The Last Bob Lazar story?

By | April 15, 2022
The Last Bob Lazar story?

Good evening folks and welcome to a Leonardo a a nearly said and annoyed Um welcome to alien addict on this fine And uh Bizarre evening because it is bizarre Because we’re going to talk about Mr bizarre himself bob lazar and uh His um His final tapes have seemed to have come Out but i think we probably may get some More down the pipeline so without Further Ado we’ll bring on the guests to talk About the man That keeps on giving to the world of Ufology Rich giordano welcome to the show my Friend how you doing man thanks for Having me on we’re gonna talk lazar one Last time Just just one more the final story sure That’s it one last time i’m down Rich northwood Welcome to the show my friend Morning or evening And what is it you boys say two dicks Are better than one indeed yeah well Yeah what we like speaking of dicks I thought you were gonna go the other Way I thought you were gonna go with the Next one that would have been funny No i would i would i would never be as Rude as you rich

That’s awfully rude right out of the Gate What did i do All right I deserved it somehow i had something i Said two years ago That was when we first actually know it Wasn’t i don’t do that again Okay hey What’s up guys What’s up the alien the alien girl one One one Thank you thank you The lady of ufology Thanks for letting me come on the show i Always like hanging out with the boys Well we were just saying before i had a Big apology because you were meant to be On last week’s show and i completely Just didn’t send the link like a dick What Happens it happens she was washing her Hair anyway You go that’s right that’s right i Forgot thank you rich i remember i was There i remember what happened so No problem i was busy So as is everybody apart from leaks i Don’t know if he i sent him the link but I bet he hadn’t watched it did You did watch it a good one has Everybody seen the Listened to the the tapes The new tapes of bob lazar

I listened to the second one but is There’s that’s all this is the second One is a lot more interesting the first One just it’s just about The model um which i i’m going to buy That model can you still get it does it Mean you still get the model Sports model no i’m well i’m open to Sponsorship Um Speaking of sponsorship i just want to Say a big thank you they can’t make the Show people a lot of people thought that Car bell and uh lazar himself would come On the show no but they they did uh Respect the free t-shirt that i sent Them um nice so there you go not Photoshopped to our promise My My wife says you need to make a Disclaimer here that you’ve photoshopped That because that’s i can’t remember What she said she gave me some sort of Uh she says you you could get sued i i Said you know what if bob lazar and Corbell want to sue me that would be Amazing because that was something to Talk about right But i have to say but nothing i’m not I’ll come my opinion comes last it’s About the people What do we think for the tapes Ladies first Oh thank you

Hey hey He’s talking about me rich I identify as a female for that question Oh i’m sorry i’m drinking do you want to Take it then i have no idea what i’m Going to say you go well rich was going To speak but then i kind of spoke over Him before because i didn’t think Anybody was going to speak So i did review both sets of the uh bob Lazar tapes that have recently been Released Found through what sounds like a friend Of michael stratt And in reviewing this information and Listening to it it gave me more of like An in-depth understanding of kind of how The vetting process for bob lazar Uh like how that laid out and i think What hit me in the first little Recording that i listened to is i was um Very surprised that the when they were Trying to find him and they were like Asking all of his friends about who he Was and like what he liked to do that They actually had ended up finding out Right that he had like caused an Explosion in his house like he had done Something wrong and they had figured That out and they were they had figured Out some weird childhood crazy thing That he had done Um and they were asking his friends About it

And then the second one was Like you were saying like the breakdown Of the particle and how does this work And there’s a little bit more in depth About the mechanics of of the saucer and Um I like that and i always like listening To bob azar talk because he’s just so Calm he’s so cool he’s so collected you Know what i mean like you’re just Sitting there and you’re just trying to Listen for lies But the guy just he doesn’t sound like He’s lying This fits in into multiple it’s the bob Lazar thing so that’s what i got i could Keep going and going because it’s it is One of those things that you can just Keep talking about forever because There’s so many facts to bounce off of Each other that i i you know i love bob And i’m so like i do believe in him But then there’s um You know still a day or two every once In a while i’m like do i believe in [ __ ] yeah i liked the i liked the Tapes it’s always nice to hear more Nothing burger I don’t know i thought it was pretty Good at this time Rich and when you you won’t speak for oh No No not me i have nothing to say well From what i saw

He he would start to talk about Something let’s say for instance he Would talk about Radioactive materials And then he would immediately fork into Sort of schoolboy stuff about uh Decay And um Oxidization and things like that so So he he would he would tell us Something about the actual um The thoughts in his mind that are about The craft and then he’d immediately fork Off into Something that you could read in Any sort of like textbook or or stuff About Elements that are around at the moment Uh it seemed to me like he was backing Up every every little story that he got With a piece of um Uh Like uh something that he gleaned from a Chemistry book or something like that It seems to me that He didn’t particularly Have anything else that you could Actually grab onto and say that that’s Real Um But Thinking a bit further talking about Element one one sixteen was it one

Fifteen sixteen and it turned into 116 When it got bombarded Um All of that All of that stuff doesn’t really stand Up to scrutiny Uh either I I i don’t think that thing would work The way he described it I mean for instance So he talked he talked about generating An anti-proton and and it would fly into A gas and it would annihilate and they Would get energy from it and they would Use that energy to power the craft So the amount of energy that it would Take to create that proton would be the Same energy that would be released Sorry that anti-proton would be the same Energy that would be released when it Annihilated with another uh proton So so really you might as well use the Stored energy To power the craft Why create a load of antiprotons to then Annihilate them to make make the same Amount of energy that it took to create The antiprotons in the first place I’ll i’ll be honest with you rich with That sort of stuff that goes straight Over my head as soon as you talk about Protons But josh and artemis yes

We will be on the show on sunday can’t Wait for that and thank you so much guys It doesn’t matter that you can’t make it You’re in the chat and i know you you’ve Got the little ones to look after um Sorry what was you gonna say my darling It was either you are rich at the top That cough Sorry i’ve stunned the audience haven’t I apologize yeah no no this is what they Want they want actual somebody who’s Actually in the know and i’m going to go I’m with ollie um rich you just made me Feel very stupid um What i i gleaned from listening to it Was it goes back to that old story Doesn’t it this doesn’t mean i believe Him or or not really it’s uh i don’t Think there’s anything there that will All of a sudden make somebody that Doesn’t believe bob’s lazar’s story Believe it Um But What i will say for him Is when were those recordings supposed To be done 32 years ago 1990 right that could be Him speaking today No that’s not him speaking no no no no i Know Well what i mean is the way he’s Speaking and the way he’s speaking about Things it might as well be him saying

That on the joe rogan show next week Um and that at least leads to some sort Of consistency now is that Consistent [ __ ] i’m not i i don’t Know but it is consistency Yeah 100 his voice hasn’t changed A jot Quite weird though actually isn’t it Like i noticed that too yeah nothing Would you like do you know what the Weirdest thing about that is for as i’m Sure all of you know That um As soon as you start doing any sort of Like Uh for one or better words performance Type stuff like we do be it podcasts or Youtube shows and stuff like that And i think you learn more about your Voice because you hear it back and off a Lot your voice changes you end up Rounding words off and stuff like that To make it sound and feel a bit nicer in Your mouth when you when you’re speaking Um i find it weird that he’s done so Much speaking over the years and he Hasn’t that hasn’t changed you know he Hasn’t changed the way he he delivers Information because he doesn’t Particularly deliver information in a Good way either So you’d think he’d have at least got Better At

Selling the snake oil Has he has he done that a lot though or Did he just Show up do a video or something like That and everybody watches the video I think he’s done it enough i don’t know He’s done very little as far as talking On the circuit way back when About i think he’s done enough he’s done Enough to where you think he would have Changed how he delivers things hmm i Don’t know i don’t know him yeah i’d Have to get a baseline read on his Personality Well more mr george i know you you were You were coughing but mushy and what Have you missed the catfish thank you so Much corporation answer [ __ ] That’s going over my head but i get it Uh and tic tac uh That 115 triangle sounds spooky like uh Dorito Is that he spelled it i have no idea he Spelled dorito but yeah it does sound Spooky rich you see thank you so much For the super chat guys i really Appreciate it i love you all very much For the support show Um Rich you Are you calling [ __ ] on this No i’m not calling [ __ ] it’s just Nothing new Uh you know you just hear a little more

Details about some things you know he Took an extra step inside or instead of Looking left he looked right you know It’s nothing really significant to say Holy [ __ ] he actually worked there i Can’t believe it It’s just 32 year old tapes that Nobody’s ever heard that’s all and it’s Pretty much uh 98 of it is what we’ve Already heard and the other two percent Is just in addition to what he’s already Said So Although i like it because it’s old it’s Nostalgia it’s bob lazar I just You know yeah It was good I mean i wanted more to be honest You may get more i mean well there’s More coming tomorrow ten more minutes And that’s it Can make another thumbnail uh The i don’t know what to do with that One i want to hear him say something i Haven’t heard like you know something Different Joe would be nice is if he dropped the Antarctica thing For about 32 years ago that’d be nice That’d be kick-ass Yeah like that Exactly I don’t think we’re gonna get that no i

Don’t no Given his jews though he hasn’t he Hasn’t uh Decided he wants to change the world and He hasn’t decided that um he can speak To talk to aliens with his mind and All the other stuff that That’s been claimed elsewhere you know Uh You have to hand it to him he’s he’s Stayed pretty grounded and true to the Original story You know that’s just him though You know what i mean That’s him Yeah i i think this last tape though That By the way people it is over on third Phase the moon’s channel they put it out Today Um I think this last tape Was a a lot more interesting than the Than the tape just before that that was Talking about the model Who is he actually speaking to though Who are the guys he speaks to do we know That yeah i forgot the name of the guy They say it in the beginning of the First segment the first video they put Out i forget his name but he’s dead now I’m looking it up now i’ll find it right So because bob spoke in that second tape About

Somebody who they were trying to get to Verify i think it was he was either Another scientist or somebody he worked With at so-and-so and he says he said We’ve got in touch with so-and-so but He’s not backing any of this up and he Says yeah i don’t know why he did why he Isn’t i’ll kill him like as a joke did He say i’ll kill him he said something Along those lines like i’ll i’ll get him For that But he says he’s probably got good Reason not to Like somebody didn’t back him up and i i Literally listened to that tape because I couldn’t listen to it today at work And i listened to it on the way home While i was driving And the couple over not beds were Peeping the horn He drives like an idiot his name is john Andrews That’s the guy who’s speaking to them to Speak about that’s the guy who got who Did the recordings with bob lazar that’s The guy who handed the tapes over to Shred Or his wife i think his wife gave it to Him after he passed away gave it to Shred 30 years ago Was that last tape there sounded like There was about Another three people in the room with Bob

