We all want the same thing Disclosure?

By | March 5, 2022
We all want the same thing Disclosure?

Disclosure coming right up Good evening Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict Now What are we going to disclose this Evening i’ll tell you what we are going To disclose What is under this beautiful hat of mine Without further ado i’ll bring on My good friends Rich giordano hey Welcome my beautiful mom Thank you for having me blee must see Leigh you must see audioly how are you Doing how are you doing mate good cold When are you going to wear hat li I feel you know If you’re cold It’s the best way keep your head warm You shaved your beard off that’s why i Know i forgot to i forgot to heat the Studio as well so I’m pretty pretty [ __ ] cold and i Have a fan on it’s supposed to be 90 Degrees here in a couple of days i would Swap right now that’s gross if you look At our face mask like knocking about Just like Cut hole in speak like my key face one It’s on my face it’s called everything Else So just from removing the beard The whole body gets cold no it’s like

[ __ ] three degrees on the isle of man It’s [ __ ] [ __ ] I’m gonna say how do women cope Saying that some women do have beards And so they should because they have Every right [Laughter] Um We’ve just been talking about My new hat and I will leave the links in the Description to where you can get Yourself One of these um i have been waiting in Line for a long time for this apparently They are going to be Marvelous and in all the Top creators and uh youtubers are all Gonna be wearing these Does look like something that um kanye West would wear Yeah Oh yeah I have to take it off because my head is Getting really Or jamaican guys Ah either way racially appropriate i Can’t get it off yeah It’s Oh wow Oh my god that is so sacrilege what i Just saw Covering up a yankee hat with that It’s stuck we are going to get to ufos

People don’t worry um no one there we go There we go there we go right now we Could talk about the nonsense [Laughter] And before we start i’m going to shield My podcast because everyone listens to The beginning rather than the end and i Had a [ __ ] ace podcast the other day I interviewed uh um Uh billy ray valentine from the infinite Fringe podcast and it was [ __ ] great So give us the audio and listen to that It was a [ __ ] i it’s The links are in the description to Leave all these social media go check That out because that it is a great Listen about an hour and 40 minutes was It lee per day Hour and 20 minutes Yeah i i built i built a table Well i’m listening to that Did you in the morning did you intend to Or was that like uh no i knew i had the Day off i knew i was gonna be building Stuff and i thought that’s it that’s What i’m gonna build rich have you seen Third phases new um trailer they’ve just Sent me it’s apparently it’s gonna drop They said i can share it on here have You seen it yet because i have not Yeah i saw it before everybody i saw it A month ago two months ago it’s awesome So is this out they’ve just sent me and Said can you share this on the channel

Show that show the show that show the to The guys yeah i’m gonna i’m gonna share The screen and we’re gonna watch it Together this is unbelievable this movie God i love this movie You’ve seen the whole movie i’ve seen uh No i’ve seen about a third of it i’ve Seen a lot of the grier stuff but They don’t Purposely they don’t show us everything Because you know i don’t want to see it All anyway I want to see it with you guys when it Comes out but i saw a lot of stuff and It’s freaking amazing It’s the best documentary i’ve seen in a Long time It’s their best i think it’s their best I think it’s their best one they’ve ever Done By far hands down it’s nothing like You’ve ever seen you’ll never see grier Like this anywhere else it’s freaking Awesome whether you hate him or not Hate him or not love him or not yeah Anyway And by the way the spider bite never Happened I never i got bit last night by a spider But i never got the venom or nothing Ever happened On my show anyway just answering some Questions out there So you got bit by a spider well during

The show yeah Well quickly before we should so so this I am watched it so this you got bit Yeah i was sitting here And out of nowhere it felt like i got Like a tase like a taser you know if you Ever have been tased before Well it felt like an electrical shock Well i have it went into what it was on Purpose it went right into my Side of my knee and i jumped i mean it Was painful And then i when i wiped my hand down i Felt something under you know like like I hit something and then i looked on the Ground and i rolled a spider up And killed it And he made it He made it his spider live on the show On the show i murdered something yeah I am now a murderer bully Yeah so but nothing happened to me i Thought maybe i would get uh an Infection or i never felt weird or Disoriented can i barely have a mark huh Can you climb walls With your hands I you know things have been getting Sticky around here [Laughter] Just saying On another note Here we go three two one action If the crash retrievals are true

Then all bets are off 1091 productions presents It’s very hard for people to get their Minds around where the real power is And it’s not at 1600 pennsylvania avenue The reality is something much more stark They’ve been working on this for 60 70 Perhaps 80 years the reason why the Government is talking about these ufos Now they’re getting ready for the next Level of war are these objects a National security concern They’re proffering a narrative of a National security threat that doesn’t Exist I call them alien reproduction vehicles They are made by private corporations Somewhere on this planet technology from Roswell from 1947. Bill lightning has largely been held Back from us portal technology Teleportation whatever you can imagine It’s already been done The biggest secrets are not the zero Point energy and electrophobics it’s the Science of consciousness all their Communication systems are moving through The consciousness field and are thought Actuated the people the cia call it wsfm Weird science and freaking magic The trans-dimensional interstellar Technology Will benefit humanity

That has been tremendous disinformation The media is keeping secrets with the Government These are lethal vicious people and i’m Focused on exposing the extraordinary Technologies that they want to keep Secret No aspect of life on earth will be Unaffected by To third phase that looks incredible Stop stop stop i don’t know copyright Strike I only said i only said the fairies the Theories it’s all it takes it’s all it Takes let’s talk about it real quick so You don’t get in trouble nichola tesla Is really great So So that yeah that that the uh that was So looks so well put together um And hats off again for They look they look like it does quite Some close work with stephen green and I’ve not really seen him do Much work like that with anybody other Than the cousins brothers personally I’ve not seen anyway it could be out There but it seems like he’s done quite A bit of work with them with that Well they were out there Several days with greer so it’s not like They went out there and recorded them For a couple of hours they spent days

With them wow yeah so it you get to see Greer in a different light and billy Carlson Carlson Yeah Billy carl carlson i believe really yeah I i got offered a job kind of With billy uh through uh somebody else That he interviewed that i anyway i’ll Come back to that but yeah billy billy He’s a he’s a Um An energetic fella Yeah I guess he i guess he is but What schratt says in this movie blew me Away because i didn’t think he felt the Way he did when you see the movie i i i She’s unbelievable everybody is even you Know everybody de souza says some really Crazy good stuff not crazy but Like wow i can’t believe what he just Said and that whole movie’s gonna be Like that it really hits on your Emotions for ufology it uh it makes you Think what greer had to go through you Get to Hear a whole bunch of things about him And uh it’s really interesting it’s good Insight on what he had to go through and Where he is now I uh particularly enjoyed the bit when He said the disinformation that you Should have picture blue

Yes I was like oh He does not like lou Well i mean It would have been nice to see them talk It out one day but i don’t think it’s Ever going to happen definitely not now I can’t say never No you can never say never rich because Brothers yeah they don’t give up they’re Cousins brothers they make things happen They do And not just by thinking about it they Do it Oh well i mean it’s a good start to this To the show because we i did want to Kind of discuss a disclosure that i Don’t think is ever going to happen in Our lifetime Uh and this disclosure that apparently We’ve had Apparently we’ve had Yeah You can’t be a little pregnant see they Have disclosure where you don’t You can’t have a little bit do you lee Do you feel like we’ve had a sort of Semi-hard-on disclosure I don’t know i mean God that was a horrible noise we had we No i can’t they uh it was like i tried To swallow an entire frog Um i’ve heard that before yeah It felt uh

It felt like we were having disclosure It felt like something was happening i Got excited about it and um To be perfectly honest rich being so Down to earth about all the footage that Came out that probably dragged me back Down so my feet were on the ground about The whole thing And uh It did but it does make me wonder what That was all for You know was it just the defense well Defense money like we were saying it’s If anything it feels like it’s further Away it feels like it’s further away Than it ever has been That’s what they do um lou is a dis info Agent let’s not Mince words here That’s what he is he is trying to make Us think that this technology the tic Tac and the videos whatever Isn’t ours i have changed my tune on That uh talking to third phase and They’ve talked to people and just Listening and gathering new information Makes me think that it’s ours And lou’s job is to make us think that It’s not china russia or ours that he’s Trying to Sling it towards Uh we don’t know what it is you know and Uh we’re worried about it well He can’t say it’s russia or china anyway

Because it isn’t and if he did that Would mean the us doesn’t have that Capability to protect itself like it Used to So they put out this Uh mysterious Object you know the tic tac story and Makes them think russia and china that We Are lying about what we have And we may actually have the tic tac uh If you look at fravor’s story One thing that stands out to me is when He said It knew where i was going to go It you know 60 miles away i was going to What is it a cat point or something like That yeah and When he got there he said uh there it Was it was there well it may not have Been the same object it could have been A different one but of course it was There it knew where he was going because It’s us uh we put it there we knew where Fravor was going so what better way to Test your [ __ ] against the best in the World and that’s what they’re doing i Think You know when you say That i mean i don’t want to go back back Over the whole loo thing again but you Say it is a a disinformation agent But do you do you actually How much of you think believes that that

Is True to the call when it comes to on a Big scale on a huge scale When it comes to What Uh when people are saying what roswell Was hidden from as the truth of roswell Do you think it’s on that sale or do you Think it’s on a very selfish loose scale No no it’s it’s a government scale it’s A government See there’s been so many sightings that They had to say something i think But it’s not about that it was about Getting that aoi msg it’s about getting That office it’s for lou to get a tip Back basically is what i think And The reason they wanted that office Because you get backed by the government To go look at your adversaries you to go Look at the your allies and see what They have and you have the backing of The government to do it And it’s official it’s put on record It’s supposed to be Given to the public once a year through Congress but i don’t think that’ll ever Happen we’re only going to get what they Want to show us but We don’t know what’s going on behind the Scenes and maybe that’s why lou is in This because Well he was in atip and he knows some

