost Liable or possibly could be liable on Both parts because now it’s public And When you start leaking

Private car Conversations to the public You got to tread very carefully i think That’s what you’re doing right now lou And i’m sure lou elizondo is going to be Trading very carefully about some of his Statements because Lumping people All together being a wife beater Felons and then lump five people or four People into it at once Is again Bad language We’ve already shown lou elizondo with Language that should not be used in this Field calling people terrorists anybody That believes in dr greer is ready to go Kill themselves if dr grier says drink The kool-aid and these kind of Um Virulent Kind of words Can destroy The community and you know i i don’t Know who’s who’s it helping i don’t know What the agenda is but it is bizarre And you should be wondering on who You’re dealing with luke and again i Liked your channel i still do i think It’s cool but i was a little Disappointed when you get on the Bandwagon and makes snide remarks About ourselves calling us nuts Mentally unstable

These are words that again Carry a lot and words mean a lot Especially when it gets leaked to the Public so again this this idea of trust And relying that You’re in confidence that this is all Going to be confidential with the Conversation and then it gets leaked out To the public and here we are today Is something on you lou And the other it’s both of your guys Fault In regards to this i don’t think richard Butt has The is the person we’re going to be Pointing fingers at and this is going to Last a while because again unfortunately It got leaked and Be careful who you deal with and who you Speak to in regards to this manner and Confidential now confidential Um private conversations Because it could get out And apparently it did and that’s Basically all i got to say you know i Think we can still work together i you Know there’s we got to keep our eye on The ball and more important things the Congress isn’t going to be giving us Anything except The only thing we’re looking at these Congress public hearings are is if There’s going to be any perjury going on That’s the major thing we got to look at

Because there might be a lot of perjury Where it could Bite them in the ass we’re not going to Get anything from them but they could Get in trouble by making false Statements and then it’s going to catch Up to them so that’s the most important Thing about this upcoming ufo hearings Is what they say and what they don’t say And then the lies if there is any then We could catch them on it Um we’re going to have to get going we Traveled about 8 000 miles Apparently to lou we’re a bunch of Hoaxers we don’t do anything we just put Up a bunch of misinformation and [ __ ] from from the public And uh you know i think we just got done With an 8 000 Mile road trip we’ve been doing this for I don’t know six seven years Of Hardcore Um determination of what we put up on Third phase of the moon obviously we Made mistakes we addressed a lot of These things Even ali says he debunks videos ali’s Not a hundred percent debunker And the bunkers just because they say They debunk something doesn’t mean They’re right So That being said

You know we’re just we’re in it we’re Dealing with the public The public is where the information is At and they’re not always easy to deal With too when we deal with the public We’re dealing with everybody from all Aspects some good some not so good But hey we’re in a position And we’re uh utilizing it the best we Can And uh i think we could all You know again Be really Mindful of what we say Because they’ll bite bite people in the Ass it’s a small community And it all gets back to basically the Top Because we’re there we’re pretty much at The top the information will trickle in One way or the other people can’t keep Their mouth shut But We have third phase the moon and the People that we deal with we trust and i Think we have a strong bond and there’s A lot of confidence with each other and I think that’s what you need to deal With lou when you deal with lose ever Again or any time in the future about Any other statements Because these statements could Again I don’t think anybody on this panel

Right now would appreciate being called The felon when it’s not a fact Like i would just like to add something On this if you don’t that’s like for Sure You said some interesting things about Uh uh people being debunked And and some of the videos that you’ve Been put putting out have been debunked But if you look at everything that has Been Everything that has been put out has Been debunked by somebody all the videos That uh lou’s been put out have been Debunked by mick west You know so uh everybody is Looking From the same Angle with this Uh and and i think this is what we need To think about we need to come together A bit and realize That that That there are facts And then there are beliefs And we all have different beliefs based On those facts that’s all Correct you know one thing mick west has Not debunked those videos he’s been on My show multiple times and we’ve talked Well that defense that depends on People’s point of view because there’s a Lot of people that believe him and this Is what this is and what i’m talking

About is that i’m sure blake will have Similar views on the people that have Debunked some of his videos No what i’m telling you is mick west has Not debunked those videos and that has Been admitted by mick west on my show Well that that is the problem with most Debunkers is that they By that title alone claims that they’ve Debunked it 100 And you know we look at these videos Even with rich You know we we look at this and we laugh About some of their debunking skills on How Ludicrous They are in regards to what they think It is and again they weren’t there They have and uh you know it’s not a Hundred percent and if you’re a debunker You got to be a hundred percent When you were putting out evidence and Letting Trying to get help from the public we Don’t have to get it right all the time We’re just trying to find out what the Object is what the phenomenon what the Anomaly is that’s our that’s what we do And we don’t get in there And that’s fine but the problem is Is that and with all due respect you Guys have been caught Faking things You’ve been caught

Spreading misinformation And and and then to turn around And demand truth out of people Is a ridiculous request Everyone’s sent some misinformation at Some point This amazing guy out there is who you’re Dealing with lou it’s lou elizonda he’s The one that’s spreading the biggest Disinformation on the biggest platform Out there and Guess what and We’re holding his feet to the fire for That like i also dis like he should not Have called anybody felons he should not Have called anybody any of the things That he said i agree with you mentally Unstable I mean why am i the one why do i have to Answer for them you called us nuts you Called us nuts If you agree with that why did you why Didn’t you say it there and that in that Dm why didn’t you say hey this was wrong Why didn’t you stop it right there one Month later when you’re caught i mean Because manny again Like my personal opinion i think your Movie’s garbage okay Quit trying to drag me into it dude i i Expressed my disbelief on two names In that text Okay the others i I

I didn’t know but i could also see based Off some behavior that i’ve seen how People could come to that conclusion but I had no idea And i mean literally i didn’t care mike My concern was about the two people that I didn’t think Should have any of those labels Wow so it’s all about your bias then i Guess no it’s not no it’s not i do i Watch rich’s show i watch uh steve Cambion’s show i watch third phase of Moon um i watch sometimes when i can Artemis and josh i mean i’ve got Four minutes and 10 seconds Of rich calling christina gomez Making up lies and rumors spreading Rumors about her cheating with jimmy Church Saying i don’t know i heard just a rumor Just a rumor it is i heard but it is Would you hear it I think there’s so many people who have Heard that rumor so it’s all over It’s all over the place luke Just because you didn’t hear about it Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen i don’t Understand the point oh my god dude i Can’t believe you’re saying oh it never Happened there’s been like three or four Different podcasters who told us about That since like christmas Right Yeah two people who don’t live in the

Same state together Is that rich my point is is that you’re Yelling at a 20 year old kid so she’s Exempt from opinion It’s not that she’s not exempt from Opinion you’re allowed to have whatever Opinion you want she’s meddling in my if She’s meddling in my field i’m going to Have an opinion Mitch can say his opinion he’s i’m not i Mean he can’t josh you guys aren’t Listening to me what i’m saying is when He’s rick isn’t calling christina hold On let me finish please please let me Finish when he expresses those opinions People are allowed to form ideas about The way he thinks okay All right and i’m sorry for someone who Speaks as much as of for safe spaces Artemis like the way he attacked that Girl was ridiculous attacked an attacker I mean dude that’s not attacking her It’s opinion should i share my edit with Everyone Like give me a break dude why is rich Responsible but you aren’t lou i mean You can spread these rumors about people Being felons and all this other stuff And you’re not responsible for it but he Richard’s Objective argument you’re gonna make out Of context manny the only time that Conversation in that context ever came Out of my mouth is right there where you

Saw it so to say that i’m spreading Rumors about you guys is incorrect if Somebody i don’t know why i would think That because you were going on you were Going live saying all this stuff on Twitter too I mean come on What are you talking about I do have to address it because i like There’s people who probably think that i Just don’t want to support her but In the past several times on twitter There were occasions where I and other women in this field were Attacked for basically the same things But actually getting like memes created Um saying that we were part of a sex Line all for having a bit of cleavage And Um So that’s not okay but it isn’t okay Creating creating three shows about it And talking about her tits and talking About uh uh an inch of cleavage and Making up rumors about her sleeping in Church i didn’t make up the rumors stop Saying that Well i didn’t make up the room He didn’t make So you can’t talk about women lou you Can’t talk about 20 year olds but look What you’re saying there’s a lot of hip Hop around this christina gomez thing Hold on wait wait wait wait wait wait

Wait Let me just finish all right While i do think that rich i told rich That you know maybe he shouldn’t have Talked about it for so long what he did Say is still valid and also it’s just His opinion And What’s what was at the same time what i Was trying to say was What was valid about it tell me what was Wrong i can’t say that yes she’s a she’s Only a kid but yet she’s 21. or 22. Apparently the things he said artemis She does run off the script she told me And josh that when she know why she Lands off the script No because she has her learning Disability army artemis she has a Learning disability she writes Everything directly Well that’s why she’s admitted that on a Show she has a lot i didn’t make fun of Her learning so do i So do i What else what else did rich say that Was valid so do i She doesn’t know what she’s doing her Targeted audience is like older men And Like she has a lot of more men it Doesn’t matter targeted our audience is Older men the whole field is older men Are well it’s 84

Like 80 or more percent of the people Watching You you trip over Male audience in this field so yeah that Doesn’t matter When you don’t Okay when i was trying to say earlier That you know me and other women were Actually attacked on twitter making Memes of us that were a part of a sex Line she was nowhere to vote now We supported her hold on we supported Her when Her channel was taken down we were part Of all of that to rally and support her And that was before i was getting Attacked on twitter and then she was all Crickets when i got attacked several Times and not only just me me alien girl Uh priscilla of quantum witch um Hold on there was other women who got Attacked several times And no she was nowhere to be found and I’m not saying that it’s her Responsibility but We can’t keep going back and forth Between saying that she’s such a young Mature Um podcaster that yeah it’s okay that She has a lot of thousands she’s not Young she’s not like a young so that’s Not She’s got 10 000 subs we’re allowed to

Attack her on the show No no no no no no And she had whole shows dedicated to her Tits Like no it wasn’t a whole show i did ten Minutes and five minutes at two hours You dimwit You [ __ ] twist it around to make it Fit your narrative when you’re wrong let Me finish my point go ahead I’m sorry We still provide a safe space for Everybody and if christina did want to Talk about it however We’re also allowed to have our opinions And she did not support me either time That i was attacked on twitter so why is It my responsibility to support her when Rich came out i got dms saying will you You support goof on why aren’t you Defending christina first of all not my Responsibility second of all she left me High and dry several times and [ __ ] Into my face that she supports women but Then didn’t was nowhere to be found so That’s fine I don’t talk about her we don’t give her Any air time on our show we just choose To ignore it and i think more people Should probably do that if they don’t Agree with other people is just let them Be And we don’t have to attack people Publicly but just

