The Slap that was heard all over UFOLOGY!

By | April 8, 2022
The Slap that was heard all over UFOLOGY!

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this nipple erect evening And it is because we have uh we have a We have a full house tonight Right now we have we have three Panelists below but there may be some More joiners i i i know for a fact There’s going to be another three Joiners But we may get a couple of guests That have had invites Sent to them That have refused the invite But they may just feel The urge to join us but without further Ado Let’s welcome Lee from mostly audio lee welcome to the Show my beautiful man And you’re a ginger man like me so That’s why We stick together Stephen campion nice to see you my Friend from across the pond Welcome It And you hear the start of a show And not right at the end of the show Yeah for once yeah but i’ve only got Like 30 minutes i’ve i’ve got a i know I’m packed up and waiting for my wife to Get home i’m running off to my cabin to Build something that’s my play I’m very jealous of your cabin

Rich giordano goof on radio you found Radio why don’t you i can’t get the Radio on my head rich man you sprout Radio over a year ago two years [Laughter] You should have never got rid of it no Actually yeah i know right Well that comes well someone else is Someone else convinced me to get rid of Rady you’re not radio What is radio Right Sounds that come out of the well i guess It i don’t know i miss audio though Don’t you richard like I kind of like just being a voice in the Wind that’s what i felt like when i was On Regular radio or an audio podcast you’re Just a voice in the wind It’s it’s nice i said i wanted to do my Show without me on one night just so you Can imagine You know like radio you have to imagine What’s going on what they look like what They’re wearing what’s going on in the Studio yeah like reading a book versus a Movie sure yeah you could ask lee about That because he’s a spotify guy so he Doesn’t put that pretty face of his on Radio on on video no you do now Only cause i’m trying to take you down From the inside Look at how quick your hair grew back

I know yeah Five months five months from ball to a Full head of hair again well every month Is a half an inch they say this what you Were that five months ago The slap This again this i’m not gonna we’re not Gonna talk about the slap i’m sick of Hearing about the slap i just wanted to Clickbait the [ __ ] out of this video With that You get points for honesty Well i mean i’ll be honest it’s i Watched the third phase new the new film It’s very good by the way no spoilers There but it’s i thought it was good i Enjoyed it you know it made my it made My uh the hairs stand on my end i’ve Just shown lee a little bit of it and he And lee’s Hair Did it tickled great it grew back I’ve got greer growing for another money Grab again though So i i don’t know Well he sounded like sounded i don’t Know if he watched it all stephen bait Sounded like he wants to run for President Um that could be a good publicity stunt Maybe he could crowdfund that to the Tune of a million dollars like he’s done In the past You know

Maybe Quite impossible well you can ask the Boys about that because they may be Joining us but i don’t they might be Joining us in about an hour i don’t yeah I i i think that that that those guys And me have just agreed to disagree on Him To avoid like getting in an argument so You know i don’t want to be I don’t want to be too focused on that But you know i just kind of feel like if I if i had the secret to uh Calling up extraterrestrial spaceships And uh You know Alien visitors i wouldn’t be selling 2500 packages To do that You know See that’s that’s the thing stephen on This channel you speak your mind my Friend i speak my mind on every channel If they let me you’re just one of the Dummies that lets me you know What the hell is going on man What is going on Rich’s [ __ ] is blurry like bigfoot His head keeps getting bigger it’s weird He swapped his camera out for every ufo Photograph camera teeth that’s huge look Yeah he’s got the potato camera on him Now Good job how did this happen it goes

Right along with the right of my broken Finger It’ll come back it always does this it’s All right you know what you’re better Looking blurry Rich My wife she says i’m better looking the Darker it gets We should welcome to the show thank you For the for the bacon he’s brought the Bacon and it’s a unicorn We should have just brought you up Looking like that that’s not the bacon Guy That’s league guy this is welcome to the Show yeah i’m getting i’m getting the Leaves mixed up but i don’t know i know He’s ali i know he’s a league and he Doesn’t even say lee so there you go That’s pretty good too You got the baconator spaghetti welcome To the show lee and first floor audio Rich i’m just just an idea here um You haven’t accidentally spat on your Camera I don’t think so maybe he got some other Bodily fluids on his camera That might have been possible It’s the spooch cam now Spooch cam all right i’m gonna go fix This here regenerating quickly yes So Just to bring the bring it on topic uh Stephen you you have had many opinion

On lou and he’s i think he’s is his book Out this is out this month I think that it’s supposed to be uh but I haven’t really i haven’t really Followed exact the release date i don’t Think that he’s released the release Date yet but he might have said that the Last tuesday of April is what i was told oh okay yeah i Look forward to that because you know We’re supposed to get some some Ground shaking revelations that you Can’t put back in the bottle and he’s He’s really i think he’s over promised And we’ll see if he’s under delivered But i’ll be the first to apologize if he Actually has anything worthy of the hype I don’t think he will I don’t think he will nothing it has to Be [ __ ] it has to be [ __ ] Because he’s uh written the book which Which would have gone through editors He’s then sent it to press which is so It’s gone to a publisher and the Government has to approve everything in It as well he said so but more than that If there was anything good in it Somebody would lick it That book’s been through so many hands You know even just as like say going to Printers to print hard copies that’s a Good point i didn’t think of that yeah Somebody could have leaked We’ve got these recent revelations that

Atip bob bigelow and that whole thing You know they took 22 million dollars They produced I can’t remember the exact number a Certain number of reports very few And in those reports filed for the Government they’re citing such reputable Sources as penthouse magazine And the national enquirer as sources for Why the stuff they’re talking about is True people getting raped by aliens or Banged by people you know that was in Penance magazine an article about people Banging aliens that’s what lou elizondo Considers evidence apparently because It’s in those reports that the american Taxpayer paid 22 million dollars for so I’m not hopeful that he’s got any good Information given the fact that he has Been caught Citing fake stuff or you know Less than reputable sources I i don’t think he’s got anything and It’s been three years if he had anything Good when he’d already dropped it why Wait three years he’s always hiding Behind the nda so maybe he’s going to Have some I think he’s going to have some Tantalizing maybe proof right in the Book But it’ll probably get blown to [ __ ] Eventually look at these 18 these all The reports okay there was a secret

Government program to study ufos but now We find out it wasn’t just ufos they Were studying vampires and remote Viewing and werewolves on skinwalker Ranch and ufos With a tip yeah that’s a tip off sap Bigelow was doing all this all these Different research projects There’s not there’s nothing there There’s just nothing there to me I i am always looking for that smoking Gun 100 evidence proof we never get it We get tantalizing maybe proof we get Hopefully you know or we get this Research by proclamation like uh This couldn’t be anything but aliens Because i said so trust me dude you know That’s i’m i’m tired of that stuff Get to the meat of it Never will Just like these videos that are coming Out From uapx right uap disclosure oh that’s A yeah that’s another money grab sign up For our conference and you’ll see these New videos which i hear have already Been out on the internet before it’s not New If it’s not if it’s not exclusive then They could be in in some hot water over Their advertising copy but who knows I’ll i’ll make I’ll make that judgment call once i see The footage and we we get

You know as soon as that footage is Released somebody’s gonna show Where it came from the source of it It’s rubber duck videos that’s all I will say this so so i i did i just i Did joke at the beginning saying that it Was just a a bit of a clickbaity video But The Behind the title the the slap that was Heard all over your ufology um I’m looking at that on both sides here So You’ve you’ve got one side that Thinks this guy is a disinformation Agent and you’ve got cia Yeah and you’ve got another side Which thinks that You two And possibly me even though i try to say Yeah we’re the [ __ ] yeah Are doing damage to this to the Community So but i’m just asking questions Yeah i think it’s valid questions But Have you have you ever thought What if i’m wrong Yeah and i i always say i’ll be the First person to apologize if lou Elizondo like a long list of other So-called ufo messiahs actually comes Through with the smoking gun proof for Evidence i’ll be the first to apologize

But these ufo messiahs if you’ve been Here long enough you’ve seen many many Of these ufo messiahs no offense but dr Stephen greer he’s going to bring us Disclosure we’re he’s made millions of Dollars later we still don’t have Disclosure and he’s off on a new money Grab we’ve got tom delong he’s going to Be the ufo messiah he’s going to bring Us disclosure i’ve got millions of Dollars in investments promised Everybody a spaceship lou elizondo was Part of that never apologized i haven’t Seen the spaceship and now we have lou Elizondo and there’s more than that We’ve got billy meyer we’ve got bob Lazar ufo messiahs we’ve got that these Ufo messiahs always Promise they’re going to be the ones They’re going to be they’re special They’ve they’ve got the connections They’ve got the contacts they’ve got the Information they’re going to bring it Out We never get to it never It seems that there’s something Different about lou To me for as somebody that looks At every the the whole aspect of ufology And i look at all the different channels Talking about the positive the negative Everything i look at it all it seems That there’s something Completely different about this guy that

It’s either one or the other and if it’s If it’s bad it’s real bad I i think we’re going to see i think in The next six months we’re going to see More startling revelations that he lied Along the way after all he’s the Original source of the new york times Article he misrepresented many things in That article why would he lie to the Journalists he’s misrepresented sources In in the past he’s misrepresented You know his role in a tip what a lot of People including george knapp by the way I’ve just heard I have said from the very beginning that Was not his full-time job at the Pentagon Maybe he worked at the pentagon was Interested in ufos along with harry reid Bigelow and others they got together Let’s get this contract let’s use our Contacts within the pentagon to study This thing to see what information we Could get that was not his full-time job Not not No way nobody can prove to me that that Was his full-time job investigating ufos There would be paper there would be Paper trails galore the government loves Paperwork there’s no paperwork from Louisando investigating ufos that i have Seen Nothing it could have been his full-time Responsibility i think that he had some

Other full-time job i’ve reached out to The susan gall Uh the pentagon spokesperson i want to Know besides his job title what was his Daily day-to-day responsibilities You know i’m a taxpayer he’s making all These fantastical claims i think i Should have the right to know If that was his full-time job then say It was his full-time job the pentagon Can’t get it straight there he he didn’t Work for a tip he he did work for atip He wasn’t the leader he didn’t have a Leadership role in native oh yes he did They can’t give give us a straight Answer it’s it reeks of the cia psi up The more that i look at it he says he Ran a tip He says that he can’t prove it that’s That’s a pretty big you know For no paperwork no trail nothing It’s weird yeah and there’s also the Issue of the deleted emails i know i Know people that work in in government And and i reached out to a few people And just said you know in general If you were working at the pentagon and Then you were no longer employed how Long do they hold the onto the emails Would they just delete them and i was Told by two separate sources If there was anything of national Security importance if there was Anything of actual value

In his emails yeah that would save him For seven or ten years you know In his case as he he is no longer Employed they delete all his emails And that Of course is speculation on my part but That tells me that he he wasn’t working On anything of ground shattering Importance if they just thought we could Just delete all this Or he was something of great importance And they got rid of it because they’re Afraid he may spill the beans and there Won’t be a paper trail yeah The whistleblower issue gets me too he Calls himself a whistleblower look Whistleblowers have consequences we’ve Got edward snowden we’ve got chelsea Manning right or gary mckinnon for for Another they had serious legal Consequences for dropping their Information they didn’t dance around in Mda for three years getting tv show Deals book deals and all this other Stuff they dropped their information and Then they and then they they took their Medicine whatever the consequences are I’m dropping everything i know here’s The information that i have if they’re Going to prosecute me they’re going to Prosecute me He’s not getting prosecuted he’s getting Book deals He’s not a whistleblower

Yeah julian assigns another certainly Yeah They have real whistleblowers drop real Information And then they have serious consequences When the government goes after them the Government’s not going after him he’s Saying that he’s still a government Subcontractor he still works for the Government Why why if he if he had some kind of Groundbreaking information he was going To drop for us why would they keep him Employed And here’s a good question okay let’s Say he Told everybody he makes a big Announcement you know they couldn’t stop Him he gets on air and he says i know Where they’re keeping the bodies the Aliens the users he said we have Biological samples but then when pressed Oh i can’t say any more in my nba but if He if somebody wants to to really let The cat out of the bag the the Government will realize that if these Aliens are there and we get this Technology and we can use it and make The world a better place wouldn’t uh you Know wouldn’t would be let out of jail Just because he helped change humanity I mean why would they they can’t arrest Them because they’re not just you know Told the truth yeah and let’s let’s say