[ __ ] and has connections I think though if it’s possible let’s Let’s say the tic tac is yours no not Yours yeah I know yeah um It’s technology like if you take the Um Ah I’m not i’m not good with [ __ ] um Like Let’s let’s say let’s say you’ve got Like f-16 and then you had like the euro Fighter and stuff like that different Countries were making different Different fighter jets that all had Different attributes and maybe one maybe The f-16 was a bit better but they were All of a similar play field So that would suggest to me that even if The us has a tic-tac Then russia has some sort of thing And china has some sort of thing that’ll All be compara comparable technology So That’s what would confuse me is why Would the us go to this big essentially Propaganda campaign To put out its technology in a way that Doesn’t say we’ve got it if they kind of Know that the other others Probably have something similar because I still stand by if one country had that Technology just just one they would Already be the rules of the world

If they let everybody know about it That would put fear into the public too To the rest of the world They already fear us they think we’re Loose cannons and i think we are to an Extent but we don’t know what’s going on Behind the scenes so maybe they just Cracked this technology in 2003 or 4 And started flying it around and Letting People all over the world see it and Wonder what is this technology You know it’s They’re playing chess is what they’re Doing you know it’s mind games you don’t Want your enemies to know but you want Your enemies to know um It’s kind of like that Yeah Maybe all the um the hard work trying to Protect the secrets behind area 51 s4 And all that jazz actually paid off and What got developed out of that was The tic tac ufo and maybe they realized That people were getting wind of it and The whole reason why it’s been leaked in The first place Is to maybe sho say To other countries this is It’s not ours it’s a it’s alien it’s Ufos or whatever you know You know playing a bit of a chat playing A bit of a chess game there for sure Well that’s what

Go ahead i’m sorry no it’s cause maybe It’s not for you guys maybe it’s for the Other countries to say yeah we ain’t Gone oh it’s aliens Yeah Yeah definitely man Counter intelligence is playing chess Lew described to everybody what counter Intelligence was because he thinks we Don’t know the difference between Counter intelligence and uh a Disinformation person uh hey Abilene thank you very much my friend i Appreciate that Unless it was all build up um So They can crack this technology out let’s Say if we happen to go into some sort of Major global conflict within months Maybe it was a build up to what’s yes Happening here now you know it’s The if if you can If you if you drip something like that Out because it would be interesting to Know because like we never really get This side of the world we never really Get what china does you know it’s like The that curtains there and so They’re obviously talking about ufos They’re obviously talking about like Exotic technology And we never seem to Get what they’re getting jeremy You mean from oh yeah from china and all

The others yeah yeah yeah Go ahead yeah yeah oh just i’m just Saying it’s probably just that we’re More we’ve got western tunnel vision Maybe but um You know it’s if if they’ve been doing The same for it’s let’s say Again this could be I’m yeah i’m a big i wouldn’t say big Believer but certainly over the last two Years I’ve I think governments might have even more In common than we think they do And certain world events that turn up Aren’t necessarily organic And that’s that’s worrying if that if That’s the idea if we’re headed towards Some sort of Huge event And we’re going to start cracking things Out which can Like defy the laws of physics can you Imagine the destruction that would Happen we talk about what’s going to Happen right now but we talk about it in The in the idea of nuclear war um which Is ridiculous because we’re talking About decades-old technology like that’s Still all we’ve got Yeah but that decade Old technology Has the potential to destroy the entire Planet as we know it yeah but we don’t

Stop do we we don’t we don’t stop doing It so as soon as that was done someone Sat down and gone right how can we make That [ __ ] bigger What can we do what can we do that’s Bigger than that Or smaller and and more personable like You know uh nuclear bullets and uh You know [ __ ] like that uh Nuclear boats my new metal band Take one nuclear bullets is now my new Metal band That’s a great way to get it Is that really that’s true No it’s not but it’s a [ __ ] good band Name Don’t blow your load on here mate I will never be able to play drums quick Enough to be in a band called nuclear Bullets never Someone’s going to use that now I heard it here first Yeah Copyright Gone lee um Just not a strike we don’t we don’t like Them here so How much of this video have you seen From third phases then have you seen him Is it a half an hour an hour 15 minutes What’s that The the new movie from third phase It is two hours and how much have you Seen

Probably 25 minutes okay so you’ve seen a fair a Good a good whack of it and is that Something that Just you and a celeb you’ve seen yeah You got [ __ ] they haven’t showed me you Know yeah well you know you were sick And And uh I could have washed your hands yeah you Died for a little bit It died inside Yeah so when you when you say this is Going to be Amazing What can what can you say About it Without giving too much away just Exactly what i said you’ll see greer in A different light you’ll hear things That he’s never said before You’ll uh you’ll find out where his mind Is Um They don’t he i don’t want to say too Much but he doesn’t really talk about c5 If you’re worried about that ce5 Whatever um So that’s not really an issue This go around you know we don’t have to Worry about that Which i think is good Um but not that anybody’s into c5 you Know that it’s probably a thing it’s

Just not my thing but you know I’d love to if someone can show me how To do it i’d love to take them up on That But uh you’re gonna see um oh [ __ ] i Forgot what i was gonna say sorry mate That’s me i’m just putting you off there I’m don’t just say sorry i just wanted To say that i didn’t i’m not just Disputing his c5 but uh yeah So It’s just and uh uh now i forgot again [ __ ] Come on come on come on come on rage no No go ahead i’ll spit it off Spit i can’t remember it’s gone Now look into mine it was about the Movie And there was something about the movie That uh Oh oh about What about uh lou there’s some good Stuff in there that nobody’s ever seen Or heard when remember the debate they Were going to do Yes grier against that yeah there’s some Uh behind the scenes stuff that’s coming Out So it’s pretty interesting man you guys Are going to love it and the two hours Will probably go by really fast Okay so greer speaks about lou You can’t speak about that but that’s What he does

Okay you’re allowed to speak but he does Speak about that Yeah it’s it’s going to be phenomenal And it may start Another war We don’t know It’s going to be interesting though Well we kind of need this kind of war to Take his mind off of a wars you know A little bit of a light ufo war Rather than the real wars going on you Know you know the good thing about this Movie coming out april 5th or 6th i Think it’s the fifth is that lou’s book Is coming out in april as well Oh were they releasing on the same [ __ ] day yeah That would be amazing well this movie That was supposed to come out in February But it got pushed so to push to april Yeah So i can’t it’s it’s good timing now Why did it get pushed Uh Ten i i don’t know i think they had some Movies That uh didn’t do so well I’m not sure i don’t know and they I think there had to be some uh not a Re-edit but something had to be done it Was just a little delay I think they had uh Make sure it was perfect you know no

Mistakes don’t rush it You know you know that’s how it is with These movies you made it eight months Ago and and now it’s almost you know I mean the movie should have been out in February but it’s not I said earlier about Disclosure disclosure never happening I i did feel like when we were doing the Shows probably on a regular basis Together every week maybe two shows Sometimes and the three of us would Speak about stuff that was going on you Know lee would shave his beard He’d have a beard one day he’s the Fastest man that can grow a beard i’ve Ever seen Um But it got exciting and now i feel like It it’s never I don’t think it’s ever gonna get it Don’t feel like it’s gonna get like that Again that we’re gonna get that rush Again It feels like we got what we’re gonna Get And that’s it And now it’s up to us Until we read lou’s book but this Happens over and over this is mythology It’s uh you only get one or two stories A year and that’s what we feed off of So the book is the next thing the movie Is the next thing and then after that

Nobody i don’t know What else What if we’re all being lied to rich And we’re believing in completely the Wrong thing yeah i know Then they did a great job I mean People tell me the stories they’ve been Abducted You know they’ve had the sheets lifted Off the bed this that and the other All the all these different stories Which the guests that i have on i i Believe that the the they are telling The truth yeah you know i can see it in Their eyes they are But what if it’s something completely Different i know lee’s in that court Well liaison lays on the verge of the The flat earth I think oh yeah that’s right it’s not No no He rims it now and again though I’m definitely on on the uh You are licking on the cusp of the being A more advanced Local Like Biology to the planet That’s more advanced than us that’s been Here for a long time That can build metal ships Yeah that can look like man-made Stuff

Maybe maybe or maybe i mean where’s the Factories Where is all that stuff over the ice Wall um under the sea i don’t know i Don’t know I know But uh It did there was something i was looking At looking at today which i thought was Quite interesting which i’ve never heard Before i think it’s [ __ ] i think It’s i think it’s called the [ __ ] Conspiracy But i might i might have it wrong and The idea behind this conspiracy is that All conspiracies are misinformation All mainstream conspiracies are things That have just been thrown out to the Public to keep us all busy Nuzzling away at [ __ ] Aliens oh yeah big foot or loch ness Monster Just as things and essentially if you Put an idea out Uh the hive mind gets hold of it and we Create we naturally create our own Evidence So life Is the national enquirer Yes yeah Or the weekly world news maybe it’s even Worse yeah Yeah that’s interesting i’ve thought About that i’ve always said the the

World is more paranormal than normal But you know and you could be wrong on That too everything could be some part Of truth And they have to you know people It’s hard to keep a secret and people Love telling secrets and they want to be The one that that makes this story Happen and usually it’s for money Um but Yeah man it’s crazy world we live in Wouldn’t it be awful though wouldn’t it Be awful if The bangs in the house or the creeks on The floorboards were never ghosts it was Always just changes in room temperature Making sure it would freak Um if the lights in the sky were always Shooting stars or always misidentified Planets the fact that we Like it when elon musk comes out and Says they have the most advanced space Rockets we’ve ever built That’s it that’s the height of Technology wouldn’t it be awful if Normal was the absolute pinnacle But do you know when you saying that’s There you sound crazy to me Because that sounds crazy yeah That sounds crazy oh i don’t think so no It’s what you want to believe that’s why The bumps In the night You know the people’s bed sheets being