We don’t have to attack people publicly Okay i agree we do i agree I mean it that’s fine but i mean It’s not my responsibility to support Her and whether the rumors are not true Or true Like On her website now you have to have a Certain amount of followings just to Talk to her and it says because of the School priorities blah blah blah well Then What’s what is this either So is she too immature and a kid or is She a professional adult who has her own Channel who needs a certain amount of Subs to [ __ ] talk to her which is What gria says like i mean she has a 5k Subs 5k sub i think Um if you’re in ufology and if you’re Not in ufology 20 000 subs so I mean these are just mixed messages and At the same time Christina’s not even Part of this drama and if rich talked About her and her cleavage she knows What she’s doing every woman does but Does that Discount Anything else because we’re allowed to Wear what we want say what we want do What we want just as men can as well That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing It’s just that

Rich saying that she’s not just some Young kid not knowing what she’s doing Is true I mean like you can’t be a smart person And also so dumb to not understand that And that’s one person’s opinion But also that rumor wasn’t started by Rich we’ve heard that rumor For like since last year And whether it’s true or not it’s still Been talked about by Several different By who who Who Well i can dm you but i don’t i don’t Want to call them out publicly because That’s just rude I’ll dm you the names of the people but It’s You know i don’t really want to start Like having other people get attacked Just because of this That was like a few months ago But I’ll let you know who’s told me these Rumors but um but that’s also beside the Point i think we’re kind of losing focus On What matters My point here is and this is what i want You guys to take away you’re allowed to Say whatever you want whenever you want However you want okay just know when you Do people listen and they form opinions

On you Okay that’s awesome They form opinions on you right And so and so if you if somebody has a Perception of you or a possible Perception of you or can understand a Perception of you based off of your Behavior You know like [ __ ] like That’s on you because that’s the way you Behave that’s the perception Talking about me poorly on multiple Platforms multiple occasions fessler Pulled up you know Videos on his channel making fun of us And stuff like i’ve invited it happens And i i expect that it will probably Happen again in the future at some point For something i say or do or the way That i talk people made fun of me Stuttering and Your stammer How i say like an um a lot and it’s like It’s because of my nervous habits i get Anxious i you know i’ve had depression Does that make me unstable no it just Makes me human And You know no we’re not going to get along With everybody but we also don’t have to Be cruel to each other like we can have Some level of respect and just choose to Ignore like i said with christina gomez I don’t publicly attack or anything

We’ve both blocked each other off Twitter and like that’s that that was Months ago and like You know What’s done is done and I think that it’s okay not to like Everybody because you know in a perfect World that’s great but we’re not in a Perfect world we’re human we all have Different feelings and opinions and Perspectives All that matters is just having at least That baseline level of respect for each Other i think that’s probably something We can all agree on even if we don’t Agree with each other That’s where i think i i agree with what You’re saying but i don’t think a lot of People on this panel understand what you Just said it’s got to start from respect Okay so when you’re when you’re making Claims and you’re attacking people and This is not just about christina gomez This is about a lot of people that You’ve attacked rich you’ve attacked a Ton of people me included you’ve you’ve Attacked everyone you’ve attacked Cambian you’ve attacked third phase You’ve attacked uh you know i just saw You go on an alien girl show one time Being a total dick to her like You you you’re an aggressive dude you Don’t regret it you don’t understand Me

Is what you don’t get i think i do Understand no i don’t think you do i i Think i do I think i don’t think you do because You’re all wrong Because i i talked to uh alien girl she Doesn’t have a problem with what i said I apologize i don’t have a problem with What you say because she’s your friend Right and i ask And i apologize to her if i said Anything rude let me know you know i’m Always uh you know apologetic to a lot Of people and i say a lot of things that Are but politically incorrect and i Didn’t either i didn’t see that apology To alien girls so you did give her an Apology after you went on her show I i will say this lou okay i think i do Almost every show but that’s but that’s That’s why you had me on your show Like that’s what i’m saying dude is like I feel And i told this to ollie when he asked To do this I feel like if i sat next to you in a Bar we would get along great Okay like we i think we really would i Lived in new york city for seven years You live in florida i was born in Florida florida is the sixth borough of New york so to say that i don’t know you Is that’s not true i know exactly who You are almost because i’ve got a lot of

Friends who are exactly like you and the Problem is i would be your friend in the Bar Stereotype That’s not fair no i think it is fair i Would become your friend in the bar Okay and then we would every time we get In the bar we’d hang out we’d love each Other and then you’d send me your Youtube link and i’d probably start Checking it out and then shortly into it I’d be like [ __ ] this is just not cool Yeah like you calling women broads in 2022 it’s just not cool it’s like it’s Not that you can’t do it and i Understand like you’re gonna say it’s Joking i’m a comedian i’m a that’s what I do I do improv comedy in front of live Audiences and i’m an actor i know that’s What i do okay but what i’m telling you And if i was your producer and if i was Your friend what i would say is rich Take your show out of 2003 and put it Into 2020. stop calling people fat stop Saying they’re crushing their [ __ ] Wives stop talking about women’s hits And just stick to the [ __ ] that you’re Good at because After you insulted and i kept this clip In because i laughed my ass off after You got done going on a tirade about Christina gomez and and her picture and Her tits and whatever you you crack open

This bottle of nos And then you start doing this Impersonation of jaime moussan and i was Like [ __ ] i want to like this guy But i can’t And that’s not my fault sir That’s yours you’re putting out this Perception like you’re an [ __ ] and if I was your producer this is exactly what I would tell you and exactly what i told Manny if i was your [ __ ] producer i’d Say manny go back to the drawing board Re-edit this And because the movie you have now is Not going to send the message you wanted To send because it’s bad okay well That’s a bad way let me respond because You’re right i hear what you’re saying And my Friends third phase of moon And a couple other people Have told me To change a little bit and not to be so Changed sometimes Right now conversations happen in real Time i know they have right and they’re Like maybe you shouldn’t have said this Because they give a [ __ ] about you That’s why they’re saying it but also People real criticism but i wouldn’t be Me i would be cheating my audience if i Didn’t give them what i’m thinking it’s A [ __ ] cop out excuse me no it’s not It is it is you know it’s not

That’s why he’s got so much support Because he’s literally I started my channel after him and i’ve Got more subs than him because you’ve Had lu on seven times like 20 years Here’s my point everybody would too You could have had You could have had lou on your show Several Would have never come on my show we Don’t care about louis And i don’t care about having them If he’s going on thomas fessler’s show He would have How this guy has been treating every Aspect of the community terribly And then louis lozando called in again After all that i mean it’s his Prerogative to do what he wants but that Speaks volumes because fessler has been Known to bully not only rich or goo or Um goof on same person rich or cambian But also you lou and also us and also Other members so so when i made that Video was that something that you Disagreed with when i said oh we agree With thomas So what i’m saying is why would i why Would i change my perspective of truths With rich why wouldn’t i be as honest i As i am with fessler as with i would be With rich No you can be honest and it’s your Opinion as well but but also you were

Grouping Goof on with vessler which like which Isn’t they it’s not worth it And playing videos of camby and dressed Up as linda mullen how talking about her [ __ ] like No did that not me Can we just That was all so old but all also fessler Has actually sold it’s old so it doesn’t Mean anything it happened last [ __ ] Year artemis That’s true okay i i agree What what’s more important is that You agree with me when i’m killing Thomas fessler and putting him on a [ __ ] cross but if i do it to rich or If i do it to manny or if i do it to Anybody else i’m an [ __ ] no because Fessler is different than all of the Other people To strike another channel doesn’t matter What channel that’s wrong is green From the audience perspective you’re Both just the same That’s what i’m trying to tell you But the way people perceive you are Exactly the same maybe your friends are Telling that isn’t true either and maybe Some people but those people are only Probably taking things out of context Fessler Has Really tried to hurt people in

Like their real lives in their careers And You know i love you to death i love you To death but the things that rich said About christina were even worse Worse Like i said i did have a conversation With rich about how long he went on About it but It wasn’t just Your opinion it wasn’t one shows Multiple shows it was three shows Well i remember he did a follow-up Because christina released like um yeah She was calling me a misogynist and i’m Bullying her and all that [ __ ] she Released a statement and whatever but All i’m saying is you guys have the Right to save and do whatever you want And i’ve supported that right i’ve never Bashed you guys for saying anything that You guys want to [ __ ] say i never Stroke anybody’s [ __ ] channel because I just simply disagreed with them i Never stoked the fire of that [ __ ] So to sit here and turn around and tell Me that i’m a sock puppet for lou after You just publicly saw me destroy that Entire relationship is ludicrous this is Not personal i’m not attacking you Personally i’m giving you my production My directing experience my acting Experience my experience running shows And doing plays and going to film

Festivals i’m telling you from the Audience perspective you guys are doing Yourself a disservice and rich your Channel would have a hundred million [ __ ] followers if you just get out of Your own goddamn way Just get out of your own way because You’re funny as [ __ ] you’re engaging i i Can’t sometimes take my eyes off of you But the second you start going into your Howard stern schtick from 2003 you [ __ ] lose me Single time Yeah i know i get it but that’s not Go ahead josh i was gonna say that’s Just you lou but i mean there’s so many People who tune in to rich because of Who he is and who he is on camera and You might not agree a hundred percent But you have this he’s got honesty in His i in in lou this You can still be honest and not insult Your [ __ ] audience Of who’s insulting the audience he Hasn’t insulted him i’ve been insulted By your show I’m telling you but i don’t care about You i don’t care about people who don’t Get me you don’t get the jokes but That’s why you don’t have as many Streamers and i’m okay with that i’m Okay with that i think you are because You complain about it a lot I do think about it yes no i complain

About how youtube is shadow banning all Of ufology They’re not shadow banning me you have If you you will see the decline in your Numbers now that lou won’t be on your Show and i don’t have guests on people People keep saying that people keep Saying that but i had wellesando on nine Months ago i i didn’t ask for lu Elizondo to be on the time he came on i Honestly they came to me they sent me The email they were like hey you wanna Have i’m like sure why not why would i Ever say no to that yeah you were but I was looking for him because there was Nothing more i didn’t say you were Looking for him but you had him on seven Times every 45 days after and that gives You two to hundred subscribers every Time well let me ask you this Okay it doesn’t give me two to four Hundred subscribers every time the thing Is The thing that gave me my biggest boost Was our interview with john ramirez got Shared by somebody on take talk oh That’s why my channel grew as fast as it Did Louis lozano didn’t hurt for sure it Never hurts when he comes on your show It’s always great especially for the Super chats and all that stuff it’s Awesome okay but it’s not something that I was trying to seek out it’s not

