Ancient Civilizations on our Alien Planet.

By | March 24, 2022
Ancient Civilizations on our Alien Planet.

Good evening folks welcome to alien Addict on this Fine and it is A tickling evening because i feel a Little bit tickled right now uh because Rich is asleep i think Uh because because he’s not yet here i Can hear him snoring um Hopefully he’ll wake up Rich Wake up Somebody somebody call richie but we Have My beautiful guy What’s the audio in the house how are You doing Good mate Ancient civilizations it was your your Idea that’s my idea i was hoping there’s Gonna be more people on right there My lack of knowledge But Me too i know nothing I know i know pyramid’s a triangle I didn’t say I i did that thing where um I i was halfway through the reason the Reason i thought about Doing this when we were talking was i Was halfway through reading uh Fingerprints of the gods because i’m Gonna do The three hancock books next And um

Then i watched a couple of talks of his And then i watched some Uh talks from john anthony west And then i was i listened to a five hour Podcast about it and i was battered with So many numbers i now can’t remember Anything But did anything stick out well i mean i Don’t i can’t remember the last time i Read it well no i can’t i i read Something i think it was called the Angry rats and to my little boy the Other night And he that and in the end he ended up Reading it to me Um Little leaf Can’t say that word on the other man What angry rat Is the the the the animal part Rat Yeah You can’t say rat on the isle of man no It’s bad luck Oh right i Didn’t know if it was like like one of These new age things that you know To the point where and the way to the Way to stop the bad juju is to touch Wood and whistle at the same time Lee darling you’re going to be gutted Here but Your voice is coming out your camera Again

Absolutely Vagina [ __ ] bastard See i mean we spoke for good half an Hour there you go Is that bear Isn’t it Um Half an hour before or before we did This and not one second did you notice No you sound like a [ __ ] idiot no Yeah I did not notice The only thing i was i noticed was the Green screen you know with the little Uh oh yeah yeah though you had loads of Hate from a green screen but you know It’s a bit busy tonight bit fizzy there Is a little bit of fizz on it there is a Bit of fizz i can see a bit of fizz as Well We’re just biding time till the other Guests arrive but they may not arrive So we especially did this background for Me and you because it it’s a background That’s made for two that has nothing to Do with the content of the show But let’s face it whenever i do a Thumbnail I don’t really think that the thumbnail Matches the content anyway so Takeaways so f uh so far That i’ve managed to stick in my head About the pyramids were

The if you stick a if you were to put a Pyramid underneath it so it was more of A diamond shape yeah That is to scale The the length and width of the world of The planet to scale That is That is baffling yeah it’s the These people back then It’s the closest building pointed to True north As well And it’s It’s off slightly as well it’s off Slightly to account for the the wobble You know like in the Um Like the procession There’s a slight wobble to it It’s out to compensate for the wobble It’s [ __ ] Insane Um there was there was something good That uh i found out that only today Actually Is that the Um There’s reason to believe that the Stones aren’t actually single stones Because that’s always been the idea Because they i think it’s two point Two million six hundred thousand Something like that stones that are in

The Um that are in the pyramid all ranging Between two and eight tons And if they were to be single pieces of Stone You would have to Quarry and lay one every three minutes For six years to build the pyramids in The in the time scale they were supposed To be built so they’re thinking that it Is a like say a mountain they’ve cut Into a mountain and shaped no they think It’s like a form of limestone cement So they’ve said they essentially pour The the stones into casts And and have cast The limest the limestone blocks it’s Still crazy and still an amazing Undertaking but that brings more in in My head And i think you spoke about this and This might be why you think this When we were offline when i told you not To to To to Finish Too quickly Off my face um But it’s maybe was humans that were Responsible and uh the ancient i think It was I think People just Wanted to make a program yeah not not i

Don’t think it was um special people Yeah i don’t think it was egyptians i Think they very much inherited what was Already there and in some cases Um Were There there have been more modern Structures built on top of the the old Structures like some of the pyramids Like the smaller pyramids which are all Falling apart now There’s reason to believe that they were Built on top of older older structures But um I mean the The idea that we couldn’t be The uh The first go-around we’ve had of human Civilization If i I think there’s something resonates with That with people Do you take here the good thing there is Swing round go to the top of the great Pyramid Because it’s really funny you always see This right Go to the go to the top of the great Pyramid the big one The big biggie yeah Go in as close as you can now swing Round so we’re looking at cairo So we’re looking around how do i see it Which i don’t know

You’re you’re driving me I use this in years later did you not Turn the world Yeah maybe to turn the world around you Spin the world just be in the world no Oh Jeez See if i can It again I can only apologize to the most audio Or Audio listeners we are on google earth Now about to find the pyramid because What really strikes me because you you Always see the picture of the pyramids That looks out over the desert But it’s only when you see it In um In conjunction with like the modern Buildings that are built there you Really get The [ __ ] vastness of these things Um The other the other interesting thing Was the The king’s chamber Where the that sarcophagus thing is Everyone’s seen the picture of the big Well what’s which isn’t this coffee Because there was there was nothing of The sort found in we’ll just say Container because Um I i think even a sarcophagus is uh

But it points to the [ __ ] mind Control No i’m not mind control but misdirection I think we’ve been given you know it’s When you look at the fact that we’ve Been We we were taught the whole slavery Thing you know and they They made the Quarried these stones and stuck them on Logs and put them up the nile and stuff Like that we were taught that as kids in School as if it was fact And It’s it’s [ __ ] lunacy when you when You actually When you think the i think it worked out That the nile Um if you were to move Stones the size That We used to build the pyramids if they Were stones yeah not cast cast things But when we were told that they were Shipped up the nile the nile would have To be [ __ ] 70 foot deep To Account for the displacement of water You have um that the that the stones Would cause And you so you’d either need a really [ __ ] deep pond On smaller boats or really [ __ ] big Boats

Man of the hour How’s it going mate How are we doing you guys We’re good mate we’re good Lee’s just been saying that he um From some of the stuff that he’s been Reading over the past few weeks um That Possibly these The pyramids were not actually Stones taken to the pyramids but was Almost like molded Which what did you say lee molded Through Like concrete they Made a the blocks were made of limestone Concrete he’s talking about geopolymers Right Yeah yeah yeah Yeah i’ve heard this theory too um by um Joseph’s if it is um That they created a Geopolymer to Make the stones at For the stones for uh the building of a Pyramid however Uh what davidiveness fails to mention is That Inside the stones of the the great Pyramid are built there they actually Find Fossils and stuff like that They find shells they find like uh old Organisms and stuff so it doesn’t appear

That they are I mean that what me geopolymers if You’re having little fossils and stuff Like that found in the stones So uh i don’t think his history really Holds water but Some people do But with that with that kind of uh When you have that kind of evidence In the stone itself You know how you’re gonna say oh it’s It’s a geopolymer when it actually has Like fossilized you know whatever the Trilobite or you know leaves or stuff You know yeah Debris and stuff in it so Are these ain’t are these fossils from Like the the dinosaurs are these just Like Little bits of bone and what have you That still is actual it’s old but it’s Not actually fossilized No they’ve actually found like ancient Fossils in them Right you know but it’s not just not Just the fossils like it has like just Debris and leaves and stuff from a long Time i’ve just got it’s all got kinds of Crap and it’s not like it’s not devoid Of stuff inside the brick like that each Stone has a bunch of other crap Contained in it from that it’s collected Over the years So that would that would definitely

Disprove uh them being Yeah Correct Kind of but You get that in concrete don’t you even Now when we make concrete you’ll get Sort of Small insects and shells and bits of Bits and bobs of what we’ve smashed up To make The uh to make the concrete Blocks with I mean not really i mean No no you do you you get bits you get Bits of shell and smash bits yeah you do No no but no if you like um If you’re looking under a microscope You’ll see little like tiny Creatures and stuff that have Essentially just been in the mix So i think i think that’s because they Were using those things as i mean i’ve i Don’t know either way i’m not saying i Believe this One thing i just i if if we were going To go down the man-made route of it it Seems It seems like a reasonable theory But um Yeah i can understand why they Why the The stuff found in the stones could Actually lead to the idea of being a Polymer

Welcome to the show thank you for the Super chat my friend lee welcome to the Show And it is a unicorn as always I appreciate that Kyle you did a um And it’s a bit it’s a popular Video on your channel and i urge anybody Everybody to go watch it And it was on the tomb of Uh Something cyrus i can’t remember the Name of it but it’s a really popular one On your channel i think it’s got half a Million views or something like that Um The the tomb of was it cyrus obviously Yeah osiris Yeah That was an interesting Video that he did and he and he it it Was huge It I remember it just jumped instantly And the views just went through the roof Yeah And that was your discovery Well um Is i mean uh well which one i have the Tomb of osiris and then i have the um Um Cutting stones with uh sound and light Uh So

Is are you talking about the one with Where i’m actually talking about the Tomb of osiris Whichever one you’d like to go through Man i’ve seen both of them they’re both Very good the i think is the sound Unlike your number one on the channel Yeah So um Well And both of them Should we play should we play a little Bit You know um No it’s it’s it’s not really a big deal If you want to you know you can still Throw it up there or whatever um Uh But if we want to if we want to start With like the tomb of osiris uh There’s some interesting interesting Things that go along with the tomb of Osiris because um You know osiris was um believed to be The last living god in human form uh for The egyptians in fact they Clearly stated and they this is recorded By herodotus that there hasn’t been a God in human form On earth for 17 000 years And that osiris was last god On earth that that came in human form up After that point every god that ever

Came to earth was in animal form But at one time there was a god that Came in human form and in fact existed Around the people and in fact was their King was their pharaoh and so they knew He was a god that he came from somewhere Else and he lived with his people and It was just accepted as normal uh And it Obviously you know Osiris is the the god of the dead Uh that’s why you see him represented as Supposedly you see him represented as Green like he’s dead Um Uh as a mummy or whatever Uh And His His people his the the The cult that worshiped him or whatever They They spoke about him as if he was a An actual Living Dude like he Made purchase they have receipts and Stuff from him buying stuff and doing Trades with people like he wasn’t Like an actual dude that lived with him Who that was a real god Uh then had and had magic powers and Stuff but he was an actual Uh uh god that was living among them

Among people and taught him civilization He’s he stopped them from um Eating each other Uh cannibalism and All kinds of crazy stuff Uh And one thing they found was uh his Supposed tomb Uh And just the construction of his tomb Alone Is so Impossible it’s so it’s so difficult it Just it doesn’t even make sense today And we don’t actually have a good theory To explain how the tomb was made They They they have some theories of it but The things don’t really hold water uh And they seem so far-fetched that yeah i Mean it’s almost like a conspiracy Theory just to try to believe those Theories like it’s so it’s so messed up So um Uh yeah if you want to play a clip from That that specific video from tomb of Osiris uh yeah yeah you can really see Like you could really see the difficulty That they had in attempting to Uh To make this tune for osiris so What the problem is is that it goes The tomb is actually 90 feet underground So they went 90 feet

