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Welcome dr greer Thank you great seeing you again pat Yeah good seeing you Um dr greer this has been a very Difficult few weeks for the world uh we Have all watched the conflict unfolding In the ukraine and with heavy hearts for All And i know that many many people have Reached out with questions as one can Imagine Can you share with us some of your Thoughts on this conflict and and maybe As it relates to The most questions begin with Why Will the ets not step in and help with This Yeah well first i want to say that this Is you know of course the worst conflict The most dangerous one uh since world War ii in europe Um although certainly not The only conflict that you know we’ve Witnessed in recent years I think that it’s monstrous when any Country is invaded by another country It was monstrous frankly when the united States invaded iraq uh under false Pretense senses and i said so then And it’s now been proven that dick Cheney and his henchmen Uh falsely created Weapons of mass destruction evidence

That sodom hussein did not have to Justify going into there for Reasons i’ll get to in a moment Now we have a monstrous situation Horrible where we have innocent children Women civilians Being targeted Uh who are mostly defenseless in terms Of their own ability to stop things Raining from the sky But it’s much more dangerous And the reason it’s much more dangerous Is that Ukraine is surrounded by or adjacent to Several nato countries Which of course are part of the united States great britain and france and Other uh you know nuclear powers Russia has one of the biggest if not Largest nuclear arsenals in the world And so It’s very different than a situation Where Uh Horrific things Have happened in other regions of the World The iran-iraq war Back some decades ago a million innocent Civilians were killed during that Conflict Uh and we we’ve had seen this throughout Human history But now we could this disaster

If it’s not handled properly could put Us on the brink of world war iii a truly Uh catastrophic situation And the meanwhile What isn’t being discussed is context And history of this And i think that One of the big problems is that There is not Global Initiatives To enforce peace And that sounds crazy but you have to Enforce a peace And humans have to have peace on earth And peace and space and we’ve been going In the wrong direction Uh ever since world war ii uh of course United nations was formed after world War ii but it’s a toothless paper tiger Frankly Uh and so you still are left with uh war Mongers and superpower conflicts and Of their aspirations And there are grievances on all sides For example and but what i’m about to Say No way In no way Justifies the monstrous destruction And invasion of ukraine going on by Russia right now However those of you need a history Lesson refresher perhaps

When the soviet union fell apart 30-some Years ago Nato and the united states agreed not to Expand nato eastward However seven of the eight warsaw pac Countries which were soviet satellite Countries and soviet territories Are now part of nato And this has upset russia for 30 years So there’s a history of people on all Sides reneging on their agreements In this push to full continuously Militarize The world And and this is you know it’s it you Know it’s funny back in the 90s when i Was meeting with uh buttress bu truscali The u.n secretary general and his wife And leah golly turned in and leaned into Me talking about all these conflicts With all these people manipulating Geopolitical situations Staying a pox on all their houses Because she was so disgusted by it And i said yes but you know there’s some Root problems to this That we have we need to start talking About that’s what we’re going to talk About tonight and it squarely has to do With the ufo issue in a way that may Shock people Shocking And when i first started this process When i was a very young doctor briefing

People like the director of the cia for Bill clinton and others i brought up the Fact that the geopolitical situation That is central To uh the projection of military power Is rooted in the energy system we use Oil So let me translate for you When people say our vital national Security interests in the middle east What are they talking about they’re not Talking about the sand The camels Or the culture Or the religion They’re talking about oil And gas Now we have a situation where western Europe is completely Hostage and dependent on russian oil and Gas Uh we have a situation where the Catastrophe in venezuela has been Empowered by that oil wealth Nigeria greg easterbrook years ago in The new republic wrote an article about Oil being the black curse Referring to the fact that these petro States Where there’s a great deal of oil wells End up being corrupt Kleptocracies where oligarchs and Leaders take the wealth of the nation it Doesn’t really benefit

The man on the street But it empowers military hunters Militarism etc and so on Uh similarly the countries that don’t Have Enough oil Then become very dependent and will have To capitulate To uh tyranny Or to the reality the fact that they Have to keep the lights on and their Houses heated and their factories Running And unfortunately This is not possible Unless we bring out the underlying Covert Viciously sequestered secret ufo Technologies we’re going to talk about This for the next hour Now What’s happening right now was Predictable Avoidable And my frustration you’re hearing in my Voice is that in the briefings i i did All the way back When i met with the science advisors to The presidents Including Vice president al gore science advisor Dr kohlenberg And begged them begged them To declassify and get to the bottom of

These technologies even if it was Dangerous to do so even if they were Threatened and they were Because if we do not get off these Uh Oil gas coal And public utility systems That that only is damaging the Environment and five million people a Year die just from the Particulate matter from lung disease and Heart disease people don’t know this Forget about global warming people are Dying by the millions just from the junk In the air this is a you’ll look this Statistic up And so We have a situation in the ukraine and With russia That has been Allowed to happen over a number of Issues not just the oil issue that’s one Of them But the underlying world order that’s so Dysfunctional In large part where there’s been Conflict all over the world Has to do with superpower and other States Jockeying for commodity and resource Control That translates to energy and oil and Coal and uranium and so forth So

Now that’s a very dangerous situation It’s one thing when it happens during World war one and world war ii And people are hurling you know Uh Artillery and things of this sort are Dropping conventional bombs But when you have thousands of Thermonuclear weapons Uh each of which are multiple times more Destructive than the ones dropped on Hiroshima and nagasaki This is a game of chicken that’s been Going on for decades that’s been Avoidable And so i think that people have to Understand that the geopolitical reality Of the world the militarism in the world The centralized power Of a number of states Has to do with the energy And the commodities and the petrodollar System etc and so forth So these great power conflicts Are Which all Nations have engaged in through human History are greatly exacerbated By what Mr easter burke called the black curse Oil and gas and with it coal and all the All the conventional energy systems Which for 100 years since the time on Nikola tesla we have not needed

