What’s inside that Tic Tac UFO?

By | March 19, 2022
What's inside that Tic Tac UFO?

Don’t you just know that is the man Inside the tic-tac It really is Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addicts on a fine and hair bending Evening because i’ve got the most Bendiest hair on this beard um Strange intro without further ado i’ll Bring on the guests that are here right Now but we have got more i think there’s About seven Six there was going to be seven people In this chat tonight including myself There’s gonna be six that i have Confirmed Proof Welcome Kyle how you doing Very good as always ollie how you been Brother i’m good mate all the better for Seeing you Good good And lee The beard’s growing back a beat’s going Back has grown back and you’re a [ __ ] Why Because you said that too early you Could have left now At least a minute into the video now It’s demonetised you owe me money let’s Start again I can’t start to get his life Um i getting rid of it because you said Bluebeam to me

Oh yeah i did didn’t know but yeah yeah Yeah I was waiting To get you blue but we could still do Bluebeam I thought oh Do you actually think the title of this Video what is inside the tic tac do you Actually think we’ve got any answers for That tonight it’s just i just i just Wanted to put stephen in it It’s a lovely photograph i know i love With the simpson body What’s happened to his [ __ ] legs Though inside that Right Exhausted It’s like uh um the uh Tatters or whatever it is [ __ ] uh Doctor who’s phone booth man It is They maybe it is the tardis maybe the Tic tac is like the tardis inside We’ve got we’ve got rich he’s running Late he’s um his computer will not turn On right now which is He’s got a show tonight so i hope he Can’t anymore hopefully get it on yeah i Did tell him to join on the phone Hopefully we’ve got dark skies joining Us tonight uh the ufo brew brews The ufo bros Appar they they they’ve got something on That’s come up last minute so they

Cannot Join i think it’s because they realized That rich was on the show and they re And they thought that they would might Get into a big fight with him but rich Was he was ready for that you know he he Was ready to just just make some love in A in a In a Way in a rich way yeah Rich is right it’s a rich light blue of Course he’s going to argue about him Yes he is As Lou actually ever responded to that No No no i wouldn’t think so that would Have been right And it’s funny because uh third phase of Moon is always going off about how They’re like hey we don’t ever say Anything about lou you know we want to Get them on the show and you know like That they’re always you know saying hey We don’t you know we’re never saying and It’s true they on their show you know They’re never saying anything you know But You know all the people that like that That work with them you know do like the You know rich does with the third phase Of moon report and stuff like that that All That leads back to them

You know so there’s no doubt in my mind That lose realizes this and is you know Obviously this is why he’s not going to You know want to come on there just Because he’s like well you know you guys Might not say it but You know all these people that work you Know with you or whatever are saying [ __ ] so You know it’d probably just be a Hit piece anyway so i could i could Understand where You know his point of view on not you Know coming on there which which kind of Sucks because i’d like to see him come On somebody’s you know somebody’s Channel but Uh if he thinks he’s just going to be Attacked the whole time You know why would he do it you know i’d Like to see him go on rich’s channel and Talk to him you know but if he thinks That rich is just going to attack him The whole time then You know i don’t think he would i i Honestly don’t i don’t think he would Either no i don’t think i don’t think if If he came on rich’s channel i think Rich and him would have a decent Conversation i don’t think rich would go Off on him you know um but uh i don’t Think he realizes that You know but i mean i know rich i know How rich is and rich is really is a cool

Guy he can definitely be a dick and Sometimes he can go too far with it you Know but for the most part you know he You know he’s he’s a cool cat man and uh You know you show him respect he’ll show You respect and i think uh i think lou’s Missing out because i think it’d be a Cool conversation to see you know him Come on rich’s show uh and i think i Think um you know rich would be you know Cordially about it he’d be i think he’d Be really cool to him you know You’re definitely right about that i Mean most riches can be a dick you know He’s either rich or a dick whatever you Want to become I don’t even know how that works Is it my dyslexia or but how does How do you get dick from rich i don’t Know but they do you know i never Understood that Maybe it all started oh speaking of dick We’ve got rich northward in the house My good friend But Maybe rich norfolk can you explain Why people are called dick if the name’s Rich I’m just i’m just making up some time Kyle that’s all for the other guests Okay Selfish bastards I’ve sent you the link people So what is so um

Uh Let’s get into it you said um the title Of the show is uh what’s inside the tic Tac Right that is the title of the show is That the content of the show probably Not but it never is is it is have you Ever stuck to the [ __ ] title of the Show like throughout a show like that Just changes as you go you know Let’s go with it hypothesize this you Know what kyle what’s inside the tic tac Uh So like The tic tac that captain frager um Uh Encountered uh that he chased in his uh F-18 or whatever i think it’s possible Something like that May Contain uh A pilot maybe Uh but for you know i think that i mean Like that’s a possibility but i think It’s more likely that Most ufos will probably maybe 90 of them Are probably it’s probably just Instruments to collect uh to collect Data and and You know just record information To be sent back to their Home world or whatever like um who’s Ever controlling the tic tac uh is is a Way of them to to can you know to obtain

Data and information just like all of Our probes that we send other planets And [ __ ] like that basically the same Concept just Far more advanced Than than what we have You know welcome to the show thanks for The unicorn my friendly But kyle if if that’s the case I mean They do talk about you know If this thing if this thing had a human Being in it it would be literally mush On the side from how that moved So how would Yeah The inertia alone you know just just the Maneuvers that the tic tac could perform Just the inertia alone um would You know turn any human inside of it to Jelly um obviously that’s not happening So uh there’s something that’s you know Dampening the inertia um so it’s not Building up any kind of kinetic energy And uh You know most likely i would have to Agree with like bob lazar saying that The craft can produce its own Gravitational field because that will Help answer a bunch of you know Questions to why these these things can Move the way they do Without A pilot you know turning turning into

Mush uh or there simply is no pilot and The instruments could be Created in such a way that they They won’t be destroyed but you know Maybe they’re made out of some kind of Adamantium i don’t [ __ ] know The jennifer that you’re right the tic Tac does It does resemble uh the mouse of a Computer Uh My apple computer does it it does look Like that thank you for the the five Pounds jennifer How strange it’s just there as a prop Ready Um How so this is one the one thing that i Can’t seem to get my my head around but I i was never good at school kyle at all And i i don’t know about you lee but i Don’t know if you can get your head Around this either when when we’re Looking at the videos And There’s a lot of channels that go holy [ __ ] this is amazing from what they’re Seeing but When i’m looking at it And probably the average joe that’s Looking at this What is so special about this footage Just from a visual Somebody knows the [ __ ] okay what what

It’s ufo pawn isn’t it It’s ufo pawn that’s the thing because Because realistically it’s one of those Situations like a rorschach test where You’re seeing what you want to see in it Yeah but Exactly Take the back story away there’s nothing Exceptional about what you’re looking at You know it’s we you know you you don’t Really know what it is you don’t you Don’t really know If there’s anything I mean even the even the framer stuff You know about it disappearing Reappearing you’re talking about a like An account there from someone A very trustworthy account because of What it does but still just You know we don’t have We don’t have video of materializing Somewhere you know where they were Supposed to be to be Uh i think I’m sorry i think you know i think the Average person looks at it and um is Just not impressed with the footage i Think just like the average person when They look at it it’s just not impressed With you know any of the any of the Footage um because none of it you know Without you know like the average joe Doesn’t really see You know how spectacular it actually is

Uh because it really is spectacular and And you know if you understand what’s Going on in the video and You know when you have a lot you know Context to add to it it really does show You how you know incredible the video is You know but it’s rare for just the Average person to you know You know Bring that in and say oh okay well you Know because it’s doing this or because It’s doing that this means This is how exceptional this vehicle Actually is Ah there he is i get it i’m kidding Thank you Again We can hear you fine mate we so so kyle Is just telling us why The um It is such a exceptional footage um Which i’ve always been interested in but I can i can’t I’ve never got it you know i’ve never Got the The hairs on end from that footage other Than what lee’s just said there without The back story and what everybody’s Telling us these the the specialists Um It ain’t I don’t i i don’t get I don’t get a bonk on from it you know Well when you see what the like the

Let’s take the tic tac video for Instance um There’s uh one little there’s one part In it where uh The uh Camera looks like it’s trying to lock Back on to the tic tac uh but then what The tic tac the craft is doing is Actually making a maneuver and the um Then the app clear system is just Attempting to track it and and lock back Onto it so it does a crazy little Maneuver but people don’t realize that They look at it and think oh it’s like The camera is shaking it’s not it’s you Know this is on a gimbal it’s set up to You know So it doesn’t You don’t see the shakes or whatever Just like again a handheld gimbal or Whatever so what you’re seeing is Actually the craft doing this crazy Little maneuver and then after that you See the craft just Take off you know but it’s from it’s Coming from a standstill it’s perfectly Standing still and then it zips off so Fast in fact that it breaks the lock of The the tracking system And so from doing that in the air There’s You know everything that we have it’s if It was floating and air hovering and Wanted to take off faster i mean we

Don’t have anything that can do that A helicopter a harrier jet anything it’s It’ll take time to build up and and you Know go hybrid this goes like instantly It goes starts traveling at hypersonic Speeds um it’s so fast that it breaks The the tracking system Uh you know for the computer so i mean Like that’s i mean it doesn’t look like Much but when you understand the context Of everything then you see how Incredible it actually is So here’s my problem with it now yeah Why all of a sudden Do For one of better words like conspiracy Theorists Why do we trust the government about Something And that’s why i don’t get why we we’ve Always We’ve spent our entire lives What from like Conspiracy or Um subject after subject Looking at the government as the Suppressors of information the ones Covering it up But all of a sudden just because they’re Saying what they want us to what we want Them what we want to hear we believe it Oh i’m not a conspiracy theorist Well i mean I i would put ufos in the category of

Conspiracy theory Cc i i actually i i wouldn’t only Because i personally had experiences With ufos so i know for a fact that the Ufo exists you know but um as for like Um conspiracy theories i just i i need Evidence i need proof and so i don’t i Don’t really get into Into conspiracy theories i understand How the ufo can be categorized as that And that’s You know something that uh um Really bothers me and i’ve been trying To fight against for a long time in fact Ever since i started this channel i’ve Been arguing against that fact that it Needs to be taken more scientifically And not just left to the fringes of of Science and and pseudoscience that needs To be taken seriously and studied Seriously As opposed to you know a conspiracy Theory of Um you know People oh Yeah but it’s very fundamental element If we think that the government know More about ufos and the towners that in Itself is a conspiracy It’s a conspiracy of silence if nothing Else Yeah i mean and it’s yes but that’s That’s to say the government knows more I don’t i mean

