We Felt Surrounded~ Couldn’t Even Get Out Of The Car!

By | May 13, 2022
We Felt Surrounded~ Couldn't Even Get Out Of The Car!

Hello everyone this is patty and i’m Here with my good friend cece And we are at a very creepy cemetery not Far from her house we’re we’re so Creeped out we don’t even want to get Out of the car I mean it’s it’s a small little cemetery It’s called the bethlehem cemetery Um It’s it’s tucked back in some woods um We had to take a long Creepy looking um dirt road to even get To it But um i don’t know and there’s a lot of Trees hanging around we’re worried about Spiders we’re gonna try to do the best We can Um there’s people that live across the Street There’s people that live across the Street um So We don’t want to um you know stir up any Problems of course but You know she wanted to show me this Cemetery and we’re here now If you see this video then i guess that Means we got out of the call I don’t know This place is so weird [Laughter]

My neighbor just kind of drove me over Here one night and was like just pointed At it and they were like I just thought y’all might want to know Where that is Okay Well You can only see a little now i’ve Turned around and i’m facing the way out Which is right Right there Uh So see all the trees and it’s growing Overnight i know I know you know i ain’t crawling Underneath i know And let me see that flashlight oh never Mind it’s in my lap So let me just give you an idea oh okay It’s not very well taken care of either As you can tell There’s tree limbs all over the place And uh How long have been since they’ve noticed Yeah it doesn’t even look like it’s been Mowed or anything But i mean we might Get the nerve up to get out Here and just oh [ __ ] here in just a Minute um did you hear that What was it Did you hear That No

Let me turn the air down Are you serious Is there somebody out here Hello Up That was no damn bird It was an actual whistle it sounded like Hmm There might be somebody hanging around Out here I don’t know Hello Is there someone here Yeah definitely take some pictures Right over there Okay cece’s taking some pictures over There on the other side they’re all Blurry are they Oh Yes they are i don’t understand My thing’s clean I just heard movement Maybe i should turn back around facing The other way but i just wanted to pull It in this way in case we have to leave Real quick Because i got the creeps as soon as we Pulled in here the hair was standing on The back of my neck Another blurry one yeah Oh wow but when i look through it on Here it looks clear See look Yeah

It looks clear But then when she takes the picture it Comes out fuzzy What the heck i don’t know that’s that’s Freaking strange all three of them That is so weird Hello Is there any living people out here [Laughter] We don’t mind talking to the dead we’re Just worried about the living It’s [ __ ] weird I even try to turn the video on and it Goes blurry really yeah That is so weird Okay that was [ __ ] weird cece my Camera just shut completely off The sound of it shutting off startled me So i that’s why i jumped back over here By you It just shut completely off Oh my god i was about right here when it Shut off That was really weird Of course spirit activity can definitely Make A camera shut off like that Oh What the hell is that I don’t know I don’t know i just heard something What’d you hear i don’t know but it Sounded like a footstep Like a footstep and my camera just got

Real blurry Okay i’m gonna roll the window up real Quick cause the bugs are attacking me oh [ __ ] look at all the bugs in here get Out Get out [ __ ] All right Okay i moved to a different spot and i’m Facing well there’s the outs The end That’s the way you get out but i turned The vehicle around so now we’re facing This way And i’ve got my um backup i’ve got it in Reverse So that way um if something were to move Up behind us we can we can see it We’ll hear it Oh What the heck What is that it looks like there’s eyes Or something it does look like eyes There’s nothing there when you look over There The backup camera Just beeped I don’t see anything back there but it Just beeped I mean it could have been a moth maybe Maybe some bugs missed that it off i Don’t know but it that’s happened to me Before i’ve filmed before where i’ve Used my backup camera and it would it Kept going off

