Mythology VS Ufology?

By | April 22, 2022
Mythology VS Ufology?

Um Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on a very fine and very uh Breezy evening because i i bought a new Fan but Ah she’s not switched on never mind um Without further ado We have a show Mythology Versus Ufology I literally have no idea where i’m going With this one but i’ve got some guys to Help me out with this Because a lot has happened over the last Couple of days Where’s jordano Hey welcome to the show my friend how Are you doing He’ll call you tomorrow what’s that oh Wait Wait there’s a phone call here that just Came in how’d that happen hold on a Second jason Oh i I don’t i’m on a live show right now i Don’t know why my phone picked up but I’ll call you tomorrow no i’ll call you Right when i’m done are you gonna be Around I know i know i deserve it All right buddy bye-bye Jason Jason summerly the guy who i’m going to

The nasa artemis launch with we’re still On He’s still on with are you they just Delayed it and we’re still going to have Access like vip access into the control Room you know like you see on tv Everybody’s standing around we’re gonna Go in that room All over nasser I can’t wait oh just sometimes i just Wish i lived in the states Yeah I tell you we got it all over here we Got you more ufo sightings and crazy People than everybody else on the planet Crazy food as well you know great crazy Food great Speaking of great crazy food you must be Eating some very healthy food because You’re looking down fine have you been Working out nope no Of course I’ve i’ve rejuvenated i told her you Know i told you guys that i went to a Rejuvenation clinic they promised 10 Years off in three months and it seems To be working Was it run by david wilcock yeah you why No no corey good have you ever heard That No You’re very kind sir rings about Something to do with mars but this is What happens in the states we have

Sunshine And it’s recreational so we go out and We get the vitamin d and enrich our Blood and just one with the earth i tell You i feel great i can’t believe i’m 44 Again Back he’s back and we have stephen Oh man i’m on the show with richie from Goof on again this is like the ghetto of The internet man if richie is here That’s right baby And i can’t find another pair so maybe I’ll bounce out if it’s a problem oh we Know we’ve just got a bit of echo it’s Fine don’t you without i’ll take a Little bit of echo to have stephen Campion in the house it’s very annoying Yeah i literally just broke a pair of Headphones right before this Like oh yeah I do that all the time i put them on the Floor and then i roll over them and you Know Speaking of things that got broken so Right before this i uh i i sent you a Very pissed off message because i was About halfway through your show trying To finish watching your interview with Ryan uh And the uh scott and i can’t remember What the young lady’s name is but she Seemed very very nice yeah Yeah uh and it’s it’s gone it’s it’s Left

Yeah uh there’s there’s a lot of reasons For that and i probably you know someday Hopefully i’ll explain it all but uh for Right now i could say this that that Turned into a legal nightmare and uh Some allegations were made on my show Maybe without evidence or proof and the People that the allegations were made About are now uh You know getting lawyers involved Apparently or something and uh Out of an overabundance of caution i’ve Agreed to take that down the some Parties contacted me requesting that i Do that because of those allegations And um I just have to let let it alone for now This is the new thing that we podcasters Now have to worry about and that’s now Being sued wrongfully or just for the Hell of it It’s getting ridiculous It’s terrible yeah Oh and i i have to put it rich you got To put a disclaimer in your show now That the views expressed by the live Chat participants or the guests or the Live callers do not necessarily reflect Those of the host the show producer Whatever Because somebody could say something in Your live chat and somebody could sue You for it because you didn’t moderate That or delete the comment or what you

Know You know I don’t know i’m a one-man army i have Chat room moderators but they miss Things or a caller could call in and say Something about somebody and A guest could say something about Somebody as in the case of this video i Just had to take down And you know there’s a lot of other Reasons That i just decided to take that down It’s a circus that whole story and There’s You know it’s like Lions and tigers and bears oh my there’s So many strange Characters involved in that story and And it got real ugly and uh i don’t want To i don’t want to be involved in it It’s not fun Sean drew in the in the Chat room saying there’s consequences For telling lies no for telling the Truth That’s what that’s what he we can’t get Into it but it’s not for the lies it’s For telling the truth about the liars Yeah and i see dorothy says how many of These lawsuits actually go anywhere but I’m aware of at least one uh live Streamer cw channel he got sued by corey Goode and so far he’s up to fifteen to Twenty thousand dollars that he’s paid

Lawyers to make Because he said that cory good’s buck Rogers science fiction fantasy stories Were fake that’s all he did he would go On and and you know cory good would make A video and then he would make a video Saying this is ridiculous this is so Stupid this makes no sense and pointing Out all the inaccuracies or whatever he Got sued and he’s up to 20 grand worth Of paying a lawyer because he got sued For saying Corey good didn’t time travel or or You know wasn’t buck rogers in space Saving earth that’s pretty special For anything yeah i don’t understand it It’s free speech You can say what you want but i guess You have to say allegedly or supposedly Or Something like that yeah i don’t Understand how a man that claims uh to Have gone what does he claim to have Gone back in time with mars Yeah 20 backwards milk and How can that guy sue somebody Saying he’s full of [ __ ] Right well You know first of all it’s important to Remember that that guy has made by some Accounts maybe millions of dollars Maybe he’s made millions of dollars in The past five years selling his stories He’s got some money so if somebody’s

Really hurting his income It would kind of make sense for him to Drop some money on a lawyer to shut that [ __ ] up you know a part of my french Well you know what this goes very Actually this goes really well with the Content of uh mythology versus ufology Because It’s just ufology is just full of myths And [ __ ] About 95 of it right But people get so Um What is it you guys say butt hurt Yeah there Over somebody calling out [ __ ] Yeah and we have sarah are adams too you Know i said that her superpowers weren’t Real she threatened to sue me she sent Me an angry lawyer letter to my house um Claiming that i was slandering her Because i said that her fake med bed Sessions weren’t You know a real service and that Gluing magnets into a tanning bed Doesn’t make it a med bed that you could Charge people money to lay in and heal Things you know I said her superpowers weren’t real i Said she could not open stargates and She’s taking teaching people a very Expensive course i think it’s fifteen Hundred dollars where she’ll teach you

To open stargates And i did a show saying show me the Stargate sarah if you’re taking money From people claiming you could teach Them the open stargates then get on your Phone Live stream it open one stargate so we Could see that this is not You know some kind of new age Money-making thing Let’s see a stargate she threatened to Sue me for slander Well Without going too far into it but it’s Very relevant right now and things that Are relevant just they they i get The nipples perk up I This whole angeli thing with with the Cave These people that Are disputing uh Her claims of Going into a cave Are also being accused of lies And deceit I’m allowed to say that that that that Is What they are being accused of Um Anjali accused these people of that Um I i think we’re not i don’t i think this Case could go on for another

Three years Maybe even more You know She seems determined to stick around and Continue with her So-called mission but i will say to her Credit she was very I want to say diplomatic with me and Didn’t threaten to sue me or anything And some allegations were made about her Where she could have She just um You know Wanted to want it Does she doesn’t want people saying Things happen to her when she disputes That which is fair So But i think yeah i think she’s going to Stick around for a while and We’ll see what happens with it but i Would predict That no matter how long she sticks Around she will never have any solid Evidence or proof of her fantastical Claims and that’s the point where i Check out after a while it’s just Somebody telling stories it has no value To me But your advice to me and i think that’s Because for anybody that’s in this field Is stay away from this story is that What you’re saying stephen well it got Real ugly real fast and uh i don’t

I don’t know How Anybody could continue with that story Given the you know there’s there’s all Kinds of uh you know it gets into weird Sex stuff and all kinds of craziness and The fact that a bunch of the people Involved in this story are now At least claiming to me that they’re all Suing each other or going to sue each Other So You know if my thing is do i want to Keep Writing this story where all the major Players involved are saying they’re Suing each other or may sue each other Or threatening to sue each other you Know at some point you go I i don’t want to get dragged in the Court over whether anjali saw aliens in Some tunnel that doesn’t exist you know Yeah i mean it’s it’s a it’s a tough one Because When you’re in the field and one of These people reach out for an interview Or or They want to come on your show Uh As a host I mean we’ve seen lou go on pretty much Every show Barring hours I don’t think he’s be i think this is

The three channels he’s not been on i Think he’s been on all the others I could be wrong yeah yeah yeah we’re The bad guys yeah I i i i think we’re the cool guys You know Personally You know we don’t We don’t judge people think we judge but We we just have an opinion And People like lou anjali I have to say i have to give anjalee Credit where credit’s due though she Does she does battle her case It was it was the miracle that she came On my show because You know i i knew i found out later that She knew exactly how skeptical i was and She still agreed to do it so i do give Her more credit than lou or some of These other people and it also should be Said that If you’re going to make yourself a Public figure going on the internet Making really fantastical claims Then You should be you know you should expect Some scrutiny you should expect people To say you’re full [ __ ] you should Expect people to doubt your story or Have questions Doesn’t mean that you’re you know i Heard somebody else say well

Lou doesn’t have to answer to you Okay but i’m allowed to ask questions And he can refuse to answer the Questions then he doesn’t have to answer Them but i i’m still able to ask those Questions you know At least his reaction yeah That’s what he’s afraid Of do you Do you see yourself um Dropping this anjali case now do you Think this is what everybody should do Well Here’s what i’m saying There’s two things You know i was talking to a friend who Is a total business person when it comes To youtube and i i’m not that good at Business but what he said is uh Is there still An incredible amount of interest in the Story to make the time invested worth You know doing it and i said no this Last story was terrible views compared To previous ones i think after After the uh the real wayne came out and Said none of this happened then interest In her story went in the [ __ ] And people are like even that show i Just did people in the live chat going Why are we still talking about this she Lied about the tunnel none of this Happened So i think that first of all it’s a

Legal quagmire everybody’s threatening To sue everybody the major You know people characters involved in The story Are either suing each other or playing This to each other threatening to each Other may sue each other i don’t know And then we have the fact that the Interest in the story just went to the [ __ ] so for me it’s like Maybe the universe is trying to tell me Now it’s a good time to jump off this Crazy train and and do a different story You know Unless something big happens yeah i mean If there’s some major evidence or i Can’t lie if anjali If you know i apologize for raising my Voice to her she said she forgave me If some major thing happens and she’s Willing to do an interview about it but Her not any of these other characters Her You know or maybe this brian i don’t Know i might i might jump back in if but There’s got to be some meat on the bones There’s got to be a reason for me to put More time into what is essentially a Story about somebody who told Fantastical stories about aliens That not only has no proof we’ve kind of Proven that she was not Being entirely uh Accurate in her depiction of those