I mean i think the government there Might be you know small factions of it That have a little bit of information But i think people who study ufos Probably know more than the people in The government You know i don’t think like the people In the government have access to Information like like Conspiracy theorists think they do i Think they’re probably in the dark a lot More than people like us who actually Research it and understand you know Subject from a bunch of different levels As opposed to what they’re doing it’s so Compartmentalized that they might only Be previewed to you know certain things And so they don’t have all the Information and They just don’t research it like we do It so especially experiencers people who That actually had experience with ufos Can and can you know judge stuff on a Different on a different level But they have their own pilots You know that see this stuff that they Interview as witnesses So they’ve got witnesses they just don’t Have the public witness but They’d rather get it from their own kind Yeah It’s weird You know so yeah you know we do know a Little more than they do i think i think

So Yes especially like You know people who’ve had personal Experiences or you know or Uh you know encounters with ufos and uh On different levels I think because we research it as We go so in depth with it and we want to Try to study everything as far back the Of the history of ufos to to modern days And when you have encounters in the navy Or air force that those people The pilot might see it report it but That’s as far as he goes for Investigating ufos the guy who’s Actually taking the information he’s may Have never seen a ufo before and he’s Just taking that information that report Of it and Is so it’s like they’re not getting the Whole story each one of them it’s like The pilot he may only report that when You foe and that’s his only Dealings with the experience of ufos Yeah Unless the government Are the ufos Unless they are the universe correct Holy smokes can you imagine if the whole Thing was just a government Psyop thing just to test everybody for 77 years Right I agree with jennifer nobody is thinking

Outside the box but i don’t think nobody In ufology is thinking outside the box Everybody everybody keeps thinking Little green men are Or it’s yours You know it’s it’s ours it’s our own Tech Could become something completely Different that’s been here for a very [ __ ] long time that actually belongs Here could be a more advanced species Right yeah You know say a species developed you Know um millions of years ago that were Hyper intelligent like homo sapiens and Decided that the best solution was to Live Off a planet or under the ocean or Something and and their population is Actually very small but they’re very Advanced and You know so long yeah yeah Maybe they live A couple hundred thousand years who Knows dude can you imagine It could all just be me [ __ ] with you You know Hence alien addict addict yeah thanks a Lot 18 years Calgon take me away but i you know the Crafts do look man-made somewhat Except for the tic tac but it still

Looks like it’s made out of our Materials here on earth to me there he Is man It’s amazing it does look just like a Tic tac Is it tic tac You know david graveyard had a good way Of uh describing he said as a better way Of describing what the tic-tac looks Like instead of comparing it to a tic Tac he said it looked like a a giant Propane tank That’s really interesting i’m like that Gives you a better visual understanding Of these like that’s exactly what it Looked like i mean you know so how do You make one of those fly unless it’s a Dirigible but you couldn’t make a really Small one move that fast So Is that if any case that stands out for The tic tac it’s the is it lonnie zamora With the the the thing that looks like And it had the the the symbol on the Side yeah It doesn’t that’s an interesting case Yeah any that little the egg did you Describe it as an egg yeah An egg yeah me me and osvaldo franco als You’re welcome to join the channel at Any point mate if you you you know Lee believe it we’ve just been talking About the lee you do love us don’t you 100

Exactly see how genuine was that And the tech the tic tac has been cited Throughout history uh for you know People experience This is not a new This is not a new phenomenon this has Been around we know that Kyle i discovered it in the painting I’ve i’ve actually been looking into That a little bit uh and a good friend Of mine has been going through it with a Hobamalo if he is watching this has gone Through that painting with a fine Toothed comb and found another four of These tic tacs Exactly the same Are they in strategic places like in Between two They so i don’t have the they’re above The they’re above this above the Painting and yeah i think It could be something to do with the Building Even what it’s most likely But you never know i think he’s he he Showed me a picture of it if you zoom Into the painting you can see more of Them Not 100 something to do with the Building but they look exactly the same Same size everything I don’t know what they are though well It would be interesting if it was the Tic tac and we’re seeing it now well

Since 2004 well actually throughout History but now being made public Yeah it’s uh it would be weird if that Was it because man created god created Man in his own image and there’s a tic Tac in the background watching what he Made in his own image all the time See i have a theory we’ve all been Abducted It’s possible I wouldn’t be surprised just like the Matrix we’re all marked tagged and ready To go you know Yeah lee you could make your own show This this was dedicated it was your Finding Jesus Oh Et is god it was your theory about two Years ago that you told me Which Is genius have you watched it have you Watched it since I I have watched it since You’re right e.t is jesus you cried Right I didn’t everybody isn’t that amazing The way he comes out of that van and he They make him look like jesus man and he Puts his arms out and everything Yeah but even like the mother the mother Turned against him would be the judas Character you know he’s got these

Disciples around us The uh it’s a retelling of the story of Jesus christ one hundred percent Died rose again Yeah apart from the fact instead of Being in a cave He was in a tank and a back tic tac he Was in a tic tac If you look up above if you look up Above uh et’s head uh on the left hand Side there appears to be a little Tic-tac right above his head That’s a rectangle See jesus on the right is what we have Here with lee You’re a little jesus emblem you’re a Halo oh i thought you called me jesus He’s calling him jesus That’d be my roman name And i’m dick Shut up You could be dick maximus and that’s a Porn name dude you are the best friend Ever Yeah well anyway So rich though i mean We we do We do all believe that there is these Objects in in the sky you you’ve Witnessed them i know lee’s witnessed Them i know kyle’s with Kyle’s witnessed them yeah i’ve seen Some stuff i don’t know what i’ve seen But i’ve seen some weird stuff

Um nothing that i’d ever say 100 that’s A spaceship um But what what do do you think If you really put have to put your hand On heart rate What do you think They are What’s inside them Hey man i don’t think anything’s inside Of them either that or it’s an Intelligent robot You know like a cyborg type of thing It’s half alive half robot maybe some Percentage of either or but i i think It’s that to make the maneuvers it’s Making unless there’s that gravity Bubble around it that’s protecting it Uh if there isn’t one then i would think They would have to be some sort of Machine that can withstand those uh G-forces And But The reality of it i think they’re ours i Think it’s from private corporations Made from Ufos back engineered That’s it It’s just The physics maybe Worry me because i know when you look at No but when you look at um When we when we invented trains for Instance like i think the first time we

Put people on trains people were worried That if they went over 50 miles an hour People would fall apart right yeah they Were worried they couldn’t breathe yeah Yeah oh Every time we’ve made technological Advancements we’ve thought it’s going to Turn us to soup and i i i see no reason Why we couldn’t have engineered our way Around that somehow If we can you know if we can do what They can already do I i feel that the technology to stop you Turning into Dick soup would uh be like a byproduct Of what you’d already learned I always go back to aliens sorry to meet Her up but uh just The the abductions how do you bypass Those experiences and say there aren’t Aliens It’s really impossible to do with Millions of people being abducted unless You know it’s our government doing it And drugging us up Connected You’re right yeah maybe Um I i’m i’m i’m much more much more ready To believe that There’s something else Like interdimensional in the same way as We look at We look at biblical demons

Like like as a as a nemesis type Creature that isn’t fond of us I’m i’m much More ready to accept that Than Something travel billions something Traveling billions of light years away From what it seems to be A fairly dead space You see i don’t think that the uh um Just the Like the the The tic tac To for it to be ours doesn’t really seem To make sense to me because One we don’t have the physics to To do that and if we did That The physicist who developed this who Figured this out Is Just giving up um you know name Recognition throughout history i mean His name will go down in history like Isaac newton like albert einstein like Any of these guys uh and they’re just oh We’re just gonna be quiet about it and Not you know i just don’t see that Happening because it’s such a big deal To be you know i mean those those to do Something like that you’re achieving Something on a whole different level and That is like the goal of every physicist And and every scientist to to get their

Name you know to be a part of history And for them just to say oh well you Know we’re not going to say who who Developed this and and you know we have This technology and then also to use Technology you know like we’re sending Out our our our battle fleet to iraq and We’re going to test out a new piece of Technology in our against our own people Like it doesn’t make sense that you know Any of that would would actually happen I don’t i don’t i just i just don’t see It like uh And then to have uh you know this that’s The most advanced part of our military When our our you know our Our uh um Aircraft carriers and everything are Going out to war And they got something that’s just Totally whooping their ass and they have No idea what it is like well why Wouldn’t we have Transponders on it and when we do fly Secret um aircraft other people are Briefed into this they’re told like hey They’re they’re testing something just So you guys know this area is going to Be restricted or whatever because we’re Testing some you know they’ll admit to Them that they’re testing stuff without Them being able to know what it is so It’s not it’s not a big deal for them so I don’t see why they would just hide it

From From themselves especially and then and To put it into an active war zone uh With our military You know which is just doesn’t make It just doesn’t make sense to to me and Beyond that the the mathematics and the Physics alone we can’t even describe What the tic tac is doing Like it’s it goes beyond our you know Our our equations like our equations Start to break down this thing’s Traveling at speeds that we can’t you Know comprehend it’s going from zero to Hypersonic in an instant uh it’s you Know has the ability to cloak and i mean All kinds of crap it’s just you know it Came down when they recorded it it came Down from 80 000 feet to 50 feet above The ocean in less than a second in less Than one second I mean to think that we have crap that Have that ability We just we simply just don’t have it it Just doesn’t exist in science i mean Think about that 80 000 feet to 50 feet In less than one second I mean even our best materials Even our strong even titanium all that Stuff would just totally collapse it Would totally just break apart at going At speeds like that and then just to be Able to stop on a dime It doesn’t it’s just it’s just not

Possible with any of the technology that We have today I’m sure we have secret technology i’m Sure we have advanced i know perfect we Have advanced technology that the rest Of the population doesn’t have access to But not that kind of advance not not you Know breaking the laws of physics Advanced Thank you lantonia i appreciate that All I was just going to say to back up what You’re saying there Um the reason we haven’t uh we’re not Using nukes on each other is because too Many people have got nukes so you’ve got The the whole mutual literature Destruction thing haven’t you Um for one country to have Technology like the tic tac I feel if if it would let’s just say it Was the american government that had it We would all be living under the American empire Yeah I agree Unless everybody’s got it and then Essentially it’s well we don’t know how Good your tic tac is china’s might be Better russia’s russia’s might be better Yeah indian’s got one so maybe that Would be a reason to keep it covert Because no one’s sure Which like anti-gravity technology is

Better That’s an excellent point Everybody’s shaking the tic tacs at each Other yeah Yeah but they they could also you don’t Want to let the anybody else have it Because you know You can crash it into buildings and do Some serious damage at 13 000 miles an Hour Um Yeah but with that kind of technology if You if you made that breakthrough like You said every you know you can rule the World with that kind of technology I mean like there’s destroy Yeah you know no one can fight against It and so you you simply say we have This weapon now It’s just like we did with uh the atomic Bomb or whatever it’s like now this is What we got so you you do what we say or You know face the consequences and That’s what every military would do you Know they would all they’d be more than Happy to say look what we can do You know because it’s better to let them Know to let people know this is why you Don’t want to [ __ ] with us all right Because we have this you know and it’s Just like our Our f-35 we can go ahead and show it off And let people know hey This is what we have you don’t want to

