5 Most Extraordinary Teleportation Cases in History

By | March 12, 2022
5 Most Extraordinary Teleportation Cases in History

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Thank you Dr donald powell wilson was a prison Psychiatrist who in the late 1940s Worked at usp leavenworth a civilian Penitentiary located in kansas within The u.s army post fort leavenworth At the time of wilson’s tenure Leavenworth was the largest maximum Security federal prison in the united States and as such housed some of the Country’s most notorious criminals Serial killers foreign agents bank Robbers drug lords prohibition-era Gangsters One such inmate was a man by the name of Haddad someone whom wilson in an Autobiographical book he later published Documenting his three years at Leavenworth described as being many Times a murderer an inmate with a Strange reputation haddad had been Passed around several correctional Facilities with wilson explaining that Weird tales surrounded his origin and History his records were always Disappearing or changing with it being Said that haddad himself had a habit of Going missing when in transit from one Institution to another he would in short Disappear simply not being in the back Of the wagon when it arrived at the Prison An hour or so later he would always

Reappear and quite calmly knock on the Main gate asking to be readmitted his Ability to escape without attracting Anyone’s attention was it seemed Remarkable and was attributed by many to His strangeness for her dad had a Reputation in every prison he stayed for Magic hypnosis and teleportation in his Autobiography wilson an otherwise Conventional psychiatrist with no Interest in or inclination towards the Paranormal described her dad as a Psychopathic and statuesque convict of Sengali’s descent who claimed to be a Chaldean astrologer with direct lineage Reaching back to 400 bc educated at the Universities of carthage and oxford and By profession a zombie priest from haiti Mystical and enigmatic haddad is said to Have completely disrupted the morale of Prisons he was housed in affecting both The staff and other inmates through his Hypnotism and rumored connections to Voodoo rights and devil worship And yet for all of this wilson could not Describe her dad as anything other than Polite cooperative and charming on one Particular occasion when her dad was in Solitary confinement after one of his Seemingly regular acts of teleportation The guards reported to hospital staff That he was acting up again having not Urinated for a week ever cautious of the Notoriously peculiar prisoner they

Wanted little to do with him and so Wilson and his colleague were sent to Assess him When asked why he was not urinating her Dad is said to have responded in his Perfect british accent that his guidance Had been contrary-wise Aware that his cryptic behavior was Unsettling to the prison staff he Supposedly then added but a thousand Pardons if i have inconvenienced you by My spiritual ascendancy and indeed there Truly was no restraining the man’s Alleged spiritual ascendancy on more Than one occasion he is said to have Feigned death only to have risen from The morgue entirely unharmed and very Much alive mere moments before autopsy Several hours later And yet it can be said that his ability To teleport from prison was his most Peculiar ability after all according to Wilson he always came back sensationally During one disappearance he was even Seen by prison staff in the foyer of a Kansas city theater at the close of a Concert when he took himself back to Leavenworth the warden was enraged and Demanded an explanation haddad it is Said merely replied that it had been Some time since he had been to a concert And that being such a short distance From the city it would have been such a Shame not to have gone

When the warden reminded him that his Prison sentence did not include theater Privileges haddad reminded him that he Came back as he always did i have no Intention of avoiding my sentence the Inmate allegedly reasoned no one even Knew i was gone during wilson’s Examination of the teleporting man he is Said to have asked him why with all his Powers of escape he found himself Incarcerated haddad explained that he Was on a dual mission to wander Throughout the world seeking two Excessively evil and maligned spirits And to relieve them of their corporeal Anatomy and equally to find two men upon Whom he could bestow his mantle of Therapy In short he believed it his destiny to Take the lives of two deservingly evil People and then to share his spiritual Knowledge with two deservingly good People Wilson and his colleague so it turned Out fit haddad’s requirements for the Latter it is said that the prisoner went On to explain to the doctor that in Order for him to share the secrets of Teleportation and other priceless Knowledge they would need to perform a Blood right together at astral midnight In his solitary confinement cell after This initiation ceremony haddad assured Wilson would never be the same again in

