By | April 25, 2022

Afghanistan War Is the Longest War For The United States

The Afghan-US war began 10 years ago. It followed the September 11 attacks after which President George W. Bush ordered air strikes against the Taliban in places, such as Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar. When Osama Bin Laden planned and executed the attacks on the United States on September 11, the United States government had asked the Taliban to handover the terrorist mastermind. They delayed acting on United States demand and on October 7, 2001, the US launched air strikes on Afghanistan.

Taking a Look at Why You Should Read About the Old West

What’s so special about the Old West that anyone should want to read stories about it? To begin with, it’s a period of time in our history when our ancestors founded our country. Most of the stories take place during the 1880s and 1890s and tell how these brave people helped tame and shape the character of the American Frontier.

The Basic Working and Applications of Suction Cups

A suction cup is a device which has a shape like the half of a sphere, and it is used to adhere to surfaces without pores or holes (nonporous). The suction cup is named so because of its ability to perform the process of suction. Often dubbed simply as a sucker, this device uses negative fluid pressure of water or air for adhering to nonporous surfaces.

The Different Areas of Study for Nurses

Where would we be without nurses to look after us when we are sick? What would doctors do without the help of nurses to take care of their patients? Being a nurse can be very rewarding if you love helping people, and can handle seeing every kind of injury and illness.

Solve Conditional Probability Problems Online

In present competitive education system every student wants to keep his academic record on the higher level for better career opportunities in future and for this they have to score maximum marks in practical subjects like mathematics. But this gets tough when they don’t have proper guidance in their studies. That’s why online math tutoring is successful in present time because they give that much required assistance to student to help them to solve math problems.

A Brief History of the Swastika

The swastika symbol, more feared than understood, has existed in art for several millennia. Ancient Greek, Etruscan and Chinese jewelry all bear swastikas. It is a sacred symbol in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. As recently as 90 years ago, the swastika was a good luck charm in America and Europe.

Is Your Alma Mater Haunted?

“Halloween has become a huge holiday for everyone, especially college students. That being said many students don’t have to go far to find ghosts since universities have proven to be the perfect place for hauntings. With old mysterious buildings, lost basements, cemeteries, churches, musky libraries, old traditions and fertile imaginations, college campuses have proven to be a treasure trove of ghost stories…”

Brand Name Watches To Fit Your Budget

Most people love to own brand name items, whether it be clothing, electronics, or furniture. It’s wonderful when we can find an item just as well-made as a brand name but for a much cheaper price. (Who doesn’t love bragging about that?

Nursing Programs Online Have Made Nursing Education Easier

The medical profession is among the most in-demand and highest paying fields in the Western world. However, the cost of admission can be pretty high if you go for medical school. For those wanting the easiest route into the health care industry, an online nursing education may be your best bet.

A Primer On LPN Programs And Online LPN Training

Health care professionals are in higher demand than ever before as medical institutions scramble to fill the growing need to care for an ever-aging population. Here is a primer on LPN programs and entering the LPN career.

The Roots of the Korean American Community

This article is about the beginning of Korean people’s immigration to America. The purpose is to outline in brief the rise of the Korean American community. It will describe some of the special circumstances which contributed to the influx of Koreans to the United States.

A Short History of Import Markings and Dating of Japanese Ceramics

This is a short history of import markings and dating of Japanese ceramics dates range from pre 1891 to the today. This is just a general guide and, as always, individual pieces may vary!

Things To Consider When Looking For Reputable Game Design Schools

If you want to have a lucrative career in the video gaming industry in the future, have the right training today. There are different game design schools to choose from out there. Picking which of them to enroll in can be a challenge. But if you know your priorities and certain things to consider in an institution, the task can become easier.

Are We Becoming a Nation of Morons?

We are fast becoming the least educated society in the free world. We are moving toward no school homework and focusing on playing and learning how to socialize.

August Born Children Face Uncertain And Unhappy Futures

We’ve discussed the life importance of our birth month in some of my previous articles here, and we already know that children born in August face substantial disadvantages compared to those born earlier in the year. A new report just issued here in the UK continues to paint, and reinforce the prospect of, a bleak future for August born children. Read on if your child was born in summer, and especially August…