Now As far as the extraterrestrial Question You know we’ve talked about this a lot Pat I remember back in the 1990s being asked By a Woman who was from japan When i was given a presentation and said Why didn’t the et stop Those two bombs from incinerating Hundreds of thousands of people in Hiroshima and nagasaki I said well they were certainly aware we Were doing this But If they were to intervene A humanity would learn those lessons B We would be portraying them as invaders This is a huge problem If you look at the cosmic hoax which we Released about eight months ago nine Months ago Yeah we articulate the reason why There’s been a 70-year Strategic defense plan To demonize The et and ufo presence Because that’s ultimately the last card Quote-unquote that werner von braun who Invented the rocket tradeoff hitler in World war ii warned us about that they Would try to concoct an alien threat now

Imagine if There was A force From another star system That came in and intervened on one side Or another in this kind of squabble There it’s a lose-lose situation Unfortunately And the worst would be the future of Humans and extraterrestrials being Together peacefully because it would Immediately be taken By these spin artists Like we’ve seen in the last three or Four years since unacknowledged came out There’s been one Lackey working on behalf of the Intelligence community after another on 60 minutes cnn all over the world Talking about the threat to the national Security by ufos it’s been a constant Drum beat Now imagine in this media In this environment There’s an e.t overt intervention Or even covert And suddenly You have a situation where People will then be through the mass Media that’s controlled by the Intelligence community Would pivot to oh my god not only do we Have this conflict going on in an area The size of texas

Ukraine Now we’re being invaded by aliens And it would be taken and spun in that Direction Faster than the speed of light I know it Everyone in the intelligence community I’ve met with knows it So If look if we have figured this out and People i’ve dealt with on the senate Intelligence committee that we’ve had Conversations If we have figured this out you know They These interstellar civilizations have And so they’re waiting for humans to Become Civilized and civilized means we don’t Address our grievances by bombing the Hell out of each other Or killing each other We can discuss it we can do whatever Now once you get to a situation like This where you have A relatively poorly armed Country like ukraine being invaded by a Superpower Then you’re on the horns of a dilemma If there’s enough if there’s a a Significant intervention from nato or The united states Russia and the putin and his foreign Minister have said that’s world war

Three So if if you’re at the pentagon and i’m Dealing with this As we speak tonight talking to people Then you run the risk of being in world War iii But the worst version of world war three Would be an interplanetary conflict Which would mean if the ets were to Intervene Now this is a sad situation But there’s another part of this and That is Let’s take some recent history United states after 9 11 invaded not Only iraq but before that Afghanistan We just catastrophically extricated Ourselves from there In the most bungled Clumsy mess i’ve ever seen But the idea was that we were going to Go in there and do nation building That’s the euphemism we’re going to go In there And the warlords and everyone else will Be converted somehow To western Jeffersonian democracies Well how well did that work out It didn’t it’s a disaster it’s probably As bad or worse now than it was when we Went in 20 years ago even though we’ve Spent 2 trillion dollars and endless

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Civilians in afghanistan have died Now The et’s know this every World That has a proclivity towards conflict Has to reach a point where they’re going To decide are we going to live together In peace on earth and peace and space or Face annihilation That’s the question that we have been Facing for 70 years but it has not been Framed properly because the only way We’re going to get to a peaceful and Enlightened civilization Is collective security where we all Agree that whatever geopolitical Boundaries exist Are inviolate One country does not invade another or Attack another And if it does every nation on earth Would do would stop it But the world is not in that state now There is no consensus From every nation on earth to stop Anyone from doing anything Which is why these problems keep Continuing Now there is i’m just going to call this And I’ve never really talked about this Explicitly Something i call the cosmic organization

There’s an interstellar interplanetary Organization it’s cosmic That have certain principles and one of Them is that they do not invade And enforce their level of civilization On a less developed civilization They watch They may do things behind the scenes and They have For example 20th anniversary of the Disclosure project everyone saw this It’s up on our youtube channel now We had a russian general talking about How they had a nuclear weapon Overheating and et’s went in and sort of Put everyone in sort of a suspended Animation while they went in and fixed This so it didn’t blow up why Because if that missile had exploded The us might have felt that they were Doing a launch Or we were entering into defcon one Defense condition one Where all nuclear missiles would be Launched so the et’s absolutely Have done a few things like that to keep Us from the worst Case scenarios happening Very behind the scenes and that’s not The only one similar events have Happened in the united states that i Know have personal knowledge of from Disclosure project witnesses but in Terms of an overt intervention

As opposed to doing something just to Buy us time until we grow up Uh no that is not going to happen now What are the conditions in which there Would be a massive intervention let’s Talk about that I wrote about this in my 1999 book Extraterrestrial contact the evidence And implications in my first book Out of five Now i understand it’s not In fashion to read but if people would Please read this There it has a very explicit chapter On The ufo extraterrestrial subject And a comprehensive assessment Now that comprehensive assessment that’s In that book was done at the request Of a certain three letter agency And it made its way through the Aerospace industry and i’ll never forget When dr robert woods who is a Aerospace engineer and subsequent Disclosure of project witness Who worked for mcdonald douglas Of course merged later with boeing Uh he he called me up this is how i met Him he says and he was calling from Mcdonald douglas this is in the 90s he Said this is the most Accurate Assessment of this subject We have ever read and it had gone