You know Down And but it wasn’t like a straight cut Like a straight drop down it’s a it’s Like it’s like a drop and then a turn And a drop and then another turn and a Drop and return they They do these weird rooms and on its way Down they have Like spare rooms where they put other Sarcophagi that have been found in there And Uh And when you get down to the bottom you Come across uh Osiris’s tomb which was A giant 12-foot long coffin That’s cut and it’s it’s interesting Because the tomb shape like the design The cut the way it’s cut and angled it Whatever it looks almost exactly like The The stones or the um sarcoma guy from uh Um the serapeum which is another Interesting [ __ ] place you know Um I don’t want to i don’t want to show it At all kyle said because i want people To go check it out themselves but if you Could do you know roughly round about Where it is that you you talk about the Actual yourself yeah uh let’s see so

That it’s right right about here coming Up um Yeah here Yeah like right there like you can go oh Towards the beginning we’ll just start We’ll play the first bit then and today We’re going to be discussing the tomb of Osiris The god king Osiris lord of the dead the foremost of Westerners he who is permanently benign And youthful God of the afterlife People call him by many different names But the one thing we don’t call him is Real today we consider him only a myth But what did the ancient egyptians Consider him The first pharaoh From the first time called zeptepi a Time before egypt existed this god-king Descended from the stars and taught man The knowledge of civilization And ruled over the humans that Worshipped him In fact the entire egyptian culture is a Copy of his style All pharaohs attempted to mimic his look The crown the beard the crook and flail And so on the only thing they couldn’t Copy was his dark green skin Retailed Is the story of osiris The first day a fake battle takes place

Osiris is killed The second day the procession would take His body on the nile to his tomb the Third day he is mourned and his enemies Are destroyed the fourth day prayers and Vigils are held the fifth day he is Resurrected So what can we take from this Well i would think it would be the Details it seems awfully specific for a Pure myth but probably most interesting Part of his tomb Why does he even have a tomb yeah no Other gods have a tomb Tell me have you ever heard of the tomb Of ra Or the tomb of anubis Right maybe the tomb of horus No of course not Because these places cannot be explained Through standard chronology of egypt They they resort to the last weapon of Defense Myths symbols are magic but let’s look At the evidence first We have the osirion in abydos once Believed to be from seti the first most People and egyptologists realized this Would be impossible the osirion is over Five meters deeper than the surrounding Temples But was an above ground temple when it Was built And it’s constructed of perfectly smooth

Megalithic size blocks of rose granite There are no other temples made with That style or material Besides the fact that the osirion is Below the water level in the ground Meaning it is forever flooded Every season it fills with water and Must be pumped out continuously Which i could see causing a problem for Anyone cutting and lifting 20 ton blocks Of granite into place with absolute Perfection Also seti the first clearly states he Was Renovating the osirion not building it So that would mean it was already there Buried for thousands of years At a time before the water table reached It But this place does not contain any Hieroglyphs anywhere Nor does it contain a sarcophagus But there is another place called the Tomb of osiris and its mysteries are Even more baffling yeah see this place Under the temple of the sphinx Not the sphinx itself but close enough To be of significance and So When people want to talk about Impossible construction stuff like the Great pyramid or pumapunku And her bosses real quick either one of Those have anything

On The tomb of the world it’s polishing This is yeah why is this one enigmatic Places you could just look you guys look At the look at the design of this you Know this is like a 3d model of it Underground okay i mean look at look at Have you ever seen a tomb like that i Mean look at the the tombs of uh Uh all the pharaohs in the valley of the Kings i mean have they ever have a Design like this i mean they’ll go They’ll go deep into the mountain but They never go like like straight down Like this and then have a bunch of Corridors and then continue down like It’s so deep into the the better the Body of the earth it’s it’s it’s [ __ ] Crazy Most tombs are like cut like Where the tune was like cut into the Side of a mountain or a hill Uh to get deep into earth not that it Goes like straight down You know but i mean look at these look At these designs so i mean Consider this that you’re you’re digging Straight down and then making a turn and Then digging straight down again and Then taking out all this whole room and Then digging down and then uh digging Another whole room out and then you Gotta get a coffin of sarcophagus Somehow all the way down there

And then uh i mean like how how is that Possible how do you even get one down There you know like Maybe it was already down there you know They may have to make it down there You know that would make more sense than Than you know Uh them making sarcophagus above ground And trying to bring it down because it Seems impossible But then how do you get light down there To work with If um let’s let’s say you wanted to use Like fire to light your way down you’ve Got fire using oxygen in there so you’ve Got to ventilate the place as well It’s it’s just insane it’s insane Egyptian light bulbs Egyptian light bulbs Right All right you can keep playing it Does this this show does this show the Tomb the actual yeah Because i didn’t i’m sure you showed the Inside yeah it does is is this it here It’s got to be coming up um Yeah it’s here i’m gonna i’m gonna skip To this [ __ ] I want people to go check out for Themselves I mean is is that is that crazy or what And then Then they’re like oh yeah and then People would uh come and worship here

Yeah really [ __ ] It was made in a design so You couldn’t just come and go as you Pleased So How did they even Worship it it was completely underground I mean are they suggesting that they That this was open the whole time that They could just go down there and and Pray in front of it or something It’s meant to be hard to get in there And i mean you’re 100 feet underground Three different chambers to get all the Way down there to Worship at the feet of osiris That doesn’t exist it’s not actually There Does that make any sense Now what else is interesting is if you Take it yeah why go through all that Trouble to have a sarcophagus that Doesn’t have a body any other lids you May have seen in egypt Well it sure as [ __ ] reminds me of the Serapium I mean both of them are made look at That that looks just like it yeah Both of them have the exact same Design is exactly the same everything Uh both of them have no markings even Though some of the

Uh stone boxes at the sarah pm do have Markings those came at a later date when They were originally made there’s Nothing on them that’s why if most of Them have nothing on them just like this Tomb has Sarcophagus has nothing on it You know it was there was nothing found In either of those was there were they Interesting found That the the tomb of osiris that this is Supposed to be a tuna people are Supposed to go remember this is what Egyptologists say that they this was Meant for people to go and worship at But it was Symbolic That all this work The the coffin everything that’s this This deep cut tomb this was all symbolic Tomb for them to go and pray at You know like to go through like this Impossible construction just for a Symbol you know because there was Nothing in the coffin when they are in The sarcophagus when they found it there Was nothing inside of it so this they’re Like oh it was just meant to be a a Symbolic place for them to go and and Pray at but it’s It’s not like you just get down there Like this The Getting all the way down to the tomb

Itself uh you’ll see later that the tomb Itself is actually Surrounded by water At the tomb the sarcophagus is actually Put into a it’s like its own little pool Of water and it’s got four little Obelisks that were around it um and uh The Obvious were made from um Uh like black diorite like this really Hard stone in fact they use the diorite Stone to actually chisel away at granite To cut through the granite so it’s a Very very hard stone so i don’t even Know what’s known the only other stone To cut through diorite is diamond So i’m not even sure how they made these Pillars but uh yeah they have in each Corner of the sarcophagus lies a pillar They’re all broken and pushed over now But I mean like it’s Each pillar is this diorite Yeah A little tiny obelisk made of diorite So One thing that I always ask myself when it comes to to History um And especially with this one with the Being no body in the tomb And This guy changed so much of of history You were talking about the cannibalism

This time the other What if Say I don’t know a few hundred years down People started to talk about Osiris What if he never existed But you know He was placed there For the um The powers that be at that time because They needed that They needed something there they needed This Um this god almost Have you ever thought about that there Was never a body there in the first Place that’s what they say That’s actually that’s their theory is That there never was a body there That all of this is all symbolic That they went through all that trouble And to make a fake coffin a fake Sarcophagus for just the symbol to Symbolize him having an actual Confidence that he didn’t actually exist That it wasn’t you know that it’s all Just a myth but it seems to me that if You’re going to go through all this Trouble and have a sarcophagus and all These extra rooms that that that’s Exactly what it was for like that there Was a a body in there at one time of Their god king

It doesn’t seem like it’d be a symbol For for me to go through all that work That’s Next to impossible to do For A symbol for them just to symbolize uh An actual coffin but not not a real one Like How does that even make any sense why Why go through all that trouble You know you could just as easily have a A temple above ground where you could go In and and worship and pray as osiris Without having you know make this Impossible cut tomb uh and transport you Know a 10 ton sarcophagi all the way down there Like it just it doesn’t make any sense That it’s just a symbol and then and Then to go down there and pray to it Like It it seems in like ridiculous that it’s Just going way overboard with uh Uh Something that’s supposed to be a symbol Lady do you ask a question mate Because you cause you keep saying Psychos and stuff do you think these Were originally built as tombs Did you subscribe to the tomb idea For what For the great pyramid for the what we Were just looking at Well we were just looking at the tomb of

Osiris which isn’t a great pyramid no no I know but the the idea that these Uh these things were built to As right as burial chambers Even then now i don’t really think like That the great pyramid was uh was meant To be a a burial chamber i mean there’s Never been a mummy found inside a Pyramid yeah no no that’s so exciting i Don’t think that as well yeah it’s it’s What we we get taught as children Yeah and it turns out everything we Learn is about egypt when we’re in School is completely not a [ __ ] [ __ ] Right um give me one thing i’m gonna go Grab a drink real quick yeah What i was wondering um When it came to this dude is I i i don’t know the time scale of when These people worshipping them going down How long had he at this person Apparently no no Yeah Can they can they date Like the the is there a way for them to Um To date the rock down no you you can’t Carbon date rock i think is isn’t am i Right in thinking that the the carbon Date that came came from the Pyramids was from the sphinx but it was Just like It was

Like plant matter that was on top of the Stone that they carbonated yeah you Can’t carbon date stone you have to you Have to have something that has carbon In it yes A living organism that’s why i didn’t Use the word carbon there i just used i Just said it um Um But There is so there’s no way to find out How how Long ago those holes was those tombs Were dug before when people were going Down there say i don’t know a few Hundred years 500 years or whatever Worshipping this Osiris there’s no way for us to find out At the moment in time How old they were Were you talking you were when you told Me people listen to people like uh Graham hancock and stuff like that they You’re You’re talking about theories there That would suggest that these were built Not only um But before egypt but before when that Area of the world was essentially on at A different part of the planet you know As far as Like crust displacement and stuff goes You know it’s the the idea that these Were they weren’t built in a desert they

Were built in lush forests you know in a Like a rainforest type environment i Think that that’s what Get that that’s what scrambles your head Trying to think about it sometimes Is it you’re not you’re almost just Think it it’s almost like they were Built on a Different place completely rather than Where we see them now Well i mean think about this every Pharaoh that’s ever been found to date Have all been found in the valley of the Kings Every single one of them Except Um khufu and uh kafree and menkara Supposedly are built are buried in their Pyramids which were Supposedly their tombs however there’s Not any Bodies there’s ever been a money found In the tombs and not only that All there’s not a single hieroglyph or An inscription Anywhere on the great pyramid so Uh And if you go into if you look at the Tombs of all the pharaohs and the thro The valley of the kings all of them are Covered with magical inscriptions you Need these inscriptions to ensure a safe Passage to heaven All right this is something they had to