Lifted uh People seen Show me on the toilet That To me now is my norm you know that is That to me Because i’ve experienced stuff myself so I Nearly everybody and i know i’ve got um Uh Mr diecast in in the chat good guy he Did a great interview with him about the Frozen play in the sky and that’s that Was his story we’re just a frozen plane In the sky and the guy was telling me The complete truth it was yeah Perspective what if that was all Perspective and just the way he was and Then what i i know i’ve said on this This channel a few times whenever you Remember something you’re not Remembering the the event you’re Remembering the last time you remembered It I get i get what you’re saying saying Late but i mean when it comes to The train set Oh no that was just the green Yeah but what happens if i saw that like The green ball yeah And what i did see was a meteorite and Then yeah i get what you’re saying over Time i don’t i i’m not meaning to lie About it but over time my imagination

Has just stuck little bits in and then Every time i remember i’m regurgitating Those little bits and then it stuck even More bits in and then the next thing you Know i i wasn’t outside my house at all I was in the middle of a field and i got [ __ ] by a grey and that is a Personality flaw why would you do that No you we’re not you’re saying that you Wouldn’t do it on purpose you add this And add that that’s not cool No no no consciously know they’re doing That i don’t believe that they’re what What am i missing i don’t know i think You can accidentally do it i think no I do i think not if it’s the truth Um maybe you don’t have to do that for The truth i think you can misremember You can misremember the first time But after that the story should always Be the same maybe maybe no no it it is b I don’t i don’t know because i think the I think our the way we remember is much More complicated than that you know what Let me tell you something i i have to Apologize i think you’re right because i Myself have missed no no it’s true i Just remembered i’ve made mistakes on my Own stories You’re 100 right yeah but he’s 100 right You don’t mean it it’s it’s accidental And yeah yeah yeah okay good good job Man good point Jennifer thank you very much for the

Five pounds what do you mean by this no The bangs in my in my house are all the Walls banging and we ran out of house And bit And a bit loud and a bit and the bits Loud No the bangs in my house are all the Walls banging and we ran out of the House and Bit wow bits yeah Right so she ran out of the house [ __ ] herself i think she meant and it’s Loud yeah yeah Yeah Yeah i’m dyslexic so it doesn’t help no No it took me two times yeah i bought This this is jen i’m not and i obviously I’m not calling jennifer a liar the um But when we talk about this idea of like Normal just being the thing or if it’s Plumbing jeremy What if what if there’s if you’ve got Air in your In your system i i’ve had air in my Plumbing system before and that makes a [ __ ] right racket like your whole House is gonna fall down When the sun hits my house In the morning i hear kick Crack and i thought there was spiritual [ __ ] going on but it’s not So the house But it’s not all the time like alien Addict was saying sheets are being

Lifted off people see things shadows Sorry No no That’s the bangs though we’re talking About the noises yeah but what about the Things that people see so for example I’ve told you many a times i think i’ve Mentioned it on the child but i may have Just mentioned it after the show as a Child i used to see a white lady in my Bedroom completely white i cannot Remember this right My mum saw this i used to go into my Mom’s room On a night and tell her there’s a white Lady in my room and my mum used to ask Me what she did and i said she just Smiles all i said My mum Saw her one night at the edge of the bed The next morning she had a miscarriage Oh wow My mum’s talk my mum had eight Miscarriages i i’m i’m the only my mom’s Reece is negative and she she there’s Something weird with her genetic code That doesn’t know if Yeah i don’t know what it is they see The they see the babies as a um like a Parasite don’t they yeah and it the the The immune system attacks it i think So she lost uh i think it was eight Children and i’m that she calls me the Miracle child um

But she saw this while i can’t even Remember this she tells me this story From when i was a kid But my mum experienced that And you know i don’t know why mama would Lie to me you know and say That she or maybe she dreamt it and then She had the miscarriage the next day you Know there’s a lot of these coincidences In life and that is the thing that Really interests me Is these little things that people have In common and i think that that is the Link to this Disclosure that we’re gonna get i think We may Be Back in the wrong horse when it comes to Alien ufo little green men in ships That may put people off the channel but Over time i thought that for many years That that’s what it was and it It possibly is that I hope it is that I feel right we’ve uh we’ve got a big Problem In the Um in the uk with politics right where We have two parties That are essentially tying the time the Same line And the opposition doesn’t know how to Be an opposition now In um

The alternative media that we that we’re All in We should be the opposite of the Mainstream media we should be the Opposition To the mainstream media So I’m afraid if they’re going out of their Way now To tell us it’s definitely little green Men from zeta reticular that are coming Coming down in spaceships It’s our duty to look at it in a Different way Because we should be the opposition to The mainstream media right Yeah but And jennifer sorry to hear that about About your mum so that so that those Bangs You think That she that You know i’m down with maybe ghosts do Stuff like that I’m not I’m not away from the spirit stuff you Know Um If anything i’m right i’m right there Over the last couple of years Has taken me there Sorry sorry lee i just What were you going to say oh i i wasn’t

Saying anything actually well no you Just sounded like i interrupted there No No I know what you’re saying but It just seems like there’s something Completely different to me Yeah i know well that’s what i was Trying to say and it’s Certainly again uh over the last two Years I am and it’s it is definitely why i’m Questioning what’s happening right now Because all media seems to be singing From the same hymn sheet Um And if If the bbc And fox news and cnn are telling me Something or and all singing the same Thing You best [ __ ] bet i’m gonna think It’s the exact opposite Well fox news sometimes goes against the Grain but It does in the ufo thing i wasn’t really Talking about that but yeah yeah but Well no because it sorry it doesn’t it Goes more it goes more on board with it But it gives you more of the mainstream Media line you know it’s they might give You Uh my interviews with more interviews With lou alexander for instance or they

Might talk about whatever rogan did on His podcast with whatever ufo guy it was But they’re still giving you the Like men from mars women from venus Treatment when it comes to aliens Yeah And if See that even makes me makes me think Because i mean lose even slipped the Demon thing in it in there so That’s always the way i’ve looked about It maybe it’s so there is a genuine Nefarious Entity Like maybe we have things like those Um But uh I don’t know i just i don’t i don’t Trust any but i don’t if if someone’s Making us feel something and someone’s Making us think something i’d like to Know why Probably more than If there’s aliens i’d like to know why We why we’re supposed to think there is Do you think it’s aliens anymore though I mean i know we’ve had this discussion And rich looks like he’s why you say so Because he’s had a little smile on his Face Richard’s channeled that much energy He took the light out of his room I can’t Go

No I just between us do you remember what i Said before the show what not to talk About Oh we’ve not talked about it no Well you remember what i said yes yeah Okay well it officially opened right Brilliant fantastic fantastic yeah so i I am a little bit excited uh i don’t Know if it’s aliens to be honest with You but how can you dismiss the Abductions and And uh everything like that like when i Dream sometimes i dream of aliens that Don’t look anything like what i’ve seen In the movies And uh and they’re much more detailed And crisper and well that’s the same Thing i guess but they just I don’t know man I like whitley strieber People believe that guy’s telling the Truth i think he had the one experience Of course You know he had witnesses at his house That saw strange lights and if you ever Saw the movie communion or read the book You know that his friends would never go Back up to that cabin again after what They saw and uh It has to be real But i don’t know if they’re From another dimension Or you know what i mean it’s like

To have that type of technology Sounds like cloaking technology more Than interdimensional technology if That’s even a real word Inter-dimensional i’m told it’s not There’s no such thing as entertainment Interdimensional but Anyway It’s really strange welcome to the show With the one quid yes thanks thank you Thank you uh late well because it’s joe My friend i appreciate that um That Wheelie streamer is that he pronounced His surname i think so However you want to say That story is fantastic though you know It But it does almost like it was made up By an author well i was just gonna say That like angeline It seems like someone’s tripping Yeah He could It really does you know with the the the Especially when you watch the movie with The little blue Um Goblins or whatever they are yeah but i Do like the fact that that That and i know it’s just it’s just a Book guys it’s just a story That Apparently is a true true event

Apparently Um I have not read the book As you may as you may know In the book does Does the alien grey remove the mask Because in the film it it he does it He’s wearing a mask Yeah i don’t know i never i don’t like Reading either So If anybody’s read it let us know yeah I want to know if it removes the mask Because It’s interesting that On the travis walton not his story of it Of the events but the film fire in the Skies it’s fire in the sky They Had masks the great I’ve seen this a few times in in and They we’re talking movies here people But this grey wearing a mask Could that not be some sort of Somebody knows some [ __ ] and they’re Secretly just telling us something there Because i’ve seen this many times where Where this the alien grey is nothing but A mask That’s a question Sounded like a statement it did No I’m saying could do you reckon it could Be

You reckon it could sorry it did sound Like it just did sound like a statement In it I’m going Um The whole mask thing i like that i like That um i don’t know why i should like It but it’s just there’s something about That And this Image being a disguise you know almost Like the v for vendetta You know it’s this Just plain face That If we were to go to another planet Right let’s just say and uh We can’t breathe their oxygen or Whatever it is we’re gonna wear masks Too or helmet or whatever so if they had Stories of us visiting them they had Their big heads and a big thing and i Could see something inside this little Helmet Yeah so i think that’s all it is it’s a Skin-tight breathing apparatus that i Think they used And we saw that in the movie When he was oh no i’m thinking of travis Walton fire in the sky no wasn’t that Also in communion two Yeah in community yeah yeah I think he rips the mask off yeah he Does

Yeah but in fire in the sky he they they Weren’t wearing the masks And When he walks into that he goes into That room The And i know people if anybody’s gonna say Well that’s just the film and travis Swann’s events are totally different yes I know that but in the film they show it As the alien greys look like little old Men And The they wear an alien grey suit Um My What a name he might mike sounds like a Character in um A will farrell film um There he said maybe it’s uh it is a Military dress up like gria says and i Was going to say that before What if the abductions are Staged events Millions of them Noel you you wouldn’t need to do Millions of them would you because you Could there are Well there are but there are there are Also ones of varying quality aren’t There of course how many physical ones Yeah and there’s there’s ones where People make things up and then the The the idea the idea of the