[ __ ] with it because there’s not another Aircraft that can take it out i mean This crap can destroy everybody your [ __ ] aircraft so you just don’t mess With it so they’re proud to show it off And they make it a point so no one else Gets a hold of it you know even going And rescuing it from the bottom of the Ocean but that you know they just like They’ll they’ll be happy to show it off They just don’t want anyone to get a Hold of it and uh having a technology Like that that’s a whole that’s a game Changer I do think we have like oh you uh you Guys have um Cover Technology that’s more on a grounded Level just look at the um The helicopter they used to take out Osama bin laden that that croc that Crashed apache Yeah that was a black hawk right black Hole no no can you look at the pic no Look at the picture that the The the tail assembly of it is something Completely different it’s something like It was a big thing at the time you know It crashes into the wall and you can see The tail sticking up and it’s not it’s Not something that’s on your like Military list at all yeah it is it’s the Stealth blackhawk it is a part of our Military list you know and they put that

Stuff around it to actually dampen the Noise of it like around the world and Stuff yeah so that’s actually a um uh It is something that isn’t in our Military in our inventory and they know About it you know they just don’t want The enemy to get a hold of it so the First thing they did was [ __ ] destroy It as soon as it crashed And it even shows that you know our our Shit’s not that advanced because our Badass helicopter just [ __ ] crashed You know on its [ __ ] way to come in And do that [ __ ] raid So jennifer says we’re only thinking in Third dimensions See i can’t get my head around these Dimensions Yeah there’s 11 or something right there 11 dimensions apparently that’s what They say with um with uh Advanced strength or um actually m Theory with m theory they have yeah 11 dimensions and so advanced string Theory i believe they have seven Dimensions and then uh m theory has ten Dimensions plus one which so technically Is Eleven so how could they have All different Uh It’s a minor it’s just Frustrating it’s really bad smart Is she i’d have had to complete school

To understand all that sort of stuff but I i I do get the whole dimension thing like This could be living in a parallel Parallel to us almost and it’s almost Like he’s coming through From from nowhere from an alternate Universe or or whatever i’m down with That you know If you’re down with aliens If you down with ghosts if you’re down With Jeff in there’s possibilities of these Things being robots from another planet Or whatever then you’ve got to think Maybe i’m down with dimensions I’ll i’ll take anything right now I don’t think anybody i think Everybody’s guessing i even think some Of the top scientists are probably Guessing And Just Coming up with theories of this but i Want to go back to what lee said earlier About We’ve never trusted the government Before why the [ __ ] would you trust them Now That’s what i said about lou Why trust somebody from the government So all of a sudden now we’re Changing everything overnight Yeah

It to me That seems I know you said you’re not a conspiracy Theorist kyle at all and and and i’m not Even other than i did do some mars Videos way back when um But Does it not seem a little strange to you This whole thing you don’t trust ttsa But this guy worked with ttsa We’ve just been talking about that prior To the show So why trust him away from ttsa but you But we didn’t trust ttsa but also you Did say that To give to give you credit where credit Stu you did say that tom dunn did a good Job But you wouldn’t invest No because i don’t see a return coming Back on my money and that’s all that’s That’s what has to do with you know Finances that you know i’m just talking About making money back if i’m trying to Make money i would have rather invested In in uh google or tesla or something as Opposed to ttsa You know but what they’re what they’re Trying to do i i you know i i’ve always I’ve always supported i think that they Did a um i think they did a fantastic Job and As opposed to you know not trusting the The government that’s you know i’ve

Never really been a part of sure Of course they of course they [ __ ] Lie to us but i don’t think there’s a Bunch of dudes in the [ __ ] dark room Smoking cigars like you know like like Oh look you know it’s all [ __ ] lie to Everyone so they don’t find out the Earth is flat you know or some [ __ ] Like that just [ __ ] i don’t think There’s any dude you know i just i just Don’t see a big conspiracy you know just I just don’t see it yeah it’s just it Seems just so Yeah you know i think i think what lou Said is is true that they were like okay Let’s try to you know go and research Ufos and the only reason they did that Is because you had somebody like robert Bigelow coming in who donates money to The to the senators and the senators put Together this program or what for him as A favor to him because he donates money To them and they got him government Contracts and You know to go and start a program like This and You know so it wasn’t even really the Government that’s that started the um Ufo um Program or a tip or whatever it was more Like robert bigelow got them to start it Than anything so and then that’s more Because of his fascination with ufos as Opposed to

Because they you know there’s a big Conspiracy you know going on Uh yeah so there’s just i just i just I just don’t see it I mean it could be it it it could be but I’m just not that into conspiracy Theories like i gotta have Evidence i want to have proof it you Know show me the science to it show me You know and if i see Something that’s beyond science then That’s I have to go i have to go with that Especially my own experience Amazing Kyle let me ask you Sure what did Other than Uh Make the conversation of ufos get to Mainstream media a ton That was a lot of lou in ttsa What else have they given To ufology in a you know enough towards Disclosure Well i mean you know they got they got Congress to um actually have a Discussion on it and to have you know Can’t say discussion we already know That Well they had you know they had the ufo Report put out uh they obviously Congress has the full report which is a

Couple hundred pages we just got the Nine page you know slow down there Yeah so they have they have a much Larger report of Their investigation into it Uh they got money Um you know allocated for A ufo task force Uh to to investigate them Uh they You know got the military to change uh Their views on ufos in fact she even Changed the acronym to uap To Kind of get rid of the stigma of ufos And and so their uh pilots and other People felt comfortable to report it and Giving You know instructing their people that This is important now that it’s not That’s not a joke and it’s not to be Laughed at but it needs to be taken Seriously that you need to you need to Report you know any weird thing that you See Uh i think i think there’s a bunch of Stuff that they did for uh ufology that Was really Stuff that we’ve been wanting to have Happen for a long time and it’s finally Came to fruition Rich welcome my friend i wanted to get You on because i know you’ve got you’ve Got some of kyle’s uh interest at heart

There as well and it’s always nice to See you uh knowledgeable man kyle Rich rich kyle I believe i believe these two have Already met we’ve already met each other Yeah all right chaps um Hey Hey Two dicks all right Sorry go Oh i was just asking rich What do you want to add to that Well we were just talking about ttsa and Um Yeah kyle by the way great answer I thought because i i didn’t uh i didn’t Mean to cut you off rich but i meant to Say thanks to kyle because i forgot About Getting the pilots able to report that’s A great thing without feeling like They’re going to lose their job or fly a Desk So That and what was the other thing they Uh They got money allocated for the program Right for you a ptf or you yeah I thought they changed the acronym it Was to eliminate the stigma within the Military but isn’t that uap just a Military term for our ufos the public Still uses ufos Correct but if you notice when you see

Like um they’re doing a report on ufos Whether it’s the 60 minutes report or Whether it’s on tucker carlson or Whatever they’re always they’re now They’re always using the acronym they’re Saying because they’re only talking About military stuff But when they say uap you know they they You know speak about it scientifically And there’s so it seems like it’s Okay yeah yeah you know you don’t see People like laughing about it as much When they When they use that when they say that on You know on camera they’re not like oh Right Was it um Was it uap hillary clinton Many years ago yeah yeah yeah See There’s When someone like that starts trotting Things out first I start to trust things even less She said it though Yeah Yeah but yeah you know she did and my my Thoughts are that that it was going to Be her that was going to be driving it All and Uh donald trump beat her into the white House And and i and i think ttsa was the uh Reaction to that

Personally But they were involved anyway weren’t Because when uh podesta was Speaking to de long it was during the Campaign wasn’t it with the those leaked Emails that came out well that’s right And and podesta was there while while Obama was there so this was a democrat Thing Um it doesn’t it does look like it was That uh things i think things have Changed since um Uh biden’s uh got in i think i think It’s a very different Uh democrat government from from the Previous ones uh at the moment Looking from the outside it looks to me Definitely uh i’m i’m not sure they’re Quite as receptive as previous Governments were Not they’re you know fingers crossed Yeah Third phase said that that uaptf which Did turn into the aoi msg office did is No longer transparent and not going to Be they’re still going to you know Report annually to congress but it’s not Going to be transparent anymore Sadly that just came out a few days ago Too I never thought it was going to be Transparent It was supposed to be you know and it’s Like yeah it’s like did they did anyone

Honestly believe that they were going to Be transparent with it like I never saw that coming like just with The ufo report that they gave to Congress and we got it was like theirs Was like a couple hundred pages and ours Was nine So You know i never saw them you know so we Can’t trust anybody in the government And that also sleeps At the moment You know Yeah but luis elizando mellon nick pope And others are in there Now in the galileo project And it frightens me a lot Is melon is melon still employed by the Government no Right well that’s not No he was the former he’s a former under Secretary of defense isn’t he Is he in congress i forget no Not a senator no he’s definitely not That that’s right Now he’s just a former you know Under secretary of defense you know that Was his yeah old position his you know He’s he’s out of the government So he i believe he knows stuff About Uap yeah i’m sure he does He was definitely he was definitely Briefed a couple things about it at

Least No i don’t know if that’s true For greer it’s greer he’s is the one Doing the briefing okay let’s get that Straight no he’s not it’s career is Going on this is good you’re saying he’s Going around he’s like i had to brief The head of the cia like i think he’s Just giving he’s just giving them a Booklet or something and hopefully they Deliver it to the president He’s like he’s sitting there he’s like I’m debriefing i had they’re asking me To debrief the president you’re not De-breeding anybody oh my god dude i He was in his mid 50s there i think Right That’s like 10 years old now isn’t it That picture He was looking good I am not faking it That’s funny He is big i want to work that i like the Hair going under the nipples He’s 6’5 i think sasquatch he’s a tall Guy that’s watch So hey I brought this up i brought this up the Other day on my channel let me bring it Up to you guys all right What if Ufos Aren’t built what if they’re not

Constructed somewhere else but what if They’re what if they’re grown Whoa Like with the dna of the pilot and it’s Grown like like a [ __ ] like a plant Or like penicillin in a petri dish or Something where it’s it’s actually grown So it’s a part of them like it like Their arm is and so it’s you know it’s The craft functions and moves just like You would move your arm that’s how you Get the craft to move because it’s it’s Actually grown from your like dna and Stuff think about that one dude that’s Freaking original I’ve never heard anyone remember Yeah it was a a cult Australian i think it was sci-fi we’re Watching yeah yeah Escaping Okay yeah yeah I’ve actually watched it the leviathan Was a organic ship Oh yeah yeah and i’ve heard of this Before that you know that some of the Ships are symbiotic with their pilots And stuff and i heard you know heard Like that so i’m like i wonder if um When like when bob lazar said that the The entire craft like the sport model Looked like it was injection molded like It was all one solid piece yeah i Thought well wouldn’t it be interesting If it’s like when we grow crystals and