For a moment that he had 100 smoking gun Evidence or proof of alien visitation on Earth you know for example he said that We we have biological samples And and who what source is he using for All we know he’s quoting emery smith or Some other You know because he he quotes uh tabloid Newspapers and penthouse magazine Apparently is okay to quote Yeah the sun newspaper So so you know the point being like if He did actually have the smoke and gun Evidence of proof and he dropped it that Would change all of humanity nobody Would no he would become an instant hero Nobody would He there’s no way that he would get Jailed or or suffer serious consequences If the information was accurate and true And it was This groundbreaking disclosure moment Like if he knows where those biological Samples are hidden don’t dance around The nda drop it drop it let’s see it Let’s see it all That’s right Somebody needs to change history but for All we know he heard emory smith talking About alien biological samples and he Thinks that’s real because apparently he Thinks things in the sun newspaper are Real he thinks balloons while he and Ttsa thinks balloons are tic tacs you

Know mylar balloons He’s not very discerning Do you guys in the states know that the Sun newspaper is complete Yeah Those of us with a brain in our head Know that it’s garbage it’s akin to our National enquirer you know aliens aliens Impregnated me i had bill clinton’s baby The bat boy all those stupid nonsensical Entertainment Stories our sun newspaper and national Choir no credible researcher would use That as a source do you know who uses That as a source besides him David wilcock That’ll tell you everything you need to Know about elizondo elizondo is using Some of the same source material that David wilcock uses So you know i know a lot of people think I’m very negative about this guy i have I’m trying to keep an open mind but it’s Just one after another after another he Was involved in ttsa they raised Millions of dollars in investor funds Nobody that invested will talk to me and Tell me if they got any money back They promised us a spaceship and so far All i’ve been able to tell is that There’s a big shell game of money of tom Delong’s dads and his sisters making 150 000 to be a pr person I’ve emailed them nobody got back to me

So i don’t know what they’re paying her 150 000 dollars for she’s not responding To media requests or doing any actual Public relations work i know other People contacted them she didn’t get Back to them what does she get 150 grand For he was part of that nobody holds him Accountable for the his time at ttsa he Was part of an organization that Promised everybody a spaceship while Soliciting investor funding Nobody asks them where’s the spaceship You and tom delong promised those Investors did the investors get any of Their money back these are very valid Questions somebody should ask them but Everybody’s too busy doing the ufo Circle jerk and giving them softball Interviews he only does the softballs And this is where we’re at You you mentioned uh Chris mellon um earlier um But i don’t hear you guys speak enough About him but he was very much working With lou With ttsa what do you make of that guy Somehow mysteriously uh lou alexander Won’t answer this question too once he Released those videos those three videos And they were delivered to him how do They get into a parking lot with chris Mellon He won’t answer that there’s some There’s either he gave it to chris

Mellon and they both went over to ttsc To do that money grab and make a bunch Of money from investors for delivering Nearly nothing Or there was another in-betweener that Took the files from luella zondo and Walked them out to the parking lot to Chris mellon who then took them over to Ttsa but either way there’s some sort of Conspiracy here because he Basically implied that he was releasing Them for training purposes or getting Them declassified then They get in the hands of christopher Mell and he and christopher mellon go Over to ttsa And they’ve made money for three years Off of what is essentially government Property Public it should be public domain i Don’t know how they’re making money off Of this stuff who knows how chris mellon Got the stuff but the point remains they Both went over got jobs at ttsa And largely all ttsa delivered us is Those three videos which largely proved Nothing What do you think Rich exactly what you said That’s it for once I think we agreed pretty much on this One all the way through thank you Dorothy hawkins dothi hawkins is here Welcome dorothy thank you for your

Kindness Very cool I i think a lot of people have have Forgotten about the old um Little uh i mean i i i call it the Wilcock now You know because it will never happen uh But the spaceship What about it Where’s that This never gets talked about by the way Rich what do you think of that i drew That in photoshop Wow It’s almost better than theirs that’s What i thought That’s my version of it but yeah this i Like the design It reminds me of the starship enterprise Going through uh a uh What what them things you fish with you Know the Oh Fishing war yeah A little bubba yeah it looks like a Bubble with yeah and just for people Just for people who are unaware tom de Long said quote we will build A revolutionary spaceship we will build A spaceship with a revolutionary power Source that will change the world while He was in soliciting While they were taking public investment Funds

He promised everybody a spaceship and Then they did zero work on on a Spaceship nothing they have nothing they Haven’t they don’t have one piece of Paper that they could show us even Theoretical design nothing They i mean they could have something But and again All these ttsa fanboys would attack Everyone mercilessly if you even ask These questions a few years ago now it’s Pretty apparent to most people that are Reasonable that ttsa was one big money Grubbing scam i i could say that tom Delon can do whatever he wants Uh it was one big money grub that didn’t Deliver on anything they promised That we got a book and a history channel Tv show that with nothing new in it There you go there’s the original uh Yeah It It’s gone quiet isn’t it you’re not Gonna i don’t think you’re gonna ever Hear anything again from this spaceship You know no one even explained What why it’s designed like that Nothing it’s just it’s perfect science Fiction isn’t it it’s it’s got a Fuselage that looks like a um concord so There’s something grounded in what we Already know It’s got a ufo stuck in the middle of it But it looks like wings as well so it’s

Just a mashing of two different things Together to make it look like this is Something that’s possible to create if You’ve got zero gravity you know it’s It might as well be straight out of Arthur c clarke Very star trek So let me get this straight if i heard Alien addict at the beginning of the Show Pointing at stephen and i as being the Two only people that are the big mouths Against lou is now i think there’s a lot More than that no no there’s more than i Thought oh definitely definitely more But but you’re in and and and people With larger followings are also asking a Lot of questions and getting a lot of Heat for it we have stephen green street From the basement office yeah he he Highly doubts a lot of louis alexander And and of course john from the Blackfall who’s very diplomatic about it He’s his diploma he is so professional And diplomat even when he’s telling Somebody i think you’re full of [ __ ] he Does it in such a professional nice way That he gets a lot less heat for it but He’s getting a lot of heat just for Asking questions and he has you know i Think we’ve been more prolonged at it Though like they don’t do You know a show every well he doesn’t Talk about lou every night like i have

In the past and i guess that Yeah he’s worse he’s worse than me okay So yeah right Sock puppet hater accounts right all the Stock puppet hater accounts Don’t attack me attack rich right right Well hey It’s on how you deliver it i guess i Don’t know it’s his fault well he’s Here’s the thing you know i i invited These guys on Um you know yeah Oh And i’ve never seen i have i i could be Wrong here and i probably i may have Missed the show But other than a couple of people that Have come on and had a little bit of a Debate about this I have never seen You know the guys that have had lou on Their show Then go on another show to debate Somebody else on why they Why they think it’s right or why they Think it’s wrong or whatever They don’t seem to want to come on No and then there’s a re there’s a Reason that they do the lose shuffle Though because i’ve seen shows that Could get an average of 1500 views by Themselves or without lou and then lou Comes on their show and they get 25 000 Views

So you know there’s a there’s a reason Why people do that loose shuffle You know honestly if i had to do it Again i would try it i would have tried To been more diplomatic but i think i Have a reputation for busting a lot of Fake [ __ ] So maybe somebody avoiding my show says Says something You know even if i have never said Anything about a certain person They will look at some of my material And know that we really dig deep to try To get to the bottom of things You know But i i called the lose shuffle now just Give them the softballs and then when Anybody i i’ve personally called out one Other show host who gets him more than Anybody and i said why don’t you ask him About the ttsa stuff why don’t you do Your job ask him there’s all these Rumors that he worked at guantanamo and Somebody should at least ask them did You work at guantanamo bay what did you Do there you know These are valid questions nobody will Ask instead we get like you know this Joke softball time What steven uh and thank you lord lucrez Ludicrous i i appreciate the the uh 1.99 Thank you very much what other show you Said another show but you didn’t say the Name was the show this uh unidentified

Celebrity review they’ve interviewed him I think more than anybody else they’ve Gotten access to him Yeah why doesn’t he come here and we’ll Talk about these issues if it doesn’t Have to be lou alexander it could be it Could be This lou from ucr come here and let’s Talk about these issues and why don’t You defend why you’ve been given access More than any other show host why don’t You defend why you’ve never asked him Hard questions it took one of his Co-hosts to finally ask him about the Sock puppet accounts and that turned Into a big thing and i predict maybe Lou’s not going back there Or they gotta fire that that squidding Guy before he’ll go back or apologize or Something Squidding’s gone No but do you really think that luella Zonda will go back to their show as a Guest with that guy making him kind of Look like an [ __ ] i don’t think so I liked it when he did that i did too i Gained a lot more respect for him at Least not so much for the show but Yeah I i will say something lou has responded Not lou alexander uh lou uh from uh Celebrities Yeah Yeah

And he he’s on vacation at the moment he Said he would love to come on uh and We’ll do it again we’ll do it another Time do it and do it and do a chat Sometime Uh thomas and we can uh we could talk About my lack of talent too when it Comes here you know What well he said where’s my issue i Want to bring great minds together you Know yeah i’m all for the talk like Let’s talk about it if you really think That he’s the ufo messiah and you’re Going to all chips in What what what all these great things He’s done for this thing or disclosure Like let’s debate it what do we get we Get three grainy videos Uh that to me are most likely drones but That’s my opinion and speculation i’m Not an image analyst expert or an Aviation expert you don’t need to be Yeah but i’ve been involved in this for Enough years that i think i could at Least offer an opinion to me that’s Drone footage and you know I i don’t know you know no you’re right I think so too and besides we can’t tell Anyway if it’s a drone or a ufo so in my Opinion it seems like they’re hiding Something yeah and a lot of the things a Lot of the things that we were told like There’s longer versions of these videos There’s videos with much more clarity of

These same events there’s a 26 minute Video there’s a 24 minute video now we Get the revelation from the pentagon There is no longer video of these videos There is no clearer video of these Videos that’s what we got that’s it so Was he lying about that About the longer videos that he and i Believe he claimed he saw The longer clearer version and if you Saw that that would blow your mind well Let’s see it you said they exist now the Pentagon says they don’t exist Who’s telling the truth Who knows This is a this is a shadowy world of Chasing shadows chasing your tail you Know It’s it’s it’s tantalizing but annoying At the same time You said before stephen because this is Something we we’ve spoke about when i’ve Been on this channel before Um there it smells like a psyop Have you got any theories about it Yeah i i have something called the dark Playground hypothesis and and in my Hypothesis there is a ruling class of People Uh the the elite rich ruling class of This country they have access to higher Levels of technology than we do this is Where all the black budget money go Trillions disappear into the black

Budget every year And we have proven in history that the United states government will inject Operatives to claim that things are Aliens or ufos most famously the Bennowitz case with richard doty We can prove that the us government has Set people in when they’re testing drone Technology to make people think or Believe this is aliens And and i believe that this is a more Advanced part of that Let let all these ufo nutters chase Aliens Because if they’re chasing aliens They’re not going to find our stealth Blimps They’re not going to find our new secret Uh they’re called mini satellites There’s hundreds of them now they’re not Going to find our advanced drones that Do have long flight times that can do 90 Degree turns that can appear to provide In instant acceleration if all these People we don’t want all these people Looking up at the skies to know what’s Really up in the skies let them think It’s aliens let’s inject a few Operatives into into this thing to Convince people it’s aliens it must be Aliens then they’re not looking for These black projects the united states Government has things you wouldn’t Believe we have stealth blimps we have

We have long flight drones that could Stay up for 24 hours we have all kinds Of technology that the general public Isn’t aware of and what are they doing With it who knows but they don’t want us To know about it and i think a large Portion Of of this Ufo narrative and especially the threat Narrative is all about funding let’s get Some more money let’s get some more Funding Let’s fund these projects You know But i i think there’s there’s ample and Supportive evidence that the united States government has in the past sent Operatives into the ufo community for Whatever reason either keep tabs on them What are they doing around area 51 what Are they looking into Or to inject the narrative richard doty Was literally a disinformation agent Sent to a man who was seeing strange Lights in the sky and strange craft Around us around an air force base it Turns out they were testing early remote Drone technology they didn’t want people To know what it really was so they Literally the united states government Literally drove a man crazy Telling them all about the aliens and All kinds of stuff This could be uh something similar you