Have and yet there’s none of that in the Pyramids at all so how did how did the Pharaoh even get to even get to heaven You have you have to have these magical Transcriptions to to get you there and Not only that but these um the the The magical rights and stuff that they Have chiseled on the walls and stuff in The other Uh and the other tombs are also on their Sarcophagus so inside their sarcophagus And stuff you’ll find that the same Magical Quote you know um written inside the Insider tombs like insider sarcophagus But the sarcophagus and the great Pyramid or what they say is a Sarcophagus doesn’t have that either so Not only is it not on the walls it’s not On the sarcophagus Either and then besides that Um When alma moon And his army broke into the pyramid in Um The er 809 They Spent like a year or two two years Carving their way Into the pyramid they finally break into The the grand gallery they were able to Get up to the the kings Chamber or whatever and when they got There what did they find nothing it was

Completely empty And not only that but the the lid for The sarcophagus is gone too so So what do what do egyptologists say how Do they explain this they say oh well It got robbed before Alma moon broke into it somebody from an Earlier time broke in stole the body Of the pharaoh and for some reason stole The lid Of the sarcophagus right they say that’s What they say well then If that’s true Why did they how did they seal it back Up So they broke into it then they stole The body and everything and then on Their way out they filled it all back in With brick With Giant pieces of stone like How is that possible like if you go and You you break into a place and you and You you break into someone’s house and You steal their tv you don’t go and fix The door on your way out you know you Just grab the tv and go you know these Guys suppose like they went broken and Then filled it all back in Because like that doesn’t make any sense That it was broken into What if they they weren’t um So i was going to put this out there so Because

We we spoke when we did the et video it Was we were saying about et being jesus So so jesus died and was put in a tomb And he rose from the tomb What i mean It’s crazy But What if they they were actually Maybe not maybe not gods as we Man in the cloud But somehow Some sort of something that they had in These tombs The reason why there’s no body there There was a body there but they rose From that tomb just like Like a resurrection machine Yeah Well that’s what they say the the Pyramid was was a resurrection machine That was supposed to resurrect the them And then send them to see i didn’t even Know that i’m a genius Yeah [ __ ] genius [Laughter] You you know what your your [ __ ] Theory is actually what they say Really Yeah I think the other thing to remember is How big those like the Sarcophagus is you know that they’re [ __ ] big objects and again it’s Something that if you’re gonna use that

To bury your body especially if it’s Gonna be [ __ ] difficult to get it There it makes no sense making something That big Just just to put just to put a like a Mummified body in it i i mean With nothing with nothing to back that Up you’ve got to think well if if it’s Something difficult to get down to It would make more sense that it was Something that was built in order to Keep something safe Rather than to be a place of worship But didn’t they bury them with more than Just the body like they they put them in With their All their treasure and stuff like that Supposed to be with them too you know Everything they had in their regular Life if they’re supposed to have it in Their tomb with them just like All the valley of the king all the Pharaoh’s tunes all were filled with all Kinds of crap king tut yeah she said Like when his was broken into it was Full of all kinds of cool treasures and Stuff like that and that was what all of Them did um this is why it was a big Thing for Put his favorite wife in there while she Was still alive yeah well she probably Should realize she was still alive they Probably killed her and stuff his Concubines and stuff they probably

Buried them alive too you know They got to take them all with them You know but uh they But yeah and then in the great pyramid There’s there’s nothing found there’s no There’s no treasure or anything like That uh but they say that oh well it got Robbed at an earlier time But that means that they would have had To You know on their way back out they Would have had to go and take the giant Stones and put them back in place For you know because i mean These guys cut through this they cut Through it you know um And what’s interesting is um Uh Like My theory on the construction of the Great pyramid which i mean there’s just Countless evidence and evidence Supporting this that it was built on a Pre-existing mound of earth And what they did was they simply Encased this already pyramid-shaped Mountain they encased it with stones but Like a huge section of it actually Already existed just normally and uh You know things that support that idea Is that in the in egypt there’s a place Called the black desert and in the black Desert there are mountains everywhere That are in the shape of pyramids

And these pyramidal mountains are Covered in this black Stone like a some It’s not there’s like it’s like a black Basalt stone or whatever they’re the Mountains are just covered in it well The at the great pyramid the around the Perimeter of the pyramid is a flat Platform of black stone of that black Basil that you find on these mountains In the black desert uh that same stone Is around the base so what What i’m saying is that they would take The stone from the mountains and use That as a to make the base around the Great pyramid and then they would take Stones from the quarry and It’s making the actual pyramid itself Uh and so They basically just encased um a Pre-existing mountain that was already There And then that explains why Uh the quarry they have Which is one of their issues with the Great pyramid is that Uh they’re like where did they get all The stones because the quarry there Isn’t large enough to You know Have all the stones to supposedly to Make up the Great pyramid itself there’s the quarry Is just not big enough because of the

The quarry only could only make like Like maybe like 500 000 stones at most And you need like 2.3 million stones so They have no idea where the other stones Came from but if you already if you’re Building on a pre-existing mound then That That explains Why you have so a few stones it explains Why the quarry could be so small and yet You could still have this giant pyramid Because most of it was already done they Just encased a mountain it’s already That already existed there And then that would explain how you Could make the the grand gallery the the Corridor And then uh Um You know you are you cut it into a Pre-existing amount and you just cut Straight into it yeah Yeah and then uh then you can go and put Your sarcophagus and whatever and stuff And then you just build around it Is there evidence of if that it is Possibly a mountain that’s being cut Into I mean there’s a ton of evidence for it In fact you don’t hear that Yeah it’s it’s not it’s not a theory That like anyone has put forward that i Know of besides me But when looking for the evidence i mean

It’s it’s it’s all there like uh Um i got a video of someone going into The great pyramid like to get into alma Moon’s Entrance which is the same entrance they Used today to take visitors to go inside Of it they used his Um his entrance Uh there’s a video of them going from Outside of it all the way into the tomb So you can watch the entire procession From outside all the way inside of it And as you look at the walls you can see That there are no square blocks of Limestone just being stacked around okay They it’s legs is straight up earth And it’s just all around it’s all just Chunky pieces of earth there is no just Blocks Anywhere where they when they cut and They went through the the great pyramid So it’s like but where is all this where Are are all the limestone blocks dude It’s like if you’re just going in a Straight earth like just straight rock Uh and factors of speech i put up there Where um eric von danigan is uh talking About going into the great pyramid and How it looks like you’re just going into A giant rock It doesn’t look like there’s just blocks Of stone supposedly all around you but That’s what they say that it’s all good It’s all just built with pure stone you

Know but when you go inside of it you Can clearly see that it’s not made of of Like you know cut limestone but just Pieces of earth And they just tunneled through the earth Like I think this is your number one video in Your channel it’s got 600 over 600 000 views Um and this is The uh granite um Being cooked by laser Am i right there kyle oh yeah oh well In that video i was showing how they Could um Not laser but sun Yeah they were using the um a lens uh a Friends nail lens to Melt through stone and uh Like actually they were they could Combine metal and and stone together Because they could get temperatures so Hot which is this lens like it’s it’s Crazy how high temperatures they could Reach just using a lens like that So We’ll play a little bit of this if you Don’t mind mate is there a certain bit Is it a certain bit in there that’s the Best bit to go to If you want to see the the lens uh light Stuff on fire that’s pretty cool I’m just it’s more than ma you Explaining it like the uh

Like right there yeah that’s where They’re melting it Oh look at that it turns into a little Puddle of lava Okay we’ll we’ll put it this far in Because people can go check this out for Themselves there’s weight on it and it’s Just running the frequency just shaking Hit And uh that’s the beginning that’s with The water it watch what happens this is Really neat Is this coaching with walls when i first Watch look so he’s showing you um where He was holding the two rocks what did You say Now watch and it was a corner it was a Corner piece It fits right over it what’s that remind You of Sex hey who am i yes Right all right so now we’re going to Check out the freneal lens and what this Is is really just a Magnifying glass in a sense that you can Start a fire with it’s a lens that gets Super super hot or way hotter than a Magnifying glass would the the way the As soon as you put a piece of wood in There it burst into the flame allows it To do this so Here we take a look at this video right Here he holds the wood under it for two Seconds and it bursts into flames

I mean this is nuts Now he starts this is what i really like Is that they can melt rock with it Now there’s been a ton of things where People are like oh man it looks like They like melted them together well Perhaps they could And There’s different evidence we’re going To see later now look at this this is What’s really neat He’s melting he has got a nail on there And the nail melts together with the Stone and fuses together with it this is How hot this gets Now they say that okay if they’re going To use fire um to Break to soften the granite and break I mean that makes sense but If you have a lot of Wood to make fire with which the Egyptians didn’t but they had a ton of Sun So it seems logical i mean look they you Make lava with this [ __ ] no joke look How it’s fused together like that Is that crazy or what Look at this You make a little pool of lava With the sun with the power of the sun Uh the question would be no there’s Reasons why i think that this is Possible How you’d how you do that inside a

Building you know it’s it’s okay with The lens Like like focusing in a small small area But to use that as some sort of Technology to to cut into the Interpreter well into a mountain to Correct to create the pyramids i don’t i Just don’t i’m not Not using that i’m not saying that They’re using a lens to cut into the Mountain no no i’m not saying that at All no Just some some sort of Advanced technology that we have we we Don’t know about Yeah i’m saying that uh that that it’s Possible that The egyptians used tools and stuff that Were that existed around their days to Do stuff because there’s stuff that we See evidence for that we’re like well it Doesn’t make sense with the tools that They have and um like you’ll see like Melted stone and stuff like that which They’re like how how could they do Something like that and i’m saying well You know i know for a fact that they’ve Discovered lenses uh in in Ancient sumeria babylonia and egypt that Were 5 000 years old and stuff so uh You know you can just extrapolate from That that they could have very well Built a perennial lens or something and We’re able to melt stone and uh it

Explains the stuff where they have Melted stone and things like that where Other people are like oh it has to be Like an alien device or something i’m Like no it doesn’t it could be something Like it could be something like that we Just you know you have to look at it From a different point of view You know that this is so there’s stuff Like that that is possible it can’t it Doesn’t have to It doesn’t have to be some alien super Saw that’s cutting through it it could You know be something like this that was You know easily created Do do you not subscribe to any of the Ancient alien theories then kyle No i do i i i am an ancient alien Theorist however i don’t believe like Most of stuff you see like on the Ancient alien like tv show Um i don’t really agree with but the Theory Really comes down to that I believe like That ancient man probably encountered Ufos and and maybe extraterrestrials and Worship them as gods As opposed to and and so like a lot of Stuff you’ll see from ancient times Might be a a monument to them but not Constructed by them you get it Like not like you need aliens to do it But um they were doing it to um impress