Something that i was trying to promote It was like hey there’s something to Talk about let’s have them on but Like You know and that’s why when he came on We asked him the question about the alt Accounts because it was like well [ __ ] It Like we really don’t have any more Questions for him let’s ask him this one Let’s see what happens you know because He’s never asked this for questions Beforehand he’s never told me to attack Anybody he’s never he’s never Um uh Uh You know gotten mad at me and yelled at Me behind the scenes for asking a Question That’s never happened He’s never sick to be on anybody he’s Never said hey go attack goofon Never he’s never said go attack third Phase or steven greer Or any of those things have ever come Can i come out real quick He didn’t have to ask you to do those Things because you volunteered just like Rob heather lee and tom fessler did now He has deniability Rob Manny like i’m I You think there’s this conspiracy where

He tells me or i’m somehow Subconsciously convinced to spread Rumors about people that’s not my show I don’t talk about people behind their Back that’s it’s not what i do that’s Not my show it never has been Except for that one dm Except for the one that one dm is the Reason you keep going back to the dm and I’m telling you that’s the reason why The relationship was destroyed because The information it bothered me Manny You’re not getting that through your Skull Bothered me For a month later Or did you get confronted when stephen Greenstreet told you that he knew you That you had it and forced your hand Because you you’re just You’re making it you’re working that way What was i supposed to do Just put that go to the people who he Named didn’t say this guy’s saying this [ __ ] about you if somebody sent me an Email that had your name in it I’d go right to you that’s what i did That’s what i did You did who John greenwald the one that you felt That was okay and not the other nine That’s right yes yeah okay so you didn’t Because i don’t know the other nine like

I know john you don’t know you don’t Know the other night you don’t know rich Goofon you don’t know stephen campbell You don’t know as you could have birthed The moon the first time i’ve ever spoken To any of these people in my entire life So no i don’t know them manny oh you Don’t know how to get in touch with them I got it you’re just turtle on your back Let me go to let me go share a text with Somebody that i’ve never spoken to Before through text and the dm on Twitter are you maniac Better they find out that way than a Link on your show you’re a maniac dude You’re amazing Let it come out on your show where you Get the views i got it dude dude you’re Uh you’re s it didn’t come up on my show It came out through an alternate twitter Account over the weekend i waited five Days to do this on my show Five days dude okay actually a whole Week if you want to be technical Like get me to the show Dude well that’s a good point here do we Have any common ground Over than ufos i think the common ground Is like we all believe something’s there Who lou elizondo is i mean we still have A ton of questions but anything doesn’t Matter who lou is or what’s going on With lou the fact is is that laws have Been written senators are talking about

It and we’re having public hands next Week i’m going to go by what is in front Of me That’s where my common ground is and if You guys want to help me with this don’t Go and simplify the means and for the Greater good so you’re just buying right Into that intelligence community way of Thinking that it’s okay to lie to the World in the greater good right who am i Lying to you by doing that Who you just said it doesn’t matter who Elizondo is as long as the the ends Justify the means Doesn’t matter if everything he’s told Us is complete [ __ ] verifiable as Long as the ends justify the meetings Right So then what is he doing manny what’s The grand conspiracy What answer my question Answer what’s the question speak to it Speak to it you just said that you just Said the ends don’t justify the means so You’re following that whole intelligence Community thinking where if it’s a Possible threat we gotta kill it I’ve already established that my way of Thinking was well established before Louis lozando ever came on my show or Any intelligence people started Influencing me like i will i will say This i like that question i like that Question say that again lou what did you

Just ask manny What was what do you mean what did i Just ask manny You asked manny You’re asking what is Are you saying what’s the what is it What is he Make sure to set a reminder for myself You got it so i guess you only do it for The clicks then too No because i’m not going to tip forward If not if you’re worth the research to You Okay okay but you want me to divulge Personal messages to you just because No i didn’t say you have to divulge Anything you probably got angry But you know what you got angry about it With all due respect manny and i love You dearly that is a good question what Is Who stands to benefit from from their Motivations what are they doing what Type of technology are they trying to Get classified I don’t know you tell me Well let’s look at ttsa that was a Flying car wasn’t it A hyperscottish lion card that would be Earth Sounds like a hypersonic vehicle to me Okay so your point Have you been reading international news

Do you stay educated Do you know what the imf was The i the international Military fund military refund okay there You go well i’m talking about the treaty That uh our last president led us out of That uh would legalize the development Of hypersonic weapons Okay What do hypersonic weapons require i Don’t know i’ve never Done a velocity like a travel device Like if you’ve got a hypersonic weapon Then you have a hypersonic vehicle you Just take the warhead out and you put People in it instead So louisando Okay all right but So far from what i gathered what you’re Saying is louis lozando’s grand Conspiracy is to release really fast Cars No that’s not what i said you’re gonna Have to probably play it back and listen To it a few times to understand it Because you’re not at the same level On this sorry i know that’s right nobody Is manny nobody’s at the same level as You nobody christian lambright was on Your show you just didn’t bother asking Why Uh okay so okay Anything else I i wanna address something

Very quickly because you we’ve skirted Over it and i have sent the man an Invite i i’ve sent fessler an invite to The show [Laughter] That’s there’s a whole other get comfy Guys yeah the the question i’m just Gonna shut my camera off i’m listening Though okay i i i get very little time To what to watch big shows because just Working in the day and i’ll listen to Them as podcasts but Lou you You don’t get along with vessler um But your lou Gets along with fessler and he gets Along with you Have you ever asked lou about Spoke to lou about fesler And what does he actually think of Feslip because he spends Some time with fest lenny spent some Times with you did Um the new fascination with essler I could tell you it was The thing Um Yeah i don’t want to reveal private Conversations you guys don’t are not Owed this part and it’s got nothing to Do really with what we’re talking about But i expressed those exact opinions I said You know

I would be careful with that show that Show is Not good news They’re they’re they’re just Last June A month after the odni report came out He was doing shows with goofon And you guys were railing on louis Lozando together yeah um he erased all Those shows And that’s why i had to use your show Rich to to make that edit yeah i don’t Know because i was picking on you guys It’s because that’s all that was Available it’s all i could find because He erased every single episode that he Did badmouthing louisano and he did a Lot and he also did an episode when the Girls got drunk on a live stream oh Right yep when when hey One of the audience members ended up Taking over the show for about 15 Minutes okay no i agree that one From an audience perspective it was Awkward i’m not i’m not no it was fun Like But what i’m saying i’m I know that it wasn’t professional or Anything it was me and kelly But that was the thing that set off Thomas fessler to start talking [ __ ] About all the girls and he actually did It once before with me he did it okay

Trust me when i tell you i know because I saw it but i wish i just clipped it at The moment because then i would have Been had a much better edit destroying Thomas vessler But Michael why don’t you plays both sides Because he wants subscribers No why Why does lou play both sides i i that’s A great question man at least There’s not there’s no answer there’s no Answer that i got oh my god okay but i Could tell you i i made it very clear Just like i did publicly when he hired Danny sheehan I told him publicly i think that was one Of the worst moves you’ve ever done it Muddies the waters you’ve got an Attorney that represents stephen greer Who you’re accusing of of not accusing But you’re saying that he’s he’s Pushing this false flag narrative that The government is going to do to attack American citizens and get the green Light to approve their their secret ufo Program right and then you know and then On the next hand you’ve got um you know You’re doing kurt jay mungle’s channel And and you’re and you’re bashing Everything that you just talked about It’s confusing it muddies the waters but But going back to sheehan you know and Then and then now he’s representing you

So he represents like the Literally yeah we have a disclosure Clock on our wall okay like steven greer Is one o’clock because he’s one of the Most ardent believers mick west is Midnight because he’s the most ardent Skeptic all right like freaking danny She hits number two Like second cauliflower Okay So so when you he’s your attorney Of the and and it just it muddies the Waters and his response to me was i’m Being emotional about it Do you know you know what i think do you Know what i think yeah problem-solving i Guess I hope you don’t mind me taking it Back He said he had a few drinks and was kind Of in a bad mood yeah so so that means You attack somebody on twitter as well i Don’t know i i i i Don’t care what people think of me to Say now but here’s the douchebag He could have cleared it up with us Personally as well Like he’s like bullied so many people in This community Like small podcasters like we had like 500 subs at that time i think for him to Go on twitter and do that to a channel Like ours was was like ridiculous it Really was i i agree yeah um

If i was you guys i would have handled It differently but well yeah of course i Was very emotional I i hear you i hear you like bill i mean We only literally scratch a service About two there’s only there’s so much More we could have said um you know but When someone who i love gets attacked of Course i’m going to be a bit defensive You know it’s going to happen um i don’t Care who you are if you lure us under or Who else Someone’s attacking artemis then i will Get i love josh Me too Clearly i’m just i’m just i’m just my Wife would love you mate get more Emotional when When somebody you actually know or love Does get attacked it just it hurts more But We could have handled it back but we did Leave out a lot i felt bad about that i Did and that’s why i put out that Statement i put like a public um like Thing out and we said we’ll take down The video but what we said was true and What we did say was true it came out Later that he is feeding certain Information to certain people and not Others and why is it privileged and Um You know at least that we knew would Come out as the truth like it wasn’t for

Clicks or whatever You know um It’s just that We got played as well behind the scenes And you know the way he talked about us To the mutual friend that we had Uh It’s just wrong and it kind of go it Goes against his like five mission Statement or whatever on his twitter and Then when he called us out before we had Even done the live show like before we He actually said anything we were just Saying that we were going to talk about It she had already put it out he Basically tried to jump ahead of the Story and claim like and claim the story For himself before Before the information came out if that Makes sense Yeah it’s clear mistake cleo said that i Was he said that i was playing like a Victim in that i said that i was Basically assaulted when Completely out of context i never said Any of those words i said how yeah he Did bully Me by making fun of my name and whatnot But I didn’t say that i was playing a victim I didn’t say he assaulted me verbally or Whatever but he Chose to put that in his actual post on Twitter i’m like where did i say that i

Was like abused i’m like i didn’t say That um you know i You know i i’ve been through worse let’s Just say that i wouldn’t Um and that’s why when all this stuff Came out you know about like the text Messages and it’s like revealed that There’s like this secret clique behind The scenes You know I don’t know i let’s hold on a second i Have to stop Secondly i’ll just finish a second then Then you can come back to me with it um But that’s why it kind of like did you Know it it It It was just like a disappointment for me Because that stuff that we try to get Out for like the best of the for like The benefit of like like the community That there is this clique behind the Scenes and we’re trying to campaign for Transparency and truth but there’s all This [ __ ] and cliques behind the Scenes which is just gathering all this [ __ ] like information and intel and Not revealing The community it doesn’t make any sense But the issue is though josh is that You’re jumping to a conclusion this is One text No no no no this is what i i i’ve Well we like revealed it on

