Ancient Aliens: Biofabrication

By | April 10, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Biofabrication

New york city May 4th 2015. At techcrunch disrupt new york an annual New technologies conference U.s biotech startup biobotz Launches a desktop 3d printer for Biomaterials Which they use to print a replica of van Gogh's ear Instead of plastic special ink is Combined with biomaterials Like collagen and cultured cells To build living tissue and human organs So right now we're just at the beginning Of understanding how to 3d print organs It's a process called biofabrication so Biobotz has created a bio fabrication 3d Printer that can print artificial tissue And small organs In the future what we're going to see Are 3d printers that are bio fabricating Our bodies and our organs You could eventually have Printable noses Lungs Ears Kidneys And In certain ways this technology is so Extreme That it could make it democratic it Could make it inexpensive So in the hands of skilled trained

Medical professionals it could be Possible in the future to 3d print Organs for people out of their own Genetic material Transhumanists believe We may soon transcend our biological Limitations As we embed machines directly into our Own bodies Darpa the agency of the us department of Defense responsible for the development Of emerging technologies for use by the Military Is currently designing neural implants That will improve cognitive speed and Memory retention in soldiers And in 2014 Scientists at seoul national university In south korea Unveiled research on synthetic smart Skin Lifelike ultra thin crystalline silicon Designed to cover prosthetic limbs Giving the user all of the sensations of A natural limb They've now developed A skin which has touch sensors embedded In it with a very fine matrix Which can be put around a prosthetic so You can actually feel what that arm is Feeling or you can touch the floor feel Whether it's hot or cold or applying Pressure

Future artificial limbs will look just Like our skin look just like our hands And our legs it's going to affect the Entire world we're going to see people Using smart prosthetics that are added To the body that can be controlled Directly through the brain And That really is the future of prosthetics I can speak from experience because i've Had one myself our implants that link Either into the brain or into the human Nervous system and what i had was 100 Small electrodes Fired into my nervous system to link my Nervous system with a computer it was a Bit like plugging a plug into an Electric socket but the socket was my Nervous system I went to columbia university in new York we plugged my nervous system into The internet and i control the robot Hand from my brain signals You can extend your nervous system by Simply plugging into it If we can use just the power of our Thoughts to control artificial limbs We can eventually one day Use the power of our thoughts to control Avatar robots You