It’s happened a few times I just can’t forget that if i have to Haul ass to put it in drive [Laughter] Oh I just saw a giant [ __ ] rat on that Tree i think it was a rat a giant rat on That oak that well i don’t know Oops yeah right there A giant rat A whole ass rat it’s a big one not just Half no it was a whole ass rat and these Bugs are all up in here now [ __ ] Look there it goes again What It was a big ass rat you should have Seen the size of that [ __ ] rat sorry I had a funny visual of a rat calling in The window oh my goodness that’s stuck In here oh are these bugs look at them Look at these [ __ ] man Oh [ __ ] get that yeah No there’s not there’s nothing back There I’m going to turn this on i’m going to Turn on the ghost hunting tool yeah let Me do that And we will watch the backup camera So we’re new to this cemetery are there Some spirits here with us Ocean That’s kind of far from here

Keeps detecting something right there Oh i’m glad that bill what was that did You hear something i deserved something Yeah it sounded like something like Touched the car It sounded like something on the top Yeah run across the top of the car It says so sorry did you touch the car Are you guys around the car did you Touch the car Hurry Says hurry Hurry and what Should we hurry up and get out of here Has it been a while since someone has Come to visit you Says remain Remain Is this where you remain I guess i thought i could pop that up on The window oh yeah but it wouldn’t Stay yeah so that knocking was me okay Brave and roll the window down again Is there any spirits out here with us Tonight If so can you get behind my vehicle Go behind my vehicle Bring this out of the window a little Bit here So the bugs don’t keep coming inside the Car We could come back here tomorrow during The day before you go home yeah we could

Yeah still creepy in here during the day But it’s way creepy in here at night Yeah i can see that I yeah to get out and walk around but I don’t know i i would kind of like to See what it’s like in the daytime first I mean because there could be snakes out Here Just curled up you know just want to Make sure i don’t see any bones i know Me too One time i was a long time ago i was at A grave at night And i just had a really really bad Feeling about going In this one area where i was kind of Drawn there but when i got close i just Had a really horrible feeling so i Didn’t go over there Well the next day we went back to that Same cemetery and i’ll be damned if i Didn’t see a pygmy rattlesnake curled up On that same tombstone where i was Headed Now what if i went over there and you Know Those things are deadly they can be Deadly is that your name The name cameron just came through Cameron okay is there a camera in here My head’s itching oh my god Sleep sleep Are we interrupting your sleep I’m hoping we pick up something on

Camera i just never know We watch it back you know Think we should definitely come back Here in the morning All alone All alone alone alone oh okay Look at those Bugs there’s a side the bugs are the Mobs are the size of [ __ ] bats So i turned the camera off for a few Minutes oh Sorry look no it’s that’s looking look How it’s looking oh it stopped now that Was weird Okay so we’ve been sitting here for a Few minutes and the backup camera has Not beeped at all it’s probably been About 10 minutes since it beeped It did beep a couple of times so um i Feel like maybe there was something back There or it could have been the bug Setting it off i don’t know I don’t know if bugs can set off a Backup camera or not if you know tell me In the comments But i’ve been waiting for it to happen Again and i haven’t moved and it’s not Happened again Can you get behind my vehicle again I’m not walking around this place till i Come out here during the day Yeah we’re gonna go ahead and come back Tomorrow before i head back home and uh So i will add the daytime footage to

This footage that way we can get a Better look around and You know See what it see what it’s like here During the day and then maybe in the Future we’ll come back at night maybe Bring another person with us or Something Six eyes are better than four [Laughter] So uh that’s probably what we’ll do and I’ll add that footage to this I told you um this place is as creepy as That one place we went down there with The soldiers yeah It definitely is where you made me open The damn gates I know My god you had the creeps just getting Out of the car and opening the gates i Know I keep hoping that something will move In front of us other than a rat I don’t know if i caught that on camera Or not I didn’t see it It was a big ass rat just I guess it was a rat i mean it looked Like a rat maybe it was a squirrel But it looked more like a rat really out I mean it could be a possum or it could Be an armadillo yeah um if you’re Talking that kind of size yeah Hmm what was that the [ __ ] was it what