On that show a few months ago that lou Has been showing people apparently and Footage of a uap which apparently it’s [ __ ] of course yeah uh but lou’s Trying to Wait well if it was if there was if There was anybody On his team that would have gotten that Video if that was a thing that was going Around Don’t you think i would have gotten it Well he showed it physically from his Phone to this person so it was like an In person it was an in person like it Was like it was like look at this uep Video so it wasn’t necessarily sent like It wasn’t said in like a messenger dm it Was literally shown in both times Because the other person he showed uh Like quote-unquote biological What was it biological biological Samples samples which was also fake Which which the friend described to us Like it looked like his children made it At school that that that’s like the Quote from our friend who apparently lou Apparently showed this to them And you know we were like talking about It and like the person basically Described how it looked like his kid Made made this at school like that’s how Ridiculous it looked um so this is what I’m saying like louis los angeles Clearly behind the scenes showing people

Garbage like footage and photos giving People [ __ ] Information citing things from the sun And you know it just doesn’t make any Sense Yeah it doesn’t make any sense what so It doesn’t just doesn’t work It’s crazy It’s Do you know what um i watched a video Today and i forget who put it on and it Was a tribute to stanton friedman And it was fantastic tons of ufologists All coming on and talking about him And there’s a hearing that’s about to Start isn’t it When’s it next week or something like That Tuesday and and and it makes me think it It really does about About the amount of people that have Been seeking and Have maybe died Before this is starting to come out And what i don’t want to happen is for I want us to all Be around to see it you know And i guess we’ve all got to be kinder To each other Just bear that in mind people of course I mean that’s the point Like how can you argue with that You know so where do we go from here two Hours in

Lou I tell you what i i i can’t change a Hundred percent But i’m always trying to be a better Person for the general public i mean but I am who i am And uh i always work on that and you Know sometimes after the show i’ll say [ __ ] i can’t believe i just said that i Don’t even watch some of my shows Because even i get cringe-worthy you Know cringe-worthy [ __ ] Um coming out of my own mouth i mean i Know I know you know i know you see it Sometimes i’m sure when i’m live i’m Like [ __ ] Uh but you know what um They’re just opinions they don’t mean Anything to anybody but myself and if Anybody else is uh Uh you know if if they’re influenced by That um You know For a few jokes and even if they’re a Little rude Uh you know then that’s on them for Believing me i say don’t believe Anything i say uh do your own research Because i’m i’m You know i’m fallible i’m not perfect And uh I tell you though listening to you speak For the last couple of hours um

You know i i understand you a little More i get where you’re coming from i Think you do get me i do i really do uh Especially after you explain you know Living in new york and knowing florida And all that um But i i you know i’d like to open up the Lines of communication you know it Doesn’t have to be everything at once But if you’re open to it um and i mean Here’s here’s the thing man like and i’m Just going to be brutally honest with You Right if we’re sitting here especially After what rich end just said Like for me like if if we’re trying to Heal and this is why i want louis Lozando back on the show We have to come together and apologize To each other We have to apologize and i believe you Duo christina gomez an apology and she’s My [ __ ] friend like she’s a friend And that kid works her ass off like he Knew the stuff she does behind the Scenes and the reason why she speaks the Way she does and the thing like she’s Got a full-fledged business that she Runs that is built On 21. i was working three years Okay You okay Let’s not make this about you

Okay that might not help me but i had But you’re making it about Mad finish okay That’s wonderful and you’re and you’re a Grown woman now okay would you like People talking to you like that as a 21 Year old kid with three jobs I was abused until in my 20s so i mean That you’re not answering my question Well no i don’t like it but at the same Time You also need to have a big school stay You know he he just said that she shows A bit of cleveland as an attractive Woman out of respect for this show i’m Not gonna play the clips that i spent Two days editing together okay but i’m Telling you right now As a human to another human You owe her an apology what doesn’t Matter what the [ __ ] came before it or What comes after it and that’s the only Way i can [ __ ] with you It’s the only way i can talk to you dude Because if we’re gonna be i can’t have You on my show i can’t go on your show And have hard discussions which i like These kinds of discussions I do I enjoy this kind of dialogue i like to Be challenged especially my way of Thinking okay but i wasn’t uh i wasn’t Asking to go on youtube No i know i i i know you weren’t asking

To go on each other’s show oh my god is That yours in florida what is that yeah It was a thunderstorm just popped up Holy [ __ ] That’s it’s it’s about yeah seven O’clock it’s about that time yeah this Holy crap look i i i’m open to talking To you behind the scenes but yeah i want More than that for everyone yeah yeah me Too you know what i’m saying so like for Me I i and You know i can’t make you do it Right just like i can’t make louis Lozando explain the the context of that Tweet but i don’t understand why i owe Her an apology i i’ll how about this how About you and i have a private Discussion I’ll show you what i edit together and And i because [ __ ] man i wanted to come on here and Burn the [ __ ] out of you with it said it Like i did with fessler if you think i Did with professor was bad [ __ ] almighty This is and i cut this down from 30 Something minutes to four minutes i made Some hard decisions on this cut Okay okay like so That’s what i’m telling you as one from One man to another And the year 2022 It’s unacceptable and we should hold Each other to that standard but why is

It unacceptable because it’s because Dude it’s my opinion I understand it’s your opinion and again I don’t want to get back into the Minutia free speech like you could share That opinion but you can also understand Like why i don’t want to talk to you Because of that opinion because that Person’s my friend Oh okay because she’s your friend i need It I got it but it’s the right thing to do It’s the right thing to do i’ll think About let’s talk behind the scenes we’ll Talk we’ll talk behind the scenes i’ll Show you my super cut and then and then You can give me your explanation on what You meant okay Lou on the back of that you’ve just said You’ve just said you you’ve you’ve got Things together from what faisal has Done yeah i haven’t watched it i’ll be Honest with you but I Surely you’ve taken that to lou because I guarantee i think you would have done That No i don’t know [ __ ] like that Okay I don’t i don’t tell but surely he’s Watched every single one of his shows And if he’s such a bad guy i don’t know If fez was such a bad guy that everybody Keeps telling me he is i’ve invited him

On the show i want him to have a chat i Mean you know Add to the drama um But Here’s what i’ll say Why is he messing with him why is he There i think because it’s an easy Interview It’s an easy interview and and also Think about this man From the second this guy has been made Public from the moment he made himself Publicly known He has been catching [ __ ] Right there like going back to what i Said there is no perfect messenger to me Having alternate twitter accounts shows Me exactly how human and petty you are Like your petty dude if you’ve got Alternated twitter accounts and you’re Fighting with people who aren’t even Sharing their real names Like it’s it’s it’s why are you doing That like well Stock accounts that’s what i’m saying do You know i mean that’s what i’m saying Like it’s unacceptable it’s like why are You doing that louis elizondo but i Don’t get like you know in terms of In terms of those accounts you mentioned And all the other kind of like the Pattern of behavior of zondo effectively I mean I don’t understand how you can still

Support him i mean Where do How am i supporting him josh how do you See me because because i’m on the show I am being as fair as i possibly can With that man and being as fair as i can Trying to play both sides as best i Could threading an almost impossible Needle has lost me All access to that to him of course but Unlike the last show on your last show i Mean lou lou is calling people and Felons he’s calling people Mentally unstable and yet you still said That you wanted to be his friend and Have him on the show i mean to me If someone would do it if someone said That to me and said that about members Of like the ufo community there was no Way you’d be on the show again okay well That’s the difference between you and me Because i believe If louis lozando did come on the show And let’s say we did get an explanation For him on why he thinks there’s five Felons or why he named those people and He apologizes for it Then what do you do josh Well yeah great give us a question You know it doesn’t happen that doesn’t Happen unless you leave that door open For that possibility to happen the Door’s open lou i mean he’s he’s got Like a twitter account with thousands of

You know okay so i mean dude it’s not Going to happen tomorrow it may never Happen it could happen in a month i know But notice the thing though he’s just Dropped these bombshells into the ufo Community to eat each other this is what He does this is all he does he just Divides the community What are we gonna do are we gonna sit Around Are we gonna sit around and [ __ ] about It or are we gonna make ourselves aware About it and and then know what we’re Not gonna [ __ ] about it you know as Soon as the show’s finished we’ll never Talk about you know that [ __ ] again Like what do we do to avoid those traps And i think the thing the thing that we Do is Is take a very much what have you done For me today attitude that goes with lou That goes with goof on that goes with Ucr that goes with artemis and josh that Goes with rich that goes with alien Addict what have you done for me today What are you adding to the conversation Today That’s For example we we should be out of all Things the things we should be talking About we’ve talked about public hearings For what maybe two minutes out of the Two hours and 12 minutes we like the Most historic thing is about to happen

And no matter what lu elizondo says That’s still happening No matter what luella is no matter what His faults are that’s still happening of Course but i prefer to see the proof i Prefer things to be verified and proof So what is everybody you know Lou i’m a hearing it’s not data Is it how can you say that well it’s True hearing’s not data lou is it we Haven’t heard anything different i don’t Care about hearing like me and the rest Of the community want to see the Evidence It’s boring hearing the same stories it Really is boring oh hold on is it boring Josh is it boring it is having a little Bit of american history sir okay because From an american history perspective Hearings are what changed many things in This country Many many people but we’ve also had These feelings twice in the past twice In the 60s lou nothing’s changing and This happened was 50 years ago josh yeah Nothing’s already bashing the process And the result before i’m not bashing it I’m not bashing it i said before in like I think it’s about an hour ago now but i Hope i’m wrong i hope the hearing’s a Success i hope we get the evidence i Hope you get the data but history will Tell you but that’s not going to happen Lou it’s not going to happen

I disagree It’s fine i disagree and i think i think Hearings i hope you’re right If i’m right it means that we’re in a Mess and i don’t want us to be in that Mess so i hope i’m wrong Well i i i hear what you’re saying yeah But all i’m saying is that you said Nothing’s going to come out of it and How can you say that when it hasn’t Happened in 50 years and we haven’t even Got Based on the evidence that’s explained Based on the history of the topic we’ll See what you’re at we’ll see what your Opinion produces because in my opinion i Can tell you two people very excited for Those hearings to happen the first is Jazz shawn the second is john greenwald Why because because of the the Information that does come out of those Hearings there’s going to be foiable Things there’s going to be things that Add more clarity to the discussion and In my opinion i think those that hearing Is going to set off a chain of hearings It’s not going to be the only one Because i think that lawmakers are Curious about this i think lawmakers do Want to know and get to the bottom of This and they want to add some clarity To the american people do you want Anything and i’m not just saying that Let me finish i’m not just saying that

