Overnight Investigation At The Dowling House PT 2

By | May 9, 2022
Overnight Investigation At The Dowling House PT 2

Strange as i’m watching The Footage It looks like it’s moving But i’m not touching my camera and i Don’t know if it’s gonna look like that When i watch this back or not but what It’s almost like the footage oh geez my Camera almost fell over The camera looked like it was moving and Look it just almost fell It just almost fell guys and it has been Sitting here for how long you’re not Even close to it no I’m behind it Okay it almost fell over i just grabbed It That’s what i was seeing it looked like The the camera was moving Yeah I guess it was Did you catch anything on the um flare At all did you see anything that looked Like anything no Well maybe we should go ahead and head Downstairs guys and i want to go sit in The bar area too Okay we keep hearing um noises in here In the kitchen area so i’m going to set

My camera up right here And i’m going to walk away Maybe for like i don’t know six seven Minutes I’ll be right back Okay i left it in here for about 10 Minutes You might not see all the footage Because i’m only gonna leave in If i seen anything I’ll leave a little bit of it in but i’m Going to now move the camera Into This part of the kitchen But i’m gonna turn on the red light on Because there is no light in here Let me set it right there Okay I’m gonna walk away for about five Minutes again Okay I left it in here Hoping i caught something now i’m going To go over here to the bar area Right here I’m doing this and walking away just to See if We catch anything Um Maybe i should leave the light on yeah I’ll leave the light right We’ll be right there Okay i am back And

I’m hoping that i caught something and I’m gonna go over there and sit in that Corner here in just a second Okay now right here Okay so we’re sitting here in the Other side of the bar area and i have The camera facing towards where the bar Is She is live on tick tock right now Hello is there anybody here with us Tonight Would you like to have a drink Went off as soon as i set it up there But i didn’t have the camera on but She’s got it on her tik tok live For like a minute Can you make my rim pod go off of there On the corner of the bar again Let us know that you’re here with us in The bar Oh my god there it goes Oh So this is where you guys are hanging Out at Go ahead look like a christmas tree Y’all it turns all different kinds of Colors Green blue yellow even purple Thank you so much My rem pod hasn’t went off and I’ll look at it In a couple weeks oh it’s changing Colors it is non-stop ever since you Asked them to touch it

Thank you so much we appreciate that Wow Can you step away from it please It went from nothing and she asked them To light it up It lit up and now we’ll stop can you Guys please back away from that And just light it up when we ask you Questions Pretty please Move away from it Just for a minute What changed It’s like they are trying yeah oh thank You thank you so much they were moving Away from it thank you thank you so much You know you can light it up when we ask You questions so Oh look the cat ball is going off oh my God I don’t think i touched it the ball is Just starting to go all right i’m going To set it right Here started lighting up Okay Wow see my hairs are standing up now Okay so Can you go back over there and touch it Again Go ahead and light it back up again If you like us being here light it up oh The cat balls going off Yeah it’s just sitting there and it

Starts going off yep I should probably move the cat ball Where everybody in my camera can see it If you if you like us being here can you Light it up to blue I heard because he was something trying Out this new box Um that my friend james got for me Hello It has a built-in pod and the rim pods Going off She’s been hunting for eight years and I’ve been hunting with her for two years Cece’s over there she’s live on tick Tock right now so you’ll hear her Talking here and there Hello I don’t know if i’m working it right See what i mean it keeps jumping back And forth and this is why And then it stops see So this is what i mean it’s Malfunctioning so I’m hoping we can get a hold of the guy That we got it from but i just thought i Would at least give it a try It keeps getting blurry But yeah that stuff gets very Very But we got the name baby It keeps getting really blurry That’s weird All right

How many spirits are here that way Because it’s getting blurry on that box Can you make the cat ball go off over There on the table Beware beware whoa Just like the wear Beware of what Uh You guys have to come through one minute It’s just weird how see how it keeps Doing that that’s fine That’s why i didn’t use it very long the Last time i used it because i just i Couldn’t figure out why it keeps doing This You know what’s the dinging and the rim Pot doesn’t stop Look at this for a second there’s got to Be a way to turn one off i think i just Turned the rim pod part off okay i did Sweet yes good i’m gonna move back Who’s with us The other room pods right there Yes My camera’s getting extremely blurry Right now and it won’t stop Oh my god If we If we if we was You guys can see it a little bit What is that noise Oh my god that scared me