Was that i don’t know do you heard that It sounded like this it did Oh my god i don’t know i hope your Camera picked that up Like something to it it’s like somebody Took their fingernails and tapped on a Car I mean on the car not on a car I get nervous i can’t talk right This place has got my nerves on edge I’m just waiting for some creepy dude to Come crawling up out of the woods by Ourselves i know we find the really Creepy place i know it is yeah Well i’m waiting for that to go off Again and it hasn’t went off in a while Let me back up a little more that’s me I’m sorry i’m sorry i should have warned You Just going to back up a little more Let’s see what happens that just scared Me See nothing But i like to leave it on when i’m Sitting in places like this you know Leave it in reverse just because that Way if something does creep up behind You someone i should say We’re gonna know about it More than likely unless they come up the Side Well you want to just come back Tomorrow mean yeah i mean I want to come back

But i want to check the place out first I don’t know how far back it goes We’re in the middle like behind all These wooded areas I just i don’t feel like When you can’t see is when you want to Explore what the [ __ ] is that what do You see There’s something in that tree Really oh [ __ ] where’s my flashlight Hold on oh you got it okay sorry Well Oh there’s the backup Where’s the button oh [ __ ] Oh okay it’s some sort of a bloom okay Oh okay Oh yeah you see what i was looking at Okay i thought something was freaking Looking at me It’s just a big white bloom Okay well we’re gonna go ahead and go And we will come back tomorrow and You’ll see that footage at the end of This video Okay we are back in the daytime now it’s The next day Um so now we can get a better look at This Is where we were last night

And what i did last night is i had Pulled in because it was so dark i Pulled in and kind of Turned like this and then backed in Which i don’t need to do that today i’m I can we can see everything Wow I do see graves way back there yeah Okay so we’re gonna get out and walk Around okay so we are out of the car now And looking around This is a mary strotter Born in 1885 and died in 1922. She’s been here a very long time Wow that was before my parents were even Born [Applause] So this cemetery is definitely very old I can’t really read that one that well It’s a mini gassy Born in 1889 and died in 1960 A year before i was born Oh wow Really Born in 33 oh wow Died in 2020 this one here Is that a woman Her name’s juanita juanita okay So she was probably buried next to her Um husband maybe husband mother father Yeah i can’t read that name She was born in 33 I wonder if she died of covid

So she was born in 33 when was that one Born It could it be two Or thirty two Could be brother or sister Think or a husband yeah 1932 oh yes You’re right yeah Probably husband yeah you’re right Wow Just watch for snakes now it oh it’s so Hot it really is Extremely hot we definitely got to watch Out for little snakes here because With all these woods and this time of The year And i didn’t i mine are in the car i’ve Got my damn tennis shoes on right now I’ll go first Okay So 1916. Don’t forget the name cameron came Through last night cameron m-r-y-n okay So we’re going to see if we see a grave With cameron on it That was the only name No way i was all cracking back here last Night no i’m glad we didn’t get out last Night this is This it was I didn’t have words [Applause] [ __ ] 1902 i can’t read the middle one

This guy over here died this is probably The daughter That was 49 [Applause] Died in 2017. Same year mike did In fact tomorrow will be five years that Mike died I’ll be going to his grave tomorrow That’ll be a different video [Applause] [Applause] No they don’t They definitely don’t Yep It looks pretty um Hard to read Oh i feel like little bugs biting me Back here Yeah You don’t feel anything It is a breeze Definitely a breeze Wow I wonder if there’s any more back in the Woods I ain’t going back there to see just Like that one in the front i think that Something’s sitting off by itself that’s All grown over i think so yeah i think You’re right what Freaking fun [Laughter]

[Applause] Wow look at these us Army 1924 2012 Daniel boone That was his name That’s that’s not the daniel boone is it From 1923 to 1987. Huh I don’t know what If he died in the war We’d have to look it up i don’t know Oh my god let’s look that up Want to look up where’s daniel boone Buried All right got my little seat out Sitting down I’m gonna set up the rim pod and see if We can get any uh bites off of it Okay i put the rim pod right there kind Of in the middle here Of all the graves and um Let’s just see if we get any bites from It Hello there spirits of the bethlehem Cemetery We were here last night my name is patty This is cece we we come in peace no Disrespect we just would like to know if Any of you See us and hear us and Could come communicate with us Is anyone here If so you can make this device right