That’s what politically is being done It’s happening in real time and the Problem is you want it now but that’s Not the way american politics works it Doesn’t happen with this flip of a Switch and that’s why i used the example I used earlier when it comes to Different segments of society [ __ ] Doesn’t happen at the flip of a switch It happens it happens with support but It’s been 18 years of this It’s been 80 years i mean how understood You I mean i mean like i’ve been reading About this for since like my teenage Years so josh what do you want me to do You want me to just throw my hands up in The air say you’re right that’s not what I’m trying to say Nothing’s ever going to happen because It didn’t happen in the past just take a Chill just take a chill pill by having a Conversation You’re having a conversation but i don’t Know what you’re saying what is your Philosophy I’ve just explained it i just explained It where i stand with this and i hope That i’m wrong i hope that that congress Is gonna deliver some information hoping It’s gonna lead on to more hearings and So on and so on but history will tell You in this topic that the government Will never release a single thing about

This stuff they just won’t yeah my Concern is this is just project blue Yeah Part two it’s just part two Okay so then so then we’ll sit here and Talk about how it’s project blue book Part two and not do a [ __ ] thing That’s your choice i’m gonna actually Try and engage I’m going to try and engage lawmakers I’m not gonna sit here and just complain About it i’m gonna As you’re just apathetic Like you’ve like you lost like nothing’s Worth fighting for because 50 years have Proven that it’s not worth fighting for And i’m sorry i [ __ ] hate that Attitude i’m looking at this as a half Glass full i see i look at this and i go Holy [ __ ] this hasn’t happened in 50 [ __ ] years and now we got a shot and Lawmakers are actually talking about it And you want to sit here and complain About what didn’t happen 50 years ago We lost our have we lost our minds i’m Not complaining Just being real i’m just i’m just a Realist I’m just a realist I’m coming out I’m kind of realism what do we do Look i’ve told josh that i hope that Even just a breadcrumb comes from it and It’s okay to like think a bit

Differently because josh has been Researching it longer that he just looks At it in a more realistic way based on History But Again he has said multiple times even Just to me that you know he hopes that I’m wrong but based on Clear evidence and you know even the Foias that do come out that’s only what The government Wants to release out Like they’re only going to release the Information they actually want out there So Who’s to say we’re not being manipulated In those as well I mean i mean i mean Yeah i mean lou i mean the c if you go Back to like the 60s the cia claimed Responsibility for so many ufo reports In like the 60s you know so how can you Say that that’s not trying that’s not The scenario now as well i mean this is This this whole topic has been rife with This information lies and people trying To take You know people trying to make a book Okay I agree with you josh now what You gotta lose we’re in a ways right and Josh you you everybody’s right Uh you if you d you can’t win if you Don’t play so what do you do just sit

Back and do nothing of course not you Gotta keep trying there’s gotta be Something else i mean and this is the Whole point of the conversation today is What else to get what else does there Have to be what else do you think needs To happen josh um i don’t have a clue Lou i don’t have a clue well one one day That’s like a question what no one can Answer so to shake your head at me for That yes silly because no one can answer That no one can answer that sure one day What then what’s your point One day we’re going to have to do Something we’re going to be asked to do Things It might be it might be spend more taxes On things it might have government money Channeled to some things that we can’t Afford to have You know like uh Away from uh social and into military There could be lots and lots of things That happen Okay now It’s important that we don’t we don’t Lose out You know And On on something that is somebody’s Feelings or somebody’s opinions On on evidence that is vague We have we have to if if we’re moving Our society along it has to be on the

Basis of something that’s scientifically Verifiable You don’t see that Trending in that direction this Discussion No I disagree We’ve got three videos we’ve got three Videos very murky And and and but you’ve also got pilots As well no you have to say that no Not one of those five Um five observables is seen in those Videos apart from the green lift lift Without um Proportion uh propulsion yeah There’s no other of those five Observables and we’re meant to take it i Agree i i agree with you but you’re just Putting it as three videos that don’t Display the five observables there’s Also pilot testimony that goes along With those videos that you’re not Considering not just one pilot but four Four highly trained pilots are Testifying in classified briefings on What they experienced in those Particular events yes but Those the facts That they’ve they’ve testified that but That’s What they’re seeing And their impression of what they’re Seeing is two different things

Possibly Of course that’s probably we don’t know What they saw That’s you’re right You’re absolutely right they could They could be seeing laser-induced Plasmas Anybody Laser-induced plasmas Absolutely Okay Look it up I i know i’m familiar with the Technology i get it but i mean Again you know Going on a on a 20-year fighter pilot Fighter pilot Testimony One of the best on the planet what he Does i mean that’s that holds a lot of Weight but regardless about that the Original question is you don’t see it Trending in the direction that i see it Trending and i think that just those Three videos even though They didn’t provide the five observables That we talk about and everybody wants To see they did provide a spark for Science to start taking this discussion Very seriously and avi loeb is taking This discussion very seriously and the Scu is taking this discussion very Seriously and uh the um the organization The aiaa

Um that ted rowe is uh Providing information for is taking this Very seriously the the trend of where This discussion is happening is Happening at tables that were not Happening 5 10 15 20 years ago like when You when you go and you listen to lex Friedman Talk to Uh gary nolan And the dinner parties that he also Worked with stephen greer at one point That’s that’s fine but when he’s talking About going to university dinner parties And at the at the table the the question Gets asked about ufos And either one of two things happens Either another Um scholar at the table chimes in And tells their ufo story and then it Gets the whole table talking and its Safety and numbers or the second that Happens I don’t think they’re happening at the Not with funding and that’s where the Conversation i think is different They’re actually getting funding to look Into these things they’re the end and i Think more funding is coming on the way Depending on what happens in these Hearings and again if i’m wrong on this I’ll eat the crow But if you’re looking at it from a Political perspective and you take a

Step back All of these things that are happening All these dominoes that are falling Politically speaking are only going to Be good for people like us as far as Just getting more data or some more Clarity i mean lulzando aside like this Stuff has nothing to do with him like This is these we’re talking about Senators and congressmen now lawmakers And committees and subcommittees like They they’re looking at the data and They’re saying this isn’t good enough we Want more Right right yeah Exactly and what we’re saying is exactly The same thing this is not good enough They’re saying this is not good enough We want more we know there’s more Yeah we know there’s more data We know there’s more data Can i just Bring something up here cause i’m a bit Bit conscious of time here because i Know people are shows as well But Towards the end of your show with steven Uh green street Blue You you asked in that that question Um It just looked If i’m honest as another somebody

Somebody who has people on that speaks To people it looked very out of Character for you to ask that question It it almost looked to me like that was Something that you was He was told to ask And and stephen One moment stephen stephen picked up on That Stephen and he oh green street green Yeah he picked up on that straight away And he said it’s luke he basically said As lou asked you to ask that question I i i know you said it’s not lou that Happened let me let me answer it i’ll Give you a straight up i haven’t Finished though okay I i know you said that lou did not ask You to ask that question But the person That has been asking That whatever you’d seen this evidence About this guy Do you know Who these people are that have said this And can you verify them Or could they just oh could they just be Accounts that have been made up by Somebody else To try and get you to ask that question I i don’t really understand why you Asked that question At that point in the in the in the Interview it looked very odd

Because here’s why because i knew the Interview was coming close to an end we Were scrambling around and i didn’t Exactly Yeah i did not want To get accused after the show of not Asking him the tough questions that Everybody was complaining about when it Came to everybody Okay let’s just pull up the tweet shall We Let’s just pull up the tweet because we This is the exact same question that Green street asked me and i explained This two hours ago everybody is everyone Who Who responded to the the announcement of The show and the actual question The actual felon question came from our Listener matthew riot And matthew riot was the guy who i was Helping me look into the the claims of This text And so in that process it got to stephen Green street that i was looking into This so when you go back and you look at The video i think stephen green Knew exactly what to do to get that that Out of me to get the film question out Of me because it came again in the in The stream of of tweets and it also came As a question from one of our listeners And i’ve showed the the note of that Question and i put that question on an

Hour before the show went live So no louis lozando did not ask me to Ask that question Um and i think me being open and honest With every part of this is more than Enough proof on that um again stephen Greenstreet Heard That i got an email from luella’s ondo With his name on calling him a felon And so when i asked the question okay And i looked at my my computer screen And the question was there and again it Was messy it was jumbly i was i was Dealing with tech issues as far as the Sharing screen thing that i explained Earlier and when i saw the question part Of that came out because again i’m Trying to lump I’m trying to ask even green street a Couple of things Can you tell us about the tweet you sent Out with the african-american woman Comparing the art to michelle obama can You talk about the statements that you Made about hitting women in a in some Sort of reddit thread or something like That can you talk about you being Accused as a felon those are the three Things i’m trying to wrap up Very terribly in one question and the Second i said felon Watching street’s reaction he knew he Had me he’s like okay now we could talk

About this because you said felon and he Thinks that louis lozando is asking me To ask him that when that’s not the case That question genuinely came from trump Why did you Why did i why why why did you need why Did you say stephen greenstreet he said Listen we’ll speak after the show Because i i i will tell you and i will Show you because what was the height Because there was Though I didn’t want to reveal private message That i thought nobody else had So i had to verify with stephen Greenstreet what he had before i just Start revealing text messages because he Didn’t say it was a text message he said It was an email and it wasn’t even now Is steven happy with the outcome Is stephen what do you mean is stephen Happy with the outcome What you showed him after the show I don’t know if he’s happy about it but He believed it Okay Fair enough Okay you know so like he had heard that Rumor he heard his name because i was Checking and I pretty sure it was matthew riot that Told him Hey people are asking about this just so You know we’re looking into it who’s

Asking Apparently came through something you Know and then so steven greenstreet knew That that sort of exchange existed but As soon as he revealed it i was like oh [ __ ] Like he’s he somebody shared something Or or he’s got A different email because when he said Email i was like it wasn’t an email and That again that’s true so when he said Email i was like [ __ ] does he have an Email Does he have the text message that i Have with louie and so who gave it to Him or did somebody A billion things were running through on My mind so instead of doing something Stupid And revealing private messages that have Not been revealed as far as i knew when That was happening i decided hey I’ll tell you exactly what happened once We get off screen and that’s how it went Down and you can ask steven greenstreet The same thing no like i told him i told Him exactly first i was like dude who Told you Like i went through my whole team i went Through greg greenwald i was like i’m Not i’m not tanya he wouldn’t tell me 100 though he wasn’t expecting that Question I don’t know that you have to ask him

You could see it in his face I don’t know if it seemed like he was It To me it seemed like he Was Trying to get me to ask that question Because he knew that question existed But i didn’t know that he knew that Question existed does that make sense Why would he try to get you to ask that Question Because it’s damning to lou elizondo Like it’s a damning text If it’s true Which i mean clearly by the look of my Face it was You know like he’s like i was like oh [ __ ] he knows So i immediately went into [ __ ] okay What’s the best thing to do Let’s discuss this privately That’s me thinking in real time trying To control the damage but after that Happened After that happened I started seeing twitter messages over The weekend from rob heather lee and This guy dick butt Literally giving exact Where commas were between words and i Was like they have the text so as soon As i knew that i was like why you guys Clearly have the message so just release It