Their their gods or whatever Like making the the nazca lines they’re Doing i was just about to pass that Let’s see yeah See because because those those lines uh If you look at them on the ground they Look like nothing At all And it’s only to you get right up in the Air you can actually make out what it Actually is And there’s There is a There’s a mountain that is complete it Looks almost like a a runway Yeah the plateau yeah Do you guys have any theories on that Quietly I think always i always don’t find it Find it weird talk about it being a Runway because Well that’s that’s what they say of the Ancient aliens yeah It’s a wrong way it’s a runway i mean If i don’t think aliens need a runway Yeah that that’s what i thought i think Is weird about that Um See the pictographs and stuff like that I i get the fact that you say we can’t See what they are until you up high but I’m not It’s not like this this sort of super Advanced pictures

So i can i could totally understand That that is that’s something that’s Been done as a Like a rite of passage that people have To walk around You know i don’t i don’t well i’ve never Really got the fact that this Has to be something that happens from The sky You know to To make sense of those Well i mean like i think you know Knowing that you know if your gods are In the sky and then you make a picture On the ground that that’s where the gods Would see it from and so and that that’s What i think the lines are meant for you Know for their gods that happen to be in The sky You know as opposed to you know on the Ground On the ground you can’t you can’t make Out the the lines you have no idea what They are like it’s hard to even see Where they are It’s only from the sky that you can tell That it’s a giant you know hummingbird Or whatever it is so it’s like it’s Meant for somebody to see it from the Sky you know and the the gods to see it From the sky not not meant for for man Uh So that’s that’s that’s where like my Ancient alien

Ancient alien theory got kind of stops Like right there um i don’t i don’t Subscribe to them saying that oh aliens Came and constructed the pyramids or Made the nazca lines or anything like That that all that stuff was done by man But it was done in honor of of our you Know of our gods and which makes sense To me because uh You know having a ufo experience You know as especially back then It would be like a real religious Experience for you You know i mean because it’s just it’s a Crazy experience even today so back then I mean it would have been just Mind-blowing yeah you know it would have Been it’s something that you know felt Like it’s above and beyond you It That’s somewhere that i would love to See in person Especially from above Um But the I know i know they spoke about these Little um i don’t know i don’t know if You’ve you boys have seen them i’m Pretty sure you will definitely see them Carol i think you might have seen lee The little gold like aeroplane insect Things Were they not found quite close by The

In peru were they Are right by saying that no they’re Actually they’re found in like um Central mexico Right so it’s quite fair right okay Yeah You know so it wasn’t even it wasn’t Even like south america was like central Um mexico as opposed to south america Where the the see that that’s that’s History channel feed because that’s the Editing of the history channel from me Watching that and being educated from That and and seeing these little tiny Aeroplane things straight after watching A mountain cut off In From the nazca lines and i’m thinking Yeah that’s really cool that’s what Landed there Yeah see how they put that they put Those two or two together and make you Think like oh yeah like those are like Like these golden little planes that Were like landing there and At the nazca lines like for the airport You know Um i think Apparently they got one to fly whether That’s accurate or not yeah they did But is it was the design accurate i mean They said they they’d literally Totally copied everything about that Yep they they all they did was scale it

Up And and then put a motor on it so they Scanned it in My motor on it and it flew Yeah It flew great from a tiny little golden Earring Yep And if we flew just like a i mean it was Perfect it was totally aerodynamic And what’s interesting is like um the The plane itself had a vertical Stabilizer on it And there’s nothing in nature that has That there is no animal there’s no birds Don’t have vertical stabilizers they Don’t need it because of their wings Because they’re they’re how their frame Is designed they don’t need a vertical Stabilizer they stabilize themselves in With their wings independently uh since We can’t make a machine that does that We use a A tail a vertical stabilizer itself to Stabilize us um but in nature that Doesn’t exist Yet with that it it did exist until it Did They put it in there hey what up q Yeah q saying they did change the Material though kyle it wasn’t made of Gold Yeah i know that cube Obviously

And Very few planes today are made from Solid gold I heard epstein had one Yeah Um That’s my favorite episode of ancient Aliens then i think that’s it When they made that actual plane didn’t They do the bird as well as a glider Oh yeah you’re talking about the sakara Bird Yes right And that flew as well And um uh And the sakara bird itself is also is Very interesting because it has a tail That’s is set vertically Yeah um Yeah to make like a vertical stabilizer For the or for the tail Uh which birds don’t have all their Tails are flat and this tail is like This as opposed to all birds or tails Are flat like that I mean that’s another thing that’s like There’s no no burden in nature it has a Tail that goes straight up and down So what would they even do to the show Welcome to the show just to put a good Comment up there if you look at the Bottom one But you just just pointed out that fish Fish have vertical stabilizers

It’s so so like a flying fish No no just like just just fishing But i’ve just thought you know the the Flying bird with the vertical tail But i could just maybe think then if if Back then Essentially you’re talking about an Ancient culture working out fluid Dynamics aren’t you but if the Back then if someone saw a fish going Through water i thought well hang on a Second we could Essentially we could make gliders like That you know it could have just been It could have come from that [ __ ] lee Well he he got things like that not all Fish are like that okay because um Like dolphins or whales their their Tails are are flat No no but kyle at least saying that Are you saying that you think that maybe They were experimenting Yeah There’s nobody looking at fish and Looking at birds and thinking how do we Get something to fly yeah There’s no there’s no room I don’t think you would think oh how are You going to get something to fly from Studying a fish under water As opposed to studying something in the Air I mean if you if you thought it If you worked out well hang on it’s

Balancing you know it’s it’s just using It for balance i like it i don’t yeah Yeah if you talk about if you talk about Culture that worked out how to Weld massively let’s You boys talk i’m gonna i’m gonna bring These things up on the screen No i’d never thought about it that’s That’s all welcome to the show that it’s It had never never yeah welcome to the Show lee well done mate um But just just quickly just a slightly Off topic i know last time i was on the Show uh last week you would talk about Your ufo experience what was that Oh which one Oh well Whatever you because you you just Mentioned when i saw where when i had my Ufo ufo experience last week i was just Wondering what it was Oh um uh so though i mean there was um Yeah i had several different ufo Encounters i’m sorry sorry you said you Were close to that you were really close To one yeah so that one was a that was a Black sphere uh ufo um Encounter that i had uh And what happened with that was i was Actually out on my roof on a ufo hunting Platform that i built before before Hunting ufos on top of my roof And uh Uh

While i was up there A black sphere Maybe four feet in diameter Came out of nothing it came it was like It was invisible and it was like a ball Coming through a wall like it just Popped like right into my view it was Maybe like 20 feet away and then it Floated directly over top of me like so I’m sitting like you know indian style On this platform and then it floats like Right over top of it so if i stood up i Could have touched it Like this is how close it was and it was Just This solid metal machine this like Perfectly sphere Spherical It was like a gunmetal black like a dull Black It’s just sitting there spinning like i Like How this thing even flew i had no idea There was no propeller there was no Engines or anything it was just it was Just flying there like um It was insane dude like It had like it had these weird Like this really weird pencil like this Pencil thin line going around the center Of it and then from the bottom up to That center line were also these small Little lines that would go up to it kind Of like if you’re looking like a at a

Basketball from like or a pumpkin from Underneath Uh but it was all uniform in in Design like it was always like a perfect Sphere except for these little lines That went around it Uh And while i was up there like uh I had these lasers in my hand but i i Wasn’t really thinking and i squeezed my Laser and the laser hit the ufo right Above me and it’s the second it hit the Ufo Like all the thoughts in my head like Echoed like ah like they made like this Like this echoes and it really scared me Like it freaked me out i let go of the Laser and as soon as i stopped like that That stopped And then it just spun for a minute and Then floated Over the trees and started floating away And so i jumped off of my roof and Running back into that like through the Window and run and i tell my Um my swiss sister and her boyfriend you Know that there’s the probiotics back And And my brother-in-law at the time wants He wanted to see it and i’m like well we Could probably see it floating away if We run out there And so we run downstairs and we go to The front door we open up the front door

And It’s sitting in the driveway you just Spin it like it’s sitting there waiting For me to come out And it’s like maybe like four or five Feet off the ground just in our driveway Just sitting there spinning this black Sphere my brother-in-law was like oh [ __ ] like he flipped out And then i started to walk towards it And i thought like there was like this Like a force field like holding me back But it wasn’t it was actually my Brother-in-law was holding my shirt and It was like pulling me back like he was Afraid for me to walk up to it like he Was all freaked out And i noticed like When i started move towards it It started to move away but when i Stopped It stopped so it always stayed the same Distance from me And then i was like [ __ ] i started Running towards it and it just went out Into the street and then just started Floating up and away at like a 30 degree Angle just like like it was nothing and And people were out on the street Lighting off fireworks Completely oblivious To what was going on like they didn’t Even have a clue and uh it wasn’t until A little girl was yelling about dan

Being in his boxers where our neighbor Was like hey what’s what are you doing Outside in your boxers Uh dan was like like look dude and Our neighbor turned and his whole Family’s out there they look and they See it they’re like holy [ __ ] dude like All of a sudden they see this ufo just Floating you know right away like i mean Like you know ever so like my entire Family saw it the neighbors all saw it Like it was just crazy you know but i Mean it was a shock When we ran outside and it was sitting In the driveway because i we expected That i expected it to be up in here Because remember last time i saw it was Floating it flew over the trees like it Was flowing away but it must have went Over the trees and came back around and Came into my driveway and sat there and Waited for me to come back outside like That’s what it seemed like to me because It was sitting there In my driveway just like waiting for us To come back outside like that that was Probably the freakiest part To see it sit in that because we i Expected it to be in the sky like we Were going to see in the sky floating Away but it wasn’t it was sitting in my Driveway just [ __ ] waiting for me man How long was this yeah it was crazy What’s up how long ago was it

Uh this was uh july 3rd of 2011. Crazy you know how many times i’ve tried To catch kyle out on that story the Story’s not changed one iota and his Family back him up to be fair Um Yeah Every time i feel the same story like Because this is everything i’ve said That happened that’s exactly how it Happened like there’s I’ve never added anything to it i’ve Never taken anything away from it Exactly what i say happened is exactly What happened everything i sought to say I saw that’s what i saw and this here on Google earth is the thing on your roof Right by say on the google earth if you Look at your house That’s your that that is on your ufo Hunting Yeah you can actually yeah in my video You can see it you can see that you can Actually see this in the video you can See it on my roof like i go i show in my Video i go on google earth and i show You my my house at the time where i Lived and during that time in 2011 you Can see the hunting platform on my roof You can see the crop circle that i had Painted On my roof kind of like a nazca line Because it’s like no unless you were in The sky no one could see that design i