There i’m pointing at it make it go off If you get close to it it will beep And light up Can you do that for us if you’re here We got kind of creeped out here last Night so we didn’t stay long But we decided to come back today and See if there’s any spirits kind of Hanging around here Or if you can see us here Maybe come talk to us Can you get close to that device right There on the tombstone It says rempot on it Come on is anybody here Are we here all alone There’s a dog in the background just Going crazy You guys want to come tell us your story We’d like to hear from daniel daniel Boone yeah Tell us a little bit about your lives I can turn on a device that um you can Actually talk to us through would you Like me to do that She’s getting the name marjorie I’m almost getting like a I don’t know if it’s gray hair or blonde Hair older maybe late 50s okay Well i’m gonna go ahead and turn this Device on anyway Just to see if you guys can Talk to me through here So

Get close to me if you want to and um Come communicate with me through this Device please tell me your names and Whatever you want to tell me really Hello Hi I see some of you recently Okay so my battery just died and it Really wasn’t I hadn’t used it that long i mean i Don’t know 20 minutes yeah So it completely died so there’s got to Be something draining The battery That’s unusual for it to die that Quickly All right we’re gonna Gonna continue You drained my battery Let’s say we know I don’t know Come and tell us your names and Um Maybe how old you were How you died Stuff like that What What I think All the time Did you live around here [Laughter]

Oh wow So can you tell me what Town we’re in right now can you guys say It for me I think it might have I think it’s said live oak Do you still have family around here My mom I heard a very low my mom It’s weird how it keeps trying to cut Out Florida Yep we’re in florida It’s a beautiful tree right in front of Me I’d like to have that in my yard It’s really Marjorie can you say what your husband Was in the army or navy I can’t wait to hear that back I did it Hmm Yeah this thing is cutting in and out a Lot i’m gonna have to probably replace This cord Well i went ahead and turned it off and Uh we’ll just kind of sit and listen i Guess we’re probably not gonna get too Much here it doesn’t look like but i was Hoping to at least get some spikes on That meter though gosh you want to move It somewhere else what do you think i

Can Yeah i mean it’s worth a try i guess If it ain’t gonna go off there it might Not go up anywhere i don’t know maybe on Top of daniel boone’s uh Yeah She’s gonna put it on top of daniel Boone’s tombstone Oh Stink bug Can you go over there and touch that Meter It would make us very happy Just get close to it Come on you can do it No i see that bug flying around I don’t know what the hell it is but it Was big Come on light it up for us Well you guys must definitely be resting In peace and i guess that’s a good thing It’s been many years from a lot of you Since you’ve even been here It’s crazy when you look around and you Think uh these are these were lives These were people that had lives just Like you and I went about their business Had homes children Family Now here they are Now that’s getting out of this alive That’s why you have to live life to the Fullest

Every day And just uh try to be as happy as you Can and enjoy your life No matter what comes your way Because in the end none of it even Matters anymore Can you come talk to us before we leave Say hello at least Touch the meter Do you think you hear something no i’m Getting bus driver you’re getting bus Driver I’m sitting here I don’t think they would have bus Drivers back then yeah I don’t think so i don’t know I’d have to look that up i don’t know It’s showing me a big bust though like Not like a school bus like a big bus Oh okay I mean it’s possible because some of the People out here were born and died in The in the 1900s You know Yeah I don’t know if it’s the same marjorie Doing Hmm and you don’t see a grave with Margaery on it there’s so many you can’t Read i know There really is you can’t read them There’s nothing on them So it’s very possible that there is a Marjorie here

We could probably pull up the cemetery And look at the list of who all’s buried Here and see if there’s a margaery Sometimes you can find things out like That I know before i put the video out i will Try to find out if there’s a margaery Buried out here somewhere You just go on the website and sometimes Some not all the time though i’ve tried To do this before and um it’s been Unsuccessful but you can pull up the Cemetery and sometimes it’ll give you a List of the names of everyone buried There Definitely very peaceful out here during The day It was so creepy here at night So creepy So here’s a newer grave up in the front Area This person died in 2015 but look how Pretty they’ve got it fixed up here He died he he was oh gosh he was almost A hundred It was 98 Wow 98 years old Ted you sure had a nice long life that’s For sure wow This one lived to be 91 look Olly bell Calhoun 1924-1992