Yes i didn’t answer your questions Yes we have attention That Rocks okay [Applause] Yes Are you guys having a good time over There at the bar Drink What’s your favorite drink what’s the Word drink what was your favorite drink See Tell us what your favorite drink was What did you like to drink when you were Here Like whiskey rum Vodka It’s cutting in and out What was your favorite drink See it doesn’t stay on it long it just Flip there’s some kind of malfunction With this box i mean it’s a pretty cool Box but it’s just To me it looks like it’s malfunctioning You know let’s just use the other one Yeah we can that way i’m enjoying when The voices come through though

I can’t wait to hear this back i know See i’m enjoying when the voices are Coming through i think that’s really Cool i wish it would stay on like that Here then Hear them And we’ve corrupted Okay you all need to come through one at A time because there’s like 10 spirits Trying to come through right now What was That how many of you are over there by The bar Um How do you like the fact that they now Have a bar in the home that you used to Live in I think that’s pretty cool We were probably just wanted oh yeah did You just hear that yes you just heard That in the kitchen Did you hear the pants it’s the pictures I heard it did y’all hear the pants this Is not Just that we’ve eaten Like juices Bits and pieces of what they’re saying There’s too many of them trying to come Through

Yeah go look they just said something About a pan Or something That could be wrong but that’s what it Sounded like Yes Upstairs no i just heard Okay she just heard footsteps No but i upstairs just we heard a pan Drop in the kitchen Are you serious yeah Oh no it got knocked over Okay I wonder what knocked it over i’m not Know We were going to the kitchens and i Heard footsteps upstairs and then this Started going off it wasn’t me No i knew you were already sleeping in There I’m using this new portal box that i Have That just scared the crap out of me I just heard footsteps upstairs It scared me i was right next to the Camera And it’s Well go back and get some rest if you Can’t You know we don’t have any cameras Same time Foreign

I know Can you light the rem pod off again Demon i just heard on there that’s the Second time i’ve heard that That was weird that just scared wait why Is that light on this light just turned On Unless That’s what is that is that the bathroom Is that the bathroom i don’t know i Don’t know but the light just turned on And how about wet my pants Don’t lay right behind her just came on We’re not sure if that’s the bathroom i Think it’s the bathroom Knock on the window and it’ll scare the [ __ ] out of her then you’ll know it’s The bathroom We were just making sure it’s the Bathroom We just scared the [ __ ] out of her oh my God No we haven’t asked for any one specific Other than thomas dowling thomas What’s up That is the fourth time What in the heck is going on you’ve Never had this happen i’ve never had This happen Rabbit What the hell Why is it saying rabbit

Or is that saying grab it That sounds like rabbit it does that’s Seven freaking times In a row that is that’s right Like My record beard boxes still Gone it was stuck on rap now look it’s Not now it’s moving forward Eight times it said rabbit Because And this is watching watching Oh my god Very I don’t know That’s crazy I don’t think i like this more spot Those numbers You’re coming through so fast that i’m Trying to say the words i can hear Built into one I don’t think i like it that’s just my First time Witnessing this so i’m not thinking i Like it i i prefer the sp7 yeah me too I thought i would at least give it a try I mean it’s interesting to hear some of The stuff but i i don’t know Um All right i’ll turn it off for now Okay okay so we have the grid lights on

The stairs right now And um Also the rim pod And i’m gonna also sit this cat ball up There as well But we took a little bit of a break um Cece was live on tick tock So I’ll put the link to her tick tock video That she you’re gonna upload it on Youtube right So that way you guys can take a look at That you know the stuff in between when We were filming But we turned the camera off a few times Um she was live on tick tock And we took some pictures and caught Some really crazy things in the window So we’re back inside now when we came Back inside rebecca heard A little girl say find me And then what else then you hear Something else um well that thing said Right any time oh yes The woman down here said see me see me Okay so she heard see me And find me and also You know how earlier The Spirit box the new one that i was using Said rabbit a bunch of times Eight times to be exact Well look at this There’s rabbits right here