It sounded like there were more than a Yeah there were a couple people i Remember two or two voices for sure Besides bob’s that i heard during the Interviews I think there were two other people There yeah at least two Right i Thought is that is there any chance Any chance whatsoever That this is fake can be done recently No 100 this is real you um if if you Haven’t watched part one yet they show Michael schratt with all the tapes And passing them off the third phase of The moon and right okay it was just Audio it was just the audio i was Listening to because i couldn’t watch it I was just listening to what bob yeah Right okay yeah see they’re they’re on Those little dv tapes you know for a Little video recorders and then they Transferred them over to dvd in 1990 and Then they hold up the dvd with the date On it showing john lear does But anyway That’s it they’re real it’s legit Yeah no it was just but with it with us Saying he sounded similar that was all I sound the same in any year That’s um generational that’s why So i i have a question for everybody That i just have you know um

What is the big fact the big thing that People can’t get over when it comes to Believing in bob lazar Like what it seems to me in this It seems to me that people believe He did not work At uh you know he didn’t work at los Alamos he didn’t work at area 51. i mean I’m just i’m not trying to be like What’s going on i mean i seriously Honestly want to know specifically what It is that you know because that’s why i Do this that’s why i jump into this i Want my little fantasies to be shaken Out and i want to know because there’s Been a lot of things that i’ve Discovered by asking these questions and What do you guys think like what do you Think the big Thing is that proves that bob lazar is a Fake as some people say Lots of inconsistencies The badge that he has it really doesn’t Match The badges that other people had that Worked there Um Steven cambion did something on that and Showed that Inconsistency about where it’s located Um Just a lot of stuff like that like where He lived and Just like okay when stanton friedman was

Going up against him he said There was a guy i asked who worked there And said bob was our didn’t even know Where the bathroom was you know but then Richard dodie says oh yeah he explained It described it exactly he was there he Worked there so you got two people who Are you going to believe dodie or stan Friedman stan friedman doesn’t know he’s Never been there he’s just getting it on Somebody else’s word so it’s a very Convoluted story and i think he uh he Might have worked there or told he Worked there i think this was whole Thing was a social experiment Just like anjali oh should i have said That Same right mate on this show um Well i know you want to get her on That’s why No Listen at the end of the day With great claims comes great um Responsibility Debunkers Um I am I think that I think it was you that said this amy The one thing with bob and i think i’ve Heard you say in your show he sounds Believable He’s every time he speaks It

It sounds like somebody who’s telling The truth it doesn’t sound like a lie My issue to put that out there Is this This is my issue if i have still got it Yeah i’ve still got it that’s my issue So playing soccer it looks great The flying saucer that looks like billy Mayer’s flying saucer that is my issue It just looks lion saucer to be fair Yeah he looks like a flying saucer but Who reports flying saucers now I can’t remember the last time i’ve i’ve I’ve seen a legit Or ever uh well Lying saucer You know Somebody Yeah but you know like i’ve said on the Podcast before i’m i’m almost convinced That the What Whatever ufos are They’ve been seen in the sky for Thousands of years And you know like when You have reports of Like old stories like say dragons or um Like chariots uh fire those sorts of Things I don’t think That People uh people in old times Describing something the best way they

Can I think that’s what they saw And for some reason i think these things Show themselves in a lens that the People of the time can understand them So we’re seeing we’re seeing those Things the Like the black triangles for instance And stuff like that we’re seeing those Things Because it’s how we’re perceiving them At the time whereas in the 1950s that The flying saucer was how we Perceiving them i think these things Have changed i don’t that’s it’s one of The reasons why i’m not i’m not Convinced that they’re like Extraterrestrial beings traveling Billions of miles from a from far far Off galaxy i think it’s something Completely different So you’re saying that the flying sauce Or the whatever this craft adapts With yeah the time to the yeah to the Um Or maybe not even the craft adapts maybe It’s the the whole idea of how we Perceive reality You know it’s maybe it’s it’s us it’s Our collective consciousness making Those things what what we want them to Be at the time We’ve spoken a little bit about that and We’re rich about

The the crafts That we always seem to see them The the actual the The time period that it is whether it’s In the 70s 80s 90s you know that now It seems to be that they They they’re Almost designed Like like the cars Yeah i like the cars In the 60s you had the nice rounded cars The big ones and the ufos were kind of Like that bubbly round billy meyer-ish Yeah and then uh thank you and uh They had triangles back then Right those are the same same with the Cigars now they call them you know Tubes or tic tacs 100 i think this the Triangle is a thing Yeah i think it is oh yeah I don’t know if it’s ours I think there’s both i think there’s et Yeah and human triangles Yeah If To quickly touch on this that if you Think about the easiest thing To Chuck up in the sky and take a picture Of or whatever that would be the ufo Would be the shape of something that Some i mean look Maybe somebody took to discus back in

The day and somebody just saw it fly by And went bloody hell have you seen that Yeah Look at that hercules i’ll go get it You know you know It would be Something that is something i mean even Even that that classic scene in back to The future at the beginning where you See the the flying saucer at the Beginning and all of a sudden a dog Jumps up and bites it it’s a frisbee but You think it’s a flying saucer Rich do you remember that and back to The future Did i say back to the future Did he say back to the future he did i Thought you did i meant flight of the Navigator oh okay all right yeah of Course Yeah Yeah that’s funny you’re right I think it is but you know that that Means that we have the technology in our Hands and we’re just designing it the Best way we know how that doesn’t make Sense either that would be weird but it Is true maybe it’s because the sign of The times are the sign of the ufos now We’re in this digital age where Everything’s a chip or a tablet and now We have something that looks like that You know the tic-tacs the most popular Thing i hate it

But you know it’s it’s out there Well you need to love it because it it Kind of gives us something to speak About yeah yeah I get in trouble for saying the same Thing i think you’ve got something there There rich as well with the tic tac Because when you look at the way we are Um designing consumer electronics now It’s all very like slot sharp clean Lines you know it’s the the apple design For instance has taken over consumer Technology So it’s yeah yeah it fits with what We’ve got if it’s what we’ve got in our Pockets are we making it fit though Because if you just talk about oh it Looks like a car You know like in the 60s what else would It look like nothing else so it’s one Thing out of a billion things that oh we Found what looks like that it’s got to Be why see i don’t know man i i i don’t Know it’s so silly why would they do That Why would 50 days If you’re talking about something that Can Let’s just say let’s go with the idea That the mechanical nuts and bolts craft That can traverse all All this time with time and space Um Where we would have to be looking at

Something that dealt with time The same way as people do for them to Change their designs over the same Period as what what where how we’re Changing our technology and i just don’t See that as a thing if you if you’re the Type of type of creature that can Travel that distance I don’t believe you’re going to have the Same like life lifetime and same right Perception of what what time of reality Is so Why would they change so much you would Think you would think that the same ufo That was in the sky In 1700 bc was the same one we have Today It might be Maybe Yeah i know maybe yeah we’ll never know But if you look at those paintings the Frescoes the the artwork Uh you do see top hats and discs and Triangles and everything we see today Some of them look like billy meyer ones Even laser beams Shooting out of them my god i mean That’s wild stuff man But no that’s the sun’s rays yeah Usually when they do sun it breaks out You know it doesn’t go in a straight Line like a laser beam yeah so i’m not Buying that stuff I will say this

If Let’s just say bob is making all this up And he did this for some Bizarre is our reason Nice i always find it crazy that his Name’s lazar He’s You know what he’s our story Comes from the word lazarus god helps us Is what it Means oh wow isn’t that amazing And his name robert is one of the most Common names because he’s like jesus he Walks among common man All right Come on man He’s put here for a reason He skips gold he’s a social experiment It’s all subliminal stuff this is what I’m telling you What i was what was going to say All right the loop rich is drinking pure Heroin tonight this is actually this is Hayah actually So i’m going to be tripping in about Five minutes What i was gonna say is if Because bob’s an intelligent man and i Can’t as much as i say that i have a Problem with the way this craft looks Because of um The billy myers story okay The classic ufo

Um which seems to have been forgotten About other than the bob lazar story I can’t see why bob would he’s a clever Man why would he Why would he put such a stupid No Now you’re talking Because he was because he was put there Because of john lear’s connection to Ufos area 51 and all that stuff There’s a connection john lee’s father Was cia Okay Um I can’t i don’t know what i’m saying After that Okay That’s a good point though That’s a good point that’s something That’s come up with me i’ve gotten Fights on reddit over it and it all Comes down to john lear um some with John lear some with john lear whenever i Try to dig deep and get a good Understanding there’s something with the Secret with john lear that is to unlock The bob lazar truth and so i agree with You 100 and i wonder where that goes And i’m not even kidding when i say it’s Possible bob lazar could be his son He would have had him when he was 16 Years old well he wasn’t but i i saw him Saying that he had sex with great this Is great because they do look alike they

Got the same mouth the same head shape They’re they both wear glasses that look Similar they even talk in that calming You know Magical voice that’ll take you like two Million people are living on all the Planets And i am a good human thank you You Know so my point is it’s possible Because of the connection through john Lear and think about john lear’s father He is the uh the godfather his father is The the godfather of leaders Yeah so think about the technology that They created and could have given to The government maybe they found this Technology and said let me you know my Son or i don’t know if they said my son But i know a kid who’s brilliant i’ve Been watching him since he was born And i put him through the right schools This kid’s a genius he’ll figure it out I don’t know I have no idea but i think it’s weird That john lear is connected to bob lazar And they’re Somehow connected Right i it seems there’s something going On because it seems like okay so this is What i’ve always been trying to Identify which is when Did we start to hear about area 51 in The mainstream media it appears to be

John lear correct he appears to be the First one who was reporting and then he Got budsies with nap and then they Started to go Talk about area 51 was there anyone Before them that we’re discussing area 51 because what’s interesting about that Is there was an area 51 when they were Reporting on it it was completely denial It didn’t exist so Lear Knew area 51 existed before the public Was aware of this So at what point did the mainstream Media start to discuss area 51. i’m Going to find out Awesome yeah that’s a great no but that Is a fantastic question though guys i’ve Always wondered i’ve always wondered Because you have that you know so that Confirmed area 51 and when i noticed When i noticed people started talking About area 51 openly it happened after The julian assange wikileaks that Happened because they found an email in The wikileaks that included an email to Area 51 and from then on it felt like The government was completely okay just Discussing the fact that there was an Area 51 and that was the first official Confirmation i ever was like oh okay now We know and then it seemed like Everyone’s like yeah there’s an area of 51. and i was like how did that confirm

Early 2000s i thought it was sort of Acknowledged in like the early 2000s And here i think i thought it was in 86. The uh Well what what i’d say about the um People talking about it is that the that Military base grew didn’t it and it Started swallowing oh yeah yeah So there would have been a time well Before that where i’m sure ranchers and People that lived around the area would Have been fully aware of the fact that There was a military base there So if you’ve got if you’ve got a Military base that you can see with your Own eyes you can see trucks going in and Out and planes planes going in but it’s Not on any maps that’s the breeding Ground of conspiracy theories already Isn’t it So I’m under the impression um I’m probably totally wrong here again i I’m not a ufologist don’t study the Subjects just like speaking to the Idiots behind it Um That bob kind of put that into Play when he was talking about s4 and Area 51 and it was already rumored but Then it started to get discussed more And more and more I felt like Sorry i didn’t mean interrupt no no no