Events and again that’s my opinion you Know Are there any other podcasters doing What you do when you speak about her Like i know i have a little bit in it But no i think Yeah ollie here covered the story a Little bit and you rich covered the Story a little bit but i think i was a Little deeper because for whatever Reason i got to the people the major Characters of the story and the people That were deeply engrossed in it like Charlie wiser and this ryan gordon and The people that were investigating it Plus i got to anjali for You know on camera interview Early on and then i got to the so-called Wayne who was supposed to be a witness To her story So i got a little too deep i think into This one you know if i had to do it over Again i would let somebody else take That role and i would sit back like rich And just do the commentary like this is What’s happening you know A little less direct involvement maybe Sometimes is better Stephen you you don’t have to answer This i i but i don’t know If this is kind of off the table which It’s fine if it is but The first wayne That was contacted so from what i

Watched from what people have seen i Watched half of your interview last Night Um The the first wayne was mentioned And It it does seem to me like anjali does Know who this wayne is as well she does Yeah and claims that she’s spoken to him Or will speak to him more in the future And there’s You know one of the people involved in This story claimed that they paid that Guy a thousand dollars and got an Interview with him and they were Threatening to release it and then they Never did release it and Some people are claiming that that was Manufactured and that he never indeed Ever Ever did an interview with him or or Really you know spoke to him but i i’m Just repeating what people are telling Me i don’t know if that interview Actually took place it’s never been Released I released my interview with the second Wayne which turns out to be the real one According to most people involved Including anjali that was where it Happened I’ve seen his house i’ve seen that the Lack of a tunnel in the hill behind his House which i won’t even call a mountain

Yeah so You know even people that are claiming That they have evidence they don’t drop The evidence they just make claims it’s Research by proclamation or bluff if you Have the evidence i say drop it let’s Hear what that guy has to say You know I mean here’s this thing especially i’m Not gonna speak for myself because i Just have people on the show speaking But With with you and rich I i do see that before you like to jump The gun you like to have a bit of Evidence to back anything up and I can come i i completely respect why You’ve dropped that show that’s doing You more damage dropping that show than It i mean Well Multiple lawsuits apparently because You know if i say anything about the Alligator if i say anything about the People who made allegations They could sue me for saying that their Allegations weren’t true or whatever if I say anything about the people that the Allegations were made against they could Sue me for allowing people to make Alligator it turns into this whole big Quagmire like do i really want to be Involved in this And also do i want to contribute to

Somebody making very serious accusations Against somebody and their reputation When That may not be true because there’s no Real evidence somebody’s opinion you Know like Ali i could say Uh You you you uh You banged my dog Right It’s i didn’t my opinion i’m pretty sure You came over to my house you tried to Bang my dog right i i i i finished that Before it would be the first time or i Should have said like stole from my House man oh that’s a better one you Know i I prefer Sleeping with your dog okay all right Well we’ll go back to sleep with the dog So i could say that right but like If i don’t have evidence to support and Back up that claim that’s a problem and Then what if you say I never banged steve’s dog if am i Supposed to leave a video of somebody Saying you banged my dog on my channel When you said i didn’t bang the dog and The person claiming you banged my dog Has no evidence to support you bang my Dog well you’d probably find ginger Pubic hair around the dog so yeah get my Dog a rape kit

By the way my dog’s male so that would Make ollie not only a bestialist but a Homosexual bestialist there it is they All look the same Yeah The dogs are Homosexual bestiality And thank you No no no All sleeping with dogs i’ve slept with a Few of my time Probably not no not the white well not Real dogs but yeah me too And and lee thank you for the super chat My friend i appreciate lee welcome to The show uh and i’ll have your game of Snooker one day I don’t know what country from but he’s Awesome he’s like single-handedly Supporting every ufo channel on youtube Throwing beautiful chats at everybody Good guy Good guy The the problem with this field that i’m Finding now is There there’s i’ve never heard the word The word sue In this field before when it comes to Show hosts And i’m hearing it more and more and More That I would say it scares me but i haven’t Got a penny to scratch my ass with so

Well ali you’re also somewhat protected Because It’s it’s a lot more difficult for well Most of these ufo characters are American Most of them and it’s a lot more Difficult for an american to get to you Over in england and sue you Uh than it is for them to get to us but You know And and a lot of it is just threats and Posturing you know like they think if i Threaten him with a lawyer then he’ll Back down and he’ll stop talking [ __ ] on Me even if i am a total scammer Um and and sometimes that works right And then But the odds of these people actually Following through with their threats are Small but in my situation You know i’ve got somebody that One person that claims they make 300 000 A year selling their psychic services Claiming that they’re going to sue me For slander and For all i know she’s willing to drop a Bunch of money on a local a lawyer local To me just to harass me into shutting up And do i really want to deal with that You know It’s taxing Even if you’re in the right even if you Told the truth even if you know you have Evidence

You still gotta you know it could be Three years of [ __ ] court nonsense To To get rid of that person there’s case Law on this though it goes back a couple Of decades people psychics that wanted To sue people and It just got thrown out gary geller Famously tried to sue uh the amazing Randy into shutting up And they they battled for a decade in Courts in multiple court cases You know Amazing randy would say something about Him he would file a new lawsuit he had i Think they amazing rainey had three Different lawsuits going at one time or Something like crazy like that against Him from one fake psychic yuri geller Who later admitted he was a fake psychic By the way and used magic tricks Just as amazing randy had said decades Prior But i thought he was still now Rhea Like uploaded his career again as the Spoon bender yeah he goes back and forth I’m a psychic i’m not a psychic but Being involved in magic i know for a Fact that he was at a international Brotherhood of magicians Uh international convention Selling a 500 dvd set where he would Show you how he did all his tricks

Throughout his career And admitted you know yeah i’m just one Of you guys but i packaged it Differently that’s basically what he Said so he essentially admitted that he Was a magician he by the way was a stage Magician before becoming a psychic That’s on record you can see Uh there’s evidence that he did magic Shows in israel before he changed his Story and decided that you know Whatever he got hit by lightning and Whatever whatever his superhero origin For his psychic powers was But anybody could sue you for anything You know and What i would tell you rich is like it’s Easy to dismiss this but until you’ve Been through a really stupid frivolous Lawsuit you don’t understand like i once Got sued because a tow truck driver Um My the master cylinder in my van went Out and had no brakes And so i parked i i got it to the back Of my my house and i called the tow Truck driver to take it to mechanic to Get it fixed And the tow truck driver is like just Help me give it a push to get it into The street you know when he put his he Put his it was on the sidewalk behind my House so he Anyway long story short i pushed the van

The van He was at the back of his tow truck he Claimed that When i pushed the van my van smacked Into him i got sued it took three years To wind through the court system the tow Truck driver sued me for negligence And then eventually the insurance Company got so tired of fighting it in Court my insurance company just paid him They just paid him a bunch of money to Shut up and go away wow So anybody can sue you for something Stupid another time i i literally Watched somebody lay down on my sidewalk And their son took pictures of them this Old lady laying down on my sidewalk She sued me Because she claimed that the rocks from My driveway came out into the sidewalk And caused her to slip And that took uh well that one got Settled pretty quick but you know Like and i’m telling i’m telling the Insurance company lawyer for my Homeowners i watched her lay down and Her son take a picture of her laying Down and by the way who falls on a Sidewalk and has some friend with her To take a picture of them laying on a Sidewalk but that’s what this woman did She got 10 grand from the insurance Company so you know it’s easy to dismiss These this legal nonsense as [ __ ]

And you shouldn’t worry about it but It’s a nightmare when when you get Pulled into something like that Rich Of your um boys ever paid an interest in The angelique case in Talking about them i have never seen Third phase i mean one speak about this On Um they They just don’t care about her they Didn’t even know about her until i i Brought it up to her I didn’t know about her you know like When she first came out After a couple weeks i’m like have you Heard about this lady anjali says she Cannot dada with the you know the aliens They’re like no So i told him about her and uh they Can’t stand her They know it’s [ __ ] you know it’s Just some lady trying to You know get her 15 minutes that’s it Pretty bad when third phase moon won’t Push a story about aliens because they Know it’s fake Stephen you know you love them that’s All you know here’s what i’ll say about Them Before i spoke to them in person and got To know them a little bit i i was very Very anti them After i got to know them a little bit

Better i decided that uh i i like as People i like them but i don’t like or Respect their so-called work and i think That’s a fair way to You know what do you think that’s fair Because like i can like them as people And like i like some of my neighbors but I don’t like what jobs they do What do you want them to do like when They put a video up like the other night What do you want them to do research it First Yeah because you can’t get rid of you Can’t waft it away No no My autistic smile Does i got an on air light on the on my Door and my younger son understands not To come in here but my autistic son Doesn’t give a [ __ ] he’s just like on Air i don’t give a sh so he came in he’s Fine No i i see here’s the problem with third Phase of moon and in a lot of cases they Put out some video and in a few short Days people rip it apart and say here’s The original source it’s from gi artists On tick tock why are they posting this This is [ __ ] And my thing is why don’t they do that Work and not put out the [ __ ] fake Videos that’s all that’s all i’m saying I’ll tell you why and then with With this new documentary with stephen

Greer stephen greer literally said that He went on a secret mission with billy Gibbons i think it is from zz top to a Secret underground base where they both Saw limbs being regrown and Spinal injuries being repaired by this Apparently alien derived medical Technology And and you know i go come on man you Couldn’t call the billy that’s easy top Guy and find out if he really went on a Secret mission with stephen greer before You just stuck that in your documentary And then the second thing is that they Said An entire company got murdered because They were in possession of this free Energy technology an engineering firm in Michigan so i called the state police And i’m like did was there a mass Murderer of an engineering firm In michigan and that lady after she Stopped laughing you know They could search archives for multiple Murders at one company she said no we Never had anything i’ve never heard of That we never had anything like that i Could check the records and get back to You so you know i have a problem with Them just letting steven grier say Ridiculous things that can be easily Disproven like an entire company of Engineers got murdered except for one Guy who lived to tell the tale it’s just