Because of easter that’s part of their Easter decorations i’m sure but there’s Rabbits right there And Didn’t you say there’s rabbits in here Too there’s a rabbit there okay So it could you know i mean i don’t know It’s just kind of weird that i said it Said rabbit so many times and there are Some Rabbit decorations in here Just thought that was interesting They kept saying rabbit over and over Again oh look at this fireplace too by The way Wow This is where we ate dinner earlier we Actually sat right there That’s where we had dinner All right Whoa i could have sworn i just saw Somebody standing down there It looked like somebody was there It was a female You think so Yeah i just thought i saw somebody Standing there at the corner of my eye Okay so i’m gonna put this And put this back over here and we’re Gonna just i’m just gonna leave it Sitting here to watch this area These green lights they’re very pretty And you can play with these lights you Can move them around you can move

Through them Um You can make them blink there’s a lot of Things that you could do With these lights maybe even things that We didn’t know about so Just never know what you can do so Go ahead and play in them if you’d like To We know we already know that you’re here We’ve already established the fact that There are some spirits here in this home Which is now a restaurant And um So we’ve already established that that’s That what are you seeing right here I see your poopy dress Oh I saw a proofy dress on the lady female Before I got really bad chills Can you move them We’re gonna watch the area and see what You can do show us what you can do We know that you can make noises and you Can talk because we’ve heard you Let’s see what else you can do Also those yellow flickering lights when We came back inside they were off Literally turned off like the the switch Yeah in the off position yeah and we Haven’t moved them things all night Right Unless they they’re on a timer but if

They’re on a timer why was this switch Off what are you going to do yeah those Are those just the fake candles it looks Real you know that you just click on And we haven’t touched we haven’t moved Them all night oh No you have to pick them up and Physically turn it off it’s on the Bottom Okay we’re gonna be real quiet we’re Gonna listen and see if you Can maybe move up and down the steps or Through the lights or do something we’re Going to watch okay we’re going to be Real quiet we’re going to pay attention You like standing at the top of the Stairs Can you stand there now for us and Move the green lights That’d be so awesome Shirt I don’t know i just heard that It sounded like the stairs just creeped It literally just It tugged my shirt well there’s a little Girl wow that might be the little girl She said scared you didn’t it i peed I said come find me Oh my god i heard that hearing [ __ ] in The kitchen all night I just heard The shaking of that down there and we’re Not gonna go pee i’ll go ahead

Or cece Oh my god There’s a little girl in there Yeah i don’t know but Did he have kids I’m gonna have to read that the whole Story to see i i don’t know for sure I’m sure he probably did earlier when i Did the evp session i heard seven but i Don’t know There’s a whole story about this Original owner That i’m going to be attaching to this Video You may have already seen it at this Point But I’ll probably put it at the beginning And at the end of the video Of course you see I know She wants stuff to happen but when it Does it freaks her out and i i know Because that’s what happened i’m sorry Cece it’s my fault what i told us the Spirits to touch you I’m sorry I could really she told the spirit to Touch you and it did I didn’t you just told me that she just Told me about it too when did you do That i was just sitting here meditating It literally went

Yeah wow and i was like It’s a little girl in there She’s very playful no [ __ ] Sorry Why do you think i’m sitting over here She literally scared the piss out of me Oh listen to me i just heard another i’m You said i’m sorry I’m sorry over here there’s something in There when you said you just said i’m Sorry like that yeah i heard it coming From this way also Unless you’re i’m sorry No echo but i don’t think so because you Whispered it yeah how would that how Would a whisper echo why do you pick on Me I’m sorry go ahead and touch cece Go ahead and touch her don’t don’t touch Anybody else let’s see Okay don’t touch cece no more I wasn’t expecting my shirt to get Tugged you know well i didn’t tell her To tug it Was she talking well little girl um You can come and play yeah i love my Stuff go up the stairs So that we can see the green lights move That would be so awesome We love it when that happens we love it Yeah we love it when the spirits move The green lights around I didn’t think she would really do it Yeah she tugged my shirt scared crap at

Me actually i’m glad it wasn’t crap Well i’m glad too because i would have Been I would feel bad I still feel bad Well we don’t see any action with the Green lights i thought you would really Like that i did it for just for you guys I don’t always use these green lights But i thought maybe you guys might like Them and might like to maybe move the Lights around or something Especially since we’ve been told that You guys like going up and down the Stairs and hanging out top stairs And Cece and um Rebecca have already Seen you guys up there pretty much right Well i’ve heard i’ve heard him I mean i saw a female sitting next to me Earlier yeah I haven’t seen her since then Well i i saw a female entity standing Like a shadow down there okay She’s in the kitchen Female I’m thinking so She might have been like the old cook Here or something That’s Possible i don’t know this little girl i Don’t know this little girl likes to tug On people’s shirts