That one You stopped money They found out it went public on June Freaking thing uh any 2013. That’s interesting It says the public found out that area 51 officially existed in august 2013 After dr jeffrey t wright richelson or Whatever a senior fellow at the george Washington university national security Archive submitted a freedom of Information act a four-year request in 2005 For information on this well i i want to Know when that’s when they admitted it i Want to know when it was talked about First don’t you is that what you mean Yes but who was the first reporter to Break it who was the one who came out With this information ran to the Television stations and said area 51 Exists because in bob lazar and the Flying saucers george knapp says it’s The most requested video i’ve ever had Ever in my whole life even people in Japan want to look at the video so who Had the information first we’d really Like to know because it seems like that Information got everywhere in the world Pretty fast and it seems like the Original holders of this information was John lear and george knapp and somehow You know they got their friend bob lazar

There it’s interesting for sure we need To know how area where were the who who Did they base this information off the Area 51 exist you know and we have you Know leaves discussing this a little bit Well you know there’s little noise that Happens in the area right so you know Next door neighbors like i think and That that’s very well possible too you Know but it seems like we figured out The government and And what i like about it is it’s one of Those times where you can confirm They knew and that’s what’s fascinating They knew It was hidden under belly that that Revealed it to the world all right there We go I didn’t want to say it i had a feeling My friend And for anybody in the in in the Audience we do know it was s4 that bob Was working at not area 51 But I’m am i right by thinking they It was bob That kind of put that that name area 51 Into The the populace wasn’t it stan friedman Though when they talked about the bodies From roswell’s when he was investigating Roswell and he brought up i know he Brought up area 51 that’s not where the Bodies were kept you know

They were kept somewhere else but uh I don’t know That’s an interesting question i thought It was like 88.89 as some tic-tac-toe Said in the chat i thought it was around That time when bob came out Or stan friedman i always think of the Wrong ones hello carol milo love you Carl anne all right Carl Is there anything um out there about When they started nuclear testing there Maybe maybe looking for new mexico Yeah yeah because because that’s what They would do nuclear testing went there In area 51 Right i think it was well new mexico is Different from nevada but they started In the nuclear testing in um out in new Mexico it started in alamogordo at white Sands you know in that area was when They had the atomic bomb at the trinity Area so area 51 isn’t in new mexico it’s It’s in um you know nevada Yeah but that’s from saying if if if There was any um Talk of nuclear testing at that facility At all ever The um that might be where you find the First mentions of it maybe looking for The first mentions of it in ufos or if Ufology is always going to turn up the The later accounts of it there might be Something much earlier on where there’s

Talk this talks about doing some sort of Tests In that area Have you seen that area on on google Earth the nuclear testing ground Yeah it looks like the surface of the Moon It’s pretty cool out there i went out There like a couple months ago I’m a little confused about that area um Did they actually detonate bombs with Nuclear [ __ ] in it Because wouldn’t it be poison for 10 000 Years over there I don’t know if it’s just like i think i Think in in general it’s a missile Testing ground i don’t know if it was All nukes i don’t yeah but people are Saying you know when The s4 flags were found up you know Papoose lake area whatever people were Saying oh it’s all radiated all the Water over there is all radiated from All the bombs going off i’m like I don’t think so because nobody would Live there Well i actually went to the nuclear Museum yesterday and this was kind of Fascinating to hear oh that’s cool So it turns out we’re talking about this Everything happens for a reason so i Went to the nuclear museum yesterday and You know i had the guy like explaining Nukes and stuff and they were saying

Like so in america because we have Nuclear you know reactors and stuff to Help power um our our country and our Stuff like that that it’s actually Interesting because even if some of our Stuff’s different than like russian Nuclear reactors like we have better Regulations and rules but anyway Basically what happens is if one of the One of our reactors kind of like went Down Um we really wouldn’t have that much of A radiation Issue Because we use the correct equipment and We follow the correct regulations in America um and so they were saying that Like we’re probably come in contact with More radiation in a whole year Than we would if we were in some sort of Situation like that because they put all That stuff in place a little bit better Anyway the nuclear museum’s kind of a Propaganda machine though That is also You kind of leave but i met a nasa Scientist yesterday who put uh the rover On mars so we had a fun little Conversation but did you find out Anything about the missile site or the Testing area being Using plutonium didn’t i i think well if The manhattan project you know there’s That footage of them dropping the bomb

I’m pretty sure that was down in new Mexico maybe they did it maybe they did It once and then they’re like oh man we Shouldn’t do this again i’m pretty yeah They detonated one yeah but i know They’re detonating them that’s not the Point is was there nuclear [ __ ] in the Bomb that would poison the [ __ ] earth For 10 000 years that’s what i want to Know Like why is that I don’t think so no because i like roll Through there and i’m fine That’s the problem i have with people Saying but they’ve tested all the Thousand of them went off right thousand Tests did 10 of them have nuclear [ __ ] In them because people are always Talking how it’s poisoned over there but Yet they got this whole military world Living there you see here’s the problem I have with with when people talk about Aliens sleeping with humans i guarantee That we We’re like a a An advertisement for uh we’re like the Aids advert in the 80s you know aliens Are like do not sleep with them [ __ ] You will you will die you know we are Filthy we are filthy yeah you know and We are probably Very much Radioactive compared to

Our um Our our fathers I think the alien guys like the women a Lot i think they enjoyed human women a Lot actually because in the bible right When you have the story about saddam and Gomorrah and they come down and they’re The angels and they’re like hey or Whatever and all that stuff happens a Lot of ancient astronaut theorists Believe that those angels were in fact Extraterrestrials that come down and in The bible they say that the angels like To come down because they really like Their ladies you know they really like About the netherlands I think so yeah right they like their Chinese they’re earth ladies they love Them earth ladies Maybe Maybe Maybe that maybe maybe not the ladies From mars aren’t we Well greek uh greek mythology is full of The gods coming down and having their Way with mortals you know Maybe aliens are more human than we Think they are Like because i mean if you get something With a screen on we’ll stick porn on it So so maybe the aliens sort of look at Those and go can we yeah can we just can We [ __ ] them yeah i think i think we Look like we can book them

I mean i think they have been for for Freaking ever man percent forever like Thousands and thousands and thousands of Years it’s been happening they beam us Up they get us knocked up they put us Back down they take the little babies Out when we’re sleeping this is the Female extraterrestrial issue you guys Okay and then you go up and you meet Your little babies live in a spaceship It was like sad you know How did we we get how did we get from It’s dead How did we get from this And not that i love that how did we get From this to Sleeping with aliens what is going on on This show It’s the circle of life Right now in general now What i i do want to speak about though Is that the the last recording It seemed to me that he got a little bit More into the nitty-gritty of the The things on that craft the the Injection mop the what do you call it The the Itself Um Yeah it’s a it seems so bloody simple Though doesn’t it it seems like the most Simple Piece a simple object Ever it’s so small

That’s why i don’t believe it now see Now i don’t believe anymore Where’s the screens they just appear You know what are they doing sitting Down without a seat belt on i get it the Gravity keeps them all safe and sound Though the dragon’s so slick though like The Spacex stuff the spacex step stuff is Way more slick than what we’ve put up on Apollo you know what i mean like i don’t Know i could see it looking really Advanced i could see it not needing Buttons and holograms god knows i get Sick of carrying my phone everywhere But just if you look at it Just looking at that diagram Yeah that’s the one Um if if those are thrusters then They’re not very precise are they and They’re not very no they move Focus yeah but that’s that’s the whole Thing you know if That’s like shining a torch you know There’s no no They’re specific No there is Bob explains how they work Right yeah it’s not thrusters it’s um It’s magnetic amplifier yeah He’s saying that they’re pointed in a Certain direction And they they Emit uh

Well not thrust but um Gravity they manipulate a gravity bubble Yeah yeah It doesn’t seem precise enough that They’re on these big cans and they sway Like that and And It it moves it around like that like Concert right It just doesn’t That’s what it is I know if you uh doesn’t make sense to Me that that three of them would be able To do it anyway yeah If you were making a bubble you’d need Something above you Here’s my question here He he explains You know seeing these things How did he did i have never heard him Explain how he got in that section of The ship the bottom section with these Interesting he said he poked his head Down through the top there was a latch And he poked his head and looked in it Like You know he stuck his head down and Looked around did he say there was a lot He did he said yeah he said there’s a Hatch okay so what were the hinges like On that hatch that’s what i want to know That’s the detail that i want i want to Know when those that when those things

Move What is that there were none it just he Just set it up yeah there was no sliding Mechanism no latch nothing and then he Put his head in and then he felt like There was static electricity and he said It was too tiny for him to get in And my glasses flew off [Laughter] So these these what are they called Gravity Amplifiers What they call them right is that the Technical word for them Probably i don’t know anyway Yes They move around Did he Has anybody ever asked him So in between that thing that looks like A uh an internet box at the end of Somebody’s street that attaches the Gravity amplifier on The thing that looks like uh one of Those things that you put in your ear When your wife’s talking to you on a Night um That what’s in between that is he ever Said what is in between The amplifier The hinge the thing that makes it move Because i want to know the nuts and Bolts behind this thing he said that It’s all like it’s been injection molded

But he said that these Uh Those things at the bottom the the the Three Little Uh tube that looks three little Operations gravity amplifiers Yeah thanks rich Those move Has he ever has anybody ever asked him That the the little things that they’re Attached to is there a moving mechanism The ball joint area yeah yeah yeah In the middle Uh no i’ve never heard anybody ask him That question That’s a good question that’s a good Question and and not only that i mean The whole the whole craft Is is pivoting on on these Uh three Uh gravity amplifiers and there appears To be nothing in this model that Suggests there’s any reinforcement Around them to resist whatever pressure Uh Is is being brought to bear on on the Craft between them Almost seems like magic Weird science and freaking magic magic Maybe it’s magic maybe that is very real And and maybe literally that’s what that Craft runs on Looks like [ __ ] to me

It is magic You see the whole thing about element Element 116. everybody sits there and Goes he he he predicted element 116. he Goes well no he didn’t Um 16 15 150 115. he didn’t predict it There was there was gaps in the periodic Table there are still gaps uh So imagine that That um you’ve got you’ve got four Houses on a road okay and they’re Numbered one two Um Four and five And between two and four there’s a House-shaped gap Well all bob lazar said was there’s Going to be a house In that gap Number three that’s what he did we all Knew That there was that there was these gaps In the periodic table And elements of a certain weight would Sit in those because that’s how it works But they already found element 115. He he found it it was in a science Journal somewhere oh yeah yeah so it was Already being talked about and yeah Theorized and everything else And it was it was only a little bit Further down the line that they that They actually synthesized it but it only Appears for microseconds because it’s so