Ridiculous before putting that in a Documentary they really should go And fact check them and and or have Somebody like me and i’ll put it out There to them if if they want me to be In the next documentary here’s what they Could do they can make most or 90 of it All their claims whatever people are Going to say And then let me come in at the end and Do a fact check on all the things people Said in their documentary and and that Would be fair put a skeptic somebody Skeptical in there or make somebody fact Check the [ __ ] before you put it out Because shoveling [ __ ] into this Community is not doing anybody any Favors Well i have to say that’s why they Wanted rich as Yeah well why didn’t they have rich in The documentary right i could have got With rich and said here let’s call the State police let’s find out if there was A mass murderer in michigan of an Engineering company let’s get to billy Gibbons publicist and ask dizzy top guy If he went on a secret mission with Stephen greer but they didn’t include Rich or me or anybody doing that and i And i think that’s That’s a money grab then like we Couldn’t be bothered to check the [ __ ] People are saying but we’re going to put

It out there in charge they owe me 13 by The way i want my 13 back Stephen just do me a favor do that again Now just just put them slightly down Like on top of it yeah that’s that’s a Good thumbnail right there That’s a really good one That’s beautiful that’s beautiful You you sent me a message right after The last show that we did when we were Talking about the uh the the new tapes From bob lazar And i i did want to get you on the last Show Yeah So now Because You know like uh amy uh alien girl said A lot of stuff and and i just cringed When i watched that because amy uh Alien girl she uh You know people It’s very easy to disprove that all of To prove i mean that all of bob lazar’s Educational claims are completely and Totally horseshit first of all he was Going to a community college hundreds of Miles away A local community college when he claims That he was at cal tech Or mit you can’t it doesn’t make any Sense he couldn’t be going to both Number two there’s no evidence that he Went to mit there’s no evidence that he

Went to caltech as he claimed and people Pull up this men in black explanation And they say Well you know the government erased his Credentials first of all uh stan Friedman went to the legal counsels of Both schools and proved that that would Be a legal nightmare if they agreed to Do that or whatever There’s no evidence there’s no Uh there’s no master’s thesis when you Get a master’s degree from a school you Have to write a master’s thesis nobody Can find either the one from caltech or The one from uh Mit and uh stanton freeman myself um Michael schratt and others talk to the People who are the curators of those Masters thesis they don’t exist Then people say well the men in black Erased all that Uh but michael schratt brought up an Excellent point michael schratt went and Got all the yearbooks For mit and caltech And there’s no mention of bob lazar in Any of them people say oh well the Government erased him from those but in Order for you to believe that The men in black would have to go to Everybody that went to that school that Year with bob lazar find them crawl into Their dusty attic or garage get their College yearbook out erase bob lazar out

Of it put in a completely and totally Uh believable fake that erases bob lazar It’s just garbage and then we also have Not that i trust her but linda mullen Hale on the record i have a tape of her Saying that bob lazar told her he never Went to mit he just went there and hung Out like he would sneak into some of the Lectures about science but he never Actually went there and he claimed he Never told anybody he went there and That george knapp Maybe embellish that or something like That So the education falls apart Next we get Uh bob lazar says that he flew into area 51 and that then he took a bus to s4 but On my channel we have an on the record Interview with a real area 51 security Guard and when the story broke on Television he went to the flight logs Everybody flying in or out of area 51 Has to be logged in and logged out with Their real identity with their real name No bob lazar in any of the flight logs Which means bob lazar never flew into Area 51 he never stepped foot into area 51 and people like to argue with me they Say well he didn’t say he worked in area 51 he worked at s4 but he’s on you know A sub base on area 51 but he’s on the Record saying that he flew in on the Janet airlines to area 51 and then went

To s4 if he had flew on the janet Airlines there would be a log of him This on the record real verifiable Source who really was an area 51 Security guard said he’s never stepped Foot on the base further that same Security guard Had driven all over that area including Papoose lake there’s no road there as Bob lazar described there’s no guard Shack as bob lazar described there’s Certainly no hangar doors nothing and he Said that he went right up to those Doors they couldn’t have been Camouflaged that good he was feet away From those from that mountainside There’s nothing there there’s no s4 And that Is on my channel there’s also another Interview with a researcher who got to Bob lazar superiors at los alamos Bob lazar claimed that he was a senior Staff level physicist at los alamos so Did jeremy corbell and george knapp oh He must have worked there He did But He worked there through kirk meyer as a Subcontractor kirk meyer did not employ Physicists only electronics technicians Low-level people who like fix computers Bring you a new mouse when your mouse Breaks and things like that but for the First time on my channel

We have a story From a researcher that got to bob Lazar’s actual original supervisors at Los alamos who confirmed no way bob Lazar was not a physicist he was an Electronics technician he worked on the Health monitors he brought you a mouse Or a new keyboard if your [ __ ] broke He was A step above a janitor at los alamos he Was not a scientist there he was not a A physicist or anything Nothing and that’s on my channel as well So i just think there’s a lot of uh like A tech support Yeah he was a tech support guy so people Love to believe bob lazar And they miss the evidence and and and You know i get it but like When i hear people repeating this Uh Men in black erased my stuff you know And then Even for my evidence the people start Bringing in the men in black well what If the men in black got to that security Guard and told them to lie what if the Men in black got to Bob lazar’s former supervisors and told Him to lie I mean i guess that’s a possibility but It’s a stretch when you’ve got to bring In the men in black to continue Believing and doing the mental

Gymnastics to believe bob lazar It’s it’s terrible and there’s also a Lot of other stuff i’ve caught him in on The larry king live show he said that The The craft that he worked on were 52 feet In diameter But in his original drawings of the s4 Base he said the hangar bay doors were 40 feet wide so how in god’s green earth Does how does a 52 foot diameter Spacecraft get in and out of a 40 foot Hangar bay door You know there’s loads of Inconsistencies and bob lazar jeremy Corbell and george knapp they don’t want You to worry about the what they call The minutia that’s not important it is To me because It’s catching him in lie after lie after Lie and i also heard mention on your Show did he just help that uh that Brothel he worked for or whatever no he Was a 50 50 partner i talked to the Madam that he ran that brothel with him And his wife were 50 50 partners in that Brothel he Owned uh you know half the The business him and his wife bought Into it with this madam they owned half Of that illegal brothel and then people Are like well isn’t prostitution’s legal In the state of nevada not within the Las vegas city limits it’s not and

There is a lot of illegal brothels a lot Of people just don’t do all their Paperwork because they don’t want to pay All the fees and all the taxes so bob Lazar’s brothel was illegal which makes Him a convicted pimp and i’m sorry i Grew up on the mean streets of Philadelphia i don’t trust the pimp to Tell me the truth And by the way i also spoke with several Of the women that worked at that brothel Who told me that bob azar was a greedy Bastard who took every penny he could From those girls And that informed me about him like You know anybody that would that would That would be a pimp I just don’t think is a very good person Because you’re you’re you’re profiting From some woman selling your body and Whether it’s consensual or not i think It’s a dirty kind of gross business You know It is what it is though you know but i Support if women choose to do that i Support that but i don’t i don’t think That i should be forced to believe that Some guy who was a convicted pimp is Telling me the truth about aliens that’s Where i’m at Was legal would you be okay with it Yeah i mean do i think the guy who owns The bunny ranch is a slime bowl not not As much yeah i guess if it was legal we

Would have grown up thinking differently About it so society yeah i mean they’re Triggering attitudes in amsterdam and Other places where it’s totally legit And legal you know in amsterdam women Stand in store fronts and you you walk By if you want to bang her you go in you Pay your money she comes out of the Window and bangs you and then she goes Back standing in the window and it’s Perfectly Acceptable and and In those cultures Women even married women accept that Their husbands may visit a prostitute You know well Uh thank you jennifer for the kind super Sticker avocado i appreciate that uh What about the flight plans you Mentioned the flight plans uh so dark Hours uh was asking About the flight plans do you have the That sky final for the janet fights do You have have this testimony We have we don’t have the flight logs And we don’t have the check in and Checkout logs at area 51. apparently According to the security guard there Are both flight logs and there are Logs of people once you land at area 51 You get checked in As a visitor And then when you depart area 51 you get Checked out so there’s a there’s a check

In log and a checkout log we don’t have The actual flight logs those couldn’t be Taken out of area 51 we have the Testimony of the security guard who Claims that he checked both the logs and The check-in and checkout logs And no bob lazar anywhere But it is interesting that i once found Another witness that claimed that his Mother Was on a janet flight with bob lazar Flying into area 51. so who you know It’s a it’s a hall of mirrors here But i trust that security guard i i Thought i i thought that his uh Testimony was very uh Just honest and reliable because i could Check his background and see that he Really worked there during the time that Bob claimed to have But would he have necessarily seen or Heard of bob No he did if you listen to the interview He The first time that bob was on Television with george knapp Him and his other security guards that Actually worked at area 51 were like wow This is crazy let’s look let’s look in The logs and see if he’s there and it Was like the the same day of the first Report on tele local television or the Next day they checked all the logs no Bob lazar and then he went as far as to

Say that he even contacted george knapp And said here’s who i am i could show You my credentials i work at area 51 This person that you just put on Television never stepped foot on area 51. George knapp didn’t want to Hear that he just kept running with the Story and that says a lot about the Story If somebody’s a valid witness he should Have included that in his report never Did Yeah but when when you’ve got these People that are running with the story That is doing extremely well uh why Break away myself yeah you’re like well It might be [ __ ] but people want to Hear about it so We do We do that we you know i’ve been guilty Of it i’m sure you’ve been guilty of it I’ll put my hand upside me but i do like To I like to find out the truth in the end You mentioned Men men in black so You don’t think there’s any chance that This could have been erased It could be yeah i mean i’m open to all Possibilities but i have to go with the Best available evidence And the best available evidence tells me That bob lazar lied about his education

He lied about how big the hangar bay Doors were because the spaceship Couldn’t fit in and out of that as he Described you know you know flight of The navigator Yeah it just shrinks down yeah maybe That’s what happened let me ask you this Then Then what did he do did he just work There as a tech guy like you said and he Overheard other stories from people and Just made it up as well there is Evidence that he had contracts around Area 51 to deal with the health monitors Not in but around so he could have Picked up a lot of things also Apparently his uh one-time father-in-law Worked at tone-up test range where the Real s4 which is a radar shack was I i believe that he cobbled together his Story from things he had heard from john Lear and you know it’s not a coincidence That Months or or maybe a year or two Before bob lazar came out with a story John lear came out with the predecessor Of the story claiming that they had nine Spacecraft in secret hangars On a subset of area 51 and they were Trying to back engineer them Then suddenly babazar meets john lear And a short time later he’s confirming John lear’s original story but adding to It saying that he saw the spaceships he