Mean you had to be in the sky to see it You know but I’ve seen it before and it’s quite a Famous one but one yeah I don’t know i i don’t believe in crop Circles i have no idea why i came across It when i first seen it it it like hit Me like that this that sign meant Something And like it was so strong that i wanted To get a tattoo of it give it Gives a look look For the audience there you go That’s cool Yeah it’s a it’s a real famous crop Circle but uh And i i wait it’s probably as covered as You in tattoos to be honest with you oh Just just A few in the arm Wow yeah you know i i It just meant something to me so i’m Like i had it and i and i to this day i Still don’t believe in crop circles but Something about that symbol is beyond The crop circle it’s you know it means More than what that crop circle you know So maybe whoever made it And this was uh that this was that ufo That um actually in that story where i’m Talking about my sphere yopo i actually Talked about this encounter as well when I saw this one it was a it wasn’t an orb Of light and it transformed and this

Light went out and it Formed a black flying delta but it Wasn’t flying like a like a plane it was Flying completely inverted Like that so it was like this knife like Coming across the sky dude like it was It looked like it should have just fell Right out of the sky you get it like it Was completely inverted it should you Know plane should fly like this you know So its wings should be flying like that But it was flying completely inverted And it was only like doing like maybe 15 Miles an hour just i mean it was just Creeping dude i had i had more than Enough time just to sit there and stare At it and really make out every detail And Uh one thing that really stuck out was Uh the lights themselves there were five Lights that were like evenly spaced Throughout the the craft and uh but each Light itself Seemed to be Little rainbows where it they They appeared to be white but you could See every other color inside of it like It would be like flashing just every Different color but the primary color Would be like a white light but you Could see like it would be like uh how a Prism will turn white light and then Separate it into All the different colors

If that’s what it seemed like so it Seemed like maybe they were prisms uh Up there where you’d see me mostly white Light but then you would see the prism Of all the other colors of light coming From it If you get what i mean like it’s hard to Explain but it’s you know that’s that’s What it looked like you know Well there we go boys that And kyle yeah i mean you can You can go You’ve got you tell your whole story and Your channel about all your different Ufo encounters i’ve had you on a few Times and we we spoke about And i find it fascinating i really do i I i would love to have that up close i Think even lee’s had a better ufo Sighting than i’ve had uh i’ve just seen Stuff in the corner of my eye see seen Stuff that i filmed last minute I’ve never had anything That I could say Holy [ __ ] that’s an alien or that’s what Is that that’s something Crazy some sort of crazy tech that’s not From around here i’ve never had that my Father As everybody knows on this channel Yeah this is why i’m into ufos in the First place When he was in the merchant navy a ufo

Went straight over the ship Uh at a speed that they couldn’t Comprehend big bright light this is in Broad daylight And uh They called it in My dad got me into this subject but I would love to have that That personal experience i think The people i speak on this channel the People and Guys here’s my email if you’ve got an Experience just I want you on the show i want to hear What your experience is This is what i do and i I would love to have that experience With so many people that i’ve spoke to About their experiences That they’re so excited and they’re so Personal And so Um emotional about their own their Experiences You know You gotta go out and you gotta go out And look you know that’s so that’s the Biggest thing you know in fact like when I had my encounter with the black sphere I was out there with all my ufo hunting Equipment like i was prepared to go ufo Hunting Uh with my night vision my binoculars And

You know my you know spotting scope and Lasers and all that stuff So uh it’s not like it just you know Just happened out of nowhere like that When i was prepared to go out and look For him um You know because that that encounter Happened on july 3rd and i had my very First sighting on december 27th 2010 so You know there was only you know six Months of Of since my very first ufo sighting to Get to where i had that encounter with The sphere But Really me and lee gonna come back to That because i’ve got some questions About that I I personally think it’s it’s personal Experience because i think what i see I think i’m seeing somebody else’s Experience You know if i see a ufo I’ve probably seen somebody else’s Experience because i i i honestly think People are i think the people are picked But i’m going to come back to that I’m going to come back to that because i Because because yeah these these are the These are what they show on the uh the Ancient aliens and I’m not going to say it’s ancient aliens Discovery because it’s really not but i

I do find these little things Fascinating that they they’ve got that That the back end that bird doesn’t have That’s an airplane Now if you look at them On the very top row the third one over You see that one That’s the one that they turned into a Plane yeah that was correct Yeah that’s it there That’s when they made it a plane You know so And it’s in it’s it seemed to fly just Just fine now the thing is is that this They say that these are supposed to Represent um Fish Uh which uh makes sense you know that it That it could because fish do have you Know their tails do go straight up and Down Um so that makes you know that makes Sense i mean it does if you look at the Uh some of the other ones it looks like They do have eyes on top of the head um So You know it could very well represent Fish but At the same time i mean it’s a really Weird representation of them to have Wings coming out to the side very few Fish have that Uh So you know

Um and This like i mean What’s that about on the back end of the The tail you see this you see the wings How they’ve got that swirl Yeah I was my my good friend uh he is an Engineer that that Works in the raf and he Uh fixes aeroplanes and He was telling me I’m gonna butcher this but that Little symbol that cut out in the wing Is actually Kind of how air works going over the Vertices that yeah unfortunately Spoiling off the Thing yeah i can see why Yeah i’ve seen that too and it doesn’t It seems to represent it and if you look At the the one that that fly the one That they actually flew it actually has Little Swirls and stuff around the wings uh the Same as that one where it looks like you Know it could have had little air Currents or little air vortices going Around The eggs got all those little symbols There you go yeah see so that looks like It could be air representing you know Going around the wing itself 100 Yeah yeah The only issue with that is is if they

Were if If it was traveling forward those Vortices will be on the back end of the Correct So that’s that’s the only issue with That Then if you look at the the back end of The wing And the tail That looks like fish bones In skate in uh Yeah yeah like a fin in the fittings The word what What’s top left up there is that what You’re saying they made the planes when They made them fly is that the Top yeah yeah this one here that we’re Looking at in big Yeah that is that is these i believe yep That’s um that’s the ones that fly and That’s that’s the representation of them Yeah exactly And they really flew There’s a sakara bird And look at this notice this the wings On the sakara bird are on top of the Bird’s body Yeah you know i mean like it’s just it’s Just so [ __ ] crazy man It’s got a vertical stabilizer for it i Mean that’s just nuts I mean that i that though just looks Like somebody’s whittled a bird i would Though doesn’t it and that’s exactly

What it is yeah someone did just Whittled a little bird out of it Yeah i mean i don’t i don’t think that There has to be anything There there doesn’t have to be anything Otherworldly about that apart from Somebody like a bird toy Apart from the tail Yeah but that’s another weird thing it’s Like the widow the bird except the bird That the tail isn’t copying a bird Because it’s the opposite way about how A bird is shaped so It’s interesting that whoever carved it They may have had an idea of how Aerodynamics works And carve that into the toy without Really realizing it You know i don’t think we’ll ever know In our honesty Well that’s that’s what i think’s dead Interesting when it comes to the idea of Ancient civilizations Is What point because at some point i think Big chunks of human history being Kept secret from us for some reason for As far as what we what we look at now is Our There’s recorded history and What we look back on as far as These ancient civilizations and the big Bits of history that we’re we sort of Skip over because it’s inconvenient

Archaeology Why do you think it’s being kept from us I don’t think it’s being kept from us at All You know yeah because i mean that’s it That you’re having this you know by Doing that you’re saying like oh there’s A conspiracy that they’re all getting Together let’s keep this [ __ ] quiet like I don’t believe that for a second no What i do believe is that they refuse to Accept evidence That contradicts their theories and Timelines but i don’t think that they’re Going out of their way to try to um you Know suppress History and stuff like that i think it’s Just easier for them to Deny a one-off instead of accepting it And Changing their Their timeline because all this other Evidence suggests that this is what Happened and then you have a new piece Of evidence and they’re like that Suggests something different and they’re Like well instead of changing our entire Theory we’ll just ignore that one piece Of evidence however that’s that’s a bad Way of going about it because yeah you Should change your theory should match The evidence not the other way around You know you know It’s like you you take your evidence and

Your theory should match that you don’t Want to try to match your theory you Don’t want to try to match the evidence To go with your theory yeah you know so You want your theory to match the Evidence And i can see why people will do it you Know it’s people have made a lot of Money and they’ve got got themselves in High positions and if all of a sudden You you take that area of the field and Go well actually this is all wrong It’s predated by 40 000 years Those people Their discoveries mean [ __ ] all of a Sudden but so exactly yeah You know don’t you find though that Because of the the How high we we we hold ourselves now Uh mainly the the the archaeologists and The scientists that look into this type Of thing That Thousands and thousands and thousands of Years of them telling The earth what certain things were ie Gods Is all starting to be Disproven As just you know these are what these People believed and this is why they Believed it What if we’re wrong And the thousands and thousands and

Thousands of years of people telling us Stuff They’re right because we’ve been doing It for such a short time But we’re very cocky No i i have to agree with that i mean i Would say That it makes more sense to go ahead and Believe what what we ourselves were Saying thousands of years ago As opposed to um Uh You know what archaeologists are saying Today When they okay like take for example Let’s take on let’s take saks ahu oman Um in peru all right so today our Archaeologists say that sexy who oman Was built by the the inca and stuff However when you ask the inca themselves They say no we didn’t build it we found It like this And they’re like no you didn’t you built It and they’re like no Dude we found this you know and so and Archaeologists say one thing and the People say something different so who do You believe well the archaeologists came To their country You know and started destroying The inca they just always lived there so They’re like you know who are you to Tell us Our history you know but that’s what

We’re doing In cases those people are even saying in Fact not only did we not build these Things the people that came before us Didn’t build them Before them yeah right you know like They in fact they say they they say that The um that these sites were built by The the un pancha which um stands for The first people of the earth Uh that’s just the name that they give Them you know to to represent the First people on the earth who built These sites like otali tombow and and Sexy who oman and places like that in Peru uh but our archaeologists come and Say no you guys built this and they’re Like no we didn’t build it was already There and You know and it’s funny because it Like they say oh sexy human was a Fortress Um Um Because it kind of looks like that it’s Got the giant wall By the way thank you mr db cooper uh Maybe the if Yeah Does it mean the earth The earth the earth the earth Maybe the earth has that has the best Weed in the universe That’s why

I like that theory you know i’m gonna Have to ascribe to uh d.b cooper’s Theory on you know it’s the earth has The best weed in the universe hence why We get all the visitations from all over You know that’s why we have such crazy Strains of weed and [ __ ] Sorry cow what are you saying I have no idea Do you say i smell too much weed Um And all these places they said like the Sexy human was a fortress um you know Built for war whatever because it has These giant walls made of stone or Whatever but The fact is is that the the walls aren’t A fortress style like uh your the ground Is actually even with the top of the Wall so the walls wouldn’t protect you From anything They are acting like all the walls were Like a fortress that was built to Protect you but the ground goes all the Way up to the top of them so you’re Completely exposed to the uh to any Attack by any any army You know like the the walls of sexual One wouldn’t protect you from anybody So it doesn’t make sense that it was a Fortress of any kind because it leaves You completely exposed so it you know The saints of fortress was is ridiculous It just looks it looks like it could