Stuff like that like what if the entire Ship is just is this grown like may or Or like a plant or something where it All comes out as as one piece like when A human is born we all come out as just One solid piece as opposed to being put Together Uh I thought that would be interesting to You know see if uh Ufos could have Could have gone with that same kind of Concept that not how do you create a a Crap that’s Linked to the pilot so well that it Can do all these crazy maneuvers and You know as opposed to trying to to fly It that it works more like a A limb than it does uh trying to use a Steering wheel or something that’s Matrix [ __ ] That’s just like the movie to matrix Where like oh he’s he can fly you know He’s a program really right they’re all Programmed But he’s became one with the program in The real world the fake world And i wonder if that’s some sort of uh Something similar that’s why they can Move so fast They could it’s like nothing to them Right Yeah it’s almost like slow motion when They’re going 20 000 miles an hour

Really Has anybody debunked the these Hypothesis that that keeps getting Pushed around about um lasers Uh they use lasers to light up plasmas And and then you can just point it and It looks like it’s Gone off because it’s Burning bits of the uh The atmosphere What’s this show that would show up on Infrared as well I wouldn’t what are they saying like I’ve never even heard this before that What like they’re trying to fake ufos or Something or Yeah yeah fakes like blue beans Yeah yeah The whole idea is that they can they Relate there you go lee You’ve got a leg excited now rich it’s Plasmas That’s that’s that’s what i heard uh That’s another Um Popular hypothesis of what these are That it’s some kind of fake Um Uh ufo but it just looks like a ufo Because it’s it’s light And and they use a laser Uh to ignite plasmas Well i’ve had personal experience with Ufos up close so close i could have

Touched it so i’m i’m like i don’t Understand how you know and Like it doesn’t seem You know oh yeah let’s go and [ __ ] Manipulate kyle like You know I’m not I’m not uh i’m not talking about it as As a uh as a thing that i’m putting Forward i’m i’m just saying that this is What people are talking about and it’s Something that we should perhaps Consider and either either accept or uh Chuck out so we could all have a look at Something like that so you are you Talking about the light sail the photon Sail thing no no these are It it’s like uh It’s it’s they take a laser and and and They uh fire it into the air And Uh it basically It It burns the air it excites the Molecules yeah yeah yeah and it and you Get you get a glowing orb Have you see have you seen videos of This working rich Yeah i did see one on uh On youtube uh i’ll i’ll have a look see If i can find it is that the one that i Played on my does anybody know about That thing that was throwing out air Ah right now i was watching that that

Was fascinating and but you know what i It occurred to me It looks really good video for a long Time ago on quantum ufos man with those Uh those um um Uh Exo um Vehicles or whatever the uh like the First style of [ __ ] drones or Whatever that’s right yeah Yeah They didn’t look as though they scaled Up it would have worked very small But whether it works for a 30-foot Object i don’t know You would see the laser welcome to the Show says wouldn’t you I would think you would not on ir but Yeah not even Red You know but then at the same time how Do you you know the laser you know like It would just keep it would just keep Going until until it dissipated um to Get it to stop at a certain point it Would have to be like um um a plasma Beam or whatever you know for it to uh Uh once it got so far it would um it it Becomes incoherent no matter what size You know just and this is just based on The the diam the the diode and the um Circumference of the size of it man it’s It’s just a Law of nature that it will only go out

So far until it you know until the beams Enco or the photons become incoherent And then the light becomes incandescent After it reaches a certain point after It reaches a certain Distance yeah for sure it’d wear out or Fade out These plasmas as well would they They wouldn’t be able to track A Piece of A laser would they they want if it was On the what the it was it was hitting The air it was anything Signature wouldn’t it they’d be tracking Yeah but there is no heat on the the Gimbal Correct in fact the gimbal is cold Yeah It did wait isn’t it oh no the gimbal is Hot and then the air around it is cold That’s i thought something like that I don’t know no am i going to get into Trouble for this rich I don’t think so no Problem Oh you’re asking the other rich i’ll shh Hang on let me find oh that’s Bring him young yeah you should be okay What is the link i will put the full Link in the description That they are tiny What the frick Disclaimer this is for scientific

Purposes people so there’s no copyright Here and we’re not playing Any audio we’re gonna oh why not i think You’re stretching the definition of Scientific purposes if we’re talking About it Yeah look at this experiment as opposed To you know A laser producing a ufo in the sky i you Know it seems uh It doesn’t seem to really you know Makes it I suppose it depends how far advanced You think military technology is to Consumer technology Look at that Oh my god that’s so cool i love star Trek well tv we’re gonna have hologram Tv so it looks yeah like more like They’re making little holograms than uh She’s you know that as opposed to A plasma or a laser creating a um An exciting a plasma ball yeah I want to see that Yeah this looks like little holograms Yeah so so what they’re talking about Really is Some people Are extrapolating these and saying that The military might be having them on a Much larger scale To confuse people this is what they’re Talking about here See i don’t think i would be fooled by

That Yeah Even if it’s bigger and scaled up Colored and all that But how would we know if you’re just Seeing something in the sky Well As the just you you’re in you’re walking Down the street all of a sudden you see This Big Thing you know that explains literally Like one percent of ufos then you know So maybe that explains lights in the sky But then at the same time you’re like Okay so does do we have these lasers set Up all around the world which we have Like you know light spheres are spotted All around the world like You’ve got The logistics of it doesn’t seem to make Sense But i mean I think the thing is it’s this isn’t Wouldn’t necessarily discredit ufos as Like in like a whole as one thing But if If we’re looking at the tic tac videos With a bit of Skepticism then That i could take it if that if this was Some sort of plan as in a bluebeam sort Of thing Um then the the tic tac videos and the

Mainstream media coverages had would be A good foundation for that Especially at the time i what makes me More skeptical about it is the time it Came out When the admission came out the Admission came out when everybody was Sat at home when everyone was sat in Front of a television And i found it so strange how nobody Cared That’s because that’s because all we Could pay attention to was uh donald Trump That’s that he was the most interesting Thing ever and so no one gave a [ __ ] About ufos we were just worried about What donald trump was tweeting that’s Awesome yeah but that that’s for me So wouldn’t that be the perfect time to Put some groundwork in Yeah It is Just to say oh is it like when someone Um Makes sense We’re not gonna make a bunch of noise Now because yeah uh you know or like we Go ahead and bring it out and then that Way people aren’t really paying Attention and so we can look back and Say oh we we told you guys you just Weren’t paying attention that’s all Oh

Or there’s a bigger plan for afterwards Lee do you think if if hillary had Had to have got in It would have The subject would have changed Um I don’t know i’ve got i’ve got some Views on that whole situation with Hillary where i think would have been a Much worse situation than we’re in now But do you think that was the whole are You saying that I i don’t i don’t think she was gonna be Like the disclosure president We would have just started four years Sooner From where they started right or yeah Maybe I don’t know They went ahead with it Ttsa with trump i think they went ahead With it because trump was in office and They’re like this is the time to do it You know [ __ ] you know we can go Ahead and release it and trump will Probably be cool with it again hillary Clinton probably would have kept it all Hush-hush as well dude yeah I think i think Trump give a [ __ ] about the ufo exactly That’s why it was like the perfect time Because like trump’s president he don’t Give a [ __ ] about let’s bring it out True yeah

I think the other way I think there’s so many little psyops Happen Especially around election times Because the we we Whether we like it or no if you look at Election cycles and you look at rallies And things like that they’re essentially Essentially little miniature psyops Because what they’re trying to do is They’re trying to convince certain People to vote in a certain way And I think the like the letter Which you can’t say on youtube anonymous Was A psy up from the trump side To engage a certain part part of his Voter base which would keep them Energized and keep them voting for the For when it when it came came to it Um I have no doubt That if Even though i’m not saying a I’m not saying like the ufo base could Swing an election But i do think that maybe somebody spoke To hillary clinton said look a lot of People believe in this if you can get These people on side that’s another Chunk of votes Especially if they thought if they look At conspiracy theorists as being like

Mainly the The opposition it’s not so much you’re Taking Votes that would Swing an election but you’re taking Votes that would normally go to the Other people maybe I wonder whether all this is is about Uh This current level of disclosure is not Really about disclosing anything as much As it is maybe about Removing a certain layer of um Of bureaucrats From from The pentagon If they’ve if they’ve got a ton of People in there who who are sat pretty And and are opposed to a certain agenda They can mobilize ufo twitter get Offices in Uh Key people might lose their jobs if They’re found out to be Negligent It doesn’t happen to be that they’re That there are That they are sitting on anything or They might be But the threat of being negligent might Cause some people to jump ship Or or at least be pushed Gonna be Quite possibly mate

I i i wouldn’t rule anything out when it Comes to to governments but When it comes to the sub the subject of Uf ufos And We we all seem to Think we’ll have a feeling of what the Answer is I actually think that every single one Of us Even these The guys like that Maybe not bob lazarus if bob’s telling The truth he knows his [ __ ] if he’s Lying Then He’s a [ __ ] good liar he’s a very Good liar yeah Thank you you know what i mean You know what probably Go I think i think you guys give the Government way too much credit I don’t think they’re that smart i think You guys think you’re a lot smarter than They actually are dude Well they’ve had to cover up a lot of Stuff over the years you know you know And they’ve done a terrible job at it We’ve found out about all these Cover-ups i’ve done you know it’s like [ __ ] dude Unless You happen

You know Unless somebody knows that much Well well to give you some idea of of How rough they can be you know during Prohibition they actually uh poisoned Uh alcohol uh so so that if bootleggers Used it in people’s gins or things like That it would kill them i think they Killed about 10 000 people it’s Estimated during prohibition by Poisoning alcohol Well i think during prohibition a lot of Alcohol was poisoned just because of the Way people were making it manufacturing It uh when it was bootlegged it was Intentionally poisoned Like the government if they’re why would They internationally Instead just get rid of it Look it up It was intentionally poisoned But what i’m saying is it’s like why Would they intentionally poison it as Opposed to Just getting rid of it like they were Like why would they be oh well who’s Supposed to sell it anyway no this was When they were manufacturing things like Surgical alcohol and stuff like that Then people would use people would put That into a normal drink to enhance oh Yeah yeah okay no i know i i know what You’re talking about all right and they Used to add poison to that