If aliens gets into the Like The general zeitgeist and i i’m i’m Still convinced some people use the um Like ufos and stuff and the alien Abductions for um coping mechanisms for Trauma especially like sexual trauma Yeah well when you’re talking about that Lee and this this actually brings me to Uh Wild is it ascension am i supposing that Right a wild ascension another ship Because we can read again uh never been Out uh thank you for the suit thank you Thank you for the for the 1.99 super Chat i appreciate that but what if some Of these abductions are happening While you’re asleep and you’re not Actually leaving your bed so so wait so When you said they’re rich yeah that You know What all of these abductions you know That All over the world there’s loads of them Going on What if there’s That they can make us think that this Has happened yeah it actually hasn’t Happened yeah you’ve had like stories Having you all through history of like Incubus and succubus and the uh what was The the the old hag The um What

I i you said old hag i said linda molten Howe yeah Well i’m sorry No no no no there’s a there’s a like uh It’s in mythology there’s a there’s a Creature called the old hag that was Said to Climb on men’s chests and so right the Breath out of that oh yeah i saw this Isn’t that a succubus yeah yeah it’s It’s just it’s just like another thing Of it it’s the same as that i think the Incubus is A similar thing as well isn’t it Um The you know that we’ve had these Stories maybe that’s just a A symptom of sleep paralysis you know It’s We’ve we’ve had the boogeyman for a While you know it’s we’ve we’ve had the The fear of what’s in the dark or what’s In the corner of your eye So maybe maybe it’s just a human Manifestation of This like natural phenomena Mm-hmm Very yeah it’s possible that’s the thing We don’t know i think that’s what that Where that old saying comes from you Know i’ve got something on my chest You know when you’ve got like a either When you when you feel like i’ve got Something to get off my chest or yeah

Yeah maybe i think it does come from That okay i’m be serious though yeah i Know yeah yeah it actually does come From Whenever i look at those pictures and Some people depict them As That was people getting abducted Um Straight away i look at the picture i Think demon If it was on it but if it was on ancient Aliens which i believe your your show Tonight is on something to do with Ancient aliens in it rich It is Yeah i saw the advertisement um But alien ancient aliens would just Depict anything that has been drawn like That in history of uh a demon sat in Your chest was Basically a guy just coming to abduct You do some blood samples maybe make you Impregnate a cow and then put you back Yeah We just don’t know That’s that’s the funny thing of it all We just don’t know somebody said there’s Been over a hundred thousand maybe i Don’t know a million Cattle mutilations you know I can believe it Throw that into the mix like why don’t If it was the government they could just

Farm their own cattle but i don’t think It’s about that i think it’s about You know what’s going on on other People’s farms and they want to get you Know i don’t know data from those Animals So if they’re just harboring the cows For their blood they could just use make Their own cattle farm so why do they Have to go to strangers all over the World and grab their cattle because Maybe it is aliens Jen read it years ago by the way rich And she can’t remember a match she can’t Remember it either so it was so maybe it Was just in the movie That makes it more interesting as well Yeah yeah Because Why why is the movie showing the mask But also travis did say For real that he was kind of a dick to The aliens because he was so scared so i Wonder if if it is real it’s hard to Know have you ever interviewed him Travis yeah You would know that i’d have told you That i know you’ve slept with him but i I i’m not actually with him but you Slept on him I slept next to him Did he know Well it was during a movie and uh he was On one aisle i was on the next right

Across from him and it was the phoenix Lights movie which i’ve seen five times Before And i was up all night like i usually am Came in with the headband on Un-showered with a full beard And i fell asleep and was snoring and That when the movie ended he looks at me And he goes He shakes his head It was so funny i go hey i was up all Night working for you Have you have you ever asked him for an Interview No No Yeah Not interested Nah What is he gonna say that i haven’t Already heard That same reason why i never had uh and I wish i did now but uh stan friedman Yeah that’ll be you know I liked stanton but you might say well You you would say that because he’s Passed away now but i know i always Liked him He he’s got that lovable um granddad About honey you just want to give the Guy a hug he seemed nice that’s yeah And it’s smart But there’s not there’s not a lot of People i don’t think in the ufo

Community so if in any of the um Like conspiracy field i think that feel Endearing You know it’s that most of them have Have to have like an air of cool about Them he was never interested in having An air of cool about him he just was Cool he was james what he would co he Was cool because he were nice yeah yeah And i didn’t like the way Jeremy um that when he it was jeremy Colbell it was corbell when they were on The stage Yeah i thought that he was a bit He just seemed like a bit of a dick to Him he was He was talking over him and he’s like am I right am i right Oh god i hate corbell why do we have to Bring that name up Rich brian kegler yeah i’m gonna say can You help me with that super chat thank You so much brian for the 1999 super Chat that was really appreciated great Show guys my two cents there is an Advanced breakaway civilization here on Earth monitoring us china and russia Copies us tech tic tac isn’t theirs i do Think the us has anti-gravity technology Since the late 50s dot dot dot That jeremy corbyn just uh weaponized Rich’s keyboard instead of his Imagination you son of a [ __ ] I hate that they’re

Weaponization oh that’s it If it was if it was if it was roswell That you guys got the technology off Saying that you have the technology I mean that was it 1946 7 47 i should know that Evan Um That’s what Three years to develop that technology Three Well yeah if it was 1947 the crash Yeah Oh yeah if they do it in the 50s yeah if They’ve had that anti-grav technology Maybe they had it in a hangar right they Have it developed did you guys have it Developed Even if let’s let’s be honest here If if we take everything at face value Right from roswell incident to What we think is correct in the ufo Field If we if there was a crashed so let’s Be [ __ ] honest here not only is it a [ __ ] flying saucer we found It’s a broken one it’s not even an Operational one it’s been smashed into The [ __ ] ground Yeah That is the the equivalent of snapping a Usb stick in two and throwing it to a

Load of chimps and so come back in 25 Years and they’ll have a full computer No it’s not the same do you think so Because chimps can’t build uh build Freeways and cars and things like that They they don’t do anything like we can Do no but faster than light technology Mate we’re [ __ ] it doesn’t mean you Can’t figure it out I i i think we’d still be looking at That wreckage go on It’s a working thing something that Worked and not only worked but that was Physically operated by a creature in the Same way as we physically operate Something by a bipedal creature i could Take that but if it was incomplete and Broken I i don’t think Faster than light technology would work The simple reason is What happens when you hit something in Space going at the speed of light or Faster than speed of light You know how would you i mean you might Have the best navigation system in the World right how what would be in front Of the ship to get rid of whatever’s in Its way maybe look maybe the tiniest bit Of rock sure So it would have to work on a Bending space in time yeah that’s how it Can have to work like that it’s the only Way

That’s what i think anyway yeah that’s The only way you’re right You you would have to be a trans medium Craft you know it can go through you Know do that and that’s what they keep Saying they keep saying trans media Craft yeah So maybe they’re right Sure Maybe they are maybe they’re not But then you’ve got the thing it’s like Your craft might be trans medium so Let’s say The craft can go through things So What why would You go through things once you’re in it Because you’re encapsulated inside of it It gives you a shield same reason why Iraq wouldn’t hit it Yeah but The the idea would be that the the rock Was going through it wouldn’t it Basically i guess yeah but you’re inside Of it so you also feel the effects of That i’m assuming i don’t really yeah That’s a good question Unless and that would be the answer they Would give and they’re encapsulated Inside of it i’m sure Unless it had something On the front That whatever’s in front of it Would

Yeah yeah shift it like like when you’re Going through water yeah a space a space Bumper Yeah yeah yeah another name for a band Space bumper yeah i like that that’s so Weird it works space bumper yeah What was the other one Uh nuclear bullets That’s freaking awesome dude Nuclear bullets is insane Lee can you play darling Nuclear bullets a space bumper Brian kegler five dollar super chat it’s Too disruptive to the global com economy And the petro dollar that the entire u.s Economy is based on yeah for sure See That suggests right and That suggests that The people that have Built and used our monetary system for God knows how long are Clever enough to keep this this system Going But stupid enough To to monetize new technology i don’t Believe that Well we could use this technology if we Had free energy instead of using gas and Oil we could still charge exactly the Same thing we’re charging now for it i Don’t know why it would be such a Problem the only thing is You don’t want the public to get their

Hands on this technology because if you Have an object You know let’s say a size of a baseball That can go 30 000 miles an hour [ __ ] That’ll go right through a building you Know So It’s dangerous the thing with free Energy i think that That might be a bad way we’ve been using The word because That suggests that we can just jump in Our car throw some rune stones On the engine and then drive off The idea of free energy is drawing power From the [ __ ] from the ether or Whatever tesla thought it was so you’re Still gonna need some sort of power Station slash conductor that i don’t Believe you can just bang that in a like In a In a moped or a car So you you Maybe you get to the situation where Um like petrol stations uh were Just like small reactors for instance You know you’re not you’re not going in And filling tanks up full of fuel but It’s it’s generating its own power which You’re going in and charging your space Car with But i i just don’t believe that Yay or the world cup car Um

I just i just don’t believe that they Couldn’t monetize it they can they Charge you for your time using it so if You drive yeah exactly Uh even even on the Can you imagine how much money you could Make Even in the uh if you take even take Grown-up stuff out of it Think of toys Imagine how much money you would make From like fighter jets and stuff like That if they could actually just [ __ ] Fly about Dude if you’re super if your superman Toy could actually fly because it was [ __ ] zero gravity i’d expect expect That by now you know i know me playing With toys in the aids i expected that When it went off but my kids toys will Fly do they bollocks And if they do that just a cheap drone Douglas adams with the five dollar super Chat we prob with that no it’s john John miles douglas adams would probably Write the answer to the question is 42. I don’t get that as an uneducated man It was the hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy oh right right i have seen i’ve Seen the film i’ve never read the books Angelia’s here first books i’ve ever Read first books i’ve ever read with Hedgehog’s guide anjali is here by the Way