Addition to gaining secret knowledge the Doctor would also be ageless and Timeless All that was required was a little blood All things considered wilson politely Declined Writing in his 1951 autobiography the Doctor explained that he had too much Respect for her dad’s ability as a Hypnotist and feared given his murderous Reputation what he might do to him An astonishing series of events is said To have happened in 1722 In the small village of sandfelt germany Recorded at the time by a local estate Manager called heinrich george hannah it All began with joachim dankelman a Prosperous farmer in the area Complaining of strange things happening In his house Objects were thrown by unseen hands Mysterious wraps and knocks were heard Alongside eerie disembodied voices and Multiple strange apparitions were Witnessed Many of the mysterious phenomena Recorded by hanel were akin to those Alleged in modern poltergeist cases And yet the particular activity said to Have haunted the dunkleman residents was Shockingly unique with one modern expert Describing the happenings as possessing An intelligence of a lunatic and Disruptive kind

After all it is recorded that on one Occasion dunkleman’s wife was left Terrified upon hearing a bodyless voice Call out your health only for her then To witness a large amount of Foul-smelling excrement thrown into her Home And such was not even the most Phenomenal occurrence said to have taken Place for that one had to look to the Children and the terrifying and Extraordinary activity of the 5th of March 1722 According to the contemporary document The dunkleman children were playing on The floor of the house when in the Twinkling of an eye the eldest and the Youngest vanished before the other’s Eyes their siblings completely Disappeared from sight the remaining Children fled to their mother who Anxiously searched the area looking for Them only for them to reappear later in The same place As it turned out extraordinary events Like this continued to happen whereby The children would disappear and Mysteriously reappear either in the same Location or seemingly teleported to Elsewhere in the house Aggravating their mother to the point That she became ill And if the teleportations of the Children were not peculiar enough the

Tales they told of where they had been When they were vanished were strangers Still They spoke of being transported Underground where crooked little people Offered them money to stay with them When the children refused they were Returned home And so the intentions of the entities Plaguing the home seem neither outright Malicious nor otherwise What they might have been it is Impossible to say Either way this little known happening Can be said to be as fascinating as it Is unsettling after all whilst many Poltergeist cases can be explained away As children merely engineering practical Jokes on adults the sandfelt portuguese Appears to have been something else with It difficult to offer an explanation as To how the children would have Teleported before the very eyes of those Around them Unless of course the crooked little People that they described were real And inexplicably capable of snatching Young victims right out of the air For hundreds of years the venerable Maria de jesus de agreda has been Venerated by catholics as a model of Holiness Born in agreda spain in 1602 to a modest Family she was reported as having divine

Visions from a very young age with her Personally recounting being taught Religious lessons by god himself By the age of 12 many in the area had Come to realize that there was something Special about the undeniably holy girl Educated priests and nuns reported that She possessed grace and humility Qualities which endeared her to many Indeed maria was so respected at this Age that when she told her parents that God had spoken to her and had instructed Her to convert their family home into a Monastery they listened and eventually Did just that Within the confines of her monastic life She acquired a mystical reputation She wrote 14 books on spirituality and Her visions and people even attested to Having witnessed her levitate heal the Sick and prophesized the future however Arguably her most extraordinary ability Was that of teleportation with it being Claimed at the time by both her and Others that she by located to new spain In order to meet with indigenous people In the area between new mexico and texas Maria’s miraculous ability to teleport Was attested to by father alonso de Benavides the franciscan custodian of New mexico at the time He reported how a group of homano people Came to his monks asking to be baptized They stated that a lady in blue had in