Yeah they you know and they still but They still do stuff like that to stop People from Going and taking stuff and drinking it Like like rubbing alcohol and [ __ ] like That you know yeah i i do know what You’re talking about Yeah They do that to they’re like okay We need to stop people from having too Much of it add a little bit of poison Just a little bit yeah they won’t take They wouldn’t yeah they’re little less People do something Meths is a good example of that isn’t it Meths is a good example because meth is Odorless and flavorless But they add the purple coloring and the Taste and smell so you don’t drink it Yeah yeah Yeah definitely what is that Meat Methylated spirits Which is which is kind of like a blue Liquid that you can use for uh cleaning It’s it It evaporates very quickly okay You have no idea what the hell you guys Are talking about It’s like a colored turpentine yeah yeah Yeah oh okay yeah all right just Realized that english is outnumbering Them yeah exactly Yeah

The english for once is outnumbering the Americans on the other hand But not an iq [Laughter] No we do the same thing to like Antifreeze over here because it’s Odorless and tasteless we add color to It and and So you know people don’t want to [ __ ] Drink it or whatever the [ __ ] Like propane is also the same way we had A [ __ ] smell to propane that normally You don’t smell it but we add a smell to It just so people know oh it’s leaking You know yeah same with our natural gas Yeah yeah So but yeah i could see like what i mean That’s you know but that’s not really a Conspiracy like it’s not like the Government set out to intentionally kill People It’s not like there’s a mass murderer in The government like i got an idea how to Kill people let’s poison [ __ ] Alcohol and You know you know It did though there didn’t it You know but Not like that you know like not like They were intentionally like i want to Murder people That’s that’s the difference Well You know you you say that but uh you

Know uh in america they definitely Tested chemical weapons on their own People yeah um I don’t remember that but what about Yeah they did and not only that they Tested they tested Chemical weapons on certain ethnic Minorities because they believed them to Be more resistant to them What is he talking about One second youtube knows what we’re Talking about so Just be just be careful yeah be careful Okay Yeah A close line to getting It destroyed well look at Um to get together i think look at the What what’s been admitted that happened During the mk ultra Yeah that was that was some [ __ ] Horrific things that happened to people Yeah yeah Yeah but i don’t when i don’t think we Tested like chemical weapons like on our Own people like like trying to [ __ ] Like what did we do like when did this Happen like unsuspecting citizens Well no not in suspecting what they did Was they they actually took a load of People from the military and told them Guys we’re going to be testing chemical Weapons on you well they did that with The uh the bombs too we still yeah yeah

That’s nothing yeah he’ll do that That’s nothing new Yeah so that’s not yeah i thought you Were saying like like uh what’s his name Like saddam hussein thank you and yeah You know like that’s testing chemical Weapons on his own people you know Killing Thousands of kurds you know with mustard Gas and stuff You know it’s different than us testing Our chemicals on on soldiers right yeah Los angeles today we had another uh test Of the black plague yeah we killed 5 000 This week Just put this question out there to all Of you now when it comes to Because every you know fraver’s been Everywhere we’ve seen him on pretty much Every single ufo channel at some point We’ve seen the lord we see we see we’ve Seen [ __ ] loads of lazar Way back in the day and lazar’s back in The picture now But Well not anymore um But When it comes to this tic tac and what We’re hearing From the military The the eyewitness I said this to rich age me and rich Spoke are flying about and i think we Both spoke on the channel

On both our channels about it when it Comes to kevin day Uh And and the guy i i i probably God The one that’s A little bit of a mess because of this That doesn’t sit well with me and no it Doesn’t sit well with rich But we trust in these people Everything that’s coming out and they’re Telling us We’ve got to trust that we we we’re Putting all these trust in these people From the military but What if they’ve been Paid to say a certain thing what if that Because if you’re in the military yeah You may You may get a position where Your mission is to Uh Kind of like deflect or if there’s Something that the enemy sees They this whole tic tac thing might be There just to kind of deflect something From your country well what kind of Argument is that what if they are all in On it well what if they’re telling the Truth but i want to go back to kevin i Want to go back to kevin dave then the Guy’s a nervous wreck You know but what if he’s telling the Truth

Why is kevin day a nervous wreck from Rip from reporting his ufo findings no Because nobody believed him and and he Knew what he was going to make him a Nervous wreck You know i thought about that it could [ __ ] with you i mean like it really it [ __ ] with me at first trying when you Because when you see something and you And you want to tell people you want People to you know believe you and when People don’t believe you it [ __ ] Frustrates you okay you know If he’s going to be trained To be a Military trained And All of a sudden nobody believes his ufo Story he’s going to fall to pieces right Yeah i get it that’s the point we were Talking about two weeks we spoke we Spoke about Your rich we’ve constantly gone back and Forth yeah like this guy’s supposed to Be trained to you know control his Emotions and not get so distraught over Uh Tracking an object for seven days and Not being able to tell anybody he didn’t Tell anybody for seven days he saw this Thing trailing them and he said nothing That to me is real strange I don’t like that Well you know the thing is is that a lot

Of times um he was you know these guys See it and uh him himself all included a Lot of times they think it’s the the Equipment And they actually went and recalibrated All the equipment so a lot he said Seeing he’s like oh it’s just a phantom Trail in the equipment and you know it Needs to be recalibrated and stuff until He kept seeing it and they recalibrated Equipment and then he saw it even Clearer and he’s like oh this thing’s Actually here you know and now we got People in the air maybe we can go and Take a look and see see what would Happen that’s what happened you know Because at first he saw it and he Thought it was just a fault in the Equipment oh okay yeah and then they Went and recalibrated the equipment it Just and then the image came back even Clearer that it was definitely something There he’s like oh [ __ ] but for seven Days he said nothing to nobody so he Must have recalibrated it himself then Yeah after a couple of days he he kept Seeing that you know The marks or whatever the the tracks on The radar and then finally he you know He’s like hey listen can we you know Talking to the captain or whatever of The ship he’s like can we send out People to go look at this because he Kept seeing it just didn’t say anything

But he didn’t think it was a a big deal Until you know he kept seeing he’s like Finally well we have someone in the area At that time we can you know Do real world tasking and send craft Over to go investigate so let’s see if We can we might not even do anything you Know at that point yeah but for kevin Day to lose his uh His mental state and get addicted to Alcohol and drugs and stuff like that Losing his family excuse me no no no no I was going somewhere with that what if He was threatened like severely And he couldn’t tell anybody that and That’s why the guy was so distraught he Must have seen something nobody else saw Maybe We wondered about the whole story Because why would he get so distraught Yeah it’s a good question and not only That thank you thoughts are If somebody’s suffering from something Like ptsd um Surely the military have uh facilities And support for people that are going Through all of this Um So It It’s not that it’s It’s uh Not an important issue it’s it’s Why hadn’t he received the support for

That if he was suffering from ptsd or or Any of the other uh issues That could come from that You know Surely the military especially the u.s Military have good support for that Unless it’s been withdrawn because of What he saw Well yeah that’s a good one Yeah i mean at the same time i think he Could also be you know Playing the system so he can keep Getting paychecks for the rest of his [ __ ] life you know [ __ ] You say oh you guys gave me ptsd so You’re gonna need to pay me now or you Know i mean there could be a number of Reasons for it i don’t see why it would Cause him such Such distress but i mean it’s i wasn’t There so i don’t know yeah i mean I think he was threatened i just thought Well i’m not i’m i’m not saying this is What i believe But while we’re putting ideas out to why He would why he would act like that Could you imagine how stressful it would Be if you were one of the people that Was selected to tell a lie to the world And you happen to have Some morals about you See that you know i mean I just can’t see like when everyone’s oh

Let’s all get together and lie i just Don’t i just don’t i just i can’t see it I just don’t see it Kyle you can see what see what i’m Saying this guy’s He’s made it to a radar guy that’s i Mean that’s Pretty um i know that’s that’s a very High up role Because my My best mate who’s been on the channel He’s uh a technician that fixes Aircrafts he wanted to be in the radar And he couldn’t get the job because he Because he didn’t pass the tests for That for that job that’s not and that Wasn’t the actual um His iq or anything like that that was he They didn’t think he had it in him to do That [ __ ] job and i he’s my best mate And he now works in he works and now The raf Based in scotland [Laughter] I’m going to use this one that carbel Put out but this is this is just His Little red dot [ __ ] Radar here So raid a radar operator yeah i don’t This is not the kevin day one i don’t Believe that’s the jeremy corbell one Yeah But i don’t it was oh

No that’s from the russell Right okay So Kevin day’s got a radar in front of him He sees some stuff on there It makes him he’s this little screen Seeing a few dots i don’t care what Those [ __ ] dots were doing i don’t Care if they were doing handstands That makes him have a nervous br Watching that screen makes him have a Nervous breakdown Turn into an alcoholic Lose his job Where are you going with this though It’s not it’s that’s not a traumatic Experience is it looking at the screen Like exactly what happened on that Screen To make him how he is now because you Look at that guy i i want to give him a Hug He does look sad Yeah Yeah that’s what i’m saying i just don’t See it i don’t see i think he’s [ __ ] I think he’s using it as a [ __ ] Excuse because i’m like how is that Going to cause you to freak out i just Don’t see it like how is that going to Happen but that really So what is it You know it’s like if if he can fake That then he’s he’s like genuinely

Acting Yeah kylie you just said it you just Said the if the guys they think So you saying this guy is just playing On what he did see But he’s just wanting to become a little Bit famous by crying and you know Yeah maybe you know oh if i can get People to you know Feel bad for me maybe i can claim ptsd And then i can get a paycheck for the Rest of my life from the military You know it’s just Playing off his experience not that the Experience was you know a lie or Anything like that but just like he’s Like just using it to his advantage is a Possibility i’m just i’m just saying you Know because i don’t really see how that That incident is going to cause such a Traumatic You know uh But to tell you truth i didn’t even know That he you know like lost his [ __ ] over It like everything i’ve seen on him he’s He’s just been normal and i didn’t even Know he lost his [ __ ] over this like i Had no idea about that badly very badly He lost his family got addicted to drugs And alcohol he couldn’t see his kids It was awful for about seven years he Said he was just down and out and then He saw on the tv That uh somebody was talking about the

Tic tacs that he saw and he contacted Somebody and gave his statement And he was like feeling better and he Got recovered Can i just clarify rich did he say this Because of the because of what he saw on The radar I’m sorry i was thinking of something Funny right Did he say That his life went like that because of What he saw on the radar No and yes it’s because Anytime he wanted to get answers to what He saw he got stonewalled and then he Tried telling it to his family and Friends you know and nobody believed him They thought he was a little nuts but I’m not not man He shouldn’t have been talking about That but i don’t think he signed an nda None of them did yeah Have you guys seen the report on just The specific tic tac investigation have You guys seen the actual the [ __ ] Full like report on it yeah i don’t Think so dude i’ll i’ll send you the pdf To it man it is [ __ ] awesome dude okay like they go Into like real detail about everything That they did and they were tracking the The tic tac and everything like all the Characters you know all the um They go into everything like really