Oh i’ve been speaking to her she’s here In the chat room I wish in the chat hi Saying hello Hello hello from Great britain hello from the other side What’s that song I don’t know Hello from the is adele Anjali i think of that song It’s a good song Like i like anjali hey i do you know i i Was just gonna say Adele You know i preferred a older dell to new Adele yeah i kind of did too i feel like I’m getting ripped off now Yeah I had a dowel But i’ve i switched to an asus now You’re so silly i was thinking the same Thing I use alienware which is basically dell Isn’t it yeah it is yeah very ombre very Br on brand for you I had to get it What would i be if i didn’t have Alienware Yeah I was trying to say hi anjali in the Chat but I i can’t do the little Thing above the end i don’t know what it Is i thought it was an umbrella at first

It’s not um is it something else But hello hello Hello my friend yeah the The whole The whole film business though when it Comes to Aliens that every and people telling Stories they change everything But my point there with the masks was That’s being used a lot of times with Alien masks Actually might be a good question but a Person to ask about that is she you know She actually she i think anjali did say That the aliens in that cave did look Like they were They they it was prospective but They helped me out there perspective Sorry I i was reading reading the chat then I’m not gonna say anything i’m just Gonna say to uh gigi why don’t you tell Everyone what you really think Gigi what would i miss That i wouldn’t go near her Yeah Who’s youtube you’re talking about Angela Yeah I don’t think anjali’s got a youtube Channel is she i don’t know yes Uh But There uh i guess her story fell apart

See I i don’t know i’ll be honest i’ve been Speaking to anjali today oh Not today um the other day oh right on Okay so I do find something in really Interesting And that’s That Wayne and trish are real people Yeah So if somebody wants to make a lie up Okay Now this is not me saying me saying that I i i think that anjali went into An alien cave and spoke to I don’t know i don’t know what she Experienced But the fact that Tricia and wayne are real people and Then they they’ve come out and said Xyz you know She she’s she’s lying about this If anjali wanted to make a lie up And here’s the interesting thing for me And i said this to you When you rang me the other night about The guest because i told you about this Late If she wanted to make a lie up about That Why have two real people Um i i know nothing about this i know i Know you’ve got you guys did a podcast

With uh with a uh or sorry uh you live With a i watched the beginning of it um And i’ll be perfectly honest and this is This is someone that gets a bit woo-woo About stuff I found her a little bit woo-woo to Watch so i didn’t watch it Um But if i was gonna create well if i was Gonna lie about something i was gonna Make a ufo story up i’d get two people And i’d keep them in the background And then i At some point just when My story needed a bit more sizzle on it I’d i’d dig them up to my original story But she didn’t dig them up No no but they came out that’s what i Mean if it’s If it if it was a plan it was a good Plan I’m not saying she’s lying i’m just Saying that If i was going to create a story i would Have people That would back it up at some point my Exact words to anjali when i had her on Live is And i said this when she left i said i i Said thank you so much for coming on i i Believe that you that you’re making a Book and you know that this is A good look to you and that that’s what I said

Yeah but Stephen cambion um Has uh had um Evidence from cha cha what’s the name Rich charlie Charlie wiser yeah charlie’s been Charlie did message me a lot When i was in contact with ryan as well Asking me things and i’m like look i’m No i’m no researcher i don’t know this She didn’t realize that i just talk [ __ ] And interview people and talk to people That are into this in this community i Don’t i don’t spend time Looking loads of stuff up i just like to Hear from the horse’s mouth so to speak Um I but for me as an outsider looking in That’s not really Researching this But to see that When i thought that she’s she’s making a Book i thought wayne and tricia are not Real people that’s what i thought all Along they there’s no way they’re real People because why would you do that Okay It turns out they are real people And they are disputing everything that She’s saying That i find strange And what what i also And and A lot of people don’t believe his story

But what dawned on me Before Anjali Spoke about this alien base Kyle from ufo proof Spoke about an alien base in a cave Which I i watched the video back today And that was two months before she made That Statement outside congress yeah which i Know you could anybody could could It’s it’s an insane thing to make up You know use your imagination you could Make some stuff up like that You told me that sorry because obviously We spoke about it yes Yeah and We know about about the alien cave Yeah yeah And um I remember saying to you because i think It was just a coincidence i’d only just Seen helya On Amazon i don’t know if you have either Of you seen that rich i’ve watched about Three episodes i’ve only watched a Couple yeah right that’s the story Basically is it Yeah I need to watch it again It was on me i think i’ve got it on Prime can you repeat what you just said

About that lee that how the hell your Story is very similar to the cave story I’m not oh yeah yeah it is yeah yeah Remind me of the storyline because i Have watched it but i was building lego At the time it’s a mockumentary i’m a Kid yeah it’s it’s a mockumentary where A bunch of filmmakers go searching for a Goblin And It’s the front cover like a goblin yes Yeah yeah and they they go looking for An alien in a cave essentially It’s quite good i enjoyed it Slow it felt like the series should have Been half as uh Half as long as it was but it’s if You’re into this sort of stuff it’s Probably worth a watch Yeah and i i totally appreciate that and That’s where that’s where my mindset was When angelique came on the show and i’m Like i think you’re writing a book I said that over and over again to her In a polite way Um But All along in my head i’m like wayne and Trisha are not real people even even Though ryan’s telling me that he’s Interviewed them i’m like Is it maybe the maybe they’re right Ryan’s got the wrong wayne and trisha Here okay

Ryan has [ __ ] Maybe yeah maybe i i never came out with The other you know he never came out he Was supposed to send me he’s a Bullshitter Okay so we’re so so it there right there Rich you’re in agreement with anjali i’m Not an agreement with anjali i believe She experienced something Right but okay and i don’t know how um But i don’t believe ryan at all ryan Gordon one second So he here’s the here’s the thing What if This trisha and wayne are hiding Something and that is why yeah come out And say it’s very possible They don’t want anybody going there Anymore maybe i don’t know But i would do the same thing if i Didn’t want people around my you know Looking for this cave mountain whatever But answer me this if anjali Wanted to make this lie up okay Why use real people True Um Why would you use real people unless They were here Unless they were in on it yeah but it’s Coming back and Bitten on a On the bottom well basically They’re disputing it but yeah but maybe

They didn’t want anything to do with it Maybe the idea was there and it’s like [ __ ] i’m not getting involved in this Because this is not going the way it’s Supposed to go but it’s easy for them to Do that no but names were never given Nothing they came forward Look i I got I i don’t know i i saw i saw your Interview i wasn’t grabbed Um I’m not Like what I’ve always enjoyed like what the what In the comment section i’m just reading The comments here i’ve always enjoyed What gigi is added to this podcast and Put like put up and stuff like that i Don’t appreciate Her The fact that she’s Essentially calling anjali out To my eyes not saying anything wrong and Angelis just threat is saying that she’s Threatening violence essentially because She’s called you’re a shill And i don’t i don’t appreciate that And for me that speaks volumes about the Whole situation If you’re gonna if you’re gonna go to That level i’m probably not gonna trust That person No i get that late i get that my my my

Issue with this is Why why are these people real in the First place if the whole thing is made Up that i find It because you need something real in The story to make it real that’s why if You have real people then it validates Who you are is it yeah i i i agree rich With that I completely agree But why When Anjali has never given the the details Of these people Why have they come forward It doesn’t make sense there’s something Missing here because people keep Bringing their names up and they don’t Want anything to do with it why give the Names what would be the point i just Made it sorry I just told you to make it grounded Exactly what lee said it makes it seem More real look she may have had an Experience with these people Okay however it was uh what was it Apparently she Uh drank uh What is it Marijuana oil or something like that That’s what i heard And she hallucinated this thing And uh I don’t know man i didn’t look into it

All i know is that the apparently Cambian did the show and said it’s all Fallen apart And wayne and trisha came out and said That it’s not real she’s making it up When i thought they were all part of it Yeah I would like i honestly would like to Hear it from anjali I i would like yeah sure i would i want To i i i believe that everybody has a Right to stick up for if they’ve been Accused of something sure to stick up For themselves i i i i even invited Charlie why is it to come and have a One-on-one she’s like i don’t go on i Don’t go on shows because she kept Asking me loads of questions Of which i couldn’t answer she wanted to Know Everything that ryan has sent me Um you know i’m i’m like piggy in the Middle i’m like you know I just i just have people on a show That’s all i do she said she didn’t Drink anything which is good because That that was a rumor going around Yeah but people start rumors don’t they But she already said she wasn’t Hallucinating and all that stuff so you Know people are just being Weird Um But but here’s the thing i mean she she

Still says she has these visions and What have you now i don’t i i do do i Don’t know any drug that lasts for how When did it happen this event was it two Two three years ago Longer than that was it 2018 i can’t Remember now ah it doesn’t matter it Happened but anyway it was a few years Ago i don’t know any drug that lasts for That long No but the memory lasts that long yeah i I know that but you she’s still having Um Yeah experiences and experiences yeah Right all right well she could be she Could be one of those people who found Out how to have these experiences where We can’t Do i believe this aliens in a cave in The desert i i personally don’t believe That but Do i think there’s more to this story I think there’s a lot more to this story Now that trisha and wayne have come Forward and calling her a liar Yes a hell of a hell of a lot marty’s Story I do So did wayne and trisha ever come out Before This is the first time Absolutely not and ryan um So so when ryan i when i rang wayne with Ryan and wayne didn’t answer the phone i