Have been a fortress just because of the Way it has these giant stone walls but Knowing that the ground behind the walls Goes all the way up to the top of the Wall you realize you’re completely Exposed The walls aren’t there meant to protect You from anything They’re they’re there for something else Unless you have something flying over it That said you come any closer I’ll [ __ ] you up You know You get lazy It’s like it’s just it just you know it Just the construction of the walls alone Are So impossible It doesn’t make sense what what any of That what they were doing for any of That like what was the reason for Constructing a wall in that manner uh i Mean obviously it does Like that the fact that it still exists Today Is probably the the biggest you know Piece of evidence right there is like They pro they built it for its You know for its um Structural integrity like how strong This that structure is when you have That that polygonal construction that it Survives earthquakes much better than Our construction which is just straight

You know The brick of a brick like that they have That polygonal design uh seems to be far Stronger And Could last obviously a lot longer than Most Just you know stair-stepped construction Lee i get the feeling you you you used To subscribe to the fact that we was Probably Um Once upon a time visited by People from from the stars that maybe Helped mold this planet I get the feeling from the the Conversations that i have had with you That you think it’s a civilization That did advance on this actual earth Yeah i i see I see no reason why We we aren’t through Many different cycles of humanity And You know it’s we we There’s cataclysms cataclysms have come And gone Um and even what we see is ufos I i see no reason why that couldn’t be The remains Of a much older Earthbound Culture that still That still exists on this earth and

Still and still exists side by side with Us but in the same way as if um If i take my dog for a walk and he walks Past at anthill That the ants will see the dog but they Have no [ __ ] idea what the dog is Yeah This isn’t any idea what you are Yeah I keep going i mean No no just that that the Whenever we see ufos and whenever we Think about them as like coming from the Stars just because essentially because We see them flying in our sky in our Skies We think they have to be coming from Outside the planet Surely it’s it’s a more reasonable idea That we’re just not the most advanced Thing on the planet It’s been here all along Yeah it’s it’s All the evidence but that’s like when we Look at the world around us we see that We are the apex predators on this planet That we don’t we don’t see that there’s Anything else above us No we don’t see we we see that we are The most advanced thing that that’s Around us but if these things Have found found and found a way to Exist Outside of what what where we are

The i know it’s if you can get into Hollow earth stuff there you can get Into Uh whether there’s civilizations Underneath the sea You know i i think i think there’s There’s no reason why these things have To be Extraterrestrial i always use the word Ultra-terrestrial for them just things That have been around longer than us After and where kind of The poor step children of what’s Happened after these cataclysms Well i mean that’s that’s you know that Could very well be you know that it’s Like there’s nothing that says the ufos Have to be extraterrestrial Uh they could be ultra-terrestrial they Could be interdimensional or whatever They could just be from an ancient Civilization who knows you know but The point is is that the ufo does exist And then we should find out we should Put in their resources and ever to find Out where it comes from Absolutely well Well kyle you i mean and i know you’re Uh You love lazar You love you love the bob I love the bomb Yeah i flutter To loving the bob and like sometimes

Like But He did say That he And i i only heard that i didn’t hear This prior to the joe rogan show I heard it on the joe rogan show that That these things he believed would Would dug up from an ocular a lot an Archaeology They just [ __ ] say it yeah Archaeological discovery yeah All right that that’s true and you know What up until that point he had never he Had never speculated on it before um and So people had asked him time and time Again where he came from and he always Said i don’t know And it wasn’t until the joe rogan Podcast where he says he believes that They may have come from and this is just Something he inferred not like someone Told him directly but something that he Inferred through conversation that it Was an archaeological discovery You know um so it makes You know which There’s There’s evidence enough i think for for Me that i’ve seen to To validate that belief that it could Have been a archaeological discovery Of a ufo as opposed to like shooting it Down or something like that uh

Um It was you know with Other stuff in history and just evidence I’ve seen in history like um take like And i always use this as an example like The um The nuremberg incident in Nuremberg germany In like 1564 or whatever Where they had a bunch of um black Spheres flying through the sky Like the ones i had seen or the one i’d Seen um A giant black flying triangle Uh cigar-shaped ufos um You know there’s a bunch of bunch of Different ufos and they’re appearing to Have a battle and and some of these ufos Were like Turning into smoke like being vaporized Or whatever but it even shows them in This wood cut of the ufos crashing to The ground and it’s even described that As that such that the ufos came down and Crashed on the ground Um so let’s say that Um You take someone like a heimlich himmler Who was an occultist in the in the nazi Uh party um That you know say they came across that That that would cut from 500 years ago And realize that hey here in nuremberg Germany at one time there were ufos that

Were flying around that got that shot Each other down and they actually Crashed landed what if we went and did An archaeological dig over nuremberg and Look for these crashed Ufos and say they [ __ ] found one You know and then They get their asses kicked By america and we get to go in and take All that stuff You know and it’s like it’s we barely Have the the technology today to reverse Engineer it they definitely didn’t have It back then so it wouldn’t have been Just a Piece of you know something that they Couldn’t really do anything with and so We just go and we take it and then we Start our investigation reverse Engineering it and Uh So i can see why there would be ways for That to be for that to happen for it to Be an archaeological discovery not Necessarily that it happened like what I’m saying but that’s just a A theory to say why i believe it’s Possible because we have evidence of Ufos crashing from At least 500 years ago Uh and so if you went to that site where They crashed we know for a fact it Happened in nuremberg

Germany in that city so you just go to That city go to the outskirts of where These things would have crashed and Start an archaeological dig in that area And next thing you know boom you find One that crashed there 500 years ago you Know buried under the soil or whatever And i mean like uh You know i can see how Something like that could take place Uh i think the nazi thing is dead Interesting it always has been i mean Well the whole whole thing i mean you You talk uh uh about we said was that Heinrich himmler you brought up just Then yeah yeah he had the Um largest Private collection of occult Um Books of memorabilia ever collected by a Single person it was found in a secret Room In uh the ss headquarters i’m sure it Was sf Um You look at the That same building Has the black sun Logo uh carved into the floor in like a A ceremony room which looks like it was A Um essentially a sacrifice room where You could The the indent of the black sun would be

Would be filled with blood at some point But you they’re doing all this Whilst in the heat Of trying to win the largest war ever Wage raised in In recorded history who knows what Happened before recorded history Now Even if you if you look at the things About them dabbling in magic if you look At the fact that they took the man Resources and money and time to send People searching for the ark of the [ __ ] covenant And they have people in the in the into Bed Yeah people into bet you go going and Letting people out there so they really Put out the money and the resources to Go out and do these archaeological digs And [ __ ] Yeah and if you’re looking at the If you’re looking at the fact that You’re in involved in a war that is the If you lose it your regime’s gone Your country as you know it changes Because your whole regime is going to be Crushed and rightfully so stamped out Why would you put the money time Resources effort Into something if you weren’t seeing Returns on it And that goes for everything from magic To [ __ ] the

Looking for these Crazy sacred artifacts Ttsa Yeah [Laughter] Maybe that would say it maybe yeah Maybe great great great great great Grandpappy delong Conned hitler That’s funny Yeah that they’re very very well i mean It makes sense that you know you’re not Going to invest money into something Where you’re not going to see a return From whether it’s a return of more money Or is a return of um better equipment or Something to help you when the stakes Are so high when the stakes are so high As well Right But that’s the thing that’s probably why They lost the war Because it’s like look how high the Stakes were and this is you’re sending People around looking for magic Like yeah it’s probably not the best Thing to do Well unless it works You know it’s like probably Clearly it did You know Clearly clearly it didn’t at that point But that’s that’s what i mean if they’re If they’re practicing magic i mean maybe

I i’m I’m Well More than ready to believe the uh That there are Mystic practices that will have have Been lost In time Oh yeah i know i agree with that too Yeah no but to think that something like That was going to help you win the war I think they they should have invested Their money differently Um You know Crowley alistair crowley Yeah Is he just lately just inspired me there I don’t know sometimes sometimes when i Look at the way the way the world’s Being run The uh you wonder whether they did lose Or they just found a new way to win No they lost No no they lost the war but when you I mean when you when you look at what How nazi scientists were used you know Then You know it’s Nasa being fat help founded by nazi Occultists and stuff like that You know the The the regime lost the war but those Mines were still very much

Very much Like the lead scientist for uh you know He the guy who created the v2 rocket Which is the same rocket basically that We used to get to Um he helped create the saturn v and Everything uh to get to the moon um he Was Not a nazi now he worked for the nazi Party you gotta understand but he was Absolutely not He was you know he absolutely nazi No he was you know he was a scientist And he worked for the nazi party No everything about him everything about Him was he was he was very much on that Team and very much agreed with what was Going on He was he wasn’t there with a gun Pointed to his head No he was going to be he was there Building rock like he was already Building rockets before the nazis came Along he was already out doing Experiments building rockets and stuff And they and they hired him to come and Build rockets for them for his party Remember the nazi party was just was one Of other you know parties that existed At the time you know he was you know he Wasn’t like this is just a full-on nazi Once they took i believe he was I believe he was sympathetic to the Cause

I You know he may have been i have no i Have no idea but i’d be like you’ve Never seen him um Uh If any like if he was like a hardcore Nazi then that he probably would have Been in the you know in the nuremberg Trials and [ __ ] you know just know he Was still he was a little bit naughty Yeah he was too useful for the nuremberg Trials the only the only people that got There were the ones that nobody had used For You know well i mean you know they You know they should have if he was a Real hardcore part of it i mean they Would have i think they would have you Know Charged them with war crimes and stuff But i make he was a scientist yeah i Think i think he was happy to come over And continue very useful in america very Useful You know And they brought him over And You know and he had no problem you know Like he was happy to come over and and Continue his work and and do his stuff Into you know like you know he wasn’t All going off about you know oh i hate The news and [ __ ] like that and i think He thought he was he definitely was

When did so when did when did he say Stuff like that but he was he was Involved he was he was involved even Early on with like with human testing And stuff like that Even backing back well with even back With involved like the doctor mangala Stuff you know he was He’s what would be doing Where where are you getting this like You know like because i’m like there’s No i’ve never seen any evidence of you Know he was a rocket scientist right now You’re saying he was a medical doctor as Well no no no no i mean the the thing is Even even if you take that part out and I know i can’t remember to be perfectly Honest but i know i remember um i’ve Been to germany a few times And uh the Even if you say oh he’s a rocket Scientist he’s building rockets that are Essentially being designed to kill [ __ ] vast vast amount amounts of People Well the b2s have never actually killed They killed no no no no That was the idea the only reason they Didn’t is because they didn’t get the Chance to The whole idea the whole idea of them Was to be like ballistic missiles Yeah Yeah