Detailed into this i think it’s Something like [ __ ] like 60 pages or something dude like yeah They really go into it man it’s really Cool do they talk about the um radio Signals they’re picking up from it just All kinds of stuff dude it’s really cool Then you can really you really see why This craft is not Not ours i mean i think i think that pdf Will really change your point of view on When you see like all the stuff all the Data and they actually show you like the Data logs and everything like on this Report like you’ve got to see it it’s Really surprising i have it yeah it’s Really cool dude Okay specifically the one just does the Tic tac event yeah yeah you know Is that that one that did that was done By the university students the ones Where where it showed the g-forces and The amount of power that they estimated No no this is all the this is military Investigating it oh okay yeah So the report is a military report on The on the tic tac so they have like all The information like everything like all The all the instruments all the Instruments all their readouts and all The data logs on everything It’s really cool it’s fascinating You know a month after the tic tacs were Seen

You know in uh 2004 I captured the uf ufo fleet and over Phoenix Tic tacs they i mean i called them white Dots back then but they were just Appearing out of nowhere and Caused you know they they made the Little uh Designs geometric designs you know and Also uh What do you call it the big dipper and Over iron Ryan’s belt That was amazing yeah but you know could Have been balloons too right That’s [ __ ] awesome though dude it is Yeah the video is 23 minutes long it’s Unbelievable and it stems from something That happened the night before when i Said i hate this ufology i was just new Into it nice you know six months and i Said it’s just stupid i’m catching one Thing here one thing there they’re Either this that why don’t they send me You know like show me designs or show me A constellation who are these things Anyway so the next day i go out and i Quit and i didn’t plan on ever doing any Research or anything again i happened to Look up by habit and i saw something in The sky reflecting the light and then i Saw these dots appearing and it was like 30 of them so i ran and got my camera Aimed it up and recorded what i saw but

The weird thing about it is the night Before I said why don’t they show me a Constellation so they showed me two And then i said what are these things That the last thing they showed me was Nine objects forming a question mark And one of them was I wished i would see something and one Of them formed what looked like a Genie’s lamp Like three wishes so it was almost like You know Freaking amazing that i was hooked ever Since It’s a really cool sighting it should be The best one of all time That’s [ __ ] awesome dude it is [ __ ] awesome it’s [ __ ] awesome it Is it is it really is and there’s Something else going on in that Where you see all these white dots now Seven years after i’ve recorded this we Got a big screen tv right In high def because that was the thing To get and a friend of mine came over And he noticed something and behind the White dots there were black dots and They were you actually see this they Were moving independently Back and forth and oh my god i’ve been Trying to get it up on my com my channel Forever and i’m so freaking lazy And i got everything ready to go except

Just doing that so maybe i’ll do it Tomorrow It’s a really cool sighting yeah that’s Cool i want to see that yeah yeah you Definitely do you’ll be like dude That’s real you might it might be tic Tacs In 2004 a month after they saw them on The uh nimitz Why not arizona’s right next door they Could have been just cruising over right Going to new mexico maybe you know That’s another thing it’s like um Uh in mexico uh they have all these you Know fleet ufos like they see tons You know and then um that’s exactly what The the nimitz saw was a fleet like yes Ton of them jumping out of the sky and Then and they were coming they were Appearing eighty thousand hundred Thousand feet in the atmosphere and then Floating over Towards mexico so i’m sure that that Whole fleet went over towards mexico and Probably got filmed i bet you if you Look up a flotilla in november of 2004 i Bet you’ll probably find one in mexico There was You know Don’t you remember the the mexican one Where they were flying and they see and Everybody thinks they’re the oil wells In the ocean But

Yeah that’s yeah The flare footage that’s the flare Footage yeah i’m talking like a like a One from like um you know where you see All like the white orbs in the sky yeah I know i bet you i bet you they probably Have at least one person has a video of Of a fleet ufo like that coming over in November around the same time As as the uh I should look that up it has an image Encounter whatever Any flotilla ufo videos from that exact Date A little yeah a little history i i think I might be the first person to capture a Ufo fleet over the united states You showed me that’s a great video i Don’t know anybody else who did There was a guy named ed sherwood i Don’t know if you remember that guy But he was really popular he caught some Fleets in in california but They didn’t look right They didn’t look the same that’s for Damn sure Yeah balloons don’t go as high as these Things were Yeah you have to see it you’ll see it Tomorrow that’d be cool yeah i want to See that maybe monday not next week April not next week yeah you just keep Putting it off right yeah it’s going Because it’ll only take me an hour to

Get the whole thing up i know i should Have done it two years ago yeah now i Know how that is you know i don’t know What i’m doing I still have i still have video ufo Videos that are freaking awesome I even have a egg-shaped ufo looking Really close Like i’m just keeping that to myself i Don’t know why You need to go Really cool You should yeah get that egg Release the egg Dude [ __ ] awesome ufo videos uh i have Some awesome ones i’ve already posted But i have even better ones i’ve never Posted and every time i go to post it i Just i’m like no i’m gonna keep it i Just [ __ ] chicken out i’m gonna send Mine to third phase of moon is it have You ever heard of that no Third phase of the moon i think Well that’s the proper way to say it Yeah right yeah oh that’s right Yeah those guys have been around since 2008 or six or something yeah something Like that they got some uh really good Stuff on that channel i think they’re Twins Who run it like movie producers so They’re not no it’s just one of them and He just clones himself

It’s [ __ ] And it is only It’s all one There’s no there’s only one There you go kyle this one’s for you Who’s who’s bob lazar um turkey the Turkey sightings You love you love turkey turkey’s Awesome i do love turkey you know but That’s for you know history and stuff as Opposed to the turkey ufo sighting Unfortunately i i i I debunked it You said that turkey is the um you Debunked it yeah yeah the turkey is is That is the cradle of civilization not Iraq But the the very first civilization Started in turkey you know a long time Before Before um sumeria like i think they’re Wrong when they say sumeria is the first Civilization i think they’re wrong by Six seven thousand years You’re probably right Yeah i mean everything always leads back To turkey dude for some reason Everything always i don’t know [ __ ] turkey What do you think about the turkey ufo Sighting So the turkey ufo setting when i was That used to be my go-to video that was

Like this is this is i’m like you want Proof this is it And then i decided i’m like so I should really i should really try to Try to debunk it just in case i’m wrong And i i thought this after watching the Videos several times and noticing that The video Um There are some some peculiarities about The video that i just didn’t really i Didn’t really trust Uh How the craft never moved i put it in You know into some um editing software To stabilize it and i realized it is Completely stable 100 stable it doesn’t Move Nothing you know all of them none of Them in any of the videos ever remove Even even a fraction none of them and I’m like that is really odd that i’m Like that not nothing like not even a Single movement all of them are like It’s almost like it’s A piece of land it’s so it’s so still And uh And because of where i lived at the time There was uh Uh there’s a bunch of hills like where i Lived and there’s a bunch of windmills That had red lights on them and it Really reminded me of that one of the Turkey ufo videos where it shows some

Red lights Like before the craft or whatever and i Thought What if What they’re seeing is actually um A windmill farm And I found exactly where the video was Taken from and when on google earth i Could do a line of sight uh they haven’t Mapped out like what direction the where The craft was from where the video was Taken And it’s over the cmmr and then as you Travel with google earth over that sea You come to a like a mountain area which Is full of windmills oh my god and Around the around the base of the each Windmill is a bunch of white rocks and Stuff like that that and every single Time they have one of these ufo videos It always just happens to be on a full Moon and i believe what’s happening is That the full moon is reflecting off the Rocks and you’re seeing the crescent Because the windmills are put up on top Of these hills you’re seeing a crescent Of the of the mountain itself And not an actual An actual craft or anything in the sky And it’s just because he had an uh he Had a Camera with um uh like I forget what it was like 16 times

Optical zoom and then had like an Electronic doubler on it so he could do Like i don’t know something like 80 Times a digital zoom or something but You know it zoomed in you know really Far but You know the the And nothing seemed right about it and so When i I looked over that i could see that Literally where he was seeing from with A camera like that with an electronic Doubler he would be able to no problem To see across the the sea to the Mountains and with a during a full moon You know it would light up the rocks Around these these windmill hills and The just the lights like it shows one Where it shows the ufo it’s a bunch of Red lights but i’m like those red lights Look just like the windmill farms and it Just so happened there was a windmill Farm directly where the ufo was seen And the fact that it’s they weren’t Moving and it was like it was like he Was filming a piece of land because when You put it into stabilization you know In the editing program Not it didn’t move at zero i mean i’ve Never seen that with anything You know so i was like it’s unless You’re looking at a piece of earth the Only movement that it was caused was Always by the camera 100 of the time

So um and then when you see stuff like Oh there’s um it looks like uh aliens And stuff in there yeah a lot of times I’m like that can easily be explained by Your you know you’re zooming in so all You’re doing when you zoom in Electronically you’re just doubling the Pixels on it and just enlarging the Pixels so i mean it really explains like Why it would look it could look like Anything you have paradilia you’re Looking for aliens that’s what you’re Going to see you know So And their heads would be enormous Yeah that was i mean they’re getting Crows You know these things would have been Giants because you got He was doomed all the way in so zooming All the way in like that You know that but the ufo the aliens Their their heads would have been [ __ ] 40 feet in diameter You know it just didn’t make sense of What we were seeing there and so Unfortunately for me i was like this is Uh I had to i had to backtrack my statement And it broke my [ __ ] heart but you Know that’s um really i’m like what’s it You know that’s what happened so uh it Doesn’t mean ufos are fake or anything It just means that just on to the next

One I want to ask you something here Just quickly i just watched that while You were talking and you know the um Oh you’ve just watched that ufo clip Yeah yeah yeah um Can we bring it up on screen is it Copyrighted can we print can we show it You can show it You can show stills of it ollie bring it Bring it up bring it in Yeah yeah thank you david thank you dave For the super chat i appreciate that my Friend I’ll pop the link here the links in the Chat to the double d with two pounds too Quick But I i because obviously i’ve seen i’ve Seen that loads of times before but with You talk about the hills as soon as you Said about it being stabilized that’s What i was looking for and then when you Can see that v-shape it really does look Like that that shape’s being made by Land doesn’t it All of a sudden it’s like it seemed Obvious when i heard you when i heard You Say it What v-shape do you mean There’s no v-shape The no no of the um What makes the bow of the craft

Is what i mean Let me see Bring this video up Because it goes like this it’s like a Hill yeah yeah that’s true but you know Like uh yeah yeah that’s sorry that That’s right i mean you can see that it Makes the v shape of the of the craft You could i Looking at it now Gotcha i’ll last you for a second i’m Sorry what were we saying man No he was calling [ __ ] about you dude No as you were explaining it like it was Like one of the magic eye things when Someone explains to you something That you can can we bring it up can we Bring this i’ve screwed the private chat For you to the youtube video mate At least What no no you should do it ollie god i Know I’ve got to do some [ __ ] Do something dude Is this oh Is this that sh this is the ship thing Yeah yeah yeah this is the this is the Ship isn’t it it’s [ __ ] This is the [ __ ] i don’t buy that ship One I always thought it was an upside down Boat You know because uh yeah it looks like It’s