Heard a voicemail Um Ryan got some back and forth With um Text messages as you saw but They said they wanted nothing to do with This keepers out of it those weren’t Real text messages by the way That maybe from a spoof app i totally Saw it so Yeah ryan gordon is a big problem and i I i wish the guy never existed to be Honest with you He’s a problem That’s not a problem i think the guy Makes [ __ ] up to make his story work It’s possible he might have It’s possible but we’ll never know we Have to talk to travis That’s never going to happen Sure will i can get him on get him on All right He’s probably been put off No I’ll get him on He might think you might fall asleep on Him so that’d be great if i did I wouldn’t do that I would like to see travis on on goof on Yeah maybe i’ll have him on now Goof on lives or maybe even goof on if You get the channel back one day that’d Be great i don’t know if i’ll ever get It back i don’t know either but you

Never know I thought i’d have it back already and It’s not and something’s wrong so it Takes a while mate dude it’s been It’s been time the time has ended Something’s going something’s wrong Anyway Uh Well anyway what about sleep paralysis We never touched on that Have you ever had that No never Leave you ever had it sleep paralysis i Don’t think so I wouldn’t know what it was if i’d had It If i if i’m honest It sounds so [ __ ] terrifying I’m uh I’m sure I i’m sure i would know or you’d know Because it sounds like [ __ ] hell The thing is it’s a real thing but i Don’t know anybody that’s ever been Tested for it or have Have any data to back it up and They talk about being abducted and i’m Like well how do you know it wasn’t just A dream or sleep paralysis or something And Yeah i would like somebody to go who is An abductee Regularly to Yeah and i guess if you went to a sleep

Center the aliens wouldn’t visit you There coincidentally so yeah you just Can’t win So i’ve had moments where my I felt my body is Kind of asleep and i need to There’s something that’s spooked that i Wanted to wake up and can’t seem to get Out of it even though i know i’m asleep Would that be uh Sleep paralysis you know would that kind Of Justify sleep paralysis I think you know what’s happening You can’t move your arms and shit’s Happening around you all you can do is Move your eyes why can you only move Your eyes that doesn’t make sense either I i’ve had i had dreams where i was in Bed and taken Up when i well i told you about this When i went when my little boy couldn’t Get to sleep he ran into the room he had Night terrors and i went and got in with Him and i fell asleep And the next bit i know i’m outside the House And i’m i’m lifting off the ground Is that’s not sleep paralysis that’s Just is that’s just a dream yeah a weird Dream and then all of a sudden i’m like Back in my body I think i had sleep process when i was a Child there was very strange things

Going on with my sleep but i think a lot Of kids Have I think you dream more when you’re a kid A lot more than when you’re an adult Because i Rush of hormones are constantly being Produced You’re leading up to puberty where That’s where a lot of young girls and Young men have uh What do they call it Possessions you know they go through i Mean it’s always 13 or 14 year olds it Seems like you know i mean yeah there Are older ones but Generally it has to do with i think Hormones Hmm Always tends to be Always tends to be young kids that the Priest once want to be in the rooms with That possessed Strange coincidence yeah that is strange I’d never let them stay in One of those buildings Same with my tailor Anyway Yeah you taylor You know they’re always measuring in Seams and stuff oh yeah it’s an old joke The The whole Sleep thing though i

I uh and then whenever anybody talks About and they they think well i’ve been Uh i’ve been i’ve had an abduction i was Asleep I’m always thinking Were you dreaming you know How do you know you were asleep I i had a i’ve had great like well not Great quite terrifying But at the end of the day i was asleep I i’ve i’ve even done it where to the Point where i think i’ve Been on the ceiling But i’ve not Seen my own body i’ve never turned Around and seen myself ever I have That’s just weird But rich was knelt down naked in front Of a mirror I think you may have told me this bam I’ll definitely hear that again are my Pictures showing up on google Which pictures naked ones the naked one From the mirror that’s a brand new one Well you know i just i subscribe to the Only fans That’s good You You know what i i uh that’s not true When i was floating up towards the Ceiling when i think i had a near-death Experience and died in my sleep i i Turned around and i was going to heaven

I mean apparently but i put my hands up To stop myself going into the ceiling And it went through And it was all foggy and everything i Couldn’t see the tips of my fingers but I turned around and i saw my wife at the Time and the dog but i didn’t see me Yeah it was kind of weird And i said why don’t i love them i’m Supposed to love these things i called Them things and i said why don’t i love Them It was weird Maybe you’re gonna die I think i did i think i did i think i Had a heart attack Some people say When you die You kind of look back At your family And realize that you don’t it’s not that You don’t love them or anything like That but you don’t necess you don’t need That you that you you realize that that Is just something that you’ve been up You kind of you become too of a Realization to what you’ve been doing Here You let go of the ego you let go of Everything yeah no no but that like the We we’ve sort of bastardized i think What what ego is Hasn’t haven’t we we’ve put ego as in Like a

It’s a sense of self but We we look at it as like if you’ve got a Big ego now you’re just like Overconfident or something like that Whereas the Letting go of the ego is a complete Letting go of Everything that makes you physical wow Yeah Yeah and uh You know it’s and those are those are Things that ties to our like physical Realm and that like like like i said the Uh Um Again i’m not [ __ ] going into into it I’ve said i’ve told the story too many Times but when i had that [ __ ] crazy Trip i i felt like i was just a Consciousness i was just A thought In A huge space I i i can only i can only imagine what People that do it more often and get More used to it can garner from it but Yeah that’s that’s that’s when i Suddenly realized what people meant by Letting go of the ego because i just Thought the the idea of it was to was Essentially letting go of any like Self-confidence and realizing there was Something bigger than you but letting go Of the ego is just letting go of

Everything that keeps you As a physical being i think That’s probably why we don’t get Whatever disclosure is and i don’t mean An alien disclosure but whatever it is Because it may be something a lot more And maybe these people that control it They can’t let go of that ego They control it Yeah i think so i think that i think That’s why the There’s two things That i think we can We can definitely um Put down to The The elites for one of better words Is um They want control That Feels Like it was a bad sound effect for the Moment They want control I’m so sorry Good I’m happy it happened Um They won’t control over over people i Need to watch them back And they don’t want to die I was trying to be [ __ ] i don’t want To laugh at people not wanting to die hi And i was trying to

I was i was trying i was trying to bring It to like a A place where we could Discuss Like death life the reason we hold on to It the reason we can’t let go of it And rich [ __ ] it for me No but i think you’ve hit the nail on The head mate there because i think People don’t actually realize but it has More to He just appeared in a cloud of smoke Again that was [ __ ] good that’s how i Start my shows now oh i love it it was Like it’s like a [ __ ] uh pr practical Effect wipe i like it Mr kegler with the 20 Super chat same families have run the World banking systems for at least the Last two to 400 years records are Sketchy going back any further we are In the experiment we are not running the Experiment have a beer on me mate i Appreciate that and i would love to Speak about those people but Unfortunately if we speak about those People on youtube Or any platform for that matter Uh you get booked you get absolutely You name the names of the big companies Yeah you you get royally destroyed So but yeah brian i’m i’m right there With you my friend whack sock Yeah the channel it won’t be a community

Guideline striker bigger oh alien Addicts his channel’s just gone Aliens gone that would suck And his house he got hit by an asteroid Yeah And then you’d be a new um brian You’d be a new conspiracy there because I’d start the conspiracy no like olly’s House was the most cctv house in the Whole of great britain right and and Then i put out like another uh another Thing that half looked like something Hitting your house but we should have Better footage of it to quickly touch on That without saying anything i asked Modern militia which if anybody didn’t Know who they are go go look them up on Their Tick tock and you can find them on is it Right he’s on rumble and Uh Modern listeners on everything you can Fight you can find them on is he still In is he still on youtube I don’t think he posts a lot to youtube I always wanted to post that interview With um And you’ve Interviewed modern militia Yeah but yeah I asked him if he would be speaking About Those companies and he said [ __ ] no Yeah

Because he said he’ll be taken down of Everything But the crazy thing is i sometimes i Wonder whether we’re just getting Paranoid about it because the Documentary’s still there monopoly is Still on youtube I was amazed that Have you seen that rich Monopoly you should watch that monopoly I haven’t even heard of it it’s a Documentary that talks about the global Banking system it’s only an hour only an Hour long oh where’s your hand It’s it’s on youtube still okay And sending the link privately don’t put Into the chat because that way do Something well i know i mean you’re only Sharing a youtube video though aren’t You Well you are but i don’t know i don’t Know what you i don’t know how youtube Reads me you know I don’t know I get you chicken i understand Mum and dad scare us scary people [Laughter] Well i mean i’ve got a lot of love for Them but at the same time you know Sometimes they beat me Oh They threatened to be oh okay that’s Different you know you see um you can’t Get facebook in russia anymore

You you there’s a few a lot of things Pulling out of russia Apparently apparently they want a full Monopoly on misinformation Yeah i mean um That as well i’d like to be careful on Right now as well That’s fine Yeah It it’s The the thing is though With all of this so many people and Rightly so we’ll have so many different Opinions but i i i get every side of it And i sympathize With with any Any war that’s going on you know For for both the people you know the People that don’t want to be involved in It the people that are involved in it And I think it it’s terrible um But i do think information needs to be Free and it needs to be out there But i’d but on this platform I just don’t think it’s a platform that You can really speak freely about Anything otherwise you lose what you’ve Been doing for That’s except six seven years now oh Yeah I absolutely agree with you okay look at You lee with your community guidelines Strike yeah yeah but and i i absolutely

Agree with you and i absolutely agree With you being safe But this is why We’ll never need authoritarian Law like measures put in Because we will we are so quick to Self-censor ourselves we don’t need Thrown in the gulags We just need to lose what we’ve built Yeah but you think all that sort of Stuff censored And A lot of people when they they when they Look at maybe a ufo channel or or an Alien channel and and this they see Words like disclosure and this that and The other Do you think that sort of if if this That we’re talking about right now is Real And it’s definitely a thing and it’s not Just something just what is in a Different direction for the past How many years rich Now 70 something Okay for the past 70 odd years is if This has not just been something just to Put us Down stupid rabbit holes that make no Sense To waste our time and it actually is Something So important