Know that happened in the late 80s What’s to say that program didn’t Continue I i couldn’t agree more about the idea Of an elite ruling class that i say Essentially has Technology that would make a breakaway Civilization almost to to what we can Well i i’ve seen evidence of that myself At one time i worked at The drexel robotics lab in philadelphia And i was a a linux guy there i built The the servers i you know administered Things And uh i saw some things there Just computer technology wise And i wasn’t everything’s Compartmentalized uh they saw me looking At a certain let’s just say piece of Machinery And i was fascinated by the specs of the Thing i’m going Why How many megahertz is how many gigahertz Is this computer And it was a it was a pc and it was Intel based chips but it was probably If i had to guess 10 years ahead of what Consumers could buy And and then i was told don’t ever touch That again and then they gave me a list Of approved things that i was allowed to Work on and that one Somebody else worked on but so i’ve seen

Evidence that there is advanced Technology that people don’t get people Aren’t aware of They get it first they get it first They get it better uh edgar fuschia Talked about a similar thing where he Was working on something in the you know At the time maybe the the fastest Processor you could buy was 200 Megahertz and he saw Something like 800 megahertz processors In area 51 and he questioned that and Then they said Don’t ask Don’t ask where it comes from That old chestnut Well we’re getting the same thing now Aren’t we with quantum computing you Know we’re we’re talking about so it’s It’s clearly being used somewhere you Know Yeah Yeah well i think quantum computers i i Have a background in computer science so I think a lot of the hype of quantum Computers is a little is a little Far-fetched uh I think we have technology demonstrators But Soon enough maybe 10 years maybe 20 will Have quantum computers and the level of Computing power is going to just Skyrocket through the roof like you’ve Never seen and there’s going to be some

Consequences for that probably involving Artificial intelligence and certainly Once quantum computers are affordable to Even like let’s say medium-sized Companies Uh things like crypto are gone because a Quantum computer could bust through any Blockchain In probably minutes or hours wow So All these crypto people i keep saying Like You make your money while you can Because if they do finish you know Workable quantum computers the Blockchain is over It could just brute force beat it you Know brute force [ __ ] you know Break any cryptography Well this is the thing as well if these Computers that well the computer that You saw that was 10 years ahead of you i Think it was 10 years ahead of its time Yeah and again i could be wrong but you Know i thought it was interesting that They hushed me away from it you know it Wasn’t in my area it was in another area You know If if you think about whatever it is That controls the narrative You know they’d be using this kind of Yeah ahead of us technology for sure They’d use any advantage they could they Would probably even know what you’re

Writing as you write it Well look at look at even social media Now did you know like facebook knows When you’re happy based on your posts And what you’re clicking on facebook Knows when you’re depressed or or at High levels of anxiety based on what You’re clicking and what you’re viewing It’s bizarro but i i believe that’s Accurate you know Thank you have a birdie Thanks for your kindness But i gotta i gotta go bounce out on out Of here guys so before you go stephen i I just want i don’t if you did you see Thomas’s respond uh response on twitter Yeah i had him blocked but he said Something about george carlin and Everybody else on the road as an [ __ ] Or yeah i i do have it here heather Thank you very much my love i appreciate You uh Here we go that’s that’s that is what Thomas put to the invite The show Rich can you do the honors and Thanks but no thanks remember everyone Else on the road besides you is an [ __ ] you know how when you’re driving And everybody’s an [ __ ] just ask George carlin but then again satire is Dead just like george Woke happened to la and it destroys Itself just like culture i don’t believe

I know thanks to at luella zondo What the hell is he talking about Doesn’t make any sense i read that Earlier on i thought oh that or somebody Composed a tweet So they could drop george carlin and to Make it sound like they were by Well called yeah What is he What is he going to say is he going to Say i want to go and face these people That i try to crowd strike their channel Does does he want to face me when uh you Know they doxed me then said well we Didn’t dox you we just released your Legal name and your street name but Anybody that googles those two things Gets my address instantly the first The first google result so you know and They’ve done all these things It’s it’s it’s lou’s goon squad and and I just want to say louis elizado if you Go on his show again While everybody knows all of the things That they have done to anybody who dared To question you or host that filmmaker Of who’s lou It says everything about you it says you Support that or that you I believe maybe that he encouraged it For all we know because he can’t go Doxing people and attacking his critics But we know we know that louis elizondo Is a bitter angry little man enough to

Create sock puppet accounts to argue With his critics so why wouldn’t I’m allowed to speculate And and i have reason to as well because One of that’s a long story but one of Lu’s Friends got my personal information a Week before i was doxxed by the fessler The fister crew of goons i’ve been doing A seven or eight years nobody ever doxed Me or released that information a week After one of lou’s buddies gets it Suddenly Uh this show that is a big supporter of Lou is posting my information on the Internet And and also somebody came into my live Chat and threatened my wife by name Right after that i believe i know that That was The same source of idiots wow you know He doesn’t want to he doesn’t want to Answer for this stuff And and what i will say is it’s a very Dangerous road because First of all i’m a computer science guy It’s it’s it would be that hard to track The ips of what happened in my live chat And people threatening my wife And god help you if i decide to do that And find you That’s where i’m at He doesn’t want to come here and defend Any of this stuff you know he thought

That he could do all that and somehow The uh the lose supporters would all be On his side and drown out everybody but He did he went way too far they try to He’s on video telling everybody to crowd Strike rich’s channel and get his Channel deleted from youtube The biggest illegal thing yeah yeah you Can’t do that it’s it’s grounds for Determination of a youtube channel Yourself telling people to do that Somehow he’s getting away with all this Or has so far You know I i i don’t understand him You know i wish him the best of luck but I think he’s a shitty show host And uh you know Good luck buddy and and Great betting on lou elizondo because Let’s say for example we get smoking gun Evidence that louis eliza does totally Full of [ __ ] or it just becomes clear Over time because luella’s on is going To stay in this thing here’s my new book Here’s my new tv show here’s my new [ __ ] And we’re five years down the line and We still don’t have any real disclosure From lou What’s what’s fister gonna look like All chips in supporting who somebody who May indeed just be a profiteering fraud Good luck with that buddy we’ll see what Time tells

It’s interesting i i’ve been like an Outsider really that’s creeped in Through uh ollie’s back door into into This sort of thing In his back door This is high generating But the the level of um cognitive Dissonance On some of the ufo channels and some of The ufo people just because of this This need to believe you know it’s like I said last week when we talked to talk About this it’s the x-files poster in in Wilder’s office yours i want to believe And it’s It’s making people not think you know It’s it’s one of the reasons i like Coming on this channel because at least People Are critical and You know it’s Not not willing to just believe Something because you want it to be true Yeah you could be right yeah I think cognitive dissonance plays a Large part in it and and also mental Gymnastics because these fans of lou Have to do all these mental gymnastics To get by just the things that i’ve Talked about briefly here off the top of My head and if i had to debate somebody I would make notes i you know like You’re going to have to do an awful lot Of mental gymnastics to explain all this

And still believe but they do and and You know i was there myself for a Certain period of time in my life so i Understand it but i i woke up one day And i said It’s it’s not beneficial for me to Believe lies and i finally decided like If i used to do my audio podcast are Much more from a believer’s side right And eventually i said this is dishonest Of me if i think a guest is [ __ ] i’m Gonna say this is why i think they’re [ __ ] or what you know i just don’t Wanna it’s no value a lie has no value To me if i’m really trying to get to the Truth so if somebody’s a fraud or They’re selling fake information I i want to know about it whether it’s Anjali lying and telling stories or Anybody lou elzando If he’s not been uh honest and accurate In what he’s telling people I want to know about it Speaking of anjali uh Something mate I i don’t know if um well There’s something going on right now um Yes uh apparently Uh the guy ryan who used to produce gay Porn not that there’s anything wrong With that but before he decided he was Going to get a tv deal for alien ufo Stuff that’s what he’s been focused on He was trying to get a tv deal for the

Travis walton story didn’t work out he Switched to anjali he did all this shady Stuff she decided she was going to go on A show And to continue telling stories i guess Since her original story is busted now She’s going to start telling stories About being abducted as a six-year-old And then we’re gonna have to bust that Story if it’s fake i don’t know but then She backed out of it she said he wasn’t A trustworthy person and and who would Have who would have thought that going To a guy that used to produce gay porn Uh to further your alien stories was not Maybe a good idea you know I don’t know well yeah but ryan wasn’t He’s never been He wasn’t always in the ufo field you do I mean you do no i get it i get it but If you’re trying to be credible I i don’t think going to a guy like that To help you tell stories is going to Really bolster your credibility that’s My opinion you know The boys i’m the town hey looks like Scottsdale arizona they just showed up When i was leaving so that we wouldn’t Have an argument but i appreciate that Your boy steve what’s up man What’s up good i’m about to bounce on Anyways though You gotta go Hey steven’s gonna go he was watching

Yeah Yeah all right i’ll talk to you guys Soon though You can come on my channel and we can Have an argument i think that’d be a Good idea Thank you ali for having me i gotta Bounce on out of here and head over Anytime and stephen we need to do One-on-one Yeah we’ll try to do that but i got to Get a babysitter because my kids are Destroying my house right now so i could Be on your show Thanks ollie all right i’ll talk to you Later guys See you later Rich welcome my friend to the show This rich northwood Off hey All right my friend and Blake and brent congratulations on an Absolutely superb movie Unbelievable boys yeah absolutely watch It I’ve watched it Once and i’ve watched it almost the Second time and i’ve been watching it Before the show Uh with with lee What i liked is that ollie sent us a Picture yesterday and he asked could i Watch this on youtube and i sent him the Link then he sends us a picture of

Himself with his boy Right at the title credits right at the Opener it’s a great shot Well i had to close his ears off because It’s the first time i’ve ever heard Steven grier say [ __ ] He actually says it in the movie i’m Like whoa [ __ ] yeah No i did i didn’t I didn’t let my little boy watch that He’s three years old um He wouldn’t understand it we’re actually Hearing from a few people that have Actually it’s pretty interesting because It’s actually taken the top two spot on Itunes right now and it’s climbing it’s Trending it’s right below the Documentary jackass i didn’t even know Jackass was a documentary but that’s uh We gotta take jackass out but Yeah it’s it’s training very well and I’m glad You enjoyed it ollie like because I didn’t what were you thinking when You’re going was it what you expected No not at all It actually wasn’t i didn’t expect i I’ll be honest with you i expected more Ufos i expected more Um alien stuff But what what i got Was so much better yeah It was so much more and

I think it’s it’s an education To to anybody that’s that’s in the field That’s getting into the subject That could go down the wrong rabbit hole If you get my drift by that I don’t want to give too much away i Mean it’s your f it It’s uh sure it’s your baby but For me it was he said into his very it Was very well done it was nice to see Uh Stephen greer speak like that Because that’s what i wanted From When he did that youtube documentary i Thought that was going to be more like That You know when we uh reached out to grip Before we started filming we told We’re our kind of a idea of The way we wanted the film to roll and We said we wanted to shoot you in a way That nobody’s ever seen dr greyer before And it’s really cool that he invited us Up to his house in virginia And we’re able to like Get all these drone shots from His 60 acre estate Show them rolling around hay bills and Pumping water wells and kind of showing Grier like you haven’t seen him before Yes he’s he’s he’s uh normal like Everybody else he’s it’s so he’s his own Character no doubt about it when we were

Hanging out with him for those two days He comes across like As a unique individual unlike anybody We’ve ever met actually he he has a Presence about him but you know once you Get to know him like we just met him Over here in arizona we’re giving each Other fist bumps and it’s all cool Everything’s all good hey josh artemis How are you doing hey guys how are you Good Good Yeah i see you again yeah long time no See yeah I believe Where you guys are You’ve just done a show You you guys have just done a show Yeah we did literally just on the show Dude check out our channel yeah Guys It’s in the description in the Description it’s in the description People It was today Yeah yeah it was the same Same time as this one but now we we Enjoyed it at blake and brent thanks so Much guys for coming on our show yeah um We had a great time yeah and hi Everybody else yeah hi hi guys Hello hello Yeah we’re all amped up Did you see in the beginning of that