Um But it isn’t So yeah yeah i’ve seen this one before This this one is didn’t someone debunk It as a was it mink west debunked [ __ ] It starts with something else that video And then later on it goes into what we Were just talking about i think this too Oh okay um Let me make sure i’m sharing the right Screen and not the stuff that i was Looking at this afternoon when my wife Was out shopping Spending your hard-earned money Ukrainian refugees oh by the way rich The ufo bros can’t make it tonight yeah I was wondering we were missing Something what happened to them yeah Yeah he had to help his brother out Oh come on they chickened out because i Was here That’s what it is if you’re watching This bros They’re Watching Get yourself on I actually didn’t know that you two Would have a uh we didn’t i don’t even Know them but they were in my chat room Telling me to calm down and i was i Didn’t know who they were actually They’re really nobody to be honest with You 500 subscribers on youtube That makes no difference rich it makes

All the difference in the world I i’ve asked six people And nobody knew nobody’s ever heard of Them And that’s everybody I mean here we go Oh Home movies Why am i why why am i watching children Why don’t you fast forward that [ __ ] Hurry up wrong link wrong link yeah Right oh the oh no yeah It is the right thing He zooms in And those children turn into a [ __ ] Spaceship is this is this This is not this is this is a stupid This is this is the this is the ship Isn’t it this is the ship that doesn’t Look like an island or a map it looks Like a boat it does look Right looks like a capsized boat this is The Being already been debated Yeah see i think this is the i think This is the crest of a [ __ ] hill Oh i see what it is now it’s like the Very very top the very peak of a hill in Fact in the if you go across the bay on Google earth you can see these white Patches are actually white patches of Rock that are around the the windmills Themselves so you can’t actually make Out the windmills because it’s too dark

But the moonlight is [ __ ] reflecting Off of the ground around it You can see just the crest of it it’s Blue It reminds me of that one where the Aliens are walking around It is that one this is that one yeah Yeah is it where the aliens yes well not Yet It’s a long clip you got ways to go There chief And it was also over a few days or a Week it was over a few years oh [ __ ] a Few years ali I just found out I didn’t know it was that long yeah some Of them were like 2006 seven eight Oh man I must you see If i was filming aliens out at sea or Whatever and i could see them walking Around i would turn the camera around on My face and say have you seen these [ __ ] aliens you know Check this show And look at my face because this is me i Found this right So this is What is this we’re looking at does Anybody know Now is this the sun setting or rising i Mean It’s 4 25 in june that looks like the Sun rising to me

Right at that time of course i remember That day I remember that day That was a nice clean morning i remember That it was beautiful out You were there i saw you that’s right I was there to watch the sunrise Yeah here we go here we go Get some alien head here Sorry i came out wrong again You all like Sorry rich Is is this what we’re talking about Yeah you see that to me looks like the Prowl of a boat it actually does you Know with a little bit of the front It does But what are those again It would be moving if it was a boat Wouldn’t it yeah and when you put it in An editor you find it it doesn’t move Even a slight like even a pinch of a Little bit nothing Even looking at this here you can see That’s his hand movements and it’s you Know it’s It’s perfectly still it’s a perfectly Still object that his hands are shaking Around He’s zoomed in it’s simple yeah his Buddy owns a yacht yeah He’s zoomed in on the yacht and he’s is His mate has bought a A big alien head mask

He goes to walk round Now that’s just silly ollie The things people do It’s not like that guy that put him it Put that alien head in his back window Yeah you remember that one Yeah that’s uh well Should we say his name Stanley romanek oh you just described my Channel sorry i’ll you can have buffon Lives if you want i I don’t allowed to say old thanos name Is a non-cinnamon stan romanek Yeah this is all right i didn’t know You mean the starseed oh okay yeah yeah Yeah yeah the pedo Star no it was like everybody called Himself yeah yeah it’s a shame it wasn’t Just stars he seeded Oh I have another joke in there somewhere I’ll give him this is it’s a long clip Oh this is ours it’s a fan dude he’s got Like he’s got like uh um I don’t know how and it goes over a Couple of years too so this is like one Video how stupid is this guy to not know Oh here we go it’s phosphate but that’s Land out there I think he i think he eventually Realized it Yeah probably Uh it hasn’t moved in five years The ufo’s been in the same location for

[ __ ] years now this one’s different i Think this is this might actually be a Real ufo just like an orbit you know but These are different videos as opposed to That like prep supposed craft Yeah they they’ve edited this this video Has been edited it’s like you try to [ __ ] take the orb light and then edit It right with this [ __ ] thing to like Make a connection but that’s not the Case [ __ ] Yeah What a shame Always somebody That’s all they need to do just one [ __ ] spaceship it’s not we’re not Asking for a lot Give us one two minutes once one Spaceship that’s the summer one They did and they gave it to billy meyer Of all people Joking Give it to the guy with one arm and no Brain right this guy’s completely saying Everyone will believe this man Do you see the one like the one billy Buyer he had like the [ __ ] alien ray Gun Oh my god it’s like a [ __ ] toy gun Like are you [ __ ] kidding me dude Like really Maybe that’s what [ __ ] it it’s all Real the aliens came down they met billy

And they said take me to your leader and He was just crazy enough to go what a Coincidence that’s me Well you know i am the leader Kyle what did you make of the um we Spoke about many times on the chat on The channel flare the car bell footage Of it going into the water Of oh of this um of this orb one You know i mean uh i mean it’s it’s it’s Interesting it’s a you know i mean it’s It’s okay you know it’s pretty crappy Footage uh can’t really see anything of It you know and carl bell’s red dots Oh you know i’ve seen some stuff like That so i mean that’s not that’s not too That’s kind of cool Airplane Yeah i don’t think i’ve ever seen this Video before It’s called bells Anything by corbell is easily Explainable or You just say it’s not Because that’s corbell do you see him Moving around at all those uh lights in The sky or anything or No And and the flashing of those faas No no they don’t No they don’t they don’t [ __ ] move it Off Well they’re moving but they’re Airplanes they’re going about 180 miles

An hour and they’re flashing at the same Interval pace as uh uh uh Faa lights do on the regular airplane Mick west proved it Yeah i’ll make west [ __ ] so stop no [ __ ] back no Yes yes no He can debunk every [ __ ] thing dude Shut He reminds me of me when i was his age I mean i used to do all age Don’t worry about it bro He’s 27. Thank you Actually i just turned 44. Do you think mick west is just like Literally clutching at straws with the The debunks he’s doing with the the Gimbal footage oh yeah dude well let me Think like like look at it dude like he Was like you’re telling me that these Guys don’t know a [ __ ] another jet That the at flear system which can Target and [ __ ] identify every single Aircraft out there It doesn’t know that it’s looking at Another jet what they say Mitt west says the pilots could be Mistaken yeah oh yeah of course they’re [ __ ] mistaken along with the [ __ ] Fleet of ufos that they’re seeing as Well like [ __ ] like these guys They’ll go to like they you’re telling Me like they couldn’t tell another

[ __ ] fighter jet like their their Radar doesn’t understand that or Something Like come on Honestly i think that whole thing was Staged No way yep I don’t see it yep How about we never saw the fleet i want To see the fleet don’t you think they Would have said all right let me turn Towards the fleet but though let’s just Follow one Right I want to see that footage of the fleet I bet you they [ __ ] have it dude of Course they got it if it’s there yeah Please got it Yeah we’ve got the 23 minute one Is this this one that there was a rumor Going around that lou was showing some Uh video to The people that he was appearing On the show with did you hear that what Was that can you repeat that Uh lou was There was there was meant to be a rumor Going around that lou was showing Another video Uh To people when he visited their channel Privately Yeah we looked at that the last time we Were on right ollie no i think richie’s

Saying privately like there’s another One that that Some of these people have seen And kind of given their lu lu scouts Honor that they won’t They won’t show it or won’t record what The well didn’t rogan say that as well On a podcast That there was supposed to be there was He was told that there would there was Going to be a high death Video of a craft released Yeah You see he fall down are you serious Yeah He said one of his podcasts that he he Was told he said i don’t know because he Bro he mentioned on one podcast then a Couple of months down the road it came Up he said i don’t know where it came he Said i but i was told that there exists A high def video Of a craft yeah that was going to be Released 23 minutes Yeah That’d be good Yeah 23 minute high debt video Never happened we don’t even get 23 Seconds Like like high def is what i mean you Know Yeah i know lou said that he saw footage Of a crap that was only 50 feet away You know like that so that’s what i’d

Like to see then Apparently lou’s going around showing People footage uh like after live Streams And showing them uh things behind the Scenes Yeah someone mentioned it was the uh Cube inside the sphere oh yeah that’s Right yeah yeah yeah or is it the sphere Inside the cube Then you would just see the cube Here’s the thing here I don’t know how true this rumor is that Lou’s been showing some of the Uh The co-hosts some secret footage But that if this if this gu if lou he is Like you know I’m not going to break any [ __ ] I’m not going to yeah i’m not gonna do That I guarantee he’s not gonna show Some ufo channel Yeah Some crazy ufo footage that is not gonna Happen not on air you know Yeah you know how after stream yard you Can still talk to everybody for as long As you want It ain’t gonna happen after yeah i don’t See him i don’t see him doing it it is Happening it’s real So okay Let’s so let’s talk about that so you

You you’re here you’re hearing You’re here we are talking about it damn It See who Whose channel is this who’s who said This uh from what i understand it was on The fessler Yeah it was it was it was it was a man And a woman wasn’t it that that that Came out and said said that lou hadn’t Josh an artemis show yeah They said lou didn’t Dude but they know somebody i think Who’s close to lou And they’re saying this To them and i don’t know if it’s in Confidence or what but i mean i Shouldn’t know about it then i guarantee If lou has signed these and he’s a man Of his honor yeah he is not going to Show it even after a show To another channel I don’t think these are nba bound nda Bound Then he probably would have just put him Out Well that’s what people are wondering Why hasn’t he Well because i don’t think it’s true i Mean i don’t think He has it like showing people this you Know it’s just something about war you Know it just sounds like a rumor to me Right you guys do

You guys do live streams and stuff like That more than i do and i’m not the most I tech savvy guys when it when it comes To using computers on the daily all the Time do you guys know what the shortcut For screen grabs Yeah Yeah so yeah If if that was on You would at least take a screen grab of It I hear you Unless everybody signed a an l-u-e yeah Maybe yeah yeah they signed a loo You could do that yeah i mean I don’t know but that’s what i was Thinking when somebody just screenshot It mm-hmm Even if even it was just a couple of Frames of something yeah if it was Something so remarkable I think it was the thing 50 feet away From the Pilot the cockpit That’s what i think it was That’d be cool Oh they could just film on the phone Right like the batman like i just did You guys talking just then maybe This is this is just a little bit of Get lou’s book it’s another piece of Marketing that’s interesting I find that interesting that lou if that Is true that is very