You know you guys have it please do me The favor release it so i could get this Off of my ass because i want i don’t Want anything to do with this i didn’t Make the list What did rather be squinting didn’t Think of all that What no well i told i’d rather be Squidding knew about this list way Before he i he knew pretty much when i Found out about it i was like bro i Gotta tell you something like i just Need to bounce this off of you like what Like this is what he told me but i never I never took a picture of the text Message and i never sent that to anybody I would just tell them what was said i Would be like This is what you said You spoke about that With with rather be before the show About what you’re going to ask i’ve Spoke to rather be about that claim from Elizondo a month before that show ever Aired We’re talking about stephen here about Steve Yes yes i told are you asking me if Rather knew about the felon question Yeah before the show No i didn’t even like again like it Wasn’t a question i was like Dying to get out there right it was how Do you put how do you put those three

Questions that i just mentioned right Into one delicate question and it was Difficult because i was getting pushed Up against the time because the show was Ending and i also wanted to fulfill The angry mob that that discredits Stephen greenstreet’s work that was the Point of the question when i asked it Because all of these people are hating On him and in some cases it’s validated Because he’s very rude online i mean he Was rude to me this morning and i was i Was Giving his work love and he was being a Snippy little [ __ ] with me you know That’s just the way he is it’s not my Vibe i really don’t love it but god damn It he does great work and so when i hear All of these claims and then we verified We know it’s not bull it’s [ __ ] I think asking him the question And him going no that’s all [ __ ] and That’s like okay great now we can move On so all of those people if you hear These claims about stephen greenstreet You know they’re [ __ ] because now You’ve heard them from the man himself Okay it’s the same reason why we asked Louis lozando about alternate twitter Accounts is because we heard about it Through a whole bunch of people Well that’s why i asked about um Rather be you know what did he think did He think it’d come from an alternate

Twitter account Did what come from an alternate twitter Account some of the things you may have Been told I don’t understand uh I don’t There was never any sort of Correspondence anywhere that says i was Told to ask anybody anything Okay i believe i believe you i believe Yeah Nobody told me Nobody knew about that i believe i Believe you But i don’t believe that you know Where this i don’t believe you trust Where this came from where what came From The questions the the stuff that you Asked even it just seemed so Incongruous It seemed weird It seemed weird i believe you lou i do But i don’t believe you trust the source I don’t understand if i trust the source Of the source of the question was Matthew riot He’s a fan of the show again like here I’ll share my screen right now i’ll show You where i wrote down the question i Can’t fake this [ __ ] and he’s a real guy Yeah he’s a real guy but yeah he’s a Real guy he’s thinking Yeah he thinks

I don’t i don’t Here’s here’s my notes right for the Show questions for green street written On 5 5 22. here’s the date for it right Up here may 5th 2022 at 203 pm so an Hour Before my show started i put these i Copied and pasted questions from twitter And then i copied and pasted questions From another twit uh from a um i believe This is a uh Um a patreon member and then i copied And pasted these questions right here All of these from matthew riot There’s a bunch of questions in here and Then the one that that I read was this one Have you ever been convicted of a felony But there’s also are You are often accused of being an edge Lord would you say this is closer to Accurate than calling you a q a on right Troll i think that would have been a Much better question You know like like as i was freaking out You know because again we’re coming up Against the show like doing a live show And having four people on your live like There’s a lot of [ __ ] to juggle and so When i Couldn’t share the screen of where i got The pictures that wasn’t [ __ ] it Just wouldn’t let me share the screen so I mean this is where the question came

From and i could show you this In a twitter message but i you know That’s a twitter message i don’t want to Go into a twitter message and and scroll Through it while we’re live but that Those are the questions i asked riot i Was like hey what are the questions for Steven green street that you know are Hard questions and these are the Questions he sent me So it didn’t come from lou elizondo and The reason why it looks weird is because It was an awkward [ __ ] moment it was Weird it was weird i like it’s people Are gonna try and dig into it to a Conspiracy theory oh i just can’t Believe him i think lou made him ask That question that’s [ __ ] The dumbest thing i’ve ever heard Because you understand why i I attacked for sure no i i it’s i’m i Have that’s why i’m here i don’t want to Hide i want you guys to ask me the Questions that bother you but that is That’s where it came from and if matthew Riot wants to show the private message Of us of me asking him for these Questions and the date of those of those Requests I’m sure he’d be more than happy to give Them to you but because i don’t have him On the phone right now i don’t want to Make that promise to you but i i don’t Think he’ll have an issue at all

Saying yes i wrote those questions and Here’s the proof Josh artemus rich goofon rich and uh do Do we have do we have anything before we Wrap this up and maybe move on to a Different show because i appreciate that You guys have all got probably shows Going tonight True Oh sorry about that every day Every night You do it thanks yeah we don’t have the Kids here or shows tonight so this is The only show today ollie um yeah but But there is actually a comment in the Chat from this like jessie [ __ ] what’s the last name Jessie singer singer Like talking about homophobic comments And stuff i don’t think rich has ever Said anything homophobic i don’t want to Ever have well people i i’ve never been Homophobia into these conversations and I’ve I’ve watched Live i’ve watched a lot of goof and i’ve Never seen him be homophobic but i’ve Seen him I know I’ve seen him be misogynistic but i’ve Never seen him be homophobic or racist Listen i would not be friends with rich Because my wife’s gay so you know yeah Um

Like my uncle’s gay and my cousin’s also Gay too so yeah Yeah If you want me to stick around and Answer any of these questions in the Chat like from todd limber have i tried The contact lube nope Not since this has happened i have not Not tried to contact lou whatsoever I mean like i’ve expressed i expressed After we had our show with him when we Found out We he had alternate accounts and he was Manipulating the community like that Like That was a terrible day for me because It sucks and but it was a lesson learned Because i i could i recognized oh [ __ ] I put this guy on too high a pedestal i Expected too much out of him And and i got burned that’s on me That’s on me man Like that’s on me i put the pedal still Too high and and And um And that that moment disappointed me Tremendously and it’s very difficult to Kind of sit here and try to defend him After everything that we’ve talked about Today i don’t want to come off across as If i’m defending lou elizondo i think These behaviors are not becoming of him And that’s putting it mildly But with that said he doesn’t owe us a

Goddamn thing this guy is in my opinion Has been through hell and back in a lot Of ways um and and if he doesn’t want to Answer these questions i don’t think he Will i don’t think we’ll ever get Answers to these questions i think it’s Going to frustrate people for a long Time and it sucks and i don’t like the Comments and and the the comments that Were made even though You know in the moment i was like okay i Can understand how this person this Person and this person but are you Kidding me these two guys like These two guys You know and then and then my next Decision was Well [ __ ] i feel like i need to tell i Sat on it for a week i was g i felt Guilty for a week that i didn’t Tell john greenwald and then before i Did i called her brother i was like hey I think i’m going to tell greenwald and He’s like he’s like i agree with you i Think you should do that Um and and i felt like the only person i Knew on that list in a way that i knew He would be able to keep it confident [ __ ] call manny to tell him about This list like he would have told Everybody I would you would have told everybody Rich any one of you guys would have been Like are you kidding me a secret list

Like what i have so many secrets i don’t I wasn’t surprised I’m just i’m just saying out of here Out of the people That was the person i Uh uh i’ll die on the john greenwald Hill I got no issue with that because john Greenwald does everything by the book And and the knock on him You know from from these guys is well he Doesn’t really you know foia only Reveals so much and i agree foil only Does reveal so much and we need to help Strengthen foia that’s one of our one of Our our um initiatives for the new phone Like strengthening foia being able to Give people like john greenwald more of More room to do the [ __ ] that he does Because it’s valuable yeah I’m tired of relying on the government i Would do a lot of good work Does amazing work and i’m not Discrediting the point is on his part of Course he’s doing everything he can i Just meant On the government side but that’s that’s Not on greenwald or anybody else who Submits foias but you know we still have Mad respect for greenwald of course no Well that’s what i have i have i and i Think i showed that I’ve got loyalty to greenville for sure Like right but we can see that you guys

Have got a good like relationship for Sure well but but also realize that [ __ ] man i got skin in this game For two years i’ve been organizing Like you have no idea the work i do Behind the scenes to get those big phone Homes together and it wasn’t to build my Channel i could give a [ __ ] like i could Go make another channel talk about a Million other things and it would still Kick ass because i’m bringing a lot of Out of my of my acting experience to This I try to do good production levels i try To sound good we try to look good we try To [ __ ] we try to be fun and Accessible to everyone And that’s all we’re trying to do but You know we take the topic as seriously As we possibly can but we try not to Take ourselves too seriously and i think Well that’s where a lot of us lose this [ __ ] is we take ourselves too seriously We think that we know more we think that We our experience counts or is more Valid than yours for some reason like All of that [ __ ] you got to put to The side Like i i i’ve got a personal story i Unless somebody asks me i try not to Talk about it because i can’t use it as Proof It’s not proof it’s a story for me you Know can i go make a little film about

It hell yeah i’m gonna i’m working on That right now you know but like You know outside of that you know i’m Just gonna try and do everything within My power To Hopefully get this conversation where we All want it where we’re talking about The craft we’re talking about what’s Inside we’re talking about where they Come from how long they’ve been here you Know who operates them Why are they here there’s a trillion Questions um That i want to get to just as badly as Everyone else But i’m just looking at the tools that Are in front of me i could sit here and Complain and talk about how nothing’s Been done You know like rich said you want to Change the score get in the [ __ ] game Get in the game and that’s all i’m Trying to tell people is get in the [ __ ] game and when i look at louis Lozando it was like coach put me in the [ __ ] game i got your back i’ll get The touchdown like that’s what i was Thinking and that’s my mindset when i Was talking to him i’m not his tool You know even though that’s the [ __ ] Phrase i used but i would say you did Say that no i did say that but you know Like i look at myself as a tool on the

Tool belt it’s like oh [ __ ] we need to Get congressman to talk about this let Me hit a blue and see if he can organize A whole bunch of people to hit up Representative so-and-so like because i Built the infrastructure to do it we Could do it and we do it all the time You know so yes i consider i’m not this Song ain’t about me dude i’m not gonna Bring disclosure Like i’m the janitor at the end of the Party sweeping up the [ __ ] confetti With a huge smile on his face just to Just because i was there when it Happened it’s like you ever say to Yourself [ __ ] man i wish i could have Gone to woodstock This is woodstock right now and we’re Bitching that we jimmy hendrix hasn’t Come on the [ __ ] stage yet you’re Like it’s like dude chill out jimmy’s Gonna play and if he doesn’t it’s still [ __ ] wood How many woodstocks do we have to go Through before we get anywhere but the Last time there was a woodstock rich Here’s the last time there was a Woodstock was 50 years ago No they had woodstock too in the 90s Yeah but I know I know You know what i mean You know you remind me of me when i