Went there he worked on them you know And then also None of the science makes any sense if You look if a real physicist looks at it Like staten friedman alienatic or excuse Me alien scientist or physicist Yeah no alien scientist has looked at His science and said it’s all science Fiction gobbledygook you know all the Evidence taken together i just don’t Believe that it’s a credible story and That’s another one though it’s like Bigfoot i would love to believe this [ __ ] is real but i just can’t Based on all the times i’ve caught bob Lazar lying you know I think bigfoot’s real Yeah it’s gonna be And uh That’s the best doctor You know Never gets old never gets old well Listen i appreciate i appreciate you Having me ollie but i gotta bounce out Of here because i gotta feed my children Before my wife gets home and murders me No problem i i i know that i’ve been in That situation Yeah this is a tough time for me Yeah no way you have your shows i mean Ollie’s always like come on in steve You’re always welcome coming to my show I’m like i gotta feed my kids and hope That they didn’t wreck anything while i

Was doing this he probably did Two boys yeah oh yeah Right there with you i’ve got two boys And the wife that beats me yeah you get Yourself off oh All right i will talk to you guys later Nice seeing you and rich as well Even though when rich is on the show That means you’re in the [ __ ] before You go kiss it That’s another great thing i’m on the [ __ ] oh i love third phase moon if Nothing else for entertainment value Stephen Dr steven greer said what he went on a Secret mission with a guy from zz top And that’s in their documentary oh [ __ ] All right i’ll talk to you guys later See you later bye-bye my friend thank You Rich You What are your thoughts with what um What he says about bob lazar because Last week when i asked you about bob You you kind of change your attitude a Little bit towards it almost like You when we Mean you’ve spoke offline we’ve spoken Other shows it’s been like I don’t think i believe what was our Story But last After you

I don’t I mean i I said i’m not really 100 Sure because nobody really knows But um You know after listening to steven say What he did Just now i forgot about that stuff you Know it’s like It doesn’t make sense his story has Holes in it man just like the screen Here The hell I don’t understand Hold on it stuck to me Hold on i’m sorry but you know Sorry I really had this all perfect before the Show I hate this place see this is why i have Just a professional background you know With no greens yes i do have that i have That as well as you know but uh it’s not Finished yeah bob lazar and the things That stephen are saying you know i’ve Heard people try to um you know rebuttal That as well and they’re like no no no It’s not at this it’s not that time you Got it wrong it’s like You unless you do the research yourself You’re gonna come up with your own Conclusions about bob lazar deep down i Think bob lazar worked like steven said Around the area

And may have picked up things here and There but That’s right when john lear came out With that story and then about a year Later he’s coming out with this Grandiose s4 story It’s very strange i you know i think John lear Is bob’s father is bob’s father but uh No i am your father Now that’s not true no Poor bob lazar I think there there’s a Another documentary in the works with Him Really these is is is carbel all over That i think so I’m i’m not 100 sure but there’s rumors Going around Um You know and then what he said about Greer and and The cousins brothers should have Called and verified those things What would have happened i think Because greer is part of this Documentary uh you know he was in it You know from beginning to end and i Think he would have seen that and Probably would say nope you guys i’m not Going to be in the documentary he would Have got approved Probably i’m not sure but i doubt it Would have been yeah

No no i was going what were you gonna Say because i was gonna say That’s not the type of documentary that Cousins brothers made right there It was just one man’s story with you Know you had shradd in there and goodall And everybody else there was a common Theme to that story And They the cousins brothers always leave It up to you To do the extra research or you know They they let people have a voice is What they do And and you know people love that But a lot of people hate it Too you know it’s like it’s split down The middle it’s like if you’re gonna put That in there and that’s not even true And that’s a lie then you’re just Assisting this man with a lie That’s [ __ ] you that shouldn’t be in The documentary either So if that’s a if that’s true and it’s a [ __ ] story That makes sense to me i understand why Steven’s upset and i understand why the Cousins brothers made the film the way They did To get to just Hear a man’s story without any uh Rebut it’s almost impossible to be In this field And have guests do documentaries or

Whatever you do without being accused of Something I know Everybody now right you know you you’re Never gonna do it right Personally And i’m not saying this because i i now Get along with the boys i think they did It right i don’t think they could they Could have done it any other way I think you you’re right if they if They’d done something at the end where You’d have gone on and said well i think This is [ __ ] because he’s he’s he’s Said xyz in the past That would have never got approved Stephen would have said i don’t want any Part of that You know which bothers me in a way if That’s what would have happened but You’re probably right i would have liked Uh to see some things rebutted too but On the other hand I understand why they made it the way They did Because nobody it’s almost impossible to Prove it either way but according to Stephen cambion that is a fake story That’s not provable With zz top guy Didn’t he say that Yeah Yeah i know i mean i mean it was it was Very it was out there

I have to say At that point of the documentary i was Like Okay stephen come on you you’re pulling One of those uh little white lies aren’t You they’re just a little white just It’s yeah it’s a little white lie Tiny one Um man But the ce5 stuff You know I don’t know Doable I know I know people i trust that say it works I know not necessarily what stevens told Them to do either There’s other ways to do it as long as You get into the zone and whatever you Know To some extent i i want to believe in it You know a small portion of me wants to Believe so badly because i believe in The law of attraction I believe thoughts do create things And not exactly as you want it to be but [ __ ] bro i’ve had some things happen the Next day that should have been Impossible never ever could have Happened ever And it happened again i just did it Again and and a few days later i got What i wanted And i don’t know how how but it works

So i’m gonna go for broke i’m gonna Really try To see if there’s some way i could do Something i’m gonna write it down i’m Not gonna tell anybody but i’m gonna Write it down i may tell one person i May tell you You could do it live And see and give myself a date but you Really shouldn’t give yourself a date But i’d give it a month You definitely don’t give yourself a Date in a location because you’re going To get people letting off balloons with Lights You’re going to be like what somebody Else would be I’m talking like the law of attraction Like if like i would say okay i Uh i don’t even know what to say i’m Gonna get a brand new car let’s say i Imagine a brand new car which right now Can’t happen it shouldn’t be able to Happen maybe i’ll do that But i could create it to where I may get in an accident and my car gets Totaled and i’m in that you know in a Wheelchair the rest of my life like Anjali Well i mean don’t do it live rich but You know it’s It’s um we can’t do it live no i mean Don’t do it while you’re driving No no i’m not but that’s the way the

Universe works so if i wanted a new car And the only way i can get it is my Insurance paying for it or somebody Else’s because i got t-boned at the Intersection Then that’s how the universe gonna make It happen if i can’t do it financially You understand so they’ll it’ll come up With a way where it won’t cost me Anything but my life Did you say Did you see did you Going back to what we were talking at The beginning of the show did you Actually see any of uh the interview Last night With who Uh with anjali uh not anjali sorry with Ryan um i think her name was sarah i Can’t remember oh you mean on the Campaign show yeah I i was listening to it i was in the Chat room and i was working out so i was A little distracted for some of It but yeah i was there Yeah Why No no Well the show’s gone now it’s Disappeared because i i got halfway i Got i didn’t watch the entire thing i Got about halfway through and i don’t Know what happened to make that show Disappear

Um But um I think it’s going to be interesting i Think a lot of Things are going to come up along the Way i don’t think it’s bad if if once They’re out we speak about them Right you know yeah It’s gonna happen i i don’t think these People are disappearing they’re gonna go On other shows they’re gonna speak about It Um I i find it very interesting that she’s Sticking to her guns with this and she’s She’s fighting this You know i i Like the title of the thumbnail Mythology versus ufology i i think most Of it’s just myths and legends but she’s Sticking to To the the actual factual information That this is factual this happened to Her this is not just some sort of Illusion I know But i thought she said It may have been an illusion i thought She said that a couple of times am i Wrong So i i don’t think it’s bad that we Speak because that actually got said on Stephen’s show last night ryan said i Believe that she out of ten

What is she She said she was a seven You said she was she was seven percent Sure at a 10 she was out of 100 she was 70 sure that it happened so that’s There’s that 30 That this may have Not happened thank you jennifer for the Super chat i appreciate that a true Experience is not in any zone It’s not in any zone first it just What’s that say happens happens A true experience bring it on that’s That’s opinionated right there a true Experiencer Doesn’t necessarily like if you’re Walking around And you just see a ufo That’s just happened to you rich it has Uh driving it’s happened several times Yeah it’s happened to me so i guess i’m An experiencer and i don’t really have To get into a zone totally true i get That What i was saying before is you know if You want to do the ce5 You know that’s getting in the zone So There’s a little more to that than Just being an experiencer i was talking About ce5 stuff Because that’s what greer did This last week you know seven days in a Row

With small group of people getting in a Circle singing kumbaya and seeing things In the sky I’m going to be very careful our word This but Do you think That some of the people that have Experienced Um aliens Demons whatever they’ve experienced May have actually had something Extremely traumatic that’s happened in Their life and they’ve masked they’ve Masked that With paranormal Yeah like kenneth pass that guy who Wanted to slice me up into little pieces Uh that guy’s been through a traumatic Past he’s had a very awful childhood And uh His experiences could be um Mixed in you know just to Unburden himself with the reality of What really happened to him just make it Aliens you know it’s easier that way Instead of it being humans But yeah there are some people who’ve Had things happen to them and I’m not sure why It translates to aliens But it does for some people And i don’t know why Don’t don’t you think that’s strange That yeah childhood experience or

You know i don’t know why that would be I’ve had traumatics i think we’ve all Have had traumatic things happen in our Lives right when you were a kid did you Have something traumatic happen in your Life i died True story i did die when i was a baby Completely stopped breathing they had to Get the paramedics my dad uh collapsed My lung from resuscitating me um yeah i Almost had caught death What Yeah i can’t remember it though Yeah but that’s traumatic I think i’m still suffering from what The lack of oxygen at the time but you Know that happened you’re still Suffering uh that is really weird and Here you are with an alien youtube Channel Yeah and here i am with One And one With one channel two channels yeah if You really want three channels actually You got the tick tock going on The white You’ve got the is that your computer Making that Yeah because i have it up on here Instead of down there the fan just Turned on for some reason i’ve got about 50 60 tabs open right now Yeah

