Ancient Aliens: Nanotechnology & The Future of Humans

By | April 3, 2022
Ancient Aliens: Nanotechnology & The Future of Humans

Thank you November 17th 2015. A team of researchers from North Carolina State University and Rice University unveil the first motor driven Submersible Nano machines ever created Molecular nanotechnology is the idea of Building devices machines at a molecular Scale Nano refers to a billion of a meter so Very very small we're getting down to Atomic scale Measuring only 244 atoms across these Miniature robots are designed to deliver Specialized medicines throughout the Body using the bloodstream scientists Have created biobots that are the first Of its kind these tiny little bio Hybrids I mean Bots are capable of Traveling to viscous material through Our bodies they take submersible Nano Machines that can be controlled with UV Light and using the UV light they can Control where these Nano machines take Nutrients and take medicines into the Body As long as we have a way of controlling Them from the outside they can move Around very very quickly perform a Function if we're looking at operating On a cancer then potentially they could

Do that operation for you from within Healing leading to Nano machines that could actually heal The wounds in our bodies Close things up much faster repair Damaged tissue extend our lifespan and Literally bring us into a new level of Human evolution Transhumanists believe our bodies will Soon be home to swarms of Nano machines That will both heal and also warn of Disease And some propose this technology is Advancing so rapidly that it will not Just be future Generations that will Live tens or even hundreds of years Longer but people who are alive today The possibility of reversing human aging As opposed to just slowing it down is Not a very big stretch so if you Understand aging and the fundamentals of The processes that are leading to it it Would be quite possible both to slow it And it would also be possible to reverse It An example of this is a study that has Gone on at Harvard by reversing the Muscle tissue in mice We have actually reversed the age in These mice And so if we can do that in the Laboratory setting it's only a matter of

Time before we're able to reverse our Own aging process Could millions of microscopic robots Soon be swimming in our bloodstreams Augmenting our immune system and even Reversing the aging process entirely as Transhumanists believe Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that If such a transformation does occur it May be a sign that we are evolving to Become more like our alien ancestors As evidence they point to the Sumerian King list a series of stone tablets that Are believed to be over 4 000 years old And record the Reigns of ancient Mesopotamian kings that ruled for Upwards of 43 000 years Thank you The Sumerian kingsless was handed down To humanity by the Gods What's extraordinary is that the Reigns Of these Kings last into the thousands Of years these people weren't making Allegorical or metaphorical statements These were accurate historical records