Unstable So here’s the big question then if bob Lazar has done all this research Essentially even if he’s only got like Pigeon science for it Uh he’s he’s gone he’s he’s worked out That he can say the fuel sources this Element 115 he’s made this whole thing About grab gravity bubbles that um Can make the ships work Uh he’s eventually got in touch with Somebody to to Promote this story that he’s concocted Why didn’t he profit from it Why did he go to all that effort Did he profit from it he likes to be he Likes to profit more He likes to be the center of attention Right i i think it’s as simple as that Um Well it’s it it’s about You know if if you’re not if you’re not Very charismatic and and blessing bob Isn’t very charismatic if you talk to Him There’s there’s not much tone in his Voice he’s not very sort of animated as A person And you know so what do you do you find Other ways to make yourself interesting Yeah you know that is you know that’s a Good little story to throw on a lady Hey Does he work you want to come to area 51

And check out the flying saucer that i Work on but i can’t tell you about And then you can go check out my rocket Launcher and we can talk about whatever Like i mean yeah that makes it more Interesting and he put jets on his Bicycles as a teenager you know stuff Like that this is look at me i’m Interested and honest You know You see i don’t know about that i i Or he was just a scientist i i just cool M I think if he if he wanted his name up In flying colors and he wanted to I think he could have been out there a Little bit more mm-hmm i mean he’s beat He’s been off the radar For years Yeah but he does little things doesn’t He runs that he runs that annual thing In the desert where they go and let off Fireworks and stuff like that he still Gets involved in In in little things that he probably Makes those fireworks Don’t they do that in the video and one Of them i think i think he does make Fireworks i’m sure he does There is no reason i i i think he is Charismatic in a way like the i know he He comes across as being A bit boring and he’s got a monotone Voice and stuff but he’s not very but

That’s in the same way he’s got a crush Bob lazar plays with like rockets and He’s really cool like he’s a cool dude You know like he just seems like cool Like he’d be cool he just says there you Go If he didn’t play with rockets and if he Didn’t talk about aliens he would walk Past him in the street exactly Exactly Exactly I was just going to say that it’s it’s a Popular trick isn’t it like a um a Conversational trick You always think that the best way to Get people to listen to you is to like Speak loudly and clearly and it’s not The best way at all the best way if You’re in a circle of people to get says Who Is it [ __ ] i thought you’d gone uh is To um Is to speak really quietly and Essentially really dull because it Forces people to listen to you because It forces them to concentrate on what You’re saying Um so in that respect i do i do think He’s got some sort of charisma um i but I see no reason when you think about the Build up he had back then because i i Was only young when um When that when i found out about that it Must have been

I was i was about 10 i think something Like that And um But the the build-up he had from coming Up doing that interview like work like It was a blank face to then having the Next interviews he did where you could See the person there was no reason why He couldn’t have ran with that Especially he was at the the very Beginning of the birth of the internet Where people could write their own Stories without being fact checked on Them he could have been huge he could Have been doing exactly what Um Uh what’s his name the man that was Going to build the cars David Yeah yeah yeah he could have he could Have peddled the same [ __ ] as Wilcock because there’s a there’s a man That’s ugly there is also not Charismatic but the um He didn’t yo it’s annie sorry go on rich Well i was gonna say the reason he Probably didn’t go make money let’s say He really did work there and his life Was threatened why would you want to Keep poking the bear if that’s really Why Well that points to the fact that maybe He was telling the truth right yeah i Know

I know i mean bob lazar split right down The middle Lee guy thank you so much for the 9.99 Super chat i really appreciate that in 1988 on a tv special ufo cover up live One of the anonymous anonymous anonymous And what’s that say rich Aviary guys probably doty talked about a Base in nevada desert this was before Bob came out with his story When did bob come out with the story When was dennis When was pink was it 89 dennis i think Right I’ll google it i feel confident about That I think you’re right it was 89 yeah Lee i know what you’re saying there Because I’m with you on that i i think bob i Don’t think bob does come across as Somebody who he doesn’t seem like It seems like when is he when he’s in Front of an audience yeah he will It He’ll speak But he doesn’t come across it as a as he Doesn’t come across as a show-off or Somebody who wants to be in front of the Camera Think of the money What does he do when he’s let off the Leash then he goes and gets involved in Brothels

You know Well i don’t i don’t blame the guy for That you know if he wants to make money That way that’s what’s wrong with that That’s legal up there if he did it Legally but i guess he didn’t do it Legally And he was just pandering which means That you’re just you know uh hiring out A prostitute that doesn’t mean you’re Pimping something’s totally different That’s like a network of women that work Under you that you pressure and put in Bad situations and it’s borderline sex Trafficking pandering is simply saying Hey you know Let’s do a little trade here and you Know So um Was it legal in nevada no it’s just Gotten legal in nevada right like the Last five years i think you could own a Brothel for many years you just have to Do it in a certain part of nevada I i’m not allowed to speak negative About brothels because my dad was in the Merchant navy so it probably just You know your dad is there I think So Um but what but what was the computer Work he wanted to help His lady friends with the computers i Did anybody

There’s something about helping the Ladies with the computers to get more Business like this was part of it it was About the charges too i think wasn’t That it i don’t know Just a nice guy just the salsa Sorry No no you go ahead no you go ahead let’s Not forget that bob lazar’s ex-wife died Right under mysterious circumstances and I think his another per woman died that He was in a relationship with So two women died That were dating bob lazar in bob’s Defense i know a person who has had Three wives die Right from well There are two from liver failure one got Washed into the sea and i nicknamed him The black widow but um so it can happen Wow Yeah but to a guy like bob lazar That’s kind of weird i think they Murdered his family they murdered them To make a point I don’t know maybe not I just think it’s interesting that’s all I mean the guy’s really surrounded with A lot of controversy he is he’s an Enigma isn’t he you know and You can look at things a certain way and Go yeah and It can be seen in so many contradictions And that’s the problem

So why pick someone so extroverted like Him or not ex extroverted eccentric Right like they they vetted him they Asked his friends a bunch of questions He was crazy he caught his cat on fire Whatever the hell happened when he was Younger yeah yeah he’s got these rockets Like why Pick that dude for the top secret Project i think the best isn’t that Unpredictable isn’t it kind of show that Like we don’t know what he’s going to do Next he’s going to build a rocket is he Going to catch his cat on fire If he’s clever Geniuses tend to be Eccentric Yeah we are [Laughter] We’re using the word picked Do you think he was picked Yes hand-picked Yes I think that’s why Yeah just fill out an application it Didn’t apply He was hand picked to log log uh Radiation badges that’s what his hand Picked yeah i’m i’m not getting at that I’m getting it Pic as do you think he’s So i’ve heard you say this before rich That you think that bob lazar yeah You think that bob lazar was maybe

Picked out And What he actually was working on was pure Enough to [ __ ] You’d think that he bob lazar believes That he was working on Possibly a Uh flying saucer well Right and remember what he said when he First went in there they put him in a Room and gave him these booklets that Had pictures in him and he was looking Through him and came across Pictures of aliens and crashed stuff and He’s like what is that some sort of task You know he didn’t know what he was Getting into and then they put him in a Room he sees Some saucers up along the wall lined up Counted nine of them one of them had a Flag on it you know and maybe he thought They were trying to Make it look like it was back engineered And then he said there were Archaeological finds I mean there was a lot of stuff he said Too Um i don’t know man the guy saw a lot of It’s made a lot of claims But how do you get any evidence out from That It’s I think he was chosen I think he was there

To I think he was set up with john lear to Go out into the desert and try to get This stuff on video to get caught To make it go public And maybe get a story out there and see How the public feels about a secret Alien base or secret base with alien Stuff in it You know just put feelers out and see What the public thinks about it it Doesn’t it seem like they do that every 10 years there’s always something like This that comes out and you’re like what The fragonometry is going on here it’s Like why say this huh Sorry to interrupt no no The reason why he went and broke this Was because he’d found out about his his Wife was having an affair Well They tapped his lines yeah yeah Yeah And and then they thought that he it Would be a problem that he would have Home problems and it would interfere With his work he wouldn’t concentrate So So he he So how how do you engineer So that so that he would all of a sudden Run and blabs of the press In that scenario It just does not make sense

No it’s very very hard to fabricate that Scenario for somebody to go into i think It would be very easy i think it’d be Very easy if you had help No no no but if you if you want to do That if you want to get somebody to go Out and essentially tell the story You’ve peddled Um you could Find a person With those personality traits They either you know can’t keep their Mouth shut you know that that you know What Wants a bit of fantasy wants a bit of Excitement And then you just you just lead them Down a role-playing game That’s interesting i didn’t think of That So what’s bob hmm Has anybody ever asked bob If he thinks that he was um No possibly working on Something that was just on [ __ ] yeah But he has element 115 remember Yeah how many people talk to him joe Rogan and jeremy corbell what other Interviewers George knapp okay yeah He talked to tyler secure team saying Yeah i wouldn’t call him when did he Talk to tyler There was an indian

He was i think he was on uh i think he Was on security in 10 before rogan I believe right yeah Right Right that all kind of came out in the Youtube world a little bit too A lot of the original lazar stuff i Remember listening to came on through Youtube i didn’t You know i mean i was like i’m trying to Remember where i remember like the first Time i heard like and i think it was bob Lazar was like third phase of moon or Security maybe i just don’t remember the Hell’s going on anymore by the way rich Tic-tac-toe says you gotta speak like Bob for the rest of the show thank you For the super chat my friend to do that Man i imagine on the the tall vocals But yeah amy um Tyler interviewed him I think it was about it was a few months Before Rogan i’m pretty sure it was Um and he and when i interviewed uh Tyler he actually said Jeremy go [ __ ] yourself because he Said that he used him Just to get his movie out Of course sucks That sucks he said he said he said Jeremy you never asked how it was when i Was in hospital blah blah blah blah go [ __ ] yourself

So This seems to be some uh beef there Well corbell’s an [ __ ] He’s the worst person in ufology right Now No it was much better than him But you know a close second I have to say he was very polite to me When he you know when i told you ages Ago that carl bell was in in touch with Me rich um of course he was very nice uh When i started to speak about bob and i Didn’t speak about bob in a negative way I i had a few questions out there and he Sent me this really nice email saying i Love your work Um You uh you’ve you’ve got a lot of um Stuff Yeah yeah charisma gossip Nailed on the head but there’s a few Things you’re quite wrong about i will Speak to you about this what’s your What’s your personal number i gave him My personal number and then he spoke to Me again and then we i asked him for an Interview and then he went quiet on me So Because he saw you that you were friends With me probably Rich why do you do this to me all the Time you just just Blow every single opportunity that i get

[ __ ] What you don’t realize is that you’re Too close to the truth and rich is your Handler and he’s just acting as Gatekeeper i’ve had many people ask me To just say why you know If you when you’re working with him i Won’t work with you you know i say [ __ ] You because You still keep sending me the [ __ ] Invites because i’m getting a goof on Tattoo right here no don’t do that i Don’t even know It’s gonna be goof on for life All right then i’ll get uh i’m an addict For life A week [Laughter] Do you know what Lee lee if if you get him pissed enough We’ll get anything tattooed to his body Right now I’ve got a lot to get done He’s got ten thousand dollars i’ll get It if somebody donates 10 000 i’ll get a Tattoo of their choice Rich just remember Every so often just just respect the Super chat rich It’s a pretty good one it’s a good Impression I don’t think it is actually i don’t Really yeah i don’t hear it like you People do maybe i don’t know sometimes i