When he started building rockets Actually he wanted to build rockets to Go to outer space his whole point was to Try to get him to go as high and as far As he they could and they were turned Into weapons you know that they realized That the the rockets could be used as Weapons you know but his whole point was To try to get to outer space You know just like other rocket Scientists and other you know like Engineers and stuff was to get higher And further into space uh it wasn’t for You know they they ended up putting Warheads on top of the rockets but the Rockets themselves were made to go to Outer space that’s what he wanted to Accomplish was to get get to outer space As opposed to Oh let’s build rockets to to kill people With you know he was like But when you think about the age he was You know when you think about the age he Was there there wasn’t a whole lot of Time Before him like before before wartime Him How old was he when he joined nasa Well he was in his 40s When he was older than that I thought i thought he was in his 40s When nasa was formed maybe maybe for Maybe late 40s

So he’d have been he’d been in his prime During the Second world war Yeah Like his age i i i have no idea what his Age was i think i never paid attention To that No i don’t i i know what you’re getting At lee though like what what’s he gone Through what You have a ramp up towards something Like that That that’s all that’s all i’m saying is The guy you know it’s the The the idea that he was an un Like Unconscious bystander to the whole thing It doesn’t really wash with me Yeah i get what you’re saying then i get One count kyle garcia a little bit of Nazi just a little bit not seeing him You’re seeing probably a lot of nazi in In the guy And then i look it and think well Whether he had a lot or a little The americans approach approached him With a get out You can get out of being a nazi and work For us [ __ ] So He may have still been a [ __ ] big Massive nazi But let’s what was the guy oh the Propaganda guy that came over from blood

Project paper clip He was a guy ahead of propaganda for the Nazi party and he i mean he was excused Like that you know the People get excused people get excused if The smart ones If there’s a benefit to a country people [ __ ] get excused let’s make no [ __ ] uh What’s the word i’m looking for i don’t Know listen just lazy People get excused they do people get Excused this is if they if they’re a Benefit to the country they will get Excused they could have raped your Grandmother i’m gonna get [ __ ] for That well that’s the thing you know they They excuse him but to an extent you Know if you’re even if you’re uh really Smart no you’re a [ __ ] if you’re Afraid of war criminal and committing Atrocities they don’t excuse it you know I would disagree i would disagree if you Are a benefit To An entire [ __ ] country You could have done The worst things Known to man but if you can progress That country You can be excused Yeah Yeah to an extent but i mean like when

You have someone committing like you Know straight up but like atrocities and Disgusting medical experiments and stuff You could have been a genius in the Medical sciences but you know Like Having the pump but you will you know You will you will advance that country Uh you can be excused I would say i would say at that point Well that’s that’s true if you could Advance another country i could see them Trying you know Mostly overlooking Mostly trying to overlook your your Atrocities uh up to a certain point you Know um but uh obviously if you’re doing Something Completely disgusting like mutilating Children i don’t think they’re going to Accept you Do i agree with with lee with a big nazi Are you with a little nazi on or maybe He had no nazi i don’t i have no idea All i’m saying Lucky bro Put it out in the chat here he was that He was actually an ss officer as well Yeah he would have had to have been to Be a part of it Well no no i mean he didn’t he didn’t Wouldn’t have had to be an ss officer Yeah you know that’s the whole point Like the ss would have taken over and

They they it was their program that was Running it so it makes sense that he was Yeah i mean They were also running some pretty dark [ __ ] if you you know I’m not sure i i don’t I i can’t i can’t subscribe to the you Can take the You can take the nazi out of germany but You can’t take the nazi out the nazi There were a lot of people who were Forced into it who didn’t want to be a Part of it and but is This a way to save their life was to to Join You know not that they accepted it or Wanted it to be any part of it but they Couldn’t get out and so it’s either join Or or you know suffer the consequences So sometimes it was just easier for People to kind of suffer with it i think I don’t think everybody had that same Kind of hatred view of every jew and You know I used to agree with you i i used to i And i up until two years ago and Obviously we’ve got to be careful about What we say about stuff like this on Youtube up until i saw over the last two Years People Who would have been quite happy To lock people up in their homes because They wouldn’t have

A medical procedure You know if we if we think about what’s Happened over the last two years people That would that people that went to work With people people that would have gone People that would go into bars with People Won’t speak to those people anymore Because they won’t do a certain thing So i’m I’m i’m afraid i don’t quite believe in The If so many normal people or what you Consider normal people will turn on People so quickly for that in the fog of War Um I i don’t believe there was as many People that That were Coerced into doing things i think the i Think there’s an awful lot of people That just get Dragged up into this group think sort of Mentality where it’s It’s not just easier to go Go along with the herd it’s actually Enjoyable to go along with the herd Because you’re part of that [ __ ] team Are you comparing the the corona virus To [ __ ] To nazism I think Without getting without getting the

Challenge into trouble but I get i get what lee’s saying there i Think He’s you’re comparing What’s certain the greek thing is what Group think is one Certain groups said certain people Should have done and certain people Shouldn’t have done that and people Disagreed But Yeah i wouldn’t compare your you know Someone want to take a vaccine as Opposed to flicking Genocide i think you’re done too No no no no no no no no no that’s not Working for comparing that’s not what I’m comparing okay all right yeah No what i’m comparing is i’m going to Say that word either kyle no i’m i’m Comparing compliance Is what i’m comparing I’m comparing people’s compliance with Something that necessarily they wouldn’t Agree with If they took a step back But in amongst the crowd they all of a Sudden agree with it But when you’re comparing two are you When you’re saying the nazis yeah i’m Just i’m just getting it yeah yeah i’m Comparing that If you have a group think mentality for A and b

It’s the same thing and people can be Made to do terrible things When they’re in a crowd Yeah but that’s that the the You know uh you having um uh uh Um Getting you know that getting again Yeah you get you’re getting caught up With the two With with the two instances here The Regardless of what the individual item Is Doesn’t make a difference it could Make a difference it it could be um When a group of people people are more Get into a fight It goes too far and then the next thing Is you’ve got 18 people stolen one Person to death because they’ve they’ve Joined in that scales That scales up That’s what i’m saying is it if if you Have a group of people doing something It’s very easy to get dragged along with That so i don’t i don’t believe that In that there was that many people that Didn’t agree With what was going on i i or or people Even you can even look at this in the Same way as we look at wars it’s so easy To turn up to to turn your It’s so easy for people to turn their Emotions off

When it’s not directly affecting them And when they think it’s okay if i just Go along with this i’ll be fine Because i’m going to be on the winning Team Yeah Yeah You know that i mean yeah that that you Know that’s uh um that makes sense but That’s like literally like exactly what I’m saying that you know like um You’re kind of forced into that Situation That you it’s like you don’t really have A you don’t really have a choice because This party has completely taken over so It’s either you know Agree with it or suffer the consequences Yeah i would like to know I i i wouldn’t i would like to know how How it was introduced and how it felt Back then For Uh von braun to be introduced to the to The americans and you know this guy yeah He used to work With hitler he said he used to work for The nazis with them Uh Now he’s gonna build our rocket he’s Gonna this man will take us to the moon I would like to know what that Transition was like because i bet It was very

Gradual you know It was a well you know he was a Scientist and so and that’s when what What was important to him was was The science and like like you see today Is scientists they’re not it’s Political parties don’t really matter What matters is their subject what They’re what they’re studying you know And and Listen i know for a fact in in a certain Country where the certain couple of Countries where this was where there’s War going on right now That there will be pies of the country That’s doing The the bad [ __ ] that don’t want Anything to do with it And He could have been one of those people He probably maybe he didn’t want Anything to do with it yeah i have no Idea whatsoever it just you know that Was like the nazis came to verna von Braun who was already doing rocket Science and they were like hey come and Do rocket science for us and he they Hired him it’s not like he was a nazi And then they were like okay now you’re A nazi why don’t you help us win the war Somehow he’s like i got an idea i’ll go Build rockets and we can use those to Kill people that’s not what happens What lee’s saying is i think what he’s

Saying there is that’s what that’s what We’re told you know That’s Well But his history you can go and look it Up and see that that’s what happened Like it’s it’s history it’s written It’s no his history is documented by Himself you know explaining that this is What he had already done because of Course he’s gonna say that I wasn’t a nazi i i was i wasn’t like a Real nazi i was just like a science nazi Yeah he was a scientist built stuff and Then came to america and everest was Great glory glory yankees Yeah he wasn’t science that’s what he’s Saying he’s like he was a scientist but That’s what it’s not unto him but that’s What you’d say after after project Paperclip someone said would you would You like quite write a quick synopsis of What happened like up until you came to America i said yeah yeah i pet a few Dogs i did some experiments did you do Any of the nazi stuff no no not the nazi Stuff not me Well then But the nazis they came to him and hired Him to to you know i mean this is all Documented stuff it’s not like this is Something we’re just making up the nazis Came to him and and asked But that’s for me it’s documented after

The fact it’s not like that’s just that That’s just used that’s you saying oh Well i just don’t believe what he’s Saying that’s all That’s fair You know so it really comes down to Whether or not you believe what the guy Is saying do you believe he is telling The truth or do you believe he was lying Votes you know but the fact is that this Is what they say both sides are saying In In history he was already working on Rockets before the nazis Before he ever worked with the nazis and The nazis came to him after they got Into power Once they got into power so it’s like if The nazis didn’t like always exist as This big party they gradually grew And were able to take over and but Before they were ever a big party he was Already working on Uh ryan but they didn’t they didn’t go From big party to war you know they they Were the nazis were in power for a while Before The war started not even not for long Even even now like i um i live in a Island called the man it’s really it’s Really weird when you look back at like Of photographs we have A crazy road race over here called the Armand tt

And um On our grandstand this is a motorbike Race On a grandstand that’s there you can Look back to uh And we fly we’ve flown swash stickers Like from because there was nazi There was riders Riding for germany When the nazi party was in power the um Did you have you heard of oswald mosley Oswald mosley was the leader of the nazi Party in the uk but he was massive in The uk in the uk never got into power Tried to get tried to get into power but You know it’s like the the the The nazi party itself was a Like just a legitimate Political party correct Right But for a chunk before we got went into The war I mean no it was a it was a small Political party before we went before it Went to war it was it was very simple it Was already You know it was it was already in power Yeah yeah correct exactly it got into Points it wasn’t a small pie It started off as a small party and Worked its way up until it became a big Party and then once it became big it did Then it went into war then they went to War exploded

You know Um boys and soccer i could debate all Night but we’d be We’ve gone for Almost two hours And I like you two together i like the i Like yeah i like it I like i like the debates i like the Debates yeah we do and i know what it’s What i want to talk about right now is Just to bring it back in line with what We was talking about with the ancient Civilizations That i want to bring it back to lazar And that craft yeah so kyle you Wha what do you make of Billy mayer Fraud total hoaxer 100 Okay was it was that Right by saying that craft that that Billy meyer um Put on the um the tree That he super glued that giant craft i Don’t know [ __ ] genius guy A little bastard I think not genius I think he’s a total hoaxer uh but a Beautiful genius but he’s crying looking Like uh no but you gotta remember like Bob lazar said that the craft looked Very similar