The course of her many visits to them Taught them the teachings of christ and As such had convinced them and their Leader to be baptized into the faith Father benavides was astonished Missionary efforts had not yet reached These people and yet when he sent a Group of his franciscans to perform the Baptisms they were not only easily Converted but also already well Instructed in christianity The humanos continued to reference the Beautiful lady in blue as the one to Have taught them Remarkably this was the same colour as Maria’s habit Fascinated by this miraculous woman Benavidez corresponded with fellow Ecclesiastes back in spain when they Told him about a young nun said to be Able to transport her body across the Ocean he knew he had to meet her With an official commission to go and Question maria benavidez traveled to Agrada and interviewed her there She told him about her visions and her Trips to the new world accurately Describing places names and even Particulars about the culture of the Homano people Her knowledge of the area went far Beyond anything written in books Especially considering that the humano People had only been first contacted a

Few decades prior aside from maria other Nuns in the convent attested to the Young woman’s ability to teleport with Her disappearing regularly enough for Them not to be alarmed After the interview benavides convinced Of the miracle wrote that maria had been Conveyed bodily to the indies maria However was not so convinced during the Interview she explained that which i Think the most certain is that an angel Appeared in my form and that the lord Showed me what passed there Whether such skepticism of her ability To bilocate was her true opinion cannot Be known after all maria was afraid of Being labeled a witch Indeed her fears later led her to burn The diary in which she had recorded Experiences of over 500 jumps to the new World Thankfully benavidez and many other Contemporary accounts attested to and Corroborated her claims whatever the Reason behind it this case is undeniably Extraordinary with the homano people not Only crediting maria de jesus for their Conversion but also for their survival To this day the texan city of san angelo Regards her teleportation missions as The first pioneering force that Established religious missions in the Area by some it is even said that Texas’s official state flower the blue

Bonnet was selected in remembrance of The remarkable lady in blue and so a Young woman in far off spain has been Credited with being a pioneer and Pivotal figure of a place to which she Never officially traveled In june 1968 dr gerardo vidal and his Wife were driving along national route 2 From a small town just outside of buenos Aires argentina they were following Another couple in their car driving Together to visit family and friends When all of a sudden a mysterious green Fog enveloped their car In the other car the vidal’s friends Arrived at their destination thinking Their companions had just fallen behind Some time passed and the vidals were Still missing Increasingly worried as to where their Friends were they got back into their Car and retraced their journey along Route 2 to find them to no avail According to widely circulated reports From the time the vidals awoke two days Later lost and confused a tremendous 4 000 miles away in rural mexico They were in their car without any Memory as to what had happened Bizarrely when they inspected their Vehicle they discovered that its Bodywork was covered in mysterious Scorch marks the engine however was in Perfect running order and so terrified

The couple made their way to mexico city Where they contacted the argentine Consulate and related to them what had Happened They were able to arrange a flight home For the videls as well as a phone call To their friends the rappellini family During the call gerardo relayed to them The strange circumstance they found Themselves in Before their flight the consulate Informed the videos that they were going To take possession of their car Such may have made sense on its own Considering that they would have to Leave it behind for the plane journey And yet the consulate’s decision was Undeniably peculiar They said that they wanted to send the Scorched vehicle to america to be Studied telling the vidals to stay Silent on the matter so that the Authorities could investigate without Interference offering them a replacement Car for the inconvenience Regardless the news leaked with reports Of the vettel’s dramatic teleportation Causing somewhat of a sensation both in National and international publications For their part the vidals seem to have Obliged the authorities not having Spoken to the press directly The last thing that is reported about Them was that the wife had to be checked