This is censored Completely But we talk about it but maybe we Do we actually know i don’t think none Of us know what we’re talking about when It comes to this subject Because when it comes to real world Events well listen sometimes you can’t Speak your mind no i i’d like that’s Right so that’s why you never need Authoritarian actions for things like This because we’ve built We’re sewing like Woven into The technocracy that’s already around us That we need it you know it’s especially If you want to make content you need to Be on social media platforms you you Need to Be on like one of the big platforms if You like if you do video you have to be On youtube really if you do podcasts Then you have to be on the big social Media platforms because otherwise all You’re doing is you’re making a podcast And you’re [ __ ] throwing a message in A bottle out there hoping Somebody happens to search The key words you put in Um Yeah there’s no there’s no unless until Something is something happens And i do think there’ll be a tipping Point with technology where

It’s there’s too many people thrown off Twitter for instance so People go somewhere else and A new platform will Will come out of the ashes of it all i Think it’ll have to be like Odyssey i think odyssey has the best Chance Of Tackling youtube uh two reasons i think The user interface is a lot better i Think it looks and feels quite nice Which is always quite important it feels A bit like old youtube and the the most Important thing is it’s it’s on Blockchain technology so if you post Something up there you best be happy With posting it there because it’s not [ __ ] going anywhere Yeah I think that’s that’s what will have to Happen with All alternate plat platforms in the same Way with um maybe there’ll be a social Media platform which is like running a Blockchain type thing so If you tweet That tweet is a permanent fixture in Time and space it’s not going anywhere Do you think Though With that There should be Certain things that are taken down

Yes Where do you join no no it can okay no It can um There are there is moderation And on odyssey that there’s stuff like Illicit stuff will be pulled yeah Yeah but the um the thing is once that’s Approved and it’s on the service It’s there Right Yeah and and nothing that happens In time yeah i don’t believe yeah i Don’t believe you can take it down and i Don’t believe odyssey can take that The government can Of people behind the government oh well They can take the whole platform down They could take the internet down If they wanted to I think that’ll happen You do what do you think it’s going to Happen this year because yeah people say I think at some point we will lose Communications with each other Do you think when that happens Everything will this whole you know People talk about the great Three Seti The great wet wet um yeah do you i do What Do you think when that i am i am 100 on Board with The um with it being reset

With the Circular E Circular money Room People Um Having a plan installed which kicked off Two years ago And what’s going on right now is All part of The plan it’s all there it’s all the the Plans there yeah you have to if you’re Gonna wet wet something yeah If you’re gonna have a great wet wet Then you have to destroy everything To So there was no point in rich making That backup channel absolutely not that You you you have to you have to do it if You if you’re gonna if you’re gonna I think you feel bad buildback bet is Still cool that’s their words if you’re Gonna build back better Then you have to destroy first Let’s think about that for a minute what Would happen if we you know say Everything gets white a lot Everything Gone you’ve got no media whatsoever Nothing i think it’s already happened I mean you’ve got i mean you’ve got Nothing yeah I think i think it already happened and

If if i’m gonna get out there and i’m Still how quickly would it get up and How would you find it It would be gone in the same way as i Think I i i’ve been looking at the This whole thing of like tataria and Kazaria And the idea that we’ve been more Advanced at a certain point and then There was some sort of cataclysm like With the mud flood stories Some of the pictures like mud flood Pictures are [ __ ] insane Where you see pictures of old buildings That have two or three floors Operational floors with entrances Underneath them And at some point something’s happened That’s covered those buildings up and All we’ve done is is repurposed those Buildings But we’ve made the top floor So the third floor the beginning of the Building Um Like This has happened before we’ve had Resets before i believe one The last one was during the second world War That that close in time And we’ve lost history we’ve lost Things

Yeah well we destroy things that we Don’t agree with as well um no no yeah But i think i think we’ve lost where we Are we’ve lost where we’ve come from And that’s not That’s such one bit that’s that’s that’s On a global scale on a global scale like A global a global civilization that was Technologically advanced And what when we get things like we see Things of the pyramids and stuff which Would have been even like a reset even I’m No no but even the like when you look at The like tesla technology and you look Like ancient alien stuff i think this Stuff is is all There [ __ ] i don’t know jesus christ I don’t know what somebody’s saying in The comments there but the mods are Going crazy it’s [ __ ] the the The the great wet wet is going on in the Comments section Um The uh yeah the i think it feels like Canada over there in a minute Uh John lee’s disclosure in whatever form Would be a game changer once the doors Open it can’t be closed Captioning not available We the average joe that never ever Looked into aliens or just laughed it in Your face when you mention them

Be ready for Our disclosure No How what You know what disclosure is right Full disclosure i’m not just talking About technology i’m talking about i Don’t really know I don’t know what it is because i don’t Know what it is full disclosure and what Everybody thinks full disclosure would Be Is Letting everybody know that aliens are Here And their technology is real and here’s The technology here’s the alien that’s Full disclosure And we don’t have either But it could be a disclosure in a Different way no Because who’s to say he is aliens who’d Say he’s ever been aliens Yeah well like i said it that’s what we Think disclosure is aliens are here We’ve made contact with another Civilization or another Uh intelligent species that’s self-aware That may be sharing our planet who knows And the technology that comes with it You know now if there’s no aliens and we Get the technology where did we get it From did we create this technology then It’s not disclosure

When we’re talking about alien Disclosure we’re talking about aliens And technology where they came from Where what they’re doing here how long They’ve been here All that is disclosure Would be is the truth isn’t it Disclosure would be the truth but rich Is writing what he’s saying Exactly but rich is writing what he’s Saying because we have tied disclosure To aliens yeah That’s what we think it is that’s what When we want disclosure we want aliens And the the technology yeah disclosure If um what uh Rich was saying Right before about the tic-tac being us There um Disclosure could have been when they’ve When they unveiled the stealth bomber You know when they mothballed they Modified the stealth bomber yeah Mothballed the stealth bomber because They they weren’t using it anymore That’s a form of disclosure you know it People have had seen that flying around Thinking it was something out of this World and it wasn’t it was a military Aircraft so That was disclosure in a way Yeah That’s that’s an example yeah yeah

But that’s that’s military disclosure Yeah but that but that’s if you’re right About the tic tac that’s what we’d get Is that would be disclosure yeah and if You’re going by the actual meaning of The word disclosure that’s disclosure But in this field we’re talking about Aliens and their technology and their Existence and where they came from full Disclosure is knowing everything our Government knows it’s to coin the old Phrase it’s a ufo on the white house law Um yeah And we still wouldn’t believe it no not Now we can’t believe anything now no Um I’m I’m still i still wonder if like some of The technology that’s been put out you Know in like uh augmented reality and Stuff and filters that we get on the Phones and things whether that was just Put out there to to make them the water Muddy so we can’t believe anything Anymore I Because uh because i know earlier and i Spoke i speak to you quite quite often I know you don’t mind me Saying this But i would definitely put you And me And rich a bit as well In the in the room

Of the demon Yeah i think when it comes to this Subject you more than me Than me what do you mean by that i i Mean that It’s this could quite possibly be What people have been speaking about Since A i think i think maybe the word demon Muddies it Yeah We’ve In folklore mythology we have had A other entity You know whether it’s Things that reside in like hell or It’s These things like we we’ve had folk Stories of like fairies that can pull Back the veil and arrive Um Yeah Like like you when you have a smoke Uh that was my jazz hands that’s i think The thing is was to say demon is it just My my thing is that they’re not they do Not Wish us any good they are A malevolent Thing And uh I think that that’s the The read the reason it’s easier to go to Demon is

That they probably don’t exist on the Same pla like level up like plane of Existence we we live on otherwise i Think if if they were There would be more evidence for them we Would have just in general more evidence Than blurry photographs Um And they can’t want it i i don’t think Anything that keeps itself secret can be Trusted No definitely no i don’t think so i Think that’s uh no I want my government to keep things Secret you don’t want to know everything They’re doing right no no not the Government but i mean if uh if There is no reason for uh Aliens when we when you see the Situation the planets in already There’s no reason for them to do they Can’t think [ __ ] hell this is the Rescue yeah there’s look look how well This is working we can’t get involved it Might fall apart I don’t see that at all Well i’ve got another i’ve got another Theory that’d be quite interested in Well to see what richard thinks Is maybe this is all We’re we’re getting ready for the big The big bluebeam which we’ve messaged Which would message which we’ve talked About before

Uh Ufos have a history Of disarming Nuclear sites [ __ ] Yeah So says them but i don’t know i’ve never Seen evidence of it no but it says the Stories yeah yeah but we we have been Trained to believe that they have Interfered with Our weaponry in the past yeah turning on And off the the launch yeah so if you Were gonna pull a project bluebeam what Better time to do it than nuclear Apocalypse For sure Yeah So if let’s say situations right right Now spiral into the beginning of a Nuclear war and you could blue beam the [ __ ] out of it just stop it that starts Your new world religion and it’s time to Build back better And lays out some bacon on that What’s the [ __ ] bacon about Lee is the baconator he loves bacon yeah He’s the baconator he makes bacon for a Living And that actually one pound 1.99 could Probably buy A pack of bacon so i appreciate that you Could buy six ounces of it I’d go with league eye there because if Disclosure happens it is by accident yes

That’s why i have a son Oh That was by accident do you think your Boy will sit we’ll see Well disclosure Um Right now or a bluebee right right right Now i’m just hoping we all see [ __ ] 2025 to be honest I just want to see 20 20. Again Uh It was a smart joke though i was as well I was stupid but most of the time i’m Stupid I’ll text you ducky you guys are so Adorable So so rich Me Yeah so i’ve got to ask you this because I i notice your show tonight Is gonna be Ancient aliens It looks like a butt plug it’s Absolutely That’s a child’s toy There’s no wonder No wonder he’s took his hat off and Chucked it Well ancient aliens puts out these One-minute shorts And uh the last couple i’ve seen Were cgi And