So come tug me i don’t care come on Pull on my shirt Yeah go tug on rebecca I don’t get scared Go Actually pardon the scream Anything i think your goal is to make Ccp That was my goal tonight I said it was funny No you didn’t scream at all I think it would happen Come on slide down the banister or Something I wonder how many people have slid down The bandage i don’t know that sounds Like fun You felt the spirit in that corner like She was hiding You think that was a little girl i don’t Know I couldn’t tell and now she’s down here Because they’re working up there very Possible And she said come find me well i’m not Gonna go find you when spirit tells me That no Okay so I’m going to turn on my spirit box You can Talk Let me know why you’re not making the Lights go off

There’s something wrong Okay here we go Hello [Laughter] Bluegrass shirt There’s a little girl in here [Laughter] Hey You guys come through very well through This box and say the name of the person That built this home That you don’t already know Back Yeah don’t be afraid We’re harmless Any messages you’d like for me to give The new owner Okay How are you Doing Thank you so much For talking to us A lot came through especially earlier And the what was that in the bar Yeah it was a lot Yeah I think there’s more spirits down here Than there is upstairs i agree it’s more Active they move down here because of Right there yeah i don’t think that’s Very possible uh yeah i didn’t really

Get a whole lot of good feelings I’m not drawn upstairs that i’m not Either this time At all that’s not what it was but i was Drawn to that back corner Okay so we just put the grid lights in This other room here the one we had Dinner in earlier this evening So we’ll see if we get any movement in Here How do you like these pretty lights Aren’t they isn’t this beautiful Isn’t this pretty Do you want to play with them You can play with the dots Just go over in front of them and and Play with them Come on you can do it It stopped recording on me that’s weird Come on you can do it I want my friends to see what it looks Like When the lights just start moving all Around When you guys go through the lights I don’t think they’ve ever seen that Before I’ve seen it happen at a few different Places it’s really cool I was at cassadaga one time and one of The green lights just started moving all Around the room it was crazy Well hale Come on

Real ghost hunting can be quite boring Sometimes well i always say it’s like Fishing Sometimes you go and you catch a whole Lot [ __ ] yeah sometimes you go and you Don’t get [ __ ] unless you’re one of Those fake channels you cut you catch Things all the time Oh yeah every single place you do oh Yeah Wow Listen we’ve had some stuff happen here Yeah we have We have And something tugged my dang shirt Yeah i did We’ve heard the voices and did you hear That i did right it sounded like a snap Yep i heard that That’s exactly what it sounded like Somebody snapped me Came from that way yep came from November Okay this is the men’s bathroom someone In cece’s uh Tick tock live stream tonight was saying That uh he’s been here many times to eat Dinner and he thinks that the men’s Bathroom is haunted Well As soon as she set this down It hasn’t stopped since let me reset Hello is there somebody in here Should i leave the ball there yeah over

There and see if it rolls out oh you can I don’t know no that’s fine There’s a ball there too if you can Touch it it’ll light up can you do that Okay Someone told us tonight that they Thought there was uh something here in This bathroom Well Can you make a noise I’ve just seen that [ __ ] That just moved that This curtain just moved yeah Oh man Maybe he was right did you get that jump I don’t know i was facing my camera that Way and i heard it and i looked i was Standing over here like this I yeah you were facing that way so well I mean i was here Like this And then when i I saw that i just kind of backed up into The door oh okay Well i saw it out of the corner of my Eye and then I looked and then i turned the camera so I did see it move i just don’t know if They got the camera turned in time Can you do that again that was pretty Cool it just startled us Yeah no we like it when you move stuff i Just um

Not right next to us And now they’re not going to do it I’m going to set the camera so it will See the curtain here’s the ball Oh okay i’m gonna hit reset again okay Are you the one that just moved the Curtain That’s a heavy curtain It is That’s crazy there’s no air in here There’s none no air in here at all i Know That was crazy Well You

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