Us army Thank you for serving our country Yeah i bet it is I bet it is [Applause] Another cow oh there’s a baby calhoun Yeah me too February 2nd 1939 1870 to 1940. So this person which could be the father Died One year after The child Well That Means from 1870 to 1940 and They were born In 19 i’m thinking grandfather oh you Know what You’re right Yeah you’re right i’m thinking that’s That’s uh Boy He was old Well it’s possible though I think my mother’s father was in his Late 50s when my mother was born I mean i guess it’s possible but yeah You’re right that’s that’s probably what That is Who yeah Well not much to see here I know they just don’t they don’t take Care of this that’s a shame

[Applause] Father and son Oh wow Yep Yes it is look at that these are Beautiful headstones Willie jane stevens and then gregory Stevens Wow So looks like willie the father died in 2008 And the son died in 96. he was born in 1964. Oh wow He would be I think 57 or 58 right now He died at 30 32 years old gregory did He’s with his father now There’s a good chance the mother’s Probably still alive 10 years old oh wow It’s a 10 year old right here I guess some of them are just so hard to Read 1991 This just saddens me when i see it Kept listening i know me too Something keeps drawing me back to this Gregory is that father and son grave i Don’t know i feel it drawing me Let me go back over for a second I don’t know what it is Something

Just keep feeling it Gregory and willie would you guys like To communicate or something Not sure why i feel so drawn back over Here [Applause] Let me uh pull out the rim pod and just See what happens Okay i stuck the rim pod up there i’m Gonna leave it up there for a couple Minutes and see what happens i’m just i Was just drawing back here So it looks like the Uh Son died first so i think i had that Wrong a couple minutes ago so the son Died first And then the father died in 2008. So twelve uh we what twelve year yeah Twelve years later Oh Okay it’s beeping Is that you gregory Get a little closer and it’ll light all The way up Thank you so much gregory And willie Is your mom still alive gregory Can you light it all the way up and let Me know if your mom is still alive I got these bugs I know it And then no seems i’m starting to feel The no seems

Well we’re not going to be able to stay Long we’ll come back in the winter Months when uh it’s a little bit cooler Out there’s no bugs I’m a little more comfortable to come in Here at night now I think i would be too now that i’ve Seen it during the day Yeah walk the whole place right I think i’d be okay with Coming in here at night yeah because Last night a little creepy yeah it is But last night we just didn’t know we Didn’t know what what we were facing you Know All right well thank you so much and we Will come back um another time i Definitely want to come back here when It’s not so hot and the bugs aren’t so Bad Rest in peace Oh Hold up He’s like don’t go anywhere yet you want Us to stay light it up Yeah if you want us to stay light it all The way up gregory Touch the antenna We’ll stay and talk to you if you if you Show us you want us to stay I’ll turn this on for just a couple Minutes [Laughter] Gregory can you come through and say

Your name What about you willie Well i think i just heard willie as i’m Talking Gregory and willie can you come through And say your names Let me know that you see me and hear me [Laughter] I know how hard it must have been for You willie To lose your son The heck just happened Because i lost my son too And now you are you are with your son Against your son is your son again Maybe that’s why i was drawn over here You know Born in 1928 and he died in 2008 and This thing is cutting on and off i’m not Sure what’s going on i’m probably gonna Have to replace my cord I think that’s what it is Uh he was born in 1928 and died in 2008 And then i was thinking the mom might be Still alive yeah she’s probably not Yeah Yeah she’s probably not She could be buried out here somewhere Maybe there just wasn’t enough room over Here or something i don’t know Wow Yeah i just feel i don’t know i’m drawn Here it’s weird next time we come i want To come back here yeah

So what do you think about the daytime i Feel a little more comfortable in here During the day now and i think i’d be Able to come in here at night okay um A little more comfortable i don’t think It would be as creepy because yeah like I didn’t spend any time the other day When i found this place But now that we’ve kind of spent time Here during the day I’d come back i agree yep Definitely All right well thank you so much for Watching Peace You

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