Could tell when i do something spot on But I’m not too happy with it he’s but i do It for the people Right We’re happy we’re grateful as long as They’re happy dick Hey for you guys i’ve been doing this Like a lot and like i’m for a long time Um Do you ever think that We you’ve essentially well we’ve Essentially fell for what we were Supposed to fall for because if you look At like the key key moments like roswell And then we’ll save bob lazar as well For bringing into pop culture so you had Like the bob wazar thing that came out And then Almost instantly after the bob lazar Thing or with it within a couple of Years You had the x-files drop and then Everything went through the [ __ ] [ __ ] roof with this sort of stuff and Essentially the way we talk about things Because we’re all the same sort of age Is heavily influenced by the x-files at That time Do you think we’re sat here interesting All these years later talking about Exactly what we were supposed to be Talking about And it’s it’s just all been programmed

Yes it’s the slow disclosure process Why i believe it or is it disinformation I think it’s the slow disclosure process That’s kind of what i’m talking about Tonight on my show uh that the media Will tell us what we’re going to talk About The media the elite media for that yes Rich yes that’s what cosmic america is About that’s what that whole book is About how we no longer have religion as An authority instead it’s actually the Media and it’s interesting um to what You’re saying Lee because in the book they actually Like get in a car ride and somebody like Blindfolds them and takes them way down Deep into the desert in new mexico and When they get out they’re like holy [ __ ] This looks like the scene from the X-files and the guy who brought him There is actually yes this is where he Filmed it and this is also where this Crash is at and we’re going to try to Find some alien stuff That happens in the book cosmic america Wow Yeah i think you’re right about the Media i mean You you look at it now you walk down the Street and Everybody’s just oh i support the latest Thing You know

And uh you know what it was it was the c Word a while ago now it’s the u word Corbell i support the latest thing you Know yeah I mean that’s how it’s always been it’s Just No do you know why Yeah you know why though because now Social media there’s a huge They’ve never had that weapon and They’ve got that weapon now we’re part Of that Yes Yes we under we underestimate ourselves I’m just gonna throw that out there we Underestimate ourselves like we’re Talking like why doesn’t bob lazar go Out and talk to a bunch of people well Guess what we know a lot of people in Our community who have stories and They’re willing to share them on any Freaking platform any single day they Don’t care you want to go there they’ll Be there they’ll tell you and that’s Just something to think about like we i Think we underestimate the power of our Little network i really do and i think There’s some big Stuff going on and that’s why i’m gonna Go talk about it on twitch Maybe yeah yeah i’m gonna say we need to Be we need to be careful When we’re talking about yeah go go Check amy out on twitch twitch

Amy i’ve already got the youtube channel Below but i’m sure she’s got a twitch um That there and also Uh Lee will talk about some of this stuff That we’re not supposed to speak about On alien edits on lee’s show because lee Just doesn’t give a [ __ ] he’s ready to He just wants to he’s just testing it Just right now he’s testing [Laughter] Oh i see the dog’s tail i think right There Oh the dog yeah yeah he’s over there Well you know uh bob lazar is real Mm-hmm it’s definitely really phenomenal He is a human But what would be the purpose of him Going Public to save his life that’s why he Said he went public right and never made Any money according Well we don’t know if he made any money From uh Corbell’s movie but i’m sure he did I’m sure but if he let’s just say So what would he’s just an egomaniac and He just likes having his name talked About i mean he stayed quiet for like 30 Years That’s that’s true if he was an Egomaniac he’d be doing what what the Circuits you know he’d be peddling he Just he just rehearsed that same story

And he would say year on year Right yeah staying on thing on the stage But you know There’s a There’s a part of me that that thinks That what he did was he he had a go at It he wanted some attention he got Attention maybe he got the wrong kind of Attention and then he started getting Embarrassed about it all because he Wanted to start it for a reasonable Business And and so so tried to bury it and and Set up his little science shop selling Scientific supplies and he just wanted To forget about it but it’s people like Us that keep dragging him back into the Conversation and people like Um Corbell and uh And knapp who who keeps saying come on You know come and do this uh we’ve got a Video coming up there’s an anniversary Arriving I’m short of some cash You know i mean um he gets pulled into It he might not want anything to do with It right let’s face it that i’ve known It Let’s face it Coming out and saying i worked in a Secret military base and worked on a Crashed alien spaceship That’s a hell of a genie to want to put

Back in the bottle That that’s not the sort of thing you Can say yeah i’ll just carry with my Normal life after that it’s not just not Possible You’d have to be an idiot i think that Yeah but not you okay something that you Want to forget do you know what i mean We’re living in different times now but But when i was a kid if you did Something embarrassed right embarrassing The people just the people immediately Around you knew about it and it became a Rumor in your high school oh the name But now everyone’s got a phone everybody Videos it You know what happens is on record and It stays on record and it’s very hard to Erase Okay um it was it was a different time Back in the 90s Yeah but i’d say the oddly enough the Exposure has made people um Has emboldened people to make fools of Themselves more yeah But there is there is that’s right There’s five of us on youtube talk about Some guy that might have worked on an Alien spaceship that loads people gonna See i live on an island of 80 000 people I know so many of them by name so like If i look stupid i look stupid to a Really small community here um You know but we’re we’re emboldened to

Do that more now so it that it does it Doesn’t work for me that the um Like and the fact that he didn’t have Those avenues He could just create his own story if he Wanted to And especially at the time when he came Out with those interviews but It i i don’t know from what i felt at The like when i found out about it when I was a kid A majority of people [ __ ] believed Him Yeah You know so he’s not gonna look stupid He’s the he’s the whistleblower yo he Was the [ __ ] alien edward snowden Yeah he was yeah Yeah but you you were overestimate the Amount of people that believed him at The time Um and uh The real people that believe that the Real poli people that don’t believe it Are the kind of people that you need to Influence when you want a loan for for Your business and when you want to set Up this and that you know Business partnerships and things like That how are you going to get support From the rest of your country and your Business community if you’re you’re Spouting such incredulous stories like That if you’ve got george knapp behind

You And Um the x-files has just just come out And everybody’s interested in ufos and Uh alien abductions and crash crash Spaceships and roswell If If that happens you don’t need to go to A bank to find a way to get money for a Bank loan you can quite easily make that Money Imagine if imagine with the with that Story if he’d have got if he’d have got And got in touch with chris carter and Said i i said i i can be a I can be an executive producer on this But on this I would so So bob lazar took his little interview With george knapp in 1989 and the X-files uh released in it looks like 1993. Yeah interesting interesting Was there evident mention of bob lasagna In any of the x-files I can’t remember and i’ve watched them All but but it had area 51 out of the Wazoo didn’t it It did A lot of triangles in that a lot of Trouble lots of triangles And then this weird location in this Book you guys that this guy brings them Out to it’s really weird he says that

This is where something had crashed in In new mexico and and i know you know These crash sites pretty well the Roswell one people visit all the time And there’s no there’s no debris out There there’s nothing you know what i Mean tons of people have been there but In the book he he blindfolds the two People and he takes them out to this X-files scene right where they filmed The x-files lee like you’re saying and He un he unblindfolded them and told Them that we were going to find some Sort of material and it was a spot where They filmed the x-files That’s so weird Sorry amy reverse a little bit is this This bob no this is a book called cosmic America that came out right now that’s Pretty popular Um And in the book this lady She’s Very uh she grew up i think catholic and She just kind of goes on this adventure And she becomes friends with jacques Valet and she goes and she hangs out With him a lot she goes and hangs out With the bledsoes she talks to whitley Strieber all these different people in Our community she even talks to scott Brown there’s a whole chapter in the Book actually with scott brown who we Know

Um and so in this book scott scott brown B scott brown i don’t know who scott Brown is you two do you’ve been on shows With him Oh that’s scott brown that’s scott brown God yeah i don’t know i thought it was Somebody else go ahead i’m sorry so she Meets this guy named tyler who has all Of these connections with the aerospace Industry just like a really eccentric Interesting dude and she believes him And she she takes her and Her friend out here in new mexico in Some undisclosed place and when the guy That she’s with gets on blindfolded as Well he looks at the seat this uh where They’re at and he says this looks just Like the x-files and the guy who took Them out there is like this is where They film the x-files very weird story You guys have to read that book that’s One of my favorite books because you Know we all have our ufology celebrities And their talk It just sucks you in when you know all The names that we know i mean scott Brown’s in it Like every other i mean i just i i can’t Put it i could put it down it’s been Such a good book to read I can’t think why any extraterrestrial Craft would leave any debris behind I think if if they were visiting this Planet they would have such a good

System if something i i think they’d Have such a good system so they wouldn’t Even crash If they can travel From I mean if they’re coming from light Years away And it and it isn’t dimensional Even if it’s dimensional i think they Would have such a good system not to [ __ ] make a mistake and hit a pile on And you know crash in somebody’s Backyard or you know i mean i don’t even Think that we would have the technology To shoot them down I don’t think we would either i don’t Think we could shoot down a flying Saucer some people think that about Roswell i don’t unless it’s shut down Unless it’s magic and we figured out a Way to get whatever it is to come down Because It’s some sort of The the whole saucer the flying saucer Is actually sorcery Well is the if the The uh Encounter at the zimbabwe school is to Believed And these aliens are are meant to be Telling us that we need to be Kind to our environment because our Technology’s destroying it Then surely their own technology should

Be absolutely flawless In terms of um you know so so them Dropping Slag or bits of um Or or even being radioactive Um really They really shouldn’t Do that It wouldn’t make sense I totally agree with you rich totally Agree with you maybe that’s why they’re Getting rid of the cows You know Because of all the gas But then that that uh then you’re Talking about the uh what’s this is it The bledsoe Um yeah They they got terrible radiation The lady got radiation sickness didn’t You the hair came out or something like That No which one was that I know which one you’re talking about That was the cash Landrum that’s it Yeah yeah something like that So So it it There’s a lot of con um Conflicts In order yes she tried two in the us too And lost believe it or not even though She said that there were like six

Chinook helicopters that picked up the Uh Ufo that damaged their car and gave them Radiation They wound up suing But they lost Anyway did Did bubbles lazar No ev ever and an idiot on camera Have a conversation with stanton stanton Hmm ever A phone call anything I don’t think he did i’m pretty shy He didn’t no yeah The only person that sat with stanton Was jeremy corbell That argued for bob that was it As far as i know But stanton Had tried to call bob Never managed to get through him that Conversation never I don’t know why bob would have avoid That conversation You know why Same reason That um Elizondo won’t talk to greer Because they’ll rip them apart rip the Story apart I want to believe bob though rich i do Too i really do Because He’s his