I i do think Something With some with some of the people that I’ve spoken in the past and i’m not Going to name any names This this i get a feeling that some Things When they’re talking about what’s going On there’s definitely truth to the story I think Some people may have masked The situation with aliens or paranormal Millions though i i See nobody plans this When you’re young And then when you get older you’re like Oh yeah i’m remembering it as aliens Because i don’t want to remember being Touched you know by Uncle bobby or whatever You know it’s really strange that aliens Pop up Why That i mean that really bothers me it Almost makes me think that maybe we’re All part of a hybrid Right hybrid alien human creation I mean think about it if we were brought Here I watched this I watched this uh documentary last night It was one of the best ones i’ve ever Seen it was called alien moon have you Ever seen it

I don’t believe i have known it was Great they were talking about how The moon really isn’t what it is it’s Hollow And they went into A lot of pictures that have been Doctored and i’m telling you Some of these things i’ve never seen Before Literally looks like there were cities On the moon Haven’t they done a film about that they Have but i’ve never seen this one this One it’s about I don’t know how old it is to be honest With you so this is a Documentary uh I know you’ve done a recent film i saw The trait i’ve not watched it i’ve seen Oh it’s not that one not moonfall Yeah but is that not a seamless Situation the moon’s hollow This was based on um nasa photos this Was based on reality Yeah Moon falls based on you know what if the Moon was hollow you know yeah science Fiction yeah well i liked it i liked Moon fall Because it was just fun you know But uh It makes me wonder because then they Were talking how Was the moon brought here

If it is hollow because They said i think buzz aldrin said or Somebody said you know the moon rang Like a bell Uh there was a fight they they have Earth there was 28 earthquakes on the Moon for 40 years they had 28 of them And some of them were like 5.00 Which could move furniture in a home and Crack foundations and they also found Out that the moon was super heated And they actually called the surface Like uh like glass because the surface Has embedded heated glass in there like Ridiculous temperatures like they are They think the moon was brought here at Near light speeds This is what they were talking about Just going through the universe you know And rocks are hitting it and all sorts Of [ __ ] And that’s why it looks the way it does And then it was For our moon to be where it is they said The chances are Impossible there are no odds it Shouldn’t be there Remember what i said to you about Anything going at A certain speed through Uh the galaxy Would hit loads of things Right yeah we’ve talked about that yeah That is interesting

If I could be wrong with this when i Because i’m i’m not really i’m not I didn’t study much at school Hey me neither Would i be Right by saying That The ancients always draw the sun On rocks yeah but they never draw the Moon Huh Yeah that’s it i can’t i can’t picture A like an egyptian thing or a Mayan thing or whatever with the moon in It Just the sun Yeah i don’t know either i i’m not sure But i think the mayans did because they Had the eclipses which accounted well They did i guess they saw the moon they Knew it was the moon But uh You know the moon is in the perfect spot It’s 400 times smaller at this distance So it perfectly blocks out the sun but The moon is going away from us what is It two Centimeters a year or something like That So it is moving away from us The life is moving towards us No it’s moving oh i can stop panicking Now thank god for that

You know Who gives it who gives a [ __ ] about the Tides well it would have been another 50 000 years before I’m not i’m not bothered then at all You know you know i’m quite selfish like That so okay i don’t care about the Future of the planet um Now 20 years you’ll be dead Oh yeah you’re only 40 too right yeah But you’ve probably got that right Because then you like predicting stuff Don’t you Yeah no i know Now you put it down on the whole night No you’ll be 72 when you die don’t worry That’s a good age i’ll i’ll take that I’ll take 72. there’s a heart attack That did you in at least you were Sleeping though He only had his heart’s outrage yeah Not very tactful are you Oh i cheated i know That was malkai dice that wasn’t a heart Attack uh but your head in there i’m Such a drama queen you’re heading there Buddy you were born dead you had that Heart thing your father was beating the Hell out of you That’s definitely worth looking into i Could see you cog spinning for a show There but was the moon Depicted in Ancient

I only remember this Can you think of one with the moon I almost do but Really i can’t to be honest uh It’s always the sun yeah Unless somebody out there knows of one Any pictures of the moon That I don’t know I don’t know man i’m gonna look into it But they were talking how You know the uh not the illuminati the Anunnaki And all that stuff they You know Could have created us and that’s why i Got into that because Did they make us Not slaves but just Created us because they could and put us On this planet and Maybe they’re up there now watching Apparently there’s something on the dark Side of the moon that People are saying there’s a base over There and that’s why we’re doing this Artemis launch to release a satellite on The dark side so we can spy on Whatever’s happening over there but i’m Not sure for us not to go back and walk On the moon since 72 is weird You would think we would keep going There and Doing all sorts of experiments right i

Mean it makes Zero sense Yeah but What was it the guy from nasa said and He said and it I’ve seen on youtube he said they lost The technology Yeah You do you remember that that guy that Where we lost the technology that took Us back to the we can’t go back we Wouldn’t even know where to start how Would we go i mean that’s the dumbest Thing i’ve ever heard The best nasa Lost The technology Nasa Yeah I’m sure they did But nobody can figure it out again I mean how stupid does that sound we had The files but It’s so stupid somebody spilled the Coffee on it and then we just We tried to dry it out You know and then Some some silly bastard bind it But we do have the technology to take E.t home Don’t forget that guy How stupid are we Nasa never a straight answer i i do i do I do stand by that i do stand that i’m

Not i’m not one of these guys i don’t Know why i’m holding up i’m not one of These guys that’s that that thinks they That that you guys didn’t go to i would Say we Earth And all that all just one one team That’s not not just americans it’s one Yeah I’m not gonna say we didn’t go to the Moon But I understand people that get frustrated And said and say Where’s the evidence Because we said we you see you’d never See anything now you never there’s Nothing There’s nothing that they show that they Should that they there’s nothing that is They show me now that i i can say you Know what that’s 100 Do i believe we went to him yes i do I believe I i’m i’m 98 sure that we went to the Moon there’s this 2 percent of me that Thinks that i’m god and i’ve made Everything up But the fact that we went there six Times and nothing happened nothing bad Happened at all during those six times i Think there was one time right they had That problem apollo 13 i think it was or Whatever

But other than that i mean when tom Hanks went yeah yeah yeah And uh with what’s his name from flash Dance no flash dance Kevin bacon was in that too He was buzz aldrin wasn’t he no he Wasn’t he was somebody else Anyway uh Yeah i don’t know man if Uh if if we really went to the moon i Think we did But i i think there’s a 40 chance we Never went i don’t know really i don’t Like what i see when i see the strange Footage but From i think what happened is They filmed it as well as going there in Case they didn’t make it there So i think some of that footage that was Made here at home Is mixed in with the actual footage of Us going there just for something cool To look at maybe that they didn’t get on The moon Do you think Do you think uh stanley cubic Was involved In that I’m not sure if he was But he might have been uh it would make Sense that if he was and he did put a Little easter eggs in the shine and the Shining yeah Even very possible even the carpet the

Carpet Is the uh The whole layout and i i believe room 237 at the time Not now but at the time that they Believed that that was the was is that Was it something to do with the distance Yeah 238 237 000 miles from earth That’s how far the moon is And he was a clever guy Stanley was a very very I mean it’s a shame we’ve got lee for That because he loves this this [ __ ] but What’s his name The original guy who did wrote the Stephen spielberg Was pissed off When he went and watched Um The shining He was fuming he thought he thought Stanley butchered the entire film Because it was all about his It was about it was stanley’s kind of Peace It was his It was his stephen king Stephen it was stephen king’s film the Shining is still stephen king’s shot it Is stephen kingston said spielberg Did i say i maybe i might i i don’t know Maybe i thought yeah i’m so sorry i Didn’t mean to do that to you but so it Was his film his movie we know that but

Do you you think what and now that he Messed it up No stephen Stephen spielberg was pissed off At what kubrick did Oh okay okay yes He was That is it have you seen the documentary Room 237 I Don’t i think i do you have to watch That i i think i do room 237 you got to Watch it it’s on amazon I think i did Brian kegler with the 5 super chat What’s that nasa destroyed help me out Here rich yeah he destroyed they Destroyed all the moon saturn 5 tooling And blueprints in the 70s crazy must be A reason Uh we have been we haven’t been beyond Leo since Spacex next Yeah we starship That’s what what was it going to call it To begin with Spacex New It’s starship now It was going to become something Completely different i don’t remember What it was But yeah i i We spoke about that many times as well

I don’t understand why Elon musk i think i believe the year is 2025 Is gonna send one guy who’s bought every Single seat on that rocket Round To orbit the moon Why would you let one guy Buy every single seat On that rocket yeah yeah do you remember That yeah i do it was the chinese guy The the the i think he’s an artist or um Fashion guy but he’s bought every single Seat That he doesn’t remember that really Doesn’t sit well with me At all no it sounds Made up it sounds like that’s a lie like That’s what they’re saying really Happened But they only want one guy to go Don’t you think I should say that’s that’s [ __ ] he Shouldn’t be allowed to do that it’s Nice 100 Shouldn’t be allowed and thank you brian For the super chat i appreciate it He’s 100 Should not let that happen And i like elon i you know i hope he uh Brings Social media into Um a good place

Yeah but we i i spoke about it with lee Uh on on his show uh which i believe Is coming out this this is the thumbnail For it that i designed with a bit of Cubic Um background on there yes um But Well it went in all different directions I was having a bad day i did i wasn’t Very well so i’ve blanked myself out but Um Yeah It doesn’t sit well with me at all It really are you all right rich i’m Doing lou Oh yeah what what is this about anyway Let’s bring it back into ufology what’s Then i won’t have a show later We can discuss a lot he can give us a Little bit of a Nipple A nipple turns into A lot of milk This show’s gonna have a lot of milk Well if i start talking about it now how Are you gonna shut me off i’ll be a Nipple that keeps on squirting Well Well i’m hoping that you would just Well it’s right there do you show right Now he says we already had disclosure When He just said it the other day He says it all the time we’ve already