Through the intelligence community in The aerospace industry And this was before i was too much in The public eye frankly and i was doing This as a an emergency doctor shuttling Between north carolina and dc and doing Stuff you know it’s that crazy life i’ve Had Um But I said well thank you and he says but How do you know this I saw i’ve had contact with the et’s and I understand what the cosmic Organization’s policies are And a key policy is That they do not intervene unless it Gets to something where it would be an Ele An extinction level event now what are Those Okay One would be a massive thermonuclear Exchange not one or two Like hiroshima nagasaki but something That could literally damage the entire Earth As being a place where suitable for the Evolution of intelligent life Which is a long-term objective of these Civilizations it goes back millions of Years frankly On earth The second would be a geophysical

Catastrophe For example if we continue to degrade The biosphere At the rate we’re degrading it and i’ll Remind people that in 1997 25 years ago I had a about a 10 or 11 hour meeting With the deputy director of the national Science foundation in charge of studying Climate change Dr bob carrell And dr nancy maynard who was one of the Five directors of nasa And she was in charge of what was called The mission to planet earth i thought it Was funny because i had called the et Mission to earth the mission to planet Earth But they had their own mission to planet Earth and she was a phd satellite Imaging specialist For nasa That imaged The biosphere from space This is 97 A quarter of a century ago and she Turned to me and she said dr greer if The public knew The rate of decay Of the biosphere that is happening there Would be and i’m quoting Wide spread panic in the streets Now if that continues and we do have Situations happen you could you know

Lose lose both polar ice caps that could Destabilize the rotational stability of The earth and its wobble Goes back and forth it’s called the Seasons right it tilts tilts tilts You could have a catastrophic situation I’m not trying to scare anyone i’m just Telling you you know as the chinese Proverb goes unless we change directions We are likely to end up where we are Going Now the et’s have been warning about This since the 50s We’ve been warning about it It’s fallen on deaf ears from moscow to Washington to beijing to wherever Now so here we are in 2022 facing this Situation But people need to understand that the Ets have Assets deployed Around the earth Under the earth Under the oceans out in our solar system Etc And those are for These worst case scenarios that i Mentioned in this comprehensive Assessment paper that’s in our first Book Now I know what i’m talking about tonight’s Bit heavy and it’s kind of intellectual And i

Apologize for it But you know but it’s time that we all Begin to speak as adults here um it We’re getting very long in the game That verner von braun warned about Of this last card being played And there’s all kinds of chicanery going On Uh where various Powers behind the scenes want to see This spiral further and further out of Control I know from people i deal with in Washington that certain people Have go backs ready to go Who are dealing with homeland security And other Departments And It’s it’s a situation that isn’t being Honestly addressed to the american People Or to the world public but the et’s know Exactly what’s going on And this is what they were concerned About when they met with uh president Eisenhower in 1956 in murak which did Happen When i was doing the briefings and Putting things together for president Sarkozy the president of france and Doing the ce5 contact demonstration for Their Ministry of defense back about 10 years

12 years ago I got this document that was an account Of someone who was at that meeting that The french intelligence had About the meeting with eisenhower And these ets out in the desert there Were edwards air force bases now but This is 1956 where they were asking us To put down arms to become peaceful To do things that for the earth and its Environment and to be in space Peacefully Eisenhower was inclined to do so The warmongers the war profiteers the Industrial fascists Said no And then they further later cut him the President eisenhower out of the loop That’s why he gave his famous speech but Where the military industrial complex in 1961 as he was leaving office today he Left office as president After being a president for eight years So i think that and he was a republican I mean this was not an anti-military Hippie abby hoffman or something in the 60s This is you know a fight that you know Five-star general And uh Moderately conservative republican Saying this of course everybody was sort Of like what’s this all about Well we know what it was about it was

This issue So now here we are from 1961 to now how Many years is that right we’re talking You know 61 years Um And Almost two-thirds of a century and we’re Still Doing the same behavior And of course you know the very Definition of insanity is doing the same Thing over and over expecting a Different result Uh And and so that’s you know the context i Think people need to have a big picture Of of of viewing this now it doesn’t Solve that problem i mean my view i’m Not you know a state department official Is that there needs to be an immediate Ceasefire Uh ukraine if i think the wise choice at This point was to say we’re going to be Neutral the way sweden and finland and Switzerland are and we’re not going to Be a militarized nato country And Russia has said that that would satisfy Them well If sweden and finland and and Switzerland who are in the heart of Europe and advanced western democracies Have agreed not to be part of nato so Can the ukraine but

That’s that’s an immediate sort of Tactical political issue i want to get To the bigger roots problems that we’ve Been talking about here And and the next thing i want to go into Is the technologies When you have A civilization That goes 100 years longer Using a destructive form of energy That is scarce and relatively expensive Such as oil gas coal public utilities And also solar and wind very expensive And Very Low density of energy You have a situation where the world Geopolitically is vulnerable To uh the machinations of people who are Controlling those assets Now to give you an idea of the kind of Wealth we’re talking about just on the Chicago board of trade Some years ago i read an economist Article that was talking about Derivatives and instruments for trading Commodities 700 Trillion dollars Worth a year Now just the churning of those Instruments you know futures contracts And all this imagine what that generates Now if you come out with zero point