First started here about 18 years ago i Was Exact same way i wanted to help and get Out there and i started talking to Everybody and i want you know i didn’t Know anything at the time but then i Started after like several months Nobody questioned anything nobody did Any research people were lying and That’s what i feel like you’re going to Find out very shortly here in the next Week is that all this for what And you’re doing all this hard work and Good work and nobody’s saying you’re not Uh but i think you might be disappointed When it comes down to i’m not going to Be disappointed rich i hope not i’m too Far gone maybe but maybe you won’t Here’s why i’m not going to be Disappointed because i’m managing my Expectations i know exactly i have a Very good feeling of what’s going to Come out of this meeting and it’s not Going to be anything if you thought that The the odni report was a dud which You’ve said i didn’t think it was a dud I think i thought we got a lot of cool Stuff out of that number one being There’s another folder that there is a Folder that our government is putting This under there’s always another folder And always a better video i understand That dude but to see it in a report That’s new well that’s new

You know and that’s all i’m saying is Let’s see That’s it that’s all i’m saying and but Almost are saying Don’t just say let’s see Get involved get active and then let’s Play let’s see in 10 years because look At 10 like i Speaking brian sprague asked me to To add to that um That tribute to stan freeman and i was So busy with this [ __ ] that i didn’t Have time to contribute to that and i Really wanted to Um and in doing so i was doing research Looking at stan friedman stuff And i’m sitting here watching him on a Talk show and literally All the things that are coming out of His mouth it’s coming out of my mouth You know like to say that i don’t have Those moments of dejection Would not be honest of me i have those Moments all the time where i’m like just Like you rich where i’m like this is all [ __ ] [ __ ] i’m [ __ ] angry why Are they doing this i think the exact Same things you do josh i think the Exact same things you do rich and ollie Like this [ __ ] frustrates me some days And some days i feel like i’m wasting my [ __ ] time but i’m not going to say You know what i’m saying because i just Become then i just become the [ __ ]

Angry guy that’s what rich does that’s What me and art must have started to do A lot more is speak our minds and yeah Sometimes we have to be frustrated will Swear and you know we’ll get frustrated With certain people but that’s normal And it’s it’s it and it’s okay for us to Vent our frustrations completely normal It’s absolutely it’s absolutely normal But what i would suggest to you If you want growth and you don’t want This [ __ ] subject to drive you nuts Vent that [ __ ] off air Do it off get it out of your system You know [ __ ] if we ever get to a point rich Where something’s pissing you off i Would love for you to call me and be Like [ __ ] rant to me Now go do your show do your show calm And getting the rant out again this is a Suggestion i’m not telling you what to Do do whatever you want i’m just saying When people walk away with the with the Perception of [ __ ] that’s just an angry [ __ ] and why is he you’re doing It but Why is he angry My audience is like i’m angry too But mike you want your audience to grow It’s not that i don’t want your audience To get upset or angry you know but what I’m saying is you know if you want to be Able to galvanize that audience into

Changing things You have to inspire them You want to stay your audience away from Danger you know like investing tons of Money in companies that don’t work you Know absolutely absolutely but i also Wanted to keep my audience away from Some people I want to steer my audience away from People who support stephen greer you Know because he’s a fraud like he’s he Like i’m not taking anything away but Also a lot of people who say the same Thing about louis though sure People thousands of people You say your piece and you move on and What i’m also saying is that louis Lozando has just as much influence as to What’s happening right now with public Hearings as as uh as steven greer none Of them Are going to influence what’s going to Happen on capitol hill right now it’s Out of their hands it’s in lawmakers Hands now and if lawmakers in four years Come back to us and they say yeah this Is all [ __ ] Which is all [ __ ] then i’m gonna Have to Say okay Like this is all [ __ ] and then now What are we gonna talk about why is it [ __ ] are they using it to cover up Tech that we figured out because that’s

Still a really interesting story if this Turns out to be just a ploy to cover us Tech like That’s still a really great story um if If our community One thing that’s been crossing my mind a Lot is that This whole louis lozando thing one of The things one of the motivations i Think Of why These things are happening from him are Happening is i don’t part of me thinks i Don’t know if this was for ufos more as It was for Legitimately late making lawmakers aware Of a drone problem a terrorist issue That we can have with smart drones And let me tell you if this community is Responsible for making laws that Prevented a terrorist attack with the Drone swarm I’m [ __ ] good with that Are you Of course of course like we look lou Like we’ve said from day one the only Thing you want is the truth i don’t care What truth it is or who delivers them But what i’m saying is let’s let’s say That let’s say let’s say the latter Scenario is the truth let’s just For a second You mean the truth The drone issue right making lawmakers

Aware of a drone issue and and using the Ufo community to get people idiots like Me to do a big phone home okay like Let’s say i was used on that level I’m telling you i’m okay with them lying To me if them lying to me prevented a Terrorist attack Got it yeah yeah okay like that’s what I’m saying like am i okay right now as We see the facts today no man i want the Answers just like you do but screaming At the top of their lungs and calling People fat And and You’re saying like i just get on my show And that’s all i do is swear words and Everything there’s context in there i Understand there’s context in there and We’ll talk about the context which trust Me yeah i think When i say things like that okay it’s a Perception Okay it’s not the human it’s not you Because i think we’ve i think we’ve Established that You have flaws right but you have Acknowledged those flaws you know what They are And and We’re just we’re humanizing this and i Appreciate that from you and i can see That you’re not the things that i Perceive But that’s what i want other people to

See too that have the wrong perception Of you because if you think i haven’t Thought about having you on my show You’re wrong Like i could never once I get a kick out of you sometimes like Legitimate [ __ ] giggles come out of My body when i watch your show But then when i see you go to those Places i [ __ ] just slap my head and i Go why And my girlfriend does the same thing She’s like why does he do this And i go i don’t you know because he Feels justified in doing so because he’s Angry because he’s seen 18 years of this [ __ ] and he thinks this is all [ __ ] And he doesn’t give a [ __ ] anymore that Is clear yeah clear his day But i do give a [ __ ] A few weeks ago you had mentioned Something about Quitting and i’m like it’s the best Thing you could [ __ ] do that’s how a Lot of people feel though lou i mean There’s lots of people who feel exactly Like rich does that’s why we tuned into The show You don’t think i don’t feel that way I know but so so what so why is it so Why are you so concerned what rich does On his show i don’t get it i’m not Concerned about what rich does on his Show i want rich to succeed that’s why

I’m giving him the notes Well your definition of success versus Mine i think are way different Well i i don’t know i mean rich like Never has a guest on and not saying i Understand that guys I’m telling you he’s could be better Than what he is right now he could have Done this Hold on Hold on hold on hold on don’t you think I know that i could be doing way better With another act or another changing who I am but i can’t I can’t And i’ve tried it But that’s That’s where i think you’re wrong you Don’t have to change anything You’re telling me i need to no i’m Saying rich stays the same as he is just Leave leave the stuff you know you need To leave out of this discussion out of It like that’s what i i mean Rich and i say i see [ __ ] talent There i see something that could be Really [ __ ] big and help influence These teams and that i’d love to see Grow so if you cared so much why didn’t You reach out all this time and say hey Man you know i think you might want to Listen to what i have to say i have Something you want You were insulting my friends why would

I do that Again my perception Is based off of what i’ve seen And that’s what i’m trying to get to you And my perception is based off what i See I i understand you know I mean i understand what you’re saying i Know my road is harder than it needs to Be but this is the road i’m choosing And i don’t need to be on tv i don’t Need people to accept me i don’t need to Be loved by everybody i don’t i don’t Need any of those things either i’m Telling you As one human to another i would like to Get to know this human more but i can’t [ __ ] with you because in my opinion You’ve you’ve insulted my sensibilities Me Me Everybody else has their own Sensibilities and i’m not trying to be The arbiter of [ __ ] Like i’m not He keeps [ __ ] snickering you get Snicker all you want dude i’m not trying To harbor [ __ ] i’m saying do whatever You want just know there’s consequences To what you do I know but you’re saying i would be more Successful i would grow more what makes You think i want that because i talk About it on the show i don’t know if you

Want to i’m just saying i me i would Like to see you more successful I would like to see goof on be a place That That i could share But it is a place i got it i hear you Yeah no i got the same thing from third Phase yeah i know third phase told me The same thing exactly okay so i’m not Being an [ __ ] here i’m just giving You my criticism okay i know that’s it That’s it and how it affects me but [ __ ] Dude like this is not a knock on your Fans i know why your fans like your show But what i’m saying is i’m looking at Your fans i’m going [ __ ] you i i think He he could be bigger he could do better Okay so and i’m sorry for thinking that No It’s okay i just think it’s it’s an Interesting perception um one that i’ve Heard before of course Um But uh i forgot what i was gonna say [ __ ] it’s all right it’ll come back but Now i appreciate the insight but it Feels like You want me to follow a certain thing That everybody can enjoy and I don’t know what you want from me to Leave i don’t want it when i talk about Other people i don’t i don’t what i want Is i’d love to establish a again a Relationship with you but my problem is

And this is what i’m telling you is that My perception of you and the things that I’ve seen I hesitant on being friends with you Because i i don’t agree with the [ __ ] That comes out of your mouth yeah and to Turn around and say that that’s to be Trying to tell you how to do your show Or what i think you should do No you know that’s what it sounds like I’m sure i’m i’m giving you again i’m Like Playing producer here like i’m just Putting on my producer hat and i’m Saying hey like i i look at you and i Think you’re one of the more talented People that is That you cat like i watch other shows i They don’t catch my eye like yours does And from a producer perspective i’m just Like [ __ ] dude i wish I wish he could channel this anger in Different ways i’m not saying don’t be Angry i’m just saying Don’t ins you know like like artemis Said like we can’t start the Conversation on insulting people and That’s that’s all i’m saying dude like i Again i want to be friends with you but Because you’ve said the things you’ve Said about people that i care about i’m Insanely hesitant to do so yeah yeah That’s all i’m trying to get you to Understand and i don’t know which hates