Documentary above top secret when the Titles uh are scrolling and then brett Hits that drone right up to greer’s face While we’re shooting that scene we had To do it like 10 times brent almost took Grier’s head off at one point [Laughter] It was scary the drone probably passes His head probably about two feet away Going at 30 40 miles an hour he didn’t Even flinch he did not flinch I would have ducked big time i’m like Man yeah we’re over here and we’re gonna Slam the drone into greer and Work him that was a close call but it’s A good shot though it’s worth it It’s a close encounter of the sixth kind How many days were you there with with With uh dr greer Well we had two full days with them over There in virginia And uh We drove we flew in from washington Drove up to virginia and um Yeah got to hang out meet his wife uh Hang out as at his estate and um i think When we’re done with it After when we’re on our second day and We’re like leaving i could see emily was Really happy Because Apparently there’s always been grier’s Been working with hollywood for a long Time and all these directors and these

Film crews and it kind of gets on them a Little bit because they’re just it’s so They’re so tedious and it takes forever To make these diaries and by the time we Left in two days i could see emily was Very happy because I guess we did what we said we’re gonna Do we didn’t break anything in the house Because apparently there’s a lot of You know things that you know bowls or Things one-of-a-kind art things we’re Getting tipped over by the other camera Crew so we left the place without a Scratch And uh and then a couple weeks later After we got back to hawaii and finished The documentary up we sent steven uh the Screener to get his thoughts on it And uh both His wife and himself both came to eureka Moment and they’re like looking at each Other and they just go oh my god look What the brothers just pulled off and it Was effortless is easy and that’s how we Like to do our film making and editing Or Directing and dealing with the subject Matter we want them to feel comfortable And Yeah there it is above top secret the Technology behind disclosure as as you See it as you see in the poster that’s a Tic tac and uh it’s coming out of a base The tic tac’s ours and i think ollie

You’re trying to i think you’re figuring That out right maybe no yeah Yeah yeah Only just no the there is in the Description people and it’s it’s the Very first link so go check it out you Can watch it on multiple platforms Um and it’s it’s a great documentary What i did want to ask was um because We’ve just been speaking um about the Loo Don’t don’t worry blake um rich got a Slap last week Who’s next that picture [Laughter] I think we should shave his head again i Think he looks wicked with the ball It’ll happen one day it’s too cold over Here It almost sounded like Grey was hinting about running for President Yeah there was that one question that i Did ask him i i said you know i’m like What’s my going to be my last question And i i don’t go like verse says do you Have any notes Or things that you’re going to do or ask Me i’m like no it’s all up in here i Just kind of go with it it feels good And he says good i like that i’m like Okay that’s cool and then i’m i’m saying What’s what’s my final question i’m Saying what would you do

Mr dr greyer if you were the president Of the united states what would be the First thing and it’s interesting on his Answer that he gave but you know he does When we’re talking to him He com he lives in this neighborhood Where Madison monroe all these other Presidents lived in virginia And he has this Almost presence that he could be some Kind of Politician or Run for president he has this aura Around him that It would be somebody like him yeah that Could be a president it’s interesting i Know he’d do well in a debate and you’d Crush his opponents in a debate he’d be Like um The bulldog And that’s why i think lou and nick pope And jeremy corbell and Uh any of these other guys were afraid To debate them or have a discussion Because grier told us he would have Cleaned their blocks off and either Cleaned their clocks so i would have So i could understand their hesitancy to Come forward to have a debate because What grier knows And what he would have called them out On Would probably have made him very very

Uncomfortable and um Maybe one of these days don’t you think This community deserves a discussion Between Lou and greer what’s the big deal here Agree agree but it’ll never happen will It yeah let’s be honest I think apparently it’s still might but Maybe in a year or two really it is up To lou if he’ll agree or not yeah yeah i Suspect greyer would like Well josh and this is the thing an Artist he was he was going to go on your Show am i right by saying that he was Going to go on and he backed out the Last minute did he what did he send you Uh like an email to say why he was [ __ ] out It was it was a lame like reason of Cancellation in the email but from our Mutual friend we heard Like More of the truth like just that Basically he’s getting paranoid because He thought that we were working For grier Under like with other people like Um area 503 and Um Rich goofon Hey fellow career employees So it obviously ridiculous and not true Guys yeah you know but but Just in case people were like is it

Are they and we’re not right i think Mike and brent blake and brent you told Green You tell greer that that you know that There’s people being paid by you know But what lou thinks apparently that was People being paid by grier yeah it was Even and like you just see like You guys did mention it to grand gir Just kind of laughs yeah it’s just Hilarious just funny But i mean Like they’re doing youtube channels There’s these youtube channels with less Than a thousand subscribers And Who thinks that Anybody that uh talks any kind of you Know things positive about grier that They’re all on the payroll i think rich Is on the page On the payroll right here this guy’s on The payroll these guys these guys are on The payroll I guess we’re on the payroll um Just that and he didn’t really want to Be He just thought maybe we would be Attacking him meanwhile if you watched Any of our shows or Um Or or whatever he would see that we are Respectful no matter who you are so um Asking tough questions doesn’t mean

You’re getting attacked it just means That you’re being interviewed and that We want to ask Some of these questions that the Community Also want to know and deserve to get an Answer for yeah like like the way we see It is when we have a when we have like a Guest or if we do like an interview we We treat that as in like Each show we’re gonna have someone new To the topic who’s gonna be in the chat So we try and Get as much information clear Information as possible and you know When someone like lou is giving us all These big claims that this might be Extraterrestrial because he turned xyz Behind the scenes we need to be asking Him why he thinks that and how he thinks That so Yeah we got to that conclusion yeah it’s Just things like that so it was nothing Bad but because You know lou you know the The kind of view we get of lou is that He doesn’t go on shows that are gonna Ask him a difficult question In case i’m gonna massage his ego yeah Um and the only time i’ve seen it happen Was spaced out radio when um dave scott Tried to challenge him on some points And it got really defensive called dr Grier a terrorist and things like that

So yeah you know he he doesn’t like to Be questioned i don’t think That’s for sure he could always He could always hang up If he doesn’t like that question I can’t say that like i can’t respond Because of my nda that’s what i said Like he’s afraid to come on a very small Channel but He has like a get out of jail free card Anyway i mean no matter what the Question that could be his answer so Um It was a shame and then yeah he like Attacks us on twitter for No reason before convention Definitely kept that behind the scenes He didn’t need to make that public he Should have just Said something to you guys and for him To share it with his 74 thousand Followers on twitter it’s a pretty um There’s something going on there and it Was strategic on why i did that For sure yeah well we’re fine now a lot More about his character than us really Yeah We’re fine now but there was like a few Days where we’re getting a lot of [ __ ] For that for sure but yeah we got a lot But but it’s kind of cool down a little Bit Yeah it’s done yeah i mean our news is Blown over a little bit yeah it was

Being mobile You know it’s gone Good good bye Yeah that’s what grissom Well because what we said was the truth So That stands true no matter how long like How much time passes so hey guys do you Guys want to see what the ballroom looks Like where yeah he’s gonna just Definitely okay we’ll do a little tour And we’ll see if it breaks up or not When we go in but let’s do a walk I bet rich recognizes this area so we’re At the wicca paw uh resort right now i Know those mountains yeah oh i know full Screen with this uh ollie i can’t Believe that’s where you’re at You know this place i totally know that Place yeah big time There’s a lot of old people here playing Uh doing some gambling By the way shane rodriguez says hi Guys Yeah you wanted me to tell everybody hi Hello shane She always watches he’s uh watching Right now with the family and wanted to Say hi All right Are we coming in are we still you’re Frozen frozen it looks nice from the Outside this place though definitely Yeah that’s scottsdale for you yeah

It’s just like beverly hills They lock the doors when they see Two alien twins Yeah yeah that’s right Like they don’t belong Oh blake’s got it Oh Yeah he used that quick entry key Wow Yeah so very nice people standing in Line here’s the line back here we’re Just getting started the show starts at Eight it’s gonna be 700 people there Essen blake and brent don’t have to Queue i’m guessing let’s walk straight In on the vip list yeah They are though they’re excited to see Grier come on let’s take you in the room Actually people are coming up to us and He’s probably getting a pedicure I bet he’s bathing in milk Those These are games with ice cubes Are we coming in oh wow Let’s get up on the stage yeah yeah Yeah do a mic check We’ll go to a mic chat I’m gonna be uh coming up on the stage With the camera following grier with the Steadicam Blake if you could put like a little Sign up somewhere saying subscribe to Alien in the toilet Alien addict was here

Wow the ce5 location and greer’s going To be standing here Every many people e5 and um 500 seven How many uh uh five uh 95 or something Science and freaking magic Wsfm Wsfm radio here with We’re just leaving our uh camera Equipment on the side over here i don’t Know if you could see it but Yeah right there ah there they are Little girls yeah we just have our Equipment standing around She looks good we’re going to get greer Pretty good They are oh yeah something like that Where where where is uh where is uh the Doctor Uh we’re hanging out with him a little Bit uh About an hour ago we’re hanging out with Him for about an hour just going over to Us he’s been in this closed location Of course he is Go go up to his room and give him a Knock Yeah yeah all right we’re good okay Let’s go You are now watching the end of their Career [Laughter] Webinar later tonight i think it starts Eight o’clock um Arizona time so there is a webinar that

Uh greg’s gonna be doing That will be available to the public at Eight o’clock arizona time so if you Guys want to hit that up i i think it’s On so that’s 10 eastern forever yeah Yeah i think there’s a little fee for That but i think it lasts for three days Of the webinar but If you’re not going to do that go watch Above top secret either one yeah it Doesn’t matter above top secret go watch It go watch some secrets definitely go Watch a bug top secret though yeah we’ll Tell you on how this goes how this thing Goes but what’s interesting is that Again 600 600 people are going to be up At the park the mcdowell park And they’re all going to be Concentrating meditating You know trying to make contact Do you think With that many people that’d be our best Opportunity to have some kind of Summoning event what do you think Could be never happened you need 700 People Well we need 700 not yeah 600 is not Going to be enough he’s going to be five Shy oh there’s not the number you need 6.99 is not going to do it no No the aliens can count guys come on They’re quantum hey You never know with all that energy There maybe they’ll make a beacon

Brighter than you know With the normal uh Cult meeting Blake is there any other ufo guys Hanging about You know It’s crazy because it starts at eight O’clock but people are pretty much Lining up already jesus christ Looks like one of our sold out at movie Events I’m just waiting for some somebody to to To run up and go Why can’t brett My heroes blank and friend The film’s great uh it’s a good film uh And uh i think everybody should watch it It’s all right Yeah yeah it’s good Dude what did you reckon I’m just wondering ali how much did he Pay on youtube for that movie I paid 10 99. So you owe me 10.99 blake I i want to i want a signed poster We got a full Poster at her house it looks pretty sick Yeah we saw that in the background you Already have it framed and up oh yeah That’s cool I think i would i wouldn’t mount to this Countdown to disclosure I would i would settle for a lock of the Cousin’s hair

That would do me up some kind of spell Or That’s right Yeah or just for ebay Never know you never know On a serious note though when When you was interviewing The doctor Did you Off air was there anything that was said That you’re probably not going to be Able to speak about right now but was There anything That you couldn’t put that you couldn’t Put in that film What was it called There’s things that we couldn’t put in The film i could tell you this as i was Leaving right on my way out i was doing A walk through the house just so we made Sure we had all our equipment tidied up Before we split And grier uh Said a kind of a couple statements Before i left and one of them was Is that um He said that he’s more important than The president And everything comes through me first And i’m like That’s interesting But uh what stephen’s Steve says Dr greer said he’s more important than

Prep than the president and everything Comes through him first Something along those lines yeah Right Well i’ve seen it all everybody have a Good night Bye I’m joking i’m joking that should be Part of the deleted scenes i think you Know it’s interesting We’re hanging out we’re hanging out with Stephen and his wife and the sky started To get real dark over there in virginia And it’s only like four in the afternoon And then uh we’re making our way out and He says it’s gonna pull And then uh as soon as we got outside of The house it came down like a microburst And it just was flash flooding and it’s Rain that even though we live in hawaii We’ve seen rain this was like coming Down cats and dogs and it was like a Something like goddess ripped through The sky and just started They didn’t want the documentary out They’re trying to take us out with some Weather manipulation Yeah now we’re glad you got that Documentary out like i said when we got Back and dr graham and his wife saw that They were Truly impressed on what we did with the Documentary in the short amount of time And uh that’s why greer’s inviting us to