Energy energy that you pull From The quantum vacuum of space around us You have zero cost for the energy It’s completely decentralized every home Business etc has quote unquote free Energy What tesla called the infinite energy Field Um There is no pollution there’s no Radiation And there’s no cost But there’s also no centralized power So let me cut to the chase this is the World order as it exists is about Massive And we’re not talking about the budget Of the united states you know a few Trillion dollars hundreds if not Thousands of trillions of dollars in Assets commodities Corporations that are linked directly Into the type of energy that runs the Planet for eight billion people The other problem with it is that it’s Intrinsically Destabilizing geopolitically as we were Talking about a moment ago with this Situation where western europe is very Dependent on russian gas and oil And you know how do you bite the hand That’s feeding you right Like the nine inch nails song you know

How you bite the end of fiji um But it’s something broader than that You have A situation with those energy systems That require A priori That about half the world’s population Live in terrible poverty and injustice I was just reading an article that 3 Billion with a b billion people Have no gas and no electricity And that’s why they’re chopping down Woods and brush and old old-growth Forests and rainforests to make charcoal And get wood to cook their food Three billion with a b Now that’s Almost a billion people more than lived On earth in the 20s when nikola tesla Had free energy So this is a massive Problem That we have been discussing and trying To get people in power to do something About There’s only so much one can do through That the establishment though Because virtually everyone in power Whether it’s in the united states or Moscow or elsewhere Do not want to take on Interests that have a thousand times More Power let’s say and and money

Then the white house can deploy Or 10 downing street can Or Whatever in france anywhere you know so I think this is a situation where the Industrial fascism that started in the 1800s and early 1900s That mussolini adopted and then hitler Adopted it never went away it just Became more nuanced But the world situation we have The the real power is rooted in Industrial fascism of various sorts Um and that’s true whether it’s a You know a centralized Sort of totalitarian system like china Or russia And venezuela or An alleged democracy like the united States united kingdom Etc And that’s just the reality of the power That is a derivative Directly Of the type of energy we use So I always tell people bringing out these New technologies Is about Truly power to the people literally in Terms of energy power But figuratively But right now everyone is basically a Sitting duck depending on this stuff

Your house my I have the largest Listen to this I have the largest legally allowable Solar farm in the state of virginia Right here i’m pointing at it in my Meadow It will not heat or cool this house at All The lights yeah maybe the water for the Pump But when we had a foot of wet snow in January All power went out this region for a Week We were in this house with 38 degree Temperatures No heat In the summer we had a ratio come Through we had neighbors with no Electricity for three weeks And 106 degree heat index And this is in the united states of America In in the 21st century Now Imagine the desperation of the people in Ukraine These cities are being bombed they have No water Yesterday a six-year-old child died in One of those cities because there was no Water In the 21st century

In the central part of europe A child dies because there’s no water to Drink A hundred years after we had the Solution to the environmental energy and Prosperity and justice social justice Issue So i’m telling people The governments are not going to fix This problem I thought Washington or other People Around the world in capitals would have Done anything about it I would have never come public with the Disclosure project ever I Did it 20 years 21 years ago because we Had concluded by 1997-98 That the people of the world are going To have to unite They’re going to have to fund and Support these technologies they’re going To have to bring them out open source And that’s why that’s been one of the Three pillars That we our project is resting on one is Peaceful Contact and enlightenment With ets and humans the ce5 contact Initiative And b anyone in the world can get the Ce5 contact app and do this and people

Are The other is the disclosure project Because people have to be educated about It And the third is trying to bring the Technologies the physical technologies Out that we have not succeeded at Obviously Now we have a situation 50 60 percent of The population believe we’re not alone In the universe That we have done There are millions of people doing ce5 Contact having peaceful contact but the World is still a basket case because It’s still dependent on the black curse Of the old energy system from the 1800s Now i think the solution is is sitting There for us But it’s costly You know we crowdfunded our Documentaries we crowdfunded the app we Crowdfunded the disclosure project Uh we have no office or staff as you Know Um A hundred percent of these pro succeeds Go in to further the work and and we Would like to see it further reach the Point where we could actually develop These technologies but that we’re Talking about is tens of millions of Dollars you’re not going to develop a

High energy physics lab for a few Hundred thousand dollars one workstation Is 500 000 to a million dollars Using the kind of equipment you need So Now you would think in an age of High-tech silicon valley Unicorns billion dollar startups doing Frivolity And ipos behind You know things like tick tock or Whatever bringing in you know untold Billions That wouldn’t be so hard but nobody has Wanted to do it yet Now i’m making an appeal tonight people Need to do it and we can prove that These technologies exist who wants to Fund them That is an act of courage because it’s An act of defiance i mean just like the Ukrainian people are trying to defy This you know brutal invasion The people of the world need to Unite in an act of peaceful defiance Of the the current world order Of Petro nazis Fascism based on the current energy System And i think that You when you think about this i mean People new to this who may be just now Watching this youtube channel

You know look at this thing they call The tic tac that are navy jets i just Had a long conversation with the pilot Of that jet fighter that chased Uh You know that uh tic tac up coast California some years ago in the early 2000s And That thing was moving Up down vertical No means of propulsion no jets no Rockets And they had infrared on it no heat Source like you get from something being Burned It’s electromagnetic field propulsion And guess what Those have been developed since before i Was born That thing flying around when we Mastered gravity control The top scientists at the naval research Lab was in the quote vault And saw the unredacted document that Stated that that Was mastered in october of 1954. So now we’re talking you know 68 years Ago And so you think okay two-thirds of a Century later We still are using rockets Jets Cars

