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Gaia: The Mother Of All Aliens

The asexual and sexual reproductive biology of the ancient Greek Mother Goddess Gaia is impossible as related. Her reproductive skills are akin to a human female giving birth not only to humans but to all sorts of other animals and even monstrosities. No writer of mythology (fiction) even back then would make such a fundamental error if he wanted his fiction to be credible. What’s the alternative? Aliens.

Eligibility Worker Exam Study Guide: The Key to Success

There is quite a lot of work that has to be done if you want to have a true shot at passing this test. The job of being an eligibility worker is not an easy one, there are quite a lot of factors that go into being able to make an informed decision, and the whole point of this exam is to make sure that you are capable of handling the basic information you will need to take into account to be able to make a proper decision based on the facts.

Eligibility Technician Sample Exam: A Sneak Preview

Taking an exam can be pretty serious business, especially when you are dealing with a test such as this one. It can have a dramatic impact on the course of your life. This exam can, and will, directly impact your career after you take the exam.

Scholarships and Grants for Minorities – Providing Opportunities for Betterment

There are many scholarships and grants for minorities in the United States because of the widely held belief they will help people from these communities get the education they require in order to come ahead in life. There are many reasons why certain communities are poorly represented in the field of higher education and therefore in the upper stratum of society as well. Families from certain minority communities get into a vicious cycle of poor education followed by low paying jobs that makes it very difficult for them to break out of it.

What Is the Significance of Graduation Tassels and Other Regalia?

The wearing of graduation tassels and other regalia has been common practice and remains in place, from as far back as the 12th century in colonial Europe. Universities started using the various forms of graduation dress, to differentiate between the levels of a students’ progress or graduation, to follow on to another degree, and from which educational institution the degree was being awarded.

References, Cites, Plagiarism, And Integrity Considered

Not long ago, I was contacted by an individual to use some information in one of my articles, and since he was an honest man he asked me: “I’m just finishing an essay and am using two quotes from one of your articles. I’ve provided the references and given the proper credits is there anything else I need to do?” Amazing I thought, here is one of the last reputable people on the planet, you see, all too often I have not only passages stolen from my articles, but also the whole article itself, which is then garnered with the…

A Brief History of Cocaine

Cocaine isn’t just one of the most commonly abused illicit substances in the world – it’s also one of the oldest substances of abuse. Cocaine is derived from the young leaves of the coca plant, which have powerful central nervous system stimulant effects. Native to the Andean Mountain Range in South America, people have been using the drug for surgical, recreational, spiritual and other purposes.

The Art of Gold Leaf Glass Signs

This is a short history of gold leaf glass signs that starts in the pre-Roman era and ends in the 21st century. The article is not meant to be an exhaustive history, but a brief one so that everybody wants to know more.

Becoming a Freemason

So, you think you may like to become a Freemason – a noble sentiment, but first and foremost, there is no rush, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. Like all important decisions we make in life, we need to weigh up what may be the advantages and disadvantages – the pros and cons. There is little benefit to becoming involved in something if we do not have at least an appreciation of what it is, what it stands for, what it does and what you expect from it.

Word Power Made Easiest!

Have you ever played word games? Scrabble or analogies or online quizzes? Did you observe how they affected your vocabulary? How do quizzes build your vocabulary?

Elements in Considering a Military Boarding School

Most parents wish to send their son to a strong school that will provide a sturdy foundation that will allow him to grow into a productive, intelligent man. Deciding on the right school can prove to be a difficult task, as it is often hard to know just which one is right.

How to Apply False Eyelashes, And More!

Applying false eyelashes can be a difficult task at first but with some practice the process can get much easier. Buy cheap ones at the beginning and then move on to more expensive ones once you know what you are doing.

Digital Scales, Ancient Design Vs Modern

The long path of digital scales began with the beginning of time. The first people started out with trading one product for another. As civilization grew a more accurate way of measurement was need. Man then begin inventing a way to make it happen.

Popular Career Opportunities for Graduate Psychology Students

There are a number of popular career opportunities for students after they graduate from psychology colleges. Find out which career is more suitable for you by reading about them in this article.

Learning HVACR Part 9

In previous articles on this subject I touched on the idea of what contractors expect from trade school graduates. In this segment, I’ll take that idea a bit further by discussing some specific comments contractors submitted to a survey.