Had disclosure So i want to talk about why we haven’t Or have we Spoilers alert i disagree with that We definitely haven’t had this quote I’m with you rich you can’t get a little Bit pregnant I like that one oh yeah you can And what is you can’t say what is Disclosure because everybody knows what Disclosure means That is proving aliens exist and or Alien technology has been found That’s full disclosure No is there anything else i should be Talking about That is absolutely full of disclosure He thinks because the government Admitted that there’s ufos That that’s disclosure Yeah i mean that This is where i get this is when i get Really frustrated with the community And i always stay on the fence but There’s just me and you here so i can’t Really stay on the fence I get so frustrated with this because All of a sudden Everybody trusts the government when in Ufology before Nobody did but now it’s completely gonna Come it’s almost on a u-turn And it’s almost like that’s what’s Supposed to happen

We’re supposed to trust these guys To bring us To bring the disclosure that they want To bring us And what does that what does that look Like This is brainwashing at its finest This is uh The media trying to control what people Think it’s their narrative They want us to think that lou does Wants us to think that disclosure hey Even greer says it greer says it we’ve Already had disclosure No We haven’t i wanted to smack him in his Gizzard If we had disclosure everybody would be Talking about it schools would shut down We’d be having uh you know people be Running to church and run into the store For toilet paper if that was the case Why Because we’re scared the aliens might Want to you know we’ve been brought up To believe there’s bad aliens everywhere And If everybody remembers that little uh Thing that i did on santa monica beach On the pier when we were asking people If they knew what a uap was and they Said no what is it we said ufos oh are The aliens coming to attack us that’s What we heard

Because lou talked about the threat So Disclosure hasn’t happened not even Close Greer believes it’s happened because he Thinks they’re working with the Technology without any proof at all and That’s what lou is now lou is now Turning into greer If you haven’t noticed even lou believes It’s possible to have mental Conversations yeah i’ve seen this I mean come on now what what the frig Are you doing dude You know He’s just he’s just sucking up to the Most popular thing That people want to believe right now And that’s we can talk to aliens and he Was calling greer a fraud And that he should be in jail for what He’s doing and now he’s doing talking About the same thing [ __ ] hypocrite Do you think we’ll ever see them two in The same room together yeah i do As friends Yeah well As Friendlies I guess Uh I think they’ll be in the same room Because i think maybe in the next five Years there may be some announcement

That may come from the galileo project Or Something that is going to make Everybody go i can’t believe it there’s Life and then they’re gonna find out it Was all an axe it was all uh an accident That’s my prediction It’ll be retracted that’s what they do Oh right you think we’re gonna have like That That moment where the world goes silent Because they think they’re getting you Have a Disclosure and then it’s a nothing Burger yeah just like what they do with Roswell just like they did with Off-world vehicles they retracted that They’re gonna say hey you know the Galileo project somebody found something It’s been confirmed And uh we have a big announcement and Then two months later a month later They’re going to come back and say Nothing really happened when in fact Something may have You know that it may be Aliens for real but uh They had no choice but to get it out There to the public because it was a Public thing you know the galileo Project they leaked out and then they’re Going to retract it Because I don’t know do you ever feel like

Leaving The the subject completely what every Day Every day i want out But they keep bringing me back in I want out all the time because uh We never get proof Everybody’s in this for the their own Reasons nobody’s in it for the greater Good and those who say they’re in it for The greater good that are in government Are lying It’s my opinion What i’ve seen And it’s very frustrating plus i’ve been Doing this for 18 years Everything seems to repeat itself Repackaged rebranded with different People saying the same thing just a Little differently and it gets old Brian kegler with a five dollar star Thank you brian yeah the guy was uh Japanese not chinese i i apologize for That uh but yeah he’s but he’s buying All the seats and he’s taking multiple Types of artists with him And they’re probably all rich And uh These draw triangles with little eyes in The middle Maybe that’s just conspiracy Um i i I think he should be open there should Be somebody somebody going from every

Every country you know we should get we Should get boris johnson going we should Get I’m not even gonna go there The canadian dude well boris Johnson’s not canadian no i said plus The canadian dude oh the canadian egg Get all the [ __ ] all on one ship And maybe Maybe maybe just send it a little bit Further out That it doesn’t come back They can do the police they can do the Politics on mars They could be the the future politics They’re future politicians wouldn’t it Be weird if they came back and they were 20 years younger Well that would yeah curry good Job So amazing You took the words right out of my mind My mouth Mouth Mouth mouf All right Come on What what i do You doing you’re just you’re just you’re Just doing your Yorkshire thing No i wasn’t oh That is how uh I don’t even know

How certain black people say you know Truth they say truth Instead of saying truth I heard a guy say he has a channel and He doesn’t say algorithm he says ago Rhythm And every time i watch his v i said it’s Not ago rhythm it’s algorithm I’m such a dick but hey man The algorithm is terrible You know i don’t know i i literally do Not know what to do with it because it Changes every single month you could do Something on your channel and and The algorithm just changes For me for me personally anyway Yeah i think it’s individual it depends How many copyright claims you get or I think three Huh i’ve had three Three over Not from the not not on the same month Otherwise i wouldn’t be here but yeah I’ve had Either three or four I’m talking claims not strikes so yeah No strikes i’ve had three claims i’ve Had loads i get them all the time yeah For my all the stuff I’ve had over 300 Copyright claims Wow yeah And i removed a lot of those videos Because i wanted to clean the channel up

But you know goof on is almost back to Where it was before we got the strikes It’s doing well mom it’s all right uh It’s not all right it’s great It’s what we need Yeah i just need another 20 we’re still 20 off for the live numbers but There’s nothing i can do People head over to goof on tonight if You’re not already subscribed go Subscribe and if you just head out if You just watch these channels if you’re Just watching my channel right now and You’ve not subscribed and you’ve not hit The thumbs up Do it it doesn’t cost anything but it Really does it makes you feel good too It makes it makes me want to keep back And doing keep coming back and doing This And if you dislike the show make sure You hit the dislike button twice So you make sure it goes through a Double dislike always helps always yeah To to to let youtube know that you Really dislike it yeah i hate twice But just don’t hit don’t hit the thumbs Up twice because you know you don’t need To you do you don’t need to That that that’s just showing off I find it hard rich i don’t know about You i sometimes i mean you do it every Every day pretty much i do once a week And uh

I i work through the day and i i look Forward to doing this little show Pretty much it’s going to be on a friday Now that’s that’s The only way i can kind of do it Um But i find this i’m finding this subject So difficult So frustrating but yet so exciting at The same time But sometimes I don’t know if it’s the youtube aspect Of it and i don’t know how you feel About this but It can be i i hear this all the time and People think how can a youtuber be be Depressed but this is your job now You’re a youtuber that’s that is what You solely do for a living you do Youtube And i can see how that can become Depressing In it if you if you get my drift by that With The what people say about you As a person people judge you Um Also having to come with new content Every single day you know i got i have To do it once a week And i just wing it I don’t know how you manage it Neither do i But you’re enjoying it

I you know what i like I like that uh That there is you’re right and that you Asked me if i Am tired of it and if i want to leave it All together and i say it Every day i do Really i do i wish I wish there was Like There is i mean i can do something else But then what’s gonna happen is if i Have another channel Now those two are going to be like well He’s saying this over here and now he’s Saying this over here they’re going to Start putting things together and That is going to be very confusing to People And i’ll tell you if i was to come up With another channel i would discuss It would be something it would be like Bring man back you know it’s like a man Show Sorry ladies but uh it has nothing to do With anything the ladies are always Welcome but Men have been Brought down to be more like women if You haven’t noticed you know feminized And i want to bring a show in that Shows that there are still men In this world that like opening doors For women and go into the drag race and

Uh Rock and roll and partying and all that Stuff man we still want to be men in This country in this world And talk about politics talk about Sports talk about cars You know things that guys like to do and Talk about even relationships man You know i think now i’ve Had enough that i could give really good Advice on uh you know stuff like that But other than that If i was to do both of these it just People would take this personality and Put it with this one And they’d be well on your other show You said this and it’s going to be Something like that and i don’t want to Deal with that I want to focus on one thing and do it Well I’ll touch on that though what you said About Men being men because I i And i think this is this is missing on When i look sometimes in social media And that’s men being disrespectful to Women Because I i I was i was brought up like but You know i always have respect You know i have respect for the ladies

So if if i am if i if i ever take a Train and i ain’t taking a train in a While but the last time i took a train Um This This Lady came and she was a little bit older Than me she was she wasn’t elderly uh But she was stood up with her bags And i just got up and said do you want To sit here but no but i i i i had to Walk up to her Because there was loads of young lads Just all sat around and they wouldn’t Offer a c and i yeah I’m maybe i’m just old or old-fashioned Or you know uh What’s I’m probably just a [ __ ] for doing That because this day and age doesn’t Accept that But i just think that is something that You do Because i was brought up to be A gentleman you know You do that Yeah you do that You know A comedian said chivalry is dead and a Woman killed it oh dave chappelle said That i think Um Yeah it’s true because I’ve seen videos where people are a guy

Holds a door for a woman And she’s like i don’t need you to hold The door for me Sorry You know it’s like just being nice Well well she sounds like a bit of a [ __ ] to be honest with you because You know that’s just something it’s just A nice thing to do i would hold a door For a man right i was just gonna say i Would hold the door for anybody if i was Going through a door i’d hold the door For the person coming through I hate it and i say something every Single time somebody lets a door close On me and i’ll say hey thanks for Holding the door i appreciate it and They turn around and they just keep on Walking You know they don’t say oh i’m sorry and Sometimes i’ll be like what no sorry no I didn’t see you People are just aloof to To to being kind Doing the right thing especially when Nobody’s looking i always say that I think everybody should be a little bit Kinder uh i get in trouble for being too Truthful I know you do i know you do not But i’m talking about in real life okay I can imagine You got to be yourself though mate You got to be yourself