Coal gas and oil burning power plants Nuclear power which is very Dangerous And yes we have 20 percent of our electricity united States From hydroelectric that’s seven and a Half percent and and wind and solar The problem is The other you know if you have a say a Tesla car or an electric car And you know we have two we have two That are plug-in electric hybrids That energy is coming out of a Coal-fired and gas-fired power grid Except for maybe 19-20 percent of that energy So people think that when you plug in Your electric car it’s magically getting Charged from the ether No it’s from a very polluting source And the lithium ion batteries the Hundreds of pounds of lithium ion Batteries the pollution that’s created By manufacturing those is enormous Toxic waste So That you know it it makes people feel Good pat but it’s not the solution My solar farm is great i’m trying to Help it’s not the ultimate solution Um We know what the solution is But when the vice president al gore and

Al gore did an inconvenient truth and is This great champion of the environment But guess what Think about the enormous hypocrisy Of being the vice president of the United states receiving this information This positive proof of these Technologies existing But because it’s too dangerous To stick your neck out you turn your Back on it and then you just blow Bloviate for decades about the problem But refuse to endorse the solutions And that’s true of people on the left The right the middle the whole thing So This is something that i speak of with Authority because i’ve had taken the Meetings with people like this around The world And i understand the fear i do i mean i Understand the lethal threats that are Made i under i’ve had them i understand The people who’ve been killed i have People on my team that have been Assassinated i’ve almost been Assassinated But you know you have now you know A situation where eight billion people Whose lives hang in the balance Not only from the risk of thermonuclear War But of environmental collapse And so i think we have to grow up and we

Have to decide That as a people We’re going to come together And manifest the courage that obviously Are Unfortunately our leaders lack So this is where i am 100 non-partisan And apolitical because i have dealt with People on all sides of the aisle in Multiple countries And none of them want to do the right Thing because it’s dangerous and it is Dangerous And i had a person with an mba say to me Once you know your problem is you’re not Willing to to You tell the truth about the risks and The benefits i said well i’m a doctor You you always disclose what the Benefits and the risks are or you’re Unethical if not assaulting a patient And i said he says yes but that’s not How business works You just sort of like brush over the Risk and then blow up the benefits no i Mean it’s clearly you have to be honest About this because these people’s lives Are in the balance here Um and i understand that you know all The hundreds of people who come to me With top secret documents and Information They are in mortal danger And they are heroes

But We’re not going to find that kind of Uncommon courage as it’s called At 1600 pennsylvania avenue under any President i’ve dealt with since clinton You’re not i if if there’s a member of Congress That has that kind of courage please Introduce them to us I’m in washington every week Or someone in some other government In the meanwhile i wouldn’t bet the farm On it i think we the people have got to Unite Bring up the definitive solutions which We have been extant in existence since Before you and i were born and we’re not Spring chickens honey so I think that’s what we have to do And I think that When you look at how these ufos move the Man-made ones and the e.t ones those Technologies are very elegant because They’re electromagnetic field propulsion And they’re pulling energy from So-called zero point but through what’s Called the quantum vacuum i’m not gonna Get into the physics of this too far And then you take it to another level And you can go from point a to b in Space You know like that Almost like a teleportation well it is

But just the the what i call level one Advanced technology would be something That sits In your house like your heat pump it Runs your house with no energy costs and No pollution That is what can be Created now and distributed and i had a Conversation with the head of the air Force Intro a colonel in charge of future Technologies Which is a euphemism for this kind of Thing they call them future when they Already have it by the way but remember The double speaker military and Intelligence people Um I should do a whole workshop on counter Intelligence and double speak in these Communities but um and you know they go To a place called the farm Out here in virginia to learn how to Professionally lie about all this i know I know people have been there Um i go buy it every time i go into dc From my house here and what’s Interesting is that he said to me he Says Don’t it’s too early to bring out the Things that fly because that can be Turned into a missile delivery system I.e a man-made ufo But yeah the ones that are the ones that

Would run your car or house those you Know we think would be fine if you Brought those out But he didn’t speak for this Group of psychopaths and sociopaths That run that are the uber oligarchs of The planet running the whole petrodollar And oil and and macroeconomic system They do not want that out because they Know they’re going to go the way of all Flesh Because the power they have Literally the physical power but then The figurative power they have would Slip through their fingers like grains Of sand and they know it Because then every village in africa has Free energy and electrification Refrigeration Even the deserts will bloom as it says In this in scriptures Because you can then have water Delivered now one of the things that’s Coming out um Some of you have seen this and people Think it’s a film that i did it’s not It’s called above top secret Um and it’s a nod also to the great book That timothy good wrote back in the 80s I believe it was called above top secret But it’s about these technologies and It’s coming out april 5th It’s exciting because it’s coming out Three days before the april

Conference we’re doing in scottsdale Which is going to be about all our Community coming together And meditation and enlightenment and Praying for peace but also acting and Creating peace with humans and et’s but Also on earth and we’re going to do a Big meditation And go around the world with thousands Of people online i hope millions of People online and everyone there Creating and seeing through higher Consciousness the world transitioning Very quickly off the path it’s on now Onto this path of enlightenment and Peace on earth and in space and peaceful Energy Uh and i think that’s how we get to a Level one civilization Level one civilization is one that’s Living in peace And that is not damaging its environment Anymore because it’s adapted Uh adopted i should say since they exist Already These wonderful wondrous sciences and Technologies that have been coming Through the minds of humans For over 100 years in fact i have Documents and information that even in The mid to late 1800s these Electromagnetic effects were seen And documented But they weren’t understood they were