His mannerisms he’s come Listening to him speak You know i’m buying the story Watching him talk about it I’m absorbing it i’m taking it in i’m I’m I’m i’m creating images in my mind of This Weird jello molded craft you know that But A game My biggest problem is the shape of that Craft Why Yeah i’m okay with it Yeah what else would it be I mean mark candles right he brought That this flying saucer blueprint out at The 2001 disclosure hearing and at the That was like the big that was the Moment for me when i was like wait a Second you got a blueprint of the fl and I went i’m like you i went in and out on The flying saucers i was like yeah i Think it’s real and then i kind of went Back and forth um but as time has Progressed um i definitely think that Flying saucers are part of the Extraterrestrial Aviation arsenal Amy have you ever seen flying salsa Um no but i have seen a tr-3b Okay lee you ever seen flying saucer Nope

Rich Salsa flying I love a rich Which one Me Both i might have uh i just can’t prove It i have video of something that’s very Disk ish but I got a disc photo too i got a disc Photo too mine’s video Mine’s video too wait no is my video No mine’s a photo nevermind I once saw a single red light in the sky But that could just be charlie red star Navigates navigation lights off a plane Could have been Saw a green ball that’s a that’s close Thing i thought i saw a green ball that Went over me and over my house and then The next day i went to my uh i went to Work And my friend who i worked with lives Like three or four miles down the road From me And i went and said you’ll never guess What i saw last night it wasn’t a Massive green ball in the sky was it and He was outside his house having a Cigarette at the same time i saw it he Saw it go over his house before it Headed off up to my house that was Pretty [ __ ] weird i i would So Slower than a shooting star

Yeah it could be because it was it was It was really quick as it was there but It was there long enough to watch It was there long enough to see and it Was obviously it was there long enough For him to see it uh three or four miles Away for them for me to see over it and To be perfectly honest if he hadn’t have Seen it at the same time i would have I’d already doubt myself about it you Know because realistically i i what i Remember about it really is talking to Him about it more than seeing it now but The uh if um If i was to bring him on right now he Would say he would say exactly the same Thing as as i just said it’s really Weird Well we’ve got him waiting in the wings Here’s your friend [Laughter] I’ve i’ve seen an egg In this There’s a story behind this so I i was i was i was driving um to Doncaster with uh Going somewhere i can’t remember going Work anyway but it doesn’t matter but There was something that that was moving Straight across quite fast in the sky And it was it was bright and i thought Is that an airplane but then it stopped And i stopped because the truck the Traffic and i thought i’m gonna i need

To get this out so i had a knock here Don’t ask me why i have this phone but i Had it nokia lumia if you remember the Microsoft phones i had one of them with A terrible camera on it i literally held My my phone out the window and took a Picture of it i don’t even think i had i Didn’t have alien addict as a channel Back then But i believe it’s on one of my very Early videos and there’s a picture if You zoom in on it and i’ve got it Somewhere on my phone It’s it’s um it’s not in the thumbnail The way it is i talk about in the video It is there i will find it but it’s it’s A bubble um it almost looks like a tic Tac But it was moving really fast um But i was near an airport at the time i Was near doncaster airport so i thought Is that a plane but it stopped and it Stopped literally like he went into a Cloud and disappeared then i took about Three pictures but then there’s a Picture of it and you can see it on one Of the frames and it looks so odd Um But that’s the only thing i’ve seen A couple there’s there’s one rich that i Put on the patreon i don’t know if You’ve seen it where i started to film It last minute And i didn’t put it on the channel

Because i literally i’ve been staring This thing for ages and then have you Ever seen a ufo and right at the last Minute you thought i need to film that And then it just disappears and it’s Well you’re trying to figure out what You’re seeing if it’s worth it yeah but To film it you’ve got to find the worst Camera in human history and then you’ve Got like a load of caffeine so your hand Shakes lots and you have to think about Epilepsy I love the Idea now if we just keep going around And we’ll keep going around playing like Ufo top trumps until one of us is like Well i got molested by a unicorn and Those horns aren’t soft So there’s there’s a thing not many People speak About this and they don’t stay on the Subject for long enough of bubbles are Taking them out to see the crafts out of The desert And the footage that was That’s important That’s important that’s important he Went and said let’s look at them on the Base let’s film him Well nobody’s arguing that he might have Worked there and he might and he might Have seen Um he might have known that there were Certain tests going on

But Does that mean that he’d seen sort of Alien craft doesn’t necessarily You know equate to that right And it all you know it depends on Direction as well i know um for where Our airport Uh You can stand on the on the headland Looking out looking out to sea and the Way planes come in to land at our Airport when they’re face on with you You can’t see the aviation lights on Them so if you stand it’s where our Radio our radio station is but if you Stand there and look out to sea you just See What appears to be like three lights Coming towards you And i think it’s all it’s always Important to like not you can’t always See the flashy aviation lights Especially when planes are coming into Land Yeah and sometimes you can get them at Such an angle Even if they’ve got the lights flashing On that you think what is that thing There yeah yeah yeah They Did anybody Find I mean forget forget that bombers are Was out there filming and the footage

That that was the bubbles are Did anybody think that was Take take lazar out of the equation You’ve just got these these dots in the Sky Do you find it impressive The footage you do amy Um That’s really difficult because you know After the three videos that came out in Uh 2017 Everything kind of just felt whitewashed After that unfortunately but um with Those Due to the sources i would i would say Yeah Watching it like right there’s a bunch Of like really colorful lights and you Can’t really tell what it is and it yeah I don’t know it gave me an authentic Feel i liked the old vhs straight up i Knew it wasn’t from a vhs So that adds a lot to me um when it Comes to me taking something in uh so Yeah from the fact that it’s a vhs You know tape we’re not looking at Something that’s been photoshopped cgi It wouldn’t it wouldn’t have been Possible and the story uh Yeah i’m gonna say uh there’s something There There’s something there with that is it Secret military craft that humans Created maybe but that video footage

Does seem spot on it didn’t you know There really is this feeling like okay This is what it would look like in 1989 If you were filming outside a military Base looking at secret craft you know Like the footage is there the lighting’s The same as it seemed would it be but i Don’t know i’m not a footage expert I simply like to watch i’m a fan of the Ufos man And i like that ufo i did What about you rich What about me The bubblers are [ __ ] the footage Expert The footage expert i haven’t seen it in A long time but i remember watching it Thinking it was interesting I don’t know it could be old it could be The beginning of the drone technology For all we know That’s what it reminds me of Well i mean it’s dark and it’s just a Light in the sky Really i mean it’s twinkly and it Moves a little bit it looks a little bit Like i mean it looks like you when You’re zooming on a star but it bit with Some extra bits on it um I don’t think i don’t think it’s very Compelling at all I mean i think if anybody sent me that i Don’t even know if i put on the channel I don’t put anything that anybody sends

Me on the channel Hardly ever send me some more footage People um I for the this is the um elephant in the Room isn’t it when it comes to ufology Is the um Especially now when I’m not i don’t even just mean like Phones phone cameras even though Essentially everyone has a reasonable Camera in the pocket at all times uh but Even amateur photographers you know like The If if if you are have any interest in a In photography you can buy yourself a Really good camera and have a very Little money um or reasonably little Money Um With the amount of people that are on The planet And the amount of technology that’s Around our next and in our pockets I i just think that smoking gun Picture should have already been shot There should have already been something That isn’t Lights I agree with that But what if Whatever it is is aware Of our technology now Possibly and it’s hard to Be

Less um what’s the word i’m looking for When i’m looking for he’s got he’s being Less Conspicuous Right yeah i i don’t know if you had if He had something that was so Technologically advanced than what we Are it wouldn’t give a [ __ ] if we saw it Or not If it was if it were to take a couple of Cows off us it’d do it in broad daylight In front of the farmer Unless we don’t believe them Yeah unless unless it It we are aware of it and it is aware of Us and Maybe that there has been some sort of Discussion Yeah We’re humanizing it then though you’re Talking about something that would that Would be so far advanced to us and so Many To the point where it would be Even as even as intelligence if we were To Wait for Um For us to be At the technical point where we could Uh traverse star systems you know it’s We would be unrecognizable to ourselves So

To to to just humanize them and stick Like stick a star trek prime directive On them I think is uh is a bit weird Maybe not a prime directive maybe it’s Just a zoo We we’re just We’re just fenced we’re we’re just leave Them alone They’re not there yet Just monitor That’s still humanizing them isn’t it We’re still giving them empathy we’re Given you know it’s and If if we look at Just life in general just life on this Planet yeah Um we seem to be The only real Animal that’s Totally self-aware and in that case Aware of Everything else around us and how how The other systems work in together Um So we seem to be an oddity There’s no there’s no reason that Another life form that was would develop In fact it probably would Probably be Less likely that it would develop in the Same way we we will to Have all these Essentially emotions hold us back you

Know if we were if we were like a borg Or uh like if we if we worked more like An ant colony or a beehive we would be Much further along than we are So the idea that these Things Would be that more that more advanced Than what we’ve managed to get to Could be the fact that they’re not that Old they’re not much older than us They’re just more efficient at what they Do I think they’re much older than us i Think they’re probably live to be like a Thousand years old especially when we Look at the bible and we discuss how you Know some of the people in the bible Were like 300 400 years old and i think That’s why they’re less emotional i Think that’s why they’re less emotional I think they look at us like a bunch of Puppies just running around like yeah Yeah Let’s buy this let’s do this Very excited No but experiencers talk about this About how they have this interest in us Because we are so lively passionate Emotional just like these wild little Beings so i agree with you lee i think That they don’t have as much emotional Connection as we do at all and i think That’s one reason they don’t care They’re like yeah let’s get these cattle

And let’s do this you know yeah we’re Zipping around hey let’s blink some Lights down out of grier zip zoop shoop You know and then griers see some lights And he’s like let’s make some Documentaries and you know everything Turns out great He’s meditating again let’s freak him Out I do see e5 all the time if i’m under The sky Here’s something interesting if if They’re that much superior to us And we were communicating with them Psychically I can understand that they might be able To understand us But For us to understand them Is a completely different kettle of fish Well i think it’s like screaming Yeah i i i do wonder whether Would it even be possible for us to be Able to Relate on any level Or communicate to them in any meaningful Way for them Well when you think about communicating Psychically i think what we all have in Mind is the idea that we can all hear Each other’s in a monologue yeah Which is in english so it’s do what how Do we how do we work cite communication

Out there and do we do it Like that or is it more an emotion based Thing I think it’s more emotional based i Think i’m a lot of you know when people Talk about having these telepathic Experiences and you start listening to Psychics and you start listening to People who kind of have maybe like they Feel like they have a higher sense a lot Of the time this stuff is communicated Like it’s like an instant like they call It a download right like it’s an instant Download or you get like an image real Quick for it and i think you can kind of Feel the psychic connections you have With people who you love and care about It doesn’t necessarily have to be Translated through english i think you Can just acknowledge this circuitry when You notice like when when somebody’s Communicating with you and you can check Your emails or your something and you See that they emailed you like 15 Minutes ago and you were thinking about And you don’t like that stuff happens to Me all the time i think it transcends Language like hardcore um i don’t know i Feel like i’ve had These experiences before like i feel Like i’ve had some telepathic Communication before and i feel like it Didn’t have to be in english i didn’t Have to hear it in english