But rich we’ve been going for an an hour And a half there’s only two of us now Normally if there’s a few of us going i Keep the show going for for a lot longer So in other words you don’t have any Other material you want to talk about is That what we’re at is that what we’re Doing we’re ending because you don’t Have material enough for two hours Then we’re not ending just yet I i apologize [Laughter] But we but we can do no but what i why i Do want one to want to get on to Is That What’s going on right now In the field with rich What are you getting up to what do you Have planned and what’s coming up Is is there anything That you can give us a little bit of a Sneak peek into nope But is there something going up yeah I mean what do you want me to do show You the sunset i shot last night with my Drone i mean uh i’m making stuff uh i Have a couple of videos coming out this Week one for um Patrons and one for the goof on members So that should be an interesting uh One of them has to do with me trying to Debunk something And it was a video that came out it just

What Something Yeah something you’ll see it’s a light In the sky you want to see the light in The sky i’m trying to debunk you want me To show you Do you want to see what i’m gonna i try To debunk is that what you’re asking me That’s what i’m asking you Let me pull it up i only have the video Of what it is you know people who watch My show know what it is but let me pull It up so you can see it It’s gonna be this one and i’ll share it With you what Jennifer thank you so much it makes Jennifer feel so special and Feminine when a man opens the door for Her At my age i would kill for A wolf a dog A wolf whistle oh you can get arrested For that in the uk If you will if you wolf whistle uh a Lady it’s it’s what so i never heard of That term you know like wow Oh no [ __ ] yes that’s clusters oh that’s Really nice of guys doing that man i Love it when guys will whistle at me oh I know me too Wait what [Laughter] You son of a [ __ ] i’ll be honest with You if a lady wolf whistled at me i’d be

Like i’d get a little bit of a giggle on I wouldn’t i’d go home and tell my wife I got whistled it today i would love to Be whistled at it’s never happened go Ahead i got the video up for you thank You jennifer i appreciate that And i’ll open the door for you anywhere Any day my love There we go This is the video so there’s this dot And I think Who’s saying that where’s He’s from in underbelly 2.0 he was here Today yeah i like that guy yeah he’s Great he’s from la is he from london He’s where you he’s from where you live I think he’s from london i think so but This object i think Is a drone With a light on it and the reason you Can’t see the actual object and just the Light watch this Because you see it’s near sunset the sun Has just gone down so here’s what i know About this right this was and this thing Disappears and then it’ll reappear just A little ways over So i think what’s going on they turn off The light on the drone And because it’s a little bit out of Focus you can’t see the drone and then They move it over here Very you know not a far distance but

They turn the light off move it to the Left and then turn the light back on and It looks like It you know it disappeared and Reappeared so it’s slightly out of focus Sunset it’s a perfect thing and and i Don’t want to say whether i duplicated It or not But let me just tell you it’s an Interesting uh Interesting debunk i did yeah But i will say this about hidden in Hidden underbelly he’s It’s a great channel Send me the link to this as well so i Can put this into the description so People can go ahead over and check him Out yeah and he i think he’s in the chat People so go over to his channel here Right put it in our private section for You so you have it beautiful thank you But that’s So i the reason i wanted to try to Debunk that it’s because i haven’t done A debunk in a very very long time And i thought it would be an interesting Thing to show people that hey this is What you have to do it’s not easy and It’s not it was very hard for me to to Do what i did you won’t think it was but It was you need two people to do it it Sucks So You’ll see my uh little experiment

I don’t like my results but You might not it’s inter it’s Interesting footage that though You know because it’s not it’s not cgi And it’s 100 real But and if if there was no such thing as Drones I would be like I wouldn’t know what the hell that was That’s what changes everything the drone Has changed the game And i and i think we’re losing the Battle Hey There you go that just that ghost is That just That blows my mind Skinny bob says bob lazar at s4 So cheer up Is actually the real skinny bob I know that rich and that’s five quid Five squibbles I appreciate that my friend no but is it A quid Five pounds But is it also a quid What do you mean by that no it’s five Quid That’s five quid Five quid So why do you say oh so five pounds is Fi like five dollars right off five quid Right so oh sorry we call pounds five Quid quits

Oh okay oh i know it’s a quit i was just Making sure if i was using it correctly Well i have to do that It’s very with everything you guys say And spellings because you know when i’m Typing on google or anything like that When i type in an email even at work I end up typing Our own typewriters Correctors to the american spelling now Oh wow Good No it’s not good bad i’m dyslexic for a Start so It’s just confusing as hell Thank you skinny bob i appreciate that It does take one good video though right One video can change this entire field I saw somebody saying that dorothy did About alien Critter all it takes is one good video It can’t it can do and cindy thank you So much for supporting the show and if You’re not already subscribed to goof Honest cindy subscribe to you rich Cindy no i don’t know cindy go subscribe To rich because he’s got his show Tonight as well and we appreciate you Here thank you so much my friend yeah It’s in a couple of hours but it’ll be a Good show tonight that’s for sure how Long are you running for tonight Um An hour and 32 hours depends how i feel

Could be an hour that’s perfect for my Drive tomorrow How long do you drive It’s about It’s about that on back and forth you Probably do what everybody else does Skip the first 15 minutes because of the Intros and all those and all that no Sometimes i get to work and i’m still Waiting for you to start rich Yeah well sometimes they super chat you Know and i know i cannot not say Anything you can’t no You know i i But you know what i’ve been doing If there’s a lot of super chats i extend The show a little longer yeah to make up For that time so I really want an hour and 30 minute show But if it’s two hours that’s because you Know there were super chats But that’s how we survive that’s that’s Why we go every day because people want The information they like it every day Something different we’re not repeating The same stuff over and over Although i will talk about lou Maybe every day for a week but it’s not Like the whole show and people go out Talk about lou again i’m like he’s in The news again what do you want me to Not this is what i do it’s an everyday Thing I’m trying to be like those shows

I don’t know if i’ll ever get co-hosts Or anything like that i thought about it But um i don’t think you need them I would look i like I if i had somebody permanently there But then you have to share the super Chats and you make you live that this is Your job You can’t afford to pay a car i didn’t Think about that But that is another that i would have to Pay them hey look maybe in a year or two You know yeah um maybe i’ll be co-host He could employ me that would be Phenomenal if i could afford to but You know I want the show the reason i like Subscribers because you get more views When you have more subscribers And It it Then i could do more things if i if i Was able to travel more like because i Want to go to the utah symposium In may i want to go there and i think i May just go even if i don’t go with Third on on behalf of third phase of Moon I think i’m going to go I want to be there In the thick of it videotaping talking To andy recording all these people It would be great content for a couple Of days and i could also see how things

Are going you know behind the scenes a Little bit if you know what i mean Yeah it would be fun i could interview All sorts of people in there you know All the people in ufology and stuff That’ll be there it’d be a good time i Tell you i’d like to go to spain And be with um What’s his name Uh melon christopher mellon’s gonna be Speaking in spain at a ufo conference Why Huh Don’t you think that lou would have Warned His best mate Away i would never tell them i’m going i Wouldn’t announce it i would just be There Especially for that To go to spain would be at least three Grand for a couple of days Two grand minimum two grand Do you think the melon Would know who you were yeah absolutely He does 100 What do you think the melon thinks of You hates me I guarantee he doesn’t like me Not a lot of these people like me I don’t think they like a lot of people No i i really think they don’t get me They don’t get me

You know just because it all started When i said Get the i told lou get the [ __ ] out of Ufology get the [ __ ] out of my ufology That’s when it all started that’s when It got lou’s attention even though i was You know sending him tweets and stuff And attaching his name to it and corbell And all those people I think he knew about me but this was Kind of like whoa wait a second he’s Telling me to get the [ __ ] out and i Really mean it i don’t like these guys In ufology i think they’re ruining Everything Everything lou touches in ufology turns To [ __ ] want an example or four A tip shut down ttsa shut down Arts parts were [ __ ] The aoi msg office turned out to be [ __ ] And among other things So the other adam project Nothing Nothing now and now he’s in With the galileo project And Lou is being paid this is just my Opinion i think this this is just me Saying it and it’s not i don’t know if It’s based on truth but i think melon is Paying this guy i think christopher Mellon pays him You know with his own funds because he’s Super rich

Yeah he’s got he’s got fu money family Money you know so it goes deep with the Melons and i think he’s paying him Because He took lou under his wing basically and Getting blue all this access So do you think that Chris Brought lou into ttsa Well i think he had a huge part in it Yeah because it’s it’s funny that he was In it Yeah am i right am i right by saying This that That chris And lou left pretty much exactly the Same time no they did at the same day Same time yeah same day same time same Hour yeah same phone call to tom yeah hi Tom Believe it Do you i always feel sorry for tom I do too Yeah i really do and i don’t like him at All as as far as being in the field but As far as A he on a human level i feel bad what Happened to him I think his heart’s in the right place When it comes to this yeah i think tom Dewon’s heart is in the right place but He’s a child You know he’s he reminds me of Uh a dumber david wilcock

He but he’ll believe it and say it Because he didn’t do the research he Didn’t look into it he just believes it You know what i mean if you just like When he was on joe rogan and he showed The tr-3b disappearing i was like Do you do you have that perception of Him be because of the joe rogan Interview No I have that perception of him from Many different things over the years You don’t judge him on the back of Blink182 A little bit Um Because i don’t I just Some watching him and blink 182 i just Saw Uh Stupid Just I don’t know just like i don’t like dick Jokes you know and fart jokes i think Those are cheap i think he’s cheap I think i don’t think he’s uh A good performer let’s just say that but That’s my opinion I just think he’s he’s a bad actor who Got lucky with the band that made i Guess good music i hate it But other than that i see a child in a Man’s body and he hasn’t grown up

And that’s that and i don’t even think He’s rock and roll dude i think he’s pop And roll And that’s it he’s no rock and roll dude Ac dc’s rock and roll all right You know You’re judging the mum because you don’t Like his music as well that’s not it at All i’m just saying that because i’m in The mood i’m just saying it to throw it On top of you know add insult to injury You just want you just want to you’ve Got to stab him where it hurts i’m Punching down is what i’m doing It’s very strange that Have you seen his guitar I don’t remember it i hate him so his Guitar his guitar Has uh Uh i think it’s masonry Oh i may have seen it there symbols yeah On there You know I find that very interesting Hey you know what i could paint it on The walls and that would be just as Interesting Rich has got masonic symbols behind him Have you seen that yeah i heard his dad Is a masonic guy isn’t he last name Starts with a g [Laughter] Do you ever think with the lou situation That you could be wrong though