Really well understood By the 1920s to 1950s actually including So-called anti-gravity T-towns and brown 19 late 1920s had elect high voltage Systems with crystalline materials where They would levitate That was then reproduced in germany the Koloski frost experiment we have the Cover of a physics journal that shows This So that’s 100 years ago now my friend so What are what are we doing i mean we Have to have a global awakening and this Is you know a lot of people ask you know You know people like demi lovato i said This is one of the reasons why we need Demi and other people who have been Helping us get the word out get the word Out because we need to get the word out Way past the you know few thousand People who are interested in in the Ufo’s subculture let’s say it’s got to Go mainstream And now that you know a billion people Have heard and seen the fact that There’s There are ufos and we have footage and The pentagon has acknowledged they’re Real although they pretend they don’t Know what they are and they’re a threat To the national security that part of It’s false but at least It’s it’s a dialogue now

And this is why we can engage in a Dialogue as we are doing in washington With with senior members of the congress And in government But that’s a very slow process And usually it gets worded And this is why the default It’s really resting on your shoulders And my show everyone’s Who is a civilian who understands this Because the people in the system This is an interesting thing I i’ve only told this story a couple of Times but back in the early night it was 1992 And The head of army intelligence had Intercepted me and after we had the four Eet craft appear in the sky in florida Near gulf breeze in pensacola And General stubblebine was there with some Of his associates with from the cin nsa About a month later in atlanta And they pulled me aside and threatened Me frankly And a month later Offered me two billion dollars if i Would Shut up and join their committee and i Said no thank you They went to my wife tried to convince Her to convince me But during the course of that

Event which was shocking to me frankly There was a woman who i don’t want to Name who’s a good friend with prince Charles and the royal family in the United kingdom who was there And i was sort of very young to this i Was 92 I’d only been on the scene doing this For a year and a half or something and She says you know The reason they’re so angry with you Is that They can’t do what you’re doing I said oh i’m sure they could i could Teach them to meditate and do no no it’s Not that They’re lifers They’re owned by this system They’re in that system and they’ll never Be able to get out and you’re free She says you don’t know where you’re Lucky You’re lucky because you’re nobody You’re lucky because you’re not in that System You’re lucky because you’re a country Doctor rattling around in an emergency Department in north carolina and i i Looked at her and i said well i’ve never Thought of it that way he says well you Should think of it that way So that’s what i’m saying to everyone Tonight view yourselves as being lucky That you’re empowered to be free

And to do what is right and follow your Conscience but also you’ve got to put One foot in front of the other And make a difference because We are entering into a very Writ large dangerous phase of human Civilization And we are going to be faced with these Existential Life and death extinction Or going forward choices They’ve been coming at us for 50 60 70 Years they’re going to come at us much More quickly now And i think this is a call to action For people to come together And you know um whenever we talk about This in groups The first thing that people say is what Can i do i mean they all feel like They’re just one person They’re one person in in this sea of Of whatever and they think that they’re Completely Irrelevant right and they they They have no power and it’s amazing for Me to see this in people they have no Idea the power that they have oh every Human being has infinite power yes and So i mean literally literally this is What they will ask what can i do what is Step number one for me what would you Say to them Number one

Connect to the aspect of yourself that Is the infinite self That i mean my My lucky situation was that i Grew up very poor and very in a Difficult situation but then i was lucky Enough to die when i was 17 and had this Beautiful experience you know Um And Of the aspect of ourselves of all of us That’s the singularity of oneness the Oneness of pure consciousness that’s at The root of our being awake you’re awake Now i’m awake anyone listening to this Is conscious If you’re a sentient awake being You have the totality Of that infinite field Of consciousness and energy And power within you Now Thinking intellectually about it don’t Make it so You’ve got to practice meditation you Need to introspection Then you have to act And the action is where everyone drops The ball Because you will be guided and get Intuitions and then you’ll go ah i’m not Going to do that that’s crazy Now everything i’ve done in my life

That’s been meaningful Has been against The conventional wisdom You know and it’s it’s very personal i Mean i literally have had to Do the opposite of what everyone told me I could do and should do so I think that now i’m a bit of a Cantankerous son of a people who Know me well i mean i take no prisoners And you know i’m a nice guy until i’m Not nice and then it’s I’m a bit of a bull But you know But the the truth is everyone has their God-given temperament and gifts And everyone has to ask themselves not Me or you What can i do what can i contribute at a Time like this And everyone has enough It if everyone contributed what they Could And came together The world would be changed in a Fortnight Yeah people have a lot of doubt um They’ll get to that that’s the Yes yes that’s the first thing you have To overcome you have to yeah because i i Had that too look i was raised in a Family where we were told we were Worthless you know I i went home every day we didn’t go to

Kindergarten only rich people could Afford kindergarten back then But i went home every day of first grade Uh Sent home crying i was told i could Never read i could never do anything That i was worthless so i started solo And had to kind of overcome that which i Think was In the long run probably good for me it Was not easy But i think that that’s why people have To look at themselves and go you know if If a guy who came out of the background I came out Can do what you know i became a doctor Who cares You can do anything but you have to see You can do it you have to believe in Yourself And you have to not listen to the Naysayers Either your own inner voice that’s Saying no or the external ones that Saying this isn’t possible right Luckily by about fourth or fifth grade i Realized that I would have to just you know take my Own path and march to my own drummer and I did Um For better or for worse not always for Better you know sometimes for worse Because i’m a willful person and you

Know you you know you can make mistakes But i think that Ultimately you you have to Actualize and realize yourself And i think the thing that gave me the Best grounding for that First was my spirituality i think from My native i’m 5 16 cherokee native American Connection to earth and my first great Love spiritually was earth The gaia And then when i had the near-death Experience i realized this cosmic Consciousness And experience and realized that’s what We and who we really are We have this infinite aspect of Ourselves as well as our individual self And it’s all woven together So when that happened i was 17 but i Think that everyone through meditation Can realize this aspect of themselves Because that’s also How you Have uncommon courage Because If you realize That your individuality is a wave form That is emerging from this infinite Ocean of conscious cell But that that infinite ocean is you you Are that Being as well