Into hospital because of a nervous Disorder as she was allegedly in severe Shock after the incident Considering the unearthly claims being Made it can be said that a strangely Heavy curtain of silence descended on The whole affair many investigators Stopped looking into it dead ends within The research abounded and even martin Rappellini came forward two days after The incident denying that the phone call Ever took place and that he did not even Know the vidals An odd statement for sure considering That the rappellinis were known to be Related to the vidals with two of Martin’s sisters already spreading the Word about how the phone call was real A further strangeness was how martin Seemed to be the only rappellini in the Town with journalists eager to cover the Case reporting how all other members of The family had fled presumably to avoid Further questioning and there was Seemingly no end to the strangeness According to flying saucer review whose Argentinian representative reported on The case only a couple of months later On the very same night as the videl’s Teleportation a man appeared at the Town’s hospital stating that he had been Driving along route 2 when a strange fog Had descended over his car and left him Feeling shaken and unwell

Newspapers also reported how some local People witnessed ufos in the sky that Night which has subsequently led to the Belief that extraterrestrials Was somehow involved in the vidal’s Teleportation with abduction being Strongly suspected As staggering as these events are Claimed to have been the case soon faded Away behind the curtain of silence in The time since very little else has been Said on the matter Then in 1996 a filmmaker stated in an Interview that the whole story had been Invented as a marketing ploy for a film Which he released soon after the vidal’s Disappearance The film was a science fiction musical Comedy about ufos and teleportation What may at first glance seem like a Plausible explanation unravels upon Inspection Not only was the film a comedy Supposedly advertised by a case which Ended with a woman in hospital suffering A nervous breakdown ufos were not Explicitly mentioned in the vidal’s Teleportation experience Not merely that the whole matter was Shushed up rather quickly arguably Lessening the effectiveness of any Marketing ploy then of course why wait 28 years before revealing the connection On top of all of this the movie was a

Complete flop The only redeeming factor in this Explanation is that the car featured in The film was the same one which the Videls allegedly drove one perhaps Wonders if this is not merely someone Seeking to divert attention to their Film claiming something which the Distance of time makes nearly impossible To verify Muddled confused and possibly littered With disinformation the case of the Vidal seems to follow that of many other More credible ufo encounters And so what started as so promising is Now all but impossible to uncover the Truth of All around the world armed forces and Government agencies have long nurtured An interest in weaponizing the Paranormal from the acknowledged u.s Remote viewing experiments of project Stargate to the illegal hypnosis and Brainwashing cia program mk ultra to the Lesser-known soviet investigations into Telepathy and psychokinesis at leningrad University to the rumored development of Psychically enhanced super soldiers by Axis powers in the 1940s One thing which these projects all have In common is their secrecy Until they are declassified they are Conspiracy Even though many of these projects have

Been officially acknowledged large Portions of the general population still Struggle to accept the reality of Parapsychological research being Conducted by their governments This futile computation can be said to Have been showcased in 2004 when the u.s Air force research laboratory Declassified a special report on the Possibility of teleportation The purpose of this report according to Its abstract was to search for Teleportation phenomena occurring Naturally or under laboratory conditions That can be assembled into a model Describing the conditions required to Accomplish the transfer of objects In short it argued that teleportation Was not merely possible but that a Working model for the technology could Be produced when the media reported on This research it was denounced as Science fiction and a waste of money With everyone left scratching their Heads as to why star trek kooks had been Allowed to infiltrate the u.s air force And yet history and a mountain of Declassified documents proves that the So-called kooks had always been there in Particular it has been argued that Research into teleportation was nothing New for the us armed forces John von neumann was a Hungarian-american mathematician

Physicist computer scientist and Engineer One of the foremost minds of his time he Has been credited as being the man who Created the future a genius unparalleled To many the forgotten einstein Amongst von neumann’s many achievements Was the establishing of a rigorous Mathematical framework for quantum Mechanics a bewildering branch of Theoretical physics which deals with the Behavior of matter and light at the Atomic and subatomic level Often this area of science is popularly Associated with time travel and Teleportation with quantum teleportation Namely teleportation on a very very Small scale even said to have been Experimentally realized in 1997. It is for this reason that john von Neumann’s name has been associated with An alleged u.s navy project project Rainbow More commonly known as the philadelphia Experiment it is claimed that von Neumann was instrumental to this project Namely the vanishing and teleportation Of the u.s naval destroyer the uss Eldridge These phenomenal happenings are reported To have taken place on the 28th of October 1943. The eldridge was supposedly stationed at