You know to the craft that he worked on But Not like it was the same crap but that It looked very similar It looks identical yeah you know that it Look well no the crowd is going to be Dancing no that’s what he’s saying that It looks it looks similar it wasn’t in Fact identical in fact you know you can Go and find the um billy myers videos And compare every one of his videos to Lazarus craft and you can see that There’s none of them that are identical They look similar but there’s none of Them that are actually identical to the Craft that He put out that balazar describes you Know but looks very i mean if they do Look strikingly similar they look have You ever certainly you’ve seen you You’ve seen ufos have you ever seen a Flying salsa Yes i have seen one That you can distinguishly say that is A flying saucer yes And and well No Because when i seen it it was actually Dark it was dark and it had a rim it had Lights around the rim of it you know and So i could see that it was a circle Uh that it it would have that it looked Like it would have been a A flying saucer but this was at night

When i’d seen this So i couldn’t 100 say that it was a Straight-up flying disc In broad daylight so i’m not gonna i’m Not gonna go there because it was it was In fact at night from my perspective This is what it looked like but i can’t Be 100 because it was dark out so there Could be other parts to this that maybe I wasn’t able to see so i don’t want to I don’t want to take that Far of a step you know i want to make Sure i You know say it exactly how i saw it So you know i couldn’t necessarily say That like i never seen a flying just Like the one you have on screen right Now i’ve never seen one like that Babe if you were an outsider looking in That’s never seen ufos and somebody Showed you a picture of billy myers ufo And then showed you the bobblez our Story It shows you the ufo What would she say That they look very similar You know but just similar Billy myers you got witchcraft because There are so many different billy myer Craft That that looks so completely different Some of them are covered with a bunch of Spheres and balls You know some of them look like um some

Of them we know for a fact or a trash Can lid with stuff on top of it so There’s a bunch of different designs of So you gotta say which billy meyer Design you know from what video or what You know you have to have like the Actual footage and say this was a billy Meyer one and then this is the babazar One and you see that there’s always a Little bit of difference We’ll go We’ll go with the uh The classic You know Classic maya Ooh so if we go with that one And that’s zooming on it And probably yeah Yeah So I’m right by say i oh no what what What’s happened to you There we go You see the look at the trash can lid One but it’s got all those spheres like The christmas balls like glued to it It won’t let me zoom in unfortunately But but you get Yeah They look similar but if you were to put Them side by side you would see that There are differences Yeah but this in the center is the Bubbles aircraft correct

Yes And it’s just an artist’s representation Of it as well isn’t it you know yes Correct But the It’s i mean that’s the Billy big boy looks that’s that’s pretty [ __ ] similar isn’t it They look they look close but they’re Not they’re not the same craft you know But if you look at the like look right Below the one in the middle you’ll see Like that golden one Like see like that one that that Actually looks different from from this Craft and they look similar but it is in Fact different you know but they do look Similar Again Billy meyer craft you know they’re They’re all in all different shapes like Show them the wedding cake one yeah but It looks similar as in like iphone 11 to iphone 12 yeah I can see how somebody let let’s just Say the um Let’s let’s say bob lazar was explaining Oh sorry let’s just say somebody saw That photograph and explained what that Looked like to somebody I can see That them explaining that turned out Looking like that artist’s Representation sure

Yeah yeah you know i mean i i see it Looks like um there’s a bunch of Different ufo sightings where they Describe the ufo that literally looks Just like this ufo You know and i could see you know Perhaps You know billy meyer maybe even having a Sighting of a ufo And then um and then going and creating Little models to kind of look like it You know But look see that looks that looks Different from how this craft looks Yeah he’s got an uh he’s got the antenna But they all they all share like similar Traits You know look at the gold one right Right right underneath the one you have On screen Look at that gold one like pop that one Up This one yeah Like look at that see that looks totally Different but you can see it’s still Similar You know but it’s they’re they’re Different you know Oh wait wait wait go did like go to the Other one dude hang on go back Uh Uh where was that wedding cake one i Wanted to see on crap Oh the wedding cake

Yeah oh wait go right there go on this The the no that’s yeah it’s right above The one you have in the middle it’s like Right above it off to the to the right It’s got a little spheres on it Now go up Oh oh yeah there we go yeah that right There look at that That’s like that’s literally a trash can Lid Oh yeah there’s no there’s no disputing That billy myers billy bill it was a Billy [ __ ] Is that maybe bob lazar Invented his story by Using bits of things he’d found and Maybe one of the bits he’s he’s seen was That picture that billy my fate You see i don’t want to believe that one One late one Bob’s one of my biggest fans you know He’s yeah good guy he’s bought a t-shirt And all that lincoln has description People even jeremy bought one i think Jeremy just did it just because bob did It but Um Yeah i love the bubbles our story who Doesn’t like the bubbles our story but I can’t help thinking that this this And i’ve said this for a long time that Ufos Seem to have changed almost like cars So the design the designs of the the era

Like a ufo if you look at ufo from the 60s it’s a little bit 60s looking if you Look at a ufo from the 80s it’s a bit 80s looking 90s a bit 90s looking and Now we’ve got Yeah it’s a base it’s a bit sleek But you still have like you have ufos That look exactly the same from back in The day till today like you’ll have Cigar-shaped ufos that still haven’t Changed yes yeah no then you’ll have Like many not seen many years of why or Or black spheres or You know or or flying saucers When was the last time you saw a flying Saucer i’ve never actually seen one Except that one when was the last time You saw a piece of footage that said That’s a [ __ ] fine saucer Oh man good [ __ ] just uh release of a Recent one just a couple days ago You know um Uh God you know like um Uh antonio yertsi probably has some of The best You know flying saucer yeah and if they Like Salsa Yeah Yeah and they’re like broad daylight Footage you know Maybe i mean maybe billy did If billy saw something

Then he was in sp ins Inspired to I think that makes one sense Recreate it with one arm And stick them to trees Oh clearly he did have some obvious that Word like clearly they were fake You know so he obviously was making some Fake ones you know Like the trash can lid one the birthday Cake lid what i mean like they’re They’re obviously fakes um so he had to Have done it at least a couple times oh Billy’s working for them To make us love look like a Laughingstock You know who would believe that one Armed man could be sticking flying Saucers to trees Maybe this that we look at well you Don’t have to stick it to a tree when You have two arms see Maybe maybe he didn’t stick it to the Tree maybe he’s just the maybe he may I wonder if he might have seen a ufo by A tree and got inspired by that and Recreated it so he could have a footage Of it and and Sometimes i wonder if something like That may have occurred as opposed to him Actually filming a ufo stuck in a tree Or even if one of the Or even if one of the photographs was Real

Like the You know for instance that that for that Of all of The billy my pictures that one that Looks like the sports model over the Over the shed it looks really good Yeah yeah it looks really good it Doesn’t look like anything’s hanging There it’s stuffed inside of a tree so The idea that he could have Snapped something Got a lot of attention yeah got a lot of Attention for us but i need this i need More of this buzz and then started Faking it you know that i agree with lee That’s that’s a good possibility that he In fact maybe got a picture of a good Ufo realized that they do exist and he Was like i have to have more of this Fame let me see if i can go and fake it And to try to you know to bring it back Up because this is so awesome this seems Like that that seems very plausible to Me as well Are you talking about this one that’s Above the wood well you know that one Looks good but let me tell you something So when you’re a photographer Um this is this would be a for any any Photographer would see this picture and Say that they did a terrible job at it Why because the the object is not Focused it should be in the center of The frame and it’s not it’s it’s it’s

Off to the side so it’s like a Photographer wouldn’t be Taking a picture like that you know Where it’s like In thirds it would have been the object Would have been centered in whatever you Know you’re trying to take a picture of That’s going to be in the center So the fact that it’s not centered You know it Puts doubt in my mind that he you know Actually took that picture of a ufo There I don’t know i i i i literally doubt Everything from billy myer You know i just think I think he was a very clever man That was very talented with his one arm Yeah Because like all his stuff seems fake to Me Um But again going back to Quickly Lazar’s craft is the same thing So if if billy is full of [ __ ] That’s before lazar Yeah oh yeah yeah that was the years Before blizzard And it’s but it’s the it is pretty much The exact same craft You know it’s it’s very it’s very Similar but not the exact same but it is Very it’s very similar

But but if if i would Let’s just put okay say if bob was a Faker And he and he saw these these images of This guy that’s putting out these flying Saucers and that the whole world’s Talking about them He wasn’t ever like a big [ __ ] star For like the stuff that he put out his Stuff was always still really Underground and you had to like really Be into to ufos to know about him and His little cult and stuff like that it’s Not like he was a big You know superstar over it Which made no sense though he was Relatively making even more sense I think maybe maybe At the time obviously it was before my Time really But when you look back at sort of old Old british stuff it seems like maybe he Was More of a presence in europe than America maybe Yeah Billy meyer was like yeah From switzerland Swedish i think yeah yeah Yeah Yeah but Talented guy Boys we this is all we’ve got time for Tonight but uh i want to thank you both

For coming on rich jordan i want to Thank rich for Sleeping through the show did he text Back I think he’s asleep I don’t know Um Kyle i’ll start with yourself so we put A few of your videos up the link is in The description for your channel um You you took a massive break from Youtube but you’re back i’m back I’m back and in fact uh i’m going to be Um uh having a show coming up where i’m Going to have a special guest host Coming on my channel and um uh actually Very good looking guy i’ve heard he’s He’s incredibly sexy he really is he’s Like he’s a [ __ ] stud but if i could Get his ass to actually come come in and You know and fulfill his his duties you Know that would be even better but Uh unfortunately he’s a [ __ ] slacker I can’t seem to actually get him to To come over and and do that you know We will saw this I i don’t know why you want me to host It but Definitely I’m up for that yeah so uh um alien Addict is going to be coming over to ufo Proof and taking over ufo proof’s Channel and hosting a show on there Uh so you guys look forward to that that

Is coming you know obviously we there’s You know a timing issue with everything So we always have to try to try to Battle that but that is something to Look forward to that will be happening Soon uh So stay tuned for that other than that You know i got some other Cool um videos that i’ve um putting out Uh Uh Yeah so uh you can look look look Forward to that And lee Yeah What what what we dabbling with What’s going on Normal stuff on musty audio you can Listen to these shows obviously in audio Form if you can’t like watch the whole Thing on youtube um My normal podcast this is cheaper than Therapy is going out Me you and somebody else i’ve got Something very special coming out like a New podcast that’s going to launch on Must see audio next week If the wins in the in the [ __ ] sales In fact if we if we record that like This i’m even going to stick it up on Youtube and then watch my youtube Channel burst into flames The the the last guy you interviewed uh Was really really good from um i’ve got

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Some of these big people my way mate Mate it’s all right The rising tide race was all pyramids Boys thank you for supporting the Channel tonight and helping me out with This because i know nothing about Ancient civilizations but it’s been Interesting as hell um The links are in the description For these the ufo proof and must see Audio go check them out good night god Bless people mind the books though bye I’m alien addict cal from ufo proof and Lee from mussy audio good night Thanks guys I’m going to bed