Then And there is no death So if someone threatens me i go well Make my day and kill me i’m gonna you Know what i said to the head of army Intelligence I said i’ll be so much more trouble to You on the other side In the worlds of light than i will be on This plane make my day and kill me i Literally said that You know that’s how i am Do you know me i mean i’m saying these Things i mean it’s outrageous i guess But it’s true everything i’m telling you Was 100 true but and he looked you’re Like oh my god you know i said yeah That’s the way it is But I think that’s how you develop courage Too because Courage is not folly Courage is comes from the french word Heart And it’s the feeling and the love and The consciousness of this higher Consciousness and spirituality and as Almost a divine level of love Not necessarily religious i mean Religiosity bothers me sometimes a lot But but spirituality on a deep level and That gives you The courage to do the right thing In the face of

Tyranny i mean look look at the people Who have who stood up like vollenberg Who stood up to adolf hitler and and and Saved all those jewish children Um Look at what’s going on with the heroes In ukraine right now Uh look at look at the the people who Have done this throughout history And and did uh Amazing Feats of courage There was an aspect of them that they Could tap now all of us have to do that Not only to become ambassadors to these Extraterrestrial civilizations so that They have a point of contact And let me explain to you And i never talk about this in a form This big but time is getting short If worse if some of these worst case Scenarios play out And there is an intervention that’s very Large From this Cosmic organization They’re going to need people here Humans To interface with I doubt it’s going to be at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue or at the pentagon It’s going to be you And whoever many hundreds of thousands Of people are going to see this

You need to own that responsibility Because what i’ve learned from the et’s Is that When they had the betrayals and the Things that happened in the 40s and 50s They have turned increasingly To the masses of people in contact That’s why contact is happening Because they are everywhere everywhere Everywhere it’s happening everywhere It’s happening everywhere and so if you Just make a little effort in that Direction you know get the ce5 contact App Adapt it to your own needs and interests I mean i have no Attachment to It’s the concepts and the intent that’s Important But that’s a starting point it works Um And then let’s put yourself at service To the universe put yourself at service To humanity Um that’s what i’ve always tried to do Uh you know to the extent of my frailty Of being a human And i think that that’s what everyone Should aspire to do and actually then do It Um you know it’s time to get out of the Headspace and intellect and actually Get into the deeper heart and spirit of This and act

Uh and for that we’re going to need Another phase and that says we’re i’m Seriously talking to some people Because i really think the big money People and the governments and Corporations are not going to support The change that we need i think we may Have to go to the root of I don’t know A nft or a cryptocurrency or something Of course you know As you know i can barely turn a computer On uh so I’m a i’m a real idiot with stuff like That but um You know hey you know i was born in 55 We’re not exactly the children of Digital age but um We need help with that because i Actually think there’s enough goodwill Out there That we could do that and raise the Funds and then have the resources to Create these technologies Bypass the system and release them open Source open source means no patent no Intellectual property blockchain boom Out to the world Um because i think that that it’s an Emergency now And You know when i first emerged on the Scene I

Said To the people in in the white house and Others that I’m an emergency doctor and i can Identify an emergency that’s That’s about to happen In an individual i sense there’s an Emergency Situation on earth with the body of Humanity and the earth receptor the Biosphere And i said so we have to act accordingly We have to be skilled All of us skilled physicians for gaia And humanity You want to be a medical doctor to do That i mean but um But you do need to have the will to do It and recognize there’s a problem and That it is urgent Uh and emergent and of course i think With watching The great powers Posturing over ukraine Where on every news network they’re Openly talking about the possibility of Armageddon with nuclear weapons i mean This is the honestly Now This i haven’t said publicly But this is the most dangerous situation I have seen since i was ducking under my Desk In second or third grade during the

Cuban missile crisis I lived through the cuban missile crisis Of 1963 and literally it was duck and Cover You know they thought that if you hit Under your desk you’d be protected from A thermonuclear bomb i mean go figure How stupid Um but That was what we were trained to do Because we were in the strike zone From the russian missiles that were in Cuba the soviet missiles in cuba where i Lived in north carolina In charlotte and which had a missile Factory and we were a Strike city So we were literally being herded on the School bus and practicing evacuations And hiding under deaths This that was a very dangerous situation It was during kennedy’s term This situation Is approaching that level of danger and We need everyone praying for peace Manifesting peace but then doing Practical steps working for peace Right and then The the plan b If Things get out of control and it’s like Doc you know colonel Bearden who did all the work on these Energy devices and he said i have this

Wonderful interview with him it’s on our Youtube channel He says now friends don’t get me wrong The fools may blow it yet he’s from Louisiana Hilarious i love being at his home in Huntsville Near the redstone arsenal marshall space Flight center and You know and he said i said yes and That’s why we need Uh other plants you know we we don’t Want to put all our eggs in the basket Of the political leaders and these Geopolitical Uh superpowers That the people need to come together in Consciousness and meditation and in Action To start providing the solutions Right because i think this top-down Model You know where we expect everything to Somehow percolate from on high and out Of washington or london or moscow never Going to happen uh that i i’m excuse me I think that’s a fool’s errand if you You know i would not put the future of The planet in those hands i’ve dealt With these people for too many years Uh there are many good people in Government but the system is rigged To stop anything Positive