The philadelphia navy yard a part of a Top-secret stealth technology project The purpose of this project was to Experiment rendering a ship invisible to Enemy radar by creating what has been Described as an electromagnetic bottle Some sort of directed highly powerful Electromagnetic field which would divert Radar waves around a target Supposedly inspired by albert einstein a Colleague of von neumanns at princeton University and his incomplete unified Field theory the experiment is said to Have been successful for a fraction of Time the uss eldridge became invisible To radar More than that it became invisible Entirely Dramatically it is claimed that the ship Utterly disappeared save for the Impression of its hull in the water Then unexpectedly it vanished altogether Being momentarily teleported a distance Of some 200 miles to norfolk virginia It was an unexpected and drastic side Effect after all it is said that the Material aim of the project radar Invisibility came at a horrendous cost For when the eldridge reappeared Returning to its original location in Philadelphia the crew were found in an Appalling state Dematerialized along with the vessel Some had become embedded in the fabric

Of the ship melded with the metal Others had disappeared altogether some Were disoriented insane and Irretrievable and many now bore hideous Physical deformities Mata so it seemed may have been moved Relocated from one place to another but It most certainly had not been returned To its precise original location After this botched albeit somewhat Successful experiment the project was Allegedly scrapped with von neumann and His genius reassigned to the manhattan Project As for the soldiers involved those who Survived are said to have either been Brainwashed or scared into silence Of course it is impossible to prove Whether or not any of this happened Clandestine and controversial the Details of the so-called philadelphia Experiment were leaked to the public in The 1950s through morris k jessup a ufo Investigator who claimed correspondence Was carl m allen a merchant marine said To have been on board another ship in Norfolk virginia when the outreach Teleported He along with the rest of the crew is Said to have observed the outrage’s Appearance and subsequent disappearance Many decades after the sensational Claims were made on the 28th of november 2000 the office of naval research

Released a fact sheet definitively Denying the existence of the Philadelphia experiment Condemning the use of force fields to Make a ship and her crew invisible as Being against the known laws of physics They also provided access to the Allergies war diary to prove that it had Not been in philadelphia at the time or Indeed ever as for the other ship they Did concede that it was in norfolk in October 1943. Interestingly in their denial the onr Also revealed that between 1943 and 44 Einstein was a part-time consultant with The navy’s bureau of ordinance however There is no indication they stated in Their response that he was involved in Research relevant to invisibility or to Teleportation For many who have researched the Philadelphia experiment the onr’s Statement has been condemned as weak After all logs and official whereabouts Most especially those from over 50 years Ago are easily falsified And so what is known is that both john Von neumann and albert einstein were on The navy’s payroll at the time of the Claimed experiment Both had an interest in quantum Mechanics and the fundamental forces of Nature Not only that in 1943 john von neumann

Was the leading authority on the Mathematics of shaped charges with it Being conceivable that such knowledge Would be useful in the directing of Energy to create the electromagnetic Bottle which supposedly teleported the Eldridge Given that in the decades since the Alleged happening the united states and Its various agencies and military Departments have proven that they are no Strangers to fringe scientific research Many are convinced as to the reality of Project rainbow and the philadelphia Experiment After all and rather strangely a project Rainbow is known to have existed between 1957 and 1958 the cia conducted a Research project aimed at reducing the Radar cross-section of reconnaissance Aircraft Akin to the proposed aims of the Conspiratorial 1943 project rainbow is This similarity more than just Coincidence After the disaster of the eldridge was The project merely rebranded and moved To a different department rather than Scrapped all together perhaps as with Many other secret military projects Project rainbow and all its various Experiments will be declassified and the Proponents of the philadelphia Experiment vindicated

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