This uh conference and The event the c5 event to cover it Because i guess he likes her style and i Think he likes our laid back kind of way Of filmmaking Without all the stress involved with uh This kind of production yeah he doesn’t Have to wait eight months to see the Thing either that’s right it’s like Eight days it’ll be done These guys are like miracle workers with That editing How how long did it take to i think it Took uh we got back home um and i think It we’re done in two weeks pretty yeah Twelve days four hours all day we were Done with in 12 days Yeah That’s good Above top secret took us um Two ten days this one took us 12 days And uh but with greer he says these Things take like eight to six months Because all these uh movie producers Always want their little artistic way of Doing it and they’re just telling grier What to do and how to do this and he Really doesn’t like working that way Like an acting job like say it like this And act like exactly yeah he gives them No they give us mechanics he says i Don’t take notes i just talk and every Single question we give him Ask him he’s like boom boom boom

And what’s interesting is people think We’re As we talked to him we’ve been doing a Lot of communicating like i’d say Probably been on You know over 100 hours over the phone Over this past you know six months and You know he’s he’s very consistent even Off the record he he’s always in Gr Grier mode and i find that interesting You would think Some people question grier’s motives but What’s interesting he’s always Consistent even off the record and That’s what’s amazing he doesn’t get out Of character so When he speaks He really believes what he’s saying And um he sticks in character he’s not It’s not a game to him that’s for sure He is who he uh as he seems Well you don’t need a script when you’re Just speaking the truth yeah like we Talked about before with you guys but This is his life’s work effectively and He’s kept like the same statement the Whole time the same plan the same belief The whole time and that hasn’t changed So you can’t really say that about a lot Of people really in this topic to be Honest i don’t think How gree has just captured his word the Whole time he he really believes the

Things he says He does I i get what you’re saying there that They’re just but what one thing i will Say it Like everybody’s talking about what Lou’s gonna give what lou’s gonna show The what has stephen shown That’s the thing yeah that this is the Not just with stephen greer with louis But the topic in general it’s you know We’re still trying to wait for that Proof You know this smoking gun proof that Yeah this is definitely what like we’re Seeing in the sky and we haven’t got That yet so i appreciate that as well Appreciate that um perspective ollie as Well and and that’s true and i i agree About as well that you know we do still Need to see Some sort of evidence at some point i Completely agree with that That’s the big trick right has anybody Shown any smoking gun evidence ever i Think third phase moves the only people That ever show any evidence And that’s from the public and we’re Showing you the smoking gun Crazy stuff in the sky Legitimate videos from legitimate people That’s about as smoking gun as you get People are saying well you didn’t show Smoking gun footage and above top secret

What do they people expect us to like Show you inside a ufo and go flying Around in it that’s what people are Expecting i think they’re expecting us To go walk in the tic tac and like Control it and show its capabilities hey Can i ask you guys something on on a Serious note not joking around can you Ask greer When he says he debriefs presidents is He doing it by himself with you know is He doing it verbally or is he A reporter so there’s been a few people That have asked us that question it’s Interesting too because some people said Well if he went to the Brief to president then there should be A log record in the united states in the White house that he uh entered into the White house And there should be some kind of proof Because you got to register when you go In there And we did ask where so How How do we um have you ever been to the White house He says a lot of these people that he Meets like these senators these the the Head of the dia cia um these congress People Even the clintons he met the clintons Over there at the At the rockefeller ranch and a lot of

These other people he meets is at their Homes in washington So they’re not really Officially in the capacity of the white House So a lot of it’s off the record or Private meetings at their homes or at The rockefeller ranch along those lines Rich okay So no we don’t have any proof that he’s Been in the white house The briefing presidents within the white House His uh briefings do make it in there Apparently but again a lot of these Meetings he has are at their private Residence or You know not necessarily On the record over there logged in Well we’ve got we got a super chat Question in um I’d love to know how the brothers feel About his ce5 claims and the two billion Dollars those are my only doubts about Green lantonia with the 10 super chat Guys Thank you antonio antonio good question And uh you know when we’re consistently Over when he says i’ve been paid 2 Billion i was offered 2 billion dollars To Not talk about this stuff I rolled my eyes when i first heard that Years ago but what’s interesting let’s

Just say if they did pay him two billion Dollars wouldn’t it be almost worth it That if there was no greer presence in This field of ufology over the past 20 30 years let’s just say if greer didn’t Exist where would we be at now as far as Asking questions Maybe it was worth two billion dollars To uh To keep them quiet Because there’s a lot of when you think About it it’s a lot of money but over 20 Years Of this kind of information that’s Coming out where it wouldn’t have I know it might be hard to say where We’re at and also the ce5 thing We asked him and we we asked him in uh Above top secret we said everybody Really digs what you say about this Cover-up of technology and these deep Dark black projects but when you bring Up the ce5 of it people kind of like Kind of roll their eyes again and he he Says that is his achilles heel as far as The public’s Um interest but he says that’s the most Important thing the c5 thing to him is More important than anything he really Here’s a really good question for you Guys i love that you’re in scottsdale Club right next door to phoenix He claims in 97 and march 13 1997 that He told the phoenix lights where to go

And where to you know show off Can you somehow dig in on that a little More and is he going to bring those Phoenix lights back to this weekend That’s what we’re here for Um he has mentioned that we’ve brought It up and he says and he keeps repeating That he was there that day here Somewhere in arizona doing a ce5 ce5 and It showed up Oh Okay So So uh i’ve i’ve got one for you uh when When i when people try to sell me a Utopia i get very um skeptical Uh and one one thing that i would be Asking dr greer would be Who has given him the green light to Change the world and what gives him the Right to do that Good question you know when he came out With the disclosure project in 2001 I think what was it rich 400 people were There as i witnessed testimony to the Phenomenon i think only about 40 people Were able to make it into the press club But he had 400 people there that day Ready to come forward so that was a big Group of people And then also prior to that He was working on a disclosure Is the equivalent of the national press Club thing where he did in 2001 but i

Think is in 1998 He did this thing in selamar It’s called the selamar tapes and it was This big Convention with all the big minds Together kind of what they did at the Press conference National press club but unfortunately Somebody took and stole all those tapes And buried them for 30 years and just Recently that’s in the document and the Document just recently revealed that Somebody retrieved those tapes 30 years Later and now he has these vhs tapes From the selamar Uh project that is yet to be seen so We’re trying to convince square let’s Let’s uh digitize these vhs tapes i Guess edgar mitchell was there there’s a Bunch of people involved and uh Never before seen stuff So i think greer was the pinnacle of Bringing all these people forward Who puts him in charge as the person to Bring this information i’m not ex is if He’s self-important self-appointed i Think he’s just self-appointed yeah he Again Doesn’t say he works for any government Outlet he’s totally independent he’s a You know A citizen Nothing involved with any kind of Government agency whatsoever so

I guess he’s just self-appointed and uh He feels that It’s his um Duty as a human to help humankind Do you feel a sense of euphoria when You’re around him Well i feel a little sense of stress When i’m around them because um You know you you want to be on your a Game even setting up in the ballroom Over here we were doing a walk through And You know i asked him a couple i asked Him a quick question and he says hold on Blake it’s not always about it’s not Always about you we’re doing things here I’m like oh okay And he says okay well uh i’m sorry oh Wow He said that to you blake The world doesn’t resolve around you [Laughter] Is that what you tell black girl do you Say that to brent did you use that brent Brent do you sense blake Does do you say that to me oh hell no We need to see brent on camera more mind You he’s the cameraman Well for you somebody’s got to do it you Like that cinematography It’s beautiful mate Film it actually looks beautiful Did you guys do all the shooting for All the shapes like around hawaii as

Well yep wow Yeah really pretty Yeah we wanted to show that road trip Phil where we’re flying in arizona Flying the drone over in hawaii and uh Where else virginia We didn’t get to fly in washington but Maybe in the next uh next uh 10 days That we’re going to be hanging out with Where we might be able to shoot one of These kind of like A live A live thing on third phase of the moon We’ll just do something raw and just Throw it up there that’ll be fun i think We might even do that a little bit later We’ll probably do a little bit later Tonight too I want to take it over to my ginger Bearded warrior right next to me uh Because Lee’s just started watching The film himself but he’s always had Like a i want i don’t know if it’s a Love-hate relationship with with great But i know you don’t trust the lou But but what from what you saw in the In the in the film lee what what did you Make of that I really want the debate between grier And luan Um third phase like It’s just it’s all i want like that well That’s the take home from what you said

What you showed me Right there you go i mean i’m gonna try Our best to make that happen We guess Have asked lou as well if he did come on Our show that was one of the things we Wanted to ask him about was why he chose To Decline that Um when it could have been a proper Setting where it could have You know remained respectful and not Just You know Explode where everybody can actually say Their opinions and Try to actually work it out and come Together But no we’ve had a lot of uh that’s not To us again so there’s a lot of um There’s a lot of people a lot of hate a Lot of uh drama in this field and even Alien Rich from goof on and ufo proof You know these people that questioned Third phase moon they had hard questions But we went straight to Went straight to our critics and said Hey look let’s exactly let’s talk about Things and we learn Nobody’s perfect in this field and we’ve Learned from rich we’ve learned from Ollie we’ve actually learned from ufo Proof there’s there’s things that you

Got to go through In this field and sometimes it’s not Easy but We should uh you know confront it and There’s i don’t know what lou’s afraid Of he should have come on third phase of The moon last year already a year i’m Not even sure if i want to talk to lou Anymore I don’t think He deserves the right time of day have Some you guys kept in touch with like um With jeremy corbell and danny sheehan to See if they’re still interested in doing The debate have you spoken to those People well i spoke to jeremy corbell And all he did was yell at me and call Me a bunch of names and yell at me and Tell me a bunch of names so i’m done i’m Not going to talk to corbell Um sheehan I don’t know what sheehan could bring Into the table he’s just a lawyer he’s Just a lawyer and he’s really smart in a Way that we’re not going to get anything Out of sheehan but i don’t know nick Pope was semi-cordial he said maybe not At this time but maybe in the future And uh You know have you thought about trying Chris mellon That’s a good show True Joe i’d like to see i’d like to see you

Guys get in touch with lou and say You’ll do the same thing for him that You’ve just done for grier yeah but but Lou has the final say on if on if the Documentary gets put out We are We were hanging out with lou’s manager That books all these uh social media Platforms in los angeles and we’re you Know we had a few bears we’re hanging Out it’s pretty good time and we’re Discussing exactly just that that we Could go out to wyoming hang out with Lou and get his point of his side and we Could just make the lew documentary be Good do the exact same thing i think we Still got an opportunity we have our Friend uh alex who sits on the Galileo project and he’s always on board Meetings zoo meetings With lou melon Pope pretty much every week So we did get a little insight on what’s Going on over there at the galileo Project which is pretty interesting Um i think if we did approach our friend Alex and kind of have him maybe spread The word to melon and lou and kind of Maybe speak on our behalf and i think We’d probably get more of an in Through uh through that way through alex Alex could maybe build a bridge for us a Little bit better And uh maybe get us access and again

Do something like what we did for great Do it for a loo and just have it two Separate documentaries two separate Entities and uh And then the third one it’ll be like the Documentary rocky iv lou On the same frame Boys i don’t know if i heard it in the Film but i don’t think i heard Anything mentioned about this um But when we speak about uh Danny chien uh who was working with gria And he’s also working with lou Did you ask stephen anything about that We did So Basically uh sheehan Is a consultant for greer because of the Of um What is it constitution Uh Law constitutional law but he doesn’t Use him as like his personal lawyer by Any means so it’s not he’s not he’s not A lawyer for greer but he is a lawyer For uh lou Because we asked him if that was kind of A conflict of interest if yeah he’s Representing both of you but lucian’s Not a representative of uh greyer in any Kind of legal Thing only as a um Constitutional You just said lucian do you mean danny

Dad danny you’ve got a beer blake my bad Wait so sheehan isn’t a Lawyer for greer but just a Constitutionalist advisor Yes So he wants to make sure that he’s Saying the right things that sound like That go with the constitution i’m not Sure why greer would need a lawyer Though he doesn’t know he doesn’t or Advice from this guy this is more for Advice and more so for um You know maybe protection from people That might want to be whistleblowers or Anything oh i see yeah good okay But you mentioned america as well like You you see people for two hot coffee so Hey that was 35 years ago [Laughter] We still came but But you just said about the the conflict Of interest but It kind of does seem like a conflict Even though i get that he’s not grier’s Lawyer and he’s like yeah yeah this is The steam like a conflict of interest There that definitely does seem like Some sort you know there’s there’s Thousands of lawyers out there for them To be dealing with the same lawyer Is interesting to me It is very bizarre i i don’t understand How he could represent lou And be friends with lou and be friends