Um and it wasn’t something like i felt Like someone was speaking to me or i was Hearing voices i was I was getting information in a different Way and a lot of people feel that i hear Experiencers say that quite a bit Yeah i get what you mean So i was just gonna say i get what you Mean i think we’ve all got uh certain Friends that you that you’re around Where i i know what i have a couple of Different people where i genuinely think I’m smarter when i speak to those people It’s like i think either either they Drag me up or i’d drag them down but i Feel I i can definitely form thoughts better Around certain people it’s why i come Across as so stupid when i speak to ali But um the uh The thing is when you look at the uh Uh Abduction accounts You get abduction accounts of people Saying they hear voices in their head They see they hear formed words Yeah that’s true that’s true yeah you’re Right you’re right they hear formed Words Yeah i’ve heard that because i’ve had Somebody come on my show sue walker Who’s talking to extraterrestrials in The mountain and their movie there’s a Movie coming out like the angelese

Mountain is it It actually they interviewed angela they Had some of the best press conference Footage i had seen in this movie it’s Called um conscious contact anyway she Was talking to aliens in the mountains She said the same thing it was just like Full form board so who knows there’s Just things i’ve heard I’m making it all up i don’t know what I’m like really i don’t know Are those voices I don’t know maybe i’m just hearing Voices you guys are right Here’s here’s the thing when it comes to To bob though when when he hears about These stories like Anjali anjali um Other people’s stories i bet when he When he watches a bit of willcock now And again or whatever I bet he thinks I don’t i i i he seems like the guy that Wouldn’t give any of it at the time of Day You know i i i think he’s qui he’s quite Well i hope he’s a scientific person he He puts He puts himself across as a scientific Person But yet what he describes And i’ll say it again It is he’s or he describes it as magic To to quote stephen greer what did he

What does steven grier say rich Freak [ __ ] magic weird science Science freaking match they said he said [ __ ] magic on the last one he did After yeah yeah it was yeah yeah there Was wasn’t there another acronym he had Too like there were two wsm something Like that yeah But i don’t think bob lazar would would Give Anything the time of day when it comes To this subject Other than his own The experience that he says he had Right he hasn’t built on he hasn’t built A franchise off of it right Has he ever spoke about seeing aliens Has he ever spoke about see Ufo sightings since working on this Craft has he ever spoke about Anything nothing he hasn’t It it’s even a very Very Clever Lie That he’s got this story and he thinks i Don’t break from this story i don’t add To it i do nothing more than stick to This story And they they will lap it up and this is Gonna be It’s gonna be a time thing you know i’m Gonna have to buy my time with it I may have to come back to this in a few

Years which he has done But again it goes back to how much money Is he actually made of this What’s the reason Behind this How much money is it off of it i mean i I think jeremy I in my in my email the conversation i’m Pretty sure he said He didn’t pay bob a penny Interesting that’s very interesting Then what money did he get what why You know that’s what the question really Comes back down to And joe rogan doesn’t pay people as we Know uh lee No but i mean I think when corbel moves mouth moves You know he’s lying So it’s i i need even that that thing Like what if if kobal’s there going some I’m sure i’ve heard that when he says i He didn’t pay uh bob lazar a penny sure He didn’t it would be like And i can see him being that sort of Person that would say something like That knowing that he’s he’s legally Right because it was the production Company that paid bob lazar for it Lee i could have made that up I i just i think i i said no no no I think i’ve heard him say it That bob lazar wasn’t wasn’t paid for The documentary

Yeah but i i don’t know i I mean Maybe Would it still work if if he wasn’t paid For the documentary but he got uh he he Got he has shares in it or something Like that you know it’s I don’t believe you do you yeah i don’t Believe he does all that see the other Thing is It like what’s he done since he Supposedly worked at area 51 because you Know Right flip like life flipped upside down Now He seems to have a [ __ ] awfully nice House and he seemed to set himself up With a reasonably successful Business But like buying and selling Expensive [ __ ] and you need a float to Do that sort of thing united nuclear Yeah and that’s the establishment of That business alone is something that i Think validates his credibility because A lot of people say well he couldn’t Have been doing this because look at his Resume this isn’t the type of person That works that you would choose to work On a flying saucer but like lee’s saying I mean he doesn’t he’s a he’s a you know A rugged like individual who can do Whatever he wants and he has the Intellectual capability to start this

Company i mean i know that oh well he Can start you know a synthetic lab Chemical or whatever where he sells These chemicals but the truth is like That’s really hard to do Those are really hard things to do to Build rockets to start your own chemical Supply company all of this stuff i mean It in my own opinion that aligns with The fact that he could have very well Been chosen to work with flying saucers The establishment of that business alone Is is interesting to me When it comes to choosing somebody who Works on a flying saucer though How do you How would one do that i mean You’d have to look at how this flying Sauce the best man for the job would be How this is what they specialize in What did bob specialize in Well he was at uh the nasa propulsion Laboratory at caltech he was doing Things there and you know the nasa Rocket propulsion laboratory at caltech Knows what’s up um we also have Information from jim goodall who Recently said i think in the last few Months that he was sitting there with Some official guy who threw bob’s w-2 to The shredder you know like i mean it’s Real like people i think you can in 1989 Find these documents rip him up go to a Gun to his classmates and be like you

Need to shut the f up okay you don’t Talk about this or i delete you Okay and then the internet came and i Think i think it’s easy to rip up a Diploma and say it never existed i think It’s easy to get people to be quiet so They can make more money in different Ways and so that they can keep hiding Things so that they can hide one of the Greatest Secrets of humanity they’ll do anything They’ll they’ll kill people for that They’ll do things to shut them up Or Somebody who knows all that that has Done dodgy [ __ ] So you’ve got something against him Like like we know rob Rob Bob um He worked at a brothel he he owned a Brothel whatever he did with the brother Was it did he own a brothel he was Pandering for prosecution so he was just Getting a lady friend for the night and They were exchanging services for money If you he owned a brothel he owned a Brothel yeah no i don’t think he did he Oh wait no he did no you’re right rich Maybe i’m wrong i’m owning a brothel yes I gotta okay i’ll go he’s two He’s what in the uk we would say balls Deep in it Okay i’m gonna be quiet

No but here’s the thing And this is this is just kind of dawned On me If a guy has a bit of a dodgy past And But he’s he’s very knowledgeable You know he he he knows how to get Things done when it comes to this type Of Subject you think this guy can do the Job But you’ve got something on this guy This guy is a little bit he’s a bit Loose you know Bring him in Because we’ve got something on this guy We may there may be other things they Had on him So easy Let him work on the flying saucer He says he hung out of brothels let him Work on it well he’s the keys a question Then And this isn’t really two or four bob But where the rest of them Where’s it where’s the the where’s the Next whistleblower where’s the where’s The next person that’s left area 51 That’s come out and said i’ve done this So there’s obviously some sort of Procedures in place to make sure That that doesn’t happen you know and I i don’t believe that um An nda for instance would be good enough

For that because you would still get You’d get the reddit posts you get Something you know there’d be something You you look how um the old Letter On 8chan and stuff that that took off you Know if someone if someone is dedicated Enough to do it regardless of how much Credibility they have behind it they can Make people believe it So Where’s the guy that’s Managed to get out of area 51 with a Single photograph Over all these years Maybe the photographs are comingly Yeah yeah let’s be optimistic yeah maybe Maybe Europe but And we’ve got a caller from into uh Art bell Which it turns out rich can do an Excellent impression of oh yeah Yeah Who does he does you do you do good Really in person No the area 51 guy We we had you and you and you and lee Well no yeah we had you and they do it Do uh the call didn’t we oh the caller Yeah yeah yeah it was yeah but that’s uh That’s it that’s all we have from area 51 and one of them is probably complete

Bollocks and the other one possibly Bollocks I’m going to put out that Do any of you believe bob I do I once i know you do amy Just wanted my opinion to be heard i do I believe in bob No i want to be all of it every single Story of ufos and aliens and goblins and [ __ ] fire badges i want to believe Every [ __ ] one of them I’m not talking about I think bob’s a very quiet lonely guy That just wanted a bit of attention It’s as simple as that you don’t believe Him when i out of rich No I like just response Did you ever believe him Uh i i think i went through a phase of Wanting to but too many holes in what he Says i went through a phase of wanting Him What Okay okay here’s here’s a question for You let’s go On on the back of that Do you think jeremy carbell believes him I think jeremy corbell Believes anything that that can be Monetized I i genuinely think brook corbell can Convince himself to believe it

I think because he he comes across as so Excited regardless of what you think About him as a person he speaks about What he’s doing so passionately i uh in The same way as when you get a bad Musician a bad musician and a bad band Will think they write the greatest songs Every song yeah um and i i think he does The same thing i think he 100 believes Or believes bob because he’s involved With it there’s an error there’s an Element of uh Dunning krueger about him definitely um Uh But also What i would suggest Is that if i was working in a in a sales Environment if i was a sales manager i Would i would hire core belt because i Just know that he would Completely believe whatever he needed to Do And completely say whatever he needed to Say to get the money back i i just Watched the his selling practices that’s All He’s a great salesman Lee Are you a believer And bob i don’t think so I’d want to Do and you know what i i think up until The rogan interview i i might have edged Towards yes i might have said like the

Inconsistencies Um like the i i think it’s perfectly Reasonable that his qualifications could Be could have been deleted especially Back then because you know you you’re Talking written records you know we Haven’t got things completely edged I mean saying even now things aren’t Permanently edged on the internet we get Whole people deleted now let alone just Their qualifications Um But i still find it odd that when he was Given the biggest platform that he’s Ever been on and that he had a movie to Promote with the producers No not the migraine i’ll i’ll take the Migraine that could just be a bit of Nerves because he all of a sudden he’s Speaking to what 10 million people Whoever is that week Um It’s antarctica it’s the excavation Of the sources That uh he just thought he he’s gone in There thinking i’ve said the same [ __ ] For all these years i just i need Something else i just need to and he Just snuck in Because antarctica is a proper bit of Conspiracy spice isn’t it And he just peppered it up a little bit If he hadn’t peppered it up i probably Would believe him but

He come with a man cometh the hour and He he he had to come up with something Extra It could have even been rogan it could Have even been rogan’s look i’ve watched What else can you give me what else can You give me to make this a better show So i’m going to ask you on something on The back of that then lee uh as similar I asked rich Do you believe that rogan believed him I believe i believe i believe rogan Believed that and Uh If if you remember even even during that Period he said Um He he was told by someone that there was Going to be high definition pictures of Something released Then he had he went down that thing of Um what’s his name your man which he was Abducted [ __ ] i forgot his name Travis walton who is a [ __ ] liar and Then he had uh bruce big uh robert Robert bigelow robert piccolo bruce Bigelow What i thought was amazing is because i Don’t think he was lying either the Amount of money he’s put into this and He knows absolutely [ __ ] nothing Nothing I think he knows something