It’s very very interesting that little Bit of like he i’m gonna give you a Little bit of something To get you in that Yeah i don’t see him doing it I just don’t make sense you know but who Knows I sit in the middle but if that’s Happened That i’m with you rick i’m with you rich All the way if that has actually Happened if he’s done that And he showed them stuff off air Then i i i mean definitely 100 and i’m Pretty much 90 in your car when it comes To lou There’s that 10 that i want to trust That little man Big man i want to trust him too man i Just don’t trust anybody That’s all i don’t hate the guy i just You know there’s some things that were Said over the years that are no longer Being spoken about and It’s weird uh but the narrative seems to Have changed now to that these aliens Are You know we could possibly talk to them With our mind and we’re also worried About Private corporations getting this Uh stuff and maybe they could overtake The government one day because the Technology will be better than what the

Government has so they’re afraid of These private corporations that are back Engineering these uh craft or Come up with the new technology that They’re gonna Break away Take over i mean you never know i mean That that would make a government scared Which we were saying before the show Before you actually came onto the show i Think it was still live and i’m not Blowing coke up your ass because that Would make it numb uh and you prolapse Um but I think you’d do a great lou interview i Think you would i think Both me both me and kyle said i think it Would be very respectful yeah we don’t Think i don’t think lou has anything to Fear from going on to goof on No no No honestly you would get the respect as If he was my parents sitting there you Know i i would never treat him like a Dick No i say i’m i told you ollie exactly Like we were saying i was like i think i I don’t think rich would be a dick at All i think it’d be really cool to see [ __ ] lou come on his show and do an Interview i think which would be totally Cool with him dude and i never have done That to even people who have mistreated Me like kevin pass and other people and

I just were very very nice to them So I think And plus i know if lou was to come on my Show he’s taking time out of his day to Make it for me and my fans And that’s you know you get respect for That to actually talk to somebody who Doesn’t think the same way 100 I mean there’s some things i agree with But not all of it i saw him live earlier Before yeah The ucr Sorry yeah what’s that stand for Unidentified celebrity review yeah That’s the one Um i saw him on there and he I i was i was doing things at the same Time like washing up and going in and Out of the room but i heard something And it sounded um i I kind of walked into something but it Was It felt Well i i thought what they were saying That He is stepping away from it and doing no More interviews Yeah that’s right yeah i heard something About that What really that sucks Because everywhere he goes uh apparently I’m the one who’s going everywhere he is

So he says He didn’t mention me but Every time i go on a show this guy’s There talking about me the next day or The same night and it’s just like come On dude give it a break already so he’s Doing no more interviews It’s all my fault When’s his book out In a few weeks Because he’s getting ready to go he just Did all of his practice runs on all the Little podcasts he’s now groomed and Ready for mainstream media No but lou if you’re watching this now That for you to say i’m not doing any More interviews now your book’s out next Month At the end of the day You know he Looks a little He’s done a press tour Yeah the junket He went on the junket that’s what they Call it Nah but don’t you he would still be Doing it i don’t know why he would stop Now and then now relax for a month it Doesn’t make sense i don’t know what is It yeah he started out on mainstream Media I know right Depends on what’s in the book Well he’s talking about it on a lot of

These shows what’s in the book I think even the lou doubters are going To buy this book you know Rich doesn’t even read and i don’t and i Even i will buy the book and get my wife To read it to me at bedtime That’s what i’ll do to you I hope he’s not doing it All right Yeah well you know you hope he does Kyle you seem to think that Um That the the the the man himself That is in the the centerpiece of this Thumbnail of the video Is responsible For the hatred Against Lou Oh yeah Definitely I’m Just making this up even rich knows it Is Well he’ll you know sorry guys Grier hates the fact that These guys came out and they get put in The media and not him and it drives him [ __ ] crazy dude he cannot [ __ ] Stand it he hates it so [ __ ] bad dude And it’s just It just trickles down from there dude And that’s it it all comes back grier Just hates this he hates the fact that

These guys get the attention and and he Doesn’t matter that just drives him off The [ __ ] wall dude Oh so he jumps on their star dumb Stardom so he doesn’t fall off to the Wayside is what you’re saying yeah like He’s he’s pissed off like he’s like hey I started the disclosure project it Should have been me up there on all this [ __ ] media and it’s you [ __ ] guys You know because i started a disclosure Project like his [ __ ] disclosure Project what he wanted to happen they Actually got accomplished they actually Got the real congress to [ __ ] vote on And all this [ __ ] whereas he just had a Mock [ __ ] uh thing set up where he Actually paid the [ __ ] retired Congressman to come in and [ __ ] like That like he had a [ __ ] fake thing And they actually did the real thing and It just drives him [ __ ] batty like he He hates it dude he can’t stand that These guys get all the attention and he Doesn’t did you hear that from him Firsthand No i i just personally know Okay Yeah no he told me this we’re best Friends He was [ __ ] crying to me while we Were sleeping together last night What the hell was he doing at your place Dude he was supposed to be at my place

He’s just so muscular and strong i just Love it when he just holds me that’s [ __ ] arms and i’m not that i’m gay But it just makes me feel so comfortable You know i’m just safe He’s a bear he’s just a big old Bear he just i just love when he just Holds me in his pecs and he just flexes And i just i love it what’s wrong with That man very good yeah So If you think stephen started this though I heard this from from rich before Korea I only heard that gria had a problem With lou probably a year ago Well Yeah because the third phase of moon no But you you’ve had a problem with grey For no not with greer with uh lou for Well pretty much day one From day one yeah Because it was government And i said i don’t trust anybody Government i don’t like this threat And grier was saying it too they’re not A threat well he talks to him i don’t so He may know but do you think third phase That’s the reason why they have a Problem with Um Aloof because of greer kyle Oh yeah They know that’s what i think

I straight up [ __ ] told them that’s What i think dude i’m like you know i i Just you know i mean not that they’re Not that they’ll ever come out and admit It Not that greer would ever come out and Admit it Not that they’re saying hey go and talk [ __ ] on my behalf okay not that that’s Not that that’s happening but just to [ __ ] You know um You know To try to [ __ ] Kiss ass to the [ __ ] people on top You know it just [ __ ] trickles its Way down because he just he can’t [ __ ] sound like he’s always talking About He like all these guys in the [ __ ] Government he’s literally talking about [ __ ] lou himself So He’s just If you just go and watch this stuff You’ll see he just can’t stand lou he Can’t stand any of these guys and what’s Happening with ttsa and that’s why he’ll Put out everything to try to talk [ __ ] About these guys and try to put him down And make him look bad and That’s just what he does you know It’s it’s it’s plain it’s plain to say To me i mean you see in all his videos

Dude like he just talks [ __ ] about the Government these guys you know Especially like lately like within like The past year or two Who agree Yeah he always does but he’s got a Reason to when you see above top secret You’ll understand why too because he Talks about some things he’s never Talked about before oh i’m sure he’s i’m Sure he has but i’m like that’s what i’m Saying about that secret b this is Another [ __ ] thing of you know just Hating on [ __ ] hating on lou you know Saying that the tic tac is [ __ ] is uh Man-made and and [ __ ] like that just you Know it’s just it’s more of just his [ __ ] theories not that they have Evidence to support any of that but just More speculation You know i’m [ __ ] just that’s uh That’s all it is it’s just purely Speculation that’s all they’re doing They don’t ever he doesn’t have any Evidence he’s not bringing forth some Kind of evidence to support what he’s Saying other than him saying oh this is Just what i’m saying you know just here You go it’s and so you just you just Agree with it or you don’t not that dude He’s like oh i got this to back it up You know it’s not like anything like That’s coming out So

It would be interesting to know whether Ttsa and all these rel revelations that Have happened since 2017 Whether they’ve had a good effect on Grier’s business model or whether They’ve taken money away from it Um because the ufo community is is Quite a small one But obviously With the ttsa revelations You know it’s become a lot larger you’ve Got ufo twitter and all this lot but Surely griez Got some fallout from that in terms of Some people will turn to His stuff and Buy whatever he’s selling You know so so Is this good for him or or is he lashing Out because his business model’s Suffering you know that would be a Is that interesting what do you know About that [ __ ] i have no idea I mean what does he do he he he does he Does weekend seminars for his c5 stuff Doesn’t he and he and he’s got a he’s Got an app Uh For ce5 what what else does he do Anything Else i gotta get going ollie oh you Gotta get going when’s your show rich Well i scheduled it for uh

An hour and 23 minutes from now 9 30 Eastern You you go prepare rich uh people go Check out goofon In the description it’s got a show in an Hour and twenty what’s it about It’s not about lou Even though the thumbnail has them Sitting on the counter That’s what it says this show is not About lou I don’t know what it’s about yet you’ll See But thank you for having me on no it’s Fine mate i’m gonna end the show anyway Soon because we’ve been doing it for Over two hours you want me to wait Around You can wait about yeah gosh can if you Want because i’m going to end anyway Uh kyle um yes What are you doing next you got you got Some you get to start going live on ufo Proof oh yeah You know i’ll i’ll probably be going Live uh later and um you know and then You’re supposed to come over and host a [ __ ] show on my channel too You know and um uh i got some i got some Videos i should probably i should Probably just go ahead and put the [ __ ] Out i keep putting it off dude You know but uh yeah I’ll i’ll follow you that sometime soon

You know at least i mean at least i’ll Show you guys you know anyway have you Got something coming up this week Yeah oh i [ __ ] i’m working on [ __ ] Putting out the videos that i have and i Just keep [ __ ] putting it off i just Don’t want to put them out and i was Like oh man you know but they’re really Cool i mean you know i should put them On anyway just so you guys can see them Because they’re [ __ ] awesome so I’ll probably try to get one out Go check it out in the description lee Lee My life Check my podcast out must see audio um If you don’t get through all the Ollie shows you can what listen to them As well at a later date Um Follow me on twitter at all shunt And you change your name every two Minutes on twitter i can’t keep up with It Yeah but the username is always the same You want to get me and Rich and uh modern militia on at the Same time i would like that yeah yes That’s going to happen very soon and That We’ll speak we’ll speak with a rich After this Um but rich And other rich thanks for joining us

Tonight good night god bless people mind The bugs don’t bite it’s been a two hour And eight minute show I don’t go any longer than two hours and Nine minutes so good night god bless Mind the books go by Keep those nipples hard people male or Female whatever you’ve both got nipples Good night Oh and uh Support the channel Fill me up you know there’s a patreon or A t-shirt To keep them nipples covered