Me he keeps popping in i don’t know what The hell is going on with him but like You know i’m i’m i’m not i’m My parents are [ __ ] cuban defectors They were forced at gunpoint off of Their land freedom of speech is Something that i hold incredibly [ __ ] Dear to me but people always throw Around freedom of speech as if there’s No [ __ ] there’s no response to it There’s always a response to your Freedom of speech i would say absolutely Without making people uncomfortable There wouldn’t be conversations I i would say i mean looking at here i Mean You know it takes people a while to get You’ve been going what’s your channel I’m on your channel it says join 2011 And you’ve got 10 000 subscribers okay 10 and a half k Richard started goof on goof on started With 2017. In 2019 i started he’s not rich is not Doing he’s too he’s 2k behind you No i I opened a youtube account in 2011. i Didn’t start i didn’t start the show Until two years ago Oh right you’re only six months ahead of Me with all those liu appearances and All the other great guests I’ve done very well But but who’s

I’ve got more subs than you you’ve got Some muscles You know you know at the end of the day Channels are channels it’s not it’s not All of the voices it’s not about the Subs i’m i’m giving you why i want to be Friends with rich and why i can’t be Friends with rich and then i’m giving You why i would love to see rich do more Than what he’s doing now because i think It’s i even no matter how much you love His show It’s very difficult to copy and paste And share that link With people outside of this conversation There is so much stuff you could share In two hours every night that’s Ridiculous There’s a lot of times where i talk and I don’t there’s shows where i don’t cut Anybody down more than nothing no dude I’m not saying It’s very rare that i do But but my my thing is though is i can’t Share your show with friends outside of This topic because i know eventually oh You’re gonna come across a show yeah Where you say the thing that they’re Like why the [ __ ] did you share this With me this guy This guy is crazy you know and you would Say well you don’t know him No no I don’t want to know him

Right And then then there’s that awkward Conversation yeah this is all this is All like like i get it you know like to Sit here and say like i don’t care about Freedom of speech dude like if i didn’t I would have striked manny’s manny’s Video for taking clips out of my show i Didn’t do that because i knew Immediately immediately it was fair use Immediately making the money He didn’t disappear he he was driving And uh yeah That’s fine he’s We’re gonna have to do a face to face me And manny not that’s not a physical Threat let’s just like i think i don’t Think this will this will work out over A [ __ ] over a a zoom chat need a Proper like talk yes Yes He’s speaking of driving i’m driving at Six in the morning so i i we’ve been Going three hours guys um well By all means carry this over onto a Different show uh but lou i wanna i Wanna thank you first of all For for coming on and uh you know Addressing things um I don’t know how much work we got done But we have the conversation I think that’s what counts I mean It was it was six on one for most of the

Discussion but i wasn’t i’m not afraid Of it i’m not afraid of discussion i’m Not afraid of the questions because i Stand on truth i’m standing on on Honesty i’m not afraid to answer the Questions however you ask them Um you know i can only i could that’s All i could do um no i i listen i i Appreciate you coming on No problem Welcome on at any time it would be nice For you to bring the team on at one Point get them to share their views i Mean yeah for sure maybe one day we can Make that happen you know i i we went Down to one week of show Or one show a week and uh and this last Week’s been crazy and so i’ve asked them To do three shows this week three shows Next week So yeah we’ll do it i’m just you know i Don’t want to burn them out they’ve been Doing three shows a week for the last Almost two years and They’ve worked their asses off and Nobody gets nobody makes money off this Channel but me just because it’s one of My own two sources of income You know People appreciate the show mate Keep on keep on going keep on going keep Asking the questions Uh Rich rich giant n um thank you for

Coming on as always i’m glad that you’ve You’ve popped up on twitter so and the Link is in the description people um Rich um will Deliver disclosure himself I know this in secret So just watch that spot Josh and artemis uh is it sunday Yeah that we’re coming yeah that you’re Coming on our show sunday four p.m Eastern nine Uh uk yeah and all and all you guys on The panel too if you want to jump on You’re more than welcome um Yeah yeah i don’t remember if i did Email you rich and What was it like two weeks ago when you Couldn’t Yeah yeah i couldn’t make it i couldn’t Make it and uh it might be difficult on This coming sunday but i’ll try uh my Daughter’s in hospital so oh yeah i’m Sorry she’s okay Um but yeah Goofy I got a show coming up in about an hour And a half 9 30 i moved it too but i Don’t know if i’m gonna do it we’ll see How i feel um but uh it was nice uh Talking to you lou yeah it was nice Talking to you man and and like i said You know uh i don’t know who blocked you On the chat from the show where i’ve got Moderator so i didn’t know that happened

So i’ll just make sure next show you Know i don’t want to limit anybody’s Speech in my chat i didn’t know about That until i watched your show that’s Okay yeah so you know just fyi on that But you’re you’re more than welcome to Reach out to me on twitter you know and Again if we want to sit down and have a Private one-on-one and i’ll show you What i have issues with and and then and Then you tell me if i’m being an [ __ ] You know you can tell me if i’m being a Dick and if i am hey man i’ll publicly Apologize to you i got no issues with That no You know and and rich end i hope i Didn’t rub you the wrong way which Certainly was not my intention you know That’s all right you get used to me i Feel like you think i’m some Left-leaning liberal [ __ ] californian Surfer [ __ ] but [Laughter] You know i’m not man i’m not i’m very Much an independent thinker i used to be A hardcore um Uh um Libertarian and i’m very much a Progressive Middle the road liberal and i think That’s what i try to do with my show Just be cool man just be [ __ ] cool Like i don’t i don’t we don’t need to Get into politics and i’m with you man

Like i don’t want to make this a left or Right thing or social warrior thing I have i i have i have antenna for both Sides of this but you you just tweaked One side of it no i know i did and That’s why i’m addressing it you know i Don’t want you to think that of me Nipple like i i want i want I want people to yeah i want people to Think however they want you know but i Can tell you i enjoyed the conversation When you guys were talking about steven Grier after they left this even greer Retreat or whatever it was and all of You guys were like that sounds like a [ __ ] call Yeah And i just i was like why didn’t anybody Ask this like [ __ ] four minutes ago When they were on You know I was absolutely dumb Right it was right Yeah but that’s you understand like when You see an interview with lou elizondo Or if you see me do something like you Can kind of put yourself in that shoes For that moment you could go okay Okay that’s what it must have somewhat Been like you know and it’s the same [ __ ] dude like Nobody wants to insult anybody nobody Wants to ask Uncomfortable questions but sometimes we

Need to have uncomfortable conversations To to to have moments like this I think it could be a starting point i Think this could be a starting point to Build bridges for this community for Sure i mean i mean we don’t really have Any beef of you lou to be honest yeah um Like we’re completely fine with with you But um but i you know i think it’s great That you’ve come on and you’re speaking To to rich especially um I think it’s important because you guys Represent two big parts of the community Um two sides really two sides of the Topic um And i think it’s great that you can talk And like you’ve said you’re gonna talk Behind the scenes and try to try to like Address some more concerns and I think that’s great so Isn’t it is that one of the blake Cousins that have Done yeah Klingon blade i We haven’t seen klingon in a while He space blake’s face like moments like This where i’m like these guys are [ __ ] funny like these guys are funny But god damn it like you make it hard For me to love you You know and it’s just it’s honestly Even comfortable That’s his favorite You know i want to that’s the thing i

Want to you know I want to thank everybody And you know Just we all need to speak more and that Goes that it goes for everybody And if i’ve got one piece of advice Fesler if you’re watching this right now Stop making every single person in your Chat a moderator and let people speak Because Great point yeah you know Together To give everybody achieve small you know I got A oh man that’s what i didn’t buy him on But never mind yeah he’ll never come on He’s never come on no he’s he’s a broken Record of uh Just terrible philosophies uh he doesn’t Even know what satire means but that’s a Whole nother thing um But yeah hey Any time My my lines of communication are open For anybody here uh feel free to reach Out and um and if yeah if you have any Other questions that you want to bring Me back for No problem uh at answering them as best They can Thank you Appreciate coming up Later guys later later I gotta go man i’m about to throw up all

Over myself Otherwise i die early in the morning Probably a road accident I’ll fall asleep thanks for having me on Good i’ll see you guys maybe in an hour Or so yeah Good night mate good night uh Thank you so much for joining us boys And girls Welcome boys Having us Lady ladies And gentlemen we haven’t been sexist at You hopefully no no Greatly offended It’ll take more than that it’s all right But in texas my wife watches my shows Back to from To check upon me you know see What i’m doing who i’m speaking to Well you did mention she was gay so i’ll Hit her up later so it’s all good Yeah my my youngest daughter tells me Off if i’m if i’m bad on these vids How old your daughter Uh my young one’s 13. Oh my old one’s 16. Oh wow nice Huh i don’t want to think of my kids That old I have like a three and a half year old Really oh it goes it goes in a blinding Flash and then all of a sudden they’re Looking at you going i hate you

Oh yeah i mean i can see that especially With my older one she’s like part ginger You’re embarrassing me dad I’m gonna quickly drop you guys down and Say good night to the audience and then I’ll i’ll i’ll pop on for just for two Seconds before i hit the sack uh I’m going to say goodnight to everybody So josh and artemis i will see you both Sunday sunday we have a show tomorrow You won’t see me for that no i know i May be in the chat Good yeah If you’re awake you could be like one Night open what time is it uk time 8 p.m Eastern so 1am one day all the time i Guess Oh maybe maybe maybe it depends depends How much coffee i have before bed Sure yeah yeah but either way we’ll see You soon it may happen and rich Thank you as always remember people Rich northwood twitter in the Description the guy will deliver Disclosure you will it’s coming yeah bob Lazar Brian cox watch this space rich and You’re like ryan parks now Anyway better better Better than coxy definitely Thank you so much everybody for joining Us tonight It has been a blessing having everybody In the chat um

Everybody thinks i’m a little bit of a Drama queen Yes i am that is why i invited fessler As well because i thought that would you Know i would just oh my nipples would Have been My nipples would be i’d have grown a Third nipple um But In in all In all honesty I i do think these things need to happen These conversations need to happen with Channels come together because if you Remember Back in the day before youtube A little farm room four rooms where People used to speak about aliens ufos And what have you We all got along And it’s kind of It’s become a very [ __ ] place But saying that there wouldn’t be an Alien addict without a [ __ ] place And it’s but I the the double d In the addict that’s for double the Drama Um but i appreciate every single body in The chat um Like share subscribe make sure you Subscribe as well Just to piss rich off because his Channel overtook mine in subscribers and

I need to now overtake him uh also if You wanna i’ve gone blurred uh if you Wanna support the channel uh a little Bit more You can you can you can do what uh Jeremy corbell and bob lazar did and go Get yourself a little t-shirt um get Yourself uh there’s many designs there Just just help yourself well don’t hurt Yourself because they’re not free i do Charge for them um I i don’t know if it’s a reasonable Price it’s just what the website charges But I drew them myself I like the end of x-files says I made this So go check them out And If you want to support the channel a Little bit extra You could become a patreon Where you you’ll see Me naked Good night god bless folks mind the Books though bye i’m alienating Good night i’m off to bed i’m tired now It’s very late Bye-bye