With where at the same time and then They’re both Lou has this issue with greer Greg doesn’t really have any issues with Lou too much anymore because um You know he’s not on mainstream as much As he was i guess yeah Grier also has that i don’t give an f Attitude Yeah you could say that again They don’t care Yeah That’s the way lou should have been Acting the whole time oh yeah exactly Yeah yeah see and lou really hasn’t been In the field long enough he was like uh You know protected by the ttsa people And everything they they told him what Shows he can go on and which ones he Can’t and what tv show to do And now he doesn’t have that anymore he Doesn’t have anybody protecting him and When he went out into the the public Forum he got destroyed he had no idea What was out there waiting for him I think it shocked him he got scared Made his sock accounts went nuts Sock puppet Sock puppets i love that Sock puppet is uh Really rich you you think that gts here Control over lou not control but they Told him what isn’t that why he didn’t Won

Yeah Yeah they advised them because they had To watch out you know that’s his they he Is their property basically he signed a Contract to do all these podcasts and That’s why he never got a call that’s Why dave scott never got a call back From Lou and he didn’t go on his show until After he was with ttsa and all these Other little shows I still believe it’s true story I still believe that um lou does the Small youtube shows and the smaller Subscriber channels because it’s media Training for practice i think yeah It’s infiltration too just like you Admitted yeah i’m infiltrating getting Intel pretty sneaky cia you know It’s bia sort of stuff yeah right blake Yeah it’s cia stuff that’s what i still Think I think there’s going to be a use for Lou and it’s going to be a use on Mainstream media and he’s going to be The face of something [ __ ] knows what the face of what That’s going to be I don’t know Not a good thing i don’t know there’s Been a change in lou if you’ve noticed The how lou’s changed over the past few Months especially um you know he’s Talking about

Like the the the philosopher’s stone and He’s going into like the consciousness Side of things and he’s Saying this Yes He’s changed his look with well he’s Starting to look a bit more Not as he’s he’s changed his whole look And his persona now to I don’t know what what for what purpose But It seems like he’s trying to reinvent Himself for this new that’s what actors Do when actually roles don’t figure it Out the first time they try another Character He has a book deal coming out he’s going To be on mainstream media doing the Junket you know he’s going to be going Tv show to tv show he’s got to look his Best didn’t he just drop 30 pounds yeah Now we’re getting into the gutter yeah Just holy before you go Um Because you guys might know this yeah go Hang out with greer no it’s good Goes to your real friends Does love have a Sorry does lou have like a pr guy with Him when he does interviews do you know That yeah he does Yeah i thought i thought he would Because this is i mentioned this i think A couple of weeks ago maybe last week

That on a different thing i do i do a a Formula one show which has got Quite good numbers so we get decent Access to things So um i’ve like interviewed uh formula One drivers at mclaren i’ve interviewed Formula one drivers at mercedes And um they’ve Always had pr people with them just just Sat there in the corner and i know that They are like when we uh we interviewed Like lando norris and George russell just before they were Coming into formula one And they had guys with them just to make Sure they didn’t say anything out of Line and i knew they were using us Before they were on the bbc and before They were on sky and cnn and stuff like That and that’s the feeling i get from Lou i get the feeling that he’s in like He’s in a he’s in a low division at the Minute and there’s there’s something Behind him that wants to put him up to a A higher division at some point as soon As as soon as they deem him ready to do It Yeah that’s that’s that’s not the key It’s who’s lou working for that’s like The key to all this for me is need to Find out who that is Yeah that’s for sure Before we get going we gotta get going But we’ve got some breaking news

Oh You ready Ready please ready for the ufo world to Get all split apart again you ready for The ufo world to get real ugly I’m gonna lose there get ready I’m gonna bring you full screen Go ahead come on guys so um We’re just notified a few moments ago Just just a second ago that S4 With the government pin is back on Google maps Oh Oh oh my god interesting wow now i gotta Change my whole show Just got that uh just in So let the drama begin All right i’ll start thanks guys Do you know i got i got excited third Phase of mood base it says s4 research Facility with the government pin Just like before it just it just got put Back up moments ago Did that didn’t he that’s good news but I got i i thought it was i thought it Was gonna be something a little bit more Exciting i thought i was gonna see i Thought i was gonna see steven’s hand This giant hand just come on your Shoulder and him pop his face in the Camera and go yeah i thought good Evening He’s around i would grab him

Pull him in he’s probably doing some Resting before his big night yeah fall Yep Yep i found it We’re gonna have to get going but Appreciate you guys having us on talking About our our documentary about top Secret the technology behind disclosure Um You know people should get riled up Ask big questions and demand We own this technology for ourselves Give it to us i want the damn tic tac i Know everybody else wants one hell yeah We want one too Yeah Yeah Hey Thank you so much it is in the Description below it’s the very first Link go check it out people um it’s a Great film and uh yeah i’m i’m on my Second round with it Awesome appreciate it guys all right uh Good to see you The bottom rich Thanks rich for joining us we didn’t get To talk to you too much Josh and artemis that was a good show Earlier that was fun definitely yeah Thank you okay We’ll catch up with you soon rich goof On you’d be cool huh be cool over there We’ll be calling up on when we’re back

In our hotel with some beers don’t do Anything i wouldn’t do it oh i won’t That’s that’ll Hey thanks for having us on man you got A good channel you got a good channel Keep up i appreciate it we’ll talk to You guys you guys have a good one see ya See you guys Mahalo Do you know rich i asked um third phase And uh tyler to come on the show Together And uh Bird face were all down for it but tyler Wasn’t because of you Yeah Good he said you hang about with him i’m Not associating myself with you Oh my god um did do you hear about Confessed or ucr about the show today Yeah Yeah yeah we did we did we heard so so So Lou from uh unidentified uh celebrity Review yeah yeah yeah Um Apprentice he he was I mean to be fair both of them were Polite to me um lou said he he would Have liked to have come on however he’s On vacation Yeah yeah yeah he probably would have Come he definitely would honestly Probably would have he um said it on his

Show about two two or three weeks ago When the festival stuff was going on That he would have like fesler or Whoever else to come on his show and Have a debate he’s he’s he’s up for that For sure Sure Definitely I think That’s how much i want that relationship To be mended I Had I had an argument with somebody on the Same thread I had an argument on the same with Someone on the same thread and It took me Three hours to work out what they were Upset with and i’d say because i thought They were upset with the way we were Talking about lou it was actually they Were upset with um the podcast we did Ollie with where about ancient Civilizations with kyle Oh Yeah yeah and uh this guy clearly Watches the channel so much and he he Had such a massive opinion about it that He didn’t even realize i was on it He thought it was just you two guys and He’s uh he said did you watch the show i

Was like well kind of i was kind of Involved in it It was [ __ ] unreal it was oh it’s Crazy i can remember the show this this Was when you were comparing e.t to jesus Lee i think yeah oh yeah that’s lee’s Theory It was a good theory He he’s pretty much got it spawn And then like i explained in the movie When you see e.t like that That’s because he came he arose again From the dead he came out of the back of The ambulance with all dry ice smoke and All that oh we’re talking about it at Easter as well it’s [ __ ] makes a lot Of sense it makes a lot of sense oh yeah When’s easter by the way oh i came Next weekend yeah the one coming up and The one after that the absolutely Seventeen Yeah Well so i i came home tonight to uh in Fact i will get it somebody take over The show i’ve gotta You won’t believe it if i don’t show you What i came home to Okay go get it and i’m gonna And i’m gonna go work Um urinate so okay it’s a blow-up alien It’s a blow up fistler doll That would never get you it’s blown up Then it blows yeah i’ve just been on Sucks emblems at the same time

Sorry guys i’m sorry i’m i’m i’m Bringing the garbage in I’ve just been on google earth that s4 Is definitely there is it background Yeah yeah yeah Yeah What are your thoughts as to why it Would be back up Um No idea You know I mean do let stuff on don’t they it’s Quite an open platform yeah You know all it can take is for somebody To submit something it might no don’t Say that that’s The government pin I don’t know really the difference of That a government pin can only be placed And removed by the government it can’t Be done by just some person who wants to Put it there that’s why The third phase of moon base never Showed up there because nobody could do It Right i just realized i forgot to wash My hands It’s fine it’s my knob Yeah it’s written all over your face You know those things are that pop in Your head it’s like now and again things Just pop in your head and you think Should i leave that in there or should i

Put it out to the world that’s one of The that was one of the leave in there Thing out Everybody will agree you know You hold your own knob You’re in your own house Wash is clean Hold your own knob Right anyway anyway i got i got home Tonight but rich is just like rich gone Blurred again That goddamn camera I know So i got in and my little boys made this Um this thing at school which is for Easter and it and it says here jesus And i’m looking at him It’s bent on the table And all i can see is that Jesus is and i’m thinking as my son Wrote jesus is alien He says jesus is alive Oh yeah but i look probably very proud For a minute i looked it up He had the first three letters correct And he had four out of five letters of Alien in there exactly You almost got him indoctrinated exactly Josh announcement so so the word Educated They’ve they’ve just been on your show It is in the description below that i am Pointing to with my unwashed hands um How what was it and now a show

Uh it was like 40 minutes about half an Hour we were supposed to be 30 minutes And then we went out yeah we yeah we Were supposed to do half an hour bus and Then third phase we’re gonna do half an Hour review but we went over by about 10 Minutes but yeah do you know when you Said the show you did a show just now i Thought it was saturday when you said That and i thought i was supposed to be On too yeah it is strange because yeah It’s a friday for us i know But i mean we don’t usually do a show Friday so yeah yeah so i thought oh my God i thought it was friday it’s Saturday so i you guys convinced me it Was saturday for five minutes You’re like [ __ ] sorry to all my fans But yeah no we we’ve got a show tomorrow Of which we’re doing one about cults Tomorrow um so we’ve got a few people And we’ve got steve cambion rich Obviously you’ve got stephen greer then Not that not i agree unfortunately i Wish we could come on but If it’s about calls he might do Yeah he could do you know i mean we’ll Bring up grier we’ll bring up brie agree Of course because he’s been compared to That sort of thing before Um so we’ll talk about the topic in General because there’s a lot of You know in terms of the ufo topic There’s like a big history with

Cult leaders and that sort of type of Like language and like the manipulation Tactics what people use Um so we’ll go into that in a bit more Detail and You know things what are going on now Which we can talk about too As well Yeah These guys are offering deities aren’t They yeah yeah whether you’re a cult Leader or whether i mean Because it’s it’s who we’ve been talking About if you’re stephen greer doing ce5 Events offering lights in the sky you’re Doing the same thing Yeah of course of course yeah yeah so Well luke luke called him what’s his Name jim jim jones what are the the Jones jonestown Yeah lou compared greer to him which i Thought was a little bit harsh that’s When that’s when it all started for me All like this toxicity and like the Drama kind of started on twitter then And i think that was for i think that Was on purpose by lou to be honest it Was kind of like a call to arms and Effect for his supporters to kind of You know point stephen graham’s like Kind of like Kind of like like the bad guy if that Makes sense you know and um Since then it’s been very like divisive

On twitter i think Do you think he does that do you think He he arms that weapon lou I i do i mean he’s he’s he’s really Clever with like the language he uses i Mean But he’s very good at manipulating People of course That’s his job is to collect intel and Manipulate people that’s what he’s doing So Yeah he does it in a very good strategic Way and gives people Um You know like validation for their their Feelings and And um their own opinions so When you are a person who does feel Validated from somebody you are gonna You know follow their lead and be Um very loyal especially if that person Makes you feel good or better in some Way and part of something so It can be really Um Really toxic and really scary really Especially for people who don’t realize That and um You know they’re they don’t mean to be Doing harm but they’re following people Blindly without really looking at all The facts and Every perspective of That person they’re just looking at what

Resonates with them and that’s it But It can be a slippery slope i think for Sure yeah what are we going to say lee And i want to take it down to uh rich Norfolk at the bottom here when it comes To the objective to this it sounded It sounded very awkward when lou said The whole i don’t negotiate with Terrorists thing that was So strange yeah you know it’s i because I i can get he doesn’t like lu he Doesn’t like grier and to be perfectly Honest they are They’re kind of this different sides of The same coin because you you’ve got Greer which is Like very spiritual you’ve got hymn Which is very very mechanical technology Based apart from that Half second where he dropped demons in It Um So it’s i can i i can see why the Friction would be there between them but It just seemed like a weird thing to say It was a very Like A Just you know it’s 2 000 and [ __ ] 10 type comment you Know that you used to get thrown around All the time it was just really strange Yeah yeah it was really strange and