Like that you could be making a total Ass out of yourself well actually i did A show in monday morning I think i saw the title of that and uh And i watched about an hour of it on the Way that’s all it was a short show Anyway but Yeah you know i thought about that i’m Like you know if i’m wrong about lou I wouldn’t be shocked But then i and then i you didn’t specify Any reasons why you could be wrong Yeah i did Why could you be wrong I don’t think he did because no i did i Of course i did when i I could be wrong because he did get that Office well he had i don’t know if he Had anything really to do with it but Getting that office and signed off on And you know they got that permanent Office apparently okay Um he did bring the three videos to Light which brought the conversation And what if i’m wrong about the gimbal To go fast i mean i could be wrong we All could be wrong But i have to go with my gut and i have To go with the way the guy acts and with Lou It is a collective Thing and from the beginning I hit it right off i i think i was right On the money and we saw lou come to life

When he couldn’t answer those questions Was confronted with greer wanting to Debate him we saw the real lou leak out And then he talked about having all These sock accounts And doing counter intelligence type of Work in the field to create Conversations that were both for him Against him for this against that So he was playing all of us and i said That the whole freaking time And uh but i could be wrong I don’t know how but everything i say That i’m right about and just reverse it And then you got why i could be wrong No you know do you know I don’t normally say this because i i Usually stay out of it but i i Pretty much I think if it seems it’s just me and you And we’re uh two hours in i think you Could be right About Lou Being You know bad for ufology For ufology i i didn’t say that yeah i i Just said i think i think you could be Right about the guy i think there’s Something there That It does there’s something that doesn’t Sit right with me Yeah i mean it’s the whole i i mean i

Understand that he uses that as an Excuse for everything his whole nda But We saw him When he was on spaced out radio And the question was brought up about The debate And then he said i don’t negotiate with Terrorists meaning greer And then he said in another part in Another interview that I uh You know let’s just do this the Old-fashioned way and i’ll take you out Behind the bar and teach you what the Truth is or something like that i’m Paraphrasing He’s a very angry guy So are you No i’m not Sometimes i’m passionate I’m shame with you i’m an italian I’m a hot-blooded italian that i’m not As hot-butted as i used to be because You know you get older and [ __ ] And you know i pick i pick my uh I pick my battles a little more Efficiently nowadays but Well people pick the battle with you you Know and you just you just you’re always Fighting one of them No You you make friends i Since i’ve known you rich you make

Friends Very easily Um People are drawn towards you But as soon as you say something that That person doesn’t like and i’ve We’ve used this example quite you you You i can remember the in the beginning When we used to You used to say to me I’m sorry if that’s offended you I said shut up rich yeah why would you Because you’re used to that Of Somebody giving you what do you think of This rich well i think it’s a lot of [ __ ] yeah and you’re used to somebody Going Well [ __ ] you rich Because i yeah and because this is what Generally happens with you i’ve seen This You have a different opinion to somebody Else Quite often You have a different opinion to me You used to apologize all the time when I say well i you know i don’t agree with You saying so i’m sorry you know i like Why are you apologizing I don’t understand why you’re Apologizing i do know because every [ __ ] falls out with you when it

Doesn’t go their way yeah They they do and the whole a lot of People have fallen out over the your Opinion on lou You’re you’re i i can remember I can remember you spoke very fondly of Thomas fessler when he was on your show You said to me he’s a great guy i’ve got I’ve got an interview coming up with Watch this Watch this he’s a great guy yeah i Watched it you guys got on like a house On fire yeah and then all of a sudden That went pear-shaped Yeah because he played me yeah See and that’s what keeps happening People want to i don’t i don’t think he Played you Do you know something i don’t know then Because All i know is this let me tell you when It happened When wreaking havoc 215 when he was on Your show you know john Yep remember went that night when i was Leaving your show and and he goes so What rich do you think that my footage Is not good enough And i said no Your footage isn’t good enough to be Proof that you’re capturing something And then he got mad at me and that Started that fight because i was

Truthful The next day thomas fessler was friends With john john went over there and then They concocted this way to get back at Me from what i heard Oh and that’s how it started he Played me Or maybe he was friendly i don’t know But i felt like i was played To get him to his 1000 subscribers But did the battle start When lou went on the show No it started before that okay Well that’s that’s kind of Kind of good in a way At least he didn’t it was all let me Tell you i ca i can’t honestly answer That question because all of this was Happening simultaneously He could have But i think it started with john and Then then they didn’t like what i said About lou the next night or something it All happened that quick And then the next thing i know they were Talking [ __ ] calling me a pedophile Racist nazi I just don’t know where people get these Things from they just pull names out of Their eyes they don’t know They don’t know what they’re doing Dude And they’ve not even seen you swatch Sticker tattoo

No no no nobody will ever see that no One’s seen your american history x no no No it’s right here on the back side no And I wear the hat for a reason That hat Well oh i wear hats now for a reason oh Yeah yeah yeah the shaved head Well It’s the tattoo underneath the hair Yeah but that’s on the back of the head Rich no one’s gonna see that Yeah well you never know i may turn Around one time and accidentally Somebody will see the uh The dagger going through the center of It Yeah well brian kegler with 20 bucks Have a beer or two great show you guys You do a great combination for a show oh I threw it in there thank you so much my Friend and and rich helps me out here Because i’m dyslexic and i’ll probably Read that backwards I’m dyslexic too No you’re not like one million percent i Had a i had to train myself to read Well can you train me no No that’s all on you What do you want me to tell you Read it backwards And then if you keep reading everything Backwards you’ll accidentally start Reading things forward and then you’ll

Be a good reader That’s how you know my life rich You didn’t try that did you i i will say I will say this because we have been Going two hours now rich and you’ve got A i know i didn’t try it rich i didn’t Try it i will never try it because i Cannot read to save my life i can read Words But they they just they just come out Strange But i will say to the people in the chat I do apologize sometimes i do miss What you’re talking about in the chat Because usually i can’t concentrate on The jordano and concentrate on the chat At the same time it’s hard But i love you you’re all supporting the Channel with the thumbs up the likes Everything thumbs up and likes the same Thing Um You’ve got a show coming up in One hour two hours two hours You’ve that that was far rich i i said I’m dyslexic i didn’t say i couldn’t Count i did it for you frontwards and Backwards just okay okay yeah Two hours two hours from now And it’s gonna rock Yeah i’ll have a whole different outfit On you and you’re going to piss off a Lot of people in the field As usual

I’m not going to make anybody angry Hmm It looks like he’s Lit someone is like You know Said something that’s really amused him I’ve never seen him look that happy i Took his well that’s because i paused it When on a video and i just took a Screenshot of it i wanted something like You know different Most most of the uh the thumbnails looks Like he’s you know Having a poo Yeah you see you know he has like that One I love that I don’t know why that makes me laugh but It’s perfect He’s looking right at him yeah look at Me i look like i’m dead get that out of There please You’ve got so much color on you now I know i was dead last year Whenever that picture was taken So i just want to take this time to Thank everybody in the chat Every everybody that’s spreading the Word of alien addicts i i run a show On a friday pretty much sometimes it Will go to a different day but i’m going To try and keep it to a regular friday And if you get two shows in the week it Means that oh i like that rich

It’s like euros Ufo fake news Beautiful Yeah you need that that’s what you need That’s your background Yeah and leave the little bit of the Flapping The flap here i like that i love the Flap It’s my escape hatch You need to have your little alien just Just there So when it flaps up you get the alien Gray you know your little green one Uh Yeah oh no because he’s green Huh He’s green yeah this one here remember Like uh i would have to do something Like this you mean here hold on This one The green alien No we get big alien Oh the one back there yeah yeah yeah So you i should put them there It’s so cool isn’t it so weird how that Happens i need a green strip i you know First time i get a green screen i’m Gonna paint myself green do you see this This is green screen tape This is tape right here it’s green same As the color is the screen It’s like magic isn’t that wild it’s Like i’m witnessing real magic right now

Like here i’ll pull a piece off oh my God This is going to be insane Please hot rich Tape yourself up tape Tape let’s get it With the invisible Well mask have a small i could wrap my Head you have a small wall a penis Uh But you know it’s not the size of the Ocean it’s the power of the motion isn’t That what they say All right don’t wait don’t leave yet People don’t leave yet Just Hold on All right let’s try this Can you see me My eyes What happened just a little bit more It’s so weird isn’t it It’s really It’s really Amazing oh i like that I do like that Put it over the rim Remember The peak i’m trying You know what i do You want to Get like green stuff all around your Arms When you do your show

Tape and see just got two hands that Float around All right let’s try that We’re experimenting people try the hand Here Ah i didn’t rip off enough No no no no Well yeah i know what you mean but if i Just two hands Just so oh like just have my hands Showing yeah so oh and wrap up like my Wrists And just have hands that what i would Ask That’s great So what i would do Um if i had the green screen and i had That tape You’ve got it two hours before a show You could wrap that in around your Entire body and just have your Your hands and your head That’d be wild So cool I love it We’re almost there guys i’m almost dead Pretty soon i’ll just be a digital image Of myself Don’t write yourself up completely up Because i i i believe your skin can Suffocate if he doesn’t get the moisture About that i’m not scared of death come Get me Thank you i’ll be live in an hour and 41

Minutes an hour 41 minutes people go Fifty one minutes hour and fifty one Sorry go over To goof on And i’m not saying radios it’s not gold Cold goof on raid anyway good it’s in The description below people Like share and subscribe And Most of all share it share it share our [ __ ] out on social media because that is What grows us Like the monsters yeah the ufology that We are You’re welcome mate you’re welcome Anytime If you want to support the show people Check out the patreon it is in the Description below Feel free To uh send me a picture of the t-shirt That you buy in the next five minutes There’s some great designs You can also have a beverage What’s that coffee mug i keep forgetting To get a coffee mug of yours Which one do you like rich uh where are They That’s your coffee mugs oh my god like Uh I’ve got those yeah that’s for the Patreons Oh i will i will send you one Because

You being here is patreon enough to me Oh cause you you support the show i do With that without you There probably is no show You’ve been around before well not Before me but you had a youtube channel Before i did Not live Huh You weren’t live ever no No never i guess you’re right there is No alien addict without goof on amazing Isn’t it [ __ ] he’s going to hold me against He’s going to hold that against me no But he will not yes i will Good night god bless people mind the Books don’t buy i’m alien addict this is Goof on rich georgiana rich Richordano go check him out good night God bless bye bye