They’re promoting cgi it’s like Unbelievable that’s what i want to talk About They haven’t used the tr-free before They on the ship They have used that Or ancient aliens oh yeah no history Channel did yeah that’s what i’m talking About Aliens but i’m also talking about other Stuff that they’re deeming real like An ice circle you know like in Antarctica people think that little Circle is a disc shaped ufo It’s just in water frozen water the Ghost [ __ ] history channel that is Ancient aliens isn’t it Yeah bastard They are dirty now they are so dirty and I was told they were going to be dirty And they were dirty Dirty bastards dirty dolen I’m sorry i just got a little crazy for A second Oh [ __ ] Anyway Given the fact that people listen to This show in an audio form On my podcast Good [ __ ] luck with that one yeah Really I just can’t believe people watch this Show it’s insane it’s just me it was the Spider bites they come for you thanks

Rich They come for me I come for them I’m crazy i’m the crazy one i want them To come for me but i want them to look Me in the eyes while they do you’re the Calm crazy one What would what would ally be Well the brit i beat have been called Awfully lucky to have us rich that’s What it’d be awfully lucky to have it’s Been nothing they’ve been not they’ve Just been me Hi hi hi guys i’ve got a beer here i’m Going to talk about some aliens Hey i wanted to ask you alien addict So how you dealing man how’s your health You had the heart thing the my Contrendia whatever that thing was my Mitochondria my own gut you did better Than oh And then you had covet before that You’ve just been on a bad year so far Man It’s a good year now i’ve i feel Spring’s on the way I was worried about you yeah you look Much healthier still still pale i know Very pale that’s i’m always going to be Pale rich not that pale though you look Like you no no i get pale every year oh Okay all right at the mo the more i do Youtube the more i get paler

More pale Yeah because i’m just planning like Through the day the structure of the Show right writing notes down getting my Plan together for the show can’t see my Wife and kids can’t go out in the Sunlight that’s what happens Yeah We are looking very british to uh Like to write which is rich as golden Hey i was at the beach this for two days This week and i’m going tomorrow only Wanted to That’s where this that’s where that was Aimed He wants people to comment on his Beautiful town No That’s why he did that lee And you gave that to him look at him Look at him he’s happy His face look away Left you know i’ve just realized I’m usually better than that Fun fact guys that used to be alfie Jobob yes it did have you not noticed That bob job changes his youtube channel Name every week I did not notice that i know that i’m Just going to call him skinny bump i’m Just going to call him bob Now i’m going to climb my bob my bob From now on because bob

It’s always been on this channel and i Always recognize it’s the same bob but He always changes his name maybe he’s Not maybe there’s loads of them maybe It’s a cult Well all right well all the bob’s super Chat me so maybe there could be more Bob’s Look at how white you guys are compared To me Holy [ __ ] you really are white I will not have this [ __ ] racial Stigma thrown at me right i don’t i Don’t call me to be racial it be used For my whiteness How about that Oh actually no i’ll tell you what we’ll We’ll do Because we we are coming to the end of The show anyway Um i’m going to show you how How good my lights are it feels like It’s tailed off since i uh Started talking about things that might Get your channel shut down don’t be Sorry about that i know the numbers Actually went up mate Well he’s just afraid that’s because i Was speaking the [ __ ] proof what’s Rich jane why is that It might they feel i feel much better Put the mask back on please rich Oh my god is is that how i think it is I told you i i recommended you did that

Years ago rich it’s wayne baby No it’s not easy It It’s in it it’s hi me is it not Huh Is it jaime Oswalter no this is wayne Is my wayne math for angelique No you you look like um You know you know now in uh you know now In marvel films because who is the man That made the marvel characters what’s His name Lee no really put the glasses back on You like you need them Yeah Who is your man chat tell me the made The uh The marvel superheroes something later Oh i know you mean Stan lee thank you chat Um Yeah you look like stan lee but you look Like But you look like they do it now because They have to cgi him in because he’s Dead and they won’t let him die I’ve got a new character coming out They’re all gonna [ __ ] call gizmo man Ah they’re gonna ride that [ __ ] Dry Just a man can stick the building He’ll stay He’s crazy

He can pole vault anytime yeah the Problem with the problem with gizzard Man is is he’s got three legs he can Only solve one thing at a time because He comes in and then he’s a little rest After again before he does it again yeah That’s right He swings his hips like this he goes Blocking bullets All right this is getting hot This is not the only one I want to see inside out Wait what oh Hold on hold on i can’t hear you have You actually broke your headphones what Put it on inside Out i don’t know if i can No no he’s pranking oh Oh yeah oh yeah Here we go this is good This is the first you know he saw this First alien addict this is gonna be used Again it’s inside out Yeah But how am i supposed to do that let’s Put your head in it How does it look It’s like Do you know There’s the documentary about when they First created the The michael myers mask How’s that It’s just like it

It’s something new completely new Everything’s in reverse It’s hideous I can’t I think the most an eyebrow mustache is Julia i got curly hairs in my mouth now I think i think lee’s gone for a while All the hair that was on that head is All over me She said There we go sweating like a pig There we go What I wanted to show you Forgot my hat This is it i think i don’t need to show Them live on the show but i actually did Invest in lights I’m still live sorry Are we live We are still alive all right so cool I’ll keep it in Oh wow what a difference over there Look how white you are It’s like the um do you remember the Remember the end of sunshine No i’ve never heard it oh it’s good good Film sunshine Wait are you talking about the eternal Sunshine of the data no no no that’s Another good film no there’s a film Called sunshine a sci-fi film oh yeah Go on then

Before we go your show’s about to go Live in the next hour two hours you’re Right i need to get going um Yeah it’s on goof on lives and uh I may have a huge announcement for Everybody uh tomorrow uh tonight will be You know what are we doing here uh we’re Gonna talk about the ancient aliens and I also wanted to rip on dolan a little Bit because i’m just bored And we’ll we’ll talk about a bunch of Different things it’s all set up ready To go don’t worry about that and Saturday tomorrow At 4 pm eastern saturday in the uk we Have a guest Yep the hidden underbelly 2.0 is coming On oh really and you had him once before Yeah i had him on about six weeks ago so We’re gonna try to make it a regular Thing you know uh so he’s he’s gonna Talk i like him He’s a good guy one of the good ones He’s usually in the chat as well yeah on Here yeah he’s been real busy though so Now he’s got time he’s gonna come on and Uh Yeah he’s going to give the goods Tomorrow it’s going to be some stuff to Talk about i’ve just dropped the link For your show In the chat So everybody in the chat go click on That go subscribe hit the bell he’s

Going to be rich going to be live in two Hours Two hours through I’m gonna go 10 I’m going to go 10 now i knew you’ve Been fake honey tlg tan laundry gym Remember that Hi Uh carl uh just gave us the most Backhanded compliment i’ve ever heard Is thank you so much ollie lee and rich You three together Can Be hilarious in other words we’re not When we’re alone thank you Oh ian says i need to take the mask off I’m leaving this on Where is it i can’t find him i wish i Wish i wish you could bring comments up On the screen lich rich There we go There we go and she’s my angel because She’s an amazing mod and a good spot She’s my angel Just remember i stole Well okay You know what is that That’s all i want to say about that you Should have left it that and then i know But All right i’ll see you guys have a great Night Good night god bless folks mind the Books don’t bite i’m alienated like

Share subscribe i was gonna say go check Rich out but he’s just buggered off go Check Lee If you check the last um this is cheaper Than therapy out i interviewed um Billy ray valentine from the infinite Fringe i’m convinced uh some of you will Listen to the infinite fringe and it’s One of my favorite podcasts i’ve ever Done if not my favorite podcast It’s it’s it i loved it We talked we we talked about some good Stuff we talked about what it was like Living in new york for the by past two Years over the event we talked about um Oh wait what what the alternate media Means what what we should be doing you Know it’s it was it was a good time i Really enjoyed it It made it was a fantastic show and do You know what this is cheaper than Therapy is my favorite i like the Must-sees but you can tell this a Different show there Well i actually think mostly audio must See audio as a podcast i think is dead i Am I now look at whatever i do as to be The especially the interview stuff will Be this is cheaper than therapy and then Obviously i put your shows out as audio Podcasts But the

Must-see audio is as far as i look at it Now as a platform so that might have More stuff on it in the future But i look at must see audio as like a Platform to put stuff on And yeah my podcast is this is cheaper Than therapy on must the audio Go check it out people go give it some Love because lee puts a lot of work into Alien addict and he does share my stuff Out on uh Pretty much all platforms that he has so I i i i love you for that my brother and Dorothy hawkins with the super sticker Right there as we come into the end of The show thank you donovan hawkins with The one One up i believe that’s either a hippo Or a dragon with testicles on its head But it’s pretty cool thank you very much I appreciate that and we always Appreciate you dorothy and we appreciate Everybody who’s been in the chat tonight Everybody’s put the thumbs up everybody Is just sharing the show out uh Everybody’s been respectful in the Comments guys always be respectful to One one another in the comments i know We all disagree on stuff but just you Know try not to argue too much it’s uh Let’s let each other on fire i want to See us kill each other There you go that’s that’s gonna destroy Emily thanks so much for that i’ve not

Ended the show yet when he means destroy Means you know Maybe uh Only to build back better so you destroy Them so they can build themselves back Better it means destroy the attitude That’s what you mean isn’t it destroy The attitude destroy the attitude Attitude bring in the love that’s what i Mean passion Yeah Yeah the charisma Smolders from my nipples good night god Bless people mind the books don’t buy i Do have a patreon page if you want to Support the channel out a little bit More Go check it out it’s uh i’m gonna say It’s free but it’s not free But go check it out and uh if you want To buy yourself some merch check out the Links below i can’t be bothered to show You my t-shirts anymore so i’m just Trust me They fit well good night god bless find The books don’t bye Bye bye i’m not saying that again bye Bye