Like i was i always pay attention now to How people using Certain words and you know Like i i i’m convinced that he said it On purpose to create this like divide Absolutely I mean that’s that’s quite a specific Word yeah you know yeah somebody’s a Terrorist like that’s You know it’s not just saying that They’re full of [ __ ] or whatever that’s That’s being very intentional with with With wording and mine the only thing i Would Yeah but the um The only uh Thing i would point out about the the Idea that well because i i thought this When the 2 billion Dollar thing came up to about grier if If time’s shown as anything it’s that if People don’t want you around You’re not around anymore you know it’s The way social media works and the way These platform works Just look at like the likes of alex Jones the the the minute that People didn’t want him about he was just Gone you know and it took him It took him a long time to get back to Where he is now and he’s had to Essentially become a caricature of Himself and like this Fun character that just appears on other

People’s podcasts If If someone didn’t want greed around they Wouldn’t Pay him they’d just cancel him they’d Just take his platforms away from him And i think that’s what lou’s tried to Do i think lou’s trying to be the next Career that’s how i see it Government controlled career yeah I think you’re right definitely career Was offered that money that was before The internet before social media So but i would be it would have been Even easier then wouldn’t it i mean it’s Easier now but right yeah it’s you take You you take the Youtube essentially you know we just had Youtube at that point that’s how i found Out about grier you know it’s how i Found out about everybody from ike to Jones to grier to You guys um You know you take youtube away it’s it’s A huge huge hit to somebody Now back then it was the only platform For these things you didn’t even have Podcasts at that point you know that Were so easily easy to do and so cheap To do as well You couldn’t do anything live like we’re Doing here um there was no video they Had uh What was that youtube thing where you

Could meet people hangouts yeah yeah Yeah and that thing was so glitchy but Before that there was blog talk radio Where people could actually call in with The 800 number in a live chat room And that’s how things got kick-started In here and people then went over to Youtube just like youtube really wasn’t That easy to to have a streaming show Five years ago nope that’s why i never Did it because it was always glitchy you Know you’d stop or it would Cut out just awful but now my god 4k Rich northwood first of all it is is Your dog is your is your dog okay Yeah he’s fine he’s just he’s just Sleeping he always sleeps this time of Night Dog Yeah cover yourself up We’ve spoke for Many years now i think it’s been a good Is it about three years two years longer It’s been it’s been a long time rich you And i No rich without the heart Oh Yeah okay And you always spoke It reaches me Don’t blow yourself out again Yeah right It’s going to blur again It’s going to blur in a minute it will

Blow up It’s not about me that was funny Honestly that grier said that to them Rich rich n um And thank you Shy show bob for the super chat i Appreciate that changes his name every Week my good friend all of him um Rich What Not Me and you have had a conversation about Lou For quite some time And you’ve skirt you’ve you’ve you’ve Flip-flopped around Where’s your head space now with this My headspace now is Is that that um I Give us the story give us the give us The beginning give us the beginning the Way headspace wasn’t where it is now So When when the videos first came out and The uh And he was he was on the ttsa Uh Video Talking about the tic tac and and all The other stuff You know he was very credible And then he he he cut himself away from Ttsa

And he started uh dealing with A lot of people that just had really Small channels um And What i kind of noticed was that he Seemed to sit on these channels and he Would merely just Reflect What these channels were talking about Back at them Um I uh I noticed it with Some of my friends when when you talk to Them they they just talk to you about You Because they would not rather not talk About themselves you know Um and that this is what i get from from Lou uh Per se and he seems to Change slightly With who he’s talking to But I think I think he can He can Definitely feel aggrieved him being in The military With what greer has been saying about The military Greer has been very accusatory in terms Of Uh

Of you know what this the cover-up is Etc Yeah and um So so he he can be aggrieved at that and I can see why he might refer to Greer as A uh Uh a terrorist But i think when somebody resorts to ad Ominoum like that it’s usually because They actually don’t have an argument for Them You know you you call people you call Someone’s names When when you you don’t have an answer To what their questions are Or or or your argument doesn’t stand up So it’s clear he was extremely Threatened when he started calling greer Names of course um Probably because he doesn’t have an Answer to anything that greer is saying So i suspect that defensiveness is Because there is some truth in what Greer is saying or was saying at the Time You know uh how much of that is true You know remains to be seen Because You know Greer himself has By all uh Evidence a bit of a messiah complex

As well you know And and he needs to get over that and be A little more A little more down-to-earth and credible So i can see You know both of them aren’t on playing With a straight back completely yeah On space out radio The night where lou said i don’t Negotiate with terrorists the only thing That was brought up at the time Was will you talk to greer one on one in Debate and lew says I don’t negotiate with terrorists i mean Why why would he say that at that time He has this this somehow he doesn’t like Or respect greer because he thinks greer Is [ __ ] About the ce5 stuff and then he talks About now oh yeah exactly yeah you know It’s god can’t anybody see that this Guy’s full of shiite I mean it’s terrible full of [ __ ] Seriously man lose a joke Yeah he’s acting like he’s doing all of Us a favor and then he shits on Everything we wanted The aymsg it’s gonna probably be most You know transparent you know two weeks Later they decided not to be transparent Yeah you know ttsa broke up oh gee you Know bring lewin that’ll happen because Atip broke up i mean it’s just one thing After another lose parts that was a

Piece of [ __ ] yeah but we we talked About it with blake and brent on our Show to lose party blue pass yeah like We um we talked about on our show with Blake and brent before we came here that You know the um secrecy’s got worse and The transparency’s got a lot less since Lou’s been involved with this and is That on purpose I don’t know yeah It’s all scripted yeah i i wonder Whether it is now uh i wonder where i i Wonder whether it was scripted when he Was uh he was with ttsa i wonder whether He’s when he jumped [ __ ] from ttsa he Moved away from the uh From the umbrella of the uh military Which is why He was so upset when the aio msg Uh Came out because he actually went public And said He was surprised yeah he was very vocal About it when it came out Yeah he did he didn’t like it at all did He and and he was very surprised i think He was me perhaps led to believe That something was going to be more open That sounds about right because leslie Keane was also you know with lou during The summer waiting for that you know uh Answer and they were both shocked but You know leslie keane that’s for another Day

Um Yeah everybody loves her but i’m telling You she’s She’s her i think she’s been turned i Think yeah i mean um about new york Times like like the famous new york Times article there’s so many mistakes In that The original new york times article Yeah I think it was i think where when Stephen cambium was on before i think He’s right i think it was a psy up Maybe not Maybe he’s not right for the reasons but I i still think we should look back at The fact that At a time when everyone was stuck in the Houses Essentially the the us government or Some something came out oh jesus I was checking my phone Rich is that your [ __ ] ringtone No that’s my alarm that’s supposed to Wake me up so i don’t fall asleep for Myself Seriously like how are you alive If that was my alarm it would go off Once i have to Physical world again it has to be that Loud or I won’t make the show but i have to Leave it’s already seven Yeah i gotta get going so let’s continue

Um Rich before you go before you go rich um You got a show tonight yeah it’s Coincidences Yeah I know It’s also s4 I’m gonna look oh thank you okay well I’ll see you there You can mix anything with that yeah is Back on google i’m gonna look into that Uh coincidence is chance or is it Purposeful and then we’re gonna play Some psychic games well there you go There’s a good one because is it Coincidence Or is it just Is it just one of the things that you Were on this show Blake and brent were on this show and They told you that s4 is back up and You’re about to do a show that’s a Coincidence Put that in your bum And i’ll smoke it Exactly and with that being said nine O’clock eastern six pacific see you guys Later it was a pleasure Goodbye Thank you Artemis and josh and rich northwood down Below go polish your camera see they’ll Blur i gotta polish a lot of things see You guys later have a nice night

Just wash your hands [Laughter] Right yeah now the coincidence thing’s Been said i’ve got to say it i wasn’t Going to sex didn’t want to upset Anybody there you go but um I uh I do find a coincidence that the uh Cousins brothers who brought up the pin In the first place Uh Break the news that the pin is back At the same time their [ __ ] films Come out I find that a massive coincidence yeah I don’t give a [ __ ] They can’t do that you can’t do that Right Now so at least have a friend that does It that works the reason why if they if They have a friend they’re in on it they Are they’re very much in on it and they Are they’re worse than luke No no because it could be agreeable Whichever side you’re on sure right no I’m sure there are people that work for Google that handle these things that Have essentially a job like you would Have a job working anywhere else During me like i just i i’m i’m a patron Decorator that forgets the occasional Youtube shows that [ __ ] interviewed Lewis hamilton jeremy the There’s only so many things before you

Got like three dots there go like normal Normal that oh that’s a bit interesting You know the you don’t you don’t need to Be special to have I had it really rich new things hold on But you found it that’s for the target He’s got it If it’s a government tag It So It would have to be somebody that works For google that’s done it so yeah loads Of people were for google Yeah i know but would anybody want to Lose their job It’s all it’s i don’t know because it’s It’s half crowd sourced as well isn’t it I don’t know can you see my zoom in on That tag Rich because That’s not a personal task Tag right the red one yeah A personal tag goes yellow but that’s a Government tag that’s next to it that That gray one yeah s4 research facility One yeah okay Wait is it is it does it count as a Government tag or is it just a an Official google tag perhaps i’ll be Honest i’ll be honest yeah i’m talking At my ass i have no idea I would have thought that it’s because It’s not i i don’t i don’t believe the Us government can just

Have special access to pat to tag Google maps okay i don’t think any old Fanuc can just put a gray tag with a Little you probably have to i know i Don’t think they’ve done it themselves But it’s back it’s definitely back I’ll tell you who might have access to Do something like that Gria He might know someone that’s capable of Doing that Possible Who’s who did you say Again Great oh steven grier I thought you’re going to go you think Stevens response responsible for this I didn’t say stephen i said i think he Might be in the position where he knows People Because because everything goes through Him he authorizes everything Everything’s more important than the President Yeah yeah yeah yeah so google earth not A problem Yeah Okay but if you look at looking in the First place it was uh it was kyle that Put it out then third phase Saw kyle’s video they showed it to the World it left it it left Now it’s back If gray is responsible for this

I’m a little bit worried I i don’t know because i don’t know Maybe it’s not as [ __ ] Crazy you know I think somebody at google could be [ __ ] about with us so it could be Absolutely yeah You know that’s what I think it could be i think it could be Somebody who’s laughing their ass off You know that Um somebody in the chat dorothy hawkins She said That only the owner can place their Special pin But but google google do mess with People’s heads uh i i remember earlier On what they used when they were Tendering for contracts and and buying Out companies a lot they used to put in Random bids for for for Amounts And if you looked at the amounts they Were Real numbers or or there was there was Daft numbers they They were right tricksters Yeah i i well i don’t think it’s uh i Don’t i don’t think that the question Just say that google might be one of the Most evil companies that’s ever existed On the face of the earth right now i’m Working for him so Really you work for google you work for

Google Oh If you’re on youtube Oh yeah it’s supposed to be yeah Yeah did i say evil i meant sexy Um they are so wonderful yeah we love You One million dollars I love i love that i love the service No the service she provides fantastic Yeah Just what’s behind just what’s behind it You know rich You weren’t asked about the film did you See the film I’ve only seen the the the few clips That have been on third phase at the Moment so um as as i say the the bits That i saw was great talking about Saving the planet and Alternative sources of energy again and Stuff like that And Once again you know for me that’s Ideological capture That’s that’s somebody wanting to Win hearts and minds over You know and follow me i’m the leader And You know we’re getting down cult Territory again Um

So i That’s alarm bells for me now he might Have the best of intentions you know and I don’t doubt his intentions at all Uh but It’s also You know Very very um Seductive for naive people to Do things like that The thing is there At the same time with Um people saying that lou goes on Smaller channels and they will speak to Anybody Career will not Go If you’ve if you’ve got anything less Than a hundred thousand subscribers i Thought it was two hundred thousand is It two hundred thousand nights yes it Was Two hundred thousand He’s upped it Yeah He’s gotten bigger yeah there’s a guy Who we’re friends with call anthony does A channel called um unidentified us for Yeah so you know it’s like stuff on to Third face the moon a few times but he Posted something on twitter a couple of Weeks ago um it was like a response from Gria’s like pr person or something Basically said that because he doesn’t