Really happening that would upset The Power oligarchs the elites of the world Right um and and that’s just Unfortunately the way it is but i do Think Large numbers of people acting together And in unity That is going to be that’s a different Story right and that’s how we that That’s how we did the civil rights Movement i mean i i lived through Uh you know the civil rights movement The gay rights movement women’s rights i Mean i was born in 55. And and uh you know i shared this story On demi lovato’s podcast i mean i had a Black girlfriend In high school And was hit and run tried to be killed By a car by a bunch of racists because i Had a black girlfriend that’s how Dangerous having a black girlfriend was In 1972 in 1973 in north carolina um But I think that you know These big changes that happen That change did not happen From washington down it happened in On the grassroots Non-violent Civil disobedience non-violent action I’m not in favor of anything rioting Burning looting none of that

Not we can do it gandhi overthrew the Entire british empire And liberated india Non-violently So We can do this And i think I do think a lot of people are getting Literally there’s a lot of contact People are getting a lot of messages Yes and and they’re they’re speaking out And saying okay i’m getting this Constant message and what do i do with This and I’m saying ask ask what to do with it And keep your eyes and ears open and the Path will unfold in front of you all you Need to do Is step onto it And move forward but i think it’s people Are getting messages because you and i Have talked about this There are so many Of these beings Who are watching this and who are Interacting And who are taking an active Look at all of this and they’re they’re Helping they’re reaching out to help People And guide people who are want to help Yeah on many dimensions it’s not just Extraterrestrial it’s spiritual beings It’s in many many levels

Um and our ancestors and I’ll step way out on a limb here are Our descendants Our descendants Yes Our descendants from half a million Years in the future are also helping us Yes that’ll blow people’s mind but i Know that to be a fact Um so So in here we sit right in 2022. so it’s A beautiful thing and you know i want to Mention this this film again Just for clarity it’s not My film i didn’t produce it um The cousin brothers wanted to interview Me and uh have me sort of present the Information uh michael schrad sent it Jim goodall who’s very famous aerospace Illustrator is in it yeah i met him There’s a one yeah he was at the 20th Anniversary of our disclosure project Um he was the last man uh one of the Last people to talk to the Lockheed skunk works uh been rich Um and So and it’s good it’s focuses really on These technologies and the existence of Them and the covert programs i think It’s very timely but we need to connect It And we can actually take a pause if you Want to see the trailer yeah So

Let’s take a quick look at that Okay If the crash retrievals are true Then all bets are off It’s very hard for people to get their Minds around where the real power is And it’s not at 1600 pennsylvania avenue The reality is something much more stark They’ve been working on this for 60 70 Perhaps 80 years The reason why the government is talking About these ufos now they’re getting Ready for the next level of war are These objects a national security Concern They’re proffering a narrative of a National security threat that doesn’t Exist I call them alien reproduction vehicles They’re made by private corporations Somewhere on this planet technology from Roswell from 1947 Has largely been held back from us Portal technology teleportation whatever You can imagine it’s already been done The biggest secrets are not the zero Point energy and electrophoretics it’s The science of consciousness all their Communication systems are moving through The consciousness field and are thought Actuated the people the cia call it wsfm Weird science and freaking magic The trans-dimensional interstellar Technology

Will benefit humanity There has been tremendous disinformation The media is keeping secrets with the Government These are lethal vicious people and i’m Focused on exposing the extraordinary Technologies that they want to keep Secret no aspect of life on earth will Be unaffected by it Now can you talk a little bit about your Your i interrupted you there you were Connecting something now that we’ve Watched the trailer uh say a few words About what you hope that people will Take away from us Look at all of that and look at i know Because there’s a lot of jargon and a Lot of physics and a lot of evidence Just look at all of it as an alternative Energy And propulsion system to replace Everything that’s destroying the world Everything that’s caused these Geopolitical imbalances with oil and Petrol states Look at it as a huge collection of Solutions That have been sitting around for 100 Years on black shells and covert Programs that need to be liberated they Need to be brought out and brought to Bear to benefit humanity but only to be Used for peaceful purposes

The you know i always warned the people Every technology is a double-edged sword You can use it for good or for harm You can take Uh A knife and put butter on your bread or You can slit someone’s throat Unfortunately i’ve unfortunately have Seen both so Um no matter how primitive the Technology or how advanced what is Critical Is the consciousness that wields it the Wisdom The behind its use right and so as you Look at those technologies You also have to understand as einstein Said no problems been solved by the Level of consciousness that created it The creation of the the consciousness of Conquest of domination Of aggression of war of militarism That’s got to go away and then all these Technologies All of them including the ones that fly Can come out and be used peacefully if We’re not in a consciousness of peace And we don’t evolve to that Any of these technologies can also be Used as a fierce Weapon system so that again gets into This sort of existential crisis and Decision The choice i got the choice the big

Choice Humanity is facing do we choose Annihilation do we choose enlightenment Peace Universal peace on earth and in space And then become A people that travel amongst the stars That’s the choice and that’s how clearly We need to articulate it to our fellow Brothers and sisters on earth right And that would be the choice i would Make It’s the choice we’re all wanting to Make but we have to actually take action And do it so well thank you pat i know It’s it’s getting late We appreciate you weighing in on all This and explaining and your unique uh Viewpoint for this um yes you’re welcome Thank you and never nev everyone never Give up hope just work and keep your Keep your vision on that horizon Of this transition the transformation to This good future that’s how i get up Every day and how i keep going don’t get Bogged down there are a lot of things That are frightening and negative but Stay connected to your inner higher self And keep your vision on that horizon of Transformation enlightenment not only For yourselves but for the planet that’s What you need to focus on and that get Overwhelmed with the negativity Great

Thank you again thank you thank you good Night good night