Oh i i don’t think he’s good enough liar I don’t think he’s a good enough liar to Sit there and not Accidentally give an impression that he Knows something um And it was after that rogan is Essentially [ __ ] abandoned apart from The odd like the odd conversation about It it’s given the fact that he’s he’s Even got a [ __ ] spaceship Abducting someone in his new logo You know in the in this texas studio he Has abandoned the subject and i think He’s abandoned the subject because he Thinks what he’s been told is now [ __ ] Yeah When he did his show uh joe rogan Questions everything he said everything Uh Was [ __ ] everything and the people Are weird and freaky and and they’re Guys who don’t get laid and they’re just Weird Everybody’s just weird he said A bunch of [ __ ] dudes who just want To go out and find bigfoot and That’s totally wrong i’m a chick what is He doesn’t know anything it’s not about You It is 90 dudes that’s why no I’m here One out of five so you’re 10 or one out Of five no but you’re 100 right i was

Just messing around i know i agree with You i agree with you But you know when he went out bigfoot Hunting with those guys there weren’t Any women with those guys so you know he Was out with dudes Not a lot of women bug bug fitters yeah Bug fitters Big watches Squatch hunters Great just i think i know the answer I think i know the the answer that You’re going to give but I haven’t asked you since you’ve watched The the new tapes Listen to the new tapes well watch them With third phase but Where did you where’s your head like When it comes to bob lozano Who are you talking to I thought yes I’ve already asked rich n i’m asking Rich g i didn’t know you didn’t say you Just said so what do you think i didn’t Know you were asking so what do i think About bob lazar now Nothing nothing’s changed i don’t Believe that he actually worked at s4 i Think he worked in a place that was set Up to look like maybe s4 as a social Experiment and i think the whole thing Just got a little convoluted and maybe a Little out of hand because if they Wanted to kill him they would have you

Know just opened up his car doors and His trunk and leave his wallet and uzi On the front seat just oh we know you’re There you know it’s so stupid the whole Thing’s stupid They don’t miss they’re gonna take you Out they’re going to kill you it’s done And over with they don’t they don’t make Those mistakes it disappeared and he’d Never come back yeah It carries a newsy nine millimeter in The in the camera Directly the guy who worked at s4 Is that an american thing do you guys Carry users no No i just some people have them and they Like Amy i know you’ve got one don’t lie I’ve um uh i i’ve never shot a gun but Yeah i do i am armed there’s a lot of Jokes running around in the sky right Now So rich i’m going to put you on the spot So i’ve asked i’ve asked them i asked Rich if he believes um If um Corbell Believes bob lazar i’ve asked um Lee if He believes that Um Joe rogan believes bob lazar so i’m Gonna ask you So third phrase the moon put the put the

Tapes out do you do you think third face Believe bubbles are No I know they don’t Oh I’m quite shocked by that Interesting i’m shocked by that too Yeah please tell us i remember they i Think they did tell me that they don’t Believe he worked there Wow I’m not sure now but now you guys are Making me feel like i’m forgetting but I’m really i think i’m right I don’t think they believe he did And i’ll say i’m 80 Uh sure about that Do you think they believe what you Believe that he that he No you think You think that they think he’s a liar Something’s not right i think that’s It just doesn’t make sense i think is What they said Wow that’s powerful Interesting i hope i’m right I think i am Holy crap i’m gonna get beat up you’re Gonna i’m sorry rich you’re gonna tell Me off to After the third place gonna ring rich Schneider What did you say that far robles r is Real i’m on team lazarus

The more i think about this That even the idea that it’s real is Ridiculous Look at what the uh Look at what the world does to pull it To dissidents You know it’s we spoke i can’t know why We mentioned them last week but we Brought up um Uh Julian assange you know i mean that guy Had to hide in an embassy for years no Yeah now he’s in a maximum security Prison in the uk Um It it doesn’t work you don’t you don’t Get To piss the government off right I i agree unless What rich g Said I agree That that would be the case unless This is on purpose And this is He’s he he was put in place To do exactly this job that’s what i Know You know my [ __ ] proponent of Bluebeam and there’s a lot there’s a bit Of me wonders whether Everything we’ve been [ __ ] doing Everything we’ve been reading and Watching and thinking about has been a

Plan that has been in place For decades To do a bluebeam show we do John lear equals aviation right rich Goofon Equals babazar is the sun Right like there’s we believe there’s an Aviation company aerospace is i don’t Know much about this company but there’s Obviously a connection there Like literally right i mean that appears To be the case i think so But it’s uh past my uh allotted time Here it’s two hours four minutes and i Was rich that’s why i was wrapping it up Um i didn’t know you were i’m sorry you Couldn’t could you not see the hint There you know when i’m asking you the Your final thoughts on bob lazar I don’t my word i don’t know what you Just said now it’s just about to get on To the subject of people go head on in The description that’s how this made in Corbell get yourself a little t-shirt You’d have to buy that one you buy any Of them this one uh that was an extra Large that i was wearing there that one That great comfort and jeremy uh he’s Very comfortable in it too he said They’ve totally just had sex haven’t They Guys It looks like it And i would believe it with jeremy yeah

He’d be the best I i think i think jeremy would be the The man of the relationship You need to slow down that’s a little Bit too rough chief I was married man I don’t know I need film It’s gone Oh you’d want to film everything Multiple cameras That’s what he was trying to get hooked Up for them back in 1989 the internet Just came out al gore invented it And they were going to start the Pinnacle Streaming service somebody somebody that Can that can actually do proper research And has an attention span and won’t Start thinking of like daffodils and Butterflies if i start trying to do it Needs to look into whether there’s any Chance the bob lazar Brothel was like one of the honeypot Type brothels that the cia were using Like operation midnight climax and stuff Like that Somebody needs to go and look at look at That yeah violent rich like cambion know About that that’d be That he would probably like to get stuck Into Operation black hole Seal island

Do you know something just before we go Out i would i would love the opportunity And you probably would never come on Here but i think Bob It would be great to see him go on some Channels that are gonna ask him the Questions that Other channels won’t ask him i mean i Say over channels he’s He’s literally I’ve seen him on about three interviews About three interviews he’s been on Joe rogan secure team 10 and what and Then was the one over recently Joe rogan secure team 10 The tapes the tapes that’s why the tapes Are such a big deal i think it’s just Joe wrote a secure team no there’s Another there’s two there’s one I think it was stanton friedman no no it Was larry king you’re right it was larry King it was larry king you were You were definitely right without rich Yeah three interviews that i’ve seen him With rick I say recently but a few years ago um It would be great to see him go on on His own and this is no disrespect to Jeremy or anything like that i’m just Saying let the guy go in and he’s he Doesn’t need Anybody to hold his hand maybe he does

Maybe Maybe he does he doesn’t i don’t think He has the connections like you know he Knows How to do all that stuff and set it up Corbell probably did everything for him Coppola’s basically being his agent Yeah i guess so and his lover i Definitely love her Yeah they were they were talking about Pole shifts i heard too Well It’s the mud flood you’ve got to watch Out for in that situation That’s a big deal It’s huge i i’m worried [Laughter] Rich jordano about to leave About to leave the show to do his own Show what is your show going to be on Tonight is that the thumbnail behind you It is about the elite media and we get No justice because they control Everything that comes out of the Pentagon i believe that you know that’s How it’s run Now we’ve got this elite media nobody Has to be uh you know it’s they’re all Integrated in through the rich the Famous And uh the the people who have a lot of Money that Can make stories happen or make them not Happen

Yep we’re living in a in a ufo world Where everything is scripted and uh we Saw that with lou elizondo and the other Four people that were doing it for a Year and a half straight So i want to talk about that a little Bit Wednesday An hour an hour away It’s an hour and 51 minutes away Awesome awesome i still have to get some Things set up you know meditate float And then eat in not in that order But thanks for asking thanks for having Me on a lot of fun you guys are great Always welcome You’re great we’re yeah i’m so happy to Be here Which i missed because i was at work Yeah But you do the day shows for the uk area I am yeah about noon your time i go live Monday through friday unless it’s an American holiday and it’s just been Really fun effective and we’re doing it Every day so come over subscribe hang Out guys Everybody people go check out Aliengirl111 she’s in the thank you i Just like calling you just alien girl i Prefer it did somebody take alien girl I don’t know no not really not really You know One more one is one one your lucky

Number Yes we’ve talked about this one one is My lucky number And it’s also like an angel number um Kind of means you know and i also uh Just i just like the idea of it looking Like a screen name because i feel like I’m kind of retro in this field just Watching all of the shows and and taking Everything digitally like and all the Screen names and i don’t know i just Think it’s kind of cool i think it’s Clever whatever I think it’s cool Go check out alien girl people it’s in The description thank you for letting me Come holly thank you You’re welcome Rich northwood My friend you don’t have a channel but Thank you for joining us i appreciate That my friend As always you are you are very much a Part of this channel and and lee You old devil you You uh we are going Both me and you i mean you said me and Your good self for going on uh the josh And artemis show On on sunday um Oh actually rich you’re invited too Norfolk yeah yeah they invited you that They didn’t write did i I rich i think you’ve been on

Jvm It’s okay i know every single person Here hates me too and i love you for it I’ll talk to you when i get home amen That guy And it was nice it’s nice having a Woman’s point of view other than leaves I’m just glad i’m just glad we all got To talk a little bit About everything going on And thank you silent bob for the super Chat i appreciate that my friend um Lee What’s going on when’s that when’s the Next the next little session And talk about stuff that he can’t talk About his youtube channel Um If you would like rich northwood no you Rich goof on rich Oh okay The uh yeah but i’m looking forward to Going on the um uh artemis and josh Podcast joshua’s podcast Oh [ __ ] i [ __ ] this haven’t i um yeah But Subscribe to my podcast i am in talking To at the moment about getting james Darling poll on the podcast which will Be a pretty cool guess for me so You should come and listen to that Good arrows mate and cindy thank you for The final super chat of the night great Panel great shot

Thank you thank you very much people Awful self promo That’s what it says Yeah i know great great panel great chat And i’m saying myself awful self promo Oh yeah yeah yeah Seem nicer Just look for must see audio as a Podcast it’s really good yeah beautiful Pocket oh and and your tick tock because Yeah you’ve just oh yeah I think biggest social media platform Now which is weird So yeah come come follow my twitter tick Tock i think it’s at a total shunt which Is unfortunate now Yeah i think it’s our total shot and Tick tock come find me Rich Rich you like one of those um Not that i’ve watched them but you know Those uh live girls that have them Little buzzy things and somebody presses A button You just like kind of like grunted then Like someone has pressed a button that Was in your anus Oh Oh my god just let me go and eat Mother We’re a [ __ ] cranky now No good night I am good night god bless people mind

The bugs don’t bite like share and Subscribe good night i love you bye