Have a reach of over two hundred Thousand subscribers he’s not gonna come On the show in fact i got the same Response Yeah it’s like a generic response Yeah i got the same response Gria was good was was asked was asked to Go back on joe rogan and he asked how Much he’d be paid The same amount as every other person Who goes on joe rogan zero yeah Yeah I would do disgusting things to go on Joe rogan’s show oh yeah i i would love To go i would love to be on joe rogan’s Show i love it i would definitely do That for free i’d chop my own nipple off I’ll Chance i would take josh’s nipples in a Bag there How far i’d go From friends Chandler from friends yeah i’ve got Three nipples yeah was it was it joe Rogan that said Did he actually say that i don’t know if I saw the clipper you just told me this Lady no he said on a show on a show they Were talking about stephen greer and Steven asked how much he said he said he Was paid to come on and we don’t pay People to come on here wow Didn’t surprise me really yeah Either

See i’m split with this e5 thing as well Because like i I think meditation is a very powerful Thing Um And especially i was introduced to the Gateway tapes a while ago and i’ve been Doing quite a lot of that I’m going to say i’m going to tell you All about this yeah and it’s i’ve I’m having i i need to i want to start Again and I have issues trying to stay awake Through them because they make me [ __ ] pass out for some reason Um But on a couple of a couple of them i Have had I mean i’ve taken loose Hallucinogens before and saturday with My eyes closed it’s been the closest I’ve been to taking hallucinogens Without taking hallucinogens did you see Purple did you see because i i listed The gateway i saw purple i see green i See obviously obviously green not greer Green Um And uh So yeah i i get what he’s trying to say With the c5 thing i am uncomfortable With the uh With the payment thing of it because See i i feel if you’ve got something to

Share yeah Share it And then you will make money off the Back it works You know so if you’ve if you if if You’ve got like a let’s say you just You’re just a bog standard celebrity That’s been through like some sort of [ __ ] like horrible relationship So you come out you don’t really get Paid for your story you tell the story Someone will pay you for the first Exclusive but then you make money off The back of retelling that story to Everybody else on every other avenue you Can go down If if he had something that was Legitimate He could share it to the world explain How it works and then spend the rest of His life explaining how he came up with It and that i make his money that way Later did did dave get you onto the Gateway Yes Yes so dave who’s right in the middle There that’s blurred out The big guy With the boots um yeah that So right after this conference After he spoke to ray hernandez Who has been on the channel So so dave and the dave the big guy he’s Been on the channel a few times you

Might have seen him he’s always blurred Out Uh he got me onto the gateway but he Also Actually said that what stephen greer Does It actually does work you know the whole If you think about it and it was ray That told him about that but not stephen Ray’s been on my channel and i asked him About steven greer and it was almost Like a competition it was like looking At two uh i don’t know Two two two companies battling out Together you know he’s like no he’s full Of [ __ ] Yeah and But but ray told Dave How to Like see those ufos when he first came Out on my channel dave and he was Telling me about these ufos that he goes Out and sees It was that guy that told him how to do It and that was only because of dave’s Past You see I’m a big believer as well in Manifesting reality Uh and There’s I i think there’s There’s a much bigger

Work conversation that we haven’t really Got time for that There might be a correlation between How [ __ ] up the world has gone Just within the last 10 years between That and the er advent of social media Because this there’s so much Communication between people and the Things that would normally be a Conversation between maybe 15 people in A room is now in the in the mind space Of millions of people at all times and i I i think that affects the very fabric Of what we live in Um So i i can get the idea that if you get Enough people together focusing on Something you might get something out of It i’m not convinced That has anything to do with aliens Well i think you’re right I think you’re right on if you get People together and focus on one thing There are experiments that have proved This and It it’s a bit tenuous but what they did Was they took random number generators And they got people to focus on these Random number generators And while they were focusing on them the Random The randomness of the random number Generators became less random Didn’t that happen with 9 11 as well

Uh i don’t even know about that during 9 11 like oh yeah random number generators Became less random yes That was because of like people’s like Global consciousness at the time all Focusing on like the 9 11 event and it Managed to Manage to like like manipulate the the Uh machines or whatever and yeah so There is something to it i think Yeah and and that’s that’s with the Universe the the one of the one of the Fundamental things are is the universe Uh deterministic or probabilistic and There are some aspects of it that are Probabilistic on a very very very low Level Uh but but it then grows up to being Deterministic yeah i think it’s Discussion oh we could talk about this All night well what’s really interesting To think about there which you’ve Obviously got to be careful about Talking about here Is if You had an event like 911 which Affected right random number generators What happens if you had a 911 That went on for two years But for part of those two years Everybody had to stay at home and think About that one thing All the time Um

That what what ripples would that send How would that change the future from That point forward Well i don’t see it without my youtube Spine I don’t think we were necessarily Were focusing on a specific politician But not not the whole of the world was Looking at one specific building Which is why It’s Maybe not one specific building but one Specific subject All the context regardless of pro for Uh politician Speaker Was but those subjects is scattered Around the world you know yeah Around the world specifically focused It it needs to be more specific than That I don’t know i i mean yeah A single thing seems pretty specific as He obviously on that note i will be on We’ll see audio we can talk about this More we can talk about this more Uh on least show cause lee don’t give a [ __ ] it’s like If if they [ __ ] me they [ __ ] me yeah I’ve already said it again if if if i Lose me if i lose my youtube channel i Will start must see audio rides again And i will pimp it through your pro Through your show that’s the way i’m

Going to work now but what if your face Is blacklisted because What if your face just gets blacklisted I’m going to blacklist this face are They just you have to wear a mask you Have to shape your hair again and yeah Yeah yeah Look different person [ __ ] gone We have been going over two hours now um And i want to thank everybody from for Coming on it’s been a great show it’s Been a good turnout um Uh Artemis and josh um The the ufo love birds Yeah Yeah i never got to have parent with Josh because you took him from me too Early i know i know But we will be back in the uk we’re Definitely going to be coming back soon So yeah we’ll have a pint there oh you Don’t i’ll be there All of you guys actually all the uk so Yeah we’ll open it up and have some Drinks for sure well we’ll we’ll create His own ufo what the call next expert is The expose that look up yeah exactly we Could do a meet and greet We’ll just meet and drink we can get Lead dressed as gria Perfect Perfect yeah yeah you pull it off mate Yeah you can pull it off i think

[Laughter] I’ve got more of a little bill We can all grow good beards so we could All go out on a low nightmare you know What it was unfair to artemis No i’ll just i’ll get a little pat that He used to have get like a little fly in The head like a little chin strap stuff Yeah that’s my plan yeah he seems to be Coming away from that now he’s like he’s He’s you know i’ve seen him with the Story he’s Lost way he’s got like a different sort Of he’s wearing like loads of like V-neck black t-shirts now as well to Like make them look like he’s got like a He’s got like a whole like new Like persona going on with him yeah i Think he’s wearing a little black now Isn’t he a lot of blonde It’s slimming black so Yeah that’s why that’s why i do it That’s why i wear it too Yeah So so so you you’ve just interviewed Third fader face the moon is in the Description below when you what what’s Your next plans but uh boys and girls uh So tomorrow we’ve got uh the panel show About cults like we mentioned before so We’ve got um got us two steve cambion uh Goof on uh lindsay who’s in the chat as Well um big willy from ufo garage is Coming on

Well Big willy yeah big willy from ufo garage That’s that’s what he’s called yeah he’s Like a gentle giant have you ever have You ever seen him he has like a very Large huge gray beard not great He’s really cool i just keep hearing Huge ginger willa here like he’s like One there hell Lee i feel like lee sending me picture Messages again ginger beer Beard Beard yeah So yeah it’ll be a good chat but yeah And then we’ve got you guys coming next Sunday next sunday looking forward to You and lee coming on yeah and richard And richard if you want to join us Yeah you’re more than welcome if you’d Like to Oh there we go rich Day shows what uh time is it again next Week uh i think we said four P.m eastern nine pm uk Uk that’s what you said what day of the Week Next week it is easter night okay easter Sunday nine p.m for sunday yeah is that Okay with you guys knowing it’s easter Is it easter Yeah i just i just realized saying that Is that okay Yeah We look forward to it guys that’d be

Awesome And Lee lee what’s going on what’s going on In we’ll see audio world I just uploaded our last show Um on my youtube channel and We’ll be recording again won’t we on Sunday that’ll be coming out Uh this one will becoming a bit of a Tick tock sensation A little bit last time I found a thing online and uh can i say This can i no Absolutely not i think you can You can you they can go and check your Tick tock page out I think i think it’s at a total shunt Not must the audio that was a mistake Put it in the description mate put it Put in the Bash it up i i think if you speak about What you spoke about on tick tock it Might get my channel um I can do it without doing it Okay do it go go Disney Did a snorkeling Sort of a trip for for kids And you go to two destinations Uh one of them is a place called turtle Cove and then it goes for a short trip Around the corner and then it takes you To a place

Where um There was a guy That was dead famous that definitely Didn’t end himself And yeah yeah as soon as he had turtle Cove yeah that’s the second place that They used to take the kids to go Snorkeling Which is Wild And that’s got 12 000 views and it’s Been up for Nine hours something like that yeah it’s Pretty good Well don’t make that we’re talking to a Tick tock sensation tick tock star next Week yeah yeah i’m gonna start dancing Soon that’ll be our title you know click Uh flick bait there talk star joins our Show yeah And Rich with the big letter n i would ask You but You’re just here to chill We know this yeah yeah yeah how do we Actually get in contact with you you Don’t even have a link in the Description You don’t get in contact with rich rich Getting in contact with you Rich is not interested he’s not Interested he’s not Rich He he studied at the monroe institute uh

And he you did the whole uh Touchy Yeah and what what was it the monroe What do you got Yeah that’s not that’s remote viewing Yeah yeah remote viewing yeah remotely Exactly yeah i always get remote viewing Mixed up with The other one that’s the one what hal Put off and kate green were Involved with is that that’s right yeah Yeah yeah and people like joe mcmonagle And ed dames and and some of the other Sort of like Ws fm people i mean josh I would be honest with you Rich on his own is it would be a better Interview Bring him on bring him on with us as Well On his own On it on his on his time at the monroe Institute Are you aware because it might be Something you’re into richie you are the Stole group No no no that’s that’s one to look Forward to it was a think tank that was Put together of psychics and it was it Was in the uk and there was a really Good documentary on youtube which It took it it always took it takes ages To find where is this the stole group They were called

And um They They got together and they were they Were essentially trying to do their Psychic thing like together using their [ __ ] x-man powers But what they ended up doing was it was Getting kodak to send them films That were Already Locked up in boxes that were unopened And then they would essentially do Sentences around them And check what they had ins in them What comes out of those pictures are Were Writing that was supposedly coming from Nikola tesla from the grave And also clear pictures of what look Like ufo greys it’s [ __ ] insane like The the into the the documentary on the Stole group is insane stowell group Yeah but that’s i watched that Documentary ages go as well it’s well Worth the show to be fair if you’re Honest it’s worth it it’s worth a watch And a revisit i’ll try and find it later Yeah definitely Sure well folks thank you so much for Joining us good night go actually before I say good night god bless Go go go final win If if people do want to get in touch

With me go into reddit And and and look for the real rich Northwood You can dm me there Okay We put our email in the private chat for You not correct thank you well well rich Well rich Rich The uh the you Us as youtubers We can’t spread our own shite On reddit But you can Yeah we can give it all to rich and yeah Absolutely release the [ __ ] There we go my lab forgot what i want to Be doing yeah Go go spot rich on reddit people And uh Give it a reddit I don’t understand read it but However it works However if it’s sold because you can’t Read ali Um Folks [Laughter] Thank you so much For joining us tonight i know you love Me but you just you just you just you Basically just insulted my khaleese heel Uh it’s true If you’re here and you’ve been here this

Length of time and you’re supporting the Channel consider becoming a patreon it Does help the channel a lot if you don’t Want to do a patreon because you can’t Be asked with the monthly payments Completely get it i won’t do it either But i can provide some t-shirts And there’s some of the designs That i do there we go they’re beautiful Crisp Proper you can even drink out of them T-shirts as well guys coming up so there We go Yeah So if you can support the channel that’d Be great if you can’t just give it a Thumb up or leave a comment below and if You if you can’t be asked with that then Just [ __ ] off Good night goodbyes mind the books don’t Buy it i’m alienate You’ve been brilliant